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Various Artists Collections -  Dynamite Group Sounds


VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 101 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 63 min., recommended Highlights herein include So Tenderly by the Darrells, Crazy Love by the Creators, Wish I Could Be There by the Silhouettes, I'd Climb the Hills and Mountains by the Flairs, Picture of You by the Enchantones, Raindrops by the Kartunes, Poor Little Puppet by the Senators, Somehow by the Ballads, Trusting in You by the Madison Brothers, and You're Tired of Love by the Gems. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 102 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 66 min., recommended Volume two opens with I Wrote a Letter by the Serenaders, then moves on to My China Doll by the Glad Rags, Have You Forgotten by the Meridians, Old Man River by Skippy & the Hi-Lites, Nightmare by the Sinners, Begin the Beguine by the Avalons, Brenda by the Cupids, Forever Mine by Ben Little and the Four Kings, M.T.Y.L.T.T. by the Dream Kings, and My Darling by the Imperials. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 103 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 63 min., recommended. Featured tracks here include Dot My Love by the Aladdins, Fathertime by the Turks, My Special Prayer by the Five Blue Notes, Honest I Do by Sonny Fulton & the Mixmasters, Been a Long Time by the Five Quails, Without a Cause by the Heartbreakers, Manuel by the Comic Books, Monster's Love by Denny & Lenny & the Ghouls, I'm Coming Home by the De-Lights, Seems Like Only Yesterday by the Dynamics, and It's Not For Me by Rudy & the Wheels. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 104 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 66 min., recommended. Highlights of volume 5 include Plea of Love by the Gaynotes, A Love for Only You by the Stereos, Oh What a Night for Love by Ron Tyson and group, Count Every Star by the Rockers, Two Hearts Make One Love by the Wisdoms, Bobbie Ann by the Ze-Majestics, Mamie Wong by Ben E. Williams, So Lonely by the Fabulous Pearl Devines, Eternal Dream by the Superiors, Wandering by the Viscounts, Stair Steps to Heaven by Ike Perry and the Lyrics, and Remember the Night by the Atlantics. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 105 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 5 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 66 min., recommended. Highlights of volume 5 include Plea of Love by the Gaynotes, A Love for Only You by the Stereos, Oh What a Night for Love by Ron Tyson and group, Count Every Star by the Rockers, Two Hearts Make One Love by the Wisdoms, Bobbie Ann by the Ze-Majestics, Mamie Wong by Ben E. Williams, So Lonely by the Fabulous Pearl Devines, Eternal Dream by the Superiors, Wandering by the Viscounts, Stair Steps to Heaven by Ike Perry and the Lyrics, and Remember the Night by the Atlantics. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 106 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 6 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 66 min., recommended. The vocal group gems on volume six include A Long Long Time by the Four Horseman, School Bells Are Ringing by the Dials, Do Not Forsake Me by the Young Hearts, You Can Call by the Delmonicos, Someone Like You by the Montereys, Go Away Baby by the Baby Dolls, Wedding Bells by the Victorians, A Lover's Prayer by the Carvettes, The Star Spangled Banner by Ruben Guevara and group, Secret Lover by Bobby Sands and the Royal Teentones, and Confession of Love by the Harlequins. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 107 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 7 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 64 min., recommended. The seventh volume in a series dedicated to releasing vocal group rarities from the mid-50's to the mid-60's. The program mixes ballads and jump tunes, and features particularly nice sound quality. Highlights this time around include Marvella by the Spinners, Julie by Bill Wells and the Crescents, Strange As It Seems by the Lovers, I Had a Dream Last Night by the Aladdins, Wild Ideas by the Romans, Please Don't Cheat on Me by the Sinceres, I Do Believe by the Crystals, Angel of Love by the Capitols, Now Darling by the Capistranos, and Goodnight by the Castletones. Solid music for you doo-wop devotees out there. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 108 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 8 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 65 min., recommended Volume eight features Good Time Baby by the Five Sounds, Talk About the Weather by the Gems, Give Me Your Heart by the Termites, Chinese Boogie by the Hy-Tones, Come On Back by the Sheiks, I Love Marie by the Floridians, It Hurts Me by the Citations, Somewhere in Life by the Mar-Vels, Precious Moments by the Harmony Four, Play by the Rules of Love by the Cavaliers, and Tear Drops in the Night by the Arabians. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 109 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 9 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 65 min., recommended. Featuring the same varied-tempo vocal group playlist and solid sound quality as volumes one through eight in this worthwhile series, volume nine offers First Kiss by the El Vireos, When You Love by Cliff Butler & his Doves, When Do You Say I'm Sorry by the Manhattans, Please Be Mine by the Consorts, Sunday Kind of Love by the Highlanders, In My Letter to You by Ike Perry and the Lyrics, Once Upon a Time by Jordan and the Fascinations, Night After Night by the Derbys, The First Time in My Life by the Comic Books, the particularly nice One More River by the Classicals, and lots more. Recording dates vary from 1953 to 1963. More great music for doo-wop fans. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 110 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 10 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 66 min., recommended Dynamite's supply of little known vocal group gems continues here with Volume 10 of Group Sounds. The program opens with Scheming by the Senators from 1959 (not about politics), then moves onto Now That I Have You by the Willows, Teardrops by the Markeets, Standing Alone by the Temptations (not the Motown/Gordy group), The Way to My Heart by Billy Storm, Could This Be You by the Supremes (once again, not the Motown group), Talk to an Angel by the Lovetones, Pleading to You by the Five Owls, Rosabel by the Magic Notes, Evening Shadows Falling by the Seniors, and the great Traveling All Alone by the Dixieaires. Both sound quality and the playlist itself remain impressive. And original recording dates range from 1953 to 1964. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 111 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 11 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 67 min., recommended. For volumes 11 and 12 in this solid vocal group series, the cover art has changed. Gone are the ultra-bland graphics, and in their place is a benign caricature of a five member black ensemble. Highlights include Listen to the Rain by the Delteens, There's Rain in My Eyes by the Robins from 1954, I Love You by the Dukes, I'll Be True by the Charms, the stunning ballad The Perfect Example by Dan & the Clean Cut Clan from 1964, You Blew Out the Candles by the Crests, and Wheels of Love by the Demires. Lots of good stuff, all featuring excellent sound quality and no real notes. Recording dates range from 1952 to 1965. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 112 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 12 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 64 min., recommended. Like its companion disc, reviewed above, volume 12 offers a vocal group program comprised of rarities recorded between the mid-50's and the mid-60's. Featured numbers include You Inspire Me by the Class-Notes, Cherie by the Hide-A-Ways, the splendid but rather somber Seventeen Steps by the Fairlanes, Gone Too Long by Herb Price & the Darts, Your Star by the El Capris, Bless You by the Carter Rays, Going Home by Jimmy Ricks & the Ravens, A Sunday Kind of Love by Lonnie Heard and group, Welcome Me Home by the Fabulous Four (no, not the Beatles), and Why Are You Crying by the Fabulous Enchanters. Self-promotion can't hurt, I suppose. Tempos vary; sound quality is above reproach, and there are still no notes. