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Various Artists Collections - Bear Family


INTRODUCTION:  Germany's Bear Family Records label is probably the finest reissue label in the world. All their releases are based on extensive research and are beautifully remastered from original master tapes wherever possible and frequently feature unissued tracks and alternate takes. Their box sets are spectacular housed in large LP sized boxes allowing them to provide large format books with extensive biographical and discographical information, rare photos and other memorabilia. Their single CDs include thick booklets, often 32 pages or more. When you buy a Bear Family CD you can be sure you are getting the best.
VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15792 And The Answer Is, Vol 2 ● CD $21.98
28 tracks featuring 14 hits from the 50s and 60s along with their answer songs - Roses Are Red/ Long As The Rose Is Red, Who's Sorry Now?/ I'm Sorry Now, Tell Laura I Love/ Tell Tommy I Miss Him, Burning Bridges/ You Burned The Bridges and so on. Note: Volume 1 is a country country and will be in our country section.
PAUL ANKA: Diana/ Remember Diana/ MARCIE BLANE: Bobby's Girl/ PAT BOONE: Are You Lonesome Tonight/ THELMA CARPENTER: Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight/ FLORRAINE DARLIN: Long As The Rose Is Red/ JOE DOWELL: Wooden Heart/ RALPH EMERY: I'll Take Good Care Of Your Baby/ CONNIE FRANCIS: Who's Sorry Now/ BOBBY GOLDSBORO: Honey/ MIKIE HARRIS: Little Miss Lonely/ BOBBIE JEAN: You Burned The Bridges/ BRENDA LEE: Fool #1/ MARGARET LEWIS: Honey (i Miss You Too)/ FRANKIE LYMON: I Put The Bomp/ BARRY MANN: Who Put The Bomp/ MARIE ANN: I Know Your Heart's Not Made Of Wood/ MARILYN MICHAELS: Tell Tommy I Need Him/ RAY PETERSON: Tell Laura I Love Her/ MIKE REGAL: Is It True What They Say About Barbara/ JACK SCOTT: Burning Bridges7/ THE SHERRY SISTERS: Stay Away From Bobby/ THE SHIELDS: I'm Sorry Now/ MARC STEWART: No, You're Not The Fool/ BOBBY VEE: Please Don't Ask About Barbara/ Take Good Care Of My Baby/ BOBBY VINTON: Mr. Lonely/ Roses Are Red

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15533 Let's Go Jivin' To Rock & Roll ● CD $21.98
A diverse collection of 20 tracks from the RCA archives including pop rock, hillbilly rock and R&B styled rock - mostly from the mid 50s. Includes Perry Como (4 songs including a true stereo version of Love Makes The World Go Round), The Davis Sisters (2 songs), Mike Pedicin Quintet (3), Pee Wee King (2) plus 1 each by Sammy Salvo, Jimmy Dell, The Sons Of The Pioneers (!), The Morgan Twins, Johnny Restivo (a true stereo version of The Shape I'm In - wow!), Neil Sedaka (You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm & Blues which isn't), Janet Baker, Mickey & Silvia and Wade Ray. Excellent sound and 20 page booklet with detailed notes by Rob Finnis, lots of photos and full discographical information.
JANET BAKER: Boom De De Boom/ PERRY COMO: Hubba, Hubba, Hubba/ Jukebox Baby/ Kewpie Doll/ Love Makes The World Go Round (stereo)/ THE DAVIS SISTERS: Fiddle Diddle Boogie/ Rock-a-bye Boogie/ JIMMY DELL: I've Got A Dollar/ PEE WEE KING: Blue Suede Shoes/ Plantation Boogie/ MICKEY & SYLVIA: Rock & Stroll Room/ THE MORGAN TWINS: Tv Hop/ THE MIKE PEDICIN QUINTET: Jackpot/ When The Cats Come Marching In/ You Gotta Go/ WADE RAY: Idaho Red/ JOHNNY RESTIVO: The Shape I'm In (stereo)/ SAMMY SALVO: Say Yeah/ NEIL SEDAKA: You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm & Blues/ THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Tennessee Rock And Roll

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15824 Phoenix Panorama ● CD $84.98
3 discs, 100 tracks, 220 min., recommended. A fascinating look at the mid-50's to mid-60's music scene in Arizona as seen through the Viv family of labels - Apro, Aster, Double A, Elko, Flag Pole, Jo-Ree, Pyro, Rimrock, Solo, Viv itself, and a few others. Formed in 1955 by songwriter/producer Lee Hazlewood, Viv at first focused its energies on a country music sound. But as various popular music trends garnered big sales throughout the nation, the label's artists and producers, as you might expect, attempted to translate those clear successes into a local-sounding nationally-marketable sound. A variety of subsidiary labels were used in this effort, but only one number was a moderate hit, Need You by Donnie Owens. Very few others even dented the lower rungs of the national charts. But many have stood the test of time rather nicely, demonstrating both the genuine nature of the local talent and the innocent sound that only a small, relatively isolated studio can produce. Disc one is the most country sounding of the three. It's highlights include How About Me (Pretty Baby) by Jimmy Johnson & Al Casey, Give Me Some of Yours by Jimmy Spellman, Mama Lou by Buzz Burnam, Queen of Hearts by Ronnie Adair, Five More Miles to Folsom by Lee Hazlewood, All Through the Night by Jack Lane, and The Other Woman by Don Rollins. Disc two opens with two numbers on which Donnie Owens is backed by fellow Arizona resident Duane Eddy, If I'm Wrong and the aforementioned Need You. Subsequent tracks include Shy by Dale Perkins, Things I Can't Forget by Ronnie Ryan, Long Gone Cat by Duane Turley & Don Cole, A Little More Wine My Dear? by the Hawks, I Ask of You by Miriam Johnson (better known later on as Jessie Colter, wife of Waylon Jennings), and Rockin' Down Mexico Way by Loy Clingman. Disc three moves into a folk music mode with Scotch and Soda by Henry Thome, Lil' Ol' Bug by the Wagoners, and Tip by Clingman's Clan; moves into rock 'n' roll with Bumble Bee by the Tads, outstanding latter day doo-wop with I Want to Know by Leroy Fullylove and the Buffs (a monstrously rare 45), and picks up a garage band sound at the end with Hi-Fi Baby by the Door Knobs and For Me by Destiny's Children. All production standards are top notch and includes a 48 page book.. And, in something of a departure for Bear Family, this is an edited collection, offering only about half of the tracks that Viv put out during its lifetime as a label. (DH)
RONNIE ADAIR: Queen Of Hearts/ ALAN & THE ALPINES: Ginger Bread/ BENNY BANTA: Cry Little Girlie/ You're Still My Baby/ BUZZ BURNAM: Mama Lou/ AL CASEY: Round And Round/ LOY CLINGMAN: I Feel The Blues Coming On/ Rockin' Down Mexico Way/ Saro Jane/ Time Wounds All Heels/ CLINGMAN´S CLAN: Tip/ DON COLE: Stop/ THE CONTESSAS: Nobody But You/ THE COPA COMBO: Wings/ THE DANFORDS: Freshman Girl, Senior Boy/ DESTINY´S CHILDREN: For Me/ THE DOOR KNOBS: Hi-fi Baby/ ESSEX & THE WALTERS SISTERS: Herb, Was It Make Believe/ LEROY FULLYLOVE: Day After Day (alt)/ I Want To Know/ Me, My Shadow And I/ One Of These Days/ Oo, What You Do To Me/ JIMMIE GRAY: Cindy's Cryin'/ DOUG HARDIN: Five More Miles To Folsom/ Talk To Me Blues/ THE HAWKS: A Little More Wine, My Dear?/ LEE HAZLEWOOD: Five More Miles To Folsom/ THE HOBBIT: Times Past/ Top Of The Morning/ MIRRIAM JOHNSON: I Ask Of You/ JIMMY JOHNSON & AL CASEY: Cat Daddy/ BARRY LANE: Doggone Lonesome Town/ JACK LANE: All Through The Night/ Don't Hate Me/ King Fool/ Mr. Blues (is My Shadow)/ Restless/ JERRY LANGFORD: Still Of The Night/ Tell Me/ GARY LEE: Crazy Arms/ EDDIE LEMAIRE: Gotta Get With It/ THE LEONARD BROS: Boppin' Blue Jeans/ Do Da Da Do/ LOST & FOUND: Don't Move Girl/ THE MCALLISTERS: Hard Times/ THE MORGAN-CONDELLO COMBO: Ali Baba/ DONNIE OWENS: Ask Me Anything/ Between Midnight And Dawn/ On And On/ Tomorrow/ If I'm Wrong/ Need You/ DAL PERKINS: Shy/ Q-ZEEN: Rain On The Mountain/ GERALD RAY: Fussin'/ Panic/ THE RIFFS: Tell Her/ LONESOME LONG JOHN ROLLER: Hay Mama/ Long John's Flagpole Rock/ DON ROLLINS: Blue I Am/ Don't Hate Me (demo)/ I'm Back (demo)/ If I'm Wrong (demo)/ Mirror, Mirror (demo)/ That's The Way It Happened/ The Good Bartender (demo)/ The Other Woman/ The Other Woman (demo)/ THE ROUSTABOUTS: Shimmyin' John/ RONNIE RYAN: Things I Can't Forget/ THE SCALLYWAGS: The Big Wave/ SECOND EDITION: Sidewalks And Avenues/ ALVIE SELF: Lonely Walk/ Rain Dance/ Where, When And How/ JOHNNY SILVERS: Blue And Lonesome Mood/ Whisper To Me/ GARY & PERCY SMITH: I've Got A Girl/ SOLID GROUND: Sad Now/ JIMMY SPELLMAN: (she Wants A) Loverman/ Give Me Some Of Yours/ THE TADS: Bumble Bee/ TERRY & PEGGY: Silly Dilly Willy/ HENRY THOME: Scarlett/ Scotch And Soda/ DUANE TURLEY & DON COLE: Long Gone Cat/ DUANE TURLEY & THE TADS: Devil's Den/ THE VERSALES: Forgotten/ WAGONERS: Lil' O' Bug/ FARON WARMER: Cruisin' Central/ THE WILD FLOWERS: A Man Like Myself/ More Than Me/ EASY DEAL WILSON: I Don't Wantcha/ There'll Come A Day

