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THE PALADINS Alligator 4762 Years Since Yesterday CD $16.98
10 tracks by 1988's roots rock rulers.

THE PALADINS Alligator 4782 Let's Buzz CD $16.98
1990 album from roots rockers - Follow Your Heart/ Let's Buzz/ Mercy/ What Side Of The Door Am In On, etc.

KENNY PARCHMAN Hydra 27125 I Feel Like Rockin' CD $21.98
28 tracks from fine Tennessee rocker Kenny Parchman who recorded quite a few titles for Sun without having any issued though two of his best I Feel Like Rockin' and Love Crazy Baby were originally planned to be issued as Sun 252. This set includes at least one take of all his Sun recordings including Treat Me Right/ Get It Off You Mind/ Don't You KNow/ You Call Everybody Darling, etc. along with his obscure singles recorded for Jaxon, Lu and Spectrum. There are also four songs from an unknown date featuring Kenny overdubbing all the instrumetation and eight tracks from a live club date in 1975 at the Pinridge Club in Jackson, Tennessee featuring Kenny with a smm group doing songs like One Night/ Johnny B. Goode/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ Shake Rattle & Roll and others. Includes 16 page booklet with notes, pictures and discography.
KENNY PARCHMAN: Always Thinking/ Arkansas Twist/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ Don't You Know/ Don't You Know (what's The Reason)/ Get It Off Your Mind/ Get It Off Your Mind (alt. Vers. 1)/ Honky Tonk (instr.)/ I Feel Like Rockin' (vers. 1)/ I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/ I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry/ In The Mood (instr.)/ Johnny B. Goode/ Love Crazy (vers. 1)/ Love Crazy (vers. 2)/ Love Crazy (vers. 3)/ Memphis, Tennessee/ One Night/ Sattellite Hop (instr.)/ Shake, Rattle & Roll/ Tennessee Zip/ Treat Me Right/ Treat Me Right (alt. Vers. 1)/ Treat Me Right (alt. Vers. 2)/ When The Saints Go Marching In/ You Call Everybody Darlin' (vers. 1)/ You Call Everybody Darlin' (vers. 2)/ Your Cheating Heart

JIMMY PATTON Star Club 506009 Yah! I'm Movin CD $21.98
25 rockabilly and country sides by this singer from Oklahoma.
JIMMY PATTON: Apartment # 9/ April Fool's Day/ Big Blue Diamonds/ Blue Darlin/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Brush Me From Your Shoes/ Can't Bear The Thought Of Losin/ Careful/ Going Home With The Blues/ Guilty/ I'm Not Chuckin/ Let Me Slide/ Love Come Back To Me/ Make Room For The Blues/ Okie's In The Pokie/ Out Of My Life/ Pick Me Up On Your Way Down/ Ragged But Right/ Red Necks White Sox Blue Ribbon Beer/ Sawmill/ Texas Are Going Up Again/ What Will I Do/ White Lightning/ Worst Of Luck/ Yah I'm Movin

PAUL & PAULA Black Tulip 2636409 Hey Paula! CD $17.98
31 tracks, 72 min., recommended
A generous slice of the hit and post-hit work of this early 60's white duo, opening with their well known solo hit from 1963, the title track here. Subsequent numbers are a mix of covers of 50's hits and popish attempts to recreate the sound of that one hit. Featured tracks, in addition to the aforementioned hit, include Pledging My Love, My Happiness, Come Softly to Me, You Send Me, Young Lovers, We Go Together, Blue Roller Rink, So Fine, School is Thru, We'll Never Break Up For Good, Stepping Stone, and Gee Baby. Nicely sung and produced music throughout, most of it in the vein of the more polished and polite rock and roll that had become the norm by the early 60's . Sound quality is above reproach, and there are no notes at all. (DH)
PAUL & PAULA: A Perfect Pair/ All The Love/ Average Boy And Average Girl/ Ba Hey Bee/ Blue Roller Rink/ Come Softly To Me/ Crazy Little Things/ Dear Paula/ Don't Let It End/ First Day Back At School/ First Quarrel/ Flipped Over You/ Gee Baby/ Hey Baby/ Hey Paula/ Love Comes Once/ My Happiness/ Oh What A Love/ Pleding My Love/ School Is Thru/ So Fine/ Something Old Something New/ Stepping Stone/ Sweet Baby/ The Beginning Of Love/ Two People In The World/ We Go Together/ We Two Forever Shall Be One/ We'll Never Break Up For Good/ You Send Me/ Young Lovers

THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY Sundazed 11144 Living Dream - The Best Of CD $16.98
20 tracks, 66 min, recommended
The PBC was a LA-based group that sounded a lot like very early Jefferson Airplane (think "Blues From An Airplane") or Spanky & Our Gang, with folk-like harmony vocals, trippy lyrics & some hot guitar. This has tracks from their two Columbia LPs, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading from '67, produced by Gary Usher, & The Great Conspiracy from '68 produced by Jerry Fuller, along with some non-LP single sides & even a couple unreleased cuts. 12 pg booklet with an excellent history of the band by Mike Staxx including current interviews with band members, as well as pics & posters. In slip-covered cover. Titles include Why Did I Get So High, Twice Is Life, Turn On A Friend (To The Good Life), Captain Sandwich.. (GM)

PAUL PEEK Eagle 90123 Rockin' Through The Teenage Years CD $18.98
30 tracks by singer/ guitarist who spent a while as rhythm guitarist with Gene Vincent's famed Blue Caps
PAUL PEEK: A Miss Is As Good As A Mile/ Be Bop A Lula (television Vers.)/ Brother-in-law (he's A Moocher)/ Comin' Home In The Morning/ Gee But I Miss That Girl/ Hurtin' Inside/ I'm A Happy Man/ I'm Movin' Uptown/ I'm Not Your Fool Anymore/ If/ Lotta Lovin' (television Vers.)/ Olds-mo-william/ Olds-mo-william (television Vers.)/ Pin The Tail On The Donkey/ Rockin' Pneumonia And Boogie Woogie Flu/ Roll Over Beethoven (television Vers.)/ Short Shortnin'/ Sweet Skinny Jenny/ The Good Of Love/ The Riddle Of The Papahoos/ The Rock-a-round/ The Shadow Knows/ Through The Teenage Years/ Waikiki Beach/ Walkin' The Floor Over You/ Watermelon/ When You Hurt Me I Cry/ Where There's A Will (there's A Way)/ You're Just In Love/ Young Hearts

TRACY PENDARVIS Buffalo Bop 55054 A Thousand Guitars CD $19.98
TRACEY PENDARVIS: A Thousand Guitars/ A Thousand Guitars (alternate version)/ All You Gotta Do/ Beat It/ Belle Of The Suwannee (alternate stereo ver.)/ Belle Of The Swannee/ Bop A Cha/ Cha Baby/ Crazy Baby/ Drift In Dreams/ Eternally/ First Love/ Get It/ Girl In My Home Town/ Give Me Lovin'/ Hard Luck/ I Feel A Tear Drop/ I Need Somebody/ Is It Me/ Is It Too Late/ It Don't Pay/ It's Too Late/ Just Call On Me/ My Girl Josephine/ One Of These Days/ Philadelphia Filly/ Please Be Mine Hypnotized/ School Days/ So Tenderly/ South Bound Line/ South Bound Line (alternate stereo version)/ Uh Huh, Oh Yeah/ Weird Feeling

CARL PERKINS Bear Family BCD 15246 Up Through The Years, 1954-57 CD $21.98
Rockabilly as it was meant to be heard - 24 Sun classics by one of the fathers of rockabilly with tremendous punch, presence and clarity which shows just what can be done with compact discs if you try. We can really hear the vibrancy of Carl's vocals, the jangle of his guitar and the thundering slapped bass of Clayton Perkins. Tracks are featured in chronological order and include Honky Tonk Gal/ Turn Around/ Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Tennessee/ All Mama's Children/ Dixie Fried/ You Can Do No Wrong/ Your True Love/ Put Your Cat Clothes On (with great piano by a certain Mr J. L. Lewis)/ Pink Pedal Pushers/ Lend Me Your Comb/ Right String Baby and all the other gems. (FS)
CARL PERKINS: All Mama's Children/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Boppin' The Blues/ Dixie Fried/ Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby/ Glad All Over/ Gone, Gone, Gone/ Honey Don't/ Honky Tonk Gal/ I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry/ Lend Me Your Comb/ Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing/ Matchbox/ Movie Magg/ Only You/ Pink Pedal Pushers/ Put Your Cat Clothes On/ Right String Baby (wrong Yo-yo)/ Tennessee/ That's Right/ Turn Around/ You Can Do No Wrong/ You Can't Make Love To Somebody/ Your True Love

