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EARL PALMER Ace CDCHD 719 The World's Greatest Drummer, Ever ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 70 mins, highly recommended
Great compilation featuring the work of this great session drummer from recordings made in New Orleans and on West Coast in the 50s. A nice mix of old favorites and obscurities including a handful of cuts with Palmer as the leader (the two part Johnny's House Party Drum Village). Among the treasures included here are I Got It by Little Richard, Shame, Shame. Shame by Smiley Lewis, Chicken Shack Boogie by Amos Milburn, Dance With Me henry by Etta James, King Kong by Big T. Tyler, Little Bitty Pretty One by Thurtson harris & The Sharps, Red Hot Rockin' Blues by Jesse james, La Bamba by Ritchie Valens, Somethin' Else by Eddie Cochran and lots more. Great sound and set comes with 12 page booklet with extensive notes by Stuart Coleman and rare photos. Another winner from Ace! (FS)

THE PARAGONS Collectables 5035 The Best Of ● CD $13.98
14 songs including Florence/ The Vows Of Love/ Two Hearts Are Better Than One/ Kneel And Pray/ Hey Little Schoolgirl/ Give Me Love/ If, etc.

THE PARAGONS Par 101 Blue Velvet ● CD $18.98
27 tracks recorded in the last 50s and early 60s by this Brooklyn-based quintet. Some of the group's most beloved early sides like Florence/ Twilight/ Let's Start All Over Again and others feature the high-tenor lead of Julius McMichael, a disciple of the Clyde McPhatter school of vocal-drama which harks back to gospel beginnings.

THE PARAGONS/ THE JESTERS Relic 7006 The Paragons Meet The Jesters ● CD $14.98
If you missed the Jubilee album reissue of this set, grab this CD showcasing two of Paul Winley's (Winley Records) star attractions: Brooklyn's Paragons, led by the soulfully touching high tenor pipes of Julius McMichael, and Harlem's Jesters, fronted by Lenny McKay and the great Adam Jackson. Classic sides Florence/ Let's Start All Over Again/ Twilight by The Paragons, as well as So Strange/ The Wind/ The Plea by The Jesters are all included here for the first time in digitally transferred form (copied directly from the master tapes). Soul inspiring doo-wop of the first order. (OLN)
THE JESTERS: I Laughed/ I'm Falling In Love/ Let's Start All Over/ Love No One But You/ Now That You're Gone/ Oh Baby/ Please Let Me Love You/ So Strange/ The Plea/ The Wind/ THE PARAGONS: Again/ Florence/ Hey Little School Girl/ Stick With Me Baby/ The Vows Of Love/ Twiligh/ Twilight/ Two Hearts Are Better Than One/ Vows Of Love

LEO PARKER & SAX GILL Collectables 5329 Back To Back Baritones ● CD $13.98

FRED PARRIS & THE FIVE SATINS Relic 7056 Lost Treasures ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 62 min., recommended
This companion disc to Relic 7001 (The 5 Satins' Greatest Hits) is a reconfiguration of Relic's earlier Greatest Hits of the 5 Satins lp series, volumes one through three. It features released and originally unreleased numbers plus alternate takes, mostly from the Ember label. Highlights include Please Be Mine Tonight/ Our Anniversary/ Our Love is Forever/ She's Gone and two versions of The Voice one a cappella. There are also a cappella versions of All Mine and Paradise on Earth. Another fine addition to your vocal group library from the quality conscious folks at Relic, featuring fine sound quality, informative notes, and another remarkably un-hip looking photo of Fred Parris and his ensemble. ( DH )
THE FIVE SATINS: All Mine/ All Mine/ Church Bells Played The Blues/ I Got Time/ In The Still Of The Night/ I‘ve Lost/ Oh Happy Day/ Our Anniversary/ Our Love Is Forever/ Paradise On Earth/ Playmates/ Please Be Mine Tonight/ Rose Mary/ Senorita Lolita/ She‘s Gone/ Silver Waters/ Thats Love/ The Jones Girl/ The Voice/ The Voice/ To The Aisle/ Weeping Willow/ When Your Love Comes Along/ Wish I Had My Baby/ Wish I Had My Baby

BOBBY PATTERSON Kent CDKEND 098 Taking Care Of Business ● CD $18.98
29 tracks from the mid/late 60s by this excellent soul singer recorded for Jetstar and Abnak.

