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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, D


VARIOUS ARTISTS Day & Night 1001 Unforgettable Doo Wops, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
27 track collection of rarities - minimal duplication with other reissues.
THE ACCENTS: Tell Me Now/ THE BLENDERS: It Takes Time/ THE CASHMERES: Back To School Again/ THE CONTOURS: Funny/ OTIS DAY & KNIGHTS: Shama Lama Ding Dong/ THE ENCHANTERS: I Need Your Love/ THE FIVE MAJORS: Echo In My Heart/ THE GALES: I Love You/ THE GEMS: The Night Is Over/ THE GLIDERS: School Days Are Over/ THE HARMONICS: Let Me Go/ THE IMPOSSIBLES: Chapel Bells/ THE INFORMERS: If You Love Me/ THE INSPIRATIONS: I'll Take A Chance On You/ THE KAC-TIES: Walking In The Rain/ THE LEAPING FLAMES: Sider Spider/ CHICO LEVERT: I'll Never Love Again/ MASK MEN & AGENTS: In My Diary/ THE METRICS: I Found You/ THE ROCKMASTERS: It's Raining Teardrops/ NAP ROMAN: Tears From My Eyes/ THE ROYAL RAVENS: Grand Spanish Lady/ THE SATINTONES: Motor City/ THE SEMINOLES: Forever/ THE SHOWCASES: This Love Was Real/ THE SIERRAS: Chance/ THE SPORTTONES: In My Dreams

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55021 Explosive Doowops, Vol 1 ● CD $17.98
26 rarities. 
THE BELVEDERS: Let's Get Married/ THE CASLONS: Anniversary Of Love/ THE CASTALEERS: You're My Dream/ THE CONTENDERS: (i Love You) Hetta Hetta/ THE CORONETS: I'm All Alone/ THE CREATORS: There's Going To Be An Angel/ THE DEANS: I Don't Want To Wait/ JOEY DEE & GROUP: The Girl I Walk To School/ DON DELL WITH THE UPSTARTS: A Special Love/ THE FABULAIRES: Lonely Days, Lonely Nights/ JAY FANNING & GROUP: Church Bells/ THE FOUR KINGS: One Night/ THE GLOWTONES: The Girl I Love/ KARL HAMMEL JR & GROUP: Sittin' Alphabetically/ THE INSPIRATIONS: The Genie/ THE JUVENILES: Beat In My Heart/ THE MANDARINS: Let The Bells Ring/ THE ROYAL LANCERS: Oh Little Girl/ THE SENSATIONS: Don't Take Your Love/ THE SENTIMENTALS: You're Mine/ THE SHALLOWS: Wrecking My Life/ THE STANDARDS: Hello Love/ THE UNIQUE TEENS: At The Ball/ THE VERSATILES: Passing By/ THE VISCOUNTS: Raindrop/ THE VISUALS: My Juanita

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55022 Explosive Doowops, Vol 2 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 59 min., recommended
A nice collection of mid- to up tempo vocal group numbers from the late 50's and early 60's drawn from a wide variety of labels including Poplar, Warner Brothers, Lamp, Hunt, Brunswick, Atco, Jubilee, Mercury, and Gee. Among the highlights are Submarine Race by the Visuals, Wishing Is for Fools by the Melodeers, Cheryl Lee by Steve Gibson and the Red Caps, Don't Leave Me Fanny by the Royal Jokers, Teenage Paradise by the Volumes, Moonlight Lover by the Jiving Juniors, Bells Are Ringing by Jay and the Deltas, and Open Up Your Heart (And Let Me In) by the Lanes. Sound quality is reasonable, there are no notes at all, but the accompanying booklet does include original label and issue number information, plus vintage photos of six of the featured groups. (DH)
JIMMY ALLEN & THE TWO JAYS: My Girl Is A Pearl/ MARC CAVELL & THE CLASS MATES: I Didn't Lie/ RICHIE CORDELL & GROUP: Tick Tock/ THE CUPIDS: True Love, True Love/ THE DAYBREAKERS: Up, Up And Away/ LENNY DEAN & THE ROCKIN' CHAIRS: Memories Of Love/ THE DEL RAYS: The One I Adore/ DON DELL & THE UP STARTS: Time/ THE FIVE PLAYBOYS: Why Be A Fool/ STEVE GIBSON & THE RED CAPS: Cheryl Lee/ LONNIE HEARD & GROUP: A Sunday Kind Of Love/ JAY & THE DELTAS: Bells Are Ringing/ THE JIVING JUNIORS: Moonlight Lover/ JOHNNY & THE JOKERS: Do-re-mi-rock/ THE KAC-TIES: Donald Duck/ THE LANES: Open Up Your Heart/ THE LATONS: Love Me/ THE MEDODEERS: Wishing Is For Fools/ NICKIE & THE NITE LITES: Tell Me You Care/ THE OOM - DORIES: Stompin' S/ THE RIVALS: Rigetty Tick/ THE ROYAL JOKERS: Don't Leave Me Fanny/ THE SCAMPS: Yes, My Baby/ THE VISUALS: The Submarine Race/ THE VOLUMES: Teenage Paradise/ DANNY WINCHELL: Come Back My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55023 Explosive Doowops, Vol 3 ● CD $17.98
26 cuts, 56mins, very good
26 pieces of high-powered jump doowop, mainly white , late-50s-early 60s. The Marcels seem to be a big influence, as witnessed bt The Matadors' Perfidia & The Creations' I Got A Feeling, & those "Blue Moon" boys are heard on the previously unreleased Bells. Groups include the well-know (Penguins, The Crowns, doing Pomus & Shuman's Kiss & Make Up, & Nino & The Ebbtides, to the more obscure Reminiscents (doing a hopped-up version of Ed Townsend's classic For Your Love), The Young Lions, & The Pharoahs (not the Richard Berry group), doing a heavily "Handy Man" influenced Head Up, High Hopes Over You, written by, of all people Kim Fowley & future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston. No notes, but full label info & writers' credits. (GM)
THE ACORNS: Angel/ THE CAMEOS: Please Love Me/ THE CHARADES: Make Me Happy Baby/ THE CREATIONS: I've Got A Feeling/ THE CROWNS: Kiss And Make Up/ THE CUBS: Why Did You Make Me Cry/ TONY DELL & GROUP: My Girl/ THE MARCELS: Bells/ THE MATADORS: Perfidia/ THE MONTEREYS: Branchin' Out/ NINO & THE EBBTIDES: Tell The World I Do/ THE PARAMOUNTS: Girl Friend/ THE PENGUINS: I Knew I'd Fall In Love/ THE PHARAOS: Heads Up, High Hopes Over You/ RAYMOND POPE & THE LOVE TONES: Star/ THE REMINISCENTS: For Your Love/ RICK & THE MASTERS: I Don't Want Your Love/ THE ROAMERS: Chop Chop Ching A Ling/ FRANKIE ROSSI & THE DREAMS: Around The Corner/ NICKY ST CLAIR & THE FIVE TROJANS: I Hear Those Bells/ THE STEREOS: Dodle-ee-do/ THE T-BIRDS: Nobody But You/ THE UNDERBEATS: Book Of Love/ THE VISIONS: All Through The Night/ THE YOUNG LIONS: Yo Me Pregunta (ask Myself)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55024 Explosive Doowops, Vol 4 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 57 min., recommended
As has been the case with the earlier installments in this series, the emphasis is overwhelmingly on uptempo vocal group numbers, in this case with just two cha-cha tempoed numbers - So Young So Wise by Ronnie Height and group, and Darling (I Need Your Love) by the Chips - thrown in for variety. There are no ballads at all. Other featured tracks includes Night After Night by the Derbys, Steppin' Out by the Flairs, Never Believed in Love by the Team Mates, The Letter by the Mellodeers, Oh Baby by the Softwinds, and Ivy League Clean by the El Capris. Excellent but obscure music, presented with solid sound and several vintage group photos. But there are no liner notes to speak of other than a listing of original labels and issue numbers. (DH)
THE ACCENTS: Rags To Riches/ THE BEATLES: The Girl I Love/ THE CHANCELLORS: There Goes My Girl/ THE CHIPS: Darling/ THE CUPIDS: Little Girl Of Mine/ DAVE T (DEL-RAYS): Scooter Town/ THE DEL-AIRS: I'm Lonely/ THE DERBYS: Night After Night/ DINO & THE DIPLOMATS: Hush-a-bye My Love/ THE EL CAPRIS: Ivy League Clean/ THE ELITES: Northern Star/ THE FANTASYS: Why? Oh Why?/ THE FLAIRS: Steppin' Out/ THE FORTUNEERS: Look A There/ THE G-CLEFS: Darla, My Darlin'/ RONNIE HEIGHT & GROUP: So Young, So Wise/ GREGORY HOWARD & THE CADILLACS: When In Love/ THE JETS: Soul Dinner/ THE JUMPIN' TONES: Grandma's Hearing Aid/ RICHARD LANHAM & GROUP: On Your Radio/ LOU MARTINO & GROUP: Someone To Watch Over Me/ THE MELLODEERS: The Letter/ THE SOFTWINDS: Oh Baby/ THE TEAM MATES: Never Believed In Love/ TEX & THE CHEX: (love Me) Now/ THE TROYS: Ding A-ling A-ling

