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Various Artists Collections - Kent Label Soul & R&B - 1


VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 239 6T's Rhythm & Soul Society - In The Beginning ● CD $18.98
The first in a series of CDs paying trubute to Britain's longest running R&B club "6T's" founded in 1979 by Ady Croasdell and Randy Cozens. This volume features some of the most popular tunes from the first 18 months of the club's existence selected by Croasdell and demonstrating the wide range of material played.The booklet includes extensive notes, memorabilia of the club and photos of many of the original DJs.
HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS: The Hoochi Coochi Coo/ BIG MAYBELLE: Oh Lord, What Are You Doing To Me/ BOBBY BLAND: Shoes/ GARY "US" BONDS: Workin' For My Baby/ MAXINE BROWN: Since I Found You/ JAMES BROWN & THE FAMOUS FLAMES: Tell Me What You're Gonna Do/ JOHNNY COPELAND: It's Me/ CAROLYN CRAWFORD: Forget About Me/ LOWELL FULSON: My Aching Back/ TUTTI HILL: He's A Lover/ BRENDA HOLLOWAY: When I'm Gone/ CHUCK JACKSON: Two Stupid Feet/ ETTA JAMES & THE PEACHES: The Wallflower (roll With Me Henry)/ THE JEWELS: Opportunity/ BERT KEYES: Do-do Do Bah-ah/ THEOLA KILGORE: Chain Gang (the Sound Of My Man)/ LITTLE JOHNNY: Zig Zag Lightning/ JIMMY MCGRIFF: All About My Girl/ THE GOOGIE RENE COMBO: Chica Boo/ MONGO SANTAMARIA ORCH: Yeh, Yeh!/ HUEY "PIANO" SMITH & THE CLOWNS: Don't You Just Know It/ THE TEMPTATIONS: Girl (why You Wanna Make Me Blue)/ IRMA THOMAS: What Are You Trying To Do/ JUNIOR WALKER: Tune Up/ DANNY WHITE: One Little Lie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent KENCD 212 The Arock/ Sylvia Soul Story ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 70 min, recommended
This set spotlights the fruits of Arock, Serock & Sylvia labels, based in NY & owned by long time Ellingtonian tenor saxist Big Al Sears. No real big hits here (the only hit from these labels, Theola Kilgore's The Love Of My Man isn't even here), but there's plenty of fine early - mid 60s soul. Though the names aren't big, The Diplomats had a few hits, & The DC Playboys is actually Van McCoy, who also did production work. Sterling McGee is today better known as the latter half of Harlem blues duo Adam & Satan! Half the tracks are excellent demos that were never released, with one of the demo singers being Marie Knight, who, as Sister Marie had a wonderful duo with Sister Rosetta Tharpe in the 50s. One of her demos here, Come Tomorrow (just her & piano - amazing cut!) were later done by her on OKeh & may be best known by it's cover by Manfred Mann. (GM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 226 A Soldier's Sad Story ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, highly recommended
Powerful and moving collection of soul songs recorded between 1966 and 1973 showing the anticipation, action and aftermath of the years of the Vietnam war, as seen through the eyes of Black America. The mood ranges from resignation and patriotism in the earlier sides to anger and opposition as the war raged on and the casualties increased and the realizaton came upon many African-Americans that they were being asked to fight and die for country that had oppressed and abused them for hundreds of years. The recordings are arranged chronologically starting with The Monitors 1966 recording of Greeting (This Is Uncle Sam) and ending with Swamp Dogg's chilling 1973 rendition of John Prine's Sam Stone. Other artists featured include William Bell, Big Amos, Joe Tex, Jimmy Holiday, Zerben R. Hicks & The Dynamics, Tiny Watkins, Gloria Edwards, The O'Jays, Edwin Starr, Carla Whitney, Bill Withers (the powerful I Can't Write Left Handed), Curtis Mayfield and others. The 16 page booklet includes essays by Tony Rounce and James Maycock discussing the music and the situation of African-Americans in the conflict. (FS)
RICHARD BARBARY: When Johnny Comes Marching Home/ WILLIAM BELL: Marching Off To War/ BIG AMOS: Going To Vietnam/ BRILLIANT CORNERS: Three Lonely Guys/ JAMES CARR: Let's Face Facts/ SWAMP DOGG: Sam Stone/ GLORIA EDWARDS: Something You Couldn't Write About/ EDDY G. GILES: While I'm Away (Baby Keep The Faith)/ ZERBEN R. HICKS AND THE DYNAMICS: Lights Out/ JIMMY HOLIDAY: I'm Gonna Help Hurry My Brothers Home/ JOHNNY AND JON: Christmas In Vietnam/ EMANUEL LASKY: A Letter From Vietnam/ CURTIS MAYFIELD: Back To The World/ MEL AND TIM: Mail Call Time/ THE MONITORS: Greetings This Is Uncle Sam/ THE O'JAYS: There's Someone (Waiting Back Home)/ FREDA PAYNE: Bring The Boys Home/ THE PLAYERS: He'll Be Back/ EDWIN STARR: Stop The War Now/ JOE TEX: I Believe I'm Gonna Make It/ TINY WATKINS: A Soldier's Sad Story/ THE WHISPERS: P.O.W-M.I.A/ MIKE WILLIAMS: Lonely Soldier/ BILL WITHERS: I Can't Write Left Handed

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 168 At The Club ● CD $24.98
25 track collection of 60s soul drawn from the vaults of Atlantic and Stax.
RICHIE BARRETT: Some Other Guy/ BOOKER T & THE MGS: Slim Jenkins' Place/ SOLOMON BURKE: Keep Lookin'/ CLARENCE CARTER: Looking For A Fox/ THE COASTERS: Poison Ivy/ DON COVAY & THE GOODTIMERS: 40 Days-40 Nights/ KING CURTIS: Green Onions/ THE DRIFTERS: At The Club/ EDDIE FLOYD: Holding On With Both Hands/ THE GOODTIMERS: Chain Of Fools/ THE HIGH KEYS: Que Sera Sera (what Ever Will Be, Will Be)/ JIMMY HUGHES: It Ain't What You Got/ MABLE JOHN: Able Mable/ BEN E. KING: Young Boy Blues/ LEVON & THE HAWKS: He Don't Love You (and He'll Break Your Heart)/ TAMMI LYNN: I'm Gonna Run Away From You/ THE MAR-KEYS: Last Night/ WILSON PICKETT: Three Time Loser/ RAY SHARPE WITH THE KING CURTIS ORCHESTRA: Help Me (get The Feeling) (pt. 1)/ SOUL BROTHERS SIX: Some Kind Of Wonderful/ WILLIE TEE: Walkin' Up A One Way Street/ CARLA THOMAS: Something Good (is Going To Happen To You)/ RUFUS THOMAS: The Memphis Train/ MEL TORME: Comin' Home Baby/ DORIS TROY: Just One Look