BOBBY PATTERSON Sundazed 11105 Soul Is My Music ● CD $27.98
Two CD set featuring 40 sides by this fine Texas soul singer recorded for the Jetstar label in Houston between 1965 and 1970 accompanied by his band The Mustangs. This set includes all his issued sides including his only hit for the label T.C.B. Or T.Y.A. plus nine previously unissued tracks. 8 page fold out booklet features extensive notes by Bill Dahl based on a recent interview with Patterson.

PATTY & THE EMBLEMS Collectables 5765 Golden Classics ● CD $13.98
20 tracks- Mixed Up, Shook Up, Girl/ You Can't Get Away/ Please Don't Ever Leave Me Baby/ Billy Boy/ Dreams Do Come True/ Don't Put Me Down/ He Brought Sunshine In My Life, etc.

THE PEARLS Onyx 2003 Here Come The Pearls ● CD $17.98
22 tracks, 52 mins, highly recommended
The underrated Howie Guyton & The Pearls come from Detroit and have a sound very similar to that of The Top-Notes and Valients. The original group was filled with star talent. Howie sang high tenor lead, David Clowney, better known as Dave "Baby" Cortez, sang tenor and played piano, and the group also included Derek Martin, Coley Washington and Geo Torrence. In 1954 the quintet recorded the tenderly beautiful Please Let Me Know for Aladdin, and almost topped this with the touching Shadows Of Love in 1955. During 1956/57 the group recorded for Jerry Winston's Onyx label, where they waxed the unbeatable version of Your Cheating Heart. 22 magnificent sides including the pretty More Than The Day Before (as Howie & The Sapphires). Excludes the Majors single on Josie. No sleeve notes, good overall sound quality. Highly recommended. (OLN)
THE PEARLS: Band of Angels/ Bells of Love/ Come On Home/ I Sure Need You/ Ice Cream Baby/ It's Love, Love, Love/ Let's You &I Go Steady/ More Than The Day Before/ My Oh My/ Please Let Me Know/ Real Humdinger/ Rockin' Horse/ Shadows of Love/ The Vow/ The Wheel of Love/ Tree in the Meadow/ Ugly Face/ You're Not In Love With Me/ Your Cheatin' Heart/ Yum Yummy/ Yuz-A-Ma-Tuz/ Zippity Zippity Zoom

THE PENGUINS Ace CDCH 249 Earth Angel ● CD $18.98
This set includes most of Cleve Duncan & The Penguins' best pre-Mercury sides. Hear the original Earth Angel without the heavy-handed accompaniment and annoying glockenspiel, the bluesy Kiss A Fool Goodbye, the pretty backbeat piano on Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild and singing guitar solo on Money Talks. 21 magnificent sides, including 3 CD bonus tracks. Peerless fidelity and exhaustive sleeve-notes by Jim Dawson. Recommended. (OLN)

THE PENTAGONS Collectables 5093 Golden Classics ● CD $13.98
12 songs including To Be Loved/ I Like The Way You Look At Me/ I'm In Love/ O Wonder/ Your Good Lovin'/ That's All Over Baby/, etc.

THE PENTAGONS USA 1050 Then And After ● CD $12.98
16 songs from the late 50s through the early 70s by R&B vocal group from San Bernadino, California. Includes their two minor hits from 1961 To Be Loved (Forverer) and I Wonder Of Your Love (Will Ever belong To Me) and others like She's Mine/ Down At The Beach/ Until Then/ Without Your Love/ Your Wedding Day, etc.

