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THE KALIN TWINS Bear Family BCD 15597 When ● CD $21.98
At the age of 24 these New York twins hit the top 40 with When and then spent the next four years trying to repeat that success. One reason for that failure is suggested in the detailed booklet: the Kalins preferred pop to rock 'n'  roll. So, Decca's attempt to fit them into the teenage mold often produced half-hearted stuff. The 30 cuts include Jumpin' Jack/ Forget Me Not/ Dream Of Me/ I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door and the aptly named It's Just Terrible. Excellent notes, great photos, and impeccable sound quality. But music that's too mainstream to qualify as effective rock 'n' roll. (DH)

THE KEYMEN Collectables 0685 Surf Party A Go-Go ● CD $11.98
16 tracks from mid 60s by surf group from Las Cruces, NM - many previously unissued.

SID KING Bear Family BCD 15535 Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight ● CD $21.98
29 tracker covering the career of one of the very earliest White rock 'n' roll outfits. Texan Sid King started his career in 1952 doing Western Swing and Country & Western but like other teenagers of the time gradually started incorporating R&B into his sound. King and the 5 Strings really hit their stride in 1954 after signing with Columbia, cutting some of the very best rockabilly ever made, mostly at Jim Beck's Dallas studio. I Like It/ Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ Purr, Kitty, Purr/ Sag, Drag And Fall/ Let 'Er Roll/ Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight are all top notch rockabilly tunes with the classic slap bass, jive lyrics and red hot guitar work. Many songs from the next notch down are as good as many other performers' best tunes too. All of the material from the Bear Family LP 15048 is here with the addition of the fine Dot single from '59 - Hello There Rockin' Chair/ Once Upon A Time , a 1953 Starday pairing (done as the Western Melody Makers) - Who Put The Turtle In Myrtle's Girdle/ If Tears Could Cry plus five more previously unissued tunes. A super 36 page booklet is also included. (AE)

TOM KING & THE STARFIRES Collectables 0695 Roots Of The Outsiders ● CD $11.98
14 tracks, 35 minutes, very good. This stuff would be essential to any collector of pre-Beatles rock if not for the typical crappy Collectables sound quality. The Starfires were a Cleveland rock band that besides doing plenty of rockin' sides later evolved into The Outsiders, of Time Won't Let Me/ Help Me Girl fame, & also included for a while drummer Jimmy Fox, not previously documented, who later went on to fame with Joe Walsh in The James Gang. There's singles, rehearsal sessions, jams, even 2 sets of liner notes including remembrances by Fox. For all you old-time Clevelanders, this set includes Stronger Than Dirt, used extensively on Ghoulardi's Tv show, + I Love You Cause I Love You/ Ring Of Love/ Chartreuse Caboose. (GM)

THE KINGSMEN Collectables 5073 Louie Louie And More Golden Classics ● CD $11.98
An even dozen tunes from the rulers of the cool Northwest 60's teen scene, the Kingsmen. These guys had a no frills approach that helped launch thousands of garage bands that could easily approximate the three chord racket of the naughty Louie Louie or the goofy The Jolly Green Giant . The B-sides of their 2 big hits are here - Haunted Castle , a boss instro and Long Green , a tune too great to have been just a B-side. Killer Joe , Annie Fanny , The Climb , Little Sally Tease and the rest of the Wand singles didn't do much on the charts at the time (mid 60's) but they're all fun, rockin' tunes. (AE)

THE KINGSMEN Collectables 5628 "Louie Louie" - The Very Best Of The The Kingsmen ● CD $13.98
26 track collection including several live instrumentals - Louie Louie/ Jolly Green Giant/ Death Of An Angel/ The Climb/ Little Sally Tease/ That's Cool, That's Trash/ Shout/ Little Green Thing/ Mustang Sally, etc.

