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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, C

VARIOUS ARTISTS C.Froggy 1001 West Coast Vocal Group Rarities (Plus One), Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
27 West Coast vocal group tracks plus one bonus cuts of New York artist Little Butchie Sanders and group. According to cover 85% of the tracks have not been on CD before.  Some fine music though sound quality is not the greatest having excessive noise filtering on some tracks.
JESSE BELVIN: I'm Only A Fool/ RICHARD BERRY & GROUP: Don't Cha Go/ CHARLES BROWN & JOHNNY MOORE'S BLAZERS: My Silent Love/ BOBBY BYRD & THE VOICES: I Want To Be Ready/ WYNONA CARR & GROUP: Should I Ever Love Again/ THE CHALLENGERS: I Can Tell/ THE CHANTICLEERS: To Keep Your Love/ SHERYL CROWLEY: It Ain't To Play With/ THE FIVE HOLLYWOOD BLUEJAYS: Cloudy And Raining/ So Worried/ SHIRLEY GUNTER & GROUP: I'm Sorry/ LINDA HAYES & THE TWIGS: I've Tried So Hard/ BEN HUGHES & TWIGS: Someday Someplace Somewhere/ THE JET ACES: Give Me A Chance/ PRESTON LOVE & GROUP: If You Ever Get Lonesome/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE & THE HONEY JUMPERS: Roll Hot Rod Roll/ BOBBY MILTON & DEBUTONES: A Place In Your Heart/ THE NATIVE BOYS: When I Met You/ THE ROCKETS: You Are The First One/ BOBBY SANDERS & GROUP: It Was You/ LITTLE BUTCHIE SAUNDERS & GROUP: Don't Do Me Wrong/ BILLY STAFORD & GROUP: Papa Shotgun/ THE STARLIGHTERS: Love Cry/ THE TWILIGHTERS: I Believe/ THE VICTORIANS: I Guess You're Satisfied/ JOHNNY WATSON & GROUP: Falling In Love/ GEORGE ZIMMERMAN & THE THRILLS: Ain't Got The Money To Pay For This Drink/ Whose Baby Are You

VARIOUS ARTISTS C.Froggy 1002 West Coast Vocal Group Rarities (Plus One), Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
27 West Coast vocal group tracks plus one bonus cut of D.C. group The Syncopates. Includes tracks from Little Julian Herrera & The Tigers, The Hollywood Flames, Flames, Wynona Carr & The Turks, The Whips, Joe Lyons & The Arrows, Johnny Flamingo & Group, Bobby Byrd & The Flames, Jeanette Baker & The Dots, Linda Hayes and others.
JEANETTE BAKER & DOTS: I Lost You/ Johnny/ BOBBY BYRD & FLAMES: Together/ BOBBY BYRD & THE FLAMES: Baby Pretty Baby/ WYNONA CARR & THE TURKS: Ding Dong Daddy/ Hurt Me/ THE DOTS: I Wish/ THE FLAMES: Got A Little Shadow/ Volcano/ JOHNNY FLAMINGO & GROUP: Is It A Dream/ My Girl/ Your Mine/ DAVID FORD & THE FLAMES: Tears Come Tumbling Down/ LINDA HAYES: Change Of Heart/ Don't Do Nothing Baby/ No Next Time/ Why Johnny Why/ Our Love's Forever Blessed/ STICKS HERMAN & GROUP: The Natural Thing To Do/ LITTLE JULIAN HERRERA & THE TIGERS: True Fine Mama/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Oooh La La/ BEN HUGHES & TWIGS: I'm So Crazy About You/ JOE LYONS & ARROWS: What's New With You/ JOE LYONS & THE ARROWS: No End To True Love/ JAY RICHARDS AND GROUP: Echoes On My Mind/ THE SYNCOPATES: Out In The Cold Again/ THE WHIPS: Pleadin Heart/ She Done Me Wrong

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cat Music 101 Cat Music - Unreleased And Alternate Takes ● CD $18.98
Intriguing collection for die hard vocal group fans featuring previously unissued alternate takes or unissued songs from Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters, The Chords, The Harptones, The Playboys and others. In some cases there are four takes of a given song plus some false starts and studio chatter.
THE CHORDS: Heartbeat (take 12)/ Heartbeat (take 13)/ Love Oh Love (take 13)/ Love Oh Love (take 7)/ Pretty Wild (take 27)/ THE DRIFTERS: Bip Bam (take 7)/ Don't Dog Me (take 11)/ Don't Dog Me (take 12)/ Don't Dog Me (take 13)/ Gone (take 7)/ Let The Boogie Woogie Roll (take 1)/ Let The Boogie Woogie Roll (take 3,4,5,6)/ Let The Boogie Woogie Roll (take 7)/ Such A Nite (take 5)/ Warm Your Heart (take 7)/ Warm Your Heart (take 9)/ THE HARPTONES: Insulting Blues Boogie/ THE PLAYBOYS: Good Golly Miss Molly (take 10)/ Good Golly Miss Molly (take 4)/ Good Golly Miss Molly (take 5,6)/ Good Golly Miss Molly (take 8)/ My Buddy Stole My Chippie (take 3)/ My Buddy Stole My Chippie (take 5)/ My Little Honeybun (take 6)/ My Little Honeybun (take 8a)/ My Little Honeybun (take 8b)/ My Little Honeybun (take 9)/ JACKIE "SONNY" WILSON: Rainy Day Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Champ 101 Heavy On Doo Wop, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
Another collection of doo-wop rarities from the 50s and early 60s. Most of the material is fairly pedestrian and the sound quality is very poor - sounds like a poor quality cassette player played behind a curtain. I know that these sides were often recorded in inferior studios and particularly rare records are often only found in poor condition but with some effort expended in remastering one can achieve a lot better than is accomplished here. Includes sides by Curtis Ware and The Four Do-Matics, The Dials, the Marksmen, Royal Demons, Note Makers, Alton & Eddy and others. Only for the most die-hard of die-hard doo wop fans.
ALTON & EDDY: Let Me Dream/ THE AMBITIONS: Traveling Stranger/ THE CITADELS: Let's Fall In Love/ THE CONTINDERS: Mr. Dee Jay/ THE DELTONES: Best Wishes/ THE DIALS: Wondering About Your Love/ THE EMERALDS: The Lover/ THE FANANDOS: The One I Love/ LEROY FULLYLOVE & GROUP: I'm So Lonely/ THE GOLDENRODS: Color Cartoons/ Wish I Were Back In School/ VERNON HALL & THE CASINOS: So In Love With You/ SIR JABLONSKI & THE UNKNOWNS: A Merry Christmas/ LITTLE DIXIE & GROUP: Be Fair/ THE MARKSMEN: Don't Gamble With My Heart/ You Hurt Me So/ THE MARVELS: Just Another Fool/ DEBRA MORIER & THE LENNETTES: Mathematics Of Love/ THE NOTE MAKERS: It Hurts To Wonder/ THE QUARTER NOTES: Hold Me Darling/ THE REVELAIRES: Only The Angels Knew/ THE ROYAL DEMONS: What's The Matter Baby/ THE ROYAL FIVE: Over The Rainbow/ THE ROYAL TEENTONES: Secret Lover/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Let There Be Love/ THE VEL AIRES: Forever Always/ CURTIS WARE & THE FOUR DO-MATICS: Am I In Love/ Flame In My Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS Champ 102 Heavy On Doo Wop, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
28 rarities.
OTIS BLACKWELL & MAJORS: It's Love & It's Real/ CAMILE BROWN & ANGELENOS: Angels In Heaven/ THE CAPRIS: This Is Goodbye/ THE COMPANIONS: I Didn't Know/ THE DAPPERS: Lonely Street/ THE DEEPS: The Night Is Young & You're So Beautiful/ THE DEL CHORDS: Say That You Love Me/ THE DEL RIOS: I'm Crying/ THE DINOS: Happy Fool/ THE DODGERS: Let's Make A Whole Lot Of Love/ THE EBONAIRES: Somewhere In My Heart/ THE EXCELS: Til You Were Gone/ THE HI TONES: What Was The Cause Of It All/ THE HITMAKERS: Chapel Of Love/ THE HONEY-DO'S: Someone/ THE IVORIES: I'm In Love/ MARY KINNEY: Bobby My Love/ THE LAURELS: Crying In The Chapel/ Hydrogen Bomb/ STANLEY MITCHELL & TORNADOES: Would You, Could You/ TONY PERRY & GROUP: Trust In Our Love/ THE RAINBOWS: Till Tomorrow/ THE RAINDROPS: Dim Those Lights/ RUDY & TRADEWINDS: Careless Love/ BILL TENNYSON & GROUP: Even Now/ THE TRICKLES: Outside The Chapel Door/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Help Me/ THE VON GAYLES: Loneliness

