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Various Artists Collections - Buffalo Bop Label - Part 1


INTRODUCTION: The German Buffalo Bop label has been reissuing rare and obscure rockabilly and rock 'n' roll since the 70s - starting with LPs and switching over to CDs in the early 90s. Buffalo Bop CDs usually have 30 tracks of rockabilly and rock 'n' roll from the 50s and early 60s - often very rare sides. Many of the issues have a subject or stylistic theme (juvenile delinquents, hot rods, trains, women singers, instrumentals, etc.). The tracks are mostly mastered from 45s and the sound quality is generally excellent - particularly on the later issues. Each CD comes with a booklet with a cover painting evocative of the music within and artist photos and label shots inside. With so many reissues available there are inevitably some duplications with other reissues but nevertheless there is a ton of great music available on these CDs not available elsewhere.
VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55007 A Ball Tonight ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 64 minutes, recommended. Some call it a ball, some call it a party but whatever you want to call it just make sure it swings. If you put this volume on the box you'll get some prime rug dusting. Hot footers include Larry Donn's That's What I Call A Ball , Darryl Vincent's Wild Wild Party , Ray Campbell's A Ball Tonight , Val Volk's There'll Be A Rockin' Party Tonight , Reggie Perkins' Saturday Night Party , Elroy Dietzel's Teenage Ball , etc. Mixed in are hip shakers like Bertha Lou by Johnny Faire, Chicken Walk by one man party Hasil Adkins, Rock-N-Bones by Elroy Dietzel, Is This The Place by the Royal Lancers, Pretty Kitty by Reggie Perkins and much more with only about 3 or 4 losers in the bunch (AE)
HASIL ADKINS: Chicken Walk/ She's Mine/ RAY CAMPBELL: Ball Tonight/ CURLEY COLDIRON: Rockin' Spot/ LEE CURTIN: Hot Dog/ SONNY DECKELMAN: I've Got Love/ ELROY DIETZEL: Rockin' Bones/ Teenage Ball/ LARRY DONN: Girl Next Door/ Honey Bun/ That's What I Call A Ball/ DON EEE: Stop At The Hop/ JOHNNY FAIRE: Bertha Lou/ Betcha I Getcha/ I Fell For Your Line Baby/ BOBBY GRAY: There's Gonna Be A Party/ THE HOULE BROS.: Dream Night/ JERRY IRBY: Forty Nine Women/ ROYAL LANCERS: Is This The Place/ LEFTY & THE LEADSMEN: Wildwood Fun/ LENNY & THE STAR CHIEFS: My Queen And Me/ DANNY MAYO: Pretty Baby Rock/ BOBBY NORRIS: Party Time/ REGGIE PERKINS: Pretty Kitty/ Saturday Night Party/ TOM & THE TORNADOS: Long Long Ponytail/ DARRYL VINCENT: Wild Wild Party/ EDDIE VINEYARD: Bo Peep Rock/ VAL VOLK: There'll Be A Rockin' Party Tonight/ BUDDY WHITE: Teen Age Ball

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55035 Alley Cat ● CD $19.98
AL BARKLE: Muscle Beach/ LONNIE BARRON: Teenage Queen/ WALTER BROWN: Alley Cat/ Jelly Roll Rock/ EVERETT CARPENTER: Let Your Hair Down Baby/ Run Run Mabel/ JEFF DANIELS: Daddy-O-Rock/ Foxy Dan/ BOBBY DEAN: It's A Fad, Ma!/ FRED FARRAH: Settle Down/ GEORGE FLEMING: I'm Gonna Tell On You/ The Shake/ THE INVADERS: Pam/ F.D. JOHNSON: Be My Baby/ RED LE BLANC: I Love Her, Right Or Wrong/ CARL MILLER: Rhythm Guitar/ SCOTT MILLER: I Got School/ HAROLD MONTGOMERY: How Much Do You Miss Me/ JOHNNY NACE: You Got The Blues/ PART 11: Rock-A-Mo/ THE RELYEA'S: Country Boy/ TEXAS RED. RHODES: Go Cats Go/ RICKY RYAL: Sycamore Lane/ WAYLAND SEALS: When I'm Gone/ ANDY STARR: I Love You Baby/ TOMMY STRANGE: Nervous And Shakin' All Over/ BOB TAYLOR: Don't Be Unfair/ THE TEEN-BEETS: I Guess That's Why You're Mine/ THE VIBES: Pretty Baby/ JIMMY WOLFORD: My Name Is Jimmy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55053 Baby Doll ● CD $19.98
JEANNIE ALLEN: I'm Your Slave/ BABETTE BAIN: That's It/ SHIRLEY CADDELL: The Big Bounce/ PENNY CANDY: The Rockin' Lady/ PATTI CASEY: Rock Doc/ ANN CASTLES: Go Get The Shotgun Grandpa/ PATSY CLINE: Love Me Love Me Honey Do/ JACKIE FORREST: Breakin' Your Heart For Fun/ DOTTY FREDERICK: Just Wait/ DEE-DEE GAUDET: Where's The Law/ JANIE GRANT: Roller Coaster/ JACKIE JOHNSON: Starlight, Starbright/ J. KING: OK Doll, It's A Deal/ LINDA & THE EPLOS: Gonna Be Loved/ NORMAN LOU: Paper Boy/ JOYCE LOVE: Peace In Mind/ VIRGINIA LOWE: l'm In Love With Elvis/ DOLTJE MAO: Sugar Doll/ ORELLA MEYERS: Give A Little Take A Little/ PINKY MILLER: Teach Me How To Dance/ J. MORGAN: Money Honey/ ORELLA MYERS: Ask Lucille/ SUSAN McCRORY: Rovin' Gal/ BETTY NICKEL: I'll Never Love Again/ JOYCE POYNTER: Chilli Dippin' Baby/ DODIE STEVENS: Pink Shoe Laces/ THE THREE NOTES: I've Been Thinking It Over/ BARBARA TONNANT: Rock, Baby Rock/ JANE TURZY: Who, Baby by How/ FONDA WALLACE: Lou Lou Knows

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55003 Bad Boy ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 65 minutes, recommended. This one collects rockers that have hoods, JD's and general rowdiness as their theme. Actually, the first 6 tunes are a stretch with only I'm Lost really fitting in, but since they're all by the rowdy sounding Mickey Hawks & the Night Raiders who can quibble. There are some obvious picks like J. Ford's fantastic Don't Hang Around Much Anymore , Bobby Lollar's Bad Bad Boy , Jimmy Patton's Oakie's In The Pokie and Portuguese Joe's Teenage Riot but there are also some you don't see compiled very often if ever. There's Bad Boy by Steve France, originally on Renown, the shakin' Red Hot Mama by Wayne Williams, Willie Was A Bad Boy by Ray Gentry, the wonderful Curfew by Chuck & Gene, the Diddley tune Bad as done by John Amory, swamp popster Rod Bernard's All Night In Jail and the truly awesome Take It Easy, Greasy by Bill Lehmann, where the guitar and sax spiral up and outahere. Lots more plus a cool color cover on the photo packed booklet. (AE)
JOHN AMORY: Bad/ ROD BERNARD: All Night In Jail/ CHUCK & GENE: Curfew/ SONNY DECKELMAN: Born To Lose/ JIMMY FORD: Don't Hang Around Me Anymore/ You're Gonna Be Sorry/ STEVE FRANCE: Bad Boy/ RAY GENTRY: Willie Was A Bad Boy/ MICKEY HAWKS & THE NIGHT RAIDERS: Bip Bop Boom/ Cotton Pickin'/ Hidi Hidi Hidi/ I'm Lost/ Rock & Roll Rhythm/ Screamin' Mimi Jeanie/ ORANGIE RAY HUBBARD: Look What I Found/ THE KINGBEATS: I've Been A Bad Bad Boy/ FLOYD LEE: Go Boy/ BILLY LEHMAN: Take It Easy Greasy/ BOBBY LOLLAR: Bad Bad Boy/ JOHNNY MCADAMS: Is There No Love For Me/ JIMMY PATTON: Okie's In The Pokie/ Yeah I'm Movin'/ PORTUGUESE JOE: Teen Age Riot/ BOBBY ROBERTS: Big Sandy/ Hop Skip And Jump/ She's My Woman/ RODGER & THE TEMPESTS: Bad Bad Way/ TY B. & JOHNNY: Meaner Than An Alligator/ BILL WATKINS: Missed The Workhouse/ WAYNE WILLIAMS: Red Hot Mama

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55072 Campus Cutie ● CD $19.98
30 rockabilly and rock 'n' roll rarities from Dwain Louis, Ken Reed, Bobbye Shadie, The Del Tones, Rudy Preston, Billy Perkins, Roy James, The Franklin Brothers, The Cameos, etc.
THE CAMEOS: I'll Keep Your Heart Forever/ THE DEANS: Humpty Dumpty/ THE DEL TONES: Moonlight Party/ Rockin' Blues/ RONNIE DOVE: Lover Boy/ LANNY DUNCAN: Romeo's Teacher/ THE FRANKLIN BROS: So Real/ THE FRETTS: Rock'n Baby/ SKIP GOODSPEED: Only Two Me And You/ CHUCK HUNT: Barnyard Rock/ ROY JAMES: Rock & Roll Mama/ KEN & ROY: Umm/ HAROLD LEE: Blond Headed Woman/ DWAIN LOUIS: That's All Right/ THE MONARCHS: She's Mine/ THE ORBITS: My Rosa-Lee/ Queen Bee/ BILLY PERKINS: Campus Cutie/ The World Can't Roll Without Love/ JOE POPIEL: I Can't Live Without You/ RUDY PRESTON: Don't You Go Chicken/ KEN REED: Suzanne/ THE ROCK N' ROLLERS: For You/ BOBBY SHADLE: Come On Baby/ Please, Pretty Baby/ JOHNNY SHEA: That's My Baby/ THE SPARKLES: The U.T./ DARRELL SPECK: How I Love You/ BUTCH ST. CLAIR: Get-A-Little/ DAVID STARR: Teen Doll