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 113 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 13 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 63 min., recommended. This time around there are four new volumes in this reliable vocal group collection. And all four are solid, mixing fast and slow tempos and offering 50's-styled numbers originally recorded somewhere between the mid-50's and the mid-60's. Highlights on Volume 13 include Please Don't Crush My Dreams by the Emerals, Love is Like a Mountain by the Raindrops, I'm Pretending by the Jades, Why Should I by the Flips, What's This Thing Called Love by the Dwellers, Stop the Wedding by the Goldbugs, Can't You Understand by the King Bees, Fool's Paradise by Roy Goode and group, Pleading for Your Love by the Four Dots, and Tears of Love by the Persians. A great selection of group rarities, offered here with impressive sound quality and notes restricted to a listing of original issue labels and year of issue. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 114 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 14 ● CD $17.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 115 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 15 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 63 min., recommended. Volume 15 manages to travel the distance from the ridiculous to the sublime with relative ease. Let's start with the apparently ridiculous. Hitting that mark for me is Agnes (Teenage Russian Spy) by the Sweet Sick Teens from 1961. Really. On the at least reasonably sublime side are I'm Sorry Pillow by the great Lee Andrews, Tears in My Eyes by Kenny Hamber and Group, Somewhere in My Heart by the Ebonaires, You'll Have Everything by the Sugarmints, One Room by the Stylists, This Heart of Mine by the Turks, Once in a Lifetime by the Barons, How Deep Is the Ocean by the Sultans, and, speaking, as we were, of the sublime, the previously unreleased recording of Hank Williams' You Win Again by the Five Crowns, cut during their days on the Rainbow label. Much too good to miss. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 116 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 16 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 62 min., recommended. Volume 16 opens with the uptempo Penalty of Love by the Velvetones, then moves on to a more ballad-dominated program, including Valley of Tears by the Shamans (not the Fats Domino number), Come On Baby by the Youngtones, This Thing Called Love by the Invictors, After Graduation by the Four Fifths, My Mother's Eyes by the Soft Tones, I Get That Feeling by the Victorials, an alternate take of Keep It a Secret by the Five Crowns, Hey Hey Girl by Danny Zip and the Zippers (a nice name, don't you think!), Lessons from the Stars by the Charmers, Stop the Clock by the Wailers, Have a Heart by Eddie Williams and Group, the beautiful Made to Love by the Sharptones, and the delightful Once There Lived a Fool by Savannah Churchill from 1950. Great music. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 118 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 18 ● CD $17.98
This popular and long running series of group harmony sides continues with 26 more obscurities including Blue Feelin' by The Versatiles, You're The One by The Starfires, I'm Yours As Long As I Live by The Viceroys plus cuts by The Star Steppers, Barons, Sensational Dellos, Tony Allen & The Wonders, The Kac-Ties and more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 119 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 19 ● CD $17.98
26 more rare doo-wop ballads and rockers from the period 1954 to 1966 by The Jive Tones, Ravens, Love Letters, Infatuators, Sunsets, Lavenders, Mighty Jupiters, Concords, Earthquakes, Buckeyes (two previously unissued alternate takes), Dreams, Octaves and more.
THE BUCKEYES: Dottie Baby/ Since I Fell For You/ R CATES & THE TRAVELERS: Long Time/ THE CONCORDS: Down The Aisle Of Love/ THE DREAMS: Under The Willow/ THE DUBS: If I Only Had Magic/ THE EARTHQUAKES: Darling Be Mine/ THE FIVE CROWNS: God Bless You/ THE FIVE STARS: Hey Juanita/ THE FORTUNES: Look At Me/ THE GRAND PREES: Sit And Cry/ B HARRIS & THE CONTINENTALS: I'm So Glad/ THE HI-FIVES: Lonely/ THE IMPAKS: Make Up Your Mind/ THE INFATUATORS: I Found My Love/ THE JIVE TONES: Geraldine/ THE LABRADORS: When Someone Loves You/ THE LAVENDERS: Angel/ THE LOVE LETTERS: Walking The Streets Alone/ THE MIGHTY JUPITERS: Hy Wocky Tommba/ THE OCTAVES: Mombo Caroline/ THE RAVENS: I'm So Crazy For Love/ THE SUDDENS: Childish Ways/ THE SUNSETS: Lydia/ THE TWILIGHTERS: My Silent Prayer/ THE VERSATILES: Just Pretending

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 120 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 20 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks.
