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JACK EARLS Navajo 101 Live ● CD $22.98
Legendary Sun rockabilly performer recorded live in Sweden in 2000 accompanied by a Swedish quintet. Jack sounds pretty good on a selection that includes a lot of songs he originally recorded for Sun (Hey Jim/ Let's Bop/ Crawdad Hole/ Slow Down, etc) along with some covers (Flip, Flop & Fly/ She Sure Can Rock Me/ Roll Over Beethoven, etc.). Band is pretty bland and the thin recorded sound doesn't help.

EDDIE & THE SHOWMEN AVI 5021 Squad Car ● CD $15.98
We've turned up a few copies of this out of print collection of wild surf instrumentals by guitarist Eddie Bertrand and his band The Showmen. 17 tracks recorded for Liberty between 1962 and 1965 including unreleased tunes and demos. Includes 8 page booklet with extensive tiny notes and rare photos.

DUANE EDDY Collectables 6222 Duane A Go-Go/ Does Bob Dylan ● CD $13.98
CD release of two Colpix LP's from 1965 produced by Lee Hazelwood - 24 tracks in all. There's plenty of Duane's patented bass string twangin' but he doesn't ignore the other strings either, which makes for a nice contrast on tunes like Cottonmouth, Just To Satisfy You and If You've Seen One, You've Seen 'Em All. The sax playing by Jim Horn and the harmonica of Larry Knechtel is a too happy and yakity for my taste but some will like it. Something like the extreme Fuzz on House Of The Rising Sun, She Belongs To Me and Blowin' In The Wind is more to the point. (AE)

DUANE EDDY Jamie 4007 Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel ● CD $15.98
Reissue of Duane's original 1958 album with bonus tracks.

DUANE EDDY Jamie 4010 Especially For You ● CD $15.98
Reissue of original 1959 album with stereo remixes from the original master tapes, 3 chart singles (including Peter Gunn), 5 never before released bonus tracks, new liner notes & rare 1959 photos.

DUANE EDDY Jamie 4016 The "Twangs" The "Thang" ● CD $15.98
Reissue of Duane's third Jamie album from 1959 remixed in stereo with six bonus tracks - five of them previously unissued alternate takes. Includes My Blue Heaven/ The Last Minte Of Innocence/ You Are My Sunshine/ Night Train To Memphis/ Trambone/ Rebel Walk/ Bonnie Come Back and others.

DUANE EDDY Jamie 4026 Plays Songs Of Our Heritage ● CD $15.98
19 tracks, 48 min, good
Can it be possible - a boring Duane Eddy LP? This set reissues Jamie 3011 from 1960. I knew there was gonna be trouble when the liner notes refer to this set as "unplugged" - just like the answer to "thank you" is "you're welcome", not "no problem", the use of natural sounding instruments is "acoustic" not "unplugged". This set features Duane on banjo & acoustic guitar with the other main instrument being Jim Horn on flute! The songs are folk songs like someone would be playing by a campfire before nodding off to sleep. Tunes include Scarlet Ribbons/ On Top Of Old Smokey/ Cripple Creek, John Henry, etc. On the plus side, the stereo sound from the original master tapes is outstanding & there's eight never before heard tracks that are either undubbed or alternate takes complete with studio chatter. But I just can't picture "dance with the banjo man". (GM)

DUANE EDDY Jamie/ Guyden 4036 $1,000,000 Worth Of Twang ● CD $15.98
15 tracks, 33 mins, highly recommended
"$1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang", that's probably been issued and re-issued about 100 times, but if you don't have it--you should-- this is as nice a version as has come down the pike in recent times. Features the hits you know like Rebel Rouser/ Because They're Young/ Movin' and Groovin'/ The Lonely One, etc, plus great bonus tracks The Secret Seven/ Lost Island and Shazam! Solid notes, pics and trade ad reproductions in fold out booklet. (JM)