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55150 Candy Doll ● CD $19.98
30 track collection featuring all female rockers including Patsy Clark, Silvia Mobley, June August, Jo Ann Perry, Roxie Williams, Bonnie Guitar, Caroly Honeycutt, Joan Temple, Dottie Jones and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55152 Choo Choo Bop ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 73 mins, highly recommended
The railroad is an endless source of musical inspiration in American vernacular music and this is Buffalo Bop's second compilation of rockabilly and rocking country songs on the subject (the first is Buffalo Bop 55012 "Hobo Bob") and is a winner. It opens with R&B singer Lloyd George's rocking down home blues with harmonica Come On Train and swiftly charges into rocking hillbilly in Clyde Arnold's Black Smoke & Blue Tears and continues on with Phil Bo's bluesy Mr. Train. There are a few big names - Johnny Cash with Hey, Porter and Blue Train, Bill Haley with a version of Chattanooga Choo Choo and Harold Jenkins (aka Conway Twitty) with his great early recording Long Black Train. Norman Sullivan does a great cover of Cash's Folsom Prison Blues, there are a couple of fine unissued Sun cuts from O.C. Holt and Warne Perdie and Larry Harvey and Johnny Six do uncanny imitations of Hank Snow on their cuts. Lots more fine stuff from Ken Patrick, Benny Martin, Eddie Bond, Tommy Faile, Ray Scott and others and the set ends with actual train sounds. Excellent sound and booklet has artist photos and label shots. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55006 Cool & Crazy ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 68 minutes, recommended. There were lots of rockabilly tunes with the word "cool" in the title and a fair amount have found their way onto this compilation - Bill Sherrell's Kool Kat , Joe Montgomery's Cool Cat , Lafayette Yarborough's Cool Cool Baby , Lee Cole's Cool Baby , Jimmy Huttons Cool Cats , Vern Edwards' Cool, Baby, Cool and the Vi-Kings' She's Cool are all certainly cool rockers and worth many a spin. As far as "crazy" goes only a few of the remainder fall into that slot - Pizza Pie by Phil Irwin, Woodpecker Rock by Nat Coulty and Minus One- Blast Off by the Sonics. You won't have any qualms with the rest of the tunes though, they're almost all hot boppers by Bill Sherrell, the Van Brothers, Jerry Coulston, Art Adams, etc. (AE)
ART ADAMS: Dancing Doll/ Rock Crazy Baby/ GRAHAM B: Rock And Roll Fever/ PHIL BARCLAY: I Love 'Em All/ Short Fat Ben/ LEE COLE: Cool Baby/ JERRY COULSTON: Bon Bon Baby/ NAT COUTY: Won't you Come Along With Me/ Woodpecker Rock/ AL DAVIS: Ricky tic/ VERN EDWARDS: Cool, Baby, Cool/ T K HULIN: Little bitty boy/ JIMMY HUTTON: Cool Cats/ PHIL IRWIN: Pizza Pie/ JOHN KERBY: Get Hot Or Go Home/ MINUS ONE: Blast Off/ JOE MONTGOMERY: Cool Cat/ MALCOLM PARKER: Come Along With Me/ DON RAY: Imogene/ Those Rock'n' Roll Blues/ BILL SHERRILL: Kool Kat/ Rock On Baby/ Rock and Roll Teenager/ Yes, No or Maybe/ THE SONICS: Marlene/ SCOTTIE STUART: Little rocker/ THE VAN BROTHERS: Servant Of Love/ THE VI-KINGS: She's cool/ LAFAYETTE YARBOROUGH: Cool Cool Baby/ Livin' Doll

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55028 Date Bait ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 65 min, recommended The series continues with 30 more teenage rockers. Ron Haydock kicks it off with a real knockout 99 Chicks, and then Rudy Preston shows us what the real 50's blast is all about on his guitar break from Four Tired Car. But the real standouts here are two by Lou Millet; his most unusual Shorty The Barber, 'bout the man who makes the scissors and comb sound like a saxophone, and Slip Slip Slippin' In, about comin' home late, are both great hillbilly rockers along the lines of the Country Hicks Lp. And there's more country from Tennessee Thompson on Slippin' & Slidin'/Saturday Ball. Jerry Clayton's Date Bait doesn't ignite like you'd expect from the title track, but it's drown in enough echo to make it sound good. Great pics as usual. A worthy addition to the series, but aside from the Millet single, not a standout. (GDR)
SMOKEY ARMEN: Baby What Am I Gona Do/ GAR BACON: There's Gonna Be Rockin' Tonight/ THE CHUCK-A-LUCKS: Disc Jockey Fever/ JARRY CLAYTON: Date Bait/ BOB DAVIES: Never Anymore/ BOB DINGUS: Step It Up And Go/ LARRY GOOD: There's The Blues/ B. GOODE: Hokey Pokey Rock/ RON HAYDOCK: 99 Chicks/ HENRY HENRY: Baggie Maggie/ JACK KING: Dance Everybody/ TOM KING: Love You 'Cause I Love You/ LITTLE DENNY: The Flying Fish/ HOWARD MAYBERRY: This Just Can't Be Puppy Love/ LOU MILLET: Shorty The Barber/ Slip, Slip, Slippin' In/ JIMMY PATRICK: $20 Dollar Bill/ PERK & THE FLAMES: Stick Around/ REGGIE PERKINS: Date Bait Baby/ PAUL PERRY: (I've Got A Girl Named) Dee/ RUDY PRESTON: Four Tired Car/ BOBBY SMITH: Bevy Mae/ She's Gone From Me/ LaVERNE STOVALL: Left Behind/ VIC THOMAS: Rock And Roll Tonight/ TENNESSEE THOMPSON: Saturday Ball/ Slippin' & Slidin/ THE VARIATONES: I'll Keep Lovin' You/ THOMAS WAYNE: You're The One That Done It/ DON WINTERS: Pretty Moon

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55069 Dateless Night ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 69 mins, recommended. 30 rockabilly and rock 'n'roll sides from the 50s including a very early Doug Sahm cut Crazy Baby, Deni Alan's great Sixth Solid Baby, the hot and bluesy Sweet Lou by Wayne & Ray, some Jerry Lee flavored piano pounding on Johnny Cook's Don't Knock No More, plus tracks by Dale Vaughn, Sandy Scott, Bob Grady, Danny Goode, Sandy & The Uniques and others. (FS)
DENNI ALAN: Sixth Solid Baby/ THE BLUE ANGELS: Yea Yea Miss Ann/ AUBREY BRADFORD: Get Your Feet On The Floor/ CHRIS CERF: The Penguin/ JOHNNY COOK: Don't Knock No More/ EDDIE DANIELS: Hurry Baby/ THE DODGERS & JOHNNY ANGEL: Pretty Baby/ JOHNNY EARL: Pull It Man/ DANNY GOODE: Let's Dance/ BOB GRADY: Granny Tops 'Em At The Hop/ THE HI BOYS: Billy Boy/ THE JESTERS III: Messed Up Woman/ TOMMY LAM: Speed Limit/ BOBBY LEE: Shake Me Baby/ LONNIE MILEY: Satellite Fever And The Asiatic Flu/ GRADIE JOE O'NEAL: Rock And Roll Cindy/ ALLEN PAGE: Dateless Night/ THE REBELAIRES: Alaska Rock/ THE RECALLS: Nobody's Guy/ Reesie/ MR. REE: Kissin' Baby/ DOUG SAHM: Crazy Daisy/ SANDY & THE UNIQUES: School Bus Ride/ SANDY SCOTT: Mister Big/ RONNIE SPEEKS: Please Wait For Me/ THE SUNDOWNERS: Rockin' Spot/ DALE VAUGHN: How Can You Be Mean To Me/ WAYNE & RAY: Sweet Lou/ WENDELL & THE DREAMERS: That's Love/ SAM WHITE: Rock Baby Rock

