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RAY CAMPI Bacchus Archives BA 0012 Perpetual Stomp, 1951-1996 ● CD $10.98
16 tracks, 40 mins, recommended
16 timeless pieces of rockabilly & rockin' country. These really are timeless, because there is no info on when & where these tracks were done, given the 25 year time frame in the title. Some sound like 50s, including his 1st single Catterpillar & the country stuff (Toe Tappin' Rhythm), some of the tracks are either produced by Rockin' Ronnie Weiser or guest Rosie Flores, so those are probably the great 70s Rollin' Rock sides, but otherwise , who cares! just kick off your shoes & enjoy! Pan American Boogie/ Cat'n Around/ Wild Side Of Life, etc. (GM)

RAY CAMPI Bear Family BCD 15486 Wild Side Of Life ● CD $21.98
 12 songs mostly written by Jimmy Heap.

RAY CAMPI Bear Family BCD 15501 The Eager Beaver Boy/ Rockabilly Lives ● CD $21.98
Reissue of two Rollin' Rock LP's from the mid-70's by the man who made a name for himself as a rockabilly revivalist, but was also a struggling hillbilly bopper in the late 50's. 27 cuts.

RAY CAMPI Eagle 90121 1954-1968, Vol. 1 ● CD $21.98
26 tracks, 53 mins, recommended
A whole stash of stuff from Ray's personal collection, rough demos, finished masters, taken from great sounding discs & rough acetates. This set covers mostly '56-59. Ray's classic '56 TNT single, Caterpillar/Play It Cool is heard twice, the original single & recorded live from The Louisiana Hayride (complete with host "Daddy" Tom Ellis making Elvis jokes) that was recorded at Ray's house by his folks of the radio! There's demos done at home (Give That Love To Me, later done for Dot) & Austin Custom Records (My Screamin' Screamin' Mimi/ 92 Teardrops/ Dual Wheels, No Brakes), plus a few standards (O Sole Mio/ Learning The Blues) even a mock protest song from '68, Civil Disobedience. Extensive liner notes by Ray, along with lots of pics. (GM)

RAY CAMPI Eagle 90122 1954-1968, Vol. 2 ● CD $21.98
23 tracks, 53 minutes, recommended Another batch from Ray's personal collection. This set concentrates on the 60s, starting out first with a few demos from the same sources as Vol. 1, Austin custom Records, done in '59. From there Ray went to the "big city" & mot of the rest are demos cut at the Brill Building NY from '61-64, including his Winsor single Shenandoah/ Billy Jean, with a penultimate session at the famed Gold Star Studio in Hollywood, & ending at the beginning, a '68 session back at Austin Custom (an old-timey number He's A Devil, same session as last vol's Civil Disobedience). There's rockabilly ('54's Scrumptious Baby), standards (Till There Was You), rockin' country (remake of Dual Wheels No Brakes), blues (Trouble In Mind), lots more, again with liner notes by Ray who provides the photos. Sound quality excellent. (GM)

CANNIBAL & THE HEADHUNTERS Collectables 5806 A Golden Classics Edition ● CD $13.98
16 tracks, 42 mins, very good
More good material botched by poor Collectibles packaging. Liner notes tell every band that the late Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia played in, & everyone who had a version out of Land Of 1000 Dances, but no indication at all what the tracks are on this CD, nor is there anything as trivial as writers' credits. This contains some cuts from their "Land Of 1000 Dances" LP (Rampart 3302 from '66, later reissued as Date 1525) & a few from their 2nd LP with the same title (Date 3001), with other singles such as Nau Ninny Nau (at #133, their only other chart single), Out Of Sight & Follow The Music. Sound is on the tinny side, but still highly listenable. (GM)

