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TEX RITTER B.A.C.M. 019 America's Most Beloved Cowboy ● CD $14.98
Fine collection of 23 sides recorded as transcriptions in the late 40s. Includes a number of songs he never recorded commercially.
TEX RITTER: As Long As I Live/ Born To Be Blue/ Brushy Mountain/ Camptown Races/ Detour/ Gotta Have Some Lovin'/ Gotta Make Up For Lost Time/ I Learned My Lesson Too Late/ I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine/ Let's Forget/ One True Heart/ Poor Unwanted Heart/ Ridin' Ol' Paint/ Shadow On My Heart/ Shame On You/ Sweetest Love Of All/ Trouble Keeps Hanging Round My Door/ Tweedle O Twill/ Wave To Me My Lady/ Why Did It End This Way/ You Brought Sorrow To My Heart/ You Can't Break My Heart/ You Can't Conceal A Broken Heart

TEX RITTER B.A.C.M. 171 Pledge Of Allegiance ● CD $14.98
27 tracks recorded between 1948 and 1956 featuring the deep dark vocal stylings of Maurice Woodward "Tex" Ritter. The emphasis on western flavored songs and includes his famous theme song from the movie "High Noon" Do Not Forsake Me plus Long Black Rifle/ Marshall Of Wichita/ Last Wagon/ Remember The Alamo/ Marshall's Daughter/ A Whale Of A tale/ Cool water/ San Antonio Rose/ Paul Bunyan Love, etc.
TEX RITTER: A Whale Of A Tale/ Bad Brahma Bull/ Brave Man/ Buffalo Dream/ Cool Water/ Go On Get Out/ Gunsmoke/ High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)/ High On A Mountain Top/ Last Frontier/ Last Wagon/ Long Black Rifle/ Marshall Of Wichita/ Marshall's Daughter/ My Bucket's Been Fixed/ My Woman Ain't Pretty/ Paul Bunyan Love/ Pledge Of Allegiance/ Prairie Home/ Prisoner's Song/ Remember The Alamo/ San Antone Story/ San Antonio Rose/ The Bandit/ The Searchers (Ride Away)/ Turn Around Boy/ Wayward Wind

JACK RIVERS B.A.C.M. 150 There's A New Star In Heaven ● CD $14.98
25 western songs sung by West Coast singer & guitarist Rivers with a group of Hollywood western stalwarts accompanying him instrumentally and vocally. 24 of the tracks were recorded for MacGregor Radio transcriptions around 1947 and the final selection is a 1948 radio show.t/ Am I Foolish/ Darling Nellie Gray/ Hi-E Hi-O/ Little Liza Jane/ You Waited A Little Too Long/ Baby I'm Still In Love With You/ Little Sweetheart I Miss You, etc.
JACK RIVERS: A Lie Can't Mend A Broken Heart/ AFRS MELODY ROUNDUP (Radio broadcast 1948)/ Am I Foolish/ Apache Trail/ Arkansas/ Arkansas Traveller-Soldier's Joy (instr.)/ Baby I'm Still In Love With You/ Darling Nellie Gray (instr.)/ Don't Lay The Blame On Me/ Hang Your Head In Shame/ Hi-e Hi-o/ I've A Feelin' I'm Losing You/ Lazy River (instr.)/ Little Brown Jug (instr.)/ Little Liza Jane/ Little Sweetheart I Miss You/ My Old Kentucky Home (instr.)/ Pig Ankle Rag (instr.)/ Playin' Games With Me/ Ridin' Down To Santa Fe/ Someday You'll Want Me To Want You/ Texas Tornado/ There's A New Star In Heaven/ Timber Trail/ You Waited A Little Too Long

JAMES ROBERTS & MARTHA CARSON B.A.C.M. 161 I'm Gonna Let It Shine ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, 65 mins, essential
A most welcome reissue which could have been even better. Kentucky born James Roberts was a superb singer and instrumentalist - the son of fiddler Doc Roberts he recorded extensively in the 30s with his father and with Asa Martin as well as under his own name. In the late 30s he met up and coming singer and songwriter Irene Amburgey who worked under the stage name of Martha Carson and they married in 1939 and subsequently started performing as a vocal duo with James on mandolin and Martha on guitar. They appeared on the WSB Barndance in Atlanta where they became known as Barndance Sweethearts. In the mid 40s they started recorded for the small White Church label and this CD features eight of these beautiful sides - just James & Martha with their guitar and mandolin accompaniment on a selection of gospel songs mostly written by James including the superb Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven and I Ain't Got Time. They subsequently joined Capitol with a series of songs in the same mould. Their later Capitol sides featured a hand clapping vocal chorus which gave their music a different feel but was remarkably effective and includes one of their greatest performances - a spellbinding rendition of the old favorite I'll Fly Away plus a superb version of Hank Williams' I'm Gonna Sing, Sing, Sing and the wonderful We Will Rise And Shine featuring tremendous mandolin playing by James. In 1951 the duo divorced and Martha struck out on her own having an immediate hit with her own song Satisfied and became an established solo gospel singer and songwriter with a powerful style and was featured with Elvis on one of his early tours. She is featured on four songs here which are fine but have a different mood to the duo sides. If it were up to me I would have included all the James & Martha duets. Still what we have here is tremendous. Brian Chalker's notes dwell on Martha's career at great length with James given little space even though he was vital to most of the music here. (FS)
JAMES ROBERTS & MARTHA CARSON: Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven/ City On The Hill/ Crossing Over Jordan/ Don't Sell Him Anymore Drink/ Gotta A Little Light/ He Will Set Your Fields On Fire/ He'll Part The Water/ Heaven's Jubilee/ I Ain't Got Time/ I Bowed Down/ I Wanna Rest/ I'll Fly Away/ I'm Gonna Let It Shine/ I'm Gonna Sing Sing Sing/ Living In The Promised Land/ Man Of Galilee/ Old Blind Barnabuss/ Salvation Has Been Brought Down/ Shining City/ Sweetest Gift A Mother's Smile/ There's An Open Door Waiting For Me/ We Will Rise And Shine/ When God Dips His Love In My Heart/ When He Heard My Plea

