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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, F

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971001 Vee Jay Doo Wop, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 62 min., highly recommended A welcome various artist approach to the catalog of Chicago's premium 1950's label, this import disc features a generous program of Vee-Jay tracks blending the well-known artists with the obscure. The opening track, Oh What a Night by the Dells, is followed by The Bells Ring Out by the Spaniels, Judy by the Prodigals, Do Ya Do by the Kool Gents, Don't Leave Me by the Magnificents, Tell the World by the Dells, I'll Be Forever Loving You by the El Dorados, Candy Store Blues by the Capers, Lovely One by the Impressions, and Feelin' Allright by the Hi-Liters. Sound quality is solid; the cover photo features the Dells, and there are no liner notes on any consequence. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971002 Vee Jay Doo Wop, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 65 min., highly recommended Volume two follows the same general format as Volume one, opening with Bim Bam Boom by the El Dorados, and moving onto Tell Me Baby and Fool's Prayers by the Five Echoes, The Glitter in Your Eyes and Tragic by the Sheppards, Everyone's Laughing and Heart and Soul by the Spaniels, My Only Love and Now That It's Over by the Falcons, Up On the Mountain and Why Did She Go by the Magnificents, and Movin' On and Dreams of Contentment by the Dells. Another solid program, featuring fine sound quality, and a cover photo, this time around, of the El Dorados. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971003 Holy Toledo! Ohio Doo Wops, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 60 mins, highly recommended Not a new release but we haven't reviewed it before. An excellent collection featuring seven outstanding groups from Ohio and featuring several unissued songs and alternate takes. There are five tracks by The Hornets featuring a pre-Drifters Johnny Moore, the fine and bluesy Supremes, The Hepsters, The Edsels (including a great alternate take of their classic Rama Lama Ding Dong

