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LONNIE MACK Ace CDCHD 713 Memphis Wham! ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 63 mins, essential
At last Lonnie's classic album "The Wham Of That Memphis Man" is reissued on CD along with a slew of other cuts, some of them previously unissued. Lonnie was a double threat - a fantastic guitar player with a style deeply rooted in the blues and one of the best white soul singers in the business. Lonnie's guitar had a distinctive sound with a dense reverberant quality due to his feeding the sound through a Leslie rotating speaker and into a Magnatone amp.

LONNIE MACK Ace CDCHD 847 Still On The Move ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
This is a revised version of Ace 352 that was issued in 1992 and was more or less a straight reissue of a Trip double album which featured some of Lonnie's Fraternity singles along with previously unissued masters. For this CD Ace have been able to work from the original master tapes for superior sound. They have left off a couple of tracks (which can be found on the other Mack issues on Ace 713 and 807) and have added in ten tracks including a few previously unissued alternate takes. Mack was one of the finest and least self-indulgent guitar heroes - he could burn ferocious lines up and down the neck of his Gibson Flying V, yet he was such a soulful singer/ writer that chops never got in the way of the songs. There are quite a few covers here, often instrumental versions like his rockin' workout on Ray Charles' Sticks & Stones or his soulful rendering of Ben E. King's Stand By Me. Another winner from Lonnie Mack and Ace! (FS)
BEAU DOLLAR & THE COINS: Soul Serenade/ LONNIE MACK: Cry Cry Cry/ Don't Make My Baby Blue/ Dorothy On My Mind/ Florence Of Arabia/ Florence Of Arabia (alternate Take)/ I Found A Love/ I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water/ I've Had It/ Men At Play/ Money (that's What I Want) (alternate Take)/ Oh Boy!/ Oh I Apologise/ Omaha/ One Mint Julep/ Sa-ba-hoola/ Shotgun/ Snow On The Mountain/ Stand By Me/ Sticks And Stones/ The Circus Song Aka A Good Woman's Love/ Tonky Go Go/ When I'm Alone/ Wildwood Flower/ Lonnie On The Move (aka For Kicks Aka Turn On Your Lovelight)

LONNIE MACK Alligator 4739 Strike Like Lightning ● CD $17.98
Mack's 1985 contribution to modern blues, with Stevie Ray Vaughn doing double duty as guitarist/producer.
LONNIE MACK: Double Whammy/ Falling Back In Love With You/ Hound Dog Man/ If You Have To Know/ Long Way From Memphis/ Oreo Cookie Blues/ Satisfy Susie/ Stop/ Strike Like Lighning/ You Ain't Got Me

LONNIE MACK Alligator 4750 Second Sight ● CD $11.98
10 new Mack tunes with a crack band featuring vets Tim Drummond (b), Jim Keltner (d) & The Memphis Horns. Lonnie's 60s roadhouse music is brought into the 80s with especially crisp and modern production. Lonnie's voice and especially his guitar are sounding fine, though I'm not real thrilled by the material (8 of 10 co-written by Lonnie). My faves are the shuffle Cincinnati Jail & Camp Washington Chili , the set's only instrumental. (GM)

LONNIE MACK Alligator 4786 Attack Of The Killer V Live ● CD $17.98
This live recording sounds better after a couple of beers. There are gospel-styled backup vocals, electric grand piano, hard hitting modern drumming and Mack's gravelly vocals, which recall Johnny Winter or Stevie Ray Vaughn, but are not as up-front. I started out skeptical, because on the surface it's a fairly generic blues approach, but after further listening the blistering-ness of his solo style becomes more apparent and adjectives like "searing" and "fluid" come to mind. And, when he switches on that treble pickup and starts biting the sound is pretty irresistible. (WB)

