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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, H/I

VARIOUS ARTISTS Herald 417 Herald The Beat! ● CD $17.98
Reissue of 14 track LP originally issued in 1957 with 17 additional cuts for a total of 31 tracks from the 50s and early 60s by this fine and important New York label. A mix of doo-wop, R&B and blues this includes such great hits as Tonite Tonite by The Melloking, Shake A Hand by faye Adams, Stay by Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs, Mixed Up Shook Up Girl by Patty & The Emblems and When You Dance by The Turbans as well as tracks by Tommy Ridgely, Al Savage, The Nutmegs, Charlie & Ray, Pork Chops, Ricky Jones, Larry Dale, Ursula Reed, Mr. Stringbean, Big Bob Kornegay, Dickie Thompson (the great Thirteen Women And Only One Man) and others.
FAYE ADAMS: Hurts Me To My Heart/ I'll Be True/ Shake a Hand/ EDDIE BOYD: I'm Going Downtown/ CHARLIE & RAY: Dearest One/ I Love You Madly/ CLAUDINE CLARK: Angel of Happiness/ LARRY DALE: Feelin' All Right/ LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS: Shine On Moon/ JOE JONES: You Done Me Wrong/ RICKY JONES: You Know It's True/ BIG BOB KORNEGAY: Hocus Pocus Voo Doo/ THE MELLOKINGS: Chapel On the Hill/ Sassafras/ Tonite Tonite/ THE NUTMEGS: Ship of Love/ Story Untold/ PATTI & THE EMBLEMS: Mixed Up Shook Up Girl/ PORK CHOPS: I Wanna See My Loving Baby/ URSULA REED: All Gone/ TOMMY RIDGELY: When I Meet My Girl/ TOMMY RIDGLEY: I've Heard That Story Before/ AL SAVAGE: I Had a Nothin'/ Paradise Princess/ MR. STRINGBEAN: Pass the Juice Miss Lucy/ DICKIE THOMPSON: Thirteen Women and Only One Man/ THE TURBANS: Congratulations/ When You Dance/ VITO & THE SALUTATIONS: Unchained Melody/ MAURICE WILLIAMS & THE ZODIACS: I Remember/ Stay

