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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, L

VARIOUS ARTISTS Little Star 101 A Tribute To Vito Picone And The Elegants ● CD $17.98
A tribute to Vito Picone and the Elegants whose 1958 recording of Little Star was a #1 hit and an important influence on the growing white doo-wop scene. This CD includes 10 versions of this song including the original demo by The Elegants, a German version (Blonder Stern) by Chris Howland & The Hansen Boys plus versions by The Orlons, Harold & The Taylors, The Echoes, Ziggy & The Zeu Review. There are also covers of some of their other songs like Tiny Cloud by Joe & The Ovations and Ive Seen Everything by The Quotations along with groups performing in the style of The Elegants.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lone Star 6717 Texas' Best & Rarest Doo Wop, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
30 sides from the late 50s and early 60s cut for various small Texas labels.Includes 8 page booklet with notes, photos and label shots.
PHIL ALAN & THE ARDEE'S: Tell Me Why/ FREDDE AMBURN: The Girl in Pink Chiffon/ THE COMMANDS: No Time For You/ THE CUPIDS: Troubles Not At End/ DE JAN & THE ELGINS: That's My Girl/ THE DEL-FI'S COMBO: Let's Start All Over/ THE DINOS: Happy Fool/ So Hard To Tell/ THE ELGINS: Once Upon A Time/ THE EPICS: I Want To Be Your Girl/ THE FACES: Christmas/ GARY & CASUALS: My One Desire/ THE GATORVETTES: If It's Tonight/ BOB HAYDON: Suzanne/ THE HOUSEROCKERS: Say You'll Be Mine/ JOHNNY H & THE SINCERES: Why Don't You Write Me/ THE LYRICS: The Girl I Love/ THE MAJESTIC'S: Boom Da Da/ THE MONTCLAIRS: The Bells/ MARVIN NASH & CHEVELLES: Dina/ LONNIE NYE & SILVERTONES: Careless With Love/ SUNNY OZUNA & SUNLINERS: Smile Now, Cry Later/ PUBLIO & THE VALIANTS: Out of Town/ THE ROYAL JESTERS: I Never Will Forget/ THE STARTONES: One Rose/ THE TEAM MATES: Never Belived in Love/ JOHNNY TILL: Dreamy Eyes/ THE UNIQUES: Somewhere/ THE VONS: For My Angel/ BEN E WILLIAMS WITH THE STEPS FOUR & DEL REYS: Nay-Oy-Gwor

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lone Star 6718 Texas' Best & Rarest Doo Wop, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
30 rarities
PHIL ALAN & ARDEE'S: Four Leaf Clover/ JOHNNY BALLAD & ZODIACS: My Song/ THE BLUE ANGELS: To-Geth-Er/ BOBBY & THE VELVETS: I Promised/ BOBBY & VELVETS: Now We Know/ THE COMMANDS: Hey, It's Love/ THE CRUISERS: An Angel Like You/ THE DEL RIOS: The Vines of Love/ THE DELCADES: Singing Heart/ AL EPP & PHARAOHS: My Dream Girl/ THE FABULOUS VALIANTS: Your Golden Teardrops/ THE FACES: New Years Resolution/ THE HOLIDAYS: Love That's True/ GEORGE JAY & THE ROCKIN' RAVENS: Cross My Heart/ JIM & LUBOCS: Somewhere(My Lover)/ THE LYRICS: The Beating of My Heart/ THE MAJESTIC'S: Pennies For A Beggar/ THE MONTCLAIRS: Little Peggy/ MARVIN NASH & 'K' SISTERS: I'll Cry/ PUBLIO & THE VALIANTS: Image of Love/ THE REMAINDERS: Pen In Hand/ THE ROYAL JESTERS: Is That Good Enough For You?/ My Angel of Love/ Those Dreamy Eyes/ LEE SCOTT & THE WINDSORS: Cool Seabreeze/ LEE SCOTT & WINDSORS: My Gloria/ JOHNNY TILL: Ding Dong Bells/ THE UNIQUES: Picture of My Baby/ BEN E WILLIAMS WITH STEPS FOUR & DEL REYS: Mamie Wong/ JIMMY WOOD & THE CHANGERS: That's Why I Love You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost 001 Lost Soulful Doowop Treasures, Volume 1 ● CD $17.98
Excellent collection of 28 vocal group gems from the early 60s when doo-wop was making the transition into soul and there are some very soulful performances here. iMany of the cuts are appearing on CD for the first time.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1001 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
23 sides from the 60s and 70s
