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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, E/F

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90110 From The Vaults Of Lin & Kliff Records Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
22 tracks, 54 minutes, fans only
The Lin & Kliff labels were started in Gainesville, Texas in the early 50's by a local radio station manager, Joe M. Leonard, Jr. Like most labels that released rockabilly, they started off with C&W but soon jumped on the Presley bandwagon, releasing some great rockers along the way. Unfortunately this isn't a "hits" collection. The 22 tracks here focus on just 3 of the Lin/Kliff artists and are mostly alternate takes and unreleased tunes. David Ray's selection includes 3 of his best rockers, "Jitterbuggin' Baby/ Lonesome Baby Blues (2 takes)/ Lonesome Feeling". Frank Starr is better known as Andy Starr (renamed because there already was a Frank Starr recording) with 4 great releases on MGM (not incl.) and these Lin recordings. Sometimes he works in a boppin' hillbilly style and other times he tries his hand at popabilly. "Dirty Bird Song/ Rockin' And Reelin' Country Style" are good examples of the former while "Love Is A Simple Thing" is the best of the later. Dave Tanner sings 6 modern country songs that don't belong here at all. (AE)
DAVID RAY: (Love You Baby) All The Time/ I Am A Fool/ Jitterbugging Baby/ Lonesome Baby Blues/ Lonesome Baby Blues(alt)/ Lonesome Feeling/ Too Fast, Too Wild/ Why Can't You And I/ FRANK STARR: Dig Them Squeaky Shoes/ Do It Right Now/ Love Is A Simple Thing/ Loverman/ Me And The Fool/ Pledge Of Love/ Rockin' & Reelin' Country Style/ The Dirty Bird Song (You Can't Hardly Get Them No More)/ DAVE TANNER: After You/ Falling For You/ I Still Miss You/ Livin' In You Lovin'/ Package Deal/ You And Me (Used To Be)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90200 The Chicken Are Rockin' Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 56 minutes, recommended
Now Eagle Records from Germany has entered the rockabilly CD sweepstakes. You might remember their series of excellent LP's some years ago. This 24 tracker is just bristling with rockin' faves like Eddie Gaines' "Be-Bop Battlin' Ball" , Tommy Lam's "Speed Limit" , Fat Daddy Holmes' chicken pickin' extravaganza "Chicken Rock" , Thomas Wayne's intense "You're The One That Done It" and more. Actually there are only a couple of duds by anyones count and scads of real gone movers like Wally Willette's "Eenie Meenie" & "Pink Elephants" , Jimmy Evans' "The Joint's Really Jumpin'" , Red Moore & the Rhythm Drifters' "Crawdad Song" , Ricky Coyne's "Short Fat Fanny" , etc. (AE)
THE COUNTRY G-J'S: Go Girl Go/ RICKY COYNE: Short Fat Fannie/ GENE CRISS: I Don't Know/ JERRY CRONIN: A-Rock-A-Me-Baby/ D.J. & THE CATS: The Lightnin' Strikes/ JIMMY EVANS: The Joint's Really Jumpin'/ EDDIE GAINES: Be-Bop Battlin' Ball/ BOB GRADY: Granny Tops 'Em At The Hop/ FAT DADDY HOLMES: Chicken Rock (inst)/ KENNETH HUNT: I'm The Wrong One/ Teen Age Tease/ TOMMY LAM: Speed Limit/ FLOYD MACK: I Like To Go/ RED MOORE: Crawdad Song/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Teenager's Party/ JIM THAXTER: Sally-Jo/ THE TRAVELERS: Cyclone/ BILL WATKINS: I Got Troubles/ THOMAS WAYNE: You're The One That Done It/ WALLY WILLETTE: Eenie Meenie/ Pink Elephants/ DEAN WOLFE: Twistin' Jane/ JIMMY WOODALL: Uncle Sam's Call/ Woody's Rock (inst)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90201 The Chicken Are Rockin' Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 53 minutes, good