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55029 Explosive Doowops, Vol 5 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 56 min., recommended
The fifth entry in this continuing series offers what is by now the expected program: a generous supply of mostly late 50's uptempo vocal group numbers. And the accompanying booklet, as before, features a vintage American car from the relevant era on its cover, no liner notes at all, and vintage photos of several of the generally obscure musical ensembles whose work is on the enclosed disc. Selections this time around include Please Be My Love by the Spirals, Settle Me Down by the Caslons, When You Wish Upon a Star by the Crescents, Chop Chop Hole in the Wall by the Boulevards, My Inspiration by the Teardrops, I'll Write a Book by the Wonders, and When You Dance by the Paramounts. (DH)
THE BLUE SONNETS: Thank You Mr Moon/ THE BOULEVARDS: Chop Chop Hole In The Wall/ THE CASLONS: Settle Me Down/ THE CRESCENTS: When You Wish Upon A Star/ THE DEDICATIONS: Shining Star/ THE DEFENDERS: I Laughed So Hard/ THE DEL-LARKS: Lady Love/ DONNIE & THE DREAMERS: Carole/ THE FIVE KINGS: Light Bulb/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Gee/ THE INSPIRATIONS: Good By/ KENNY LORAN & GROUP: Magic Star/ THE PARAMOUNTS: When You Dance/ THE RAINDROPS: I Remember In The Still Of The Night/ LAVERNE RAY & THE RAYTONES: I've Got That Feeling/ RICK & THE MASTERS: Here Comes Nancy/ THE SEDATES: I Found/ THE SIX TEENS: Send Me Flowers/ THE SPIRALS: Please Be My Love/ THE SQUIRES: Dangling With My Heart/ THE STRATFORDS: Promise Her Anything/ THE TEARDROPS: My Inspiration/ THE TECHNIQUES: Marindy/ THE TOKAYS: Fatty Boom Bi Laddy/ THE VAN DYKES: Run Betty Run/ THE WONDERS: I'll Write A Book

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55030 Explosive Doowops, Vol 6 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 58 min., recommended
Another collection of up-tempo vocal group numbers from this German reissue label. A friend of mine tells me that Europeans today favor these 50's tunes as dance music. Apparently they don't like to dance to ballads. Featured tracks here include Be My Girl by Richie & the Royals, Ding Dong Bells by the Pretenders, Dreaming of You by the Kaptions, Peppermint by the Chantiers, Talk It Over Baby by the Rocketeers, Tell Me Little Darling by Bill Baker & the Chesnuts, Bubble Gum by Ricky & the Vacels, One More Chance by Jimmy & the Towers, and Fatal Charms of Love by the Four Cheers. (DH)
BILL BAKER & THE CHESTNUTS: Tell Me Little Darling/ THE CHANTIERS: Peppermint/ THE CONTELS: Hey You/ RALPH DE MARCO & GROUP: More Than Riches/ THE FOUR CHEERS: Fatal Charm Of Love/ THE GOLDBUGS: Stop That Wedding/ JIMMY & THE TOWERS: One More Chance/ THE JUMPIN' TONES: I Had A Dream/ THE KAPTIONS: Dreaming Of You/ THE MELLO-TONES: I'm Gonna Get/ TONY MORRA & THE DO-WEL'S: Looking For My Baby/ THE PARKTOWNS: That Day Will Never Come/ BILLY PORTO & GROUP: Ruby Ruby/ THE PRELUDES: Starlight/ THE PRETENDERS: Ding Dong Bells/ THE REGENTS: Liar/ RICHIE & GROUP: Cherie/ RICKY & THE VACELS: Bubble Gum/ RITCHIE & THE ROYALS: Be My Girl/ THE ROCKETEERS: Talk It Over Baby/ THE RUNAWAYS: Kangaroo Hop/ THE SENTIMENTALS: A Sunday Kind Of Love/ THE TANGENTS: Send Me Something/ AL TIGRO & GROUP: Yvonne/ THE VELTONES: Fool In Love/ THE VELVET KEYS: My Baby's Gone

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55031 Explosive Doowops, Vol 7 ● CD $17.98
The current crop of Explosive Doowops from the German Dee-Jay label lives up to the reputation well established by the earlier releases in the series: All or almost all numbers are up-tempo and little known. Liner notes consist of original label and issue number information plus several vintage group photos. And cover art is an artist's rendering of a late 1950's American car. I don't much like the lack of tempo variation myself, but if you're particularly fond of jump tunes, there are plenty of good ones here. 26 tracks, 58 min., recommended Program highlights include The Girl Across the Sea (Angel Marie) by Ernie & the Halos, a jump version of Hello Dolly by the Stagehands, Believe My Heart by the Tremonts, an up-tempo version of Over the Rainbow by Little Sammy Rozzi & the Guys, Richard Pry Private Eye by the Spinners, an upbeat version of (I Remember) In the Still of the Night by the Reflections, and Girls Were Made for Boys by Bobby Roy & the Chord-a-Roys. I doubt that many of you out there have the original 45's lying around the house. (DH)
THE CARAVELLES: Twistin' Marie/ THE CARAVELLS: Flip Side/ THE CHANTICLEERS: Daddy Must Be/ THE CLASSICS IV: What Will I Do/ THE DEL RAYS: Around The Corner/ THE DYNAMICS: Delsinia/ ERNIE & THE HALOS: The Girl From Across The Sea/ THE FABULOUS FLAMES: Josephine/ THE GRAND PREES: Alone/ THE HI-LITES: I'm Falling In Love/ THE INVICTAS: Nellie/ THE JEWELS: Pearlie Mae/ LITTLE VICTOR & THE VISTAS: Love Marches On/ THE MEDALLIONS: Love That Girl/ THE NOTE-TORIALS: My Valerie/ THE PREMIERS: I Think I Love You/ THE REFLECTIONS: In The Still Of The Night/ THE REMINISCENTS: Zoom Zoom Zoom/ THE RIVIERAS: Together Forever/ BOBBY ROY & THE CHORD-A-ROYS: Girls Were Made For Boys/ LITTLE SAMMY ROZZI & THE GUYS: Over The Rainbow/ THE SPINNERS: Richard Pry, Private Eye/ THE STAGEHANDS: Hello Dolly/ THE TREMONTS: Believe My Heart/ THE VELONS: Shelly/ THE WONDERS: Well Now

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55032 Explosive Doowops, Vol 8 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 57 min., recommended
The selections on volume 8 include the rare Alone in This World by the 5 Trojans, Ding Dong by Buddy Roberts & the Hi Liters, I Wrote a Letter by the Serenaders, Where Is My Love by the Episodes, Nunca by Julito & the Latin Lads, Each Night at Nine by the Starfires, Make Believe Love by Don Dell with the Montereys, and a cover of Why Do Fools Fall in Love by Benn Zeppa with the Four Jacks. And the car that graces the cover this time around is a 1958 (?) red and white Edsel convertible, complete with continental kit and fender skirts. (DH)
DON BELL & THE MONTEREYS: Make Believe Love/ JOHN CAPRI: When I'm Lonely/ DONNIE & THE DREAMERS: My Memories Of You/ THE EPISODES: Where Is My Love/ THE EXCEPTIONS: Down By The Ocean/ THE FAIRLANES: Playboy/ THE FIVE TROJANS: Alone In This World/ GABRIEL & THE ANGELS: Zing/ THE GLEAMS: You Broke My Heart/ TOBY GROGAN & GROUP: Angel/ JO-ANN & GROUP: Baby Doll/ JULITO & THE LATIN LADS: Nunca/ THE KINGS: Come On Little Baby/ THE PERSONALITIES: Woe Woe Baby/ THE POSSESSIONS: No More Love/ THE REACTIONS: Just A Little Love/ BUDDY ROBERTS & THE HI LITERS: Ding Dong/ THE SERENADERS: I Wrote A Letter/ THE SKYLITES: Oh Happy Day/ THE SONGSPINNERS: Duffy/ THE STARFIRES: Each Night At Nine/ Love Is Here To Stay/ THE TANGIERS: Ping Pong/ THE ULTIMATES: I Can Tell You Love Me Too/ THE V CLASSICS: Come On Baby/ BENN ZEPPA & THE FOUR JACKS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55033 Explosive Doowops, Vol 9 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 59 min., recommended
Among the mid 50's to mid-60's vocal group gems this time are Will You Go Steady by Gary & the Knight Lites, the particularly nice This Is My Wedding Day by the Fantastics, Why Don't You Believe Me by the Diadems, Forever by the Blen-Dells, Please Say You Do by the Victorians, (Don't Be a) Litterbug by the Len-Dells, But That Was Long Ago by Lori Wood (and the Belmonts), Make You My Queen by Tony Dee & the Pageants, The Girl I Love by the Lyrics, and Baby's Coming Home by the Coronets. (DH)
THE ACADEMICS: Somethin' Cool/ BILLY & THE ESSENTIALS: Lonely Weekend/ THE BLEN-DELLS: Forever/ BOBBY CAPRI & GROUP: One Sided Love/ THE CHANTS: I Could Write A Book/ THE CORONETS: Baby's Coming Home/ THE DAPPERS: We're In Love/ THE DEDICATIONS: Mary Lou/ TONY DEE & THE PAGEANTS: Make You My Queen/ THE DEL-LARKS: Remember The Night/ THE DIADEMS: Why Don't You Believe Me/ THE DREAMERS: Natalie/ THE FANTASTICS: This Is My Wedding Day/ GARY & THE KNIGHT LITES: Will You Go Steady/ SAMMY HAGAN & THE VISCOUNTS: Wild Bird/ THE JADES: Walking Along/ THE KINGS: Let Me Know/ THE LARKS: There Is A Girl/ THE LEN-DELLS: (Don't Be A) Litterbug/ THE LYRICS: The Girl I Love/ RONNIE MATHEWS & GROUP: The Week Is Over/ THE MONORAYS: My Guardian Angel/ THE TIDES: Who Told You/ THE VICTORIANS: Please Say You Do/ THE WINDSORS: Keep Me From Crying/ LORI WOOD: But That Was Long Ago

