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BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS Bear Family BCD 15506 The Decca Years And More ● CD $99.98
5 CDs, 132 tracks, 5 hours, 42 min., good
Haley left Essex in 1954 and signed with Decca; his first release was Rock Around The Clock and, as luck would have it, it failed miserably. It wasn't until the movie Blackboard Jungle that the song became a massive hit. So did Haley's neutered cover of Joe Turner's Shake, Rattle And Roll. For the casual Haley fan this collection is overkill in the extreme, including as it does an entire disc's worth of alternate takes (almost all previously unreleased)--6 takes in a row of I Got A Woman is likely to be a bit much. Likewise, Haley's instrumental sessions--he plays rhythm guitar--may be of limited interest to many. But the first 2 discs are chock full o' winners and sure to please even casual fans of fifties R&R. And the diehard Haleyophile will glory in such unclassics as Wooden Shoe Rock/ El Rocko/ Rockin' Rollin' Schnitzlebank/ Piccadilly Rock, and other thematic musical experiments. It's all here and much more, his decade or so at Decca. The man often credited with performing the first rock and roll song deserves a box set this nice with a LP-sized, 32 page booklet full of info and pics, but it is not for all markets. (JC)

BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS Bear Family BCD 16157 The Warner Brothers Years & More ● CD $147.98
Six CD box set with book featuring all of Bill's American post-Decca recordings. In addition for his Warner Brothers sides it includes recordings for Buddah, Gone, Guest Star, Apt, Cory and others. Includes many previously unissued sides.

BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS Collectables 7780 Bill Haley & His Comets ● CD $11.98
12 tracks, recommended
Reissue of Bill's first Warner Brothers album (#1378) from 1960 with original cover art and notes by George Avakian and Haley himself. Haley was still in fine form with the original Comets (Franny Beecher/ lead guitar, Billy Williamson/ steel guitar, Rudy Pompilli/ tenor sax, etc). This album features Haley doing 12 hits from the 50s - two of his own (Crazy Man Crazy and Rock Around The Clock) plus versions of Kansas City/ Shake, rattle & Roll/ Stagger Lee/ I Almost Lost My Mind/ Blue Suede/ Blueberry Hill, etc. (FS)

BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS Collectables 7781 Haley's Juke Box ● CD $11.98
Reissue of Bill's second Warner Brothers album (#1391) from 1961. Bill returns to his country roots with a collection of 12 country hits of the 40s and 50s. Bill's no George Jones but does pleasing versions of songs like Bouquet Of Roses/ Wild Side Of Life/ Candy KIsses/ No Letter Today/ Cold Cold Heart/ Detour and others.

BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS Hydra 27105 Rock 'n' Roll Show ● CD $21.98
16 tracks, 44 mins, recommended
A fascinating document and some good music too! A previously unissued recording of rock 'n' roll pioneer Bill Haley and his Comets performing live on April 17, 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio - just a month before he topped the charts for the first and last time with Rock Around The Clock. That song is featured twice along with other popular Decca tunes like Dim Dim The Lights/ Shake Rattle & Roll and Mambo Rock along with a couple of his earlier Essex sides. Almost half the set features lead performances from members of the Comets - often doing straight pop songs in a rocking style. Bill and the boys are in good form though Bill was suffering from laryngitis which reduced his already somewhat limited range. Sound quality is satisfactory though on the first song Birth Of The Boogie Bill's vocal mike was off. The 24 page booklet itself is almost worth the price of the set with great photos from the 1955/56 tour by Haley & the Comets, interesting notes and fascinating and revealing extracts from Bill's personal diary. (FS)

BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS Hydra 27107 On Screen ● CD $21.98
A collection of 19 Haley rarities from the period 1954-1958 taken from movies, TV broadcasts and radio shows including performances from the rare 1954 movie "Roundup Of Rhythm", the better known "Rock Around The Clock" and "Don't Knock The Rock", Ed Sullivan and Ray Bolger T.V. shows, Alan Freed radio show and more. Songs include Crazy Man Crazy/ Shake, Rattle & Roll/ Huckleberry/ Rudy's Rock/ The Saints Rock 'n' Roll/ Rip It Up/ Forty Cups Of Coffee/ Razzle Dazzle, etc. Comes with 28 page booklet with detailed notes, rare photos and discography of these recordings. (FS)

BILL HALEY & FRIENDS Hydra 27128 Vol. 3 - The Story Of Rock Around The Clock ● CD $34.98
Two CDs, 63 tracks, highly recommended
From the label that loves Bill Haley comes a two CD set that will separate the men from the boys - or perhaps the sane from the insane! This set features no less than 63 recordings of Haley's most famous song Rock Around The Clock. The first disc features 31 versions by Bill himself or the Comets ranging from the original recording by him from 1954 to a 2000 remix of a 1966 recording by him made in Mexico (where he recorded quite extensively in the 60s). It includes studio recordings as well as live performances from various T.V. appearances and elsewhere. The second disc features 32 different versions of the songs by artists from around the world including a version by Swedish jazz violinist Svend Asmussen, British band Bubblerock Is Here To Stay who are a bit like The Bonzo Dog Band, Adriano Celentano, Eddie Cochran & Gary Lambert (a great duet guitar instrumental version), The Deep River Boys, Nilsson & John Lennon, Ted Herold, Finnish group Goran Odner & Matti I Viljasen Septetti, the great Yiddish parodist Mickey Katz, Buddy Knox (one of my favorite versions), The Sex Pistols, Puerto Rican band Los Hispanos, Renato Carosone, Sandy Nelson, Carl Perkins, The Platters, Belgian techno band Telex, Mae West (who was 81 when she recorded her version and sounds like she could still rock Bill's clock) and others including pre-Haley versions by Sonny Dae and co-composer Jimmy DeKnight. Comes with 48 page booklet with a history of the song, a discography of all the versions by Haley & The Comets and notes on all the versions on the second disc, lots of photos, label shots and other memorabilia plus a listing (probably incomplete) of 364 different recordings of the song. Rock Around The Clock fans (you know who you are!) will love this and even if you're not this is an ambitious and facsinating project. (FS)

BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS MCA MCAD 11957 Best Of - The Millenium Collection ● CD $11.98
BILL HALEY: Burn That Candle/ Dim, Dim The Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere)/ R-O-C-K/ Razzle-Dazzle/ Rock Around The Clock, (We're Gonna)/ Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie/ Rudy's Rock/ See You Later, Alligator/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ Skinny Minnie/ The Saints Rock 'N Roll, The/ Thirteen Women (And Only One Man In Town)

BILL HALEY Proper BOX 118 From Western Swing To Rock ● CD $26.98
Four CD retrospective of Haley's career from his earliest years in 1948 as a western singer to his hits as rock' n' roll star in 1956. Includes live tracks as well performances by The Jodimars featuring members of the Comets who had split from Bill in 1955 plus a one off single by Franny Beecher and Billy Williamson as The Jumping Jaguars. Includes 48 page booklet with extensive notes by Adam Komorowski, rare photos and label shots and full discographical info.
RENO BROWNE & HER BUCKAROOS FEAT. BILL HALEY: My Palamino And I/ My Sweet Little Girl From Nevada/ BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS: (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock/ A Rocking Little Tune/ ABC Boogie/ Birth Of The Boogie/ Blue Comet Blues/ Burn That Candle/ Calling All Comets/ Chattanooga Choo Choo/ Choo Choo Ch'Boogie/ Dim, Dim The Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere)/ Don't Knock The Rock/ Goofin' Around/ Happy Baby/ Hey Then There Now/ Hide And Seek/ Hook, Line And Sinker/ Hot Dog Buddy Buddy/ Hot Dog Buddy Buddy (Live)/ I'll Be True/ BILL HALEY & HIS SADDLEMEN: I'm Gonna Dry Every Tear With A Kiss/ BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS: Mambo Rock/ R-O-C-K/ Razzle Dazzle/ Rip It Up/ Rip It Up (Live)/ Rock Around The Clock (Live)/ Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie/ Rockin' Through The Rye/ Rudy's Rock/ See You Later Alligator/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ Straight Jacket/ Teenager's Mother/ Ten Little Indians/ The Paper Boy (On Main Street, USA)/ The Saint's Rock 'N' Roll/ The Saint's Rock'n'Roll (Live)/ Thirteen Women (And Only One Man In Town)/ Tonight's The Night/ Two Hound Dogs/ BILL HALEY & HIS SADDLEMEN: Why Do I Cry Over You?/ BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS: Yes Indeed/ Yes Indeed/ BILL HALEY & THE FOUR ACES OF WESTERN SWING: A Yodeller's Lullabye/ All I Need Is Some More Lovin'/ Behind The Eight Ball/ Candy And Women/ Candy Kisses/ Cotton Haired Gal/ BILL HALEY & THE SADDLEMEN: Down Deep In My Heart/ BILL HALEY & THE FOUR ACES OF WESTERN SWING: Foolish Questions/ Four Leaf Clover Blues/ BILL HALEY & THE SADDLEMEN: Green Tree Boogie/ BILL HALEY & THE FOUR ACES OF WESTERN SWING: My Mom Heard Me Cry Over You/ BILL HALEY & THE SADDLEMEN: Rocket 88/ Rose Of My Heart/ BILL HALEY & THE FOUR ACES OF WESTERN SWING: Rovin' Eyes/ BILL HALEY & THE SADDLEMEN: Tearstains On My Heart/ BILL HALEY & THE FOUR ACES OF WESTERN SWING: Tennessee Border/ The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along/ The Wreck On The Highway/ Too Many Parties Too Many Pals/ BILL HALEY & THE SADDLEMEN: Within This Broken Heart Of Mine/ BILL HALEY & THE FOUR ACES OF WESTERN SWING: Yodel Your Blues Away/ BILL HALEY WITH HALEY'S COMETS: Crazy Man Crazy/ BILL HALEY WITH THE SADDLEMEN: Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stocking)/ BILL HALEY WITH HALEY'S COMETS: Farewell, So Long, Goodbye/ Fractured/ BILL HALEY WITH THE SADDLEMEN: Icy Heart/ Jukebox Cannonball/ BILL HALEY WITH HALEY'S COMETS: Live It Up/ Pat-A-Cake/ Real Rock Drive/ BILL HALEY WITH THE SADDLEMEN: Rock The Joint/ Rockin' Chair On the Moon/ BILL HALEY WITH HALEY'S COMETS: Stop Beatin' Around The Mulberry Bush/ BILL HALEY WITH THE SADDLEMEN: Sundown Boogie/ BILL HALEY WITH HALEY'S COMETS: What'cha Gonna Do/ THE JAGUARS: Knock-Kneed Nellie From Knoxville/ Shut The Door Baby/ THE JODIMARS: (Boom Boom) My Bayou Baby/ Clarabella/ Cloud 99/ Dance The Bop/ Eat Your Heart Out Annie/ Later/ Let's All Rock Together/ Lotsa Love/ Midnight/ Rattle My Bones/ Rattle Shakin' Daddy/ Well Now Dig This

BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS Rollercoaster RCCD 3001 Rock The Joint! ● CD $21.98
22 tracks, 58 mins, recommended
Reissue featuring most of the recordings Haley made for the Holiday and Essex labels in Philadelphia between 1951 and 1953. Bill Haley may not have invented rock 'n roll or even have been the most compelling performer but he was certainly among the pioneers. His 1951 Rock The Joint has most of pieces in place complete with slap bass and driving electric guitar - three years before Elvis walked into the Sun studios. By 1953 Haley has changed his groups name from The Saddlemen to The Comets and added a saxophone to the line up and adopted the style that was to become his trademark and millstone for the rest of his life. Some of his later Decca recordings sound desperately formulaic but these recordings find him energetic and inspired. It includes R&B covers (Rocket '88/ Yes Indeed), country tearjerkers (Tearstains On My Heart Down Deep In My Heart), upbeat country (Green Tree Boogie/ Jukebox Cannonball) and, of course original rockers (Rockin' Chair On The Moon/ Real Rock Drive/ Fractured, etc.). Haley's vocals are convincing and the band is excellent including some exceptional guitar work from Danny Cedrone. Booklet has detailed notes and a discography of the Holiday/ Essex recordings. Sound quality is outstanding. (FS)
BILL HALEY: Chattanooga choo choo/ Crazy man crazy/ Dance with a dolly/ Farewell so long goodbye/ Fractured/ Green tree boogie/ I'll be true/ Icy heart/ Jukebox cannonball/ Live it up/ Pat-a-cake/ Real rock drive/ Rock the joint/ Rocket 88/ Rockin' chair on the moon/ Stop beatin' round the mulberry bush/ Straight jacket/ Sundown boogie/ Tearstains on my heart/ Ten little indians/ Whatcha gonna do/ Yes indeed!

BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS Liberty Bell 3011 Bill Haley's Chicks/ Rockin' Around The World ● CD $17.98
Two Haley LPs from 1959 and '58 respectively. The first is devoted to songs about girls - mostly rocked up versions of standards (Whoah Mabel/ Ida Sweet As Apple Cider/ Dinah, etc) along with some more recent compositions including the great Skinny Minnie. The other LP features rock 'n' roll songs with an International flavor - some of them reworkings of standards and most of them fairly lame. Includes Picadilly Rock/ Rockin' Rollin' Schnitzelbank/ Wooden Shoe Rock/ Oriental Rock, etc.

BILL HALEY'S COMETS Hydra 27100 We're Gonna Dig This ● CD $21.98
Recent recordings featuring original members of Bill's band.

LARRY HALL Collectables 5582 Sandy - A Golden Classics Edition ● CD $11.98

BEN HALL & THE RAMBLERS Rollercoaster RCCD 3004 Country Ways And Rockin' Days ● CD $21.98
28 tracks, 68 min., recommended
Hall's clearest claim to rock 'n' roll fame is the fact that he wrote Blue Days Black Nights, one side of Buddy Holly's first Decca single. Nonetheless, even though his friends Holly and Sonny Curtis accompany him on two other numbers here, on this disc Ben Hall is much more a country artist than he is a rocker. And these late 40's to early 60's tracks here show him to be an effective one. The title list includes Even Tho'/ Crying on My Shoulder/ Gunfighter's Fame/ Drifting Along with the Wind/ You Were on My Mind, and a 1960 version of Blue Days Black Nights. Fewer than half of these numbers were issued near their time of recording; those that were issued were on the Gaylo or Talent labels. Production values and sound quality are solid, and packaging is cardboard. (DH)

DALE HAWKINS Ace CDCHD 693 Rock 'n Roll Tornado ● CD $18.98
30 track collection of Dale's Checker sides, 8 previously unissued (mostly for good reasons).
DALE HAWKINS: Back to School Blues/ Boogie Woogie Teenage Girl/ Boy Meets Girl/ Caldonia/ Convicted/ Cross-Ties/ Don't Treat Me This Way/ Four Letter Word (Rock)/ Grandma's House/ Heaven/ Hot Dog/ I Want To Love You/ La-Do-Dada/ Lifeguard Man/ Little Pig/ Liza Jane/ Lonely Nights/ Lovin' Bug/ Mrs Merguitory's Daughter/ My Babe/ One Dozen Roses/ See You Soon Baboon/ Someday, One Day/ Superman/ Susie-Q/ Sweetie Pie/ Teenage Dolly/ Tornado/ Wild Wild World/ Yea-Yea (Class Cutter)

DALE HAWKINS Bear Family BCD 16826 Dale Rocks! ● CD $23.98
34 tracks, 79 mins, highly recommended
Dale Hawkins had one great big, massively influential song-Suzy Q,-but he also had dozens of other really good/great tracks, a couple of white hot guitarists in James Burton and Roy Buchanan, and a huge talent for entertaining. This compiles all of the best of his earlier material, Suzy Q/ See You Soon Baboon/ Sweetie Pie/ Mrs. Mergritory's Daughter/ Ain't That Lovin' You Baby, and my favorite: Tornado. Dale was and is a great rock `n ` roller and this collection is chock full of great stuff that any good R&R collection would be incomplete without, pick this up for all the classics, but also check his new stuff out; he's one of the few still making great original music and tearing it up live. This comes in a beautiful gatefold digi-pack with a fantastic thick booklet that tells Dale's story with lots of cool pics as well. (JM)

DALE HAWKINS Norton CED 256 Daredevil ● CD $14.98
12 tracks, 26 mins, recommended
Don't let the "high fidelity" on the cover fool ya - these are pretty rough sounding. A dozen unreleased treasures from Dale's personal archives, recorded '56-'64. The most important is the original demo, Susie Q/ If You Please Me, which not only kickstarted a career & presented a classic but are also the very 1st recordings of the then 15 year old James Burton! Most of the tunes are raw but VERY rockin', & even includes an impromptu number recorded by Dale (gtr) & Roger Miller (vcl) called Wish I Hadn't Called Home, done while both were smashed on little yellow pills, a couple tunes backing Danny Ray White (Hey Pretty Baby/ I Can't Stand Your Ways Anymore), & Dale's band backing Maylon Humphries (Weep No More). Booklet has photos & great liner note recollections from Dale. Number Nine Train/ Everglades/ Mumbly Peg/ Superman. (GM)