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55077 Dry Run ● CD $19.98
30 rockin' rarities from Milan Shepel (fine version of Rip It Up with explosive guitar solo), Parker Cunningham, The Dreamers, Ernie Bariebeau, George Curtus, Bert Bradley, Ted daigle, Don Duncan, The Rockets, Tommy kane and more including Jett Powers who subsequently changed his name to P.J. Proby.
JIMMY APOSTLE: I Love Ya Honey/ RAY BARIBEAU & HIS VELVETS: Gold Diggin' Papa/ STINSON BARTH: I'll Forget You Woman/ CARL BONAFEDE: Baby Sittin' Blues/ BERT BRADLEY: The Girl In The Tight Blue Jeans/ LEONARD CLARK & LAND OF SKY BOYS: Come To Your Tommy Now/ ORVILLE COUCH & THE TROUBLEMAKERS: Wild Girl/ PARKER CUNNINGHAM: Dry Run/ GEORGE CURTUS: Vacation/ TED DAIGLE & THE TREMELOS: Mary Lou/ Red Hen Hop/ Ruby/ TOM DORSAM: Baby Of Mine/ THE DREAMERS: Ding Dong/ Rock And Roll Baby/ DON DUNCAN: Something Special/ THE JOKERS: Little Mama/ TOMMY KANE: Oh-Oh-Oh-Rock/ KENNY & THE BE-BOPS: Lindy Lou/ BILLY LEHMAN & THE PENN-MEN: Audrey/ GENE PARSON'S BAND: Night Club Rock And Roll/ RAY PENNINGTON & HIS WESTERN RHYTHM BOYS: Boogie Woogie Country Girl/ THE PLAIDS: Out To Lunch/ JETT POWERS: Go Girl, Go/ THE PROWLERS: Get A Move On/ Rock Me Baby/ THE ROCKETS FEAT. DAVE FOLKES: Rockin' The Blues/ MILAN SHEPEL: Rip It Up/ DICK VANCE: Bobbi/ PAUL VANCE: Hey! Now, Mary

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55085 Gang's House ● CD $19.98
Includes Gang's House by Mark Evans, I've Got It by Ralph, Prissy Missy by dale McBridge, Nobody's Darlin' by Minnesota Marv, Leroy by Jack Scott, Dig That Rock & Roll by Jim Alley, One Little Minute by The Velvetones plus Mayne & Howie, The Harmony Brothers, Andy Doll, Johnny Denton, Cutis Potter, Hugh Barrett, Shorty Beacon and other people you've never heard of.
BOBBY ALLEN: C.B. Baby/ JIM ALLEY: Dig That Rock And Roll/ SHORTY BACON AND HIS RHYTHM RASCALS: Speakin' Of Angels/ HUGH BARRETT: Devil's Love/ Send For Me/ ASHLEY BEAUMONT: Shimmy Doll/ BENNY CLIFF TRIO: Shake Em Up Rock/ JOHNNY DENTON: Hey Baby/ ANDY DOLL: Hey Ba Ba Re Bop/ MARK EVANS: Gang's House/ It's Love (live)/ TONY FARRELL: Stumpty Stump/ THE HARMONY BROTHERS: Saturday Night Bop/ EVAN KEMP: Rootie Tootie/ BOBBY KOEFER'S HI-HO FOUR: Gotta Rock A Little More/ ALAN LEE: Broken Hearted Baby/ PAUL LONDON AND THE CAPERS: Rosie Lee/ SANDY MARINO: Big Country/ Hopin' and A-Prayin'/ MAYNIE & HOWIE: Library Rock/ DALE MCBRIDGE: Prissy Missy/ MINNESOTA MARV: Nobody's Darlin'/ DANNY MOTE: I Feel So Bad/ DICKIE BIRD NEWLAND: Pearly Mae/ CURTIS POTTER: I'm A Real Glad Daddy/ RALPH: I've Got It/ JACK SCOTT: Leroy/ TOMMY TRENT: Just For Tonight/ THE VELVETONES: One Little Minute/ ART YOUNG AND THE COUNTRY GEMS: Little Tot

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55009 Hang Loose ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 65 minutes, good. This selection is obscure by anyone's standards. There are a few classics (or near classics) here like Don Terry's Knees Shaking , Lloyd Arnold's Hang Out and Norman Witcher's Wake Me Up but many of these will probably appeal only to rockabilly collectors. Don't be entirely put off though because there are still plenty of good ones to get you goin' like fabulous two-sider from the Talley label by George Weston - Hold Still Baby/ I Need You Baby , Earl Reed's rowdy Mama , Lee Mitchell's double-header Rootie Tootie Baby/ Who's That Big Man , etc. All of these Buffalo Bop CD's come with photo-filled booklets and great JD color covers.... AE
THE ALABAMA KID: Rocking Jalopy/ LLOYD ARNOLD: Hang Out/ DAVE BRYAN: Let's Make It Real/ BUDDY & THE FADES: Won't You Love Me/ THE CARPENTER BROTHERS: Heartaches Ahead/ Love Just A Little/ AL DAVIS: Go Baby Go/ WAYNE HAMMOND: Can't See Why/ LEIGH HOWELL: Moving Too Slow/ THE JIV-A-TONES: Flirty Gertie/ CURTIS JOHNSON: Baby, Baby/ LONESOME LEE: Cry Over Me/ GENE LaMARR: That Crazy Little House On The Hill/ LEE MITCHELL: Rootie Tootie baby/ Who's That Big Man/ LLOYD McCOLLOUGH: 'Cause I Love You/ LLOYD McCOLOUGH: Gonna Love My Baby/ RUDY OWEN: Pretty Linda/ GEORGE QUARTA Jr.: Get Loose/ EARL REED: Mama/ TYRONE SCHMIDLING: You're Gone, I'm Left/ TOMMY SPURLIN: Hang Loose/ DON TERRY: Knees Shakin'/ THE TY TONES: Saccharin Sally/ CHUCK TYLER: She's All Mine/ BOBBY WAYNE: Sally Ann/ GEORGE WESTON: Hold Still Baby/ I Need You Baby/ DONN WILLIAMS: We Two Rock/ NORMAN WITCHER: Wake Me Up

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55018 High School Caeser ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 66 min., recommended Buffalo Bop continues its assault on the digital age with these 30 great slabs of hard rockin'. The standouts here are Reggie Perkins whompin' High School Caesar, Bob Callaway's What's the Matter With Me and some cool death rock, 50's-style, in the form of The Raiders' Hocus Pocus. Solid to great throughout, plus the usual choice pics of our heroes. The pick of the straight rock/JD trio. (GDR)
BOB ALEXANDER: Treehouse/ WALT BENTON: Summer School Blues/ RON BERRY: Remember Me/ MELVIN BLAKE: Judy/ RUFUS BROWN: Sweet Little Sixteen/ BOB CALLAWAY: What The Matter With Me/ DANNY & THE GALAXIES: If You Want To Be My Baby/ JACK DAY: Little Joe/ LEE DRESSER: Thinkin' 'Bout Your Love/ JERRY FULLER: Mother Goose At The Bandstand/ CHARLIE GORE: Sock Hop/ RONNIE ALLEN High: School Love/ BILL JAMES: School's Out/ THE JAYS: Panic Stricken/ DONAL KING: I Love My Baby/ LARRY KIRK: Beer Cheated/ THE MOONLIGHTERS: Rock-A-Bayou Baby/ EDDIE McKINNEY: Teen Town Hop/ THE NIGHT HAWKS: Jitterbug Joe/ JERRY PARSONS: Undecided/ REGGIE PERKINS: High School Caesar/ THE RAIDERS: Hocus Pocus/ EARL REED: Drink Wine/ SKEET RICHARDSON: To My Baby/ JACK RODGERS: Take Me Back/ JIM SHAW: Rockin' Boppin' Teenager/ JERRY SIEFERT: Dirty White Bucks/ Never Baby Never/ FRANK TRIOLO: Pretty Little Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55012 Hobo Bop ● CD $19.98
30 minutes, 71 minutes, recommended. There was an LP release some years back with this same title and cover gathering up a bunch of train songs. This CD expands on that with a boxcar full of chuggin' and steamin' rockers. Tommy Nelson's title tune (another Dixie record) is first out of the station and a worthy starter too. Jim Foley's Goodbye Train is suitably mournful with nice vocals and guitar. I've always felt that Vernon Taylor's version of Mystery Train (Sun 325) was marred by that yakety sax, Johnny Waleen's version here is much better. Franklin Stewart's That Long Black Train rolls along just fine and Gene Norman's Long Gone Train features some hot pickin'. Hank Spurling's Box Car Blues is one of the earliest recordings here and serves as a transition between the long C&W tradition and the rockabilly continuation. Midnight Express by Tremain's Thunderbirds was an interesting primitive instrumental originally released on the Swastika label, which fortunately had a change of heart and nomenclature to Cuca. Yeah, there's lots of history here and nostalgia too. Nobody's baby leaves on a train anymore. (AE)
SONNY ANDERSON: Lonely Lonely Train/ JOHNNY BONI: Train Rock/ WAYNE BUSBICE: Going Back To Dixie/ HANK DAVIS: One Way Track/ Woman Train/ CHARLES DEAN: Train Whistle Boogie/ JIMMY FARMER: Long Black Train/ BILL FLAGG: I'm So Lonely/ JIM FOLEY: Goodbye Train/ LEON JAMES: Ride That Train/ STAN JOHNSON: Big Black Train/ ART LAW: Big Train/ FRANKIE LOWERY: Kansas City Train/ THE MILLER BROTHERS: Loco Choo Choo/ THE MILLIONAIRES: Haunted Train/ CURLEY MONEY: Hobo/ TOMMY NELSON: Hobo Bop/ WAYNE NEWMAN: Midnight Train/ GENE NORMAN: Long Gone Night Train/ LARRY PHILIPSON: Miami Road/ RALPH PRUITT: Hey, Mr Porter/ DANNY REEVERS: I'm A Hobo/ BOB RILEY: The Midnight Line/ THE RUNABOUTS: Train/ HANK SPURLING: Box Car Blues/ FRANKLIN STEWART: That Long Black Train/ VERNON TAYLOR: Mystery Train/ BILLY TIDWELL: Folsom Prison Blues/ TREMAIN'S THUNDERBIRDS: Midnight Express/ JOHNNY WALLEEN: Mystery Train