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55034 Explosive Doowops, Vol 10 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 58 min., recommended
Cover art for volume 10 is a yellow '59 Chevy. The liner note booklet contains a particularly nice photo of the 1957 Del Vikings. And the above average program includes How Can I Win by the Hi-Fives, The Fact of the Matter by Ronnie and the Hi-Lites, Groovie Time by the Altairs, I Hear Bells (Wedding Bells) by the aforementioned Del Vikings, Peanuts by Rick and the Keens, Star Bright by Jim, Jeff and Jan, Periwinkle Blue by the Four Cheers, Hey Juanita by the Five Stars, Shangri-La by the Parakeets, and Gypsy Boogie by the Teen Tones. (DH)
THE ALTAIRS: Groovie Time/ THE CLASSMATES: Pretty Little Pet/ THE COMIC BOOKS: Manuel/ THE DEL CADES: World's Fair Usa/ THE DEL VIKINGS: I Hear Bells (wedding Bells)/ THE DEL-AIRS: Lost My Job/ THE EL REYS: Beverly/ THE ENCHANTERS: There Goes (a Pretty Girl)/ THE FIVE SOUNDS: Good Time Baby/ THE FIVE STARS: Hey Juanita/ THE FOUR CHEERS: Perriwinkle Blue/ THE GLENWOODS: Elaine/ THE HI-FIVES: How Can I Win/ JIM, JEF & JAN: Star Bright/ JIMMY J & THE J'S: Please Be My Girlfriend/ THE LITTLE TOM & THE VALENTINES: School Girl/ THE PARAKEETS: Shangri-la/ THE PRELUDES: Oh Please Genie/ THE REFLECTIONS: Rocket To The Moon/ RICHIE & THE ROYALS: We're Strollin'/ RICK & THE KEENS: Peanuts/ RONNIE & THE HI-LITES: The Fact Of The Matter/ THE SANDPIPERS: Ali Baba/ THE SWINGING HEARTS: Something Made Me Stop/ THE TEEN TONES: Gypsy Boogie/ THE UNIQUE ECHOS: Zoom

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55038 Philadelphia's Doo-Wop Sound - Swan Masters, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
22 tracks, 55 min., recommended
Subtitled the "Swan Masters volume 1," this German import features generally obscure vocal group tracks laid down for the Swan/Lawn label between 1958 and 1966. But, obscure or not, there's lots of worthwhile music here. Specifically, Gloria by the Frankie Grier Quartet is a classic of white doo-wop. And the two cuts by "Little Guy" & the Giants - It's You and So Young - are by the group that achieved popularity a year later as the Halos of Nag fame. Other featured numbers include Ballad of a Girl and Boy by Johnny Holiday & the Graduates, La La by the Cobras, Love is Forever by the Dial Tones, A Night Like Tonight by Lee Andrews, Mr. Cupid by the Vespers, a version of A Thousand Miles Away by Danny & the Juniors, and I'll Love You by the Royal Teens. Sound quality and notes are both up to contemporary reissue standards. And the accompanying booklet features eight vintage photos. (DH)
LEE ANDREWS: A Night Like Tonight/ PS I Love You/ THE COBRAS: La La/ DANNY & THE JUNIORS: A Thousand Miles Away/ THE DENOTATIONS: Lone Stranger/ THE DIAL TONES: Love is Forever/ THE DREAMLOVERS: Amazons & Coyotees/ THE ENCOUNTERS: Don't Stop/ GINGER & THE SNAPS: I'm No Runaround/ FRANKIE GRIER QUARTET: Oh Gloria/ JOHNNY HOLIDAY & THE GRADUATES: Ballad of a Girl & Boy/ LITTLE GUY & THE GIANTS: It's You/ So Young/ THE MADISONS: Can You Image It/ THE MODERN REDCAPS: Golden Teardrops/ THE NU-TRENDS: Together/ BARRY PETRI: Pretty Little Angel/ LITTLE JIMMY RIVERS & THE TOPS: Puppy Love/ THE ROYAL LANCERS: You're the Right One/ THE ROYAL TEENS: I'll Love You/ THE STYLES: I Do Love You/ THE VESPERS: Mr Cupid

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55039 Philadelphia's Doo-Wop Sound - Swan Masters, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
22 tracks, 52 min., recommended
Opening with When I Walk with My Angel by the Vespers and ending with Playing the Field by Rochelle Johnson, this second volume from Dee Jay in its review of the vocal group recordings of the Swan and Lawn labels is mostly drawn from the early 60's. My favorite numbers here include the two Lee Andrews cuts, You Gave to Me and I Miss You So, plus the previously unreleased Tammie is Coming Home by the Modern Redcaps, The Wind and the Rain by the Madisons, Like to See You in That Mood by Bill Harton & the Dawns, I Made a Mistake by Ace Kennedy & the Candies, and the particularly nice Goodbye to Love by Teddy & the Twilights. Latter day doo-wop from worthy black and white groups, presented here with excellent sound quality, informative liner notes, and eight vintage photos. (DH)
LEE ANDREWS: I Miss You So/ You Gave To Me/ JOHNNY ANGEL: This Is the Night For Love/ BOBBY COMSTOCK & THE COUNTS: Your Boyfriend's Back/ RONNIE DAWSON: Decided By the Angels/ THE DENOTATIONS: Nena/ THE DREAMLOVERS: Together/ THE ENCOUNTERS: A Place In Your Heart/ FRANKIE GRIER QUARTET: Lonesome For You/ BILL HARTON & THE DAWNS: Like To See You In That Mood/ JOHNNY HOLIDAY & THE GRADUATES: Goodbye My Love/ JOHNNY JACK: True Love At First Sight/ ROCHELLE JOHNSON: Playing the Field/ ACE KENNEDY & THE CANDIES: I Made A Mistake/ THE MADISONS: The Wind & the Rain/ THE MODERN REDCAPS: Tammie Is Coming Home/ THE ROYAL LANCERS: Oh Little Girl/ THE STYLES: Hush Little Girl/ THE SWANS: He's Mine/ TEDDY & THE TWILIGHTS: Goodbye To Love/ THE VESPERS: When I Walk With My Angel

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee Jay Jamboree 55040 Brooklyn's Doo-Wop Sound ● CD $17.98
24 tracks recorded for New York entrepreneur Al Browne. Includes sides issued on Aljon, Vintage, Bim Bam Boom, Maria and other labels along with several previously unissued songs and alternate takes - Ben White & The Darchaes, The Symbols, Inspirations, Decoys, Fultons, Neons, Roulettes and others. Comes with 12 page booklet with extensive notes and rare photos.
THE DECOYS: For You/ Memories/ DONNIE & THE CHAPELLS: Jeanie/ EDDIE & THE STARLITES: To Make A Long Story Short/ THE FULTONS: Roaches/ THE INSPIRATIONS: Aye-Yai-Yai/ Come Back Home To Me/ JIMMY & THE CRESTONES: New Girl On My Block/ THE JIVE CHORDS: It Was You/ Why Can't You Be True?/ THE KENTS: My Juanita/ THE LINCOLNS: Madly In Love/ DONNIE MYLES & THE DUKES: I Love You Madly/ THE NEONS: Golden Dreams/ THE NEWTONES: Going Steady/ THE NUGGETS: Whisper/ RAY & THE DARCHAES: Carol/ THE ROULETTES: I See A Star/ THE STYLISTS: One Room/ THE SYMBOLS: Bye Bye/ THE VILONS: Lone Stranger/ Wish She Was Mine/ BEN WHITE & THE DARCHAES: Jocko Sent Me/ Nationwide Stamps

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee Jay Jamboree 55041 Brooklyn's Doo-Wop Sound, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 54 min., recommended
Another disc that offers recordings from the late 50's and early 60's produced by the one time mastermind of the Joyce Records sound, Al Browne. The tracks here were originally issued on a variety of small and large labels, including Aljon, Vintage, Rose, Scepter, and East Coast. Featured numbers include Little Girl So Fine by Ray & the Darchaes, Honey Bun by the Neons, Good Looking Man by the Jive Chords, Lone Stranger by the Del Counts, Three Steps to Heaven by Eddie & the Starlites, Angel Maureen by Jimmy & the Crestones, I Cried by the Lincolns, and Angel Darling by the Vilons. (DH)
LARRY ALFORD & THE CAROUSELS: Just For Your Love/ THE DEL COUNTS: Lone Stranger/ EDDIE & THE STARLITES: Come On Home/ I Can Dream/ I Love You/ Pretty Little Girl/ Three Steps To Heaven/ THE FASCINATIONS: I'm Gonna Cry/ THE FULTONS: Let's Dance/ THE INITIALS: Someday Someway/ JIMMY & THE CRESTONES: Angel Maureen/ THE JIVE CHORDS: Good Looking Man/ Whisper/ THE LINCOLNS: I Cried/ THE NEONS: Honey Bun/ THE NEWTONES: Remember the Night/ THE NOBLETONES: Rock & Roll Nursery Rhymes/ THE NUGGETS: Wish She Was Mine/ RAY & THE DARCHAES: Little Girl So Fine/ RUSS RILEY & FIVE SOUNDS: Tonight Must Live On/ THE ROULETTES: Come On Baby/ THE VERDICTS: The Mummy's Ball/ THE VILONS: Angel Darling/ Mother Nature