VARIOUS ARTISTS Heritage 8340 Yo! Philadelphia - Look What I Found ● CD $15.98
A collection of mostly obscure recordings from the Philadelphia area written and/or produced by local entrepreneur Jerry Ross and released on various labels. A mix of doo-wop, soul, rock and pop. Includes The Dreamlovers, Vespers, Rhodells, The Lavenders (with Leon Huff on piano), Kenny Gamble, Tommy DeNoble, The Larks (not the Los Angeles group), The Tams, Co'eds, Chapter One, Courtship, Kenny & Tommy, April Young and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hi (UK) HILOCD 8 Name Of The Game ● CD $12.98
21 tracks, 70 min., recommended
Let the repackaging continue! Most of these tracks come from various other Hi compilations and reissues; a few cuts are rare, most not. Names (in the song titles) constitute the unifying theme here, though the idea seems to be stretched to the breaking point when it comes to Al Green's version of Amazing Grace. But as contrived as the name idea is, the results aren't bad. (How bad can things get when Green sings 8 songs?) Still, Bobby Emmons' instrumental take of Mack The Knife and George Jackson's bloodless Patricia deserve the obscurity that is theirs. And yet Bobby McClure's She's Miss Wonderful is a find. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hi (UK) HILOCD 9 What's The Question? Vol 2 ● CD $12.98
16 tracks, 53 min., recommended
The theme--titles that ask questions--is less limiting than the "names" volume and a good deal better. Occasional ringers like Al Greens What Is This Feeling (from Let's Stay Together) exist alongside obscure curiosities like What Have You Done To My Heart by Imported Goods and Can I Believe You? by Known Facts. Soul/Hi fans will also find the pre-Soul Children cut by Norm West of interest as well as tracks by Willie Clayton, Quiet Elegance, and Eddie McGee. (Note: several of the more desirable cuts appear on previous Hi comps.) (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hi (UK) HILOCD 10 Trouble, Heartaches & Sadness ● CD $12.98
22 tracks, 63 min., recommended
From the Hi mid-price series comes this sampler, heavy on the Ann Peebles (6 cuts, including the title track). Great music here from Syl Johnson, Otis Clay, O. V. Wright, Don Bryant, and others, all previously-issued stuff. Count Veniece Starks' girlish What More Do You Want From Me, Philip Mitchell's (no relation to Willie) Ain't No Love In My Life, and Big Lucky Carter's bluesy I've Been Hurt as less familiar but no less pleasing Hi-lights. This collection might just convince you to give a few of these artists a serious listen--and that is, after all, the idea. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hollywood 1001 The Best Of Hollywood Records, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
The first of three albums featuring recordings made for this fine and important California label that issued over 100 singles between 1953 and 1967 - mostly rhythm & blues, doo-wop, blues and gospel - this series doesn't include of the gospel recordings, unfortunately, but maybe that'll come later. The 24 tracks includes sides by The L'Capt-Ans, Linda Hayes, Jesse Belvin, Ashton Savoy (hot Louisiana blues), Phil Flowers, Joe Lyons & Arrows, Ben Hughes, King Perry, Jimmy McCracklin (two fine sides by this West Coast blues giant featuring harmonica - unusual for McCracklin), The Encores, The Twiggs, Frankie Ervin (a fine version of Johnny Ace's Last Letter) and Sonny Woods & The Twiggs. Fine sound but no notes or discographical information.
JESSE BELVIN: Dear Heart/ JESSIE BELVIN: Betty My Love/ THE ENCORES: Ha Chi Ri Bi Ri Bi/ Time Is Moving On/ FRANKIE ERVIN: Johnny Ace's Last Letter/ PHIL FLOWERS: Honey Chile/ I'm a Lover Man/ LINDA HAYES: Change of Heart/ No Next Time/ Why Johnny Why/ Yours For the Asking/ I've Tried So Hard/ BEN HUGHES: Someday-Someplace-Somewhere/ THE L'CAP-TANS: Call the Doctor/ THE L'CAPT-ANS: The Bells Ring Out/ JOE LYONS & THE ARROWS: What's New With You/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: Fare You Well/ It's Allright/ KING PERRY: Back To Kansas City/ Pitching a Party/ ASTON SAVOY: Denga Denga/ THE TWIGGS: Lover Boy/ Wonderful World/ SONNY WOODS & THE TWIGGS: Chapel of Memories

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hollywood 1002 The Best Of Hollywood Records, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
This second collection of 24 sides includes six tracks by wonderful West Coast down home bluesman Johnny Fuller though his cuts are duplicated on the recently issued Official 3278. Also includes tracks by The Feathers, Linda Hayes, McBurney & The Four Jacks (tough, bluesy group with hot guitar on Walkin' & Cryin' - maybe Johnny Fuller?), Phil Flowers, Ben Hughes & The Twiggs, Frank Motley & Curly Bridges, Joe Lyons & The Arrows, Johnny Taylor (a relatively nondescript blues singer - not to be confused with the other Johnny Taylors), Chris Allen & The Marionettes, The Ebonaires and Jay Richards.
CHRIS ALLEN & MARIONETTES: Thank You, Mister Moon/ THE EBONAIRES: Let's Kiss Hello Again/ Love For Christmas/ THE FEATHERS: Dear One/ Lonesome Tonight/ PHIL FLOWERS: What It Means To Be Blue/ JOHNNY FULLER: Black Cat/ Comin' Round The Corner/ How Long/ I Can't Succeed/ Too Late To Change/ Train Train Blues/ LINDA HAYES: Darling Angel/ Don't Do Nothin' Baby/ Our Love's Forever Blessed/ BEN HUGHES & TWIGGS: I'm So Crazy About You/ JOE LYONS & ARROWS: One Too Many Times/ JOE LYONS & THE ARROWS: No End To True Love/ MCBURNEY & THE FOUR JACKS: Let Me Get Next To You/ Walkin' And Crying/ FRANK MOTLEY & CURLY BRIDGES: Don't Go/ What Can I Do/ JAY RICHARDS: Little Sheryl/ JOHNNY TAYLOR: She Wouldn't Lay Down

