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Various Artists Collections - Stompin' Records



INTRODUCTION : This excellent series of CDs from the Stompin' label features mostly obscure up tempo R&B and rocking blues from the late 40s the early 60s with the occasional soul or down home blues number thrown into the mix. Each volume features between 20 and 22 tracks and comes with an 8 page fold out booklet with notes and cover shots. Sound quality is excellent. Note : Volumes 1 & 11 are currently unavailable.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 302 Stompin', Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
20 tracks, 51 mins, highly recommended
The second volume has a more down home feel with more harmonicas and guitars in the lead, but, as always, the folks at Stompin' mix it up pretty well. The set opens up in great style with the hot Rock Everybody Rock the first recording and the only blues cut by soul great McKinley Mitchell for the tiny Chicago label Boxer - a variation of Hooker's Boogie Chillun with hot guitar from the great Willie Johnson. We then move on the acoustic harmonica/ guitar sound of Jesse & Buzzy with the fine Sonny & Brownie flavored Goin' Back To Orleans. There's a hot sax instrumental by Roland Mitchell Irma Special with Lafayette Thomas on guitar. Thomas is also featured on his own Cockroach Run and accompanies Jimmy McCracklin on his fine Savoy's Jump. Charles Clark's Hidden Charms is a mdeiocre song by a mediocre singer but with a band that includes Harold Burrage, Otis Rush, Louis Myers, Sonny Boy Williamson and Willie Dixon is well worth a listen. I also really like Mabel Franklin's Let's Do The Wiggle - a really tough vocal with anarchic guitar from D.C. Bender who comes close to completely losing it but doesn't. Other artists include Kine Morgan, Lord Tennyson (not his real name I suspect), Buddy Rogers, John Greer (one of his most obscure titles for the M.O.A. label), Big Brown & The Gamblers, Al Franklin Combo, Lowell Fulson (one of his wekaer efforts recorded in 1965 for Movin'), Joe Boot and others. (FS)
BIG BROWN & THE GAMBLERS: My Testament/ JOE BOOT: Rock And Roll Radio/ CHUCK BRADFORD: You're Going To Miss Me/ CHARLES CLARK: Hidden Charms/ MABEL FRANKLIN: Lets Do The Wiggle/ AL FRANKLIN COMBO: Down On The Farm/ LOWELL FULSOM: Stop And Think/ GENE & BILLY: It's Hot/ JOHN GREER: Honey Why/ JESSE & BUZZY: Goin' Back To Orleans/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: Savoy's Jump/ WALLY MERCER: Rock Around The Clock/ MCKINLEY MITCHELL: Rock Everybody Rock/ ROLAND MITCHELL & BAND: Irma Special/ KINE MORGAN: We're Goin' Out To Rock Tonight/ MR. BO: Im Leaving This Town/ BUDDY ROGERS: Mad With You/ THE TABLETOPPERS: Talk To Me Baby/ LORD TENNYSON: The Dance/ LAFAYETTE THOMAS: Cockroach Run

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 303 Stompin', Vol. 3 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, 57 mins, recommended
Another fine set if not quite a strong as the first two - a few too many generic dance numbers. Among the highlights are two cuts by Gabriel & His Trumpet including his version of Billy Boy Arnold's Don't Stay Out All Night with hot guitar by St. Louis legend Benny Smith and a hot trumpet solo from Gabriel himself. The mysterious Prince Charles has an excellent swamp blues on Come On Home with tough vocals and guitar - his identity is a mystery but I think it's safe to say that he's not Queen Elizabeth's son. Also from Louisiana is singer/ harmonica player Polka Dot Slim with his rough and ready A Thing You Gotta Face. The fine Atlanta bluesman Billy Wright is represented by the fine If I Didn't Love You from the obscure Chris label and Lonnie Brooks is represented by his first recording made in Chicago for the tiny Midas label. Lots more goodies from Little Lawrence & The Suspenders, Jimmy Vick & The Victors, LaVern Baker, Carol Fran and others. (FS)
ALAN & THE FLAMES: Whatcha Gonna Do/ LAVERN BAKER: You'd Better Find Yourself/ LONNIE BROOKS: Mr. Hotshot/ B.B. BROWN: I Weep/ BIG JAY BUSH & THE HOUSE ROCKERS: Funky Horns/ CAROL FRAN: I'm Gonna Try/ GABRIEL & HIS TRUMPET: Don't Stay Out All Night/ GABRIEL & HIS B& OF ANGELS: I'm Gabriel/ EUGENE JEFFERSON: A Pretty Girl Dressed In Brown/ LIL' RAY & THE PREMIERS: Shake Shout And Soul/ Soul And Stomp/ LITTLE LAWRENCE & THE SUSPENDERS: Don't Mess Around/ POLKA DOT SLIM: A Thing You Gotta Face/ PRINCE CHARLES: Come On Home/ THE PRINCE ROYALS: Anna Mae/ Farewell Annabell/ ROLLS ROYCE & THE WHEELS: Topless/ BENNY SHARP & HIS ORCH.: St. Louis Sunset Twist/ WILEY TERRY: Shake It Baby/ JIMMY VICK & THE VICTORS: Take A Trip/ BILLY WRIGHT: If I Didn't Loveyou/ Wind It Up

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 304 Stompin', Vol. 4 ● CD $16.98
20 tracks, highly recommended
The emphasis on this volume is on hot rocking R&B by mostly obscure artists recording for obscure labels. Lots of tough guitar work is featured here including Mickey Baker's stellar playing on Eddie Riff's My Baby's Gone Away and Doc Palmer's Bye Bye Bye (Palmer is actually Doc Pomus), singer/ guitarist Jesse Allen with Love My Baby, Harry Crafton on Love Me Like Crazy by Doc Starkes & The Niteriders, Roy Gaines's Loud Mouth Lucy and others. Guitar Crusher's guitar playing isn't so special but his rare I've Got To Know is a nice down home blues rocker. Rev. Ballenger rocks up the old gospel favorite This Train and the always fine T.V. Slim answers his own Flatfoot Sam and LaVern Baker's Jim Dandy with Flat Foot Sam Meets Jim Dandy. Other goodies from Austin Wright, H. Bomb Ferguson, Eddie Daniels, Shep Tingle and others. No duds here at all. (FS)
JESSE ALLEN: Love My Baby/ REV. BALLENGER: This Train/ EDDIE DANIELS: Hurry Baby/ H. BOMB FERGUSON: No Sackie Sack/ JOE GAINES: Voo Doo Lou/ ROY GAINES: Loud Mouth Lucy/ H. GILLESPIE: My Daddy Told Me/ GUITAR CRUSHER: I've Got To Know/ DOC PALMER: Bye Bye Bye/ LOUIS PAYNE ORCH.: Thats All Right With Me/ ROY PERKINS: Bye Bye Baby/ EDDIE RIFF: My Babys Gone Away/ ROYAL EARL & THE SWINGIN’COOLS: Royal Earl Shuffle/ MISTER RUFFIN: Bring It On Back/ DOC STARKES: Love Me Like Crazy/ WILBER STEINBERG: Mop Bop Boogie/ T.V SLIM: Flat Foot Sam Meets Jim Dandy/ SHEP TINGLE: Let's Turn ’em On Tonight/ AUSTIN WRIGHT: Keep Me On Your Mind In ’59/ JOHNNY WRIGHT: Look At That Chick