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55089 Honey Doll ● CD $19.98
30 tracks featuring female singers - Sheila Green, Betty Joe, Margie Madden, Ginger & The Snaps, Gale Davis, The Melody Maids, Becky Durning, Brenda Pepper, Sue Black, Bonnie Prater and more.
DOT ANDERSON: Jealous Hearted Woman/ Walkin' Papers/ BETTY JOE: You'll Need My Help/ SUE BLACK: Pistol Packin' Mama/ LINDA BURNETTE: Rattles Bones Rock/ CATHY CARROLL: He's Famous/ TERRY CORIN & HER BOY FRIENDS: Dream Date/ GALE DAVIS: Rock To The Moon/ JACKIE DESHANNON: So Warm/ BECKY DURNING: Jimmy Boone/ ARLENA FONTANA: I'm In Love/ SHEILA GERNON: Money Honey/ GINGER & THE SNAPS: Love The Way That I Love You/ JOYCE HEATH: You're Mine All Mine/ THE HUNT SISTERS: I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore/ KATY JOHNSON: Defeated Heart/ THE KNIGHT SISTERS: Wooden Head Willie/ PAMELA LAW: Just Like You Like It/ When The Band Plays The Blues/ DIANA LEIGH: Let Love Do The Talking/ LIZ: Red Lite/ GLENDA LOVETT: You Treat Me Like A Baby/ MARGIE MADDEN: If You Won't Love Me/ THE MELODY MAIDS: Harry, Will You Marry Me?/ SARA NORTHCUTT: Don't Quit/ BRENDA PEPPER: Wichita Willy/ LAURA LEE PERKINS: Come On Baby/ Gonna Rock My Baby Tonight/ BONNIE PRATER: Pass Around The Apples/ ARDIS WELLS: Baby Doll

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55014 Horror Hop ● CD $19.98
31 tracks, 73 minutes, recommended. Another hot volume of novelties, mostly rockabilly & rockin' country, showing the influence of those bad 50s horror movies & even more, on those 50s/ 60s horror novelties (how many of these would have been done if Monster Mash & Stranded In the Jungle weren't hits?). There's a bunch of bona fide classics including Kip Taylor's Jungle Hop & The Revels's Midnight Stroll & lot more in between, even some by name artists, Bobby Bare - Vampira, Ben Colder - Shudders & Screams plus tons more including Tommy King - Bo Diddley In The Jungle, Billy Taylor - Wombie Zombie, Jack Hammer - Black Widow Spider Woman & Tarantula Ghoul's bizarre Graveyard Rock. (GM)
BOBBY BARE: Vampira/ PHIL CARTER: Amazon/ LOU CHANEY: Monster Hollyday/ BEN COLDOR: Shutters & Cream/ SONNY DAY: Creature From Outerspace/ THE DRIVERS: Dry Bone Trust/ THE DUPONTS: Screamin' Ball/ THE FRANTICS: Werewolf/ DAVE GARDNER: Mad Witch/ JACK HAMMER: Black Widow Spider Man/ TOMMY KING: Bop Diddlie In The Jungle/ BIG BEE KORNEGAY: At The House Of Frankenstein/ MICKEY LEE LANE: The Zoo/ THE MOTIVATIONS: The Birds/ PASQUALE & LUNARTIQUES: Moon Madness/ THE REVELLS: Midnight Stroll/ THE REVELS: Fu Man Choo/ LEE ROSS: The Mummy's Bracelet/ MACEY ROSS: Big Chief Buffalo/ THE SAVOYS: The Mortal Monster Man/ BILLY SILLS: Nightmare/ SMILEY SMITH: Voo Doo Woman/ JOHN SOWELL: Nightmare/ TARANTULA GHOUL: Graveyard Rock/ BILLY TAYLOR: Wormlic Zombie/ TONY'S MONSTROSITY: Igor's Party/ KIP TYLER: Jungle Hop/ She's My Witch/ GARRY WARREN: Werewolf/ LORD WETER: Teenage Creature

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55088 Hot Rockin' ● CD $19.98
JACK ARNOLD: Hey Joe Baby/ Pistol Packing Mama/ THE DARTS: Square Town/ AL EPP: Breaking My Heart/ SAMMY JACKSON: Are You My Baby?/ LINC JEFFRIES & THE MISSING LINKS: On The Rampage/ Pitch Black/ STAN JOHNSON: Baby Baby Doll/ Shimmy And Shake/ ADRON JUMPER: Crawdad Song/ JOHNNY JUMPER: Walking - Talking/ JERRY KELLER: The Faster The Better/ FREDDY KOENIG: Hey, Clarice!/ HARRY LEE: Kiss An Eskimo/ Rockin' On A Reindeer/ WARREN MILLER: Everybody's Got A Baby But Me/ FRED NEIL: You Ain't Treatin' Me Right/ CHARLES PAGE: Sweet Little Girl/ BOBBY POORE: Mama Says I Can't Go Out/ NELSON RAY: Walking Shoes/ EARL REED & HIS RHYTHM ROCKERS: Flat Foot Sam/ JOEY ROBINSON: Stood Up/ JOHNNY STARK: I Wanna See You/ STORMY & HIS STALLIONS: Hot Rockin' Baby/ Mind Your Business/ JIMMY SYSUM: Big Time Mama/ Tears Of Happiness/ CHARLES VICKERS: Polar Bear/ THE WILD CHILDS: I'm Leaving Town Baby/ Rockin' Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55005 Hot Rod Gang ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 70 minutes, essential. The deal here is hot rods - cars, racing, cruising, etc. In the car crazy 50's there were tons of these recorded usually starting off with the sound of an engine revving up. Old favorites include Howie Stange's This Old Bomb Of Mine , Pat Davis' lament about stolen Spinner Hub Caps , Richie Deran's classic Girl And A Hot Rod , Jimmy Carroll's pounder Big Green Car , William Penix's Dig That Crazy Driver and of course Bob Williams' famous Hot Rod Race . There are also a bunch of obscure but fine tunes dug up for this compilation like Hot Rod by the Berry Brothers, Full Racing Cam by Eddie Ringo, Hot Rod Baby by Rocky Davis, Hot Rod Boogie by Howard Brady just to name a few. One worth a special mention is Long John's Flagpole Rock by Long John Roller about a guy sitting on a flagpole trying to win a car. (AE)
WOODY BALL: Robin Hood & His '56 Ford/ WALT BENTON: Big Wheel/ THE BERRY BROTHERS: Hot Rod/ HOWARD W BRADY: Hot Rod boogie/ CHUCK BROOKS: Spinning My Wheels/ BUCKY & THE PREMIAIRES: Cruisin'/ RAY BURDEN: Hot-rodder's Dream/ JIMMY CARROLL: Big Green Car/ PETE CIOLINO: Daddy Joe/ CONNY & THE BELLHOPS: Shot Rod/ PAT DAVIS: Spinner Hub Caps/ ROCKY DAVIS: Hot Rod Baby/ RITCHIE DERAN: Girl And A Hot Rod/ THE EXPORTS: Car Hop/ MIKE FERN: Brake Jake/ BOBBY FRY: Highway Robbery/ JAMES GALLAGHER: Ford & Shaker/ JAN & ARNIE: Gas Money/ BURT KEYES: Stop jivin' Start Drivin'/ BILL LEMMONS: Lorene/ TURNER MOORE: I'll Be Leaving You/ WILLIAM PENIX: Dig That Crazy driver/ EDDIE RINGO: Full Racing Cam/ LONG JOHN ROLLER: Long John's Flagpole Rock/ HOWIE STRANGE: This Old Bomb Of Mine/ BOBBY VERNE: Red hot car/ J W WARDEN: Sidewalk Rock & Roll/ RICK WEST: Cop Car/ BOB WILLIAMS: Hot rod race/ JERRY WOODARD: Speedway rock