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hollywood 1003 The Best Of Hollywood Records, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
The third volume of 24 tracks from the Hollywood catalog is another fine collection of R&B, doo-wop and blues including sides by The Pyramids, Jay Richards, Tal Miller (another excellent Louisiana bluesman with tough guitar), Jesse Thomas (four sides by this brilliant and unique West Coast blues singer/ guitarist - two originally issued as by Mule Thomas), Linda Hayes, Frankie Ervin, Johnny Taylor, Johnny Fuller and Johnny Jano (Louisiana rockabilly!),
FRANKIE ERVIN: Christmas Dreams/ Christmas Eve Baby/ Christmas Everyday/ Christmas Letter/ JOHNNY FULLER: Mama Told Me/ Mean Old World/ Sunny Road/ LINDA HAYES: Take Me Back/ You're The Only One For Me/ JOHNNY JANO: Mabel's Gone/ TAL MILLER: B-A-B-Y/ Only Sixteen/ Scorched/ What Is Life Without Love/ THE PYRAMIDS: Bow Wow/ Someday/ JAY RICHARDS: Echoes On My Mind/ JOHNNY TAYLOR: Foolin' Around/ Over The Hill/ We Fools/ JESSE THOMAS: Cool Kind Of Lover/ Long Time/ MULE THOMAS: Blow My Baby Back Home/ Take Some And Leave Some

VARIOUS ARTISTS Holy Cow 2008 Forgotten Duos Of Rock & Roll, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
I don't how many of the duos on this 32 track collection could be considered "forgotten" but this set includes She Belongs To Me by Gino & Gina, Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins doing a great version of Shake A Hand, Jimmy & Duane (Eddy) are straight country on Soda Fountain Girl, Oscar McLollie & Jeanette Baker do Hey Girl, hey Boy and there's more from Bill & Doree Post, Tom & Jerry, Joan & Joy, Mickey & Sylvia (forgotten!?), Dale & Grace and others.
BILLIE & LILLIE: Hear, You Better Hear/ BOBBY & CHUBBY: My Baby Just Cares For Me/ DALE & GRACE: Let The Good Times Toll/ THE DASH & DOT: Dance With Me Henry/ DEE & PATTY: Sweet Lovin' Baby/ DON & JUAN: Magic Wand/ DOTTIE & RAY: I Love You Baby/ JIMMY & DUANE EDDY: Soda Fountain Girl/ GINO & GINA: I Don't Need A Ring Around My Finger/ Kook-A-Dong/ Love's A Carousel/ She Belongs To Me/ JOAN & JOY: My Lover Hs Left Me/ You're My Prescription/ JOHNNY & JOE: Over The Mountain Part 2/ THE KALIN TWINS: Clickety Clack/ MARVIN & JOHNNIE: Vip Vop/ OSCAR MCCOLLIE & JEANETTE BAKER: Hey Girl, Hey Boy/ MICKEY & SYLVIA: Oh Yeah! Uh Huh/ DONNIE OWENS & DUANE EDDY: Need You/ PATIENCE & PRUDENCE: Gonna Get Along Without You Now/ PAUL AND PAULA: Jingle Bell Rock/ BILL & DOREE POST (JACKIE DESHANNON): Valley High/ THE PRUDHOMME TWINS: I Don't Need A Diary/ RENEE & RAY: Do What You Feel/ BOBBY RYDELL & CHUBBY CHECKER: Walkin' My Baby Back Home/ TOM & JERRY: Baby Talk/ Dancin' Wild (alt Take)/ TRACEY TWINS: Kissin' Diploma/ JACKIE WILSON & LINDA HOPKINS: Shake A Hand (stereo)/ When The Saints Go Marching In (stereo)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Horizon Sound 101 Classic Corner Collections ● CD $17.98
Fine collection of obscure doo wop from the 50s and early 60s - minimal duplication with other compilations.
ART "TURK" CARAMAN & GROUP: Falling For You/ THE CELTICS: Darlene Darling/ THE CREATIONS: This Is Our Night/ THE DAYLIGHTERS: I Can't Stop Crying/ THE DESIRES: Phyllis Beloved/ THE DREAMGIRLS: Oh This Is Why/ ELROY & THE EXCITEMENTS: My Love Will Never Die/ THE EMBERS: Wait For Me/ THE ENSENADAS: Love I Beg Of You/ THE ESQUIRES: Why Must I Love You/ THE FABULONS: Just Like A Fool/ THE FABULOUS PEARL DEVINES: So Lonely/ THE FLAMES: My Joan/ TOMMY INETT AND GROUP: I'll Always Be True/ THE IVORIES: Alone/ THE LYRICS: You/ THE MELO-GENTS: Baby Be Mine/ THE MONTEREYS: First Kiss/ THE ORIGINALS: I Still Love You/ THE PARAMOUNTS: Take My Heart/ THE ROYAL JESTERS: Is That Good Enough For You/ THE SEMINOLES: It Takes A Lot/ THE SENSATIONS: My Debut To Love/ THE TOKENS: Oh What A Night/ THE VIBRATIONS: All My Love Belongs To You/ THE WIL-SONES: Let Me Help You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hot Dog 7051 Delicious Doo-Wop & Tasty Treats, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
Entertaining collection of 30 doo-wop, R&B and rock 'n' roll songs from the 50s and early 60s with a food theme.
LEE ANDREWS & THE HEARTS: Sippin' A Cup Of Coffee/ DOC BAGBY: Dumplins'/ THE BELNOTES: Shortin' Bread/ THE CADILLACS: Sugar, Sugar/ THE CASTLETONES: At The Hot Dog Stand/ THE COLTS: Honey Bun/ THE DEL VIKINGS: Cool Shake/ THE DOVELLS: One Potato/ THE DUKES: Groceries Sir?/ THE ECHOES: A Chicken Ain't Nothin But A Bird/ THE EL CHORDS: Peppermint Stick/ THE FIVE DOLLARS: Bacon Fat/ NORMAN FOX & ROB ROYS: Pizza Pie/ THE GENIES: Chicken Necks/ THE JESTERS: Tutti Frutti/ THE LASALLES: Yum, Yum/ LIL' JOE & THRILLERS: Peanuts/ Peanuts (alt Take)/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Butterball/ Cherry Pie/ THE MARYLANDERS: Fried Chicken/ LEE MAYE & GROUP: Honey, Honey/ THE MORROCOS: Red Hots & Chili Mac/ THE PARAKEETS: Candy Bar Boogie/ THE PLAIDS: Out To Lunch/ THE SHELLS: Sippin' Soda/ SKIP & FLIP: Lunch Hour/ THE TEARDROPS: Bubblegummer/ THE VALCHORDS: Candy Store Love/ THE VOCALTONES: Sugar Lump