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971008 Groups From The Savoy Ballroom ● CD $17.98
25 tracks (some previously unissued) from The Dreams, The Cubs, The Four Buddies, Little David & The Harps, The Velvetones, The 5 Wings, The Carols, The Jive Bombers, The Roamers, The Debutants, etc.
THE 5 PENNIES: Mr Moon/ THE CAROLS: Fifty Million Women/ Mighty Like A Rose (unreleased)/ THE CUBS: I Hear Wedding Bells/ Why Do You Make Me Cry/ THE DEBUTANTS: Is It Too Soon To Know/ Just Leave it To Me/ THE DREAMS: Darlene/ I'm Losing My Mind/ THE FIVE PENNIES: Money/ THE FIVE WINGS: Pack Shack & Stack/ Walk Along/ THE FOUR BUDDIES: My Summer's Gone/ Stop Hittin' On Me (unreleased)/ Sweet Tooth For My Baby/ THE JIVE BOMBERS: All of Me(unreleased)/ Bad Boy/ When your Hair Has Turned to Silver/ THE LITTLE DAVID & HARPS: I Won't Cry/ THE RAVENS: Count Every Star/ THE ROAMERS: Chop Chop Ching A Ling/ Deep Freeze/ THE SAVOYS: Say You're Mine/ We Made A Vow (unreleased)/ THE VELVETONES: One Day (unreleased)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971009 Groups From The Savoy Ballroom, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, some unissued from The 4 Buddies, The 3 Playmates, The Marshalls, Imperials, Jive Bombers, etc.
LUTHER BOND & THE EMERALDS: It's Written In the Stars/ See What You Done/ What If You/ THE CARNATIONS: Angels Sent You To Me/ Night Time is the Right Time/ THE CAROLS: Call For Me (unreleased)/ I Got A Feeling/ THE FOUR BUDDIES: Close To You (unreleased)/ I Will Wait/ FRANKIE & THE ECHOES: Come Back Baby/ THE IMPERIALS: My Darling/ You Should've Told Me/ THE JIVE BOMBERS: It's A Blue World (unreleased)/ Stardust/ The Blues Don't Mean A Thing/ THE L'CAPTAINS: Homework/ LITTLE DAVID & THE HARPS: Wah Diddy Wah (unreleased)/ THE MARSHALLS: I Won't Believe You Anymore (unreleased)/ Who'll Be the Fool From Now On/ THE THREE PLAYMATES: Giddy Up A Ding Dong/ I Dreamed/ It Must Be Love/ THE WANDERERS: Don't Do Nothing I Wouldn't Do (unreleased)/ Hey Mae Ethel/ THE WANDERES: My First Last and Only Girl (unreleased)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971010 Vee Jay Doo Wop, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971011 Vee Jay Doo Wop, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
25 more cuts including an outtake and two unreleased tracks - The Delegates, Spaniel, Sheppards, Rhytm Aces, Deltones, Sonny Til & The Orioles, The Magnificents, Dells, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971015 J&S - The Hits Of Harlem ● CD $17.98
32 cuts from this New York label - The Plants, Bell Tones, Ascots, Clarance Ashe & The Hearts, Kadaks, Johnny & Joe, The Climbers, Baby Washington and others.
THE ASCOTS: Everything Will Be Allright/ What Love Can Do/ CLARANCE ASHE & THE HEARTS: Dancing In A Dreamworld/ THE BELL TONES: Love You Darling/ Merangue/ THE CLIMBERS: Angels In Heaven Know I Love You/ I Love You/ My Darling Dear/ Train, Car, Boat Or Plane/ THE ENDEAVORS: I Got The Feeling/ Suffering With My Heart/ THE GILLETTES: 24 Hours Of The Day/ The Same Identical Thing/ THE HEARTS: I Want Your Love Tonight/ JOHNNY & JOE: I'll Be Spinning/ Over The Mountain, Cross The Sea/ THE KADAKS: Don't Want No Teasing/ Look Up To The Sky/ THE PLANTS: Dear I Swear/ From Me/ I Took A Trip Way Over The Sea/ It's You/ My Girl/ Search The Seven Seas/ THE PRE TEENS: Pass It On/ What Makes Me Love You Like I Do/ BABY WASHINGTON & THE PLANTS: Been A Long Time Baby/ Congradulations Baby/ BABY WASHINGTON & GROUP: Everyday/ BABY WASHINGTON & THE PLANTS: There Must Be A Reason/ RITA ZEL & GROUP: Don't Understand You No More/ Need To Help Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971016 Groups Three Plus ● CD $17.98
Reissue of long out of print LP featuring Chance/ Sabre recordings of The 5 Blue Notes, 5 Chances and 5 Echoes. This CD adds extra tracks by each group for a total of 29 tracks in all.
THE FIVE BLUE NOTES: Could I Adore You/ My Gal Is Gone/ My Special Prayer/ Ooh Baby/ Something Awful/ Sweet Pauline/ The Beat Of Our Hearts/ You Gotta Go, Baby/ THE FIVE CHANCES: California/ Gloria/ I May Be Small/ Make Love To Me/ My Days Are Blue/ Nagasaki/ Sugar Lips/ Tell Me Why/ THE FIVE ECHOES: Baby Come Back To Me/ Broke/ Evil Woman/ Fool's Prayer/ I Really Do/ If You Don't Love Me/ Lonely Mood/ So Lonesome/ Tastee Freeze/ Tell Me Baby/ That's My Baby/ The Hunt/ Why Oh Why

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971025 Groups From The Savoy Ballroom, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98