THE CARRIBEANS: Wonderful Girl/ SAVANNAH CHURCHILL & THE STRIDERS: In Spite Of Everything You Do/ THE CLASSICS: I Apologize/ THE COMPANIONS: How Could You/ THE COOL BREEZERS: My Brother/ THE DELTA RHYTHM BOYS: 9:20 Special/ THE DODGERS: Drip Drop/ THE DREAMS: Darlene/ THE DREAMTONES: A Lover's Answer/ THE EL REYES: Mr Moonglow/ THE FAB FIVE: Lonely Lover/ THE FIVE SUPERIORS: There's A Fool Born Every Day/ THE FOUR PALMS: Jeanie, Joane, Shirley, Toni/ MARTY HILL & THE TEENAGERS: Full Time Mama/ LITTLE JUNE & THE JANUARYS: Hello/ BILLY MANN & GROUP: A Millions Heartaches Ago/ THE MOODMAKERS: Dolores/ SHEP & THE LIMELITES: It's All Over Now/ THE STARFIRES: Love Is Here To Stay/ TONY & THE HOLIDAYS: My Love Is Real/ THE TRU-TONES: Magic/ THE UNIVERSALS: Love Bound/ THE UNTOUCHABLES: Funny What A Little Kiss/ THE VALIANTS: Let Me Go Lover/ THE VELTONES: My Dear/ THE VIBES: Come Back Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 121 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol 21 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks from the 50s and early 60s featuring ballads, up-tempo tunes and bluesy songs - The Keystoners, Belvederes, Cosmic Rays, Imperials, Three Friewnds, Del Rios, Superbs, Elgins, harmonaires and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 122 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol 22 ● CD $17.98
26 more doo-wop rarities - mostly from the 50s and early 60s plus a couple of later titles - The Chessmen, Go-Togethers, Sugartones, Uptones, Don Clairs, Unique Teens, Boyfriends, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 123 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol 23 ● CD $17.98
THE ALADDINS: Please Love Me/ THE BACHELORS: Can't Help Loving You/ THE BET-LARKS: Getting Married In June/ THE CAMEOS: I Remember When/ THE CASHMERES: My Sentimental Heart/ THE CORVELLS: Take My Love/ THE DEL VIKINGS: The Sun/ THE DREAMAIRES: Forever In Love/ THE EMERALDS: That's The Way It's Got To Be/ THE EMPIRES: Zippity Zip/ THE EQYPTIONS: That's Alright/ THE FIVE KEYS: I'll Follow You/ SHIRLEY GUNTER & FLAIRS: Ipsy Opsie Ooh/ THE HIGHTOWER BROS: After I've Done The Best I Can/ THE IMPOSSIBLES: Chapel Bells/ THE INCREDIBLE UPSETTERS: Baby I'm Your Man/ THE INDIVIDUALS: Wedding Bells/ Without Success/ THE JEWELS: A Fool In Paradise/ THE MONOGRAMS: My Baby Dearest Darling/ THE NEW INVICTAS: Deeply In Love With You/ THE RIALTOS: Let Me In/ THE STEREOS: Tic Tack Toe/ THE SUPREMES: Another Chance To Love You/ TIPPE & CLOVERMAN: Please Mr Sun/ THE TWILITERS: Can't You Stay A Little Longer

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 124 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol 24 ● CD $17.98
THE ADMIRALS: Close Your Eyes/ THE ALTAIRS: If You Love Me/ THE CATS 'N THE FIDDLE: I'll Never Let You Go/ THE CHARGERS: Who Baby Who/ THE CONNOTATIONS: Before I Go/ THE DECOYS: Memories/ THE EL VENOS: My Heart Beats Faster/ THE EXCELS: Can't Help Lovin' That Girl of Mine/ THE FIVE JETS: I Am In Love/ THE FIVE SECRETS: See You Next Year/ THE FLAMING HEARTS: Baby/ THE GEMS: Waiting/ MAUREEN GRAY & GROUP: I'm So Young/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Heartbreaker/ THE HI-FIVES: Throwing Pebbles in the Pond/ LESTER JOHNSON & THE HORNETS: Wedding Day/ LEE & THE LEOPARDS: Come Into My Palace/ THE MODERN REDCAPS: Golden Teardrops/ THE PREMIERS: Angels in the Sky/ THE ROYALS: Someday We'll Meet Again/ THE SHARPS: Our Love Is Here To Stay/ THE SKYSCRAPERS: I Thought You'd Care/ THE TEMPTATIONS: Cathy/ THE TREBLE CHORDS: Teresa/ THE VARNELLS: All Because/ THE WHIRLWINDS: Heartbeat

