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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, M

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mad 1003 The Best Of Mad Records ● CD $18.98
31 tracks, recommended
Fine collection of R&B, blues and doo-wop recorded for the Chicago based Mad label around 1957 and '58. On the blues side we have Willie Mabon, Billy "The Kid" Emerson, the obscure but very fine Piney Brown & The Blues Toppers who has an intense gravel voiced vocal style a little like Johnny Copeland and others. For R&B we have Tony Smith, Louis Carpenter's All Stars, "Madman" Jones, Red Hollander (including the great A La Cart) and others and for doo-wop we have John McKinney & the Premiers, The Equallos, Freddie & The Freeloaders and others. There are also a couple of forgettable pop flavored tracks from the Four Shades Of Rhythm and Rudy Robinson and The Tone Blenders but, in general the standard is very high. With a few exceptions the sound quality is excellent. (FS)
LEFTY BATES: Am I Blue/ Background/ PINEY BROWN & THE BLUES TOPPERS: My Love/ Sugar In My Tea/ LOUIS CAPENTER'S ALL STARS: Cha Cha Boogie/ LOUIS CARPENTER'S ALL STARS: Yeah/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: I Never Get Enough/ When It Rains It Pours/ THE EQUALLOS: In Between Tears/ Patty Patty/ Underneath The Sun/ Yodelin/ FOUR SHADES OF RHYTHM: Come Here/ FREDDIE & THE FREELOADERS: Say It/ RED HOLLANDER: Ala Cart/ Simple Steps/ JOHNNY HOLLIDAY: Tell Me Why/ MAD MAN JONES: Hi Fi Apartment/ Oh Henry/ Rooster Rock/ MADMAN JONES: Jess One Mo Time/ LITTLE PRINCE & FREELOADERS: Nursery Love/ WILLIE MABON: I Don't Know/ I Got To Have Her/ I Gotta Go Now/ Michelle/ JOHN MCKINNEY & THE PREMIERS: Angels In The Sky/ Gee (how I Love You)/ RUDY ROBINSON & THE TONE BLENDERS: Don't Say Goodbye/ RUDY ROBINSON & TONE BLENDERS: When You're Hurtin/ TONY SMITH: Big Nellie's

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3001 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First in a new series devoted to reissuing rare recordings of teen doo-wop. This one features 31 tracks from Darren Green, Jay Tones, Students (a previously unreleased track), Co-Hearts, Tendertones (unreleased live performances), Ronnie Byrd & The Hi-Liners, Little Ellen & Group, Dexter Redding, The King Crooners and more.
THE ASTRONAUTS: Farewell/ RONNIE BYRD & HI-LINERS: Back To School Blues/ LITTLE CAROL CARLTON: Don't You Need A Boy Like Me/ THE CARRIBIANS: Wonderland/ CHEE CHEE & PEPPY: A Lover's Question/ THE CO-HEARTS: Cry Baby/ LITTLE SUNNY DAY & THE CLOUDS: Baby Doll/ THE EXTREMES: The Bells/ THE GOLDEN RODS: I Wish I Was Back In School/ DARREN GREEN: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE HIGHTOWER BROTHERS: After I've Done The Best I Can/ GREGORY HOWARD & THE CADILLACS: When In Love/ THE JAY TONES: My Only Love (unreleased Version)/ THE JUVENILES: Beat In My Heart/ THE KING CROONERS: Now That She's Gone/ LEO & BARD: Knocking At My Door/ LITTLE ELLEN & GROUP: That Other Guy/ LITTLE STEVE: The Letter/ HOWARD MARREN: I'm Getting To Be A Big Boy Now/ THE MARVELLS: For Sentimental Reasons/ PEPE & ASTROS: Judy My Love/ DEXTER REDDING: God Bless/ ROCHIE & THE REKNOWNS: Please Say You Want Me/ THE ROYAL NOTES: You Are My Love/ LITTLE BUTCHIE SAUNDERS & HIS BUDDIES: Don't Do Me Wrong/ THE STUDENTS: Early Morning Dew (prev. Unrel.)/ FAITH TAYLOR & SWEET TEENS: I Love You Darling/ THE TEENAGERS: Intro-alan Freed (live Fade)/ THE TENDERTONES: Just For A Little While (prev. Unrel. Live Version)/ TINY TIP & TIP TOPS: I Found My Love/ WAYNE & THE NEW-TONS: The Real Thing

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3002 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
The second volume has 32 tracks including a brief interview with Frankie Lymon plus tracks by  Little Becky Cook *& The Mad Lads, The Students (two unreleased tracks), Little Suzie, The Dovers (a previously unissued track), The Copasetics, The Five Reasons, Roy Tyson, Little Pete & The Youngsters and lots more.
BABETTE BAIN: Graduation Night/ THE BECK BROTHERS: The Bells/ THE CHANTEERS: I Waited/ THE CONQUERORS: Duchess Conquer Duke/ LITTLE BECKY COOK & THE MAD LADS: Saving My Love For You/ THE COPESETICS: Believe In Me/ THE COSMOS: (i Feel)you're Torturing My Heart/ THE CUBS: Why Did You Make Me Cry/ LITTLE IRIS CULMER: Frankie My Eyes Are On You/ LITTLE SUNNY DAY & THE CLOUDS: Lou Ann/ THE DOVERS: Black Magic (prev. Unrel.)/ THE FIVE REASONS: Go To School/ LIMMIE B. GOOD: Dancing Angel/ THE HIGHTOWER BROTHERS: He That Believed In Me/ LITTLE RON JOHNSON: Mama Don't Know/ LITTLE HERBERT & ARABIANS: Bouncing Ball/ LITTLE PETE & THE YOUNGSTERS: I'll Never Leave You Again/ LITTLE SUZIE: Young Love/ FRANKIE LYMON: Intro (interview)/ HOWARD MAREEN: The Phantom Strikes Again/ THE PROMINEERS: Shirley/ TYRONE ROWE & GROUP: Mama Don't Allow/ THE STUDENTS: How Do You Speak To An Angel(prev. Unrel.)/ I Love You(prev. Unrel.)/ FAITH TAYLOR & THE SWEET TEENS: I Need Him To Love Me/ THE TEENERS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE TENDERTONES: I Really Love You So (prev. Unrel. Live Version)/ ROY TYSON: I Want To Be Your Boyfriend/ THE UNIQUE TEENS: Whatcha Know New/ THE UNIVERSALS: A Love Only You Can Give/ THE VARNELLS: Who Created Love/ THE WOODS BROTHERS: Love Love Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3003 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
Another 31 tracks of young doo-woppers including The Ponderosa Boys, The Parisians, Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords (a previously unreleased track), The Co-Hearts and others.
CAROL BLADES: When Will I Know/ THE CHANTEERS: Just A Little Boy/ THE CO-HEARTS: My Love/ THE CONQUERORS: Bill Is My Boyfriend/ THE CRUISERS: Foolish Me/ THE EPICS: So Many Times/ TONY EVANS & GROUP: I'm Lookin Over/ THE FOUR BLADES: I Want You To Be My Girl/ THE FOUR WINDS: Daddy's Home/ THE KENTS: I Love You So/ MUNDY LEE: Let's Go/ THE LITTLE BEATS: Someone For Me/ LITTLE ELLEN & GROUP: Answer Me My Love/ LITTLE JIMMY & THE SPARROWS: Two Hearts Together/ LITTLE LINDA & GROUP: Hey Little Lover/ LITTLE LINDA: You Know/ LITTLE NATALIE & HENRY & THE GIFTS: Teardrops Are Falling/ LITTLE PETE & THE YOUNGSTERS: You Told Another Lie/ LITTLE SANDY 'C': My Prayer/ LEWIS LYMON & THE TEENCHORDS: Please(prev. Unrel.)/ LITTLE JOHNNY MCCALL: My Love I Can't Hide/ THE PARISIANS: On The Sunny Side Of The Street/ LITTLE LEON PAYNE: History Of Love/ THE PERSONALITIES: Little Girl I Want You(prev. Unrel.)/ THE PONDEROSA BOYS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE RHYTHMERS: Elaine/ THE TEEN-KINGS: Tell Me If You Know/ THE UNIVERSALS: I'm In Love/ WAYNE & THE NEW-TONS: I Still Love You/ THE WHEELERS: Once I Had A Girl/ BENN ZEPPA & THE ZEPHYERS: A Foolish Fool

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3004 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
More rarities from underage doo-woppers.
BABETTE BAIN: That's It/ CARL BONAFEDE: Two Months Out Of School/ JIMMY BRISCOE & THE LITTLE BEAVERS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ LITTLE CARL CARLTON: I'll Love You Forever/ CHAD: I Want You To Be My Girl/ THE CRUISERS: There's A Girl/ THE CUBS: Hear Wedding Bells/ LITTLE IRIS CULMER: Show Me The Way To Your Heart/ THE DARCHAES: Y-o-u (you)/ THE DOVERS: The Night Is Still Young/ THE EPICS: I Want To Be Your Girl/ THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS & CUBIE: A Million To One/ DICK GRASS & THE HOPPERS: Please Dear/ BUZZY KING: School Boy's Blues/ LARRY & THE CONSERVATIVES: Watch Your Step/ THE LASHONS: Little Sister Beware/ LEE & BARD: Oh My Dear/ LITTLE 16 YEAR OLD ALFRED & THE BERRY CU: Walkin' Down The Aisle/ LITTLE JOE & THE MORROCOS: Bubble Gum/ LITTLE SANDY "C": Devotion/ LITTLE STEVIE & THE WONDERS: Contract On Love/ LITTLE STEVE & GROUP: I See A Star/ LITTLE TOMMY & THE CHANTES: Teen-age Lover/ THE MARQUES: Bohemian Daddy/ THE NEEVETS: You're Gonna Pay/ DEXTER REDDING: Love Is Bigger Than Baseball/ RONNIE & THE HI-LITES: What A Pretty Bride You'll Be/ TYRONE ROWE & THE GROUP: I'm A Go'fer/ PATTI RUSSO & THE THREE CASUALS: My Shining Star/ LITTLE JOHNNIE SALA & GROUP: Two Little Fishies/ TINY TIP & THE TIP TOPS: Matrimony

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3005 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 5 ● CD $17.98

THE CAPERS: High School Diploma/ THE CAPITOLS: Day By Day/ THE CARPETS: Why Do I/ THE CLINTONIAN CUBS: She's Just My Size/ DONNIE ELBERT: My Confessions Of Love/ THE FOUR WINDS: Ol' Man River/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: One Two, I Love You/ LIL JUNE & THE JANUARYS: Oh My Love/ LITTLE DIANE & RAYS: Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart/ LITTLE JERRY: Faith Can Move A Mountain/ LITTLE MOJO: Paula/ BOBBY MAXWEELL & EXPLOITS: You're Laughing At Me/ THE MINORTONES: Burning Desire/ Gonna Tell The World/ THE NOBLETONES: Rock & Roll Nursery Rhymes/ JIMMY PEMBERTON: Mathematics Of Love/ LUCKY PETERSON & GROUP: 1, 2, 3, 4/ THE PRELUDES: Kingdom Of Love/ EDDIE ROBBINS: Destiny Of A Fool/ THE ROCKY FELLERS: My Prayer/ LITTLE JOHNNY SALA & GROUP: Casual Little Girl/ THE SPOTLITES: Trav'lin/ THE STAR CLEFS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE STUDENTS: Because Of You/ THE TEENAGE MOONLIGHTERS: Sorry Sorry/ TINY TIP & THE TIP TOPS: I Said A Prayer/ NAPOLEON TYCE: Sitting Here/ ROY TYSON: Oh What A Night For Love/ THE UNIQUES: All At Once/ BABE WAYNE: That's Where It's At/ THE YOUNG TONES: O Tell Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3006 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 6 ● CD $17.98