IKE PERRY & THE LYRICS Ohio 1001 Ike Perry & The Lyrics ● CD $18.98
21 tracks including You Can Be My Honey/ Stair Steps To Heaven/ I'm Travelin' Light/ / In My Letter To You/ It's Too Soon To Know/ Darling, etc.

THE PERSUADERS Collectables 5139 Thin Line Between Love And Hate ● CD $13.98
Includes the 1971 title hit plus Blood Brothers/ Thanks For Loving Me/ Love Gonna Pick Up And Walk Out/ Mr. Sunshine/ Can't Go No Further And Do No Better and 6 more.

THE PERSUASIONS Relic 7075 Stardust ● CD $14.98
12 tracks, 40 min., recommended Recorded in 1969, but not released on vinyl until ten years later, these solid a cappella numbers from the vaults of Catamount Records showcase this veteran vocal group at the beginning of its recording career. The program slightly resembles the group's first Capitol lp, offering, in addition to the title track, The Sun/ Man Oh Man/ Gypsy Woman/ The Vow, and A Thousand Miles Away among others. Still, it's a pleasing program, stylistically more connected to the 50's than their later work. Recording quality varies a bit, with Old Man River, recorded live, being the weakest. And the late 60's to early 70's outfits in the accompanying photos do indeed capture a moment in time, looking much more dated that the 50's outfits normally seen on Relic covers. (DH)

THE BOBBY PETERSON QUINTET Relic 7138 Irresistible You - Piano Rock ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 60 min., recommended Bobby Peterson began his performing career as a member of a vocal group known as the Apollos, but didn't hit pay dirt until he joined with fellow Pennsylvanian Joe Pyatt to form the Bobby Peterson Quintet in 1958. Their big hit was, of course, the title track here, and their other cuts for the V-Tone label are similar in style and in upbeat tempo. Those numbers include Smooth Sailing Pts. 1 and 2, Rent Party, The Hunch, Piano Rock, and Three Street. In addition, Peterson's quintet served as something of a house band at V-Tone, so the program here is rounded out with Peterson-accompanied solo artist vocals such as Yes, I'm Loving You and If I Had Our Love to Live Over by Big Al Downing, and Steal Your Heart Away by Bobby Parker. Hard driving music almost all the way, with just a few ballads to vary the mood, and all of it presented with top flight notes and sound quality. (DH)

DEWEY PHILLIPS Memphis Archives 7016 Red Hot & Blue - Live Radio Broadcasts From 1952-1964 ● CD $14.98
59 mins, highly recommended
Reissue of Zu Zazz 2012 with additional material. Absolutely hilarious madness from the Memphis DJ who, according to Sun's Sam Phillips "... was responsible for Elvis.". His "red Hot & Blue" show on WHBQ was the happening thing in 50s Memphis blending R&B, blues, country, gospel and pop music into a mixture seldom heard before or since. What really makes this a treat are the many, many advertisements, station IDs, plugs and general nonsense interspersed throughout the programs, all delivered in Dewey's unique downhome, breathless, manic style. he talks a mile a minute, all the while doing his homespun character impersonations when he's not making mincemeat out of his sponsors commercials when he tries to read a page in 2 seconds! (AE)

ESTHER PHILLIPS Collectables 6243 Live At Freddie Jett's Pied Piper/ Confessin' The Blues ● CD $13.98
18 track, 75 mins, highly recommended
Two albums from 1970 and '76 (less a couple of tracks for space reasons) featuring the gloriously soulful pipes of Esther Phillips. "Burnin'" and part of "Confession The Blues" was recorded at Freddie Jett's Pied Piper Club with a small combo and features a wide range of material including a superb version of the Beatles' And I Love Him, a live version of her hit, the country song Release Me, pop songs like Shangri-La and I Love Paris and a gorgeous treatment of the Percy Mayfield classic Please Send Me Someone To Love. The other session was recorded with a large band and Esther tackles a number of jazz flavored blues standards like I'm Getting Along Alright/ Confessin' The Blues/ C.C. Rider and others. Great singing throughout. (FS)