DUANE EDDY Rhino 71223 Twang Thang - The Duane Eddy Anthology ● CD $31.98
40 tracks, 107 minutes, recommended
This Duane Eddy collection is not only a great place to become acquainted with Mr. Twang but it's also an essential purchase for all Eddy fans and/or fans of rock'n'roll guitar. Over the course of 2 CD's and 40 tunes Duane Eddy's career is traced from his first solo record in 1957, Movin' N' Groovin' , through the glory years of the late 50's and early 60's - Rebel Rouser/ Ramrod/ Cannonball , etc. and on through the 70's and 80's where his collaboration with The Art Of Noise in '86 on Peter Gunn introduced him to the MTV generation. With almost 30 LP's to his credit this only scratches the surface of his achievements. Even so, Rhino has done a fine job, most notably in letting Eddy help out in the remastering. The selections are drawn from his output for Jamie, RCA, Colpix, Reprise, GTO(UK) and Capitol and include 7 previously unissued tunes like the rowdy Roadhouse Boogie and Road Race (from '82) with a band that includes Ry Cooder and the Rivingtons and from 1966, Buckaroo with James Burton, Barney Kessel, etc. where Eddy plays a Danelectro 12-string Bellzouki! The 52 page booklet is as well compiled as the discs. The twang is the thang. (AE)

JONATHAN EDWARDS Collector's Choice 526 Have A Good Time For Me ● CD $12.98
11 tracks. 35 minutes, very good
Jonathan Edwards is most known for his AM radio hit Sunshine from 1971, a breezy folk-pop song that got him a lot of mileage with the major labels, although they seemed a bit puzzled as to just what exactly to do with his career. Edwards' aspirations weren't for the pop charts; he was quoted as saying that he only wanted to "make good music and play with my friends." Presto! wish granted: the rest of the '70s found him making good, earthy records, surrounded by friends and achieving little or no chart success and dwindling album sales (although he did eventually have some mainstream country success in the late 1980s). This is a re-issue of his third LP originally released in 1973 on Atco records, and is comprised solely of covers of other artists, mostly friends from the Boston music scene and other contemporaries, with a cover of Jimmie Rodgers' Travelin' Blues and the standard When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder. Jonathan Edwards is the kind of country artist that seems more at home at the wheel of a Chevy van than at the reins of an Appaloosa, but he does have a certain appeal. The brave souls who picked up the "Soft Sounds For Gentle People" comps from our most recent catalog might dig on this release as well. (JM)

TOMMY EDWARDS Eric 11501 It's All In The Game - Complete Hits Of Tommy Edwards ● CD $16.98
20 tracks, 52 min., recommended
Not only did he manage to make a hit of the title tune here twice, once in 1951 and again, with an updated arrangement, in 1958, but he also placed another 13 numbers in the top 100, mostly during the first reign of rock 'n' roll. Not bad for a straight ballad singer, but then, most musical eras have made room for just a little romance. Among the "submarine race" gems here are both versions of the title tune, Please Love Me Forever/ Please Mr. Sun/ The Morning Side of the Mountain/ It's Only the Good Times and Mr. Music Man. All delivered in clear stereo sound (with just a few monaural exceptions) and accompanied by brief but solid notes by Fred Bronson. (DH)

ESQUERITA Bear Family BCD 15504 Sock It To Me Baby ● CD $21.98
12 previously unissued tracks by one of the wildest rockers of all time. This was recorded in 1965 for former Atlantic exec. Herb Abramson during one of Esquerita's many scuffling periods. It's mostly just the voola man with his own piano with occasional vocal backup. Original plans to add a band for release on the Triumph label as Esquerita & The Morticians was unfortunately shelved. The material is a mixture of rocking R&B, blues, pop and a bit of weird social commentary on Mississippi God-damn Gonzo notes by Kicks mag writer Billy Miller.

ESQUERITA Collectables 2713 Rockin' The Joint ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, 64 mins, essential
Reissue of Capitol 91871 which was issued in 1990 but only available for a few years. 28 piano poundin' pompadour pumpin' whoopin' flailin' and wailin' winners from the man Little Richard called "one of the greatest pianists". Depending on which story you believe, Little Richard learned more than just a few piano riffs from Esquerita, but these sides, recorded for Capitol in '58 and '59 (well after Little Richard's early hits) prove who was the REAL wild man of rock'n'roll. Esquerita was probably too wild to make it in the late 50's, but since then his cult status has been perpetuated by reissues of his material on numerous labels. His piano playing alone is the stuff of legend - sometimes in control, sometimes not, but always full of double-fisted intensity - and the alternately growling and shrieking vocals put it totally over the top. You'll never hear anything quite like this... (MB)