AFTER HOURS: I Don't Wanna Cry/ THE ATTRACTIONS: Think Back/ THE C.O.D.'S: I'll Come Running Back to You/ THE CLASS MATES: You Can Do Me Some Good/ JOHNNY DANIEL & THE SOUL MALIBUS: I'm Gonna Make You Mine/ THE DAY-TONES: A Broken Heart/ DESCIPLES OF SOUL: Peek-a-Boo/ THE DETERMINATIONS: O My Love Sweet Love/ FRANKIE & THE SPINDLES: There Is a Beauty/ THE FRIENDLY PEOPLE: Mr. Moonlight/ GIN AND THE GENTS: Boy and Girl/ THE ICEMEN: How Can I Get Over a Fox Like You/ INTENSIVE HEAT: Keep An Eye On Your Close Friend/ THE LIGHT DRIVERS: Dreams of a Shoeshine Boy/ LITTLE MR. LEE & THE CHEROKEES: I Don't Wanna Go/ CLEVELAND MARTIN & THE SOUL SETS: I Don't Want to Slip Away/ THE MARVELLS: Cause I'm Loving You/ MASTERPLAN: Hey Girl You've Won My Heart/ THE PROFITS: Fantasy of Love/ THE` RHYTHM RASCALS: Why Do You Have to Got/ SHADES OF SENSATION: But Then You Left Me/ SOUL SENSATION: When I Had You Baby/ RONNIE WALKER: Really Really Love You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1002 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
18 tracks
THE AUTOGRAPHS: Love's Gonna Do You In/ THE CAPITOLS: I Thought She Loved Me/ THE CHANDLERS: I Loved You Girl/ JAMES CONWELL: Let It All Out/ THE CRESHENDOS: This Must Be Love/ THE EMOTIONS: Love of a Girl/ THE FINAL SECONDS: Lost on a Highway/ HANDS OF TIME: This Love Is For Real/ THE KICKIN' MUSTANGS: Take a Miracle/ LAWRENCE & THE ARABIANS: Ooh Baby/ THE NU LUVS: Baby You Belong To Me/ POSITIVE SOUNDS: You're the One I Need/ THE ROYAL JESTERS: Girl I Can' Forget/ SOUND EXPERIENCE: Hey Love (Live)/ THE TECHNIQUES 4: I Feel So Good Inside/ UPTOWN SYNDICATE: You're a Woman/ THE VEGAS: I Need Your Love/ BOBBY WADE: Blind Over You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1003 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
18 tracks, 52 mins, highly recommended
The "rarest love jams" disk and a great introduction to this series. Mostly love-gone-wrong songs but with a few celebrations of togetherness. Favorites: the Fuller Brothers' Stranger at my Door, the Limitations' My Baby, Tony Drake's Let's Play House, and James Conwell's Second Hand Happiness. But there isn't a bad track on the CD. (JS)
AESOP'S FABLES: Take a Step/ THE BROADWAYS: Goin' Goin' Gone/ THE CHEERS: I Made Up My Mind/ THE CONGENIAL FOUR: You Played the Part of a Loser/ JAMES CONWELL: Second Hand Happiness/ CHUCK CORBY & THE ENTREES: City of Strangers/ TONY DRAKE: Let's Play House/ THE ELGINS: You Found Yourself Another Fool/ THE FULLER BROS.: Stranger At My Door/ THE LIMITATIONS: My Baby/ THE MAGIC TONES: There Is Nothing Better Than Love/ THE MAGNIFICENT 7: Ooh Baby Baby/ THE MARVELS: How Could You Hurt Me So/ POSITIVE SOUNDS: I Almost Blew My Mind/ THE SOUL COMMUNICATORS: Please Don't Go/ THE SOUL MAJESTICS: I Done Told You Baby/ STEP BY STEP: Time After Time/ THE UNITED FOUR: Look At Her Now

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1004 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
19 tracks
125TH STREET CANDY STORE: The Tables Have Turned/ BILLY & THE BLOOD KNOTS: Gotta Get Away/ THE COOL SOUNDS: I'll Take You Back/ THE DECEPTIONS: Of All The Hearts/ HARLEM MEAT CO.: I'm Not Gonna Be Anybodys Fool/ ICE COLD LOVE: Wonderful To Be Loved/ THE LABEAT PROD. TEAM: Together That's The Only Way/ THE METAPHORS: You Have Everything/ THE NEW CONCEPTS: Give Me Another Chance/ THE PARAMOUNT FOUR: I've Made Up My Mind/ FRED PARRIS & THE RESTLESS HEARTS: Bring It Home To Daddy/ THE REVLONS: Did I Make A Mistake/ THE SANDY & PEBBLES: My Foolish Little Heart/ THE SIBERIANS: This Is The Ending Of Our Love Love/ SPICE: Reach Out/ THE SUPERBS: So Glad You're Home/ THESE GENTS: Yesterday Standing By Pt. 1/ Yesterday Standing By Pt. 2/ THE ULTIMATIONS: Without You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1005 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 5 ● CD $17.98