Uh oh, the duplication factor has started already. This collection would stand on its own OK but about a third of the best ones here are on the Chief CD's. Some of the new ones to CD (I think) are Don Hart's tough luck story "Presley On Her Mind" , Ron Berry's "I'll Give You All My Love" , Don Woody's "Not I" , Harry Carter's "Jump Baby Jump" , Gene Criss & the Hep Cats' "Hep Cat Baby" and Rich Roman's pair, "Truly Truly Baby" & "Ooh, Ooh, Ooh" , all really good rockabilly. Also worth a mention is the great country bopper by the Carpenter Brothers, "Don't Cry My Little Darling" , featuring some fine high harmony. (AE)
TOMMY BELL: Swamp Gal/ RON BERRY: I'll Give You All My Love/ ARNOLD BLEVINS: I Got That Queen/ JAY BLUE: Get Off My Back/ THE CARPENTER BROTHERS THE: Don't Cry Little Darling/ HARRY CARTER: Jump Baby Jump/ JIMMY CRAIN: Shig-A-Shag/ GENE CRISS: Hep Cat Baby/ DON HART: Presley On Her Mind/ TOM JAMES: Hey Baby/ Track Down Baby/ CHUCK JONES: I Flip For You Baby/ BOBBY LAWSON: Baby Don't Be That Way/ If You Want My Love/ JIMMY LEE: You Ain't No Good For Me/ RICH ROMAN: Ooh, Ooh/ T.T.B. (Truly, Truly Baby)/ JIMMY STONE: Found/ TOMMY WILSON: Buzzin'/ Why'd You Pick On Me/ DON WOODY: Not I/ Red Blooded American Boy/ LAFAYETTE YARBOROUGH: Cool Cool Baby/ Livin' Doll

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90202 Date On The Corner ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 57 min., recommended
If this nice set of rockabilly and country-flavored rock 'n' roll came with any notes at all, I'd feel a lot smarter right now. But, since it doesn't, let me piece together what little I can. The four featured artists are Billy and the Hot Rods with five cuts including "She's 18" and a cover of Chuck Berry's "Johnny Be Good"; Don Feger with the Embers, doing four numbers including the title tune here and "Look Out Baby"; Charles Underwood with one track, "The Wrong Way"; and a group known variously as the Jokers, the Clefs, and the Five Spots doing 15 numbers, several of which are offered in two or more versions, including "Say You're Mine" and "Little Mama". The only source labels that I've been able to locate are Future for the Five Spots and Grace for the Jokers. And I'd say the sound is late 50's to early 60's. T'ain't bad music. (DH)
BILLY & THE HOT RODS: I'm In Love Again/ Instrumental/ Johnny Be Good/ My Baby/ She's 18/ DON FEGER: Date On The Corner/ Don't Be Mad/ I'll Love You/ Look Out Baby/ THE FIVE SPOTS: Black Rock/ Get With It/ It's You (Who Stole My Heart Away)/ Mr. Fortune/ THE JOKERS: Arkansas Twist/ Do You Care/ I Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool/ It's All Your Fault/ Little Mama/ Little Mama/ Red Headed Woman/ Red Headed Woman(alt)/ Say You're Mine/ Say You're Mine (alt. vers. 1)/ Say You're Mine (alt. vers. 2)/ CHARLES UNDERWOOD: The Wrong Way

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90203 Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
34 tracks, 74 mins, recommended
Although this is volume 1 in this series it's the first time we've seen it. It's more rock 'n roll than rockabilly but there's some good and definitely rare stuff here from the likes of Wayne Parker, Joe Thierrien Jr. (his "I Ain't Gonna Be Around" is one of the best here), Ricky Coyne & The Guitar Rockers, Mel McGonnigle (the hot "Rattle Shakin' Mama" - one of those songs that weaves in titles of other songs), The Phaetons, Alan Barnicoat, Bobby Mansfield and others including some of the earliest recordings of Freddie Cannon doing a advertising song for legendary local DJ Arnie Ginsburg and fronting the The Spindrifts on "Cha Cha Do"). There are some fine instrumental tracks from Howie & The Chrystals, The El Maradas and Bob Madden & The Boppers and some previously unissued tracks including the superb "Wild Little Willy" from Ricky Vance & The Ramrods. (FS)