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 164 Ben-Lee's Philadelphia Story ● CD $18.98
Mid-60s sides
JOYCE BENNETT: The New Boy/ ANN BYERS: I'm Happy Without You/ THE COLT 45S: Lady, Lady/ THE COMPANIONS: Be Yourself/ Help A Lonely Guy/ SONNY FULTON: Here She Comes Now/ KENNY GAMBLE: What Am I Gonna Say To My Baby/ THE INSPIRATIONS: I Can Feel It/ I'm Cuttin' In/ Treat Myself To A New Love/ THE INTRUDERS: You're My One And Only Baby/ THE MARVELLS: Please Don't Go/ THE MONIQUES: Love So Wonderful/ JOHNNY PARKER: Must Have Been Out Of My Head aka What Do You Do/ PATTY AND THE EMBLEMS: He Said, She Said/ I'm Gonna Love You A Long Long Time/ Love Will Come/ You Took Advantage Of A Good Thing/ THE PERSIANETTES: It Happens Every Day/ THE ROCKMASTERS: Pretty One/ CINDY SCOTT AND THE COUSINS: What Are You Doin' To Me/ THE SYMBALS: Don't Go, He Don't Love You/ TIMMY AND THE EMPIRES: Got No Time/ TIMMY AND THE PERSIANETTES: I Want My Lovin' From You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 129 Big In Wigan ● CD $18.98
20 tracks, 52 min., very good
What we have here is 20 Northern soul tracks taken from 15 different labels, mostly released in the 1960s. Highlights include tracks taken from Joe Evans' Carnival label - I Wanna Be (Your Everything) (The Pretenders) and Little Miss Soul (The Lovettes). Other name artists include Millie Jackson (My Man, A Sweet Man), Bobby Freeman (I'll Never Fall In Love Again), Leon Haywood (Baby Reconsider) and The Showmen (Our Love Will Grow). (EL)
J.J. BARNES: Sweet Sherry/ WILLIAM BELL: Happy/ JOHN EDWARDS: Ain't That Good Enough/ FLOWER SHOPPE: You've Come A Long Way Baby/ BOBBY FREEMAN: I'll Never Fall In Love Again/ THE GYPSIES: It's A Woman's World/ LEON HAYWOOD: Baby Reconsider/ LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY: Mother Of Shame/ MILLIE JACKSON: My Man, A Sweet Man/ MICKEY LEE LANE: Hey Sah-lo-ney/ LORRAINE AND THE DELIGHTS: Baby I Need You/ MARY LOVE: You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet/ THE LOVETTES: Little Miss Soul/ SKIP MAHONEY & THE CASUALS: Running Away From Love/ BOBBY PATTERSON: Till You Give In/ THE PRETENDERS: I Wanna Be (Your Everything)/ THE SHOWMEN: Our Love Will Grow/ JEAN WELLS: With My Love And What You've Got/ PERCY WIGGINS: That's Loving You/ MEL WILLIAMS: Can It Be Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 123 Birth Of Soul ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 75 min., recommended
As with all compilations attempting to document the birth of soul music, the songs on this one (cut between 1957-65) could easily have been a bunch of others. Ear of the beholder sort of thing. Yet this generous helping of R&B's transition to soul is full of hits and little knowns well worth putting into your ears. About 1/3 of the selections will be well known to even casual listeners (e.g., Jerry Butler's He Will Break Your Heart, Garnet Mimms' Cry Baby). A third are lesser known songs from major artists, of which William Bell's Any Other Way and Gloria Lynne's You Don't Have To Be A Tower Of Strength are prime examples. A third are numbers known to serious students of soul and relatives of the artists--Ann Cole's Have Fun and Claudine Clark's The Telephone Game come to mind. A fine v.a. soul comp.; expect further volumes. (JC)
ERNESTINE ANDERSON: You're Not The Guy For Me/ LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS: Goin' Out Of My Head/ J.J. BARNES: She Ain't Ready/ WILLIAM BELL: Any Other Way/ BOBBY BLAND: Ain't Nothing You Can Do/ JAN BRADLEY: Mama Didn't Lie/ JERRY BUTLER: He Will Break Your Heart/ CLAUDINE CLARK: The Telephone Game/ ANN COLE: Have Fun/ SAM COOKE: I'll Come Running Back To You/ INEZ & CHARLIE FOXX: Mockingbird/ JOE HENDERSON: Snap Your Fingers/ JIMMY HOLIDAY: How Can I Forget/ JIMMY HUGHES: I'm Qualified/ THE IMPRESSIONS: Gypsy Woman/ ETTA JAMES: Something's Got A Hold On Me/ MARV JOHNSON: Merry-Go-Round/ THEOLA KILGORE: The Sound Of My Man/ BARBARA LYNN: You'll Lose A Good Thing/ GLORIA LYNNE: You Don't Have To Be A Tower Of Strength/ DEREK MARTIN: Daddy Rollin' Stone/ THE MARVELOWS: I Do/ GARNET MIMMS AND THE ENCHANTERS: Cry Baby/ OTIS REDDING: Pain In My Heart/ FREDDIE SCOTT: Hey Girl/ THE TAMS: Hey Girl Don't Bother Me/ LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR: Part Time Love/ BERTHA TILLMAN: Oh My Angel

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 147 Birth Of Soul, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
Complementing Kent 123 this is another great collection of 28 sides showing the transition from R&B to soul.
BIRDLEGS & PAULINE AND THEIR VERSATILITY: Spring/ MAXINE BROWN: All In My Mind/ SOLOMON BURKE: Down In The Valley/ THE CARAVANS: Walk Around Heaven All Day/ GENE CHANDLER: Man's Temptation/ RAY CHARLES: What'd I Say/ THE COOKIES: I Never Dreamed/ THE DIPLOMATS: Here's A Heart/ THE DRIFTERS: There Goes My Baby/ EDDIE & ERNIE: Time Waits For No-one/ THE FALCONS: I Found A Love/ THE FREEMAN BROTHERS: I'm Counting On You/ KENNY GAMBLE: Standing In The Shadows/ BETTY HARRIS: Cry To Me/ VERNELL HILL: Long Haired Daddy/ BRENDA HOLLOWAY: I'll Give My Life/ THE INVINCIBLES: Heart Full Of Love/ THEOLA KILGORE: This Is My Prayer/ MARIE KNIGHT: Come Tomorrow/ MAJOR LANCE: Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um/ THE MANHATTANS: Call Somebody Please/ JOHNNY NASH: It's No Good For Me/ THE SERENADERS: Two Lovers Make One Fool/ THE SHOWMEN: The Wrong Girl/ BENNY SPELLMAN: Lipstick Traces (on A Cigarette)/ WILLIE TEE: Always Accused/ THE WALLACE BROTHERS: Lover's Prayer/ JAY WIGGINS: Sad Girl

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 189 Birth Of Soul, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
Complementing Kent 123 and 147 this presents 29 more tracks from 1959 through '64 showing the transition from rhythm and blues to soul. 
RICHARD BERRY & THE PHAROAHS: Have Love Will Travel/ BIG SAMBO & THE HOUSE WRECKERS: Rains Came/ THE BLENDERS: Big Lover/ ANN COLE: Don't Stop The Wedding/ CAROLYN CRAWFORD: When Someone's Good To You/ THE DC PLAYBOYS: You Were All I Needed/ THE DIPLOMATS: Help Me/ THE ENCHANTERS: I Wanna Thank You/ THE FALCONS: Teacher/ DON GARDNER & DEE DEE FORD: I Need Your Loving/ THE IMPRESSIONS: Shorty's Got To Go/ CHUCK JACKSON: I Will Never Turn My Back On You/ PAT LUNDY: Play It Again/ BOBBY MARCHAN: There's Something On Your Mind (part 2)/ GARNET MIMMS & ENCHANTERS: Quiet Place/ THE MIRACLES: If Your Mother Only Knew/ BROOKS O'DELL: Watch Your Step/ WILSON PICKETT: It's Too Late/ PRINCE LA LA: She Put The Hurt On Me/ JAMES RAY: If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/ JIMMY RUFFIN: Don't Feel Sorry For Me/ THE SPINNERS: That's What Girls Are Made For/ SUNNY & THE SUNLINERS: Talk To Me/ THE SUPERBS: Baby Baby All The Time/ THE TAMS: Untie Me/ THE TAYLOR BROTHERS: People In Love/ IKE & TINA TURNER: It's Gonna Work Out Fine/ THE WANDERERS: You Can't Run Away From Me/ CHUCK WRIGHT: Palm Of Your Hand

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 108 Carnival Of Soul Vol 1 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 66 min., essential
Jazz saxophonist Joe Evans' capitalized on the burgeoning soul market of the early to mid-1960s by starting Carnival Records. Along the way to discovering his label's financial wheel horse, The Manhattans, he recorded some truly wonderful acts, though most were unfortunately destined for the footnotes of soul history. Most notably, the super fine Barbara Brown, who, as the story goes, left the music biz because of a jealous and possessive boyfriend, had talent to spare, as her Forget Him will attest. Norma Jenkins' Me Myself And I and Lee Williams & The Cymbals' 1966 gem I Love You More may be counted as 2 of the 3 miracles Evans needs to attain sainthood. (Fans should also be advised that of the 3 Manhattans Carnival singles that do not appear on their LPs, one is here, one on vol. 2, and one on vol. 3.) (JC)
RENE BAILEY: I'm Gonna Be Missing You/ BARBARA BROWN: Forget Him/ HARRY CALDWELL: Nobody Loves Me (Like My Baby)/ CURBY COGGINS: Come Home To Daddy/ NORMA JENKINS: Me Myself And I/ JIMMY JULES: Nothing Will Ever Change (This Love Of Mine)/ LEON AND THE METRONOMES WITH THE KOOL KI: I'll Catch You On The Rebound/ THE LOVETTES: I Need A Guy/ THE MANHATTANS: All I Need Is Your Love/ Til' You Come Back To Me/ THE METRICS: Wishes/ THE PETS: I Say Yeah/ THE PRETENDERS: I Call It Love/ I Wanna Be (Your Everything)/ KENNETH RUFFIN: I'll Keep On Holding On/ PHIL TERRELL: Can I Come In/ Love Has Passed Me By/ THE THREE REASONS: Go Right On/ THE TOPICS: She's So Fne/ THE TRUE-TEENS: My Baby's Gone/ THE TURNER BROTHERS: My Love Is Yours Tonight/ LEE WILLIAMS AND THE CYMBALS: I Love You More/ It's Everything About You (That I Love)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 124 Carnival Of Soul, Vol 3 - I Wanna Be ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 73 min., recommended
The third and final installment of the Carnival Records story offers more first-rate '60s soul, some second-rate mid-'70s disco, and even a a little something from 1982. Among the many sides of interest to collectors are the rare cut of Curly Mays' Oh Why (CAR 505), one surface of Chadwick 102 (The Topics' If Love Comes Knockin'), and the previously unissued hunk of southern soul Just One More Time by Jimmy Jules. The booklet notes include the complete discography of Carnival Records and associated labels. A classy job of documenting a fascinating label. (JC)
RENEE BAILEY: It's Too Late For Tears/ WILBUR BASCOMB AND THE BLUE ZODIACT: Groove In G/ BARBARA BROWN: Send Him To Me/ DELORES JOHNSON: Try Me One More Time/ DOLORES JOHNSON: What Kind Of Man Are You/ JIMMY JULES: Just One More Time/ LEON AND THE METRONOMES WITH THE KOOL KI: Buy This Record For Me/ THE LOVETTES: Lonely Girl/ THE MANHATTANS: I Don't Wanna Go/ I Wanna Be (Your Everything)/ CURLEY MAYS: Oh Why/ NEW JERSEY: Love Don't Come Easy/ JAMES PERRY: April Lady/ THE PRETENDERS: I Call It Love/ Just Be Yourself/ LITTLE ROYAL: You Made Me Love You/ KENNETH RUFFIN: Cry Cry Cry/ MAURICE SIMON AND THE PIE MEN: The Git Go/ PHIL TERRELL: I'll Erase You From My Heart/ THE THREE REASONS: Take Me Back/ THE TOPICS: If Love Comes Knockin'/ THE TREN-TEENS: Your Yah-Yah Is Gone/ THE TURNER BROTHERS: I'm The Man For You Baby/ LEE WILLIAMS AND THE CYMBALS: I Need You Baby/ I'll Be Gone