JOHNNY CARROLL Bear Family BCD 15928 Rock Baby, Rock It (1955-1960) ● CD $21.98
33 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended
A ton of music, along with a 25 page booklet automatically make any proud owner of this CD a Johnny Carroll expert. The 33 cuts on the CD can be broken down into four parts. The first nine songs are from 1955, recorded in Dallas and have just a pinch of hillbilly to them, while the recording studio gives them a garagey sound..... and they come out sounding pretty darn good. But things get even better with the next six cuts. These recordings were done at the Bradley studios in Nashville in 1956 and they feature Grady Martin and Harold Bradley on guitar and Owen Bradley on piano..... they rock. It's a mystery how none of them were hits. The following 14 tracks were recorded in Dallas between 1957 and 1960. It's a mixed bag of songs, some of them very cool, especially Rock Baby, Rock It and Sugar. The CD ends with 4 songs from the movie "Rock Baby, Rock It" with Carroll covering four of his best songs. A tasty mix of songs from one of the guys who put the rock in rockabilly. (RS)

DEAN CARTER Big Beat WIK 213 Call of the Wild! ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 68 min, highly recommended
Imagine if The Sonics were a rockabilly band, or if Hasil Adkins sang with The 13th Floor Elevators? These mostly late 60s recordings of WILD rockabilly mostly defy description, though there are a lot of fine rockabilly/rockin' country sides. The opener, Jailhouse Rock, escaped in the 80s on a punk-rock compilation (since put on CD) called Ear-Splitting Punk - rockabilly done totally garage style, with screaming vocals & an even more screaming guitar solo. The garage-abilly continues throughout on these sides done in the late 60s with Dean, in his cat clothes, & band The Lucky Ones, with guitarist Arlie Miller, who provides some of the liner notes, & an assortment of bassists & drummers. Recorded in Carter's home studio, some of these (like Jailhouse) were released on such labels as Milky Way & Tell International, & many are demos released here for the 1st time. (GM)

AL CASEY Sundazed 6114 Surfin' Hootenanny ● CD $16.98
Reissue of much in demand LP with 3 previously unissued alternate takes.

JOEY CASTLE Bear Family BCD 15560 Rock & Roll Daddy-O ● CD $21.98
Joey Castle, who also recorded under the name of Cliff Rivers, was actually a stocky teenager from New York City named Joseph Castaldo. Rockabilly fans have been going nuts for years over his handful of waxings like Rock & Roll Daddy-O on Headline, True Lips on Thanks (as Rivers) and That Ain't Nothin' But Right on RCA. He sounded as much like Elvis as anyone else with a deep, rich voice that could dip down into that kind of little growl that made the girls squeal. All of the above tunes are here along with the flip sides plus 3 tunes from a 1958 demo session, a couple of unissued numbers done for Vik in '58, a trio of 60's demos and his last single on Out Of Sight, That's My Secret/ (I'm The) Phantom Lover . A nice booklet is included too with some real cool pics. (AE)

THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS Columbia CK 65036 Time Has Come - The Best Of The Chambers Brothers ● CD $7.98

THE CHAMPS Ace CDCHD 227 Tequila ● CD $18.98
Fine cross section of instrumental greats by a long lived unit which started as a studio trio featuring guitarist Dave Burgess & tenor saxman Danny Flores. Tequila, a throw away, made #1 for Challenge Records and a The Champs were formed. After 3 hits Flores' trio split off and a new group formed with Burgess, Dean Beard, Jimmy Seals, and Dash Croft (remember a 70's duo called Seals & Croft?) for more hits including Too Much Tequila. The Champs excelled on cool Latin-influenced numbers like La Cucaracha/ El Rancho Rock/ Limbo Rock, all of which must have sounded great coming out of a late 50's convertible cruising Sunset Strip. Other classics include Train To Nowhere/ Experiment In Terror/ Beatnik - 22 in all. (GM/MB)