DALE HAWKINS Rev-Ola 188 L.A., Memphis & Tyler, Texas ● CD $15.98
10 tracks, 31 min., highly recommended
Best known for his song Suzie Q (covered notably by Creedence Clearwater Revival) when he was recording for Chess, Hawkins second LP, reissued here, stands as a swamp rock mini-masterpiece, even though it all but evaporated when Bell released it in 1969. Named for the three recording locations, this album, which wears a disctinctly southern garb, features an amazing line up of "session" musicians, including James Burton, Ry Cooder, Wayne Jackson (Memphis Horns), Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, and Taj Mahal, among others. Hawkins' cover of the Jimmy Reed classic Baby What You Want Me To Do, is nothing like the original but every bit as compelling. The swamp rock is swampiest on Hawkins originals, such as Back Street and the seemingly tossed-off title cut that opens the album. For fans of soulful southern rock who appreciate an edge to their music and origianlity in their musicians. (JC)

RONNIE HAWKINS Bear Family BCD 16873 Rocks! ● CD $24.98
32 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended
Here's another one that we can blame old infamous Morris Levy for what coulda, shoulda happened. If Levy had actually paid Ronnie Hawkins for the records he sold or invested a little time-and, dare I say, money-into his career, put him in front of a T.V. camera and in the fan magazines, the story would be a whole lot different (at least here in America; in Canada, he was and is a big star). Instead, by the early 1960's when Ronnie & the Hawks were at the peak of their powers, going into the studio to record records meant taking time away from the lucrative live circuit. Seeing as how they tore the house down on so many of these recordings, imagine what it would have been like if they wanted to be in the studio! Legend has it that Ronnie Hawkins was one of the most incredibly live acts of his day, but unfortunately I have seen very little footage and his recoded work tends to only hint at it (You Tube alert: there's a 'scope of Ronnie and the Hawks from 1959 doing I Need Your Lovin' that's definitely worth checking out that just popped up recently). Hawkins is a perfect choice for this series because he is at his best when he "rocks," and there are a whole bunch of songs collected here that help prove that he was one of the best. While his repertoire consisted mainly of covers, he was definitely an artist that could take a song and make it his own and when it comes down to it, he wrote more original material than Elvis did! It was just that Elvis' covers weren't as well known before he did them. This collection starts with his first and only pre-Roulette Records recording. These summer of 1958 recordings for Quality shred, with great versions of Hey Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry's 30 Days, and Hawkins' insane original Horace (previously unissued). Then you get the best of his recorded output up until 1963,which includes his hits Forty Days and Mary Lou, a large portion of his Mr. Dynamo record up to a few recordings with what would be the nucleus of "The Band" minus Garth Hudson. Not to underestimate his early players at all, some great Rockabilly cats went through his band, guitarist Fred Carter Jr. especially shines on a lot of tracks. Comprised of a handful of quality originals and choice covers of the likes of Huey Smith, Dave Bartholomew, Dale Hawkins, Billy Lee Riley, Carl Perkins etc., this collection is a solid gas throughout, with one fantastic cut after another. In digipack with 48 page booklet. (JM)
RONNIE HAWKINS: Baby Jean/ Bo Diddley/ Clara/ Come Love/ Dizzy Miss Lizzy/ Forty Days/ Hay Ride/ Hey Bo Diddley/ Hey Boba Lou/ High Blood Pressure/ Honey Don't/ Horace/ Horace/ I Feel Good/ Mary Lou/ Matchbox/ Mojo Man/ My Gal Is Red Hot/ Need Your Lovin' (Oh So Bad)/ Odessa/ Oh Sugar/ One Of These Days/ Ruby Baby/ Sexy Ways/ Sick & Tired/ Southern Love/ Suzie Q/ Thirty Days/ Whatcha Gonna Do (When The Creek Runs Dry)/ Who Do You Love/ Wild Little Willy/ You Know I Love You

RON HAYDOCK & THE BOPPERS Norton CED 247 99 Chicks ● CD $14.98
29 Tracks, 66 min., recommended Ever heard of Ron Haydock? Neither had I, but after listening to this CD and reading Miriam Linna's 26 page booklet (it was difficult to get the booklet back into the jewel-box cover because it was so thick) you'll realize that he was one of rock n' roll's true characters. He did everything from leading a band that did a pretty good copy of Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps (music by this band makes up the bulk of the CD), to editing monster fanzines, writing adult novels and appearing in low-budget rock n' roll horror flicks. Included in those movies is Rat Pfink a Boo Boo. Are you getting all of this? Among the songs are some outtakes from movies and some surf tunes that were music for those movies. It's all wild, man. The music is good, but the value of the CD is learning about one crazy cat. (RS)

LEE HAZLEWOOD Ace CDCHM2 860 These Boots Are Made for Walking ● CD $26.98
Two CD set featuring all of Hazlewood's recording for MGM between 1965 and 1967 including the rare "Something Special" LP. A mix of rock 'n' roll, country and pop. Includes 16 page booklet.

BEN HEWITT Bear Family BCD 16199 You Got Me Shook ● CD $21.98
This features all the Mercury recordings cut by this fine rocker for Mercury between 1958 and 1960 plus seven previously unissued demos that he made for Elvis and the rare Mercury single cut by his guitarist Ray Ethier.

BEN HEWITT Bear Family BCD 16200 The Spirit Of Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $21.98
New recordings by this 50s rocker.