JOHNNY BALBONI: Flip Flop And Fly/ ALAN BARNICOAT: Savage/ FREDDY CANNON: Arnie's Theme/ MILES CONNOR: I Don't Need You Anymore/ RICKY COYNE: Rollin' Pin Mim/ DOWNBEATS THE: Sweet Little Jane/ THE EL MARADAS: Frantic (inst)/ Marada Rock (inst)/ LEIGH HOWELL: Moving Too Slow/ HOWIE & THE CRYSTALS: Rockin' Hall (Inst.)/ BOBBY KENT: Don't Go 'Way/ JOHNNY LEE: Linda Lee/ LOU & THE MONARCHS: Sarah Lee (unissued)/ BOB MADDEN: Bopper's Boogie (inst) (unissued)/ RALPH MADDEN: Tough Mama (unissued)/ BOBBY MANSFIED: Pretty Girl/ MEL MCGONNIGLE: Rattle Shakin' Mama/ THE MONARCHS: Chopstick Rock/ WAYNE PARKER: Ginger/ THE PHAETONS: I Love My Baby/ BOB RILEY: Four Button Suit/ Rock 'N' Roll Mama/ FRANKIE ROSE: Long Tall Sally (unissued)/ THE SATELLITES: Linda Jean/ Rockateen/ BOB SILVA: Roses Are Blooming/ Weepin' And Awailin''/ THE SPINDRIFTS: Cha Cha Doo/ BOBBY TAYLOR: Pretty Baby/ JOE THERRIEN: I Ain't Gonna Be Around/ THE THREE D'S: Arnie's Theme/ Pal Mal Rock/ Squeeze/ RICKY VANCE: Wild Little Willie (unissued)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90204 Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
32 tracks, 72 minutes, recommended
A ton of rare rock'n'roll (not as much straight rockabilly as the title would let you believe). The set starts out great by legends from my VERY old hometown of Danvers MA, Bobby Mansfield & the Dusters doing "Rock At The Hop". There's lots of raw covers including Steve Colt & The Del-Mingos - "The Girl Can't Help It/ Hop Skip & Jump", Paul chaplain - "Shortnin' Bread", The Chisholm Bros - "Honey Don't", & lots of derivative but flat out rockers by The Belvederes (including a drivin' version of "Rumble", called "Rumble Rock"), The 3 D's. Bob Silva & the Silva-Tone The Jupitors, plenty more, including a lot of never before issued material. "Wee Wilie Wiggle/ She's Not Home/ Crazy Little Woman/ Washed Up", etc. (GM)
THE ANGELS: Angel Express/ THE ARMADILLOS: Diddy Bop (unissued)/ THE BELVEDERES: Rumble Rock (unissued)/ THE BLENDS: Snake Walk/ PAUL CHAPLAIN: Shortnin' Bread/ THE CHISOLM BROTHERS: Honey Don't/ JACKIE CLARK: Walkie Talkie/ BOB CLEARY: Go Cat Go (unissued)/ STEVE COLT: Hop, Skip And Jump/ The Girl Can't Help It (unissued)/ JACK LINCOLN COUGHLIN: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (unissued)/ RICKY COYNE: I Want You To Know/ GEORGE CROMWELL: Washed Up/ LEE CURTIN: Hot Dog/ THE DUSTERS: Bye Bye Baby/ CHUCK EDWARDS: She's Not Home/ ARTIE HOLMES: Wee Willie Wiggle (unissued)/ THE JAGUARS: It's Cool/ ROYAL JUPITORS: Tab Rock (unissued)/ HOWIE LANDY: Happiest Man In The World/ JOHNNY MANN: Chick-A-Lou/ BOB MANSFIELD: Rock At The Hop/ LITTLE JIMMY MERRITT: Fancy Free/ THE NITE ROCKERS: Oh! Baby/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: R.R. Boogie (Inst.)/ Thinkin' About You/ FRANKIE ROSE: Wicked Woman (unissued)/ BOB SILVA: That's All I Want From You/ FRANKIE ST. JOHN: Real Dynamite Lady/ She's Long And Tall/ THE THREE D'S: Crazy Little Woman/ THE UNKNOWNS: I'm In Love Again (unissued)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90205 Chicken Rock - Rockin' Around The Mountain ● CD $17.98
29 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
