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FATS DOMINO Ace CDCHD 597 The Early Imperial Singles, 1950-1952 ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 73 mins, essential
Before becoming a pop star in the mid 50s Antoine "Fats" Domino had been one of the leading lights on the New Orleans blues and R&B scene since the late 40s. With his pounding, rolling piano work and his delightful Creole drawl he made music that was immediately appealing. His recordings, produced by the multi talented Dave Bartholomew featured some of the best musicians in a city full of great musicians - Herb Hardesty, Red Tyler, Ernest McLean, Frank Fields, Wendell Ducoge and others. This disc presents both sides of his first 14 singles plus two bonus cuts from the same period that first appeared on LP. Domino had a hand in writing almost every song here and there is just one classic after another including the rolling The Fat Man which was a less provocative reworking of the NOLA favorite Junker's Blues, the searing Every Night About This Time, the storming She's My Baby and a whole lot more. Sound is exemplary and the booklet includes extensive notes by Stuart Coleman who is completing a biography about Fats. Only thing missing is a discography. If you can afford it you should get the Bear Family box with all of Fats's Imperial recordings - otherwise this is a perfect introduction to his early years. (FS)
FATS DOMINO: Boogie Woogie Baby/ Brand New Baby/ Careless Love/ Cheatin'/ Detroit City Blues/ Don't Lie To Me/ Dreaming/ Every Night About This Time/ Goin' Home/ Hey! La Bas Boogie/ Hide Away Blues/ How Long/ I'll Be Gone/ Korea Blues/ Little Bee/ No No Baby/ Nobody Loves Me/ Poor Poor Me/ Reeling And Rockin'/ Right From Wrong/ Rockin' Chair/ She's My Baby/ Sometimes I Wonder/ The Fat Man/ Tired Of Crying/ Trust In Me/ What’s The Matter Baby/ You Know I Miss You

FATS DOMINO Ace CDCHD 649 The Imperial Singles, Vol. 2 : 1953-1956 ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 71 min., essential
By April 1953, Fats Domino was beginning a rise in the Billboard charts that I don't think anyone could have predicted - with maybe the exception of Lew Chudd of Imperial Records, for by September 1953, he signed Fats Domino to a unheard-of 9 year contract! During the period on this CD, he charted 13 times, remaining on the charts for a straggering 127 weeks! The Domino effect had begun. The Top 5 hits include "Ain't That A Shame", "All By Myself", "Going To The River" and "Poor Me". Collectors should note that for the very first time since the original single releases, ACE has made sure that we are treated to the original release speeds and NOT to the speeded-up versions that appeared on the vinyl albums and all subsequent releases on albums and CDs (including the Bear Family box set). All taken from the original master tapes (except for "The Girl I Love"), the sound quality is simply outstanding and the best I've heard. After a two year rest from performing, Fats Domino appeared at the 1997 Jazz & Heritage Festival (May 3rd), celebrating 50 years as a professional entertainer! This CD belongs in everyone's serious 50s R'n'B/ <R'n'R collection. (EL)

FATS DOMINO Ace CDCHD 689 The Imperial Singles, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
Continuing the story with both sides of 15 singles issued between 1956 and '58 including some of his biggest hits like Blueberry Hill/ I'm In Love Again/ I'm Walkin'/ I'm In The Mood For Love/ Whole Lotta Loving and Blue Monday
FATS DOMINO: Blue Monday/ Blueberry Hill/ Coquette/ Don't You Know I Love You/ Honey Chile/ I Still Love You/ I Want You To Know/ I'm In Love Again/ I'm In The Mood For Love/ I'm Walkin'/ It Must Be Love/ It's You I Love/ Little Mary/ My Blue Heaven/ No, No/ Sick And Tired/ So Long/ Telling Lies/ The Big Beat/ The Prisoner's Song/ Valley Of Tears/ Wait And See/ What Will I Tell My Heart?/ What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You/ When I See You/ When My Dreamboat Comes Home/ When The Saints Go Marching In/ Whole Lotta Loving/ Yes My Darling/ Young School Girl