ANTHONY & THE SOPHOMORES: I Promise To Remember/ THE BECK BROS.: I Don't Know What You're Coming To/ BONNIE & THE LITTLE BOYS BLUE: You Better Run/ THE CAPITOLS: Little Things/ THE CARPETS: Let Her Go/ Lonely Me/ THE CARRIBIANS: Baby/ JIMMY CASTOR & THE JUNIORS: This Girl Of Mine/ THE CO-EDS: I Love An Angel/ THE COPASETICS: Collegian/ THE ELCHORDS: Gee I'm In Love/ GREGORY HOWARD & GROUP: Sweet Pea/ RONNIE JONES & THE CLASSMATES: Lonely Boy/ RICHARD LANHAM & TEMPO-TONES: On Your Radio/ MUNDY LEE: Mr. Blues/ THE LITTLE BEATS: Love Is True/ LITTLE BUTCHIE & THE VELLS: Somewhere Over The Rainbow/ LITTLE CLYDIE & THE TEENS: Oh Me/ LITTLE HERBERT & THE ARABIANS: Condition Your Heart/ THE NEEVETS: The Hum/ PEPE & THE ASTROS: Now Ain't That A Shame/ THE PERSONALITIES: Yours To Command/ EDDIE ROBBINS: Dear Parents/ BOBBY SANDERS & GROUP: It Was You/ THE TENDER TONES: I Love You So/ THE UNIQUES: A Million Miles Away/ THE VAL-CHORDS: You're Laughing At Me/ THE VERNALLS: Why Can't You Be True/ THE WOODS BROTHERS: To You My Love/ BEN ZEPPA & THE ZEPHERS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3007 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 7 ● CD $17.98

JIMMY CASTOR & THE JUNIORS: Somebody Mentioned Your Name/ THE CLINTONIAN CUBS: Confusion/ PAT CORDEL & THE CRESCENTS: Darling Come Back/ BILLY DAYS & THE DIALTONES: Twenty Four Hours/ THE DEL-RAYS: Our Love Is True/ DICKY DELL & THE BING BONGS: Ding-a-ling-a-ling-ding Dong/ THE DIALTONES: I'd Rather Go To School/ My Friend/ THE HEART SPINNERS: I've Searched/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Come Back My Love/ RICHARD LANHAM & THE TEMPO-TONES: Wishing All The Time/ LIL' JUNE & THE JANUARYS: Oh What A Feeling/ LITTLE CLYDIE & THE TEENS: A Casual Look/ LITTLE JIMMY & THE TOPS: Say You Love Me/ LITTLE JIMMY & THE SPARROWS: Snorin'/ LITTLE LINDA & GROUP: After I Told You/ LITTLE SUZIE: The Boy I Left Behind/ LEWIS LYMON & THE TEENCHORDS: I Found Out Why/ THE MARQUIS: Hope He's True/ THE NOBLETONES: I Still Love You/ THE PERSONALITIES: Woe Woe Baby/ THE PRELUDES: Vanishing Angel/ EDDIE ROBBINS: A Girl Like You/ THE TENDER TONES: Just For A Little While/ TINY TIM & THE HITS: Wedding Bells/ TINY TIP & THE TIP TOPS: Say It/ ROY TYSON & GROUP: The Girl I Love/ THE UNIQUE TEENS: Run Fast/ THE VERNALLS: Raindrops/ THE YOUNG TONES: Patricia

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3008 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 8 ● CD $17.98
Like the previous seven volumes each one starts with a different version of Why Do Fools Fall In Love. This one has 30 tracks, 10 new to CD and 3 previously unissued.
WAYNE ANTHONY: Stealin' Charlie Brown/ BROWNING BRYANT: Hey Little Girl/ CARL CARLTON & GROUP: I Love Only You/ JIMMY CASTOR & THE JUNIORS: Search This Heart/ CHEE CHEE & PEPPY: I Know I'm In Love/ THE CLAIRMONTS: Why Keep Me Dreaming/ THE COLLEGIANS: Let's Go For A Ride/ THE DESIRES: Hey Lena/ DINO & THE DIPLOMATS: My Dream/ EAMON & ELATIONS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ GALE GIBSON: Adonis/ THE HARMONAIRES: Lorraine/ THE HIGHTOWER BROTHERS: Talk It Over With Jesus/ THE KODAKS: Teenagers Dream/ LITTLE TIMMY & THE DAY DREAMS: You'll Have To Excuse Me/ BOBBY MANDOLPH: Gonna Be Some (changes)/ THE MONTAGUES: Teenagers Are Really Hip/ NEW EDITION: A Thousand Miles Away/ AUGIE RIOS & THE NOTATIONS: I've Got A Girl/ LITTLE BOBBY RIVERA & THE HEMLOCKS: Cora Lee/ LITTLE BUTCHIE SAUNDERS & THE BUDDIES: Rock And Roll Indian Dance/ THE SENTIMENTALS: I Want To Love You/ LITTLE BRENDA STARR: Mix It Up/ FAITH TAYLOR & THE SWEET TEENS: Won't Someone Tell My Why/ MICKEY TOLIVER & THE CAPITOLS: Rose Marie/ THE TREN-TEENS: Your Yah-yah Is Gone/ THE VALCHORDS: Candy Store Love/ VOICES 5: For Sentimental Reasons/ THE YOUNG LADS: Night After Night/ THE YOUNG TONES: It's Over Now

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3009 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 9 ● CD $17.98
30 more, 12 not previously on CD and 3 previously unissued.
THE ALTAIRS: Groovy Time/ WAYNE ANTHONY: Here Comes Your Mama/ LEMMIE B. GOOD: I Can't Stop Myself/ JOHNNY CAMERON & GROUP: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ JIMMY CASTOR & THE JUNIORS: Dismal Love Affair/ THE CHESTERS: The Fire Burns No More/ THE CO-EDS: I Beg Your Forgiveness/ THE CORDOVANS: Come On Baby/ THE DESIRES: Let It Pleae Be You/ THE DUPONTS: Count The Hours/ GALE GIBSON: Mister Bailey/ HAROLD & THE SUEDES: Our Wedding Day/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Love You Till The Day I Die/ THE JAYTONES: My Only Love/ THE KODAKS: Kingless Castle/ MARTY & THE SYMBOLS: You're The One/ THE MISTAKES: Chapel Bells/ JIMMY OSMOND: I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door/ EDDIE ROBBINS: Janice/ LITTLE BUTCHIE SAUNDERS & THE BUDDIES: I Wanna Holler/ JOEY SCARBURY: I Love You As You Are/ THE SINCERES: Joyce/ THE SPORT TONES: So Sincere/ THE TELLERS: Teardrops Falling From My Eyes/ TONY & THE TWILIGHTERS: Yes Or No/ THE VESTELLES: Ditta Wa Doo/ RIPPLES WAVES & MICHAEL: I Never Had A Girl/ THE YOUNG JACKSONS: Tracks Of My Tears/ THE YOUNG LADS: Graduation Kiss/ THE YOUNG TONES: You I Adore

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3010 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 10 ● CD $17.98
30 tracks - 14 not previously on CD and 3 previously unreleased.
WAYNE ANTHONY: A Sure Case Of Love/ BABY DORA JEAN: I Like The Blues/ LITTLE SHIRLEY CAPRI: What's Sweet About Sweet 16/ JIMMY CASTOR & THE JUNIORS: Our Love Affair/ CHEE CHEE & PEPPY: I'm Not An Indian Giver/ THE CHESTERS: Lift Your Head/ THE COLLEGIANS: Heavenly Night/ THE CORDOVANS: My Heart/ THE COTTON BLOSSOMS: Chocolate Ice Cream Cone/ LITTLE SUNNY DAY & THE CLOUDS: Lou Ann/ LITTLE JIMMY GANDY: I'm Not Like The Others/ JIMMY HARTSOOK: 12 Years Ago They Fell In Love/ THE HARVEY SISTERS: Kiss Of Love/ EDDIE HODGES: Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week/ THE JAY TONES: Absolutely Right/ THE JUNIOR MISSES: Never Never/ LITTLE JAN & THE RADIANTS: Is It True/ LITTLE NATE AND HENRY & THE GIFTS: It's Uncle Willie/ LEWIS LYMON & THE TEENCHORDS: I'm Not Too Young To Fall In Love/ THE MELLO-MOODS: How Could You/ THE NOBLE TONES: Who Cares About Love/ ROBBIE REED & TONY DANO: Lollypop Romance/ LITTLE BUTCHIE SAUNDERS & THE BUDDIES: Lindy Lou/ THE SENTIMENTALS: Teenie Teenie Teenager/ THE SINCERES: I Got A Girl/ THE TRUE LOVES: Never Look Behind/ THE VAN DYKES: Lambie Baby/ WHO'S JOHNNY: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE YOUNG LADS: Moonlight/ THE YOUNG TONES: Can I Come Over

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3011 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 11 ● CD $17.98
30 impish doo-wops - 14 not previously on CD and 3 previously unissued.
LITTLE WAYNE ANTHONY: Hey Naw/ BECKY LEE BECK: I'm Crying/ THE BERETS: Sonny Boy/ STANLEY BROWN & THE MAJESTICS: Tears On My Pillow/ JIMMY CASTOR & JUNIORS: Our Love Is Here To Stay/ VINCE D'MARTINO & THE CLOUDS: I've Got A Girl/ THE DESIRES: Rendezvous With You/ DINO & THE DIPLOMATS: Homework/ THE ELCHORDS: Peppermint Stick/ JIMMY HARTSOOK: You Can't Make Both Ends Meet/ THE HEARTSPINNERS: Oh So Much/ THE HIGHTOWER BROTHERS: This Little Light Of Mine/ THE IRIDESCENTS: The Angels Sang/ THE JUNIOR MISSES: You Dream Too Much/ LITTLE BILLY MASON: School Kid/ LITTLE JOHNNY MCCALL: Half Ton Tillie/ THE NEW NOTES: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ JIMMY PEMBERTON: Ko Ko Mo Girl/ LITTLE ADAM PICK: Bip Bop Bo Bam Bang/ THE PRETEENS: What Makes Me Love You Like I Do/ THE RIPPLES: Only Time Will Tell/ LITTLE BOBBY RIVERA & HEMLOCKS: Joys Of Love/ LITTLE BUTCHIE SAUNDERS & THE BUDDIES: Great Big Heart/ LITTLE BRENDA STARR: (you Better) Dance Baby Dance/ THE SWEET TEENS: With This Ring/ THE TRUELOVES: A Love Like Yours/ THE VELTONES: I Need You So/ THE YOUNG TONES: Get Together Again/ I Do/ THE ZEBULONS: Wo-ho-la-tee Da

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3012 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 12 ● CD $17.98
Another three volumes in this fine and popular series of teen doo-wop. Like the previous volumes each one starts with a different version of Why Do Fools Fall In Love and with a total of 30 tracks. This volume includes 18 songs on CD for the first time including two previously unissued.
WAYNE ANTHONY: Little Miss Lonely/ BECKY LEE BECK: Oh Please/ JIMMY CASTOR & THE JUNIORS: Without Your Love (pre unrel)/ THE CHANTERS: Row Your Boat/ THE COEDS: Time After Time/ THE COMBINATIONS: Pretty Boy/ LITTLE BECKY COOK & THE RAGMOPS: God Bless This Moment/ THE CRYSTALETTES: Please Stay Away/ NICK D'ALESSANDRO: I'm So Young/ THE DESIRES: Set Me Free/ THE DIAL TONES: Rock All Night/ DINO & THE DIPLOMATS: Hushabye My Love (pre unrel, alt ver)/ THE DOWNBEATS: My Girl/ THE ESSEX: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE FIVE EMBERS: Love Birds/ THE HARMONAIRES: Come Back/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: My Love/ RONNIE JONES & THE CLASSMATES: Teenage Rock/ THE KODAKS: Look Up to the Sky/ LITTLE LINDA: Don't Take Your Love From Me/ LITTLE LISA: Hang On Bill/ LITTLE RAY: Come Baby Dance/ LITTLE TONY & THE HAWKS: Do What You Did/ LEWIS LYMON & THE TEENCHORDS: Lydia/ DONNY OSMOND: When I Fall In Love/ THE RIPPLES: Cowgirls to Boys/ TOMMY TOMORROW & THE YESTERDAYS: You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover (pre unrel)/ THE UNISONS: Losers Seem to Know/ LINDA YELARDY: Can't You See/ YOUNG JACKONS: Under the Boardwalk

