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THE A-BONES Norton CED 219 The Life Of Riley ● CD $14.98
It helps that the A-Bones' leaders Billy Miller(vocals) and Miriam Linna(drums) own their own label but a record this good would find a home anyway. As you might guess rockin' godheads like Link Wray, Esquerita, Haze Adkins and the rest of the Norton stable are primary influences on the A-Bones style, as well as a heapin' helping of trash culture. They blast through some wild covers of tunes like Johnny Amelio's Jugue , Ray Sharpe's Monkey's Uncle and Doug Sahm's She's Gotta Be Boss powered by Bruce Bennett's blazin' guitar and the powerhouse sax of Lars Espensen. The originals are fine too. I've Fallen (And I Can't Get Up) , a demented doo-wopper, is destined to be a modern classic. El Kabong/ Button Nose/ Sham Rock/ Rough Cut , etc. (AE)

THE A-BONES Norton 233 Music Minus Five ● CD $14.98

THE A-BONES Norton CED 254 Crash The Party ● CD $14.98
19 tracks, 51 mins, highly recommended
Billy Miller & Miriam Linna are (along with Lux & Ivy of The Cramps) the premier couple of wild wild rock'n'roll, in print with the legendary Kicks magazines & live & on vinyl 1st with The Zantees & later the A-Bones. Their 1st single (included here) was a cover of rockabilly madman Benny Joy's Button Nose. They'd do this live (also included here) & later try out many of his tunes live & in the studio. The tunes here, recorded 91-94, were all written by Joy &/or his guitarist Big John Taylor. Includes Spin The Bottle, probably Joy's best known number, Money Money (with a cameo by Roy Loney), Hey High School Baby live on VPRO, Holland, Gossip Gossip Gossip put out on a single in '92 & of course the title track! Noisier than a scratchy LP on White Label (who put out their fair share of BJ LPs!) (GM)

ART ADAMS Collector 4477 Rock Crazy Baby ● CD $16.98
30 tracks,59 mins, highly recommended
Art Adams is best known for his two classic singles on the Cherry label which are rockabilly of the highest order and have been reissued many times. Indefatigable rockabilly researcher Cees Klop of Collector has turned up tapes of Art and his band the Rhythm Knights rehearsing at Art's home in the 50s and as a result has added 22 more tracks to Adams' slim discography! The tracks on the rehearsal tapes are mostly rock 'n' roll favorites (Good Rockin' Tonight/ Mystery Train/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Let's Have A Party/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, etc) and some good Adams originals (Teeange Bum/ Down In Tennessee/ She's From Tennessee, etc). The rehearsal performances are, not surprisingly, pretty unpolished with occasional flubs, lyric mixups, etc. but rock like crazy with some fine guitar work from Eddie Weil and are a lot better than issued material by some other artists. Considering the circumstances of the recording the sound quality is excellent. There are also some alternate takes of his issued songs and a radio interview with Art & the band from 1959. The 16 page booklet includes informative notes, much of it in Art's own words and includes some great vintage photos. (FS)

ART ADAMS Collector 4490 Rockin' My Way Around ● CD $16.98
New recordings by Indianapolis rockabilly performer who had a couple of classic singles issued in the 50s. These plus a whole bunch of unissued sides were issued on Collector 4477. Art has performed on and off since his heyday and these recordings were made in 2004 with a good band featuring lead guitarist Bill Stewart who first played with Art in the 60s, slap bassist Michael Strauss and drummer Mark Cutsinger. Art is in pretty good voice on a selection of remakes of his old classics, some new compositions and rockabilly favorites - Tear It Up/ Wreck Of The Old 97/ Sweet Kandie Jean/ Big River/ She's From Tennessee/ Ramrod/ Canadian Lady/ Thirty Days/ Roberta, etc.
ART ADAMS: Big Midnight Special/ Big River/ Boppin The Blues/ Canadian Lady/ Detour/ Down In Tennessee/ Flat Foot Sam/ Get With It/ Good Rockin Tonight/ Hangout/ Hello Josephine/ I Forgot To Remeber To Forget/ I Wanna Hear It Again/ Memphis Dream/ My Baby Loves Me/ Promised Land/ Ramrod/ Red Headed Woman/ Roberta/ She's From Tennessee/ Sweet Kandie Jean/ Tear It Up/ The Wreck Of Old 97/ Thirty Days/ Walking The Dog/ We're Getting Closer To Being Apart

BILLY ADAMS Castle CMRCD 581 Rockin' Through The Years, 1955-2002 ● CD $16.98
Excellent 27 track collection featuring all the the early sides from the 50s and early 60s by this excellent rockabilly singer from Kentucky. This set also includes a couple of previously unissued demos from 1959 and '64, three tracks from the album of mostly recent recordings issued on Screen Door and a couple of recent live recordings.