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hot Dog 7052 Delicious Doo-Wop & Tasty Treats, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
More food oriented doo-wop songs.
HANK BALLARD & MIDNIGHTERS: Sugaree/ THE BEL-AIRES: White Port & Lemon Juice/ THE CADILLACS: Sugar (alt Take)/ THE CAPRIS: Milk & Gin (unreleased)/ THE CASTLETONES: No Pork In The Beans/ PAUL CHAMPLAIN & EMERALDS: Shortnin' Bread/ THE CHIPS: Rubber Biscuit/ Rubber Biscuit (alt Take)/ THE FIVE DOLLARS: How To Do The Bacon Fat/ THE FOUR ESQUIRES: Everyone's Sweet On My Sugar/ THE FOUR TUNES: Rock & Egg Roll/ RUSTY ISABELLE: Firewater/ THE LA SALLES: Chopsticks/ BILLY LOVE: Juiced!/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Sweet Potato/ THE NITECAPS: Wine, Wine, Wine/ THE NUGGETS: Popcorn Baby/ THE ONTARIOS: Drink A Toast/ DANNY OVERBEA: 40 Cups Of Coffee/ THE PARAKEETS: Candy Bar Boogie (alt Take)/ THE PEARLS: Ice Cream Baby/ THE RAYS: Moo Goo Gai Pan/ THE RHYTHMACES: That's My Sugar/ RICK & KEENS: Peanuts/ THE SENORS: Olive Oil/ SKIP & FLIP: Cherry Pie/ DOC STARKES & HIS NIGHT RAIDERS: Apple Cider/ THE SUPERBS: Beans/ THE SUPREMES: Snap, Crackle & Pop/ THE VELOURS: Honey Drop

