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THE G-CLEFS Relic 7105 Ka-Ding-Dong ● CD $14.98
21 tracks, 50 min., recommended
A solid overview of the early output of this long-lasting family aggregation from Boston. Made up of the four Scott brothers - Teddy, Chris, Tim, and Arnold - plus neighbor Ray Gipson, the G-Clefs first hit the charts with the title track here in 1956 and then had to wait five years before they scored again with a remake of the Four Tunes' I Understand (Just How You Feel) in 1961. Other featured numbers, from this same time period, include Darla My Darlin', Please Write While I'm Away, Symbol of Love, A Girl Has to Know, Make Up Your Mind, and Sitting in the Moonlight. Styles range from journeyman doo-wop, through smooth pop balladry, and on into just a touch of early 60's folk. Sound quality is excellent, with three numbers in stereo, and both liner notes and cover graphics are up to Relic's usual high standards. (DH)

EARL GAINES Black Magic 9037 24 Hours A Day ● CD $17.98
20 tracks recorded in Nashville between 1958 and 1966 by this excellent blues & soul singer.

EARL GAINES Westside WESA 802 Lovin' Blues - The Starday/ King Years, 1967-73 ● CD $15.98
25 tracks recorded for the Starday/King owned Deluxe and Hollywood labels between 1967 and 1970, several previously unissued by this fine and versatile singer. Earl, who has recently returned to active recording, is featured on a selection of soul, rhythm & blues and blues. Includes My Woman/ Fruit From Another Man's Tree/ My Pillow Stays Wet/ The Meaning Of A sad Song/ Every Day I Have The Blues/ You Belong To Me/ What In The World Can I Call My Own/ Sixty Minute Man, etc.

DON GARDNER & DEE DEE FORD Relic 7116 I Need Your Lovin' ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 71 min., recommended
Relic's exploration of the various labels owned and operated by the brothers Robinson continues here with the complete output of this dynamic duo when they recorded for the Fire label. The title tune here is by far the duet's best known number, but, if you liked the gospel-styled fire of that number, the rest of the program here, even though tempos vary and there are a few ballads, won't disappoint you one bit. Among those high energy numbers are Let's Go to the Party, Forever in Your Lover's Arms, I Got a Man, T.C.B. (Taking Care of Business), The Quicker the Better, Bad Luck, Exactly Like You, and, best of all, the full 5 minute and 43 second version of I Need Your Lovin' from which the single version was drawn. Another solid collection from Donn Fileti and Eddie Gries, the reliable Relic guys. (DH)

HEN GATES & HIS GATERS Masterseal 6000 Let's All Dance To Rock & Roll ● CD $18.98
29 tracks, 79 mins, recommended
O.K. time for some serious discographers to step forward. Back in the late 50s wily entrepreneurs tried to cash in on the popularity of rock 'n' roll by taking anything they could find with a beat and issuing it as rock 'n roll. This CD is, I think, a reissue of two LPs issued in the late 50s. In spite of the teenagers pictured on the cover and the reference in the liner notes to the performers being "a group of talented young rock 'n' roll musicians" this is actually a collection of hard driving instrumental R&B featuring honking sax. The sax man is identified as Freddie Mitchell - a fine veteran musician who started with Fletcher Henderson and Benny Carter in the 40s and recorded for a number of small labels over the years. But how about the rest of the polished group featured here? Hen Gates was a stage name for jazz pianist James Foreman who worked with Dizzy Gillespie and James Moody in the late 40s - so is he the pianist on some of these tracks? Or did the compiler of this album think "Hen Gates" was too cool a name to let go to waste? Some of the tracks appear to be reissues of Freddie's singles from as far back as 1949 with slight retitlings (Auld Lang Syne Boogie becomes Auld Lang Syne Rock). Anyway, this is a fine collection of instrumental R&B with an air of mystery about it that makes it even more appealing. (FS)