NICKY ADDEO & THE DARCHAES: Gloria/ BIG MILLER & FIVE PENNIES: All Is Well/ LUTHER BOND & THE EMERALDS: You Were My Love/ VARETTA DILLARD & THE ROAMERS: You're the Answer To My Prayer/ THE DREAMS: I'll Be Faithful/ Under the Willow/ THE FALCONS: It's You I Miss/ You're the Beating Of My Heart/ THE FIVE PENNIES: My Heart Trembles/ THE FOUR BUDDIES: Heart and Soul/ What's the Matter With Me/ You're Part of Me/ THE GAY CHARMERS: Dance DDD-Dance/ Why Do You Hurt Me Darling/ THE JIVE BOMBERS: Bad Boy (outtake)/ You Took My Love/ THE L'CAPTANS: Say Yes/ LITTLE DAVID & HARPS: Baby Dee (unreleased)/ THE MARSHALL BROTHERS: I Didn't Know (unreleased)/ You Made A Fool Of Me/ THE PLAYMATES: Lovey Dovey Pair/ THE RAVENS: Marie/ RAY & THE DARCHAES: Darling Forever/ THE ROAMERS: Never Let Me Go/ THE SAVOYS: With All My Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971026 Groups From The Savoy Ballroom, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
25 fine and varied doo-wop sides - some previously unissued. Includes The Four Buddie, Savoys, Jive Bombers, Five Pennies, Roamers, Dreams, Ray & The Darchaes, Frankie & the Echos, The Marshall Brothers, Luther Bond & The Roamers, Little David & The Harps and others.
NICKY ADDEO & THE DARCHAES: Bring Back Your Heart/ LUTHER BOND & THE EMERALDS: I Won't Believe You Anymore/ Starlight Starbright/ THE DREAMS: A Letter To My Girl/ My Little Honeybun/ THE FIVE PENNIES: Let It Rain/ THE FOUR BUDDIES: (It's No) Sin/ Moonlight In Your Eyes (unreleased)/ Sweet Slumber/ FRANKIE & THE ECHOES: Until We Meet Again/ THE GAY CHARMERS: Walk Beside Him/ WILBERT HARRISON & ROAMERS: Daa De Ya Da/ THE JIVE BOMBERS: Cherry/ If I Had A Talking Picture/ LITTLE DAVID & THE HARPS: You'll Pay/ THE MARHSALL BROTHERS: It All Comes Back To Me (unreleased)/ THE MARSHALL BROTHERS: My Life Is My Life (unreleased)/ THE PLAYMATES: Give Your Love To Me/ Shuga Wooga/ THE RAVENS: Write Me A Letter/ RAY & THE DARCHAES: There Will Always Be/ THE ROAMERS: I'll Never Get Over You/ THE SAVOYS: You/ THE WANDERERS: How Can I Get Along With You (unreleased)/ What Do I Do (unreleased)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971050 The KRC Story ● CD $17.98
20 tracks, 48 mins, recommended
Fine collection of R&B recorded in 1957 and 1958 for Lloyd Price's short lived KRC label - most of their output. 12 of the tracks are by Lloyd himself including his wonderful Just Because which was licensed to ABC-Paramount and became a big hit. Though recorded in New York many of his sides have a New Orleans feel reminiscent of his great early 50s Specialty sides. The other artists are also excellent - Stella Johnson, vocal group The King Bees, hot rocker Eddy Seacrist and Little Jimmie Merritt. Booklet has brief notes, photos, etc. This label didn't issue much but it was all high quality. After closing down the label Lloyd went on to record for ABC-Paramount where he had the biggest hit of his career Stagger Lee. (FS)
STELLA JOHNSON: Please Tell Me So/ Yeah Baby/ THE KING BEES: Can't You Understand/ Lovely Love/ LITTLE JIMMIE MERRITT: Fancy Free/ Honky Tonk Angel/ LLOYD PRICE: Down By The River/ Georgianna/ Gonna Let You Come Back Home/ Hello Little Girl/ How Many Times/ Just Because/ Lonely Chair/ No Limit To Love/ Such A Mess/ The Chicken And The Bop/ To Love And Be Loved/ Why/ EDDY SEACREST: Down By The River/ Shakin With A Flavor