TEXAS JIM ROBERTSON B.A.C.M. 175 Purple Night On The Prairie ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, 66 minutes, good
Had Manhattan emerged as country music's hub in the years after World War II, Texas Jim Robertson and Rosalie Allen would reign as the genre's dominant king and queen. Today both are virtually forgotten. Postwar country collectors shun their 78s, this Robertson reissue suggests why. A Texas native long based in New Jersey, Robertson sang ersatz Western material and often sexist, tavern-friendly novelties in a resonant bass-baritone reminiscent of Tex Ritter. Though occasionally backed by inspired takeoff musicians, Robertson's accompanists were more often New York union members with no understanding of Southern or even Southwestern music. Some tracks have a clarinet and accordion-based backing ala the Three Suns. In fact, one 1950 track features the Three Suns! Several of the more successful cuts feature an uncredited Chet Atkins, Homer Haynes and Jethro Burns. On Jaw Jaw Yap Yap Yap, a bored Burns wryly plays The Third Man Theme behind Robertson's vocal. Thanks to radio and television visibility in one of the country's densest population centers, Robertson apparently moved a lot of shellac; he stayed on the Bluebird/RCA Victor roster for nearly sixteen years. This reissue opens a window to anyone interested in probing this overlooked niche in country music history. However, more casual listeners will likely find little of merit here. The sound quality is generally good. Brian Chalker provides a thumbnail on Robertson's tragic life. (DS)
TEXAS JIM ROBERTSON: A Pretty Woman Is A Deadly Weapon/ Birmingham Woman/ Bouncin' Along/ Don't Angel Me You Little Devil/ Gone Fishin'/ I'm Gonna Be Long Gone/ If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time/ Jaw Jaw Yap Yap Yap/ Let Me In/ Letter I'm Mailing To You/ Lost Deep In The Bottom Of The Sea/ Memories Of Wedding Bells/ Moon And The Water And Miz O'Reilly's Daughter/ My Pony's Hair Turned Grey/ Purple Night On The Prairie/ Rodger Young/ Rubber Knuckle Sam/ Sweet Baby (Come Back To Where You Belong)/ Talk To The Boss In The Sky/ The Cowboy Isn't Speaking To His Horse/ There's A Heart In The Heart Of The Rockies/ Way Down In Texas Where The Bluebonnets Grew/ Windy Ben/ You Can't Do Nothin' With A Woman

TEXAS JIM ROBERTSON B.A.C.M. 213 Vol. 2 - Put Your Arms Around Me ● CD $14.98
Second collection of songs by this Texas born but New York based western singer with a style reminiscent of Tex Ritter. 17 tracks are from commercial recordings with a small group including You'll Never Be Blue In A Blue Uniform/ Gotta Git A Gittar/ Low In The Lehigh Valley/ I'll Walk This Weary Road Alone/ One Kind Word/ Why Don't You Marry The Girl, etc. The remaining 8 tracks are from radio transcriptions featuring Jim with his own guitar accompaniment only and includes Yellow Rose Of Texas/ Night Herding Song/ Empty Cot In The Bunhouse Tonight/ Hobo Bill's Last Ride, etc.
TEXAS JIM ROBERTSON: Answer To A Rainbow At Midnight/ Bite Your Tongue And Say You're Sorry/ Climbin' Up The Golden Stairs/ Daddy When Is Mommy Coming Home/ Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse Tonight/ Gotta Git A Gittar/ Hobo Bill's Last Ride/ I Want No More Of Army Life/ I'll Walk This Weary Road Alone/ I'm Back To Where I Started/ It Hurts To See You With Somebody Else/ Life Gits Tee-Jus, Don't It/ Low In The Lehigh Valley/ Night Herding Song/ One Kind Word/ Put Your Arms Around Me/ Sam Bass/ Saving Up Coupons (To Get One Of Those)/ Taffy/ The Zebra Dunn/ Why Don't You Marry The Girl/ Yellow Rose Of Texas/ Yesterday's Kisses/ You'll Never Be Blue In A Blue Uniform/ Your Sweetheart Waits For You Jack