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55083 Hot Rod Hop ● CD $19.98
30 rock 'n' roll & rockabilly tracks with an automotive theme including The Road Runner by Buddy Wayne, Move Out Lotus by The Eliminators, Four In The Floor by The Shut Down, Curfew Cops by Sonny Cole, Hot Dang Mustang by Alexanders & The Greats, Motorcycle Millie by Garrett Williams, '32 Ford by The Pilt Down Five, Willie The Wild One by William The Wild One and more from The Burning Slicks, Bill Hayes, The Sportsmen, Terry Ray Bradley and others. And of course there's the photo in the booklet of Wayne Cochran ....
ALEXANDER & THE GREATS: Hot Dang Mustang/ TERRY RAY BRADLEY: Highway Robbery/ THE BURNING SLICKS: Hard Drivin' Man/ Midnight Drag/ JOHNNY CATES: Thunder/ WAYNE COCHRAN: Last Kiss/ SONNY COLE: Curfew Cops/ THE ELIMINATORS: Move Out Lotus/ BILL HAYES: Message from James Dean/ HERMY HERMAN: Hey Hot Rod/ KENNETH HUNT: Teenage Tease/ ROBERT A. IRVINE AND THE KENTUCKY COLONELS: Fastest Short in Town/ BRUCE MACDONALD AND HIS ROYAL SCOTS: Drag Race Mama/ THE MANIN BROTHERS: Hot Rod Susie/ MANUEL & THE RENEGADES: Rev-Up/ TOMMY PAYNE: Fire Engine Red Bandanna/ DON PEARLY: Drag Race/ THE PILT DOWN FIVE: '32 Ford/ THE PREMIERS: Daytona/ JOHNNY REDD: Take A Ride With Me/ COOKIE ROBERTS: Draggin' The Drive-In's/ THE SANDELLS: Out Front/ THE SHUT DOWNS: Beach Buggy/ Four On The Floor/ THE SPORTSMEN: Hot Rod Hop/ TOM TALL: Hot Rod Is Her Name/ BOB TAYLOR: The Road Runner/ WILLIAM THE WILD ONE: Willie The Wild One/ GARRETT WILLIAMS: Motorcycle Millie/ ROBERT WILLIAMS AND THE GROOVERS: Loud Mufflers

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55044 Hot Rod Rumble ● CD $19.98
THE BEVERLY HILL PAINTERS: Model A Heap/ BOB CASS: Corvette Baby/ THE CRESTONES: The Chopper/ THE DUALS: The Big Race/ EDDIE DUGOSH: One Mile/ ENGINE SOUND TRACK: A Ride In A Corvette/ THE ESQUIRES: Flashin' Red/ THE FENDER BENDERS: Drag Strip/ JOHNNY FORTUNE: Dragster/ MIGHTY FOUR: In Love With You And My Honda/ DOUG HARDEN: Dig That Ford/ MAYNARD HORLICK: Rollin' On Down The Street/ THE JAGUARS: Scat Car Scat/ BILL JOHNSON: Hot Rod Car/ SLEEPY LABEEF: Ride On Josephine/ JOHNNY LANE: Rockin' On The Dragstrip/ LITTLE E: Candy Apple Red Impala/ VERLIN MAYERS: Outlaw Driver/ TOMMY PAYNE: Cruisin' Around/ FRANKE RICE: My Honey & My Honda/ THE ROAD RUNNERS: Road Runnah/ THE ROCKIN' WRANGLERS: Dig That Ford/ THE SABRES: Hot Rod Kelly/ THE SANDELLS: Scrambler/ GENE SAVAGE: Big Machine/ LEON SMITH: Little Forty Ford/ JIMMY STEVENS: Scramble/ GEORGE STOGNER: Hardtop Race/ THE STRIPES: Hot Rod/ FRANK THAYER: Long Grey Highway/ THE VARITONES: Pink Pedal Pushers

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55074 I Dreamed I Was Elvis ● CD $19.98
RICK BOUNTY: It'll Be Me/ THE CHAVIS BROTHERS: Love Me Baby/ SONNY COLE: I Dreamed I Was Elvis/ BILLY DEVROE: Buttercup/ JERRY DYKE: Mean Woman Blues/ BILLY ELDRIDGE: Half A Heart/ DON ELLIS: Blue Fire/ JOHNNY FULLER: First Stage Of The Blues/ RAY ST. GERMAIN: She's A Square/ JACK GILLEN: Treat Me Nice/ PHIL GRAY: Bluest Boy In Town/ Pepper Hot Baby/ Somebody's Got My Baby/ TOMMY HAMMOND: Reconsider Baby/ MACKEY HARGETT: So Glad You're Mine/ JOE HUGHES: Make Me Dance Little Ant/ RONNIE KNULL: G.I. Blues/ JERRY LANDO: Put My Mind At Ease/ ROGER LARUE: I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/ BOBBY LEE: Run Fool Run/ BUDDY LOVE: Heartbreak Hotel/ BURRIE MANSO: My Woman/ GARY MIDDLETON: Don't Be Shy/ Pretty Please/ TRACY PENDARVIS: It Don't Pay/ JIMMY REAGAN: Lonely Lonely Heart/ THE RECALLS: No Reason/ THE ROAD RUNNERS: Rains/ RODNEY SCOTT: You're So Square/ DENNIS SMITH: This Little Heart/ RONNIE SPEEKS: What Is Your Technique/ GLENN STARKS: Gonna Have A Party

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55019 It's Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 63 min., good Buffalo Bop's third and final (for now) entry in the rockin'/JD stakes ain't exactly a slouch with Larry Terry's raunchy blast Hepcat and Webb Foley's hot Little Bitty Mama. Also more action from familiar names Buck Trail and Johnny Watson (the flip sides to their "Young and Wild" entries), Gene Sisco's Grandma Rock and Roll and both sides of Bobby Poe's Rock & Roll Boogie/ Rock & Roll Record Girl (GDR)
LITTLE DONNIE BOWSHIER: Rock & Roll Joys/ WAYNE COBB: Shopping Around/ JIMMIE DALE: Baby Doll/ LEE DRESSER: Beat Out My Love/ DWARLESS FEARSLEY: You Talk Too Much/ BILL FLAGG: Guitar Rock/ WEBB FOLEY: Little Bitty Mama/ CARL MORELLI: Linda Lee/ JIM McCRORY: Rock Ya Baby/ THE NIGHTHAWKS: Cut That Out/ GLEN PACE: My Night Off/ LARRY LEE PHILLIPSON: Bitter Feeling/ BOBBY POE: Rock & Roll Boogie/ Rock & Roll Record Girl/ GLEN REFFUSE: Love's No Game/ ROCKY RHULE: Rock & Roll Baby/ Rock The Joint/ ANDY SANDERS: Rock & Roll Baby/ GENE SISCO: Grandma Rock & Roll/ JIMMY STAYTON: Hot Hot Mama/ GENE TERRY: The Woman I Love/ LARRY TERRY: Hep Cat/ JIMMY THURMAN: Pretty Baby/ BUCK TRAIL: Honky Tonk On Second Street/ FRANK TRIOLO: Ice Cream Baby/ Pretty Little Woman/ JESSE LEE TURNER: Shake Baby, Shake/ JOHNNY WATSON: Let's Rock/ RAY WHISNANT: Rock That Rhythm/ JACK WINSTON: It's Rock & Roll

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55094 Jukebox Rock ● CD $19.98
30 songs about jukeboxes - Bob King, Bill Haley, Lattie Moore, etc.
BIG JEFF & THE RADIO PLAYBOYS: Juke Box Boogie/ VINNY CATALANO: Please Mr. Jukebox Man/ RAY COLEMAN & HIS SKYROCKETS: Jukebox Rock And Roll/ THE COOK BROS.: Juke Box Play For Me/ MERDELL FLOYD: Juke Box Mama/ WILLIE GOODSON: Put A Nickel In The Jukebox/ BILL HALEY & THE COMETS: Juke Box Cannon Ball/ HERB & KAY: Juke Box Jig/ RONNY KEENAN: Jukebox Queen/ BOB KING: Rockin' Juke Box/ LATTIE MOORE: Juke Box Johnnie/ Juke Joint Johnnie/ PETE NANTZ & THE ROCK AND ROLL BAND: Jukebox Pearl/ WAYNE NEWTON: Little Jukebox/ NINO & THE EBB TIDES: Juke Box Saturday Night/ ARCHIE POE: Juke Box Julie/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS (VOCAL HARDROCK GUNTER): Juke Box Help Me Find My Baby/ TEDDY RICH & THE ROCKETS (VOCAL BY KENNY HODGE: Put A Nickel In The Juke Box/ JESSE ROGERS: Jukebox Cannonball/ DICK SEATON & THE MAD LADS: Juke Box Rock/ CASEY SIMMONS & HIS NIGHT RIDERS: Juke Box Boogie/ CHARLIE SISSON: Juke Box Man/ LONNIE SMITHSON: Quarter In The Jukebox/ JOE SOUTH: Juke Box/ PAUL SULLIVAN: Juke Joint Boogie/ THE TEMPTATIONS: Mister Juke Box/ DALE WAYNE: Juke Box Hop/ SONEE WEST: Rock-Ola Ruby/ ONIE WHEELER: Jump Right Out Of This Juke Box/ RAY WHITLEY (ACCOMPANIED BY SANTA FE' RANGER: Jukebox Cannonball