CARL MANN Bear Family BCD 15713 Mona Lisa ● CD $99.98
4 CD's, 113 tracks, 4 hrs., 56 min., recommended
5 hours of Carl Mann is way too much, but Mann's story - a very good rockabilly boy with top-rank accompaniment and some charmingly bizarre musical ideas - is worth hearing again. Mann was far from the wildest rockabilly cat (he recorded at Sun from 1958-62, though the proximity to Jerry Lee didn't rub off). Instead, his beat was softer and more implied, nudged forward by Eddie Bush's steady, suggestive guitar lines (think of Bush as a slyer, less assertive Cliff Gallup). Mann's first hit, the rocked-up Nat King Cole hit that gives this box its title, was about as out there as he got, though the plethora of 70's demos here get progressively weirder and bewildering. Notes by Colin Escott and Hank Davis clear things up and make a good case for why we should listen to the whole thing. The sound here on the Sun sides in particular is a noticeable improvement over that on Charly's The Rockin' Mann LP of a few years back. Sure, half of these tracks would not be missed in a tight double-CD compilation, but such a set is never going to come out, so you'd better buy this. JG)

CARL MANN Collectables 6016 Mona Lisa ● CD $13.98
23 tracks, 57 mins, very good
23 Phillips International cuts from the late 50s and early 60s by this fine singer - mostly rocked up versions of pop and country standards and covers of rock 'n' roll hits. Fine singing by Carl and guitar from Eddie Bush on songs like Mona Lisa/ Ain't Got A Home/ Long Veil/ Rockin' Love/ Mountain Dew/ It Really Doesn't Matter Now/ Look At That Moon, etc. It's too bad that Collectables' less than stellar remastering takes the rating down a notch. (FS)

CHARLES MANN Jin 9060 The Essential Collection ● CD $15.98
16 tracks, 43 mins, highly recommended
Retrospective collection of this truly outstanding swamp pop singer from Welsh, Louisiana. Includes his local hits - incredibly soulful versions of Neil Diamonds Red Red Wine and Dire Straits Walk Of Life. Also includes Delbert McClintons Keep Your Arms Around Me, Ernest Tubbs Tomorrow Never Comes, Ned Millers From A Jack To A King, Otis Redding's I've Got Dreams To Remember and others, including several written by his producer Lee Lavergne. (FS)

LITTLE PEGGY MARCH Collectables 5830 I Will Follow Him ● CD $13.98
Reissue of RCA album by pop teen singer plus six bonus cuts.

ERNIE MARESCA Seville SELCD 3 Shout! Shout! Knock Yourself Out ● CD $12.98
14 tracks, 33 min., recommended
Available again. Best known for the title tune here, which was a substantial hit, Maresca was an established song writer whose credits included the hits The Wanderer and Runaround Sue before he made any serious recordings on his own. In addition to the hit title tune, his enthusiastic performances is this set include Some Day You'll Change Your Ways/ Mary Jane/ How I Cry/ Subway Blues, and Can't Forget About You. It's infectious music by and large, very much in the early 60's pop/rock and roll mold, and it comprises a full reissue of Maresca's rare 1962 Seville LP with original cover are, plus two bonus tracks. A nicely produced package. (DH)

JANIS MARTIN Bear Family BCD 15406 The Female Elvis - Complete Recordings 1956-60 ● CD $21.98
All of her recordings, originally issued on LP as "That Rockin' Gal" (BFX15032) and "That Rockin' Gal Rocks On" (BFX15046). 26 tunes recorded for RCA from 1956 to 1958 when she was dropped from the label 'cuz it was hard to push her as an innocent child star when she was 17, married & pregnant, plus the 4 tunes from her 1960 "comeback" on Palette. Typically excellent mono sound from Bear Family, 65 minutes playing time - My Boy Elvis/ Will You, Willyum/ Drug Store Rock'n'Roll/ Ooby Dooby/ Teen Street , etc. (GM)

JANIS MARTIN Hydra 27101 Here I Am ● CD $19.98
19 tracks, 46 min., good. This German import is deliberately misleading, with a vintage '50s cover photo and no recording dates on the back cover. While Martin achieved fame as a red hot rockabilly singer in 1956 (she did My Boy Elvis among others), this is actually a 1992 recording done while on tour in Europe with a band that faithfully recreates the fifties sound. Martin sings here tunes and period tunes, and remakes of her hits. Her voice is good, the performance is spirited. To force collectors to buy it, the CD also concludes with two songs -- Love Me to Pieces and Two Long Years -- recorded in 1957 at the Grand Ole Opry. Non-fans should check out Martin's '50s recordings first (on Bear Family). ( LK)