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 125 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol 25 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 65 mins, recommended. Another excellent entry in this fine series - a varied selection of group harmony from the 50s and early 60s including slow ballads, mid tempo groovers and up-tempo rockers. The style ranges from the older Mills Brothers and Ink Spots flavored style of the Four Tunes and The 4 Dots to the solid doo-wop style of the mid 50s to the beginnings of the soul style with the Spinners. Among the fine groups here are The Travelers, Coronets, Webtones, Utopians, Crowns, Silvertones and others including some fine female led groups like Vee Jennings & Group and Lil' June & The Januarys - the latter's Oh What A Feeling is a particularly nice and soulful ballad. (FS)
THE 4 DOTS: Strange As It Seems/ THE AQUA-NITES: Christy/ THE CLOCKS AND CLASSMEN: It's Written/ THE CORONETS: Hush/ PETER CRAWFORD & GROUP: There Goes A Young Girl/ THE CROWNS: Lonely For You/ THE CUTE-TEENS: From This Day Forward/ THE DEL RAYS: Have A Heart/ THE EBB-TIDES: Franny, Franny/ THE FASCINATORS: My Beauty, My Own/ THE FOUR TUNES: Say When/ THE G-CLEFS: Sitting In The Moonlight/ VEE JENNINGS & GROUP: Don't Let It Die/ THE KEYSTONERS: After I Propose/ THE KING CROONERS: She's Mine, All Mine/ LIL' JUNE & JANUARYS: Oh What A Feeling/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & GROUP: I'm Happy And In Love/ THE NUMBERS: My Pillow/ THE PROFILES: Right By Her Side/ THE SERENADERS: Give Me A Girl/ THE SILVERTONES: Thinking Of You/ THE SPINNERS: Love (i'm So Glad) I Found You/ THE TRAVELERS: For My Very Own/ THE UTOPIANS: Hurry To Your Date/ THE VALETS: I Need Someone/ THE WEBTONES: My Lost Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 126 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol 26 ● CD $17.98
26 more rare group harmony sides from the 50s and early 60s.
THE CASTROS: Is It Right?/ THE CHARM KINGS: Tell Me A Tale/ THE CLICK CLACKS: A Kiss Goodbye/ THE COINS: Blue Can't Get No Place.../ THE CONDORS: Sweetest Angel/ THE DARTS: On My Mind/ THE DELSHAYS: (i'll Love You) Forever/ THE EL VIREOS: Silly Willie/ THE ELGINS: Once Upon A Time/ THE FIVE PASTELS: You're Just An Angel/ THE FIVE SCAMPS: With All My Heart/ THE FOSTER BROS.: I Could Cry/ THE FOUR COINS: If You Love Me/ THE GRIFFINS: Scheming/ ROSEMARIE, BILL IVY & SABERS: Sweet Slumber/ THE JIVERS: Ding Ding Dong/ DAVE MARTIN & GROUP: Bluebird Of Happiness/ LON MCCALLISTER & GROUP: One Desire/ THE METALLICS: Drop By/ THE PEACOCKS: I Want You To Know/ THE SEMINOLES: I Can't Stand It/ THE SPINNERS: My Love & Your Love/ THE STRATFORDS: Promise Her Anything/ FAITH TAYLOR & SWEET TEENS: I Love You Darling/ THE TRU-TONES: Tears In My Eyes/ THE VALIANTS: Wedding Bells

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 127 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol 27 ● CD $17.98
26 more goodies.
