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DON RADER & THE FIVE STARS Gee-Dee 270115 Detroit Rockabilly Man ● CD $18.98
22 tracks from Detroit rockabilly and country singer Rader featuring sides from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 90s. Rader is pretty lightweight as a rockabilly singer and downright mediocre as a country singer. There are few pretty hot sides (Rockin' The Blues/ My baby's Still Rockin') but most of it is unexceptional.

MARVIN RAINWATER Bear Family BCD 15812 Whole Lotta Woman ● CD $21.98
26 tracks, 58 min., recommended
If the four CD Rainwater boxed set that Bear Family has out is too much for your appetite or your budget, this single disc collection may do the trick. But, be forewarned, the operative subtitle here is "Rockin' Rollin' Rainwater" because the program is packed with uptempo numbers, like the title track, I Dig You Baby, Baby Don't Go, Hot and Cold, Dance Me Daddy, Love Me Baby (Like There's No Tomorrow), Young Girls, Tough Top Cat, and (There's A) Honky Tonk in Your Heart. I think you get the idea. If you're looking for Gonna Find Me a Bluebird, this is not the place to find it. But if you're a fan of country jump tunes, you'll feel right at home here. And, as you might expect with Bear Family, production values are high in all respects. (DH)

BOOTS RANDOLPH Bear Family BCD 15459 Yakety Sax ● CD $21.98
26 tracks recorded for RCA between 1958 and 1960 by Nashville's most popular sax player. Mostly instrumental along with a couple of dispensable vocals. Includes the title hit + percolator/ hey Elvis/ I'm getting The Message Baby/ Big daddy/ Greenback Dollar/ Red Light/ Temptation

RARE BREED Collectables 580 Super K Kollection ● CD $11.98

THE RASCALS Rhino 71031 Anthology: 1965-1972 ● CD $25.98

THE RASCALS Rhino 71277 The Very Best Of The Rascals ● CD $8.98
16 tracks, 48 min., recommended The (Young) Rascals fusion of rock and soul, led by Felix Cavaliere and his Hammond B-3, has aged well, and for the most part still feels fresh and full of energy--of course, it doesn't hurt to have recorded for a label that provided supporting musicians such as King Curtis, The Sweet Inspirations, and Hurbert Laws. But for those who still don't want to spring for the 2 CD box set, Rhino offers this one volume package of their Atlantic material from 1965-71 that contains everything that made the Top 40 and adds 2 others that nearly made it. Good Lovin'/ Groovin'/ People Got To Be Free all reached #1. Aside from the nearly charming It's Wonderful, their foray into psychedelia, "Once Upon A Dream", has been left undisturbed. The cost effective way to go. (JC)

DAVID RAY Collectables 5770 Jitterbuggin' Baby ● CD $11.98
12 cuts from Oklahoma rockabilly/ country performer - 8 from the 50s (4 previously unissued) and 4 recorded in 1993.

JOHNNIE RAY Bear Family BCD 15450 Cry ● CD $21.98
Before Elvis Presley there was Johnnie Ray - a young white singer strongly influenced by black blues and rhythm and blues who performed his material in an emotional and uninhibited manner. Although producer Mitch Miller sanitized Ray's music for an early 50s pop audience with orchestras and choruses the basic power of Ray's singing still shines through. This disc is a fine cross section of Ray's recordings for Okeh and Columbia between 1951 and 1960 though unlike some Bear Family productions is not quite the definitive collection it could be as it leaves out his important first recording Whiskey & Gin and such early hits as Please Mr Sun/ Walkin' My Baby Back Home and All Of Me. We do however get both sides of his monster first hit Cry/ The Little White Cloud That Cried which also went to number 1 in the rhythm & blues charts. Included are his provocative (for the time) Such A Night, some fine versions of blues and R&B songs - Flip, Flop & Fly/ Just Walkin' In The Rain (his biggest hit) /How Long, How Long Blues/ Endlessly along with pop standards, country songs, duets with Frankie Laine and Doris Day and even a version of Sister Rosetta Tharpes' Up Above My Head. Sound quality is, of course, superb and there is a 24 page booklet with biographical information, much of it based on an interview with Johnnie, photos and discography of all the tracks on the disc. This is not really rock 'n roll but with stripped down production it most certainly would be. It's futile but interesting to speculate what would have happened if Johnnie's recordings had been produced by Sam Phillips rather than Mitch Miller! Johnnie died early a few years ago - another loss of a pioneering performer whose importance deserves re-evaluation. (FS)

JOHNNIE RAY Bear Family BCD 15666 Live At The London Palladium ● CD $21.98
Immensely popular from the early to mid-50's, Johnny "Cry Guy" Ray was among the first of the pop crooners to adopt an enthusiastic stage persona, disposing of the reserved attitude characterized by Perry Como and others. And while fans of rock and roll will likely find him to be timid and tame, audiences like the one at The London Palladium on April 5, 1954 thought he was a wild man. This CD reissue of the original British Phillips LP includes the hit Walkin' My Baby Back Home/ Glad Rag Doll/ I'm Gonna Walk And Talk With My Lord/ With These Hands/ Cry/ A Hundred Years From Today and 5 others. The 20-page booklet filled with vintage photos and NME articles is at least as much fun as the music. 32 minutes. (JC)

