THE PARAMOUNT BOX Revenant/ Third Man 215 The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Vol. 1: 1917-1927 ● CD $469.98
800 tracks on a flash drive, six LPs, two books packed on wooden box, essential, with reservations.
The Paramount Record Company formed by the Wisconsin Chair Company in 1917 has acquired legendary status - in the fifteen years of its existence it issued some of the greatest blues, gospel and jazz recordings of the 1920s and early 30s as well significant contributions in old time country music. It also issued dance bands, novelty, popular and ethnic recordings. The mystique of the label is enhanced by the fact that many of the discs are very rare and difficult to find in good condition. Rock star Jack White has decided to preserve the legacy of the label - working in conjunction with Revenant Records and a slew of collectors and researchers they have compiled two massive box sets - the first covering the years 1917 to 1927 is now available and the second covering1927 to 1932 when the label folded to be available next year.
The one drawback to both these sets is the decision to issue all the music on a flash drive instead of on CDs. While many people will know what a flash drive is and how to listen to music on it I think that there are many who will not. It is also possible that if you don't know what to do with a flash drive you might have a tech savvy friend or relative who would be willing to transfer the files to CDs for you. The first 800 recordings includes a lot of blues but also a fair amount of gospel, jazz and old time country along with popular music, some novelty titles and a couple of ethnic recordings. I have listened to maybe 200 of the titles and have found a lot of great music here that I was not familiar with and unless you have very large collection I think you will too. A complete listing of all the titles is here.
With regards to sound quality. It is claimed that all tracks have been newly remastered. Bear in mind that the Paramount label pressings were poor and not pressed in large quantities so it is very hard to find new copies and worn Paramounts often sound terrible. The best remastering in the world can only do so much to improve the quality so anyone who buys the set should expect to hear a fair amount of noise and distortion - not on every track but on quite a few. In a few cases the sound quality is so bad that I feel they should have replaced them with recordings that are in better quality. However of the 200 tracks I listened to I only found three that were unlistenable. I have done a comparison of about 20 of the titles with previous reissues of those titles - most notably on Document and JSP. In general the sound quality is superior to those previous reissues, though not dramatically so, and when compared to reissues on Yazoo and John Tefteller's Blues Calendar CDs the sound is comparable or, in a few cases, inferior.
The set comes with two books - one a large format "Art Book" with 256 pages. The first part of the book tells the story of Paramount up to 1927 with photos and drawings of some of the artists and the rest of the book features a selection of many of the lively ads Paramount ran in African American newspapers at the time along with other promotional material. The flash drive includes 200 of these illustrations. Not having access to John Tefteller's trove of first generation artwork is a drawback but, nevertheless, the quality of the artwork here is excellent. The book also includes about a dozen pages of full color label shots as well as reproductions of the paper sleeves the 78s originally came in.
The other is a smaller format book of 360 pages that gives biographies (where known) of all the artists on this set along with complete Paramount discographies of the artist - including their many titles not included on the set. Each bio-discography is accompanied by a drawing of the artist (where what they looked like is known). There is also a complete listing of all the 78s issued by Paramount during this period as well as an index on the songs on the LPs and flash drive cross referenced by artist and title. There are six vinyl LPs in a handsome binder which I haven't had a chance to check out yet along with a reproduction of the "Paramount Book Of The Blues" and other ephemera.
All of this is housed in a massive wooden box 18"x16"x6" and weighs over 20 pounds (27 pounds when packed!). Fortunately it comes with a handle for easy maneuverability ! To save on costs all orders placed will be shipped directly from the manufacturer in Nashville and shipping cost in the USA is $25. Enquire for international rates. This release is a major undertaking - not without it's flaws - it is a valuable addition to any collection of early American vernacular music - if you can afford it. (FS)