CARSON ROBISON B.A.C.M. 021 Goin' Back To Texas ● CD $14.98
17 track collection of sides by this popular and prolific performer. These tracks were mostly released on British labels where Carson and his group were very popular. Several of the tracks are two part skits a couple of which include some very obnoxious racial stereotyping.
CARSON ROBISON: 1945 Mother Goose Rhymes/ Back Porch Pts. 1 & 2/ Cowboy's Home In Heaven/ Cowboy's Yodeling Song/ Going Back To Texas/ Hillbilly Medley Pts. 1 & 2/ I'm Going Back To Where I Come From/ Just Keep Ploddin' Along/ Making A Record Pts. 1 & 2/ Sing Another Line/ South Of The Border/ Stackolee Blues Pts. 1 & 2/ Steamboat Keep A-Rockin'/ That Dame I Left Behind Me/ That's Bound To Be Kentucky/ When It's Springtime In The Blue Ridge Mountains/ Wolf At The Door

CARSON ROBISON B.A.C.M. 104 Transatlantic Traveler ● CD $14.98
B.A.C.M.'s third collection of sides by one of the most prolific early country performers features 20 tracks recorded between 1926 and 1939 - half of them recorded in England. Robison is featured in the company of Frank Luther, Vernon Dalhart, the Roy Smeck Trio and others. Includes Far Away In Hawaii/ I Know There Is Someone Waiting/ I'm Alone Because I Love You/ Utah Trail/ Naw! I Don't Wanna Be Rich/ Cowboy Blues/ Why Ain't I Got No Sweetheart and others.
CARSON ROBISON: Cowboy Blues/ Cross Eyed Sue/ Don't Let My Spurs Get Rusty While I'm Gone/ Engineer's Child/ Far Away In Hawaii/ Honeymoon Express/ I Know There Is Someone Waiting/ I'm Alone Because I Love You/ Meet Me Tonight In The Valley/ Naw! I Don't Wanta Be Rich/ No Christmas Time For Poor Little Nell/ Runaway Train/ Settin' By The Fire/ Shine On Harvest Moon/ Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine/ There's A Hole In The Old Oaken Bucket/ Utah Trail/ Wednesday Night Waltz/ Where Will You Be On Next New Years Day/ Why Ain't I Got No Sweetheart

CARSON ROBISON B.A.C.M. 177 The Later Years ● CD $14.98
21 tracks, 66 minutes, good
With a recording career that spanned from Edison cylinders to a rock-and-roll single, Carson Robison was country music's first professional songsmith. His ear finely tuned to mainstream Midwestern values, this Kansas native penned hundreds of clever, melodic songs from his New York office: topical ballads for Vernon Dalhart; sagas of rubes taken in by big city ways; cowboy and rural nostalgia; and peppy gospel numbers. Following a successful string of jingoistic World War II anthems for Bluebird, Robison signed with M-G-M and remained there until his 1957 death. This B.A.C.M. collection focuses on Robison's 1947-53 output, mostly reflective novelties like his hit recitation Life Gets Tee-Jus, Don't It? Communists were a popular Robison target; Joe Stalin gets his due in The Devil Calls a Meeting, while another anti-Communist track, Seein' Red is a straight, ominous recitation without music. The majority of these M-G-Ms is disposable whimsy, really more suitable for radio broadcasts than frequent home or jukebox play. In fact, The Denver Dragon is a two-part kid disc that plays like a radio sketch. Only a few cuts here offer any musical substance, most notably Wind in the Mountains, a 1947 side that recalls Wayne Raney's Lonesome Wind Blues. That Horse Named Pete has a great chordal guitar break that's almost certainly played by Carl Kress. All in all, this is a fascinating slice of Americana, but it won't hold up to repeat plays - unless you're a mobile d.j. working the nursing home circuit. (DS)
CARSON ROBISON: Ain't No Name As Purty As Arkansas/ Devil Calls A Meeting/ Don't Make Sense Does It/ I'm No Communist/ Life Gets Tee-Jus Don't It/ Life Is A Beautiful Thing/ Little Darlin' Waltz/ More And More Tee-Jus Ain't It/ Our Silver Anniversary/ Predictions For A Hundred Years From Now/ Seein' Red/ Six PM/ Spring Spring Beautiful Spring Pts 1 & 2/ That Horse Named Pete/ The Charms Of The City Ain't For Me/ The Denver Dragon Pts. 1 & 2/ Too Big For His Britches/ Trail Drive/ Why I'm In The Shape I'm In/ Will Someone Please Tell Me Who To Vote For/ Wind In The Mountains

THE CARSON ROBISON TRIO B.A.C.M. 053 Old Kentucky Cabin ● CD $14.98
22 track collection of sides recorded in 1930 and '31 by this group which included Robison, Frank Luther and Phil Crow. They perform a wide range of material (old time country, novelty songs, sentimental songs, western songs, etc.) accompanying themselves on guitar, accordion, jews harp, etc with occasional added instrumentation including John Call/ tenor banjo, Roy Smeck/ steel guitar & banjo, Frank Novak/ clarinet and sax and others. Songs include Abraham/ Carry Me Back To The Mountains/ Dance At Jones Place/ Old Kentucky Cabin/ Somewhere In Old Wyoming/ Frankie & Johnny/ Just Break The News To Mother, etc.
CARSON ROBISON TRIO: Abraham/ Carry Me Back To The Mountains/ Dance At Jones Place/ Do You Still Remember/ Down On The Old Plantation/ Frankie & Johnny/ I‘m Getting Ready To Go/ Just Break The News To Mother/ Ma & Pa (send Their Sweetest Love)/ My Heart Is Where The Mohawk Flows Tonight/ Oklahoma Charlie/ Old Kentucky Cabin/ Poor Man‘s Heaven/ Railroad Boomer/ Rocky Mountain Lullaby/ Silvery Arizona Moon/ Sleepy Hollow/ Somewhere In Old Wyoming/ Southern Moon/ That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine/ The Little Old Church In The Valley/ When It‘s Nightime In Nevada