THE KINGSMEN Jerden JRCD 7004 Live & Unreleased ● CD $14.98
14 tracks, 47 minutes, recommended. I don't know what took so long but Jerry Dennon, the original Kingsmen producer, has finally put out the Wand out-takes from 1964. Louie Louie is the still the greatest rock'n'roll song of all-time so the rest of the Kingsmen's repertoire has to have great historical importance by association. So here's the stuff that was too raw for the Wand LP. Kingsman Introduction is actually a version (recorded live) of You Can't Sit Down . The re-recorded version of Louie Louie is here, with saxman Lynn Easton taking over vocal chores due to Jack Ely's sudden departure. The instrumental Bent Scepter is like a cross between Louie, Louie and Money . Most of the rest is from a live show from the early 60's where we hear our heros run through the frat party top ten - What'd I Say/ Twist & Shout/ Do You Love Me/ Money/ I Go Crazy/ Long Tall Texan , etc. as well as a few of their originals, Doin' The Seaside and David's Mood .... AE

THE KINGSMEN Rhino 70745 Greatest Hits ● CD $11.98
Recorded in 1963 for $38.00 (including the B side), Louie Louie still puts almost every subsequent rock 'n' roll song to shame with its simple but effective riff, killer guitar solo and licentious lyrics. If your Kingsmen records are as well played as mine you'll find this brilliant sounding CD issue a welcome addition. All 8 of their Wand hits are here including Money , Little Latin Lupe Lu , The Jolly Green Giant , etc. as well as 10 other primo cuts like the B side to Louie Louie , Haunted Castle and the way too cool That's Cool, That's Trash . Don't dare plan another party until you have this collection to slap in the CD player. Rosalie/ Little Sally Tease/ Annie Fanny/ Killer Joe , etc. (AE)

THE KINGSMEN Sundazed 6004 In Person ● CD $11.98

THE KINGSMEN Sundazed 6005 Volume 2 ● CD $11.98

THE KINGSMEN Sundazed 6006 Volume 3 ● CD $11.98

THE KINGSMEN Sundazed 6014 On Campus ● CD $11.98

THE KINGSMEN Sundazed 6015 Up & Away ● CD $11.98

THE KINGSMEN Sundazed 6027 Since We've Been Gone ● CD $11.98

BILL KIRCHEN Black Top 1109 Tombstone Every Mile ● CD $14.98

THE KNICKERBOCKERS Big Beat CDWIKD 122 A Rave Up With The Knickerbockers ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, 57 minutes, recommended. The Knickerbockers, from New Jersey, are best known for their big hit Lies - the best "Beatles" tunes not done by the fab five. Singer Buddy Randell had a voice that just so happened to be a dead ringer for John Lennon's. Lies was undoubtably the highlight of their career but they were remarkably consistant not only in the English invasion style but also drawing from many American styles - soul, the Rascals, white vocal groups, etc. Being older than the garage bands of the 60's, the Knickerbockers already knew how to play their instruments and come up with catchy, rockin' arrangements. This 22 song collection highlights their upbeat side and includes a nice info packed booklet and also includes 8 tunes not originally released. Lies/ One Track Mind/ I Can Do It Better/ High On Love/ Stick With Me/ You're Bad , etc. (AE)

THE KNICKERBOCKERS Collectables 531 Lies ● CD $11.98

THE KNICKERBOCKERS Sundazed 6010 Jerk & Twine Time ● CD $11.98

THE KNICKERBOCKERS Sundazed 6011 Lies ● CD $11.98

THE KNICKERBOCKERS Sundazed 11002 Presenting The Fabulous Knickerbockers ● CD $13.98
20 cuts (8 in stereo) from this fine 60s group, including Lies/ Rumors, Gossip, Words Untrue/ Jerktown.

THE KNICKERBOCKERS Sundazed 11012 Great Lost Album ● CD $13.98

BUDDY KNOX Coed 1001 The Liberty Sides And More ● CD $19.98

BUDDY KNOX/ BUDDY KNOX & JIMMY BOWEN Collectables 6212 Buddy Knox/ Buddy Knox & Jimmy Bowen ● CD $13.98
Two Roulette LPs, from 1957 and '58 respectively, on one CD. The first features 11 great sides by Knox including such hits as Party Doll/ Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep and Hula Love as well covers of rock 'n' roll classics like Rock House/ Mary Lou and Maybelline. The second features tracks by Knox and his fellow member of The Rhythm Orchids, Jimmy Bowen. Bowen is a pretty dull singer but there's lots of fine sides by Knox like That's Why I Cry/ Somebody Touched Me and Whenever I'm Lonely.


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