JOHNNIE RAY Bear Family BCD 16285 Cry ● CD $149.98
First of two box sets documenting the Columbia (and affiliated labels) recordings of this fine and important artist who, in the early 50s, did for pop music what Elvis later did for country music - he had an extrovert and strongly sexual on stage presence and was inspired by black blues and jazz singing. He was held back by his private life and emotional problems and being given increasingly vacuous material to record. This five CD set and hard bound book features everything he recorded for Okah and Columbia between 1951 and '56 including duets with Frankie Lane and Doris Day, live shows and several unissued cuts.

JOHNNIE RAY Bear Family BCD 16319 Yes, Tonight Josephine ● CD $149.98
Five CD box set.

THE REAL KIDS Norton ED 222 The Real Kids ● CD $14.98

THE REAL KIDS Norton CED 231 Grown Up Wrong ● CD $14.98
24 tracks,70 m.,good 24 live tracks, featuring Boston's hard rockin' Real Kids, taken from a live '78 radio broadcast (good sound quality), a '78 club date at Rochester's Penny Arcade (poor quality), a pair of tunes from '77 at CBGB's (fair) and a '76 gig at the Rat in Bosstown. Unlike most 70's punk bands, the Real Kids had one foot firmly in the 60's, as attested by their choice of covers like the Beau Brummel's Don't Talk To Strangers and the Stones' Grown Up Wrong (and even the 50's rockabilly of Eddie Cochran's Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie ). They rock like demons on tunes like Bad To Worse , Do The Boob , All Night Boppin' , Hit You Hard and their masterpiece All Kindsa Girls , all powered by John Felice's growl and staccato guitar work. The mid-paced Common At Noon is also brilliant but must have been even better as a studio cut. Fans of the Ramones, Flamin' Groovies and MC5 should check it out.... AE

TEDDY REDELL Collector 4470 Young And Still Young ● CD $16.98

THE REGENTS Collectables 5403 Barbara Ann ● CD $13.98

REPARATA & THE DELRONS Collectables 527 Whenever A Teenager Cries - A Golden Classics Edition ● CD $11.98
REPARATA & THE DELRONS: A Song For All/ Bye Bye Baby/ Dedicated To the One I Love/ Do Wah Diddy/ Do You Remember When/ He's My Guy/ He's the Greatest/ I Have A Boyfriend/ If I Fall/ In My Diary/ Love For You and Me/ Shoes (Johnny &Louise)/ Summer Thoughts/ That's How It All Began/ The Loneliest Girl In Town/ Tommy/ Whenever A Teenager Cries/ Why Do You Love

REPERATA & THE DELRONS Evergreen 2691724 Rock & Roll Revolution ● CD $18.98
Collection of sides from the 60s and 70s by Brooklyn girl group trio best known for their hit Whenever A Teenager Cries which is included here along with 29 other tracks including Tommy/ I Met Him On A Sunday/ Be My Baby/ Please Love Me Forever. Dedicated To the One I Love/ Every Beat Of My Heart/ Shoes/ Lollipop/ Mr. Lee/ Till and others.

JODY REYNOLDS Buffalo Bop 55160 Endless Sleep ● CD $21.98
33 tracks by this rocker who is best known his giant 1958 hit Endless Sleep which is included here along with many of his other singles and a whole slew of originally unissued tracks which first surfaced on a 1994 CD on Gee-Dee. A mix of rockers, ballads and a few fine instrumentals. Includes Beaulah Lee/ Fire Of Love/ A Tear For Jesse/ Jeannie Mae/ (Evil Hearted Me) Downright Evil/ Shot Down/ Closin' In/ Runaway Heart/ Don't Jump/ Silhouettes/ All Washed Up, etc. Includes 16 page booklet with photos, label shots, biography and discography.

JODY REYNOLDS Gee-Dee 270106 Endless Sleep ● CD $23.98
25 tracks, 58 min., good
An interesting but not entirely satisfying look at the recording career of one of the late 50's one hit wonders. Jody Reynolds hit the charts in a big way with his first record, Endless Sleep in 1958, and then pretty much dropped from sight in spite of six other records for his original label, Demon, plus one for Indigo. The surprise on this German disc is that only seven of the available 14 Demon sides are included in the play list including the title tune, Beulah Lee, Tight Capris, The Fire of Love, and Daisy Mae. Most of the rest of the numbers sound like inferior quality home recordings in which Reynolds tries his hand at other singers' hits, with the other singer usually being Elvis Presley. Among those poor sounding numbers are I'm Left You're Right She's Gone, How's the World Treating You, Baby Let's Play House, Anyway You Want Me. The Demon material is generally pretty good, but the covers, even if you forgive the sound quality, are second and occasionally third rate. (DH)