FATS DOMINO Bayou 1007 Fats Domino '65 - The Complete Session ● CD $17.98
20 tracks, recommended
Enjoyable set of 20 songs performed live by Fats in Las Vegas in June 1965. Although his hit days were behind him Fats is in top form accompanied by his all star New Orleans band (Dave Bartholomew, Herb Hardesty, Lee Allen, Clarence Ford, Roy Montrell, etc.) as they storm their way through many of his Imperial hits Blueberry Hill/ Domino Twist/ Whole Lotta Lovin'/ I'm In Love Again/ I'm Ready (particularly hot with great piano by Fats)/ I Want To Walk You Home/ I Want To Walk You Home/ I'm In The Mood For Love/ Oh What A Price/ Walking To New Orleans/ So Long and others. The album title is a little misleading as these recordings are from two different days (June 10th and June 13th). Sound quality is unexceptional but the music is great and really makes you wish you could have been there. Fats made some of the most irresistible music ever! (FS)

FATS DOMINO Bear Family BCD 15541 Out Of New Orleans ● CD $189.98
8 CDs, 222 tracks, 8 hrs 28 mins, essential
This is the one that Fats Domino fans have been waiting for and they won't be disappointed. Every one of Fats's recordings for Lew Chudd's Imperial label between 1949 and 1962, meticulously remastered and with the loving care and attention to presentation and documentation that has made Bear Family the most highly respected reissue label in the world! Antoine "Fats" Domino Jr. had a wonderful warm mellifluous vocal style with his Creole accent used to great effect and was a fine piano player steeped in the New Orleans tradition. Initially influenced by performers like Charles Brown, Amos Milburn and Albert Ammons he soon developed his own immensely appealing style. His first recording The Fat Man in 1949, based on the old New Orleans drug song Junker's Blues, was an immediate R&B smash and he continued to have numerous R&B hits over the next few years including Every Night About This Time/ Goin' Home/ Goin' To The River/ Rose Mary/ You Done Me Wrong and others. In 1955 his Ain't It A Shame (aka Ain't That A Shame crossed over and became a pop hit and from then on Fats became a rock 'n roll star receiving 23 gold records. Fats had changed his style very little, except for the occasional novelty song or vocal or string section, and continued to be as popular as ever with the black audience. The man who had a big hand in Fats's success was trumpeter/ bandleader Dave Bartholomew who produced and arranged most of Fats's sessions as well as co-writing most of Fats's songs and playing trumpet. On all the sessions Fats was joined by the top musicians in New Orleans including Ernest McLean, Walter "Pappoose Nelson or Roy Montrell/ guitar, Wendell Duconge/ alto sax, Robert "Buddy" Hagans, Lee Allen or Herb Hardesty/ tenor sax, Frank Fields/ bass, Earl Palmer/ drums and others. Although most of the songs were Domino/ Bartholomew compositions, Fats also had a tremendously appealing touch on old pop songs like Blueberry Hill/ My Blue Heaven/ My Happiness/ Margie and others. But whether singing a pop song, a mournful blues like Tired Of Crying, a rockin' upbeat number like I'm Walking, a boogie piano instrumental like Swanee River Hop or even a country song like Hank Williams' Jambalaya, Fats' music is always infectious and ingratiating and except for the occasional overdone string section just about everything here is excellent. The set includes a few alternate takes as well as some interesting undubbed versions of I'm Ready (without hand claps) and Walking To New Orleans (without strings). The 72 page LP sized book is a masterpiece in its own right with extensive notes by Rick Coleman on Fats' career, an essay on Dave Bartholomew by David Booth and Colin Escott and discussion on the evolution of Fats' music by Hank Booth. There is a detailed discography of the Imperial sessions and the book is copiously illustrated with photos (some in color), record labels, album covers, advertisements and more. Not to be missed! (FS)

FATS DOMINO Bear Family BCD 16825 Fats Rocks ● CD $24.98
33 tracks, 73 mins, essential
Thirty-three all-time classics from the "Fat Man" with outstanding sound quality and presented in loving fashion from the good folks at Bear Family. In depth notes from Rick Coleman, who wrote the definitive biography of Domino "Blue Monday" which came out last year. Fats was rockin' and rolling before they even had a name for it and fits perfectly in the "Rocks" series. Sure, he's not a wild man like so many in the series, but how much different would R&R be if he wasn't around to influence everybody. Recordings on this were done between 1950 and 1961 and although most have found their way to CD before, I can't think of a collection out that has so many greats all on one CD. Ain't It A Shame/ The Fat Man/ Bo Weevil/ My Blue Heaven/ Blueberry Hill/ Blue Monday/ I'm Walkin' and many more hits are all here as well as some fantastic lesser known cuts like Country Boy/ Shu Rah/ My Girl Josephine and Poor Me. There's just so much good stuff here and it sounds so fresh still today some 50+ years after it was made. Long live the Fat Man! (JM)

FATS DOMINO Collectables 2721 Rock & Rollin'/ This Is Fats Domino ● CD $15.98
Fats's second and third album from 1956 and 1957 plus two bonus cuts. Includes My Blue Heaven/ Second Line Jump/ Careless Love/ I'm In Love Again/ Are You Going My Way/ My Heart Is In Your Hands/ Blueberry Hill/ What's The reason I'm Not Pleasing You/ So Long/ Troubles Of My Own/ Reeling And Rocking/ Poor Poor Me/ I'm Walkin' , etc.