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 305 Stompin', Vol. 5 ● CD $16.98
20 tracks, 50 mins, highly recommended
Another great selection of rocking blues and R&B. Among the highlights is Hank Moore's storming instrumental Sour Mash with some of the hottest sax and guitar work you'll hear just about anywhere - but at just over two minutes it's too short. Also extremely fine is the debut recording from 1958 of soulman extraordinaire Kip Anderson with his bluesy and powerful I Wanna Be The Only One, Big Boy Groves's classic I Gotta New Car (which has been out several times before) and Sonny Boy Williams' tough Alice Mae Blues. Lots more goodies from King Perry, Rayvon Darnell (an answer to Chuck Berry's Maybelline), Kine Morgan, Johnny Span, Euegen Jefferson, Rockin' Bradley (the Little Richard flavored Look Out) and others. The nearest thing to a dud on this collection is Tye Tongue Hanley whose vocal style is probably an acquired taste but one I have yet acquired yet. As usual, sound and presentation are excellent. (FS)
KIP ANDERSON: I Wanna Be The Only One/ DUSTY BROWN: Well You Know/ G.L. CROCKETT: It's A Man Down There/ CRY BABY CURTIS: I Wanna/ RAY VON DARNELL: Don't Want You Maybellene/ EARL GILLIAM: Dont Make Me Late Baby/ BIG BOY GROVES: I Gotta New Car/ TYE TONGUE HANLEY: You Got My Nose Wide Open/ EUGENE JEFFERSON: Don't Cry No More/ RICH MCQUEEN: Who's That Under My Bed/ BOBBY ‘MR BLUES’ MERRELL: I Ain't Mad At You/ MOOHAH: All Shook Out/ HANK MOORE & ORCH.: Sour Mash/ KINE MORGAN: Nobody's Fool/ KING PERRY: Come Back Baby/ ROCKIN' BRADLEY: Look Out/ J.L. SMITH: If It's Too Late/ JOHNNY SPAIN: I'm In Love/ MOJO WATSON: You Know You Dont Want Me/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMS: Alice Mae Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 306 Stompin', Vol. 6 ● CD $16.98
Includes The Sly Fox, Garland The Great, Big Jack Reynolds, J.L. Smith, Finney Mo, John Fred & The Playboys, Bo Dudley, Lorin Dean, Fats Jr. & The Skyscrapers, etc.
"FATS" JNR & THE SKYSCRAPERS: Since My Baby Left Me/ JOE ALLEN: Baby Baby Baby/ EDDIE ALSTON: I Just Can't Help It/ RUFUS BROWN: Keep A Knockin'/ THE CARTER BROS.: I'm Not To Blame/ LORIN DEAN: Fi Fo Fum/ BOBBY DECEMBER & THE RENAGADES: Invasion/ SHY GUY DOUGLAS: Monkey Doin' Woman/ BO DUDLEY: Shotgun Rider/ JACKIE DUNHAM: All Aroundthe World/ FINNEY MO: Shake That Thing/ JOHN FRED & THE PLAYBOYS: Boogie Children/ GARL& THE GREAT: Hello Miss Simms/ HOMESICK JAMES: Can't Affordto Do It/ BOBBY JACKSON: Oh Baby/ LITTLE MISS JESSIE: My Baby Has Gone/ BIG JACK REYNOLDS: I Had A Little Dog/ THE SLY FOX: I'm Tired Of Beggin'/ My Four Women/ J.L. SMITH: Got My Top Let Down

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 307 Stompin', Vol. 7 ● CD $16.98
Includes Frank Linkeberg, Mojo Watson, Lord lebby, Jesse Thomas, Harmonica fats, Tony Allan, Jackie Brenston, Bill Heyman, Otis Riley, Dave Kirk and more.
TONY ALLAN: Holy Smoke Baby/ BIG DADDY: I Think You're Lying/ JACKIE BRENSTON: Trouble Up The Road/ JOHN BULLARD: Mary Lou/ RAYVON DARNELL: Chicken Little/ HARMONICA FATS: My Baby Didn't Come Home/ BILL HEYMAN: I Want My Baby/ LORENZO HOLDEN: Whipped Cream/ RICKY JONES: Hate To Say Goodbye/ SAX KARI: Chocolate Fizz/ DAVE KIRK: Oh! Baby/ LEON & THE HITONES: Rock'n'roll In The Groove/ FRANK LINKENBERG: Ball Of Fire/ LITTLE RED WALTER: Aw Shucks Baby/ LORD LEBBY: Caldonia/ HANK MOORE: Knock Kneed Rooster/ OTIS RILEY: Little Miss Bibbitty Bobbitty Boom/ JESSE THOMAS: Cool Kind Lover/ ALBERT WASHINGTON: Ramble/ MOJO WATSON: Look A There

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 308 Stompin', Vol. 8 ● CD $16.98
This one has Louis "Blues Boy" Jones, "Fats" Jr & The Skyscrapers, Perch Welch, Piano Slim, Homesick James, Elton Anderson, Mary Ann Fisher, Monroe Chapman, Eunice & Eddy, Floyd Dixon and more.
"FATS" JR & THE SKYSCRAPERS: You Know I Love You Baby/ ELTON &ERSON: I Loveyou/ BIG AMOS: Move With You Baby/ MONROE CHAPMAN: Come Dance With Rudy/ THE CRAWFORD BROS: I Ain't Guilty/ EDDIE DANIELS: Playin' Hide Go Seek/ FLOYD DIXON: Ooh Little Girl/ EUNICE & EDDY: Daddy Please Come Home/ MARY ANN FISHER: Wild As You Can Be/ PHIL FLOWERS: Twistin' Beat/ WILLARD HARRIS: Straighten Up Baby/ HOMESICK JAMES: Set A Date/ SAMMY JOHNS & THE DEVILLES: Making Tracks/ HARMON "HUMP" JONES: Lookin' For My Baby/ LOUIS "BLUES BOY" JONES: Come On Home/ MERCY BABY: Pleadin'/ PIANO SLIM: Lot Of Shakin' Lot Of Jivin'/ VOLCANO'S: Oh Oh Mojo/ PERCH WELCH: Nursery Rhyme Rock/ ARTIE WILSON: Tarzan

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 309 Stompin', Vol. 9 ● CD $16.98
Eight new CDs in the Stompin' series just showed up. Although we haven't had a chance to check 'em all out thoroughly (see next time!) they seem to be the same great mixture of rocking blues, R&B and black rock 'n' roll that made the first eight so appealing. Like those the sound is excellent and each CD comes with a fold out booklet with photos, label shots and notes on all the tracks. This volume has 22 tracks featuring sides by Bird Rollins, Roy Brown, Joe McCoy, Bobo Jenkins, Young Jessie, Screaming Joe Neal, Willie Mitchell Orch., Van Walker, The Night Riders, harold Burrage, Mabel Franklin & others.
ROY BROWN: Rockin' All The Time/ HAROLD BURRAGE: She Knocks Me Out/ MARY COLEMAN: I'll Make Him Mine/ COUSIN LEROY: I'm Lonesome/ MABEL FRANKLIN: Lucille, Leave My Man Alone/ Unhappy Woman/ GUITAR FRANK: Wild Track/ BETTY JAMES: I'm A Little Mixed Up/ BOBO JENKINS: Nothing But Love/ GEORGIA LANE: Get It!/ LOUIS & FROSTY: Train Time/ JOE MCCOY: Dizzy Little Girl/ Hey, Hey Loretta/ WILLIE MITCHELL ORCH.: Lizzie Lou/ Wasting My Time/ SCREAMING JOE NEAL: Don't Quit Me Baby/ She's My Baby/ THE NIGHT RIDERS: Pretty Plaid Skirt/ BIRD ROLLINS: Just Let Me Be/ JAMIE VAN LOAN: What's Your Name, Little Girl?/ VAN WALKER: The Crawl/ YOUNG JESSIE: Make Me Feel A Little Good