ERSEL HICKEY Bear Family BCD 15676 Bluebirds Over The Mountain ● CD $21.98
25 tracks, 51 min., recommended
If you don't recognize rockabilly icon Ersel Hickey from his best known song, Bluebirds Over The Mountains, you'd surely recognize his image from the famous Gene LaVerne photo of him pointing his guitar in the direction of anonymity. Either way, this compilation collects all of his Epic and Kapp sides and throws in some extras. So you not only get "Bluebird," you get the (vastly inferior) Canadian version as well. Epic session notables include the unreleased Roll On Little River, as well as the incomplete Due Time/ Shame On Me/Stardust Brought Me You, unissued cuts all. The two unissued tracks from Kapp are Magical Love/ A Mighty Square Love Affair. Typically great packaging from Bear, including a wealth of cool pix, bio by Colin Escott, and discography by Richard Weize. (JC)

ERSEL HICKEY Hydra 27119 Hangin' Around Heartbreak Hotel ● CD $22.98
29 tracks, 62 min., recommended
Despite the release of a few Ersel Hickey CDs over the years, including one by Bear Family, this may be worth picking up. Of course such Hickey classics as Bluebirds Over The Mountains and You Threw A Dart appear here, but this album also offers both sides of his first single for Fine Records in 1957 (Then I'll Be Happy b/w You're No Good as well as two previously unissued tracks cut during the Fine session I'm Walkin' and Street Car Of Desire. This release includes six other unreleased recordings, including a version of Heartbreak Hotel and a pair of instrumentals. And by spanning Hickey's recording career from 1957-1984, this album follows Hickey's developing sound from the rockabilly- flavored, Buddy Holly- and Elvis Presley-influenced early sides to a more straight-ahead country approach. The cover and booklet will not win any design awards, but the notes are relatively informative and the music is a rockin' good time. (JC)

EDDIE HODGES Teenager 604 I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door ● CD $18.98
21 tracks, 48 min, very good
Eddie was a child star who got his start singing in the Broadway version of The "Music Man" - what would've happened if he ended up in the movie instead of Ron "Opie" Howard? He later was in "A Hole In The Head" with Frank Sinatra & can be heard on the hit High Hopes. From here, we get the beginnings of a singing career, with kid themes like I Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week/ Mugmates/ Just A Kid In Love, even a remake of High Hopes. His 2 biggest hits are here, of course - (Girls Girls Girls) Made To Love & the title tune. More interestingly, there's some later pop tunes after his voice changed a bit, with tunes written by Randy Newman (She Doesn't Love Me), Gene Pitney (Across The Street), Jackie DeShannon & Sharon Sheeley (Would You Come Back) & Al Kooper (The Water Is Over My Head). The most interesting is a version of Dylan's Love Minus Zero, with backing by future members of Neil Young's Crazy Horse, Danny Whitten, Billy Talbot & Ralph Molina. (GM)

BUDDY HOLLY BGO BGOCD 564 That'll Be The Day/ Remember ● CD $18.98
Reissue of two LPs by the great Buddy Holly. "That'll Be The Day" is the album Decca issued in 1958 after Buddy & The Crickets hit it big on Brunswick with "That'll Be The Day" and includes the original Decca version of that song as well as other early sides, mostly with Nashville sidemen, including Blue Days, Black Nights/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee/ Ting-A-Ling/ Love Me and others. "Remember" was a 1971 British album featuring a mixture of material including several by Buddy & The Crickets, an undubbed version of That Makes It Tough, overdubbed versions of some of the other "Apartment Tapes", the wonderful Reminiscing with King Curtis on sax and Jerry "Ivan" Allison doing his idiosyncratic real Wild Child with superb guitar from Buddy.

BUDDY HOLLY El Toro 1012 Hollybilly - Buddy Holly 1956: The Complete Recordings ● CD $24.98
Two CDs, 41 racks, essential
Absolutely indispensable collection featuring all the recordings made by the great Buddy Holly during 1956. This includes his first commercial sessions for Decca that only yielded a couple of released singles that went nowhere, demos recorded at Norman Petty's state of the art studios in Clovis, New Mexico, demos cut at radio station KDAV in Lubbock and a wonderful raucous home session with Buddy accompanied only by Jerry Allison as they run through rock 'n' roll and R&B hits of the day like Honky Tonk/ Good Rockin' Tonight/Blue Monday/ Blue Suede Shoes and others. Many of the demos and home recordings were later issued with overdubbed backings by The Fireballs but these are the raw originals which demonstrate the excitement, charisma and amazing talent that Holly had. There are rumored to be other recordings from this period in the hands of various Holly family but legal hassles (i.e. not enough money) has prevented them making an appearance. In the meantime let's be grateful for this brief insight into the early years of one of the greatest rock 'n' roll artists of all time who would have had an even greater impact on the future of the music had he not been killed in that tragic accident in 1959. (FS)
BUDDY HOLLY: Ain't Got No Home (Lubbock home recording)/ Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight? (Clovis Demo)/ Because I Love You (Clovis demo)/ Blue Days, Black Nights/ Blue Monday (Lubbock home recording)/ Blue Suede Shoes (Lubbock home recording)/ Bo Diddley (Lubbock home recording)/ Bo Diddley (Undubbed Clovis Demo)/ Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Lubbock home recording)/ Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Undubbed Clovis Demo)/ Changing All Those Changes (Clovis demo)/ Don't Come Back Knockin'/ Girl On My Mind/ Gone #1 (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)/ Gone #2 (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)/ Gone (Fragment)/ Good Rockin' Tonight (Lubbock home recording)/ Have You Ever Been Lonely? #1 (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)/ Have You Ever Been Lonely? #2 (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)/ Have You Ever Been Lonely? (Fragment)/ Have You Ever Been Lonely? (Fragment)/ Holly Hop (Lubbock home recording)/ Honky Tonk (Lubbock home recording)/ I Guess I Was Just A Fool (Clovis demo)/ I'm Changin' All Those Changes (Fragment)/ I'm Changin' All Those Changes (Nashville Version)/ I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down (Clovis demo)/ It's Not My Fault (Clovis demo)/ Love Me (With Studio Chat)/ Midnight Shift/ Modern Don Juan/ Rip It Up (Lubbock home recording)/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee (Fragment, July 1956)/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee (July 1956 Version)/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee (November 1956 Version)/ Rock-A-Bye Rock (Clovis demo)/ Shake, Rattle & Roll (Lubbock home recording)/ That'll Be The Day (July 1956 version)/ Ting-A-Ling/ You Are My One Desire/ You Are My One Desire (False Start)