ROY ROGERS B.A.C.M. 018 A Man And His Song ● CD $14.98
20 tracks from the 40s by one of the most popular of all the singing cowboys.
ROY ROGERS: A Man And His Song/ Blue Bonnet Lane/ Cowboy's Heaven/ Dusty Hasta La Vista/ Here On The Range/ Horseshoe Moon/ I Know I Shouldn't Worry But I Do/ I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine/ I'll Be Honest With You/ Let Me Build A Cabin/ Little Old Church On The Hilltop/ Next To The X In Texas/ No Matter What Happens My Darling/ Ride Son, Ride Saddle Serenade/ She Gave Her Heart To A Soldier Boy/ That Miss From Mississippi/ The Mail Must Go Through/ Wondering Why

ROY ROGERS B.A.C.M. 047 Hazy Mountains ● CD $14.98
A varied collection of sides by this popular singing cowboy from the 40s including tracks with his wife Dale Evans and with Foy Willing's Riders Of The Purple Sage.
ROY ROGERS: A Four Legged Friend/ Ah Ha San Antone/ Buffalo Billy/ Down By The Old Alamo/ Egbert The Easter Egg/ Hazy Mountains/ I Met A Miss In Texas/ In The Garden/ Kiwi Bird (Kee Wee Bird)/ Lucky Leather Breeches/ Me And My Teddy Bear/ Oh Dem Golden Slippers/ Peter Cottontail/ Pliney Jane/ Punky Punkin/ The Kid With The Rip In His Pants/ The Old Rugged Cross/ The Story Of Bucky And Dan/ Thereís A Cloud In My Valley Of Sunshine/ Think Of Me/ Wonderful Christmas Night/ Youíve Got A Rope Around My Heart

THE ROUGH RIDERS B.A.C.M. 102 Moon Over The Trail ● CD $14.98
26 tracks, recommended
Fine collection of 26 Western songs from Standard Transcriptions made in 1939 and 1940 by excellent trio which originally featured Scotty Harrell, Jimmy Wakely and Johnny Bond and this line up is featured on the first 18 songs. Harrell left in 1940 to be replaced by Dick Reinhart who is featured on the last eight songs. The group subsequently became known as The Jimmy Wakely Trio.Booklet includes informative notes by Kevin Coffey. (FS)
THE ROUGH RIDERS: Camping At The End Of The Trail/ Cowboy's Love Call/ Follow The Trail/ I Wanna Be A Lonely Cowboy/ I'm A Happy Cowboy/ I'm A Rolling Stone/ I'm Just A Range Rider/ In A Little Country Town/ It's A Long Old Road/ Keep A Light In Your Window Tonight/ Lay Your Little Head On My Shoulder/ Lights Out, Prairie Moon/ Little Willie/ Moon Over The Trail/ Old Ranger/ Old Wagon Train/ Old Western Wind/ One More Range/ Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy/ Song Of The Sage/ Strawberry Roan/ Take Me Back To The Prairie/ Travelin'/ Way Back In Oklahoma/ Way Out West/ Will You Be True To Me

JACK SAVAGE & HIS COWBOYS B.A.C.M. 002 Little Sweetheart Of The Prairie ● CD $14.98
Utterly obscure western flavored group recorded in 1953 and '36. Apart from the first five tracks issued as The Peaceful Valley Folk the remaining tracks were all recorded in England and released on English labels. Pleasing vocals with guitar and fiddle accompaniment. Take Them Mountains Out Of My Way/ Treasure Island/ The Passing Of Little Joe/ Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals (the same song later recorded by Hank Williams with pretty much the same narration)/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Cowboy's Heaven/ Sweetheart Of Red River Valley and others - 20 tracks in all.
BILLY BROWN & HIS COWBOYS: At The Close Of A Long, Long Day/ Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie/ In The House At The End Of The Lane/ That Little Boy Of Mine/ THE PEACEFUL VALLEY FOLK: Maple On The Hill/ Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle/ Take Them Mountains Out Of My Way/ The Passing Of Little Joe/ Treasure Island/ JACK SAVAGE & HIS COWBOYS: Cowboy's Heaven/ Empty Saddles In The Old Corral/ Going Back To Texas/ Going Home/ Little Sweetheart Of The Prairie/ Memories Of Home/ Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair/ Sweetheart Of Red River Valley/ That Old Wooden Rocker/ Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds

THE SHELTON BROTHERS B.A.C.M. 010 Rompin' & Stompin' Around ● CD $14.98
A fine and varied selection of material from this versatile duo who perform a wide range of material. No duplication with the two CDs on Cattle. 20 tracks.
THE SHELTON BROTHERS: A Prisoner's Dream/ At The Shelby County Fair/ Budded Roses/ Deep Elem Blues/ I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes/ It's Hard To Love And Not Be Loved/ Just Because/ Lover's Farewell/ Match Box Blues/ Ridin' On A Hump Back Mule/ Rompin' And Stompin' Around/ She Was Happy Till She Met You/ Somebody Stole My Darling/ Story Of Seven Roses/ Sweet Evalina/ Tell Me With Your Blue Eyes/ That's A Habit I Never Had/ Way Down In Georgia/ When It's Night Time In Nevada/ Who's Gonna Cut My Baby's Kindling