PAUL GAYTEN & ANNIE LAURIE Specialty SPCD 2169 Regal Records In New Orleans ● CD $12.98
Regal Records was formed in Linden, N.J. in 1949 by the Braun brothers as a De Luxe subsidiary. Paul Gayten, the company's Crescent City talent scout, introduced much star talent to the world via the waxeries of Regal, De Luxe, and Chess Records. This CD contains two duets by Paul and Annie Laurie, 15 Gayten-fronted solos including the stomping Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!/ Bear Hug/ Kickapoo Juice/ Back Trackin'. Annie Laurie's warblings add color to six songs like My Rough & Ready Man/ Low Down Feeling and a cover of Jewel King's 3 X 7 = 21. Two undated demos by the legendary Dave Bartholomew, plus the frantic Riding High and wee-hours blues weeper Brand New Baby, both previously unissued by Roy Brown. Vintage Crescent City R&B circa 1949-51. Minor duplication with Route 66 LP #8, with great pics and extensive notes by Specialty reissue coordinator Billy Vera. (OLN)

THE GEMS/ THE MELLOHARPS G+M 100 The Gems Meet The Melloharps ● CD $18.98
Features 11 tracks by The Gems (The Darkest Night/ Since I Fell For You/ Kitty From New York City/ One Woman Man, etc), 14 by The Melloharps (My Lost Love/ Valarie/ I Lonly You/ Gone, etc) and two by The Leopards (Valarie/ Mah Mah, Chicken Pot Pie)
THE GEMS: Deed I Do/ I Thought You'd Care/ Kitty From New York City/ Monkey Faced Baby/ Old Man River/ One Woman Man/ Talk About The Weather/ The Darkest Night/ You're Tired Of Love/ `Til The Day I Die/ THE MELLO-HARPS: Ain't Got The Money/ Gone/ Gumma, Gumma/ I Couldn't Believe/ I Love Only You/ Love Is Vow/ Mah Mah/ My Bleeding Heart/ My Lost Love/ No Good/ Our Love Is A Vow/ Our Love Is A Vow/ Valerie/ What Good Are My Dreams/ THE TEENTONES: Walkie Talkie Baby/ LEOPARDS THE: Valerie

GENE & EUNICE Ace CDCHD 812 Go On Ko-Ko-Mo! ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 68 mins, recommended
This is exciting; the 1st ever legitimate compilation of this dynamic R&B duo. Best known for doing the original version of Ko Ko Mo, (written by Forrest Wilson Jr, AKA Gene Forrest), that was later a smash hit when covered by Perry Como!. Working with vet Jake Porter, Forrest had been a single under Porter for RPM, when he cut some 45s with backing by his group The Four Feathers. When trying to add a female voice to the Feathers he was introduced to Eunice Levy. Ko Ko Mo was an immediate hit on Combo in '54, but soon they were on Aladdin with Porter, which reissued Ko Ko Mo. This set has all their Aladdin recordings, many with nonsense titles including Bom Bom Lulu/ Hoochy Koochy & Hey Diddle Diddle, plus their other big hit The Vow. There's also a final Gene & Eunice single for Case in '59 Poco Loco & the title tune. As a bonus, not only is there the Gene Forrest RPM single, a '60 Eunice solo coupling for Combo, as well as a demo tape of Gene, Eunice & Porter trying out songs for Combo with backing just on piano! (GM)
GENE FORREST: Aching And Crying/ GENE & EUNICE: Bom Bom Lulu/ Can We Forget It? (colder By The Minute) Tk 1/ Can We Forget It? (colder By The Minute) Tk 2/ Don't Treat Me This Way/ Doodle Doodle Doo/ Flim Flam/ Go On Kokomo/ Have You Changed Your Mind?/ Hi Diddle Diddle/ Hootchy Kootchy/ I Gotta Go Home/ I Know A Girl/ I'm So In Love With You/ Ko Ko Mo/ Let's Get Together/ Move It Over, Baby/ Move It Over, Baby/ Poco-loco/ Tell Me That You Love Me/ The Angels Gave You To Me/ The Vow/ This Is My Story/ This Is My Story/ You And Me/ EUNICE LEVY: Send Me Someone / Only Lovers/ I'll Never Forget You