DELBERT MCCLINTON New West 6042 Room To Breathe ● CD $17.98
12 tracks, very good
Following up his Grammy-winning effort, "Nothing Personal", Delbert McClinton again blends a seasoned approach and varied styles on his latest recording. While not the straight-ahead barroom blues belter that some tag him as, he comes from a wide variety of vantage points; honky-tonk, country, blue-eyed soul, roadhouse rock n' roll, and blues. Marcia Ball, Ray Benson, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris and others make guest appearances adding additional spice and flavor to this fine outing. From the rootsy blues/rock of Same Kind Of Crazy, to the lowdown Jungle Room, or the straight-laced ballad, I Don't Want To Love You, Delbert succeeds in serving up a musical concoction of all things American. Bill Campbell and Todd Sharp stand out from the supporting cast with sinewy guitar work that fits perfectly with McClinton's roughshod vocals. (CR)

DELBERT MCCLINTON Raven 65 Victim Of Life's Circumstance ● CD $21.98
27 tracks drawn from mid 70s ABC albums.

THE CHAS MCDEVITT SKIFFLE GROUP Rollercoaster RCCD 3007 Freight Train ● CD $21.98
THE CHAS McDEVITT SKIFFLE GROUP: Ace in the hole/ Across the bridge/ BB blues/ Badman Stackolee/ Born to be with you/ Come all ye fair &/ County jail/ Deep down/ Every day I have the blues/ Every day of the week/ Face in the rain/ Freight train/ Goin' home/ Good morning blues/ Greenback dollar/ I dig you baby/ I want a little girl/ I'm satisfied/ It makes no difference now/ My old man/ Poor Howard/ Pop pourri/ Real love/ She moves through the fair/ Sing sing sing/ Teenage letter/ This sportin' life/ Tom hark/ Trottin' to the fair/ tender ladies

THE MILKSHAKES Big Beat CDWIKD 939 19th Nervous Shakedown ● CD $18.98
The Milkshakes, from England, have emerged in the 80's as one of the top rock'n'roll bands in the world. Leader Billy Childish is mentioned in hushed and reverential tones whenever the rockin' cognoscente knock heads. They started in 1977 and had numerous records of all sizes released until their split in 1985 (members went on to Thee Mighty Caesars, Thee Headcoats, etc.) The Milkshakes are straight ahead rock'n'roll with just a touch of psychobilly. From hundreds of tunes, Big Beat have narrowed it down to 30. Dig it - Shed Country/ Cadalina/ Hide And Scatter/ The Green Hornet/ Out Of Control/ The Red Monkey , etc. (AE)

CHUCK MILLER Sparkletone SP 99008 Boogie Blues ● CD $19.98

GUY MITCHELL Bear Family BCD 15454 Heartaches By The Number ● CD $21.98
Guy Mitchell was an interesting phenomenon - a pop singer who had a great deal of success performing pop flavored versions of country, rock 'n roll and even blues songs accompanied by New York studio musicians. This 25 track disc presents an overview of his career and includes almost all his hits including My Heart Cries For You/ Sparrow In The Tree Top/ My Truly Truly Fair/ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/ 'Cause I Love You (with Mindy Carson)/ Singing the Blues/ Rock-A-Billy (in spite of the name it isn't!)/ Heartaches By The Number/ My Shoes Kep Walking Back To You plus non-hit songs like Crazy With Love/ Sunshine Guitar/ Sweet Stuff/ Take Me Back Baby, etc plus one unissued track Notify The F.B.I. ("Please Mr. Hoover/ My Baby's She's A Groover"!). In spite of the pop trappings, Guy is really quite an engaging singer who doesn't sound uncomfortable with the material. As usual for Bear Family the sound is superb, there is a 24 page booklet with a detailed biography by Peter Grendysa, a few photos and full discographical information on all the performances here. (FS)
GUY MITCHELL: 'Cause I Love You, (...)(w. Mindy CARSON)/ (Can't Get Enough Of That) Sweet Stuff/ A Dime And A Dollar/ Belle, Belle My Liberty Belle/ Crazy With Love/ Heartaches By The Number/ Hoot Owl/ Knee Deep In The Blues/ My Heart Cries For You/ My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/ My Truly, Truly Fair/ Ninety Nine Years/ Notify The F.B.I./ Pittburgh, Pennsylvania/ Pretty Little Black Eyed Susie Unless/ Rock-A-Billy/ Singing The Blues/ Sparrow On The Treetop Christopher Columbus/ Sunshine Guitar/ Take Me Back Baby/ The House Of The Singing Bamboo (w. R. CLOONEY/ The Roving Kind/ The Same Old Me

