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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, G

VARIOUS ARTISTS GC 301 Group Classics, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
28 tracks.
THE BACHELORS: Delores/ JESSE BELVIN: Betty My Love/ THE CHIMES: A Fool Was I/ THE CRYSTALS: God Only Knows/ THE DREAMERS: No Man Is An Island/ THE EMERALDS: That's The Way It's Gotta Be/ THE FASCINATORS: My Beauty, My Own/ THE FIVE EMBERS: Please Come Home/ THE HEPSTERS: This-a-way/ THE HI LITES: I Found A Love/ THE JAYHAWKS: Counting My Teardrops/ THE KEYSTONERS: Sleep & Dream/ THE LYRES: Playboy/ THE MELLO-MOODS: I'm Lost/ THE NEW YORKERS FIVE: Cha Cha Baby/ THE PLANTS: Dear I Swear/ THE ROCKETS: Too Fat/ THE SERENADERS: I Wrote A Letter/ THE SMOOTHTONES: Bring Back Your Love To Me/ THE SPINNERS: Marvella/ My Love & Your Love/ THE SUPREMES: Just For You And I/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Please Tell Me You're Min/ UNKNOWN GROUP: All Aboard/ Baby Baby/ I'm In Love Again/ We'll Never Part/ THE VERSATILES: Lundee Dundee

VARIOUS ARTISTS GC 302 Group Classics, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
25 doo-wop rarities
ANTHONY & THE SOPHOMORES: Don't Play That Song/ CAROL BLADES & GROUP: Candy Store Lullabye/ THE CLIPS: Tell Me the Truth/ THE DUBS: Runaround/ THE EMBERS: I Wish I Didn't Love You So/ THE ETERNALS: The Letter/ THE FIVE DEGREES: In Everyone's Life/ THE FIVE SATINS: Baby Face/ THE FIVE WILLOWS: Farewell/ THE GREATS: Who Took My Girl?/ THE HARPTONES: Fine Little Girl/ THE INTRUDERS: I'm Calling/ THE METRONOMES: Lonely Woman/ THE MOONGLOWS: Doubtful/ NORMAN FOX & THE ROB ROYS: That's Love/ THE PASTELS: How Can I Thank You/ THE PILGRIMS: Hurry Up and Ding Dong/ THE SCHOOLBOYS: Ding A Ling Coo Coo Mop/ THE SERENADERS: My Love/ THE STARLIGHTERS: The Story/ THE TUNEMASTERS: Miracle of Love/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Doing the Cha Cha Cha/ THE VELVETS: Someday She'll Come My Way/ THE VIDELS: Lovely Little Girl

VARIOUS ARTISTS GC 303 Group Classics, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
A collection of 25 tracks - 16 of them by unknown groups!
THE CORDIALS: Dum Dum/ Dum Dum/ THE FIVE WILLOWS: My Dearest My Darling/ THE HARPTONES: Marie/ Marie (acappella)/ THE JIVE FIVE: Maw Maw Country/ Maw Maw Country (acappella)/ THE PHAROAHS: Bye Bye Baby/ Bye Bye Baby/ THE RAYVONETTES: Fine Brown Frame/ Fine Brown Frame/ THE ROCKETONES: Darling (Won't You Wait For Me)/ Darling (won't You Wait For Me)/ THE ROYAL TEENS: Carole/ Carole/ UNKNOWN GROUP: I Wonder/ I'm Going Home/ I'm Going Home (acappella)/ Last Year At This Time/ Last Year At This Time/ Lonely City/ Lonely City/ Love Me/ Love Me/ Maybe Baby/ Maybe Baby/ Miss Jones/ Miss Jones (acappella)/ Please Be My Love/ Please Be My Love/ Small Dreams/ Small Dreams/ Tell Me/ Tell Me/ Tra La La/ Tra La La/ Way Up (in The Clouds)/ We Are In Love/ We Are In Love/ We'll Never Part/ We'll Never Part/ What Can I Do/ You're An Angel/ You're An Angel/ THE UNKNOWN GROUP: I Wonder/ Way Up (In the Clouds)/ What Can I Do/ THE VELVETEERS: If Loving You Is Wrong/ If Loving You Is Wrong

