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Various Artists Collections - Miscellaneous Labels, A-B

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acme 501 The Best Of The 50s Played On Your Radio ● CD $17.98
26 tracks cut between 1957 and 1958 for this short lived New York label plus two live cuts from 1989 by the reunited Sunbeams. Features The Tempo Tunes, 12 Year Old Richard Lanham & The Tempo-Tones, The Love Letters, Nancy Lee, The Miller Sisters, etc.
THE EBBTIDES: Darling I'll Love Only You/ Franny, Franny/ RICHARD LANHAM & GROUP: Dance Of Love/ It's Not Too Late/ On Your Radio/ The Day I Met You/ Wishing All The Time/ BOBBY LEE & GROUP: This Is Goodbye/ NANCY LEE & GROUP: Daddy-O Mommy-O/ Meet Me At The Crossroads/ So They Say/ You Asked Me To Love You/ THE LOVE LETTERS: Owee-Nellie/ Walking The Streets Alone/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Crazy Billboard Song/ Let's Start Anew/ The Flip Skip/ You Made A Promise/ THE SUNBEAMS: Now & Forever/ Please Say You'll Be Mine/ Please Say You'll Be Mine/ You've Got To Rock & Roll/ THE TEMPO TONES: Get Yourself Another Fool/ THE TEMPO-TONES: Come Into My Heart/ In My Dreams/ My Boy, Sleepy Pete/ Ride Along/ Somewhere There Is Someone

VARIOUS ARTISTS Aladdin 231 Aladdin 33 Magic Lamps ● CD $17.98
33 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended
Hot collection of white and black rock 'n' roll, recorded in the late 50s and early 60s, from the vaults of Aladdin and its subsidiary Lamp label. Aladdin was mostly known as a blues, R&B and gospel label so this set features some great blues and R&B artists at their most rockin'. Among the artists featured are Bob Ehret, Tony Allen (his super hot Holy Smoke Baby), John & Jackie (featuring some of the most orgasmic yells on record from Jackie), Jimmy Wright, Jeanette Baker, The Brown Brothers (very Everly like), Phil Sloan (who later had some success as P.F. Sloan), The Starlighters, Amos Milburn (his all time classic Chicken Shack Boogie), Marvin & Johnny, Charles Sims (the bizarre Take A Bath), Little Wilbur, Rolling Crew, The Jivers, The Lollypoppers, Ray & Bop and others, Excellent sound and booklet has brief notes on all the artists plus some artist and label photos. (FS).
TONY ALLEN: Holy Smoke Baby/ JEANETTE BAKER: Crazy With You/ BIP & BOP: Ding Ding Dong/ THE BROWN BROTHERS: Am I To Be The One/ No More/ BUDDY CYPRESS: I'm In Love With You/ THE DOZIER BOYS: Hey Jack/ AGGIE DUKES: John John/ BOB EHRET: Stop The Clock Rock/ FATSO & FLARIE: Rock & Roll Drive Inn/ GREAT GATES: Jump Jump Jump/ THE JIVERS: Little Mama/ JOHN & JACKIE: Little Girl/ The Raging Sea/ JOE LIGGINS: Go Ahead/ LITTLE WILBUR: For The Lady/ P B Baby/ THE LOLLYPOPPERS: A Bottle Of Pop/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Smack Smack/ AMOS MILBURN: Chicken Shack Boogie/ Everyday Of The Week/ POPS MINOR: I Want You For My Own/ RAY & BOP: Air Travel/ ROLLING CREW: Cryin Emma/ CHARLES SIMS: Take A Bath/ PHIL SLOAN: Little Girl In The Cabin/ THE SPENCE SISTERS: Doo Bob Sha Bam/ THE STARLIGHTERS: RockinToo Much/ SUGAR PIE & PEE WEE: 1, 2, Let's Rock/ BIG T TYLER: King Kong/ Sadie Green/ RAY WILLIAMS: I Do I Do/ JIMMY WRIGHT: Make Here Mine