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971054 Soul Vocal Groups ● CD $17.98
15 tracks from two obscure Los Angeles group - 9 by The Nights and 6 by Thee Dupremes.
THE DUPREMES: I'm So Happy/ Madison St./ Misery/ So in Love With You/ We're Only Friends/ You are My Girl/ THE NIGHTS: Country Girl/ Don't Knock the Rock/ Face in the Crowd/ Give It to the Needy (Not the Greedy)/ Hangin' Tough/ Let There Be Love/ Love Knocked You Down/ Lovers Can Never be Friends/ Power (Just Another Name For the Dollar)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Farmer 1010 The White Group Sound, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
32 doowop rarities from the 50s and 60s - The 4 Uniques, Premiers, Falkons, Chano & The Rialtos, Frank Scheeren & Group, Dan Williams & The Freelancers, The Swordsmen and others.
THE ADES: So Blue/ ALLAN & THE FLAMES: Till The End Of Time/ RAY ALLEN TRIO: Two Angels/ BILLY & THE KIDS: The Way It Used To Be/ SANDY BLAIR & GROUP: When The Bells Stop Ringing/ JOHNNY CABOTT & GROUP: On My Own Again/ CHANO & THE RIALTOS: Guardian Angel/ VICKIE DIAZ & GROUP: For Eternity/ VINNIE DOWNES & GROUP: Foolish Pride/ DICKY DOYLE & GROUP: Dreamland Last Night/ THE FALKONS: Why? Marianne/ THE FOUR EKKOS: Hand In Hand/ THE FOUR UNIQUES: Looking For Love/ FRANK GONZALES & THE PALISADES: Let's Make Up/ Sweet Surfing Little Girl/ THE IDOLS: Jeannine/ JIMMY INMAN & THE IMPOLLOS: You Never Realized/ LOU JOSIE & GROUP: Talk To The Angels/ NICK KEARNS & HIS SATELLITES: T'was Down In Mexico/ THE LONELY GIRL - SWORDSMEN: Lonely Boy/ NICK MARCO & THE VENETIANS: Little Boy Lost/ MARVIN NASH & THE CHEVELLES: Darling/ ROBERT PEBBLES & GROUP: This Little Light Of Mine/ THE PREMIERS: False Love/ THE RIVIERAS: A Night To Remember/ FRANK SCHEEREN & GROUP: I Got Troubles/ THE STARFIRES: Fools Fall In Love/ SUSIE & THE FOUR TRUMPETS: Starry Eyes/ MARC TANNER & GROUP: Angel/ THE VALA QUONS: Madeline/ DAN WILLIAMS & THE FREELANCERS: High School Flame/ DAVID WINTERS & GROUP: Sunday Kind Of Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Felsted 1001 Felsted Vocal Groups, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks from The Castaleers, The Flares (including their great Foot Stompin'), Angela McNeil & Group, The Five Fleets, Camerons, True Tones, Johnny Angel & The Halos and others.
JOHNNY ANGEL & THE HALOS: Looking For A Fool/ Without Her Heart/ THE CAMERONS: Guardian Angel/ The Girl I Marry/ THE CASTALEERS: Come Back/ Hi Fi Baby/ Lonely Boy/ THE CASUALTEENS: Need You So/ THE CRYSTALS: Mary Ellen/ ANNA ENGLISH & GROUP: Baby Come Back/ THE FIVE FLEETS: I Been Crying/ Oh What A Feeling/ THE FLARES: Foot Stomping/ What Do You Want/ THE FOUR WINDS: Jennifer/ Playgirl/ CHUCK HARPER & GROUP: Summer Is Thru/ DOM HUME & GROUP: Perfect Night/ SONNY MARTIN & GROUP: Only You/ ANGELA MCNEIL & GROUP: Can You Tell Me Why/ Please Daddy/ THE ROOSTERS: Let's Try Again/ Pretty Girl/ THE TRUE TONES: Blushing Bride/ Singing Waters

VARIOUS ARTISTS Felsted 1002 Felsted Vocal Groups, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
25 more including The Castaleers, Marvin & Johnny, The Five Fleets, The Majors, Johnny Angel & The Halos, The Deltairs, etc.
JACKIE ALLEN & GROUP: I'll Still Love You/ Troubles on My Mind/ JOHNNY ANGEL & THE HALOS: (If I Had) One More Tomorrow/ Lady of Spain/ THE CASTALEERS: I'll Be Around/ My Bullfightin' Baby/ You're My Dream/ THE CORDIALS: Once In A Lifetime/ What Kind of Fool Am I/ THE DELTAIRS: Who Would Have Thought/ You Won't Be Satisfied/ THE ECHOES: Angel of Love/ THE FASHIONS: Surfers Memories/ THE FIVE FLEETS: Slight Case of Love/ Your Good Lovin/ THE FLARES: The Watusi/ THE HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES: Find Another Way/ THE MAJORS: Come Go With Me/ Les Qua/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Biscuits & Gravy/ Tired of Being Alone/ THE RUNAROUNDS: Carrie/ JESSE SAILES & THE WAVES: I'm In Love With the Drummer Man/ WANDA WEST & GROUP: Back Street Affair/ Kenny My Darling

