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Various Artists Collections - Ace Label Rhythm & Blues


INTRODUCTION: Britain's Ace Records label started in the 70s and rapidly acquired a well deserved reputation as one of the finest reissue labels in the world. It now has an extensive catalog of blues, rhythm & blues, soul, doo-wop, rockabilly, country and more. Whenever possible all tracks are remastered from original label master tapes by some of Britain's finest remastering engineers. When available, reissues frequently include unissued tracks and alternate takes. The accompanying booklets have extensive documentation on the performers, the music and the background to the recordings and frequently have rare and unpublished photos. When you buy an Ace release you can feel confident that you are getting the best.


VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 330 Kiss 'N' Tell ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 72 min., recommended. Yes, still more sixties girl group warbling. What's good about this set is that, in general, it manages to offer relatively obscure selections that happen to sound good instead of obscure. Even the obligatory Shirelles' tracks are originally unreleased songs, including the charming You're Under Arrest. Worth mentioning are Stop, Look & Listen by Les Girls (one of whom is Ellie Greenwich), a pair of Musicor sides from The Toys (beats their Dynamo stuff), the vaguely obscene Don't Hurt Me from Bernadette Carroll, and the previously unissued You Did The Best You Could by Candy And The Kisses. Plenty more fun where that came from. (JC)

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 424 Eddie's House Of Hits - The Story Of Goldband Records ● CD $18.98
After almost 50 years in the biz, Eddie Shuler has an impressive catalog of Goldband releases. This wonderful compilation gives a taste of the many styles issued from his Lake Charles, LA. address. The label's biggest hit, Sugar Bee by Cleveland Crochet, is here, as is Elton Anderson's charting single Secret Of Love from 1959. Vocal group buffs will appreciate Charles Perrywell & The Fairlane's smooth ballad You're Lonesome Now and Gene Terry & The Downbeats' 1958 effort Teardrops In My Eyes. Representing high energy rockabilly is Al Ferrier's Let's Go Boppin' Tonight. Other good reasons to get this include a fine unreleased version of Stormy Weather by Phil Phillips, Dolly Parton's first recording Puppy Love (at age 13), the originally unissued Blue Bayou Shuffle from swamp pop kings Cookie & The Cupcakes, songs by Juke Boy Bonner, Guitar Jr., and Ashton Savoy, plus more unreleased sides. Recommended. (JC)
Elton Anderson: Secret Of Love/ Juke Boy Bonner: Let's Boogie/ Cookie & The Cupcakes: Blue Bayou Shuffle/ Cleveland Crochet: Sugar Bee/ Johnny Duhon: So What/ Al Ferrier: Let's Go Bopping Tonight/ Guitar Junior: Goin' Crazy Baby/ The Crawl/ Sticks Herman: Teenage Baby/ Danny James: Boogie In The Mud/ Frosty/ Pee Wee Kershaw: You're So Fine/ Dolly Parton: Puppy Love/ Charles Perrywell: You're Lonesome Now/ Phil Phillips: Don't Leave Me/ Stormy Weather/ Big Walter Price: San Antonio/ Ashton Savoy: Rooster Strut/ Rockin' Sidney: No Future/ Gene Terry: Cindy Lou/ Teardrops In My Eyes/ Hop Wilson: Chicken Stuff/ Jimmy Wilson: Please Accept My Love

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 450 Gumbo Stew - New Orleans R&B From AFO Records ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, 60 min., recommended
The short-lived AFO record label was begun by former Specialty Records A&R man Harold Battiste and 4 of his musician friends --among them, Alvin"Red" Tyler--who thought it was about time for a black-owned label in New Orleans. Among their first releases was Barbara George's I Know (You Don't Love Me No More), which went to #1 on the R&B chart/#3 Pop. But by 1963 the label was dissolving. This disc collects released and (mostly) unreleased material by local talent, including Prince La La's <1.Things Have Changed, Dr. John's The Pot/ My Key Don't Fit, Willie Tee's a sad tale of near incest I Found Out (You Are My Cousin)(!), and fine tracks from Charles Carson, The Tick Tocks, Tami Lynn, The Turquinettes, Alvin Robison, Nookie Boy (=Oliver Morgan), and others. Learned notes from John Broven, superb music from AFO, and the coolest cover photo of the year. (JC)
AFO EXECUTIVES: Olde Wine/ EDDIE BO: Tee Na Na Na Na Nay/ CHARLES CARSON: Time Has Expired/ DR JOHN: The Pot/ My Key Don't Fit/ CORNELL DUPREE: Ignant/ BARBARA GEORGE: I Know/ WALLACE JOHNSON: Private Eye/ PRINCE LA LA: Things Have Changed/ MELVIN LASTIE AND HAROLD BATTISTE WITH CORNELL: Give Her Up/ ROBBIE LEE: True Love/ TAMI LYNN: Mojo Hannah/ NOOKIE BOY: I'll Make A Bet/ THE PASTOR: I Shall Not Be Moved/ PISTOL: Keep On Lovin' You/ ALVIN ROBINSON: Empty Talk/ Tuned In, Turned On/ WILLIE TEE: All For One/ I Found Out/ THE TICK TOCKS: Is It Too Late/ Mary/ THE TUQUINETTES: Tell Me The Truth

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 462 More Gumbo Stew ● CD $18.98
21 tracks, 63 min., recommended A follow up to Ace's earlier disc ("Gumbo Stew" Ace CDCHD 450), with both discs investigating the output of New Orleans' AFO studio and record label. Most of the tracks on this disc were recorded in the early 60s, and several were leased to other labels for release. Featured tracks include Lee Dorsey's Ya Ya, Eddie Bo's You Better Check, Tami Lynn's World of Dreams, Dr. John's The Fix (One Naughty Flat), Barbara George's Try Me, and a striking cover of the Doors Light My Fire from 1969 also by Tami Lynn. 14 of the 21 tracks are previously unissued. Fine sound, graphics, and liner notes. (DH)
JOHNNY ADAMS: Johnny A's Blues/ AFO EXECUTIVES: Wyld/ EDDIE BO: You Better Check/ LEE DORSEY: Ya Ya/ DR JOHN: The Fix (One Naughty Flat)/ Talk That Talk/ JOAN DUVALL: Two Weeks, Three Days/ BARBARA GEORGE: Try Me/ WALLACE JOHNSON: Clap Your Hands/ Peace Of Mind/ PRINCE LA LA: Need You/ ROBBIE LEE: Let Me Know/ TAMI LYNN: Light My Fire/ World Of Dreams/ PISTOL: Make Her Your Wife/ ALVIN ROBINSON: Better Be Cool/ I've Never Been In Love/ We Got Love/ WILLIE TEE: Always Accused/ It Was You/ THE TICK TOCKS: Gonna Get You Yet