16 tracks
THE BARONS: Kid Stuff/ JOHNNY BARTEL & THE SOUL MASTERS: You Waited Too Long/ BRIEF ENCOUNTER: I'm So Satisfied/ THE CAUSE: Promises/ THE CEASARS: Get Yourself Together/ THE COMMUNICATORS: One Chance/ THE FABULOUS DETERMINATIONS: Don't You Make Me Blue/ FULL FORCE: We've Come A Long Way/ THERESA LINDSEY: Wonderful One/ THE METAPHORS: Come On Back/ THE METROS: Someone/ THE PERFECTIONS: Don't Take Your Love/ THE SOUL ATTRACTIONS: I Forgot/ THE SOULVILLE ALL STARS: Won't You Please Be My Girl/ SOUNDS OF DAWN: How Many Times/ THE TORCHES: Darn Your Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1006 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 6 ● CD $17.98
21 tracks
THE BLEU LIGHTS: Yes I Do/ BILLY BUTLER & INFINITY: When Your Baby's Gone/ COMBINATION INC.: Love Has Gone Away/ THE DONTELLS: I Can't Wait/ EMORY & THE DYNAMICS: Pretty Little School Girl/ THE FLAIRS: Where You Live/ THE GAS LIGHT: I Can't Tell A Lie/ THE GEMINILES: Thinking About My Baby/ DON HART & JAMES SHORTER: I Shed A Tear/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: How Do You Say Goodbye/ DONALD JENKINS: A New World Beautiful/ THE JIVE 5: Sugar (Don't Take Away My Candy)/ THE JOY TONES: This Love/ THE LOVERS: Someone/ THE SENSATIONS: Please Baby Please/ SOFT TOUCH: Look Up, Look Down/ THE SPECIALS: You Stood Me Up/ THE SYMPHONICS: All Roads Lead To Heartbreak/ E.G. TAYLOR & THE SOUNDS OF SOUL: Pick Your Self Up/ THE TOPPIKS: Give It A Chance To Grow/ Surrender

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1007 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 7 ● CD $17.98
15 cuts, 43 minutes, highly recommended
15 More soul harmony ballads you almost certainly don't have (I didn't!). Favorites: Tony Owens' Confessin' a Feelin, the original version of this song, the Earls, Inc. 'parent' songs, What Would Your Daddy Say?/Does Your Mother Know?, as well as Bill Robinson and the Quails' Lay Your Head on My Shoulder, E.J. and the Echoes' Put a Smile on Your Face, the Epics' Everytime I Cry, the New Yorkers' Lonely, and 8 others. (JS)
ARNOLD ALBURY & THE CASUALS: My Baby Don't Understand/ TYRONE ASHLEY: Let Me Be Your Man/ BIG JIM'S BORDER CROSSING: You're Good For Me Girl/ THE CHANCELLORS: Sad Avenue/ E.J. & THE ECHOES: Put A Smile On Your Face/ EARLS INC.: Does Your Mother Know/ What Would Your Daddy Say/ THE EPICS: Everytime I Cry/ THE IDEALS: You Hurt Me/ THE NEW YORKERS: Lonely/ NUE SPECTRUM: Just A Little Love/ TONY OWENS: Confessin' A Feelin'/ BILL ROBINSON & THE QUAILS: Lay Your Head On My Shoulder/ UNIVERSAL MINDS: I Betcha/ YOUR HEART ENERGY: Better Not Live Outside

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1008 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 8 ● CD $17.98
16 tracks
THE ATTRACTIONS: Some Of Your Time/ FRANKIE BEVERLY & THE BUTLERS: Don't Cry Little Sad Boy/ THE BRILLIANT: What You Gonna Do/ THE DETERMINATIONS: Girl, Girl, Girl/ THE ENCHANTING ENCHANTERS: No One In This World/ THE HOT TAMALES: Mr. Starlight/ THE INSPIRATIONS: I Made A Change/ THE INTERPRETERS: Be Kind To Love/ HENRY LUMPKIN: If I Could Make Magic/ TEDDIE MORROW: What's Your Sign/ THE PERFECTIONS: So Lonely/ RISING SUN: Do What Your Doin'/ THE ROYAL 5: Peace Of Mind/ THE STEELERS: Crying Bitter Tears/ THE VERSATILES: Lonely Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1009 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 9 ● CD $17.98
17 tracks