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fire 100 Here Are The Hits ● CD $17.98
24 doo-wop sides from various Bobby Robinson labels - The Charts, Scarlets, Channels, Rainbows, Teenchords, Starlites, Vocaleers and others.
THE CHANNELS: Bye Bye Baby/ My Love Will Never Die/ The Closer You Are/ What Do You Do/ THE CHARTS: Dance Girl/ Desiree/ Zoop/ THE DU MAURRIERS: All Night Long/ THE KODAKS: Little Boy And Girl/ Oh Gee, Oh Gosh/ THE RAINBOWS: Evening/ Mary Lee/ THE SCARLETS: Cry Baby/ Dear One/ I/ I've Lost/ THE STARLITES: I Found Out Too Late/ Valarie/ THE TEENCHORDS: Honey, Honey/ I'm So Happy/ Lydia/ THE VELVETS: I Cried/ THE VOCALEERS: Is It A Dream

VARIOUS ARTISTS Flyright FLYCD 29 Thunderbolt - R&B Sax Instrumentals ● CD $16.98
20 super-duper tenor sax tooters and booters from the golden age of instrumental R&B. These tracks are taken from two Krazy Kat LP's of N.Y.C. dancefloor destroyers, all recorded by Joe Davis for his Baton label. From the Thunderbolt album (KK 778) we get twelve titanic toe-tappers blown onto wax in the mid-50's by Warren Lucky with guitarist Mickey Baker (including one non-LP track), and Al King (2 less than on LP). Sadly missing here is Haywood Henry's baritone sax workout on Sweet Georgia Brown, but that's show biz. The rest of these reed-wreckers are lifted from Rock'N'Roll Instrumentals For Dancing The Lindy Hop (KK 784), featuring 3 of the best Buddy Tate numbers, and all five of Frank "Floorshow" Culley's ballroom blasters, also of mid-50's vintage. Culley's crazed cuts, along with those by Dizzy Gillespie sideman Warren Lucky are in there solid on the sock hop sound; King and Tate's contributions are a little more uptown, swingin' and swayin' with jazzy sophistication. In general the tempos are frantic and the blowing is manic but don't panic - there are still a few slow dancers for you romancers. Guaranteed to turn any party into grounds for eviction - essential listening for sawdust stompers of all ages. (MB)
FRANK CULLEY: Bubbles/ Go, Floorshow/ Lindy Rock/ Nine O'Clock Express/ Speed Limit/ AL KING: A King Is Blue/ Easy Ridin'/ Flyin' With The King/ Jay Bird/ Joy Ride/ Royal Crown Blues/ Strollin' Out/ WARREN LUCKY: Fishbait/ Paradise Rock/ Paradise Roll/ Steady Grind/ Thunderbolt/ BUDDY TATE: Fatback & Greens/ Sent For You Yesterday/ Skip-A-Page

VARIOUS ARTISTS Flyright FLYCD 30 Fine As Wine 1952 - 1956 ● CD $19.98
20 solid vocal and group soloist smokers from the mid-fifties, recorded by veteran N.Y. record producer/ song publisher Joe Davis on his Beacon, Jay Dee, and Davis labels, as well as sides leased to MGM earlier on. Most of this material was issued on Krazy Kat albums 797 and 798. Groups include Lillian Leach and the underrated Mellows of the Bronx (who are every bit as fine an act today), Dean Barlow with and without The Crickets, The Sparrows, Chestnuts, and Scale Tones who later went on to greater fame and fortune as The Dubs, plus the mysterious Chris? and his gang. Gilt-edged instrumental support on most sides by Mickey Baker - guitar, Sam "The Man" Taylor - tenor, Dave McCRae - alto, Lloyd Trotman - bass, and Panama Francis - drums. (OLN)
DEAN BARLOW: Can't Stand It Any Longer/ Don't Leave Me Baby/ Hi Ya Honey/ THE CHESTNUTS: Brother Ben/ CHRIS & HIS GANG: You Move Me Sugar/ THE CRICKETS: Fine As Wine/ Milk And Gin/ THE GOLDENTONES: Run Pretty Baby/ THE MELLOWS: Lovable Lilly/ Nothin' To Do/ Pretty Baby What's Your Name/ Smoke From Your Cigarette/ THE PYRAMIDS: Okay Baby/ THE SCALE-TONES: Dreamin' And Dreamin'/ Easy Baby/ Working For My Baby/ THE SPARROWS: Hey/ I'm Gonna Do That Woman In/ I'm Gonna Hold My Baby Tight/ Why Did You Leave Me?