FATS DOMINO Collectables 2722 Rock & Rollin' With Fats Domino/ Million Sellers By Fats ● CD $14.98
Fats' first album (Imperial 9004) from 1956 and Imperial 9195 from 1962 plus two bonus cuts - The Fat Man/ Goin' Home/ Going To The River/ Rose Mary/ Ain't That A Shame/ Bo Weevil/ Walking To New Orleans/ Three Nights A Week/ My Real Name/ Let The Four Winds Blow/ Jamabalaya (On The Bayou)/ Ain't Gonna Do It/ Whole Lotta Lovin', etc.

FATS DOMINO Collectables 2723 Here Stands Fats Domino/ This Is Fats ● CD $14.98
"Stands" is Imperial 9038 and "This" is Imperial 9028, both from 1958. Plus two bonus cuts. Detroit City Blues/ She's My Baby/ Little Bee/ I'm Walkin'/ Cheatin'/ Hey! fat Man/ The Rooster Song/ As Time Goes By/ Love Me/ It's You I Love/ Where Did You Stay/ Thinking Of You/ I Want To Walk You Home, etc.

FATS DOMINO Collectables 2724 The Fabulous Mr. D/ Fats Domino Swings ● CD $14.98
"Fabulous" is Imperial 9055 from 1958 and "Swings" is Imperial 9062 from 1959 plus two bonus cuts. The Big Beat/ What Will I Tell My Heart/ Little Mary/ I Want To Know/ Mardi Gras In New Orleans/ Long Lonesoem Journey/ The Fat Man/ Blueberry Hill/ Going To The River/ Bo Weevil/ Please Don't Leave Me/ I'm Walkin'/ I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday, etc.

THE DOMINOES King 5007 The Dominoes With Jackie Wilson ● CD $9.98
Includes You Can't Keep A Good Man Down/ I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town/ Love Me Now Or Let Me Go/ Bobby Sox Baby/ Tenderly/ Three Coins In The Fountain, etc

THE DOMINOES King 5008 The Dominoes With Billy Ward ● CD $9.98
21 winners including I Need Somebody In My Arms/ Deed I Do/ My Baby's 3-D/ Handwriting On The Wall/ Little Black Train/ Cave Man/ Don't Thank Me/ I Really Don't Want To Know/ May I Never Love Again, etc

DON & DEWEY Specialty 7008 Jungle Hop ● CD $14.98
Don & Dewey started their musical career while still in high school in Pasadena, forming The Squires in 1954. The group was fairly successful recording for several LA labels until Dewey Terry and Don Harris went into Hollywood's Master Recorders in 1957 for Art Rupe's Specialty Records. Don & Dewey were wonderful R&B singers with a unique dual staccato delivery of hip songs, playing bass, guitar, piano (and violin) on most of their recordings. It also didn't hurt to have masters like Earl Palmer (d), Plas Johnson (ts) and Rene Hall (g) on most of their sessions. Not only did they turn out some of the best rockin' R&B of the 50's, their ballads like The Letter and Kill Me are still being played regularly by the Southwest's low-riding empire. It's all here - 25 tracks worth including Farmer John/ Mammer Jammer/ Justine/ Big Boy Pete/ Bim Bam/ Pink Champagne , etc. (AE)