BROADWAY EXPRESS: It's Okay/ CHOCOLATE SYRUP: Who You Trying To Fool/ CHUBY & THE TURNPIKES: I Know The Inside Story/ EBONYSTIC: Married To One And In Love With Another/ THE EXSAVEYONS: Where Do I Go From Here/ THE FIVE VOICES OF REGGIE MILNER: Do You Want To Have A Love/ THE FRIENDS: The Birthday Song/ THE HARMONICS: Let Me Go/ KENNY AND THE IMPACTS: Wishing Well/ THE MANTIS: I Know (You Really Want Me)/ THE PERFECTIONS: You Don't Want Me/ THE SOUL REFLECTIONS: I Love You Baby/ THE TECHNIQUES IV: How Can You Win Part 1/ How Can You Win Part 2/ THE TURNPIKES: Nothing But Promises/ JATO VON DEL: We'll Join Together/ THE VONTASTICS: No Love For Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1010 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 10 ● CD $17.98
21 tracks
BILLY & THE HI LINERS: Lonely World/ THE BLENDELLS: Night After Night/ THE C QUENTS: Dearest One/ THE CANDIBARS: You're The One/ CHOSEN FEW: I Can't Take No Chances/ JIMMY CONNOR: Let's Get Married/ CONTRIBUTORS OF SOUL: You Can't Help But Fall In Love/ THE CROSS TOWN EXPRESS: Let Me Try/ THE DELIGHTERS: Music Revolution/ EARLS INC.: Just An Illusion/ EMORY & THE DYNAMICS: A Love That's Real/ HEATS OF STONE: Yesterdays Love Is Over/ THE INSPIRATIONS: I'll Take A Chance On You/ JERRY & WILA: When I Say Goodbye/ LITTLE MELVIN & THE BOLEROS: I'm In Love Oh Yes I Am/ THE MAIN EVENTS: Girl, I Want You To Remember/ You're My Wonderfullness/ CONNIE MCGILL & THE VISIONS: I Want To Be Free/ THE NEW YORKERS: There's Going To Be A Wedding/ SAM & DEB: With A Little Love And Trust/ THE TOPICS: Please Take This Heart Of Mine

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1011 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 11 ● CD $17.98
17 tracks, 53 mins, highly recommended
You'd think that after ten collections, these compilations would start to weaken but you'd be wrong. Amazing what you can do with great taste and an even greater vinyl collection. Two cuts that stood out for me were the Highlighters' Have a Little Faith and Babylove's Do it for Me --both deep soul leads with sweet soul harmonies. But don't overlook the Implements' I Wish it Were Me, the Enchanted Five's Your Love Comes Slower than Never (my favorite title) and Porgy and the Monarch's Magic Maker, Music Maker (later recut by the Jive Five with Arlene Smith and the Chantels). (JS)
THE AMBASSADORS: I Love You/ BABYLOVE: Do It For Me/ THE CLASSICS: Looking For A Love/ THE CREATIONS: Peek-A-Boo/ THE ENCHANTED FIVE: You're Love Comes Slower Than Never/ THE EPICS: The Girl I Lost/ THE FIVE SMOOTH STONES: I Will Never Love Another/ DON HART & FYVE: I Can Make It/ THE HIGHLIGHTERS: Have A Little Faith/ THE IMPLEMENTS: I Wish It Were Me/ GEORGE JACKSON: Kiss Me/ NATURAL EXPERIENCE: Hide And Seek/ PORGY & THE MONARCHS: Magic Music Makers/ THE QUOTATIONS: It Could Happen To You/ THE STRIDELLS: Power To Dream/ JAMES TAYLOR: Everything About You/ THE YOUNG SIRS: There's Something The Matter With Your Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1012 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 12 ● CD $17.98
THE CHAPELLS: No Friends At All/ THE CHEERS: I'm Not Ready To Settle Down/ JEFF DALE: Don't Forget About Me Baby/ THE FABULEERS: If I Had Another Chance/ GROUP FROM QUEENS: Your Search Is Over/ HARVEY & THE PHENOMENALS: What Can I Do/ THE INTREPIDS: It's Just a Picture/ SKIP JACKSON & THE SHANTONS: Promise That You'll Wait/ BENNY JOHNSON & HIS SOUL SERENADERS: What Would You Do/ GEORGE KERR: Sunday/ THE LEGENDS: Something To Remember You By/ THE MANHATTANS: It's the Only Way/ THE NOTATIONS: What More Can I Say/ THE PREMIERS: Lonely Weatherman/ BILLY SOL: Have You Ever Told Her/ THE SOUL ONES: This Is My Prayer/ THE STIMULATORS: Warm Summer Nights/ TOMMY TUCKER: I'll Be Gone/ THE VANGUARDS: It's Too Late For Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1013 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 13 ● CD $17.98