CARL PERKINS Bear Family BCD 15494 The Classic Carl Perkins CD $99.98
5 CDs, 130 tracks, absolutely essential
With his beautiful, soulful honky tonk voice and jangly, bluesy guitar Carl Perkins epitomized rockabilly like no other artists. Accompanied by the thumping bass and propulsive guitar of brothers Jay and Clayton and the steady drumming of W.S. Holland they produced exciting timeless music for Sam Phillips' Sun label between 1954 and '57. The first 2 1/2 CDs in this beautiful 5 CD set feature those recordings and although many of these tracks have been reissued before this collection features several previously unissued takes and in Carl's case the alternate versions are frequently very different to the more familiar ones - the three different versions of his most famous song Blue Suede Shoes are particularly revealing. These recordings have never sounded better thanks to the remastering wizardry of Bob Jones. The rest of this box is devoted to his recordings made for Columbia and Decca between 1958 and 1964 are generally less interesting, marred by assembly line Nashville production, thin sound and often mediocre songs. Nevertheless Carl's beautiful vocals often surmount the obstacles and he manages to get in a hot guitar solo here and there. Interestingly the best of these recordings are from a 1964 session in England with English group The Nashville Teens where Carl sounds more enthusiastic than he had in a long time. The set is beautifully packaged in a sturdy box with a beautiful full color photo and Carl and his band from the late 50s or early 60s. There is a 24 page LP sized booklet with notes by Colin Escott and Bill Millar, over 2 dozen photos and full discographical details on all the recordings included. Another essential winner from Bear Family. (FS)
CARL PERKINS: After Sundown/ All Mama's Children/ All Mama's Children/ All Mama's Children (alt)/ Any Way The Wind Blows/ Be Honest With Me/ Because You're Mine/ Big Bad Blues/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Blue Suede Shoes (alt 1)/ Blue Suede Shoes (alt 2)/ Boppin' The Blues/ Boppin' The Blues (alt)/ Caldonia/ Conversation With Bill Cantrell/ Dixie Bop (aka Perkins Wiggle)/ Dixie Fried/ Dixie Fried (diff Session)/ Down By The Riverside/ Drink Up And Go Home/ Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby/ Fool I Used To Be/ For A Little While/ Forever Yours/ Forget Me (next Time Around)/ Glad All Over/ Gone Gone Gone/ Gone Gone Gone (alt/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ Hambone/ Help Me Find My Baby/ Her Love Rubbed Off/ Hey Good Lookin'/ Highway Of Love/ Hollywood City/ Honey 'cause I Love You/ Honey Don't/ Honey Don't (alt 1)/ Honey Don't (alt 2)/ Honky Tonk Babe (gal)/ Honky Tonk Gal/ I Care/ I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore/ I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore (alt)/ I Got A Woman/ I Wouldn't Have You/ I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry/ I've Just Got Back From There/ Instrumental #1/ Instrumental #2/ Jenny Jenny/ Jive After Five/ Just For You/ Just Thought I'd Call/ Keeper Of The Key/ L-o-v-e-v-i-l-l-e/ Lend Me Your Comb/ Lend Me Your Comb (alt)/ Let My Baby Be/ Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing/ Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing (alt)/ Levi Jacket (and A Longtail Shirt)/ Lonely Heart/ Lonely Street/ Long Tall Sally/ Look At The Moon/ Look At The Moon (alt)/ Love I'll Never Win/ Mama Of My Song/ Matchbox/ Matchbox (alt)/ Monkey Shine/ Movie Magg/ Movie Magg (alt)/ One Of These Days/ One Way Ticket To Lonliness/ Only You/ Pink Pedal Pushers/ Pink Pedal Pushers (columbia)/ Pink Pedal Pushers (sun - Alt)/ Pink Pedal Pushers (sun)/ Please Say You'll Be Mine/ Pointed Toe Shoes/ Pop Let Me Have The Car/ Put Your Cat Clothes On/ Put Your Cat Clothes On (diff Session - Alt)/ Put Your Cat Clothes On (diff Session)/ Ready Teddy/ Red Wing/ Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo Yo/ Rockin' Record Hop/ Roll Over Beethoven/ Say When/ Shake Rattle And Roll/ Sister Twister/ Sittin' On Top Of The World/ Somebody Tell Me/ Someday Somewhere Someone Waits For Me/ Sure To Fall/ Sweethearts Or Strangers/ Sweethearts Or Strangers 9alt)/ Take Back My Love/ Tennessee/ That Don't Move Me/ That's Alright/ That's Right/ That's Right (alt)/ The Drifter/ This Life I Live/ Too Much For A Man To Understand/ Too Much For A Man To Understand (alt)/ Try My Heart Out/ Turn Around/ Turn Around (alt)/ Tutti Frutti/ Unhappy Girls/ Way You're Living Is Breaking My Heart/ What You Doin' When You're Cryin'/ When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain/ When The Right Time Comes Along/ Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ Y.o.u./ Y.o.u. (alt)/ You Can Do No Wrong/ You Can't Make Love To Somebody/ You Can't Make Love To Somebody (diff Session)/ You Were There/ Your True Love (issued Version)/ Your True Love (original Tempo)