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16230 Rockin' & Boppin' In The Desert, Arizona Rockabilly ● CD $21.98
30 tracks recorded between 1955 and 1961 for various small Arizona labels like Liberty Bell, Viv, Yolo, Ranger and others. It includes Joe Montgomery, Al Casey (who also plays guitar on many of the sides here), Bobby Boston, Billy Barnett, Dick Robinson & His Makebelievers, Loy Clingman, Lonesome Long John Roller (a song about his 211 days sitting on a flagpole), Jimmy Johnson, The Newton Rascals (featuring the first recorded appearance of Wayne Newton!), The Rio Rockers and others. The emphasis here seems to be on fairly lightweight novelty songs.
BENNY BANTA: Cry, Little Girl/ BILLY BARNETT: Romp And Stomp/ BOBBY & DEMONS: The Whoo/ BOBBY BOSTON: Lazy Daisy/ AL CASEY: If I Told You So/ CHEEK-O VASS & SOLA-TEARS: Bo-peep Rock/ LOY CLINGMAN: Rockin' Down Mexico Way/ DON COLE: Stop/ JIMMY DELL: Teeny Weeny/ JUDY FAYE: Rocky-rolly Lover Boy/ JIMMY GRAY: Chicksville, Usa/ DOUG HARDEN: Dig That Ford/ RITCHIE HART: The Great Duane/ RUSTY ISABELL: Firewater/ JIMMY JOHNSON: Cat Daddy/ JOE D. JOHNSON: Rattlesnake Daddy/ JACK LANE: King Fool/ THE LEONARD BROS: Boppin' Blue Jeans/ GENE MALTAIS: The Bug/ JOE MONTGOMERY: Planetary Run/ JIM MURPHY: I'm Gone, Mama/ THE NEWTON RASCALS: Rascals Boogie/ JIMMIE PATTON: Okie's In The Pokie/ Q-ZEEN: Rain On The Mountain/ THE RIO ROCKERS: Mexican Rock 'n' Roll/ DICK ROBINSON & THE MAKEBELIEVERS: The Boppin' Martians/ LONESOME LONG JOHN ROLLER: Long John's Flagpole Rock/ ALVIE SELF: Let's Go Wild/ THE TADS: Mixed Up Mama/ DUANE TURLEY & DON COLE: Long Gone Cat

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16443 Sentimental Journey, Vol. 3 - Last Train To San Fernando ● CD $21.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16289 Shakin' Up North - Canadian Rockabilly, Vol. 1 ● CD $21.98
30 tracks from 1956-61
JACK BAILEY: Oh What Love Is/ BLUE TONES: Shake, Shake/ BOB & LUCILLE: Eeny Meeny Miney Moe/ BARRY BOYD: Goin' Home To Memphis/ BUDDY BURKE: That Big Old Moon/ CLIFFY & JERRY: Go To Sleep, Little Suzie/ GUIDO D'AMICO: Jimmy Boy/ TED DAIGLE: Mary Lou/ Red Hen Hop/ WES DAKUS: El Ringo/ DICK DAMRON: That's What I Call Livin'/ DICKIE DAMRON: Gonna Have A Party/ Rockin' Baby/ BILLY GUITAR: Here Comes The Night/ BOB KING: Rockin' Jukebox/ JOE KOZAK: Hillbilly Rock/ JIM MORRISON: Ready To Rock/ JIMMY ORDGE: Easy Rockin' Chair/ JERRY PALMER: Come Along With Me/ Travelin' Shoes/ BRAD REYNOLDS: Georgie Porgie/ THE RHYTHM JESTERS: Rock To The Music/ THE ROCK-A-TUNES: Woman Fever/ You're Some Kind Of Nice/ REG SMITH: Rock And Roll Lullaby/ RAY ST. GERMAIN: She's A Square/ THE STOLTZ BROS.: Rock And Roll Riot/ R. DEAN TAYLOR: At The High School Dance/ THE TREE TOPS: Walkin' Home/ HAL WILLIS: My Pink Cadillac

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15622 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 1 ● CD $21.98
31 tracks, 68 minutes, essential. 31 tunes covering many of the highlights of RCA's love affair with rockabilly. You'd be smitten too if your sweetheart (we're talkin' Elvis) stuffed millions into your bank account. Except for the brief novelty of a "female Elvis" (Janis Martin) the rest of the boppers here hardly made a ripple. That's not to say there wasn't plenty of talent though. Joe Clay wails on Sixteen Chicks and Duck Tail . Joey Castle tears it up on That Ain't Nothing But Right and Ric Cartey romps on Oooh-Wee . Even when the singer or the song is marginal, the RCA studio band of Chet Atkins (g), Hank Garland (g), Floyd Cramer (p), Bob Moore (b), etc. elevates the proceedings considerably. Other artists features include David Houston, Tommy Blake, Skeeter Bonn, Gene Morris, Lee Denson, etc. The beautiful photo filled 48 page booklet, written by Bill Millar is fantastic. (AE)
MILTON ALLEN: Don't Bug Me Baby/ TOMMY BLAKE: All Night Lon/ Honky Tonk Min/ SKEETER BONN: Rock-A-Bye-Baby/ MARTHA CARSON: Now Stop/ RIC CARTEY: Born To Love One Woma/ Heart Thro/ Oooh We/ JOEY CASTLE: That Ain't Nothing But Righ/ NAN CASTLE: Star Light, Star Bright/ JOE CLAY: Duck Tai/ Sixteen Chicks/ FRANKIE DEE: Shake It Up Baby/ JIMMY DELL: I've Got A Dollar/ LEE DENSON: New Shoes/ DICK GLASSER: Catty Town/ TED HARRIS: Just Thought I'd Set You Straight/ DAVID HOUSTON: One And Only/ Sugar Sweet/ AUTRY INMAN: Mary Nell/ HOYT JOHNSON: Little Boy Blue/ JANIS MARTIN: Barefoot Babe/ Drugstore Rock & Roll/ THE MCCOYS: Full Grown Cat/ GENE MORRIS: Lovin' Honey (1)/ Lovin' Honey (2)/ DAVE RICH: Rosie Let's Get Cozy/ JIMMIE RODGERS SNOW: Milkcow Blues/ THE SPROUTS: Teen Billy Baby/ MORGAN TWINS: TV Hop/ ART WOOD: Hey Jibb

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15623 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 2 ● CD $21.98
Dynamite 30 tune collection from the Decca vaults featuring about as solid a lineup as you'll find outside of a Sun compilation. And like Sun, most of the Decca releases had a big, distinctive and dynamic sound due to the friendly confines of Bradley Studios in Nashville and the fantastic session cats led by guitarist Grady Martin. Handsome Johnny Carroll was the wildest of the bunch and could've been a big star if rockabilly wasn't squashed by the industry in favor of some more controllable music. His half a dozen tunes are hot as can be, especially Hot Rock , Crazy, Crazy Lovin' and Wild Wild Women . Roy Hall's music usually fell into the hillbilly boogie category but his 4 Decca tunes rock like mad with great guitar to go along with Roy's 88 bangin'. Guys like Eddie Fontaine, Jackie Lee Cochran and Terry Noland passed through and stayed long enough to record some of their best rockabilly, heck even country legend Webb Pierce sounded OK on his Teenage Boogie . But it's the obscure records like Peanuts Wilson - Cast Iron Arm , Johnny Bell- Flip, Flop And Fly and Billy Harlan - I Wanna Bop that really gettcha goin'. And I must give another plug for the rough & rowdy harmony of the Five Chavis Brothers on Baby, Don't Leave Me , just one of 30 reasons to add this one to your collection (AE)
CHUCK & BILL: Way Out There/ JIMMY & JOHNNY: Sweet Love On My Mind/ JOHNNY BELL: Flip, Flop And Fly/ JOHNNY CARROLL: Corrine, Corrina/ Crazy, Crazy Lovin'/ Hot RocK/ Rock 'n' Roll Rube/ To Get To You/ Tryin'/ Wild, Wild WomeN/ FIVE CHAVIS BROTHERS: Baby Don't Leave Me/ BUDDY COVELLE: Lorraine/ EDDIE FONTAINE: Cool It Baby/ ROY HALL: Diggin' The Boogie/ Off-Beat Boogie/ See You Later Alligator/ Three Alley Cats/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ BILLY HARLAN: I Wanna Bop/ AUTRY INMAN: Be Bop Baby/ It Would Be A Doggone Lie/ JERRY KENNEDY: Teenage Love Is Misery/ JACKIE LEE COCHRAN: Mamy Don't You Think I Know/ Ruby Pear/ GENE MALTAIS: Crazy Baby/ TERRY NOLAND: Ten Little Women/ WEBB PIERCE: Teenage Boogie/ PEANUTS WILSON: Cast Iron Arm/ DON WOODY: Bird Dog/ Make Like A Rock And Roll/ You`re Barking Up The Wrong Tree

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15624 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 3 ● CD $21.98
Another fantastic 30 tune collection, this time from the vaults of Capitol. A lot of these have a strong country flavor but if you don't mind a bit of downhome twang with your rockin' you'll be richly rewarded. I wouldn't call the Louvin Brothers' Cash On The Barrelhead rockabilly but it's still a great number with plenty of energy. My Gal Gertie by Dub Dickerson is a hickoid as they come but it's so rockin' cool. I'll take Faron Young's I Can't Dance and Alone With You any day over Ferlin Huskey/ Simon Crum's Bop Cat Bop and Slow Down Brother (all four are included here.) Some of you will be surprised at how good the two Tommy Sands' tunes are, Playin' The Field and The Worryin' Kind . Skeets McDonald also rocks pretty good on Heartbreakin' Mama and You Oughta See Grandma Rock . The two cuts by the Farmer Boys could've been stronger rockers but that's no big deal. Scoop it up. (AE)
CHARLIE BOP TRIO: Mr. Big Feet/ FARMER BOYS: Cool Down Mama/ My Baby Done Left Me/ LOUVIN BROS.: Cash On The Barrelhead/ Red Hen Hot/ TOMMY COLLINS: Black Cat/ SIMON CRUM: Bop Cat Bop/ DUB DICKERSON: My Gal Gertie/ JOHNNY FALLIN: Party Kiss/ Party Line/ RUDY GRAYZELL: There's Gonna Be A Ball/ JIMMY HEAP: Go Ahead On/ Sebbin' Come Elebbin/ FERLIN HUSKEY: Slow Down Brother/ BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL: You Mostest Girl/ KENNY LORAN: I Chickened Out/ BOB LUMAN: Try Me/ ROSE MADDOX: My Little Baby/ SKEETS MCDONALD: Heart Breakin' Mama/ You Ought A See Grandma Rock/ BOBBY NORRIS: I Went Rockin'/ JERRY REED: I've Had Enough/ When I Found You/ RIO ROCKERS: Mexicali Baby/ TOMMY SANDS: Playin' The Field/ The Worryin' Kind/ JEAN SHEPARD: He's My Baby/ Jeopardy/ FARON YOUNG: Alone With You/ I Can't Dance

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15630 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 4 ● CD $21.98
16 cuts from the early/mid 60s recorded for Herb Abramson/ Jerry Blaine's Festival label - mostly unissued - Billy Barry, Ronnie Dio, Billy Balls, Charlie Starr and Otis Blackwell.
BILLY BALLS: Motorcycle/ BILLY BARRY: Baby/ I Love You Now/ I'm A King/ My Love Is True/ Oh, No!/ They Call Me Willie, The Wild One/ Weepin' And Wailin'/ OTIS BLACKWELL: One Broken Heart For Sale/ RONNIE DIO: Do The Oop-Poo-Pah-Doo/ Love Pain/ CHARLIE STARR: Black Jack Joey/ Christmas Twist/ Sick And Tired/ Till Time Stands Stil/ You Ain't My Number On