BLACK & BLUE: Of All the Hearts/ BOB & GENE: Don't Leave Me/ THE CHAPELLS: Are You Ready/ CREATION: Silly/ CURTIS & THE SHOWSTOPPERS: Sad Girl/ THE DAPPS: I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow/ TYRONE DAVIS: You Can't Keep a Good Man Down/ DIMAS III: I Won't Love You Again/ THE DISTRICTS: Like Clouds/ ELEMENTS OF LOVE: Let's Try Making Love/ THE ENDEAVORS: Shattered Dreams/ FINESS: I Don't Want To Be Left On the Outside/ THE FOUR SHADES: Something Special/ THE GREEN BERETS: I've Got To Be Loved/ THE HIGH KEYS: Let's Take a Chance/ THE ICEMEN: My Girl She's a Fox/ THE IMPALAS: I Can't See Me Without You/ RAY LEWIS: Give My Love a Try/ MOMENTS OF TRUTH: I'll Step Aside/ NEW SOUND: Just One Time/ THE ROCKMASTERS: Raining Teardrops/ THE SMITH BROTHERS: Check Me Out/ THE SPICE OF LIFE: I Hear a Melody/ THE ZIRCONS: You Ain't Coming Back

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 1014 Lost Soul Oldies, Vol. 14 ● CD $17.98
21ST CENTURY: Rembmer the Rain/ BENNY & TINA: Over My Dead Body/ THE EPSLLONS: Mad At the World/ BOBBY F: Put Another Dime In the Parking Meter/ LITTLE JIMMY GANDY: I'm Not Like the Others/ THE GIFTS: What Am I/ THE GLIDERS: No Time/ DOUG HAYNES: The Sly, Slick & Wicked/ WALTER JACKSON: It's All Over/ THE JADES: Mothers Only Daughter/ JERRI & JOE: Cold Cold Love/ THE KOOL BLUES: Why Did I Go/ LITTLE HANK: Try To Understnd/ MARVIN & TAMMI: Give a Little Love/ THE MASQUERADERS: One More Chance/ THE RAPPERS: I've Tried/ THE ROYALS ESQUIRES: Our Love Used To Be/ THE SONS OF DARKNESS: How Much I Love You/ THE SOUL SUPERIORS: Trust Me Baby/ THIA & THE IMAGINATIONS: There'a Something the Matter/ THE VANGUARDS: The Ground That You're Walking On/ LEE WAHSINGTON: Little Girl

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 2001 Heart & Soul Rare Oldies, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
17 tracks
THE CITATIONS: Hey Mr. Love/ DONNIE ELBERT: Can't Get Over Losing You/ THE FABULOUS PERFORMERS: Oh How You Hurt Me/ DERRICK HARRIOT: What Can I Do (The Wedding Song)/ THE HESITATIONS: Yes I'm Ready/ JESSE JAMES: I Need You Baby/ CANDACE LOVE: Never In A Million Years/ VIC MARCEL: Come Back To These Arms of Mine/ MIKE & THE CENSATIONS: Gonna Try To Get You Back/ THE NATURAL FOUR: The Same Thing In Mind/ SOUL SENSATION: A Man That Isn't Free/ THE SPOILERS: Sad Mans Land/ THE THREE JADES: I Care For You/ THE WHATNAUTS: What's Life To Give/ THE WHISPERS: What Will I Do/ TIMOTHY WILSON: My Queen of Hearts/ WOMAN: That's How It Is

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 2002 Heart & Soul Rare Oldies, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
15 tracks
JESSE BOONE & THE ASTROS: No Particular One/ JAMES CONWELL: I'm So Glad/ THE EMANONS: One Heart/ THE ETHICS: That's The Way Love Goes/ HOT ICE: Isn't It Lonely/ JOHNNY & THE EXPRESSIONS: Now That Your Mine/ THE LEDGENDS: Gotta Let You Go/ THE MYSTICS: That's The Kind Of Love/ THE NOTATIONS: Leading Lady/ THE RINGLEADERS: Let's Start Over/ THE SOUL GENERATION: I Wonder What She's Doing/ THE SUNLOVERS: This Love Of Ours/ THE TOPICS: All Good Things Must End/ THE TURKS: You Turn Me On/ LEE WILLIAMS & THE CYMBALS: Til You Come Back To Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Highway 02100 Night Train To Nashville ● CD $20.98
Two CD set featuring a cross section of African-American music recorded in Nashville between 1945 and 1970 and giving a brief look at the vibrant musical scene there. It includes blues, R&B, doo-wop, soul and pre-funk. 34 recordings are featured including Cecil Gant, Christine Kittrell, The Varieteers, Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers, Esquerita, Larry Birdson, Johnny Jones & The Imperial 7, Joe Henderson, Bobby Hebb, The Avons, The Valentines, Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson and many more. It also includes three "bonus" tracks - Little Richard doing a commercial for radio station WLAC, an air check of WLAC dee-jay John Richbourg and theme music from Earl Gaines. Includes booklet with notes by Ron Wynn.