VARIOUS ARTISTS Champ 103 Heavy On Doo Wop, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
I haven't heard volume 2 in this series but volume 3 is certainly a substantial improvement over the mediocre sounding volume 1. This one features fine and rare black doo-wop from the 50s and 60s in generally very good sound - many making their first appearance on CD. Includes Chuck Higgins & The Mellomoods (not doo-wop but fine rockin' R&B), The Four Voices, The Monorails (including their excellent acapella Juanita), Cell Foster & The Audio, The Turks, Five Peaks (how many songs have you heard about hair nets? - well the Five Peaks have one!), The Serenaders, Native Boys, Leo Valentine & The Lyrics, The Emeralds, Hal Davis & Group, The Crowns, etc.
GRADY CHAPMAN & SUEDES: I Love You So/ THE CROWNS: Heartbreaking Train/ HAL DAVIS & GROUP: You'll Find Love/ GENE DAY & GROUP: Those Teenage Tears/ THE EMERALDS: You're Driving Me Crazy/ THE FIVE CROWNS: I Want You/ THE FIVE LORDS: Falling Tears/ THE FIVE PEAKS: Hair-Net/ CELL FOSTER & AUDIOS: Honest I Do/ I Prayed For You/ THE FOUR VOICES: Honest Darling/ THE GRAND PRIXS: Late Summer Love/ ED HENRY & NICKLES: I Love Only You/ CHUCK HIGGINS & MELLOMOODS: Beautiful Love/ Big Fat Mama/ THE MAGICHORDS: Darling/ THE MONORAILS: Juanita/ Sad & Blue/ THE NATIVE BOYS: Cherryln/ I've Got A Feeling/ Laughing Love/ Valley of Lovers/ HAL PAIGE & HIS WAILERS: Drive It Home/ THE SERENADERS: Goodbye/ Kola/ ROBERT STALLWORTH & FIVE PEAKS: Sittin' on the Porch/ THE TURKS: I've Been Accused/ LEO VALENTINE & LYRICS: Please Don't Leave Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Champ 104 Heavy On Doo Wop, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
28 more fine and rare sides.
THE ADELPHIS: Darlin' Its You/ THE BANDITS: Nothing Can Change My Love For You/ GENE CHANDLER & THE DUKAYS: Daddy's Home/ THE COMPANIONS: Why Oh Why Baby/ THE DEBONAIRS: Make Believe Lover/ THE ENCHANTERS: Bewildered/ THE EQUALLOS: Beneath The Sun/ THE FABULOUS FIDELS: Westside Boy, Eastside Girl/ THE FIVE SOUNDS: That's When I Fell In Love/ THE FOUR BELLS: My Tree/ THE FOUR PALS: Yours To Possess/ LIL GREENWOOD & THE FOUR JACKS: My Last Hour/ THE IVORIES: Me And You/ THE JOHNNY BELLTONES: Ev'ry Day (It's The Same)/ THE NATIVE BOYS: Oh Let Me Dream/ JOHNNY OLIVER & GROUP: The Things I Might Have Been/ THE PENNANTS: Don't Go/ TONY PERRY & GROUP: I'm Yours Forever/ THE PERSIANS: Tears Of Love/ THE SEMINOLES: Forever/ BOBBY SHARPE & GROUP: I Love You My Baby/ BOBBY TAYLOR & GROUP: It's Funny/ THE UNITED FOUR: Go on/ THE UNIVERSALS: I'm In Love/ THE UP TUNES: I Wanna Love Just You/ THE UTMOSTS: I Need You/ THE VOICE MASTERS: Two Lovers/ BOBBY WILLIAMS & THE CYCLONES: You Can't Make Me Cry

VARIOUS ARTISTS Champ 105 Heavy On Doo Wop, Vol. 5 ● CD $17.98
28 doo wop rarities from The Dandevilles (the bizarre Psychology), The Thor-Ables, Pastels, Joe & Ann, The Charmers, Sonics, Billy Woods & The Emeralds, The El Torros, Gales, Showcases, Bernie Anders & Group, The Tokens, Prestos, Fat Man Matthews & The Four Kittens, etc.
JOHNNY ALTON & GROP: Please Love Me/ BERNIE ANDERS & GROUP: Too Late I Learned/ THE CHARMERS: My Love/ THE CHARMETTES: School Letter/ THE DANDEVILLES: Psychology/ THE EL TORROS: What's The Matter/ THE ESCOS: Yes I Need Someone/ THE FOUR JACKS: I'll Be Home Again/ You Met A Fool/ THE GALES: Baby Come Home/ JOE & ANN: Eternity/ BILLY LEWIS & GROUP: I Won't Tell A Soul/ CLEVE MACDONALD & GROUP: Tell Me That You Love Me/ THE MADISONS: The Wind & The Rain/ FAT MAN MATTHEWS & FOUR KITTENS: When Boy Meets Girl/ THE PASTELS: My One And Only Dream/ THE PESTOS: Till We Meet Again/ THE ROMANCERS: Meet Me At The Altar/ THE SHOWCASES: This Love Was Real/ THE SHOWMEN: Fate Planned It This Way/ THE SONICS: Funny/ THE SPIEDELS: Dear Joan/ THE STARNOTES: Say The Word/ THE TANGENTS: I Can't Live Alone/ THE THOR-ABLES: My Reckless Heart/ THE TOKENS: Oh What A Night/ OTIS WILLIAMS & CHARMS: Tell Me Now/ BILLY WOODS & EMERALDS: Falling Rain

VARIOUS ARTISTS Champ 106 Heavy On Doo Wop, Vol. 6 ● CD $17.98
28 more doo-wop rarities - mostly not previously on CD.
THE CALVAES: Born With Rhythm/ THE COOLBREEZERS: The Greatest Love of All/ THE CRYSTALS: My Dear/ HAL 'SONNY' DAVIS & GROUP: One More Chance/ THE DEL RIOS: Just Across the Street/ EMMY LOU & GROUP: Love Ya Need Ya/ THE FIVE CHESTNUTS: Chapel in the Moonlight/ THE FORTUNES: Tarnished Angel/ Trees/ GEORGIA HARRIS & THE LYRICS: Let's Exchange Hearts For Christmas/ THE JAYTONES: The Clock/ RAY JOHNSON & BYSTANDERS: No Stone Unturned/ BEE JOY & GROUP: I'll Go On/ LITTLE JUNE & THE JANUARYS: Oh My Love/ THE MELOTONES: Prayer of love/ JAMES MOORE & THE PRETENDERS: To Be Loved/ BUNNY PAUL & THE HARPTONES: Honey Love/ THE PHAROAHS: Broken Heart, Crying Eyes/ Shirley/ THE PLANETS: Wild Leaves/ THE SERENADERS: Please Please Forgive Me/ THE SHADOWS: Stay/ THE SOUNDS: Life/ THE TARGETS: It Doesn't Matter/ THE TRASHERS: Forever My Love/ THE VICTORIANS: Please Say You Do/ THE VOICE MASTERS: Two Lovers/ LACILLE WATKINS & VOLUMES: You Left Me Lonely

