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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, D

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55113 Teen Scene ● CD $18.98
A collection of 35 tracks featuring teen oriented rock 'n' roll and doo-wop recorded in the late 50s and early 60s for Long Island's Golden Crest and Shelley labels. Mostly pretty obscure artists. Has 20 page booklet with extensive notes, artist photos, label shots and recording information.
ANDY & GINO: Love Is Love (all Around The World)/ TOMMY BIENER WITH WENDY & THE SCHOOL GIRLS: The Top 40/ THE CHESSMEN: Prayer Of Love/ RALPH DE MARCO: Donna/ CHARLES DELL: I'm Here To Tell You (what Ronnie Couldn't Say)/ Let's Tell Him Now/ BIG BOB DOUGHERTY: Bang Bang/ THE DOVERS: A Lonely Heart/ Alice My Love/ GINO: I‘m A Boy In Love/ Baby Don‘t Go Now/ PAUL GRIFFIN: Ragdoll Baby/ DICK HEATHERTON: Hey! Travelin' Man/ CURT JENSEN: Bobbie/ ANGELA MARTIN: Two Pairs Of Shoes/ THE MELLODEERS: The Letter/ THE MELODEERS: Born To Be Mine/ THE MONTELLS: My Prince Will Come (and He Will Be The One)/ DONNY LEE MOORE: You Left Me Standing There/ LEE PARKER: Sand Dance/ RONI POWERS: Any Friend Of Henry‘s/ RICKY AND ROBBY: Purple Pedal Pushers/ Suzzanne/ AUGIE RIOS: Augie Stay Home/ Lullaby/ No One/ There's A Girl Down The Way/ ANDY ROSE: Hey Scooter/ Just For Fun/ THE SEVEN TEENS: Steady Guy/ RICKY SHAW: I Got A Girl/ The Riddle/ JAN TOBER: Just Married/ DANNY WINCHELL: Don‘t Make Small Talk Baby/ Sugar Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dejavue Retro Gold 4017 The Encyclopedia Of Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $11.98
Interesting two CD set. The first CD is pretty worthless - it's a collection of rock 'n' roll hits by artists like Little Richard, Fats Domino, The Platters, Chuck Berry and others but most of the recordings are inferior remakes or later live recordings. The second disc is much more interesting featuring live recordings from Alan Freed radio shows from the 50s featuring performances by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, Otis William & The Charms, The Cadillacs, The Chordettes, Gene Vincent, LaVern Baker, The Platters, Clyde McPhatter, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley & The Comets and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dixie 3333 Boppin' Country Billies ● CD $16.98
30 tracks, 71 minutes, recommended
As the title suggests this disc gathers up the more country oriented material released on Dixie. The opener is a winner - Danny Brockman singing the heck out of one called Big Big Man , the fiddles and guitar are rousing. Elmer Bryant sings Gertie's Garter Broke , a funny yarn about a dance contest and well done too. The King Brothers with the Virginia Mountaineers were a bluegrass outfit and sound great on A True Loving Woman . Bill & Paul & the Bluegrass Travelers were another bluegrass band and they're not bad either on Doin' My Time and the instrumental Bluegrass Hop . Dang Your Pride by Ronnie Miller sounds like a cross between Buck Owens and Roger Miller. Just Look, Don't Touch by Dee Johnson is another good one, Dee's deep voice sound mighty fine and the guitar pickin' is very nice. And if git-fiddle wrestlin' is your thing then Tom Crook - Weekend Boogie , Jack Hanna - Brady And Dunky and Jake Thomas - Meanest Blues/ Poor Boy Blues should also please. Throw in a few more good ones and a few "flea-bags" and you'll have a taste of Dixie C&W.
BECK BROTHERS: Big Rocker/ Just Like You/ BILL & PAUL & BLUEGRASS TRAVELERS: Blue Grass Hop/ Doin' My Time/ DOUG BRAGG: Lovin' On My Mind/ Red Rover/ DANNY BROCKMAN: Big Big Man/ ELMER BRYANT: Gertie's Garter Broke/ TOM CROOK: Weekend Boogie/ LITTLE CHUCK DANIELS: I've Got My Brand On You/ HORACE GOODWIN: The Country Jitterbug/ KEN HAMMOCK: Blue Guitar Jump/ JACK HANNA: Brady And Dunky/ DEE JOHNSON: Just Look, Don't Touch/ KING BROTHERS: A True Loving Woman/ RONNIE MILLER: Dang You Pride/ GENE MILLS: Yodlin' Chime Bells/ ART ONTARIO: It Must Be Me/ Last Goodbye/ PETE PETERS: Red Wing/ EDDIE SKELTON: Feelin' Blue/ DALLAS STAMPER: I'm Going To Heaven When I Die/ JAKE THOMAS: Meanest Blues/ Poor Boy Blues/ UNKNOWN ARTIST: Blue Suede Shoes/ Waitin' For A Train/ LES WALDROOP: Got It Made (in The Shade)/ MISSOURI WALKER: Lonesome Guitar/ HOYT & JO WEBB: Don't Wake Me, I'm Dreaming/ BOB WELLER: Devil's Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dixie 4444 Boppin' Country Billies, Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
30 tracks, 70 minutes, good.
30 more Dixie recordings mostly done in a boppin' hillbilly vein. This isn't as good as the previous collection (Dixie 3333) but there's enough here to recommend it, if only to the hardcore hillbilly fans. Connie Dycus (a guy) is pretty fair on the honky tonker Lying All The Time and the witty I Could Shoot Myself (If I Wasn't Afraid Of A Gun) isn't bad either. Bill & Paul and the Bluegrass Travelers are back for an encore with Change Of Heart and a breakneck instrumental Cumberland Valley Special . Wrangler is a good guitar-led instrumental by Eddie Reynolds. Bill Goodwin & the Western Ramblers sound alright on the jaunty Your Lying Ways . Jimmy Blakley probably comes up with the best one here on Holiday For Love . Mel Price's Until is A-OK and Tommy Nelson contributes a very catchy country pop tune, Like Let's Get Out . Most of the rest are either mediocre or downright amateur night howlers. (
BILL & PAUL & BLUEGRASS TRAVELERS: Change Of Heart/ Cumberland Valley Special/ JIMMY BLAKLEY: Holiday For Love/ JOHNNY CLAYTON: Never Again (will Love Knock On My Door)/ THE DAVIS BROTHERS: More In The Man/ THE DIXIE HARMONAIRS: Hi Ho Silver/ J.P. DUNN: Kentucky Fandango/ Long Time Ago/ CONNIE DYCUS: I Could Shoot Myself/ Lying All The Time/ THE FIVE WILLIAMSON BROTHERS: I've Got A Bead On You Baby/ BILL GOODWIN: Your Lying Ways/ THE HALF BROTHERS: This Little Girl Of Mine/ JACK HANNA: Old Blue/ CHARLOTTE HARDEN: Alone With You/ DEE JOHNSON: You're Number One/ LYLE KEEFER: Hand Full Of Love/ SLEEPY LABEFF: You're So Easy To Love/ ARVIL MEERS: The Way You Want It/ MALCOLM NASH: I Guess I'm Wise/ TOMMY NELSON: Like Let's Get Out/ JIMMIE PEARSON: Nobody Cares/ MEL PRICE: Until/ EDDIE REYNOLDS: Wrangler/ JIM RIDINGS: My Baby Don't Want Me No More/ You're Gonna Pay/ DOTTIE SWAN: Blue News/ UNKNOWN ARTIST: I Walk The Line/ RENAUD VELUZAT: Purty Lit'l/ BILL WILLIS: Going Down To Sal's House