Excellent and intriguing collection of mostly unissued tracks (at least that's what it claims!) of rockabilly and rock' n' roll. Highlight is four cuts by Carl Perkins, supposedly from an acetate featuring him doing four Sun era songs - "Movie Magg/ Turn Around/ Put Your Cat Clothes On/ Look At The Moon". Are these Sun outtakes? Lot's of other good cuts too particularly from The Kingbeats, Jimmy Evans, Red Hadley (a great version of Piano Red's "She Knows How To Rock Me"), John Kline & Eddie Bond (his "Cotton Patch Hop" is mistitled "Patchuko Hop"). There are a couple of excellent instrumentals from The Gentry Brothers. Some nice photos in booklet but no notes - I'd love to know the story behind these sides. (FS)
EDDIE BOND: Patchako Hop/ WAYNE BUSBY: Live Your Life With Care/ JIMMY EVANS: I Hate To Say Goodbye/ Pink Cadillac/ What Am I Gonna Do/ THE GENTRY BROTHERS: Swanky (alt) (inst) Eagl90205/ Swooney (alt) (inst)/ RED HADLEY: She Knows How To Rock Me (unissued)/ NEVILLE HAWKS: I Got A Baby (unissued)/ Make It Like Rock 'N' Roll (unissued)/ Morse Code (unissued)/ THE KINGBEATS: I'll Tell My Mama On You/ I've Been A Bad Bad Boy/ I've Been A Bad Bad Boy (alt)/ JOHN KLINE: Rock-A-Billy Baby (unissued)/ DICKEY LEE: She Wears My Goin' Steady Ring/ CURTIS LITTLE: She Won't Let Me Down (unissued)/ WAYNE MCGINNIS: Rock 'N' Roll Rhythm(alt)/ THOMAS MITCHELL: I'm A Wise Ole Cat/ THE MOUNTAIN RAMBLERS: Rockin' Round The Mountain/ CARL PERKINS: Look At That Moon (vers. 1)/ Movie Magg(alt)/ Put Your Cat Clothes On (vers. 3)/ Turn Around(alt)/ JOHNNY POWERS: Fallin' Star/ The Bigger They Are/ TOMMY TUCKER: Little More Lovin'/ Rock 'N' Roll Mama/ THE YELVINGTON: Malcolm, It's Me, Baby(alt)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90206 Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
Not a new release but we haven't listed it before. 33 rare rockabilly and rock 'n' roll tracks including 12 previously unissued and many not available elsewhere including several hot instros. Includes Brenton Herlihy & The Ramblers, The Buccaneers, The Phaetons, Jackie Dallas, The Rhythm Masters (their "Janie Jane" has the only rockabilly accordion solo I know of), Joe Therrien Jr., The Belveders, The Dusters, Steve Colt, Ricky Coyne, Roddy & Joy and others.
THE ANGELS: Buckshot/ JOHNNY BELL: The Third Degree/ THE BELVEDERES: Eagle Bounce (unissued)/ THE BLUE ECHOES THE: It's Witchcraft/ THE BUCCANEERS: Oh Why?/ PAUL CHAPLAIN: Nicotine/ STEVE COLT: Devil Is A Woman In Disguise (unissued)/ JACK LINCOLN COUGHLIN: Crazy Arms (unissued)/ RICKY COYNE: Kaw-Liga/ JACKIE DALLAS: Lorraine/ BARRY DARVELL: Geronimo Stomp/ THE DUSTERS: She's Mine/ BRINTON HERLIHY: Reform School Baby (unissued)/ ARTIE HOLMES: Hey Little Cindy/ THE JAGUARS: St. Louis Blues (false start) (unissued)/ St. Louis Blues (unissued)/ BOBBY JAMES: Let's Go/ RUSS KENDALL: Boston Baby/ BILLY KID: Chatter (unissued)/ HERBIE LEE: Champagne Charlene/ LITTLE JIMMY MERRITT: Honky Tonk Angel/ THE NITE ROCKERS: Nite Rock/ THE PHAETONS: Fling/ JIMMY RHODES: I Wanna Go/ THE RHYTHM MASTERS: Janie Janie (unissued)/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Just Rockin'/ BOB RILEY: The Midnight Line/ RODDY & JOY: She's Gonna Be Mine/ THE STARLITES: Sentimental Journey/ SMOKEY STOVER: Let's Have A Ball/ TERRY & THE PIRATES: Short Shorts (unissued)/ JOE THERRIEN: Rock-A-Billy Boogie/ THE UNIQUES: Rock 'N' Rudolph

VARIOUS ARTISTS EMI (UK) 73311 Girl Crazy ● CD $10.98
A fine collection of 28 girl group sounds including hits and obscurities. The cuts by Martha Reeves and The Angels are remakes but the rest are originals from the 60s including sides by The Ronettes (two of their great pre-Spector Colpix sides), Shangri-Las, Three Degrees, Chantels, Cookies, Toys, Cinderellas, Girlfriends, Chiffons, Exciters, Little Eva and others.