JEAN SHEPARD B.A.C.M. 170 This Has Been Your Life ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 64 minutes, highly recommended
One of premier stylists from country music's golden age, Jean Shepard unabashedly sang about heartbreak and the emotional consequences resulting from illicit affairs. Possessing a brassy, full-throated delivery similar to Kay Starr's, she signed with Capitol when she was eighteen years old. Her second record, a cover of Fuzzy Owen and Bonnie Owens' weeper A Dear John Letter, struck gold in 1953; other chart hits soon followed, including A Satisfied Mind/ Beautiful Lies/ Take Possession and I Thought of You. This B.A.C.M. collection primarily focuses on Shepard's prime 1952-56 output, mostly recorded in Hollywood with such sidemen as Speedy West, Lewis Talley, Roy Nichols and Buck Owens. Hank Fort's novelty I Didn't Know the Gun Was Loaded comes from an Armed Forces Recruiting Services transcription. With the Country Music Foundation's single-disc Shepard anthology long out of print, this collection serves as a worthy introduction to this longtime Opry member. Sound is better than usual for B.A.C.M.; British country singer Gerry Ford penned a brief bio and appreciation. (DS)

ALSO AVAILABLE: Bear Family BCD 15905 The Melody Ranch Girl $104.98 Shepard's complete 1952-64 Capitol output on five CDs, including a 36-page book with extensive photos, a sessionography and bio by Dale Vinicur.
JEAN SHEPARD: A Dear John Letter/ A Satisfied Mind/ Be Honest With Me/ Beautiful Lies/ Crying Steel Guitar Waltz/ Did You Tell Her About Me/ Don't Fall In Love With A Married Man/ Don't Rush Me/ Forgive Me John/ Glass That Stands Beside You/ He Loved Me Once And He'll Love Me Again/ I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded/ I Learned It All From You/ I Thought Of You/ Just Give Me Love/ Please Don't Divorce Me/ Take Possession/ Thank You Just The Same/ This Has Been Your Life/ Twice The Lovin' In Half The Time/ Two Hoops And A Holler/ Why Did You Wait/ You Sent Her An Orchid You Sent Me A Rose/ You'll Come Crawlin'/ You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again

MERVIN SHINER B.A.C.M. 125 Steppin' Out ● CD $14.98
27 tracks by this obscure but engaging country singer from Bethlehem, Pa. recorded in the 40s and early 50s including a couple that were minor hits. Arrangements are varied, generally honky tonk flavored with nice steel guitar including tracks with Grady Martin's Slew Foot Five - some with effective clarinet playing. Several tracks feature vocal back up from the Jordanaires. Includes quite a few covers of other artist's hits. Includes Our Love Isn't Legal/ My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (very nice version with funky acoustic guitar work)/ I Think I'm Gonna Cry Again/ Slippin' Around Withe Jole Blon/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/ Soft Lips/ Little Liza Lou, etc.
MERVIN SHINER: Ace In The Hole/ Almost/ Gra Mamou/ Great Speckled Bird/ I Overlooked An Orchid/ I Think Iím Gonna Cry Again/ If Teardrops Were Pennies/ If Youíve Got The Money, Iíve Got The Time/ Iím Going Through Jesus/ Iím Gonna Tie A Little String Around Your Finger/ Landslide Of Love/ Letís Take A Trip To The Moon/ Little Liza Lou/ Man In The Moon Cried Last Night/ Me Without You/ My Bucketís Got A Hole In It/ Old Kentucky Waltz/ Our Love Isnít Legal/ Settiní The Woods On Fire/ Slippiní Around With Jole Blon/ Soft Lips/ Steppiní Out/ Sweet Mama Blues/ Take A Little Silver/ The Lightning Express/ Why Donít You Haul Off And Love Me/ Your Heart Is Too Crowded

CAL SHRUM B.A.C.M. 169 And His Rhythm Rangers & Colorado Hillbillies ● CD $14.98
32 tracks, recommended
Fine collection of sides featuring groups led by Missouri born Cal Shrum drawn from transcriptions. These groups featured some of the earliest appearances of Tex Williams and Spade Cooley. The earliest recordings from 1936 or early 1937 transcriptions for the obscure Titan company features a mix of old time and western with Cal joined by his brother Walt on vocals and guitars, "Pappy" Hoag on fiddle, Carl "Brick" Hansen on accordion and others. The next batch are from 1938 by which time the group had changed considerably with Spade Cooley joining on fiddle, Hansen replaced on accordion by the remrkable 13 year old "Tony" Fiore and other changes and the material becomes more western flavored. By 1942 the brothers had split and Walt took several members of the group with him and kept the name Colorado Hillbillies and Cal kept Cooley and added several other musicians including the fabulous Django styled guitarist Cene Haas to form The Rhythm Rangers. 18 tracks by this group from 1942 McGregor transcriptions are featured including hot swing numbers, sentimental ballads like Old Shep and wetsrn flavored items. Altogether a varied and entertaining set of performances with excellent sound and informative notes from Kevin Coffey. (FS)
CAL SHRUM & HIS RHYTHM RANGERS: A Letter Edged In Black/ Arkansas Traveler/ Blonde Fiddle Blues/ Blue Eyed Ellen/ Blue Streak/ Closing Theme/ Cooley Stomp/ Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along/ Cowboy's Dream/ Dry Your Eyes/ Eighth Of January/ Fit # 5/ Gal I Left Behind Me/ Grey Eagle/ Haas Special/ Happy Rhythm Ranger (happy Roving Cowboy)/ Hillbillies Request/ Little Brown Jug/ Lonely Rider/ New Frontier/ Old Joe Clark/ Old Shep/ Opening Theme/ Polly Wolly Doodle/ Rhythm Ranger's Waltz/ Shack By The Railroad Track/ Spade's Blues/ Spasm # 2/ Texas Jive/ That's The Reason Why/ The Wreck Of The Old 97/ They Drew My Number/ Walking The Floor Over You/ You Don't Love Me