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dixie 5555 Great Dixie Boppin' Hill Billies ● CD $16.98
RAY ANDERSON: Sputniks And Mutniks/ RONDELL BARKER: Courtin' Under The Moon/ JOE BRYANT: A Man Ain't Nothing But A Woman's Slave/ Pulpwood Blues/ KEN CLARK: Ho! Ho! Love 'em Joe/ Quit Fool (mama's Lookin')/ COUSIN ARNOLD: Be My Baby, Baby Doll/ Sweet Talking Daddy/ BOB & CINDY DEAN: Gone For Another/ I'm Knocking At The Door (of Your Heart)/ LUKE GORDON: Baby's Gone/ Big New Dance/ Goin' Crazy/ Going Down The Road/ What Can You Do?/ LUCKY HILL: I'm Checkin' Out/ I'm Missing You/ BILL JOHNSON: Lonesome Daddy Blues/ THE MUSICAL-AIRES: Wildcat Hop/ AL PETTY: Steeling The Boogie/ TAYLOR PORTER: Sunny Side Of The Mountain/ ROCKING MARTIN: All Because Of You/ HOYT SCOGGINS: The Old Chain Gang/ What's Gonna Happen To This Old World/ What's The Price (to Set Me Free)/ EDDIE SNELL: Head For The Hills/ I'm Going Down (for The 3rd Time)/ BILL STUCKER: I Go On Pretending/ SUTHERLAND: Johnny I'm In Love/ JOHNNY SUTHERLAND: We'll Have A Time, Yes Siree