VARIOUS ARTISTS Amy 801 The Best Of Amy Doo-Wop Records, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First of three volumes devoted to early 60s vocal group sound from the New York based Amy label.
THE COMPANIONS: How Could You/ No Fool Am I/ PEARLINE CRESPAR: (Be Mine) Tonight/ Go/ FRANKIE FLEMING JR: All By Myself Alone/ THE FOUR JOKERS: Liggaboo/ She's A Flirt/ GABRIEL & THE ANGELS: The Rooster/ Zing Went the Strings/ THE MONTGOMERYS: Gotta Get A Hit/ Promise of love/ TY STEWART & JOKERS: Here I Am/ TY STEWART & THE JOKERS: Young Girl/ TICO & THE TRIUMPHS: Cards of Love/ Cry Little Boy Cry/ Express Train/ Get Up and Do the Waddle/ I Don't Believe Them/ Motorcycle/ Noise/ Wild Flower/ RUSS VESTEE: Well Allright/ LORI WOOD: But That Was Long Ago/ The End of the World For Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Amy 802 The Best Of Amy Doo-Wop Records, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
25 more.
THE CASLONS: For All We Know/ Settle Me Down/ DOUGIE THE DUDE: Cowboy Joe/ Lifetime/ THE ECSATSIES: That Lucky Old Sun/ THE ECSTASIES: A Time For Love/ FRANKIE FLEMING JR.: Blue Heartaches/ HENRY & MAMIE: Soap Suds/ Two Big Feet/ MABEL KING: Go Back Home Young Fella/ When We Get the Word/ JERRY LANDIS: Lisa/ The One Teen Ranger/ LITTLE BESSIE: Broken Hearted/ For Your Love/ THE RAYS: Love Another Girl/ Sad Saturday/ THE ROMEOS: Hitch Hikin/ The Tiger's Wide Awake/ THE SHEIKS: Come On Back/ Please Don't Take Away the Girl I Love/ THE STAR STEPPERS: First Sign of Love/ You're Gone/ JOE TEMPLETON & CENTURIES: Little Miss Mousey/ JOE TEMPLETON & THE CENTURIES: Lover Be Fair

VARIOUS ARTISTS Amy 803 The Best Of Amy Doo-Wop Records, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
The third volume has 23 tracks.
THE ALTAIRS: Groovie Time/ If You Love Me/ THE CARRIBEANS: Oh My Love/ Wonderful Girl/ DOTTIE DANIELS: I Wrote You A Letter/ Play Me A Sad Song/ THE FASHIONS: I Set A Tray For You/ Why Don't You Stay A Little Longer/ MABEL KING: Love/ BILLY LYNN: Little Pony Tail/ Only One For Me/ HAL MILLER: A Blessing In Disguise/ Cry Like the Rain/ RIA & THE REASONS: Memories Linger On/ RICKIE & HALLMARKS: Jornie, Don't You Cry/ Wherever You Are/ TERRY & MELLOWS: Bells of St Mary's/ Love Express/ THE VELS: Do the Walk/ In Laws/ RUSS VESTEE: Teardrops/ JAY WALKER & PEDESTRIANS: Hey Now/ Never Happen