VARIOUS ARTISTS Champ 107 Heavy On Doo Wop 7 - Staying Out To The Music ● CD $17.98
Another fine collection of doo wop rarities - 28 tracks, many not previously on CD - The Dikes, Poets, Uptones, Miller Brothers, Gardenias, Lee Andrews & Group, The Marvells, Carousels, Arthur Lee Maye & Group, Pretenders, Varetta Dillard & Group, Bernie Anders & Group, The Esquires, Shadows, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Champ 108 Heavy On Doo Wop 8 - Music That Turns You On ● CD $18.98
28 more sides.
THE ALVANS: Love Is A Game/ LEE ANDREWS & GROUP: I've Got A Right To Cry/ THE ANGELINOS: As Long As I Have You/ LITTLE AUGGIE AUSTINE & GROUP: My Love For You/ THE BELVEDERES: Come To Me Baby/ THE BLUE DOTS: My Very Own/ DORIS BROWNE & GROUP: The Game Of Love/ THE CHARMERS: He's Gone/ THE CRYSTALS: My Girl/ THE EL DOMINGOS: I'm Not Kidding You/ THE FOUR DOTS: My Baby/ You Won't Let Me Go/ THE GARDENIAS: Flaming Love/ ELAINE GAY & THE HARMONAIRES: Ebony Eyes/ THE HEARTS: On My Honor/ JESSIE JOHNSON & GROUP: So Loved Am I/ THE KING COBRAS: To Hold Your Love/ THE L CAPTANS: The Bells Ring Out/ ANNIE LAURIE & GROUP: It's Gonna Come Out In The Wash Someday/ THE MAJORS: At Last/ DEDRICK MARTIN & GROUP: Don't Lead Me On/ THE MEADOWLARKS: There's A Girl/ TONY MIDDLETON & THE WILLOWS: The First Taste Of Love/ THE PARLIAMENTS: Lonely Island/ THE POPSICLES: This Is The End/ THE PREMIERS: She's Always There/ THE WHEELS: Copy Cat/ SONNY WOODS & THE TWIGS: Lover Boy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Champ 110 Heavy On Doo Wop, Vol. 10 ● CD $18.98
28 vocal group rarities.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Chess/ Checker (Spain) 1001 Chess/ Checker Groups, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
24 track collection of Chicago vocal group sounds covering the period 1950 to 1962.
THE BLUE JAYS: White Cliffs Of Dover/ THE CLEFS: Ride On/ THE CORONETS: It Would Be Heavenly/ SONNY DAY & VERSATILES: Half Moon/ THE DOZIER BOYS: Pretty Eyes/ THE DREAM KINGS: M.t.y.l.t.t./ THE ENCORES: When I Look At You/ THE FIVE NOTES: Park Your Love/ THE FOUR TOPS: Could It Be You/ THE IDEALS: Knee Socks/ THE MIRACLES: Bad Girl/ S MITCHELL & TORNADOES: Four O'clock In The Morning/ THE MOONBEEMS: Crying The Blues/ THE QUINTONES: Ding Dong/ THE RE-VELS: When You Come Back To Me/ THE SONICS: This Broken Heart/ THE STRANGERS: Darlin/ THE STUDENTS: Every Day Of The Week/ My Vow To You/ CLAUDIA SWANN & GROUP: Please Come Back To Me/ THE TEASERS: How Could You Hurt Me So/ TINY TIP & TIP TOPS: Matrimony/ THE TWILIGHTERS: She Needs A Guy/ BABY WASHINGTON & GROUP: I Hate To See You Go

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 101 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 60 min., recommended This new German label gets off to an auspicious start with a particularly strong pair of various artist discs. As the title indicates, the program is a mix of rare tracks and previously unreleased numbers, some demos. Highlights include Whenever I Get Lonely by the Contenders, The Way You Look Tonight by the Lonely Guys, More and More by the Love Larks, Never Let You Go by the Poets, the original demo of Twinkle Little Star by the Elegants (a bit slower, a cappella, and great), I Often Wonder by the Academics, Mr. Echo by the 4 Deans, Pretty Girl by the Golden Bells, and Are You an Angel by the El Venos. A fine mix of white and black doo-wop, laid down between 1957 and 1963, presented here with several nice group photos but no notes. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 102 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 57 min., recommended Volume two in this new imported series matches volume one in quality, diversity, and graphic style. Tempos again are mixed, as is group ethnicity, and track dates range from 1957 to 1964. The program opens with This Love Was Real by the Showcases, Close to Me by the Marquees, Do It By Moonlight by the Eltones, Remember the Night by the Del Larks, Girl That I Love by the Academics, Nobody Can Love You by the Supremes (not the Motown girl group), Do-Re-Mi by Norman Fox and the Rob Roys, Never Let You Go by the Teenchords, Yum Yum Yum by the La Salles, Love Express by the Five Thrills, and Ding Dong Teenage Bells by the Five Secrets. Generally a solid play list from start to finish. I, for one, hope that City Sounds keeps up the effort. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 103 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 58 min., recommended The title says it all for this solid various artist series. Among the rare and previously unreleased tracks on Volume three are Burning Love by the Love Lords, Around the World by the Billboards, I Found a Love by the HiLites, We Go Together by the High Seas, Lonely City by the Debonairs, Do You Close Your Eyes by Josh White Jr., Echoes of My Heart by the Stereos, Oh My Love by MurFresboro, Please Be Mine by the Lanes, and The Wonder of Love by the Holidays. A mostly ballad, vocal group program, featuring solid sound quality, cover photos of the Impacts and Farrel and the Flames. No notes at all. And most numbers were recorded between 1954 and 1964. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 104 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 61 min., recommended Volume four offers the same amenities, or lack thereof, as its immediate predecessor. It's featured selections include Surrender by the 4 Sportsmen, a version of Someone to Show Me the Way by the 4 Sounds, If I Were King by the GlobeLiters, Waiting and Please Change Your Mind by the Gems, Down the Road by the Echoes, See You Next Year by the 5 Secrets, Big Knock by the Stereos, My Heart Stood Still by the Innocents, My Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie by the Cosmic Rayes, the previously unreleased I Wonder by the Lanes, What Is Your Name Dear by the Ebbtides, and I Want Only You by the Decoys. There's stuff here for most tastes. Recording dates range from 1958 to 1964, in most cases. And both black and white groups are included. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 105 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 5 ● CD $17.98
Five unreleased songs from The 5 Discs, Fascinators, Antonio & The Lovers and others, a stereo version of Practice What You Preach by The Devotions plus issued rarities from The Ivories, Joyettes, Scotchtones, Intimates, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 106 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 6 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 7 unreleased - The Pals, Ballads, Joyettes, Emperors, Gail & Sandra & The Impalas, The Debonaires, Criterions, Eternals, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 107 Yesterday's Rarities, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks covering the period 1955-1970.
BILLY & THE PATIOS: Love Is A Story/ You Name It/ THE FALLEN ANGELS: Up On The Mountain/ THE FIVE CHESTNUTS: Billy/ Chi-Chi/ THE FIVE J'S: Calypso Jump/ My Darling/ THE FOUR TRUMPS: I've Waited A Lifetime For You/ THE INVICTORS: This Thing Called Love/ THE MANHATTANS: How Do I Say I'm Sorry/ Love Is Where You Find It/ THE MARX: One More Minute/ You Are My Love/ THE MATADORS: Vengeance/ THE MELO GENTS: Baby Be Mine/ THE MIRACLES: A Lovers Chant/ Come Home To Me/ IKE PERRY & THE LYRICS: In My Letter To You/ My Honey Sweet Pea/ PETER PETE & THE LOVERS: A Lonely Island/ THE SPANIELS: Jealous Heart/ THE STAGEHANDS: Hello Dolly/ You Started It/ THE VELVET SATINS: Cherry

