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THE WAILERS Big Beat CDWIKD 228 At The Castle / & Co. ● CD $18.98
A healthy 32 track collection of recordings by this hot Northwest band featuring two complete albums "At The Castle" (Etiquette ETALB1 - 1961) and "The Wailers & Co." (Etquette LP 022 - 1964) plus six bonus tracks from singles. About two thirds of the tracks are instrumentals - the rest features vocals by Kent Morrill, Rockin' Robin Roberts, Gail Harris and The Marshans. Includes 16 page illustrated booklet with extensive notes by Alec Palao.
THE WAILERS: All I Could Do Was Cry/ Be My Baby/ Dirty Robber/ Doin' The Seaside/ Frenzy/ Hokey/ I Idolize You/ I Remember/ Isabella/ Limbo Twist/ Louie Louie/ Mary Ann/ Mashi/ Partytime USA/ Rosalie/ Sack O' Woe/ San-Ho-Zay/ Seattle/ Shakedown/ Shivers/ Shoo Fly Pie/ Since You've Been Gone/ Soul-Long/ Stompin' Willie (aka Willie And The Hand Jive)/ Tall Cool One/ Tall Cool One/ Tough Walk/ Velva/ Wailer's House Party/ We're Goin' Surfin'/ You've Had Your Chance

THE WAILERS Collectables 573 Tall Cool One - Golden Classics ● CD $11.98
12 tracks, 26 min., recommended Not, as I had hoped, the digital reissue of this Seattle-based group's rare Gold Crest label lp from 1959, but instead a later mix of prototype garage band instrumentals and vocals recorded in the early to mid-60's for the Etiquette label, including a version of their one bona fide hit, the title tune here. Other numbers include Frenzy/ Party Time U.S.A./ Tough Walk/ Doin' the Seaside/ We're Going Surfin' and the ubiquitous Louie Louie. Sadly, Collectables does not offer a photo of the group this time out, but some apparently original liner notes by Seattle disc jockey Pat O'Day are here, and the sound quality is just fine. (DH)

THE WAILERS Norton CNW 901 The Fabulous Wailers ● CD $14.98
18 tracks, 46 min, essential
Reissue of Golden Crest 3075 from 1959. Before there was Bob Marley, before there was real Garage Rock, there were The Wailers, a group from Takoma WA that spearheaded the great Northwest Sound & were the first to take Louie Louie from a calypso/R&B tune into the garage (The Kingsmen learned their version off The Wailers' single, which is why they didn't get the words right!) Louie isn't here, but their classic single Tall Cool One is along with a host of other great guitar-sax-keyboard instrumental (interestingly two guitars, no bass!) with one of their rare vocals being the original version of Dirty Robber, later covered by The Sonics. Also includes a slew of non-LP cuts and unissued tracks including a different version of Dirty Robber 12 page booklet with rare pics (including a great shot of their then-promo man, the legendary Kim Fowley) plus ads and great Billy Miller liner notes with numerous current quotes from band members. (GM)

TRAVIS WAMMACK Bear Family BCD 15415 That Scratchy Guitar From Memphis ● CD $21.98
CD-only release of essential Wammack instrumentals recorded between 1961 and 1967, plus some not-so-special vocal numbers. If you like wacked-out whammy-bar garage grunge you have no choice but to pick this one up, even if you have to sell a few Link Wray records to do it. You won't miss 'em.

BILL WATKINS Gee-Dee 270104 That Rockin' Country Man ● CD $21.98
17 tracks, 44 min., good. Well, the cover photo here of a young man with his Guild guitar coupled with the album title suggest 50's rockabilly, but my reading of the very brief liner notes coupled with the back cover photo suggests that what we really have here is a set off upbeat country tunes recorded in 1989. The artist, we are told, did in fact record at least one song in 1957, but that song is not included here. The music that is here isn't bad, but it's pretty tame stuff. The mostly self-penned numbers include Red Cadillac, All About the Fifties, Memphis Number One, Rock and Roll Blues, God Is Love Sweet Love, Cowboy, and Daddy of Them All. Nostalgic numbers, by and large, for those who look back to their youth with a yearning country heart. (DH)

