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Various Artists Collections - Ace Label Doo-Wop


INTRODUCTION: Britain's Ace Records label started in the 70s and rapidly acquired a well deserved reputation as one of the finest reissue labels in the world. It now has an extensive catalog of blues, rhythm & blues, soul, doo-wop, rockabilly, country and more. Whenever possible all tracks are remastered from original label master tapes by some of Britain's finest remastering engineers. When available, reissues frequently include unissued tracks and alternate takes. The accompanying booklets have extensive documentation on the performers, the music and the background to the recordings and frequently have rare and unpublished photos. When you buy an Ace release you can feel confident that you are getting the best.
VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 242 The Dootone Story - Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98
Dootsie Williams put out some of the finest L.A. and Bay Area doo-wop during the 50's, and this collection fairly represents some of the best. Also included are Roy Milton and Chuck Higgins at their rockingest. Standouts are Be Fair by Oakland's own Pipes, Magic Mountain by The Medallions, Wet Back Hop by Chuck Higgins and Roy Milton's You Got Me Reelin' & Rockin' . Fellow warblers are The Crescendos, Silks, Meadowlarks, Calvanes and Romancers. The Ace LP has been supplemented here by The Penguins' Earth Angel, Willie Headen, The Cufflinx, and additional tracks by these artists. Duplicates cuts on Dootone albums 855, 224 and 223.... OLN
THE CALVANES: Flee Oo Wee/ THE CRESCENDOS: Baby Doll/ Ding A Ling/ THE CUFFLINX: Guided Missiles/ So Tough/ CLEVE DUNCAN & THE PENGUINS: Please Mr Junkman/ VERNON GREEN & THE MEDALLIONS: Buick '59/ Magic Mountain/ Speedin'/ WILLIE HEADEN: Let Me Cry/ CHUCK HIGGINS: Here I'm Is/ Tonky Honk/ Wet Back Hop/ DON JULIAN & THE MEADOWLARKS: Boogie Woogie Teenage/ Heaven And Paradise/ I Got Tore Up/ CHARLES MCCULLOUGH & THE SILKS: My Girl/ ROY MILTON & HIS ORCHESTRA: I Can't Go On/ You Got Me Reelin' And Rockin'/ THE PENGUINS: Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)/ THE PIPES: Be Fair/ THE ROMANCERS: Jump And Hop

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 309 Laurie Vocal Groups - The Doo Wop Sound ● CD $18.98
You may think that only The Belmonts, Mystics and Chiffons recorded anything of any lasting value on Bob & Gene Schwartz's Laurie label out of N.Y., but such thoughts are inaccurate. This 30-song CD contains some of the finest vocal harmony ever recorded during the white doo-wop revival period of the early 60's. Among the assembled gems culled from the Laurie vaults (including the label's subsidiaries) are heartaching ballads by Al Mickens & The Orients, Tony Gallagher and the renowned Passions (see Crystal Ball LP 138), the soulfully sensitive Ronnie Premier & The Royal Lancers, Davey Nichols & The Harps (Camelots) whose acappella output appears on Relic collections, The Bon-Aires, Dino & The Diplomats, Jo-Vals, Criterions, the fabulous 5 Discs, who surely deserve better recognition for their work, and The Del Satins (Dion's eventual backing group), to mention just a few highlights. Plus The Enchords, Salutations, Elegants, Motions, Premiers, Mystics, Holidays, Ovations, Rainbows, 4 Epics and 4 Graduates. The first 16 cuts appeared on the now out of print 1987 Ace album CH 205. (OLN)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 346 Laurie's Vocal Groups - The Sixties Sound ● CD $18.98
An amazing 34 cuts totaling over 76 minutes, all chronicling white vocal groups who recorded between 1961-65 for the independant Laurie label in N.Y. Most of the songs here are obscure, many showing the influence of the then popular Four Seasons. The only real hit here is Denise by Randy & The Rainbows. Other featured artists include The Tokens, The Bob Knight Four, and The Five Discs. Earlier Laurie compilations on Ace have focused on more successful artists; nonetheless, this collection should be of interest to fans of pre-Beatles white rock and roll. (DH)
THE BON-AIRES: Bye Bye/ Jeannie Baby/ BERNADETTE CARROLL: Nicky/ LENNY COLEMAN & EBBTIDES: 4 seasons/ THE CONCORDES: Away/ THE CRITERIONS: You Just You/ JIMMY CURTISS & THE REGENTS: Let's Dance Close/ THE DEL SATINS: Does My Love Stand A Chance/ THE DEMILLES: Cry And Be On My Way/ Donna Lee/ DINO AND THE DIPLOMATS: My Dream/ THE FIVE DISCS: Rock And Roll Revival/ THE FOUR EPICS: Dance Joanne/ I Love You Diane/ THE FOUR GRADUATES: Candy Queen/ Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/ THE HARPS: Marie/ THE ILLUSIONS: In The Beginning/ THE KARILLIONS: Love Boat/ THE BOB KNIGHT FOUR: Tomorrow We'll Be Married/ VINNIE MONTE: Walk Down The Aisle/ THE OVATIONS: Whole Wide World/ RANDY & THE RAINBOWS: Denise/ Don't Worry, I'm Gonna Make It/ Happy Teenager/ Little Star/ Sharin'/ Why Do Kids Grow Up/ THE RAY-VONS: Judy/ THE TEARDROPS: Champaign Lady/ THE TOKENS: I'll Always Love You/ Please Write/ BILLY VERA & THE CONTRASTS: My Heart Cries

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 351 Dapper Cats, Groovy Tunes & Hot Guitars - Dig Masters 3 ● CD $18.98
Ace continues to plunder the vaults of Johnny Otis' Dig label, with spectacular results guaranteed. The fun begins with two by Johnny ("Guitar") Watson, including Telephone Boogie with Jeannie Barnes. Otis produced many good, if obscure artists - Henry Strogin, Robert McKirby, Roy Easter and more - all of whom can hit a solid R&B groove, often with vocal group backing. Better known names include singer Devonia "Lady Dee" Williams, hot guitarists Pete "Guitar" Lewis and Jimmy Nolen, and Johnny himself doing Wiggle Walk/ The Blooper/ Dead Man's Hop. As far as I can tell, only 5 of these 24 tracks were ever released. Loads of fun here, and if you don't have 'em already, you got to dig the first 2 Dig volumes - Ace 325 Creepin' With The Cats and Ace 334 Dig These Blues. (see our blues catalog for details)  (MB)
TONY ALLEN & BARBARA: Check Yourself/ ROY "HAPPY" EASTER: Talk To Me Baby/ JESSIE & JOYCE: Much More/ RAY JOHNSON: Itty Bitty Bee/ PETE "GUITAR" LEWIS: Get Away From Here/ RICHARD LEWIS: Hey Little Girl/ PRESTON LOVE AND THE ORCHESTRA: Country Boogie/ LITTLE ARTHUR MATTHEWS: Bad Bad Bulldog/ Hot Diggety Dog/ ROBERT MCKIRBY: I've Been Blind, Blind, Blind/ ABE MOORE: Bingo/ JIMMY NOLAN: Jimmy's Jive/ JOHNNY OTIS: Wiggle Walk/ Dead Man's Hop/ The Blooper/ DESSA RAY: Ain't Gonna Tell/ LITTLE BILLY ROBBINS: Baby Please Come Home/ Gotta Have Lovin'/ T W SAMS: Someday/ HENRY STROGIN: My Aching Feet/ LARRY WATERS: Sad Stories/ JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON: I Got A Girl That Lives Over Yonder)/ JOHNNY WATSON & JEANNIE: Telephone Boogie/ DEVONIA "LADY DEE" WILLIAMS: Things Won't Be Right Without You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 392 Randall Lee Rose's Doo Wop Shop ● CD $18.98
30 songs, mostly familiar items & hits with Ace's high quality production.
THE BELMONTS: We Belong Together/ THE CADETS: Church Bells May Ring/ THE CAPRIS: There's A Moon Out Tonight/ CATHY JEAN AND ROOMMATES: Please Love Me Forever/ THE CHIMES: Once In A Whilie/ THE CLASSICS: Till Then/ THE CROWNS: Possibility/ THE DEL-SATINS: I'll Never Know/ DION & THE BELMONTS: I Wonder Why/ THE EARLS: Eyes/ Remember Then/ THE ETERNALS: Babalu's Wedding Day/ Rocking In The Jungle/ THE FIREFLIES: You Were Mine/ THE FIVE DISCS: I Remember/ THE GENIES: Who's That Knocking/ THE HARPTONES: On A Sunday Afternoon/ THE JARMELS: I'll Follow You/ THE JIVE FIVE: My True Story/ CURTIS LEE: Pretty Little Angel Eyes/ THE MYSTICS: Hushabye/ THE ORIENTS: Shouldn't I/ THE PENGUINS: Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)/ THE PENTAGONS: To Be Loved (Forever)/ RANDY & THE RAINBOWS: Denise/ RANDY AND RAINBOWS: Why Do Kids Grow Up/ ROSIE & THE ORIGINALS: Angel Baby/ THE SKYLINERS: This I Swear/ THE TEEN QUEENS: Eddie My Love/ CRESTS THE: Angels Listened In