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3013 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 13 ● CD $17.98
30 more tracks - 21 on CD for the first time - 3 previously unissued.
FRANKIE ANTHONY: I'm a New Personality/ WAYNE ANTHONY: You Ain't Wrapped Too Tight/ LITTLE SHIRLEY CAPRI: Your Picture Neath My Pillow (prev unrel)/ JIMMY CASTOR & THE JUNIORS: I Promise/ THE CHANTERS: Angel Darling/ THE CO-EDS: To Be Or Not To Be/ THE COLLEGIANS: Zoom Zoom Zoom/ THE CRYSTALETTES: Shy Guy/ THE DIAL TONES: Ring A Ding Ding/ THE DISTINCTIONS: Token of Love/ DONNIE & THE DISCHORDS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love (prev unrel)/ THE EMPIRES: Please Tell Me Darling/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Without A Cause/ LINDERELLA: I Don't Want To Walk Without You/ LITTLE BUDDY: Love Me Shirley Lee/ LITTLE EDITH: I Believe In You/ LITTLE JAN & THE RADIANTS: If You Love Me/ LITTLE LISA: Puppet On a String/ LITTLE RALPHIE MOLINA: Homework/ DONNY OSMOND: Are You Lonesome Tonight/ JIMMY PEMBERTON: That's What You Think/ LITTLE DANNY PESCE & THE PESCES: I Love Mom & Dad (prev unrel)/ RIPPLE WAVES & MICHAEL: Let Me Carry Your School Books/ THE SUGAR BUNS: Pajama Party/ JIMMY TAYLOR & THE TIKI-TURBANS: The Way of Love/ THE TEEN KINGS: That's A Teenage Love/ THE UNISONS: As I Walk Down the Street/ THE VARNELLS: Strut Time/ BABE WAYNE: There'll Bever Be Kissing Time/ THE YOUNG TONES: Come On Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3014 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 14 ● CD $17.98
Includes 15 songs on CD for the first time, 3 previously unreleased.
FRANKIE ANTHONY: Little Girls Have Big Ears/ WAYNE ANTHONY: A Thousand Miles Away/ BOBBY & BENGALS: No Parking/ BOBBY & THE COUNTS: Too Young/ CARL CARLTON: So What/ CLAUDINE CLARK: The Get Set Song/ DOO WOP DOT COM: Why Do Fools Fall In Love (prev unrel)/ GWEN EDWARDS & CO-EDS: Love You Baby All the Time/ THE FEDERALS: While Our Hearts Are Young/ LITTLE JIMMY GANDY: Cool 13/ LEMMIE B. GOOD: Mother May I/ BUZZY KING: Your Picture/ LITTLE LAMBSIE PENN: Painted Lips and Pig Tails/ LINDERELLA: All Cried Out/ LITTLE FRANKIE: The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget/ LITTLE RICHIE & THE RICONS: Shank (prev unrel)/ LONNIE & CRISIS: Santa Town USA/ BOBBY MAXELL & EXPLOTS: Stay With Me/ LITTLE RALPHIE MOLENA: Rock-n-Roll the Vowels/ MIGUEL POVENTUD: My Amanda (Diana)/ ROBBIE REED & TONY DANO: Love Is Bubble Gum/ THE STUDENTS: Mommy and Daddy/ FAITH TAYLOR & THE SWEET TEENS: Your Candy Kisses/ THE TELLERS: I Wanna Run To You/ MICKEY TOLICER & CAPITOLS: Millie/ TONY & THE TWILIGHTERS: Be My Girl/ THE UNIQUE TEENS: Jeannie/ THE UNISONS: I'll Always Be Waiting (prev unrel)/ THE VESTELLS: Come Home/ THE YOUNG LADS: I'm In Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3015 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 15 ● CD $17.98
This excellent series continues with another three volumes featuring teen (and occasionally pre-teen) doo-wop. As always this volume starts off with a version of Why Do Fools Fall In Love - this time a previously unreleased version by The Decoys. 30 tracks in all - 18 of them new to CD and five are unreleased. Includes tracks by Little Anthony & The Imperials, Miguel Poventud (a Spanish version of I Promise To Remember), he Del Rays, The Tren-Teens (fine lead vocalist who sounds like Arlene Smith), The Montagues, Krista Morton And The Crosstone (who looks to be about eight years old from the photo here), Donnie & The Chapells, etc.
LITTLE WAYNE ANTHONY: Freedom to Love/ THE BERETS: The Bells/ BOBBY & THE COUNTS: Tra La La (Iím So Happy)/ LITTLE BUDDY: Lets Make Love/ THE COMBINATIONS: About You/ THE DECOYS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE DEL RAYS: One Kiss One Smile and a Dream/ DINO & THE DIPLOMATS: I Canít Believe/ DONNIE & THE CHAPELLS: Local City/ THE GIRLFRIENDS: I Want To Be Happy/ EDDIE HODGES: Iím Gonna Knock On Your Door/ KENNY HUSKY: Mr Future/ THE INTERPRETERS: I Get the Message/ LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS: Please Say You Want Me/ LITTLE FRANKIE: Iím Not Gonna Do It/ LITTLE JAN AND THE RADIANTS: Heart and Soul/ LITTLE RAY: You Canít Hurt Me/ LITTLE RICHIE & THE RICONS: Arlene/ LITTLE TONY & THE HAWKS: Cry Cry Cry/ BOBBY MANDOLPH: This Thing Called Love/ THE MONTAGUES: School Rock/ KRISTA MORTON & THE CROSSTONES: Mommy and Daddy/ DONNIE OSMOND: Too Young/ JIMMY PEMBERTON: Rags to Riches/ MIGUEL POVENTUD: Prometo Recordarte (I Promise to Remember)/ THE SALAS BROTHERS: Leaving You/ THE TREN-TEENS: My Babys Gone/ THE UNISONS: Til There Was You/ THE VELTONES: Now/ LINDA YELARDY: My Little School Mate

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3016 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 16 ● CD $17.98
30 more teen doo-wops including nine tracks on CD for the first time and three previously unissued.
BOBBY & THE IMPALAS: By the Way/ THE BOSS-TONES: Mope-Itty-Mope/ THE CAPERS: Miss You Dear/ THE CAPRIS: Oh My Darling/ CHEE CHEE AND PEPPY: My Love Will Never Fade Away/ NICK D'ALESSANDRO: I'm So Happy/ TONY DEAN: I Wear the Shoes of a Man/ DINO & THE DIPLOMATS: Hushabye My Love/ THE DUPONTS: Prove It Tonight/ THE EL PASO DRIFTERS: Close Your Eyes/ THE EMPIRES: Ride On/ EDDIE HOLMAN: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE KING KROONERS: Won't You Let Me Know/ LITTLE D AND THE DELIGHTERS: A Love So Fine/ LITTLE JIMMY & THE TOPS: Puppy Love/ LITTLE JOE AND THE MORROCOS: Trouble In the Candy Shop/ THE M&M'S: There In the Night/ KRISTA MORTON & THE CROSSTONES: This Little Light/ THE NEW EDITION: Earth Angel/ THE NOBLE TONES: I'm Really Crying/ THE PRE-TEENS: Pass It On/ THE PRETENDERS: Smile/ EDDIE ROBBINS: It Was Fun/ FAITH TAYLOR & THE SWEET TEENS: Don't Worry/ THE UNIQUE TEENS: At the Ball/ THE VARNELLS: All Because/ THE YOUNG JACKSONS: My Girl/ THE YOUNG TONES: By the Candleglow/ BEN ZAPPA: Baby I Need You/ THE ZEBULONS: Falling Water

VARIOUS ARTISTS Magic Rabbit 3017 The Kiddie Sound - "So Young", Vol. 17 ● CD $17.98
31 more teen tracks - three previously unreleased. Includes Frankie & Lewis Lymon (live), Donnie & The Chapells, Little Joey & The Flips and more.
LITTLE GEORGE BENSON: It Should've Been Me/ CAROL BLADES: Candy Store Lullabye/ BRIDGET: Little Boy/ BUTCHIE & THE VELS: Please Tell the Angels/ THE CASTELLES: Heavenly Father/ JIMMY CASTOR: Interview/ I Know the Meaning of Love/ THE CO-ED'S (FEAT GWEN EDWARDS): I'm In Love/ DONNIE & THE CHAPELLS: Jeannie/ THE EXTREMES: That's All I Want/ THE GIRLFRIENDS: No More Tears/ THE INSPIRATIONS: Aye Yai Yai/ RICHARD LANAHAM: Dance of Love/ LITTLE JOEY & THE FLIPS: It Was Heaven/ LONNIE & THE CRISIS: The Bells in the Chapel/ FRANKIE LYMON: Sea Breeze/ FRANKIE & LEWIS LYMON: Why Do Fools Fall In Love (live)/ THE MELLO-MOODS (FEAT 14 YEAR OLD RAY WOOTEN: Where Are You/ NICKY & THE NOBLES: School Bells/ RONNIE & THE CLASSMATES: Little Girl Next Door/ RONNIE & THE HIGHLITES: Too Young/ THE SALAS BROTHERS: Darlin/ THE SCHOOLBOYS: Ding A Ling Coo Coo Mop/ THE SIX TEENS: Heaven Knows I Love You/ THE STUDENTS: My Heart Is An Open Door/ That's How I Feel/ FAITH TAYLOR & THE SWEET TEENS: I Love You Darling/ TONY & THE TWILIGHTS: Key To My Heart/ THE VAN DYKES: Come On Baby/ THE VOICES FIVE: Lover Come Back To Me/ WAYNE & THE NEWTONES: I Spy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mardi Gras 1001 Mardi Gras In New Orleans ● CD $15.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mardi Gras 1005 Mardi Gras In New Orleans Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mardi Gras 1011 Best Of Jazz Fest 1988 - Live From New Orleans ● CD $15.98
This live concert recording has 12 songs from the 1988 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The Cajun/ Zydeco section has Zachary Richard, and Rockin' Dopsie doing Toot-Toot. The Jazz portion has the Olympia Brass Band performing 3 numbers including a messy version of the obligatory When The Saints Go Marching In. This disc finally heats up with performances by Dr. John, Allen Toussaint in top form singing Certain Girl/ Brickyard Blues, and Irma Thomas brings things to a rousing conclusion with . The sound recording is good although the mix is a little off in the beginning. 44 minutes long. (PG)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mardi Gras 1015 Christmas In New Orleans ● CD $15.98
Xmas tunes New Orleans R&B, jazz and gospel style - Tommy Ridgely, Charmaine Neville, The Zion Harmonizers, Willie Humphrey and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mardi Gras 1047 New Orleans Soul 60s - Watch Records ● CD $15.98
Great collection of New Orleans R&B and soul recorded for Henry Hildebrand's Watch label in the early and mid 60s. Includes several tracks by the great Professor Longhair including the the classic Big Chief with vocal by Earl King. It also features sides by The Crecents & The McMillan Sisters, Raymond Lewis, Johnny Adams, Benny Spellman, Leona Buckles, Dell Stewart and Tommy Ridgely. Except for a few sides all tracks have been remastered from original master tapes and sound is outstanding.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mardi Gras 1058 Ultimate Mardi Gras ● CD $15.98
A great collection of 15 tracks celebrating the New Orleans Mardi Gras from the 60s through the 80s - brass bands, R&B, Zydeco, funk and more - all with that distinctive New Orleans sound, from Stop Inc., Professor Longhair with Earl King (the complete two part Big Chief), The Rebirth Brass Band, Lil' Nathan, Fredy Omar con su Banda (the Latin King Of New Orleans with Mardi Gras Mambo),etc.
BIG AL AND THE HEAVYWEIGHTS: Cajun Roux/ Hey, Hey Mardi Gras/ BIG CHIEF: Smoke My Peace Pipe/ ALTON "BIG AL" CARSON: All In A Mardi Gras Day/ Because I Got High/ DJ DYNAMITE RED: Cold, Cold Mardi Gras/ LIL' NATHAN: Ballin' On Zydeco/ THE OLYMPIA BRASS BAND: Mardi Gras In New Orleans/ FREDY OMAR CON SU BANDA: Mardi Gras Mambo/ PROFESSOR LONGHAIR W/ EARL KING: Big Chief (complete Version)/ THE REBIRTH BRASS BAND: Do Whatcha Wanna/ New Orleans Music/ ROCKIN' DOPSIE, JR.: Down At The Mardi Gras/ They All Asked For You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Massabesic 105 The Rhythm Teens ● CD $14.98
Fine collection of New England vocal group sounds recorded in the late 50s. Includes 10 previously unissued tracks by the excellent Dappers - 6 of them acappella, four excellent unissued tracks by The Statics plus tracks by the Del_tones (one unissued) plus issued tracks from the Dreamtones, Five Gents, Supremes, Georgia Manis & The Allecians and others - 23 tracks all told. Includes 8 page illustrated booklet with informative notes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Maximum Bandwidth 101 One Step To Paradise, Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98
27 rare vocal group sides
THE BLENDERS: It Takes Time/ DAVE BOND: Tell Me/ THE CHARIOT GOSPEL SINGERS: Give Up Everything/ THE CHARTERS: I Lost You/ THE COALITIONS: Instead...how Are You/ THE COMPLIMENTS: Borrow Til Morning/ DOTTY DANIELS: Play Me A Sad Song/ THE DEE-CEES: You Set My Soul On Fire/ THE DEL VIKINGS: The Sun/ DOUGIE THE DUDE: Lifetime/ THE ENCHANTERS: We Make Mistakes/ THE FASCINATORS: Doom Bada Doom/ THE FASHIONS: Why Don't You Stay A Little Longer/ THE FIVE DELIGHTS: That Love Affair/ The Thought Of Losing You/ THOMAS HENRY: So Much In Love/ EDD HENRY,THE NICKELS & THE THREE PENNIES: I Love Only You/ JUNE JACKSON & THE JACKAELS: That Look In Your Eye/ THE JIVE BOMBERS: Days Of Wine & Roses/ STELLA JOHNSON: What Do They Know/ BOBBY POWELL: The Bells/ THE SYMPHONICS: All Roads Lead To Heartbreak/ THE TOPS: An Innocent Kiss/ THE UNIQUES: Look At Me/ THE VIBES: Darlings/ KENNY WILLIAMS: Old Fashioned Christmas/ THE ZORRO: Somebody Cares