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 493 Across The Tracks - Nashville R&B And Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 68 min., recommended As a tribute to Nashville pianist/ producer/ songwriter/ music director Theodore (Ted) Jarrett (b.1925/Oct/17, Nashville), this new compilation of his 1956-1965 productions (for his labels Calvert, Champion, Cherokee, Kit, Poncello, Spar & Valdot) is a perfect sequel to the three volume series of his early Nashville R&B productions, first issued on Krazy Kat Records in 1985-1989. Those early years involved being road manager with Morgan Babb and The Radio Four, and producing Fats Domino's 1951 Nashville session that resulted in Poor Poor Me ('52,#10 R&B). Except for Gene Allison (3), Larry Birdsong (5), The Consolers (1, unissued), Shy Guy Douglas (1), The Fairfield Four (1), Earl Gaines (1), Christine Kittrell (1) and Roscoe Shelton (1), most of the 20 different artists are new to reissue. Nashville born Versle Eugene Allison, without a doubt one of Jarrett's major stars, first recorded as a member of the gospel group The Israelite Travelers (Republic,'54) before recording R&B for Jarrett, mostly released on Vee Jay (1957-1961) and Jarrett's tiny labels. His three titles (I Understand, Now That We're Together, You Gonna Be Sorry) alone are worth the price of this CD. ACE has also included one track (I'm Going Home) by his brother Leevert Allison, also a former gospel singer with The Gospel Tones. Other highlights include Larry Birdsong's Somebody, Somewhere ('59), Earl Gaines' Best Of Luck Baby ('58), Christine Kittrell's I'm Just What You're Looking For ('59, with Jimmy Beck on tenor sax) and The Fairfield Four's Let Your Will Be Done ('59, with a Rev. Sam McCrary lead). With 19 of the titles written by Ted Jarrett, this first volume (of at least 2) is clear evidence that Nashville is not a one-music town and we have a lot to learn about Ted Jarrett. (EL)
GENE ALLISON: I Understand/ Now That We're Together/ You Gonna Be Sorry/ LEEVERT ALLISON: I'm Going Home/ JIMMY BECK & HIS ORCHESTRA: Pipe Dreams/ LARRY BIRDSONG: Do You Love Me/ Every Night In The Week/ Since You Left Me Behind/ Somebody, Somewhere/ Young And Fancy Free/ THE CHELLOWS: I Want To Be A Part Of You/ THE CONSOLERS: Thank God Things Are As Well As They Are/ 'LITTLE SHY GUY' DOUGLAS: Let's Rock And Roll/ THE FAIRFIELD FOUR: Let Your Will Be Done/ EARL GAINES: Best Of Luck Baby/ Now Do You Hear/ CLENEST GANT: Jump-jump-hi Ho/ RUDY GREEN: Oh Baby/ CHUCK HARROD & THE ANTEATERS: They Wanna Fight/ HERBERT HUNTER: Doctor Feel-good/ TED JARRETT: Let's Twist (slow And Easy)/ JOHNNY KEATON: Twistin' Usa/ CHRISTINE KITTRELL: I'm Just What You're Looking For/ LITTLE IKE: She Can Rock/ LUCILLE & THE STRANGERS: For You My Love/ I Know Johnny Loves Me/ ROSCOE SHELTON: Yesterday's Mistake/ JIMMY TIG & THE ROUNDERS: Small Town Girl

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 520 Still Spicy Gumbo Stew ● CD $18.98
24 tracks from the New Orleans AFO label - 10 previously unissued. 
JOHNNY ADAMS: A Losing Battle/ AFO EXECUTIVES: Money (That's What I Want)/ Nancy/ EDDIE BO: Check Mr Popeye/ I Found A Little Girl/ Now Let's Popeye/ Roamin-titis/ JAMES BOOKER: End Of A Dream/ NOOKIE BOY: I Got A Feelin'/ DR JOHN: Shrimp Boat/ The Point/ BARBARA GEORGE: I Don't Want To Be Hurted/ WALLACE JOHNSON: A Love As True As Mine/ ROBBIE LEE: Heart For Sale/ TAMI LYNN: Baby/ ALVIN ROBINSON: Cry, Cry, Cry/ Serpent Woman/ Sho' 'bout To Drive Me Wild/ Soulful Woman/ WILLIE TEE: Who Knows/ Why Lie/ THE TICK TOCKS: Somebody's Got To Go/ THE TURQUINETTES: Why Couldn't It Be Me/ THE WOOD BROTHERS: Love, Love, Love