Track List



UGLY THINGS #36 Ugly Things 36 ● BOOK $9.98
Approx 174 pages Counts as five CDs for shipping.
We are getting these in right after this goes to print, so here is the official word on the new issue from Mike Stax himself: Two big cover stories dominate this issue. Top of the bill, a brain-searing interview with Andrew Loog Oldham, the brilliant '60s Svengali of Immediate Records and Rolling Stones infamy. The cover features an exclusive '60s era photo of Andrew by famed photographer Gered Mankowitz. Next. 13 years in the making. the strangest, deepest, darkest tale ever told in UT. Mike Stax goes on the trail of Craig Smith a.k.a. Maitreya Kali, the mysterious figure responsible for the loner psych mega-rarities Apache and Inca. An epic-length story you will never forget. Also the stories of The Haunted and The Radiators From Space continue, plus UK freakbeat legends Sands and Sundragon, The Motions and The Dream from Holland, Manzanita Jungle, and an interview with Britain's 'King of the Beatniks,' Royston Ellis. Cyril Jordan's outrageously popular column relives the year 1966, and, as always, there's our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock'n'roll books and DVDs.

LORD OF GARBAGE Kicks Books KB 5 by KIm Fowley ● BOOK $14.98
Paperback 150 pages, recommended
Legendary record producer, performer, and infamous music and movie business raconteur Kim Fowley has decided to put pen to paper and record his history, mystery, adventures, misadventures, trials and tribulations, plus a bunch of stuff he probably just made up for fun. This, the first of a three volume series covers his earliest years, though the swingin' 1960s, and tells the tails by way of about _ prose and the rest in verse. You get lots of tales of his philandering B-movie actor father, some from his c-list actress mother, music biz insider stuff like Jan & Dean were redneck frat boys (his words), The Hollywood Argyles were pretty much the hippest, toughest bunch of guys around, how fantastic Slade were in their early years, stuff about everyone from Roy Orbison to Frank Zappa, etc. At its best this is reminiscent of fellow L.A. fringe genius James Ellroy's autobiographical writing, at its worst this reads like a deranged teenager's journal. What it never is is boring. This isn't for everybody, but I'm planning on picking up all three volumes. (JM)



HOBO JACK ADKINS & HIS KENTUCKY PALS B.A.C.M. 432 Early Bluegrass ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, highly recommended
A splendid collection of traditional style bluegrass from talented vocalist and songwriter Hobo Jack Adkins from Kentucky recorded between 1953 and '63 - most of the tracks appearing on CD for the first time. Jack started recording in 1953 for a number of small labels and turned in some fine sides with an excellent often including former Lonesome Pine Fiddlers banjo player Ray Goines. The first 11 tracks are from those recordings and are fine performances though a few some from sound problems - one of the tracks has too much noise reduction and a couple of others have severe distortion. In 1957 he signed for Starday and recorded for them up to 1959 and there are 10 tracks from those sessions featuring Jack with an unknown, but excellent, group of musicians with fine fiddle, mandolin & banjo. The remaining sides feature a single he recorded for his own Big A label including the excellen and topical Union Man and a brief return to Starday for a 1963 single. Apart from the few tracks with sound problems this is an excellent collection featuring fine vocals and songs (all written by Jack himself) and excellent accompniments. (FS)
HOBO JACK ADKINS: Another Night/ Baby Tell Me Why/ Big Sandy River/ Country Boy Went To Town/ Four Little Words/ Going Back To Old Kentucky/ I Can't Be Satisfied/ I Feel So Lonesome/ I Promise You/ Just Wishing/ Kentucky Hobo/ Kentucky School Bus/ Lonesome Old Road/ Midnight Waltz/ Mountain Music/ My Girl Of Kentucky/ Now That You're Gone/ Old Man's Story/ Our Lady Of Angels/ She's My Sugar/ Talk It Over With Your Heart/ Three Words/ Union Man/ Will They Have A Resting Place/ You Have Left Me Memories