JIMMIE SKINNER B.A.C.M. 184 Too Hot To Handle ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
Fine collection of this distinctive performer with his jagged baritone vocal style that is similar to Ernest Tubb and stripped down instrumental arrangements often featuring the fine mandolin work of Ray Lunsford. This doesn't include any of his hits but it does include his original recording of You Don't Know My Mind - one of several Skinner compositions that has become a country standard - in fact most of the songs here are Skinner originals. It also includes the interesting Hank Williams tribute Singing Teacher In Heaven which is built around song titles of Hank's songs, a countrified version of Duke Ellington's Don't Get Around Much Anymore and his excellent cover of Eddie Noack's great Too Hot To Handle. Some tracks have a bit too much noise reduction but souind is generally fine. (FS)
JIMMIE SKINNER: Baby I Could Change My Ways/ By Degrees/ Don't Get Around Much Anymore/ Fallin' Rain Blues/ Here's My Goodbye To You/ I Can't Believe It's Our Goodbye/ I Need A Little Lovin' Too/ I'm Afraid To Love You Anymore/ I'm Allergic To Your Kisses/ I'm Gonna Put You In My Pocket/ I've Got A Lot Of Love Baby/ It's All The Same To Me/ John Henry And The Water Boy/ Journey's End/ Kentucky And You/ My Broken Heart Is Starting To Show/ Rambler's Call/ Running Out Of Time/ Singing Teacher In Heaven/ Steppin' Out On You/ There Won't Be Much More Time/ Too Hot To Handle/ Want You For My Baby/ What A Pleasure/ You Don't Know My Mind

CARL SMITH B.A.C.M. 055 Satisfaction Guaranteed ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, 67 mins, essential
Sterling reissue of early sides by this superb honky tonk singer from Tennessee who has been poorly served on reissues - with the exception of the big Bear Family box set and a couple of collections that feature only his hits. This selection is drawn from recordings made between 1950 and '53 by the man who was a star the equal of Lefty Frizzell, Ray Price or Webb Pierce during the second flowering of honky tonk that took place in the 1950's. Includes hits like Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way/ Let's Live A Little/ Hey Joe/ Mr. Moon/ If Teardrops Were Pennies/ Our Honeymoon/ Are You Teasing Me/ Satisfaction Guaranteed, plus lesser known but outstanding items like Guilty Conscience/ Me And My Broken Heart (a little known Hank Williams composition)/ Sing Her A Love Song/ I Won't Be Home/ I bet You My Heart I Love You/ Washing My Dreams In Tears and others. One of a generation of country singers inspired and influenced by Hank Williams, Smith's stylistic debt to his friend is evident, but he managed to forge a unique sound of his own, featuring his open, sincere vocals, bottom-heavy lead guitar up front, with twittering steel guitar fills and occasional fiddle. This stuff seems to have been invented for beer joint juke boxes. Excellent sound and brief notes by Brian Golbey. (FS)
CARL SMITH: Are You Teasing Me/ Guilty Conscience/ Hey Joe/ I Bet You My Heart I Love You/ I Overlooked An Orchid/ I Won‘t Be Home/ If Teardrops Were Pennies/ It‘s A Lovely Lovely World/ Just Wait ítil I Get You Alone/ Let Mother Nature Have Her Way/ Let‘s Live A Little/ Little Girl In My Home Town/ Me And My Broken Heart/ Mr. Moon/ My Lonely Heart‘s Running Wild/ Our Honeymoon/ Satisfaction Guaranteed/ Sing Her A Love Song/ That‘s The Kind Of Love I‘m Looking For/ This Orchid Means Goodbye/ This Side Of Heaven/ Washing My Dreams In Tears/ When You Feel Like You‘re In Love/ Who‘ll Buy My Heartaches