LEE DORSEY Relic 7013 Ya Ya ● CD $14.98
A native of New Orleans, Dorsey's stay at Fury Records began in 1961 with a #1 R&B hit Ya Ya and was followed shortly by another children's rhyme gone top 40 hit Do Re Mi. This Relic CD offers 16 sides cut for Bobby Robinson (the above hits included), and transferred from the original session tapes, so sound quality is excellent. Many songs appear in true stereo for the first time. The goofy titled soulfulness includes Eenie Meenie Mini Mo/ Great Googa Mooga/ Yum Yum/ Chin Chin/ Ixie Dixie Pixie Pie. Allen Toussaint's Give Me You/ Hoodlum Joe are appreciated too, But Robinson's You're Breaking Me Up and Dorsey's own People Gonna Talk will get stuck in your ears longer. 37 minutes. (JC)
LEE DORSEY: Baby/ Chin, Chin/ Do Re Mi/ Eenie Meenie Mini Mo/ Give Me You/ Give Me Your Love/ Great Googa Mooga/ Hoodlum Joe/ Ixie Dixie Pixie Pie/ Lil Liza Jane/ Messed Around And Fell In Love/ One And One/ People Gonna Talk/ When I Meet My/ Ya Ya/ You're Breaking Me Up/ Yum, Yum

RONNIE DOVE Collectables 5510 Golden Classics ● CD $11.98

DR. JOHN Atlantic 7018 In The Right Place ● CD $14.98
Amazing sound on this reissue; along with Gumbo and The Night Tripper (now on Alligator) this is one of Dr. John's greatest early 70's recordings. It's sort of a CD cliche, but I'll say it anyway - I heard things on this disc that I never noticed before! Mac, backed up by the always funky Meters and producer Allen Toussaint, does Right Place Wrong Time/ Such A Night/ I Been Hoodood/ Cold Cold Cold and 7 more. If this don't get your mojo workin' don't blame me! (MB)

DR. JOHN MCA-GRP 4024 Television ● CD $14.98
11 tracks, 48 min., recommended
On his latest release, Mr. Rebennack is very nice to your ears. He's written a handful of fresh new songs about everything from tv as would-be birth control (Television) to modern man's unhealthy relationship to technology (Spaceship Relationship) to sexual braggadocio (Same Day Service) to, perhaps predictably, voodoo (Witchy Red). He also throws in a Dr.-ed cover of Sly Stone's Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again) and the Berry Gordy-penned Money (That's What I Want). Musical accomplices include Alvin "Red" Tyler and David "Fathead" Newman, 'mong others. America's only national treasure with his own stuffed armadillo. (Inspirational Couplet: "The madder the monk/ The fatter the funk.") (JC)

THE DRAMATICS Fantasy 60003 The Best Of The Dramatics ● CD $14.98

THE DRAMATICS Stax 8523 Dramatically Yours ● CD $12.98
Reissue of Volt 9501 from 1974, featuring And I Panicked/ I Dedicate My Life To You/ Highway To Heaven, etc.

THE DRAMATICS Stax 8545 Live ● CD $12.98
Previously unissued live recordings from 1972 and '73.

THE DREAMERS Ace CDCHD 829 They Sing Like Angels ● CD $18.98
20 track collection of sides by this fine all-girl group recorded for Flair, Class & Flip between 1954 and 1956. It includes the only single issued under their own name, their accompaniments to vocalist Richard Berry and tracks recorded for Class as The Rollettes.

THE DREAMLOVERS Collectables 5476 Golden Classics ● CD $13.98
THE DREAMLOVERS: Amazons and Coyotes/ Annabelle Lee/ Calling Jo Ann/ Doin' Things Together With You/ For the First Time/ Home Is Where The Heart Is/ I Miss You/ I'm Through With You/ If I Should Lose You/ Just Because/ Let Them Love and Be Loved/ May I Kiss The Bride/ Mother/ Oh Baby Mine/ Pretty Little Girl/ Take It From A Fool/ Those Will Be The Good Old Days/ Time/ Together/ Welcome Home/ When We Get Married/ While We Were Dancing/ You Gave Me Somebody To Love/ Zoom Zoom Zoom

THE DREAMLOVERS Heritage H 003 The Heritage Years Plus ... ● CD $14.98
U.S. issue of Sequel 673 featuring 22 tracks from this fine 60s Philadelphia group including their one big hit When We Get Married plus Welcome Home/ Zoom Zoom Zoom/ If I Should Lose You/ I'm Thru With You/ Amazons & Coyotes/ These Will Be The Good Old Days/ Doin' Things Together With You/ Bless Your Soul, etc.