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 417 Classic Doo Wop ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 64 min., recommended. 80's and 90's recordings done by at least the remnants of some of the premier vocal groups of the 1950's. All of the groups feature their original lead singers. Most of the numbers here were written by Dave Antrell, the Southern California doctor/record collector, well known for his ability to recreate the sound of the 50's. And most were originally released on the nostalgia-oriented Classic Record label, thus the play on words in the title here. Among the choice cuts are You Promised Me Love by Earl Lewis and the Channels, Come Back to Me by Margo Sylvia and the Tune Weavers, Miracle Moment of Love by Rudy West and the Five Keys, and Play a Love Song by the Jaguars. Good music, fine sound quality, and backward-looking notes by part-time L.A. FM deejay Steve Propes. (DH)
RICHARD BLANDON AND THE DUBS: This Time/ Wherever You Are/ HERB COX AND THE CLEFTONES: My Angel Lover/ You Lost The Game Of Love/ THE FIVE BOROUGHS: Heaven And Cindy/ One Too Many Lies/ GEORGE GRANT AND THE CASTELLES: One Little Teardrop/ Surrender To Love/ VERNON GREEN & THE MEDALLIONS: Accept Me For What I Am/ THE JAGUARS: Play A Love Song/ JOEL AND THE DIMENSIONS: My Juanita/ Sweetest One/ That's The Way It Goes/ Whispering Bells/ DON JULIAN & THE MEADOWLARKS: Our Love/ EARL LEWIS AND THE CHANNELS: You Promised Me Love/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE: Moonlight/ LEON PEELS AND THE BLUEJAYS: Alice From Above/ JOHNNY STATON AND THE FEATHERS: At The Altar/ THE STORYTELLERS: Heaven's For Real/ MARGO SYLVIA AND THE TUNE WEAVERS: Come Back To Me/ I've Tried/ RUDY WEST AND THE FIVE KEYS: Miracle Moment Of Love/ THE WRENS: Why Can't You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 433 Old Town Doo Wop, Volume One ● CD $18.98
27 tracks, 67 min., essential The first in a projected three disc series focused on the vocal group output of Hy Weiss's fine New York label and an easy-to-listen-to mix of ballads, medium tempo numbers, and jumps. Among the many highlights are Zu Zu by the Bonnevilles, A Fool in Love and Seven Wonders of the World by the Keytones, Later Later Baby and You Could Be My Own by the Five Crowns, Have You Ever Loved Someone and I Need Your Love So Bad by the Vocaleers, There's a Moon Out Tonight by the Capris, and Remember Then by the Earls. A must-buy disc, with first rate sound, excellent notes, and fine cover art featuring a photo of the Capris. (DH)
THE BONNEVILLES: Lorraine/ Zu Zu/ THE CAPRIS: There's A Moon Out Tonight/ THE CO-EDS: I Love An Angel/ Love You Baby All The Time/ THE EARLS: Remember Then/ THE ESQUIRES: I Fell In Love/ THE FIESTAS: Last Night I Dreamed/ THE FIVE CROWNS: Later Later Baby/ You Could Be My Love/ THE HARPTONES: It All Depends On/ Mambo Boogie/ On A Sunday Afternoon/ THE KEYTONES: A Fool In Love/ Seven Wonders Of The World/ THE LAURELS (AKA THE ORBITS): Message Of Love/ RUTH MCFADDEN & THE ROYALTONES: Two In Love (With One Heart)/ THE ROYALTONES: Hey, Norman/ Never Let Me Go/ THE SOLITAIRES: Magic Rose/ Walking Along/ THE SYMBOLS: Crying My Heart Out/ Last Rose Of Summer/ THE TRU-TONES: Why Oh Why/ THE VALENTINES: Tonight, Kathleen/ THE VOCALEERS: Haved You Ever Loved Someone/ I Need Your Love So Bad

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 470 Old Town Doo Wop, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 69 min., essential. Even before the celebratory dust had settled from the arrival of volume one, here is volume two in Ace's review of the vocal group output of New York's Old Town Records. It's every bit as good as that earlier issue and is again a solid mix of fine ballads and jumps. Among the many highlights are My Dearest Darling by the Clefftones, The Day We Fell in Love by the Ovations, Where I Fell in Love by the Capris, Life is But a Dream by the Harptones, Lullaby Of The Bells by the Five Crowns, Love and Devotion by the Vocaleers, and The Angels Sang by the Solitaires. Almost all tracks are taken from the original master tapes. The notes are genuinely informative, and the cover art features a classic photo of Willie Winfield and the Harptones. Great music, and volume three is due soon. (DH)
THE CAPRIS: Where I Fell In Love/ THE CHIMES: Mexico/ My Broken Heart/ THE CLEFFTONES: The Masquerade Is Over/ THE CLEFTONES: My Dearest Darling/ THE ESCORTS: There's Something Awful Nice About You/ Why Does The World Go Around/ THE FIESTAS: Our Anniversary/ So Fine/ THE FIVE CROWNS: Good Luck Darling/ Lullabye Of The Bells/ THE HARPTONES: I've Got A Notion/ Life Is But A Dream/ THE HUMMERS: Do You Know What I Mean/ Gee What A Girl/ RUTH MCFADDEN & THE HARPTONES: School Boy/ THE OVATIONS: My Lullabye/ The Day We Fell In Love/ THE PACKARDS: Ding Dong/ Dream Of Love/ THE ROYALTONES: Hong Kong Jelly Wong/ I Give You My Word/ THE SOLITAIRES: The Angels Sang/ What Did She Say/ THE SUPREMES: My Babe She Don't Want Me/ Zip Boom/ THE VOCALEERS: Love And Devotion/ THE WHIRLPOOLS AKA THE CLEFTONES: Little Girl (I Love You Madly)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 471 Old Town Doo Wop, Vol 3 ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 71 min., essential. The final volume in the Ace review of the vocal group output of New York's Old Town Records. The distinguishing characteristic of this disc, much like the first two in the series, is variety: a nice mix of ballads and jumps performed by no less than seventeen groups, with nine cuts unreleased in the 50s. Among the highlights are Indian Girl by the Capris, I Beg Your Forgiveness by the Co-Eds, My Heart by the Keytones, The Wedding by the Solitaires, My Faith by the Fi-Tones, and Please Give Me One More Chance by Gene Mumford and the Serenaders. Fine monaural sound, track by track notes, and a great cover photo of the Royaltones. (DH)
THE CAPRIS: Indian Girl/ THE CO-EDS: I Beg Your Forgiveness/ I'm In Love/ THE CROWNS: Possibility/ THE EARLS: Life Is But A Dream/ THE ESQUIRES: Why Must I Love You/ PEGGY FARMER AND THE HARPTONES: I Love You Baby/ THE FI-TONES: My Faith/ THE FOUR PHARAOHS: China Girl/ Give Me Your Love/ THE HARPTONES: School Girl/ You Know You're Doing Me Wrong/ You're Gonna Need My Help Someday/ THE INSPIRATORS: Oh, What A Feeling/ Starlight Tonight/ THE KEYTONES: My Heart/ RUTH MCFADDEN & THE SUPREMES: Darling, Listen To The Words Of This Song/ GENE MUMFORD & THE SERENDERS: Please Give Me One More Chance/ THE ROYALTONES: Crazy Love/ Latin Lover/ THE SOLITAIRES: The Wedding/ THE SUPREMES: The Last Round Up/ Tonight/ THE TREMAINES: Jingle, Jingle/ Moon Shining Bright/ THE UNIVERSALS: Think/ THE WHIRLPOOLS AKA THE CLEFTONES: Gloria/ Guess Who