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 310 Stompin', Vol. 10 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks including The Night Riders, Vince Monroe, Joe McCoy, Marty Lewis, Little Willie Littlefieldm Pat Patrick, Charles Walker, Ernest Brooks, Little Ernest Tucker, George Young, Carl Simpson & others.
ERNEST BROOKS: Talking Off The Wall/ SLIM GREEN: Shake 'Em Up/ RUDY GREENE: Wild Life/ RICKY JONES: You Know It's True/ MARTY LEWIS: Satisfied With My Lovin'/ LITTLE PAPA JOE: Looking For My Baby/ LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD: Baby Shame/ JOE MCCOY: Too Much Goin' On/ TONY MIDDLETON: Lover/ VINCE MONROE: Give It Up/ NAT THE COOL CAT: Come By Here/ THE NIGHT RIDERS: Lookin' For My Baby/ NORRIE THE TROUBADOUR: Rock 'N' Rollin' Honey/ PAT PATRICK: Hot Springs/ FRANK PATT: Gonna Hold On/ ROY PERKINS: Sweet Lilly/ CARL SIMPSON: Baby Blues Rock/ LITTLE ERNEST TUCKER: Gonna Get Me A Satellite/ Too Small To Dance/ CHARLES WALKER: I've Got My Eyes On The World/ PERCY WELCH & HIS HOUSE ROCKERS: Back Door Man/ GEORGE YOUNG: Can't Stop Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 312 Stompin', Vol. 12 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks featuring Honey Brown, Clarence Samuels, Milton Buckner, Rufus Thomas, Monte Easter, Fletcher Smith, Pee Wee & His All Stars, Little Bubber, Bill Simpson, Barrel House Blott (with a name like that how could he be bad?), Jesse Allen and lots more.
JESSE ALLEN: Take It Easy/ BARREL HOUSE BLOTT & LEE WITH THE ST. LOUISIANS: Brand New Man/ BARREL HOUSE BLOTT WITH THE ST. LOUISIANS: Chicks Goin' Crazy/ HONEY BROWN: Rockin' And Jumpin'/ PINEY BROWN: That's Right, Baby/ MILTON BUCKNER: Red, Red Wine/ MICKEY COOPER: Country Girl/ MONTE EASTER: Going Back To Kansas City/ GEORGE GREEN: Brand New Rockin' Chair/ JIMMY "CHICKIE" HORNE & HIS CHICKENS: Hello Little Girl/ EDDIE JOHNSON & EDNA MCRANEY: Back Up/ LITTLE BOY BLUES: Drinkin' Little Woman/ LITTLE BUBBER: Runnin' Around/ EDDIE MACK: The Shotgun Boogie/ PEE WEE & HIS ALL STARS: Say When/ PEGMEAT PETERSON: Loud Mouth Lucy/ CLARENCE SAMUELS: Boogie Woogie Blues/ BILL SIMPSON: Old Man Mose/ FLETCHER SMITH: Brand New Neighborhood/ Mean Poor Girl/ ALLEN THOMAS: Blowing My Horn/ RUFUS THOMAS: Decorate The Counter

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 313 Stompin', Vol. 13 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks featuring Roy "Happy" Easter, Melvin Daniels, Buddy & Claudia Griffin, Wilbert Harrison, Willie Johnson & Thelma, Leon Tarver, Dan Harrison, Dr. Jo Jo Adams, Bobby Marshall, Blues Taylor, Al Prince and others.
DR. JO JO ADAMS: I've Got A Crazy Baby/ JACKIE BRENSTON: Starvation/ MR. BLUES CARSON: Eye To Eye/ MELVIN DANIELS: No More Crying On My Pillow/ ROY "HAPPY" EASTER: Don't Know How/ BUDDY & CLAUDIA GRIFFIN: I Got A Secret/ DAN HARRISON: Straighten Up, Juice Head/ WILBERT HARRISON: Gin And Coconut Milk/ WALTER "SANDMAN" HOWARD: Willow Tree Blues/ BILL JOHNSON & HIS STIR CATS: Too Late/ WILLIE JOHNSON & THELMA: Don't Tell Mama/ KANSAS CITY JIMMY: Saturday Nite/ SAX KARI: Hush Your Lyin' Mouth/ BOBBY MARSHALL: Just One More Time/ JIMMY MILNER & HIS BLUE RIBBON BAND: Nobles Shuffle/ AL PRINCE: Wine Talk/ RAY SNEAD: Let's Ball/ LEON TARVER: Somebody Help Me/ BLUES TAYLOR: Hackensack Mama/ Unwelcome Blues/ CORPORAL BOOKER T. WASHINGTON: St. Louis Boogie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 314 Stompin', Vol. 14 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks featuring Jow Conwright & His Lucky Seven, Jack "The Bear" Parker, Red McAllister, Ed Barron & His Orchestra, Madman taylor, T.J. Fowler & His Band That Rocks The Blues, Jimmy Crawford, Walter "Sandman" Howard, H-Bomb Ferguson, Cherri Lynn, Bobby Nunn & His Hot Five, etc.
ED BARRON & HIS ORCH.: Barron's Boogie/ Hey Miss Bertha/ CHARLIE BRANTLEY & HIS ORCH.: Movin' On Now/ MATTHEW CHILDS & HIS CHILLUN: Rosa Lee/ JOE CONWRIGHT & HIS LUCKY 7: She Won't Be True/ JIMMY CRAWFORD: 'Til My Baby Comes Back/ That Ain't Right/ VERNON DILWORTH & HIS TOP CATS: Shorty/ H-BOMB FERGUSON: Rock, H-Bomb, Rock/ T.J. FOWLER & HIS BAND THAT ROCKS THE BLUES: Tell Me What's The Matter Now/ THE GROOVY FIVE: Lost Baby/ CHESTER GUYDON: Miss Fannie Brown/ WALTER "SANDMAN" HOWARD: Cuttin' Out/ CHERRI LYNN: Your Money Ain't Long Enough/ RED MCALLISTER: Eggs & Grits/ BOBBY NUNN & HIS HOT FIVE: I Got A Country Girl/ JACK "THE BEAR" PARKER: Cheap Old Wine & Whiskey/ I Want You, I Need You/ ELROY PEACE: Onion Breath Baby/ JIMMY PRESTON & BURNETTA EVANS: Stop That Baby/ MADMAN TAYLOR: Dig Daddy Slack/ EARL WILLIAMS: Let's Make Love Tonight