FIDDLIN' ARTHUR SMITH B.A.C.M. 215 Give Me Old Time Music ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, highly recommended
Terrific collection of sides by this superb and extremely influential fiddler and singer whose style and repertoire have have been much covered. The first 17 tracks are from commercial recordings made between 1935 and 1940 and find him in the company of musicians like The Delmore Brothers, Howdy Forrester, Billy Byrd, Clyde Moody and others on a selection of songs and tunes including Spring Street Waltz/ There's More Pretty Girls Than One (and it's answer song)// Beautiful Memories/ Give Me Old Time Music (a secular reworking of Give Me That Old Time Religion)/ Smith's Waltz/ Hen Pecked Husband Blues/ That's The Love I Have For You and others. The remaining seven sides are from 1946 MacGregor radio transcriptions featuring Arthur accompanied by Jimmy Wakely and his band (he appeared frequently on Wakeley's shows and performed in many of Wakely's western movies) and includes Orange Blossom Special/ It's Hard To Please Your Mind/ Beautiful Brown Eyes, etc. For more by this great and important performer be sure to check out County 3526 ("Fiddlin' Arthur Smith & His Dixieliners" - $15.98). (FS)
FIDDLIN' ARTHUR SMITH: Across The Blue Ridge Mountains/ Answer To There's More Pretty Girls Than One/ Beautiful Memories/ Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes/ Farmer's Daughter/ Give Me Old Time Music/ Hen Pecked Husband Blues/ Her Little Brown Hand/ I Miss You Since You've Been Gone/ I Wish I'd Never Learned To Love You/ I'm Lonesome I Guess/ It's A Weary World/ It's Hard To Please Your Mind/ Love Letters/ Orange Blossom Special/ Smith's Breakdown/ Smith's Waltz/ Spring Street Waltz/ Sweet Heaven/ That's The Love I Have For You/ The Crazy Blues/ There's More Pretty Girls Than One/ Walking In My Sleep/ Why Should I Wonder

THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS B.A.C.M. 078 Western Harmony & Hot Swing, Vol. 1 ● CD $14.98
32 tracks, highly recommended
The Sons of the Pioneers wasn't the first cowboy harmony ensemble, but was unquestionably the best. While some prefer the original group with Len Slye, many consider the 1937-1942 lineup of Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer, Lloyd Perryman, Hugh and Karr Farr, and Pat Brady to be the definitive Pioneers. Although it recorded for Decca in 1941-42, this group's reputation largely rests upon 200+ titles preserved on 18 NBC Orthacoustic radio transcriptions ex-member Slye produced under his new stage name, Roy Rogers. These 1940 ETs capture the diversity of the band's repertoire and abilities: buoyant contemporary cowboy songs (many penned by Nolan), minstrel-era tunes, sentimental ballads, sacred numbers, traditional fiddle tunes and hot swing instrumentals. At times their vocal arrangements are reminiscent of the Boswell Sisters. Though some Orthas later appeared on LP, relatively few titles migrated to compact disc. This collection and its companion volume feature a balanced cross-section of the Pioneers' 1940 repertoire, with 28 songs and four Farr Brothers instrumentals. The compilers wisely chose lesser-known material over the Pioneers' signature songs, which are available elsewhere. As with other B.A.C.M. issues, the sound quality varies but is generally good. Both volumes include Kevin Coffey's thumbnail sketch of this remarkable band. (DS)
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: A Cowboy's Prayer/ Blue Mountain Sweetheart/ Boggy Road To Texas (Instr.)/ Bon Ton Schottische (Instr.)/ Cielito Lindo/ Cody Of The Pony Express/ Come And Get It/ Cottage In The Clouds/ Curly Joe From Idaho/ Get Along Pinto Pony/ Great Big Taters In The Sandy Land (Instr.)/ I Belong To The Range/ Lone Buckaroo/ Moonlight On The Trail/ No Good Son Of A Gun/ On The Rhythm Range/ Ridin' On The Sunshine Trail/ Ridin' The Range With You/ Riding The Rocky Range/ Rise And Shine/ Rocky Road In The Rockies/ Sally Goodin' (Instr.)/ She's The Lily Of Hillbilly Valley/ Sunset On The Trail/ The Quilting Party/ We Sat Beneath The Maple On The Hill/ What Wonderful Joy/ What You Gonna Say To Peter/ When A Cowboy Starts To Courtin'/ When The Prairie Sun Says Good Morning/ Where The Rio Rolls Along/ Wonder Valley

THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS B.A.C.M. 079 Western Harmony & Hot Swing, Vol. 2 ● CD $14.98
32 tracks, highly recommended
The companion volume to the above, this collection devotes nearly a third of its tracks to instrumentals spotlighting the Farr Brothers' amazing virtuosity. Though fiddler Hugh Farr has often been compared to jazz violinist Joe Venuti, he was actually a more fluid, swinging player - and could handle Texas fiddle standards as well. His younger brother Karl was a deft soloist and rhythm guitarist who switched from acoustic and electric as needed. As with the previous volume, this set contains great solos and harmony singing from Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer, Lloyd Perryman and the Farrs, plus comic numbers from bassist Pat Brady. (DS)
THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Blue Eyed Little Nell of Narraganset Bay/ Blue For You/ Climbing Up The Golden Stairs/ Close To Heaven/ Comin' Through The Korn (Instr.)/ Crawdad Hole/ Don't You Wish You Had Someone (Instr.)/ Dreamy Reverie (Instr.)/ Farr Into The Night/ Frankie And Johnnie (Instr.)/ Hill Country/ Hoppin' High (Instr.)/ I Ain't A-Worryin'/ I Love The Prairie Country/ Jim Jam Jiggin' (Instr.)/ Li'l Liza Jane/ Moonlight Melody/ More Fried Chicken, Uncle Joe? (Instr.)/ Shadows Of The Wildwood/ Silver Threads Among The Gold/ Someone Like You (Instr.)/ Sweet And Low/ The Capital Ship/ The Gypsy's Warning/ They Drew My Number/ Tom And Jerry (Instr.)/ Under The Willow She's Sleeping/ When They Ring Those Golden Bells/ When We Get Old And Grey/ Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight/ Whistle And Wait For Katy/ You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care