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hot Little Devil 6037 Doo Wop Souvenirs, Vol. 1 - Hanging Out With the Boys ● CD $17.98
Diverse collection of 25 vocal group tracks from the mid 50s through mid 60s. It includes Billy Davis & The Legends 1960 tribute to recently deceased Jesse Belvin Goodbye Jesse plus sides by The Tranells, Tabbys, Jerico Brown, Tommy Duncan, G.R. Campbell, The Trend-Tones, Dukays, Falcons, Escos, and others.
THE BLENDERS: Angel/ DONNIE BOYD: I Love The Ground You Walk On/ JERICO BROWN: Wisdom Of A Fool/ G.R. CAMPBELL: Turn Around Look At Me/ THE CHARIOTS: A Sunday Morning Love/ LENNY COCO & THE CHIMES: Two Times Two/ BILLY DAVIS & LEGENDS: Goodbye Jesse/ THE DUKAYS: Festival Of Love/ TOMMY DUNCAN: We Belong Together/ THE ECCO'S: That's Life/ THE FALCONS: This Heart Of Mine/ THE FOUR VOICES: Lovely One/ BILL HARTON: Like To See You In The Moon/ THE KNIGHTS: How Long Will It Last/ LITTLE VICTOR & VISTAS: No More/ THE NEW CONCEPTS: How Deep Is The Ocean/ THE QUAILS: My Love/ ROY & CHARLIE: We Fell In Love/ THE ROYAL ROBINS: How High The Moon/ THE SEVILLES: Loving You/ THE TABBYS: My Darling/ THE TITANS: What Have I Done/ THE TRANELLS: Come On And Tell Me/ THE TREND-TONES: Never Again/ This Is Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Implant 104 New York To L.A. Acapella All The Way ● CD $18.98
Reissue of fine and rare 1967 album featuring excellent acapella performances recorded in 1967 by four groups - The Ad-Libs, Hudsons, Atlantics and Variations. This CD issue adds two bonus tracks from 1958 by The Gentle-Tones who later became the C-Notes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS IRCD 006 Rare Doo-Wops Of Infinity Records ● CD $17.98
Fine collection of early 60s doo-wop, R&B and girl group sounds from this small West Coast label. Includes The Electras, The Younghearts, Shad Printer, Penny Rae, Billy Storm (a very fine version of Since I Fell For You wounding like Jackie Wilson), Betty Turner, The Younghearts, The Ring A Dings (the hot rocking two part Snacky Poo), etc.
THE CHERIOS: Ding Dong Honeymoon/ Where Are You Tonight?/ THE DEBS: Dreamboat/ The Mask/ THE ELECTRAS: Boo Babe/ Ten Steps To Love/ The Stomp/ You Lied/ SHAD PRINDER: Here Goes A Fool/ Willow Tree/ PENNY RAE: Chugga Lugga Choo Choo/ Shame Shame Shame/ THE RING-A-DINGS: Snacky Poo/ Snacky-Poo Part 2/ RAY SMITH: Turn on the Moonlight/ BILLY STORM: Since I Fell For You/ BETTY TURNER: I Believe In You/ Life Is Like the River/ Stay Away From Jim/ Yo Yo Love/ THE YOUNGHEARTS: Do Not Forsake Me/ Unwelcomed Guest

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ivy-Hanover 101 The Best Of Ivy & Hanover Records ● CD $18.98
Collection of vocal group harmony from two small mid 50s labels based in New York - The Deltairs, Vanguards, Ivies, Unique Teens, Lucien Farrar, Clarence Paul, The Fluorescents and others. 27 tracks in all.
THE DELTAIRS: I Might Like It/ It's Only You Dear/ Lullabye of the Bells/ Standing At the Altar/ LUCIEN FARRAR: Did You Kiss Me Goodbye/ When We First Met/ THE FIVE LETTERS: Hold My Baby/ Your First Love/ THE FLOURESCENTS: Shoopy-Pop-A-Doo/ The Facts of Love/ THE IVIES: Come On/ Sunshine/ THE KIDS FROM TEXAS: Long Legged Linda/ LAURA LESLIE: It's Eternal/ JIMMIE LEWIS & THE VOLUMES: I Saw a Cottage In My Dreams/ In My Heart/ CLARENCE PAUL: I Need Your Lovin'/ I'll Be By Your Side/ JIMMY STEWARD: Crazy Dream/ TERRY & THE BELLS: Alone Because I Love You/ THE UNIQUE TEENS: At the Ball/ At the Ball (alternate version)/ Jeannie/ Jeannie (alternate version)/ THE VANGUARDS: I'm Movin'/ Moonlight


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