BILLY ADAMS Screen Door 0200 Legacy ● CD $14.98
17 tracks, 44 mins, recommended
Back in the 50s Kentucky born Billy Adams recorded a handful of excellent and highly collectable rockabilly 45s with his band The Rock-A-Teers. In 1959 he and the band went their separate way and Billy mostly concentrated on country and gospel in the 60s and 70s. In 1997 Billy entered the Sun studios in Memphis and accompanied by an excellent trio re-recorded four of his 50s songs, did twelve new songs he had written and a sterling cover of Fats Domino's I'm Walking. After forty years Billy still has a fine and soulful voice and the band of your musicians do spot on accompaniments with particular nice lead guitar work from James Lott. (FS)

HASIL ADKINS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55025 Chicken Walk ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 75 minutes, essential
The Haze's original Virginia shack recordings are about as primeval as primeval gets, and if that's the way you like your rockabilly, then look no further.This set includes his immortal 50's singles She Said/ Is This The End, She's Gone/ The Hunch, Chicken Walk/ She's Mine, and Duncens/ Jenny Lu, as well as the awesome I Need Your Head. The rest of the material sounds of equal vintage, but with the Haze's timeless raunch, 1988 sounds just like 1958, as demonstrated by his '83 B-side Miami Kiss, which fits in here nicely! Slight overlap with the Norton LP's "Out To Hunch" and "Peanut Butter Rock & Roll", this is probably as sure-fire a single-disc collection as you could want -- after 75 minutes you might find yourself stripped down to a loincloth and howling at the moon! Don't say we didn't warn ya! (GDR)

HASIL ADKINS Norton CED 203 The Wild Man ● CD $14.98
18 tracks, highly recommended
Now on CD with four bonus unissued tracks and one track previously only on 45 rpm. Is the wild man calming down in his old age? This 1987 recording from the folks at Kicks sounds almost calm and country in spots, especially a fine version of Merle's Turning Off A Memory . Billy & Miriam's A-Bones back up Haze on Matchbox & Wild Wild Friday Night, other covers are Haunted House and an incredible Foggy Mountain Top. Wait'll you hear Haze yodel! Also - Punchy Wunchy Wickey Wackey Woo/ Chicken Flop/ Do The Scalp/ Big Red Satellite, etc. Includes lavish booklet. (GM/FS)

HASIL ADKINS Norton CED 232 Look At That Caveman Go!! ● CD $14.98
17 tracks, 53 minutes, good
The West Virginia wildman is back again, mangling some rock classics into submission - Good Golly Miss Molly/ Reelin' And Rockin'/ Walkin' The Dog , etc., even Merle's Today I Started Loving You Again . He's at his best when he just lets his mind run free on original tunes. The one man band (vocal, guitar, drums) sets up some amazing syncopation on tunes like She Goes Like This/ Chicken Walk/ Boo Boo The Cat/ Shake That Thing/ Devonna Rock , etc. All 14 tunes were recorded live (recently) at various East Coast dives and the sound quality is so crude it makes his studio stuff sound like Phil Spector productions. But so what, it's fun and it'll teach you what true grunge is all about.... AE

HASIL ADKINS Norton 239 Achy Breaky Ha Ha Ha ● CD $14.98

HASIL ADKINS Norton CED 281 Poultry In Motion ● CD $14.98
Collection of chicken songs from this rockabilly madman.

STEVE ALAIMO Henry Stone Music 25003 50s-70s ● CD $16.98
2 CDs, 33 tracks, good
Reissue of Steve's Anthology CD on Hot Productions from '97, with two additional tracks. Steve's best known as the host/co-producer of the 60s Dick Clark show "Where The Action Is" (he's the guy that looked like an early-60s greaser), but what's probably not known about Steve is that he helped bring ska & reggae to the foreground by opening a studio in Jamaica for recording Johnny Nash, Also (I didn't know this!) he was co-owner with Henry Stone on the TK labels!. The only review I can find of Anthology states there's no liner notes or recoding info & as far as I know the same is here. Steve's biggest hit, Every Day I Have To Cry is here, with a lot of tunes sound like Sinatra/Darin pop or plain early 60s pre-Beatles teen pop. Music is OK, but would like to know when it's from! (GM)