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 569 The Legendary Dig Masters, Vol 4 : The Vocal Groups ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 58 min., recommended The first of two planned volumes from Ace focusing on the doo-wop gems from Johnny Otis's famed 50's family of labels - Dig, Ultra, and Eldo. And here, as in many other venues, there is plenty of evidence that Otis was a talent scout par excellence. Among the many highlights are Girl of My Heart by the Gladiators, A Fool's Prayer by Arthur Lee Maye and the Crowns, Blue Mood by Julie Stevens and the Premiers, In Exchange for Your Love by Little Julian Herrera, and eleven previously unreleased tracks, five of them credited to the Jayos. A classy package from start to finish, with fine graphics, excellent sound quality, and liner notes by Ray Topping. Too good to miss. (DH)
THE DING DONGS: Sweet Thing/ CELL FOSTER & THE AUDIOS: Another Chance/ Millie's Chilli/ THE GLADIATORS: Girl Of My Heart/ My Baby Doll/ LITTLE JUAN HERRERA: In Exchange For Your Love/ THE JAYOS: A Dying Love/ Ding-A-Ling, A Ling/ I Plead Guilty/ Wedding Ring/ You Think I'm Just Your Fool/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & THE CROWNS: A Fool's Prayer/ Honey Honey/ Only One/ This Is The Night For Love/ Whispering Wind/ THE PHANTOMS: Shoobie Dooby Mama/ THE PREMIERS: Can It Be Real/ Have A Heart/ My Darling/ JULIE STEVENS & THE PREMIERS: Blue Mood/ Crazy Bells/ Take My Heart/ THE TENNETTES: What Am I Gonna Do

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 570 Old Town Doo Wop, Volume 4 ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 65 min., recommended Vocal group fans can rest easy. Not only has Ace now come up with a fourth installment in its overview of the Old Town label's doo wop output, but, according to the liner notes here, there's a fifth volume in the planning stages. And, judging from the cuts included on this volume, none of it's filler. Among the fine numbers offered here are Round Goes My Heart by the Solitaires, Some People Think by the Capris, I Won't Tell the World by the Blenders, Summer Love by the Valentines, My Heart by the Fi-Tones, and When You're Smiling by Gene Mumford and the Serenaders. Several takes are previously unreleased, and the performances, the notes, and the sound quality are all up to Ace's usual high standards. Not a disc to miss. (DH)
THE BLENDERS: But I Know/ I Won't Tell The World/ Summer Love/ VICKI BURGESS AND THE SOLORETTES: I Call To You/ THE CAPRIS: Girl In My Dreams/ My Island In The Sun/ Some People Think/ Why Do I Cry/ THE EARLS: It's You/ THE FI-TONES: My Heart/ THE GEMS: Nursery Rhymes/ The Night Is Over/ THE HARPTONES: Life Is But A Dream/ RUTH MCFADDEN & THE ROYALTONES: You For Me/ GENE MUMFORD & THE SERENADERS: When You're Smiling/ NICK AND THE NACKS: The Night/ THE ROYALTONES: Crazy Love/ THE SOLITAIRES: Girl Of Mine/ Lonely/ Pretty Thing/ Round Goes My Heart/ Thrill Of Love/ Walkin' And Talkin'/ THE SYMBOLS: Lover, Lover, Lover/ THE UNKNOWN: Listen, Listen Baby/ THE VOCALEERS: I'll Be There

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 571 Old Town Doo-Wop, Vol. 5 ● CD $18.98
The 5th and final volume in this series features hits, obscurities, alternate takes and unissued tracks. Features tracks by Ruth Mcfadden & The Supremes, The Cleftones, Solitaires, Hummers, Crowns, Capris, Sharps, Earls & others.
BOBBY ADAMS & THE SERENADERS: All Alone/ THE CAPRIS: A Hum Diddley Dee Do/ Stars In The Sky/ Tears In My Eyes/ The Way I Love/ This Is Romance/ THE CLEFFTONES: The Last Roundup/ THE CROWNS: Possibility/ THE EARLS: My Heart's Desire/ PEGGY FARMER & THE HARPTONE: Dreaming Is No Good/ THE FIVE CROWNS: My Lovely One/ THE FIVE CROWN: My Story/ THE HUMMERS: 50 Strange/ THE INTRUDERS: Gloria/ Just To Be/ THE KEYTONES: What Is The Secret Of Your Success/ RUTH MCFADDEN & THE SUPREMES: Since My Baby's Been Gone/ THE ROYALTONES: Come Back And Give Me A Hand/ THE SHARPS: Teenage Girl/ We Three/ THE SOLITAIRES: Don't Fall In Love/ Embraceable You/ Helpless/ Lonesome Lover/ No More Sorrow/ Wonder Why/ THE SYMBOLS: Country Boy/ THE VOCALEERS: This Is The Night