VARIOUS ARTISTS Apt 1001 The Best Of Apt Records, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
30 track collection of later 50s/ early 60s sides recorded for the Apt label. Mostly doo-wop with a smattering of F&B and rock 'n roll. Includes the labels' biggest hit Little Star by The Elegants plus tracks from The Consorts, Madison Brothers, The Intervals, Susie & Group, Vito & The Salutations, Donnie Dean, Ruth McFadden & Group, Johnny Maestro, Dawn, The Click Clacks and others. Some tracks appear to be dubbed from noisy pressings.
ANGIE & THE CHICKLETTES: Tommy/ VINCE CASTRO: I Remember/ THE CLICK CLACKS: A Kiss Goodbye/ Pretty Little Pearly/ THE CONSORTS: Time After Time/ THE DARTS: Well Baby/ DAWN: Can't Get Him Off My Mind/ DONNIE DEAN & GROUP: Movie Star/ THE DOZIER BOYS: My Heart Is Yours/ THE ELEGANTS: Little Star/ TINA FLORENCE & GROUP: Let By Gones Be By Gones/ THE INTERVALS: Side Street/ THE JIVE TONES: Ding Ding Dong/ THE MADISON BROTHERS: Trusting In You/ JOHNNY MAESTRO: She's All Mine Alone/ LON MCCALLISTER & GROUP: One Desire/ RUTH MCFADDEN & GROUP: Don't Take Your Love/ THE PRETENDERS: Daddy Needs Baby/ THE RICHETTES: Love & Happiness/ JERRY ROBERT & GROUP: After Awhie/ SHANE SHEP: Too Young To Wed/ I'm So Lonely/ THE STEROPHONICS: No More Heartaches/ SCOTT STEVENS & THE CAVALIERS: Dance, Dance, Dance/ Sunday In May/ THE SUPREMES: Another Chance To Love/ SUSIE & GROUP: Don't Let It Happen Again/ THE TERRACE TONES: Ride Of Paul Revere/ THE TWISTERS: Come Go With Me/ VITO & THE SALUTATIONS: High Noon

VARIOUS ARTISTS Apt 1002 The Best Of Apt Records, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
30 more tracks
F.J. BABIES: And The Moon Came Down/ VINCE CASTRO & GROUP: Bong, Bong/ THE CLICK CLACKS: Is It Wrong/ Roma Rocka Rolla/ THE CONSORTS: Please Be Mine/ THE DARTS: On My Mind/ DONNIE DEAN: Ridin' On A Rainbow/ THE DOZIER BOYS: I Am So/ THE ELEGANTS: Goodnight/ THE FOREVERS: Baby/ THE JIVE TONES: Geraldine/ DAVE JOHNSON & GROUP: Angel Of Mine/ DAVEY JONES: Come On And Love Me/ THE MADISON BROTHERS: What's The Matter/ JOHNNY MAESTRO: Phone Booth On The Highway/ RUTH MCFADDEN & GROUP: Lovin' Time/ THE PRETENDERS: Blue & Lonely/ THE RED JACKS: Big Brown Eyes/ THE RICHETTES: This Is Our First Date/ SHANE SHEP: Two Loving Hearts/ One Week From Today/ THE STEROPHONICS: Love Is So Wonderful/ SCOTT STEVENS & CAVALIERS: Play By The Rules Of Love/ SCOTT STEVENS & THE CAVALIERS: Why, Why, Why/ THE SUPREMES: Fidgety/ SUSIE & GROUP: Johnny Loves Me/ TED TAYLOR & GROUP: Little Things Mean A Lot/ THE TERRACE TONES: Words Of Wisdom/ THE TWISTERS: Pretty Little Girl Next Door/ VITO & THE SALUTATIONS: Walkin