THE CASTROS: Darling I Fell For You/ THE CLICK CLACKS: Is It Wrong/ THE CONTINENTALS: Don't Leave Me/ THE DWELLERS: Oh Sweetie/ THE ENSENADAS: Love I Beg Of You/ THE EXCLUSIVES: It's Over/ THE FABULOUS FLAMES: So Long My Darling/ THE FABULOUS UPTOWNS: New Love I Have Found/ THE FIVE PENNIES: My Heart Trembles/ THE FOSTER BROS: Land Of Love/ THE GEMS: Deed I Do/ THE GRIFFINS: I Swear By The Stars Above/ BILLY HUMES & CATALINAS: Baltimore/ THE HY-TONES: I'm A Fool/ THE KEYNOTES: Congratulations Baby/ SABBY LEWIS & VIBRA-TONES: Regretting/ LITTLE MARCUS & DEVOTIONS: I'll Always Remember/ EMMETT LORD & GROUP: Turn Him Down/ THE METRONOMES: I'm Gonna Get Me A Girl/ JIMMY MOORE & PAECOCKS: Tender Love/ THE RAMBLERS: Vadunt-un-va-da Song/ CARTER RAY: My Secret Love/ RICHIE & ROYALS: We're Strollin'/ THE SEDATES: I Found/ THE STYLERS: Gentle As A Teardrop/ FAITH TAYLOR & SWEET TEENS: I Need Him To Love Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 128 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol 28 ● CD $17.98
26 more group harmony rarities from the 50s and early 60s.
LYN ANDREWS & TEEN-TIMERS: Ask Me To Go Steady/ THE AVALONS: You Are My Heart's Desire/ BILLY BARNETTE & SEARCHERS: Don't Let Our Love Go Wrong/ THE CASTALEERS: (my) Hi Fi Baby/ THE CHARTERS: Lost In A Dream/ THE CHECKER DOTS: Alpha Orange/ THE FIVE ECHOES: Down The Road/ EDDIE FRIEND & EMPIRES: Tears In My Eyes/ THE HEPSTERS: I Had To Let You Go/ SKIP JACKSON & SHANTONS: Lucille/ SONNY JOHNSON & SUNGLOWS: If You Don't Want My Love/ THE KAC-TIES: Happy Birthday/ THE KOKO'S: The First Day Of School/ LITTLE MARCUS & DEVOTIONS: Lone Stranger Went Mad/ THE MASTER-TONES: Insulting Blues Boogie/ THE MELLO-TONES: I'm Just Another One In Love With You/ CHRIS POWELL & BLUE FLAMES: My Love Is Gone/ THE ROCKIN' DUKES: My Baby Left Me/ LEE SCOTT & WINDSORS: My Gloria/ THE TEMPTERS: I'm Sorry Now/ THE TERRANS: Moonrise/ THE TIFFANYS: I've Got A Girl/ THE VELVETONES: My Every Thought/ THE VIBRATIONS: You're Mine/ THE VIDEOS: Shho-bee-doo-bee Cha Cha Cha/ THE VISCAYNES: Stop What You Are Doing

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 129 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol 29 ● CD $17.98
THE BENLEYS: Why Didn't I Listen To Mother/ THE CLASS-NOTES: Take It Back/ BOBBY COMSTOCK & GROUP: Your Big Brown Eyes/ THE CORVAIRS: Love Her So/ THE DAVIS BROTHERS: Why Can't They Understand/ THE DE'BONAIRS: Say A Prayer For Me/ THE DELTAIRS: Who Would Have Thought It/ THE EL POLLOS: Why Treat Me This Way/ THE EMPIRES: My First Discovery/ THE FI-DELLS: What Is Love/ THE FIVE BILLS: Waiting Wanting/ THE FLAIRS: Aladdin's Lamp/ THE GOLDENAIRES: My Only Girl/ BARBARA GREENE & THE