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15711 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 5 ● CD $21.98
Volume 5 is devoted to the Dot label.
JIMMY 'C' NEWMAN: Carry On/ BILLY ADAMS: You Heard Me Knocking/ GENE BROWN: Big Door/ LEW BURDETTE: Mary Lou/ RAY CAMPI: It Ain't Me/ KAY CEE JONES: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny/ SANFORD CLARK: Lonesome For A Letter/ LOY CLINGMAN: I'm Low, Low, Low/ LLOYD COPAS: Circle Rock/ KEITH COURVALE: Trapped Lover/ JIMMY DEE: Henrietta/ You're Late Miss Kate/ BOB DENTON: Playboy/ Skinny Minnir/ PAT FLOWERS: Rock-Sock The Boogie/ MICKEY GILLEY: Call Me Shorty/ Come On Baby/ BILLY JOE TUCKER: Boogie Woogie Bill/ DICK LORY: Ballroom Baby/ MATT LUCAS: Put Me Down/ THE PHANTOM: Love Me/ Love Me/ JIM RINGO: I Like This Kind Of Music/ RAY SHARPE: Oh My Baby's Gone/ That's The Way I Feel/ JIMMY SPELLMAN: Doggonit/ NIKI SULLIVAN: It's All Over/ LEROY VAN DYKE: Chicken Shack/ MAC WISEMAN: Step It Up And Go/ DANNY WOLFE: Let's Flat Get It/ Pucker Painy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15733 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 6 ● CD $21.98
Second volume of rockabilly from the vaults of Decca - impeccable remastering and newly researched artist info - Roy Hall, Arlie Duff, Joe Therrien, Don Woody, Rex Allen, Wayne Raney, etc
BARBARA ALLEN: Sweet Willie/ REX ALLEN: Knock Knock Rattle/ YORK BROS: Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby/ VERNON CLAUD: Baby's Gone/ AL COKER: Don't Go Baby (Don't Go)/ ARNIE DERKSEN: She Wanna Rock/ ARLIE DUFF: Alligator Come Across/ JERRY ENGLER: Sputnik (Satellite Girl)/ RED FOLEY: Crazy Little Guitar Man/ DDIE FONTAINE: One And Only/ JAMES GALLAGHER: Crazy Chicken/ LOU GRAHAM: Wee Willie Brown/ BILLY GRAY & WESTERN OKIES: Tennessee Todd/ ROY HALL: All By Myself/ Don't Stop Now/ Move On/ BILLY HARLAN: School House Rock/ BAKER KNIGHT & KNIGHTMARES: Bring My Cadillac Back/ WARNER MACK: Roc-A-Chicka/ WAYNE RANEY: Shake Baby Shake/ ROCKIN' SAINTS: Cheat On Me Baby/ CHESTER SMITH: You Gotta Move/ RED SOVINE: Juke Joint Johnny/ JOE THERRIEN JR: Come Back To Me Darling/ Hey Babe! Let's Go Downtown/ Rock-A-Billy Boogie/ Wheels/ You're Long Gone/ JUSTIN TUBB: Rock It On Down To My House/ DON WOODY: Morse Code

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15789 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 7 ● CD $21.98
This time the focus is on the MGM label.
THE BERRY KIDS: You're My Teen Age Baby/ THELMA BLACKMON: I Wanta Waltz/ CECIL CAMPBELL: Dixieland Rock/ Rock And Roll Fever/ The Rocking Guitar/ PAUL DAVIS: Big Money/ BERNIE EARLY: Rock Doll/ Your Kisses Kill Me/ BOB GALLION: Baby, Love Me/ My Square Dancin' Mama/ BUCK GRIFFIN: Stutterin' Papa/ Watchin' The 7:10 Roll By/ RON HARGRAVE: Buttercup/ Drive-In Movie/ Latch On/ BILLY JACK WILLS: All She Wants To Do Is Rock/ There's Good Rockin' Tonight/ BERRY KIDS: Go, Go, Go, Right Into Town/ Love Me, Love/ Rootie Tootie/ MARVIN RAINWATER: Hot And Cold/ Mr. Blues/ CARSON ROBISON: Rockin' And Rollin' With Grandmaw/ FRANK SANDY: Let's Go Rock 'n' Roll/ ANDY STARR: Rockin' Rollin' Stone/ Round And Round/ JIMMY SWAN: Country Cattin'/ CONWAY TWITTY: Long Black Train/ RUSTY WELLINGTON: Rockin' Chair On The Moon

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15936 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 8 ● CD $21.98
31 cuts from Abbot, Fabor and Radio. Includes Bobby Lee Trammell, Dorsey Burnette, Johnny Horton & Billy Barton, Creel Sisters, Dickie Podolor, Bob Luman, Tom Tall, Dusty Rose, Bonnie Guitar, The Shadows, Tom Tall & Ruckus Taylor, Alvadean Coker, etc.
BOLEAN BARRY: Long Sideburns/ DORSEY BURNETTE: Let's Fall In Love/ ALVADEAN COKER: We're Gonna Bo/ We're Gonna Bop (alt)/ SANDY COKER: Meadowlark Boogie/ THE CREEL SISTERS: Stop The Clock Rock/ BONNIE GUITAR: Frantic Part/ Love Is Over, Love Is Don/ ROBERT LUKE HARSHMAN: Love Whatcha' Doin' To M/ Stop Talkin', Start Lovin/ JOHNNY HORTON: Shotgun Boogie/ Bawlin' Bab/ ROY LANHAM: Klondike/ BOB LUMAN: Hello Baby/ No Use In Lying (incomplete/ That's Alright With M/ JOE MONTGOMERY: Cool Cat/ DICKIE PODOLOR: I Love You Girl/ DUSTY ROSE: Hula Rock/ Rockin' Maracca/ THE SHADOWS: Jumping With The Shadow/ Shadow Roc/ The Cree/ RONNIE SUMMERS: Salt And Pepper/ TOM TALL: Hot Rod Is Her Name/ Don't You Kno/ Whose Little Pigeon Are Yo/ BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL: I Sure Do Love You Bab/ Shirley Le/ You Mostest Gir/ RUCKUS TYLER: Rock Town Roc/ Rollin' And A-Rockin

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15971 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 9 ● CD $21.98
30 tracks, 65 mins, recommended. Third volume of rockin' sides from the vaults of Decca and affiliated labels (Brunswick, Coral, etc) has very little out and out rockabilly - most of it is up tempo country and rock 'n' roll and if you're looking for lots of hot guitar solos you might be disappointed as there probably more sax solos than guitar solos! Still there are some fine sides here from Freddie Neill (an early rockin' side from the reclusive folk singer), Charlie Phillips, Lewis Pruett (the exciting Crazy Bullfrog), Jim Eanes (pure country but a delightful performance on Wiggle Worm Wiggle), Carl Belew ( his Folding Money is my favorite here - great singing, great lyrics and a wonderful rocking bluesy arrangement), Roy Duke, Jerry Mason and others. Contributions from Bob Wills, The Matys Brothers, Billy Mize and Dav Kip are pretty expendable. Sound quality is, of course, magnificent and the 44 page booklet is chock full of information and photos. (FS)
THE ALCONS: Black Jack/ CARL BELEW: Cool Gator Shoes/ Folding Money/ BILLY THE KID: Apron Strings/ JOEY BISCOE: You Lovin‘ Doll/ JULES BLATTNER: No Money Down/ RAY DOGGETT: It Hurts The One Who Loves You/ ROY DUKE: Behave, Be Quiet Or Begone/ JIM EANES: Wiggle Worm Wiggle/ BILLY JACK HALE: Your Eyes/ WAYNE HANDY: Betcha Didn‘t Know/ I Think You Oughta Look Again/ BOBBY HELMS: Tennessee Rock ’n‘ Roll/ DAV KIPP: No Sweat Baby/ BAKER KNIGHT: Just Relax/ JERRY MASON: Strange Feeling/ THE MATYS BROTHERS: Crazy Street/ BILLY MIZE: Solid Sender/ FREDDIE NEIL & FRIEND: Listen Kitten/ THE PARIS BROTHERS: This Is It/ CHARLIE PHILLIPS: Be My Bride/ DOUG POWELL: Tired Man/ LEWIS PRUITT: Crazy Bullfrog/ This Little Girl (has A Magic Touch)/ MIMI ROMAN: Little Lovin‘/ CHUCK SIMS: Little Pigeon/ CHESTER SMITH: Rock Go Round/ RED SMITH: Whoa Boy/ BOBBY SYKES: Touch Of Loving/ BOB WILLS & THE TEXAS PLAYBOYS: So Let‘s Rock

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16101 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 11 ● CD $21.98
The 11th set in this great series features 30 rockin' tracks from the vaults of Mercury including Eddie Bond, Sleepy LaBeef, Curtis Gordon, Jackie Cray, Rudy Grayzell and others.
EDDIE BOND & HIS STOMPERS: Boppin' Bonnie/ Flip Flop Mama/ Rockin' Dadd/ Slip Slip Slippin'In/ JACKIE CRAY: Maybelle/ BING DAY: I Can't Help It/ CONNIE DYCUS: Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock/ JIMMY EDWARDS: Love Bug Crawl/ GEORGE & EARL: Better, Stop, Look And Listen/ Done Gone/ CURTIS GORDON: Draggin'/ Mobile, Alabama/ Sitting On Top Of The World/ RUDY GRAYZELL: Let's Get Wild/ THE HI-LITERS: Dance Me To Death/ JOHNNY JAY: Sugar Doll/ DON JOHNSTON: Born To Love One Woman/ SLEEPY LABEEF: All The Time/ ROY MOSS: Corrine, Corrina/ You Don't Know My Mind/ You Nearly Lose Your Mind/ You're My Big Baby Now/ ROYCE PORTER: Yes I Do/ JOHNNY 'T' TALLEY: (I've Changed My) Wild Mind/ Lonesome Train/ BILLY WALLACE & THE BAMA DRIFTERS: Burning The Wind/ Mean, Mistreatin' Baby/ That's My Reward/ What'll I Do/ THOMAS WAYNE: You're The One That Done It

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16102 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 12 ● CD $21.98
30 classic Imperial sides - Bob Luman, Bill Mack, Lew Williams, Roy Brown, The Strikes, Laura Lee Perkins, Warren Miller, The Burnette Brothers, Dennis Herrold, Al Jones, Bill Lawrence, Johnny Garner, Dick Banks, Lew Williams and others.
BILL ALLEN: Please Give Me Something/ DICK BANKS: Dirty Dog/ ROY BROWN: Hip Shakin' Baby/ JOHNNY BURNETTE: Sweet Baby Doll/ THE BURNETTE BROS: Warm Love/ BILLY ELDRIDGE: Let's Go Baby/ JOHNNY GARNER: Didi Didi/ Kiss Me Sweet/ SAMMY GOWANS: Rockin' By Myself/ DENNIS HERROLD: Hip Hip Baby/ Make With The Lovin'/ You Arouse My Curiosity/ AL JONES: Loretta/ BILL LAWRENCE: Hey Baby/ BOB LUMAN: All Night Long/ Red Hot/ BILL MACK: Play My Boogie/ WARREN MILLER: Everybody's Got A Baby But Me/ LAURA LEE PERKINS: Don't Wait Up/ WELDON ROGERS: So Long, Good Luck/ THE STRIKES: Baby I'm Sorry/ I Don't Want To Cry Over You/ If You Can't Rock Me/ Rockin'/ LEW WILLIAMS: Abracadabra/ Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop/ Cat Talk/ Centipede/ Gone Ape Man/ Something I Said