MARY WEISS Norton 323 Dangerous Game ● CD $14.98
14 tracks, 40 mins, recommended
Teenage singing sensation Mary Weiss of the Shangri-las has come back some 40 years later to prove that she is not going to go gently into that good night and that she still has a lot of Rock `n Roll burning deep inside. She's backed by current garage rock greats, the Reigning Sound--in particular, Greg Cartwright, who wrote 9 of the tracks and co-produced the album with Billy Miller from Norton. This record is chock full of good songs, with Weiss fronting a Rock band for the most part, not lavish productions that try and sound like her past. Sure there is a bit of Cello here and experimentation, but this a straight forward Rock `n Roll record. Not a nostalgia trip either, there's one re-do of a Shangri-la's track, but it's of the pretty obscure number Heaven Only Knows, which sounds great here. This album did take a little time to grow on me, but after a few spins, I am digging it more and more. (JM)

WALLY WHYTON & THE VIPERS SKIFFLE GROUP Bear Family BCD 15954 10,000 Years Ago ● CD $79.98
3 CD box set with 36 page book.

BILLY WILLIAMS Coral 57184 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter ● CD $18.98
29 tracks, recommended
Former member of The Charioteers formed The Billy Williams Quartet in the early 50s & became regulars on the famed Sid Caesar TV series "Your Show Of Shows". Williams had a long run on Coral throughout the 50s, both solo & with the quartet, with the title tune going to #3 in '57. This set has a cross section of Coral sides including solo & quartet sides in a style somewhere between R&B & pop. One of my faves is his version of Begin The Beguine, which starts out like The Raven's Old Man River, & a fine rockin version of Roy Hamilton's Don't Let Go. 6 of the tunes are here in stereo, including his hits Nola & Goodnight Irene. (GM)

LEW WILLIAMS Bear Family BCD 16347 Cat Talk ● CD $21.98
29 tracks by fine rockabilly singer recorded for Imperial between 1953 and 1958

WILMER & THE DUKES Forevermore 5000 Wilmer & The Dukes ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, 39 min., recommended
The digital reissue of Aphrodisiac 6001 from 1969 with the addition of two bonus tracks - Gettin' Over You and But It's Alright - solid danceable late 60's rock 'n'soul music. The group was composed of singer Wilmer Alexander, who is black, and his white, four-member back up band. They played the college and frat party circuit in the Northeast and specialized in gritty cover versions of songs originally done by white rock and rollers. Highlights here include the group's one hit Give Me One More Chance, plus Living in the U.S.A., Get Out of My Life Woman, I Do Love You, Heavy Time, and I'm Free. Solid sound quality, appreciative notes by Tom Kohn, and several vintage photos of the group. (DH)

J. FRANK WILSON & THE CAVALIERS Collectables 0712 The Last Kiss Sessions ● CD $11.98

LINK WRAY Ace CDCHD 770 Barbed Wire ● CD $18.98
Recordings from the 90s

LINK WRAY Ace CDCHD 837 Law Of The Jungle ● CD $16.98
28 track collection drawn from Wray's recordings for Swan in the mid 60s includes classic 45s, rare LP and not originally issued tracks and seven previously unreleased stereo mixe from the original Swan label multi-tracks. Includes Good Rockin' Tonight/ Hidden Charms/ Heartbreak Hotel/ Week End/ Dinosaur/ Ace Of Spades/ Stop And Listen To Me/ Mr. Guitar/ Rumble, etc.

LINK WRAY Ace CDCHD 1143 King Of The Wild Guitar ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 72 mins, highly recommended
The late, great Link Wray presented at his finest with a collection of nothing but raw, primal instrumental killers. Rumble/ Fat Back/ Black Widow/ Jack The Ripper/ Ace Of Spades/ Apache/ Viva Zapata etc, etc, the toughest of the tough from recordings spanning 1958 - 2000. Link didn't slow down or soften up with age, the tracks from the late 90's into 2000 are just about as wild as any he committed to wax in the heady early days of rock `n roll. "Pathway" sessions used on this have been re-mixed to deliver more punch and you also get a previously un-issued edit of Rumble On The Docks. Long time fans won't find much here that they probably don't have except for the superior mixes; it's a great overview for the new fan or casual collector. (JM)