THE ANGELS: My Boyfriends Back/ THE CHANTELS: I'm Confessin'/ Maybe/ THE CHIFFONS: He's So Fine/ One Fine Day/ THE CINDERELLAS: Baby Baby I Still Love You/ THE COOKIES: Chains/ Don't Say Nothin' Bad ’bout My Baby/ Foolish Little Girl/ THE DIXIE CUPS: Chapel Of Love/ THE ESSEX: A Walkin' Miracle/ THE EXCITERS: Do Wah Diddy/ Tell Him/ THE GIRLFRIENDS: My One And Only Jimmy Boy/ THE HONEYS: He's A Doll/ The One You Can't Have/ LITTLE EVA: Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/ The Locomotion/ SHARON MARIE: Thinkin' Bout You Baby/ MARTHA REEVES: Heatwave/ THE RONETTES: Sihouettes/ You Bet I Would/ THE SHANGRI-LAS: Leader Of The Pack/ THE SHIRELLES: Will You Love Me Tomorrow?/ THE THREE DEGREES: I Do Take You/ Stardust/ THE TOYS: A Lovers Concerto/ Can't Get Enough Of You Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eric 11503 Hard-To-Find 45s On CD, Vol. 2, 1961-1964 ● CD $15.98
21 tracks, 52 mins, essential
Sound quality : excellent As this series moves into the 60s with volume 2, it's surprising that four #1 hits remain so hard to find! This disc remedies this by including "Sugar Shack" by The Fireballs, "Dominique" by The Singing Nun, "I Will Follow Him" by Peggy March and "Wooden Heart" by Joe Dowell (the latter two in stereo). The other 8 stereo tracks include several surprises, namely "Bobby's Girl" by Marcy Blane, "Lover Please" by Clyde McPhatter, "Young Lovers" by Paul & Paula", and, naturally, "I Really LOve You" by The Stereos! Chart diversity ruled during this period and this package showcases tunes from Joe Dowel's novelty encore "Little Red Rented Rowboat", the teen angst of "Patches" by Dicky Lee, and "Dear One" by Larry Finnegan, to the kicky "Foot Stompin'" by The Flares. Hard-to-find British invasion period pieces also grace these tracks such as the dreamy "You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry" by The Caravelles, as well as the torchy "Diane" by The Bachelors, and "The Wedding" by Julie Rogers, the latter 2 in glorious stereo! This is a well-crafted followup to Volume 1. Now, how 'bout a Volume 3? (SM")
THE BACHELORS: Diane/ MARCIE BLANE: Bobby's Girl/ THE CARAVELLES: You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry/ RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN: Theme From Dr. Kildare (3 Stars Will Shine Tonight)/ JOE DOWELL: Little Red Rented Rowboat/ Wooden Heart/ LARRY FINNEGAN: Dear One/ THE FLARES: Foot Stomping, Pt. 1/ JIMMY GILMER: Sugar Shack/ THE HONDELLS: Little Honda/ DICKEY LEE: I Saw Linda Yesterday/ Patches/ LITTLE PEGGY MARCH: I Will Follow Him (Chariot)/ CLYDE MCPHATTER: Lover Please/ THE MURMAIDS: Popsicles and Icicles/ PAUL & PAULA: Young Lovers/ DIANE RENAY: Navy Blue/ JULIE ROGERS: Wedding/ RONNIE & THE HI-LITES: I Wish That We Were Married/ THE SINGING NUN: Dominique/ THE STEREOS: I Really Love You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eric 11509 Hard To Find 45s On Cd, Vol. 5: Sixties Pop Classics ● CD $15.98
20 tracks, 53 min, recommended
Another 20 hits, all taken from the original master tapes. 13 tunes here were from the Top 10, though the only #1 is Nino Tempo & April Stevens' "Deep Purple" (where Brian Wilson got the background vocals for the Beach Boy's classic "The Man With All The Toys"). There's a couple ringers in here - Tab Hunter's "Apple Blossom Time" is from '59 & ex-Jay & the American's Kenny Vance's beautiful tribute to doo-wop, "Looking For An Echo", is from '75. Only 5 here are in mono (incl Shelby Flint's sublime "Angel On My Shoulder", a tune that still gives me shivers!), the rest are in real stereo. Highlights include The Rose Garden - "Next Plane To London", Bill Cosby's "Little Ole' Man" (his take on Stevie Wonder's "Uptight"), Joanie Sommers - "Johnny Get Angry", The Marketts - "Batman Theme." (GM)
THE COOKIES: Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby) (Mono Version)/ BILL COSBY: Little Ole Man (Uptight-Everything's Alright)/ THE EVERLY BROTHERS: Ebony Eyes/ SHELBY FLINT: Angel on My Shoulder (Mono Version)/ R.B. GREAVES: Take a Letter, Maria/ TAB HUNTER: I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time/ BOB LUMAN: Let's Think About Living/ THE MARKETTS: Batman Theme/ EMILIO PERICOLI: Al-Di-La (Mono Version)/ DON RONDO: White Silver Sands (Mono Version)/ ROSE GARDEN: Next Plane to London (Stereo)/ JOANIE SOMMERS: Johnny Get Angry/ One Boy/ SONNY & CHER: I Got You Babe (Stereo)/ APRIL STEVENS: Deep Purple/ CONNIE STEVENS: Sixteen Reasons/ CARLA THOMAS: B-A-B-Y (Stereo)/ THE TOYS: Lover's Concerto (Mono Version)/ KENNY VANCE: Looking for an Echo/ THE VOGUES: Turn Around, Look at Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eric 11512 Hard-To-Find 45s On CD, Vol. 6 - More Sixties Classics ● CD $15.98
21 hard to find hits from the 60s including a couple making their first stereo debut on CD in the USA. Includes Lightnin' Strikes/ I'm Leaving It Up To You/ My Boy Lollipop/ Hold Me Tight/ Sailor/ Walk Away Renee/ Tobacco Road and others.