DELLS: Young Boy/ JOHNNY & DREAMS: You're Too Young For Me/ MAJOR LANCE & IMPRESSIONS: I've Got A Girl/ THE MARTINIQUES: Tonight Is Just Another Night/ THE MARX: One Minute More/ DOE MOODY & GROUP: Crazy Wonderful/ THE NOTES: Trust In Me/ THE POETS: Never Let You Go/ LOU RAGLAND & THE BAND MASTERS: Never Let Me Go/ D. RICHARDS & THE DUDE RANCHERS: Just Walking In The Rain/ NAP ROMAN & GROUP: Tears From My Eyes/ BILLY STORM & THE SQUIRES: Listen To Your Heart/ THE VOICES FIVE (CHANTERS): Lover Come Back To Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 130 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 30 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, highly recommended Another fine selection in this outstanding series featuring rare black vocal group harmony from the 50s and early 60s. With so many compilation out there it's perhaps not too surprising that a dozen sides are duplicated on other collections though in general this has one has a superior choice. Among the highlights are the beautiful Since You Left My World by The Centurians with a tune very similar to Auld Lang Syne, the delightful tribute to Amazing Willie Mays by The King Odom Quartet, the unusual This Little Boy by The Coronets (what is this about?), the rocking Oo-Wha-Cha-Wah by The Incredible Upsetters with some hot guitar and others from The Fascinators, Twilighters, Crescents, Sonny Fulton & The Mix Masters, The Flips, The Hide-A-Ways (a soulful rendition of the standard Can't Help Loving That Girl Of Mine), The Deltas and others. Good sound and attractive cover. (FS)
ANNIE ALFORD & GROUP: It's Heavenly/ SAM BAKER & GROUP: So Long/ THE CENTURIANS: Since You Left My World/ THE COMPANIONS: Why Oh Why Baby/ THE CORONETS: This Little Boy/ THE CRESCENDOS: My Heart's Desire/ THE CRESCENTS: When You Wish Upon A Star/ THE DELTAS: Lamp Light/ THE DREAMS: I Love You/ ERIC & THE PLAZAS: I Wish/ ERLENE & HER GIRLFRIENDS: Because of You/ THE FASCINATORS: Cuddle Up with Carolyn/ THE FLIPS: Why Shouldn't I/ SONNY FULTON & THE MIX MASTERS: Fingerprints/ THE HIDE-A-WAYS: Can't Help Loving That Girl Of Mine/ THE HOLIDAYS: Stars Will Remember/ THE INCREDIBLE UPSETTERS: Oo-Wah-Cha-Wah/ THE JAGUARS: Moonlight And You/ THE KING ODOM QUARTET: Amazing Willie Mays/ THE PENNANTS: Don't Go/ THE RAVES: Billy the Kid/ THE RIPTIDES: Bip-Bop-Boom-Bang/ SONNY ROBERTS & THE ECHOS: I'll Never Let You Go/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Eternally/ VALENTINE & THE APOLLOS: Never Go/ THE VARIETEERS: I've Got A Woman's Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 132 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 32 ● CD $17.98
26 more fine vocal group rarities.