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 315 Stompin', Vol. 15 ● CD $16.98
Another 22 rockers - Elsie Wheat, Sarah "Fatwoman" Dean, Jimmie "T-99" Nelson, Dr. Jo Jo Adams, Danny "Run Joe" Taylor, Eddie "Tex" Curtis, Jimmy Preston & Burnetta Evans, Ed Barron, The Harptones, Fats Witherspoon, Moohah and others.
DR. JO JO ADAMS: Didn't I Tell You/ ED BARRON: Cracklin' Bread/ PINEY BROWN: How About Rocking With Me?/ EDDIE "TEX" CURTIS: Shake, Pretty Baby, Shake/ SARAH "FATWOMAN" DEAN: I Got Your Boogie/ DOCTOR GADDY: Evil Man Blues/ RUDY GREEN: It's You I Love/ THE HARPTONES: Insulting Blues Boogie/ AL JACKSON: Let's Drink Some Whiskey/ KANSAS CITY JIMMY: Cheatin' Woman/ MOOHAH: Candy/ JIMMIE (T-99) NELSON: Great Big Hunk Of Man/ FORD NELSON QUINTET: Little Annie/ GENE PARRISH: Screamin' In My Sleep/ MAE PARRISH: Function On Broadway/ JIMMY PRESTON: My Baby Done Left Me/ Rock With It, Baby/ JUNIOR TAMPLIN: Baby Is A Boxer/ DANNY "RUN JOE" TAYLOR: You Look Bad/ ELSIE WHEAT: Tippin'/ EARL WILLIAMS: Regal Boogie/ FATS WITHERSPOON: Hook, Line & Sinker

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 316 Stompin', Vol. 16 ● CD $16.98
The last in this series (for now anyway) features Clara Streat, Crown Prince Waterford, Bob Williams, Sammy Cotton, Eddie Mack, Bumps Myers, Les Hraris, Rufus Thomas, Bill Hayes & His Orchestra, Jimmy Preston & Burnett Evans, Roosevelt Sykes, etc.
HONEY BROWN: Lonesome And Mistreated/ PINEY "KOKOMO" BROWN & HIS BLUE FLASHES: Talking About You/ SAMMY COTTON: We're Gonna Ball This Mornin'/ H-BOMB FERGUSON: I Love My Baby/ LES HARRIS: 96 Lbs./ BILL HAYES & HIS ORCHESTRA: Highway 75/ CLIFF HOLLAND: Don't Ever Trust A Woman/ AL JACKSON: It Ain't Gonna Be Like That/ WILLIE JOHNSON: Love Me 'Til Dawn/ OLIVER JONES: What I Say?/ EDDIE MACK: Key Hole Blues/ BUMPS MYERS: I'm Clappin' And Shoutin'/ I'm Telling You Baby/ JIMMY PRESTON & BURNETTA EVANS: Oh Babe!/ CLARA STREAT: Holey Boogie/ ROOSEVELT SYKES: Sputnik Baby/ RUFUS THOMAS: Crazy About You, Baby/ No More Dogging Around/ IONA WADE: Why Don't You Tell Me So?/ CROWN PRINCE WATERFORD: Eating Watermelon/ Love Awhile/ BOB WILLIAMS: Talk To Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 318 Stompin', Vol. 18 ● CD $16.98
The latest in this great series of up tempo blues and R&B is devoted to mostly down home and country blues and includes some fine and incredibly obscure recordings from the likes of Jimmie Newsome, Lick Slick & Slide, The Bees, Robert Jefferson, Otis Hinton, J&J Deuces, The Wild Child, Emright and Mattie and others slightly more familiar like Pee Wee Hughes, James Walton, Mule Thomas (aka Jesse Thomas), Tommy Brown, etc. Some tracks have been reissued on CD before but quite a few are making their first appearance on CD.
THE BEES: Tough Enough/ BIG BILL & HIS GUITAR: Little City Woman/ TOMMY BROWN: Southern Women/ EMRIGHT & MATTIE: That Minute There With You/ FRANK FLOYD: Rock A Little Baby/ HARMONICA "BLUES KING" HARRIS: I Need You Pretty Baby For My Own/ CLEDUS HARRISON: Don't Run/ OTIS HINTON: Walking Downhill/ PEE WEE HUGHES: I'm A Country Boy/ J&J DEUCES: Sweet Woman Blues/ ROBERT JEFFERSON: I Got My Equalizer/ LAZY SLIM JIM: Wine Head Baby/ LICK, SLICK & SLIDE: I Got Drunk/ GUITAR TOMMY MOORE: I Ain't Botherin' Nobody/ Your Car Machine/ MR. RAIN: Who Dat?/ JIMMIE NEWSOME: Do That Thing/ I'm Afraid I Love You/ Long Gone Lonesome Blues/ My Little Child/ ALONZO SCALES: My Baby Likes To Shuffle/ ALVIN SMITH: On My Way/ MULE THOMAS: Blow My Baby Back Home/ JAMES WALTON: Miss Jesse James/ THE WILD CHICK: Down In The Chile'

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 319 Stompin', Vol. 19 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
Previously issued as Tapper 2 "Country Blues Obscurities" this new Stompin' reissue has better sound and superior packaging with label shots and notes on all the songs. A terrific collection of rare down home blues cuts, mostly from the 50s. Most are making their first appearance on CD and a few have never been reissued before. I don't think I would call this "country blues" since most of it features small blues bands but whatever way you cut it the music is fabulous. Among the many treasures are L.C. Green's fantastic When The Sun Is Shining which alone is worth the price of the CD and would cost you many times the price of this CD to buy the original 78. There is one side of Freddy King's first single from 1956 where he sounds very different to the artist we're used to with Robert Lockwood doing the guitar honors. There are two wonderful tracks by Joe Hill Louis, one issued as by Little Joe; Eddie Burns echoes Sonny Boy #1 on his Hello Jessie Lee and the music of Buddy Lewis (aka Ernest Lewis) updates the sound of Texas bluesman J.T. "Funny Papa" Smith. But it's all good and among the other fine artists here are Little Sam Davis, Harmonica "Blues King" Harris, J&J Deuces (who are these guys?), Albert & Charles (a weird slide guitar instrumental appropriately titles Weird), Sonny Boy Williams, Bud Harper (originally issued as by Jesse Belvin!), Juke Boy Barner, Jesse Pipkin, The Richard Brothers (their salutory and hilarious Drunk Drivers Coming) and more. (FS)
ALBERT & CHARLES: Weird/ JUKE BOY BARNER: Rock With Me Baby/ JESSE BELVIN (BUD HARPER): Going Away Baby/ EDDIE BURNS: Hello Miss Jessie Lee/ LEROY DALLAS & HIS GUITAR: Jump Little Children Jump/ LITTLE SAM DAVIS: Goin' To New Orleans/ EMRIGHT: One Of These Days/ L.C. GREEN: The Sun Was Shining/ HARMONICA "BLUES KING" HARRIS: Blues King Mango/ HARVEL HILL JR.: She Fool Me/ J&J DEUCES: Little Woman Blues/ CLIFFORD KING: Wamt To Jump With You Baby/ FREDDY KING: That's What You Think/ JOHN LEE: Alabama Boogie/ BUDDY LEWIS: You've Got Good Business/ LITTLE JOE: Keep Your Arms Around Me/ JOE HILL LOUIS: Joe's Jump/ JESSE PIPKIN & BAND: Work With It/ THE RICHARD BROS.: Drunk At The Depot/ HENRY SMITH: Good Rocking Mama/ JOE WILLIAMS: Stack O' Dollars/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMS: Alice Mae Blues/ Another Half A Pint