ESQUERITA Norton CED 202 Vintage Voola ● CD $14.98
11 tracks, 28 mins, essential
Eskew Reeder Jr. taught Little Richard the voola. Listen to Richard's pre (RCA & Peacock) & post (Specialty) voola recordings for evidence. Reeder taught Richard piano & phrasing and even more important, flamboyance (Richard stole his hairstyle) before being put off as being a mere Richard imitator and dying an unknown cult star in 1986 of AIDS. These 11 tracks ought to win some kinda Grammy. The Magnificent Malochi was "discovered" by Blue Cap guitarist Paul Peek and toured with Gene Vincent, who got him a Capitol contract. This disc includes an incredible Paul Peek single from '58 on NRC - Sweet Skinny Jenny/ The Rock-A-Round, which besides being Esquerita's 1st recordings, also feature Joe South & Jerry Reed on guitars, Ray Stevens on second piano (!) & some frantic sax. There are 7 tunes from acetates of Esquerita's Capitol demo session from '58, (sound's a bit rough in places) with absolutely devastating versions of Rockin' The Joint/ Oh Baby/ Please Come Home that he later recorded for Capitol plus 4 never re-recorded! As a bonus the CD includes a late 60s version of Dew Drop Inn from the Cross Tone label - a song also covered by Little Richard and ends with an interview with Little Richard talking about our hero. 16 page booklet has notes by Billy Miller and lots of rare photos, some never published before including a couple of incredible ones in full color. (GM/ FS)

PAUL EVANS Ace CDCHD 551 The Fabulous Teens ... And Beyond ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 70 minutes, very good
In '59 & '60, teen star & songwriter Evans had 4 big hits, the biggest being Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat, along with Midnight Special, Happy- Go-Lucky Me & Brigade Of Broken Hearts for the Carlton subsidiary Guarantee. These are all here as well as his 1st 2 LPs, "Paul Evans Sings The Fabulous Teens" (Guaranteed 1000 from 60, mostly remakes of pop & R&B hits incl The Fool, 60 Minute Man, Slippin' & Slidin') & "Hear Paul Evans In Your Home Tonight", (Carlton 129 from '61, mostly originals including most of the hits). Evans was also a good songwriter, known for When by the Kalin Twins, Happiness Is, & heard here on a demo for the 1st time, Roses Are Red (My Love). There's also a few later tunes incl his maudlin 1978 smash Hello, This Is Joanie. Extensive liner notes including some by Evans himself! (GM)
PAUL EVANS: 60 Minute Man/ Across The Sea/ After The Hurricane/ Blind Joy/ Butterfly/ Disneyland Daddy/ Fish In The Ocean (bubbly Bum Bum)/ Hambone Rock/ Happy Go Lucky Me/ Hello, This Is Joannie (the Telephone Answering Machine Song)/ Honey Love/ Hushabye Little Guitar/ I'm In Love Again/ I'm Walkin'/ Just Because I Love You/ Midnite Special/ Over The Mountain/ Roses Are Red (my Love)/ Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat/ Show Folk/ Since I Met You Baby/ Slippin' And Slidin'/ The Brigade Of Broken Hearts/ The Fool/ Tutti Frutti/ Twins/ Why/ Willie's Sung With Everybody (but Me)/ Worshipping An Idol

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Ace CDCHD 544 Original British Hit Singles ● CD $18.98
A slightly different look at the Cadence recordings of this great duo focussing on the 11 singles issued in England on the London label - some with different edits to their U.S. counterparts.
THE EVERLY BROTHERS: ('til) I Kissed You/ All I Have To Do Is Dream/ Be-bop-a-lula/ Bird Dog/ Bye Bye Love/ Claudette/ Devoted To You/ I Wonder If I Care As Much/ Leave My Woman Alone/ Let It Be Me/ Like Strangers/ Love Of My Life/ Maybe Tomorrow/ Oh, What A Feeling/ Poor Jenny/ Problems/ Should We Tell Him/ Since You Broke My Heart/ Take A Message To Mary/ This Little Girl Of Mine/ Wake Up Little Susie/ When Will I Be Loved