VARIOUS ARTISTS Maximum Bandwidth 102 One Step To Paradise, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
27 doo-wop rarities in a provocative cover
THE BARITONES: After School Rock/ THE BLEND-TONES: Lights Please/ GOLDIE COATES & THE BLENDERS: Love Is A Treasure/ THE COMIC BOOKS: Manuel/ THE COMPANIONS: Falling/ THE COVINAS: Five Minutes More/ THE CREATORS: Too Far To Turn Around/ TONY DEE & THE PAGEANTS: Saturday Romance/ THE DREAM TIMERS: An Invitation/ THE EARTHQUAKES: Darling Be Mine/ THE ELGINS: Here In Your Arms/ THE EMERS: Wait For Me/ THE FOSTER BROTHERS: Let's Jam/ THE JAYNELLS: I'll Stay Home/ BILLY JONES & THE SQUIRES: Listen To Your Heart/ ZE MAJESTICS: Bobbi Ann/ THE MANDELLS: Darling I'm Home/ THE METRONOMES: Dear Don/ JEFF MILNER & THE EMBERS: Then I'll Stop Loving You/ THE ORIGINAL RED CAPS: Where Are You?/ THE ORIGINALS: You And I/ THE SPIEDELS: No/ THE TRINADADS: One Lonely Night/ When We're Together/ THE TRU-TONES: Tears In My Eyes/ VIRGIL & THE FOUR CHANELS: Waiting/ THE YOUNGSTERS: Dreamy Eyes

VARIOUS ARTISTS MCG 101 My Chinese Girl ● CD $18.98
Immensely entertaining collection of mostly vocal group R&B showing a fascination for things Oriental including Chinese Boogie by The Hytones, Hong Kong by The Hi-Fives, Ping Pong by The Tangiers, Ling Ting Tong by The 5 Keys, Bamboo Rock And Roll by The Nitecaps, Ching Chong by The Pips, Mamie Wong by Ben E. Williams & Steps 4, My Chines Girl by The Five Discs, Charlie Chan by The Sounds, Gomen Nasai by The Jets and more.
THE ACCENTS: Ching A Long/ THE ANTENNAS: Fuji Yama Mama/ THE CASANOVAS: Hush A Mecca/ THE CELLOS: Rang Tang Ding Dong/ BRUCE CLARK & THE Q'S: Went To Chinatown/ THE DOWNBEATS: China Doll/ THE EL DORADOS: Chop Ling Soon/ THE FIVE CHANCES: Nagasaki/ THE FIVE DISCS: My Chinese Girl/ THE FIVE KEYS: Ling Ting Ting/ THE GLAD RAGS: My China Doll/ THE GLOWTONES: Ping Pong/ SCREAMIN JAY HAWKINS: Hong Kong/ THE HI FIVES: Hong Kong/ THE HYTONES: Chinese Boogie/ THE JETS: Gomen Nasai/ THE LA SALLES: Chopsticks/ THE LINCOLNS: Sukiyaki Rock/ THE MONTAGUES: Chinese Rock/ THE NITECAPS: Bamboo Rock And Roll/ THE PHAROAHS: Chna Girl/ THE PIPS: Ching Chong/ THE QUINNS: Hong Kong/ THE RAYS: Moo Goo Gai Pan/ THE REVELS: Foo Man Choo/ THE ROVERS: Ichi Bon Tami Dachi/ THE SOUNDS: Charlie Chan/ THE TANGIERS: Ping Pong/ THE VALTONES: Siam Sam/ BEN E. WILLIAMS: Mamie Wong/ Nay Or Gwor

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mercury 5001 Mercury Doo-Wop, Vol. #1 ● CD $18.98
26 track collection
THE ACCENTS: Enchanted Garden/ Tell Me Now/ THE ADMIRATIONS: Bells Of Rosa Rita/ To The Aisle/ DON ANGELO: I'm Sorry Dear/ THE BACHELORS: Hereafter/ Yesterday's Roses/ WINI BROWN & HER BOYFRIENDS: Be Anything (but Be Mine)/ Heaven Knows Why/ Here In My Heart/ Your Happiness Is Mine/ THE CADILLACS: I'm Willing/ THE CHESTNUTS: Don't Go/ I Wanna Come Home/ THE DERBY'S: Night After Night/ THE DERBYS: Just Leave Me Alone/ THE EMPIRES: By The Riverside/ Don't Touch My Gal/ I Want To Know/ My First Discovery/ Shirley/ Tell Me Pretty Baby/ THE FIVE DREAMS: Up All Night Long/ You Are My Only/ THE PRESTOS: Looking For Love/ Till We Meet Again

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mercury 5002 Mercury Doo-Wop, Vol. #2 ● CD $18.98
25 sides
THE EAGLES: Do You Need Me/ Don't You Wanna Be Mine/ I Stole A Rose/ I Told Myself/ Just Right/ Please Please/ Such A Fool/ Tryin' To Get To You/ What A Crazy Feeling/ THE EASTMEN: Bye Bye My Baby/ Lover Come Home/ THE EPICS: The Bells Are Ringing/ White Cliffs Of Dover/ THE FALCONS: Baby That's It/ This Day/ MAUREEN GRAY: The Story Of My Love/ THE GRIFFINS: Bad Little Girl/ Forever More/ I Swear By All The Stars Above/ Leave It To Me/ My Baby's Gone/ Scheming/ Sing To Me/ Why Must You Go/ JOE & THE EMBERS: Don't Forget To Write

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mercury 5003 Mercury Doo-Wop, Vol. #3 ● CD $18.98
27 tracks.
JIMMY CASTOR & JUNIORS: I Promise/ JIMMY CASTOR & THE JUNIORS: I Know The Meaning Of Love/ THE FOUR PLAID THROATS: My Inspiration/ The Message/ THE GAINORS: I'm Still In Love With You/ Nothing Means More To Me/ Please Consider/ She's Gone/ THE HONEYTONES: False Alarm/ Honeybun Cha Cha/ Somewhere Sometime Someday/ Too Bad/ THE IVORIES: I'm In Love/ Me & You/ MARIE KNIGHT: As Long As I Love/ Grasshopper Baby/ Look At Me/ Tell Me Why/ THE LITTLEBEATS: Love Is True/ Someone For Me/ MAJOR LANCE: I've Got A Girl/ THE MEDALLIONAIRES: Magic Moonlight/ THE MILLER BROTHERS: If I Had A Car/ Try/ PAUL & DALE: She Belongs To Me/ THE RED CAPS: I'll Never Love Anyone Else/ JOYCE TAYLOR: This Is It

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mercury 5004 Mercury Doo-Wop, Vol. #4 ● CD $18.98
25 tracks
THE ADMIRATIONS: Little Bo Peep/ THE BLANDERS: Desert Sands/ THE CASHMERES: Don't Let It Happen Again/ There's A Rumor/ Yes Yes Yes/ THE DEL VIKINGS: Can't You See/ How Could You/ Oh I Love You/ THE DREAMERS: Ain't Gonna Worry No More/ I'm Gonna Hate Myself In the Morning/ THE FOSTER BROTHERS: Show Me/ EDDIE HOLLAND: You You You You/ Little Miss Ruby/ THE MEDALLIONARES: Teenage Caravan/ THE PARAMOURS: Prison Break/ That's The Way We Love/ TINA ROBINS & GROUP: Play It Agin/ TIMMIE RODGERS: If I Give My Love To You/ THE SKYSCRAPERS: Don't Cry/ I Thought You'd Care/ FRANKIE VALLEY & TRAVELERS: Forgive & Forget/ Somebody Else/ AZENO VIP VAY: Boom Mag/ THE VISCOUNTS: My Girl/ Raindrop

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mercury 5005 Mercury Doo-Wop, Vol. #5 ● CD $18.98
25 more sides
ANTHONY & THE SOPHOMORES: Better Late Than Never/ BILLY & THE ESSENTIALS: The Last Dance/ THE BLANDERS: Jitterbug/ THE DELTA RHYTHM BOYS: All the Things You Are/ Gypsy In My Soul/ I've Got You Under My Skin/ Lover Come Back To Me/ On the Sunny Side of the Street/ They Didn't Believe Me/ THE FLIPS: Gone Away/ I'll Never Be the Same/ THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET: Didn't That Man Believe/ There's A Man Going Around Takin' Names/ MARIE KNIGHT: Am I Reaching For the Moon/ RIC LANCE & THE SPIRALS: Remember the Lonely/ BOBBY LEWIS & GROUP: Oh Mr Somebody/ THE LINCOLNS: Baby Please Let Me Love You/ Can't You Go For Me/ LITTLE ELLEN & THE DESIRES: Answer Me My Love/ That Other Guy/ THE MONARCHS: Angels in the Sky/ i Wanna Go Home/ RICK & THE KEENS: Maybe/ Popcorn/ THE VICEROYS: I'm So Sorry