STEVE ALAIMO: Every Day I Have To Cry/ LOS BRAVOS: Black Is Black/ JO ANN CAMPBELL: A Kookie Little Paradise (Stereo)/ LOU CHRISTIE: Lightnin' Strikes/ JOHNNY CRAWFORD: Rumors/ DALE & GRACE: I'm Leaving It Up To You/ THE DIXIEBELLES: (Down At) Papa Joe's/ EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING: Witchi Tai To/ THE FLIRTATIONS: Nothing But A Heartache/ FOUR JACKS AND A JILL: Master Jack (Original Mono Single Version)/ DICKEY LEE: Laurie (Strange Things Happen)/ THE LEFT BANKE: Walk Away Renee/ LOLITA: Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea) (Stereo U.S. Single Version)/ MIRIAM MAKEBA: Pata Pata (Stereo Single Version)/ CHRIS MONTEZ: The More I See You/ JOHNNY NASH: Hold Me Tight/ THE NASHVILLE TEENS: Tobacco Road/ THE REFLECTIONS: (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet/ TOMMY ROE: Everybody/ THE SANDPIPERS: Guantanamera/ MILLIE SMALL: My Boy Lollipop

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eric 11513 Hard-To-Find 45s On CD, Vol. 7 - More Sixties Classics ● CD $15.98
21 more tracks - five making their U.S. CD or stereo debut - "Sukiyuki/ A Hundred Pounds Of Clay/ Village Of Love/ Tar & cement/ I'll Never Find Another You/ Dreamin'", etc.
CILLA BLACK: You're My World/ JOHNNY BURNETTE: Dreamin'/ THE CHIMES: Once In Awhile/ MIKE CLIFFORD: Close To Cathy/ BOBBY DARIN: You're The Reason I'm Living/ PATTY DUKE: Don't Just Stand There/ THE G-CLEFS: I Understand (Just How You Feel)/ FRANK GARI: Utopia/ THE HONEYCOMBS: Have I The Right?/ KRIS JENSEN: Torture (Stereo)/ BILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS: Bad To Me/ NATHANIEL MAYER: Village Of Love/ GENE MCDANIELS: A Hundred Pounds Of Clay/ GARRY MILES: Look For A Star/ JOEY POWERS: Midnight Mary/ KYU SAKAMOTO: Sukiyaki (Stereo)/ THE SEEKERS: I'll Never Find Another You/ VERDELLE SMITH: Tar And Cement (Stereo U.S. Single Version)/ THE VELVETS: Tonight (Could Be The Night)/ DANNY WILLIAMS: White On White/ NANCY WILSON: (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971017 Alan Freed's Moon Dog Show, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 67 mins, recommended
Back in the 80s we carried a series of LPs on the WINS label featuring live recordings from the 50s from shows presented by pioneering rock 'n' roll dee-jay Alan Freed. Now this series is making its way onto CD and this excellent set features live tracks from Bill Haley & The Comets, The Treniers, Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, Gloria Mann, The Cadillacs, Jimmy Cavello & The House Rockers, The Penguins, Sam "The Man" Taylor, Joe Williams, The Platters, Mabel King and The Johnny Burnette Trio. Most of the solo artists and vocal groups are backed by Freed's own excellent band and the sound quality is generally excellent. Freed's role is to announce all the acts. A valuable slice of rock 'n' roll history giving us a sense of what those big rock 'n' roll shows of the 50s were like. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Farmer 1013 Teen-Age Dreams, Vol. 9 ● CD $17.98
33 tracks of late 50s/ early 60s pop rock dealing with teen love and loss. Includes Sandy & Troy & the Younger Generation, Ray Ruff & the Checkmates (a version of "Uummm Oh Yeah" originally recorded as a demo by Buddy Holly), The Chapelaires, Jimmy Ford, Ric Lance & The Spirals, Aubrey Garrett, Don Chaney, Jimmy Tabb & The Little Boppers, Mike Harris and many more. 12 page booklet has notes on all the songs and photos of some of the moody looking guys who recorded these tracks.
