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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, J/K

VARIOUS ARTISTS J&S 7006265 Jump And Shout ● CD $17.98
A collection of rocking R&B from the 60s - mostly from tiny obscure labels and most of it making its first appearance on CD. Includes sides by Jesse James, Eddie Kirk (aka Eddie Kirkland), Skip Manning, Louis Johnson, Louis "Blue Boy" Jones, T.B. & The Germs, Baby Jean, Joe Johnson, Sherman Evans, Ramona Parks, Willie White, Ty Terrell, Carrie Grant & The Grandeurs, O.V. Wright and others.
BABY JEAN: If You Wanna/ LARRY BIRDSONG: Little School Girl/ LARRY BRIGHT: Way Down Home/ SHERMAN EVANS WITH CHRIS ORTIZ & THE FLAMES: The Craze/ CARRIE GRANT & THE GRANDEURS: Mish Mash/ GEORGE HUGHLEY & THE CAMA ROCKERS: What Did I Do/ THE IDEALS: Go Get A Wig/ JIM JACKSON: Some Love With Soul/ JESSE JAMES: I'm All Right/ JOE JOHNSON: Rattlesnake, Baby, Rattlesnake/ LOUIS JOHNSON: Please Look Out/ LOUIS "BLUES BOY" JONES: Someway, Somewhere/ EDDIE KIRK: The Grunt/ RUBY LEE: I'm Gonna Put a Watch On You/ CARL LESTER & THE SHOWSTOPPERS: When You See Me Hurt/ SKIP MANNING: Ham & Eggs/ AMOS MILBURN, JR: Gloria/ RAMONA PARKS: Soul Mate/ HENRY STROGIN: Misery/ T.B. & THE GERMS: Jump & Shout Pt 1/ TY TYRELL: The Scratch Pt. 2/ The Scratch Pt.1/ DANNY WARE: The Zombie Stomp/ BILLY WATKINS: I'm Tired/ WILLIE WHITE: 99 Beef Steaks

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jamie/ Guyden 4002 One Million Years Of Doo-Wop ● CD $14.98
19 tracks
TONY ALLEN & THE WONDERS: God Gave Me To You/ BILLY & THE ESSENTIALS: Maybe You'll Be There/ The Dance Is Over/ THE BUTLERS: Lovable Girl/ When I Grow Older/ THE FANTASYS: No One But You/ THE FIVE CHORDS: Love Is Like Music/ THE FOUR JS: Here I Am Broken Hearted/ THE HEARTBEATS: Darling I Want To Get Married/ One Million Years/ THE INSPIRATIONS: Dry Your Eyes/ THE LARKS: Fabulous Cars & Diamond Rings/ I Want Her To Love Me/ THE NO NAMES: Love/ THE PENTAGONS: I Wonder/ I'm In Love/ She's Mine/ THE SUNDIALS: Chapel Of Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jamie/Guyden 4019 The Northern Side Of Philly Soul ● CD $14.98
1960s sides including extremely rare sides and unissued tracks
TYRONE ASHLEY: I Want My Baby Back/ DOUGLAS BANKS: Ain't That Just Like A Woman/ Never Say Goodbye/ THE ETHICS: Standing In The Darkness/ KENNY GAMBLE: Jokes On/ POOKIE HUDSON: This Gets To Me/ THE IMPERIAL CS: Someone Tell Her/ Someone Tell Her (alternate Version)/ BIG DEE IRWIN: Linda/ THE ROTATIONS: Put A Dime On/ THE ROYAL FIVE: 5 Miles/ BUNNY SIGLER: I Can Give You Love/ Who You Gonna Turn To/ MOSES SMITH: Girl Across The Street/ Try My Love/ THE TEMPTONES: Girl I Love You/ THE VOLCANOES: A Ladies Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jax 502 New Orleans Vocal Group Connection ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 61 min., highly recommended
Available again. Excellent collection of vocal group sounds from the Crescent City recorded in the 50s and early 60s. Up tempo sides outnumber ballads featuring great instrumental accompaniments with that solid New Orleans sound. Excellent sound. (FS)
