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VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 5123 Best Of Sue Records ● CD $11.98
18 track collection including 3 rough & raunchy early sides by Ike & Tina Turner, major sellers like Mockingbird by Charlie & Inez Foxx, The Time by Baby Washington, She Blew A Good Thing by The Poets, plus hits by Bobby Hendricks, The Soul Sisters, Barbara George, Jimmy McGriff & Wilbert Harrison. Too bad Collectables lacked the foresight to reissue some of the more obscure singles that have never reappeared in any shape or form. No sleeve notes. Good clean sound. (OLN)
TINA BRITT: The Real Thing/ THE DUALS: Stick Shift/ CHARLIE AND INEZ FOXX: Mockingbird/ BARBARA GEORGE: I Know/ WILBERT HARRISON: Let's Work Together/ BOBBY HENDRICKS: Itchy Twitchy Feeling/ Thousand Dreams/ THE MATADORS: Vengeance/ JIMMY MCGRIFF: I've Got A Woman/ THE POETS: She Blew A Good Thing/ PRINCE LA LA: She Put The Hurt On Me/ THE SENORS: May I Have This Dance/ THE SOUL SISTERS: I Can't Stand It/ IKE & TINA TURNER: Fool In Love/ It's Gonna Work Out Fine/ Poor Fool/ BABY WASHINGTON: Handful Of Memories, A/ That's How Heartaches Are Made

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 5071 Collectables Rhythm & Blues Christmas ● CD $11.98
LEE ANDREWS AND THE HEARTS: Bells Of St. Mary, The/ CHUCK BERRY: Merry Christmas Baby/ Run Rudolph Run/ LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS: Santa/ PATTI LABELLE & THE BLUEBELLES: Winter Wonderland/ FRANKIE LYMON: It's Christmas Once Again/ THE MANHATTANS: Alone On New Year's Eve/ THE MOONGLOWS: Hey Santa Claus/ Just A Lonely Christmas/ J.B. SUMMERS: I Want A Present For Christmas/ SONNY TIL & THE ORIOLES: Lonely Christmas/ SONNY TIL AND THE ORIOLES: What Are You Doing New Years Eve/ BABY WASHINGTON: Silent Night/ White Christmas

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 5525 Collectables Rhythm & Blues Christmas, Vol 4 ● CD $13.98
20 tracks - More Than Enough For Me by The Feathers, I Want You For Chritsmas by Rudy West & The Five Keys, Merry Christmas Baby by Don Julian & The Meadowlarks, Like A Kid At Christmas by The Five Boroughs, Winter Wonderland by The Blossoms and others from The Jaguars, Margo Sylvia & The Tune Weavers, The Echelons, Younger Dayz and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 5761 Constellation Of Chicago Soul ● CD $11.98
25 cuts of mid 60s soul recorded for the Chicago based Constellation label.
NOLAN CHANCE: Don't Use Me/ If He Makes You (He's Free To Take You)/ Just Like The Weather/ She's Gone (And She Won't Be Back)/ GENE CHANDLER: I Can Take Care Of Myself/ I Can't Save It/ Rainbow '65 (Full Version)/ Wish You Were Here/ LEE DORSEY: I Gotta Find A New Love/ Messed Around (And Fell In Love)/ SONNY HOLIDAY: Baby,Baby/ THE IMPELLAS: No More Tears/ HOLLY MAXWELL: (Happiness Will Cost You) One Thin Dime/ It's Impossible/ Let Him Go For Himself/ Only When Your Lonely/ BOBBY MILLER: Big Question, The/ I'm For The Girls/ Love Take The Case (For Me)/ Simon Says/ This Is My Dance/ Uncle Willie Time/ THE PEACHES: Baby Think It Over/ GERRI TAYLOR: Come Home I'm Lonely/ Empty Arms And Bitter Tears