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16123 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 10 - Chess Records ● CD $21.98
31 tracks,73 mins, highly recommended. Though there wasn't a lot of rockabilly issued by Chicago's premier blues label Chess (and its subsidiaries Checker & Argo) what there was very good indeed and most of it is featured on this collection. Unlike most of it's blues & R&B artists which were Chicago based most of the rockabilly recordings were licensed from various producers throughout the country including several from Stan Lewis in Shreveport whose best known discovery is Dale Hawkins who is represented here by La Do Dada. Other Shreveport based recordings includes Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker's classic Love Me and two takes of Maylon Humpries' Worried About You Baby with James Burton on lead guitar. Chess leased Rusty York's great Sugaree which was originally issued on Rusty & Jackie De Shannon's PJ label out of Cincinnati. There are two hot piano based rockers recorded in Nashville by Mel Robbins who later became one of Nashville's most prolific sideman as Hargus "Pig" Robbins. There are two cuts from Eddie Fontaine including Nothin' Shakin' originally issued on New York's Sunbeam label and features great jazz guitarist George Barnes playing hot rock'n roll licks. Lots more goodies from G.L. Crockett, Bobby Sisco, Lou Josie, Russel Bridgers (later known as Leon Russell), bluesman Johnny Fuller, Billy Barrix, Brothers, Dick Glasser, Joey Long, and more. Great sound and 52 page booklet crammed full of information, photos and discographical details. (FS)
JERRY ADAMS: Old Black Joe/ BILLY BARRIX: Almost/ Cool Off Baby/ RUSSELL BRIDGES: All Right/ BROTHERS: Lazy Susan/ JACKIE CANNON: Chill Bump/ G.L. CROCKETT: Look Out MabeL/ BOBBY DEAN: Just Go Wild Over Rock 'n' Roll/ LARRY DIAMOND: True Love Come My Way/ THE FAIRLANES: Little Girl, Little Girl/ EDDIE FONTAINE: Don't Ya Know/ Nothin' Shakin'/ JOHNNY FULLER: All Night Long/ DICK GLASSER: Crazy Love/ DALE HAWKINS: La-Do-Dada/ MAYLON HUMPHREYS: Worried About You Baby/ Worried About You, Baby (alt)/ THE JET-TONES: Jet-Tone Boogie/ LOU JOSIE: Breezin' Out/ Vacation's Over/ Why Did You Leave Me/ JIMMY LEE & WAYNE WALKER: Love Me/ JOEY LONG: Leall/ MEL ROBBINS: Are You With Me/ Save It/ DEL SAINT & THE DEVILS: Rock Yeah/ THE SILVA-TONES: Roses Are Blooming/ BOBBY SISCO: Go Go Go/ Tall, Dark And Handsome Man/ RUSTY YORK: SugareE/ Sweet Talk

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16210 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 14 ● CD $21.98
31 tracks, 69 mins, recommended. This dip into the rockabilly vaults of various record labels features the ever fertile Sun label - the rockabilly label. None of the tracks here were originally released as singles and many are making their CD appearance for the first time - there are even a couple never issued before. Artists include Glenn Honeycutt, Jimmy Haggett, Mack Vickery, Roy Hall, Jimmy Williams, Howard Chandler, Curtis Hoback, Johnny Powers, Ernie Barton, Jesse Lee Turner and many more including a couple of tracks by unknown artists. Wonderful 40 page booklet with extensive notes by Colin Escott and some incredible photos. (FS)
ANDY ANDERSON: Tough, Tough/ ERNIE BARTON: She's Gone Away/ DEAN BEARD: Rakin' And Scrapin'/ HOWARD CHANDLER: Wampus Cat/ KEN COOK: Problem Child/ JACK EARLS: Take Me To That Place/ ROGER FAKES: Somehow We'll Find A Way/ JIMMY HAGGETT: Rock Me Baby/ ROY HALL: Christine/ RAY HARRIS: Lonely Wolf/ CURTIS HOBACK: Apron Strings/ GLENN HONEYCUTT: Rock All Night/ CURLEY MONEY: Chain Gang Charlie/ KENNY PARCHMAN: Treat Me Right/ TRACY PENDARVIS: Uh Huh, Oh Yeah/ DICK PENNER: Move Baby, Move/ JOHNNY POWERS: Me And My Rhythm Guitar/ JIMMY PRITCHETT: That's The Way I Feel/ GENE SIMMONS: Peroxide Blonde And A Hopped Up Model Ford/ Pop And Mama/ SMOKEY JOE: Hula Bop/ HAYDEN THOMPSON: Don't You Worry/ JESSE LEE TURNER: Put Me Down/ UNKNOWN ARTIST #2: Red Hen Hop/ UNKNOWN ARTIST #1: What A Beat/ MACK VICKERY: Drive-in/ JIMMY WAGES: Miss Pearl/ Take Me (garden Of Evil)/ JIMMY WILLIAMS: My One Desire/ JAMES WOOD: Gonna Give A Party/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: Got Me A Trumpet

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16288 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 15 ● CD $21.98
26 tracks, 68 mins, recommended. A fine collection of rockabilly and rock 'n roll recorded for Joe Leonard's Lin and Kliff labels between 1956 and '59. Among the the highlights here are three terrific sides by David Ray, two of them with hot guitar by Charles Debrew. There are two great instrumentals by The Atmospheres including one of my all time favorites The Fickle Chicken. Andy Starr and Buck Griffin are well known to rockabilly collectors and both have some fine sides. Steve Wright is an obscurity but his Wild Wild Woman is very hot. Other artists include The Strikes, Jerry Fuller, Ken Copeland, Don Terry and others. A few cuts are pretty bland but most of it is worth while. 24 page booklet has extensive notes, rare photos and full discographical data. Sound quality is unbeatable. (FS)
THE ATMOSPHERES: Telegraph/ The Fickle Chicken/ J.B. BRINKLEY: Guitar Smoke/ KEN COPELAND: Fanny Brown/ Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ DON CURTIS: Rough Tough Man/ JERRY FULLER: I Found A New Love/ Mother Goose At The Bandstand/ BUCK GRIFFIN: Bow My Back/ Jessie Lee/ Stutterin' Papa/ Watchin' The 7:10 Roll By/ THE JOKERS: Dogfight/ DAVID RAY: Jitterbugging Baby/ Lonesome Baby Blue/ Lonesome Feeling/ ANDY STARR: One More Time/ Rockin' Rollin' Stone/ Round And Round/ She's A Going Jessie/ THE STRIKES: Come Back To Me/ If You Can't Rock Me (alt.)/ My Poor Heart/ DON TERRY: Knee Shakin'/ THE TU-TONES: Saccharin Sally/ STEVE WRIGHT: Wild, Wild Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16311 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 16 ● CD $21.98
A second collection of rockers from Sun in this great series. 31 tracks from Sonny Burgess, Warren Smith, Ray Harris, Jimmy Haggett, Narvel Felts and others.
TOMMY BLAKE: You Better Believe/ SONNY BURGESS: Ain't Gonna Do It/ KEN COOK: I Fell In Love/ JACK EARLS: My Gal Mary-Ann/ NARVEL FELTS: Cry Baby Cry/ CURLEY GRIFFIN: Got Rockin' On My Mind/ JIMMY HAGGETT: Do Me Like You Do Me/ Rabbit Action/ RAY HARRIS: Come On Little Mama/ HAROLD JENKINS: I Need Your Lovin' Kiss/ LUKE MCDANIEL: Go Ahead Baby/ My Baby Don't Rock/ KENNETH PARCHMAN: Love Crazy/ Tennessee Zip/ KENNY PARCHMAN: What's The Reason/ BARBARA PITTMAN: Sentimental Fool/ JOHNNY POWERS: Waiting For You/ TEDDY REIDEL: Me And My Blues/ GENE ROSS: Everybody's Trying To Kiss My Baby/ TOMMY RUICK: Prisoner Of The Blues/ MACK SELF: I Vibrate/ GENE SIMMONS: Drinkin' Scotch/ MACY SKIPPER: Bop Pills/ WARREN SMITH: Stop The World/ UNIDENTIFIED #1: Between Here And There/ UNIDENTIFIED #3: I'll Be Rocking/ UNIDENTIFIED #2: Slewfoot Sue/ UNIDENTIFIED #4: Two Timin' Baby/ JIMMY WAGES: Mad Man (2)/ JIMMY WILLIAMS: Rock-A-Bye Baby/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: Rockin' With My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16405 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 17 - Sun Records ● CD $21.98
34 tracks, 71 mins, highly recommended. Well, Bear Family does it again - they have burrowed into the depths of the Sun tape vault for a third time and come up with another great selection - none of which was ever issued at the time and most making their first ever appearance on CD. In addition to artists recorded at Sun this also gives us a glimpse at some of the artists who sent in audition tapes to Sun including Fred Prentiss with the powerful Jungle Queen, John Tolleson (more familiar as Tommie Tolleson) with four great solo vocal & piano demos, Jerry Arnold (whose tapes he actually placed with Challenge and Security) and several unknown performers including the fine guitar instrumental Driving Home. There some great alternate takes like Ray Harris's Greenback Dollar, Slim Rhodes Band with Do What I Do, Warren Smith's Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache and more including a couple of Charlie Rich cuts with some interesting and revealing studio chatter with Sam Phillips encouraging Charlie Rich to sound more like Elvis and a couple of fine acoustic guitar demos by Ray Scott and ends with a 29 second fragment of an unknown performance by Jimmy Wages that might have become a rockabilly classic if the whole performance existed. And maybe it does - I don't think the contents of the Sun vaults have been fully exhausted. I never cease to be amazed as to the high quality of the unissued material that keeps turning up. 36 page booklet has detailed notes and great rare photos. (FS)
ALTON & JIMMY: No More Crying The Blues (alt)/ JERRY ARNOLD: High Class Baby/ Little Boy Blue/ JOHNNY BERNERO: It Makes No Difference Now (alt)/ S. BROOKS & SLIM RHODES BAND: Do What I Do/ Take And Give (alt)/ SONNY BURGESS: Find My Baby For Me/ JOHNNY CASH: Big River (alt)/ RAY HARRIS: Greenback Dollar (alt)/ J. LEWIS & SONNY BURGESS BAND: Life's Too Short To Live/ CARL MCVOY: I'll Satisfied/ FRED PRENTISS: Jungle Queen/ Lazy River/ CHARLIE RICH: Goodbye Mary Ann (alt)/ Little Woman Friend Of Mine/ BILLY RILEY: Red Hot (alt)/ RAY SCOTT: I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/ Tonight Will Be The Last Night/ GENE SIMMONS: Chains Of Love/ RAY SMITH: Little Girl (alt)/ WARREN SMITH: Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache/ JOHN TOLLESON: Don't Sweetheart Me/ Hickory Nut Mountain/ Rocky Road Blues/ Searchin' For My Baby/ UNKNOWN ARTIST: Driving Home/ If You Need Me/ Snake Dance/ JIMMY WAGES: Unknown Tape Fragment/ ONIE WHEELER: That's All/ JIMMY WILLIAMS: All I Want/ ALAN WINGATE: Rainin' The Blues/ Should Be You/ What Else Could I Do?