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 579 Dootone Doo-Wop, Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 75 min., highly recommended Dootsie Williams' famed Los Angeles label once again gets the treatment it deserves in this Ace reissue dedicated to the various less prolific early 50's to early 60's vocal groups that recorded for the Dootone/Dooto label. Program highlights this time around include Guided Missiles by the Cuff Links, Let Me Give You Money by the Pipes, You're Not Too Young by Charles McCullough & the Silks, I Laughed So Hard by the Fabulous Pearls, Don't Take Your Love From Me by the Calvanes, The Day You Said Goodbye by the Dootones, Double Dealing Baby by the Souvenirs, and Only for You by the Cameos. Great music, solid notes by Jim Dawson, impeccable sound quality, and several vintage photos. And, speaking of the Dootone label, do check out the earlier Ace reissues focusing on the Penguins (Ace 249) and the Meadowlarks (Ace 562). (DH)
THE CALVANES: Don't Take Your Love (from Me)/ Flee Oo Wee/ They Call Me Fool/ THE CAMEOS: Craving/ Only For You/ THE CUFF LINKS: Guided Missiles/ How You Lied/ It's Too Late Now/ The Winner/ THE CUFFLINX: Zoom/ THE DOOTONES: Down The Road/ Teller Of Fortune/ The Day You Said Goodbye/ CLEVE DUNCAN & THE RADIANTS: To Keep Our Love/ FABULOUS PEARLS: I Laughed So Hard/ THE FABULOUS PEARLS: My Hearts Desire/ VERNON GREEN & THE MEDALLIONS: Rocket Ship/ DON JULIAN & THE MEADOWLARKS: Always And Always/ CHARLES MCCULLOUGH & THE SILKS: My Girl/ You're Not Too Young/ THE MEDALLIONS: Buick '59/ THE PENGUINS: No There Ain't No News Today/ Ookey Ook/ You're An Angel/ THE PIPES: Let Me Give You Money/ THE SOUVENIRS: Alene, Sweet Little Texas Queen/ Double Dealing Baby/ JOHNNY TWOVOICE & THE MEDALLIONS: My Pretty Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 588 Dootone Doo Wop, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 74 min., essential The second volume of Ace's look at the Dootone label of Los Angeles is every bit as solid as volume one. Cover art features a stellar shot of the Calvanes making a local TV appearance. The notes by Jim Dawson are intelligent and informative. And the music, in Dawson's words, is "sometimes crude, occasionally dissonant, but always interesting." Right on. Featured numbers include I Still Remember by the Romancers (led by Bobby Freeman), Honey Gee by the Saigons, Ay Si Si (Mambo) by the Dootones, I Ain't Gonna Cry No More by the Penguins, Did I Do Wrong by the Cuff Links, the very nice ballad Sailor Boy by the Dootones #2, You're An Angel by the Pipes, That'll Make It Nice by Eli and the Manhattans, I'll Never Love Again by Johnny Twovoice & the Medallions, and So Long Daddy by the Souvenirs. The West Coast vocal group sound at its best. (DH)
THE CALVANES: Baby Come On Come/ Crazy Over You/ One More Kiss/ LEE COLLINS & THE ORBITS: Tell Me Baby/ Two Crazy Scientists/ THE CUFF LINKS: My Heart/ THE DEBONAIRES: May We Be On Better Terms/ THE DOOTONES: Ay Si Si (mambo)/ If You Were My Darling/ Sailor Boy/ CLEVE DUNCAN & THE RADIANTS: I'm Betting My Heart (on You)/ ELI & THE MANHATTANS: That'll Make It Nice/ THE FASCINATORS: I Wonder Why/ HENRY HOUSTON & CUFFLINX: Lawful Wedding/ DON JULIAN & THE MEADOWLARKS: Heaven & Paradise/ THE CUFF LINKS: Did I Do Wrong/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & THE DREAMERS: Ding A Ling/ THE MEDALLIONS: Speedin'/ THE PENGUINS: I Ain't Gonna Cry No More/ THE PIPES: You're An Angel/ THE ROMANCERS: House Cat/ I Still Remember/ Jump And Hop/ This Is Goodbye/ THE SAIGONS: Honey Gee/ You're Heavenly/ THE SOUVENIRS: So Long Daddy/ JOHNNY TWOVOICE & THE MEDALLIONS: I'll Never Love Again

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 599 Combo Vocal Groups, Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98
26 tracks of West Coast doo wop recorded for Jake porter's Combo label in Los Angeles between 1953 and '58. Includes The Paramounts, Echoes, Nutones, Ray Frazier & The Blenders, The Squires, Jesse Belvin, Carl Ell & His Buddies, The Savoys, Sharps and more. Includes 10 previously unissued songs, alternate takes or acapalla versions.
JESSE BELVIN: One Little Blessing/ THE DEBONAIRS: (Why Can't We Be) As Other Lovers Are/ THE ECHOES: Tears/ CARL ELL & HIS BUDDIES: Sunshine/ RAY FRAZIER & THE BLENDERS: Darline/ Emmy Lou/ Oh Darling/ THE KO KOS: Oh Dear Beloved/ The First Day Of School/ BILL MASON: It All Comes Back To You/ GENE MOORE & THE CHIMES: Reap What You Sow/ THE NATIVE BOYS: Strange Love/ THE NUTONES: I Love You So/ Watts/ THE PARAMOUNTS: Just Once More/ JAKE PORTER & THE LAURELS: Take My Hand/ THE SAVOYS: Darling Stay With Me/ THE SHARPS: Honey Babe/ I'm Such A Lovin' Man/ THE SQUIRES: At Midnite/ Let's Give Love A Try/ Where Are You Tonight/ THE STARLITERS WITH JONESY'S COMBO: Sweet Sue/ DELMAR WILBURN & THE SQUIRES: Am I A Fool?/ BROTHER WOODMAN & THE CHANTERS: Fine Fine Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 603 The Ebb Story, Vol. 2 ● CD $22.98
30 tracks - 5 previously unissued - blues, R&B & doo-wop -Ted Taylor, Hollywood Flames, Professor Longhair, The Jaguars, Ebb-Tones, Twi-Lighters, Fabulous Tones, Riff Ruffin, Ray Agee and others.
THE 5 ORLEANS: Heavenly Escort/ RAY AGEE: When The Deal Goes Down/ TONY ALLEN: Why In The World/ THE EBB-TONES: Danny's Blues/ Trinidad Woman/ TOMMY ERKARD: Look Up/ THE FABULOUS TONES: Close To You/ TONY HARRIS: When I Get You Back/ You Send Me/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Give Me Back My Heart/ Just For You/ There Is Something On Your Mind/ Two Little Bees/ THE JAGUARS: Hold Me Tight/ Picadilly/ J.J. JONES: Harlem Nocturne/ TOMMY LAMPKIN: The Weather's Stormy/ PROFESSOR LONGHAIR: Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand/ Misery/ RIFF RUFFIN: True Confession/ SOUVENIRS (OR ROBIN MARTIN): Bump-de-bump/ TED TAYLOR: Days Are Dark/ Everywhere I Go/ Hold On (i've Got The Chills)/ If I Don't See You Again/ Very Truly Yours/ THE TEMPO-MENTALS: Burning Desire/ THE TWI-LIGHTERS: Live Like A King/ THE ZION TRAVELERS: Beautiful City/ Believe In Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 629 Southern Doo Wop, Vol. 2 - Krooning ● CD $22.98
24 tracks, 57 min., highly recommended This is volume two in Ace's overview of the vocal group output of Nashville's Excello label. It opens auspiciously with Juke Box Rock and Roll by Johnny Brag & the Marigolds, then moves on to the real stars of both this compilation and its predecessor, The King Krooners. Here, as was the case in Volume 1, the Krooners are featured in seven tracks, this time out including School Daze, There's Been a Change, Now That She's Gone, and What Does the Future Hold. Among the other solid selections here are Comin' Home to You by the Gladiolas, Sloo Foot Soo by the Seniors, Give Me the Power by the Five Chums, The Magic of You by the Themes, and You For Me by the Hollyhocks. Once again, a stellar collection of vocal group tracks from the American South, all recorded between 1955 and 1960. And Ace's production values, as usual, are among the highest in the industry. Not one to miss. (DH)
JOHNNY BRAGG & THE MARIGOLDS: It's You Darling It's You/ Juke Box Rock And Roll/ THE FIVE CHUMS: Give Me The Power/ High School Affair/ THE GLADIOLAS: Comin' Home To You/ I Wanta Know/ Little Darlin'/ Say You'll Be Mine/ THE HOLLYHOCKS: Don't Say Tomorrow/ You For Me/ THE KING KROONERS: Let Me Know/ Now That She's Gone/ One Day, One Day/ School Daze/ Steps Of Love/ There's Been A Change/ What Does The Future Hold/ LITTLE JOE THE GLADIOLAS: Run, Run/ THE MARIGOLDS: Rollin' Stone/ Why Don't You/ THE SENIORS: Sloo Foot Soo/ Why Did You Leave Me/ THE THEMES: The Magic Of You/ Yes! That's Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 676 Dootone Doo Wop, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
Another stellar collection of doo-wop from Dootsie William's Dooto & Dootone labels - 7 tracks previously unissued.
THE CREATORS: I've Had You/ THE CRESCENDOS: Baby Doll/ THE CRUSADERS: I Found Someone/ THE CUFF LINKS: Chancing My Love/ Hard Time Lover/ I Don't Want Nobody/ THE CUFFLINX: A Fool's Fortune/ My Love Is With You/ Trick Knees/ THE DEBONAIRES: The Cause Of A Bad Romance/ THE DOOTONES: Please Don't Stop Me/ Strange Love Affair/ Teller Of Fortune/ THE DOOWHOPPERS: Darling Be Mine/ Going Away Baby/ ELI & THE MANHATTANS: My Big Dream/ THE FABULOUS PEARLS: Baby Drop Top/ THE FASCINATORS: Shivers And Shakes/ Teardrop Eyes/ WILLIE HEADEN & THE BIRDS: Back Home Again/ THE CUFF LINKS: So Tough/ CHARLES MCCULLOUGH & THE SILKS: I Cried All Night/ Zorro/ THE MEDALLIONS: Edna/ THE PENGUINS: Baby Let's Make Some Love/ THE PIPES: Be Fair/ I Love The Life I Live/ THE SOUVENIRS: Look At A Fool