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 108 Yesterday's Rarities, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 1954-1962.
THE ALADDINS: Our Love Will Be/ Please Love Me/ LUTHER BOND & THE EMERALDS: Someone To Love Me/ THE FIVE DIAMONDS: Ten Commandments Of Love/ THE FIVE JOHNSON BROTHERS: Happy Rock & Roll/ Sleep With A Dream/ FRED GREEN & THE MELLARDS: My Sweetheart/ You Can't Keep Love In A Broken Heart/ LITTLE JULIAN HERRERA & THE TIGERS: I Remember Linda/ FARRIS HILL & THE MADISON BROTHERS: Did We Go Steady Too Soon/ THE MAR-VELLOS CIT: Come Back My Love/ THE MATADORS: Be Good To Me/ THE MELLO-TONES: I'm Gonna Get/ I'm Just Another One In Love With You/ MR. LEE & GROUP: The Decision/ THE NOTE-TORIALS: Love & Lost/ My Valerie/ DIANE PEPE & THE FIVE DISCS: I Watch The Rain/ THE TWISTERS: Dancing Little Clown/ Turn The Page/ TYRONE & THE NUPORTS: Look At Her Eyes/ The Combination/ THE VISCAYNES: I Guess I'll Be/ Stop What You Are Doing

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 109 Sounds Of The City, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks from The Flints, Splenders, Srangers, Johnny Till & Group, Rudy & The Wheels, Ricky North, The Velvet Satins, Embers, Spaniels, Viecroys, Superbs and others. Also includes a couple of unreleased tracks by an unknown group.

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 110 Yesterday's Rarities, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
26 cuts, 1957-65
THE AVALONS: Begin The Beguine/ RICHARD BERRY & GROUP: In A Real Big Way/ Walk Right In/ THE CALVAES: Lonely, Lonely Village/ THE CALVEYS: I Need Love/ The Wind/ THE CAPRISIANS: Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/ Oh What A Night/ THE CARIANS: She's Gone/ THE CASHMERES: Stairsteps To Heaven/ THE CHECKER DOTS: All I Hear/ THE CORDELLS: Believe In Me/ Please Don't Go/ THE SWINGING HEARTS: How Can I Love You/ Spanish Love/ You Speak Of Love/ THE TWILITERS: Caused By You/ Hey There/ THE UNIQUES: A Million Miles Away/ All At Once/ THE VAN DYKES: Gift Of Love/ Guardian Angel/ THE WHISPERS: As I Sit Here/ I Was Born When You Kissed Me/ Never Again/ The Dip

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 111 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 7 ● CD $17.98
24 sides from 1955-62, 6 previously unreleased.
THE ADELPHIS: Kathleen/ THE BONAIRES: Angel Of Love/ RONNIE BOOKER & THE BOARDWALKERS: She Won't Go Steady/ THE FOUR PALS: If I Can't Have The One I Love/ THE FOUR TOPS: Woke Up This Morning/ JIMMY JONES & GROUP: Heaven In Your Eyes/ The Whistlin Man/ THE LARKTONES: Nosey Neighbors/ Why Are You Tearing Us Apart/ WILBERT LOMBARD & THE KARTELS: That's How We'll Be/ FRANKIE LOVE: Moon Of Love/ Stranger At The Dance/ THE MARVELLOS: You're The Dream/ THE MYSTERY QUARTET: I Need Someone/ THE MYSTICS: Teenage Sweetheart/ SANDY POWELL & THE ROCKS: Bon Bon/ RONNIE & THE SATILLITES: Dream Of You/ Last Night I Dreamed/ THE SOLDIER BOYS: I'm Your Soldier Boy/ THE TADS: Your Reason/ THE TORNADOS: Back To School/ THE VISUALS: Darling We're In Love/ THE YSTERY QUARTET: Go Tell Your Problems To Someone Else

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 112 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 8 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 1956-62, 6 unreleased 
THE ADELPHIES: Kiss-a-kiss/ Shine Again/ THE DELCOS: Arabia/ Those Three Little Words/ THE DUPONTS: Prove It Tonight/ Somebaody/ THE EL VIREOS: First Kiss/ THE FOUR TOPS: Country Girl/ JIMMY JONES & GROUP: Whenever You Need Me/ You For Me To Love/ ROY JONES & THE SHELLS: Made For Lovers/ RAMONA KING & GROUP: Oriental Garden/ DAL LAROC & GROUP: Syop What You're Doing/ THE MYSTERY QUARTET: Don't Cry Darling/ BOBBY PARKET & GROUP: Foolish Love/ THE PLAIDS: Hungry For Your Love/ THE RAVENS: Jingle Jangle Joe/ THE RAYS: After So Long A Time/ RONNIE & THE SATILLITES: Bunny Lee/ THE TIFANOS: It's Raining/ THE TORNADOS: That's The Way I Feel/ THE VISUALS: Look At The Moon/ THE YOUNG LADS: Graduation Kiss/ Night After Night

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 113 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 9 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 1956-69, 8 previously unreleased.
THE CALENDARS: I'm Gonna Laugh At You/ THE CASTLE-TONES: We Met At A Dance/ THE CHEQUES: A Thousand Miles Away/ THE DE BOMAIRES: Lanky Linda/ THE DEFENDERS: I Laughed So Hard/ THE FIVE EMBERS: My Fragile Hart/ JJ JACKSON & THE JACKAELS: A Life Time From Today/ THE LEISURE LADS: Poor Jim/ LIL' JUNE & THE JANUARYS: Oh My Love/ THE MELLO-HARPS: Tinga Danga Doo/ THE MONIQUES: All The Way Now/ THE MYSTERY QUARTET: Mommies Boy/ THE PRETENDERS: Anything For You/ THE RAVENS: Simon Says/ THE REMAINDERS: Over The Rainbow/ Pen In Hand/ THE ROYAL JACKS: Night After Night/ THE SOULTAKERS: My Girl Shirl/ One Night/ THE STARLIGHTERS: Until You Return/ THE THREE NOTES: Bertha My Girl/ Lucy Lucy/ THE TITANS: Three Time Mama/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Help Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 114 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 10 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks from the period 1956-1965 including The Alladins, P.F. Flyers, Gary Withby & Group, Clee-Shays, Graduates, Rip-Chords, Sentimentals, 5 Keys, Maria & The Twilights, King Bees, Exciting Voices and others. Three of the tracks are previously unissued (The Del-Lords, Jay & The Americans, The Rhondells).