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dixie 6666 Great Dixie Boppin' Hill Billies ● CD $16.98
JACK CARDWELL: Hey, Hey Baby/ Once Every Day/ JESSIE COATES: Nobody Can Take My Baby/ You Gotta Be Goo/ EDDIE EDDINGS: Country Favorites/ Country Style Boogie/ Smoochin'/ FRANK EVANS: Pull The Shades Down Ma/ What Is It (that I'm Too Young To Know)/ TONY FARR: There's No Sense In Marrying Me/ HIGH POCKETS: Boy Crazy Jane/ Then We'll Be Happy/ JERRY & THE STRING TRIO: Judgment Day/ Lead Me To The Promise Land/ DON JOHNSON: Briar Hopper/ ERNEST & AGNES JOINES: Brown Eyes And Brown Hair/ Falling In Love Again/ BUDDY LIVINGSTON: Back When She Was Young/ JACK MORRIS: Cooing The Wrong Pigeon/ FRANK OLE'SHAY: Love, Love, Love Me Honey Do/ My Baby's Not Here (in Town Tonight)/ HAL PAYNE: Honky Tonk Stomp/ MELVIN PRICE: The Pace That Kills/ LITTLE JODY RAINWATER: The Man That Wrote Home Sweet Home (never Was A Married Man)/ AL SIMS: Little Red Caboose/ TENNESSEE JIM: Don't Steal Her/ CARVIS TURNEY: Honky Tonk Ways/ HOWARD WESTERN: Sawmill Blues Boogie/ DAVE WOOLUM: Done Gone And Done It/ You're So Nice

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dragon Street 70100 The Big "D" Jamboree - Live, Vols 1 & 2 ● CD $25.98
Two Cds, 54 tracks, 145 mins, highly recommended
Another amazing production from Dragon Street Records - this one features two CDs of live recordings made at Dallas's Big "D" in the 50s drawn from recently discovered transcriptions. Most of the recordings were made between 1956 and 1959 along with a short show from 1950. Disc one is all country and disc two is rockabilly and rock 'n roll. Highlight of the set are five live tracks by the great Carl Perkins with his band including his takes on some recent hits by other artists including a fabulous version of That's All Right based on the Elvis version. Some of the tracks from the rockabilly disc have been out on previous Dragon Street issues (Groovey Joe Poover, Johnny Dollar, Gene Vincent) but we also get to hear Johnny Carroll, the mediocre Belew Twins, local rocker Tommy Mitchell doing a good version of Elvis's Too Much, Warren Smith (great!), Jerry Reed, Sid King & The Five Strings, Werly Fairburn, Orville Couch and Ronnie Dee (Dawson). On the country side we get Johnny Cash doing doing three of his recent recordings, The Texas Stompers (the house band which was basically an augmented version of the Light Crust Doughboys), Cowboy Copas, ferlin Husky, Hank Locklin, The Kentucky Mountain Boys, Sherry Davis, Leon Payne, Wanda Jackson and others. There's lots of interesting between song patter and introductions from announcer Johnny Hicks. Sound quality is superb and the set is beautifully packaged in a fold out digipack and comes with a 32 page booklet with extensive notes by Kevin Coffey and lots of great vintage photos - many of them from the Jamboree itself. A class production all round. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dragon Street 70101 The Gals Of The Big "D" Jamboree ● CD $14.98
29 tracks highly recommended
Another entry in the Legends Of The Big D Jamboree Series celebrating the legendary Dallas country music radio show of the 40s & 50s, this time showcasing the female side. Though there's a few ringers here, & some of the most popular Gals couldn't be on here, it's still a wonderful listen. The biggest star here is Charlene Arthur, who's heard here on a couple live Big D tunes including her biggest, Welcome To the Club & What About Tomorrow, as well as a 70s airshot from Justin Tubb's radio show from his daddy's Nashville record store, as well as a couple demos from '57 incl Hello Baby written by Helen Hall. Hall, another Big D star & wonderful honky tonker, is also showcased here on 9 tracks, including her own demo for Hello Baby, some rare 70s recordings including What Else Does She Do Like Me?, & a couple '55 sides done for Coral with backing by Big D regulars, which are my 2 faves of the set, Honky Tonk Husband & Wasted Life. Though not a D regular, Wanda Jackson is heard with a live No Wedding For Joe live from the Jamboree, & ringer Janis Martin is allowed here, though she wasn't on the show, but is heard on a never before heard Cracker Jack from around the same time, live on the radio with her regular backing band. Fine booklet with liner notes & rare pics. (GM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dressed To Kill DTKBOX 66 Sun Gods ● CD $17.98
3 CDs, 57 tracks, 170 mins, highly recommended
Behind the goofy title is a splendid collection of 56 great sides from Sun along with 47 minutes of interviews with Elvis from the 50s. No big surprises here but the compilers have done a nice job of including a lot of the more obscure but fine tracks like Rabbitt Action by Jimmy Haggett, Flat Foot Sam by Tommy Blake, Goin' Crazy by Mack Self, Charlie Feathers' Sun demo of Bottle To The Baby, Me & My Rhythm Guitar by Johnny Powers, the demo of Claudette by Roy Orbison, Rock Boppin' Baby by Jack Earls and more from Johnny Cash, Charlie Rich, Billy Lee Riley, Ray Harris, Hayden Thompson, Gene Simmons, The Miller Sisters, Eddie Bond, Sonny Burgess, Dean Beard, Johnny Carroll and lots more. No notes but sound is excellent (except for some of the interviews) and at this price you can't go wrong. (FS)

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