CARL PERKINS Bear Family BCD 15593 Country Boy's Dream - The Dollie Masters CD $21.98
CARL PERKINS: All You'll Need To Know/ Almost Love/ Baby I'm Hung Up On You/ Back To Tennessee/ Country Boy's Dream/ Dear Abby/ Detroit City/ Dream On Little Dreamer/ Home (that's Where The Heart Is)/ I'll Go Wrong Again/ If I Could Come Back/ It's You/ Just As Long (country)/ Just As Long (pop)/ Lake County Cotton Country/ Mama And Daddy/ My Old Hometown/ Old Fashioned Sing-a-long/ Old Number One/ Poor Boy Blues/ Quite Like You/ Shine Shine Shine/ Stateside/ Sweet Misery/ The Star Of The Show/ Tom And Mary Jane/ Unmitigated Gal/ Valda/ Without You/ You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Country

CARL PERKINS Bear Family BCD 16422 Back On Top CD $99.98
A four CD set with 36 page book features all of Carl's recordings from his second tenure with Columbia (1968-1972), his Mercury recordings (1973-1975), his sessions with NRBQ and more. Includes unissued studio cuts and a CD's worth of demos.
CARL PERKINS: 1143/ A Lion In The Jungle/ About All I Can Give Is My Love/ All Mama's Children (& NRBQ)/ Allergic To Love (& NRBQ)/ Always Be Mine/ Always Be Mine/ Baby's Gone/ Baby, What You Want Me To Do?/ Big Bad Blues/ Bless The Children/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Boppin' The Blues/ Boppin' The Blues (& NRBQ)/ Born Equal/ Bottoms Up/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ C.c. Rider/ Champaign, Illinois/ Constantly/ Cotton Top/ Cotton Top/ Daddy Sang Bass/ Dixiefried/ Folsom Prison Blues/ For Your Love/ For Your Love/ Four Letter Word/ Four Letter Word/ Goin' To Memphis/ Goin' To Memphis/ Good Times Are Just Around The Corner/ Help Me Dream/ High On Love/ Honey Don't/ Honey Don't/ Honky Tonk Song/ I Ain't Mad/ I Still Miss Someone/ I Want To Be Your Man/ I'll Fly Away/ I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down/ Just As Long/ Just As Long/ Just Coastin'/ Let Me Be The One You Love/ Little Cowboy Suit/ Lord I Sinned Again Last Night/ Love Sweet Love/ Low Class/ Match Box/ Me Without You/ Mean Woman Blues/ Mean, Mean Martha/ My Son, My Sun/ Never Look Back/ One More Loser Going Home/ Poor Boy Blues/ Power Of My Soul/ Red Headed Woman/ Restless/ Restless/ Restless/ Rise And Shine/ Rise And Shine/ Riverboat Annie/ Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town/ Sing My Song/ So Warm/ So Wrong/ Someday/ Sorry Charlie/ Sorry Charlie (& NRBQ)/ Soul Beat/ State Of Confusion/ Step Aside (& NRBQ)/ Step It Up And Go/ Sunday Dinner/ Superfool/ Take A Good Look At Me/ Take It Or Leave It/ Take Me Back To Memphis/ That's Right/ That's Right/ The Big City Sleeps/ The Big City Sleeps/ The Bottom Of The Bottle/ The E.p. Express/ The Last Letter/ The Lord's Fishing Hole/ The Trip/ True Love Is Greater Than Friendship/ Turn Around/ Turn Around/ Turn Around (& NRBQ)/ Walk With Your Neighbor/ Walk With Your Neighbor/ What Every Little Boy Ought To Know/ When You're A Man On Your Own/ Wild Card/ You Tore My Heaven All To Hell/ You Won't Have To Say You Love Me/ You'll Always Be A Lady To Me/ Your True Love