EDDIE BOYD Jasmine 3039 Blues Is Here To Stay, 1947-1959 ● CD $18.98
Two CDs,52 tracks, 151 mins, very highly recommended
A most welcome reissue - this two CD set is the first in-depth reissue of this superb Chicago bluesman. Boyd was an excellent singer and piano player and an outstanding songwriter whose songs were somewhat more sophisticated than the average Chicago blues song of the time. Three of his songs have become blues standards - Five Long Years originally issued on J.O.B. topped the R&B charts in 1952 and the following year he had big hits with 24 Hours and Third Degree. Five Long Years has superb backup from guitarist L.C. McKinley and tenor saxist Ernest Cotton. Chess Records wanted to sign this new blues star but Boyd was wary of their business practices and signed with Al Benson's Parrot label. Benson promptly turned around and sold his contract to Chess! In spite of his reservations he stayed with the label for five years recording his hits Third Degree and 24 Hours along with other superb sides like Cool Kind Treatment/ / Picture In The Frame/ Ratting And Running Around/ I'm A Prisoner and others with stellar accompaniments from Robert Jr Lockwood, Lee Cooper or the little known but superb Ellis Hunter/ guitars, "Little Sax" Crowder or Purcell Brockenburgh/ ts and others. After leaving Chess he recorded for J.O.B. again and Oriole (not included here) and then a six track session for Bea & Baby in 1959 which is included here in its entirety - with Robert Jr. Lockwood/ gtr and Ronald Wilson/ ts he turns in fine performances on songs like I'm Comin' Home/ Blue Monday Blues and You Got Reap What You Sow. The set ends with two excellent sides recorded for tiny Keyhole label in 1959 or '60. Eddie continued recording for various small labels before being discovered by the European audience and for 25 years recorded extensively in Europe and even settled down in Finland in 1970. But these are the recordings that he made his name with and it's great to finally have them on CD. (FS)
EDDIE BOYD: 24 Hours/ All The Way/ Baby What's Wrong With You/ Best I Could/ Blue Monday Blues (Bea & Baby, 1959)/ Blue Monday Blues (RCA, 1947)/ Bluecoat Man/ Blues For My Baby/ Chicago Is Just That Way/ Come Home/ Come On Home/ Cool Kind Treatment/ Down Beat Rhythm/ Driftin'/ Eddie's Blues/ Five Long Years/ Getting My Divorce/ Got Lonesome Here/ Got Me Seein' Double/ Hard Time Getting Started/ Hush Baby Don't You Cry/ I Began To Sing The Blues/ I Can Trust My Baby/ I Got The Blues/ I Gotta Find My Baby/ I Had To Let Her Go/ I'm A Prisoner/ I'm Comin' Home/ I'm Goin' Downtown/ Just A Fool/ Kilroy Won't Be Back/ Life Gets To Be A Burden/ Mr. Highway Man/ Nothing But Trouble/ Picture In The Frame/ Playmate Shuffle/ Ratting And Running Around/ Rosa Lee Swing (Chess, 1952)/ Rosa Lee Swing (RCA, 1947)/ Something Good Will Come To Me/ Thank You Baby/ The Blues Is Here To Stay/ Third Degree/ Treat Her Right/ Unfair Lovers/ What Makes These Things Happen To Me/ What's The Matter Baby/ Where You Belong/ Why Did She Leave Me/ Why Don't You Be Wise Baby/ You Got To Leave That Gal/ You Got To Reap What You Sow

THE CHARIOTEERS Collector's Choice 377 The Best Of The Charioteers ● CD $16.98 $9.98
24 tracks recorded for Columbia between 1937 and 1948 by this popular black vocal group who started out as The Dixie Songsters in the 1930's and ended up as The Billy Williams Quartet in the 1950's. The group performed gospel, jivey tunes and pop songs and this collection focusses mostly on their pop repertoire with occasional excursions into gospel or jive. It includes Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Why Should I Complain/ Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/ Calliope Jane/ I Understand/ Yes Indeed/ I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)/ You Can't See The Sun When You're Cryin'/ Open The Door, Richard/ Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba (My Bambino Go To Sleep)/ Sleepy Time Gal/ What Did He Say (The Mumble Song)/ A Kiss And A Rose and more.