JOHNNIE ALLAN Jin 9044 Swamp Pop Legend - The Essential Collection ● CD $15.98
25 tracks, 61 mins, highly recommended
 Wonderful collection of swamp pop from one the masters of the genre. Well just what is "swamp pop"? It's a South Louisiana mixture of rock 'n' roll, R&B, country and cajun music blended together with heartfelt vocals to make an immensely appealing brew. There are few better exponents than Johnnie Allan who has been performing since the 40s. This collection of recordings, mostly spanning the 50s through the 70s, is about 50% duplicated on Ace 380. Johnnie wrote half the songs here including such fine items as Angel Love/ Lonely Days And Lonely Nights/ Do You Love Me So and the terrific Let's Go Get Drunk. There are some great covers here including his reworking of the Johnny Horton hit North To Alaska as South To Louisiana, a driving version of Chuck Berry's Promised Land with cajun accordion and Merle Haggard's Today I Staretd Loving You Again. Lots of other great music here including a new song Just Remember celebrating his daughter's marriage that show what a fine stright country singer he is. Johnnie is not only a fine musician he is also an amabassador for Louisiana music and has written several excellent books on the subject. (FS)

JOHNNIE ALLAN Jin 9052 The Ultimate Louisiana Experience ● CD $15.98
16 tracks, 48 mins, very good The "Promised Land" man is back for this fine set of cajun, swamp pop & country sides which range from new originals to a couple great Clifton Chenier covers (I'm A Hog For You Baby/ You Used To Call Me). Originals range from pure French Cajun (Gone Pacan) to stuff that sounds like Johnnie's been listening to a lot of Jimmy Reed (Demon Woman) & cookie & The Cupcakes (Melinda) (GM)

JOHNNIE ALLAN Jin 9065 Essential Collection, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS Sundazed 11138 Devil's Rumble: Anthology '64-'68 ● CD $26.98
2 discs, 40 tracks, essential
Fuzz guitar legend Allan had 2 things going for him - tremendous talent & the fact that his close friend/keyboard player was Mike Curb. When Mike got into the record business he used his buddy as much as possible - on his own Sidewalk label & on numerous soundtracks issued on Capitol Records' Tower subsidiary. This is the first ever anthology of Allan's original recordings, which consisted of 4 LPs, appearances on 20 soundtracks (as the Arrows & as The Sidewalk Sounds) as well as non-LP singles. Allan was known for having different versions of the same songs with different titles & different overdubs - some of the wilder versions were singles only! Includes his best known tune - Blue's Theme from "The Wild Angels", soundtrack tunes like Theme From The Wild Angels/ The Born Loser's Theme & Hellcats, and wild LP tracks such as the unbelievable Cycle-Delic plus Apache' '65/ Action On The Street/ Mind Transferal. Detailed liner notes including statements from Curb, Allan & past members of the Arrows. (GM)

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS Sundazed 6217 Apache '65 ● CD $12.98
14 tracks, 28 min, excellent
CD issue of Tower 5002 from 1965 with 2 bonus tracks. The convoluted history of guitarist Allan & keyboard player/producer/boy wonder Mike Curb gets started here on this first LP issued as The Arrows. Allen & Curb would play together (since high school) & record under numerous phony names, they worked on sessions as by The Hondells (often with no real Hondells on them) until Mike's Sidewalk Productions got an in with Capitol's new Tower subsidiary. Starting with a remake of Jorgen Ingman's Apache, they made this phony group have a similar American Indian name & called it The Arrows. Here are the early sides with no real group yet, but with Curb & Allen. For you collectors of obscure surf, there's a bunch here that were originally issued under other names for other labels - Tee Pee is Pow Wow by The Sudells, Tomahawk is Slip Stream by The Streamers, & Rebel (Without A Cause) was once put out as by The Hondells. The liner notes make sense of the whole scene. As a bonus, there's a demo of Sorry 'Bout That & the unissued Topsy '65. (GM)

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS Sundazed 6218 Blues Theme ● CD $12.98
13 tracks, 24 min, essential
CD issue of Tower 5078 from 1967. Davie Allan gets a real set of Arrows and turns from surf hero to King of the Fuzz Guitar. I'm prejudiced about this LP as it was a fave of mine in my teens - even was in a group that did covers of three of the tunes! Blues Theme (not a blues, but named after the character Blue in "The Wild Angels", whose soundtrack this originally was on) was a huge hit on the west coast & did well in the national charts. Action In The Streets was also instrumentally Make Love Not War on the Teenage Rebellion soundtrack. Other tunes include King Fuzz/ Fuzz Theme/ Sorry 'Bout That (whose demo is on the "Apache '65" CD) & great versions of Ghost Riders In The Sky/ Theme From Thunderball and William Tell '67. The three bonus tracks are fine never-issued covers of Theme From "A Summer Place"/ High Noon & Runaway. Liner notes by Deke Dickerson. (GM)

DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS Sundazed 6219 The Cycle-DElic Sounds Of Davie Allan & The Arrows ● CD $12.98
13 tracks, 32 min, essential CD issue of Tower 5094 from 1967. From surf to biker fuzz to psychedelic in 3 LPs! The entire last LP ("Blues Theme") was under 20 minutes long - this set starts out with the title tune running almost 7 minutes, pure freak-out & fuzz guitar!. This set has a combo of stuff from his multitude of biker soundtracks (Born Loser's Theme/ Devil's Angels Theme) & stuff just plain weird (Mind Transfferal). Includes three bonus tracks, this time three unissued originals including Angel With A Devil's Heart. Liner notes include an interview with Allen about his studio work. (GM)

DAVE ALVIN Hightone HCD 8049 Museum Of Heart ● CD $15.98
13 tracks, 52 minutes, good
Dave's second outing on Hightone finds him wandering through the back alleys of life, kind of like a Bukowski book set to music. In fact, the song Burning In Water Drowning In Flame borrows its title from a Charles Bukowski book. The lyrics are concerned with outcasts and drifters. Stranger In Town talks about the breakdown of the economy and lawlessness, Between The Cracks is the story of a boxer named Kid Jesus who fell from grace, Thirty Dollar Room tells the sad story of a drifter and his long gone gal. Lost love also provides the bones to hang the two best songs on - the title track, a C&W weeper lyric-wise, but taken at a furious rockin' pace, and Don't Talk About Her , a beautiful ballad with steel guitar. Move over Tom Waits there's a new prowler in your 'hood.... AE

DAVE ALVIN Hightone 8054 King Of California ● CD $14.98

DAVE ALVIN Hightone HCD 8074 Interstate City ● CD $15.98
14 tracks, 71 minutes, recommended
Since leaving the Blasters, Dave Alvin has developed a particularly enjoyable blend of singer-songwriter vision, country, and basic rock and roll, a combination that is well demonstrated on this live recording made at Austin's Continental Club. Many of Alvin's songs are musings on the history and culture of California seen through the lives and dreams of it's residents and written with irony and dry humor. These are well represented here by Out in California, Dry River, and the title tune. Jubilee Train, paired here with Do Re Mi by Woody Guthrie and Chuck Berry's Promised Land is particularly effective. Alvin does a nice version of Jim Ringer's Waiting For the Hard Times to Go as well. The leader's vocals and guitar playing are uniformly strong and are well matched by the tight playing of the Guilty Men. Ted Roddy guests on harmonica and adds a touch of mournfulness to many of the tunes. (DP)

PHIL ALVIN Hightone HCD 8056 County Fair 2000 ● CD $15.98
66 minutes, Recommended
One of the kings of American Roots Music is heard in a variety of styles with a variety of bands. Phil's heard doing everything from country blues to swamp blues to Dixieland to jive. He's heard solo (Starlight/ That Thing), with his band The Blasters, also featuring James Intveld (County Fair/ The Blue Line), a duet with Billy Boy Arnold (Wreck Your V-8 Ford), even some tracks with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band includes a 3-part funeral piece called Danny Boy's Mourning Sunset (Old Rugged Cross/ Ankh/ Didn't He Ramble).(GM)

ANDY ANDERSON Buffalo Bop 55161 Tough Tough Tough ● CD $18.98
32 tracks recorded between 1956 and 1967 by this fine rocker from Jackson, Mississippi for Sun, Felsted, Apollo, Cougar and his own Century label. Includes many tracks not originally issued . It includes four versions of his most famous song Johnny Valentine - three of them unissued demos. Plus I Got Me A Woman/ I Love You/ You Shake Me Up/ They Call It The Blues/ Chop Suey/ Gimme A Lock A Yo Hair/ Without Your Love/ My Babe/ I Missed A Lot In You/ So Long I'm Gone and more. Includes 12 page booklet with notes, rare photos and full discography.

PAUL ANKA Canadian 240 Paul Anka ● CD $18.98
30 tracks - 16 in true stereo - Diana/ tell Me That You Love Me/ Waiting For You/ I Love You baby/ Cinderella/ It's Time To Cry/ Send For Me/ The Bells At My Wedding/ It Only Lasts For A Little While/ Kissing On The Phone, etc.