CARL PERKINS Bear Family BCD 16752 Carl Rocks CD $24.98
31 track career retrospective of this great rocker's recordings including 15 of his classic Sun recordings from 1955-57 plus the best of his Columbia, Decca Brunswick and Mercury sides recorded between 1958 and 1975 and as bonus two previously unissued side from 1990 prodiced by Bill Lloyd with Carl accompanied by his sons and steel guitarist Jerry Douglas. Includes 48 page illustrated booklet with notes by Colin Escott, a heap of photos and full discographical information on the tracks on the CD.
CARL PERKINS: All Mama's Children/ Baby, Bye Bye/ Because You're Mine/ Big Bad Blues/ Big Bad Blues/ Blue Suede Shoes (Take 2)/ Boppin' the Blues/ Caldonia/ Dixie Fried/ E.P. Express/ Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby/ Glad All Over/ Gone, Gone, Gone/ Her Love Rubbed Off/ Honey Don't (Take 3)/ Honey, 'Cause I Love You/ Honky Tonk Song/ I Wouldn't Have You/ Jive After Five/ Lonely Heart/ Matchbox/ Memphis in the Meantime/ Put Your Cat Clothes On/ Restless/ Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo/ Rockin' Record Hop/ Sittin' on Top of the World/ That's All Right/ Where the Rio de Rosa Flows/ You Can Do No Wrong/ Your True Love

CARL PERKINS Collectables 6429 Blue Suede Shoes/ Original Golden Hits CD $13.98
Two Sun LPs.
CARL PERKINS: All Mama's Children/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Boppin' The Blues/ Dixie Fried/ Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby/ Forever Yours/ Glad All Over/ Gone, Gone, Gone/ Her Love Rubbed Off/ Honey Don't/ I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry/ Lend Me Your Comb/ Let The Juke Box Keep On Playing/ Matchbox/ Movie Magg/ Only You/ Right String But The Wrong Yo-yo/ Tennessee/ Turn Around/ You Can't Make Love To Somebody/ Your True Love

CARL PERKINS T-Bird 009 Whole Lotta Shakin'/ On Top ● CD $19.98
22 tracks, 59 mins, recommended
This CD reissues two LPs that Carl recorded for Columbia when he was under contract to them at two different times. "Whole Lotta Shakin'" is from 1958 and features mostly rock 'n' roll favorites like the title song, Shake, Rattle & Roll/ Ready Teddy/ Good Rockin' Tonight, etc. Carl's singing and guitar playing are great but the backing band gives new meaning to the word "lame." Highlight is Carl's soulful rendition of the old blues standard Sittin' On Top Of The World. "On Top" is from 1969 and finds Carl in a more contemporary sounding vein on a collection of mostly new material including several new compositions by him including the hard driving Soul Beat and Champaign, Illinois which was co-written with Bob Dylan. Carl sounds fine with solid accompaniment from the band which is contemporary but tasteful. He also does some older numbers including fine versions of Buddy Holly's I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down and the old blues standard C.C. Rider. Not classic Carl but definitely worth a listen. (FS)

RAY PETERSON Collectables 5876 Tell Laura I Love Her CD $13.98
14 RCA & Dunes titles - many making their first appearance on CD. Includes the big hit title song and Corrina, Corrina plus The Wonder Of You/ Till Then/ Goodnight My Love/ Answer Me My Love/ Richer Than I, etc.
RAY PETERSON: Answer Me My Love/ Come And Get It/ Corrina, Corrina/ Fever/ Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)/ I'm Gone/ Missing You/ My Blue Angel/ Richer Than I/ Suddenly/ Tell Laura I Love Her/ Till Then/ What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?/ Wonder Of You