THE COASTERS History Of RnB 002 Those Hoodlum Friends - The Coasters In Stereo & More ● CD $22.98
Two CDs, 49 tracks, essential for Coasters fans, highly recommended for everyone else
The first volume of The Coasters on this label featured all their singles plus a few bonus cuts. This volume digs deeper featuring material that won't be familiar to many unless you were one of the lucky ones to get the limited edition Rhino box set in 2007. The first 16 tracks on disc 1 feature stereo versions of some of their great songs. Some of them are identical to the mono versions but are the original stereo recordings that were mixed down to mono while others are very different versions included an extended version of Three Cool Cats, a wonderful slow version of I'm A Hog For You Baby and a different versions of Sexy - some of the different versions have great longer sax solos from King Curtis which are a real treat. The last 12 tracks on the disc reissues a real anomaly in The Coasters recordings for Atco - an LP featuring completely straight versions of pop and jazz standards performed by individual members of the group with orchestral accompaniment. The performances are well done and the singers sound quite comfortable in this setting but I'm not quite sure who the audience for the LP were. It's too "straight" for the teen audience but probably not straight enough the moms and dads. That being said it's worth a listen with Billy Guy's performances of the bluesy Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You and Don't Get Around Much Anymore being particularly effective thanks to his eccentric vocal stylings and Cornel Gunter doing a heartfelt rendition of Autumn Leaves. The second disc includes 9 alternate takes - some similar and some very different like Yakety Yak/ The Shadows and Besame Mucho which includes different lyrics, arrangements and more extended solos from King Curtis. There is also a delightful Coca Cola commercial from 1965 which incorporates excerpts from some of their hits. The rest of the second disc features 10 composite tracks which contains partial alternate takes, false starts and studio chatter. These make for fascinating listening and insight though probably not something you will listed to often - some of these partial alternates were not on the Rhino set. A fabulous set with great sound and the 26 page booklet mostly consists of a detailed session discography compiled by Claus Rohnisch - the world's leading expert on The Coasters' recordings. (FS)
DISC 1: STEREO VERSIONS - Three Cool Cats (extended stereo)/ Yakety Yak/ I'm A Hog For You (slow version)/ Sexy/ Charlie Brown/ Along Came Jones/ That Is Rock & Roll/ Poison Ivy/ Run Red Run/ What About Us/ Wake Me, Shake Me/ Stewball/ The Snake And The Book Worm/ Little Egypt (Ying Yang)/ Girls Girls Girls (Part I)/ Keep On Rolling/ ONE BY ONE ALBUM - Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You/ The Way You Look Tonight/ Moonglow/ But Beautiful/ Moonlight in Vermont/ Autumn Leaves/ On the Sunny Side of the Street/ Easy Living/ Don't Get Around Much Anymore/ Satin Doll/ You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To/ Willow Weep for Me Disc 2: ALTERNATE TAKES - Yakety Yak [take 9]/ Poison Ivy [echo guitar}/ The Shadow Knows [take 2]/ Besame Mucho (Pts 1 & 2)/ Riding Hood [take 28]/ Bad Blood/ The Slime/ Soda Pop/ Dance (extended)/ My Baby Comes To Me/ COMPOSITE TAKES - Shadow [takes 11/12/13]/ I'm A Hog For You [takes 1/2/3/4]/ Yakety Yak [takes 1/2/5]/ Yakety Yak [alt - take 3]/ Charlie Brown [takes 14/22/23/27]/ Three Cool Cats [takes 1/7/8]/ Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart [takes 1/2/7]/ Crocodile [takes 3/5/12]/ Hey Sexy [takes 8/10/12]/ Sorry But I'm Gonna Have to Pass [takes 2/3/11]/ Stewball [takes 8/9/10]