THE CHAMPS Ace CDCHD 451 Go, Champs, Go/ Everybody's Rockin' ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 55 minutes, good. CD reissue of the Champs' first two LP's originally on Challenge (1958 & 1959). Go, Champs, Go has their best known tune, Tequila , a #1 record in 1958. Unlike many groups of the era they felt no need to pad out their LP with sound alike copies of their hit. There's a refreshing variety of material, from ballads to rockers. Although they're identifiable by Chuck Rio's raunchy sax, the real virtuoso was Dave Burgess on guitar. Where Rio riffs rather than solos, Burgess cuts loose on some wicked breaks. Everybody's Rockin' continues in the same vein and features the minor hit Chariot Rock . El Rancho Rock/ Robot Walk/ Night Beat/ Mau Mau Stomp/ Bandido/ Ali Baba , etc. (AE)

THE CHAMPS Ace CDCHD 525 Early Singles ● CD $18.98

THE CHAMPS Ace CDCHD 631 The Later Singles ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 56 min., recommended Another solid Ace collection of the works of this important Latin-flavored rock 'n' roll combo, this time around focusing on their 1962 through 1965 45's. It is worth noting that band personnel changed a bit during these years, with founder Dave Burgess turning to production chores exclusively, and new membersóamong them Glen Campbell, Jimmy Seals, and Dash Croftsócoming on board. But, fear not, musical quality did not suffer with these personnel permutations. As evidence, consider the following sax or guitar led numbers: Tequila Twist, Limbo Rock, La Cucaracha, Latin Limbo, Varsity Rock, Nik Nak, Cactus Juice, San Juan, Kahlua, The Man from Durango, and Buckaroo. Solidly executed music from start to finish. (DH)
THE CHAMPS: 3/4 Mash/ Anna Buckaroo/ Brights Lights, Big City/ Cactus Juice/ Experiment In Terror/ Fraternity Waltz/ French 75/ Kahlua/ La Cucaracha/ Latin Limbo/ Limbo Dance/ Limbo Rock/ Mr Cool/ Nik Nak/ Only The Young/ Red Pepper/ Roots/ San Juan Jalisco/ Shades/ Switzerland/ Tequila Twist/ That Did It/ The Man From Durango/ Varsity Rock

THE CHAMPS Collectables 530 Tequila-Golden Classics ● CD $11.98
Includes the monster title hit plus Too Much Tequila/ El Rancho Rock/ Limbo Rock/ Raunchy/ Last Night/ Hokey Pokey/ Tequila Twist/ The Twist, etc - 18 in all.

THE CHAMPS Collectables 6037 Tequila! The Very Best Of The Champs ● CD $13.98
24 Challenge sides from this popular instrumental group recorded in late 50s/ early 60s including their biggest hits - Tequila/ El Rancho Rock/ Chariot Rock/ Too Much Tequila and other rockin' sides including covers like Telstar/ Rebel Rouser/Raunchy/ Honky Tonk and lots more.

THE CHARTBUSTERS Eagle 90118 She's The One ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 76 minutes Very Good
The Chartbusters are the remnants of what happened when Bobby Poe of the Poe-Cats (Big Al Downing's backup) decided to leave to produce & manage the group. Vernon Sandusky stayed on on guitar with Mitch Corday (d) & Vince Gideon (sax, h, hca) joined by newcomer Johnny Dubas on bass. the drummer & 2nd guitar positions would change throughout the 60s, with Vern & Johnny staying on. This CD has 16 released tracks (unfortunately without any discographical info) recorded approx '64-'69, including the great title track, which actually hit the Top 40 in '64, plus harmonic early 60's style rockers, a surprising cover of an obscure fave of mine, Fourmost Authority's Dance Dance Dance (Wanna Be A Dancer), even a couple of surf tunes (Lonely surfer Boy/ Kick Wheeler) as well as a couple duo tunes by an Everly-ish Vern & John as Spic & Span (Summertime Blues/ Slipping & Sliding). Also includes a slew of demos including a cover of Please Me & several written by Vern, Bobby & Big Al. Includes numerous color photos of the band with such stars as Chuck Berry, Don Gibbon & The Animals (GM)