CHRIS MONTEZ Ace CDCH 369 Let's Dance! The Monogram Sides ● CD $18.98
The majority of his hits were recorded for A&M Records, but his early stuff, including his biggest hit Let's Dance, was cut for Monogram. These 20 sides were waxed between 1962-64, and tend to reflect then-current pop tastes as much as any originality. His No! No! No!, sung in Spanish, sounds too much like La Bamba; It's Not Puppy Love/ He's Been Leading You On are copped from The Beatles, the latter effort being a rewrite of You Can't Do That. Ironically, Montez toured with the Fab Four, and they opened for him! Four duets with Indigo recording artist Kathy Young are thoughtfully provided, the best being All You Had To Do (Was Tell Me), the worst being the surfing paean Shoot The Curl - Montez attended Hawthorne High with the Wilson Bros. (Beach Boys). Nearly everything else is about dancing, though nothing matches the power of the title track. A poor man's Richie Valens? (JC)

MERRILL MOORE Bear Family BCD 15505 Boogie My Blues Away ● CD $41.98
Released on various Ember LPs over the past decade or so, this two-CD set brings together every Capitol recording, 45 tracks, by the legendary San Diego-based country boogie singer-pianist who recorded for Capitol from 1952-1958. All the Moore standards, "Corrine Corrina," "Bell Bottom Boogie," "Fly Right Boogie," his version of Julia Lee's "Gotta Gimme What You Got" and "Rock-Rockola" still stand on their own. But so do his vocal versions of pop and swing numbers like "King Porter Stomp" and "Yes Indeed." His versions of "Down The Road Apiece" and "Cow Cow Boogie" show the admitted influence of Freddie Slack. However, a little of Moore's vocals can go a long way after a few listens. And in many ways the most interesting material here are the superb instrumentals, including the ones previously unissued, like his boogie woogie version of the pop tune "Nola" (two versions included here) and the 12 songs recorded at his final sessions for a projected Capitol instrumental LP that was never released. Backing included some of Capitol's (and southern California's) best musicians, among them Speedy West, Roy Lanham, Jimmy Bryant and a very young Howard Roberts. Moore's statements in the notes hypocritically badmouth rock and roll despite the fact he recorded some incredibly stupid songs himself. Anyone responsible for "Big Bug Boogie" with the memorable line, "the bug's got a big ba-zoo" (should this record get a parental advisory sticker ?) shouldn't talk about Bill Haley! (RK)
MERRILL MOORE: Back Home Indiana/ Barrel House Bessie/ Bartender's Blues/ Bell Bottom Boogie/ Big Bug Boogie/ Boggie My Blues Away/ Buttermilk Baby/ Cooing To The Wrong Pigeon/ Corrine, Corrina/ Cow Cow Boogie/ Doggie House Boogie/ Down The Road A Piece/ Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue/ Fly Right Boogie/ Gotta Gimme What'cha Got/ Hard Top Race/ House Of Blue Lights/ I Think I Love You Too/ Jumpin' At The Woodside/ King Porter Stomp/ Lazy River/ Moore Blues/ Music, Music, Music/ Nobody's Sweetheart/ Nola Boogie/ Nola Boogie (ep Version)/ Nursery Rhyme Blues/ One Way Door/ Red Light/ Rock Island Line/ Rock-rock Ola/ Saddle Boogie/ Sentimental Journey/ Shanty In Old Shanty Town/ She's Gone/ Snatchin' And Grabbin'/ Somebody Stole My Gal/ South/ Sun Valley Walk/ Sweet Georgia Brown/ Sweet Jenny Lee/ Ten, Ten, A.m./ Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old 'tucky Home/ Yes Indeed


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