VARIOUS ARTISTS GC 304 Group Classics, Vol. 4 - For The Serious Doo-Wop Collec ● CD $17.98
GC do it again with 25 fine doo-wop tracks from the 50s and 60s - 17 of them previously unissued!
LEE ANDREWS & THE HEARTS: I Miss My Baby (previously unreleased)/ The Fairest (previously unreleased)/ THE CHIMES: Dearest Darling/ THE CLUSTERS: Sunday Kind of Love (previously unreleased)/ THE DARTS: My Love (previously unreleased)/ THE DELTONES: Crazy Lover (previously unreleased)/ PEARL DEVINES: You've Been Gone/ THE DIALS: Over the Rainbow (previously unreleased)/ THE DOMINOS: These Foolish Things (previously unreleased)/ THE EMERALDS: School Boys Love (previously unreleased)/ Up On the Mountain (previously unreleased)/ THE FASCINATORS: Don't Give It Away/ Sweet Baby/ THE FIVE OWLS: I Like Moonshine/ JOHNNIE & JOE: My Dearest My Love (previously unreleased)/ THE NUTONES: Believe/ THE PRETENDERS: I Hear Bells/ I Hear Bells (previously unreleased)/ THE ROYAL NOTES: Three Speed Girl/ THE UNIQUES: Hey Little Cupid (previously unreleased)/ UNKNOWN GROUP: Come Back To Me(previously unreleased)/ Love Is A Game(previously unreleased)/ Love Me (previously unreleased)/ Sneaky Old Love (previously unreleased)/ THE VALTONES: A Girl Like You (previously unreleased)

VARIOUS ARTISTS GC 305 Group Classics, vol. 5 ● CD $17.98
25 tunes by Esquires, Fascinations, Five Stars, Bucanneers, Calvaes, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gem 0200 The Best Of Gem Records ● CD $17.98
30 track collection of sides recorded for the New York based Gem label between 1953 and '54
ANGEL FACE: Don't Ever Leave Me/ THE BLUES EXPRESS ORCHESTRA: Honkin' Away/ Mush/ DORIAN BURTON: Don't Take Your Love From Me/ JIMMY BUTLER: Cruelty For Kindness/ That Ain't Right/ Trim Your Tree/ THE CHORDS: Daddy Loves Mommy/ In The Woods/ JIMMY CRAWFORD: 'Til My Baby Comes Back/ KING CURTIS: Tenor In The Sky/ MELVIN DANIELS: No More Crying On My Pillow/ THE EARLS: Believe Me, My Love/ My Marie/ Out Of This World/ Spinnin'/ THE FIVE EMBERS: All Alone/ Love Birds/ Love Tears/ Please Come Home/ THE FOUR BELLS: Long Way To Go/ My Tree/ Only A Miracle/ Please Tell It To Me/ JOAN SHAW: Baby Come On/ Do What You Want With Me/ Oh How I Hate To Say Goodbye/ Why Don't You LeaveMy Heart Alone/ You Drive Me Crazy/ You Make Me Cry Myself To Sleep

VARIOUS ARTISTS Georgia 101 Georgia Vocal Groups ● CD $18.98
30 vocal group rarities from Georgia
THE 5 DEBONAIRES: Darlin'/ Whispering Blues/ ARTHUR & THE CORVETS: I Believe/ EUNICE DAVIS & THE BLUE DOTS: Get Your Enjoys/ THE BLUE DOTS: Don't Do That Baby/ Don't Hold It/ God Loves You/ Hold Me Tight/ Let Me Know Tonight/ My Confession (unissued)/ Please Don't Tell Em/ Saturday Nite Fish Fry/ Streets of Sorrow/ You've Got To Live For Yourself/ THE CONDORS: Sweet Angel/ THE CORVETS: My Darling/ THE INVICTORS: This Thing Called Love/ JOAN & THE HEARTS: Love Shall Never Return/ THE NEW INVICTORS: Deeply In Love With You/ PAUL PEEK & GROUP: I'm Not Your Fool Anymore/ THE PIPS: Ching Ching/ Whistle My Love/ THE RAMBLERS: Come On Back/ THE ROCKIN' DUKES: Angel and A Rose/ My Baby Left Me/ THE ROYALS: Dreams of You/ If You Love Me/ THE SHADOWS: I Love You/ THE TIFANOS: It's Raining/ Louisiana