JESSE ALLEN & GROUP: What A Party/ THE BARONS: Boom Boom/ I Know I Was Wrong/ THE BEES: Toy Bell/ THE BLUE DIAMONDS: Honey Baby/ THE CLOWNS: Dearest Darling/ THE DUKES: Cotton Pickin' Hands/ THE HAWKETTES: Mardi Gras Mambo/ THE HAWKS: Good News/ Joe The Grinder/ THE ORBITS: Mr. Hard Luck/ Who Are You/ THE PELICANS: Chimes/ LESTER ROBINSON & THE UPSETTERS: My Girl Across Town/ THE SHA WEEZ: No One To Love Me/ THE SHOWMEN: True Fine Mama/ THE SPIDERS: Blue Jeans And Ribbons/ Witchcraft/ THE SUPREMES: Honey Honey/ THE TIC TOCS: This Is The Life/ THE TOPPERS: 4x11=44/ THE VELVELTIERS: Feeling Alright On Saturday Night (outtake)/ THE VELVETIERS: Feeling Alright On Saturday Night/ Oh Baby/ THE WEBS: Question

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jax 503 New Orleans Vocal Group Connection, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
A second fine collection of bluesy vocal group sounds from New Orleans featuring 25 tracks from The Moonbeams, Sha-Weez, Bees, Hawks, Barons, Kidds, Pelicans, Spiders, Toppers, Blue Diamonds and others. Excellent sound and brief notes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jax 504 New Orleans Vocal Groups Connection Volume 3 ● CD $17.98
Available again. 25 more fine examples of New Orleans vocal group gems from the 50s
THE BARONS: Cold Kisses/ Don't Walk Out/ THE BEES: Get Away Baby/ I Want To Be Loved/ Snatchin Back/ THE BLENDERS: Graveyard/ It Takes Time/ DAVE COLLINS AND THE SCRUBS: Bluesy Me/ THE DUKES: My Lost Dreams/ THE GOLDENAIRES: And All About You/ My Only Girl/ THE HAWKS: He's The Fat Man/ It Ain't That Way/ That's What You Are/ Why Oh Why/ THE KIDDS: I Won't Be Back/ THE PELICANS: Ain't Gonna Do It/ Are You Forgetting Me/ ROY PERKINS AND GROUP: Here I Am/ You're Gone/ THE SCOTCHTONES: Do You Have The Right/ THE SHA-WEEZ: You Made Me Love You/ THE SPIDERS: I Don't Want To Lose Her/ She Keeps Me Wondering/ THE TOPPERS: I'm A Young Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS King Tut 2002 The Best Of King Tut ● CD $18.98
20 tracks from the King Tut label - 19 of them were issued as singles on the King Tut label in the 70s and one is previously unissued.
The 4 Bel-Airs: Blue Moon/ Where Are You/ The 4 Intruders: Good Night/ Sweet Girl/ The Five Pennies: For A Lifetime/ The Wedding Bells/ Earl Lewis & Channels: 22 Years From Love/ Tell Me Why/ Yo Te Quiero/ You Came To Me/ The Ly-Dells: Little Lover/ Sherry/ Ike Perry & Lyrics: Please Don't Send Me Away/ The Persuasions: ABC's of Love/ The Sheppards: Devil Eyes/ Just Let Me Love You/ The Solitaires: At Night/ Hully Gully Roll/ George Torence & Dippers: Juanita/ Someone Really Loves You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Krypton 6001 Fine & Dandy Doo-Wops, Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98
21 track collection of doo-wop rarities -  some duplication with other compilations.
THE BACHELORS: Baby/ THE BLENAIRES: My Love Is Just For You/ THE DAPPERS: Mambo Oohgh/ THE DUKES: Shimmies & The Shakes/ THE EL CAPRIS: Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop/ THE EL POLLOS: High School Dance/ THE FIVE DIAMONDS: Ten Commandments Of Love/ THE FIVE SATINS: Again/ Wonder Why/ BOBBY HALL & THE KINGS: Why Oh Why/ THE HEARTBEATS: A Thousand Miles Away (acappella)/ THE IMPALAS: Why/ THE MARVELIERS: Down/ When We Dance/ TELLI W. MILLS: Benguela/ THE RAINBOWS: If You See Mary Lee/ THE REVELS: Cha-cha Toni/ THE SENATORS: Wedding Bells/ THE SPIEDELS: Dear Joan/ THE STARLARKS: Send Me A Picture Baby/ THE VALCHORDS: Candy Store Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Krypton 6002 Kiddy Doo-Wop Groups ● CD $18.98
30 tracks from the 50s and early 60s featuring doo-wop groups including members in their early teens trying to emulate the success of Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers.