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 320 Stompin', Vol. 20 ● CD $16.98
Another fine 22 track collection of blues and R&B rarities ranging from the early 50s to early 60s including sides by Dean Barlow, The Cocoas, Richard Lewis, Pear Reaves & The Concords, Freddie Mitchell, Les Harris, Pig Meat Markham, Mari Jones, Floyd Dixon, Sonny Brooks, Sticks McGhee, Tabby & His Mellow Mellow Men (the second release of Tabby Thomas) and more. Usual quality production.
JIMMY ANTHONY: 'Fore Day In The Morning/ BABY DEE: Don't Live Like That No More/ DEAN BARLOW: Don't Leave Me Baby/ SONNY BROOKS: Champ Ale/ THE COCAS: Flip Your Daddy/ FLOYD DIXON: Don't Leave Me Baby/ STICKS EVANS WITH ALVIN CLARK: Go-Go-Go-Blow/ CHESTER GUYDON: You Gotta Help Me Some/ LES HARRIS: Nobody Else But You/ GERALD HUNTER & QUINTONES: Geralds Boogie/ MARI JONES: Riba Daba Doo/ KITTY KAYE & THE CATS: Fishtruck Boogie/ RICHARD LEWIS: Still Drifting/ PIG MEAT MARKHAM: Let's Have Some Heat/ STICKS MCGHEE: Oh What A Face/ FREDDIE MITCHELL: Preachin'/ LARRY PURNELL: Hot Nuts/ PEARL REEVES & CONCORDS: You Can't Stay Here/ RIFF RUFFIN: Money For My Honey/ TABBY & HIS MELLOW, MELLOW MEN: Church Members Ball/ PAUL TATE: How Can I Love You/ ED TOWNSEND: Come On And Walk With Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 321 Stompin', Vol. 21 ● CD $16.98
This volume features 23 tracks from the late 50s and early 60s - mostly R&B with hints of soul - Jimmy Good, Phil Flowers & TNT Tribble, Duane Yates & The Capris, Al Garris, Flash Terry & His Orchestra, The Egyptians, Little Mummy, Don & Dewey, The Fabulous Little Joe Arlee Carrethers, Bill Watts and others.
FABULOUS LITTLE JOE ARLEE CARRUTHERS: Down In New Orleans/ Hot Wire Baby/ CLIFF CHAMBERS: Don't Talk Back/ DON & DEWEY: Kill Me/ THE EGYPTIANS: Flipping Their Top/ That's Alright/ PHIL FLOWERS: The Dances/ AL GARRIS: That's All/ JIMMY GOOD: Watch Dog/ LENNY JOHNSON: Walk Ginny Walk/ LIL'(PREACHER) ROY: Won'tcha Be My Girl/ LITTLE MUMMY: Oh Baby Please/ Where You At Jack/ SKIP MANNING: Ham 'N' Eggs/ PIANO SLIM: Whamy In The Gizzmo/ THE PREMIERS: Run Along Baby/ JOHNNY STEWART: A Whole Lot Of Lovin'/ SAMMY TAYLOR: Switchin' In The Kitchen/ FLASH TERRY: On My Way Back Home/ KID GUITAR THOMPSON: My Baby Done Me Wrong/ BILL WATTS: Let's Go Steady/ JOHNNY (THE TWIST) WILLIAMS: Teach Me How/ DUANE YATES: Hold It

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 322 Stompin', Vol. 22 ● CD $16.98
25 tracks, highly recommended
Stompin' are back with another two great albums of up tempo blues and R&B - this one featuring sides from the late 40s and the 50s. More than half the tracks here have been out before on CD but sound and overall production here is superior with handsome eight page foldout booklet with notes on all the performances and full color label shots of all the titles. Includes Billy Fair and Orch., Big Sheba (the great Soft Soapin' Mama), Willie Hunter, Roosevlt Wardell (early blues side from renowned jazz pianist), James B. Berry & Monroe Tucker's Orch., Sammy Cotton, Dorothy Ellis, Paul Bascomb, Sticks McGhee, Jimmy Butler, Rubberlegs Williams, Sherman Brooks & The Blue Tones, etc.
PAUL BASCOMB: Don't Put My Bizness In The Street/ Pink Cadillac/ GIL BERNAL: Keep Those Wonderin' Eyes Off My Baby/ JAMES B. BERRY & MONROE TUCKERS ORCH: Long Note/ BIG SHEBA: Alphabet Blues/ Soft Soapin' Mama/ SHERMAN BROOKS & THE BLUE TONES: Cool Daddy Blues/ JIMMY BUTLER: Trim Your Tree/ SAMMY COTTON: I An't Gonna Worry My Life Anymore/ Back Bitin'/ NELDA DUPUY: Riding With The Blues/ DOROTHY ELLIS: Drill Daddy Drill/ BILLY FAIR: Boogie In The Morning/ I'll Be True To You/ WILLIE HUNTER: I'm In Love With You Baby/ Willie's Blues/ PATTI JEROME: No Mama, No Papa/ PRO MC CLAM: Boot Um/ BROWNIE MC GHEE: All Night Party/ STICKS MC GHEE: You Gotta Have Something On The Ball/ BOB MITCHELL: Standing On The Corner/ CHARLES RENE: I've Got The Blues/ ROOSEVELT WARDELL: She Drinks Too Much Wine/ RUBBERLEGS WILLIAMS: Goin' Back To Washington Corner 7th and "T"/ TASSO ZACHARY AND HIS ORCH: Louisville, KY

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 323 Stompin', Vol. 23 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, 51 mins, highly recommended
Only 22 tracks on this one but just about every one rocks like crazy. Material ranges from the mid 50s to late 60s and includes Joe Boots & His Band, Prince Love & His Royal Stewart (possibly a Sly Stone pseudonym on the great topical Don't Want No More), Slim Cole, Jimmy Raye, Ben Hughes, Harvey & Doc (the totally crazed Oh, Baby!!), Sherman Williams & His Band, Tommy Lomonte, Big Red McHouston (actually Mickey Baker on the great I'm Tired), Citations 7, Shirley Ann Lee, Slim Saunders and more. (FS)
JOE BOOTS & HIS BAND: Rock 'N' Roll Jungle Girl/ Well Alright/ THE CITATIONS 7: Justine/ SLIM COLE: They Call Me Slim Cole/ THE FABULOUS SILVER TONES: Dimples/ EVELYN FREEMAN: Didn't It Rain/ HARVEY & DOC: Oh, Baby!!/ BEN HUGHES: Sack/ SHIRLEY ANN LEE: How Can I Lose/ TOMMY LOMONTE: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah/ BIG RED MC HOUSTON: I'm Tired/ MR. BLUES & JOHNNY BIRD ORCH: The Last Laugh Will Be On You/ ELROY PEACE & BOW RIBBONS: Quick Like/ PRINCE LOVE & HIS ROYAL KNIGHTS: Don't Want No War/ JIMMY RAYE: Hey Let's Dance/ SLIM SAUNDERS: Get Away/ Let's Have Some Fun/ THE SILVERTONES: Midnight Thunder/ SONNY'S NU KAT ORCHESTRA: She Is Mine/ SHERMAN WILLIAMS & HIS BAND: I Lost My Baby/ GEORGE YOUNG: Buggin' Baby/ Shaking Shelley