VARIOUS ARTISTS Get Hip 5018 Soulful Sounds From Soulville ● CD $15.98
25 tracks, 69 minutes, highly recommended
Collection of VERY rare Phillie soul (well, actually from Harrisburg) from the Soulville & Jay-Walking labels from the mid 60s. Remember Karate by The Emperors? One of the members, Robert Fulton, wanted to strike out on his own into the record business & in '67 started his own labels. The only real hitmaker here is The Continental 4, heard here on The Way I Love You. No more real hits, but tons of stuff that should've been, by such acts as Watson & The Sherlocks, Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights, Wee Willie Mason (Funky Funky Hot Pants) & even the owner as Bobby Fulton. (GM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Goddess 101 The Heart Of Soul ● CD $17.98
20 track collection of obscure 70s and 80s soul.
THE FOURCOUNTS: Love Is A Song Of Love/ THE MAIN ATTRACTION: Keep On Walking/ THE PERFECTIONS: Love Storm/ THE PREMIERS: I Won't Stand in Your Way/ Lonely Weatherman/ THE QUADRAPHONICS: Prove My Love To You/ THE RIPPLES: Cowgirls to Boys/ Only Time Will Tell/ THE ROMEO: Ooh Baby Baby/ THE SINCLAYR'S: You Came Along/ PHYLLIS SMITH: I Need Somebody To Love/ THE SOUL PUSHERS: With A Broken Heart/ STARWIND: I Can't Stand To See You Cry/ THE STRIDELLS: The Power To Dream/ BRAD STUART: That Day When She Needed Me/ THE SUMMITS: Let's Love Now/ THE SWINGING ALLUSIONS: Farewell Darling/ Prove It/ THE SYMPHONICS: When I Grow Old/ RED TOP & THE YOUNG FAMILY: Barbara

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Dust 2001 The Lamp Records Story, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
Terrific collection of R&B, blues and doo-wop recorded for Aladdin subsidiary Lamp in the mid 50s. 26 tracks from Leonard Lee (great New Orleans R&B from the male half of Shirley & Lee), Clarence Samuels, The Cues, The Carols, Sheri Washington, The Lovers (Allen Bunn & Little Anne), Margie Hendrix and others. Sound quality is excellent.
THE CAROLS: Keko/ My Search Is Over/ JOHNNY COOK: It's All In Your Mind/ My Dear, My Darling/ THE COOKIES: All Night Mambo/ Don't Let Go/ THE CUES: Forty' Leven Dozen Ways/ Scoochie Scoochie/ BONNIE EVANS: Good Luck To You/ Leave Your Love To Me/ MARGIE HENDRIX: Every Time/ Good Treatment/ LEONARD LEE: Tryin' To Fool Me/ When The Sun Goes Down/ THE LOVERS: Darling, It's Wonderful/ Gotta Whole Lot Of Lovin To Do/ THE MELLO-FELLOWS: Iddy Biddy Chance/ My Friend Charley/ CLARANCE SAMUELS: Life Don't Mean A Thing/ CLARENCE SAMUELS: Crazy With The Heat/ 'SLIM' SANDERS: For Me And My Gal/ No One Can Love You Like I Do/ THE TANTONES: I Love You, Really I Do/ No Matter/ SHERI WASHINGTON: Ain't I Talkin' To You, Baby/ I Got Plenty