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 555 Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Party ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 78 mins, recommended This collection is better than you might think from its title being a collection of hot, mostly rocking, R&B and blues with the odd slab of rockabilly thrown in for good measure. If you have a good collection of Ace recordings you probably have just about everything here on LP or CD but this collection makes for solid listening from track 1 to track 30. It opens with Joe Houston's stomping All Night Long and ends with Tommy McClain's soulful swamp pop rendition of Don Gibson's Sweet Dreams Along the way we get to hear Slow Down by Larry Williams, Sweetheart Please Don't Go by The Gladiolas, Jump Jack, Jump by Wynona Carr, These Golden Rings by The Jive Five, Have Mercy Miss Percy by Long Tall Marvin, The Masquerade Is Over by The Cleftones, hey Girl, Hey Boy by Oscar McLollie & Jeanette Baker, Right Now by Donna Hightower, Whose Been Jivin' You by Jimmy Witherspoon and more from Al Simmons, Slim Harpo, Richard Berry, The Cliques, Little Richard, Chuck Higgins & His Band, Al Ferrier, Marvin & Johnny & more. Roll back the rug and start partying! (FS)
JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON: Those Lonely, Lonely Nights/ RICHARD BERRY: Look Out Miss James/ Yama Yama Pretty Mama/ WYNONA CARR: Jump Jack, Jump!/ THE CLEFTONES: The Masquerade Is Over/ THE CLIQUES: My Desire/ AL FERRIER: Let's Go Bopping Tonight/ THE GLADIOLAS: Sweetheart Please Don't Go/ GLEN GLENN: Blue Jeans And A Boy's Shirt/ SLIM GREEN & THE CATS FROM FRESNO: Old Folk's Boogie/ SLIM HARPO: Shake Your Hips/ That's Alright Baby/ THE HARPTONES: You Know You're Doing Me Wrong/ CHUCK HIGGINS AND HIS BAND: Wet Back Hop/ DONNA HIGHTOWER: Hands Off/ Right Now/ JOE HOUSTON: All Night Long/ THE JIVE FIVE: These Golden Rings/ LEE KRISTOFFERSON: Night Of The Werewolf/ LITTLE RICHARD: Can't Believe You Wanna Leave/ LONG TALL MARVIN: Have Mercy Miss Percy/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Sweet Dreams/ TOMMY MCLAIN: Sweet Dreams/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE: Roll, Hot Rod, Roll/ Hey Girl, Hey Boy/ THE SYMBOLS: Crying My Heart Out/ LARRY WILLIAMS: Slow Down/ HOP WILSON: Dance To It/ JIMMY WITHERSPOON: Who's Been Jivin' You/ YOUNG JESSIE: Hit, Git And Split

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 561 Jiving Jamboree ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 62 min., recommended A particularly nice uptempo disc, one which explores the variety inherent in the evolution of jump tunes between the late 40's and the late 50's. The opening track, from 1949, is Saturday Night Fish Fry by Louis Jordan. Night Life Boogie by Jimmy Liggins is from the same year. On the other end of the time spectrum here we have Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day and Hey Girl, Hey Boy by Oscar McLollie & Jeanette Baker, both from 1958. Cuts laid down between those years include The Honeydripper by Joe Liggins, Wet Back Hop by Chuck Higgins, Hit Git and Split by Young Jessie, That's All by Etta James, and Flat Foot Sam by TV Slim. Not a monotonous program at all. And it's put together with Ace's usual finesse, which this time out includes another of those great photos that bespeaks the multi-ethnic power of rock 'n' roll and its immediate precursors - an Asian-American (?) couple happily jitterbugging at what appears to be a crowded dance. (DH)
JESSE BELVIN: Love, Love Of My Life/ THE CADETS: I Want You/ WYNONA CARR: Ding Dong Daddy/ EUGENE CHURCH: Don't Stop Loving Me/ DADDY CLEANHEAD: Something's Goin' On In My Room/ DOLLY COOPER: My Man/ BOBBY DAY: Rockin' Robin/ PAUL GAYTEN: Music Goes Round And Round/ CLARENCE HENRY: Ain't Got No Home/ CHUCK HIGGINS: Wet Back Hop/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Buzz, Buzz, Buzz/ JOE HOUSTON: Rock That Boogie/ CAMILLE HOWARD: O Sole Mio Boogie/ ETTA JAMES: That's All/ LOUIS JORDAN: Saturday Night Fish Fry/ JIMMY LIGGINS: Nite Life Boogie/ JOE LIGGINS: The Honeydripper/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE & JEANETTE BAKER: Hey Girl, Hey Boy/ THE MILLS BROTHERS: Opus One/ ROY MILTON & HIS ORCHESTRA: You Got Me Reelin' And Rockin'/ THE MONITORS: My Baby's Rockin'/ T.V. SLIM: Flat Foot Sam/ BIG MAMA THORNTON: They Call Me Big Mama/ THE TITANS: Free And Easy/ YOUNG JESSIE: Hit, Git And Split

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 660 The Heart Of Southern Soul, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
Not a new release but we haven't listed this before and it may be going out of print soon. A third collection of Southern soul recorded for Excello and it's affiliated labels. 22 tracks recorded between 1968 and 1973 featuring Freddie North, Rose Davis, Big T & The Pacemakers, 5 Degrees Farenheit, Doris Duke, Art Gentry, Jerry Washington, Jimmy Jules, Bobby Powell and others.

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 679 The Frisco Records Story ● CD $18.98
25 fine cuts from small New Orleans label active in early 60s -Danny White, Al Adams, Willie West, The Rouzan Sisters and others. Includes unissued sides and previously unissued stereo mixes. Mostly recorded in famed Cosimo's studio with top N.O. sidemen.
AL ADAMS: Baby It's Love/ Too Many Heartaches/ PORGY & THE POLKA DOTS: Say Yeah/ WANDA ROUZAN: Long Time No See/ Would You Love Me/ THE ROUZAN SISTERS: Dance Every Dance/ Men Of War/ THE ROYAL DUKES OF RHYTHM: My Heavy Load/ The Flirt/ WILLIE WEST: Am I The Fool/ Don't Be Ashamed To Cry/ I Need Your Love (baby)/ I'm Back Again/ Lost Love/ You Told Me/ DANNY WHITE: Can't Do Nothing Without You/ Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye/ Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (promo Version)/ Loan Me A Handkerchief/ My Living Doll/ Never Tell Your Friend/ One Little Lie/ The Little Bitty Things/ The Twitch/ Why Must I Be Blue