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55156 Jungle Rock ● CD $19.98
Collection of wild 50s and early 60s based around the theme of the jungle including The Lion by Duke Mitchell, Deep In The Jungle, Parts 1 & 2 by Lincoln Chase, Jungle Rock by Bo & Joe & The Niteriders, Jungle Boogie by Ronny & Jonny, Jungle Call by The "Rockin'" Raymonds, Screaming (Part 2) by The Metropolitans, Voo-Doo Queen & The Medicine Man by Bill James & The Hex-O-Tones, Un-gowa by The Rimfires and others. Lots of the tracks feature wild and crazy animal and Tarzan sound effects.
BO & JOE & THE NITERIDERS: Jungle Rock/ JIM BOBO: Jungle Rock/ BOB BUSTER: Swamp Hop/ THE CASANOVAS: Deep In The Heart Of The Jungle/ LINCOLN CHASE: Deep In The Jungle, Part 1/ Deep In The Jungle, Part 2/ THE CONCEPTS: Jungle/ THE CREW: The Jaguar Hunt/ DENNIS THE ROCKET: Jungle Jive/ AL ELIAS: King Kong/ THE ETERNALS: Rockin' In The Jungle/ GENE GALIMORE: Sweet Jungle Love/ HAROLD & BOB: Jungle Beat/ THE INDIVIDUALS: Jungle Superman/ BILL JAMES: Voo-Doo Queen And The Medicine Man/ KAI-RAY: I Want Some Of That/ BEN LEONARD: Congo Bongo/ THE LOAFERS: Crazy Talk/ THE METROPOLITANS: Screaming (Part 2)/ DUKE MITCHELL: The Lion/ THE NOC-A-BOUTS: Jungle Safari/ THE RAIDERS: Walking Through The Jungle/ THE RIMFIRES: Un-Gowa/ THE ROCKIN RAMRODS: Jungle Call/ JACK RODGERS: Taheene/ RONNY & JOHNNY: Jungle Boogie/ EDDIE SEACRIST: Able One/ JERRY THOMAS: Jungle Dan/ THE VIBRATIONS: Stranded In The Jungle/ THE WILDMEN: King Of The Jungle

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55036 Juvenile Jungle ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 69 min, highly recommended This hot-rockin' series continues with yet another excellent installment. The opener is both sides of Tony Casanovas' great 45 Showdown/Boogie Woogie Feeling, and from there there's really no letting up. Jeff Daniels introduces us to Switch Blade Sam, Ronnie Allen's proud to be a Juvenile Delinquent, while Ray Smith likes to get Gone Baby Gone. Rex Hale turns in a couple of rockin' hillbilly numbers Down At Big Mama's House/Darn Dem Bones, but get a load of c-r-a-z-y Herbie Duncan's two gems Escape/Hot Lips Baby. And when the Royal Notes invite you over for some soda pop in Come-To-My-House-Rock, I doubt that's all they have in mind. Whoa. Great as usual. (GDR)
RONNIE ALLEN: Juvenile Delinquent/ CHUCK BARR: Susie Or Mary Lou/ WALT BENTON: Do It Again/ WALLY BLACK: Rock And Roll Mama/ TONY CASANOVA: Boogie Woogie Feeling/ Showdown/ GUIDO D'AMICO: Jimmy Boy/ BOBBY DADINO: Slippery Sal/ JEFF DANIELS: Switch Blade Sam/ HERBIE DUNCAN: Escape/ Hot Lips Baby/ DERRELL FELTS: Playmates/ REX HALE: Darn Dem Bones/ Down At Big Mama's House/ CURT JENSEN: Just For You/ BILLY MATCH: I Want My Baby/ PETE & JIMMY: So Wild/ THE POLK BROTHERS: Going To The Hop/ THE ROYAL NOTES: Come-To-My-House-Rock/ G. SELF: Roll On, Big Mama/ HERBIE SMITH: So Wild Over You/ RAY SMITH: Gone Baby Gone/ Swinging Boogie/ JOHNNY STARK: Rockin' Billy/ ANDY STARR: Just A Walkin'/ AL SWEATT: I Hate Myself/ Let's Paint The Town Red/ PAUL WHEATLEY: L'm Not Movin'/ WALLY WILLETTE: Eenie Meenie/ JIMMY WITTER: If You Love My Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55155 Live It Up ● CD $19.98
30 rock 'n' roll rarities.
OLEN BINGHAM: Bayou Queen/ THE CARPENTER BROTHERS: I Had A Date/ JERRY DEAN: Walkin' In My Sleep/ T.K. HULIN: Baby Be My Steady/ UNCLE "BUCK" LITE: Mr. Ducktail/ LITTLE PETE: KSO Val Air Hop/ VINCE MALOY: Flying Love/ Hubba Hubba Ding Ding/ I've Been Around Your Door ... Before/ Indeed I Do/ JOE MOON: Live It Up/ DARWIN NELSON: Good Gosh Gerty/ Lazy Lu/ Mary Sue/ EDDIE PALACE: Lollipop Lover/ DON PERRY: I'm Leaving You/ STAN RANDAL: Be Sweet/ BOZO RATLIFF: Let Me In/ Rock Along Time/ AL REED: Top Notch Grade A/ DANNY ROMAN: Bad Girl/ Let's Cut Out/ JOHNNIE SILVERS: Tuff Stuff/ PRENTIS SLADE: I Gotta Have You/ THE STINSON BROTHERS: Diggin' That Rock N' Roll/ DELBERT TROLINDER: So We Walked/ DART WARD: Q-T-Cute/ GARRETT WILLIAMS: Little Darlin'/ DOYLE WILSON: Hey-Hey/ You're The One For Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55026 Mean Mean Daddy ● CD $19.98
30 tracsk, 68 mins, highly recommended Those Buffalo Bop folks seem to really know how to pick 'em with yet another terrific collection of extremely hot and extremely rare rockabilly and rockin' country. As always, most of the artists only recorded a handful of songs for small local labels and the only names here that I recognize are Bill Browning, Ben Hall and Curley Griffin. Among the highlights here are the hot opener I'm A Mean Mean Daddy by Paul Carnes, Haskell May's funny Party Line, Bo Baxter's weird Flea Circus (how many songs have you heard where the spurned lover is going to join a flea circus?!), Danny Darren's sensational acoustic reworking of Hank Williams' Fool About You and others by Jerald Boykin, Glen Cooper, Johnny Dove, Bill Cox, The Hodges Brothers and others. No saxes and very few pianos on these tracks but just about every song has a hot guitar solo. What are you waiting for? (FS)
LONNIE ALLEN: You'll Never Change Me/ AL BARKLE: Jumpin' From 6 To 6/ BOBO BAXTER: Flea Circus/ JERALD BOYKIN: If You Call That Love/ Walking Talking Baby Doll/ BILL BROWNING: Sinful Woman/ PAUL CARNES: I'm A Mean Mean Daddy/ GLEN COOPER: Just Rockin'/ Sugar Mama (Daddy)/ BILL COX: I Can't Wait Till Saturday Night/ DANNY DARREN: Fool About You/ BOB DINGUS: Somebody's Lovin' My Baby/ LEE DORN: Rockin' Daddy/ JOHNNY DOVE: I Gotta Go/ BOBBY EDWARDS: I'm A Long Gone Daddy/ ROLAND FAULK: My Baby's Gone/ CURLEY GRIFFIN: Got Rockin' On My Mind/ You Gotta Play Fair/ BEN HALL: Moo Mama/ RALPH HODGES AND BROTHERS: Honey Talk/ THE HODGES BROTHERS: I'm Gonna Rock Some Too/ JACK KING: I Just Learned To Rock/ HASKELL MAY: Party Line/ CURLEY MILLIKIN: Rock And Roll Country Boy/ CHANDOS McRILL: Money Lovin' Woman/ Poor Me/ SID SILVER: Bumble Bumble/ HOYT STEVENSON: 55 Chevy/ VIC THOMAS: You're Gonna Change/ DALLAS WILSON: Hi-Steppin' Daddy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55013 Monster Bop ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 69 minutes, essential. This concept has been done several times before but never to this extent. There are 30 "monster" tunes here - enough to raise the short hairs on a corpse. What better way to start than Jackie Morningstar's Rockin' In The Graveyard , a super cool lyrics, pile-driver beat and savage guitar. Almost as great is The Cat by Rod Willis. One approach to monster tunes is the "roll call" of monsters like on Jack & Jim's Midnight Monsters Hop , Jimmy Dee's The Monster Hop , the Daylighters' Mad House Jump and many others. Another approach is the "top billing" method as heard on Joe Johnson's The Gila Monster , Joe Wallace's Leopard Man , Carl Bonafede's Werewolf , Round Robin's I'm The Wolf Man and more Frankenstein tunes than you can shake a flaming torch at. (AE)
CARL BONAFEDE: Story That's True/ Werewolf/ LEROY BOWMAN: Graveyard/ JIM BURGETT: Jekyl & Hide/ CARLOS CASAL: Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein/ THE CASTLE KINGS: You Can't Get Him Frankenstein/ BERT CONVY: The Gorilla/ JERRY COULSTON: Caveman Hop/ JIMMY DEE: The Monster Hop/ MIKE FERN: The Head Hunter/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Frankenstein/ IVAN: Frankie Frankenstein/ JACK & JIM: Midnight Monster Hop/ JOE JOHNSON: The Gila Monster/ CHRIS KEVIN: Haunted House/ THE KEYTONES: I Was A Teenage Monster/ RANDY LUCK: I Was A Teenage Caveman/ JACKIE MORNINGSTAR: Rockin' In The Graveyard/ EARL PATTERSON: Nightmare Hop/ THE PHANTOM FIVE: Graveyard/ BOBBY PLEASE: The Monster/ ROUND ROBIN: I'm The Wolfman/ TOMMY ROE: Caveman/ MACK ALLEN SMITH: Skeleton Fight/ SCOTTIE STUART: Nightmare/ EDDIE THOMAS: Frankenstein Rock/ JOE WALLACE: Leopard Man/ DAY WEATHERS: Mad House Jump/ ROD WILLIS: The Cat