VARIOUS ARTISTS ARCD 3665 Best of Ascot Records, vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First of two CD featuring sides from the early/ mid 60s - mostly pop flavored doo-wop, plus some girl group sounds and rock 'n' roll. 32 tunes by Little Bernie & the Cavaliers, Dicky Doo & the Dont's, The Velvetones, Sultans, Universals, Promises, CHavis Brothers, Lubrano, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS ARCD 3666 Best of Ascot Records, vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
31 tunes by Ritchie & The Runarounds, Billy Bishop, Little Romeo & the Casanovas, Sequins, Vals, Debbie Rollins, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Atlantic 82218 The Complete Stax/ Volt Singles 1959 - 1968 ● CD $99.98
This is the set you've probably read about in almost any music-oriented publication you pick up these days - an exhaustive box set compilation of every single put out by the independant Stax/ Volt labels in their heyday decade 1959 - 1968. Known primarily as the home of soul legends like Otis Redding, Rufus & Carla Thomas, Sam & Dave, Eddie Floyd, Booker T. & The MG's, William Bell, Johnnie Taylor, The Bar-Kays, Mad Lads, the labels also sported blues heavyweight Albert King, New Orleans artists Bobby Marchan and Sir Mack Rice, and a lot of regional one hitters who would be banished to undeserved obscurity if it weren't for this encyclopedic volume. 244 cuts on 9 CD's, digitally remastered from original mono masters - an enthusiastic thumbs up for anyone who's yearning to own a big fat chunk of R&B history. (MB)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Atlantic 82305 Atlantic Rhythm And Blues 1947-1974 ● CD $92.98
The original 14-LP version of this set was an immediate classic, a thrilling compilation of this seminal rhythm-and-blues label's most lasting hits, with a sensible emphasis on the Stax/ Volt recordings that Atlantic distributed. The original single CD versions of the set were somewhat disappointing - some tracks were randomly lopped off, and the sonic impact was diminished from the LP's - but you can safely forget about them. Now on 8 CD's in an LP-sized case, the set is complete and clear. The box includes the same notes from the original albums, as well as 17 additional tracks (none particularly rare), bring the total to a whopping 203! From Joe Morris to Major Harris, Atlantic's classic period was full of a wide array of performers, writers, and producers whose committment to soul remains unequalled. And any set that presents - in context - many of the finest recordings of LaVern Baker, William Bell, Booker T. & The MG's, Solomon Burke, Ray Charles, The Clovers, Coasters, Arthur Conley, Drifters, Aretha Franklin, Chris Kenner, Ben E. King, Mar-Keys, Clyde McPhatter, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Percy Sledge, Carla & Rufus Thomas, Joe Turner, Chuck Willis, and many more is undeniable. This is soul of the highest order, and earns our highest recommendation. (JG)

VARIOUS ARTISTS B 101 Ballads, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
27 track collection of doo-wop ballads including here In Your Arms by The Elgins, If I Had Another Chance by The Fabuleers, Love No One by The Top Hits, Teenage Triangle by Bill Baker & Group plus cuts by Hald Davis & Group, The Casinos, Van Dykes, Enchanters, Vows and more.
THE BANDITS: Nothing Can Change My Love For You/ JOE BATAAN: Sad Girl/ THE BILL BAKER: Teenage Triangle/ THE BLUE CHORDS: So Far Away/ THE BLUE NOTES: My Hero/ You May Not Love Me/ THE CASINO'S: I'm Falling/ THE CATALINA'S: Your Tender Lips/ HAL DAVIS: Sweet And Lovely/ THE ELGINS: Here In Your Arms/ Uncle Sam's Man/ THE ENCHANTERS: I Need Your Tenderness/ THE FABULEERS: If I Had Another Chance/ THE FIVE SATINS: Can I Come Over Tonight/ THE FLAMINGOS: The Nearness Of You/ THE GALLAHADS: Be Fair/ I'm Without A Girlfriend/ THE GEMS: Teardrops Are Falling/ THE HARPTONES: Foolish Me/ THE IDEALS: Together/ THE MONARAYS: Five Minutes To Love You/ THE SHEPPARDS (WITH ECHO): Tragic/ THE SPOTLIGHTERS: Whisper/ THE TOP HITS: Love No One/ THE UNIQUE TEENS: Jeannie/ THE VAN DYKES: The Bells Are Ringing

Collection of tracks from the King label - considered to be the birthplace of funk. Although King's chief funkster James Brown could not be included there are tracks by Dan Brantley, Mama Queenie Lyons, Hank Ballard, Bill Doggett, Gloria Walker and others.
HANK BALLARD: Butter Your Popcorn/ Unwind Yourself/ DAN BRANTLEY: Get It Right Or Leave It Alone/ THE COASTERS: Down Home Girl/ Love Potion No 9/ BILL DOGGETT: Honky Tonk/ Honky Tonk Popcorn/ JAMES DUNCAN: Stand Up And Get Funky/ J HINES AND THE FELLOWS: Camelot Time/ JAMES K-NINE: Live It Up/ TOBY KING: Mr Tuff Stuff/ LITTLE ROYAL: Soul Train/ MARIE QUEENIE LYONS: Fever/ See And Don't See/ Your Thing Ain't No Good Without My Thing/ ROOSEVELT MATTHEWS: Tighten Up/ OVER NIGHT LOW: The Witch Doctor/ THE PRESIDENTS: Gold Walk/ SONS OF FUNK: From The Back Side (part 1)/ From The Back Side (part 2)/ SOUL EAST: Funky Lady (part 1)/ Funky Lady (part 2)/ GLORIA WALKER: Don't Get Funky/ Papa's Got The Wagon