BUDDY HOLLY El Toro 1016 Not Fade Away - 1957: The Complete Recordings ● CD $31.98
On the heels of last year's El Toro and Rollercoaster releases of all of Buddy's 1956 recordings comes this incredible three CD set featuring all of his 1957 recordings. This was the year that Buddy hit it big with The Crickets and under his own name and this set includes all his issued recordings, alternate takes including an alternate of Peggy Sue which is alone worth the price of this set, versions of songs like Words Of Love/ Last Night and Oh Boy without the Picks vocal group overdubs, promotional recordings, live performances and a whole heap of session work behind artists like Gary Dale, Jim Robinson, Carolyn Hester, Charlie Phillips and others plus an incredible rehearsal session where Buddy and The Crickets work on a version of Bo Diddley's Mona.
BUDDY HOLLY/ THE CRICKETS : I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love/ That'll Be The Day/ Last Night (Undubbed Original Version)/ Maybe Baby (First Version)/ Last Night/ Words Of Love (Demo)/ Words Of Love/ Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues/ Not Fade Away (Incomplete Alternative Take)/ Not Fade Away/ Everyday/ Ready Teddy/ Valley Of Tears/ Tell Me How/ Buddy's Phone Call To Paul Cohen Of Decca Records (28/02/57)/ GARY DALE: Go Boy Go (KDAV Demo)/ Gone (KDAV Demo)/ Go Boy Go (Norman Petty Demo)/ The Golden Rocket (Norman Petty Demo)/ Gone (Norman Petty Demo)/ I Overlooked An Orchid/ BILLY WALKER: On My Mind Again/ Viva La Matador/ JIM ROBINSON: A Whole Lot Of Lovin' (Take 1)/ A Whole Lot Of Lovin' (Take 2)/ A Whole Lot Of Lovin' (Take 3)/ A Whole Lot Of Lovin'/ It's A Wonderful Feeling/ JACK HUDDLE: Starlight (Original Without Echo)/ Believe Me (Original Without Echo)/ Starlight/ Believe Me/ BUDDY HOLLY/ THE CRICKETS: Peggy Sue (Alternative Take)/ Peggy Sue/ Listen To Me/ That'll Be The Day (Promotional Recording For Bob Thiele)/ That'll Be The Day (Promotional Recording For Murray Deutch)/ Oh, Boy! (Undubbed Original Version)/ Oh, Boy!/ That'll Be The Day (Promotional Recording For Bill Randle Of WERE Radio, Ohio)/ I'm Gonna Love You Too/ Send Me Some Lovin' (Original Undubbed Demo)/ It's Too Late (Original Undubbed Demo)/ Send Me Some Lovin'/ It's Too Late/ JIM ROBINSON: Man From Texas (Brill 2)/ GARY DALE: Honey, Honey/ Look To The Future/ FRED CRAWFORD: By The Mission Wall/ CAROLYN HESTER: Wreck Of The Old '97/ Scarlet Ribbons/ CHARLIE PHILLIPS: Sugartime (Take 1)/ One Faded Rose (Take 1)/ Sugartime/ One Faded Rose/ SHERRY DAVIS: Humble Heart/ Broken Promises/ NORMAN PETTY TRIO: Moondreams-With The Picks/ Moondreams (Instrumental)/ Moondreams-With The Roses/ BUDDY HOLLY/ THE CRICKETS: You've Got Love/ Maybe Baby/ An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date)/ Rock Me, My Baby/ That'll Be The Day (Unidentified Live Fragment)/ That'll Be The Day (Live On The Ed Sullivan CBS TV Show)/ Peggy Sue (Live On The Ed Sullivan CBS TV Show)/ Interview With Ed Sullivan/ Little Baby/ You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)/ Look At Me/ Mona (Rehearsal)/ Mona (Take 1)/ Mona (Take 2)/ Mona (Take 3)/ Peggy Sue (Live On The Arthur Murray TV Show)/ RICK TUCKER: Don't Do Me This Way!(First Version)/ Patty Baby (With The Picks)/ Don't Do Me This Way! (with The Picks)/ BUDDY HOLLY/ CRICKETS : Six radio promotional spots/ Interview With Red Robinson Of CKWX Radio, Canada/ Promotional Spot For Red Robinson Of CKWX Radio, Canada/ Interview With Freeman Hoover Of KCSR Radio, Nebraska/ Promotional Spot For Freeman Hoover Of KCSR Radio, Nebraska/ Interview With Dale Lowery Of KTOP Radio, Kansas

BUDDY HOLLY Geffen 11337-02 Memorial Collection ● CD $29.98
Three CD set, 60 tracks, highly recommended unless you plan to get the box set
Complementing the rarities collection this collection mostly features single and LP recordings that were issued during Buddy's lifetime along with a handful of rare and undubbed sides that overlap with the rarities collection. If you don't have very much Buddy Holly material than this would be an ideal place to start with lots of great songs like Midnight Shift/ Blue Days, Black Nights/ That'll Be The Day/ Words Of Love/ Tell Me How/ Ho Boy/ Peggy Sue/ Maybe baby/ Rock Me My Baby/ Rave On/ Think It Over/ Early In The Morning/ True Love Ways/ Raining In My Heart, etc. (FS)
* = undubbed BUDDY HOLLY: Down The Line*/ Soft Place In My Heart*/ You And I Are Through*/ Midnight Shift/ Love Me/ Don't Come Back Knockin'/ Blue Days, Black Nights/ Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight (1983 Overdubbed Version)/ I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down (1983 Overdubbed Version)/ Changing All Those Changes (1983 Overdubbed Version)/ Rock-A-Bye Rock (1983 Overdubbed Version)/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee/ Girl On My Mind/ Ting-A-Ling/ Modern Don Juan/ Holly Hop*/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man (1983 Overdubbed Version)/ That'll Be The Day/ I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love/ Mailman Bring Me No More Blues/ Words Of Love/ Not Fade Away/ Everyday/ Ready Teddy/ Tell Me How/ Oh Boy!/ Listen To Me/ Peggy Sue/ I'm Gonna Love You Too/ It's Too Late/ Maybe Baby/ You've Got Love/ Rock Me My Baby/ Look At Me/ You're So Square (Baby, I Don't Care)/ Little Baby/ Rave On/ Well...All Right/ Take Your Time/ Fool's Paradise/ Think It Over/ Heartbeat/ It's So Easy/ Lonesome Tears/ Love's Made A Fool Of You/ Wishing/ Early In The Morning/ Now We're One/ Reminiscing/ True Love Ways/ It Doesn't Matter Anymore/ Raining In My Heart/ What To Do*/ Peggy Sue Got Married*/ That Makes It Tough/ Crying, Waiting, Hoping*/ Learning The Game*/ You're The One*/ Smokey Joe's Cafe*/ Dearest