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 115 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 11 ● CD $17.98
This volume includes four previously unissued tracks.
ALAN BRUCE & GROUP: Where Do We Go From Here/ THE CHARMS: My Prayer Tonight/ PALLYA DE SANTOS & GROUP: Wishing Well/ THE DEL-LORDS (PREV. UNREL.): All Alone (acappella)/ THE EMERSONS: Joanie Joanie/ THE FOUR SOUNDS: Someone To Show Me The Way/ JOHNNY GRECO & THE VANDELLS: Gloria/ RON HOFFMAN & GROUP: Sleep Baby Sleep/ THE IVIES: Sunshine/ THE LAVENDERS: To The Villa/ LEE LINDEN & THE HOLIDAYS: Trouble In Paradise/ MARIA & THE TWILIGHTS: Temptation/ THE MONTEREY'S: I Wish You Love/ THE NIGHTMARES: Bannana's/ THE PAGEANTS: It's Been So Long/ BOBBY PARIS & THE PARISIANS: How Did Your Vacation Go/ THE RIP-CHORDS: I Love You The Most/ THE ROYAL DRIFTERS: To Each His Own/ THE RUTH & DELLS: Any One But You/ JOE STAMPLEY & GROUP: Creation Of Love/ THE SUPERBS: My Love For You/ THE SUPERIORS: Dance Of Love/ THE VELVETONES: Pretty Girl/ GARY WHITBY & GROUP: Fools Fall In Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 116 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 12 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks including unreleased tracks by The Emeralds, Strangers, Suedes and Progressions along with rare sides from The Reminiscents, Sultans, Four Knights, Cor-Dons, Epics, Ramblers, Starfires, Feathers and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 117 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 13 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks including unreleased tracks from The Emeralds, Strangers, Sudes and Progressions plus rare sides from The Marvels, Crescendos, Four Knights, Cor-Dons, Heartbreakers, Ramblers, Starfires and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Sounds 118 Rare & Unreleased Group Harmony Gems, Vol. 14 ● CD $17.98
24 tracks including unreleased sides by The Emeralds, Sudes and Progressions plus rare sides from The Reminiscents, Serenaders, Joey Dee & The Starlighters, Gallahads, Drifters, Griffins, Starfires, Faith Taylor & The Sweet Teens and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS City Cuts 1001 Rhythm And Blues - Detroit Style ● CD $17.98
26 rare doo-wop sides from 1952-57. 
THE DEE JAYS: Love Me Baby/ Please Don't Leave Me Here To Cry/ THE FIVE EMERALDS: Darling/ I'll Beg/ Let Me Take You Out Tonight/ Pleasure Me/ THE FIVE SCALDERS: Girl Friend/ If Only You Were Mine/ There Will Come A Time/ Willow Blues/ THE FRESANDO'S: I Mean Really/ Your Last Goodbye/ THE GALES: Darling Patricia/ Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/ My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble/ THE IMPERIALS: Ain't Gonna Tell It Right/ You'll Never Walk Alone/ THE SERENADERS: Tomorrow Night/ Why Don't You Do Right/ THE TEARDROPS: Come Back To Me/ Sweet Lovin Daddy-o/ THE THRILLERS: I'm Going To Live My Life Alone/ THE TWILIGHTERS: How Many Times/ Water Water/ THE VIOLINAIRS: Another Soldier Gone/ Joy In The Beulah Land

VARIOUS ARTISTS Clifton 1011 Acappella Showdown - Classic Doo-Wop Harmony, Part 1 ● CD $15.98
Vocal group harmony fans (purists excepted) will delight in these 26 tracks of latter-day acappella groups performing classic songs, mostly from the fifties. With the exception of the previously unreleased When I Woke Up This Morning by the Darchaes (1961), all the material was cut in the late 70's and 80's. Outstanding songs include The Infernos doing The Shrine of St. Cecilia, Now And Then singing The Chantel's He's Gone, The Computones' cover of The Mello-Kings' The Only One, Congratulations by Street Corner Memories by way of The Turbans, and Patty & The Street-Tones' interpretation of Let It Please Be You, originally by The Desires. Other groups featured are The Chips, Subway Serenade, Retrospect, Attributes, Copas, Splendors, Charm, Blendaires, Reality, Endings, and Choice. Who needs instruments? (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Clifton 2018 Ronnie I's Favorite Love Ballads, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98
20 tracks collection of doo-wop smoochers which seem to be mostly drawn from albums already available on Relic. Includes Tree In The Meadow by The Pearls, All I Want by The Five Chances, Just To Be In Love by The Haven Knights, Bouquet Of Roses by The Peacocks, Walking In The Rain by The Execs, My Darling by Lillian Leach & The Mellows and more from The Timetones, Jayhawks, Fi-Tones Quintette, Montereys and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Clifton 3004 Christmas In Harmony ● CD $15.98
22 recent recordings of Christmas songs doo-wop style - some acapella. Includes The Crosstones, Castelles, Sheps, Keystoners, Johnny Staton & The Feathers, Rudy West & The Keys, Swallows, Blossoms & others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Clifton 3005 Acapella Showdown, Part 2 - Classic Streeetcorner Harmony ● CD $15.98
22 tracks of acapella streetcorner harmony, mostly recorded in the late 70s and early 80s for Ronnie I's Clifton label. 16 tracks were originally issued on Clifton 45s and EPs and the rest are previously unissued. 20 different groups are featured including Shades Of Brown, Joel & The Connotations, The Camelots, Uniiques, Ribtones, Infernos, Street Corner Memories, Charm, Now & Then, Memory, Choice, Ecsatcies, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Clifton 3014 Ronnie I's Lost Tapes ● CD $15.98
20 tracks recorded in the 80s for legendary doo-wop promoter/ producer Ronnie Italiano and unreleased up to now. It features various groups performing some of the doo-wop classics of the 50s - sometimes featuring members of the original groups. Includes Oh Gee, Oh Gosh by The Valentinos, Could This Be Magic by The Dubs, The Way You Look Tonight by Joel & The Blue Stars, Stardust by The James Myers Quintet and others from The Blue Stars, Velours, Bill Baker's Satins and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Clifton 3016 Ladies First ● CD $15.98
A collection of recent recordings of 50s and 60s doo-wop songs featuring male groups with female lead. 
AMI & HER FELLAS: My Birthday Wish/ AMI & THE CLIF-TONES: Charles My Darling/ AMI & THE CLIFTONAIRES: I Do Believe/ AMI & THE CLIF-TONES: Sitting Here/ Somewhere In Life/ CHERIE & THE CROSSTONAIRES: Cherie (dottie)/ JOANNE & THE I-DEALS: Beat In My Heart/ LISA & THE LUVABLES: Blue Moon/ LISA & THE CLIFTONAIRES: We Kissed In The Shadows/ PAM & THE VALENTINOS: Kingdom Of Love/ PATTY & THE CLIFTONAIRES: I'm So In Love/ My Baby's Gone/ SANDRA & THE GLEAMS: Come Home/ SANDRA & THE BLUE STARS: It's Only A Paper Moon/ SANDRA & THE CLIFTONAIRES: Mi Gram Amor (my Great Love)/ Whadaya Want?