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55008 Motorcycle Gang ● CD $19.98
31 tracks, 64 minutes, recommended. The original concept of collecting similar tunes together is getting might arbitrary but with a hot selection like this I wouldn't complain too much. There are a few motorcycle songs though like She's A Bad Motorcycle by the Crestones, Motorcycle by Tico & the Triumphs (featuring a young Paul Simon) and Dave Diddle Day's Motorcycle Mike . Four-wheel fun includes Dennis Penna's Battle Of The Duals and Johnny Roane's Drag Strip Baby . There are lots of rockin' classics here, most prominently Dwight Pullen's Teenage Bug & Sunglasses After Dark , Myron Lee's Homecide , Terry Daly's You Don't Bug Me , Norman Witcher's Somebody's Been Rocking My Boat , etc. A strong collection for sure. (AE)
ANDY ANDERSON: Johnny Valentine/ CHUCK BENE: Come Back Baby/ RED BERRY: What A Dolly/ ARNOLD BLEVINS: I Got That Queen/ CONNY & THE BELLHOPS: Shot Rod/ THE CRESTONES: She's A Bad Motorcycle/ TERRY DALY: You Don't Bug Me/ DAVE DAY: Motorcycle Mike/ DON EPPERSON: You're Gone, Again/ JACKIE GOTROE: Lobo Jones/ PAUL HUFFMANN: She's Mine/ LITTLE MONTIE JONES: Your Just That Kind/ JERRY JOWERS: Live And Learn/ MYRON LEE: Aw C'Mon Baby/ Homicide/ KENNY LOREN: Brenda/ LEE MCBRIDGE: Confusion/ DAVID ORRELL: Be My Baby/ TOMMY PEDIGO: Trouble/ DENNIS PENNA: Battle Of The Duals/ BILL POLLARD: Nitespot Rock/ DWIGHT PULLEN: Sunglasses After Dark/ Teenage Bug/ DARRELL RHODES: Runnin' and Chasin'/ JOHNNY ROANE: Drag Strip Baby/ SHELBY SMITH: What's On Your Mind/ THE STARLIGHTERS: Cindy Lee/ BILL STARR: Grizzly Bear/ TWO & THE TRIUMPHS: Motorcycle/ GLEN WALP: Honeybun/ NORMAN WITCHER: Somebody's Been Rocking My Boat

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55091 Move On ● CD $19.98
Entertaining and varied selection of late 50s and early 60s rock 'n' roll - Dudley Callicut, Bobby Lee, Perry La Pointe, The Storms, Don Ellis, Leslie Sneed, Bruce Channel, Dean Wolfe, Melvin Blake, Terry & The Pirates, Curtis Wilson, Rex Qual, Ray Gerdsen, Billy & Mickey, Tommy La Beff, Billy Lehman & The Rock-Its, etc.
BILLY & MICKEY: Rock And Roll Baby/ Uh-Mmm/ MELVIN BLAKE & THE STAR ROCKERS: Move On/ DUDLEY CALLICUT: Get Ready Baby/ BOB CALLOWAY & THE CLICKS: Wake Up Little Boy Blue/ BRUCE CHANNEL: Now Or Never/ COOKIE & CHARLIE: Bye-Bye Baby (Don't Cry)/ DON ELLIS: Come In World/ RAY GERDSEN: Wanna Rock And Roll With You Honey/ WAYNE HAAS: Betty Ann/ Leave Linda Alone/ DON HAGER & THE HOT TOTS: Liza Jane Bop/ BRISTOW HOPPER: Hate That Bear/ TOMMY LABEEF: Tore Up/ PERRY LAPOINTE: B. O. Rock/ BOBBY LEE WITH THE BLUE DOTS: Miss Mary/ BILLY LEHMANN & THE ROCK-IT'S: Lollie/ TOMMY PALM & HIS ROCKERS: Black Knee Socks/ REX QUAL: Good Rockin' Tonight/ PAT RICHMOND WITH THE FIRE BALLS: Don't Stop The Rockin'/ JACK ROUBIK: I Got A Baby/ Live It Up/ LESLIE SNEED WITH THE SNEEDS: Oh Baby Doll/ THE STORMS (CARL GROVES): Canteen Baby/ TERRY & THE PIRATES: Talk About The Girl/ What Did He Say?/ THE THUNDERWORDS: Misery/ CHARLES WALTON & THE KOOL KATS: Teen Age Blues/ CURTIS WILSON: Teenage Party Line/ DEAN WOLFE: Twistin' Jane

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55097 Out For Kicks ● CD $19.98
More fine rarities though there are a few familiar names with tracks that are available elsewhere like Ray Scott, Lloyd Arnold, Don Willis and Vern Pullens but it's mostly obscure but fine artists like Little Ricky & The Sensations, Billy Sandlin ( sound like a soprano sax on She's Mean - not too common in R&R), Royce Clark, The Tree Tops, Marty Cash, Lynn Rowe, Pell Brothers, Bobby Mizzell, Hugh Barrett & The Victors and more. As with all albums in this series the sound quality is excellent even though dubbed from rare 45s and disc comes with a 12 page booklet with artist photos and label shots.
CLYDE ARNOLD: Livin‘ For Your Lovin‘/ LLOYD ARNOLD: Red Coat, Green Pants And Red Suede Shoes/ HUGH BARRETT & THE VICTORS: Got The Bull By The Horns/ TOM BLAIR: West Coast/ BURL BOYKIN: Let Me Come Your Way/ MARTY CASH: So Long Sandy/ ROYCE CLARK & THE CORVAIRS: Walking In The Moonlight/ JACKIE DALLAS: Lorraine/ DIAMOND JIM: Who/ THE DUSTERS: She‘s Mine/ TONY GAVIN: Ever Lovin‘ Baby/ I Just Don‘t Know/ HAL GOODSON & THE RAIDERS: Later Baby/ GLEN GOZA & THE DAMANGOS: Goshamody Whatabody/ TOMMY HARBIN: Lovers Lane Blues/ CHICO HOLIDAY: I Believe, I Believe/ LITTLE RICKY & THE SENSATIONS: How You Doin‘/ BOBBY MIZZELL & LEE WAYNE: Same Thing/ RICK MONTGOMERY: Waitin‘/ DOM PALMER & THE IMPERIAL V: Hey Yea Baby/ THE PELL BROTHERS: Let‘s Rock Tonight/ VERN PULLENS: Bop Crazy Baby/ THE RAGING STORMS: Down At The Corner/ So Hard To Take/ LYNN ROWE: Red Rover/ BILLY SANDLIN: She‘s Mean/ RAY SCOTT: You Drive Me Crazy/ THE TREE TOPS: Tree Top/ DON WADE: Gone, Gone, Gone/ DON WILLIS: Boppin‘ High School Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55081 Party Crasher ● CD $19.98
JOHNNY AMELIO: Jo Ann - Jo Ann/ Jugue/ ANGIE & THE CITATIONS: I Wanna Dance/ BOB BAKER: Turned On The Ice/ PAUL BALLENGER: I Hear Thunder/ BILL BELL: Little Bitty Girl/ BOBBIE & BOOBIE: Teen Age Party/ FRED CARTER: Freeloaders/ THE CREEPERS: Jammin' Granny/ JOHNNY DAVID: Race With The Devil/ JAN DAVIS: Destination Love/ THE EL'DORADOS: Linda Lee/ THE HUDSON VALLEY BOYS: Stop! I Like It/ JERRY & THE CAPRI'S: Dancing Dan/ JIMMIE LESTER: Granny Went Rockin'/ GRADY LEWIS: I've Got A Feelin'/ LEON MACH: It's You I Love/ You Hurt Me So/ JIM MCDONALD: Let's Have A Ball/ LATTIE MOORE: Skinnie Minnie Shimmy/ DARWIN NELSON & THE BLAZE-MAKERS: Lazy Lu/ GRADIE O'NEAL: Baby Oh Baby/ Turkey Neck Stretch/ EDDIE PALACE: Kangaroo/ BILLY PEEK: Rock To The Top/ LEE RAND: You Know/ CHARLES SENNS: Dig Me A Crazy Record/ Gee Whiz Liz/ THE VICE-ROYS: Don't Let Go/ RON VOLZ & THE ROCKIN' R'S: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55096 Party Date ● CD $19.98
30 tracks, 68 mins, recommended After nearly 100 CDs Buffalo Bop continues to turn up a whole lot of high quality rock 'n' roll obscurities from the 50s. No real classics here but no duds either. I particularly like 38 Slug by the Three Clicks based on an old blues theme and how can you not love a song about a dance called The Albino Bat (The Regents) or a bad guy called Joe Botch (Chuck Barr & The Playboys). The title songs by Carla Canida is also a winner with some fine guitar and piano pounding. Other goodies from The Swingin' Sounds, Dennis Hunt, Austin Wood, Gordie Sullivan and more. (FS)
ANDY & THE GIGOLOS: Bop Diddle Widdle/ CHUCK BARR & THE PLAYBOYS: Joe Botch/ JIM BEASLEY & THE CHARMERS: Caught Roped And Tied/ CARL CANIDA & HIS CANADIANS: Party Date/ AL CHASE & THE MIDNITERS: Lubby Lou/ MILES CONNOR: I Don‘t Need You Anymore/ KENNY DALE: Cincy Lee/ BILL ELKINS: You Made Me Mad (and That‘s Bad)/ THE FABULOUS ROCKETS: Cheatin‘ Gigolo/ BOB HALLEY: Annie Threw A Party/ BUDDY HUGHEY: The More I Learn To Care/ DENNIS HUNT: Story Untold/ JIMMY AND JAMES & THE TEMPOS: No Kisses Have I/ The Moon Will Shine/ TERRY LEE & THE POOR BOYS: My Little Sue/ GEORGE LESTER: Cold Dark Night/ THE MOR-LOKS: Elaine/ PERCY & THE ROCKIN’ ACES: She Don‘t Cry In Vain/ THE REGENTS: Albino Bat/ THE ROULETTES ORCHESTRA: Why Oh Why/ THE ROYAL JACKS: I'm In Love Again/ THE SABRES: My Hot Mama/ Puppet/ RAY SALTER & TWIN CITY PLAYBOYS: Live And Love/ GORDIE SULLIVAN: Rocking Chair Mama/ THE SWINGING SOUNDS: Mary Jane/ THE THREE CLICKS: 38 Slug/ Rockin‘ Along/ AUSTIN WOOD: So Let‘s Rock/ THE YOUNG MEN FOUR: The Walk