STEVE BARRI: Don't Run Away From Love/ WALT BENTON & DIPLOMATS: Summer Love/ TOMMY BOYCE: The Gypsy Song/ DON CHANEY: Don't You Know/ THE CHAPELAIRES: Not Good Enough/ MIKE CLIFFORD: I'm Afraid To Say I Love You/ JOHNNIE D & VEL-DEENS: Blue Moon/ EDDIE DEMARR: You're A Gas/ MIKE DRUMMOND: Little Lover/ LANNY DUNCAN: Why Did You Say Goodbye/ GARY ENGEL & TOP HATTERS: Kimmy Lee/ JIMMY FORD: We Belong (together)/ AUDREY GARRETT: Foolish Questions/ JOHNNY HALO: Errand Boy/ REED HARPER & NOTES: Three Charms/ MIKE HARRIS: Just A Memory/ HOWIE & CRYSTALS: Golly Gee/ RICK JARRAD: Tell Me Not/ JACKIE KALLAN: Summer Romances/ KENNY, FRANK & RAY: Why Was I Born/ THE LADY BIRDS: Why Must I Be Lonely/ RIC LANCE & SPIRALS: Remember The Lonely/ DAVE NICHOLLS & COINS: Bells Will Ring/ DOW PATTERSON: Faded Summer Love/ ROD PRICE: My Star All Alone/ ROGER & TOURAINES: Joanie/ ANDY ROSE: You Weren't There/ RAY RUFF & CHECKMATES: Uum Oh Yeah/ SANDY & TROY & YOUNGER GENERATION: Who In The World/ THE SOUTHLANDERS: Cheerleader/ SUZY STARR: Lover's Quarrel/ JIMMY TABB & LITTLE BOPPERS: Pink Scarf/ TOMMY & EDDIE: I'll Always Be True

VARIOUS ARTISTS Flesh Den 6904 Rock 'n' Roll Orgy, Vol. 4 ● CD $16.98
20 Tracks, 46 min., recommended
The fourth edition of this wild series and the pace is not slowing down. Flesh Den does a really good job of mixing things up. There's some hillbillyish tunes, some flat out rockers and a couple of songs with an almost haunting quality. Most of the artists found here are not very familiar. The most recognizable names are Rocky Bill Ford, Jackie Cochran, Jimmy Patton and a fella by the name of Corky Jones who the notes say is actually Buck Owens--- and it sounds like Buck doing some uncountryish r'n'r. But the best cuts are from the unknowns. Eddie Gaines' "Be Bop Battlin' Ball", The Moonlighters' "Broken Heart", Riki and The Rikatones' "Whiplash" lead the charge and get help from some other cool rockers. Final scorecard: 4 great tracks, 11 very goods, 4 goods and only 1 filler. (RS)
LONNIE ALLEN: You'll Never Change Me/ JOHNNY AMELIO: Jo Ann - Jo Ann/ JIM BOBO: Jungle Rock/ AUBREY CAGLE: Real Cool/ JACK COCHRAN: Hip Shakin' Mama/ KEN DAVIS: Shook Shake (Like A Big Mix Cake)/ SLIM DORTCH: Big Boy Rock/ ROCKY BILL FORD: Have You Seen Mabel/ EDDIE GAINES: Be-Bop Battlin' Ball/ CORKY JONES: Hot Dog/ LLOYD MCCOLLOUGH: Gonna Love My Baby/ THE MOONLIGHTERS: Broken Heart/ JIMMY PATTON: Yah! I'm Movin'/ RIKI & THE RIKATONES: Whiphash/ HAROLD SHULTTERS: Rock And Roll Mister Moon/ KENNY SMITH: I'm So Lonesome, Baby/ BILLY TAYLOR: Wombie Zombie/ TOMMY TODD: Tag Along/ DALE VAUGHN: How Can You Be Mean To Me/ JIMMY WITTER: If You Love My Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Flyright FLYCD 55 Rock 'n' Roll Fee Bee ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, 55 minutes, good
Mixed bag collection spotlighting the Fee Bee label, active in Pittsburgh in the 50's. Fee Bee is best known for the original issue of the Del Vikings' classic "Come Go With Me" (later leased to Dot) but rockabilly and vocal group collectors have long been hip to their goodies. There are 3 Willie Ward tunes here including his cruncher "Iggy Joe". Dave "Diddle" Day shows up for 4 numbers including "Jelly Billy", "Motorcycle Mike" and the fabulous "Blue Moon Baby". Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers did pretty well as rockers too, especially with "Linda Lee" which you'll hear along with 4 others (2 of them previously unissued.) For vocal group fans there are a pair of wildly syncopated uptempo tunes from the El Capris - "Greetings" and "Ivy League" plus the more conservative style of the 5 Playboys on 3 tunes (AE)