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 324 Stompin', Vol. 24 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
Four more volumes in this excellent series featuring rocking blues, R&B and black rock 'n' roll. A couple of familiar titles here from Elmore James and June Bateman but most of the tracks are fairly obscure featuring artists like The Nitehawks, Al Reed, Billy Peek (the hot instrumental Prancing sounding just like Ike Turner), Bobby Davis, Phil Flowers (the fine down home Move On), Icky Renrut (Ike Turner's alter ego with the hot Jack Rabbit featuring a vocal by Jimmy Thomas), Eddie Renae & The Titans, Teddy Reynolds (the romping New Orleans flavored Louise), Kitty Noble (the fine Till The Cows Come Home with nice slide guitar), Jimmy Raney & Slim Slaughter, Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton (the great Hound Dog inspired Tom Cat with tough guitar) and more. Excellent sound, informed notes and label shots of most of the titles here. (FS)
JUNE BATEMAN: Possum Belly Overalls/ BENNIE BUNN: Rock & Roll Luau/ KING COLEMAN: Alley Rat/ BABY CORTEZ: Honey Baby/ BOBBY DAVIS: Going To New Orleans/ PHIL FLOWERS: Move On/ RUFUS GORDON: Long Tall Sally/ BIG BOY GROVES: Bucket O' Blood/ ELMORE JAMES: Cry For Me Baby/ BILLY LAMONT: Hear Me Now/ LITTLE ARTHUR MATHEWS: I'm Gonna Whale On You/ Someday Baby/ THE NITEHAWKS: Boogie Chillun'/ KITTY NOBLE: Till The Cows Come Home/ BILLY PEEK: Prancin'/ JIMMY RANEY & SLIM SLAUGHTER: You Drink Too Much Booze/ AL REED: Top Notch Grade "a"/ EDDIE RENAE & TITANS: Snake Leg/ ICKY RENRUT: Jack Rabbit/ TEDDY REYNOLDS: Louise/ TABBY THOMAS: Louisiana Hop/ WILLIE MAE "BIG MAMA" THORNTON: Tom Cat

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 325 Stompin', Vol. 25 ● CD $16.98
Another fine collection featuring 22 sides from the late 40s through the mid 50s - about half making their first appearance on CD. Includes some terrific female singers like Georgia Lane, Eunice Davis, Tangerine, Edith Mackey, mamie Thomas and others plus sides by King james, "Shy Guy" Douglas, Choker Campbell, Billie McAllister, George Benson (the 10 year old future guitar wizard with a cover of Ray Charles' It Should Have Been Me) and more.
MARGIE ANDERSON: Yes I Know/ DON ARCHER: Fathead Blues/ BABY DOLL: Down By The Woodshed/ GEORGE BENSON: It Should Have Been Me/ ROSE BROWN & JIMMIE HARRIS: Back From Korea/ CLIFF BUTLER: You Name It/ CHOCKER CAMPBELL: Have You Seen My Baby/ VELMA CROSS: I'll Be Oh So Good/ EUNICE DAVIS: Every Time Your Lips Meet Mine/ Let's Have A Party/ TOM "SHY GUY" DOUGLAS: Raid On Cedar Street/ FRANK HAYWOOD: Rock-a-Bye Baby/ EMMETT HOBSON: Looka' Here Mattie Bee/ DOTTIE JOHNSON: It's A Shame/ KING JAMES: I Just Wanna' Love/ Wild Wooly Woman/ GEORGIA LANE: Oo-wee Mr. Jeff/ EDITH MACKEY: Skillet's Gonna' Fry/ BILLIE MCALLISTER: Well Alright Baby/ TANGERINE: Cadillac Baby/ MAMIE THOMAS: Miss Good Blues/ BILL WALKER: Wine-O