VARIOUS ARTISTS BGP 149 Ain't It Funky Now ● CD $18.98
Collection of rare jazz funk from the vaults of Prestige including rare LP cuts and in demand 45 edits of LP tracks. Includes Melvin Sparks, Boogaloo Joe Jones, Idris Muhammad, Funk Inc, Gene Ammons, Houston Person and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Babe 2009 Back Seat Babes, Vol. 1 - A Doowop Tribute To The Girls ● CD $15.98
25 doo-wop songs with girls names in them including Darla by Rick & The Keens, Miss Annie by The Plurals, Sweet Diane by The Suburbans, Nadine by The Coronets, Minnie by The Fi-Tones, Maggie by The Inspirations, Donna Lee by The Demilles, Gloria by The Escorts, Mary Lou by The Rockin' Chairs and a whole bunch more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bacchus Archives 1134 Rare L.A. Tracks ● CD $13.98
Interesting set of Los Angeles R&B and doo-wop recorded between 1956 and 1964 from the vaults of producer Anthony Hilder. Some of the tracks were issued on his own labels or licensed to other labels but quite a bit is unissued. Includes Ray Agee, Emmett Lord, Aggie Duke (a couple of intriguing demos with Aggie on vocal and piano and Preston Epps on bongos), The Capris, Chavez & Chavez (two members of The Jaguars), The Charades, The Mark Anthony Band (a white band playing R&B instrumentals), Charles Andrea & The Hi-Tones, Jesse Belvin and others. One track is by an unknown girl group doing a nice performance on It's Later Than You Think. Some of the performances are a bit amateurish but, all in all, it's an interesting collection.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Battle 200 When Blues Goes Boppin' & Jivin', Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
Very little blues here - mostly R&B flavored rock 'n' roll - Linda Hopkins, Georgie Auld, Connee Boswell (realy!), Neal & The Newcomers, Billy Lamont, Annie Laurie, Chuck Willis, Johnny Taylor, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bim Bam Boom 100 The Golden Doo Wops Of Bim Bam Boom Records, Vol. 1  ● CD $17.98
26 tracks issued on Bim Bam Boom Records in the 70s.
THE AVALONS: You Can Count On Me/ You Do Something To Me/ THE CARDINALS: Have I Been Gone Too Long/ Love Me/ THE DELL VIKINGS: Cold Feet/ Girl Girl/ I'm Spinning/ You Said You Love Me/ DINO & HEARTSPINNERS: Hey Senorita/ EDDIE & STARLITES: Nobody But You & Me/ Three Steps To Go/ THE ELEGANTS: It's Just A Matter Of Time/ Lonesome Weekend/ THE FABUTONES: Baby/ THE FIVE KEYS: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind/ THE HEARTSPINNERS: Chapel Bells/ Do You Wanna Dance/ I Love You So/ Let's Go Back To Yesterday/ That's My Girl/ THE LINCOLNS: I Cried/ LEWIS LYMON & TEENCHORDS: Them There Eyes/ THE NOBELTONES: Cha-lypso Baby/ Who Cares About Love/ THE STYLISTS: I Wonder/ One Room