VARIOUS ARTISTS Flyright FLYCD 37 Talk To Me Daddy ● CD $16.98
A gaggle of groovy gals, some of which have surfaced on wax as part of Krazy Kat's Gotham reissue series. Personal faves include Thelma (Dolly) Cooper's enticing Ooh Daddy, Camille Howard's feisty Mr. Fine/ Groovy Blues, Ella Johnson's smokey renditions of Darling Baby/ Since You Went Away (leased from Harlem), blues vet Lil Armstrong's superlative Brown Gal, Agnes Riley's colorful Big Fat Hot Dog, Dorothy Donegan's Piano Player's Blues, Millie Bosman's torchy Is It A Sin?, Fay Simmon's impressive You Hit Me Baby Like An Atomic Bomb, and the shamefully neglected "dynamo" Daisy Mae's Lonesome Playgirl/ Stuff You Gotta Watch, plus more. 21 cuts, with encapsulated notes by Tony Burke. Outstanding collection. (OLN)
LIL ARMSTRONG: Baby Daddy/ Brown Gal/ Joogie Boogie/ Rock It/ MILLIE BOSMAN: Is It A Sin/ DORIS BROWNE: Hungry Girl/ CLAUDINE CLARK: My Baby's Cool/ THELMA COOPER: I Need A Man/ Ooh Daddy/ Talk To Me Daddy/ DAISY MAE & HER HEPCATS: Lonesome Playgirl/ Stuff You Gotta Watch/ DOROTHY DONEGAN: Piano Players Blues/ CAMILLE HOWARD: Groovy Blues/ Mr Fine/ ELLA JOHNSON: Darling Baby/ Since You Went Away/ AGNES RILEY: Big Fat Hot Dog/ FAY SIMMONS: You Hit Me Baby Like An Atomic Bomb/ UNKNOWN: Hey Little Boy/ SARAH VAUGHAN: All Too Soon

VARIOUS ARTISTS Flyright FLYCD 46 I Always Remember ● CD $16.98
A tasty collection of 20 vocal group tracks recorded either for or by Ivan Ballen's Gotham Record Company between 1951 and 1955. Most of the tracks are either alternate takes of released material or, in seven cases, previously unreleased tunes. Specific tracks include three cuts by the Gazelles, two by the Capris, five by the Cap-tans, four by the Whispers, five by the Kings, and one by the Moonglows, the jump side of their solitary Champagne release, I've Been Your Dog. It's all first rate doo-wop, with upbeat tunes slightly outnumbering the ballads, as is often the case with discs compiled by the English. And much of the material here has a decidedly early 50's feel, particularly the tracks by the Cap-tans. Generally excellent sound, and fine notes by the redoubtable George Moonoogian. Enthusiastically recommended. (DH)
THE CAP-TANS: Be Grateful/ I Always Remember/ I Love You So/ Waiting At The Station/ Yes/ THE CAPRIS: Let's Linger Awhile/ Milk And Gin/ THE GAZELLES: Honest/ Pretty Baby, Baby/ Ride, Donald, Ride/ THE KINGS: Creation/ God Made You Mine/ Good Book/ I Hear Those Bells/ Surrender/ THE MOONGLOWS: I've Been Your Dog/ THE WHISPERS: Are You Sorry/ Don't Fool With Lizzie/ Fool Heart/ We're Getting Married