VARIOUS ARTISTS Clifton 3020 Ronnie I's Lost Tapes, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Clifton 3022 Acapella Showdown, Part 3 - Classic Streeetcorner Harmo ● CD $15.98
26 tracks of acapella streetcorner harmony, mostly recorded in the late 70s and early 80s for Ronnie I's Clifton label. 11 tracks were originally issued on Clifton 45s and EPs and the rest are previously unissued. 20 different groups are featured including Reality, The Infernos, Street Corner Society, Camelots, Rick & The Masters and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Clifton 3027 The Enrica/ Raecox Groups, 1959-1963 ● CD $15.98
This 25 track collection covers some of the same material as the two CDs on Eagle - "The Enrica/ Raecox Story" but this 25 track collection is devoted exclusively to the vocal groups and leavs out the multiple alternate takes. Includes sides by The Carnations, Sunsets, Freddie Scott & The Symphonics, The Furness Brothers, Ronn Cummings & Group, The Butanes, Serenaders, Popular Five and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Connoisseur Collection 296 You Can Make It If You Try ● CD $12.98
19 songs that were covered by The Rolling Stones. Includes Not fade Away by Buddy Holly, Mona By Bo Diddley, Can I get A Witness by Marvin Gaye, Mercy Mercy by Don Covay, Just My Imagination by The Temptations and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Coral (Spain) 1001 Coral Vocal Groups, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 65 mins, recommended Excellent and diverse collection of vocal groups who recorded for Coral between 1955 and 1966. Mostly ballads along with a few up tempo jumpers. Among the highlights are the sultry Smoke From Your Cigarette by Billy Williams Quartet, the bluesy up tempo There Goes (A Pretty Girl) from The Enchanters, My Darling My Sweet by the Bay Bops, the beautiful Don't Ask Me to Be Lonely by Andy Rose & The Exotics, the rocking and very weird Guadeamus by the Escorts (are they singing in Latin?), and Just a Shoulder to Cry On by the Demensions. Sound is generally excellent. (FS)
THE BAY BOPS: My Darling, My Sweet/ To The Party/ THE CRESTS: You Blew Out The Candles/ THE DEMENSIONS: Just One More Chance (stereo)/ My Foolish Heart (stereo)/ Young At Heart (stereo)/ DENNIS & EXPLORERS: Remember/ THE ENCHANTERS: There Goes (a Pretty Girl)short Version/ True Love Gone/ THE ESCORTS: Gloria - Escorts/ Guadeamus/ Just A Sholder To Cry On/ Seven Wonders Of The World/ THE EXOTICS: Darling I Want To Get Married/ That's My Desire/ THE EXPLORERS: In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning/ Vision Of Love/ THE FOUR DIRECTIONS: Tonight We Love/ THE FOUR KNIGHTS: Foolish Tears/ THE GOLDBUGS: Stop The Wedding/ THE ILLUSIONS: The Letter/ LEROY & DRIVERS: L-o-v-e/ ANDY ROSE & EXOTICS: Crazy For You/ Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely/ BILLY WILLIAMS QUARTET: Smoke From Your Cigarette

VARIOUS ARTISTS Coral (Spain) 1002 Coral Vocal Groups, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
24 cuts from 18 groups.
THE BAY BOPS: Joanie/ THE BEAVERS: I'd Rather Be Wrong Than Blue/ BIG AL SEARS: Come A Runnin'/ THE BILLY WILLIAMS QUARTET: Over The Rainbow/ The Honey Dripper/ BOBBY CAVER & GROUP: Never Leave Me/ Roller Coaster/ THE CHATEAUS: Honest I Will/ THE DE-AIRS: Arlene/ THE DEMENSIONS: As Time Goes By/ Young At Heart/ THE ENCHANTERS: Fan My Baby/ There Goes (a Pretty Girl) Long Version/ THE ESCORTS: Give Me Tomorrow/ THE EXPLORERS: Don't Be A Fool/ THE FOUR DEEPTONES: Just In Case You Change Your Mind/ THE FOUR KNIGHTS: If I Had My Way/ The One Rose/ THE IVIES: Sunshine/ THE SERENADERS: But I Forgive You/ THELMA CARPENTER & GROUP: Heartaches/ My Imagination/ TOMMY FREDERICKS & GROUP: Sundown/ WILLIS SAUNDERS & EMBERS: Time Out For Tears

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1007 The Philly Doo Wop Sound - Lost Masters ● CD $17.98
26 tracks from early 60s - mostly previously unissued from the archives of Frank Bendinelli - Danny & The Travellers, Richie & The Royals, Billy & The Vanguards, Chip & the Quartetones, The Dee Jays, Cymbals, Presey & The Flip Flops, The Intruders and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1009 The Poplar Records Story ● CD $17.98
33 tracks of mostly white vocal groups recorded in the 60s for Stan Seifer's Poplar label founded in New York in 1962. Includes The Visuals, Havens, belvederes, Zack Norman, The Debutantes and others. Several tracks are previously unissued. Comes with 8 page booklet with notes, photos, etc.
BRYAN BRENT & THE CUT OUTS: For Eternity/ THE CAPREES: If I Should Lose You/ THE CARDINALS: Why Don't You Write Me/ THE CARVETTES: A Lover's Prayer/ THE CLASSICS: Je Vous Aime/ THE CONFIDENTIAL FOUR: Please Be My Girlfriend/ Walking On A Cloud/ THE CRYSTALAIRS: Richie The Snake/ THE CRYSTALIGHTS: Bells/ THE DAWNS: I Love You So Tonight/ THE DECOYS: For You/ THE DOWNBEATS: Midnight Love/ ERIC & THE PLAZAS: I Wish/ JOHN HURLEY: Lonely Boy/ THE JIVING JUNIORS: Valerie/ LITTLE PRINCE & THE FREELOADERS: Nursery Love/ DUTCH LONDON: Each Day/ ERNIE MARBRAY: The Stakes Are Too High/ JOHNNY MAE MATHEWS: I Had No Choice/ THE MUSTANGS: Over The Rainbow/ THE TWISTERS: This Is The End/ CHERYL WEINBERG: Together We'll Be/ FAY WILSON: I Miss You So/ Playing Me For A Fool

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1009-B The Rarest Of The Rare - Collector's Showcase Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
Reissue of LP Crystal 129 with 9 additional cuts. 23 rarities from the collection of Richie Rosen plus a tribute song Richie The Snake An assortment of black and white harmonists warbling both popular standards and originals. Standouts include the jumping For You by The De Coys, the pretty I Wish For Eternity by Bryan Brent with The Cut Outs and weeper A Lover's Prayer by The Carvettes. Some extremely fine rare material here. 
BRYAN BRENT & THE CUT OUTS: For Eternity/ THE CAPREES: If I Should Lose You/ THE CARDINALS: Why Don't You Write Me/ THE CARVETTES: A Lover's Prayer/ THE CLASSICS: Je Vous Aime/ THE CONFIDENTIAL FOUR: Please Be My Girlfriend/ Walking On A Cloud/ THE CRYSTALAIRS: Richie The Snake/ THE CRYSTALIGHTS: Bells/ THE DAWNS: I Love You So Tonight/ THE DECOYS: For You/ THE DOWNBEATS: Midnight Love/ ERIC & THE PLAZAS: I Wish/ JOHN HURLEY: Lonely Boy/ THE JIVING JUNIORS: Valerie/ LITTLE PRINCE & THE FREELOADERS: Nursery Love/ DUTCH LONDON: Each Day/ ERNIE MARBRAY: The Stakes Are Too High/ JOHNNY MAE MATHEWS: I Had No Choice/ THE MUSTANGS: Over The Rainbow/ THE TWISTERS: This Is The End/ CHERYL WEINBERG: Together We'll Be/ FAY WILSON: I Miss You So/ Playing Me For A Fool