JIMMY CASTOR & THE JUNIORS: I Promise/ THE CHANTERS: Over the Rainbow/ THE COLLEGIANS: Zoom Zoom Zoom/ THE DESIRES: Let It Please Be You/ THE ELCHORDS: Peppermint Stick/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Without A Cause/ THE HEMLOCKS: Cora Lee/ THE JEWELS: Jimmy Lee/ THE KODAKS: Oh Gee Oh Gosh/ LITTLE BUTCHIE & HIS BUDDIES: I Wanna Holler/ LITTLE JIMMY & TOPS: Puppy Love/ LITTLE JOEY & THE FLIPS: Hot Rod/ LEWIS LYMON & THE TEENCHORDS: I'm So Happy/ THE MAGNIFICENT FOUR: The Closer You Are/ THE MISTAKES: Chapel Bells/ NICKY & NOBLES: School Bells/ THE NOBLETONES: Who Cares About Love/ THE PRETENDERS: Smile/ RONNIE & THE HI-LITES: I Wish That We Were Married/ THE SCHOOLBOYS: Please Say You Want Me/ THE STUDENTS: Everyday of the Week/ THE STYLES: School Bells To Chapel Bells/ FAITH TAYLOR & THE SWEET TEENS: Won't Someone Tell Me Why/ TINY TIM & THE HITS: Doll Baby/ THE TRUE LOVES: A Love Like Yours/ THE VAL CHORDS: Candy Store Love/ THE YOUNGSTERS: You Told Another Lie/ THE YOUNGTONES: Come On Baby/ BEN ZEPPA & ZEPHERS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Krypton 6002B Fine And Dandy Doo-Wops, Volume Two ● CD $17.98
22 vocal group rarities from the 50s and early 60s - quite a few making their first appearance on CD.
THE BAN LONS: Hey Good Lookin/ THE BEL AIRES: Rockin & Strollin/ BUDDY & THE PREMIERS: I'll Always Love You/ THE CLIPPERS: I'm For You Baby/ THE CORVELLS: We Made A Vow/ THE CRYSTALTONES: Debra Lee/ The Girl I Love/ THE DELFONICS: There They Go/ THE DYNAMICS: Eenie Meenie/ THE HI-TONES: I Don't Know Why/ THE INTRUDERS: Come Home Soon/ Goodnight/ JOEY & THE OVATIONS: I Still Love You/ THE MERIDIANS: Lonely/ Mixed Up Woman/ NICKY & THE NOBLES: School Bells/ THE SENIORS: May I Have This Dance/ THE SHYTONES: Just For You/ THE STRINGBEANS: Starlight/ THE TOPS: Walking With My Baby/ THE WILDWOODS: Heart of Mine/ THE WILLOWS: Now That I Have You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Krypton Records 8060 Summertime Doo Wop ● CD $17.98
32 doo-wop songs about summer.
THE ALTONES: Summer Love/ TOM AUSTIN & THE HEALEYS: Summer's Over/ THE CASUALTONES: Summer School/ THE CHANTONES: It Was Just A Summer Love/ THE CHATEAUS: Summer's Here/ THE CHIMES: Summer Night/ THE CORONATORS: Long Hot Summer/ RANNIE DAWSON: Summer's Comin'/ MIKE DONATO: Summertime Love/ THE FOUR TOPS: Lonely Summer/ THE FOUR UNIQUES: Maybe Next Summer/ THE FOUR WINDS: Remember Last Summer/ THE GATES: Summer Night Love/ THE GIGI: This Is Next Summer/ THE GRAND PRIXS: Late Summer Love/ THE HAPPYTONES: Summertime Nights/ SAMMY HOUSTON & ALAMOS: Summer Souvenir/ THE IMPACTS: Summer/ THE INTENTIONS: Summertime Angel/ JEFF & THE GINOS: One Summer In A Million/ LEE: Lonely Summer/ THE MARCELS: Summertime/ JOE MONDO: Last Summer Love/ FRANKIE NOLAN: Summer All Year Round/ HENRY PINARDI & 3-D'S: Summertime Sweetheart/ THE STATENS: Summertime Is The Time For Love/ THE SWEETHEARTS: Summer Days/ THE TRENDELLS: Let's Go Steady For The Summer/ THE UNKNOWNS: Oh Summer Love/ THE VIDELS: Now That Summer Is Here/ THE WHISPERS: Here Comes Summer/ THE WONDERS: Summer Love


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