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee Jay Jamboree 55047 Out Of The Bronx - Doo-Wop From Cousins & Westside ● CD $17.98
28 tracks, 65 min., recommended
A compilation of predominantly white doo-wop recordings from the 1960-1963 time period, all originally released on the Cousins and West Side labels of New York City. Curiously, the label's biggest hit, Barbara Ann by the Regents is not included here. The program, however, does include Guardian Angel, Cheryl, Laura, and She's Got It by the two groups known as the Camerons; Please Be Mine, Time After Time, and Star Above by the Consorts; Little Girl by the Dreamers; On the Street Where You Live by the Chuckles; I Got Fired by the Chesterfields; Bad Girl by the Rue Teens; and In My Lonely Room by the Bi Tones. A nicely packaged collection, featuring excellent sound quality, lots of vintage photos, an overview of the label(s), and track-by-track notes. (DH)
THE BI TONES: In My Lonely Room/ THE CAMERONS: Cheryl/ Guardian Angel/ Laura/ THE CHESTERFIELDS: I Got Fired/ Meet Me At The Candy Store/ THE CHUCKLES: On The Street Where You Live/ THE CONSORTS: Carrie/ Please Be Mine/ Star Above/ Time After Time/ DARNELL & DREAMS: I Had A Love/ The Day Before Yesterday/ SONNY DEE: Here I Stand/ I'm Not The One For You/ THE DIALS: At The Start Of A New Romance/ THE DREAMERS: Little Girl/ THE ELGINS: Tell Gina/ THE EXCELLENTS: I Made The Biggest Mistake Of My Life/ Lorraine/ She's Not Coming Home/ THE ORIGINAL CAMERONS: Baby Don't You Know/ She's Got It/ AL RENO: Cheryl/ THE RUE TEENS: Bad Girl/ Dance With Me/ MIKE TAYLOR: He's A Lover/ GUY VILLARI: Mashed Potato Mary

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee Jay Jamboree 55049 Back To Brooklyn - Vocal Group Harmony From Taurus ● CD $17.98
33 tracks, 78 min., recommended
A maximum length look out the 1960-1966 output of Brooklyn's Taurus Records, a label perhaps best known for its belated and ultimately disappointing Fireflies' LP. Be that as it may, label owner Michael Sebianiano, who focused much of his energy on putting out the white vocal group sound that was enjoying success in the early 60's, did issue quite a bit of solid material. Highlights herein include At Seventeen and Girl of Mine by the Vocal Lords, So So Long by the Bob Knight Four, Yea Bom Dom De Dubi Dubi Dom by Marty Filler, My Prayer for You by a reformed Fireflies (minus former lead Richie Adams), Take You Back Again by the Jovations, Tell Her by the Sinceres, and fourteen numbers by Donnie and the Del Chords including So Lonely, Tell Me Why, Guardian Angel, At the Hop, and Oh What a Night. Another nicely-produced collection which earns solid marks for sound quality, photo layouts, and liner notes. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee Jay Jamboree 55055 Brooklyn Doo-Wop Sound - Al Browne's Aljon Masters #3 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 57 min., recommended
Subtitled "Al Browne's Aljon Masters," this collection features some obscure but unusually fine vocal group numbers from the late 50's and early 60's, most originally released on Aljon, Rose, Zara, Apache, or Bim Bam Boom. Most acts are black. Highlights include Goodbye by Larry Alford & the Carousels, Mother Nature by the Del Counts, I Wonder by the Stylists, Happy Honeymoon by the Four Fellows (unrelated to the indentically-named group on Glory), Whisper by the Concepts, I'll Pray by Johnny Bronay with the Magics, Hey Hey Baby by the Moonlights, Never Let Me Go by the Verdicts, Out in the Cold Again by the Decoys, This Is My Love by the Jive Chords, and Jungle by the Concepts. An interesting program from start to finish, featuring solid sound quality, and liner notes that strive to figure out the origins of each number. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee Jay Jamboree 55056 White & Still All Right - Crystal Ball, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks recorded in early 60s for Ed Engel's Crystal Ball label - 8 previously unissued tracks or alternate takes - The 4 Winds, Sinceres, Statens, Envoys, Four Deans, Vinny & The Visuals, The Demolyrs, Little Willie & The Rhythm Cadets, The Allumes, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55058 Explosive Doowops, Vol 11 ● CD $17.98
26 rarities.
LEE ADRIAN & THE ROCHESTER COLLEGIATES: School Is Over/ THE BLENDAIRS: My Love Is Just For You/ THE BLENDS: Now It's Your Turn/ LINDA CARR & THE IMPOSSIBLES: Happy Teenager/ THE CORVAIRS: Sing A Song Of Sixpence/ THE DEL-CHORDS: Say That You Love Me/ THE DEVOTIONS: Teardrops Follow Me/ THE EDSELS: Rama Lama Ding Dong/ THE EMERALD CITY BANDITS: Come On Oz/ THE ESCORTS: Gaudeamus/ THE FIVE HITS: Dreaming Of You/ THE FIVE PLAYBOYS: She's My Baby/ BILLY GALLANT & THE ROULETTES: Scribbling On The Wall/ THE HIDEAWAYS: Lovin' Time/ THE IMPRESSORS: Do You Love Her/ THE IRRIDESCENTS: Hey There/ THE KAPPAS: Sweet Juanita/ ERNIE MARESCA & GROUP: Please Be Fair/ THE MARX: One More Minute/ THE MOOD MAKERS: Dolores/ THE ROBINS: White Cliffs Of Dover/ THE ROYAL JESTERS: Never Will Forget/ FREDDIE SCHAEFFER & GROUP: Zoom Zoom Zoom/ THE SINGING ROULETTES: Hasten Jason/ THE SPIEDELS: No/ THE SQUIRES: Can't Believe That You've Grown Up

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55100 Doo Wop From Rome & Power-Martin Records ● CD $17.98
27 sides from Trade Martin & Johnny Powers Rome and Power-Martin labels featuring New York white doo-wop label from the early 60s. The Rome label is best known for the recordings by The Earls but this set focuses on tracks by other artists. Half the tracks were originally issued as 45s, the rest are demos which surfaced on a Crystal Ball LP in the early 80s. It features The High Hatters, Del & The Escorts, Johnny & The Jokers, The Pretenders and others.
THE APOLLOS: Bandstand Baby/ I Love You Darling/ DEL & THE ESCORTS: Baby Doll/ Someone To Watch Over Me/ Something/ Thief Of Love/ THE GLENS: I Feel Great/ I'm Not The Guy/ More/ Oh Love/ The Seven Teens/ THE HIGH HATTERS: It's You/ JO-ANN: Baby Doll/ Someone To Watch Over Me/ JOHNNY & THE JOKERS: Comic Book Romance/ Do-re-mi-rock/ Learning About Love/ The Seven Teens/ Why Must It Be/ THE PRETENDERS: A Very Precious Love/ Could This Be Magic/ Guadian Angel/ I'm So Happy/ Smile/ The Seven Teens/ THE PRINCE-TONES: My Life/ My Madonna

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee-Jay Jamboree 55103 Doo Wop Exclusively From The Vault ● CD $17.98
A 30 tracks collection from the vaults of Old Town - all tracks are previously unissued or never before on CD.
TONY ALAVA & PLAYBOYS: Doctor Of Love/ Glory Of Love/ Sherry/ Strangest Feeling/ THE DEL-SATINS: Counting Tear Drops/ Remember/ HERMAN DUNHAM & GROUP: Life Is But A Dream/ Little Hearts/ THE EARLS: Remember Then/ VICKIE EVANS & GROUP: It Was Just For Laughs/ THE FAIRFIELD FOUR: Memories Of My Mother/ THE HERALDS: Coufucious/ Why Can't I Have You/ THE KEYTONES: Seven Wonders Of The World/ THE MARK IV: The Tide Has Turned/ RUTH MCFADDEN & ROYALTONES: Two In Love (with One Heart)/ THE OVATIONS: Real True Love/ THE PACKARDS: Ladise/ THE ROGUES: I've Been Dreaming/ It's True/ THE ROYALTONES: Never Let Me Go/ THE SOLITAIRES: Chapel Of St. Clair/ I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance/ Silent Grief/ THE SUPREMES: The Last Round-up/ THE TREMAINES: Moon Shining Bright/ THE TRU-TONES: Why Oh Why/ THE UNIVERSALS: All My Life(trying To Get It Right)/ THE VOCALEERS: One For My Baby (and One More For The Road)/ THE VOLUMES: Why