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mercury 5006 Mercury Doo-Wop, Vol. #6 ● CD $18.98
THE BAKER SISTERS: Break the String/ THE CADILLACS: Thrill Me So/ What You Bet/ You Are to Blame/ THE CASHMERES: My Sentimental Heart/ Second Hand Heart/ THE CHANTEERS: Just A Little Boy/ She's Coming Home/ THE DESIRES: I Never Loved Like This Before/ There I Go Again/ THE DREAMTONES: Say Baby Hey/ Was I Dreaming/ THE FOUR GUYS: Not As A Stranger/ Tonight's the Night/ CHUCK JONES: My Dearest Treasure/ My Silent Heart/ THE PRESIDENTS: The Toast/ THE RED CAPS: Wedding Bells/ THE SPIRALS: Forever and A Day/ Please Be My Love/ THE VOXPOPPERS: Ping Pong Baby/ Pony Tail/ The Last Drag/ BILLY WILLIAMS: Ask Me No Questions/ I've Got An Invitation To A Dance

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mercury 5007 Mercury Doo-Wop, Vol. #7 ● CD $18.98
THE CHANTEERS: Mr Zebra/ Waited/ DORISETTA CLARK & GROUP: It Would Mean So Much To Me/ You Love Me (You Love Me Not)/ THE DANLEERS: A Picture of You/ I Really Love You/ THE DREAMERS: I'm Gonna Hate Myself in the Morning/ Please Don't Leave Me/ Walking My Blues Away/ THE FIVE QUAILS: Hop Scotch Rock/ Jungle Baby/ THE GAINORS: A Message With Flowers/ She's My Lolly Pop/ KRIPP JOHNSON & GROUP: A Door That Is Open/ Everlasting/ One Last Time/ Still I Forgive/ MAJOR LANCE & THE IMPRESSIONS: Phyllis/ LITTLE DAVID & GROUP: I'm Glad I Wanted/ Sweet Tender Love/ CLYDETHE MCPHATTER & GROUP: I Ain't Giving Up Nothing/ CLYDE MCPHATTER & GROUP: I Just Want To Love You/ You're For Me/ THE VELTONES: A Fool In Love/ Someday

VARIOUS ARTISTS MGM 401 MGM Doo-Wops #1 ● CD $18.98
Another new series of vocal group gems - this time devoted to doo-wop from the MGM label. The first volume has 25 tracks.
RITCHIE ADAMS: You Were Mine/ THE BEALE STREET BOYS: Baby Don't Be Mad At Me/ Wait'll I Get You In My Dreams Tonight/ CHARLES CALHOUN: Smack Dab In the Middle/ Why the Car Won't Go/ THE CHANTS: Kiss Me Goodbye/ THE CHORDS: Elephant Walk/ THE CRICKETS: For You I Have Eyes/ I'll Cry No More/ Milk & Gin/ You're Mine/ THE EBONAIRES: Bye Bye Bye Bye/ Come In Mr Blues/ THE FIVE RED CAPS: I Learned A Lesson/ Sugar Ups/ THE SERENADERS: Dance Darlin Dance/ I Wrote A Letter/ Never Let Me Go/ THE WEBTONES: My Lost Love/ Walk Talk & Kiss/ BILLY WILLIAMS QUARTET: Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Busy Line/ Confetti/ Don't Grieve Don't Sorrow Don't Cry/ I Won't Cry Anymore

VARIOUS ARTISTS MGM 402 MGM Doo-Wops #2 ● CD $18.98
The second volume has 25 more sides
CHUCK ALAMO QUARTET: How I Love You/ Lovers Again/ Where's My Baby/ THE BACHELORS: Sometimes/ RICHARD BARRETT: Body & Soul/ Lovable/ The Party/ THE BEALE STREET BOYS: Home/ Teach Me Teach Me Baby/ Wedding Bells/ Why Does It Have To Rain On Sunday/ BILLY BROWN & THE BUTTERBALL FOUR: Diamond Mine In Madagascar/ You Broke My Heart/ THE CHARIOTEERS: I Didn't Mean To Be Mean To You/ The Candle/ THE ELGINS: A Picture Of You/ Mademoiselle/ THE FIVE SHADES: One Hot Dog/ Sherlock Jones/ THE HIDE-A-WAYS: Cherie/ Me Make Um Pow Pow/ GLADYS PATRICK: Love Is A Wailing Thing/ Somebody Please/ THE WANDERERS: As Time Goes By/ There Is No Greater Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS MGM 403 MGM Doo-Wops #3 ● CD $18.98

THE BLENDERS: I Don't Miss You Anymore/ If That's the Way You Want It Baby/ Isn't It A Shame/ Please Take Me Back/ THE CRYSTALS: Better Come Back To Me/ That's Where I Belong/ GLADYS PATRICK: Love Is A Wailing Thing/ Somebody Please/ The Blues/ Unchain My Heart/ THE SOLITAIRES: Fair Weather Lover/ Fool That I Am/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Gotta Get On the Train/ Half Angel/ Little Did I Dream/ Lovely Lady (Linda Lou)/ BILLY WILLIAMS QUARTET: I'll Never Fail You/ It's No Sin/ It's Over/ Pretty Eyed Baby/ Shanghai/ The Gaucho Serenade/ The Wondrous World/ What You Don't Know Of Love/ You Made Me Love You

VARIOUS ARTISTS MGM 404 MGM Doo-Wops #4 ● CD $18.98

RICHARD BARRETT: Only One Way/ Remember Me/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ THE BLENDTONES: Lilly/ Military Kick/ EDDIE CARTER QUARTET: Eat Em Up/ THE DEAMGIRLS: Heartaches/ THE DREAMGIRLS: Love Him/ WILHELMIA GARY: Don't Wake Up/ When the One You Love Loves You/ SONNY GEORGE: Lip Lockin/ Tell Me Tell Me/ JACKS & A JILL: I Can't Forget/ Red Dog/ SHIRLEY JACKSON: Wait For Me/ BILLY MOORE QUARTET: Here It Is Come And Get It/ BILLYTHE MOORE QUARTET: Out of the Bushes/ BILLY MOORE QUARTET: Pour the Corn John/ That Don't Do Me No Good/ THE NORMANAIRES: My Greatest Sin/ Wrapit Up/ THE NOTES: Round & Round/ Trust In Me/ OCIE SMITH: Just Kiss Me/ THE VELAIRS: A Prom & A Promise/ Don't Tell Tales Out of School

VARIOUS ARTISTS MGM 405 MGM Doo-Wops #5 ● CD $18.98

THE KARTUNES: Dedicated To Love/ Will You Marry Me/ Willie the Weeper/ raindrops/ HERB KENNY & ROCKETS: Take A Little Leave A Little/ HERB KENNY & THE ROCKETS: Calling You/ Do I Have To Tell You I'm Sorry/ Don't Take My Word/ I Don't Care/ I Miss You So/ My Song/ You Never Heard A Word I Said/ JOHNNY OLIVER: Darling Is It True/ I Must Have Love/ Lemonade Baby/ BACK HOME RAMBLERS: Please Bring Yourself The/ THE RAMBLERS: Bad Girl/ Rickey Do Rickey Do/ Vadunt Un Va Da Song/ THE SERENADERS: Give Me A Girl/ I Wrote A Letter/ Mom & Pop (Unreleased)/ My Love (Unreleased)/ Wonder In My Heart (Unreleased)/ THE VARIETEERS: I'll Try To Forget I Loved You/ You Don't Move Me No More/ DANNY WINCHELL: I Do I Do

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mid Century Music MCM 1001 The Great Groups - The Lost Masters, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
24 tunes, all described as "first time on CD" though since this CD was originally issued in 1998 this is no longer the case. Includes Dion & The Belmonts (an alternate take of Teen Angel with studio chatter), Platters, Rockin' Chairs, Devotions (alternate of Snow White), Silvatones (alternate take of Chi-Wa-Waa), The Restless Hearts (with Fred Parris), The Orients, etc.
THE CADILLACS: Woe Is Me/ THE CAMEOS: New Years Eve/ THE CHARIOTS: Gloria/ THE DEL VIKINGS: Don't Be A Fool/ THE DEMENSIONS: Again/ THE DEVOTIONS: Snow White (alt.take)/ DION & BELMONTS: Teen Angel (alt.take)/ THE ETERNALS: My Girl/ NORMAN FOX & THE ROBROYS: Dream Girl/ LONNIE & THE CARROLONS: Need Your Lovin/ THE MEADOWLARKS: Pass The Gin/ THE ORIENTS: Queen Of The Angels/ THE PASSIONS: Too Many Memories/ THE PATELS: So Far Away/ THE PENGUINS: Be Mine Or Be A Fool (alt tak)/ THE PLATTERS: Hey Now/ THE PLAYBOYS: Over The Weekend/ THE RESTLESS HEARTS: No Use In Crying/ THE ROCKIN' CHAIRS: Please Mary Lou/ THE ROYALTONES: Crazy Love/ THE SHIELDS: Nature Boy/ THE SILVATONES: Chi-wa-waa (alt Take)/ THE SKYLINERS: Everyone But You/ THE SPARKLETONES: Softly

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mighty Mick 701 East Coast - West Coast, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
Nicely put together compilation. The first 12 tracks features East Coast groups (mostly New York) - one for each year between 1950 and 1961 and the second 12 features West Coast groups (mostly Los Angeles) also year by year. The insert discusses some of the differences between East Coast and West Coast styles and it might have made more sense to alternate the East Coast and West Coast sides.  Many of the tracks have been out before but the concept here makes it worthwhile and sound quality is excellent.
THE BLENDERS: I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over/ THE BLUENOTES: If It's Our Destiny/ THE CABINEERS: My My My/ THE COBRAS: Sindy/ THE CONCORDS: Candlelite/ THE CRESCENDOS: Baby Doll/ THE CROWNS: Why Did You Go Away/ THE DON JUANS (UNISSUED): Weeping Over You/ THE FABULOUS PEARLS: I Laughed So Hard/ THE FLAIRS: This Is The Night For Love/ THE FOUR FLAMES: Wheel Of Fortune/ THE GLADIATORS: Girl Of My Heart/ THE HOLIDAYS: The Stars Will Remember/ THE LEGENDS: The Eyes Of An Angel/ THE MASTERS: A Man Is Not Supposed To Cry/ THE MELLO MOODS: I'm Lost/ THE NIC NACS: I Found Me A Sugar Daddy/ THE ROBINS: My Hearts The Biggest Fool/ That's What The Good Book Says/ THE SIX TEENS: Oh It's Crazy/ THE SOLITAIRES: South Of The Border/ THE TREMAINES: Jingle Jingle/ THE VELVETS: I/ THE YOUNG HEARTS: Do Not Forsake Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Milestone 1003 Doo Wop Gold : The Best Of Milestone Records ● CD $18.98
27 tracks of Los Angeles doo-wop from the early 60s recorded for Werley Fairburn's Milestone label. It includes the label's two biggest hits Diamonds & Pearls by The Paradons and Lover's Island along with other fine sides from these two groups and also from The Hi Tensions, Metronomes, Angels and The Wilsons.
THE ANGELS: I'm Saying Goodbye/ Real Sensation/ THE BLUE JAYS: Lover's Island/ THE BLUEJAYS: Let's Make Love/ Rock Rock Rock/ So Long, Lover's Island/ Tears Are Falling/ The Right To Love/ Tree Tall Len/ Venus, My Love/ You're Gonna Cry/ THE HI TENSIONS: Come What May/ Ebbing Of The Tide/ Gotta Good Feeling/ Old Times/ She'll Break Your Heart/ So Far Away/ The Clock/ The Wedding Song/ Traveling Lady/ THE METRONOMES: Fountain Of Love/ If You Care/ THE PARADONS: Bells Ring/ Diamonds & Pearls/ I Want To Love/ Please Tell Me/ THE WILSONS: Let Me Help You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Million 2001 The Best Of Million Records ● CD $18.98
Fine and varied collection of R&B, blues and doo-wop recorded for the Los Angeles based Million label in the early/ mid 50s.
CHRISTINE CHATMAN: Run Cal Run/ Wing's Lament/ THE CHROMATICS: Don't Know Why I Cry/ Tell A Lie/ RAVON DARNELL & THE VOICES: I'll Be Back/ RAVON DARNELL & VOICES: One of These Mornings/ DAN GRISSOM & THE EBB TIDES: Just Fall In Love/ DAN GRISSOM & EBB TIDES: Recess in Heaven/ MAD MILO: Elvis For Christmas/ PEPPY PRINCE: Ain't Nothin Shakin/ Hey Miss Harriette/ SHERRY RAVON: Wabble Lou/ ROY TAN: Happy New Year/ SHERRY WASHINGTON & THE CHROMATICS: Here in the Darkness/ La De So De Do Honeymug/ JAMES WAYNE: Gotta Good Girl/ Junco's Return/ BIG JIM WYNN: Down to the Ocean/ I'm the Boss