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 134 Chess Club Rhythm & Soul ● CD $18.98
25 track compilation of blues, jazz, R&B and soul from Chess, Checker and Argo.
STEVE ALAIMO: Every Day I Have To Cry/ KIP ANDERSON: A Knife And A Fork/ MITTY COLLIER: Get Out/ SUGAR PIE DESANTO: I Don't Wanna Fuss/ BO DIDDLEY: Ooh Baby/ DON AND BOB: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/ LOU DONALDSON: Musty Rusty/ FRED HUGHES: Can't Make It Without You/ ETTA JAMES: Mellow Fellow/ Do I Make Myself Clear/ THE KOLETTES: Who's That Guy/ RAMSEY LEWIS: Function At The Junction/ LITTLE MILTON: All Around The World/ BOBBY MAC AND THE RHYTHM: Hey Mr DJ/ PIGMEAT MARKHAM: Here Comes The Judge/ MAURICE & MAC: You Left The Water Running/ BROTHER JACK MCDUFF: Ain't It/ MARLENA SHAW: Let's Wade In The Water/ KOKO TAYLOR: Fire/ JAMO THOMAS: Must I Holler/ TOMMY TUCKER: Hi Heel Sneakers/ LITTLE WALTER: My Babe/ BILLY WATERS: Summertime/ MUDDY WATERS: Messin' With The Man/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: Help Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 140 Chess Uptown Soul ● CD $18.98
24 soul cuts from the mid 60 from Chicago's premier label.
FONTELLA BASS: Soul Of A Man, The/ JAN BRADLEY: Mama Didn't Lie/ GENE CHANDLER: I Won't Need You/ THE CHESSMAN: Nothing But You/ TONY CLARKE: The Entertainer/ MITTY COLLIER: I Had A Talk With My Man/ SUGAR PIE DE SANTO: Here You Come Running/ THE DELLS: Wear It On Our Face/ EDDIE AND ERNIE: I Believe She Will/ DONNIE ELBERT: Everything To Me/ ETTA JAMES: Pushover/ THE KNIGHT BROTHERS: Temptation 'Bout To Get Me/ RAMSEY LEWIS: Hurt So Bad/ LITTLE MILTON: Believe In My Baby/ ANDY MACK: Do You Wanta Go/ MAURICE & MAC: So Much Love/ BOBBY MOORE & THE RHYTHM ACES: Searching For My Love/ JOHHNY NASH: Love Ain't Nothin'/ JAMES PHELPS: Oh What A Feeling/ THE RADIANTS: It Ain't No Big Thing/ JACKIE ROSS: Jerk And Twine/ MARLENA SHAW: Go Away Little Boy/ SPOONER'S CROWD: Two In The Morning/ BILLY STEWART: Sitting In The Park

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 133 Chicago Radio Soul ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 75 min., highly recommended
Compiled (& noted) by Chicago soul scholar Robert Pruter, this set includes songs that were local Chicago radio favorites--WVON was owned by Chess--but failed to make the national leap. Fontella Bass' superb Rescue Me stands as a notable exception, as it went to #1 on the R&B charts. More typical of the fare here, though, is The Radiants' One Day I'll Show You, which backed their 1962 national hit Father Knows Best and bettered it, except in popularity. Other infrequently compiled songs of undeniably high quality include A Love Reputation, an early Denise LaSalle track; Mitty Colliers' stone smooth No Faith, No Love; James Phelps' Love Is A Five Letter Word, which bears a certain resemblance to Bobby Bland's Ain't Nothin' You Can Do; Lonely Girl by Andrea Davis; an early (1962) Dells bit of dance floor fervency called The (Bossa Nova) Bird; The Radiants' (Don't It Make You) Feel Kinda Bad; and heaps more. (JC)
FONTELLA BASS: Rescue Me/ Don't Mess Up A Good Thing/ TONY CLARKE: This Heart Of Mine/ MITTY COLLIER: No Faith, No Love/ Sharing You/ ANDREA DAVIS: Lonely Girl/ THE DELLS: The Bossa Nova Bird/ JOANN GARRETT: A Thousand Miles Away/ Stay By My Side/ THE GEMS: Happy New Love/ I Can't Help Myself/ ETTA JAMES: Only Time Will Tell/ DENISE LASALLE: A Love Reputation/ LITTLE MILTON: We Got The Winning Hand/ BOBBY MCCLURE: Peak Of Love/ BOBBY MOORE & THE RHYTHM ACES: Try My Love Again/ JAMES PHELPS: La De Da, I'm A Fool In Love/ Love Is A 5-letter Word/ THE RADIANTS: (Don't It Make You ) Feel Kinda Bad/ Heartbreak Society/ One Day I'll Show You/ Shy Guy/ FREDDY ROBINSON: The Creeper/ JACKIE ROSS: Selfish One/ Take Me For A Little While/ BILLY STEWART: Strange Feeling

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 106 Dancing 'Til Dawn ● CD $18.98
25 up tempo tracks from Scepter/ Wand.
MAXINE BROWN: One In A Million/ THE CAMP: Marching/ CANDY AND THE KISSES: Out On The Streets Again/ THE CHARTS: Desiree/ JUDY CLAY: You Busted My Mind/ WALLY COX: This Man/ NELLA DODDS: Come Back Baby/ THE ESQUIRES: Get On Up/ GROOVE: Love, It's Getting Better/ TOMMY HUNT: Work Song/ CHUCK JACKSON: Chains Of Love/ EARTHA KITT: There Comes A Time/ BOBBY MARTIN: Tightrope/ RONNIE MILSAP: Ain't No Soul Left In These Old Shoes/ JACK MONTGOMERY: Do You Believe It/ CLARENCE REID: I'm Your Yes Man/ THE SHIRELLES: Last Minute Miracle/ STEMMONS EXPRESS: Woman, Lover, Thief/ DARRYL STEWART: Name It And Claim It/ B.J. THOMAS: I Don't Have A Mind Of My Own/ GEORGE TINDLEY: Ain't That Peculiar/ LESLIE UGGAMS: Love Is A Good Foundation/ SANDY WADDY: Everything Is Everything/ AL WILSON: Help Me/ MEL WYNN AND THE RHYTHM ACES: Stop Sign