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16407 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 18 - Sarg Records ● CD $21.98
30 rare rockabilly tracks from the vaults of Sarg records - Jeff Stone, Adolph Hofner & The Pearl Wranglers, Peck Touchton & The Sunset Wranglers, Al Urban, Cecil Moore, Glenn Bland & The Rhythm Kings, Pee Wee Maples, The Moods, The Sounds, The Downbeats, Chet McIntyre and more.
GLENN BLAND & THE RHYTHM KINGS: Mean Gene/ When My Baby Passes By/ HARMON BOAZEMAN & THE CIRCLE C BAND: No Love In You/ THE DOWNBEATS: Come On Over (Baby)/ Oh, Please/ Run To Me, Baby/ EDDY DUGOSH & THE AH-HA PLAYBOYS: Strange Kinda Feeling/ DICK FAGAN & THE SCORES: I Got A Ticket/ I Got A Ticket (demo)/ I Gotta Learn/ JIMMY FARMER & THE NOTES: Long Black Train/ ADOLPH HOFNER & THE PEARL WRANGLERS: Rockin' And A-Boppin'/ CHET MCINTYRE: I'm Gonna Rock With My Baby Tonight/ THE MIDNIGHTERS: Baby, I'm Scared/ I Get The Blues/ Take A Message, Darling/ THE MOODS: Let Me Have Your Love/ Little Alice/ Rockin' Santa Claus/ CECIL MOORE: (I Lost My) Little Babe/ Walkin' Fever/ My Money's Gone/ Diamond Back/ Moonshine/ THE SOUNDS: Charlie Chan/ JEFF STONE: Everybody Rock/ PECK TOUCHTON & THE SUNSET WRANGLERS: My Baby Ain't Around/ AL URBAN: Gonna Be Better Times/ Won't Tell You Her Name/ PEE WEE MAPLES: Now, How You Gonna Act

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16408 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 19 - D/Dart ● CD $21.98
32 tracks, 71 mins, recommended. Another fine entry in this quality series features sides recorded for Harold "Pappy" Dailey's D and Dart labels which he formed after he sold his interest in Starday in 1957. The recordings here cover the period 1958 through 1961 and includes rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and rockin' country. It includes the first recorded appearance of Johnny Winter as the 15 year old leader of Johnny & The Jammers which also included 13 year old brother Edgar on sax. There rockin' blues School Day Blues belies there tender years and features a fine guitar solo by Johnny. A number of tracks feature saxophones but still have a funky down home sound. Among the many fine tracks here are the opener Let Me In by Richard Moreland, the classic rockabilly sound of Doug Stanford on Won't You Tell Me and Sady, the fine George Jones flavored Wham Bam! by Dave Edge with it's nifty bass string riff, the fine bluesy sax/guitar instrumental Lonesome by Wortham Watts and more from Les Cole & The Echoes (actually country singer Country Johnny Mathis), Sonny Hall & The Echoes, Cousin Louie (a version of the great I'm Gonna Tell), Merl Lindsay (Western dance band leader turns his hand to rock 'n' roll with excellent results), the wonderful Jimmy & Johnny with I Can't Find The Doorknob and lots more. It's a Bear Family release so I don't need to tell you that the sound quality is magnificent and the 36 page booklet is crammed full of information and photos. (FS)
DOUG BRAGG & THE DRIFTERS: Don't Do That Again/ If I Find My Dream Girl/ ANDY CHARLES & BLUES KINGS: Baby Don't Go/ LES COLE & THE ECHOES: Be Boppin' Baby/ Rock-a-my Baby/ COUSIN LOUIE: I'm Gonna Tell/ JOE DONALDS: Honey Babe/ DAVE EDGE: Wham Bam/ HARDROCK GUNTER: Juke Box Shuffle (instrumental)/ SONNY HALL: The Day Walked Away/ My Big Fat Baby/ JIMMIE HEAP & THE MELODIE MASTERS: Someone Else Is Filling My Shoes/ TOMMY HUDSON: Band Stand Stomp/ Swanee River Gal/ JIMMIE & JOHNNY: I Can't Find The Doorknob/ JOHNNY & THE JAMMERS: School Day Blues/ BYRON JOHNSON: True Affection/ MERL LINDSAY: Hey Hey Little Boy Blue/ Rockin' Water Baby (instrumental)/ RICHARD MORELAND: Let Me In/ BILL MORGAN: Red Hot Rhythm Combo/ CARLTON NORRIS: Go South Little Man/ ROYCE PORTER: Lookin'/ DANNY REEVES: Bell Hop Blues/ I'm A Hobo/ SONNY SHEETS: Wheels/ DOUG STANFORD: Sady/ Won't You Tell Me/ THE SUEDES: Don't Be Shy/ WILLIAM TELL TAYLOR: I Like It/ WORTHAM WATTS: Lonesome (instrumental)/ TOMMY WOOD: Can't Play Hookey

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16339 The Drugstore's Rockin', Vol. 1 ● CD $21.98
Teen rock 'n' roll given the Bear Family treatment with spectacular sound from original master tapes, many rare tracks (some previously unissued) and extensive documentation in 44 page booklet. 26 tracks from Janis Martin, The Legarde Twins, Joe Melson, John D. Loudermilk, Darrell McCall, The Four Preps, Jack Scott, Dave Rich, Autry Inman, Melvin Endsley, Chuck & Bill (The Kentuckians), Jackie Dee, Billy Harlan and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16340 The Drugstore's Rockin', Vol. 2 ● CD $21.98
The second volume includes 26 more songs including tracks by Curtis Lee, John D. Loudermilk, Melvin Endsley, Ric Cartey, Hoyt Johnson, The Lane Brothers, Dorsey Burnette, Tommy Tucker, Sammy Salvo, Janis Martin, The Sprouts, Bill Harlan and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15801 The Sun Singles, Vol 1 ● CD $99.98
4 discs, 104 tracks, 5 hrs., essential. Once again, you can depend on Richard Weize of Germany's Bear Family Records to do it right. Bearing witness to that is this, the first of six boxed sets chronicling the history of Memphis's preeminent 50's record label, the home of rockabilly, the home of more than a few solid blues artists, and, as a label, one arguable candidate for the birthplace of rock 'n' roll - Sam Phillips' Sun Records. Here then, in chronological order are the first 52 single records, sides A and B, put out by that venerable and undeniably influential label. The sound quality is superb, newly remastered from best available sources; the accompanying 68 page booklet, filled with rare photos, is nothing short of wonderful, and the music - in its variety, its spontaneity, and its intensity - captures some of the very essence of what is meant by "roots music." Disc one opens in 1952 with Sun 175, two after-hours instrumentals by sax player Johnny London,Drivin' Slow and Flat Tire. Subsequent numbers include Joe Hill Louis's We All Gotta Go Sometime, Willie Nix's Baker Shop Boogie, Rufus Thomas's Bear Cat, Jimmy De Berry's Take a Little Chance, the Prisonaires' Just Walkin' in the Rain, and Little Junior's Blue Flames' Fussin' and Fightin' Blues. Disc Two opens in 1953 with the Ripley Cotton Choppers, a white string band, performing Silver Bells and Blues Waltz. The program then features I Know by the Prisonaires, Mystery Train by the Blue Flames, Chicago Breakdown by Doctor Ross, Beggin' My Baby by Little Milton, No Teasing Around by Billy 'The Kid' Emerson, the extraordinary and wonderful Troublesome Waters by white gospel soloist Howard Seratt, and Fallen Angel by Hardrock Gunter. Disc three begins with Raymond Hill's Bourbon Street Jump, then offers The Great Medical Menagerist by Harmonica Frank, Buddy Cunningham's jarring pop efforts Right or Wrong and Why Do I Cry?, a record whose ownership is described in the liner notes as "the cruellest part of being a completist," Elvis Presley's first eight sides including That's All Right and Good Rockin' Tonight, the Jones Brothers' rare gospel single, Look to Jesus and Every Night, and Slim Rhodes's Uncertain Love. And disc four finishes off 1955 with Red Hot by Billy 'The Kid' Emerson, Cry Cry Cry by Johnny Cash, Phillips's rare foray into doo-wop, Sitting by the Window by the Five Tinos, Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing by Carl Perkins, Weeping Blues by Rosco Gordon, The Signifying Monkey by Smokey Joe, the great country ballad I've Been Deceived by Charlie Feathers, and Someday You Will Pay by the Miller Sisters. Without the slightest exaggeration: Much too good to miss! (DH)
DUSTY BROOKS & HIS TONES: Heaven Or Fire/ Tears And Wine/ JOHNNY CASH: Cry! Cry! Cry!/ Hey Porter/ JAMES COTTON: Cotton Crop Blues/ Hold Me In Your Arms/ My Baby/ Straighten Up, Baby/ BUDDY CUNNINGHAM: Right Or Wrong/ Why Do I Cry?/ JIMMY DE BERRY: Take A Little Chance/ Time Has Made A Change/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: I'm Not Going Home/ If Lovin' Is Believing/ Move, Baby/ No Greater Love/ No Teasing Around/ Red Hot/ The Woodchuck/ When It Rains It Pours/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: I've Been Deceived/ Peepin' Eyes/ THE FIVE TINOS: Don't Do That/ Sitting By My Window/ GAY GARTH: Got My Application Baby/ ROSCO GORDON: Just Love Me Baby/ Weeping Blues/ HARDROCK GUNTER: Fallen Angel/ Gonna Dance All Night/ HARMONICA FRANK: Rockin' Chair Daddy/ The Great Medical Menagerist/ RAYMOND HILL: Bourbon Street Jump/ The Snuggle/ D.A. HUNT: Greyhound Blues/ Lonesome Ol'jail/ HANDY JACKSON: Trouble (will Bring You Down)/ JIMMY & WALTER: Before Long/ Easy/ THE JONES BROS: Every Night/ Look To Jesus/ SAMMY LEWIS: I Feel So Worried/ So Long Baby, Goodbye/ LITTLE JUNIOR'S BLUE FLAMES: Feelin' Good/ Fussin' And Fightin' (blues)/ Love My Baby/ Mystery Train/ LITTLE MILTON: Alone And Blue/ Beggin' My Baby/ Homesick For My Baby/ If You Love Me/ Lookin' For My Baby/ Somebody Told Me/ JOHNNY LONDON: Drivin' Slow/ Flat Tire/ JOE HILL LOUIS: She May Be Yours/ We All Gotta Go Sometime/ HOT SHOT LOVE: Harmonica Jam/ Wolf Call Boogie/ BIG MEMPHIS MARAINEY: Baby No, No!/ Call Me Anything, But Call Me/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Someday You Will Pay/ You Didn't Think I Would/ WILLIE NIX: Baker Shop Boogie/ Seems Like A Million Years/ CARL PERKINS: Gone! Gone! Gone!/ Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing/ Movie Magg/ Turn Around/ EARL PETERSON: Boogie Blues/ In The Dark/ DOUG POINDEXTER: My Kind Of Carryin' On/ Now She Cares No More For Me/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Baby Let's Play House/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/ I Forgot To Remember To Forget/ I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone/ Milkcow Blues Boogie/ Mystery Train/ That's All Right/ You're A Heartbreaker/ THE PRISONAIRES: A Prisoner's Prayer/ Baby Please/ I Know/ Just Walkin' In The Rain/ My God Is Real The/ Softly And Tenderly/ There Is Love In You/ What'll You Do Next?/ SLIM RHODES: Are You Ashamed Of Me?/ Don't Believe/ The House Of Sin/ Uncertain Love/ RIPLEY COTTON CHOPPERS: Blues Waltz/ Silver Bells/ DOCTOR ROSS: Chicago Breakdown/ Come Back Baby/ Jukebox Boogie/ The Boogie Disease/ HOWARD SERATT: I Must Be Saved/ Troublesome Waters/ SMOKEY JOE: Listen To My Baby/ The Signifying Monkey/ EDDIE SNOW: Ain't That Right/ Bring Your Love Back Home To Me/ BILL TAYLOR: Lonely Sweetheart/ Split Personality/ RUFUS THOMAS JR: Bear Cat/ Save That Money/ Tiger Man/ Walkin' In The Rain/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: Drinkin' Wine Spo-de-o-dee/ Just Rollin' Along