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bim Bam Boom 101 The Golden Doo Wops Of Bim Bam Boom Records, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
THE CARDINALS: Sure Nuff/ Train (choo-choo)/ THE DELL VIKINGS: I Want To Marry You/ Watching The Moon/ DINO & HEARTSPINNERS: I'm Not A Know It All/ THE FABUTONES: I Found A Love/ THE FASCINATORS: Forgive Me My Darling/ Oh Rosemarie/ THE FIVE KEYS: Close Your Eyes/ THE FIVE SHARPS: Sleepy Cowboy/ Stormy Weather/ THE HEARTSPINNERS: Come To Paradise/ Cry Like I Cried/ Two People In The World/ THE INSPIRATIONS: Aye Yai Yai/ Come Back Home To Me/ My Inspiration/ THE LINCOLNS: Madly In Love/ LEWIS LYMON & TEENCHORDS: Dance Girl/ THE SCHOOLBOYS: Angel Of Love/ The Slide/ THE VIDEOS: Love Or Infatuation/ Shoo Be Doo Be Cha Cha/ THE VILONS: Angel Darling/ Wish She Was Mine/ THE VOCAL TONES: Walking With My Baby/ Wanna Lee

VARIOUS ARTISTS Black Tulip 6302 The 25 Best Doo Wop Love Songs ● CD $17.98
25 all time favorites including In the Still Of The Night by The Five Satins, The Great Pretender by The Platters, Sixteen Candles by The Crests, Sincerely by The Moonglows, Long Lonely Nihts by Lee Andrews & The Hearts, Sunday Kind Of Love by The Harptones plus The Diablos, Danleers, Dubs, Clovers, Cadillacs, Jive Five, penguins and more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Black Tulip 2636412 The Golden Oldies CD ● CD $17.98
25 songs on the subject of Oldies But Goodies including Those Golden Oldies by The Edgewoods, Those Oldies But Goodies by Little Caesar & The Romans, Do You Remember, Parts 1 & 2 by The Torreadors, Memories Of Days Gone By by The Five Satins and many more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Blue Moon 4005 Legendary Groups Of Doo Wop, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
20 doo wop favorites, 1950-54 including Count Every Star by The Ravens, The Glory Of Love by The Five keys, These Foolish Things by The Dominoes, Ting-A-Ling by The Clovers, That's My Desire by The Flamingoes, Help Me Somebody by The 5 Royales plus cuts by The Spaniels, Moonglows, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Blue Moon 4006 Legendary Groups Of Doo Wop, Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
20 tracks from early/mid 50s - The Dominoes, Five keys, Clovers, 5 Royals, Crowns, Drifters, Flamingos, Chords, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Brunswick 55001 Brunswick Doo-Wop, Volume #1 ● CD $17.98
First of three volumes devoted to vocal group recordings made for the Brunswick label in the 50s and early 60s. Many cuts are making their first appearance on CD - The Youngtones, Eddie Singleton, The Rhythmettes (bland teen pop), Nick & The Nitelites, The Four Pennies (early soul), The Treniers, Four Of Us, Neil Stevens & Dee Vines, The Chromatics, The Tremonts and others. Sound quality on all three volumes is excellent.
THE CHROMATICS: My Heart Let Me Free/ LINDA FIELDS: Mama's Boy/ When Will You Fall In Love With Me/ THE FIVE GRANDS: Kiss Me/ Two For the Blues/ THE FOUR OF US: Iga Diga Doo/ THE FOUR PENNIES: You Have No Time To Lose/ You're A Gas With Your Tracks/ NICK & THE NITELITES: I'm Lonely/ NICKY & THE NIGHTLITES: Tell Me You care/ THE ORIGINALS: A Kiss From Your Lips/ Let Me Be Your Girl/ THE RHYTHMETTES: Mind Reader/ Mister Love/ That's A Pleanty/ Till My Baby Comes Home/ EDDIE SINGLETON & THE CHROMATICS: Too Late/ NEIL STEVENS & THE DEE VINES: More and More/ What Could Be Better/ THE TREMONTS: Believe My Heart/ Legend of Love/ THE TRENIERS: Goodnight Irene/ Holy Mackeral Andy!/ Rock Calypso Joe/ THE YOUNGTONES: Come On Baby/ O' Tell Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Brunswick 55002 Brunswick Doo-Wop, Volume #2 ● CD $17.98
The second volume features 27 tracks from The Pips (their first recording from 1957), The Sweethearst, Ding Dongs, Sweethearts, Clovers, The Four Of Us, Do Re Mi Trio, The Three Friends and others.
JIMMY BUFFETT: Just Give Me Your Heart/ JOHNNY BUFFETT: Baby Oh Baby/ THE CLOVERS: Love Love Love/ The Kick A Poo/ TONI DEE: Laughing on the Outside/ My Babe/ THE DING DONGS: Early in the Morning/ Now We're One/ THE DO RE MI TRIO: I'm Only Human/ THE FIVE BILLS: Can't Wait For Tomorrow/ Til I Waltz Again With You/ Till Dawn and Tonorrow/ Waiting and Wanting/ THE FOUR OF US: I Don't Need No One/ THE FOUR PENNIES: Shake A Hand/ THE PIPS: Ching Chong/ Whistle My Love/ THE RAIDERS: My Steady Girl/ Walking Throught the Jungle/ THE SWEETHEARTS: Everybody I Know/ Have You Ever Fell In Love/ In Between Kisses/ Superman/ What Did I Do/ What Will Mother Say/ THE THREE FRIENDS: Chinese Tea Room/ Jinx