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Dust 2002 The Lamp Records Story, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 62 mins, highly recommended
The second volume is particularly fine - it's mostly doo-wop featuring some fine and bluesy groups including The Sharps (with some very cool guitar), The Tantones, Troopers, Heart-Throbs (with a fine female lead who sounds like Little Esther), The Lovers, Minorbops and others. There's one blues cut from the excellent Rebecca Williams recorded in San Francisco with the Fats Gaines band including an excellent guitar player and the set ends with four truly superb cuts by gospel group The Skylight Singers. (FS)
THE DAYBREAKERS: I Wonder Why/ Up, Up And Away/ THE HEART THROBS: All The Way Home/ So Gald/ THE INSPIRATORS: Don't Cry/ Indian Jane/ THE LOVERS: I Wanna Be Loved/ Let's Elope/ Tell Me/ THE MINORBOPS: Need You Tonight/ Want You For My Own/ THE SHARPS: Look My Heart/ Our Love Is Here To Stay/ JIMMY SIMMS: Mystery Of Love/ Nobody But You/ THE SKYLIGHT SINGERS: Certianly Lord/ I'm Going Back Home/ Lord, Have Mercy/ Thank You, Jesus/ THE TANTONES: So Afraid/ Tell Me/ THE TROOPERS: Get Out/ My Resolution/ REBECCA WILLIAMS: Please Give Me A Match/ Take Care Of My Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Dust 2003 The Baytone Records Story ● CD $17.98
Fine collection blues, R&B and doo-wop recorded for the San Francisco based Baytone label between 1958 and 1963.
BABY CALLOWAY: Midnight Blues/ CLAUDE & HIGH TONES: High Sailing/ THE FABULOUS FLAMES: Do You Remember/ Do You Remember (alt.)/ Get To Stepping/ I Need You, Dear/ I'm So All Alone/ Lover/ EGUENE JEFFERSON: Don't Cry No More/ Too Young/ ROLAND MITCHELL BAND: Chuck Wagon (instrumental)/ JOHNNY MORISETTE: (bat Man) For Days/ Bad Shape/ For Days (instr.)/ Run/ MITCH MYRON & GROUP: Runnin' Around/ True Love Is Hard To Find/ THE ROMANCERS: Baby, I Love You So/ You Don't Understand/ RITA THOMAS: Prove You Love Me, Baby/ Take Care Of My Heart/ BIG MAMMA THORNTON: Big Mamm'a Blues/ You Did Me Wrong/ VERNON & JEWELL: It Hit Me Where It Hurts/ Since You Left Me All Alone/ ROBERT "CHICK" WILLIS & GROUP: Pleading/ Yes, I Do

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Dust 2004 The Note Records Story ● CD $17.98
Fine collection of 31 tracks drawn from the Note label of Indianapolis, Indiana which was active from 1955 through 1959. Although the label itself had no hits, a number of its titles were picked up by bigger independents. There's a varied mixture of material here including doo-wop (The Treasures, Students, Five Dots, The Counts, Teasers), bluesy R&B (Jimmy Brinkley), rockabilly and rock 'n' roll (Ronnie Haig, The Five Stars, Rusty York, The Denhams) and instrumental R&B (Jimmy Brinkley, Jimmy Coe, The Co-Horts, Jon Thomas, The Three Souls). Apart from some wimpy ballads from the Five Shorts it's all quality stuff with decent sound and brief notes.
JIMMY BRINKLEY COMBO: Blue Moon/ Wine, Wine, Wine/ THE CO-HORTS: Country Blues/ Flippin' And Floppin'/ JIMMY COE: Shuffle Stroll/ THE COUNTS: I Guess I Brought It All On Myself/ THE DENHAMS: Cry, Baby, Cry/ THE FIVE DOTS: I Just Love The Things She Do.../ Well, Little Baby/ THE FIVE STARS: Am I Wasting My Time/ Dreaming/ Friction/ My Paradise/ Pickin' On The Wrong Chicken/ Sweet Names/ RONNIE HAIG: Rockin' With Rhythm And Blues/ Don't You Hear Me Calling/ Send For Me/ Traveler Of Love/ JERRY SEIFERT: Never, Baby, Never/ THE STUDENTS: Every Day Of The Week/ I'm So Young/ My Vow To You/ That's How I Fell/ THE TEASERS WITH JIMMY BRINKLEY COMBO: How Could You Hurt Me So/ I Was A Fool To Letyou Go/ JON THOMAS: Hi-fi/ Rib Tips/ THE THREE SOULS: Night Theme/ THE TREASURES WITH JIMMY BRINKLEY COMBO: Why, Oh Why/ RUSTY YORK: Sugaree