VARIOUS ARTISTS Delmark DD 438 Honkers & Bar Walkers, Vol. 1 ● CD $11.98
Hot instrumental R&B recorded for United and Regal in the early 50s prominently featuring the sound of the honking tenor sax.
PAUL BASCOMB: Blues and the Beat/ More Blues-More Beat/ Pink Cadillac/ TEDDY BRANNON: Everybody Get Together/ Mixin' With Dixon/ JIMMY COE: After Hours Joint/ COZY EGGLESTON: Big Heavy (Blue Lights Boogie)/ Cozy's Beat/ JIMMY FORREST: Flight 3-D/ My Buddy/ Night Train/ FRED JACKSON: Duck Fever/ Sentimental Blues/ FATS NOEL: Duck Soup/ High Tide/ Wish You Were Here/ You Belong to Me/ DOC SAUSAGE: Sausage Rock/ TAB SMITH: Ace High/ Because of You/ CHRIS WOOD: Cool One-Groove Two

VARIOUS ARTISTS Delmark DD 452 Honkers & Bar Walkers, Vol. 2 ● CD $11.98
This is a pick to click for all you lovers of swingin' dancefloor tenor, culled from the Apollo label. We start off with tenor titan Willis Jackson from 1950 on Pee Wee, a moody stroll that kicks into high gear. Morris Lane is up next, scoring with two rugcutters. Famed drummer Panama Francis propels 12:00 Jump/ Benson Bounce, while Darkness Of The Delta provides smooching time. Bill Harvey's orch. does a dynamite Walk Right In (the original version?). Charlie "Little Jazz" Ferguson is the most exciting contestant here, taking time off from Apollo's Five Royales to cut 8 tasty slices. Ferguson had a rich tone that shines on blues and late night numbers, but he also flaunted his agility on crazy shoe-burners like Bean Head/ Hi Beam. King Curtis ends it, displaying his usual pep on a 1956 pairing. With 22 cuts in roughly chronological order, this is a sure fire winner that's long on swing, without the customary screeching hysterics. (MB)
KING CURTIS: Dynamite at Midnite/ Rush Hour/ CHARLIE FERGUSON: Bean Head/ Big G/ Doll Baby/ Hard Times/ Hi Beam/ I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)/ Low Lights/ That's It/ PANAMA FRANCIS: (When It's) Darkness on the Delta/ 12:00 Jump/ Benson Bounce/ Bess's Blues/ BILL HARVEY: I Love Her/ Walk Right In/ WILLIS JACKSON: Pee Wee (Call of the Gators)/ MORRIS LANE: Blue Jeans/ Gitchie Gitchie-Goomba/ Joe's Beat/ Return of B.O. Plenty/ BOBBY SMITH: That's for Sure

VARIOUS ARTISTS Delmark DD 542 Honkers & Bar Walkers, Vol. 3 ● CD $14.98
The third collection of rocking instrumental R&B focusing on the tenor sax features 22 tracks recorded for the United and Regal labels in the 50s. It includes Eddie Chamblee, Sax Mallard, J.T. Brown, Wild Bill Moore and others. Includes seven previously unissued tracks.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Diamond DRI 101 The Best Doo-Wops of Diamond Records Inc vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
31 tunes by the Originals, the Cupcakes, the Del Satins, the Bobbettes, Dickey Lee, Nancy Baron, Ritchie Thomspon & the Jesters, etc.
JOAN BAKER: Everybody's Talking/ Satisfy Me/ NANCY BARON: Tra La, La, I Love You/ Where Did My Jimmy Go/ THE BOBBETTES: In Paradise/ Love Is Blind/ Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell/ Teddy/ CHUCK & JOHNNY: You're The Girl/ JIMMY CLARK: Everything's Fine/ THE CUPCAKES: Pied Piper/ Winter Blue/ THE DEL SATINS: A Little Rain Must Fall/ Love, Hate And Revenge/ DICKEY LEE: I Remember Barbara/ DICKY LEE: Ruby Baby/ THE ORIGINALS: At Times Like These/ Gimme A Little Kiss/ Summer School/ You And I/ POWER PLANT: It Can't Happen Without You/ She's So Far Out, She's In/ FRANK RENO: I Love You So/ I Want My Love/ TEN BROKEN HEARTS: Shining Star/ Ten Lonely Guys/ RITCHIE THOMPSON & JESTERS: Ring A Ling Ding/ RITCHIE THOMPSON & THE JESTERS: Too Late To Worry/ JOHNNY THUNDER: Bewildered/ THE VIOLETS: I Won't Cry If You Walk Away/ RUBY WINTERS: Try Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Diamond DRI 102 The Best Doo-Wops of Diamond Records Inc vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
30 more by the Passions, the Swingin' Hearts, the Violets, Bobby & the Consoles, the Jaynettes, the Bobbettes, the Mamselles, etc.
THE BEACHCOMBERS: Surfin' The Summer Away/ This Is My Love/ THE BOBBETTES: Close Your Eyes/ I'm Climbing A Mountain/ My Mama Said/ Row Row Row/ Sandman/ You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet/ BOBBY & THE CONSOLES: My Jelly Bean/ Nita, I Love You So/ JIMMY BREEDLOVE: Jealous Heart/ Li'l Ol' Me/ JIMMY CLARK: Shirley/ THE CONTRAILS: Someone/ TOMMY DAE & THE HIGH TENSIONS: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini/ Summertime Girly/ THE JAYNETTES: I'll Stay Home/ THE MAMSELLERS: Paradise Is Where He Is/ THE MAMSELLS: Love Him/ JIMMY PARKER: We Gonna/ JIMMY PARKER: No Word From Betty/ THE PASSIONS: Sixteen Candles/ THE PIROUETTES: If You See My Baby/ Wrangler Stretch/ THE SWINGIN' HEARTS: Please Say It Isn't So/ THE SWINGING HEARTS: Somebody Make Me Stop/ JOHNNY THUMDER: Just Me And You/ BOBBY VINTON: I Love You The Way You Are/ THE VIOLETS: I'll Love No One But You/ RUBY WINTERS: The Bells Of St. Mary's

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dipper 213 The Ultimate Group Harmony Christmas Collection ● CD $17.98
25 track collection of sides - mostly from the 50s with a few earlier and a few later. Includes Silent Night by The Ravens, Let Christmas Ring by The Coolbreezers, Yuletide Love by The Chanaclairs, Christmas Prayer by The Valentines, Can This Be Christmas by The Falcons plus tracks from The Five Keys, Larks, Hepsters, Jackie Wilson & The Dominoes and more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doggonnit DW 5054 Street Corner Romance, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
24 doo-wop rarities.
THE ARCADES: My Love/ THE ASCOTS: Everything Will Be Alright/ CALEB & THE PLAYBOYS: I'm Yours/ THE COLTS: Sweet Sixteen/ THE DUBS: For The First Time/ DUKE OF EARL: Daddy's Home/ THE FALCONS: Wonderful Love/ THE FIVE KEYS: The Feeling Is Real/ THE FLAMINGOS: That's Why I Love You/ THE IMPOSSIBLES: Chapel Bells/ THE INVICTORS: This Thing Called Love/ JOHNNY & JOE: I Adore You/ THE METRONOMES: I Love My Girl/ THE MYSTICS: Just For Your Love/ THE PASTELS: Sleep Tight/ THE PLAYERS: I'm Glad I Waited/ ROXY & THE DAY CHORDS: I'm So In Love/ THE SCARLETONES: Will You Dream/ THE VICEROYS: I'm So Sorry