GENE PITNEY Bear Family BCD 15724 Hits & Misses CD $21.98
26 tracks, 65 min., recommended
While this collection includes a handsome helping of Gene's Top 40 better knowns from the early '60s (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance/ Town Without Pity/ Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa/ Only Love Can Break A Heart/ Half Heaven, Half Heartache), the reason to pick it up is the misses. All 4 of his Decca duets with Teresa Brewer sound alike Ginny Mazarro the label pushed them as Jamie & Jane from 1959 are here, as are his singles issued as by Billy Bryan, including an unreleased demo of Make Believe Lover. Phil Spector fans should appreciate Pitney's impressive take on the Goffin/King song Every Breathe I Take, an early brick in the "wall of sound." Did I mention the version of Town Without Pity called Bleibe Bei Mir, in which Gene sings his hit with new lyrics and in German? That's here. (JC)
JAMIE & JANE: Classical Rock And Roll/ Faithful Our Love/ Snuggle Up Baby/ Strolling (through The Park)/ GENE PITNEY: (I Wanna) Love My Life Away/ Bleibe Bei Mir (town Without Pity) (german)/ Cradle Of My Arms/ Donna Means Heartbreak/ Dream For Sale/ Every Breath I Take/ Half Heaven, Half Heartache/ Hello Mary Lou/ I'll Find You/ I'm Going Back To My Love/ If I Didn't Have A Dime/ Make Believe Lover (demo)/ Mecca/ Only Love Can Break A Heart/ Please Come Back, Baby/ Sure Fire Bet/ Teardrop By Teardrop/ The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance/ Today's Teardrops/ Town Without Pity/ True Love Never Runs Smooth/ Twenty-four Hours From Tulsa

BARBARA PITTMAN Charly SNAP 223 Getting Better All The Time CD $13.98
27 tracks 69 mins, recommended
Repackaging of Charly 8319 in digipack with picture label on disc. It's stretching it a bit to fill up a whole CD so there's some fairly pedestrian outings included, as well as several alternate takes. Nothing else here is as rocking as her famed I Need A Man but I'm Getting Better All The Time (four takes - one totally different, with just Jack Clement on acoustic guitar), Everlasting Love and Sentimental Fool (3 takes) rock like crazy with that good ol' Sun rhythm. It's funny how she sounds so amateurish at times and at other times, like on Two Young Fools In Love and Handsome Man, she sounds mature and forceful. (AE)
BARBARA PITTMAN: Cold, Cold, Heart/ Cold, Cold, Heart (alt.1)/ Eleventh Commandment/ Everlasting Love/ Everlasting Love (alt.1)/ Handsome Man/ I Forgot To Remember To Forget/ I Need A Man/ I'm Getting Better All The Time/ I'm Getting Better All The Time (alt.1)/ I'm Getting Better All The Time (alt.2)/ I'm Getting Better All The Time (alt.3)/ I'm Getting Better All The Time (demo)/ Just One Day/ Love Is A Stranger (sunrays)/ No Matter Who's To Blame/ No Matter Who's To Blame (alt.1)/ No Matter Who's To Blame (alt.2)/ Sentimental Fool (alt.1)/ Sentimental Fool (alt.2)/ Sentimental Fool (alt.3)/ Take My Sympathy (alt.1)/ Take My Sympathy (demo)/ The Lonely Hours (sunrays)/ Two Young Fools In Love/ Two Young Fools In Love (demo)/ Voice Of A Fool

THE PIXIES THREE Crystal Ball 1033 Our History - From The Beginning CD $17.98
30 tracks by girl group from Hanover, Pennsylvania who had several minor hits in the mid 60s. This compilation features issued recordings, unreleased songs, demos with piano only and an acapella track.

THE PLAYBOYS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55107 Over The Weekend & Other Hits, 1956-1962 CD $18.98
27 tracks from Philadelphia based lounge act who had a minor hit with the title tune. A mix of rock 'n' roll, R&B, doo-wop and pop performed in a non threatening manner.

THE PLAYMATES Collectables 5418 At Play With The Playmates - Golden Classics CD $13.98
The Playmates Trio hail from Waterbury, CT., and came together when all were U. Of Conn. undergraduates. Donny Conn, Chic Hetti, and Morey Carr cut a slew of mindless jingo-ey pop tunes in the late 50's. Formerly The Nitwits, the group's harmonies resembled a crazed version of the 4 Lads. The guy's most bearable side Darling, their first for Roulette, is sadly excluded from this collection. Jo Ann, their third effort, hit the charts in 1958, followed by the dumb Beep Beep, for which a multitude of sub-humans shelled out good coin. In fairness though, Your Love, a ballad, is pleasing to the ear as is Jo Ann. Reissue of long out of print Roulette LP - 12 selections. Good average sound. (OLN)
THE PLAYMATES: Beep Beep/ Day I Died/ Don't Go Home/ First Love/ Jo Ann/ Let's Be Lovers/ Little Miss Stuck Up/ Star Love/ Wait For Me/ What Is Love?/ While The Record Goes Around And Around/ Your Love