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55076 Restless Doll ● CD $19.98
Another collection devoted to rocking gals.
POLLY ANNE: Walking Baby Boogie/ DIXIE ANN BARNES: Whispering Wind/ BETTY JANE: Show Your Love/ JUDY CAPPS: You Can Have My Love/ DOROTHY COLLINS: That's All I Need/ JOVAN DELL: Bon Bon Baby/ JACKIE DESHANNON: Trouble/ BETTY DICKSON: Shanty Tramp/ JEAN DINNING: My Boyfriend/ LINDA GLOVER: Counting Sheep Over You/ PEGGI GRIFFITH: Rockin' The Blues/ JUDY HARRIET: Goliath (Big Man)/ JAMIE HORTON: Robot Man/ BETTY JOHNSON: Honky Tonk Rock/ VANDA KING: Ooh Whatcha Do!/ JOY LAYNE: Why Lie/ LINDA LEIGH: Move Out/ GINA LOMBARDI: Dancing Teenage Style/ MONA LUNSFORD: I'm Getting Restless/ DEBBIE LYNN: Fujiyama Mama/ JEAN MARTIN: Rock-A-Knock Blues/ SHERREE SCOTT: Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/ DEBBIE STEVENS: If You Can't Rock Me/ LORETTA THOMPSON: Hi-De-Ho Rock'n' Roll/ JUDY TOLBERT: I'm Wise To You Now/ POLLY TUCKER: From An Angel To A Devil/ ANITA VEAL: Daddy Let Me Go/ GLENDA WOLFE: Early Bird/ KATHY ZEE: Buzzin'/ Cracker Jack

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55073 Rhythm & Booze ● CD $19.98
JOHNNY CHAMPION: Beer Drinking Daddy/ JAY CHEVALIER: Too Many Bubbles/ RED COFFEE: If You Drink Don't Drive/ WALLY DEANE: Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ ROCKY BILL FORD: Beer Drinking Blues/ Blowing Suds Off My Beer/ J. GALE: Suds/ JAY HAGGARD: Bartender Blues/ JACK HOLT: Moonshine Still/ RAY HUDSON: Here I Am Drunk Again/ JIMMIE HYDRICK: Bartender Bring On The Booze/ CORKY JONES: Rhythm & Booze/ MONTIE JONES: Moonshine/ THE LAW BROTHERS: Root Beer/ HERBIE LEE III: Champagne Charlene/ BURT LYNCH: Man From Tennessee/ LEE MELSON: Mean Old Bartender Blues/ BUDDY MEREDITH: Flop Top Beer/ TED NEWTON: Save Me The Label/ EDDIE NOACK: Beer Drinking Blues/ BOBBY OSBORN: Wine Wine Wine/ TOMMY PEDIGO: Whiskey Women And Wild Living/ CARL PHILLIPS: Set Up Another Drink/ THE RENEGADES V: Wine Wine Wine/ GENE SMITH: Rubber Legs/ BILLY STARR: I'm Drinkin' Bourbon/ SID STARR: For You/ THREE ACES & A JOKER: Booze Party/ THE VALLEY SERENADERS: White Lightnin'/ ONIE WHEELER: White Lightning Cherokee/ WALLY WILLETTE: Pink Elephants

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55063 Rip It Up ● CD $19.98
NEIL ALAN: Pizza Pizza Pizza Pie/ CLYDE ARNOLD: I've Got A Baby/ THE BEL-TONES: Little Boy Blue/ BOBBY BOND: Livin' Doll/ Sweet Love/ NICKY BRAZELL: Betty Joe/ THE CAVALIERS: Messed Up/ DONNIE DEAN: Ruby Lee/ ED FAUCETT: Love Me Love Me Love Me/ JOE GRIFFITH: Walk Spin Shake & Rock/ ROY HALL: She Sure Can Rock Me/ THE HI-TOMBS: Sweet Rockin' Mama/ THE JIANTS: She's My Woman/ Tornado/ JIMMIE JOHN: Solid Rock/ BOB KING: Crazy Rock/ DANA LEE LEWIS: Lot Of Lovin'/ BUDDY LILLEN: Whatcha Gonna Do Tomorrow/ JOE LOMBARDIE: Let's All Rock 'n' Roll/ GREGG MADDEN: I Turned Them All Down/ FLORIAN MONDAY: Lovin'/ Rip It Up/ DON RADER: Rockin' The Blues/ MARC RAVEN: Tough Enough/ DALE THOMAS: Crocodile Hop/ THE THUNDERBIRDS: Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/ DAVE TRAVIS: I Don't Like Him/ Suzanne/ BLACKY VALE: If I Had Me A Woman/ WAYNE WORLEY: Red Headed Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55060 Rock ● CD $19.98
JIMMY DANE: Please Have Mercy/ TOMMY DANTON: Twenty One/ SONNY DECKELMAN: It's A Lonely World/ Just One More Time/ BOBBY DEWITT: Annie Mae/ RAY DOGGETT: Go Go Heart/ No Doubt About It/ BUBBA FORD: Linda Lou/ Wiggling Blond/ JIM FRILS & THE VALLANTS: Bob A Lena/ JAMES GALLAGHER: Crazy About You/ BOB GARMON: I Am A-Ready Baby/ JACKIE GOTROE: Raised On Rock & Roll/ JIMMY GRUBBS: Let's Rock Tonight/ LEON HOLMES: She's My Baby/ THE HONORABLES: How About A Date/ CORKEY JONES: Hot Dog/ LITTLE TED: Baby-Baby-Baby/ RAMON MAUPIN: Rocking Rufus/ What's The Use/ ROCKY NIGHT: Teenage Bop/ THE NITEBEATS: Nitebeats/ DON RADER: Rock & Roll Gandpa/ THE ROCKIN CONTINENTALS: The 309/ GARY SHELTON: Goodbye Little Darling Goodbye/ BILLY STARR: I Wanta/ RONNIE SUMMERS: Blankety Blank/ MIKE WAGONER: Baby Baby/ Basher #5/ OTIS WHITE: Shape Up

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55004 Rock 'n' Roll Riot ● CD $19.98
Another crème de la crème collection from Buffalo Bop. As with the previous CD's they've mixed in some rare items as well as the popular tunes from the LP series. I've never come across, on reissue LP, Tough'n Rough by Saladin, Rock'n Roll Saddles by Johnny Edwards, Is That Wrong by the Wynnewoods or Where's My Baby by Ethan Giant - all decent to good rockers. There are a few others that might also be new to the reissue scene, but I can't put my finger on them. Old faves include classics like Carl Cherry's The Itch , Sonny Cole's Robinson Crusoe Bop , Ric Carty's Scratching On My Screen , Johnny Knight's wonderful Rock & Roll Guitar just to name a few.... AE
ALAN BARNCOAT: Savage/ THE BIG ROCKER: Rock'n' Roll Romance/ BILLY BLANK: Hard Luck/ BILLY BONNY: Bootleg Rock/ TOMMY BROWN: That Cat/ RIC CARTEY: Scratchin' On My Screen/ CARL CHERRY: The Itch/ BILL CLARK: I Know Why/ SONNY COLE: Robinson Crusoe Bop/ THE CRUISERS: Betty Ann/ FRANKIE DASH: Rock, Rhythm Roll/ JOHNNY EDWARDS: Rock'n' Roll Saddles/ SONNY FLAHERTY: My Baby's Casual/ JIM FOLEY: Blues in The Morning/ ETHAN GIANT: Where's My Baby/ ROY KELLY: Rock And Roll Rock/ JOHNNY KNIGHT: Rock & Roll Guitar/ CARL NEWMAN: Rockin' And Boppin'/ DENNIS PICKETT: Bye Bye Blues/ Rockin' Teens/ R. PORTER: A Woman Can Make You Blue/ THE RHYTHM TONES: Baby Sue/ SALADIN: Tough'N' Rough/ RODNEY SCOTT: Granny Went Rockin'/ EDDIE SKELTON: Gotta Keep it Swingin'/ THE STOLTZ BROTHERS: Rock 'n' Roll Riot/ THE STRING KINGS: Bloodshot/ BILL TAYLOR: Little Jewel/ STEVE WRIGHT: Wild, Wild Woman/ WYNNEWOODS: Is That Wrong


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