GENE & EUNICE Case 6002 This Is My Story ● CD $18.98
25 tracks from mid/late 50s by fine West Coast R&B/pop duo. Includes their hits Ko Ko Mo/ This Is My Story and Poco-Loco and less well known cuts like The Vow/ Flim Flam/ Bom Bom Lulu/ Hootchy Kootchy/ I Mean Love/ Don't Treat Me This Way/ Can We Forget It/ Ah! Ah and more. A nice mix of rockers and soulful ballads with accompaniments from top West Coast sidemen.
GENE & EUNICE: Ah! Ah!/ Bom Bom Lulu/ Can We Forget It/ Don't Treat Me This Way/ Doodle Doodle Doo/ Flim Flam/ Go On Ko Ko Mo/ Have You Changed Your Mind/ Hootchy Kootchy/ I Gotta Go Home/ I Mean Love/ I'll Never Believe In You/ I'm So In Love With You/ Ko Ko Mo/ Let's get Together/ Move It Over Baby/ Poco Loco/ Strange World/ The Angels Gave You To Me/ The Vow/ This Is My Story/ Without Love/ You Drive Me Buggy/ You Think I'm Not Thinking/ You and Me

BARBARA GEORGE Collectables 5141 I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) ● CD $11.98
Barbara George was a fine New Orleans singer who scored big hits in the 60s. I Know is a fantastic tune that climbed the charts in 1961. On it, Barbara's vulnerable, pleading delivery is backed by the cream of New Orleans session men. These dozen tunes recorded for AFO show off her range from the very soulful Love and Talk About Love to the cool balladry of Since I Fell For You and Honest I Do. (AE)

STEVE GIBSON & THE RED CAPS Red Cap 101 You're Driving Me Crazy ● CD $18.98
27 tracks, recommended
Fine selection of tracks by this excellent and important vocal group led by bass vocalist and guitarist Steve Gibson. These sides were recorded for Mercury in the late 40s and feature the lead vocals of Earl Plummer. The material leans strongly towards pop and country standards given the distinctive Red Caps treatment - You're Driving Me Crazy/ Wedding Bells/ I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/ You Made Me Love You/ San Antonio Rose, etc. There are also jivey numbers like Jack, You're Dead/ Turnip Greens/ Dirt Dishin' Daisy and others. Accompaniments are mostly piano, guitar and bass though a couple of tracks feature some hot sax. Sound is adequate but lack of any notes is regrettable. (FS)

GIGI & THE CHARMAINES Ace CDCHD 1135 Gigi & The Charmaines ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 74 mins, recommended
"Bubbling Under," out of Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1960's, GiGi & The Charmaines were never exactly a household name, but definitely an outfit well worth the love and attention that Ace records has given them. GiGi & The Charmaines were three girls with powerful pipes and a great sense of melody, that made them popular in the greater Ohio area and even more popular in Canada. This compilation rounds up all of their group's recordings on the Columbia, Date and Fraternity labels. Great tunes like Poor Unfortunate Me/ Eternally/ Goodbye Baby, Goodbye and G.I. Joe mix with raucous covers of Ike Turner's I Idolize You, Huey Smith's Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu and the like. Topping it all off are 7 cuts with GiGi & co. providing outstanding back up vocals for Lonnie Mack, Kenny Smith, Carl Edmonson and Max Falcon. (JM)

CHARLIE GONZALES Collectables 5310 Charlie Gonzales ● CD $11.98
CD issue of Krazy Kat 810. Charlie Gonzales, alias Bobby Prince, recorded jumps & ballads in the Arthur Prysock vein for Ivin Ballen's Gotham label in 1950. The collection contains mainly laid-back blues ballads sung in a relaxed, polished style, backed by such notable outfits as Frank Motley & The Doc Bagby Orchestra. Includes 8 previously unissued cuts & alternate takes. (OLN)
CHARLIE GONZALES: Every Dog Has His Day/ Every Dog Has His Day/ Hey Mus' I Tell/ Hi-yo Silver/ Hi-yo Silver/ I'm Free/ I'm Free/ I'm Free/ I'm Through With You/ I'm Through With You/ It's All My Fault/ It's All My Fault/ Let Me Make Love To You/ Such A Darn Fool Over You