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 326 Stompin', Vol. 26 ● CD $16.98
Fine collection of 22 down home blues though unlike previous volumes many o the tracks here have been out on CD before. However if you don't already have them there are some excellent sides from Walter Price, Allen Bunn (his superb Too Much Competition), Po' Joe Williams (one of Big Joe's Vee-Jay sides), Elmon Mickle, Mojo Watson, Kasandra (this one's a real obscurity - an early blues side by soul and funk singer John KaSandra featuring some dynamite guitar), Papa Lightfoot, Morris pejoe, Little Sonny, The Bighampton Blues Boys (their classic Cross Cut Saw)
THE BINGHAMPTON BLUES BOYS: Cross Cut Saw/ Slim'stwist/ BLUE CHARLIE: I'm Goingto Kill That Hen/ ALLEN BUNN: Too Much Competition/ ROBERT GILL: I Only Had A Little/ EDDIE HOPE: A Fool No More/ BOBO JENKINS: Tell Me Whereyou Stayed Last Night/ You Will Never Understand/ KASANDREA: My Conscience Is Bothering Me/ PAPA LIGHTFOOT: P.l. Blues/ LITTLE MILTON: Boogie Woogie Woogie Baby/ LITTLE SONNY: Love Shock/ ELMON MICKLE: Independent Walk/ Short And Fat/ MORRIS PEJOE: Tired Of Cryin' Over You/ WALTER PRICE: Six Weeks Of Misery/ SQUARE WALTON: Bad Hangover/ CLEAR WATERS: Hillbilly Blues/ MOJO WATSON: I'm The Only One/ JUNIOR WELLS: Lawdy! Lawdy!/ PO' JOE WILLIAMS: Goin' Back/ JAMES WILLIAMSON: The Woman I Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 327 Stompin', Vol. 27 ● CD $16.98
Another down home flavored collection with a lot of tracks on CD before but all of it fine and rocking including sides by Schoolboy Cleve, Sunnyland Slim, Calvin Frazier, Big Ed (Burns), McKinley james, Dr. Ross, John Lee (Henley), Clarence Johnson, Elmon Mickle, Jimmy Rogers, Clearwaters, etc.
BIG ED: Biscuit Baking Mama/ BIRMINGHAM JUNIOR: You're Too Bad/ SCHOOLBOY CLEVE: She's Gone/ CALVIN FRAZIER: Track Down/ McKINLEY JAMES: Ain't Gonna Pick No Cotton/ CLARENCE JOHNSON: Baby Come Back To Me/ That's Not Right/ EDDIE JONES: Certainly All/ CLIFFORD KING: Chicken Shack Boogie/ JOHN LEE: Rhythm Rockin' Boogie/ LITTLE SONNY: I Love You Baby Until The Day I Die/ LITTLE WALTER JNR.: Miss O'mally's Rally/ JOE HILL LOUIS: Hydramatic Woman/ ELMON MICKLE: Jackson Blues/ Lonesome Highway/ WILLIE NIX: Just Can't Stay/ JIMMY ROGERS: Sloppy Drunk/ DOCTOR ROSS: Industrial Boogie/ SUNNYLAND SLIM: Going Back To Memphis/ It's You Baby/ CLEAR WATERS: Boogie Woogie Baby/ JO JO WILLIAMS: Rock'n'roll Boogie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 328 Stompin', Vol. 28 ● CD $16.98
23 tracks, 53 mins, highly recommended
First in a series of five new releases in this splendid series reissuing rocking blues and R&B from the 40s, 50s and 60s. It's getting harder to find tracks that haven't been out on CD before but although about half these tracks have been out before, many of these are not readily available and, as always, the standard here is high. It includes a second version of the fine Possum Belly Overalls by June Bateman (another version is on Stompin' 324), two superb hard driving sides from the only single by 15 year old "June Bug" Bailey with tough vocals and great band, the distinctive sounds of T.V. Slim on I Can't Be Satisfied, the previously unreissued Pretty Mama Blues by Detroit bluesman Arthur Griswold with aggressive guitar work plus sides by Ray Johnson, Good Rockin' Sammy "T", Flash Terry, Chuck Higgins, Morris Jones, Guitar Shorty, Skinny Dynamo, Johnny Rodgers and others. It also includes the intriguingly named Young LOuis Armstrong who is a fine blues singer but, as far as I know, no relation to THE Louis Armstrong. Excellent sound and ten page fold out booklet with notes on all the performances plus full color label shots. (FS)
YOUNG LOUIS ARMSTRONG: Talking Bout You/ JUNE BUG BAILEY: Lee Street Blues/ Louisiana Twist/ JUNE BATEMAN: Possum Belly Overalls/ JOE BOOTS: Squeeze Me/ BABY CALLOWAY: Midnight Blues/ SKINNY DYNAMO: Baby Baby Mine/ ARTHUR GRISWOLD: Pretty Mama Blues/ GUITAR SHORTY: Ways Of A Man/ CHUCK HIGGINS: Betwix & Between/ RAY JOHNSON: Shake A Little Bit/ MORRIS JONES: Her Spare/ KOKO JOE: I'm Georgia Bound/ LITTLE LUTHER: The Twirl/ CAROLYN MONTGOMERY: Stop That Stuff/ MR. BEAR: Hi Fi Baby/ PIANO SLIM: Squeezing/ WALTER RHODES: Uncle Sam/ CHUCK RIVES: Say i Love You/ JOHNNY RODGERS: I'm A Lucky Lucky Man/ GOOD ROCKIN SAMMY T: Good Rockin' Mama/ T.V. SLIM: I Can't Be Satisfied/ FLASH TERRY: Shes My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 329 Stompin', Vol. 29 ● CD $16.98
23 tracks, 57 mins, highly recommended
This set starts off with Snookum Russell's New Orleans stomper Juke Box Boogie Chick and the pace rarely lets up from that point up. There are some more hot New Orleans blues from Eave Bartholomew (his storming Can't Take It No More with tough guitar from Justin Adams) and Cousin Joe (with Ernest McLean doing the dynamic frewtork). Willie Egans was a West Coast bluesman but his great What A Shame and Wow Wow could easily come from the Crescent City. Other artists include Big Walter Price, Buddy Lowe, Crown Prince Waterford, the fine and delightfully named Bee Bee Queen, Scotty Mann, Sonny Parker, Ike Perkins (the jazzy guitar instrumental Ike's Boogie), Big John Oscar Black, Smoki WHitfield and others. A fair number of duplication with previously available releases but pesentation here is generally superior. (FS)
VERNON ANDERS: All Messed Up/ DAVE BARTHOLOMEW: Can't Take It No More/ BIG JOHN: Astronote Blues/ OSCAR BLACK: Into Each Heart/ BILLY BROOKS: I'm Gone/ COUSIN JOE: Sleepwalkin Woman/ WILLIE EGAN: Wow Wow/ What A Shame/ ROSCO GORDON: Tummer Tee/ BUDDY LOVE: Goodby Baby/ Run Fast, Don't Walk/ SCOTTY MANN: Just A Little Bit Of Lovin/ SONNY PARKER: Sets My Soul on Fire/ IKE PERKINS: Ike's Boogie/ BIG WALTER PRICE: Gambling Woman/ Pack Fair & Square/ BEE BEE QUEEN: Yes Siree/ SNOOKUM RUSSELL: Juke Box Boogie Woogie Chick/ FRANKIE TUCKER: Hey Hester/ CROWN PRINCE WATERFORD: Get Your Clothes & Let's Go/ SMOKI WHITFIELD: Function At The Junction/ Take The Hint/ JIMMY WILLIAMS: Big Legged Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 330 Stompin', Vol. 30 ● CD $16.98
23 tracks, 58 mins, highly recommended This one is mostly down home blues and although about half the sides are great but familiar titles from the likes of John Brim, Lightnin' Hopkins, Little Walter, etc. the rest features some delightful obscurities. Most intriguing is the solo vocal and harmonica piece Mama Blues by the mysterious Brooks Orrick. Mama Blues is a traditional piece where the performer emulates the crying of a baby with the harmonica. So what is it doing being issued in 1961 on the country label Dixie? And is Orrick black or white? I'm inclined to think the former but I'm not certain. Other delights includes Crook Jr accompanying himself on harmonica with only drum as additional accompaniment on Wiggle It Baby. Texas bluesman Calvin "Loudmouth" Johnson turns in a funky cover of Otis Rush's My Love Will Never Die with D.C. bender on guitar which he calls Unsatisfied Mind. Detroit bluesman Thomas "Little Jr" Canady turns in a tough early B.B. King style blues with Hello featuring some great guitar. Also featured are Little Luther, Chris Kenner (a rare down home outing for him with harmonica), Jesse Knight and others. (FS)
JOHN BRIM: Go Away/ I Would HAte To See You Go/ You Got Me Where You Want Me/ LITTLE WILLIE BROWN: Cut It Out/ LITTLE JR. CANNADAY: Hello/ CROOK JR.: Wiggle It Baby/ SHY GUY DOUGLAS: Let's Rock N' Roll/ LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS: Had A Gal Called Sal/ Movin' Out Boogie/ SOLDIER BOY HUSTON: Hug Me Baby/ CALVIN JOHNSON: Unsatisfied Mind/ CHRIS KENNER: Don't Let Her Pin That Charge On Me/ WILLIE KING: Peg Leg Woman/ JESSE KNIGHT: Nothing But Money/ LITTLE LUTHER: Automatic Baby/ Doggin Me/ LITTLE SHY GUY: Little Girl/ LITTLE WALTER: Crazy Mixed Up World/ MEMPHIS MINNIE: Me & My Chauffeur/ BROOKS ORRICK: Mama Blues/ JUNIOR WELLS: Cha Cha Cha In Blues/ Lovey Dovey Lovely One/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: The Hunt