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 143 Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98
25 tracks from the mid 60s.
BESSIE BANKS: Try To Leave Me If You Can (i Bet You Can't Do It)/ LARRY BANKS: I'm Not The One/ REUBEN BELL & THE CASANOVAS: It's Not That Easy/ KENNY CARTER: Showdown/ BRENDETTA DAVIS: I Can't Make It Without Him/ EDDIE & ERNIE: I'm Going For Myself/ PEARLEAN GRAY & THE PASSENGERS: The Love Of My Man/ DORI GRAYSON: Try Love/ ZERBEN R HICKS & THE DYNAMICS: Lights Out/ JIMMY HOLIDAY: The Turning Point/ THE INCREDIBLES: Standing Here Crying/ JAIBI: You Got Me/ JUST BROTHERS: She Broke His Heart/ THE KNIGHT BROTHERS: I'm Never Gonna Live It Down/ Tried So Hard To Please Her/ LEE MOSES: How Much Longer (must I Wait)/ RAW SPITT: Songs To Sing/ SAM & BILL: I Feel Like Cryin'/ JEAN STANBACK: I Still Love You/ IRMA THOMAS: Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (will Understand)/ THE UNTOUCHABLES: You're On Top/ VAN & TITUS: Cry Baby Cry/ JEAN WELLS: Have A Little Mercy/ TIMMY WILLIS: Easy As Saying 1-2-3/ BILLY YOUNG: Nothing's Too Much (nothing's Too Good)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 158 Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 79 min. highly recommended
Ace Records and music journalist Dave Godin - the man who coined the term 'Deep Soul' - have done it again. As I'm a longtime soul fan, what I aways look for in this music is that 'C' word -conviction when it comes to the vocal performance : it has to be direct, honest and communicative. As with Vol. 1 (CDKEND 143), the selections meet these criteria. A few of the tracks should be familiar to serious soul fans. Highlights include the full unbroken performance of The Sweeter He Is (by The Soul Children) featuring the intro lead of Anita Louis, and Shelbra Bennet's impeccable harmonies. The complete 45 rpm take of Nothing Takes The Place Of You (by Toussaint McCall) is reissued here for the very first time. Al McLoud's guitar & harmony vocals on the Stax recording of Stop! Look What You're Doing (by Carla Thomas) I find particularly refreshing. The original version of Go Now (by Bessie Banks) should interest all fans of The Moody Blues, as it was their version that was a major pop hit. It's All Over (by Ben E. King) I find very rewarding, especially the arrangement by the late Philip Medley, who's soul credentials date back to the days when the prototype soul group The Five Royales recorded one of his songs for Apollo Records! Other highlights include Eddie Lee Holman's 1968 falsetto vocal on I'm Gonna Give Up (one side of his only Bell Recording); Eddy Giles' original version of Losin' Boy which can now be compared to the 1971 STAX re-recording, and lastly - as I could just keep going - If I Could See You One More Time, the flip side of Johnny Adams' 1969 R&B hit Reconsider Me - the side I always played! It's one of Wardell Quezerque finest arrangements & songs. (EL)
JOHNNY ADAMS: If I Could See You One More Time/ DORIS ALLEN: A Shell Of A Woman/ BESSIE BANKS: Go Now/ ARTHUR CONLEY: Let Nothing Separate Us/ DORIS DUKE: How Was I To Know You Cared/ EDDIE & ERNIE: Hiding In Shadows/ EDDY GILES: Losin' Boy/ BIG JOHN HAMILTON: How Much Can A Man Take?/ EDDIE HOLMAN: I'm Not Gonna Give Up/ JIMMY & LOUISE TIG AND COMPANY: A Love That Never Grows Cold/ RUBY JOHNSON: I'll Run Your Hurt Away/ BEN E. KING: It's All Over/ TOUSSAINT MCCALL: Nothing Takes The Place Of You/ BOBBY MOORE & THE FORMOSTS: It Was A Lie/ TONY OWENS: I Don't Want Nobody But My Baby/ GEORGE PERKINS & THE SILVER STARS: Cryin' In The Streets Part 1/ NAT PHILLIPS: I'm Sorry I Hurt You/ THE PREMIERS: Make It Me/ OTIS REDDING: Just One More Day/ WENDY RENE: What Will Tomorrow Bring?/ LISA RICHARDS: Let's Take A Chance/ THE SOUL CHILDREN: The Sweeter He Is (Parts 1 & 2)/ CARLA THOMAS: Stop! Look What You're Doing/ IRMA THOMAS: These Four Walls/ BARBARA WEST: Anyone But You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 200 Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
25 cuts, 75 minutes, essential
Britain's Mojo mag rated this the #3 reissue or boxset of 2000 (behind Bowie & Hendrix) - I put it ahead of Bowie. Godin has again assembled a wonderful selection combining the known (James Brown - Lost Someone, Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind, Rick James & Friend (Smokey Robinson) - Ebony Eyes), the legendary (Baby Washington - Breakfast In Bed (later redone by Dusty Springfield on "Dusty In Memphis"), Irma Thomas - Wish Someone Would Care, Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black), & the unknown -(Eddie & Ernie - Thanks For Yesterday, Barbara & the Browns - I Don't Want To Have To Wait, JR Bailey - Too Far Gone To Turn Around). Not a bum cut on here, & I haven't even mentioned tunes by The Impressions, Bobby Bland, Maxine Brown, Dee Clark, or the rare Loretta Williams cut written by Otis Redding & cut for his Jotis label! CD has full liner notes & plenty of rare pics! (GM)
BARBARA & THE BROWNS: I Don't Want To Have To Wait/ J. R. BAILEY: Too Far Gone To Turn Around/ BESSIE BANKS: It Sounds Like My Baby/ BOBBY BLAND: I'm Too Far Gone (to Turn Around)/ JAMES BROWN: Lost Someone/ MAXINE BROWN: All In My Mind/ DEE CLARK: In These Very Tender Moments/ DORIS DUKE: He's Gone/ EDDIE & ERNIE: Thanks For Yesterday/ THE ENCHANTERS: I Paid For The Party/ RAY GANT & ARABIAN KNIGHTS: Don't Leave Me Baby/ THE IMPRESSIONS: My Deceiving Heart/ ETTA JAMES: I'd Rather Go Blind/ RICK JAMES & FRIEND: Ebony Eyes/ ROZETTA JOHNSON: Who Are You Gonna Love (your Woman Or Your Wife)/ SYL JOHNSON: Is It Because I'm Black/ BETTYE LAVETTE: Let Me Down Easy/ TOUSSAINT MCCALL: I'm Undecided/ JEAN PLUM: Look At The Boy/ ROBERT RAMSEY: Like It Stands/ CARLA THOMAS: I Can't Take It/ IRMA THOMAS: Wish Someone Would Care/ BABY WASHINGTON: Breakfast In Bed/ LORETTA WILLIAMS: I'm Missing You/ BOBBY WOMACK: Baby I Can't Stand It

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 230 Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures, Vol. 4 ● CD $18.98
The latest volume of classic deep soul recordings chosen by Britain's deep soul connoisseur Dave Godin. 25 tracks including well known classics like I Pity The Fool by Bobby Bland, Slip Away by Clarence Carter, The Tracks Of My Tears by The Miracles and Time Is On My Side by Irma Thomas and others, along with rarities and obscurities from Eddie & Ernie, Ruby Andrews, Paul Kelly, Roosevelt Matthews, Barbara Brown and others. Superb sound as usual from Kent and 16 page illustrated booklet has notes on all the songs by Godin.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 154 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers ● CD $18.98
24 tracks recorded in Detroit in the mid and late 60s, some previously unissued, for the obscure Temple, Topper, TCB and Demoristic labels and produced by Dave Hamilton.
THE BARRINO BROTHERS: I'll Take My Flowers Right Now/ GIL BILLINGSLEY: That's All She Wrote/ JAMES CARPENTER: (Marriage Is Only) A State Of Mind/ CHICO AND BUDDY: You Won't Miss The Water/ DOTTIE AND MILLIE: Nothing In This World/ THE EBONETTES: Just A Mistake/ DAVE HAMILTON: Blue Funk/ Shoop Doop/ The Deacons/ Who Are You Trying To Fool/ TOBI LARK: Happiness Is Here/ Sweep It Out In The Shed/ Talking 'Bout Love/ JAMES LATELY: Love, Friends And Money/ LITTLE ANN: Deep Shadows/ Lean Lanky Daddy/ What Should I Do/ THE MARK-KEYS: Heavenly Thing/ PRISCILLA PAGE: I'm Pretending/ You Did/ THE RAVINS: Your Love Is What I Want/ J.T. RHYTHM: My Sweet Baby/ O.C. TOLBERT: All I Want Is You/ I'm Shooting High (I Reach For The Sky)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 177 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
More from the Hamilton archives.
THE ADDITIONS: We're In Love/ THE BARRINO BROTHERS: Just A Mistake/ GIL BILLINGSLEY: I'm Me Just Me/ DANNY COBUS: Spoken intro to 'The Two Of Us'/ The Two Of Us/ RICHARD COOMBS: Tammie/ JACKIE DEE: Who/ DOTTIE AND MILLIE: Talkin' About My Baby/ DAVE HAMILTON: Pisces Pace/ THE DAVE HAMILTON BAND: Ain't That Groovy/ SUE ANN JONES: I'll Give You My Love/ TOBI LARK: Challenge My Love/ JAMES LATELY: Tears Running And Falling From My Eyes/ LITTLE ANN: One Way Street/ The Smile On Your Face/ Who Are You Trying To Fool/ THE MARK-KEYS: My Sweet Baby/ THE RAVINS: No One Can Take The Place Of You/ J.T. RHYTHM: All I Want Is You/ I'm Going Back Home/ THE TOKAYS: Falling In Love/ O.C. TOLBERT: Give It To Glory/ That's All She Wrote/ That's Enough/ You Got Me Turned Around