LINK WRAY Big Beat CDWIK 972 Live In '85/ Growling Guitar ● CD $18.98
Two Ace LPs on one CD. Live In '85 is a collection of raw live recordings, featuring Link's power trio. The fare is sort of a tribute to Elvis set, with a few Wray standards thrown in. Growling Guitar is more to our liking, comprised of mid to late 60's sides that are some of the man's finest. In keeping with the times, there is some delightfully over-the-top psychedelia, done as only the Linkster could. (MB)

LINK WRAY Forevermore 5002 Jack The Ripper ● CD $15.98
20 tracks, 45 min., recommended This digital reissue of Swan LP 510, plus eight original 45 rpm sides from the same label, traces the musical career of the ominous and evocative Link Wray and his guitar between 1963 and 1966. The program includes the original take of Jack the Ripper, and a slowed down and very effective version of his first hit, Rumble. Other selections include solid instrumentals like Deacon Jones, Fat Back, and Turnpike U.S.A.; plus formulaic numbers like Mashed Potato Party and the Batman Theme, and even a few vocals towards the end. All in all, a fine single disc review of the work of this important and influential instrumentalist. (DH)

LINK WRAY Norton CED 210 Hillbilly Wolf - Missing Links Vol. 1 ● CD $13.98
21 tracks, 46 mins, highly recommended Reissue of 1990 LP with 5 additional cuts. Incredibly cool collection of guitar king Link Wray's early recordings including 5 previously unissued! Link's brother Lucky kicks things off with the great Teenage Cutie (Starday 608) with Link on growlin' guitar. Link does the rockin' I Sez Baby and the silly Johnny Bom Bonny, plus the unissued Flirty Baby #1. Lucky's Cameo release, Danger One Way Love Ahead, done as Ray Vernon, is up next and man is it hot. Link shifts into overdrive on this one with the third brother Doug hammering mightily on drums. Link's Hillbilly Wolf and Lucky's Got Another Baby and Countin' On You close out the side. The rest is just as great with Link's unissued homage to Elvis, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy incredibly raunchy Vendetta some of the highlights. Link also lends some distinctive guitar links to Marvin Rainwater's bizarre Boo Hoo (AE/FS)
LINK WRAY: Baby I'm Countin' On You/ Boo Hoo/ Danger One Way Love Ahead/ Flirty Baby/ Got Another/ Gotta Go Get My Baby/ Hillbilly Wolf/ I Sez Baby/ I'm Gonna Sit Right And Cry Over You/ It's Music She Says/ Johnny Bom Bonnie/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Pancho Villa/ Roughshod/ Sleep Tight/ Teenage Cutie/ The Stranger/ Turn Me Loose/ Tv Baby/ Vendetta

LINK WRAY Norton ED 211 Big City After Dark - Missing Links Vol. 2 ● CD $13.98
22 tracks, 56 mins, highly recommended. Volume two moves past the rockabilly roots into a sonic pressure cooker, with Link exploring the outermost reaches of electric guitar blasting. The Wraymen must have been impossible to ignore in even the rowdiest DC clubs of the early 60's! 12 tracks were never originally issued and six tracks are on the CD that were not featured on the LP version. A number of cuts are from live gigs from various locations in the early 60s. Tracks include the incredibly raunchy title tune plus some Elvis covers (I Want You I Need You I Love You/ The Thrill Of Your Love), Jimmy Reeds' Baby What You Want Me To Do plus The Bad And The Good/ Rawhide '63/ Rumble Rock/ Link's Boogie/ Lucille/ Slow Drag, etc.
LINK WRAY: Baby What You Want Me To Do/ Big City After Dark/ Big City Stomp/ Dance Contest/ Hard Headed Woman/ Hold It/ I Want You I Need You I Love You/ I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/ Link's Boogie/ Lucille/ Night Life/ Raw-hide '63/ Roughshod/ Rumble Rock/ Slow Drag/ Street Fighter/ The Bad & The Good/ The Outlaw/ The Stranger (live)/ The Thrill Of Your Love/ Walkin' Down The Street Called Love/ Walkin' Down The Street Called Love #2