GERRY GRANAHAN Relic 7108 My Musical Scrapbook ● CD $14.98
26 tracks, 58 min., recommended
Granahan was something of a rock 'n' roll man for all seasons during his late 50's heyday. He recorded and scored a hit with No Chemise Please in 1958 as a solo, multi-tracked all of the voices for the Dicky Doo and the Don'ts' solid hit, Click Clack, and produced the early recordings of the Fireflies, who hit pay dirt with both You Were Mine and I Can't Say Goodbye. All of those tracks are here, plus Unchained Melody, Where's the Girl?, Too Big for her Bikini, and When Irish Eyes Are Smiling by Granahan; Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu and Flip Top Box by the Don'ts; and Stella's Got a Fella and My Girl by the Fireflies. Some cuts are pretty much straight ahead pop music, but the best numbers capture and reflect the teen spirit of the times. All other considerations are up to Relic's normal high standards. (DH)

DOBIE GRAY Collectables 5072 The "In" Crowders ● CD $11.98

MAUREEN GRAY Castle 1002 The Story Of My Love - Very Best Of Maureen Gray ● CD $17.98
17 tracks of girl group sounds recorded in the early 60s by fine Philadelphia singer Gray. Includes her soulful minor hit Dancing The Strand plus The Story Of My Love/ Today's The Day/ We Were Meant To Marry/ Oh My/ Slop Time/ Birthday Party/ people Are Talking/ Goodbye Baby, etc.

AL GREEN Code 9 13 Let's Stay Together ● CD $17.98
Reissue of his classic 1971 album with La La For You/ How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/ I've Never Found A Girl, etc

AL GREEN The Right Stuff 73611 The Belle Album ● CD $17.98
With "The Belle Album" (1977), Green began writing and producing his own songs in his own studio, as well as playing lead guitar. The result is a classic. Both Belle and I Feel Good made the R&B and pop charts, but neither has the power of the gospel-fueled Loving You. The Belle Album draws its energy from embracing the religious-sexual dualism that Marvin Gaye spent the better part of his career struggling with. (JC)

VERNON GREEN & THE MEDALLIONS Collectables 5047 Golden Classics ● CD $11.98

TINY GRIMES Collectables 5304 Featuring Screaming Jay Hawkin ● CD $11.98
TINY GRIMES: Battle Of The Mass/ Drinking Beer/ Frankie And Johnny Boogie 1/ Frankie And Johnny Boogie 2/ Hawaiian Boogie/ Hey Mr J B/ Hey Now/ I'm In Love With You Baby/ My Baby's Cool/ My Baby's Left Me/ No Hug No Kiss/ St Louis Blues/ Tiny's Jump/ Why Did You Waste My Time?

TINY GRIMES & FRIENDS Collectables 5321 Cats & The Fiddle ● CD $11.98
CD issue of Krazy Kat 821. 14 cuts culled from Gotham's vaults, 5 previously unreleased and all ostensibly featuring Tiny Grimes. Grimes' presence on some of the cuts is questionable at best but he turns in a raucous instrumental and some driving accompaniment on tracks by J.B. Summers & Haji Baba. The fine track by The Cats And The Fiddle (a late incarnation) and 3 titles by The Dixieaires feature some fine vocals and sax and guitar solos. The collection is rounded out by 2 tracks by Johnny Davis, drummer for The Cats And The Fiddle and on a cut by the unknown Lionel Robinson. (BG)

TINY GRIMES & HIS ROCKING HIGHLANDE Collectables 5317 Volume 2 ● CD $11.98

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