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Dust 2005 The Wildcat Records Story ● CD $17.98
23 tracks drawn from this small label active in San Antonio, Texas in the mid 50s. A varied selection of material including rock 'n' roll (Garland Davis, Baby Ray, Al Epp), doo-wop (The Pharaohs, Lyrics, Corridors, Johnny Ballard & The Zodiacs), R&B instrumentals (one side by Jack Arnold & The Chalecos and four y the excellent Spot Barnett Orchestra including a great version of Summertime and one track with a young Doug Sahm on bass), novelty (George Lester & The Chalecos), country (Ronnie Chambers) and black gospel (four tracks by the superb Bells Of Joy which are alone worth the price).

VARIOUS ARTISTS Grand Prix 7 The Five Keys, The Nitecaps & The Avalons ● CD $17.98
20 tracks, highly recommended
This excellent compilation is essentially a reissue of the old English Detour LP 33-010 with four additional cuts. Rudy West and The Five Keys are featured on 5 cuts, 4 originally unissued, the most notable of which are two takes of the bluesy When Will My Troubles End and the soulful ballad I'll Follow You. There are 11 cuts (3 originally unissued) by the underrated Nitecaps, a Detroit quartet very much into the McPhatter/ Drifters style. All of their Groove sides from 1955-56 are extremely fine ballads and jumps. Tough Mama/ You May Not Know and A Kiss And A Vow are classic soul based sides. Finally there are four excellent sides, not on the original on the LP, by The Avalons. Supporting musicians on these sides reads like a N.Y. R&B who's who with Mickey Baker/ gtr, Sam "The Man" Taylor/ ts, King Curtis/ ts, Panama Francis/ dms, etc. First rate fifties doo-wop. (OLN/ FS)
THE AVALONS: Chains Around My Heart/ It's Funny But True/ Ooh She Flew/ Sugar Sugar/ THE FIVE KEYS: I'll Follow You/ Lawdy Miss Mary/ Teeth & Tongue Will Get You Hung/ When Will My Troubles End (take A)/ When Will My Troubles End (take B)/ THE NITECAPS: A Kiss And A Vow/ Bamboo Rock & Roll/ Be My Girl/ In Each Corner Of My Heart/ Let Me Know Tonight/ Oh You Sweet Girl/ Snap Crackle & Pop/ Sweet Thing/ Tough Mama/ You May Not Know/ You're Gonna Be Sorry

VARIOUS ARTISTS Grand Prix 8 The Fantastics, El Venos & Heartbreakers ● CD $17.98
Fine black doo-wop from the late 50s/ early 60s - 10 tracks by The Fantastics, 9 by The El Venos and 5 by The Heartbreakers.
THE EL VENOS: Are You An Angel?/ Geraldine/ Lonely Girl/ Lover's Prayer/ My Heart Beats Faster/ Now We're Together/ Oui Monsieur/ You Must Be True/ You're Gonna Be My Girl/ THE FANTASTICS: Angie Lee/ Believe In Me/ Dancing Doll/ Drum Beat/ I Got A Zero/ I Told You Once/ Millionaire Hobo/ My Girls/ There Goes My Love/ This Is My Wedding Day/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Come Back My Love/ Love You Til the Day I Die/ My Love/ One Two I Love You/ Without A Cause

VARIOUS ARTISTS Grapevine Soul 3010 Troubled Waters - Deep Soul From The Deep South ● CD $21.98
A collection of 23 tracks of Southern soul mostly recorded for Malaco and its subsidiaries between the late 60s and early 80s including several previously unissued tracks. Some of the material seems to me to be a bit slick to be considered "deep soul" but I'm no expert. Includes tracks by Sam Dees, Billy Cee, McKinley Mitchell, Hank Sample, Dorothy Moore, Joe Wilson, Joe Johnson, Betty & Charles, Eddie Houston, Anita Mitchell, J. Count Hughes, etc. Includes 12 page illustrated booklet with notes by British soul expert John Ridley.



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