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15802 The Sun Singles, Vol 2 ● CD $99.98
4 discs, 100 tracks, approx. 4 hrs., essential
Lots of other labels have reissued Sun material in the past - Rhino, Charly, and AVI, to name a few - but the Bear Family touch is simply not to missed. Not only is the sound quality exceptionally good, but this German label's justly famous accompanying booklets, treasure troves of well-researched information and rare vintage photos as they are, are darn near worth the price of admission on their own. And for this, the second of the planned five volumes in the series, the music itself is now moving into Sun's hit-making glory days. Disc one features the first version of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues and Carl Perkin's one major hit, Blue Suede Shoes, plus The Miller Sisters' wonderful There's No Right Way to Do Me Wrong, Charlie Feathers' A Wedding Gown of White, Billy "The Kid" Emerson's Something for Nothing, and Rosco Gordon's Love for You Baby. Disc two includes I Walk the Line, Johnny Cash's first real hit, Ooby Dooby and Rockhouse by Roy Orbison, Boppin' the Blues and Dixie Fried by Carl Perkins, Rock With Me Baby by Billy Riley, We Wanna Boogie by Sonny Burgess, Black Jack David by Warren Smith, and I Need a Man by Barbara Pitman. Disc three features Jerry Lee Lewis's first record, Crazy Arms/End of the Road and Billy Riley's classic Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll, plus the Miller Sisters' Ten Cats Down, Ray Harris's Come On Little Mama, Glenn Honeycutt's I'll Be Around, and Roy Orbison's Devil Doll. And disc four opens with Don't Make Me Go by Johnny Cash, hits the big time with Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On by Jerry Lee Lewis, then moves on to So Long I'm Gone by Warren Smith, Bop Bop Baby by Wade & Dick, Please Don't Cry Over Me by Jim Williams, Greenback Dollar by Ray Harris, and Rock Boppin' Baby by Edwin Bruce. What else can I say? Essential indeed. (DH)
TOMMY BLAKE: Flat Foot Sam/ Lordy Hoody/ EDWIN BRUCE: More Than Yesterday/ Rock Boppin' Baby/ SONNY BURGESS: Ain't Got A Thing/ Red Headed Woman/ Restless/ We Wanna Boogie/ JOHNNY CASH: Don't Make Me Go/ Folsom Prison Blues/ Get Rhythm/ I Walk The Line/ Next In Line/ So Doggone Lonesome/ There You Go/ Train Of Love/ ERNIE CHAFFIN: Feelin' Low/ I'm Lonesome/ Laughin' And Jokin'/ Lonesome For My Baby/ JEAN CHAPEL: I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight/ Welcome To The Club/ JACK EARLS: A Fool For Lovin' You Cd-2:/ Slow Down/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: Little Fine Healthy Thing/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: Something For Nothing/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: A Wedding Gown Of White/ Defrost Your Heart/ ROSCOE GORDON: Cheese And Crackers/ ROSCO GORDON: Love For You Baby/ ROSCOE GORDON: Shoobie Oobie/ ROSCO GORDON: The Chicken (dance With You)/ JIMMY HAGGETT: No More, No More/ They Call Our Love A Sin/ RAY HARRIS: Come On Little Mama/ Foolish Heart/ Greenback Dollar - Watch And Chain/ Where'd You Stay Last Nite/ GLENN HONEYCUTT: I'll Be Around/ I'll Wait Forever/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Crazy Arms/ End Of The Road/ It'll Be Me/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Finders Keepers/ Ten Cats Down/ There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong/ You Can Tell Me/ ROY ORBISON: Devil Doll/ Go, Go, Go/ Ooby Dooby/ Rockhouse/ Sweet And Easy/ You're My Baby/ KENNY PARCHMAN: I Feel Like Rockin'/ Love Crazy Baby/ CARL PERKINS: All Mama's Children/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Boppin' The Blues/ Dixie Fried/ Forever Yours/ Honey, Don't/ I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry/ Matchbox/ Sure To Fall/ Tennessee/ That's Right/ Your True Love/ BARBARA PITMAN: I Need A Man/ No Matter Who's To Blame/ SLIM RHODES: Bad Girl/ Gonna Romp And Stomp/ Do What I Do/ Take And Give/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Fiddle Bop/ Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby/ RUDI RICHARDSON: Fool's Hall Of Fame/ Why Should I Cry/ BILLY RILEY: Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll/ I Want You Baby/ Pearly Lee/ Red Hot/ Rock With Me Baby/ Trouble Bound/ MACK SELF: Easy To Love/ Every Day/ WARREN SMITH: Black Jack David/ I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry/ Miss Froggie/ Rock & Roll Ruby/ So Long I'm Gone/ Ubangi Stomp/ WAKE & DICK: Bop Bop Baby/ Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby / JIM WILLIAMS: Please Don't Cry Over Me/ That Depends On You/ MAGGIE SUE WIMBERLEY: Daydreams Come True/ How Long/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: It's Me Baby/ Rockin' With My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15803 The Sun Singles, Vol 3 ● CD $99.98
4 discs, 101 tracks, 4 hrs., recommended
 First the good news: This third installment in Bear Family's projected five boxed set Sun Records collection is a beautifully produced as were the first two sets. It even reveals Sam Phillip's nose on the side of the box. I mention this for those of you who long to have ol' Sam starring out at you from a nearby shelf. The less good news is that it is clear as you listen to the many tracks offered here, recorded between 1957 and 1959, that the creative fires at the Memphis Recording Service are growing dimmer. The cuts by Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Ray Smith, and Roy Orbison are all truly delightful, of course, but there are fewer and fewer unexpected gems, and more and more tracks that sound imitative of styles founded elsewhere. But even this tamer Sun sound has its moments. Such moments on disc one include Home of the Blues by Johnny Cash, Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis, I Like Love by Roy Orbison, I Fell in Love by Warren Smith, Glad All Over by Carl Perkins, and Wouldn't You Know by Billy Riley. Disc two features Ten Years by Jack Clement, Memories of You by Magel Priesman, Guess Things Happen That Way by Johnny Cash, So Young by Ray Smith, and I Dig You Baby by Tommy Blake. Disc three offers Sally Jo by Rosco Gordon, Why Why Why by Ray Smith, I Just Thought You'd Like to Know by Johnny Cash, Today Is a Blue Day by Vernon Taylor, No Name Girl by Billy Riley, Sweet Sweet Girl by Warren Smith, and Tell 'em Off by Onie Wheeler. And disc four includes Lovin' Up a Storm by Jerry Lee Lewis, Sail Away by Ray Smith, I Forgot to Remember to Forget by Johnny Cash, Got the Water Boiling by Billy Riley, and Without a Love by Jimmy Isle. Still as solidly produced as such sets ever are, with another great booklet full of rare photos and intelligent commentary. Still interesting from a musical point of view. And I'm still going to buy this one myself. But, this installment in the Sun Singles saga is, alas, no longer truly "essential." (DH)
ALTON & JIMMY: Have Faith In My Love/ No More Crying The Blues/ TOMMY BLAKE: I Dig You Baby/ Sweetie Pie/ EDWIN BRUCE: Part Of My Life/ Sweet Woman/ SONNY BURGESS: Itchy/ My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ Sweet Misery/ Thunderbird/ JOHNNY CASH: Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/ Big River/ Come In Stranger/ Give My Love To Rose/ Home Of The Blues/ I Forgot To Remember To Forget/ I Guess Things Happen That Way/ I Just Thought You'd Like To Know/ It's Just About Time/ Katy Too/ Luther Played The Boogie/ Thanks A Lot/ The Ways Of A Woman In Love/ You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/ ERNIE CHAFFIN: Born To Lose/ Don't Ever Leave Me/ Miracle Of You/ My Love For You/ JACK CLEMENT: Ten Years/ The Black Haired Man/ Wrong/ Your Lover Boy/ SHERRY CRANE: Willie Willie/ Winnie The Parakeet/ GEORGE AND LEWIS: The Return Of Jerry Lee/ ROSCO GORDON: Sally Jo/ Torro/ RUDY GRAYZELL: I Think Of You/ Judy/ JIMMY ISLE: Diamond Ring/ I've Been Waitin'/ Time Will Tell/ Without A Love/ DICKEY LEE: Dreamy Nights/ Fool, Fool/ Good Lovin'/ Memories Never Grow Old/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Big Blon' Baby/ Break-up/ Breathless/ Down The Line/ Fools Like Me/ Great Balls Of Fire/ High School Confidential/ I'll Make It All Up To You/ I'll Sail My Ship Alone/ It Hurt Me So/ Let's Talk About Us/ Lewis Boogie/ Lovin' Up A Storm/ Talks About High School Confidential/ The Ballad Of Billy Joe/ You Win Again/ JERRY MCGILL: I Wanna Make Sweet Love/ Lovestruck/ ROY ORBISON: Chicken-hearted/ I Like Love/ DICK PENNER: Cindy Lou/ Your Honey Love/ CARL PERKINS: Glad All Over/ Lend Me Your Comb/ JOHNNY POWERS: Be Mine, All Mine/ With Your Love/ MAGEL PRIESMAN: I Feel So Blue/ Memories Of You/ BILLY RILEY: Baby Please Don't Go/ Down By The Riverside/ Got The Water Boiling/ No Name Girl/ One More Time/ Wouldn't You Know/ GENE SIMMONS: Drinkin' Wine/ I Done Told You/ RAY SMITH: Right Behind You Baby/ Rockin' Bandit/ Sail Away/ So Young/ Why, Why/ You Made A Hit/ WARREN SMITH: Goodbye Mr. Love/ I Fell In Love/ I've Got Love If You Want It/ Sweet, Sweet Girl/ SUNRAYS: Love Is A Stranger Bear15803/ The Lonely Hours Love Is A Stranger/ VERNON TAYLOR: Breeze/ Mystery Train/ Sweet And Easy To Love/ Today Is A Blue Day/ ONIE WHEELER: Jump Right Out Of This Juke Box/ Tell 'em Off