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doggonnit DW 5055 Street Corner Romance, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
24 track compilation of doo-wop rarities from The Sentimentals, Pete Antel, Lee Andrews & The Masters, Ronnie Dove, The New Yorkers, Tiny Dahl & The Robyns, Billy Denton, Bill Relf, The Uniques, Exotics, Paramounts, original Checkers and more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doggonnit DW 5056 Street Corner Romance, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
24 doo-wop rarities
AESOP FABLES: Hidin' My Love/ DEAN BARLOW: It's All In Your Mind/ BILL BOYD: I'm No Romeo/ THE CELTICS: Can You Remember/ THE CHARMS: My Prayer Tonite/ THE CORDIALS: Dawn Is Almost Here/ THE DARTS: On My Mind/ LEONA DUNN: Our Song Of Love/ THE ESCORTS: Seven Wonders Of The World/ THE FABULONS: Smoke From Your Cigarette/ THE FIVE PEAKS: Sittin' On The Porch/ HANS, CHRIS & ANDERSON: Donna/ THE HIGH TONES: We Met At A Dance/ LITTLE CEASAR: I Need You So/ JOHNNY MAESTRO: I'll Be True/ THE NATURALS: Different Girls/ THE NOBLE TONES: I Love You/ BUDDY OWENS MAURIERS: Bon Voyage/ THE PERSIANS: Tears Of Love/ THE PIXIES: Just A Tear/ THE SYMPONIES: That's What Love Will Do/ TERRI & THE SPARKS: Please Come Home/ THE TOKENS: Oh What A Night/ THE WOODEN NICKELS: Take My Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doggonnit DW 5057 Street Corner Romance, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
THE ANGELS: Wedding Bells/ THE AVALONS: What's Wrong/ JESSE BELVIN: Ain't That A Shame/ THE CLIMBERS: I Love You/ THE FIVE KEYS: No Matter/ THE GOLDENTONES: Meaning Of Love/ HARVEY: I Want Somebody/ JENNELL HAWKINS & DREAMERS: Since You've Been Gone/ THE HI-LITES: Gloria Darling/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: I'll Be Seeing You/ THE IMPRESSIONS: Never Let Me Go/ JIMMY PEMBERTON: Rags To Riches/ THE ROBROYS: Audry/ THE RODANS: Time Is Passing/ THE SCALETONES: Everlasting Love/ THE SWALLOWS: Who Knows, Do You/ THE SWANKS: Please Hurry Home/ JOANIE TAYLOR: You Lied/ TIPPIE & THE CLOVERMEN: Please Mr Sun/ THE TITANS: What Have I Done/ THE TOPPERS: Meant For Me/ THE UPFRONTS: Send Me Someone To Love/ THE VALA QUONS: Teardrops/ THE VISUALS: Maybe You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doggonnit DW 5058 Street Corner Romance, Vol. 5 ● CD $17.98
Fine 24 track doo-wop collection - mostly pretty obscure with a few slightly more familiar sides - The Blue Jays, Eddie Williams, The Belltones, Faith Robinson, The Gallahads, Dolphins, Shirley & Lee, Five Blue Notes, Five Royals, Quintones, Uniques, Starlites and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doggonit 5064 Street Corner Harmony, Vol. 6 ● CD $17.98
24 more fine and rare sides from The Chargers, Del Knights, Dodgers, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Jackie Rue, The Excels, Starlines, Don Julian & The Meadowlarks, The Natural Four, Albert Stone, The Metrics, Tommy Williams and more. Some duplications with other collections.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doggonnit DW 5065 Street Corner Romance, Vol. 7 ● CD $17.98
23 more fine doo-wop rarities - Tears & Laughter, The Wright Brothers, Fantasys, Tex 7 Chex, Johnny H. & The Sinceres, The Academics, The Czars Of Rhythm, Rommels, El Dorados, Gerald Gregory, The Blossoms, Boptones, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doo-Wop 605 Crazy Doo-Wop ● CD $17.98
How's this for an imaginative concept - 30 doo-wop songs with the word "Crazy" in the title? Many of these are available on other compilations but if you want all your "crazy" songs in one place this is for you including Crazy Bells by The Halos, Crazy Little Mama by The El Dorados (of course!), Crazy by The Hollywood Flames, Crazy Cave by Danny & The Juniors, Crazy Love by The Creators, Crazy Eyes For You by Jimmy Wilde & Rendezvous and lots more to get crazy about.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doopy 101 Uar Ine The 50s & 60s ● CD $17.98
In spite of the stupid title and offensive cover art this is yet another decent collection of 24 obscure doo-wop sides from the 50s and 60s.
SUNNY FULTON & MIXMASTERS: Fingerprints/ STEVE GIBSON & RED CAPS: Where Are You?/ HENRY HOUSTON & RAINDROPS: I Found Heaven In Love/ THE I-V-LEAGUERS: Told By The Stars/ JAN & RADIANTS: If You Love Me/ THE METROS: All Of My Life/ THE MISFITS: Midnight Star/ THE OFF KEYS: Our Wedding Day/ BOBBY PEDRICK & GROUP: Karine/ Maybe/ THE POPSICLES: Thumb Print/ THE RE-VELS: Cha-cha-toni/ Dream My Darling Dream/ THE REFLECTIONS: You Said Goodbye/ BOBBY RELF & GROUP: Little Fool/ THE RHYTHMERES: Bow Legged Baby/ Elaine/ THE SHARPTONES: Made To Love/ Since I Fell For You/ THE SKYSCRAPERS: I Thought You'd Care/ THE TANGIERS: Remember Me/ THE VALTAIRS: Moonlight In Vermont/ CURLEY WILLIAMS & GROUP: This Heart Of Mine

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dore 7001 The Dore Doo-Wop Story, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First of four volumes featuring recordings made in the early/ mid 60s for this California based label. Mostly pop flavored white doo-wop.
JIMMY BARDON: Coming Down The Track/ Teenage Time/ THE BARITONES: Sentimental Baby/ THE BRENTWOODS: Midnight Star/ THE CREATORS: Too Fat To Turn Around/ CHRIS DARLING: A Casual Look/ THE DEBONAIRES: Every Once In A While/ THE DIMPLES: An Invitation To A Party/ THE ENTERTAINERS IV: People Don't Look No More/ DARNEL JOHNSON & THE SCOOTERS: They Never Grow Old/ DONNA LEE-ANNE: Fifteen Only Fifteen/ I Could Just Die/ THE PREMIERS: Evening Star/ Last Of The Real Smart Guys/ What Makes Little Girls Cry/ RODNEY & BLAZERS: Teenage Cinderella/ RODNEY & THE BLAZERS: Snow White/ Tell Me How/ GLORIA ROSE: Darling It's You/ THE SUPERBS: Goddess Of Love/ The Big Hurt/ THE TIDES: Dear Mr President/ Ring A Ding Ding/ Say You're Mine/ FREDDIE WILLIS: I Love You I Do

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dore 7002 The Dore Doo-Wop Story, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
26 more tracks of late 50s/ early 60s California doo-wop.
THE BARITONES: After School Rock/ THE BRENTWOODS: As I Live From Day To Day/ CLAUDIA & THE CRYSTALS: Little Love Of Mine/ This Is Your Love/ JOHNNY COLE: How The Time Flies/ Jennie Lou And Suzie Mae/ THE CREATORS: Hello There Me Grave Digger/ THE DARLINGS: To Know Him Is To Love Him/ THE DEBONAIRES: Everybody's Movin/ Gert's Skirt/ Mama Don't Care/ THE DIMPLES: My Sister's Beau/ THE DORIES: I Love Him So/ Tragedy Of Love/ THE FASCINATIONS: If I Had Your Love/ Why/ CHUCK MYLES & THE STYLES: Be Mine Or Be A Fool/ Lovin Daddy/ THE SUPERBS: I Was Blind/ THE SYMBOLS: Better Get Your Own One Buddy/ Last Year About This Time/ THE TIDES: Chicken Spaceman/ Follow Me/ THE VON GAYELS: Crazy Dance/ The Twirl/ FREDDIE WILLIS: It's Only

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dore 7003 The Dore Doo-Wop Story, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
26 more.
CHRIS DARLING: Please Write Me A Letter/ THE EBBS: Cartoons/ Vicki Sue/ THE EMBERGLOWS: Have You Found Someone New/ Sack & Chemise Gang Fight/ THE ENTERTAINERS IV: Hey Lady/ DEAN HAWLEY: Boss Man/ I'll Never Be A Fool Again/ Look For A Star/ Where Is My Angel?/ RONNIE HEIGHT: Come Softly To Me/ So Young So Wise/ THE JADES: When They Are About You/ Hold Back The Dawn/ JOHN & JUDY: Tell Me/ Why This Feeling/ CAM MORRIS: Look Around/ Someday/ THE NUMBERS: Big Red/ My Pillow/ THE RAINDROPS: Love Is Like A Mountain/ Maybe/ GLORIA ROSE: Love You I Do I Do/ THE SUPERBS: Better Get Your Own One/ Story Book Of Love/ KID GUITAR THOMPSON: My Baby Done Me Wrong

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dore 7004 The Dore Doo-Wop Story, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
26 more.
RONNIE COOK: A Million Miles To Paradise/ THE DARLINGS: He Played 1-2-3-4/ My Pillow/ THE DEBONAIRES: Every Once In A While/ Everybody's Movin'/ THE DORIES: Break-up/ Stompin' Sh-boom/ THE ENTERTAINERS IV: Gettin' Back Into Circulation/ FRIDAY'S CHILE: As I Sit Here/ THE LANG SISTERS: Valley High/ DONNA LEE ANNE: Four O'clock/ THE PUFFS: I Only Cry Once A Day Now/ Moon Out There/ THE STARBRIGHTS: He's An Aries Man/ THE SUPERBS: Baby Baby All The Time (with Intro)/ Baby's Gone Away/ He Broke A Young Girl's Heart/ I Was Born When You Kissed Me/ It Hurts So Much/ My Heart Isn't In It/ My Love For You/ Sad Sad Day/ Your Eyes/ SUE TORNAY & FOUR KINGS: You Went Away/ SYE TORNAY & THE FOUR KINGS: Tell Me/ THE WHISPERS: Story Book Of Love/ Take A Lesson From The Teacher

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dot 1011 Dot Doo-Wop, Volume #1 ● CD $17.98
First of three volumes devoted to vocal group recordings issued on Randy Wood's Dot label in the 50s and early 60s. any of these tracks have been reissued on miscellaneous collections but the label focus makes for an interesting set.
THE CAPTANS: I'm So Crazy For Love/ With All My Heart/ THE COMMODORES: Riding On a Train/ Uranium/ THE COUNTS: Baby Don't You Know/ Darling Dear/ Hot Tamales/ I Need You Always/ THE CRESCENTS: Hey There/ When You Wish Upon A Star/ THE ELGINS: Cheryl/ Tell Gina/ ARTIE FORRAY: I Make Believe It's You/ Strangers/ THE I.V. LEAGUERS: The Story/ THE I.V.LEAGUERS: Ring Chimes/ THE LARGOS: I Wonder Why/ Saddle Up/ THE PARAMOUNTS: Why Do You Have to Go/ You're Seventeen/ BOBBY RELF: I'm Not Afraid/ Little Fool/ THE SHIELDS: That's the Way It's Gotta Be/ You Cheated/ THE VOGUES: Falling Star/ Try Baby Try