THE DRIFTERS Collectables 6211 Up On The Roof/ Under The Boardwalk ● CD $13.98

THE DRIFTERS Collectables 6417 Save The Last Dance For Me/ The Good Life With The Drifters ● CD $13.98
Two LPs from 1962 and '64 featuring some of the groups fine early 60s hits and more - Save The Last Dance For Me/ Somebody New Dancin' With You/ No Sweet Lovin'/ Sweets For The Sweet/ When My Little Girl Is Smiling/ Some Kind Of Wonderful/ Room Full Of Tears/ On The Street Where You Live/ Tonight/ What Kind Of Fool Am I/ Saturday Night At The Movies, etc.

THE DRIVERS/ THE ACCENTS D&A 2001 The Drivers Meet The Accents ● CD $18.98
15 tracks each by two fine groups who recorded in the mid-late 50s. Ballads, bluesy wails and rockin' tracks including the Acents minor hit Wiggle Wiggle

THE DU DROPPERS Acrobat ACRCD 214 Boot 'Em Up ● CD $10.98
23 tracks, 61 mins, highly recommended
Great 23 track collection of this superb New York based group that excelled in rocking up tempo numbers. It includes everything they recorded between 1952 and 1954 including several titles originally unissued. Formed in 1952 by music/gospel veterans already in their 40's, the Du Droppers began their recording days under their new name for Bobby Robinson's Red Robin label, but switched to RCA in 1953 where they remained until the group folded in 1955. This set opens with their first four sides for Red Robin including their answer to The Dominoes Sixty Minute Man, their great Can't Do Sixty No More (the poor guy can only manager 30 minutes!) which they follow with the great blues ballad Chain Me Baby which shows that weren't only great at up tempo numbers. Lots of other great sides here like I Wanna Know/ Get Lost/ I Found Out/ Ten Past Midnight/ Don't Pass Me By/ Speed KingI Only Had A Little / How Much Longer and more. They are accompanied by top New York session musicians like Mickey Baker, Ben Webster, Sam "The Man" taylor, Bud Johnson and others. Sound is excellent and 8 page booklet has informative notes by Bob Fisher and full discographical info. (FS)
THE DU-DROPPERS: Bam Balam/ Boot 'em Up/ Can't Do Sixty No More/ Chain Me Baby/ Come On And Love Me Baby/ Dead Broke/ Don't Pass Me By/ Drink Up/ Get Lost/ Go Back/ Honey Bunch/ How Much Longer/ I Found Out/ I Only Had A Little/ I Only Had A Little (fast Version)/ I Wanna Know/ If You Just Don't Leave/ Laughing Blues/ Let Nature Take Its Course/ Little Girl Little Girl (you'd Better Stop Talking In Your Sleep)/ My Thrill Girl/ Speed King/ Ten Past Midnight

THE DUBS Collectables 5402 The Best Of The Dubs ● CD $13.98
CD reissue of the Murray Hill collection (#1187) - some of this Harlem quintet's best songs, sides which were only available before on Roulette reissue singles. Includes 14 tracks recorded for Johnson, Goldner and Jubilee including 2 in true stereo. Beautiful soulful ballads like Could This Be Magic?/ Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely/ Chapel Of Dreams are all assembled here. Richard Blandon's sweeping lead tenor borrowed from Ray Pollard of The Wanderers. The group's sweet smooth style captured the magic of church-based doo-wop, and The Dubs are still around playing the occasional oldies review. Meticulous sleeve notes by Marv Goldberg & John Neilson. (OLN)
THE DUBS: Be Sure My Love/ Beside My Love/ Blue Velvet/ Chapel of Dreams/ Could This Be Magic/ Darling/ Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely/ Gonna Make A Change/ Is There A Love For Me/ Song In My Heart/ Such Lovin'/ This To Me Is Love/ You're Free To Go/ Your Very First Love

THE DUBS UGGH Records 505 The Magic Harmony Of The Dubss - 28 Of Their Best ● CD $17.98
28 track collection featuring a 1962 remakes of their classic Could This Be Magic and Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely - plus I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart/ Dedications/ For Those Who Think Young/ If I Only Had Magic/ No One/ Island Of Dreams/ Don't Laugh At Me, etc.
THE DUBS: A Wonderful Night For Love/ Ain't That So/ Blue Velvet/ Connie/ Could This Be Magic/ Dedications/ Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely/ Don't Laugh At Me/ Down, Down, Down I Go/ Early In The Evening/ For All The Tea In China/ For The First Time/ For Those Who Think Young/ Go Where Rainbows Go/ If I Only Had Magic/ Island Of Dreams/ Joogie Boogie/ Jubilee/ Jump Rock & Roll/ Just You/ Lullabye/ No One/ This I Swear/ This Is The End/ Wisdom Of A Fool/ You'll Never Belong To Me/ Your Very First Love/ THE MARVELS: I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart