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 862 Flip Doo Wop, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
The third and final volume featuring Los Angeles vocal group recordings from Max Feirtag's Flip label recorded between 1955 and 1963. 22 tracks (two previously unissued) dubbed from original mastertapes. 12 page booklet has notes on all the groups by Gordon Skadberg.
RICHARD BERRY & THE PHAROAHS: Have Love Will Travel/ Louie Louie/ LENA CALHOUN & THE EMOTIONS: Been Lookin' Your Way/ I Can Tell (i'm Losing Your Love)/ I Ran To You/ THE DUKES: I Love You/ Leap Year Cha Cha/ THE ELGINS: Casey Cop/ Uncle Sam's Man/ THE FLIPPERS: My Walkie Talkie Baby/ THE IVY LEAGUERS & RICHARD OWENS: Beware Of Love/ THE KING BEES: Give Me Your Number/ Puppy Love/ THE MAHARAJAHS: Oh Shirley/ Sweet Loretta/ THE RAINERS: I Won $4000/ THE RU-BEE-ELS: I'll Try/ THE SIX TEENS: Oh It's Crazy/ JIMMIE SMITH: I Cry And Cry Every Night/ TRUDY WILLIAMS: Foolish Little Girl/ DONALD WOODS & THE VEL AIRES: My Very Own/ Stay With Me Always

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 698 Modern Vocal Groups ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 65 min, highly recommended. This is the first in a new series that will feature the many vocal groups that recorded for the Modern/ RPM/ Flair/ Crown stable of labels owned by the Bihari Family. The selections include the 1st releases by The Flairs (I Had A Love with a Cornell Gunter lead), Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns (Set My Heart Free with guest bass singer Randolph Jones), The Meadowlarks (Love Only You/ Real Pretty Mama - yes the Don Julian group, but with Ronald Barrett handling the leads), and The Native Boys. The highlight of the three tracks by Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers must certainly be Be Cool My Heart ('53) featuring sweet tenor lead singer Berdell Forrest. The three Original Jubilaires tracks should please all you fans of the early postwar group sound, especially their rockin' You Better Stop (unissued), the Mills Brother-ish Dreaming Of The Ladies In The Room (with, I believe, a lead by Bill Johnson), and Waiting All My Life For You featuring lead tenor Orville Brooks. Finally, fans of Grady Chapman & The Rob(b)ins will be pleased with the new alternate take of Double Crossin' Baby (the master take is on Ace 335 : JukeBox R&B) featuring ex-Johnny Otis associate Lorenzo Holden on tenor sax. (EL)
MICKEY CHAMPION & THE NIC NACS: Found Me A Sugar Daddy/ THE DRIFTERS: Sacroiliac Swing/ The World Is Changing/ THE FIVE HEARTS: Please Please Baby/ The Fine One/ THE FLAIRS: I Had A Love/ Tell Me You Love Me/ THE FIVE HEARTS: Let Me Be Your Man/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & THE CROWNS: I Wanna Love/ Set My Heart Free/ THE MEADOWLARKS: Love Only You/ Real Pretty Mama/ OSCAR McLOLLIE & HIS HONEY JUMPERS: Be Cool My Heart/ Falling In Love With You/ Love Me Tonight/ THE NATIVE BOYS: It Won't Take Long/ Native Girl/ BOBBY NUNN with THE ROBBINS: That's What The Good Book Says/ THE ORIGINAL JUBALAIRES: Dreaming Of The Ladies In The Moon/ Waiting All My Life For You/ You Better Stop/ MARVIN PHILLIPS & THE BARONS: Forever/ THE ROBINS: Double Crossin' Baby/ I Made A Vow

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 723 Modern Vocal Groups, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 66 min., highly recommended The second (of a projected 7 CD series) that gathers together the many groups that recorded for the Bihari Family of labels (Crown, Flair, Modern, RPM Records). A few of the groups (The Flairs, The Original Jubalaires, The Rob(b)ins, Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers, etc.) were included in volume 1 (Ace 698). New to CD are tracks by The Chanters (Tell Me, Thrill Me), The Cobras (Sindy), The Dreamers (At Last with an awesome Richard Berry bass lead), The Queens (Oop Shoop with Shirley Gunter) and The Stardusters (I'm A Fool To Care featuring the young lead singing of Anna Marie Woolridge, aka jazz singer Abbey Lincoln). Compilers rightly point out the importance of the Jefferson High Scholl as a training ground for all these Los Angeles-based vocal groups. In more than one way, this whole series is a tribute to the public school music teacher Samuel Rodney Browne (1908-1991) who was responsible for setting up the music program at Jefferson. (EL)
RICHARD BERRY & THE DREAMERS: At Last/ Daddy Daddy/ THE CHANTERS: Tell Me, Thrill Me/ THE COBRAS: I Will Return/ Sindy (aka Cindy)/ THE FIVE HEARTS: Tell Me, Tell Me Baby/ THE FLAIRS: Love Me Girl/ This Is The Night For Love/ SHIRLEY GUNTER & THE QUEENS: Oop Shoop/ What Difference Does It Make/ Why/ ANNA MARIE AND THE STARDUSTERS: I'm A Fool To Care/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & THE CROWNS: Loop De Loop De Loop/ Oochie Pachie/ Truly/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE & THE HONEY JUMPERS: Dig That Crazy Santa Claus/ God Gave Us Christmas/ THE ORIGINAL JUBALAIRES: Drinkin' And Dreamin'/ Little Church Of Capistrano/ You Won't Let Me Go/ THE ROBINS: All I Do Is Rock/ Key To My Heart/ Rockin'/ YOUNG JESSIE: Don't Think I Will

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 735 Buck Ram's Doo Wop ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 69 min., highly recommended Samuel "Buck" Ram, also known as Ande Rand and Lynn Paul, was born on November 21, 1907, Chicago, IL., and died on January 1, 1991, Las Vegas, NV. As a songwriter and producer, he will forever be connected with Tony Williams and The Platters, and with this new CD, we have his productions on groups like The Chesterfields (4), The Flairs/Flares/Peppers (6), The Colts (9), The Jewels (2), and single artists Shirley Gunter (1) and Linda Hayes (4). Collectors should note that 6 of the tracks are unissued. The talented Colts should be familar to collectors as their Mambo/Vita sides contain important recordings like Adorable ('55, covered by The Drifters), Honey Bun ('56, with a very recognizable Al Sears tenor sax break), and the Alan Freed-Buck Ram song Sweet Sixteen ('56, with a distinctive Ruben Grundy lead). The Aaron Collins-Willie Davis groups (The Flairs/Flares/Peppers) are derived from the Antler (I just love that name!), Ensign and Felsted labels, the highlights being I'd Climb The Hills And Mountains (The Flairs '57, with a Kenneth Byley lead), and One More Chance (The Peppers '61, with a Willie Davis lead). As for Linda Hayes, collectors will remember her Yes! I Know (an answer record to Willie Mabon's I Don't Know), and will not be disappointed with these recordings with former Count Basie/Johnny Otis sideman, saxophonist Earle Warren, and his orchestra, especially effective on the jump track You Ain't Movin' Me. (EL)
THE CHESTERFIELDS: A Dream Is But A Dream/ If I Saw You Crying/ Trouble/ You Walked Away/ THE COLTS: Adorable/ Guiding Angel/ Hey You, Shoo Bee Ooh Bee (Hey Pretty Baby)/ Hey You, Shoo Bee Ooh Bee (Hey Pretty Baby)/ Honey Bun/ Lips Red As Wine/ Never, No More/ Sweet Sixteen/ The Sheik Of Araby/ THE FLAIRS: I'd Climb The Hills And Mountains/ Swing Pretty Mama/ THE FLARES: Loving You/ SHIRLEY GUNTER & THE FLAIRS: Headin' Home/ LINDA HAYES & GROUP: Hubba Hubba/ I Had A Dream/ Take The Hand Of A Fool/ You Ain't Movin' Me/ THE JEWELS: Pearlie Mae/ The Wind/ THE PEPPERS: A Place In My Heart/ All I Ask Of You/ One More Chance