LINK WRAY Norton ED 212 Some Kinda Nut - Missing Links Vol. 3 ● CD $13.98
21 tracks, 54 mins, recommended Volume 3 collects the mid-60's monsters that Link and the bros were churning out to deaf ears during the Brit invasion. Both sides of the 1964 Vermillion 45rpm are included here, done as The Fender Benders - Drag Strip/ XKE. Baby Doll, Please Please Me and the never before isued And I Love Her) (the latter two tough instrumental versions) are ripping Beatle rip offs. A couple of Bunker Hill tunes are included because Link & The Wraymen were his backing band. Prime raunch like Genocide, Growling Guts, The Earth Is Crying and the previously unissued, and appropriately titled Mindblower round out a killer of a disc. (AE/FS)
LINK WRAY: And I Love Her/ Baby Doll/ Blue Eyes (don't Run Away)/ Drag Strip/ Four Gray Walls/ Genocide/ Giovana/ Growling Guts/ Hungry Child/ Mindblower/ Other Side Of The Moon/ Please Please Me/ Red Riding Hood & The Wolf/ Remember The Twist/ Rumble '69/ Run Boy Run/ Some Kinda Nut/ The Earth Is Crying/ The Girl Can't Dance/ Xke/ You're My Baby

LINK WRAY Norton CED 242 Mr. Rumble - Original Swan Recordings ● CD $29.98
2 CD's, 63 tracks, 144 min, essential It's no secret that the majority of Link's post-Rumble rumblin' was done for Swan. It was here that Link found a happy home where his crunching sound could continue unabated, and the results were adventurous and often devastating, as anyone who's ever spun Ace Of Spades/ Jack The Ripper/ Run Chicken Run/ Deuces Wild/ The Shadow Knows/ Branded/ Fat Back/ Hidden Charms back-to-back can attest. Besides these milestones, this set includes a mountain of lesser-known Link, including a whopping 25 tracks making their US debut! Thrill to Link bashing through the standards Bo Diddley/ Heartbreak Hotel/ That'll Be The Day, while Zip Code/ The Fuzz/Mustang should rank with his best, and Steel Trap/ Return Of The Birdland/ The Sweeper ain't far behind. There's also a handful of alternate takes/versions, like the hot rave-up version of Ace Of Spades, complete with tremelo mouth-harp, and two later versions of Rumble. Comes with a 27-page book detailing Link's 7-year stint on Swan, with some choice pics and notes by Billy Miller, and a Link Wray/Norton Records guitar pick so you can play along. You can hardly afford to miss this one. (GDR)
LINK WRAY: Ace Of Spades/ Ace Of Spades/ Ace Of Spades/ Alone/ Autumn Leaves/ Batman Theme/ Begin The Beguine/ Big Ben/ Blue Eyes (don't Run Away)/ Blueberry Hill/ Bo Diddley/ Branded/ Chicago Bird/ Cross Ties/ Deacon Jones/ Deuces Wild/ Dinosaur/ Fat Back/ Five And Ten/ Frenchy/ Girl From The North Country/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ Hang On/ Heartbreak Hotel/ Hidden Charms/ Honky Tonk/ Hound Dog/ I Still Love You/ I'll Do Anything For You/ Jack The Ripper/ Law Of The Jungle/ Let The Good Times Roll/ Mashed Potato Party/ Mr. Guitar/ Mustang/ My Alberta/ My Beth/ Peggy Sue/ Return Of Birdland/ Ruby Baby/ Rumble/ Rumble/ Run Boy Run/ Run Chicken Run/ Run Chicken Run/ Scatter/ So Young/ Sorrento/ Soul Train/ Steel Trap/ Stop And Listen To Me/ Summer Dream/ Tammy/ That'll Be The Day/ The Black Widow/ The Fuzz/ The Shadow Knows/ The Sweeper/ Turnpike Usa/ Week End/ What A Price/ You Hurt Me So/ Zip Code