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Ace CDCH 903 Greatest Recordings ● CD $18.98
18 track CD (40 minute playing time) with a wonderful selection of the best of the Cadence material (1957-60). If you were enthralled about how gorgeous this material sounded on Ace's digitally remastered LPs, just wait til you hear it on CD! In original mono & stereo. The cream of the crop - Wake Up Little Susie/ Bird Dog/ Problems/ All I Have to Do Is Dream/ Bye Bye Love/ Poor Jenny , etc. ([GM])
THE EVERLY BROTHERS: ('til) I Kissed You/ All I Have To Do Is Dream/ Bird Dog/ Bye Bye Love/ Claudette/ Hey Doll Baby/ I Wonder If I Care As Much/ Leave My Woman Alone/ Let It Be Me/ Like Strangers/ Love Of My Life/ Poor Jenny/ Problems/ Rip It Up/ Should We Tell Him/ Take A Message To Mary/ Wake Up Little Susie/ When Will I Be Loved

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Ace CDCH 932 The Everly Brothers/The Fabulous Style ● CD $18.98
Two original Cadence LPs on one CD.
THE EVERLY BROTHERS: ('til) I Kissed You/ All I Have To Do Is Dream/ Be-bop-a-lula/ Bird Dog/ Brand New Heartache/ Bye Bye Love/ Claudette/ Devoted To You/ Hey Doll Baby/ I Wonder If I Care As Much/ Keep A Knockin'/ Leave My Woman Alone/ Let It Be Me/ Like Strangers/ Love Of My Life/ Maybe Tomorrow/ Oh What A Feeling/ Poor Jenny/ Problems/ Rip It Up/ Should We Tell Him/ Since You Broke My Heart/ Take A Message To Mary/ This Little Girl Of Mine/ Wake Up Little Susie/ When Will I Be Loved

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Bear Family BCD 15618 Classic Everly Brothers ● CD $84.98
It's not like this stuff hasn't been out before. For years, labels in the U.S. and Europe have reissued the Everly Brothers' Cadence Recordings that encompassed all their hits from the fifties including Bye Bye Love, Wake Up Little Susie, Bird Dog, When Will I Be Loved, pop music standards that by now transcend category. The difference is this is the first set to bring all their early material together, starting with their first four unsuccessful 1955 country recordings for Columbia done with backing from Carl Smith's band the Tunesmiths (available along on Bear Family BFE 15075), plus the complete Cadence recordings (with some alternate takes), together for the first time. The remastering brings out the astounding clarity the original recordings had, particularly on the trademark acoustic guitars. It's another example of what can be done with the CD in the hands of capable engineers like Bill Inglot, known for his work with Rhino Records, who worked on the Everly material in his early days with Rhino. Improving on his original work, the sound is probably as good as these recordings will ever get. Though Cadence Records owner Archie Bleyer, a pop music veteran, produced them, he left Don and Phil, along with Nashville's finest pickers, frame the music. The guitars of Chet Atkins, Ray Edenton and Hank Garland and songwriter Boudleaux Bryant made all the difference. Also included is a radio show featuring Don and Phil with Jim Reeves, June Carter and Hank Garland. A detailed booklet with rare in-studio photos and text by Colin Escott provides complete information. (RK)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Bear Family BCD 15931 Outtakes ● CD $23.98
Bear Family has gone through all the Everly Brothers' Cadence "outtake" boxes and chosen versions that are substantially different to the familiar issued versions and have included false starts and studio chatter. Includes first takes of classics like Bye Bye Love/ Wake Up Little Susie/ Bird Dog and All I have To Do Is Dream. Beautifully packaged in a small box which replicates the look of a vintage tape box with a 64 page illustrated booklet with deatiled notes, rare photos, reproductions of session sheets and full discographical details. Note that these outtakes do not duplicate those included on the Bear Family box set of the Everlys' Columbia and Cadence recordings (BCD 15618 - $74.98)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Bear Family BCD 16511 The Price Of fame, 1960-1965 ● CD $209.98
Seven CD box set with 228 tracks and 188-page hardcover book. The first of two sets covering all the Everlys' recordings from 1960 to 1972. Includes outtakes, rarities. foreign language singles, spoken word promos and 29 previously unissued recordings. The book by Everly Bros. historian Andrew Sandoval features a newly compiled day-by-day chronology of the duo's recording sessions, concerts plus radio and television appearances.