JOHNNY ADAMS: Reconsider Me/ ARTHUR ALEXANDER: Anna (go To Him)/ GENE ALLISON: You Can Make It If You Try/ THE AVONS: Since I Met You Baby/ SAM BAKER: Something Tells Me/ JIMMY BECK & HIS ORCHESTRA: Pipe Dreams/ JO JO BENSON: Soul Shake/ LARRY BIRDSONG: Somebody, Somewhere/ RUTH BROWN: Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean/ AUDREY BRYANT: Let's Trade A Little/ CLIFFORD CURRY: She Shot A Hole In My Soul/ ESQUERITA: Rockin' The Joint/ EARL GAINES: It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)/ White Rose (theme)/ CECIL GANT: Nashville Jumps/ RUDY GREEN & HIS ORCHESTRA: Buzzard Pie/ ARTHUR GUNTER: Baby Let's Play House/ BOBBY HEBB: Sunny/ JOE HENDERSON: Snap Your Fingers/ FRANK HOWARD & THE COMMANDERS: Just Like Him/ THE HYTONES: Bigger And Better/ ETTA JAMES: What'd I Say (live)/ JOHNNY JONE & THE IMPERIAL 7: Really, Pt. 1/ KID KING'S COMBO: Skip's Boogie/ CHRISTINE KITTRELL: L&n Special/ Sittin' Here Drinking/ ROBERT KNIGHT: Everlasting Love/ LITTLE HANK & THE RYHTHM KINGS: Christene/ LITTLE RICHARD: Royal Crown Hair Dressing Ad/ THE MARIGOLDS: Rollin' Stone/ THE PRISONAIRES: Just Walkin' In The Rain/ JOHN RICHBOURG: John R Theme/ernie's Record Mart Commercial /monkey Doin' Woman/ ROSCOE SHELTON: Say You Really Care/ JOE SIMON: The Chokin' Kind/ JOE TEX: I Want To (do Everything For You)/ THE VALENTINES: Gotta Get Yourself Together/ THE VARIETEERS: If You And I Could Be Sweethearts

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 3001 Lost Chicano Oldies, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
13 tracks, 42 min, recommended
This stuff's so obscure I haven't been able to find any info on the tunes here! But if you like your oldies slow & easy, sweet & greasy, this is an exceptional collection! Most sound like they're from the early-mid 60s, with band names like Thee Dupremes, The Suenos, The Matadors, titles like My Vows To You/ There's No Other Girl/ Forgive Me If A Cry. The only cover here is Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying by The Mumy . I Want You, I Need You, I Love You by Hector Rivera & The Latin Renaissance isn't the Elvis song. Every dance a slow dance! (GM)
FRANCISCO AGUABELLA: Image Of A Star/ THE AUGUSTINE TWINS (DON & RON): Every Day Of My Life/ CORTEZ AND THE ENTERTAINERS: Life/ DOWN TO EARTH: Forgive Me If I Cry/ THEE DUPREMES: I'm So Happy/ THE EMPIRES: Come Home Girl/ THE INFORMERS: If You Love Me/ EDDIE LEBRON: My Vows To You/ THE MATADORS: Let Me Dream/ THE MUMY: Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/ OLVIERI: There's No Other Girl/ HECTOR RIVERA AND THE LATIN RENAISSANCE: I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/ THE SUENOS: Baby I Love You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul 3002 Lost Chicano Oldies, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
13 tracks
THE BANDITS: Nothing Can Change My Love For You/ DIMAS 3 & THE ROYAL JESTERS: You've Succeeded/ EL PASO PREMIER: This Is The Beginning/ THE ESCORTS: I Love You But You Don't Know Me/ THE FABULOS FILTRATIONS: Wait Till I Find Her/ THE FOUR SINGING AVALONS: She's My Woman, She's My Girl/ THE GENERATIONS: To You/ THE JADE: Brown And Beautiful/ PLAYERS & PREMIERS: You Need A Love/ BOBBY ROSALES & PREMIERS: What About One More Time/ THEE RUNABOUTS: By The Time I Get To Texas/ THE T.S.U. TORONADOES: You're Mine/ THE THIRD POSITION TRIO: She Loves Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lost Soul Records 4001 Lost Ladies of Soul Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
17 rarities.