LINK WRAY Norton ED 253 Streets Of Chicago - Missing Links Vol. 4 ● CD $13.98
17 tracks, 44 mins, recommended An all new compilation of 17 cuts - only one that has ever been issued before in any form. Link rumbles along on the previously only rumored Streets Of Chicago, covers Be-Bop-A-Lula from 1964 Spiders session with a so-so vocals from Link & Chuck Bennet but a fret melting guitar solo, shows a gentle side on the instrumental ballad Lillian dedicated to his mom, does a nice vocal on the Chuck Wilis blues ballad It's Too Late and storms through 5 poorly recorded live cuts from a 1964 gig at the 1023 club. All 4 volumes have snazzy full color photos on front and back, informative booklets from Norton head honcho Billy Miller with more great vintage photos, even pictures on the labels. A class production all the way. And I don't have to tell ya' - you NEED these babies. (FS/AE)
LINK WRAY: Ace Of Spades/ Be-bop-a-lula/ Bluebeard/ Drown In My Own Tears/ Friday Night Dance/ Friday Night Dance Party/ I'm Counting On You/ It's Too Late/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Lillian/ Lowdown/ Party Part Two/ Rumble/ Soul Train/ Street Fighter/ Streets Of Chicago/ Stuck On You/ Tattoo

LINK WRAY Rhino 71222 The Best Of Link Wray ● CD $16.98
20 tracks, 52 minutes, essential. Great collection of vintage Link Wray guitar strangling. What else would you open a Link collection with but his 1958 signature tune, Rumble . And why not throw in the flip, The Swag , as well. His follow-up, Raw-Hide , is next and from then on it's off to the races, with one stringbuster after another including such earthshakin' tunes as Jack The Ripper/ Ace Of Spades/ The Black Widow/ Run Chicken Run and Batman Theme . A couple of 70's tunes prove that Link was still rumbling - Switchblade from his solo LP and Jack The Ripper from a '76 live LP. Comes with a nifty booklet too, making this the best introduction to one of rock'n'roll's founding fathers.... AE

LINK WRAY Rollercoaster RCCD 3011 The Swan Singles Collection ● CD $19.98
LINK WRAY: Ace of spades/ Ace of spades/ Alone/ Batman theme/ Branded/ Deuces wild/ Girl from the north country/ Good rockin' tonight/ Hang on/ Hidden charms/ I'll do anything for you/ Jack the Ripper/ Let the good times roll/ My Alberta/ Please, please me/ Rumble '65/ Run, chicken, run/ Soul train/ Summer dream/ The black widow/ The fuzz/ The shadow knows/ Turnpike USA~ The sweeper/ Week-end/ You hurt me so

LINK WRAY & THE RAY MEN Roller Coaster 3032 "They're Outta Here" Says Archie ● CD $19.98
25 tracks, 62 mins, essential
A bonanza for rock & roll instrumental fans and Link Wray fans in particular featuring mostly previously unissued material recorded for Cadence around the same time as they recorded their classic hit Rumble in 1958. Apparently Link and the Ray Men's music and appearance were a little too "far out" for conservative Cadence owner Archie Bleyer who felt they were a bad influence on youth. So rather than issue the follow up single and LP they had recorded he sold their contract to Epic where they immediately had a hit with Rawhide the tune Link planned to issue as the follow up to Rumble which is featured here in two versions - the one he hoped to have released as a single and a very different alternate. The planned flip to Rawhide Pancho Villa
which is also here in two versions. There are other great Link originals here like the wild Dance Contest, the over the top Drag Race, the weird and wonderful Missing Link and others. There are also a few covers including a pounding cover of Duane Eddy's Rebel Rouser, an instrumental version of Heartbreak Hotel and more including a few tracks with vocals by Link or brother Vernon which are the least interesting tracks here. Included in the handsome digipack is a 20 page booklet with very interesting notes by Rob Finnis. When I first bought Rumble when it came out on the London label in 1958 it was a sound I had never heard before and I tried to imagine what the person was like who was playing the guitar. Well that mystery was solved a long time ago but that tune never fails to move me and to have more from the same time is like manna from heaven! (FS)