VARIOUS ARTISTS Monogram 4004 The Best Of Monogram Records ● CD $18.98
A collection of 22 doo-wop sides by obscure groups that were originally issued as singles in the 70s on the Monogram label though the recordings sound like they come from the 50s
OVIN BABY - EDDIE CARTER QUARTET: Oo/ THE BAY-TONES: Completely Lost My Mind/ Oh My Darling/ EDDIE CARTER QUARTET: Little Joe/ THE DECALS: Londonerry Air/ There In The Moonlight/ THE DUKAYS: Night Owl/ THE INCAS: Cottage By The Sea/ The Time For Love/ THE JEWELS: I Had A Dream/ Strawberry Peak/ JOSE & AZTECS: Baby Baby/ LITTLE JOEY & FLIPS: The Mystery Of The Night/ THE MONOGRAMS: Baby/ THE NOTE-MAKERS: Sally, The Cosmetic Queen/ Take Me As I Am/ THE ROLLING STONES: Sherrie's In Love/ THE SHELLS: I'm In The Doghouse/ Will You Miss Me/ THE VENANGOS: A Sad, Sad Story/ My Girl/ THE VERSATILES: My Autumn Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Moonlight Music 2001 Moonlight Music, Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98

THE ACCENTS: `til You Bring Your Love To Me/ ANTHONY & THE SOPHOMORES: I'll Go Through Life Loving You/ THE ARROWS: Annie Mae/ THE BEL-AIRES: My Yearbook/ THE CHARTERS: Lost In A Dream/ THE CHIMES: Who's Heart Are You Breaking Now/ THE CROWNS: I'll Forget About You/ THE DAYLIGHTERS: Oh What A Way To Be Loved/ THE DEL KNIGHTS: Wherever You Are/ THE DREAM TIMERS: An Invitation/ THE FABULAIRES: Wedding Song/ THE FOUR BUDDIES: I Want To Be The Boy You Love/ GINGER & THE CHIFFONS: She/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Devil Or Angel/ THE IDEALS: Don Juan/ THE INTERIORS: Echoes/ THE JEWELS: The Wind/ THE JUVENILES: I've Lied/ JOYCE KENNEDY & GROUP: How Old Is Old/ THE KRAFTONES: Memories/ THE SILHOUETTES: I Sold My Heart To The Junkman/ THE SUNSETS: How Will I Remember/ THE SWINGING HEARTS: How Can I Love You/ TEDDY & THE CONTINENTALS: Crying Over You/ THE VIDELS: I Wish/ THE VOWS: Have You Heard/ LEE WASHINGTON & GROUP: Little Girl/ COUNT YATES & GROUP: Golden Key

VARIOUS ARTISTS Moonlight Music 2002 Moonlight Music, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
26 vocal group rarities
THE ATLANTICS: Remember The Night/ THE BLEN-DELLS: Say You're Mine/ GLADYS CAINE & GROUP: Please Mr. D.J./ THE CAVALIERS: The Magic Age Of Sixteen/ THE CHANNELLS: You Hurt Me/ THE CHANTS: Heaven & Paradise/ THE CONCORDS: Our Last Goodbye/ THE CREATORS: I'll Stay Home/ THE DELCOS: These Three Little Words/ THE EMBERS: Solitaire/ THE EXPLORERS: Vision Of Love/ LINCOLN FIG & THE DATES: Kiss Me Tenderly/ THE FOUR CHEVELLES: Darling Forever/ THE FOUR PENNIES: Tis The Season/ THE IMAGINATIONS: I Want A Girl/ THE LARKS: I Want Her To Love Me/ LONNIE & THE CAROLLONS: Chapel of Tears/ THE LYRICS: Oh Please Love Me/ THE MANDELLS: Darling I'm Home/ THE MARVELS: For Sentimental Reasons/ THE MEADOWLARKS: Sad, Sad Boy/ THE RIVINGTONS: Cherry/ THE ROBINS: It's Never Too Late/ TERRY & THE TRI-TONES: Oh What A Night/ TOMMY VANN & THE PROFESSIONALS: Does Your Mommy Know About Me/ THE VOCALEERS: A Golden Tear

VARIOUS ARTISTS Motorcity Records 60012 Doo-Wops From The Motor City ● CD $18.98
Fine selection of early 60s doo-wop from Detroit including some unissued alternate takes. There are 14 tracks from the excellent Satintones including two versions of their answer song to Will You Love Me Tomorrow called Tomorrow & Always. There are six tracks from the The Valadiers - another fine group - including their soulful Greeting (This Is Uncle Sam), two from the Equadors and one from Mike & The Modifiers. Sound on some tracks is a bit thin and distorted.

VARIOUS ARTISTS MRCD 100 The Best Doo-Wops Of Madison, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First of two volumes featuring recordings made for this New York based label in the early/ mid 60s. 25 tracks including Nino & The Ebbtides' fine cover of Those Oldies But Goodies plus sides by The Untouchables, The Tassels,  The Perris, The Freckles & more.
THE FRECKLES: Freckle Face/ Little Star/ NINO & EBB TIDES: Jukebox Saturday Night/ NINO & THE EBB TIDES: (someday) I'll Fall In Love/ Don't Run Away/ Those Oldies But Goodies/ THE PERRIS: Ballad Of A Happy Heart/ Jerilee/ JIMMY RAND: Peggy Peggy/ The Only Girl In My Life/ THE SINGING BELLES: High Noon/ THE TASSELS: My Guy & I/ To A Soldier Boy/ To A Young Lover/ THE TASSLES: The Boy For Me/ TICO & THE TRIUMPHS: Motorcycle/ TICO & TRIUMPHS: I Don't Believe Them/ THE UNTOUCHABLES: Do Your Best/ Everybody's Laughing/ Goodnight Sweetheart/ New Fad/ Poor Boy Needs A Preacher/ Raising Sugar Cane/ Sixty Minute Man/ Vickie Lee

VARIOUS ARTISTS MRCD 200 The Best Doo-Wops Of Madison, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks including Dante & The Evergreens version of Alley Oop plus Miss Frankie Nolan, Gary Stites, The Bell Notes and the others.
HUGH BARRETT & THE VICTORS: Got The Bull By The Horns/ There Is A Fungus Among Us/ THE BELL NOTES: Friendly Star/ Real Wild Child/ Shortnin Bread/ To Each His Own/ BUDDY CLINTON: Joanies Forever/ Take Me To Your Leader/ DANTE & EVERGREENS: Time Machine/ DANTE & THE EVERGREENS: (gotta Be) The Right Time/ Alley Oop/ Da Doo/ Dream Land/ Think Sweet Thoughts/ What Are You Doing New Years Eve/ Yeah Baby/ EDDIE DELMAR: Blanche/ Love Bells/ MISS FRANKIE NOLAN: A Week From Sunday/ Say No More/ THE SINGING BELLES: Oh Happy Day/ Someone Love You Joe/ The Empty Mailbox/ GARY STITES: Honey Girl/ Little Lovely One

VARIOUS ARTISTS MRCD 400 Doo-Wop from Mala Records ● CD $17.98
17 tunes from the early/ mid 60s, many making their first appearance on CD
THE BOUQUETS: I Love Him So/ No Love At All/ THE CARTER RAYS: Bless You/ Keep Listening To You Heart/ THE CHECKER COAT BOYS: Whispering Bells/ THE DEL SATINS: Believe In Me/ Two Broken Hearts/ DAVID GATES: What's This I Hear/ You'll Be My Baby/ THE HARBOR LIGHTS: Angel Of Love/ Tick A Tick A Tock/ GINNY MICHAELS: Everyone Was There But You/ True Confessions/ EVAN MITCHELL: Get Back In De Bed/ Pollyanna/ NINO & EBB-TIDES: Linda Lou Garrett (likes A 24 Karat)/ NINO & THE EBB-TIDES: Automatic Reaction/ PORGY & THE MONARCHS: Somebody Said (i'd Cry Someday)/ Stay

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1000 Memory Lane - 28 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 69 min., recommended
A generous various artist collection featuring group and single artist selections drawn from a wide variety of labels. Highlights include Memory Lane by the Hippies from 1963, There Goes (a Pretty Girl) by the Enchanters, A Casual Look by the Six Teens, Bing Bong by Vince Castro, Somethin' Cool by the Academics, W-P-L-J by the 4 Deuces from 1955, Dance Dance Dance by the Cavaliers, Shirley by John Fred & the Playboy Band from 1962, Henrietta by Jimmy Dee & the Offbeats, You're Mine Oh Mine by Bobby & Ronald, Chop Chop Boom by the Danderliers, That's How I Feel by the Students, and Mary Lee by the Rainbows from 1955. A nice compilation, featuring solid sound quality and no notes at all. (DH)
THE ACADEMICS: Somethin' Cool/ THE BARONS: Pledge Of A Fool/ BOBBY & HIS ORBITS: Felicia/ BOBBY & RONALD: You're Mine Oh Mine/ VINCE CASTRO: Bong Bong/ THE CAVALIERS: Dance, Dance, Dance/ COLLAY & THE SATELLITES: Last Chance/ RITCHIE CORDELL: Tick Tock/ THE CROWNS: Kiss & Make Up/ THE DANDERLIERS: Chop Chop Boom/ JIMMY DEE & THE OFF BEATS: Henrietta/ THE DELACARDOS: Letter To A School Girl/ THE EL CAPRIS: Oh, But She Did/ THE ENCHANTERS: There Goes/ THE FIVE STARS: Pickin' The Wrong Chicken/ THE FOUR DEUCES: W-p-l-j/ JOHN FRED & THE PLAYBOY BAND: Shirley/ THE GLOBETROTTERS: Rainy Day Bells/ BOBBY HAMILTON: Crazy Eyes For You/ THE HIPPIES: Memory Lane/ THE RAINBOWS: Mary Lee/ THE SIX TEENS: A Casual Look/ THE STUDENTS: That's How I Feel/ JOE WEAVER & THE DON JUANS: Baby I Love You So/ THE WILLOWS: Now That I Have You/ D. WOODS & THE BEL AIRES: Death Of An Angel/ THE YOUNGSTERS: Shattered Dreams/ DANNY ZELLA & THE ZEL ROCKS: Wicked Ruby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1001 Do You Remember? 30 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 73 min., recommended
This second volume from the Mr. Maestro label is another generous and interesting various artist 50's collection. The opening and closing numbers, providing the keynote for the program as a whole, are parts one and two of the Torreadors' Do You Remember. Between those two framing cuts are Anniverary of Love by the Caslons, Sapphire by Big Danny Oliver, Do What You Did by Thurston Harris, I Love an Angel by Little Bill & the Blue Notes, Pistol Packin' Mama by the Hurricanes, On Your Radio by Richard Lanham, Lovers by the Blendtones, A Letter from Ann by the Videls, Hide and Go Seek by Bunker Hill, Moments by Jenell Hawkins, Come Dance with Me by Eddie Quinteros, and Chills and Fever by Ronnie Love. All in all, a nice mix of ballads and jumps, and of solos and group numbers. Sound quality is solid, cover art is generic, and there are no notes at all. (DH)
CHUCK ALAIMO: Leap Frog/ RICHARD BERRY: Louie Louie/ THE BLENDTONES: Lovers/ BUNKER HILL: Hide And Go Seek/ THE CASLONS: Anniversary Of Love/ THE EMBERS: Solitaire/ THE EMJAYS: This Is My Love/ THE GRADUATES: Ballad Of A Girl And Boy/ THURSTON HARRIS: Do What You Did/ THE HURRICANES: Pistol Packin' Mama/ JENELL HAWKINS: Moment/ ROMONA KING: Oriental Garden/ THE KINGSMEN: Weekend/ RICHARD LANHAM: On Your Radio/ LITTLE BILL & THE BLUE NOTES: I Love An Angel/ RONNIE LOVE: Chills & fever/ JOHNNY MADERA: Vacation Time/ MICKEY & SYLVIA: Se De Boom Run Dun/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Hippity Ha/ THE NIGHTCAPS: Wine, Wine, Wine/ BIG DANNY OLIVER: Sapphire/ EDDIE QUINTEROS: Come Dance With Me/ THE QUOTATIONS: Ala Men Sy/ TIMMIE ROGERS: Back To School Again/ SHIRLEY & LEE: I Feel Good/ THE SPIEDELS: No/ GARY STITES: Lonely For You/ THE TORREADORS: Do You Remember; Part 2/ Do You Remember?/ THE VIDELS: A Letter From Ann