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 706 Jiving Jamboree, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 60 mins, recommended. Another delightful collection of uptempo R&B numbers from the late 40s and 50s (vol one is Ace 561) that are popular in the clubs in Britain. A few familiar titles (Slow Down by Larry Williams, The Big Beat by Fats Domino) plus lots of osbcure but fine tracks (Romp & Stomp Blues by Mercy Dee, Buick '59 by Vernon Green & The Medallions, Shout, Shout, Shout by Candy Rivers, Rock Bottom by Gene Phillips, etc). The collection draws on a wide range of labels and, as usual for Ace, have been remastered from original tapes wherever possible. (FS)
BUDDY BANKS: Happy Home Blues/ DAVE BARTHOLOMEW: When The Saints Go Marching In Boogie/ MERCY DEE: Romp And Stomp Blues/ THE DEEP RIVER BOYS: Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie/ FATS DOMINO: The Big Beat/ THE DU-DROPPERS: Bambalam/ THE FIVE KEYS: My Pigeon's Gone/ GENE & EUNICE: Bom Bom Lulu/ VERNON GREEN & THE MEDALLIONS: Buick '59/ BIG JOHN GREER: Bottle It Up And Go/ RENE HALL: Twitchy/ DON JULIAN & THE MEADOWLARKS: Boogie Woogie Teenage/ SONNY KNIGHT: Keep A-Walkin'/ SMILEY LEWIS: Bumpity Bump/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Wine Woogie/ JACK MCVEA: Wine-O/ LIL MILLETT: Rock Around The Clock/ GENE PHILLIPS: Rock Bottom/ LOUIS PRIMA WITH SAM BUTERA: Be Mine/ THE PRISONAIRES: Don't Say Tomorrow/ CANDY RIVERS: Shout, Shout, Shout/ THE TRENIERS: Go! Go! Go!/ ANITA TUCKER: Hop, Skip And Jump/ LARRY WILLIAMS: Slow Down

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 711 Where The Girls Are, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
A second collection of solo and girl group goodies. This one features 30 tracks from Scepter/Wand, Musicor and Affiliated labels including Maxine Brown, betty LaVette, The Fawns, Teardrops, Relatives, Shanga Las and others.
BABY JANE AND THE ROCKABYES: Half Deserted Street/ Happy Birthday (Wherever You Are)/ BARBARA AND BRENDA: Too Young To Be Fooled/ MAXINE BROWN: She's Got Everything/ Whatever Happened To Our Love/ CANDY AND THE KISSES: I'll Settle For You/ Sweet And Lovely/ THE CHARMERS: Looking For Trouble (Alt. Vocal)/ DIANE AND ANNITA: A Groovy Kind Of Love/ Dark Shadows And Empty Hallways/ NELLA DODDS: Dream Boy/ To Get Your Love Back/ ERNESTINE EADY: That's The Way It Goes/ The Change/ THE FAWNS: I've Got A Crush On Teacher/ GOLDIE AND THE GINGERBREADS: Bye Bye Baby/ JACKIE HAYES: Johnny Drive Me Home/ MARIE KNIGHT: Hey, Tell Me Boy/ BETTY LAVETTE: Happiness Will Only Cost You One Thin Dime/ TAMMY MONTGOMERY: Voice Of Experience/ THE RELATIVES: A Change Of Heart/ THE SHANGRI-LAS: Hate To Say I Told You So/ Wishing Well/ THE SHIRELLES: I Didn't Mean To Hurt You/ Make The Night A Little Longer/ SILKY AND THE SHANTUNGS: He's A Fink/ THE SONNETTES: Lonesome Native Girl/ THE TEARDROPS: I Love You/ You Won't Be There/ THE TOYS: Let Me Down Easy

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 718 Let The Boogie Woogie Rock And Roll ● CD $22.98
25 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended Fabulous collection of rocking blues and R&B from Atlantic and its subsidiaries Atco and Eastwest. The recordings range from 1949 through 1961 with the majority being from the mid-50s. There are some familiar classics like Ray Charles' Mess Around, The Clovers' Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash and Lavern Baker's great answer song to Elvis's Little Sister called Hey Memphis. There are also a lot of obscure but equally fine numbers, some making their first appearance on CD. Among the highlights of the lesser known artists are Hal Paige & His Blues Boys with the great Louisiana flavored Big Foot May, Eunice Davis's wonderful tribute to Harlem's main drag My Beat Is 125th Street, Young Jessie's Young Jessie and two fantastic and very different sides from The Tibbs Brothers plus contributions Odelle Turner, The Titlers, Frank "Floorshow" Culley, Frankie Marshall and more. Instrumental work is superb throughout with lots of storming sax, bluesy piano and stirring guitar from New York's top session musicians. Sound is superb and the 16 page booklet includes notes by Charlie Gillett & Ray Topping and copious photos and other graphics. A must for your next party or listening session. (FS)
LAVERN BAKER: Hey Memphis/ RUTH BROWN: As Long As I'm Moving/ RAY CHARLES: Mess Around/ THE CLOVERS: Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash/ FRANK "FLOORSHOW" CULLEY: Rhumboogie Jive/ EUNICE DAVIS: My Beat Is 125th Street/ IVORY JOE HUNTER: Shooty Booty/ GEORGE "MR BLUES" JACKSON: Uh-Huh/ WILLIS "GATOR TAIL" JACKSON & THE 4 GATORS: Wine-O-Wine/ FRANKIE MARSHALL: Fanny Lou/ Why Oh Why/ CLYDE MCPHATTER: Let The Boogie Woogie Roll/ JOE MORRIS: Beans And Corn Bread/ HAL PAIGE & HIS BLUES BOYS: Big Foot May/ PRETTY BOY: Bip Bop Bip/ THE REGALS: Got The Water Boiling/ TOMMY RIDGLEY: I'm Gonna Cross That River/ CARMEN TAYLOR: Big Mamou Daddy/ MAD MAN TAYLOR & HIS PIANO: Rock'n'Roll Espanole/ THE TIBBS BROTHERS: (Wake Up) Miss Rip Van Winkle/ I'm Going Crazy/ THE TILTERS: Ee-Til-Ya-Dee/ JOE TURNER: Bump Miss Susie/ ODELLE TURNER: Alarm Clock Boogie/ YOUNG JESSIE: Shuffle In The Gravel