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 167 Deeper In The Philly Groove ● CD $18.98
Second collection of sides from Stan Watson's Philly Groove label.
BEN AIKEN: Our Anniversary/ THE CRUSADERS: You Pay For Love/ THE DELFONICS: I Don't Want To Make You Wait/ I Told You So/ Lying To Myself/ Think It Over/ You'll Get Enough/ THE FINISHING TOUCH: Don't Put Me Down/ Second Best (Is Never Good Enough)/ Sunshine And Promises/ Your Love Has Put A Spell On Me/ FIRST CHOICE: Gonna Keep On Lovin' Him/ Gotta Get Away (From You Baby)/ Let Him Go/ MAJOR HARRIS / ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY: Saddest Smile In Town/ MARY HOLMES: I Need Your Lovin'/ I'll Make It Up To You/ DAVID LASLEY: Merry-Go-Round/ NAT TURNER REBELLION: Laugh To Keep From Crying/ THE QUICKEST WAY OUT: I Don't Want To Lose Your Love/ TAPESTRY: Big Stone Wall/ NAT TURNER REBELLION: McBride's Daughter/ Never Too Late

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 238 Double Shot Of Soul ● CD $18.98
26 tracks of R&B and soul recorded between 1967 and 1970 for the Los Angeles based independent Double Shot label and its subsidiary Whiz. The label is best known for the rock it Psychotic Reaction by Count Five but the majority of its catalog was R&B and soul and this collection features sides by Foxy, The Georgia Prophets, Kent & The Candidates, The Doo-Rights, Shirley (of Shirley & Lee fame), Bobby Freeman, The Real Thing, Maurice Rodgers (now known as Mighty Mo Rodgers he wrote and produced a number of the titles here) and others. Most of the tracks are making their first appearance on CD and four tracks are previously unissued.
THE BAGDADS: Green Power/ Jelly/ Livin' In Fear/ Love Has Two Faces/ Push Me Baby/ THE DOO-RIGHTS: You're My Girl/ FOXY: Trouble/ BOBBY FREEMAN: Can You Stand The Pressure/ Do It/ Do You Wanna Dance 70/ Everybody's Got A Hang Up/ Four Piece Funky, Nitty Gritty Junky Band/ Oughta Be A Law/ Put Another Dime In The Parking Meter/ THE GEORGIA PROPHETS: For The First Time/ Loving You Is Killing Me/ THE INVINCIBLES: Nobody/ KENT & THE CANDIDATES: The Neck/ Trouble/ THE REAL THING: It's My Life/ The International Love Song/ What Is Soul?/ MAURICE RODGERS: Coming In Out Of The Rain/ Gotta Keep On Talkin'/ SHIRLEY: Sugar Sugar/ LOUISE WHITNEY: Gotta Keep On

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 171 Even Mo' Mod Jazz ● CD $18.98
23 hip jazz-R&B cuts from 1963-75.
AARON (CHICO) BAILEY & THE FAMILY AFFAIR BAND: The Point (Part 1)/ AARON (CHICO) BAILEY AND THE FAMILY AFFAIR BAND: The Point (Part 2) (Eclipse 5-24-75)/ COUNT BASIE: Hang On Sloopy/ BOBBY BLAND: Honey Child/ THE CALS: Another Plan For School Mix Up/ SHARON CASH: Fever/ LOU DONALDSON: Musty Rusty (Part 1)/ JEAN DUSHON: Feeling Good/ ELLA FITZGERALD: Get Ready/ ERMA FRANKLIN: Light My Fire/ FRANK FROST: My Back Scratcher/ DAVE HAMILTON: Ain't It A Groove/ WOODY HERMAN: Hush/ KAREN HERNANDEZ: I Heard It Through The Grapevine/ EDDIE JEFFERSON: Psychedelic Sally/ LEE JONES AND THE UNFORGOTTEN TWO: I Got To See My Baby (Part 2)/ TRINI LOPEZ: Unchain My Heart/ TOUSSAINT MCCALL: Shimmy/ GOOGIE RENE: Caesar's Pad/ BILLY STEWART: Secret Love/ ANDY WILLIAMS: House Of Bamboo/ JACKIE WILSON AND COUNT BASIE: Uptight (Everything's Alright)/ YOUNG-HOLT: Ain't There Something That Money Can't Buy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKENM 218 Fatback's Soul Shop ● CD $13.98
16 tracks recorded for Bill Curtis's Fatback label out of New York in the mid-late 60s.
THE FOUR PUZZLES: Especially For You/ MARY DAVIS: Get Up And Dance/ Stop Pretending/ You're My Everything/ THE FOUR PUZZLES: Right Or Wrong (Good Or Bad)/ GERRY & PAUL AND THE SOUL EMISSARIES: Little Bit Of Soul/ Quiet Waters/ The Cat Walk/ MARY KING: Who Will It Be/ JOHNNY KING & FATBACK BAND: Keep On Brother Keep On/ Put It In/ JOHNNY KING & THE FATBACK BAND: Peace Love And Not War/ THE PUZZLES: I Need You/ My Sweet Baby/ JIMMY WILLIAMS: Got To Find A Way/ Why Don't You Let My Love Go

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 196 For Connoisseurs Only ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, recommended
Strong collection of soul sides from the Bihari Bros. Kent/Modern labels '64-71. Though the tunes may be a bit obscure, most of the artists aren't, & even includes Lowell Fulsom's Make A Little Love that's been part of Alex Chilton's sets. Also includes rarities by Ike & Tina Turner, The Ikettes, Johnny Copeland & His Soul Agents, even ZZ Hill's cover of Bettye Swan's Make Me Yours. Plus there's some lesser names well known to soul collectors including The Marvellos, The Sims Twins, Clay Hammond, Gene Taylor, plenty of obscurities, even a few unreleased sides by The Other Brothers & Johnny Adams (NOT the New Orleans singer). (GM)
ARTHUR K. ADAMS: Gimme Some Of Your Lovin'/ Z.Z. HILL: Make Me Yours/ JOHNNY ADAMS: One Day (you Gonna Come My Way)/ CLIFF CHAMBERS: Just For You/ JOHNNY COPELAND and HIS SOUL AGENTS: Soul Power/ JACKIE DAY: I Dig It The Most/ FOXFIRE featuring JOHNNY ADAMS: A Star In The Ghetto/ LOWELL FULSOM: Make A Little Love/ VERNON GARRETT: Something Went Wrong/ JOHNNY GILLIAM: Baby Take Me Back/ CLAY HAMMOND: I'm Gonna Be Sweeter/ BILLY HARNER: Honky Dory/ THE IKETTES: It's Been So Long/ MARY LOVE: Let Me Know/ THE MARVELLOS: Down In The City/ DANNY MONDAY: Good Taste Of Love/ THE OTHER BROTHERS: I Got Love/ THE SAINTS: The Sun Don't Shine (everyday)/ THE SIMS TWINS: I've Got To Win Your Love (for Me)/ THE STYLES: Baby You're Alive/ THE SWEETHEARTS: Eddie My Love/ GENE TAYLOR: The Hunch/ IKE & TINA TURNER: I Need A Man/ THE UNIVERSALS: New Lease On Life/ VERNON and JEWEL: That's A Rockin' Good Way/ BOBBY WHITE: Just Another Week Behind/ JOHNNY WILLIAMS: You've Got It/ TAMI YOUNG: Come Back Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 100 For Dancers Forever ● CD $18.98
Kent does Kent; that is, Kent UK releases a 25-song package of joyous uptempo soul (1965-69) taken largely from 3 LP's on the US Kent/ Modern labels - the best of the best. Great numbers from well-knowns include Mary Love's You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet, Z.Z. Hill's You Cheat And Lie, Clay Hammond's My Jealous Girl, The Ikette's I'm So Thankful, Lowell Fulson's My Aching Back, and Ike & Tina's I Don't Need. Some less than famous but more than soulful performances like The Intentions' Dancing Fast, Dancing Slow, Peggy Woods' You Better Be Good and the obscure Brilliant Corners singing Three Lonely Guys make the collection more inviting. This Man Wants You by Wally Cox and Love Is Gonna Let You Go by Woods are previously unissued. Soul shoes on. (JC)
YVONNE BAKER: My Baby Needs Me/ THE BRILLIANT KORNERS: Three Lonely Guys/ JOHNNY COPELAND: No Puppy Love/ WALLY COX: This Man Wants You/ JACKIE DAY: Before It's Too Late/ Oh What Heartaches/ LOWELL FULSOM: My Aching Back/ VERNON GARRETT: If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time/ CLAY HAMMOND: My Jealous Girl/ Z.Z. HILL: What More/ You Just Cheat And Lie/ WILLIE HUTCH: Your Love Has Made Me A Man/ IKE & TINA TURNER: I Can't Believe What You Say/ I Don't Need/ THE IKETTES: I'm So Thankful/ THE INTENTIONS: Dancing Fast, Dancing Slow/ MARY LOVE: I'm In Your Hands/ Lay This Burden Down/ You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet/ DANNY MONDAY: Baby Without You/ THE SWEETHEARTS: This Couldn't Be Me/ FELICE TAYLOR: I Can Feel Your Love/ MEL WILLIAMS: Can It Be Me/ PEGGY WOODS: Love Is Gonna Get You/ You'd Better Be Good To My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 181 Gettin' To Me ... ● CD $22.98
25 tracks of uptown soul from the vaults of Atlantic and Atco recorded between 1962 and 1972 including the previously unissued title song from 1966 by Ben E. King.
DARRELL BANKS: Here Come The Tears/ JAMES BARNETT: Keep On Talking/ ARCHIE BELL: A Thousand Wonders/ JOHNNY COPELAND: Sufferin' City/ THE DRIFTERS: In The Land Of Make Believe/ THE EMBERS: Where Did I Go Wrong/ ART FREEMAN: Slippin' Around/ BEN E. KING: Cry No More/ Gettin' To Me/ BETTY LAVETTE: You'll Never Change/ MARVA LEE: If You Can't Be True/ BARBARA LYNN: This Is The Thanks I Get/ TAMI LYNN: You My Love/ DEREK MARTIN: Sly Girl/ JOHNNIE MAE MATTHEWS & THE WONDERETTES: Lonely You'll Be/ JACKIE MOORE: Both Ends Against The Middle/ NAOMI & HARRIS: Come On Baby And Hurt Me/ JOHNNY NEWBAG: Got To Get You Back/ CLIFF NOBLES: My Love Is Getting Stronger/ LENNY O'HENRY: Across The Street/ THE PARLIAMENTS: A New Day Begins/ ESTHER PHILLIPS: Just Say Goodbye/ SOUL BROTHERS SIX: I'll Be Loving You/ WILLIE TEE: Thank You John/ BOBBY WOMACK: Find Me Somebody