THE CHAVIS BROTHERS Eagle 90117 Old Time Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $18.98

THE CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND Big Beat CDWIK 25 Forty Four ● CD $18.98
1966-68 acid rock, includes Hanna Barbera 45 sides produced by frank zappa

THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND Big Beat CDWIKD 118 No Way Out...Plus ● CD $18.98
18 tracks, 51 minutes, recommended. The Chocolate Watchband were a San Francisco Bay Area 60's band that has garnered a well deserved reputation over the years despite their flower power name. This CD reissue of their first LP has added an additional 8 tunes from the same time period including the pop-psych stunner Misty Lane (2 versions) and the lilting She Weaves A Tender Trap , sounding a lot like the 'Spoonful. Their version of Dylan's Baby Blue is marvelous but who needs the cover of Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (the only weak tune here.) Sweet Young Thing , another Ed Cobb-penned winner is more in keeping with their raucous, punk style best delivered on the No Way Out LP via the classics Let's Talk About Girls and Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In) . They had a lot of help with studio musician overdubs and even a session vocalist but that didn't detract from the music, in fact, tunes like Expo 2000 and Dark Side Of The Mushroom (psych pieces put together by the engineers) gave them an added dimension. A tasty 12 page booklet is included. (AE)

THE CHORDETTES Ace CDCHK 836 Born To Be With You ● CD $11.98
20 track compilation of this popular female group. Includes the big hit title song plus hits and non hits like Lollipop/ Mister Sandman/ Tall Paul/ Lonely Boy/ To Know Him Is To Love Him and others.
THE CHORDETTES: A Girl's Work Is Never Done/ Baby Come A Back A/ Born To Be With You/ Eddie My Love/ Humming Bird/ In The Deep Blue Sea/ Just Between You And Me/ Lay Down Your Arms/ Lollipop/ Lonely Boy/ Lonely Lips/ Love Is A Two Way Street/ Mister Sandman/ No Other Arms, No Other Lips/ No Wheels/ Photographs/ Tall Paul/ Teenage Goodnight/ To Know Him Is To Love Him/ True Love Goes On And On

THE CHORDETTES Ace CDCHD 934 Mainly Rock 'n Roll ● CD $18.98
32 Cadence sides from 1954 through '62 including such hits as Mr Sandman/ Eddie My Love/ Born To Be With You/ Lay Down Your Arms/ Just Between You And Me/ Lollipop/ Never On Sunday, etc

SANFORD CLARK Bear Family BCD 15549 The Fool ● CD $21.98
CD reissue of Clark's MCI, Dot and Jamie recordings, previously collected on Bear Family LP's 15198 and 15199. All the tunes were produced by Lee Hazelwood with Al Casey on lead guitar. Most tunes cut in Phoenix and some in Hollywood including a few with Duane Eddy on rhythm guitar. This set features 23 tunes recorded for Dot including 10 not originally released. Clark hit big with his first recording The Fool, originally on MCI and leased to Dot. He spent the rest of his career trying for a second hit. The tunes here, done between 1956-58 include the follow-up A Cheat + Ooo Baby/ Modern Romance/ Usta Be My Baby/ Travelin' Man, a previously unreleased Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, etc. The 10 tunes done for Jamie 1958-60, some of them very good indeed, did not give Sanford the second hit he strived for. It includes another attempt at The Fool called New Kind of Fool sung in his distinct Ricky Nelson meets Johnny Cash style, plus Son Of A Gun/ Pledging My Love/ Run Boy Run/ Bad Luck, etc. The 36 page booklet reprises Rich Kienzle's excellent liner notes from the LP issues along with a reproduction of a magzine article from the period covered and some great photos. (FS/GM)

JOE CLAY Bear Family BCD 15516 Ducktail ● CD $21.98
Features all of Clay's wild rockers for Vik. Digitally remastered from master tapes. Previously on LP BFX 15224. Includes 8 page booklet with notes, rare photos & discography.

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