BUDDY HOLLY Geffen 11675-02 Down The Line - Rarities ● CD $29.98
Two CDs, 59 tracks, essential if you don't plan on getting the box set
This two CD set with 59 songs features some of Buddy's most obscure recordings - mostly previously known only to diehard Holly collectors. Many of the songs have appeared before but usually with overdubs by The Fireballs but all the recordings here are in their original undubbed versions. It opens with a 1949 home recording of 13 year old Buddy doing Hank Snow's My Two Timin' Woman - his voice is unbroken but he already shows asruredness in his guitar playing and it ends with a version of The Coasters' Smokey Joe's Cafe with Buddy accompanying himself on electric guitar with lots of tremelo recorded at his New York appartment only a month before his tragic death. Along the way we hear early country duets with Bob Montgomery (some appearing in undubbed form for the first time ever), the four cuts recorded in Fort Wichita in December 1955 that were used as demos that led to his signing with Decca. We also have the session held in the Holley family garage in late 1956 where he and Jerry Allison work their way through a selection of some of the big rock 'n' roll and R&B hits of the day. From his hit making period we have magnificent undubbed versions of several songs that had vocal choruses added for their original release like Last Night/ Oh Boy! and Think It Over, the incredible alternate take of Peggy Sue and all the recordings made by Buddy with acoustic or electric guitar in his appartment in December 1958 and January 1959 including the six original songs by Buddy that might have made it to a future release had he lived and show to me that he had not abandoned rock 'n' roll as some have suggested. It also includes his call outs to Bob Thiele and Murray Deutsch of Decca done to the tune of That'll Be The Day with Buddy and The Crickets cracking up at the absurdity. Even if you have the European releases of much of this material the sound quality here from original sources is superior - in some cases, significantly so. Set is in a fold out digipack with rare photos, notes by Bill Dahl and full discographical information. (FS)
* = undubbed version BUDDY HOLLY: My Two Timin' Woman*/ Footprints In The Snow*/ Flower Of My Heart*/ Door To My Heart*/ Soft Place In My Heart*/ Gotta Get You Near Me Blues*/ I Gambled My Heart*/ You And I Are Through*/ Down The Line*/ Baby Let's Play House*/ Moonlight Baby*/ I Guess I Was Just A Fool*/ Don't Come Back Knockin'*/ Love Me*/ Gone*/ Gone (Undubbed Version Alternate Take)/ Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue) (Undubbed Version Alternate Take)/ Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)*/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man*/ Good Rockin' Tonight*/ Rip It Up*/ Blue Monday*/ Honky Tonk*/ Blue Suede Shoes*/ Shake Rattle And Roll(Partial)*/ Bo Diddley*/ Ain't Got No Home*/ Holly Hop*/ Last Night*/ Not Fade Away (Partial Alternate Overdub)/ Peggy Sue (Alternate)/ Oh Boy!*/ That's My Desire (Two False Starts Plus Undubbed Master)/ Take Your Time (False Start & Partially Undubbed Take)/ Fool's Paradise (Alternate Take)*/ Fool's Paradise (Master)*/ Fool's Paradise (Aternate Take #2)*/ Think It Over (False Start & Rehearsal Take - Take 1)/ Think It Over (Undubbed Alternate Take 2)/ Think It Over (Undubbed Master Take 3)/ Love's Made A Fool Of You*/ That'll Be The Day [Greetings To Bob Thiele]/ That'll Be The Day [Greetings To Murray Deutsch]/ That's What They Say (Undubbed Version With Fragment)/ What To Do*/ Peggy Sue Got Married*/ That Makes It Tough*/ Crying, Waiting, Hoping*/ Learning The Game [undubbed]/ Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie*/ Slippin' And Slidin' (Slow Version #1)*/ Slippin' And Slidin' (Album Version(/ Slippin' And Slidin' (Fast Version)*/ Buddy & Maria Elena Talking In Apartment*/ Dearest (Fragment)*/ Dearest/ Untitled Instrumental (aka: Buddy's Guitar/listed as "Tremolo Instrumental")*/ Love Is Strange*/ Smokey Joe's Cafe*

BUDDY HOLLY MCA MCAD 11956 Best Of - The Millenium Collection ● CD $11.98

BUDDY HOLLY MCA (UK) 112 099 Reminiscing ● CD $11.98
18 tracks, 40 mins, highly recommended
This is a reissue of Coral 75450 with 7 bonus tracks, This was the first album to feature "new" material by this great artist who died in 1959. The first track - the title tune is the only finished studio track where Buddy joined forces with the great tenor sax player King Curtis on a title that could have been a sure fire hit if it had been released when recorded and reached the charts in England when it was released as a single. The remaining tracks are demos, rehearsal tapes, and Buddy's acoustic demos recorded at his home in New York a couple of months before his death. These were "sweetened" in Norman Petty's studios - edited and re-arranged and with the Fireballs overdubbed. The overdubs are well done but unnecessarry and dilute the power of the original recordings as can be heard on the bonus material which includes five tracks in their undubbed form. In addition there is another song from the King Curtis session - the fine Come Back Baby plus an early recording of Maybe Baby with different arrangements. Other songs include Bo Diddley/ Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight/ Because I Love You/ I'm Gonna Set My Foot Right Down and others. Includes reproduction of the original artwork and booklet with new notes by Colin Escott.