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 721 Swing, Jump & Jive ● CD $18.98
A collection featuring six of the most popular bands and artists on the current British R&B scene.
THE BIG TOWN PLAYBOYS: Ain't No Big Deal On You/ Girls All Over The World/ Hungry Man/ The Wobble/ THE CHEVALIER BROTHERS: Corn On The Cobb/ Wise Up Baby/ THE RAY GELATO GIANTS OF JIVE: Givin' Up Givin' Up/ Medley: Angelina /Zooma/ DANA GILLESPIE: A Lotta What You Got/ Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style/ Lovin' Machine/ TYRONE HIBBS & THE HIPSHAKERS: I'm Gonna Rock ('Til My Rocker Breaks Down)/ There Ain't Enough Room To Boogie/ You Better Believe It/ SUGAR RAY'S FLYING FORTRESS: Bim Bam Baby/ Dark Eyes/ Flying Home/ Sing, Sing, Sing/ You Got Me Reelin' & Rockin

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 745 Where The Girls Are, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
A collection of teen-oriented pop-soul recorded between 1962 and 1969 by female singers recording for Chess and affiliated labels. 
YVONNE BAKER & THE SENSATIONS: Party Across The Hall/ FONTELLA BASS: Safe And Sound/ JAN BRADLEY: Your Kind Of Lovin'/ BARBARA CARR: My Mama Told Me/ THE CLICKETTES: I Just Can't Help It/ MITTY COLLIER: Help Me/ ANDREA DAVIS: You Gave Me Soul/ SUGAR PIE DE SANTO WITH JOE HUDSON'S BAND: She's Got Everything/ JEAN DUSHON: As I Watch You Walk Away/ JO ANN GARRETT: (i've Decided On) A Whole New Plan/ THE GEMS: He Makes Me Feel So Good/ HONEY & THE BEES: Jing Jing A Ling/ GERALDINE HUNT: I Let Myself Go/ ETTA JAMES: Pushover/ THE KITTENS: How Long (can I Go On)/ THE KOLETTES: Just How Much (can One Heart Take)/ THE LOCKETS: Don't 'cha Know/ THE LOVETTES: A Love Of Mine/ MARGARET & CAROL: He's My Guy/ MARY & THE DESIRABLES: You're Changing/ TAMMY MONTGOMERY: This Time Tomorrow/ JACKIE ROSS: You Really Know How To Hurt A Girl/ THE STARLETS: My Baby's Real/ TIMIKO: Is It A Sin?/ CAROL VEGA: One Little Thing/ TAWNEY WILLIAMS: Pretty Little Words

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 761 Honky Tonk! The King And Federal R&B Instrumentals ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 64 mins, highly recommended Fantastic collection of blues and R&B instrumentals from the vaults of King, Federal and Deluxe. All the expected hits are here including Honky Tonk, Parts 1 & 2 by Bill Doggett, Sonny Thompson's Long Gone from 1948, Freddy King's always wonderful guitar instrumental Hide Away, Flamingo by alto saxist Earl Bostic and Blues For Red Boy by Todd Rhodes which subsequently became Alan Freed's radio theme song. There's also lots of lesser known titles like the great sides by Washboard Bill with King Curtis on tenor and Mickey Baker on guitar, two cuts from Texas guitarist Cal Green, Johnny Otis's supercharged Early In The Morning Blues with searing sax by Plas Johnson and atypical guitar from Johnny "Guitar" Watson. The latter also serves up his outrageous Space Guitar and the set is rounded out with tracks by three other superb and original guitarists - Roy Gaines, Pete "Guitar" Lewis and Jimmy Nolen. Sound, of course, is impeccable and there are informative notes by John Broven. A whole CD of only instrumentals is not normally my cup of tea but this one is so hot and varied from beginning to end I just can't get enough of it. (FS)
EARL BOSTIC & HIS ORCHESTRA: Flamingo/ BILL DOGGETT: Hold It/ Honky Tonk (part 1)/ Honky Tonk (part 2)/ Slow Walk/ ROY GAINES: Gainesville/ CAL GREEN & HIS ORCHESTRA: Green's Blues/ The Big Push/ FREDDY KING: Hide Away/ San-ho-zay/ The Stumble/ PETE 'GUITAR' LEWIS: Louisiana Hop/ JIMMY NOLEN: After Hours/ Strollin' With Nolen/ JOHNNY OTIS: Early In The Morning Blues/ Let's Rock (let's Surf Awhile)/ TODD RHODES ORCHESTRA: Blues For The Red Boy/ SONNY THOMPSON WITH THE SHARPS AND FLATS: Long Gone (part 1)/ Long Gone (part 2)/ WASHBOARD BILL: In The Morning/ Pot Likker/ River Boat Dock/ Washboard Story/ YOUNG JOHN WATSON: Space Guitar

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 809 Let's Jump ● CD $18.98
25 track collection of jump blues, swinging groups and general up tempo music from the vaults of Modern and affiliated labels.
BLINKY ALLEN & HIS ORCHESTRA: Chop House/ JERRY BRENT & HIS ORCHESTRA: Jumpin' At The Woodside (tk 2)/ Roll 'em/ IKE CARPENTER ORCHESTRA WITH LUCKY THOMPSON: Take The 'A' Train/ IKE CARPENTER & HIS ORCHESTRA: Things Ain't What They Used To Be/ BENNY CARTER ORCHESTRA WITH BEN WEBSTER: Cotton Tail/ Time Out For The Blues/ THE FLAIRS: Gettin' High/ LILLIE GREENWOOD: Boogie All Night Long/ JIMMY JACKSON ALL- STARS: Deep Purple/ JOE LUTCHER AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Rag Mop/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Tick Tock/ HOWARD MCGHEE WITH TEDDY EDWARDS: Groovin' High (pts 1 & 2)/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE & HIS HONEY JUMPERS: All That Oil In Texas/ Hey Lolly Lolly (tk 7)/ Lolly Pop/ The Honey Jump (part 1)/ The Honey Jump (part 2)/ Wiggle Toe/ VIDO MUSSO: Vido's Boogie (tk 1)/ JIMMY NELSON: Meet Me With Your Black Dress On/ GENE PHILLIPS & HIS RHYTHM ACES: Big Fat Mama/ Hey Lawdy Mama/ Rock Bottom/ JIMMY WITHERSPOON WITH BUDDY FLOYD'S ORCHESTRA: Jump Children/ JIM WYNN: Cold Blooded Boogie