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 179 Golden State Soul ● CD $18.98
BLONDELL BREED AND THE IMPORTS: When I See My Baby/ WALLY COX: I Need A Love/ I Want To Dance With You/ My Heart And Soul/ THE GENERATION: Dwindlin'/ I'm A Good Woman/ GEORGE AND TEDDY: Lover/ Oh Yeah/ THE IMPORTS: I'm Not Ashamed Of Loving You/ JEANETTE JONES: Cut Loose/ Dreams All Come True/ Jealous Moon/ LEON'S CREATION: Sightless ( Part 1 )/ THE SAN FRANCISCO TKOS: Make Up Your Mind/ Ooh Baby Baby/ Send My Baby Back/ THE SAVONICS: I Had A Girl/ THE SPYDERS: I Can Take Care Of Myself/ I Don't Care/ Some People Are Happy/ THE VARIATIONS: Ooh Baby Don't Leave Me/ Time Will Pass, Love Will Last/ Will You Be Mine/ You're Still On My Mind

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 163 Hotlanta Soul ● CD $18.98
26 rare sides from the 70s from the Hotlanta, Moonsong, Clintone and Aware labels.
JEAN BATTLE: Unsatisfied Woman/ C.L. BLAST: Left Over Love/ LEE BRACKETT: I Saw You Standing In The Dark/ BILL BRANDON: Good Guys (Don't Always Win)/ I'm A Believer Now/ The Streets Got My Lady/ Whatever I Am, I'm Yours/ CHOICE OF COLORS: Love Is Gone/ THE COUNTS: Since We Said Goodbye/ SAM DEES: It's Over, Nobody Wins/ JOHN EDWARDS: Walls That Separate Our Love/ DEE ERVIN: Love Is Good (Good To Me)/ KING HANNIBAL: It's What You Do/ LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY: I'll Be Gone/ ROZETTA JOHNSON: I've Come Too Far With You/ Who You Gonna Love (Your Woman Or Your Wife)/ FREDERICK KNIGHT: It Ain't No Fun/ JIMMY LEWIS: Get A Little, Give A Little/ DOROTHY NORWOOD: There's Got To Be Rain In Your Life/ RIPPLE: You Were Right On Time/ PEGGY SCOTT: Don't Hurt Yourself

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 183 Hotlanta Soul, Vol. 2 - Full Time Groovers ● CD $18.98
24 Southern soul ballads and groovers recorded in Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL.
ALPACA PHASE III: Someone To Run To/ C L BLAST: Husband In Law/ BILL BRANDON: It's All Wrong But It's All Right/ Let's Get It Back Together Again/ Tag Tag/ Let Me Be Your Full Time Groover/ EULA COOPER: Beggars Can't Be Choosey/ SAM DEES: Anything Is Fair In Love And War/ DILLARD & JOHNSON: Here We Go, Loving Again/ JOHN EDWARDS: You're Messing Up A Good Thing/ RON HENDERSON AND CHOICE OF COLOUR: I'll Be Around/ JOE HINTON: Hanna's Love/ Take My Hand In Your Hand/ LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY: Something About The Way I Feel/ DANNY JOHNSON: How Could You Run Away/ ROZETTA JOHNSON: How Can You Lose Something You Never Had/ It's Been So Nice/ KING HANNIBAL: Same Ole Fool Again/ FREDERICK KNIGHT: Time/ You Need A Friend Like Mine/ JIMMY LEWIS: Three Into Two Won't Go/ DOROTHY NORWOOD: What A Beautiful World This Would Be/ UNKNOWN: I Count The Minutes

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 208 If Loving You Is Wrong - 20 Cheatin' Heartbreakers ● CD $18.98
Collection of 20 soul sides from the late 60s through the early 80s on the ever popular subject of adultery including Woman To Woman by Shirley Brown, I'm Gonna Have To Tell Her by Isaac Hayes, Who Are You Gonna Love (Your Woman Or Your Wife) by Rozetta Johnson, She'll Never Be Your Wife by Irma Thomas, Dark End Of The Street by James Carr, If We Get Caught, I Don't Know You by Phillip Mitchell, Suspicious Minds by Candi Staton and more from Johnnie Taylor, Millie Jackson, Loleatta Holloway, Bobby Patterson, Carla Thomas, Eddie Thomas and others.
SHIRLEY BROWN: Woman To Woman/ JAMES CARR: Dark End Of The Street/ SAM DEES: Mess On Your Hands/ EDDIE FLOYD: Stealing Love/ ISAAC HAYES: I'm Gonna Have To Tell Her/ MILLIE JACKSON: (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right/ ROZETTA JOHNSON: Who Are You Gonna Love (Your Woman Or Your Wife)/ DENISE LASALLE: Married, But Not To Each Other/ MEL AND TIM: BackField In Motion/ PHILIP MITCHELL: If We Get Caught, I Don't Know You/ (MISS) JACKIE MOORE: Part Time Lover, Full Time Fool/ BOBBY PATTERSON: I Can't Help You Get Even With Him (aka If He hadn't Slipped Up And Got Cau/ ANN PEEBLES: Breaking Up Somebody's Home/ LLOYD PRICE: Mr and Mrs Untrue/ SOUL CHILDREN: I'll Be The Other Woman/ CANDI STATON: Suspicious Minds/ JOHNNIE TAYLOR: We're Getting Careless With Our Love/ CARLA THOMAS: Some Other Man (Is Beating Your Time)/ IRMA THOMAS: She'll Never Be Your Wife