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 5762 Constellation Of Rhythm & Blues ● CD $11.98
25 tracks recorded for Chicago based Constellation label in the mid 60s.
AL & BUNKY: Home Work/ GENE CHANDLER: I Hate To Be The One To Say/ Mr. Big Shot/ LEE DORSEY: Organ Grinder Swing/ You're Breaking Me Up/ THE DYNETTES: New Guy/ Witness To A Heartbreak/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON (PART 1): Aunt Molly/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON (PART 2): Aunt Molly/ MILL EVANS: I've Got To Have Your Love/ Things Won't Be The Same/ FRANKIE FORD: Ocean Full Of Tears/ THE FREEDOMS: Ten Steps To Love/ You Lied/ WILBERT HARRISON: Mama Mama Mama/ New York Worlds Fair/ SONNY HOLIDAY: School Days/ SANDRA LYNN: Sometime/ BOBBY MILLER: Whoa (She's All Mine)/ THE MYSTICS: Just A Loser/ The's Got Everything/ ROLLS ROYCE & THE WHEELS: The Frog/ THE SHEPPARDS: Give A Hug To Me/ Island Of Love/ CAROL VEGA: I Need You Around

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 5208 Harlem Rock N' Blues Vol. 1 ● CD $11.98
Just perfect for those long trips on the freeway - ten solid sending instrumentals and solo warblings from the Bobby Robinson, Red Robin, Fire, Fury, and Everlast labels of the 50's and 60's. Steering wheel tappers include #9 Blues/ Shake Baby Shake by Champion Jack Dupree, ably assisted by Sonny Terry, Brownie & Sticks McGhee, Wiggles/ Crying My Heart Out by Red Prysock and what sounds like the Tiny Grimes set of rug cutters, Hard Grind/ Scratchin' by ace wire-plucker "Wild" Jimmy Spruill, plus highly charged particles by Buster Brown, Tiny Grimes, King Curtis, Noble Watts, and June Bateman. Some duplication with previous vinyl and CD reissue product. (OLN)
JOHNNY ACEY: Why/ B. BROWN: Fanny Mae Is Back/ KING CURTIS: Mr. Crow/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE: Number Nine Blues/ JACK DUPREE: Shake Baby Shake/ TINY GRIMES: Juicy Fruit/ WILLIS JACKSON: Good To The Bone/ HAL PAIGE/WAILERS/BOBBY ROBINSON: Pour The Corn/ PAUL PERRIMAN: Keep A Callin'/ RED PRYSOCK: Crying My Heart Out/ Wiggles/ ROCKIN' BRADLEY: Lookout/ RIFF RUFFIN: That Night/ JIMMY SPRUILL: Hard Grind/ WILD JIMMY SPRUILL: Scratchin'/ TARHEEL SLIM: Wildcat Tamer/ SONNY TERRY: Doggin' My Heart Around/ NOBLE WATTS/JUNE BATEMAN: Go Away Mr. Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 5209 Harlem Rock N' Blues Vol. 2 ● CD $11.98
Since Bobby Robinson founded Red Robin Records in 1951, his production and promotion of great solid blues, vocal, and instrumental R&B have remained virtually unsurpassed to this day. Volume 2 embraces the talents of King Curtis, "Wild" Jimmy Spruill, Champion Jack Dupree, Red Prysock, Buster Brown, Hal Paige and The Whalers, Noble Watts and June Bateman. Hard R&B of the delirium tremens school. Usual sloppy packaging from Collectables, but the sounds are definitely worth it. Some duplication with previous foreign and domestic vinyl/ CD reissues. (OLN)
JOHNNY ACEY: Baby Please Come Back/ B. BROWN: Candied Yams/ JOHNNY CLEF: Baby Please Come Home/ KING CURTIS: Harmonica Twist/ DR. HORSE: South Poke, West Virginia/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE: Drunk Again/ Shim Sham Shimmy/ BROWNIE MCGHEE: Daisy/ HAL PAGE: After Hour Blues/ PAUL PERRIMAN: I Don't Need Nothin' Else/ RED PRYSOCK: Hard Rock/ Jump For George/ RIFF RUFFIN: All My Life/ I Don't Mind/ WILD JIMMY SPRUILL: Cut And Dried/ Kansas City March/ SONNY TERRY: Harmonica Hop/ NOBLE WATTS AND JUNE BATEMAN: Possum Belly Overalls