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 778 Great R&B Duets ● CD $18.98
A collection of classic performances.
BROOK BENTON & DINAH WASHINGTON: A Rockin' Good Way (to Mess Around And Fall In Love)/ Baby (you've Got What It Takes)/ BETTY & DUPREE: I Hope You're Satisfied/ BILLY & LILLIE: Creepin', Crawlin', Cryin'/ BOB & EARL: Chains Of Love/ DON & DEWEY: I'm Leaving It (all) Up To You/ ETTA & HARVEY: If I Can't Have You/ GENE & EUNICE: Ko Ko Mo (i Love You So)/ Poco-loco/ HUEY & JERRY: I Think You Jiving Me/ JOE & ANN: Gee Baby/ JOHNNIE & JOE: Over The Mountain, Across The Sea/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Cherry Pie/ Tick Tock/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE & ANNETTE: Let's Get Together/ MICKEY & SYLVIA: Bewildered/ Love Is Strange/ ROBERT & JOHNNY: Dream Girl/ You're Mine/ RUTH & AL: Real Gone Party/ SHIRLEY & LEE: Let The Good Times Roll/ TARHEEL SLIM & LITTLE ANN: It's Too Late/ THE TEEN QUEENS: Eddie My Love/ IKE & TINA TURNER: It's Gonna Work Out Fine/ WILLY & RUTH: Love Me

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 781 Honk! Honk! Honk! ● CD $18.98
Honk if you like saxophones! 30 tracks featuring hot honking recorded in Los Angeles in the 50s for Combo and Dootone labels. Saxmen include Chuck Higgins, Joe Houston, Lorenzo Holden, Clifford Scott and others. To "enhance the listening experience", 12 tracks feature vocals from the likes of Roy Milton, Louise Beatty, The Savoys and others.
CHUCK HIGGINS: Bug Jump/ Kubeon/ Oh Yeah!/ Pachuko Hop/ The Rooster/ Wetback Hop/ LORENZO HOLDEN: Back Stage/ JOE HOUSTON: All Night Long (partial Vocal)/ Chicano Hop/ Drag Race/ Joe's Hot House/ Rock That Boogie (partial Vocal)/ Shuckin' 'n' A Jivin' (partial Vocal)/ THE JONESY COMBO FEATURING FLETCHER SMITH'S: Ting Ting Boom Scat (vocal)/ JACK MCVEA: I'll Get Along Somehow/ Oh How I Miss You Tonight/ Tequila Hop/ Ube Dubie/ Wine-o (aka Wino) (partial Vocal)/ Yacka Hoom Boom (vocal)/ Chop Chop Boom/ Let's Ride Ride Ride (vocal)/ Trying To Tell Ya (vocal)/ ROY MILTON: Baby I'm Gone (vocal)/ You Got Me Reeling And Rocking (vocal)/ JAKE PORTER & THE COMBONETTES: Hi-diddle Diddle (vocal)/ FLOYD TURNHAM: Rocket Ride (parts 1 & 2)/ Beer Drinkin' Woman (vocal)/ Haste Makes A Waste (vocal)/ BROTHER WOODMAN WITH AL SMITH & THE SAVOYS: Lovin' Man (vocal)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 784 The Modern Story ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 79 min, essential
What a collection! There's been tons of reissues of the Modern/Flair/RPM label, but none as thorough as this set. All styles of music are here, including blues, R&B, soul, doo-wop, country blues, gospel, even rockabilly (a blazing Mama's Little Baby by Junior Thompson & The Meteors). From the '51 recordings of BB King (3 Oclock Blues) & John Lee Hooker (In The Mood) through Lowell Fulson's classic Tramp from '67, everyone's a winner. Complete notes on everyone, with loads of rare pics. Includes such all-time gems as Elmore James - Dust My Blues, Lightnin' Hopkins - Jake Head Boogie, Jesse Belvin - Goodnight My Love, Young Jessie - Mary Lou, The Ikettes - Peaches & Cream, The Cadets - Stranded In The Jungle, more by Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Ike & Tina Turner, Etta James, ZZ Hill, Rosco Gordon. (GM)
JESSE BELVIN: Goodnight My Love (pleasant Dreams)/ RICHARD BERRY: The Big Break/ THE CADETS: Stranded In The Jungle/ THE CLIQUES: The Girl In My Dreams/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: Texas Hop/ LOWELL FULSON: Tramp/ ROSCO GORDON: No More Doggin'/ SHIRLEY GUNTER: Oop Shoop/ Z.Z. HILL: I Need Someone (to Love Me)/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: In The Mood/ LIGHTNING HOPKINS: Jake Head Boogie/ JOE HOUSTON: All Night Long/ HOWLING WOLF: My Baby Stole Off/ THE IKETTES: Peaches 'n' Cream/ THE JACKS: Why Don't You Write Me/ ELMORE JAMES: Blues Before Sunrise/ Dust My Blues/ ETTA JAMES: Good Rockin' Daddy/ B. B. KING: Three O' Clock Blues/ IRA MAE LITTLEJOHN: Go Devil Go/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Cherry Pie/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: Gonna Tell Your Mother/ THE TEEN QUEENS: Eddie My Love/ JUNIOR THOMPSON WITH THE METEORS: Mama's Little Baby/ IKE TURNER: Cubano Jump/ IKE & TINA TURNER: I Can't Believe What You Say/ JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON: Three Hours Past Midnight/ YOUNG JESSIE: Mary Lou

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 819 Great R&B Instrumentals ● CD $18.98
Classic R&B instrumentals from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
LEE ALLEN: Boppin' At The Hop/ IRVING ASHBY: Big Guitar/ JIMMY BECK: Pipe Dreams/ BOOKER T & THE MGS: Red Beans And Rice/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: Blues After Hours/ LARRY DALE: Keep Getting Up/ MAXWELL DAVIS: Boogie Cocktails/ BIG BOB DOUGHERTY: Honky/ ERNIE FIELDS ORCHESTRA: The Happy Whistler/ JIMMY FORREST: Night Train/ ERNIE FREEMAN COMBO: Jivin' Around Pt 1/ Jivin' Around Pt 2/ LLOYD GLENN: Southbound Special/ RENE HALL'S ORCHESTRA: Thunderbird/ JOE HOUSTON ORCHESTRA: All Night Long/ PLAS JOHNSON: Hoppin' Mad/ JOE LIGGINS: The Honeydripper/ LITTLE JESSIE: Huggin'/ BUDDY LUCAS: Deacon John/ THE MAR-KEYS: Whot's Happenin'!/ ROY MILTON: T-town Twist/ BOBBY PETERSON QUINTET: The Hunch/ GOOGIE RENE: Side-track/ WILD JIMMY SPRUILL: Hard Grind/ PAUL WILLIAMS: The Huckle-buck