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1013 Crystal Ball Records 20th Anniversary, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1014 Crystal Ball Records 20th Anniversary, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1015 Crystal Ball Records 20th Anniversary, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1016 Crystal Ball Records 20th Anniversary, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1017 Crystal Ball Records 20th Anniversary, Vol. 5 ● CD $17.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1019 The Rarest Of The Rare - Collector's Showcase Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
26 more rarities from the collection of Richie Rosen. 
BARRY & HIGHLIGHTS: The Wonderful Years/ THE DOTS: Good Luck To You/ THE ELECTRAS: Little Girl Of Mine/ THE EMERALDS: Marsha/ The Lover/ TOMMY FRONTERA & GROUP: After Tonight/ VERNON GREEN & MEDALLIONS: Dear Ann/ EDDIE HOLMAN: Laughing At Me/ THE IMPRESSIONS: I Dreamed Last Night/ JIMMY & SUNDIALS: All About You/ THE MASK MEN & AGENTS: In My Diary/ LITTLE JOHNNY MCCALL: My Love I Can't Hide/ THE MEN OF IVY: Lovers Never Say Goodbye/ THE NOMADS: You're The Only One/ THE NOTATIONS: What A Night For Love/ RAY & DARCHAES: Darling Forver/ THE STATESMEM: What Did She Say/ STICK LEGS & PERSIANS: The Wedding/ THE STROLLERS: Give Her Back To Me/ TONY & RAINDROPS: Tina/ ROY TYSON & GROUP: Oh What A Night For Love/ THE VELS: Please Be Mine/ THE VOLUMES: Teenage Paradise/ THE WAYWARD SONS: How Will I Know/ DUSTY WILSON & SUBJECTS: Better Than You/ MARY WRIGHT & GROUP: One Guy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1021 The Rarest Of The Rare - Collector's Showcase Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
24 sides.
PHIL ALAN & ARDEES: Four Leaf Clover/ JOAN BIAS & GROUP: I Don't Know What's Right Anymore/ THE DELICADOS: Time And Time Again/ DEL DOMINO & DIAMOND CADETS: Thinking Of You/ EARL & JIMMIE: We Had It Made/ THE ECHOES: Sleep Baby Sleep/ THE ESQUIRES: My Dearest My Darling/ BETTY EVERETT & GROUP: My Life Depends On You/ THE FABULOUS FLAMES: So Long My Darling/ FREDDY & DYNAMICS: In Time/ PAULA GRIMES & GROUP: Zing/ THE HEART BREAKERS: Falling In Love Again/ THE HEARTS: My Love Has Gone/ THE KANSAS CITY PLAYBOYS: Lover Man/ THE LACHORDS: Hammer Of My Heart/ LITTLE JERRY & MONOTONES: Sad/ LES MISSILES (IN FRENCH): Remember Then/ THE PRETENDERS: Answer To My Prayers/ THE SHOW STOPPERS: School Prom/ THE SPIDELLS (PREV UNRELEASED): Come Walk With Me/ THE TONES: A Star/ THE VALIANTS (STEREO): Gloria/ THE VERSALES: Forgotten/ LOU WASHINGTON & GROUP: When We Meet Again

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1024 The Best Of Sinclair Records, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First of two volumes surveying some of the recordings made in the early 60s for Don Ames' Sinclair Records label and its subsidiaries Blast, raven, Cheer, Whale, Mermaid & Camay. 30 tracks (four previously unissued) including the labels only big hit Coney Island Baby by The Excellents plus tracks by Joy Anthony & Group, Davy Jones & The Daulphins, The Del Carlos, Rick Martell & the Angels, Eddie Carl & Group, Steve Gentry & Group, Ray Allen and more.
THE 5 DISCS: That Was The Time/ RAY ALLEN & EMBERS: The Wibble/ RAY ALLEN & UPBEATS: Let Them Talk/ JOY ANTHONY & GROUP: Earth Angel/ THE BELGINETTS: You Can Love Again/ THE BROOKS FOUR: I'm Not Good Enough For You/ EDDIE CARL & GROUP: Wishing Time/ THE CORVELLS: The Bells/ THE COURT JESTERS: Roaches/ ALAN DALE & GROUP: Monday To Sunday/ THE DEL CARLO'S (PREV UNRELEASED): Baby Sister/ THE DIPLOMATS: One Summer Night/ DONNIE & DREAMERS: Dorothy/ My Memories Of You/ THE EGYPTIANS: I'm In Love (acap)/ In My Heart/ THE EXCELLENTS: Coney Isalnd Baby/ STEVE GENTRY & GROUP: I Will Be Waiting/ JOANN & GROUP: Someone To Watch Over Me/ DAVY JONES & DAULPHINS: Dance, Dance, Little Girl Dance/ THE JUMPIN' TONES: I Had A Dream/ That Angel Is You/ THE MAGNIFICENT FOUR: The Closer You Are/ ROCK MARTELL & ANGELS: Oh Happy Day/ THE MASCOTS: Hey Little Angel/ THE MONTEREYS: Step Right Up/ ROBBIE REED & TONY DANO: Love Is Bubble Gum/ MARC TANNO & GROUP: Angel/ THE VELONS: Shelly/ GENE VITO & PLAYBOYS: (i'm Just A) Playboy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1025 The Best Of Sinclair Records, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
30 more sides - four previously unissued.
THE 5 DISCS: Unchained Melody/ RAY ALLEN & EMBERS: Ham 'the Space Monkey'/ RAY ALLEN & UPBEATS: Sweet Lorraine/ JOY ANTHONY & GROUP: Eternally Yours/ THE BROOKS FOUR: I'll Be Faithful/ EDDIE CARL & GROUP: This Love Of Mine/ THE CORVELLS: Don't Forget/ THE COURT JESTERS: The Trial Of My Love/ ALAN DALE & GROUP: That's A Teenage Girl/ THE DEL CARLO'S: Bright Eyes/ THE DIPLOMATS: Shelly/ DONNIE & DREAMERS: Count Every Star/ Teenage Love/ THE EQYPTIANS: Eillene/ I Feel So Bad (acap)/ THE EXCELLENTS: You Baby You/ RONNIE HAYDEN & GROUP: S.o.s. (i Love You)/ JOANN & GROUP: Baby Doll/ DAVY JONES & DAULPHINS: Annabelle Lee/ THE JUMPIN' TONES: Grandma's Hearing Aid/ I Wonder/ KENNY & WHALERS: Life Is But A Dream/ THE MAGNIFICENT FOUR: Uncle Sam/ RICK MARTELL & DREAMERS: I'm A Beatnick/ THE MASCOTS: Once Upon A Love/ THE MONTEREYS: Face In The Crowd/ ROBBIE REED & TONY DANO: Lollypop Romance/ THE VELONS: From The Chapel/ GENE VITO & PLAYBOYS: I Want You Back Again/ VINCE WAYNE & GROUP: Take A Chance

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1026 The Vinny Catalano Story, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First of three album featuring recordings which involved the multi talented Vinny Catalano. Catalano was a vocalist who recorded under his own name and as a member of various groups (The Echoes, Acorns, a songwriter with more than 300 songs to his credit, a record producer who owned or co-owned a number of different labels and an arranger. This volume includes sides by The Dedications, Trickells, Melodeers, Royal Teens, Alan Roberts, The Echoes, Styles, Lonely Boys, Frankie Rossi & The Dreams, The Excellents, Vinnie & Sue, The Mascots and more.
THE ACORNS: Your Name & Mine/ JO-ANN CAMPBELL: Rock & Roll Love/ VINNY CATALANO: Rags To Riches/ I Won't Cry Anymore/ THE DEDICATIONS: Shining Star/ THE DESIRES: I Don't Know Why/ DONNIE & DREAMERS: Carole/ THE DOUBLE DATES: I Love You Girl/ VINNIE DOWNES: Foolish Pride/ THE ECHOES: Ding Dong/ THE EXCELLENTS: Red Red Robin/ THE LONELY BOYS: My Girl/ THE LOVE NOTES: Our Songs Of Love/ THE MASCOTS: Blue Birds Over The Mountain/ THE MELODEERS: Wishing Is For Fools/ ALAN ROBERTS: Walkin' With Love/ FRANKIE ROSSI & DREAMS: Around The Corner/ THE ROYAL JACKS: Night After Night/ THE ROYAL TEENS: Was It A Dream/ THE SARATOGAS: Baby's Gone/ JOHNNY SCHILLING & SHERWOODS: Marcelle/ THE SHERRY SISTERS: Cinderella It's Midnight/ THE STYLES: I Love You For Sentimental Reasons/ THE TRICKETS: Outside The Chapel Door/ When I Fall In Love/ VINNIE & SUE: Your Name & Mine/ VINNY & KENNY: School Time