THE BABY DOLLS: (Please) Don't Push Me/ CREATIVE FUNK: Ready Made Family/ EIGHT MINUTES: Oh Yes I Do/ THE FASCINATIONS: Such A Fool/ BYRDIE GREEN: Don't Make It Hurt/ HONEY & THE BEES: Please Have Mercy Baby/ VALERIE LAMAR: Gotta Get Away/ LITTLE HELEN: What About Me Boy/ KATE LOVE & FOUR SHADES OF BLACK: It Hurts So Good/ THE OVERTONES: The Gleam In Your Eye/ THE PASSIONS: You Better Make A Move/ QUIET ELEGANCE: Have You Been Making Out O.K./ THE SEQUINS: It Must Be Love/ THE SYMPHONICS: She's Just A Sad Girl/ TONI & THE HARTS: Never Change Our Love/ SUNDAY WILLIAMS: Where Did He Come From/ VIOLA WILLS: Lost Without The Love Of My Guy

VARIOUS ARTISTS LRCD 5900 The Best Doo-Wops Of Lute Records ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 60 mins, very good
I wouldn't consider The Hollywood Argyles a Doo Wop group--more of a pop/ novelty rock `n' roll outfit--but they were probably Lute Records biggest seller and, hey, I love Alley Oop, and the rest of their songs are pretty good. The balance of the CD beyond the 4 Argyles tracks would more or less fall into the doo wop category including sides by The Uptones, Monorails, Emmy Lou, Arrogants and others. This is a no frills comp with no nothin' but a track listing. The sound is good and the tunes are mostly winners, with a few of them being rather hard to find elsewhere. (JM)
THE ARROGANTS: Canadian Sunset/ Mirror, Mirror/ BILLY & THE KIDS: Take A Chance On Love/ Way It Used To Be/ THE BISHOPS: Masquerade Ball/ Open Up Your Heart/ EMMY LOU: I Wanna Know/ Love Ya, Love Ya/ THE HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES: Alley Oop/ Bug Eye/ Gun Totin' Critter Called Jack/ Sho' Knows A Lot About Love/ THE MONORAILS: Come To Me Darling/ Will Ya, William/ THE STARLETS: I'm So Young/ THE STARLITES: He's Got It/ THE STARR SISTERS: Love's A Funny Little Game/ The Boy In The Study Hall/ TY TYRELL: The Scratch Part 1/ The Scratch Part 2/ THE UPTONES: Be Mine/ Dreamin'/ I'll Be There/ No More/ STEVE WALE: Boy Meets Girl/ You Can't Take It With You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lucky 001 The Best Of Lucky Records ● CD $17.98
16 track collection featuring both sides of eight of the nine releases on John Dolphin's Lucky label in 1954.
CHUCK HIGGINS: Candies Yam/ Greasy Pig/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: I Know/ Let's Talk It Over/ One Night With a Fool/ Oooh La La/ Peggy/ Ride Helen Ride/ JOE HOUSTON: Go Go Joe/ Go Joe Go/ THE MARBLES: Big Wig Walk/ Golden Girl/ KING PERRY: Christopher Columbus/ Things Ain't What They Used To Be/ JIMMIE WRIGHT: Blow Jimmie Blow/ Fillmore Street Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lucky 401 Doo-Wop & Dance, Vol. 1 ● CD $19.98
30 tracks of up-tempo doo-wop.