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 739 Wop Ding A Ling ● CD $18.98
Excellent collection of New York doo-wop recorded by legendary producer Bob Shad for his Time, Shad, Brent, Brent and Junior labels. A wide variety of groups and styles are presented and the set includes two previously unissued sides by the excellent Norman Fox & The Rob Roys which were scheduled to be issued as by The Tradewinds but never appeared until now. Also includes The Big Five, the superb Bertha Tillman with the Killers, the Fabulous Five Flames, Chevrons, Creators, Dolphins, Argyles, Buddy Clinton & The Belmonts, The Holidays and others. Quite a few tracks are presented in stereo. 12 page booklet has detailed booklet by doo-wop expert George Povall and rare photos.
THE ARGYLES: Vacation Days Are Over/ THE BIG FIVE: Baby I Need You So/ Blue Eyes/ Stardust In Her Eyes/ Wop Ding A Ling/ HANK BLACKMAN & THE KILLERS: Everyone Has Someone/ THE CHARIOTS: A Sunday Morning Love/ Gloria/ THE CHEVRONS: Don't Be Heartless/ Lullabye/ BUDDY CLINTON & THE BELMONTS: How My Prayers Have Changed/ THE CREATORS: Do You Remember/ There's Going To Be An Angel/ THE DOLPHINS: I Found True Love/ Tel Tale Kisses/ THE FABULOUS FIVE FLAMES: Lonely Lover/ No More Tears/ THE GARDENIAS: I'll Be Seeing You In My Dreams/ THE GENIES: S'Cuse Me Lady/ Where Did You Go/ THE HOLIDAYS: Come Back To Me/ EDDIE QUINTEROS & GROUP: Vivian/ THE SPIDELLS: Come Walk With Me/ THE TABBYS: My Darling/ Yes I Do/ BERTHA TILLMAN & THE KILLERS: I Wish/ THE TRADEWINDS (THE ROB ROYS): Aggravation/ Lonely Boy/ THE WHEELS: So Young And So In Love/ Where Were You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 741 Modern Vocal Groups, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 64 min., highly recommended A third volume of the vocal groups that were recorded during 1949-1956 by the Bihari family. As with the previous volumes, we have the usual groups (The Cadets/The Jacks, The Crowns, The Dreamers, The Flairs) supplemented by Buddy Milton & The Twilighters (Oo Wah), Curtis Irvin & The Sparks (Cheatin' On Me, Make A Little Love), and The Ebonaires (Song Of The Wanderer, Sleepy Time Gal). The Jacks/Cadets sides I find particularly strong as they feature the exquisite lead singing of future-soul singer Austin 'Ted' Taylor (Away, I Cry), Willie Davis (Why Don't You Write Me), and the recently deceased Will Dub Jones (Let's Rock 'n' Roll). For more of their recordings, I highly recommend their own Ace CDs (CDCDH 534/535). Other higlights include the singing of future lead singer of The Coasters, Cornell Gunter (1936-1990), on The Flairs' My Darling, My Sweet, and The Chimes' Love Me, Love Me, Love Me; and the late great Richard Berry, who's lead singing is heard on Together, Bye Bye (both with The Dreamers), God Gave Me You (with The Cadets). (EL)
RICHARD BERRY: God Gave Me You/ Bye Bye/ Together/ THE CADETS: I Cry/ Let's Rock'n'Roll/ THE CHIMES: Love Me, Love Me, Love Me/ My Heart's Crying For You/ THE EBONAIRES: Sleepy Time Gal/ Song Of The Wanderer/ THE FIVE BELLS: My Cutie Pie/ Please Remember My Heart/ THE FLAIRS: My Darling, My Sweet/ SHIRLEY GUNTER & THE FLAIRS: Ipsy Opsie Ooh/ SHIRLEY GUNTER & THE QUEENS: That's The Way I Like It/ CURTIS IRVIN & THE SPARKS: Cheatin' On Me/ Make A Little Love/ THE JACKS: Away/ Why Don't You Write Me/ ETTA JAMES & THE PEACHES: Hold Me, Squeeze Me/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & THE CROWNS: Do The Bop/ Love Me Always/ Please Don't Leave Me/ BUDDY MILTON & THE TWILIGHTERS: Oo Wah/ BOBBY RELF & THE LAURELS: Farewell/ Yours Alone