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15804 The Sun Singles, Vol 4 ● CD $99.98
Fourth volume in this series. Four CD box set with book covering the period 1959-1962 with recordings by Jerry Lee Lewis, Will Mercer, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Isle, Mack Owen, Sonny Wilson, Bobbie Jean, Tracy Pendarvis, Bille Strength, Roy Orbison and many others.
RAY B. ANTHONY: Alice Blue Gown/ St. Louis Blues/ RAYBURN ANTHONY: Big Dream/ How Well I Know/ There's No Tomorrow/ Whose Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet/ WADE CAGLE: Groovy Train/ Highland Rock/ JOHNNY CASH: Blue Train/ Born To Lose/ Down The Street To 301/ Goodbye Little Darlin'/ I Love You Because/ Life Goes On/ Mean Eyed Cat/ My Treasure/ Oh Lonesome Me/ Port Of Lonely Hearts/ Straight A's In Love/ Sugartime/ The Story Of A Broken Heart/ You Tell Me/ HAROLD DORMAN: I'll Stick By You/ In The Beginning/ Just One Step/ There They Go/ Uncle Jonah's Place/ Wait 'til Saturday Night/ DON HOSEA: Since I Met You/ Uh Huh Unh/ JIMMY ISLE: Together/ What A Life/ IRA JAY II: More Than Anything/ You Don't Love Me Anymore/ BOBBIE JEAN: Cheaters Never Win/ You Burned The Bridges/ BILL JOHNSON: Bad Times Ahead/ Bobaloo/ GEORGE KLEIN: U.t. Party (part 1)/ U.t. Party (part 2)/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: As Long As I Live/ Baby Baby Bye Bye/ Bonnie B/ Cold Cold Heart/ Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes/ How's My Ex Treating You/ I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You/ I've Been Twistin'/ It Won't Happen With Me/ John Henry/ Little Queenie/ Livin' Lovin' Wreck/ Love Made A Fool Of Me/ Money/ Old Black Joe/ Ramblin' Rose/ Save The Last Dance For Me/ Sweet Little Sixteen/ What'd I Say/ When I Get Paid/ WILL MERCER: Ballad Of St. Marks/ You're Just My Kind/ ROY ORBISON: Devil Doll/ Sweet And Easy To Love/ MACK OWEN: Somebody Just Like You/ Walkin' And Talkin'/ TRACY PENDARVIS: A Thousand Guitars/ Belle Of The Suwannee/ Eternally/ Is It Me/ Is It Too Late/ South Bound Line/ PAUL RICHEY: Broken Hearted Willie/ The Legend Of The Big Steeple/ LANCE ROBERTS: The Good Guy Always Wins/ The Time Is Right/ ROCKIN´ STOCKINS: Rockin'-lang-syne/ Yuleville Usa/ TONY ROSSINI: After School/ Darlena/ I Gotta Know/ Is It Too Late/ Just Around The Corner/ Well I Ask Ya/ BOBBY SHERIDAN: Red Man/ Sad News/ SHIRLEY SISK: I Forgot To Remember To Forget/ Other Side/ RAY SMITH: Candy Doll/ Hey, Boss Man/ I Won't Miss You/ Travlin' Salesman/ BILL STRENGTH: Guess I'd Better Go/ Senorita/ SONNY WILSON: I'm Gonna Take A Walk/ The Great Pretender/ ANITA WOOD: I Can't Show How I Feel/ I'll Wait Forever/ BOBBY WOOD: Everybody's Searching/ Human Emotions

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15805 The Sun Singles, Vol 5 ● CD $99.98
Four CD box set with book covering releases on Sun label from 1962 to 1968 and the recordings on Phillips International from 1957 to 1959.
BILLY ADAMS: Betty And Dupree/ Got My Mojo Workin'/ Lookin' For My Mary Ann/ Open The Door Richard/ Reconsider Baby/ Rock Me Baby/ Ruby Jane/ Trouble In Mind/ BROTHER JAMES ANDERSON: I'm Gonna Move In The Room With The Lord/ My Soul Needs Resting/ ERNIE BARTON: Raining The Blues/ Stairway To Nowhere/ BUDDY BLAKE: Please Convince Me/ You Pass Me By/ JOHNNY CARROLL: I'll Wait/ That's The Way I Love/ JOHNNY CASH: Belshazah/ Wide Open Road/ THE CLEMENT TRAVELERS: The Minstrel Show/ Three Little Guitars/ THE CLIMATES: Breaking Up Again/ No You For Me/ KEN COOK: Crazy Baby/ I Was A Fool/ JIMMY DEMOPOULOS: Hopeless Love/ If I Had My Way/ THE FOUR UPSETTERS: Crazy Arms/ Midnight Soiree/ Surfin' Calliope/ Wabash Cannonball/ GORGEOUS BILL: Carleen/ Too Late To Right My Wrong/ DAVID HOUSTON: Miss Brown/ Sherry's Lips/ THE JESTERS: Cadillac Man/ My Babe/ BILL JUSTIS & ORCHESTRA: Bop Train/ Cattywampus/ College Man/ Raunchy/ Scroungie/ String Of Pearls-cha Hot Cha (instrumental)/ Summer Holliday/ The Midnite Man/ The Stranger/ Wild Rice/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/ Good Golly, Miss Molly/ I Can't Trust Me (in Your Arms Anymore)/ I Know What It Means/ JERRY LEE & LINDA GAIL LEWIS: Seasons Of My Heart/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Teenage Letter/ LINDA GAIL LEWIS: Nothin' Shakin' (but The Leaves)/ Sittin' Thinkin'/ LOAD OF MISCHIEF: Back In My Arms Again/ I'm A Lover/ CARL MCVOY: Tootsie/ You Are My Sunshine/ MICKEY MILAN & BILL JUSTIS: Somehow Without You/ The Picture/ LEE MITCHELL & CURLY MONEY: A Little Blue Bird Told Me/ The Frog (instrumental)/ BILL PINKY & THE TURKS: After The Hop/ Sally's Got A Sister/ BARBARA PITTMAN: Cold Cold Heart/ Everlasting Love/ I'm Getting Better All The Time/ Two Young Fools In Love/ WAYNE POWERS: My Love Song/ Point Of View/ RANDY & RADIANTS: Mountain's High/ My Way Of Thinking/ Peek-a-boo/ Truth From My Eyes/ CHARLIE RICH: Philadelphia Baby/ Whirlwind/ TONY ROSSINI: Moved To Kansas City/ Nobody/ New Girl In Town/ You Make It Sound So Easy/ SMOKEY JOE: Listen To Me Baby/ Signifying Monkey/ DANE STINIT: Always On The Go/ Don't Knock What You Don't Understand/ Sweet Country Girl/ The Muddy Ole River (near Memphis, Tennessee)/ THE TEENANGELS: Ain't Gonna Let You (break My Heart)/ Tell Me My Love/ CLIFF THOMAS: I'm On My Way Home/ I'm The Only One/ Leave It To Me/ Sorry I Lied/ Tidewind/ Treat Me Right/ HAYDEN THOMPSON: Love My Baby/ One Broken Heart/ BILL YATES: Big Big World/ I Dropped My M & M's/ Don't Step On My Dog/ Stop, Wait And Listen