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1002 Our Songs Of Love - 30 original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 72 min., recommended
Another generous late 50's to early 60's rock 'n' roll sampler from Mr. Maestro. There is the expected mix of tempos, and, even though most numbers are by groups, there are several solid single artist records. My only quibble would be that the play list seems a bit heavy on kiddie records early on. Big deal. Featured tracks include the title track by the Love Notes, Over the Weekend by the Playboys, Lovely Lies by the Manhattan Brothers, Stormy Weather by the Leaders, White Cliffs of Dover by the Robins, the incredibly slow and somber Oh Happy Day by Don Howard, Need Your Love by the Metallics, You're the One by the Five Keys, Things I Love by the Fidelities, Lovely Dee by the Untouchables, The Joker by Billy Myles, and Drive-In Movie by the Academics. Lots of good music. Excellent sound quality. And a really corny cover. (DH)
THE ACADEMICS: Drive-In Movie/ EDDIE COOLEY: Priscilla/ THE DAPPERS: Mambo Oongh/ LES ELGART: Bandstand Boogie/ SCOTT ENGLISH: High On A Hill/ THE FIDELITIES: Things I Love/ THE FIVE KEYS: You're The One/ THE FOUR DATES: I'm Happy/ THE GONE ALL STARS: 7-11/ MICKEY HAWKS & THE NIGHT RIDERS: Bip Bop Boom/ DON HOWARD: Oh Happy Day/ THE IMPALAS: Why/ THE LEADERS: Stormy Weather/ THE LOVE NOTES: Our Songs Of Love/ THE MANHATTAN BROTHERS: Lovely Lies/ THE METALLICS: Need Your Love/ BILLY MYLES: Joker/ THE PLAYBOYS: Over The Weekend/ So Good/ RAY & BOB: Air Travel/ THE ROBINS: White Cliffs Of Dover/ THE ROYAL TEENS: Big Name Button/ THE ROYALTONES: Flamingo Express/ Poor Boy/ RUTH & AL: Real Gone Party/ THE SOPHOMORES: Cool Cool Baby/ TICO & THE TRIUMPHS: Motorcycle/ THE TROJANS: Alone In This World/ THE UNTOUCHABLES: Lovely Dee/ BILLY WILLIAMS: Crazy Little Palace

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1003 Play Those OLdies ● CD $18.98
30 tracks
ANTHONY & THE SOPHOMORES: Play Those Oldies, Mr. Dj/ DOC BAGBY: Dumplins/ THE BAN LONS: Hey Good Lookin'/ THE BLUE NOTES: My Hero/ THE BONNIE SISTERS: Cry Baby/ RUSTY BRYANT: All Night Long/ THE CELLOS: Rang Tang Ding Dong/ PAUL CHAMPLAIN & THE EMERALDS: Shortin' Bread/ THE DOMINOES: Deep Purple/ SCOTT ENGLISH & THE ACCENTS: All I Want Is You/ THE FLAIRS: In Self Defense/ JOHNNY FULLER: Sister Jenny/ GENE & EUNICE: I Gotta Go Home/ CHARLIE GRACE: Butterfly/ DALE HAWKINS: Poor Little Rhode Island/ RUSTY ISABELL: Firewater/ THE IVY TONES: Oo Wee Baby/ THE MARVELS: For Sentimental Reasons/ NATHANIEL MAYER & THE FABULOUS TWILIGHTS: Village Of Love/ THE MONARCHS: This Old Heart/ THE NEONS: Angel Face/ THE PARAMOUNTS: You're Seventeen/ THE PRELUDES: Kingdom Of Love/ ROCHELLE & THE CANDLES: Each Night/ THE SILHOUETTES: Bullfrog/ DOC STARK & THE NITE RIDERS: Apple Cider/ THE TASSELS: To A Soldier Boy/ THE VELVETEERS: Teen Prayer/ JIMMY WIDE: Crazy Eyes For You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1004 Bring Back Those Doo-Wops - 30 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
Another wide ranging selection of material.
LEE ANDREWS & THE HEARTS: I'm Sorry Pillow/ THE BAGDADS: Bring Back Those Doo Wops/ RICHARD BARRETT: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ THE BELL NOTES: I've Had It/ THE BLENDERS: Daughter/ THE BONETTS: Ya Gotta Take Take A Chance/ SOLOMON BURKE: A Picture Of You/ THE CAPRIS: Morse Code Of Love/ THE CASHMERES: Satisfied Part 1/ Satisfied Part 2/ LOU CHRISTIE: All That Glitters Isn't Gold/ THE CORSAIRS: Smokey Places/ THE CRESTS: Sweetest One/ THE CUPIDS: Brenda/ THE DREAMERS: Because Of You/ THE EL VINOS: My Heart Beats Faster/ THE EMOTIONS: Echo/ THE FASCINATORS: Who Do You Think You Are/ WADE FLEMONS: Here I Stand/ NORMAN FOX & THE ROB ROYS: Pizza Pie/ THE GENIES: Who's That Knocking/ THE HALOS: Nag/ THE HI-FIVES: Dorothy/ LINDA LAURIE: Ambrose Part 5/ GLORIA MANN: Teenage Prayer/ ROLLIE MCGILL: There Goes That Train/ THE SHIRELLES: I Met Him On A Sunday/ THE TEMPTATIONS: Barbara/ THE TWINTONES: Jo-Ann/ THE VIDELS: Mister Lonely

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1005 Memories - 29 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
A wide ranging collection of 50s and early 60s sides, 7 in stereo - doo-wop, R&B and a bit of blues
HANK BALLARD: Sugaree/ CINDY & LINDY: Let's Go Steady/ DEE CLARK: Nobody But You/ THE DECOYS: Memories/ THE DEL-VIKINGS: The Sun/ DION & THE TIMBERLANES: The Chosen Few/ THE EL POLLOS: High School Dance/ THE FIVE STARS: Dead Wrong/ Ooh Shucks/ GENE & EUNICE: Poco Loco/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: Boom Boom/ POOKIE HUDSON & THE SPANIELS: I Know, I Know/ LITTLE RICHARD: I'm In Love Again/ THE LOVELARKS: Diddle De Dum/ THE MAJESTICS: Searching For A New Love/ THE MARK IV: Make With The Shake/ THE PARIS SISTERS: Be My Boy/ BOBBY PETERSON: Irresistable You/ JIMMY PRICHETT: That's The Way I Feel/ THE RAYS: Daddy Cool/ Silhouttes/ THE ROBINS: Cherry Lips/ SANTO & JOHNNY: Teardrop/ RAY SMITH: Rockin' Little Angel/ THE STARLETS: Freddie/ THE STOREY SISTERS: Bad Motorcycle/ THE THE VELVETS: I/ BERTHA TILLMAN: I Wish/ THE TURBANS: Golden Rings

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1006 Moments To Remember - 30 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 72 mins, recommended
An excellent and varied compilation of sides from the late 50s and early 60s encompassing rhythm & blues, doo-wop, rock 'n roll, rockabilly and even rockin' Cajun (Cleveland Crochet's classic Sugar Bee). Most of the cuts here made it to the top 100 - usually the lower reaches. Among the highlights are So Tough by The Casuals, The G-Clef's wistful I Understand (I confess, a guilty pleasure), Boyd Bennet's Seventeen, The Lafayettes with Life's Too Short, The Quintones exquisite Down The Aisle Of Love, Bill Flagg's lively country bopper Go Cat Go, the great dance tune Kepp On dancin' by The Avantis and lots more from Jennell Hawkins, Bertha Tillman, The Desires, The Down Beats, Revalons, Eddie Delmar, Marv Johnson, The Dynamics, Eddie & The Starlites, The Rays, Connie Stevens (Sixteen Reasons - another guilty pleasure!), The Lydells, Herbie Lee III and others. Sound ranges from excellent to not so hot. (FS)
THE AVANTIS: Keep On Dancin/ BOYD BENNETT: Seventeen/ THE CASUALS: So Tough/ CLEVELAND CROCHET: Sugar Bee/ THE DELTAIRES: Lullabye Of The Bells/ THE DESIRES: Let It Please Be You/ THE DOWNBEATS: Growing Love/ THE DYNAMICS: Misery/ THE ECHOES: Scratch My Back/ EDDIE & THE STARLITES: To Make A Long Story Short/ THE EDDIE DELMAR: Love Bells/ THE EXCELLENTS: Coney Island Baby/ BILL FLAGG: Go Cat Go/ THE G-CLEFS: I Understand/ LEMME B GOODE: Dancing Angel/ JENNELL HAWKINS: Moments/ MARV JOHNSON: You Got What It Takes/ THE LAFAYETTES: Life's Too Short/ HERBIE LEE II: Champagne Charlene/ THE LYDELLS: There Goes The Boy/ THE MONARCHS: Pretty Little Girl/ THE QUINTONES: Down The Aisle Of Love/ THE RAYS: Magic Moon/ THE REVALONS: Dreams Are For Fools/ CONNIE STEVENS: Sixteen Reasons/ BERTHA TILLMAN: Oh My Angel/ SAMMY TURNER & THE TWISTERS: Sweet Annie Laurie/ THE UNIQUES: Times Change/ THOMAS WAYNE: Tragedy/ JOHN ZACHERLE: Dinner With Drac

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1007 Souveniers - 30 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
Another nice mix of minor hits and obscurities with an emphasis on doo-wop.
THE ACADEMICS: Too Good To Be True/ THE ADELPHIS: Kathleen/ THE BANLONS: Hey Baby/ THE BARONS: Remember Rita/ THE BEAU MARKS: Clap Your Hands/ CHARLES BROWN: Angel Baby/ NAPPY BROWN: Don't Be Angry/ THE CASTELLES: Sweetness/ THE CORONETS: Nadine/ DONNA DAMERON: Bopper 486609/ THE DELROYS: Bermuda Shorts/ THE FANTASTICS: There Goes My Love/ THE FIVE DISCS: Adios/ SHELBY FLINT: Angel On My Shoulder/ FRANKIE FORD: Youtalk Too Much/ THE HARPTONES: A Sunday Kind Of Love/ THE HIGHLIGHTERS: City Of Angels/ DICK HOLLER: Double Shot/ THE JIVE BOMBERS: Bad Boy/ THE MONARCHES: In My Younger Days/ THE OLYMPICS: Western Movies/ THE PRELUDES: Don't Fall In Love Too Soon/ THE PYRAMIDS: Ankle Bracelet/ THE RAYS: Souvenis Of Summertime/ THE THREE D'S: Little Billy Boy/ TICO & THE TRIUMPHS: Cards Of Love/ THE TURBANS: This Is My Story/ SAMMY TURNER: Always/ THE VIBES: Darling/ DALE WARD: A Letter From Sherry