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Bear Family BCD 16791 Chained To A Memory, 1966-1972 ● CD $279.98
Seven CD box set plus DVD and hardcover book. The Brothers complete Warner Bros and RCA recordings from 1966 to 1972 when the duo split for the first time. It includes 50 previously unissued tracks. The DVD features a 1965 Swedish concert plus rare clips from "Hullabaloo", "Swingin' Time", "Hollywood Palace," a Petula Clark special and the rare 1959 Swedish production "The Archie Bleyer Show"

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 548 It's Everly Time ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 27 mins, highly recommended
First in a series of albums to reissue all of the Everly Brothers Warner Bros albums with the exception of their Christmas album. Only six of these albums have been reissued on CD before. Each album features original artwork plus new notes by Richie Unterberger. This is their first WB album 1381 from 1960 and is in a similar vein to their previous cadence recordings with generally stripped down arrangements and a high proportion of songs from the prolific and talented FElice and Bouldleaux Bryant. Though there are no hits here there are some great songs including one of Don's finest compositions - the beautiful ballad So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad). The Bryants provide such gems as Just In Case/ Sleepless Nights/ Some Sweet Day and the bluesy Nashville Blues. There are several covers including a terrific version of Ray Charles' What Kind Of Girl Are You. (FS)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 549 A Date With The Everly Brothers ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 27 min, highly recommended
Straight CD issue of Warner Bros 1395 from 1960. Their 2nd WB LP would be one of their last strong LPs for awhile. Boasting the mega-hit Cathy's Clown, this also has one of Don & Phil's strongest tunes, which they didn't even put out as a single - Love Hurts. Also includes their hit cover of Lucille, & even Jimmy Reed's Baby What You Want Me To Do. Not only did The Beatles cover So How Come (No One Loves Me) on the BBC, but compare Don & Phil's Always It's You to the Beatle's chorus of "it's you, you-you-you" from Hold Me Tight. Liner notes by Ritchie Untermeyer. (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 550 Both Sides Of An Evening ● CD $12.98
14 tracks, 34 min, good
CD issue of Warner Bros 1418 from 1961. This one's for the diehard fans only. At this time, The Everlys were involved in a lawsuit with their publisher Acuff-Rose & couldn't use any of their material, which included such songwriters as their long-time suppliers Felice & Boudleux Bryant as well as themselves! As a result, "Both Sides Of An Evening" (7 songs each "For Dancing" & "For Dreaming") have the Bros. doing tunes from the 20s! You may see reviews on how well they sing here, but do you really want to hear them do My Mammy/ My Gal Sal or the horrible Mention My Name In Sheboygan, as bad as anything on a 60s Elvis soundtrack. Yes, there are a few good tracks here - Muskrat/ Bully Of The Town & even a nice version of Hi-Lilli Hi-Lo. (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 551 Instant Party ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 28 min, good
CD issue of Warner Bros 1430 from 1961. Don & Phil were still estranged from Acuff-Rose The Who must've loved this LP, as they retitled their song Circles in honor of the title. However, it's hard to see who this was aimed at - what teen would want to sit through the likes of Oh My Papa, a particularly dreary Bye Bye Blackbird & the infamously titled When Its Night-Time In Italy It's Wednesday Over Here, a tune that ranks with the worst of Elvis's soundtrack tunes. There's a few good things here, particularly their takes on Temptation & Jezebel, a dreamy True Love, & songs from their daddy Ike - Long Lost John & Ground Hog. (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 552 Sing Great Country Hits ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 29 min, recommended
CD issue of Warner Bros 1513 from '63, Still estranged from Acuff-Rose, the boys took a different approach. This set covers country hits from the 50s & 60s that touched the pop listeners at some point, though not the then-current country-politan syrupy tunes. Even includes their 1st original in quite some time, the closing This Is The Last Song I'm Ever Going To Sing, written by Sonny Curtis. Also covers of Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On/ Oh Lonesome Me/ I Walk The Line/ Release Me, etc. (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 553 Gone Gone Gone ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 26 min, very good
CD issue of Warner Bros 1585 from 1965. Finally done with their problems with Acuff Rose (see "Both Sides Of An Evening"), The Brothers put out their first rock 'n 'roll oriented LP in four years. However, it's a hodgepodge of tracks going back to 1960, also 4 tunes previously available on 45s. The title tune was the Bros' last great tune of the 60s & this also includes the cult hit Ferris Wheel as well as TV & Radio, a fine JD Loudermilk tune Torture and a driving cover of Ain't That Lovin' You Baby. (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 554 Rock 'n Soul ● CD $12.98
Warner Brothers 1578 from 1965 features 12 rock 'n' roll and R&B hits - That'll Be The Day/ Maybellene/ Kansas City/ Love Hurts ( a different version from the one on "A Date With")/ Susie Q/ I'm Gonna Move To The OUtskirts Of Town, etc.