VARIOUS ARTISTS Brunswick 55003 Brunswick Doo-Wop, Volume #3 ● CD $17.98
27 more featuring The Accents (6 fine tracks including their classic hit Wiggle Wiggle), Visions, Sugarmints, Three D's, Jaytones, Linda Hopkins, Four Pennies, etc.
THE ACCENTS: Anything You Want Me to Be/ Autumn Leaves/ Ching A Long/ Dreamin' and Schemin'/ I Give My Heart To You/ Wiggle Wiggle/ THE DO RE ME TRIO: I'll Never Stop Being With You/ THE FOUR PENNIES: Tis the Season/ LINDA HOPKINS: Happiness/ I Don't Know You Anymore/ THE IVIES: Come On/ Sunshine/ THE JAYTONES: Gasoline/ The Clock/ THE LORELEIS PLUS: Why Do I Put Up WIth You/ THE LORELEUS: A Strange Way/ THE MARIE SISTERS: Chicka Chee Cha Cha/ Oh Tony!/ THE SUGARMINTS: I I I Could Love You/ You'll Have Everything/ THE SWEETHEARTS: He's A Yankee/ THE THREE 3'S: The Happiest Boy and Girl/ THE THREE D'S: Nothing To Wear/ THE TRENIERS: Oh La La/ Rubbin Noses in the Midnight Sun/ THE VISIONS: So Close/ There'll Ne No Next Time

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bullseye 1001 The Best Of Bullseye Records ● CD $17.98
27 tracks recorded for this New York based label in the late 50s.
LITTLE JOHNNY ALLEN & GROUP: She's the Girl For Me/ Throw Away Your Troubles/ BUDDY BORNE & CANADIAN METEORS: That Big Old Moon/ THE CHORDELLS: Believe In Me/ Please Don't Go/ DEAN & MARK: Cry/ Tell Him No/ THE DREAMERS: Oh Yeah (Love's That Way)/ Only Your Love/ THE EL CAPRIS: (Shimmy Shimmy) Koko Wop/ Oh But She Did/ LORRAINE ELLIS & THE CROWS: Perfidia/ THE FOUR DOTS: He-Man Looking For A She-Girl/ Kiss Me Sugar Plum/ Peace of Mind/ Rita/ LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD & MONDELLO'S: Ruby Ruby/ THE SABRES: Calypso Baby/ You Can Depend On Me/ CLYDE STACY: Baby Shame/ I Sure Do Love You Baby/ TEXAS RED & THE CONTOURS: Comin' Home/ Turn Around/ THE TRI-LADS: Always Be Mine/ Cherry Pie/ FLETCHER WILLIAMS (LEAD OF FOUR DOTS): Mary Lou/ Stop Look & Love Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buried Treasure 0001 Windy Cindy Doo Wop To Soul ● CD $17.98
A collection of 24 unissued tracks and 5 unreleased alternate tracks featuring doo-wop and proto soul recorded between 1957 and the mid 60s. It includes several unknown groups plus tracks by The Dream Kings, Medallionaires, Nobles, Upsetters, Sheppards, Newports, Condors and others.

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