JOEY BISCOE: Chee-chee-wah-woo/ DAVE DAY: Blue Moon Baby/ Deep In My Heart/ Jelly Billy/ Motorcycle Mike/ THE EL CAPRIS: Greetings/ Ivy League/ THE FIVE PLAYBOYS: Mr. Echo/ Never Let Her Go/ Spring Is Here/ MOONDOG LAWTON: Let Me Be Your Friend/ Whip It On Me/ LUKE LAWTON & THE CHICKADEES: I Want A Pretty Woman/ BUDDY SHARPE & THE SHAKERS: Bald Headed Baby/ Dry Your Eyes/ Linda Lee/ Rock And Roll Roman/ Rocking Chair/ UNKNOWN: He's So Devine/ WILLIE WARD & THE WARBLERS: Be Mine/ Iggy Joe/ Oo-wee Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Forevermore 5008 Oldies I Forgot To Buy ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 54 min., recommended
Here, as in their earlier compilations from the folks who own the rights to Philadelphia's Swan/Lawn Records label, the span of years is quite broad, specifically 1956-1968. So, doo-wop, early 60's rock and roll, beach music, blues, and soul are more closely juxtaposed than some listeners might like. Selections include "Nag" by the Halos, "Rockin' Robin" by the Henchmen, "I Want to Do It" by Bobby Comstock, "Driveway Blues" by Roy Milton, "Lone Stranger" by the Denotations, "So Young" by Little Guy and the Giants, "Pretty Little Girl" by the Monarchs, "Pony Express" by Danny and the Juniors, "I Miss You" by Lee Andrews, "Click Clack" by Dickey Doo and the Don'ts and "You're Never Gonna Find Another Love" by Sir Men. Sound quality is solid, notes are minimal, and there's a lot of good music here. Still, for my buying habits, I wish that Forevermore would put out one or two discs that focused just on the 50's styled numbers. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS FSCD 004 Four Star Records ● CD $17.98
30 tracks, 68 mins, highly recommended
Great collection of rockabilly, rockin' country and rock 'n' roll recorded for the important Los Angeles based Four Star label in the 50s and early 60s. The Four Star label was responsible for the first recordings of such country legends as Patsy Cline, T-Texas Tyler, Webb Pierce, Hank Locklin and others but this set concentrates on some of the more obscure performers though it does include the hot "Shake 'Em Up Rock" by Tyler and Pierce's "Groovie Boogie Woogie Boy". More than half the tracks here are making their first appearance on CD and it includes sides by Gene Brown, Jimmy Wolford, The Miller Brothers, Wayland Chandler, Slim Willet, Claude Pitts, Paul Westemoreland & His Band (the great "Caffeine And Nicotine"), Chief Little Chief (tough Elvis influenced ballads), Frank Simon, Charlie Ryan (a couple of variations on his hit "Hot Rod Lincoln"), Sammy Masters, Webb Pierce and others. Sound quality is excellent and booklet has arist photos and label shots but no notes. (FS)
CARL BELEW: Cool Gator Shoes/ GENE BROWN: Big Door/ WAYLAND CHANDLER: Little Lover/ Play Boy/ CHIEF LITTLE CHIEF: Come On Darlin'/ It's For Certain (that I'm Hurtin')/ BOBBY LILE: Too Many Secrets/ SAMMY MASTERS: 2 Rocka 4/ Flat Feet/ Jodie/ Pink Cadillac/ Some Like It Hot/ Whop-t-bop/ THE MILLER BROTHERS: I Wanta Be Free/ Loco Choo Choo/ Tulsa Baby/ WEBB PIERCE: Georgia Rag/ Groovie Boogie Woogie Boy/ CLYDE PITTS: The Lonely Side Of Town/ CHARLIE RYAN: Hot Rod Hades/ Side Car Cycle/ FRANK SIMON: Sugar Plum Boogie/ JACK TUCKER: Crazy Do (instr.)/ T. TEXAS TYLER: Shake Em Up Rock/ PAUL WESTMORELAND: Caffeine And Nicotine/ Howl And Prowl/ Song Sample From 45hot Rod Rag/ SLIM WILLET: Come Sundown/ JIMMY WOLFORD: My Name Is Jimmy/ Teeney Weeney Man


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