THE DUPREES Ace CDCHD 617 Their Complete Coed Masters ● CD $18.98
31 tracks, 77 min., recommended Best known for their biggest hit, You Belong to Me, in the early 60's the Duprees recorded a number of other tracks for the Coed label in a similar rock-and-roll-influenced pop style. Among those tracks are Unbelievable, Ginny, I Wish I Could Believe You, September in the Rain, These Foolish Things, Have You Heard, Why Don't You Believe Me, My Own True Love, and The Things I Love. The program as a whole helps to confirm the notion mentioned in the liner notes here that lead singer Joey Canzano was a long time fan of the early 50's pop star Joni James. Not my cup of tea particularly, but Ace's usual impeccable production values do make this as nice a Duprees package as any fan is ever likely to find. (DH)
THE DUPREEES: As Time Goes By/ Exodus/ Ginny/ Gone With The Wind/ Have You Heard/ I Gotta Tell Her Now/ I Wish I Could Believe You/ I'd Rather Be In Your Arms/ I'm Yours/ It Isn't Fair/ It's No Sin/ Let's Make Love Again/ Love Eyes/ My Dearest One/ My Own True Love/ Please Let Her Know/ September In The Rain/ So Little Time/ So Many Have Told Me/ Sunset To Sunrise/ Take Me As I Am/ The Sand And The Sea/ The Things I Love/ These Foolish Things (remind Me Of You)/ Try To Remember/ Unbelievable/ Where Are You?/ Why Don't You Believe Me/ Wishing Ring/ You Belong To Me/ Yours

THE DUPREES Collectables 5008 Best Of ● CD $11.98
THE DUPREES: As Time Goes By/ Exodus/ Ginny/ Gone With The Wind/ Have You Heard/ I Wish I Could Believe You/ I'd Rather Be In Your Arms/ I'm Yours/ It's No Sin/ My Own True Love/ September In the Rain/ So Many Have Told Me/ Sunset to Sunrise (Previously unreleased)/ Take Me As I Am/ The Things I Love/ These Foolish Things/ Why Don't You Believe Me/ You Belong To Me

THE DUPREES Collectables 8814 For Collector's Only ● CD $24.98
2 discs, 47 tracks, 2 hrs. 4 min., recommended
Originally dubbed the Parisiennes, in the summer of 1962 the rechristened Duprees scored a number 7 national hit with their updated version of the onetime Jo Stafford hit You Belong to Me. Their appealing style on that number set the tone and the agenda for things to come. That is, most of the group's subsequent output is comprised of remakes of earlier hits performed in a pop/rock style. Most of the program offered here is made up of numbers recorded for the Coed label between 1962 and 1964, including Ginny, Why Don't You Believe Me?, Have You Heard, My Own True Love, These Foolish Things, Wishing Ring, It Isn't Fair, My Dearest One, and As Tears Go By. Disc two ends with 15 songs recorded for the Heritage label between 1968 and 1970, including Have You Heard, My Special Angel, People, Two Different Worlds, Goodnight My Love, and One in a Million. A comprehensive look at a talented post 50's vocal group, presented here with a fine cover photo and informative notes by Mark Marymont. (DH)

THE DUPREES Varese Vintage 66361 All-Time Greatest Hits ● CD $15.98
18 tracks, 44 min, recommended
"See the pyramids across the Nile." One of the biggest groups of the early 60s doo wop revival, this Italian-American group from Jersey City had their sound in an even earlier era. Most of their hits were tunes from the 30s & 40s (My Own True Love is actually Tara's Theme from "Gone With The Wind," which was heard daily in the NYC metropolitan area as the theme for Million Dollar Movie, with lyrics by Hal David). To give the tunes even more of a yesteryear flavor, the arrangements were done in the Glenn Miller style (a clarinet stuck in with the brass section) - arranger Fred Weismantel also worked for the Miller band. Smooth lead vocals by Joey Canzano AKA Joey Vann. Most Duprees reissues have concentrated solely on the Coed material (You Were Made For Me/ You Heard Me/ My Own True Love). This one goes a little further & includes three of their late 60s Heritage singles including You Are My Special Angel, which was beaten out by The Vogues' version. (GM)

DYKE & THE BLAZERS Collectables 6038 The Funky Broadway - The Very Best Of ● CD $13.98

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