BOBBY POE & THE POEKATS Eagle 90114 Let's Have A Ball CD $18.98
23 tracks, 54 min., recommended
Perhaps best known to rockabilly fans for his White Rock single (#1112) Rock 'n' Roll Record Girl/Rock And Roll Boogie, Bobby Poe and his band also recorded all of the other previously unreleased tracks here during that same fateful year, 1958. Backed in part by group pianist Big Al Downing who would later find fame on his own, Poe sings lead here on such numbers as Let's Have a Ball/ Love My Peggy/ Rebel Without a Cause/ I'm a Fool, and Flying Saucers Jig. The sound quality on all of these original recordings is a bit thin, with the balance between the singer and the band often uneven. Nonetheless, the sound of late 50's rockabilly is undeniably here. And, besides, the greatest joy in this issue is probably the great group photo on the cover. It says more about the spirit of rock 'n' roll and the racial harmony that it implied than the music itself does. (DH)
BOBBY POE: Be My Love (final Version)/ Be My Love (take 1)/ Drink To A Fool (final Version)/ Drink To A Fool (take 1)/ Drink To A Fool (take 2)/ Flying Saucers Jig/ Goin' To The River/ I'm A Fool/ I'm A Fool (final Version)/ I'm Having A Ball/ Let's Have A Ball/ Little Darlin'/ Love Me Peggy (take 1)/ Love My Peggy (take 1)/ My Baby She Left Me (take 1)/ My Baby She Left Me (take 2)/ Please Be My Love/ Please By My Love (take 2)/ Rebel Without A Cause/ Rock & Roll Boogie/ Rock 'n' Roll Record Girl/ Rock The Bop Tonight/ Well, I Love You

THE POE-KATS FEATURING BIG AL DOWNING Eagle 90125 Rocking Down The Farm CD $18.98
31 track collection featuring the group performing mostly rock 'n roll standards. There are very few details, other than that much of this material was "recorded with one mice" but I assume these are live or demo tapes from the late 50s or early 60s.
THE POE-KATS: Bonie Maronie/ Break Up/ Don't Ever Leave Me/ Great Balls Of Fire/ I Got A Feeling/ I Got A Woman/ I Was The One/ I'm A Fool (vers. 1)/ I'm A Fool (vers. 2)/ Just Because/ Keep-a-knockin'/ Let The Four Winds Blow/ Let's Have A Ball/ Little Coquette/ Love My Baby/ Love You So/ Lucille/ Miss Lucy (alt. Vers. 1)/ Miss Lucy (alt. Vers. 2)/ One Night/ Piano Nellie (alt. Vers.)/ Poor Me/ Rebel Without A Cause/ Right Around The Corner/ Rock & Roll Boogie (alt. Vers.)/ Stagger Lee/ Summertime Blues/ Things Were Done Again/ Woman's Love/ You Win Again

THE PONI-TAILS Famous Groove 971035 Born Too Late CD $18.98
The ultimate collection of recordings from this polite pop rock trio from Cleveland. Lavern, Toni and Patti hit it big in 1958 with the charming Born Too Late and followed it up with minor hits Seven MInutes In Heaven and I'll Be Seeing You. These are all here along with lots more including alternate versions, demos and an original radio promo version of Born Too Late. Includes Moody/ Close Friends/ Que La Bozena/ Come On Joe - Dance With Me/ Father Time/ I'll Keep On Trying, etc.

"GROOVEY" JOE POOVEY Dragon Street 70199 Greatest Grooves CD $14.98
24 tracks, 61 mins, recommended
Another high quality production from Dragon Street - this time featuring Dallas rockabilly legend Joe Poovey. The set covers the period 1954 through 1997 and, except for the two very forgettable earliest sides, reveal a very talented performer. Joe was an exceptionally fine vocalist who was equally at home with rockabilly, rock ballads, honky tonk country or bluegrass. It includes his Dixie classics Ten Long Fingers/ Careful Baby/ Move Around (including an alternate take of the latter), pre-Dixie demos previously issued by Rollin' Rock in the 70s, live recordings from the Big_D Jamboree in 1958, sides recorded for various labels in the 70s and 80s and some excellent tracks from 1997 including a remake of Ten Long Fingers showing Joe still had the rockabilly fire in him. Like previous Dragon Street titles the sound is excellent and there is fine documentation from Dave Dennard. One tragic footnote - Joe died in his sleep shortly after approving the liner notes. So this set, which was hoped would reintroduce him to the music world, ends up being a memorial. (FS)