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 759 Group Harmony & Jump: Dig Masters, Vol. 6 ● CD $18.98
26 track collection drawn from Johnny Otis's Dig label including many previously unissued titles - The Phantoms, Tony Allen, Abe Moore, Jimmy Stephens, The Videls, Sugar Pie (Desanto) & Pee Wee, Prentice Moreland and others.
TONY ALLEN: I Found An Angel/ I'm Dreamin'/ I'm Still Your Fool/ Star of Love/ THE CLICK-CLACKS: A Teardrop Falls/ Baby I'm In The Mood For Love/ THE DING DONGS: Ding Dong (Saw Wood Mountain)/ LITTLE JULIAN HERRERA: Here In My Arms/ Lonely Lonely Nights/ Symbol of Heaven/ HAROLD LEWIS: The Drums In My Heart/ ABE MOORE: Way Down In My Heart/ PRENTICE MORELAND: My Mother's Eyes/ THE PHANTOMS: Crazy Little Beat/ My Delores/ My Sister Mildred/ Well Done/ THE SENDERS: Eagle Eyed Willie/ I'm Just A Lonely Fellow/ Uh Oh Treat Me Right/ JIMMY STEPHENS: Congratulations/ HENRY STROGIN & THE CROWNS: Why Did You Go Away/ SUGAR PIE & PEE WEE: Don't Ever Leave Me/ THE TEENETTES: I'm In Love/ THE VIDELS: Don't Cry/ Oh! Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 764 Modern Vocals Groups, Vol. 4 ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 67 min., highly recommended This installment devoted to the many vocals groups that recorded on the Bihari family of labels includes (as with the previous volumes CDCHD 698/723/741) tracks by Richard Berry & The Dreamers (Wait For Me), The Cadets (Church Bells May Ring/Stranded In The Jungle), Shirley Gunter (I Just Got Rid Of A Heartache with The Flairs), and Buddy Milton & The Twilighers (Please Understand/Say Another Word). Actually, Willie Davis's leads on The Jacks' This Empty Heart/I'm Confessin may just be worth the price of admission! Unusual for this series, the compilers have also decided to include a few 'single' artists that have an uncredited vocal group backing, including B. B. King's version of the Rudy Render hit Sneakin' Around, Jesse Belvin's Goodnight My Love, and the first recording by Paul Anka (I Confess/Blau-Wile-Deveest-Fontaine). Other groups include The Cliques, The Sounds (with Bobby Day), The Poka-Dots, The Honey Boys, Little Clydie (King) & The Teens, and The Trojans. So, another in a series that documents the many (mostly California-based) vocal groups that recorded for Flair, Modern, and RPM Records. Futhermore, expect more from Ace when it comes to the California sound, as they now have acquired the John Dolphin's labels (including Cash, Lucky, Money and Recorded in Hollywood). (EL)
PAUL ANKA & GROUP: Blau-wile-deveest-fontaine/ I Confess/ JESSE BELVIN: Goodnight My Love/ RICHARD BERRY & THE DREAMERS: Wait For Me/ THE CADETS: Church Bells May Ring/ Stranded In The Jungle/ THE CLIQUES: The Girl In My Dreams/ SHIRLEY GUNTER & THE FLAIRS: I Want You/ THE HONEY BOYS: Vippity Vop/ THE JACKS: I'm Confessin'/ This Empty Heart/ B.B. "BLUES BOY" KING & THE KINGS MEN: Sneakin' Around/ LITTLE CLYDIE & THE TEENS: A Casual Look/ Oh Me/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Let Me Know/ BUDDY MILTON & THE TWILIGHTERS: Please Understand/ Say Another Word/ THE POKA-DOTTS: A Ting A Ling/ Stairway To Love/ THE SOUNDS: Cold Chills/ So Unnecessary/ THE TROJANS: As Long As I Have You/ I Wanna Make Love To You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 783 Modern Vocal Groups, Vol. 5 ● CD $18.98
24 more vocal group gems from the vaults of Modern, RPM, Crown and Kent. Includes Jesse Belvin & His Space Riders, The Hawks, Rockets, Cadets, Tony Allen & The Wonders, The Cliques, a young B.B. King with group and more.
TONY ALLEN & WONDERS: Be My Love, Be My Love/ Everybody's Somebody's Fool/ JESSE BELVIN & GROUP: Just To Say Hello/ JESSE BELVIN & SPACE RIDERS: My Satellite/ THE CADETS: Heaven Help Me/ Wiggie Waggie Woo/ THE CLIQUES: I'm In Love With A Girl/ My Desire/ DOLLY COOPER & GROUP: Ay La Bah/ THE HAWKS: Ever Since You've Been Gone/ It's All Over/ DONNA HIGHTOWER & GROUP: He's My Baby/ Love Me Again/ JOE HOUSTON & GROUP: Come Back Baby/ Shtiggy Boom/ THE JACKS: Why Did I Fall In Love/ BB KING & GROUP: I Was Blind/ THE ROCKETEERS: Hey Rube/ Talk It Over Baby/ THE ROCKETS: Be Lovey Dovey/ You Are The First One/ THE SENDERS: I Dream Of You Night After Night/ THE SOUNDS: Anything For You/ Sweet Sixteen

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 817 Modern Vocal Groups, Vol. 6 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 61 min, recommended
The final volume of reissues of great doo wop from the Bihari Bros. Group of labels, Kent, Modern, RPM, Flair & Crown. One of the best here is the extremely rare Kent single (both sides heard here) by L.A. vet Bobby Sanders from '62 You've Forgotten Me/ Maybe I'm Wrong. There's plenty of other veteran L.A. area groups heard here, including The Meadowlarks (Pass The Gin), The Cadets (Love Can Do Most Everything), their alter-ego The Jacks (I Dream A Little Longer), & Tony Allen, heard here leading both The Wanderers (If Love Was Money) & The Niteowls (Give Me A Chance). There's a few surprises here, including group sound led by Etta James (Crazy Feelings) & even BB King (Please Accept My Love/ On My Word Of Honor). (GM)
THE A-RABS: Always On My Mind/ TONY ALLEN & GROUP: Dreamin'/ TONY ALLEN & THE NITEOWLS: Give Me A Chance/ TONY ALLEN & WANDERERS: If Love Was Money/ THE CADETS: Love Can Do Most Everything/ THE CLASSICALS: One More River/ THE JACKS: Dream A Little Longer/ ETTA JAMES: Crazy Feeling (aka Do Something Crazy)/ VINA JAMES & THE HI-TOPPERS: My Heart Is Not A Toy/ THE JEWELS: B. Bomb Baby/ She's A Flirt/ B.B. KING & GROUP: On My Word Of Honor/ B.B. KING & THE VOCAL CHORDS: Please Accept My Love/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Dear One/ THE MEADOWLARKS: L F M S T Blues/ Pass The Gin/ THE RAMS: Rock Bottom/ Sweet Thing/ BOBBY SANDERS: Maybe I'm Wrong/ You've Forgotten Me/ THE SENDERS: Everybody Needs To Know/ One More Kiss/ CURLEY WILLIAMS & GROUP: Be Mine/ This Heart Of Mine

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 825 21st Century Doo-Wop ● CD $18.98
26 track compilation of new recordings of doo-wop featuring some of the veteran groups still around along with new groups from around the world. Includes The Del-Vikings, Elegants, Regals, Eddie Pardocchi, Tico & the Triumphs, The Crystalaires, Ovarions, Joel Katz & Twilight, Kenny Vance, Del-Satins and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 826 Flip Doo Wop, Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98
First in a planned series of three volumes presenting vocal group recordings from the vaults of L.A. based label Flip, remastered from original master tapes.
THE BEL-AIRES: This Is Goodbye/ White Port & Lemon Juice/ RICHARD BERRY & THE PHARAOHS: Rock Rock Rock (This Dance Is Crazy)/ RICHARD BERRY & THE PHAROAHS: Take the Key (And Open Up My Mind)/ THE FALCONS: Du-Bi-A-Do/ Stay Mine/ THE FLIPPERS: I Knew You When/ My Aching Heart/ You Yakity Yak Too Much/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & GROUP: I'll Have Memories Of You/ THE RHYTHM MASTERS: Baby We Two/ Patricia/ CANDY RIVERS & THE FALCONS: Mambo Baby To-Nite/ THE SIX TEENS: A Casual Look/ Send Me Flowers/ THE SWEET TEENS: Don't Worry About A Thing/ Forever More/ DONALD WOODS & THE BEL AIRES: Let's Party Awhile/ DONALD WOODS & THE BEL-AIRES: Man From Utopia/ DONALD WOODS & THE BEL AIRES: This Paradise/ DONALD WOODS & VEL-AIRES: Death of An Angel

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 830 Queens Of King ● CD $18.98
24 track collection of female R&B vocal groups recorded for King and Federal between 1956 and 1964. All tracks have been remastered from original master tapes and eight appear for the first time in stereo.
THE BOBBETTES: Are You Satisfied (with Your Love)/ Looking For A Lover/ My Dearest/ RUTH CARROLL & THE HAMILTON SISTERS: One Honest Love/ Partners For Life/ THE CHARMETTES: Johnny Johnny/ School Letter/ LYNN DAVIS: My New Love/ BEVERLY ANN GIBSON: Call On Me/ THE HAMILTON SISTERS: Lonely Cabin/ You Are The One/ THE JEWELS: This Is My Story/ JUANITA NIXON: Let Me Be Free/ ALICE ROZIER: My Candy Man/ THE SHARMETTES: I Want To Be Loved (only By You)/ My Dream/ Tell Me/ THE SHONDELLS: Don't Cry My Soldier Boy/ Ooo Sometimes/ Special Delivery/ Wonderful One/ FAITH TAYLOR & THE SWEET TEENS: Won't Someone Tell Me Why/ Your Candy Kisses/ THE VONNS: Leave Us Alone