PAUL ANKA Rhino 71489 30th Anniversary Collection ● CD $21.98
24 hits in chronological order from 1957 to 1978. Includes Diana/Put Your Head On My Shoulder/Puppy Love/My Way and, of course, Having My Baby. Paul's best recordings from the ABC-Paramount, RCA, Buddah and United Artists labels.

DAVE APPELL & THE APPLEJACKS Sparkeltone 99016 The Rock And Roll Story ● CD $21.98
31 tracks recorded between 1954 and 1963 by this group from Philadelphia. Personally, I find Appell's non-threatening night club approach to rock 'n roll unlistenable but if you care this set includes The Rock And Roll Story/ Hony Bunch/ Sweet Patootie Pie/ Teenage Meeting/ Ookey Ook/ Reunion/ Applejack/ Mexican Hat Rock/ Chitter Chatter Baby and others.

CHARLINE ARTHUR Bear Family BCD 16279 Welcome To The Club ● CD $21.98
32 track collection of recordings made between 1949 and 1957 by this outstanding singer whose brash stylings and stage persona were ahead of her time. The set includes all the recordings she cut for Bullet, Imperial, Coin & Victor.

JOHN ASHLEY Hydra 27114 Born To Rock ● CD $25.98
Two CD set featuring this teen film star and rock 'n' roll singer. The first CD is a regular CD with 27 songs recorded between 1957 and 1965 including previously unissued songs with Eddie Cochran on guitar and songs from the soundtrack of Ashley's movie "How To Stuff A Wild Bikini". The second CD is actually a CD-ROM featuring video excerpts from four of Ashley's movies, an interview and a scrapbook with over 200 photos. Also includes 28 page booklet with notes, photos and discography.

THE ASTRONAUTS Bear Family BCD 15442 Surfin' With/ Competition Coupe ● CD $21.98
Two RCA Lps on one CD - Baja/ Miserlou/ Suzie Q/ Kuk/ Baby Lets Play House/ Batman/ Competition Coupe/ 55 Bird/ Happy Ho Daddy, etc.

THE ASTRONAUTS Bear Family BCD 15443 Everything's A-OK/Astronauts Orbit Campus ● CD $21.98
Two RCA LPs on one CD - Bo Diddley/ It's So Easy/ Wine, Wine, Wine/ Big Bossman/ Shortnin' Bread/ What'd I Say/ Be Bop A Lula, etc.

THE ASTRONAUTS Bear Family BCD 15556 Rarities ● CD $21.98
Hot on the heels of the previous two Bear Family CD's (BCD 15443 & BCD 15442) comes this cool collection of Astros rarities. The only pre-RCA recording by the group, known then, in 1962, as the Stormtroopers, gives a bit of a hint at the later rockin' prowess. Come Along Baby is a good rocker, while the flip, Tryin' To Get To You is a decent cover of the King's cover. Then they jump head long into what the Astronauts were famous for - Surf music - with crunching instrumentals like Surfs You Right , Surf Softly And Carry A Big Board , Surf Party , Firewater and lots more. It's hard to believe so many of these were unreleased, they're hot. We follow the boys through some transitional times, where they still turn out some interesting tunes, but wander a bit aimlessly until they're put back on track by Steve Venet, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart with some solid songs like Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day and The Tables Have Turned , which along with the group penned Buy Me A Round and some R&B covers, shows what a great beat/punk group the A's could be too. (AE)
THE ASTRONAUTS: Around And Around/ Buy Me A Round/ Come Along Baby/ Count Your Mistakes/ Everyone But Me/ Firewater/ Girls Like You/ Go Fight For Her/ Hot-doggin'/ I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog/ Let's Surf Again/ Main Title From "ride The Wild Surf"/ My Little Beach Bunny/ Quasimoto/ Razzamatazz/ Scotch And Guitar/ Shame, Shame, Shame./ Surf Party/ Surf Softly And Carry A Big Board/ Surf Softly And Carry A Big Board (dubbed)/ Surf's You Right/ Surfer Girl/ Swim Little Mermaid/ The La La La Song/ The Pier/ The Tables Have Turned/ Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day/ Tryin' To Get To You

FRANKIE AVALON Varese Vintage VSD 5594 The Best Of Frankie Avalon ● CD $13.98
18 tracks from everybody's favorite - Dede Dinah/ I'll Wait For You/ Venus/ A Boy Without A Girl/ Two Fools/ Swingin' On A Rainbow/ Where Are You/ A Perfect Love/ All Of Everything/ A Miracle, etc.


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