JODY REYNOLDS Tru-Gems 1101 Endless... The Legendary Jody Reynolds ● CD $17.98
2 CDs, 53 tracks, 145 min, very good
This set is frustrating. Jody got into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame last year, & his manager put out this 2 CD set of tunes recorded between 1958 & 1980. Problem is, the tunes aren't annotated, can't tell when anything was released or who plays on 'em, & there's a lot of tunes with muffled sound quality which may be demos. His classic Endless Sleep is here, as well as the often covered Fire of Love, there's a couple tunes with Bobbie Gentry from '64, 3 years before Ode To Billy Joe, a couple instrumentals with Les Paul & Jimmy Bryant, but not when they were recorded. Most of the tunes are rockin' country & country pop, without a whole lotta rockabilly. Still, there's a lot of good stuff here, only wish I knew more about it! (GM)

CHARLIE RICH Bear Family BCD 16152 The Sun Years, 1958-1963 ● CD $84.98
3 CD box set with book featuring a comprehensive look at the Sun/ Phillips recordings from 1958 to 1962 of this brilliant and versatile singer, songwriter and piano player whose repertoire includes rock 'n roll, blues, country, pop and jazz. CD 1 features all his originally issued Sun and Phillips International singles and LP tracks such as Lonely Weekends/ Who Will The Next Fool Be/ Break Up / Rebound/ Sittin' & Thinkin' and Midnite Blues and also includes undubbed versions of Whirlwind/ It's Too Late and Come Back. CD 2 features 29 originally unissued Phillips International recordings including unissued songs and alternative takes of songs like Lonely Weekends/ Rebound/ Everything I Do Is Wrong/Stay and Big Man. CD 3 features 33 demos, many never issued before, including recently discovered titles like Deep Freeze and The Loneliest Days and the original versions of There Won't Be Anymore/ Right Behind You Baby/ Sail Away and Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave. Of the 93 cuts on this set more than 40 have never been issued before! Also included are snippets of studio chatter and false stars. Come with 44 page book written by Hank Davis including material drawn from recent interviews with Charlie's wife Margaret Ann and various Sun musicians. Lots of rare and previously unpublished photos and full discographical information. (FS)
CHARLIE RICH: Ain't It A Shame/ Apple Blossom Time/ Baby I Need You/ Baby I Need You/ Big Man/ Big Man (alt.)/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Break Up/ C.C. Rider/ Caught In The Middle/ Charlie's Boogie/ Cloud Nine/ Come Back (undubbed)/ Deep Freeze/ Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave/ Donna Lee/ Easy Money/ Every Day/ Everyday/ Everything I Do Is Wrong/ Everything I Do Is Wrong (alt)/ Finally Found Out/ Gentle As A Lamb/ Gonna Be Waitin'/ Goodbye Mary Ann/ Graveyardville (instr.)/ How Blue Can You Be/ I Love No One But You/ I Need Your Love/ I Need Your Love (alt.)/ I Said Baby Give In/ I'm Making Plans/ I've Lost My Heart To You/ It Hurt Me So/ It's Too Late/ It's Too Late (undubbed)/ Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair/ Juanita/ Juicehead Baby/ Just A Little Bit Sweet/ Life Is A Flower/ Little Woman Friend Of Mine/ Little Woman Friend Of Mine (intro)/ Lonely Hurt/ Lonely Weekends/ Lonely Weekends (alt.)/ Lonely Weekends (master)/ Midnite Blues/ My Baby Done Left Me/ My Baby Done Left Me/ My Heart Cries For You/ Now Everybody Knows/ Oh Lonely Days/ On My Knees/ Philadelphia Bay/ Popcorn Polly/ Portrait Of My Love/ Rebound/ Rebound (1)/ Rebound (2)/ Rebound (intro)/ Red Man/ Right Behind You Baby/ Sad News (instrumental)/ Sail Away/ Sail Away/ School Days/ School Days (undubbed)/ Sittin' And Thinkin'/ Sittin' And Thinkin'/ Stay/ Stay/ Stay/ Stop Fakin' Your Love (alt.)/ Stop Thief/ Thanks A Lot/ That's How Much I Love You/ That's Rich/ The Loneliest Days/ The Ways Of A Woman In Love/ The Wedding Is Over/ There Won't Be Anymore/ There's Another Place I Can't Go/ Time And Again/ Time's A-Wasting/ Too Many Tears/ Unchained Melody/ Untitled Instrumental/ What's My Name/ Whirlwind/ Whirlwind (undubbed Version)/ Who Will The Next Fool Be/ Within/ Yes Ma'am/ You Made A Hit

DON RICH Jin 9050 She's My Lady ● CD $15.98

THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Verve 847 248-2 Unchained Melody - Very Best Of The Righteous Brothers ● CD $13.98
12 hits from the Bros. - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/ Unchained Melody/ Soul And Inspiration/ Little Latin Lupe Lu/ On This Side Of Goodbye and 7 more - half of these were produced by Phil Spector! Minimal packaging and no notes, which seems a little chintzy for the price, but that's life. (MB)


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