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent 205 Impressed - 24 Groups Inspired By The Impressions & Curtis Mayfield ● CD $18.98
24 track compilation of groups inspired by the genius of Curtis Mayfield and his fellow group mates. Many of these tracks are making their first appearance on CD and and some have never been reissued before. Includes The Expressions, Masters, Poets, Larks, Saints, Mad Lads, Dontells, Notations, Manhattans and others.
THE ASTORS: Just Enough To Hurt Me/ THE BRILLIANTS: What'cha Gonna Do About It/ THE CLIMATES: Breaking Up Again/ THE DETROIT EMERALDS: Admit Your Love Is Gone/ THE DONTELLS: I'm Gonna Tell The World/ THE ENJOYABLES: 'Bout My Baby/ THE EXPRESSIONS: Out Of My Life/ THE FALCONS: Love You like You Never Been Loved/ THE FOUR PUZZLES: Especially For You/ THE LARKS: Heavenly Father/ THE MAD LADS: Make This Young Lady Mine/ THE MANHATTANS: Sweet Little Girl/ THE MARVELLOS: In The Sunshine/ THE MONITORS: A New Day/ THE PACESETTERS: What About Me, Baby/ THE PLAYERS: He'll Be Back/ THE POETS: I'm Stuck On You/ THE PRESIDENTS: I Want My Baby/ THE REALISTICS: Too Shy/ THE SAINTS: I've Been Taken For A Ride/ THE SONICS: Comin' Home Baby/ THE TOPICS: Hey Girl (Where Are You Going)/ THE VOICE MASTERS: In Love In Vain/ LEE WILLIAMS AND THE CYMBALS: Please Say It Isn't So

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 219 In Perfect Harmony - Sweet Soul Groups, 1968-77 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks from the golden age of "group soul" - 75% of the tracks are appearing on CD for the first time.
ACT ONE: Friends Or Lovers/ THE BROTHERS OF SOUL: I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser/ THE EL DORADOES: Looking In From The Outside/ THE EPSILONS: The Echo/ THE EQUATIONS: If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now/ THE FLOATERS: I Am So Glad I Took My Time/ GOD'S GIFT TO WOMEN: Let Your Heart Be The Judge/ THE JACKSON FIVE: Big Boy/ THE LTG EXCHANGE: My Love/ THE MASQUERADERS: Baby It's You/ THE MAYBERRY MOVEMENT: What Did I Do Wrong?/ THE NEW HOLIDAYS: Maybe So, Maybe No/ THE NEWCOMERS: Manish Boy/ THE PONDEROSA TWINS PLUS ONE: You Send Me/ THE PRETENDERS: Hearts Were Made To Love/ REGGIE SADLER REVUE: I've Been Trying/ THE SILENT MAJORITY: Frightened Girl/ THE SMALLWOOD BROTHERS: One Last Memory/ THE SMITH CONNECTION: (I've Been A Winner, I've Been A Loser) I've Been In Love/ TEACHER'S EDITION: I Wanna Be Loved/ THE TEMPREES: Love...Can Be So Wonderful/ TUXEDO: Please Don't Leave/ LEE WILLIAMS AND THE CYMBALS: What Am I Guilty Of

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 138 Just Keep On Dancing - Chess Northern Soul ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 64 min., recommended
Another one of Ace's imaginative compilations taken from Chess & it's sister labels, Argo, Cadet & Checker Records. As with previous Ace Chess sets, most of the 1963-1971 titles are rare tracks except for 2 that entered the R&B charts, Hold On (The Radiants, '67) and After The Laughter (Gene Chandler, as the flip side of the R&B hit To Be A Lover). Of the 9 vocal group sides, 2 of the tracks are gospel sides by The Gospel Classics (More Love, That's What What We Need with Wilson DeShields on lead) and The Kindly Shepherds (Lend Me Your Hand). The Dells' track, Thinkin' About You (with a Marvin Junior lead), comes from their 1st Cadet single, appearing here for the 1st time since the August 1966 release. The name artists include Gene Chandler (1), Etta James (1), Maurice McAlister (ex lead of The Radiants), (1), Billy Stewart (2) and The Valentinos (with Cecil Womack) (1). The one-Chess-record artists include Joe Cato, Doug Banks, Eve Barnum, The Chessmen, Joy Lovejoy, The Matta Baby, Greg Perry and Herb Ward. A feast for all you Chess soul fans. (EL)
DOUG BANKS: I Just Kept On Dancing/ EVE BARNUM: We Go Together/ TERRY CALLIER: Look At Me Now/ JOE CATO: I'm So Glad/ GENE CHANDLER: After The Laughter (here Comes The Tears)/ THE CHESSMEN: Why Can't I Be Your Man/ TONY CLARKE: Landslide/ THE DELLS: Thinkin' About You/ THE GOSPEL CLASSICS: More Love, That's What We Need/ EDDY JACOBS: Tired Of Being Lonely/ ETTA JAMES: Seven Day Fool/ THE KINDLY SHEPHERDS: Lend Me Your Hand/ GEORGE KIRBY: What Can I Do/ THE KITTENS: Ain't No More Room/ JOY LOVEJOY: In Orbit/ THE MATTA BABY: Do The Pearl Girl Part 2/ MAURICE MCALISTER: Baby Hang On/ THE NATURAL FOUR: The Devil Made Me Do It/ GREG PERRY: Love Control/ THE RADIANTS: Hold On/ BILLY STEWART: A Fat Boy Can Cry/ Ol' Man River/ THE VALENTINOS: Sweeter Than The Day Before/ HERB WARD: Strange Change

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 198 Kent's Cellar Of Soul ● CD $18.98
A varied 26 track collection of classic 60s soul ranging across the stylistic spectrum.
HOMER BANKS: A Lot Of Love/ BOB BRADY AND THE CON CHORDS: Everybody's Going To The Love In/ TINA BRITT: The Real Thing/ RODGER COLLINS: She's Looking Good/ CLIFFORD CURRY: She Shot A Hole In My Soul/ MOSES AND JOSHUA DILLARD: My Elusive Dreams/ BEAU DOLLAR AND THE COINS: Soul Serenade/ THE DREAMLOVERS FEATURING RUSS GARDNER: You Gave Me Somebody To Love/ THE FALCONS: (I'm A Fool) I Must Love You/ ERMA FRANKLIN: The Right To Cry/ VERNON GARRETT: Shine It On/ THE INTRUDERS: Cowboys To Girls/ JERRY-O: Karate Boo-ga-loo/ PAUL KELLY: Chills and Fever/ LITTLE RICHARD: Get Down With It/ BARBARA LYNN: You Left The Water Running/ LONNIE MACK: Save Your Money/ MIGHTY SAM: When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)/ BROOKS O'DELL: You Better Make Up Your Mind/ THE PACKERS: Hole In The Wall/ JAMES AND BOBBY PURIFY: Let Love Come Between Us/ THE SPELLBINDERS: Chain Reaction/ THE STEELERS: Get It From The Bottom/ BETTYE SWANN: Make Me Yours/ DANNY WHITE: Keep My Woman Home/ O.V. WRIGHT: That's How Strong My Love Is