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1027 The Vinny Catalano Story, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
THE ACORNS: Please Come Back/ THE BUTTONS: Just We Two/ DANTE & HIS FRIENDS: Miss America/ THE DEDICATIONS: Mary Lou/ THE DESIRES: Longing/ THE DIPLOMATS: Stella/ DONNIE & DREAMERS: Ruby My Love/ VINNIE DOWNES: An Angel Never Cried/ THE ECHOES: My Heart Beats For You/ THE EXCELLENTS: Love No One But You/ JOHNNY FREEDOM: If You Go Steady With Me/ PATTI LABELLE & BLUEBELLES: Academy Award/ THE LONELY BOYS: A Spoken Letter/ THE LOVE NOTES: Nancy (my Love)/ BOB LOYE & GROUP: Another Mr Blue/ THE MELODEERS: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/ The Letter/ RITCHIE PARIS & GROUP: Outside The Chapel Door/ ALAN ROBERTS: Janice/ THE ROYAL JACKS: Who, What, Where, When & Why/ JOHNNY SCHILLING & SHERWOODS: King Of The World/ THE SHERRY SISTERS: The Prize/ THE STYLES: School Bells To Chapel Bells/ THE TRICKELS: With Each Step 'a Tear'/ THE VAN DYKES: Gift Of Love/ VINNIE & SUE: Young/ VINNY & KENNY: Who

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1028 The Vinny Catalano Story, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
This volume includes 27 more tracks including Marty Filler's version of Vinny's composition Pretty Little Joanie whose tune Vinny claimed was ripped off by Peter paul & Marry for Puff The Magic Dragon though the judge in the court case ruled that it was a traditional tune. Also includes sides by The Acorns, Dubs, Shells, Lani Zee & Groups, Vinny Catalano, The Bel-larks, Double Dates, Stompers, Love Notes, Buttons,Bob Loye & Group, Vinny Catalano & The Day Dreams, Leona Dunn, Bill & The Scampers (a previously unissued track) and more.
THE ACORNS: Angel/ I'm Gonna Stick To You/ RAY ALLEN & UPBEATS: Goodnight My Love/ THE BEL-LARKS: A Million And One Dreams/ Get Married In June/ BILLY & SCAMPERS (PREV UNREL): You're My Baby Doll/ THE BUTTONS: Calendar Of Love/ Jerry/ Wishing Time/ VINNY CATALANO: Please Mr Juke Box Man/ Because Of You/ THE CREW-CUTS: Hush Little Baby (don't You Cry)/ THE DOUBLE DATES: Tattoo/ THE DUBS: Your Very First Love/ LEONA DUNN: Our Songs Of Love/ JOHNNY FREEDOM: A Sailor's Prayer/ THE LOVE NOTES: Gloria/ Mathematics Of Love/ BOB LOYE & GROUP: Loving Tree/ THE MARTY FILLER: Pretty Little Joanie/ THE MELODEERS: Happy Teenage Times/ THE PYRAMIDS: Ankle Bracelet/ EDDIE ROBBINS: Janice/ THE SHELLS: Our Wedding Day/ THE STOMPERS: Stompin' Round The Christmas Tree/ TOM SWIFT: High School Ring/ LANI ZEE & GROUP: Funny, Funny, Funny

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1030 The Rarest Of The Rare - Collector's Showcase Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
27 sides from The Rannels, Richard Wallace & Group, The Twisters, Tramps, Class-airs, 4 Uniques, Johnny Ross & Group, Marv Johnson & Group, Andy Rose & Group, The Teenettes (with The Tokens), Ron Strawn & The Bucks, The Five Stars, Four Gents, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1032 The Rarest Of The Rare - Collector's Showcase Vol. 5 ● CD $17.98
25 vocal group rarities.
THE CHARADES: Darling Believe Him/ COLE & GRANDEURS: Teenage Correl/ BECKY COOK & THE RAGMOPS: God Bless This Moment/ TONY DELL & GROUP: In The Still Of The Night/ THE FITONES: Mr Faith/ THE FIVE CHIMES: Rosemarie/ THE FIVE GENTS: I Never Told You/ Rock With Me Marie/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Love You Till The Day I Die/ THE IVORY TONES: Little Fool/ JACK & JILL: Just As You Are/ TAMMY JAMES & GROUP: Congratulations/ THE KENTS: I Love You So/ THE KEYNOTES: Time After Time/ THE KEYTONES: Lover Of Mine/ DANNY MARCHAND & GROUP: Round In Circles/ THE MATADORS: Carmen I Wish You Were Here/ THE RADIANTS: Joyce/ THE RINGLEADERS: This Is Goodbye/ THE ROYAL BOYS: Lovers Bells/ LITTLE JOE STEELE & GROUP: Too Young/ L.C. STEELS & GROUP: I Will Always Love You/ TINY TIP & THE TIP TOPS: I Said A Prayer/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Nothin'/ THE VENEERS: With All My Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1044 The Hy-Tone Record Story ● CD $17.98
Fine collection of doo-wop and gospel recorded for Steve Samuels' New York based Hy-Tone label in the late 50s and 60s - many making their first appearance on CD. Includes The Corsairs, Lyrics, Hy Tones, Little Mack, Georgia Harris, Keith Davis and others. The three gospel cuts by Doug Williams & The Mell-O-Tones are particularly fine. Like quite a few recent doo-wop reissues this one shows excessive use of digital noise reduction on some tracks which results in a weird artificial sound. I think most collectors would prefer a bit of noise.
THE CORSAIRS: Goodbye Darling/ Rock Lilly Rock/ KEITH DAVIS: Let's Exchange Hearts For Christmas/ Pretty Baby Blues/ GEORGIA HARRIS & THE HY TONES: I Want To Kiss You/ It's Time To Rock/ Let Me Hold Your Hand/ GEORGIA HARRIS & THE LYRICS: Let's Exchange Hearts For Christmas/ THE HY TONES: Chinese Boogie/ I'm A Fool/ LITTLE MACK: I Love You Mary/ Sad Lover/ THE LYRICS: I'm In Love/ You/ THE MELL-O-TONES: Send Me/ Trust In God/ LUVON RIVERS: Let's Make Love Today/ Young Lovers/ DOUG WILLIAMS & MELL-O-TONES: How Many Souls/ Sorry Valley/ DOUG WILLIAMS & THE MELL-O-TONES: The Battle Of Jericho

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cub 5001 Cub Vocal Groups ● CD $17.98
31 track collection of doo-wop from the late 50s/early 60s on Cub, most making their first appearance on CD
THE CHESTERFIELDS: I Got Fired/ THE CORVAIRS: Sing A Song Of Sixpence/ Yeah, Yeah/ THE EL TONES: Like Mattie/ Lovin' With A Beat/ THE FIVE REASONS: Go To School/ Three O'clock Rock/ THE HARPTONES: Devil In Velvet/ Your Love Is A Good Love/ ROCKY HART & GROUP: Come With Me/ Everyday/ THE IMPALAS: Bye Everybody/ THE IMPRESSORS: Do You Love Her/ Loneliness/ THE JAYTONES: Absolutely Right/ My Only Love/ MARIE & THE DECOYS: I'm The One/ THE PRELUDES: Kingdom Of Love/ THE PYRAMIDS: Crying/ I'm The Playboy/ THE STEREOS: Good News/ I Really Love You/ THE VELOURS: Blue Velvet/ Crazy Love/ Sweet Sixteen/ Tired Of Your Rock & Rollin'/ THE ZEBULONS: Falling Water/ Wo-Ho-La-Tee-Da


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