VARIOUS ARTISTS Flyright FLY 54 Dusty & Forgotten ● CD $16.98
25 tracks, 62 min., recommended Thanks largely to the Capris, Philadelphia's Gotham label is often identified with leads who were tight-pants tenors or shrill street-corner sopranos, but in this largely unreleased set there is welcome variety in both the vocal ranges of the lead singers and in the style and tempo of the songs. There's a nice late 40's feel to East Side West Side and Away by Gotham's Four Notes and a mature 50's doo-wop feel to most of the rest of the tracks. Highlights there include The Veltones' Don't Say Goodbye, the Clickettes' Hiding My Tears with a Smile, and the Marquees' splendid I Don't Want Your Love. Fully 19 of these tracks are previously unissued. The music is generally first rate. And sound quality is solid, as are the notes by George Moonoogian. Definately too good to miss. (DH)
THE BALLENAIRES: Bells Are Ringing/ Dream/ Have You Seen My Baby/ DORIS BROWNE: Why Don't You Love Me Now?/ THE CATS & THE FIDDLE: I'll Never Never Let You Go/ THE CLICKETTES: Hiding My Tears With A Smile/ Light A Candle/ There Goes Spotnick/ THE GAZELLES: Honest/ HERMAN GILLESPIE: Have A Good Time/ Kiss Kiss/ THE GOTHAMīS FOUR NOTES: Away/ East Side West Side/ THE MANHATTAN FOUR: I Cried And Cried/ THE MARQUEES: I Don't Want Your Love/ Rock My Blues Away/ UNKNOWN: Love Me Right/ Never Let Her Go/ THE VELTONES: A Fool Was I/ Don't Say Goodbye/ I Need You So (part 1)/ I Need You So (part 2)/ My Juanita/ Now/ THE WHISPERS: Fool Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS Freddie 1001 Rarest White Groups According To Kreiter, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First of two volumes featuring some of the rarest recordings by white vocal groups based on values in Jeff Kreietr's book "Vocal Group Record Guide". In spite of their rarity quite a few of the tracks here have appeared on previous vocal group compilations. Includes The Spirals, Del Rios, Billy & Essentials, Pat Cordell & The Crescents, Johnny Maestro & Group, Tony & The Raindrops, Lenny Rocco & Group, The Gothics, Ebbtides, Four Lovers, Del-Rons, Tony Maresca & The Dynamics, Joey Dee & The Starlighters and others.
THE BARONS: Remember Rita/ BILLY & THE ESSENTIALS: Remember Me Baby/ PAT CORDELL & THE CRESCENTS: Darling Come Back/ VILAS CRAIG & GROUP: Walkin' Down The Avenue/ JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS: Lorraine/ THE DEL RIOS: Vines Of Love/ THE DEL-RONS: This Love Of Ours/ PHIL DEMARCO & VALIENTS: Lonely Guy/ THE DEMILES: Cry And Be On Your Way/ THE EBBTIDES: Star Of Love/ THE EMBERTONES: I Remember/ TONY EVANS & GROUP: I'm Lookin' Over/ THE FOUR LOVERS: My Life For Your Love/ THE GOTHICS: Marilyn/ THE IDEALS: Do I Have The Right/ JOEY & OVATIONS: I Still Love You/ THE JOKERS: I Do/ JOHNNY MAESTRO & GROUP: Besame Baby/ TONY MARESCA & THE DYNAMICS: Betty My Own/ THE PADDLES: You're My Love/ LENNY ROCCO & GROUP: Sugar Girl/ THE SPIRALS: Please Be My Love/ TOMMY & THE DEL ROYALS: Trust In Love/ TONY & THE RAINDROPS: Tina/ STAN VINCENT & THE DEL-SATINS: He's So Wonderful

VARIOUS ARTISTS Freddie 1002 Rarest White Groups According To Kreiter, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
25 more rarities. Again, quite a few of the tracks have been out on CD before but a number are making their CD Debut.
ANASTASIA: Every Road/ BARRY & THE HIGHLIGHTS: The Wonderful Years/ BOBBY & THE COUNT: 3 Signs Of Love/ THE BROOKS FOUR: I'll Be Faithful/ THE CLASS-AIRS: My Tears Start To Fall/ THE CLEE-SHAYS: My Dream/ THE CREATIONS: Strolling Through The Park/ THE DEMOLYRS: Rain/ THE ECHOES: Angel Of Love/ ERIC & THE PLAZAS: I Wish/ TOMMY FRONTARA: After Tonight/ THE JADES: Walking All Alone/ BOBBY LONGO & GROUP: A Night To Remember/ DONNIE MARCHAND: Round In Circles/ THE MEMORIES: Love Bells/ NICK & THE NACKS: The Night/ THE NOTATIONS: Chapel Doors/ THE PRETENDERS: Answer To My Prayers/ MIKE PRISCO & GROUP: I Love You Baby/ THE QUARTER NOTES: Baby/ THE ROYAL BOYS: Darling Angel/ THE SINCERES: Do You Remember/ THR TEMPOS: Why Don't You Write Me/ THE VALAIRS: Launie My Love/ THE VOCAL-LORDS: At Seventeen

VARIOUS ARTISTS Funky Delicacies 0022 Jazz Funky New Orleans ● CD $16.98
16 rare and unissued sides, 1962-72 by Porgy Jones, Walter "Wolfman" washington, James Booker, Eddie Bo and Alvin Thomas.

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