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15806 The Sun Singles, Vol. 6 ● CD $99.98
4 CD set with book. The sixth and final volume in this series documenting all the singles issued on the Sun family of labels. This set features all the singles issued on Phillips International between 1959 and 1963 including sides by Charlie Rich, Carl Mann, Bill Justis, Sonny Burgess, Barbara Pittman, The Hawk (Jerry Lee Lewis), Thomas Wayne, Frank Frost and others.
ERNIE BARTON: Open The Door Richard/ Shut Your Mouth/ BOBBIE & BOYS: These Silly Blues/ To Tell The Truth/ SONNY BURGESS: A Kiss Goodnite/ Sadie's Back In Town/ EDDIE BUSH: Baby I Don't Care/ Vanished/ JEAN DEE: My Greatest Hurt/ Nothing Down (99 Years To Pay)/ FRANK FROST: Crawlback (instrumental)/ Jelly Roll King/ THE HAWK: I Get The Blues When It Rains (instrumental)/ In The Mood/ DON HINTON: Honey Bee/ Jo Ann/ DAVID HOUSTON: Miss Brown/ Sherry's Lips/ EDWIN HOWARD: Forty-'leven Times/ More Pretty Girls Than One/ JIMMY JOHNSON & AL CASEY: How About Me, Pretty Baby/ BILL JUSTIS & ORCHESTRA: Cloud Nine/ Flea Circus/ JIMMY LOUIS: Gone And Left Me Blues/ Your Fool/ CARL MANN: Born To Be Bad/ Foolish One/ I Ain't Got No Home/ I Can't Forget/ I'm Coming Home/ If I Could Change You/ Mona Lisa/ Mountain Dew/ Pretend/ Rockin' Love/ Some Enchanted Evening/ South Of The Border/ Wayward Wind/ When I Grow Too Old To Dream/ MEMPHIS BELLS & SHIRLEY: Snow Job (instrumental)/ The Midnight Whistle (instrumental)/ JEANNE NEWMAN: Thanks A Lot/ The Boy I Met Today/ FREDDIE NORTH: Don't Make Me Cry/ Someday She'll Come Along/ BARBARA PITTMAN: Handsome Man/ The Eleventh Commandment/ THE QUINTONES: Softie (instrumental)/ Times Sho' Gettin' Ruff (instrumental)/ NELSON RAY: You're Everything/ You've Come Home/ CHARLIE RICH: Big Man/ Caught In The Middle/ Everything I Do Is Wrong/ Finally Found Out/ Gonna Be Waitin'/ I Need Your Love/ I've Got It Made/ It's Too Late/ Just A Little Bit Sweet/ Lonely Weekends/ Midnite Blues/ On My Knees/ Rebound/ School Days/ Sittin' And Thinkin'/ Stay/ There's Another Place I Can't Go/ Who Will The Next Fool Be/ MACK SELF: Mad At You/ Willie Brown/ JIMMY SPELLMAN: It's You, You/ DANNY STEWART: I'll Change My Ways/ Somewhere Along The Line/ JEB STUART: Coming Down With The Blues/ Dream/ I Betcha Gonna Like It/ Little Miss Love/ Sunny Side Of The Street/ Take A Chance/ I Ain't Never/ In Love Again/ BRAD SUGGS: 706 Union (instrumental)/ Cloudy (instrumental)/ Elephant Walk (instrumental)/ I Walk The Line (instrumental)/ Like, Catchin' Up (instrumental)/ Low Outside (instrumental)/ My Gypsy (instrumental)/ Ooh Wee/ Partly Cloudy (instrumental)/ Sam's Tune/ THOMAS WAYNE: I've Got It Made/ The Quiet Look/ MIKKI WILCOX: I Know What It Means/ Willing And Waiting/ DAVID WILKINS: Thanks A Lot/ There's Something About You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 15950 The Lin/ Kliff Story ● CD $99.98
4 CD box set with book. The Lin & Kliff labels were started in Gainesville, Texas in the early 50's by a local radio station manager, Joe M. Leonard, Jr. Like most labels that released rockabilly, they started off with C&W but soon jumped on the Presley bandwagon, releasing some great rockers along the way. Unfortunately this isn't a "hits" collection. More than 100 tracks featuring Buck Griffin, Andy Starr, jerry Fuller, Ray Ruff, David Ray and many more.
DON ALEXANDER: Special Kind Of Loving/ GENE ARMSTRONG: Lonely Hours/ Pecosita (freckle-face)(& Frank Dove)/ THE ATMOSPHERES: Caravan/ Kabalo/ Telegraph/ The Fickle Chicken/ J.B. BRINKLEY: Guitar Smoke/ I'll Be Your Baby/ PAUL BUSKIRK: Chapel Of My Heart/ Wasted Love/ Do You Remember?/ Loser/ THE CHUCK-A-LUCKS: Disc Jockey Fever/ The Devil's Train/ The Magic Of First Love/ Who Am I?/ KEN COPELAND: Fanny Brown/ I Want To Go Steady With You/ Locked In The Arms Of Love/ Love Only Me/ Pledge Of Love/ Someone To Love Me/ Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ You're Getting The Idea/ LARRY & LOUIS CRABB: Just Give Me Time/ My Louisiana Home/ Please Pardon My Tears/ You Are Still In My Heart/ DON CURTIS: My Little Girl/ Rough Tough Man/ DUNCAN: Doodle, Death Row/ DOODLE DUNCAN: Late In The Evening/ FOUR MINTS: (don't Leave Me) Alone/ THE FOUR MINTS: Busy Body Rock/ Little Mama Tree Top/ Night Air/ Until You're Mine/ JERRY FULLER: A Certain Smile/ Angel From Above/ Blue Memories/ Do You Love Me/ I Found A New Love/ Lipstick And Rouge/ Mother Goose At The Bandstand/ Teenage Love/ The Door Is Open/ Through Eternity/ JOHNNY GOLD: Because I Love You/ The Richest Man Alive/ BUCK GRIFFIN: Bawlin' And Squallin' (over You)/ Cochise/ It Don't Make No Never Mind/ Jessie Lee/ Let's Elope Baby/ Lookin' For The Green/ Meadowlark Boogie/ Stutterin' Papa/ TRELLA HART: Fools/ Going Home, All Alone/ DIXON HOLMAN: Golden Grain/ WAYNE JETTON: A Crazy Mind Plus A Foolish Heart/ Somebody's Girl/ NORA JOHNSTON: Music Box Lullaby/ Somewhere Angels Are Smiling/ THE JOKERS: Blue Moonbeam/ Dogfight/ BUTCH MCCLAREY: Now I Know/ BUTCH MCCLEARY: Rockin' Hall/ WOODY MITCHELL: She's Somebody's Mother/ The Prisoner's Farewell/ BILL PECK: And So It Goes/ Do You Know/ DAVID RAY: (love You, Baby) All The Time/ I Am A Fool/ Jitterbugging Baby/ Lonesome Baby Blues/ Lonesome Baby Blues/ Lonesome Feeling/ Too Fast, Too Wild/ Why Can't You And I/ RAMONA REDD: Give Me Your Heart/ Rendezvous/ MARGEE ROBINSON: Hurt Me/ Show Me The Way (to Your Heart)/ RAY RUFF: A Fool Again/ Angel Blue/ Beatle Maniacs/ I Took A Liking To You/ In Dreamland/ My Girlfriend's Car/ Pledge Of Love/ MERLE SHELTON: Chilena/ I Love You Just Because/ BILL SIMPSON: Jelly Roll Man/ Old Man Mose/ ANDY STARR: Do It Right/ Rockin' Rollin' Stone/ Round And Round/ The Dirty Bird Song/ THE STRIKES: Come Back To Me/ I Do/ If You Can't Rock Me (alt.)/ My Poor Heart/ BILL STUBBLEFIELD: Suez/ Whistling Rock And Roll/ BILL SWITZER: I'm Running For Your Heart/ Little Red Bird/ R. WOLFE TANNER: A Twist Of Lemon/ BOB TANNER COMBO: Dark Eyes/ Lonely Rhapsody/ DON TERRY: Knee Shakin'/ She Giggles/ VIRGINIA THOMPSON: Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt/ THE TU-TONES: Saccharin Sally/ Still In Love With You/ HONEE WELCH: Angels Can Lie/ I'm Gonna Try (to Steal Her)/ It Must Be Love/ It's Me Girl/ Why Did She Leave/ Woman Child/ STEVE WRIGHT: Far And Distant Lands/ Wild, Wild Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16272 The Porter Records Story ● CD $21.98
BILLY ADAMS: You Heard Me Knocking/ MARK ANTHONY: Wolf Call/ THE CHAMBERLAIN BROS: Cry Blue Baby/ DON COLE: Beulah Mae/ WARD DARBY: Crazy/ Peepin' John/ THE I.V. LEAGUERS: Ring Chimes/ RUSTY ISABELL: Jaybi/ Little Miss Butte/ Slinky/ Yi Yi/ FRANKIE LOREN: Everyone Will Know/ Hip Monkey/ The Wonderful Way/ PETE PEPPER: Cherry Cherry Red/ Purple People Eater, Eater/ You're My Girl/ FRANK PORTER: Ring The Wedding Bells/ THE RIO ROCKERS: Mexicali Baby/ Mexican Rock And Roll/ THE ROCKS: Satelite/ RED "HOT" RUSSELL: Pedro Joe/ Stop/ RANDY STEVENS: There Goes My Heart/ THE TADS: Glowing Moon/ Hey Little Girl/ Mixed Up Mama/ THE THIRTYTHREES: No One In My Heart But You/ True Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16296 The Sarg Records Story ● CD $129.98
Four CD box set with 60 page book
H. BENNETSEN & THE SOUTHERNAIRS: Six More Days/ GLENN BLAND & RHYTHM KINGS: Mean Gene/ When My Baby Please By/ H. BOAZEMAN & CIRCLE C BAND: No Love In You/ Someone You Used To Know/ LINK DAVIS: Big Houston/ Cockroach/ THE DOWNBEATS: Darling Of Mine/ Down The Aisle/ I Couldn't See/ I Need Your Love/ Oh, Please/ Run To Me, Baby/ This Woman I Love/ You Did Me Wrong/ JIMMY DRY: I'm Just A Stand-in/ EDDY DUGOSH: Bad Luck Come My Way/ Don't You Realize/ Strange Kinda Feeling/ There Is No Need/ DICK FAGAN: Nothing Really Shakes Me/ This Lonesome Road/ I Got A Ticket/ I Got A Ticket (demo)/ I Gotta Learn/ JIMMY FARMER: Long Black Train/ FIDDLIN' WILLIE & OZARK PALS: Down In Brazos Valley/ Our Secret Rendezvous/ EARL GILLIAM & LUCIAN DAVIS: Don't Make Me Late, Baby/ Nobody's Blues/ Petite Baby/ Wrong Doing Woman/ JACK HILL: Don't Deny My Love/ That's All I Need/ ADOLPH HOFNER: Bandera Waltz/ I Get So Lonesome (since You're Gone)/ Julida Polka/ Milk Cow Blues/ Pipeliner Blues/ Pistol Packin' Mama/ Rockin' And A-boppin'/ The Tickle-toe Song/ D. & M. ISBELL: Let's Do It Up Brown/ No Longer Afraid/ Satisfied Or Sorry/ RICK JOHNSON: Let's Live For The Future/ My Pretty Cherie/ LITTLE DOUG & THE BANDITS: A Real American Joe/ Rollin' Rollin'/ PEE WEE MAPLES: Now, How You/ CHET MCINTYRE: I'm Gonna Rock With My Baby Tonight/ THE MEDALLIONS: I Love You True/ My Baby's Gone/ NEAL MERRITT: (little) Coquette/ Don't Go Tellin' Lies On Me/ I Gave You A Ring/ Korean Love Song/ Sweeping Up The Ashes (of Our Love)/ There's An Hour To Every Minute/ There's An Hour To Every Minute/ THE MIDNIGHTERS: I Get The Blues/ Rockin' Romance/ Take A Message, Darling/ Yes Baby, I'm Scared/ THE MOODS: Let Me Have Your Love/ Little Alice/ Rockin' Santa Claus/ CECIL MOORE: (i Lost My) Little Baby/ Diamond Back/ Moonshine/ Stormy/ Walkin' Fever/ My Money's Gone/ WILLIE NELSON: The Storm Has Just Begun/ When I've Sang My Last Hillbilly Song/ LARRY NOLEN: High And Dry/ Hillbilly Love Affair/ I Need You Now/ The Bandit/ THE NOTES: G.i. Blues/ ARNOLD PARKER & THE SOUTHERNAIRS: Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away/ AL PARSONS: Darling, I Still/ I Got You Where I Want You/ Why Can't You Be True/ You've Done Her Wrong/ Memories Of Yesterday/ Wait For Me Baby/ GLEN PAUL & THE SUNSET WRANGLERS: I'm Broke/ HERBY SHOZEL: I Can't Believe It's True/ I Traded A Broken Heart/ You Better Believe It/ You're Gonna Pay/ I Got Fooled/ I Suppose/ You Ain't Foolin' Me/ THE SOUNDS: Charlie Chan/ Tell Me, Baby/ JEFF STONE: Everybody Rock/ The Clown/ FLOYD TILLMAN: Baby, I Just Want/ PECK TOUCHTON: I'm Just A Standby/ My Baby Ain't Around/ Then I Found You/ You've Changed Your Tune/ AL URBAN: Gonna Be Better Times/ I Don't Want To Be Alone/ Lookin' For Money/ Street Of Memories/ The Last Heartache/ Won't Tell You Her Name/ COYE WILCOX: Bird's Nest On The Ground/ Don't Take My Love


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