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 5210 Harlem Rock N' Blues Vol. 3 ● CD $11.98
More juke jumpin' finger busting inflammability from Bobby Robinson's 125th and 8th Avenue juice factory. Wowsters include "Wild" Jimmy Spruill's movingly beautiful Lonesome Melody, Champion Jack Dupree's down in the alley rendition of Highway Blues supported by Sonny Terry's anguished harmonica, Red Prysock's booting Hammer and the raunchy Cross Your Fingers Twist by the late great King Curtis. Assisting alumni include Tiny Grimes, The Whalers, and The Chas Lucas Combo. Some dupe with  foreign and domestic product. (OLN)
JOHNNY ACEY: Please Don't Go/ KING CURTIS: Cross Your Fingers/ JACK DUPREE: Highway Blues/ Stumbling Block Blues/ TINY GRIMES: Second Floor Rear/ WILLIS JACKSON: Hello..."Gater" Speaking/ Makin' It/ CHARLES LUCAS: Walkin'/ BROWNIE MCGHEE: Don't Dog Your Woman/ HAL PAIGE & THE WAILERS: Going Back To My Home Town/ PAUL PERRIMAN: Work To Be Done/ RED PRYSOCK: Hammer, The/ Jackpot/ RIFF RUFFIN: Gravy Train/ BUDDY SKIPPER: The Clock/ JIMMY SPRUILL: Lonesome Melody/ Raisin' Hell/ NOBLE WATTS: Jookin'

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 5416 Murray The K's Sing Along With Original Golden Gassers ● CD $13.98
A Murray Kaufman "oldies" reissue extravaganza of pop and R&B hits which seem to be reborn over and over on a multitude of instant collections. Joy juice includes Crescent City Joe Jones' 1960 smash You Talk Too Much, James Sheppard with The Heartbeats sings 1000 Miles Away, Texan Buddy Knox bounces through Party Doll, Sonny Til & The Orioles weep through Crying In The Chapel, Herbie & The Cleftones swing on Little Girl Of Mine, and The Crows jump on the inevitable Gee. Supporting cast includes Jimmie (Honeycomb) Rodgers, Continentals, Frankie Lymon, Jimmy Bowen, The Channels, and Playmates. No pics or decent booknotes - good for distraction during frequent California traffic jams. (OLN)
JIMMY BOWEN: I'm Stickin' With You/ THE CHANNELS: Closer You Are, The/ THE CLEFTONES: Little Girl Of Mine/ THE CONTINENTALS: Dear Lord/ THE CROWS: Gee/ THE HEARTBEATS: A Thousand Miles Away/ JOE JONES: You Talk Too Much/ BUDDY KNOX: Party Doll/ FRANKIE LYMON & THE TEENAGERS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE PLAYMATES: Beep Beep/ JIMMIE RODGERS: Honeycomb/ SONNY TIL & THE ORIOLES: Crying In The Chapel

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collectables 2829 The Very Best Of The King/ Federal/ Deluxe Years ● CD $15.98
Diverse collection of blues, R&B and soul drawn from the King, Federal and Deluxe labels. Mostly familiar sides with some obscurities thrown in for good measure.
HANK BALLARD AND THE MIDNIGHTERS: The Twist/ DAVE BARTHOLOMEW: My Ding A Ling/ TINY BRADSHAW: Soft/ THE DRIVERS: Smooth, Slow And Easy/ JACK DUPREE: Walking The Blues/ THE FIVE KEYS: How Can I Forget You/ LIL GREENWOOD: Grandpa Can Boogie Too/ WYNONIE HARRIS: All She Wants To Do Is Rock/ IVORY JOE HUNTER: Jealous Heart/ LONNIE JOHNSON: Jelly Roll Baker/ FREDDY KING: Hideaway/ THE LAMPLIGHTERS: Turn Me Loose/ PETE "GUITAR" LEWIS: Raggedy Blues/ LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD: Jim Wilson's Boogie/ PERCY MAYFIELD: Half Awake/ RUDY MOORE: Step It Up And Go/ PIGMEAT PETERSON: Everybody Loves A Fat Man/ THE PLATTERS: I Need You All The Time/ LULA REED: Rock Love/ THE ROYALS: Get It/ THE SWALLOWS: Beside You/ It Ain't The Meat/ SONNY THOMPSON: Mellow Blues (Parts 1 & 2)/ BILLY WARD & THE DOMINOES: These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You/ JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON: Cuttin' In


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