JOHNNY POWERS Norton CED 229 Long Blond Hair CD $14.98
Johnny Powers, who took his name from a candy bar, was one of the original rockabilly wild ones, even though he had to learn his thumpin' an' yellin' from the radio instead of in the cottonfields where his Southern brethren did - he was from Detroit. Johnny's great Fortune 45 is here, Honey Let's Go (To A Rock And Roll Show)/ Your Love, along with the classic Fox 45, Long Blond Hair/ Rock Rock. You get some great demos like Mean Mistreater and Someone's Gonna Hurt You as well as Mama Rock and Indeed I Do, a couple of tunes that were ripped off and released in Australia as by Johnny 'Scat' Brown. (AE)

JOHNNY PRESTON Bear Family BCD 15473 Running Bear CD $19.98
JOHNNY PRESTON: A New Baby For Christmas/ Broken Heart Anonymous/ Charming Billy/ Chief Heartbreak/ Chosen Few/ City Of Tears/ Cradle Of Love/ Danny Boy/ Do What You Did/ Dream/ Feel So Good/ Four Letter Word/ Hearts Of Stone/ I Played Around With My Love/ I Want A Rock And Roll Guitar/ I'm Startin' To Go Steady With The Blues/ Just Little Boy Blue/ Kissin' Tree/ Leave My Kitten Alone/ Madre De Dios/ My Heart Knows/ Running Bear/ She Once Belonged To Me/ Sitting Here Crying/ That's All I Want/ Up In The Air/ You'll Never Walk Alone

JOHNNY PRESTON Bear Family BCD 16234 Charming Billy - The Stereo Recordings CD $19.98
34 tracks recorded for Mercury, 1960-61. It includes stereo versions of many of the songs on Bear Family 15473 "Running Bear" plus other sides not previously issued or reissued.
JOHNNY PRESTON: (i Want A) Rock And Roll Guitar/ A New Baby For Christmas/ Charming Billy/ Chief Heartbreak/ Chosen Few/ Danny Boy/ Do What You Did/ Dream/ Earth Angel/ Feel So Good/ Four Letter Word/ Guardian Angel/ Hearts Of Stone/ I Feel Good/ I Played Around With My Love/ I'm Startin' To Get Steady With The Blues/ Just Little Boy Blue/ Leave My Kitten Alone/ Let Them Talk/ Lucky In Love/ Madre De Dios (mother Of God)/ My Imagination/ Over And Over/ Please Believe Me/ Pretend/ She Once Belonged To Me/ Sitting Here Cryin'/ That's All I Want/ The Angels Gave You To Me/ The Twist/ Token Of Love/ Up In The Air/ What Am I Living For/ You'll Never Walk Alone

DWIGHT "WHITEY" PULLEN Hydra 27127 Sunglasses After Dark CD $21.98
26 tracks, recommended
The complete recordings of rockabilly and country singer from Alabama who died at a young age in 1961. The 25 tracks here by him were recorded between 1956 and 1960 for several labels, most notably the Los Angeles based Sage label and are a mix of rockabilly and straight country. The country performances are pleasant but undistinguished but the rockers are hot, often with fine guitar including the well known title song plus other goodies like Everybody's Rockin'/ Moonshine Liquor/ Tuscaloosa Lucy/ Drinkin' Wine Spo De O Dee and others. The 26th bonus track is a recording by Sunglasses composer Jim Noble with Rod Weston and a couple of members of The Champs. 16 page booklet has notes, photos, label shots and other memorabilia. (FS).
DWIGHT PULLEN: Broke Waitin' For A Break/ By You, By The Bayou/ Crazy In Love/ Don't Make Me Cry/ Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-dee/ Everybody's Rockin'/ Gently/ I Lived A Lifetime Last Night/ I Won The Day I Lost You/ I'm Beggin' Your Pardon/ I'm Beggin' Your Pardon./ It's Over With/ Let Your Left Hand Know/ Let's All Go Wild/ Moonshine Liquor/ So Much To Remember/ Sunglasses After Dark/ Teenage Bug/ Tight Slacks/ Tuscaloosa Lucy/ Walk My Way Back Home/ Waltz Of The Blues/ Waltz Of The Steel Guitar/ What Are Going To Do/ You'll Get Yours Someday


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