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 555 Beat And Soul ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 32 min, excellent
CD issue of Warner Bros 1605 from 1965. Only one original here, Don & Phil's own The Man With The Money, which night be better known from the version by The Who. The rest are covers of R&B hits, mostly from the 50s. Most of the tunes have the Bros' harmonies & jaunty tempo which sometimes works (Hi-Heeled Sneakers) & sometimes doesn't (Lonely Avenue). See See Rider, an uptempo version of the Chuck Willis version even has a fuzz guitar! And wait till you hear them "get down" on Walkin' The Dog! (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 557 In Our Image ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 26 min, excellent
CD Issue of Warner Bros 1620 from1966. Though the hits had mostly dried up, Don & Phil kept on putting out many 45s in the mid 60s, most of them flops. However The Price Of Love had made it to #2 in the UK & Cliff Richard's cover of Don's It's All Over made the Top 10 in the UK. This set collects 9 of the 45 rpm sides along with three new tracks. Includes perhaps The Brothers worst track Lovey Kravetz (well, maybe not as bad as Mention My Name In Sheboygan - see "Two Sides Of An Evening") as well as a few gems like the Motownish (You Got) The Power Of Love plus Leave My Girl Alone/ June Is Just As Cold As December., etc. (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 558 Two Yanks In England ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 31 min, highly recommended
CD issue of Warner Bros 1646 from 1966. Kind of a legendary LP - during the heart of the British Invasion, the Bros go to London to cut an LP. There was no mention of the backing band on the original LP & all that was known was that 8 of the 12 tunes were written by L. Ransford. Turns out that was a pseudonym for The Hollies who supplied the material (mostly B sides & LP cuts) & backing, with supposedly some guitar from Jimmy Page. Besides the Hollies tunes (Have You Ever Loved Somebody/ Fifi the Flea) there's also covers of Pretty Flamingo & Somebody Help Me as well as Don & Phil's own Kiss Your Man Goodbye. (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 559 The Hit Sound Of The Everly Brothers ● CD $12.98
Warner Brothers 1676 from 1967 - covers of other artists' hits - Blueberry Hill/ The Devil's Child/ Sea Of Heartbreak/ (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time/ Sticks And Stones/ She Never Smiles Anymore, etc.

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 560 Sing ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 34 min, excellent
CD issue of Warner Bros 1708 from 1967. An anomaly in the Bros releases, this set is full of highly arranged & orchestrated tunes, originals, but not by Don & Phil, who were too busy touring. Their bassist, Terry Slater, found some time to write, as there's five tunes here by him, including the Brotherss final WB hit Bowling Green. A lot of the tunes here fall under what is now celebrated as "Sunshine Pop" - the LA studio productions with ornate orchestration & lots of high wafting voices. Of course, it WAS '67, so Slater came up with Talking To The Flowers & Mary Jane (with fuzz guitar!) There's still one great Don tune, It's All Over, & the set closes with three covers including, of all things, A Whiter Shade Of Pale & a soul-attempt at Mercy Mercy Mercy! (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 561 Roots ● CD $12.98
Warner Brothers 1752 from 1968. Throughout the album we get short excerpts from early fifties radio shows featuring the "Everly Family." The rest of the material was recorded in 1968. Includes fine versions of Sing Me Back Home/ Mama Tried/ Less Of Me/ Shady Grove. Some of the production is questionable (fuzz guitars, horns, etc.) but the album holds up pretty well. A welcome re-issue for all Everly fans.