THE BELMONTS: Little Orphan Girl/ THE BLUE NOTES: There's Something In Your Eyes, Eloise/ THE CADILLACS: Please Mr. Johnson/ THE CLASSMATES: Teenage Rock/ THE COBRAS: La La/ THE DANLEERS: My Flaming Heart/ One Summer Night/ THE DELTA RHYTHM BOYS: My Sunday Baby/ THE ELECTRASO: Little Girl Of Mine/ THE ELEGANTS: What's Your Name/ THE FIVE QUAILS: Get To School On Time/ THE FLIPPERS: You Yakkity Yak Too Much/ THE FOUR SCORES: Rock-A-Little Lucy/ NORMAN FOX & THE ROB ROYS: Dance Girl Dance/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Without A Cause/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Buzz, Buzz, Buzz/ THE IMPRESSORS: Do You Love Her/ THE ISLEY BROTHERS: The Cow Jumped Over The Moon/ THE PHAROAHS: White Cliffs Of Dover/ THE PRINCE-TONES: My Life/ RICHIE & GROUP: Cherie/ RICK & THE MASTERS: A Kissin' Friend/ ROXY & THE DAYCHORDS: I'm So In Love/ THE SKYLINERS: Zing Went The Strings/ HUEY "PIANO" SMITH & THE CLOWNS: Dearest Darling/ THE SPANIELS: People Will Say We're In Love/ THE SUPREMES: Don't Leave Me Here Tonight/ ROY TYSON & THE TYSONS: Oh What A Night For Love/ THE UNIVERSALS: That's My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lucky CDLR 901 Bump Jump Jive, Vol. 1 ● CD $19.98
30 tracks of hot jump blues and R&B from the 50s.
LAVERN BAKER: Jim Dandy/ ROY BROWN: Black Diamond/ Caldoniaís Wedding/ RUTH BROWN: As Long as Iím Moving/ TOMMY BROWN: Atlanta Boogie/ WILLIE EGANS: Wow Wow/ BOB GADDY: Slow Down Baby/ GENE & EUNICE: Bom Bom Lulu/ ROSCO GORDON: Tummer Tee/ BIG JOE GREER: Iím the Fat Man/ THURSTON HARRIS: Be Baba Leba/ WYNONIE HARRIS: Bloodshot Eyes/ BULLMOOSE JACKSON: Big Ten Inch Record/ LOUIS JORDAN: Caldonia/ Ella Mae/ SMILEY LEWIS: Sheís got me Hook, Line & Sinker/ LITTLE ESTHER: The Deacon Moves In/ THE LOLLYPOPPERS: A Bottle of Pop and a Lollipop/ BILLY "RED" LOVE: Juiced/ AMOS MILBURN: Potluck Boogie/ ROY MILTON: Hop, Sjkip & Jump/ THE MINTS: Whatícha Gonna Do/ ELMO NIXON: Forgive Me Baby/ SMOKEY JOE: Start All Over Again/ LAURIE TATE: Rock Me Daddy/ BIG íTí TAYLOR: Sadie Green/ BIG JOE TURNER: Bump Miss Susie/ Honey Hush/ CHUCK WILLIS: Letís Jump Tonight/ JIMMY WILSON: Jumpiní from Six to Six

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lucky CDLR 902 Bump Jump Jive, Vol. 2 ● CD $19.98
30 more jumping cuts
LAVERN BAKER: Jim Dandy Got Married/ CALVIN BOZE: Good Time Sue/ TINY BRADSHAW: Breaking up the House/ ROY BROWN: Fannie Brown Got Married/ I'm Ready to Play/ My Gal from Kokomo/ RUTH BROWN: Wild Wild Young Men/ TOMMY BROWN: The House near the Track/ WYNONA CARR: Touch and Go/ TUCKER COLES: House Rockers Jamboree/ H-BOMB FERGUSON: Rock H-Bomb Rock/ WYNONIE HARRIS: Wasn't that Good/ LOUIS JORDAN: Big Bess/ Saturday Night Fish Fry/ SMILEY LEWIS: Ain't Gonna Do it/ Bumpity Bump/ Down the Road/ AMOS MILBURN: Chicken Shack Boogie/ Flying Home/ THE MINTS: Night Air/ RONNIE MOLEEN: Fat Mama/ BUMPS MYERS: I'm Clappin' & Shoutin'/ KING PERRY: Everything's Gonna Be Alright Tonight/ JESSE POWELL & FLUFFY HUNTER: The Walkin' Blues/ THE SWALLOWS: It Ain't the Meat/ BIG JOE TURNER: Jumpin' at the Jubilee/ Love oh Careless Love/ BIG 'T' TYLER: King Kong/ CHUCK WILLIS: Be Good or Be Gone/ Loud Mouth Lucy


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