THE ADMIRALS: Give Me Your Love/ CALEB & THE PLAYBOYS: I'm Yours/ THE CALIPHS: Darling If I Had You/ THE CHAPTERS: Goodbye My Love/ THE COMPANIONS: No Fool Am I/ EARL CURRY & THE BLENDERS: I Want To Be With You/ THE DAPPERS: Come Back To Me/ THE EL TORROS: Love Is Love/ THE FABULOUS FLAMES: I Need You Dear/ THE FANTASTICS: Dancing Doll/ CORNEL GUNTHER & THE ERMINES: I'm So Used To You Now/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: It's Ok With Me/ JULITO & THE LATIN LADS: Nunca/ KENNY & THE WHALERS: Life Is But A Dream/ THE MORROCCOS: What Is A Teenager's Prayer/ KING ODOM QUARTET: Basin Street Blues/ THE ORLONS: (happy Birthday) Mr. Twenty One/ THE RODANS: Time Is Passing/ THE ROYAL PREMIERS: Who Am I Without Your Love/ THE SENATORS: Wedding Bells/ THE STARFIRES: Yearning For You/ THE STARLIGHTERS: It's Twelve O'clock/ THE STEREOS: Echo In My Heart/ THE THUNDERBIRDS: Baby Let's Play House/ THE UNIVERSALS: Dear Ruth/ LENNY WELSCH & GROUP: My One Sincere

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 133 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 33 ● CD $17.98
Another fine collection of rare doo-wop from this excellent German label. Fine music with excellent sound though most of these have been reissued elsewhere before but as always in this series the standard is very high.
BONNIE LOU & THE HARMONAIRES: Drop Me A Line/ THE CARDELLS: Helen/ THE CELTICS: Darline Darling/ THE COMPANIONS: No Fool Am I/ THE COVINAS: Five Minutes More/ THE DEL-ROYS: Wise Old Owl/ THE FABULEERS: If I Had Another Chance/ THE FIVE KIDS: Carolyn/ THE FLANNELS: So Shy/ THE FOUR JACKS: Tired Of Your Sexy Ways/ THE FOUR TUNES: You're Heartless/ THE FUTURETUNES: I Know/ SAM HAWKINS & GROUP: King Of Fools/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Ride Helen Ride/ THE ISLEY BROS: My Love/ THE LARKS: If It's A Crime/ THE MARVELLOS: Come Back My Love/ JEFF MILNER & THE EMBERS: Then (i'll Stop Loving You)/ THE NUGGETS: Before We Say Goodnight/ BILL PINKEY & THE OD'S: Ol' Man River/ THE RE-VELS: Cha-cha Toni/ THE ROYALS: Starting From Tonight (alternate)/ THE SPIEDELS: No/ THE SWEET HEARTS: Sorry Daddy/ THE VERSATILES: Whisper In Your Ear/ THE YOUNGSTERS: I'll Never Leave You Again

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 134 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 34 ● CD $17.98
The 34th volume features 26 tracks.
THE BLENDERS: Little Church Of Capistrano/ Two Loves/ THE CARDINALS: Why Don't You Write Me/ THE CARNATIONS: Tree In The Meadow/ GRADY CHAPMAN & THE SUEDES: I Need You So/ THE DINGOES: What Would You Do/ THE ESCOS: I'm Lonesome For You/ THE ESQUIRES: Only The Angels Know/ THE FIVE STARS: We Danced In The Moonlight/ THE FOUR FELLOWS: Happy Honeymoon/ THE GAINORS: You Must Be An Angel/ THE GATORVETTES: Midnight/ THE HOLIDAYS: Who Knows? Who Cares?/ THE HOLLYWOOD ARISTS-O-KATS: Amazon Beauty/ VEE JENNINGS & GROUP: Whoopsie Daisy/ B. JOHNSON & THE MUSICAL NOTES: Elevator Boogie/ MELVIN KOEN & GROUP: You Know/ LITTLE SAMMY & CO: Can You Love Me/ THE MADISON BROS: Give Me Your Heart/ THE MAGIC TONES: Good Googa Mooga/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & THE CROWNS: Don't You Know/ THE PYRAMIDS: And I Need You/ RICK & THE MASTERS: Bewitched/ THE SERVICEMEN: My Turn/ THE VITELLS: Shirley/ JOHNNY WOODSON & THE CRESCENDOS: Dreamer From My Heart


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