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 848 Jiving Jamboree 3 ● CD $18.98
24 track collection of hot blues, R&B and some hillbilly recorded for King and Federal between 1949 and 1960 - Bullmoose Jackson. Mabel Scott, Tiny Bradshaw & His Orch., The Dominoes, Pete "Guitar" Lewis, Bob Newman, The Royals, Lula Reed with Sonny Thompson & Orch, Roy Brown, The Platters, Jimmy Nolen, Tiny Topsy and more.
ANNISTEEN ALLEN: Lies, Lies, Lies/ BOYD BENNETT AND HIS ROCKETS: Cool Disc Jockey/ TINY BRADSHAW AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Bradshaw Boogie/ ROY BRWN AND HIS MIGHTY, MIGHTY MEN: Fannie Brown Got Married/ THE DOMINOES: That's What You're Doin' To Me/ H. BOMB FERGUSON: Midnight Ramblin' Tonight/ WYNONIE HARRIS: The Deacon Don't Like It/ BULLMOOSE JACKSON AND HIS BUFFALO BEARCATS: Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/ THE LAMPLIGHTERS: You Hear/ PETE "GUITAR" LEWIS: Louisiana Hop/ LITTLE ESTHER: Hollerin' And Screamin'/ LUCKY MILLINDER AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Who Said Shorty Wasn't Coming Back/ MOON MULLICAN: Seven Nights To Rock/ BOB NEWMAN: Chic-a-choo Freight/ JIMMY NOLEN: Strollin' With Nolen (aka Oonchy Oonchy)/ THE PLATTERS: Voo-vee-ah-bee/ JESSE POWELL AND HIS ORCHESTRA: The Walkin' Blues/ LULA REED: I'll Upset You Baby/ THE ROYALS: Are You Forgetting/ JIMMY RUSHING: Hi-ho-sylvester/ MABEL SCOTT: Baseball Boogie/ BA BA THOMAS: Miss Shake It/ TINY TOPSY AND THE CHARMS: Come On, Come On, Come On/ ZEB TURNER: No More Nothin'

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 864 Rhythm Riot! Rockin' Is Our Bizness ● CD $18.98
Hot collection of rocking R&B and rock 'n' roll featuring original 50s recordings some of the artists who have appeared at Britain's acclaimed Rhythm Riot weekend in the past five years. Includes Joe Houston, Nappy Brown, Marvin & Johnny, Sam Butera & The Witnesses, Sid King & The Five Strings, The Bobbettes, H-Bomb Ferguson, Wanda Jackson, Jimmy Cavello & The House Rockers, Ivan (Jerry Allison), Tommy Brown, Rosco Gordon, Jimmy McCracklin, etc. Most of this material has been reissued before but this is a particularly nice compilation with Ace's usual high quality sound.
THE BOBBETTES: Mr Lee/ NAPPY BROWN: Don't Be Angry/ TOMMY BROWN: V Eight Baby/ SAM BUTERA & THE WITNESSES: Bim Bam/ JIMMY CAVELLO & THE HOUSE ROCKERS: Ooh Wee (you Sure Look Good To Me)/ THE CHAMPS: Tequila/ H-BOMB FERGUSON: Good Lovin'/ FRANKIE FORD: Sea Cruise/ ROSCO GORDON: Rosco's Boogie/ T Model Boogie/ VERNON GREEN & THE MEDALLIONS: Push Button Automobile/ HARDROCK GUNTER: Birmingham Bounce/ JOE HOUSTON: All Night Long/ Houston Shuffle/ IVAN: Real Wild Child/ WANDA JACKSON: Baby Loves Him/ SID KING & THE FIVE STRINGS: Sag Drag And Fall/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Kiss Me/ Will You Love Me/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: Let's Do It/ Rockin' All Day/ 'BIG' JAY MCNEELY: Nervous Man Nervous/ HAL SINGER & HIS ORCHESTRA: Hound's Tooth/ THE TEENAGERS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE TRENIERS: Rockin' Is Our Business

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 880 Great Googa Mooga! ● CD $18.98
27 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
I can do no better than quote the publicity material on this "The Keats versus Dylan (Thomas) argument is finally put to rest, as 26 intellectual giants battle it out in a titanic struggle to be the first to solve the fundamental problem of Art, Life, the Universe and Everything". In other words we have here a collection of rhythm & blues and rock 'n' roll recordings which answer these questions in their title such as Heeby Jeebies by Larry Williams, Great Googa Mooga by Tom & Jerrio, Bip Bop Bip by Pretty Boy, Um Bow Wow by The Bobbettes, Ting Ting Boom Scat by Jonesy's Combo, Du-Bi-A-Do by The Falcons and other gems. Quite a few tracks have been out before but not in this context and a number are making their first appearance on CD and their are several unissued alternate takes. Sound quality, as usual for Ace is unbeatable and 20 page booklet has extensive notes by Brian "What Me Wooga?" Nevill and great photos. (FS)
LAVERN BAKER: Voodoo Voodoo/ RICHARD BERRY: Yama Yama Pretty Mama/ BLUES WOMAN: Voo It Voo It/ THE BOBBETTES: Um Bow Wow/ BILLY BYRD & HIS PENGUINS: Boom Pacha/ THE CHIPS: Rubber Biscuit/ DOLLY COOPER: Ay La Bah/ DON & DEWEY: Bim Bam/ THE FALCONS: Du Bi A Do/ JESSIE HILL: Ooh Poo Pah Doo/ JONESY'S COMBO: Ting Ting Boom Scat/ LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS: Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop/ THE MAGICTONES: Good Googa Mooga/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & THE CROWNS: Oochie Pachie/ THE PENGUINS: Ookey Ook/ MARVIN PHILLIPS: Mamo Mamo/ PRETTY BOY: Bip Bop Bip/ THE RIVINGTONS: Mama Oom Mow Mow/ THE SAVOYS: Yacka Hoom Boom/ TOM & JERRIO: Great Googa Mooga/ LARRY WILLIAMS: Heebie Jeebies