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 331 Stompin', Vol. 31 ● CD $16.98
23 tracks, 55 mins, recommended
More fine sides though the best tracks are pretty familiar tunes from Larry Davis, Otis Rush, Fenton Robinson, Don & Dewey, Magic Sam and others. Among the more obscure sides are tracks by Lloyd & Willie (excellent West Coast), Gus Jenkins (another excellent West Coast artist who is under-represented on reissues), David Dean's Combo, Little Johnny Cook, Dossie Terry (mediocre), Little Marie Allen, Pee Wee Kingsley and others. (FS)
LITTLE MARIE ALLEN: Humdinger/ CHARLIE & THE JIVES: Come On/ ALBERT COLLINS: Collins Shuffle/ LITTLE JOHNNY COOK: Try Your Love/ LARRY DAVIS: I Tried/ DAVID DEAN COMBO: Double Freeze/ DON & DEWEY: Miss Sue/ FENTION & THE CASTLE ROCKERS: The Freeze/ JOHNNY FULLER: Weeping & Mourning/ JOHNNY "ROCKHOUSE" GREEN: I've Got A Big Cadillac/ PEPPERMINT HARRIS: Angel Child/ GUS JENKINS: Jealous Of You Baby/ PEE WEE KINGSLEY: Flippin' & Floppin'/ Nickle & Dime/ LLOYD & WILLIE: Don't Know Where She Went/ MAGIC SAM: Love Me With A Feeling/ MORRIS PEJOE: She Walked Right In/ You Gone Away/ JAMES REED: You Better Hold Me/ FENTION ROBINSON: Crazy Crazy Lovin/ Mississippi Steamboat/ OTIS RUSH: Keep Lovin' Me Baby/ DOSSIE TERRY: You Will Be Mine

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 332 Stompin', Vol. 32 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, 55 mins, recommended
A great collection of mostly Texas blues from the late 40s and early 50s though many of these tracks have been reissued recently on Acrobat and Eddie's but this disc, like all the others in this series, emphasisizes the rockin' up tempo items. Includes sides by L.C. Williams, Peppermint Harris, Hubert Robinson, Bernie Hardison (one of the few non Texans here), Clarence Samuels, Lonnie Lyons, Joe Houston, Big Charley Bradix, Willie Johnson, Conney's Combo, Julian Dash and others. (FS)
ZUZU BOLLIN: Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night/ BIG CHARLIE BRADIX: Boogie Like You Wanna/ CARL CAMPBELL: Ooh Wee Baby/ GOREE CARTER: I'm Your Boogie Man/ TUCKER COLES ORCH.: Don't Get Excited/ House Rockers Jamboree/ CONNIES COMBO: Shout It Out/ Ugly Mae/ JULIAN DASH: Preachin'/ BERNIE HARDISON: Love Me Baby/ PEPPERMINT HARRIS: Fat Girl Boogie/ JOE HOUSTON: Way Cross Mama/ LOST JOHN HUNTER: Cool Down Mama/ BILL JOHNSON: Bill's Boogie/ WILLIE JOHNSON: Got The Boogie Woogie Blues/ Samson Street Boogie/ LONNIE LYONS: Down in the Groovy/ HUBERT ROBINSON: Hard Lovin Daddy/ Old Woman Boogie/ CLARENCE SAMUELS: Low Top Inn/ ROBERT SMITH: Freeway Boogie/ L.C. WILLIAMS: Shout Baby Shout

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 333 Stompin' 33 - Sixties R 'n' B/ Blues/ Soul Crossovers ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, 55 mins, highly recommended
Another fabulous collection of hard driving blues, R&B and a bit of soul in this great series - most of it from the 60s and making it's first appearance on CD. Highlight is Chicago bluesman Byther Smith's fantastic Money Tree - a personal favorite of mine and well worth the price of admission. Other artists include Alton Joseph & the Jokers, Amos Milburn (a previously unissued acetate from around 1959 of Run Wild - not one of his best but any Amos is alright by me), Big Al Downing (a hot reworking of Jimmy McCracklin's Georgia Slop), Bobby Tucker, Bob Rayford, Walt Jessup, Little Sonny & His Band (the very fine harmonica instrumental The Mix Up by this excellent Detroit bluesman which also features tough guitar), Charles Sheffield, Richard Berry & The Soul Searchers (the "Louie Louie" man with the obscure Go Go Girl from 1963), The Nu-Trons (fine guitar instrumental), Big Maybelle (her radical reworking of ? & The Mysetrians 96 Tears) and more. Excellent sound quality and informative notes on all the tracks. (FS)
EDDIE ALEXANDER: I'm In Love/ RICHARD BERRY & THE SOUL SEARCHERS: Go,Go Girl/ BIG MAYBELLE: 96 Tears/ PINEY BROWN: Sugar In My Tea/ FRANCE BURR & K J TRIO: I Say No,No More/ THOMAS " LITTLE JUNIOR" CANNADAY: Sloppy Twist/ THE CLERVERS: Please Remind/ BIG AL DOWNING: Georgia Slop/ LARRY ELLIS: I Love You Pretty Baby/ HARMONICA FATS & MOONSHINE WILLIE: Funky Drop/ WALT JESSUP: That's All Right/ ALTON JOSEPH: Where's The Place/ LITTLE SONNY: The Mix Up/ AMOS MILBURN: Run Wild/ THE NU-TRONS: Tension/ PRINCE PHILLIP: Another Fool Like Me/ BOB RAYFORD: I'm Gonna Pay You Back Baby/ WALTER RHODES: It's Not What You Do/ CHARLES SHEFFIELD: It's Your Voodoo Working/ BYTHER SMITH: Money Tree/ CHRIS & STELLA TOWNS: Nearer & Dearer/ BOBBY TUCKER: Juking & Jiving Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 334 Stompin' 34 - 23 More Jumpin' R&B Pounders ● CD $16.98
23 tracks, highly recommended
Just what the subtitle says - a jumping collection of rockin' urban blues and R&B from the early/ mid 50s - most of it making it's first appearance on CD. Includes sides by Buster Smith & His Heatwaves (two hot tracks featuring alto-saxist Smith who was an influence on Charley Parker), Redd Foxx (hot R&B from man later to achieve fame as a pioneering black comedian), Peppy Prince, Jack McVea, Jonnny Davis, Hen gates & ORchestra, Cousin Joe, The Griffin Bros, Edna McGriff, Ruben Siggers & His Fabulous Kool Kats, etc. Usual excellent sound and booklet with informative notes and label shots. (FS)
JESSE ALLEN: Let's Party/ HONEY BROWN: Ain't No Need/ JOHNNY DAVIS: I'm A Wine Drinker/ VICKI EVANS: Don't Talk That Talk To Me/ DOROTHEA FLEMING: I'm Glad Your Leaving Me/ REDD FOXX: Crazy House/ Real Pretty Mama/ HEN GATES: Flash/ THE GRIFFIN BROS: I Wanna Go Back/ DAVEY JONES: The Love I Missed/ TERRI LEE: My,My,My/ i'm no good to you/ EDNA MCGRIFF: Ooh Little Daddy/ JACK MCVEA: Trying To Tell Ya/ CHUCK MERRILL: Strong Strong Man/ FRANK MOTLEY: Honkin' At Midnight/ PEPPY PRINCE: Ain't Nothing Shaking/ RUBEN SIGGERS: Please Pretty Baby/ BUSTER SMITH: That's Your Lovin' Baby/ Til Broad Daylight/ BLIND BILLY TATE: Love Is A Crazy Thing/ JIMMY WITHERSPOON: Move Me Baby


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