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1008 Mr. Dee Jay - 30 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 74 mins, recommended
Another nice mix of minor hits and obscurities with an emphasis on doo-wop but also including R&B and rock 'n' roll. This volume includes Mr Dee Jay by Van McCoy, Jivin' Gene's swamp pop classic Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Stardust by The Dominoes, My Juanita by The Crests, Happy Go Lucky Me by Paul Evans, El Watusi by Ray Barretto, Carol King's funny answer to Neil Sedaka's Oh Carol - Oh Neil plus tracks from Rochelle & The Candles, Kris Jenson, El Chords, Carl Dobkins Jr., The Uniques, Schoolboys, Jaguars, Roomates, Suddens, etc. (FS)
THE BARONS: I Know I Was Wrong/ RAY BARRETTO: El Watusi/ MAXINE BROWN: Funny/ JO ANNE CAMPBELL: Come On Baby/ THE CRESTS: My Juanita/ DARYL & OXFORDS: Picture In My Wallet/ CARL DOBKINS JR.: My Heart Is An Open Book/ THE DOMINOES: Stardust/ THE EL CHORDS: Peppermint Stick/ NORMAN FOX & ROB ROYS: Dance Girl Dance/ THE INTRUDERS: Come Home Soon/ THE JAGUARS: The Way You Look Tonight/ KRIS JENSON: Torture/ JIVING GENE: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/ CAROL KING: Oh Neil/ BOB KNIGHT FOUR: So So Long (good Goodbye)/ THE MASCOTS: Lonely Rain/ VAN MCCOY: Mr. Dj/ PAUL PAUL EVANS: Happy Go Lucky Me/ THE RAYS: Elevator Operator/ RICK AND THE KEENS: Peanuts/ ROCHELLE & THE CANDLES: Once Upon A Time/ THE ROOMATES: Please Don't Cheat On Me/ THE SCHOOLBOYS: Please Say You Want Me/ THE SHEPPARD SISTERS: Alone/ DODIE STEVENS: Pink Shoe Laces/ THE SUDDENS: Childish Ways/ THE UNIQUES: My Mothers Eyes/ THE VOLUMES: I Love You/ THE WHEELS: My Heart's Desire

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1009 Oh What A Nite - 30 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
Another nice mix of minor hits and obscurities with an emphasis on doo-wop but also including R&B and rock 'n' roll. This volume includes Oh What A Nite For Love by Roy Tyson, a cover of Get A Job by the Mills Brothers (!), The Hoppy Hop by The Mystics, You And Your Fellow by The Lyrics, Misty by Lloyd Price, Everybody Out Of the Pool by the Lifeguards, Miss Shake It by Baba Thomas plus sides by The Rocky Fellers, Tommy Hunt, Morry Williams & Kids, Tiny Tim & the Hits, Jimmy Love & Cathy Carroll, Cozy Cole, Bobby Mitchell, The Enchanters and lots more.
THE ADMIRATIONS: Bells Of Rosa Rita/ COZY COLE: Turvey, Part 2/ THE DREAMERS: Teenage Vows Of Love/ THE DUBS: Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely/ THE ELCHORDS: Gee I'm In Love/ THE ENCHANTERS: True Love Gone/ THE FANTASTICS: This Is My Wedding Day/ THE FIVE CHANELS: The Reason/ THE FIVE SHILLINGS: A Letter To An Angel/ CONNIE FRANCIS: Tommy/ FRANK GARY: Utopia/ TOMMY HUNT: The Work Song/ THE LIFEGUARDS: Everybody Out Of The Pool/ JIMMY LOVE & CATHY CARROLL: Going To The Chapel/ THE LYRICS: You And Your Fellow/ SHIRLEY MATTHEWS: Big Town Boy/ THE MILLS BROTHERS: Get A Job/ BOBBY MITCHELL: Try Rock & Roll/ THE MYSTICS: The Hoppity Hop/ THE NEPHEWS: This Is The Night/ ROY ORBISON: Hey There, Pretty One/ LLOYD PRICE: Misty/ THE ROCKY FELLAS: Killer Joe/ THE SIVA-TONES: That's All I Want From You/ THE TECHNIQUES: Hey Little Girl/ BABA THOMAS: Miss Shake It/ TINY TIM & THE HITS: Wedding Bells/ ROY TYSON: Oh What A Nite For Love/ BILLY VAUGHN: Night Train/ MORRY WILLIAMS & KIDS: Time Runs Out

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1010 Angel Baby - 30 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 74 mins, recommended
30 track collection.  This doesn't seem as strong as some of the previous issues - there seems to be higher proportion of teen pop here. Still it does have Rats In My Room by Joe & Danny which sounds like something Dr. Seuss came up with in a nightmare! If you're bored stiff with Chuck Berry's interminable versions of My Ding-A-Ling this disc gives us an early version of the song by the Bees called Toy Bell. There's also a fine version of Gloria from 1961 by Vito & The Salutations, an excellent bluesy rocker Don't You Know I Love You? by the Five Keys plus tracks from The Quarter Notes, Kenny Loran, Merv Griffin (the same, I think!), The Joe & Ann Trio, The Vibrations, Jesse belvin, Bobby Vinton, The Nutmegs, The Jewels, The Forevers and others. (FS)
THE BEES: Toy Bell/ JESSE BELVIN: Dear Heart/ THE CHANNELS: Altar Of Love/ JACKIE DALLAS: Walkie-talkie Baby/ JOHNNY DEE: Sitting In The Balcony/ DUSK: Angel Baby/ FERRIS & WHEELS: Chop Chop Hole In The Wall/ THE FIVE KEYS: Don't You Know I Love You?/ THE FOREVERS: Be My Girl/ JANIE GRANT: That Greasy Kid Stuff/ MERV GRIFFIN: Banned In Boston/ THE JEWELS: Jimmy Lee/ THE JIVE FIVE: I'm A Happy Man/ United/ THE JOE & ANN TRIO: Gee Baby/ JOEY & DANNY: Rats In My Room/ THE KAC-TIES: Girl In My Heart/ LITTLE JIMMY & TOPS: Puppy Love/ KENNY LORAN: Magic Star/ JOHNNY MAESTRO: I'll Be True/ THE MONERAYS: My Guardian Angel/ THE NUTMEGS (STEREO): A Dream Of Love/ THE QUARTERNOTES: Record Hop Blues/ THE SKYLINERS: Three Coins In The Fountain/ BILLY STEWART: Wedding Bells/ THE VIBRATIONS: Oh Cindy/ THE VICTORIANS: What Makes Little Girls Cry/ BOBBY VINTON: I Love The Way You Are/ THE VOCAL TEENS: Be A Slave

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1011 Jukebox Saturday Night ● CD $18.98
Another fine collection on this label featuring 28 minor hits and obscurities with an emphasis on doo-wop but also including R&B and rock 'n' roll. Among the artists featured on this collection include Nino & The Ebb Tides, Sherrif & The Revels (the great Shombalor), The Knockouts, Visuals, Charlie Gracie (his classic Fabulous), The Mark IV, Big Jay McNeely, Alice Wonderland, The Satellites, Dr. Feelgood, The Five Keys, The Tune Rockers (their hot instrumental The Green Mosquito), Jimmy Norman, Nappy Brown, The African Bachelors (this seems to be a South African group doing a cover of the Monotones hit Book Of Love sung in a South African language!)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. Maestro 1012 Play It Again - 30 Original Golden Oldies ● CD $17.98
30 tracks, 74 mins, recommended
Another collection on this label featuring 30 minor hits and obscurities - a mix of R&B, doo-wop, rock 'n' roll and some pop including a number of tracks in stereo. Includes Tina Robin, Jan Bradley, The Clovers (their original version of Bossa Nova Baby - covered note for note by Elvis), The Aquatones, Lloyd Simms (the great rocking I Want To Know), The Tarriers (pop folk), The Tops, Eddie Rambeau, The Mello Tones, The Tokens, WindJoe Jones, Marcy Jo, Charles Brown (the bluesman in great form on a cover of Sonny Knight's hit Confidential), Tommy Tucker (the hot Rock And Roll Machine) and others. Perhaps a bit too much 60s pop-rock for my liking but there's a healthy number of goodies here. (FS)
THE ACADEMICS: Too Good To Be True/ THE AQUATONES: You/ ROD BERNARD: Colinda/ JOHNNY BLAKE & THE CLIPPERS: Bella Marie/ MARCIE BLANE: Bobby's Girl (stereo)/ JAN BRADLEY: Mama Didn't Lie/ CHARLES BROWN: Confidential/ THE CLOVERS: Bossa Nova Baby (stereo)/ HARMONICA FATS: Tore Up/ THE IKETTES: I'm Blue/ JOE JONES: California Sun (stereo)/ THE LAUREL: Baby Talk/ THERESA LINDSEY: Gotta Find A Way/ THE MARATHONS: Peanut Butter/ MARCY JO: Ronnie/ THE MELLOTONES: Rosie Lee/ THE MONARCHS: Always Be Faithful/ THE PASSIONS: Just To Be With You/ EDDIE RAMBEAU: Concrete And Clay (stereo)/ THE RAYS: Mediterranean Moon/ TINA ROBIN: Play It Again/ LLOYD SIMMS: I Want To Know/ THE TARRIERS: Cindy Oh Cindy/ TIM TAM & THE TURN ONS: Wait A Minute/ THE TOKENS: Please Write/ THE TOPS: Walking With My Baby/ TOMMY TUCKER: Rock And Roll Machine/ DANNY WILLIAMS: White On White (stereo)/ WIND: Make Believe (stereo)

VARIOUS ARTISTS My Little Bug 1001 Odds & Ends ● CD $18.98
A fine collection of 24 vocal group rarities from the late 50s/ early 60s. Some of the tracks have been reissued before but many are making their first CD appearance. Gloria Brown & Group, Allen Ryan & Group, Duane Calvert (two really fine performances), The Invictors, The Drapers, The Thornton Sisters (a six member family group), Johnny & The Novels (two unissued demos), The Socialites, The Viscounts, Clay Fulton & The Cindells (a previously unissued track), Linda Lou & The Hit Makers, Roni Powers & Group, The Excels and others. Generally excellent sound.
GLORIA BROWN & GROUP: Happy Birthday/ DUANE CALVERT: My Love For You/ Somewhere, Somehow/ THE DRAPERS: Merry-go-round/ The Love I Wish I Had/ THE EXCELS: You're Mine Forever/ CLAY FULTON & THE CINDELLS: Wishing Well/ THE INVICTORS: I Don't Wanna Go/ JOHNNY & THE NOVELS: Again/ Red, Red Robin/ THE KITTENS: Hot Water/ MIKE LAWING & THE DISSONAIRS: One Love/ LINDA LOU & THE HIT MAKERS: The Difference In Our Age/ The Torch Is Out/ BRUCE MARVELLO & THE RED COATS: Teenage Broken Heart/ THE PHAROTONES: (give Me A) Chance/ RONI POWERS & GROUP: An Angel Up In Heaven/ ALLEN RYAN & GROUP: My Reverie/ You Left Me/ THE SOCIALITES: Jimmy/ THE THORNTON SISTERS: Watch Your Step/ THE UNIQUES: Hey Senorita/ THE VISCOUNTS: Wandering/ You're Only Happy (when You Hurt Me)


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