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 838 Flip Doo Wop, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
Second of three albums presenting Los Angeles based vocal groups recorded for the Flip label. This is the first time these have been reissued from the original mastertapes and includes sides by Richard Berry, The Pharoahs, Dukes, Lockettes, Dreamers, Cyclones, Arthur Lee Maye and others.
RICHARD BERRY: My Dear/ I'll Never Ever Love Again/ Somewhere There's A Rainbow/ You're The Girl/ THE CYCLONES: Do You Love Me/ THE DREAMERS: Do Not Forget/ Since You've Been Gone/ THE DUKES: Groceries, Sir/ Looking For You/ THE LOCKETTES: Puddin' Pie/ You Don't Want Me/ THE MAHARAJAHS: I Do Believe/ Why Don't You Answer/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE: Hey Pretty Girl/ ‘cause You're Mine Alone/ Tell Me Darling/ RICHARD OWENS & THE IVY LEAGUERS ACE00838: Deposit Your Love (in The Bank Of My Heart)/ THE RAINIERS: Where You Been So Long/ TRUDY WILLIAMS & THE SIX TEENS: Arrow Of Love/ Teenage Promise/ DONALD WOODS & THE VEL-AIRES: Heaven In My Arms/ Mighty Joe

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 852 Combo Vocal Groups, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
More West Coast doo wop from the vaults of Jake Porter's Combo label based in Los Angeles. Includes 10 previously unreleased sides. 
JESSE BELVIN: Where's My Girl/ BROTHER WOODMAN's COMBO & THE CHANTERS: Hot Mama/ THE CHANTERS: Do You Remember/ T. L. CLEMONS & THE SIR NITES: Who's That Girl?/ THE DEBONAIRES: In My Memories/ The Bill Collector/ The Cause Of A Bad Romance/ THE ECHOES: Have A Heart/ My Little Honey/ CARL ELL & BUDDIES: Bobby My Love/ THE KO KOS: Tender Love/ JACK McVEA with AL SMITH & THE SAVOYS: Chop Chop Boom/ THE NATIVE BOYS: Cherrlyn/ Laughing Love/ When I Met You/ THE NUTONES: Beans ‘n' Greens/ DANNY BOY OWENS: She An Yora/ THE PARAMOUNTS: The Rumba/ Thunderbird Baby/ THE SHARPS: All My Love (is Just For You)/ THE SQUIRES: My Little Girl/ Whop/ THE STARLITERS with JONESY'S COMBO: Arline/ UNKNOWN GROUP: Crazy Little Fever/ Heavenly Father/ DELMAR WILBURN & THE SQUIRES: I Want A Girl

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 863 Combo Vocal Groups, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
The third volume of doo-wop from Jake Porter's L.A. based Combo label features 28 tracks - 15 of them previously unreleased. Includes The Sharps, George Lebrune & The Native Boys, The Paramounts, Delmar Wilburn & The Squires, The Ko Kos, Brother Woodman with Al Smith & The Savoys, The Nutones, Danny Boy owens, The Debonairs, The Native Boys, The Sharps, Jesse Belvin and others including two by an unknown group.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 892 Class & Rendezvous Vocal Group ● CD $18.98
26 tracks of Los Angeles doo-wop recorded for Leon Rene's Class and Rendezvous labels between 1956 and 1962.
THE BLENDERS: Little Rose/ My Heart's Desire/ THE CLASSICS: Gosh But This Is Love/ If Only The Sky Were A Mirror/ THE GALLAHADS: Gone/ Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE INTERVALS: Funny How Time Goes By/ Here's That Rainy Day/ Wish I Could Change My Mind/ You Are My Only Love/ LOU JOSIE & GROUP: Talk To The Angels/ THE LIONS: Two Timing Lover/ LITTLE VICTOR & THE VISTAS: No More/ Time Marches On/ EARL NELSON & THE PELICANS: I Bow To You/ Oh Gee Oh Golly/ THE PHARAOHS FEATURING RICKEY: Teenager's Love Song/ THE ROLLETTES: Sad Fool/ THE SATELLITES: Heavenly Angel/ THE SEARCHERS: Ooo Wee Aka Ooo Nee/ Wow-wow Baby/ THE SPUTNIKS: Hey Maryann/ Johnny's Little Lamb/ My Love Is Gone/ Wait A Little While/ THE TANGIERS: Don't Try

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1007 Voo Vee Ah Bee ● CD $18.98
Ace's second collection of doo-wop from the King/ Federal vaults features 24 tracks from the 50s and early 60s newly remastered from original masters. Includes The Platters (an unissued alternate take of the title track), The Companions, Joe Perkins & the Rookies, The Fascinators, targets, Cathy Ryan, Five keys, Mystics, Johnny Darling, The Sheiks, The Interludes, Five Wings and others.
THE ADMIRALS: Give Me Your Love/ THE CHECKERS: White Cliffs Of Dover/ THE COMPANIONS: I Didn't Know (you Got Married)/ Why Oh Why Baby/ JOHNNY DARLING: Baseball Baby/ I Don't Want To Wind Up In Love/ THE FASCINATORS: Cuddle Up With Carolyn/ Tee Vee/ THE FIVE KEYS: I Took Your Love For A Toy/ THE FIVE WINGS: Johnny's Still Singing/ Teardrops Are Falling/ THE GUYTONES: Your Heart's Bigger Than Mine/ THE HURRICANES: I'll Always Be In Love With You/ Priceless/ THE INTERLUDES: Darling, I'll Be True/ Wilted Rose Bud/ THE MYSTICS: Just For Your Love (i Would Do Anything)/ JOE PERKINS & THE ROOKIES: A New Feeling/ Time Alone Will Tell/ THE PLATTERS: Voo-vee-ah-bee/ THE ROYALS: Moonrise/ CATHY RYAN: Twenty-four Hours A Day (365 A Year)/ THE SHEIKS: Sentimental Heart/ THE TARGETS: It Doesn't Matter

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1086 Flip Hits! Plus Flip Misses ● CD $18.98
30 tracks of R&B and doo-wop recorded for Max Fiertag's L.A. based Flip label. Includes The Six Teens (their A Casual Look and Arrow Love were the labels' only chart hits), Donald Woods & The Vel-Aires, Richard Berry & the Dreamers (their original recording of Louie, Louie - on the most influential R&B records of the 50s), Lena Calhoun & The Emotions, Colby Wolf Combo (their Rock-A-Billy Gal is not rockabilly but jazzy R&B!), Rosalle & Donnell, Sherman Williams (two previously unissied sides from veteran altosaxist) and more. Includes 16 page illustarted booklet with informative notes by Jim Dawson.
RICHARD BERRY & THE PHARAOHS: Have Love Will Travel/ Louie Louie/ Take The Key (and Open Up My Heart)/ LENA CALHOUN & THE EMOTIONS: Been Lookin' Your Way/ THE COLBY-WOLF COMBO: Rockabilly Gal (inst)/ JONATHAN W. CRAIG & THE COLBY-WOLF COMBO: Rockabilly Gal (vocal)/ THE DREAMERS: Do Not Forget/ Since You've Been Gone/ THE ELGINS: Uncle Sam's Man/ JENNELL HAWKINS WITH RICHARD BERRY & THE LOCKETT: The Mess Around/ ROCKY HOLMAN & THE ROMANCERS: My Precious Love/ RAY JOHNSON COMBO: Ghost Town (inst)/ Longing/ Wanna, Wanna, Wanna, Wanna/ ROSALLE & DONELL: Beginning Of Our Love/ Shame On You/ SHANK & MAYDIEA: Bye, Bye Baby/ THE SIX TEENS: A Casual Look/ Arrow Of Love/ My Special Guy/ Only Jim/ Teenage Promise/ Why Do I Go To School/ JIMMIE SMITH & GROUP: Night Time Is The Time (i Miss You)/ SHERMAN WILLIAMS: I'm Looking For A New Love/ Teenage Bounce/ The Snake/ DONALD WOODS & THE VEL-AIRES: Death Of An Angel/ Stay With Me Always/ DONALD WOODS & THE BEL-AIRES: This Paradise


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