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 941 Jumpin' The Blues ● CD $18.98
This 22 song compilation features a wealth of seldom heard singers like Stomp Gordon, whose excellent Damp Rag opens the proceedings, plus lively tracks led by Doles Dickens of Redcaps fame, Big Bob Dougherty, trumpeter Tiny Davis & her orchestra (the surprisingly racy Race Horse), Willie Brown (not the Delta bluesman) and Connie Jordan. We also hear from piano man Cecil Gant, Texas guitar slingers Goree Carter and Johnnie Brown, the sassy Margie Day with her bizarre Take Out Your False Teeth Daddy, Johnny Otis sideman James Von Streeter, songbirds Zilla Mays and Eunice Davis, and more. A high octane compilation of "four-to-the-bar" blues and boogie, taken from the R&B divisions of Decca, Coral and Brunswick and previously available some years ago on a series of LPs (now out of print). (MB)
JOHNNIE BROWN: I'm Gonna Stop My Foolin'/ WAYMON BROWN: The Six Hundred Block/ WILLIE BROWN: Cadillac Boogie/ Easter Bunny Boogie/ HAROLD BURRAGE: Hi Yo Silver/ GOREE CARTER: I'm Your Boogie Man/ I've Got News For You/ EUNICE DAVIS: Work Daddy Work/ TINY DAVIS AND HER ORCHESTRA: How About That Jive/ Race Horse/ MARGIE DAY: Take Out Your False Teeth Daddy/ DOLE DICKENS: We're Gonna Rock This Morning/ BIG BOB DOUGHERTY & ORCHESTRA: Big Bob's Boogie/ CECIL GANT: Rock Little Baby/ JOHN GODFREY TRIO: Yes Ya Do/ STOMP GORDON: Damp Rag/ Fat Mama Blues/ CONNIE JORDAN: I'm Gonna Rock (Till My Rocker Breaks Down)/ ZILLA MAYE AND THE BLUE CARAVAN: Nightshift Blues/ CECIL PAYNE: Block Buster Boogie/ JOEY THOMAS: Hobo Boogie/ JAMES VON STREETER AND HIS WIG POPPERS: Chit'lins

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCH2 979 Hy Weiss Presents Old Town Records ● CD $23.98
Two CD set with 60 tracks celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Old Town Records by legendary record man Hy Weiss. Old Town along with its various subsidiaries was one of New York's leading purveyors of blues, R&B, doo-wop and soul in the 50s and 60s and this collection spans the whole spectrum of the music and manages to turn up a few previously unissued gems. Among the many artists featured are The Capris, Billy Bland, The Five Crowns, The Valentines, The Harptones (including a previously unissued alternate take of Mambo Boogie), Ruth McFadden & The Supremes, Robert & Johnny, The Keytones, The Fiestas, Titus Turner, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry, Larry Finnegan, Buddy & Ella Johnson, Tarheel Slim & Little Ann (the previously unissued I Really Don't Want To Know), The Gypsies and many more. Includes 28 page full color booklet with extensive notes by compiler John Broven and tributes to Weiss and his labels from people like Joe Bihari, Phill Chess, Jerry Wexler, Donn Filetti and others.
THE ADAMS BROS: Burnin' In Pain/ EDDIE ALSTON: I Just Can't Help It/ BILLY BLAND: Chicken In The Basket/ Harmony/ Let The Little Girl Dance/ Sweet Thing/ THE BONNEVILLES: Lorraine/ VICKI BURGESS & THE SOLARETTES: I Call To You/ THE CAPRIS: There's A Moon Out Tonight/ THE CLEFTONES: Masquerade Is Over/ THE CO-EDS: Love You Baby All The Time/ THE CROWNS: Possibility/ LARRY DALE: Big Muddy/ Let The Doorbell Ring/ THE EARLS: Remember Then/ THE FAIRFIELD FOUR: Memories (of My Mother)/ THE FIESTAS: Broken Heart/ Last Night I Dreamed/ So Fine/ Try It One More Time/ LARRY FINNEGAN: Dear One/ THE FIVE CROWNS: Good Luck Darling/ You Could Be My Love/ BOB GADDY: Operator/ Woe Woe Is Me/ ROSCO GORDON: Gotta Keep Rolling/ THE GYPSIES: Jerk It/ THE HARPTONES: It All Depends On You/ Life Is But A Dream/ Mambo Boogie/ DONALD HEIGHT: I'll Never Forget You/ ELLA JOHNSON & BUDDY JOHNSON: Like You Do/ THELMA JONES: Never Leave Me/ THE KEYTONES: Seven Wonders Of The World/ RUTH MCFADDEN: Teenage Blues/ Darling Listen To The Words Of This Song/ Dreaming Is No Good/ BROWNIE MCGHEE & SONNY TERRY: She Loves So Easy/ GENE MUMFORD & THE SERENADERS: Please Give Me One More Chance/ THE OVATIONS: Day We Fell In Love/ THE PACKARDS: Ding Dong/ ARTHUR PRYSOCK: Good Rockin' Tonight/ ROBERT & JOHNNY: I Believe In You/ We Belong Together/ You're Mine/ THE ROYAL TONES: Crazy Love/ THE SOLITAIRES: Angles Sang/ Blue Valentine/ Please Remember My Heart/ Walking Along/ Wedding/ THE SUPREMES: Tonight/ Zip Boom/ TARHEEL SLIM & LITTLE ANN: I Really Don't Want To Know/ TITUS TURNER: Taking Care Of Business/ We Told You Not To Marry/ THE VALENTINES: Summer Love/ Tonight Kathleen/ THE VOCALEERS: I Need Your Love So Bad/ One For My Baby (and One For The Road)


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