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dot 1012 Dot Doo-Wop, Volume #2 ● CD $17.98
26 more tracks.
THE BELMONTS: Answer Me My Love/ Have You Heard/The Worst That Could Happen/ Reminiscennsing/ She Wants To Do Her Own Thing/ THE BUTTONS: Calendar of Love/ Just We Two/ DOLLY COOPER: Big Rock Inn/ I'm Looking Through Your Window/ THE EDSELS: Could It Be/ My Whispering Heart/ THE EMBERS: Couldn't Wait Any Longer/ My Dearest Darling/ Please Mr. Sun/ Wait For Me/ THE FIVE DOTS: Each Night/ The Other Night/ THE FIVE STARS: Atom Bomb Baby/ You Sweet Little Thing/ THE FOUR IMPERIALS: Lazy Bonnie/ Let's Make A Scene/ BILL HAM & THE VEN DELS: Dream On/ BILL HAM & THE VENDELS: Wanderer/ BILLY MYLES: King of Clowns/ So In Need of You/ THE TADS: The Pink Panther/ Your Reason

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dot 1013 Dot Doo-Wop, Volume #3 ● CD $17.98
The third volume has 25 tracks.
TONY ALLEN: Chills/ Skinny Minnie/ THE CENTENNIALS: My Dear One/ Wayward Wind/ THE COUNTS: Let Me Go Lover/ My Dear My Darling/ To Our Love/ Wailing Little Mama/ SCOTT ENGLISH: 4000 Miles Away/ White Cliffs of Dover/ JIMMY GRIFFIN: A Love Like You/ You Took My Loving/ CORNELL GUNTHER: Call Me A Fool/ You Send Me/ THE MILLS BROTHERS: Get A Job/ I Miss You So/ Music Maestro Please/ EDDIE ROBBINS: A Girl Like You/ Dear Parents/ THE TEARDROPS: Bridge of Love/ Jelly Fish/ THE UNIQUES: Merry Christmas Darling/ Times Change/ THE YOUNG LIONS: It Would Be/ Little Girl

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dot 1014 Dot Doo-Wop, Volume #4 ● CD $17.98
This series continues with another four volumes. 
THE BLUE NOTES: My Steady Girl/ THE CAP TANS: Chief Turn The Hose On Me/ THE CASUALS: Hello Love/ Help Me/ My Love Songs For You/ THE COUNTS: Love And Understanding/ THE FIVE PLAYBOYS: When We Were Young/ THE FOUR DOTS: My Dear/ You Won't Let Me Go/ THE HALLMARKS: Congradulations/ THE IDOLS: Why Must I Cry/ KRIPP JOHNSON: Willette/ Woke Up This Morning/ PRETINCE MINNER: Sincerely/ THE ROSES: I Kissed An Angel/ THE SHERWOODS: Cold And Frosty Morning/ True Love Was Born/ THE SHIELDS: Fare Thee Well My Love/ I'm Sorry Now/ Nature Boy/ Play The Game Fair/ JEFF STEVENS: Side Street/ PEARL WOODS: Be My Baby/ THE YOUNG LIONS: Little Girl

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dot 1015 Dot Doo-Wop, Volume #5 ● CD $17.98
24 more sides on volume 5.
THE BLUE NOTES: Mighty Low/ SONNY CARTER: Crying Over You/ My Lonely Life/ THE CLASS NOTES: You Inspire Me/ THE COUNTS: Baby I Want You/ From This Day On/ Heartbreaker/ Sally Walker/ She Won't Say Yes/ Waiting Round For You/ THE DELL COEDS: Hey Mr Banjo/ THE EMERALDS: Falling Rain/ KRIPP JOHNSON: I'm Spinning/ When I Come Home/ DINO MATTHEWS: Lenore/ The Girl That I Love/ THE ROSES: Almost Paradise/ THE SCHOLARS: If You Could Listen With Your Heart/ Rocky Road/ NICK TODD: Your Love's Got A Grip On Me/ THE TRENIERS: Never Never/ When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver/ THE VANGUARDS: Baby Doll/ PEARL WOODS: My Love Is Your Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dot 1016 Dot Doo-Wop, Volume #6 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks
THE BELVEDERES: Hey Honey/ THE CHANTECLAIRS: Baby Please/ Believe Me Beloved/ I've Never Been There/ THE COUNTS: I Need You Tonight/ THE DELL VIKINGS: Come Go With Me/ Don't Be A Fool/ How Can I Find True Love/ Little Billy Boy/ What Made Maggie Run/ Whispering Bells/ THE FIVE PLAYBOYS: Pages Of My Scrapbook/ THE HALLMARKS: Congradulations/ My Little Sailor Boy/ THE IDOLS: Just A Little Bit More/ THE JADES: I'm Pretending/ DICKEY LEE: Life In A Teenage World/ Why Don't You Write Me/ PRENTICE MINNER: You Gave Me Heartaches/ THE MYSTICS: Now And For Always/ THE PARAMOUNTS: When You Dance/ THE VAN GUARDS: My Friend Mary Ann/ THE VOGUES: Love Is A Funny Little Game/ Which Witch Doctor

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dot 1017 Dot Doo-Wop, Volume #7 ● CD $17.98
The seventh and final volume features 24 more vocal group sides.
THE CASUALS: Till You Come Back To Me/ THE CHANCERS: Shirley Ann/ THE CHANTECLAIRS: Someday My Love Will Come My Way/ THE CLASS NOTES: Goodness Gracious/ THE COEDS: Love In Return/ EDDIE CURTIS: Don't Cry/ THE CYMBOLS: Voice Of A Fool/ Way In The Night/ THE DARTS: Gee Ver Men Nee Vers/ Sweet Little Baby/ BRIAN DAVIS: When I'm Near My Girl/ THE DAYLIGHTERS: Oh What A Way To Be Loved/ Why You Do Me Wrong/ THE EMERALDS: Friendly Mr Hendley/ THE HONEY DREAMERS: Copper Kettle/ Time Was/ THE JADES: Beverly/ RAY JOHNSON: Love A La Mode/ THE MARVELEERS: These Are The Things We'll Share/ THE PARAMOUNTS: When You Dance/ THE QUARTER NOTES: Like You Bug Me/ Please Come Home/ THE SCHOLARS: Poor Little Doggie/ Spin The Wheel/ JEFF STEVENS: Need You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Drexel 900 The Best Of Drexel Records ● CD $17.98
Fine collection of doo-wop and R&B recorded for the hard to find Chicago based Drexel label between 1954 and 1958. Although the ten sides by the Gems have been out before most of the rest are making their first appearance on CD. Sound quality is excellent.
BOBBY ELVIN: Give It All Baby/ The Blind Boy/ Think Awhile/ THE GAYNOTES: For Only A Moment/ Pu Pu Pa Doo/ THE GEMS: Deed I Do/ I Thought You'd Care/ Kitty From New York City/ Monkey Faced Baby/ Old Man Rver/ One Woman Man/ Talk About The Weather/ The Darkest Night/ Til The Day I Die/ You're Tired Of Love/ DOROTHY LOGAN: Since I Fell For You/ RAY PETTIS: Ow, You're So Fine/ Please Tell Me When/ HATTIE RANDOLPH: He's Leaping With Joy/ DAVE TURNER: Atlantic Boardwalk/ I'm All Your Sugar/ ROY WRIGHT: I Hope It Lasts Forever/ I Tried/ I'm Lonely/ I've Got It/ No Haps/ True Love/ Who'll Volunteer/ You Promised

VARIOUS ARTISTS Drum 001 From The Vaults Of Drum And Elgin Recording Company ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 62 mins, highly recommended
Excellent collection of sides from the late 50s and early 60s recorded by Chance Drum for his Drum, Elgin and other labels. Most of the tracks are high class doo wop including several tracks by the excellent Five Chesnuts featuring lead by former Five Satins vocalist Bill Baker. This group also is featured here backing Marvin Baskerville, Vicki Lee and Rodney Gallant. There's also fine vocal group sounds from Anne Watts, Jimmy Mack and Betty Watts accompanied by The Watts - Mack's I Believe I Love You is a beautiful performance that is on the cusp between doo-wop and soul. There are also a couple of fine rockabilly tracks featuring The Cool Notes - one with vocals by Paul Kepler and one with Peter Concillo. There are also a couple of fine rock 'n' roll ballads by Ralph Miranda & The Deltoros including a fine stripped down cover of Elvis's Don't Leave Me Know. There are also a couple of girl group sides from The Baby Dolls which are the weakest here. Sound quality is excellent and there are brief notes on the label and artists. (FS)
THE BABY DOLLS: Boyfriend/ Is This The End/ BILL BAKER & CHESTNUTS: Chit Chat/ Wonderful Girl/ BILL BAKER & THE CHESTNUTS: Tell Me Little Darling/ Won't You Tell Me My Heart/ MARVIN BASKERVILLE & THE FIVE CHESTNUTS: Chapel In The Moonlight/ PETER CONCILLO & THE COOL NOTES: Pete's Blues/ THE FIVE CHESTNUTS: Billy (aka My Kind Of Baby)/ Chi Chi/ I'm So Glad/ Love Is True/ RODNEY GALLANT: My Life With You/ S'cuse Me Baby/ PAUL KEPLER & COOL NOTES: Betty Lou/ VICKI LEE: Crying My Heart Out/ With All My Heart/ JIMMY MACK & THE WATTS: I Believe I Love You/ True Love Girl/ RALPH MIRANDA & DELTORO'S: Don't Leave Me Now/ RALPH MIRANDA & THE DELTORO'S: The Flame/ THE SILVERTONES: Hey Good Looking/ THE WALCOES: Moonlight Rock/ Tell Me Why/ ANNE WATTS & THE WATTS: Let It Be/ BETTY WATTS & WATTS: Do Me A Favor

VARIOUS ARTISTS DS 4004 Downtown Soulville! ● CD $17.98
24 mostly obscure sides from the 60s - Carl Holmes & The Commanders, Art Grayson & The Grasettes, Lonnie Youngblood, Bobby Sax, Derek Martin, Floyd Smith and others. A lot of James Brown inspired sides with frequently mediocre sound.