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 562 The Everly Brothers Show ● CD $15.98
67 min, 18 tracks, recommended
CD issue of the Warner Bros. double LP. Liner note writer Richie Unterberger seems to have written off the Everlys at this stage in their career, but they actually were getting a 2nd (or 3rd) wind. Roots music was back in style & Johnny Cash had one of the country's most popular TV shows. Don & Phil were actually Johnny's summer replacement show, which was the same as the title of this set. Barnaby had reissued the long out-of-print Cadence sides & Warners just had the hits packages in print, so this was a kind of updating of the catalog, done live 2/6/70. Includes live versions of hits & covers if others both from the beginning of rock 'n' roll (Maybelline), from country (Mama Tried) & current including a lot of Beatles. Most interesting is a 18 min medley including Rock'n'Roll Music amidst such tunes as The End (Beatles, not Doors), If I Were A Carpenter & The Thrill Is Gone. And in listening to Walk Right Back, you can hear how Neil Young cribbed it for Harvest Moon! (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Collectors' Choice 563 The New Album ● CD $12.98
14 tracks, 34 min, recommended
1st US issue of an LP put out 9/77 by UK Warners 56415. The Everlys were always huge in the UK & this set, though called "The New Album," boasts an early 60s pic which gives more of a clue. This is a set of never-before released WB 60s material, most of it better than the majority of the actual released LPs! Though mostly from the '61-65 era, my fave here is a version of Empty Boxes done with just acoustic guitars & vocals, with the song's author Ron Elliot of The Beau Brummels. Also there's a gorgeous remake of Nancy's Minuet, a fine Cajun Big Mamou, & Roger Miller's Burma Shave. (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Rhino 70212 Songs Our Daddy Taught Us ● CD $11.98
Reissue of their 2nd LP, Cadence CLP 3016 from 1958 - gorgeous LP has the brothers returning to their Appalachian roots in this set of 12 traditional folk & country songs - with their harmonies at theiir peak & their accoustic guitars way up front.

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Varese Vintage 66217 The Complete Cadence Recordings, 1957-1960 ● CD $29.98
Newly compiled two CD set featuring 47 tracks including newly discovered demos that have never been reissued before.

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Varese 66681 Give Me A Future ● CD $13.98
18 tracks, 34 min, recommended
Recently found publishing demos featuring mostly just Don or Phil on acoustic guitar, though there's a few like the opening title track that has those harmonies. The subtitle is misleading, listed as "18 Unreleased Recordings From The Late 50s & Early 60s", this belies the fact that many are actually from a mid-70s Don solo session. Many were actually older numbers that Don was thinking of re-recording as a solo, & includes the interesting I'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas, which of course is exactly what the Brothers ended up doing! Also includes a few different versions of tunes first heard on the companion volume "Too Good To Be True". Highlights include Captain Captain/ Oh What A Feeling, & the gorgeous Maybe Tomorrow (GM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Warner Bros. 1471 Golden Hits ● CD $11.98
12 Warner Brothers hits - That's Old Fashioned/ Crying In The Rain/ Don't Blame Me/ Cathy's Clown/ Lucille/ Muskrat, etc.

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Warner Bros. 1554 Very Best Of ● CD $11.98

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Warner Bros. 45164 Walk Right Back - 1960-69 ● CD $21.98
2 discs, 50 tracks, 125 min., recommended
A gem of a package: two discs in a single-sized jewel box, featuring a generous number of tracks covering the full decade of the sixties, plus a 24 page booklet with photos, solid discographical information, and authoritative notes by Colin Escott. And its an honest presentation. Though most of these numbers qualify as relative highlights in the Everlys' career, there are some acknowledged relative low points as well, from the days when many American rockers wondered just what kind of music to make in the face of the British invasion. Among the many fine numbers are Cathy's Clown/ Walk Right Back/ Ebony Eyes/ That's Old Fashioned/ Nothing Matters But You/ Bowling Green, and Lord of the Manner. If you like the Everlys' Warner Brothers material at all, this set is probably the one to buy. (DH)

THE EXCITERS Collectables 5672 Tell Him ● CD $13.98
Singer Brenda Reid with The Exciters is credited with introducing aggression to the Girl Group Sound. This CD all 20 tunes recorded for United Artists, 1962 - 1964, all 5 singles - Tell Him & Get Him (both written by Bert Berns), He's Got The Power (Ellie Greenwich's 1st song written for Leiber & Stoller's production company, which got her together with Phil Spector), the original recording of the Barry-Greenwich classic Do Wah Diddy Diddy (later, a #1 hit for Manfred Mann) and We Were Lovers , along with the complete contents of the Tell Him LP (UA 6264, 1963) recorded in real stereo. All tunes produced by Leiber & Stoller. Also inc. an unissued version of All Grown Up, written by Barry & Greenwich, later given to The Crystals and unedited versions of Tell Him and He's Got The Power (GM)

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