ESTHER PHILLIPS King 622 The Best Songs Little Esther Ever Recorded ● CD $9.98
Finally on CD. Little Esther was able to sign with Syd Nathan's King Records in 1951, after little more than a year with Savoy as her contract with the latter proved invalid. Continuing to work with Johnny Otis, the 16-year-old Esther cut some of her most important sides on Federal, supported on occassions by Clyde McPhatter and The Dominoes, Mel Walker, Bobby Nunn and The Robins and blues pianist Little Willie Littlefield. Choice cuts here include the bluesy I Paid My Dues / Street Lights / Aged And Mellow, and Sweet Lips, plus the atmospheric Storm and novelty jump The Deacon Moves In. Indispensable collection. (OLN)

PHIL PHILLIPS Bayou 7015 Sea Of Love ● CD $18.98
18 tracks, 45 mins, recommended
18 track collection of this fine and distinctive Louisiana singer who had only one hit - the glorious Sea Of Love. Simple lyrics, sparse instrumentation and sounding like it was recorded inside a cardboard box it has an irresistible and hypnotic charm to this day. There are several other songs here that have a similar feel and these are the highlights here including the flipside Juella, two takes of the standard Stormy Weather, the ballad Take This Heart, the interesting Verdie Mae which has the feel of a traditional ballads and others. Other tracks are more mainstream pop R&B, sometimes with strings, but quite appealing thanks to Phil's delivery. No notes but sound is excellent. Too bad they didn't include Phil's amazing Evil Dope! (FS)

PIANO RED Bear Family BCD 15685 The Doctor's In! ● CD $99.98
122 tracks, 5 hours 5 minutes, essential
Fabulous 4 CD set by the legendary Willie "Piano Red" Perryman AKA Dr. Feelgood. The Atlanta born & bred pianist was one of the founding fathers of rock'n'roll and hopefully this retrospective will help in recognizing his contributions. Red had been playing piano since the 20's but except for a couple of sessions with Blind Willie McTell (unissued and now lost) he didn't really get started recording until 1950. That was when he hooked up with Steve Shoals and RCA Victor for a lengthy 9 year stretch releasing numerous singles, EP's (and several LP's) on RCA and Groove. Although he had a fine bluesy voice almost every tune turned out to be a full tilt boogie with Red shoutin' out the lyrics. He was helped out by many of R&B's greats during this time including Blow Top Lynn, Big Al Sears, Rene Hall and his longtime sidekick, Wesley Jackson, a much underrated guitarist. The earliest sessions produced some of his most endearing tunes like Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo/ Jumpin' The Boogie/ Red's Boogie/ Diggin' The Boogie & Rockin' With Red, all proof enough that rock'n'roll was full blown in 1950! In 1958 Red recorded 8 fine bluesy tunes for Chess but only had one single (on Checker) released. The following year he recorded 8 tunes for the Jax label, all released as singles. They sound very messy compared to his previous output but are pretty energetic. In 1961 he changed his style for the times, adopting an early soul style, and changed his name (and the band) to Dr. Feelgood & the Interns. His new label, Okeh/Columbia, prompted the fresh moniker to tie in with his first release, Doctor Feel-Good, backed with Mister Moonlight, later made famous by the Beatles. There were some surprisingly sophisticated numbers during this era like I'll Give Anything and Love Is Amazing, as well as some New Orleans style rockers and old style boogies. All in all I'd say this was essential for all R&B fans due to the historical value of Piano Red's legacy, the high standard of music, the scarcity of the original records and the wealth of previously unissued recordings. And of course you get the standard 20 page large size booklet too. A warning though, my copy has the first 2 CD's transposed ( AE )

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