BUDDY HOLLY Rev-Ola 174 Gotta Roll - The Early Recordings, 1949-1955 ● CD $15.98
26 tracks, 56 mins, highly recommended
While the bulk of Buddy Holly's unissued recordings is tied up in litigation this CD allows us to hear some of Buddy's early recordings made before he commenced recording commercially for Decca in 1956. It includes his earliest home recording from 1949 when he was 13 years old doing Hank Snow's Two Timin' Woman and showing his already impressive guitar skills. It also includes early 50s bluegrass flavored recordings with Bob Montgomery along with studio demos from 1954 and '55 many which were later overdubbed by The Fireballs - the versions here are undubbed - the earliest of these demos are straight country but by 1955 he'd seen and heard Elvis and from then on most of his material was rockabilly including a cover of Elvis's hit Baby Let's Play House as well as a bunch of original songs culminating with four songs Moonlight Baby/ I Guess I Was A Fool/ Don't Come Back Knockin' and Love Me which were sent to Decca and were followed shortly by his being signed by the label. While his singing hadn't fully matured his guitar playing on the rockabilly numbers is superb. This set also includes performances by associates Sonny Curtis, Jack Neal and Ben Hall with Buddy on guitar - interesting but not particularly compelling. Sound quality on some of these tracks is very rough and there is no discographical information though most of the relevant information is in Dave Penny's notes. The booklet features a number of photos including pictures of some of the acetates. This release is not for the casual listner but if you're a Holly fan it's indispensable unless you already have it on one of the many bootlegs out there. (FS)
BUDDY & BOB: Down The Line (#1)/ Down The Line (#2)/ Footprints In The Snow/ Gotta Get You Near Me Blues/ Let's Pretend (Aka "I'll Just Pretend")/ Memories/ Take These Shackles From My Heart/ You And I Are Through/ You And I Are Through (#1)/ SONNY CURTIS: Because You Love Me/ Dallas Boogie/ I'll Miss My Heart/ One In A Million/ Queen Of The Ballroom/ This Bottle/ BEN HALL: All From Loving You/ Rose Of Monterey/ BUDDY HOLLY: Don't Come Back Knockin'/ I Guess I Was A Fool/ I Wanna Play House With You (Aka "Baby, Let's Play House")/ Love Me/ Moonlight Baby (Aka "Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight")/ My Two-Timin' Woman (Edited Version)/ My Two-Timin' Woman (Unedited Version)/ JACK NEAL: I Hear The Lord Callin' For Me/ I Saw The Moon Cry Last Night

BUDDY HOLLY Roller Coaster 3056 With The Three Tunes - Ohh! Annie! ● CD $28.98
Two CDs, 43 tracks, essential
This is very similar to El Toro 1012 that was issued at the beginning of 2007 featuring all the available recordings made by the great rock 'n' roll pioneer Budddy Holly in 1956 with several exceptions that will be notable for diehard Holly fans (like myself) but perhaps not so significant to casual fans. Firstly, this set includes several never before issued alternate takes that were not even known about before this release including a particularly fine alternate of Midnight Shift (which is where the album title comes from). There are also additional fragments of studio chatter. Further, most of these tracks were sourced from the original master tapes so sound quality is superior to the El Toro though not always dramatically so. The set is housed in a three panel digipac with a 36 page booklet with extensive notes on these recordings by Holly expert John Ingman including an interview with Bobby Peeples who was responsible for some of the home recordings here plus a bunch of great photos - some previously unpublished. It's too bad this didn't come out sooner so that one wouldn't have to buy the same material twice but the first generation tapes used here didn't turn up until August of 2007. If you're dedicated Holly fan or don't have the El Toro this release is a must. Ohh! Annie! (FS)
BUDDY HOLLY: Love Me/ Don't Come Back Knockin' (previously unissued)/ Don't Come Back Knockin'/ Midnight Shift (previously unissued false start)/ Midnight Shift (previously unissued)/ Midnight Shift/ Blue Days, Black Nights/ Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight/ I Guess I Was Just A Fool/ It's Not My Fault/ I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down/ I'm Changin' All Those Changes/ Rock-A-Bye Rock/ Because I Love You/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee (fragment)/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee/ I'm Changin' All Those Changes/ That'll Be The Day/ Girl On My Mind/ Ting-A-Ling/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee/ Modern Don Juan/ You Are My One Desire (false start)/ You Are My One Desire/ Have You Ever Been Lonely/ Bo Diddley/ Ain't Got No Home/ Holly Hop/ Gone/ Gone/ Gone (previously unissued)/ Have You Ever Been Lonely/ Have You Ever Been Lonely/ Have You Ever Been Lonely (previously unissued complete)/ Brown-Eyed Handsome Man/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ Rip It Up Blue Monday/ Honky Tonk/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Shake, Rattle & Roll/ Bo Diddley/ Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

BRIAN HYLAND MCA 11034 Greatest Hits ● CD $9.98
18 tracks, 47 min., good A few months back MCA of France produced a retrospective of this gentle-voiced teen idol. Not to be outdone presumably, that company's domestic branch now offers this slightly shorter (by two tracks) and less expensive variant, with fine stereo sound on most cuts, worthwhile notes, discographical information, and photos from various stages of the artist's career. Featured tracks include Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini/ Ginny Come Lately/ Sealed With a Kiss/ Warmed Over Kisses, and his surprise 1970 hit version of Gypsy Woman. Pleasant pop music from the 60's, nicely packaged. (DH)


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