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 146 Kent's Magic Touch ● CD $18.98
Collection of Northern Soul dance tunes.
SAMMY AMBROSE: This Diamond Ring/ DEBRA ANDERSON: Funny How We've Changed Places/ BARBARA & BRENDA: That's Enough/ CHRIS BARTLEY: Tomorrow Keeps Shining/ BETHEA THE MASKED MAN & THE AGENTS: I Wouldn't Come Back/ EDDIE CARLTON: Things Are Getting A Little Tough/ THE DIPLOMATS: I'm So Glad I Found You/ INEZ & CHARLIE FOXX: You Fixed My Heartache/ INEZ FOXX: You Shouldn't Have Set My Soul On Fire/ TOMMY HUNT: Never Love A Robin/ The Biggest Man/ THE JIVE FIVE: Crying Like A Baby/ You'll Fall In Love/ EARTHA KITT: There Comes A Time/ MARIE KNIGHT: You Lie So Well/ STANLEY MITCHELL: Quit Twistin' My Arm/ MELBA MOORE: Don't Cry, Sing Along With The Muisc/ The Magic Touch/ DEAN PARRISH: Bricks, Broken Bottles And Sticks/ THE PLATTERS: Sweet Sweet Lovin'/ PORGY & THE MONARCHS: My Heart Cries For You/ JIMMY RADCLIFFE: Long After Tonight Is All Over/ S.O.U.L.: On Top Of The World/ This Time Around/ GEORGE STONE: Hole In The Wall/ THE TOYS: I Got My Heart Set On You/ DEE DEE TURNER: Maybe Maybe Baby (Baby Baby Baby)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 194 King - Serious Soul : Too Much Pain ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, recommended
Rare delving into Deep Soul sides from the Cincinnati labels (King/ Federal/ DeLuxe/Hollywood) known mostly for R&B & country music. Recorded '64-72, these sides were mostly leased from studios in the deep south, & are among the best obscure Deep Soul I've heard. Starting right off with an incredible 1-2 punch of Thomas Bailey's Wish I Was Back In Your Arms & Eugene Evans' Too Much Pain, the artists here are pretty obscure - yeah, that's James Brown on the cover, but it's his influence that's here, not his presence. Still, slow grinders by Sam Baker, The Patterson Twins, Nancy Butts (a great cover of Letter Full Of Tears), Lord Thunder more than make up for it! (GM)
THOMAS BAILEY: Just Won't Move/ Wish I Was Back (in Your Arms Again)/ SAM BAKER: Why Does A Woman Treat A Man So Bad/ CODY BLACK: Keep On Keeping On/ JIMMY BRASWELL: I Can't Give You My Heart/ Your Love Is Out Of Reach/ NANCY BUTTS: Letter Full Of Tears/ Only One Love/ EUGENE EVANS: Lonely Man/ One Hurt/ Too Much Pain/ EDDIE JAMES: I Can't Get Used To (living Without You)/ Reap What You Sow/ LORI & LANCE: All I Want Is You/ MARIE "QUEENIE" LYONS: We'll Cry Together/ ROBERT MOORE: Am I Wasting My Time/ THE PATTERSON TWINS: Back In Love Again/ Come To Me/ BILLY SOUL: My Darling Honey Baby/ JEB STUART: I Don't Want To Leave You Darling/ LORD THUNDER: Try A Little Harder/ GLORIA WALKER: She's Gone Pt I/ When My Baby Cries/ FREDDIE WILLIAMS: Heart Can You Hear Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 206 King Serious Soul, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
A second collection of soul from the King label and its subsidiaries Federal, Hollywood and Deluxe featurng sides by James K. Nine, Elaine Armstrong, Dan Brantley, Johnny Soul, Reuben Bell, Little Joe Washington, Oscar Toney, Jr., Charles Vickers and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 210 King New Breed Rhythm & Blues ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 62 min, highly recommended
If you ain't too hip 'bout that New Breed thing, here's the place to start. These King/Federal sides from '59-67, though mostly from the early 60s are a kind of middle ground - too rough to be soul, too smooth to be R&B, though they are more on the rough side than sweet! There's a few names here sounding a bit poppier than usual, including Albert King (Had You Told It Like It Was, It Wouldn't Be Like It Is), Freddy King (Now I've Got A Woman), Johnny Watson (pre-Guitar) with I Say I Love You, Hannibal (pre-The Mighty) with My Kinda Girl. One of the biggest hits for the label was Little Willie John's Fever; here's a few attempts at jumping on that bandwagon - Pneumonia by Joe Tex, She Made My Blood Run Cold by Ike Turner, & John himself with I'm Shakin'. My fave here is You're Welcome To The Club by Lee "Shot" Williams, later a big hit for Little Milton as Welcome To The Club, & Tiny Topsy with Just A Little Bit - the same song done by Roscoe Gordon who claimed authorship, but this was recorded around the same time in a poppier vein with writing credits to King staff including Syl Johnson! (GM)
BOBBY BYRD: I Found Out/ JAMES DUNCAN: Three Little Pigs/ THE FABULOUS DENOS: Bad Girl/ THE FIVE ROYALES: Think/ HANNIBAL: My Kinda Girl/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: I'm Shakin'/ MARY JOHNSON: Hard Forgetting Memories/ ALBERT KING: Had You Told It Like It Was (it Wouldn't Be Like It Is)/ BOBBY KING: Thanks Mr Postman/ FREDDY KING: Now I've Got A Woman/ Some Other Day, Some Other Time/ THE KING PINS: You're Using Me/ LLOYD NOLAN: I Don't Know About You/ WILLIAM PATTON: Don't Be So Mean/ MIKE PEDICIN: Burnt Toast And Black Coffee/ THE PREMIERES: I'm Better Off Now (than I Was Before)/ LULA REED & FREDDY KING: It's Easy Child/ ROSEMARY: Not Much (do You Baby)/ JOE TEX: Pneumonia/ TINY TOPSY: Just A Little Bit/ IKE TURNER: She Made My Blood Run Cold/ JOHNNY WATSON: I Say I Love You/ LEE "SHOT" WILLIAMS: You're Welcome To The Club/ MIKE WILLIAMS: You Don't Want Me Around

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 185 King Northern Soul ● CD $18.98
A collection of 24 tracks of the often overlooked uptown soul recordings made for King and Federal in the late 60s and early 70s.
CODY BLACK: I'm Slowly Molding/ THE BROWNETTES: Never Find A Love Like Mine/ THE DETERMINATIONS: Bing Bong Goes My Heart/ JAMES DUNCAN: All Goodbyes Ain't Gone/ THE EMERALDS: Baby You've Got Me/ MILL EVANS: Why, Why, Why/ THE EXPRESSIONS: You Better Know It/ THE FABULOUS DENOS: I Enjoy Being Loved By You/ WILLIE HATCHER: Head Over Heels/ MARY JOHNSON: These Tears/ THE KING PINS: I Won't Have It/ CHRISTINE KITTRELL: Call His Name/ T C LEE & THE BRICKLAYERS: Up & Down The Hill/ PAT LUNDY: Prove It/ ROOSEVELT MATTHEWS WITH BILLY BALL & THE UPSETTERS: You Got Me Diggin' You/ JUNIOR MCCANTS: The Boy Needs A Girl/ Try Me For Your New Love/ CHARLES SPURLING: She Cried Just A Minute/ THE STRATOLINERS: What Do You Want With My Love/ THE VALENTINES: I Have Two Loves/ SHIRLEY WAHLS: That's How Long (i'm Gonna Love You)/ Why Am I Crying/ MARVA WHITNEY: Saving My Love For My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 201 King Northern Soul, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks of Northern soul from King and the affiliated DeLuxe, Federal and Hollywood labels - Charles Spurling, Mary Johnson, Mill Evans, Lori & Lance, Donnie Elbert, Freddie Williams, Regina Shepard, Freddy King and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 206 King Serious Soul, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
A second collection of soul from the King label and its subsidiaries Federal, Hollywood and Deluxe.
ALLISON: Never Let A Love Grow Cold/ ELAINE ARMSTRONG: Precious Minutes (I Can Really Call Mine)/ RUEBEN BELL: All The Time/ I Here You Knocking (It's Too Late)/ BOBBY AND THE EXPRESSIONS: Everywhere I Go/ DAN BRANTLEY: Begging Just Ain't My Bag/ Keep On Trying/ Please Accept My love/ DOTTIE CLARK: All Woman/ JAMES DUNCAN: I'm Gonna Leave You Alone/ Money Can't Buy True Love/ My Baby Is Back/ OSCAR IRVIN: Cry, Cry, Cry/ LH AND THE MEMPHIS SOUNDS: I'm A Fool In Love/ PAT LUNDY: One Woman/ JUNIOR MCCANTS: Help My Love/ She Wrote It I Read It/ LH AND THE MEMPHIS SOUNDS: House Full Of Rooms/ JAMES K. NINE: Counting Teardrops/ JOHNNY SOUL: Darling, Darling I Love You/ OSCAR TONEY JR: I've Found A True Love/ Can It All Be Love/ CHARLES VICKERS: Lost My Faith In You/ LITTLE JOE WASHINGTON: Someone Loves Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 162 Kris Records - Los Angeles' Showcase Of Soul ● CD $18.98
24 soul gems recorded fot Mel Alexander's Kris label between 1964 and 1970 - Lee Jones, The Hill Sisters, The L.A. Untouchables, Cookie Jackson, Pure Ice, B.B. Carter, Frank Foster & The L.A. Untouchables, Jimmy "Preacher" Ellis and others.
NADINE A: Hey Baby/ B. B. CARTER: My Lover/ B.B. CARTER: Cool It Baby/ FAY COOPER: Don't Hang Yourself (Talk Too Much)/ THE DEL-REYS: Don't You Know/ Walk Proud/ THE DYNAMIC DUO: Only True Love/ JIMMY PREACHER ELLIS: You/ FRANK FOSTER & THE LA UNTOUCHABLES: The Time Has Come/ LEE HARVEY: Only True Love/ Prove It/ My Assurance/ THE HILL SISTERS: My Lover/ Oh My Love, Sweet Love/ COOKIE JACKSON: Need Of Love/ The Reason I'm Singing (The Blues)/ LEE JONES: I Got To See My Baby Part 1/ I'm Gonna Make It (Up To You)/ What Is It? (That You Are Afraid Of)/ TY KARIM: Lighten Up Baby/ THE L.A. UNTOUCHABLES: Money Man/ PURE ICE: Live And Let Live/ SHADES OF SILK: I Fly Away (Caged Bird)/ FREDDIE TATE: Little Girl Of Mine


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