LINK WRAY & HIS RAY MEN Sundazed 6221 Law Of The Jungle - The Swan Demos '64 CD $13.98
15 tracks, 35 mins, highly recommended
Previously available on a long out of print LP on the Hangman label. These are the demo's that Link Wray did for Swan in his brother Vernon's studio. Apparently they were impressed because he had a nice little stint with them during the mid-60's, that saw a lucky 13 45's blasted at the record buying public. Not only are these tunes raw, unreleased demos, there are many here that he didn't even re-record! It's hard to believe but Link didn't even recycle Rumble during his whole time with Swan (a tune he's done countless times over the decades) so it's great hearing the '64 version. Essential oily rockin' grunge! Bo Diddly/ Ace Of Spades/ Mustang/ Deuces Wild/ Frenchy/ Law Of The Jungle, etc. Newly remastered and with informative notes by Bill Dahl. (AE)

LINK WRAY & THE WRAYMEN Sundazed 11098 Slinky - The Epic Sessions, 1958-1961 ● CD $25.98
The ultimate collection of this guitar masher's recordings for Epic. Two CDs featuring 46 sides of vintage twang including unissued tunes, alternate takes, demos and accompaniments on sides by The Ponies, Doug Wray and Bert & Ray. Includes 12 page illustrated booklet with rare photos and notes from contemporary guitar wiz Teisco Del Rey.

DALE WRIGHT Ace CDCHD 402 She's Neat - The Fraternity Sides ● CD $18.98
Dale Wright was a pop rocker from Ohio, who found a bit of chart action in the late 50's with his Fraternity Records waxings She's Neat and Please Don't Do It . His tune That's Show Biz is a nice novelty item with a funny lead-in where innocent Dale is shown the door by a hard-nosed record exec. Two of the best tunes on this 20 tracker were never originally released. I Hate To Go To School and She's A Killer probably were felt to be bad for Dale's clean teen image but they are decent rockers. Dance With Me/ You're The Answer/ I'm The Lovin' Type/ Walk With Me , etc. (AE)

MALCOLM YELVINGTON Collector CLCD 4403 A Tennessee Saturday Night Fever ● CD $16.98
Malcolm Yelvington, one of the original Sun label rockabilly artists, is heard doing a fine live set in Holland from 1988. He's backed by a topnotch English band led by ace guitarist Dave Travis, and given an appropriate country flavor by the addition of Terry Keating on steel guitar. Malcolm croaks his way through a mixture of his old rockabilly favorites like Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee , Gonna Have Myself A Ball and Yakety Yak and country crowd pleasers like Hey Good Lookin' and Mr. Blue  (AE)
MALCOLM YELVINGTON: A Gal Named Joe/ Disappointed/ Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee/ Gonna Have Myself A Ball/ Goodbye Marie/ Hey Good Lookin'/ I'll Fly Away (with Teddy Reddell)/ It's Me Baby/ Move It On Over/ Mr Blues/ Tennessee Saturday Night/ Trumpet/ Yakety Yak

RUSTY YORK Gee-Dee 270103 The Cincinatti Fireball ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 57 min., good Rusty York scored one miner success in 1959 with the song Sugaree, which reached number 77 on the national charts. This disc includes that number, plus the rest of York's country-flavored output recorded between the years 1959 and 1964. His covers include versions of Peggy Sue, Bring It On Home to Me, Love Me, Great Balls of Fire, Summertime Blues, Slippin' and Slidin', Baby What You Want Me to Do, and This Should Go on Forever. York's versions are credible, nonetheless it's certainly fair to say that against competition like Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis, he doesn't come out on top. On the other hand, in his more original material here - Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee; Margaret Ann; and Sadie Mae - he sounds pretty darn good. Unfortunately there are a lot more covers on the program than there are originals. (DH)

KATHY YOUNG & THE INNOCENTS Black Tulip 2638680 A Thousand Stars ● CD $18.98

THE ZOMBIES Big Beat BIGB 200 The Singles Collection ● CD $18.98
Features all 14 singles issued under the Zombies name from 1964-69. All tracks appear in mono as they were originally released and for many tracks this is the first time they have appeared in mono on CD and in addition there is a hidden bonus track. Booklet includes rare photos and other memorabilia.


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