VARIOUS ARTISTS DWM 101 Barrell Of Doo-Wops, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
28 doo-wop rarities with a fair amount of duplication with other compilations.
THE BLENDS: Someone To Care/ JAMES BROWN & FAMOUS FLAMES: Try Me/ THE DEVILLES: Goddess Of Angels/ Just Keep Me In Mind/ THE ELDORAYS: Nights Of Ecstacy/ THE ELECTRAS: You Lied/ THE ENCHANTERS: The Decision/ We Make Mistakes/ THE ENSENADAS: Love I Beg Of You/ THE ENSENATORS: Just Like Before/ THE EQUADORS: A Vision/ I'll Be The One/ THE FIVE CROWNS: If I Were King/ THE FOUR FELLOWS: That's Why I Pray/ THE FOUR JOKERS (AKA 4 PENNIES): Written In The Stars/ THE FOUR TOPS: Lonely Summer/ NORMAN FOX & ROB ROYS: Audry/ My Dearest One/ THE FRONTIERS: Each Night I Pray/ THE FURRNESS BROTHERS: One Little Moment/ DON JULIAN & MEADOWLARKS: Lie/ LITTLE CLEM & THE DEW DROPS (AKA GAY NOT: Waiting In The Chapel/ THE MASCOTS (AKA O'JAYS): Waited So Long/ THE MATADORS: Be Good To Me/ Vengeance/ THE SHALLOWS: How Lucky I Am/ RUDY WEST: Just To Be With You/ You Were Mine

VARIOUS ARTISTS DWM 102 Doo-Wop Merry Go Round, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
28 obscure doo-wops. There does seem to be a some duplication with other collections.
THE CARNATIONS: Love Open Up Your Heart/ THE CLOCKS & THE CLASSMEN: Its Written/ THE FIELD BROTHERS: Time And Time Again/ THE FIVE CROWNS: I Can't Pretend/ THE FOUR PHARAOHS: Pray For Me/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Why Don't I/ BOBBY HENDRICKS & GROUP: It's Misery/ THE INTERVALS: Love Me Sweet/ THE JAGUARS: Don't Go Home/ THE KNICKERBOCKERS: You Must Know/ THE LITTLE BEATS: Someone For Me/ THE ORIGINALES: Lend Me Your Ear/ THE PLANETS: Be Sure/ BOBBY RELF & GROUP: I'm Not Afraid/ Little Fool/ THE REVELS: Cha Cha Toni/ Dream My Darling Dream/ It Happened To Me/ Later Later Baby/ So In Love/ You Lied To Me/ THE SPARKS: Slowly But Surely/ THE SPARTANS: Lost/ THE STARFIGHTERS: Arlene/ THE SUPERIORS: Don't Say Goodbye/ Lost Love/ THE SWANS: Believe In Me/ THE VANGUARDS: Moonlight

VARIOUS ARTISTS DWM 103 Doo Wop Memories, Vol. 3 - Doo-Wop Round-Up ● CD $17.98
Fine 28 track collection of sides from 1952 to 1962 featuring a lot of hard to find titles along with some available elsewhere. Includes a couple of terrific answer songs - The Pearlettes "answer" Gene Chandler with Duchess Of Earl and The Sweethearts "answer" Shep & The Limelights with Sorry Daddy. Also includes tracks by The Blendtones, Jimmy Barnes & THe Gibralters, The Blossoms, Shirelles, Bill Baker & Group, The Dukays, Joe & Ann, Sonny Woods & The Four Winds, The Cap-Tans, Moonglows, Heartbreakers and more.
BILL BAKER & GROUP: To The Aisle/ JIMMY BARNES & THE GIBRALTARS: Love Made Me A Fool/ THE BLENDTONES: Lights Please/ She's Gone/ THE BLOSSOMS: Move On/ THE CAP'TANS: I'm So Crazy For Love/ With All My Love/ THE CORONETS: Baby's Coming Home/ It Would Be Heavenly/ JAMES CURRY & GROUP: My Promise/ THE DEL ROYS: Wise Old Owl/ THE DUKAYS: I Never Knew/ THE FIVE NOTES: Show Me The Way/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: There Is Time/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: One Night With A Fool/ Peggy/ Ride Helen Ride/ JOE & ANN: Whoever You May Be/ THE MARVELLOS: Come Back My Love/ THE MOONGLOWS: Let's Go/ Thrill Me/ THE PEARLETTES: Duchess Of Earl/ THE SHIRELLES: Stop Me/ THE SWEETHEARTS: Sorry Daddy/ THE TEASERS: How Could You Hurt Me So/ I Was A Fool To Let You Go/ SONNY WOODS & THE FOUR WINDS: Do You Love Me/ I Promise

VARIOUS ARTISTS DWM 104 Vol. 4 - Doo Wop Memories ● CD $17.98
28 track collection of vocal group rarities.
CHARLES ANDREA & THE HI-TONES: Open Up Your Heart/ STAN BEVERLY & HOLLYWOOD SAXONS: Diamonds/ THE CARDELLS: Helen/ Lovely Girl/ THE CHAMPIONS: I'm So Blue/ THE CHARMETTES: Johnny, Johnny/ THE CHATEAUS: Satisfied/ THE CLASSNOTES: Take It Back/ THE FIVE CHESTNUTS: My One & Only Love/ THE FIVE JADES: Without Your Love/ THE FIVE WINGS: Johnny Has Gone/ THE FOUR BELLS: Please Tell It To Me/ THE GALES: Guiding Angel/ THE ILLUSIONS: Hey Boy/ THE JEWELS: A Fool In Paradise/ BARBARA JOY & GROUP: Story Of My Life/ THE MAD LADS: Why/ THE MASQUERADES: Those Red Roses/ THE NUGGETS: Before We Say Goodnight/ THE PEBBLES: Oh What A Beautiful Dream/ THE SABRES: Always Forever/ THE THOR-ABLES: Our Love Song/ GEORGIE TORRENCE & THE DIPPERS: Go Away (far Away)/ THE TUNEBLENDERS: Oh Yes I Know/ THE TUNEWEAVERS: I Remember Dear/ THE VOWS: Girl In Red/ PAUL 'HUCKLEBUCK' WILLIAMS & GROUP: It's Over/ HERMAN WILLIS & FIVE BLACKS: Forever In Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS DWM 105 Vol. 5 - Doo Wop Memories ● CD $17.98
Fine selection of doo-wop from the 50s and 60s including some very obscure - some available on other collections, many not. 
LEE ANDREWS & GROUP: A Night Like This/ CHARLES BAKER & GROUP: Darling Here You Are/ THE BLENDS: Music Maestro Please/ THE BLOSSOMS: I'm In Love/ DORIS BROWNE & GROUP: My Cherie/ THE BUCCANEERS: Dear Ruth/ THE CALVAES: Mambo Fiesta/ THE CAP-TANS: I Thought I Could Forget/ YVONNE CARROLL & GROUP: Laugh Or Cry/ THE CHATEAUS: Brown Eyes/ THE COOLBREEZERS: Just Room For Two/ THE CRYSTALS: My Love/ THE DANDEVILLES: Heavenly Angel/ THE DE'BONAIRS: Cracker-Jack Daddy/ THE DEMIRES: Wheels of Love/ THE EMPERORS: I May Be Wrong/ THE ENCHANTERS: Goddess of Love/ THE FIVE EMBERS: Love Birds/ THE FIVE WINGS: Rock-A-Locka/ Teardrops Are Falling/ THE GRIFFINS: Forever More/ THE HIDEAWAYS: Cherie/ POOKIE HUDSON & GROUP: I Know I Know/ POOKIE HUDSON & SPANIELS: Meek Man/ JOE PERKINS & ROOKIES: Time Alone Will Tell/ THE PERSONALITIES: Yours To Command/ THE TUNEWEAVERS: Little Boy/ THE VALIANTS: Let Me Go Lover

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 201 Dynamite Soul Harmony, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
26 more fine and rare ballads, up-tempo songs and bluesy workouts on this collection of sides from 1953 to 1961 from The Keystoners, Belvederes, Cosmic Rays, Imperials, Three Friends, Del-Rios, Superbs, Elgins, Harmoniares and more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite 208 Dynamite Soul Harmony, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
24 soul rarities from 1964 to 1973.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 301 Dynamite 1940s Group Sounds, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First in an intriguing new series presenting the vocal group harmony sounds which pre-dated and led to the doo wop sound of the 50s. The material draws on jazz, blues, pop music and gospel and the 22 tracks here cover the period 1940 through 1949. Among the artists are The Four Tunes, Beavers, Deep River Boys, The James Quintet, The Delta Rhythm Boys, Charioteers, Smoothies, W. Harris & The Harlemaires, Shadows, Ravens, etc. Excellent sounds but no notes.


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