RED SOVINE B.A.C.M. 207 How Do You Think I Feel ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, highly recommended
Although best known for his maudlin recitations in the 60s and 70s Red was actually an excellent honky tonk singer and this collection of songs recorded between 1954 and 1957 is a fine collection of honky tonk, novelty songs and religious songs. It includes his 1954 recording of the Webb Pierce/ Wayne Walker composition How Do You Think I Feel which was recorded a couple of years later by a young chap named Elvis Presley. There are a couple of duets with Goldie Hill including a cover of Gene & Eunice's R&B hit Ko Ko Mo and an excellent cover the old 1936 Dixon Brothers song Intoxicated Rat. No Red Sovine album would be complete without at least a couple of recitations and this has If Jesus Came Into You House and one of his first big hits Little Rosa a duet with Webb Pierce with a narration that will have tears rolling down your cheeks (probably in laughter). His duet with Webb on the George Jones song Why Baby Why is a whole different ball game! (FS)
RED SOVINE: A Poor Man's Riches/ Are You Mine/ Don't Be The One/ Don't Drop It/ Down On The Corner Of Love/ Hold Everything Till I Get Home/ How Do You Think I Feel/ I Got Religion The Old Time Way/ I Hope You Don't Care/ I'm Glad You Found A Place For Me/ If Jesus Came To Your House/ Juke Joint Johnny/ Ko Ko Mo/ Little Rosa/ Missing You/ My Little Rat (Intoxicated Rat)/ My New Love Affair/ No Thanks Bartender/ Outlaw/ Sixteen Tons/ The Best Years Of Your Life/ Which One Should I Choose/ Why Baby Why/ Wrong

JO STAFFORD B.A.C.M. 123 Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere ● CD $14.98
An odd release for B.A.C.M. featuring 23 songs recorded between 1947 and 1953 by this pop vocalist. The first seven tracks are all traditional songs like Red Rosy Bush/ Black Is The Color/ Poor Wayfaring Stranger/ He Leadeth Me/ Rock Of Ages/ Nearer My God To The Thee/ The Old Rugged Cross, etc. All songs feature her with orchestral arrangements by her husband Paul Weston and some include the Norman Luboff Choir.

THE STEWART FAMILY B.A.C.M. 138 Come On In And Make Yourself At Home ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 67 mins, highly recommended
The Stewart Family are a little known but very fine family group that recorded for Gilt Edge between 1950. Leader of the group was Virgil "Pappy" Stewart who wrote many of the group's songs including JustOut Of Reach which has become a country standard. "Pappy" played guitar and does some very fine pickin' on a couple of the songs with some nifty chord changes. The rest of the group includes sister Baba (accordion) and daughters Bethyl (violin) and Jeanette (bass). Later on they were joined by Bethyl's husband Buddy Brown on mandolin and piano. The arrangements are varied ranging from one guitar with ensemble singing, old timey mandolin and guitar arrangements and bigger group arrangements with accordion and piano. Quite a few of the leads are taken by Bethyl who was an exceptional singer with an aching yearning quality that brings to mind Wilma Lee Cooper. There are several gospel songs which are among the highlights here including the wonderful Sinner Read The Bible which has long been a favorite of mine. (FS)
THE STEWART FAMILY: 22 Boogie/ Beautiful Garden Of Prayer/ Brown Eyes Or Blue Eyes/ Come On In And Make Yourself At Home/ Don't Go Honky Tonkin'/ Four O'clock In The Morning/ Goin' Steady/ I Ain't Got Time/ I Can't, He Can/ I Don't Have To Tell You That I Love You/ I've Changed My Mind/ Jealous Love/ Journey's End/ Just Out Of Reach/ Lonesome Dollar Bill/ Love Or The Itch/ Mysteries Of Life/ Posted, One Heart/ Shadows/ Sinner Read The Bible/ Sugar Plum Boogie/ The Green Grass Grows All Around/ Thirty Pieces Of Silver/ Wasted Tears/ Whiskey Widder

TEXAS BILL STRENGTH B.A.C.M. 186 When Loves Comes Knockin' ● CD $14.98
25 tracks by this obscure artist who is best known for having recorded for Sam Phillips' immortal Sun label. This collection features recordings made for a variety of labels between 1950 and 1956. Strength is not a particularly expressive singer but has some good songs and fine arrangements.
TEXAS BILL STRENGTH: Alone/ Black Coffee Blues/ But Do You Think I'm Happy/ Cherry Pie/ Country Love/ Frown On The Face Of The Moon/ Gotta Lotta Love/ I Found My Love And Lost My Heart/ I Wanna Ride On Your Merry Go Round/ Is Someone Else The Lucky One Tonight/ It Ain't Much But It's Home/ It Could Be A Wonderful World/ It's A Shame/ Let's Make Love Or Go Home/ Little I And Big You/ North Wind/ Paper Boy Boogie/ Six Fools/ Turn Around/ When Love Comes Knockin'/ When The Bright Lights Grow Dim/ Where Did My Heart Go/ Who's The Lucky One/ Yellow Rose Of Texas/ You Can't Have My Love


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