JAMES COTTON Fuel 61985 Chicago Harp Showdown ● CD $11.98
18 tracks, 62 mins, very good
15 of the 18 tracks on this CD are from sessions made for the Verve Forecast label in 1967. Cotton is accompanied by his band of the time with Luther Tucker on guitar, Albert Gianquinto on piano, Sam Lay on drums and others. They mostly do covers of blues favorites like I Need You So Bad/ Sweet Sixteen/ Don't Start Me To Talking, etc. along with a few Cotton originals including some fine instrumentals like Blues In My Sleep and The Creeper. This was the psychedelic rock era when musical excess was the order of the day and these recordings fall into that trap with Cotton blowing so hard you think he'll bust a blood vessel and Tucker playing too loud and fast. At the time it probably sounded exciting but now sounds dated. The remaining tracks are from informal acoustic session recorded by Norman Dayron in 1962 & '63 with Cotton joined by Paul Butterfield and Elvin Bishop and on Three Harp Boogie by Billy Boy Arnold. These tracks I find much more rewarding. This material has been reissued several times over the years so you might want to check your collection. (FS)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION Island 374 925-2 Rising For The Moon - Deluxe Edition ● CD $33.98
Two CDs, 32 tracks, highly recommended
Another of Island's deluxe treatments of the Fairport Convention catalog - this one marking the brief return of their best vocalist Sandy Denny. The first 11 tracks on the first disc reissues the original "Rising For The Moon" album issued in 1975. This set features vocals by Sandy, her husband Trevor Lucas and Swarb. This is not one of those watershed albums and contains no big hit, though Sandy's songwriting is excellent, particularly on the title song, One More Chance and Stranger To Himself and White Dress written by Swarb for Sandy is a beauty. Lucas' songs tend toward American folky clichťs with plenty of railroad images, and sound like they're off in a very different direction from Denny's. Still, they're handled well here. And a delightful surprise is Swarbrick's Night-Time Girl, cocky and fun. There are four bonus tracks on this disc - a fine live performance of White Dress from a TV broadcast and three demos of Sandy's songs. The second disc features a live performance recorded at the Troubadour in Los Angeles by the same band as on the "Rising" sessions but a few months earlier and consists of a selection of songs and tunes drawn from earlier albums by Fairport, Fotheringay and Sandy along with a couple of Dylan songs, Richard Thompson's Down Where The Drunkard's Roll and more. Sandy's rendition of She Moves Through The Fair with only Swarb on fiddle is particularly fine. But it's all fine and much of this show was only previously available on the limited edition 19 CD set of Sandy. (FS)

THE FLAMINGOS Jasmine 253 Time Was - The Sessions, 1957-1962 ● CD $18.98
Two CDs, 54 tracks, recommended
Complementing Jasmine 554 ("Dream Of A Lifetime" - $18.98) this is another double CD set by this superb vocal group though not as strong as the first collection. The first nine tracks are from their Decca session from between 1957 and '59 which were omitted from the first collection and the remaining titles features all their recordings cut for End between 1959 and '62. Following the enormous success of I Only Have Eyes For You they attempted to repeat the success by concentrating on reworking pop standards - sometimes using almost identical arrangements to "Eyes" and at other times performing almost straight with lush pop arrangements. One of their best songs from this period and one of the few later End hits was their rocking version of the Sam Cooke song Nobody Loves Me Like You. As theie tenure with End progressed they concentrated more on LPs than 45s with more and more slick pop arrangements with very little evidence of the R&B sounds that made their early recordings so memorable. (FS)

WALLY FOWLER B.A.C.M. 431 Vol. 2 - With His Gergia Clodhoppers & Oak Ridge Quarte ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, recommended
Complementing BACM 133 this is the second collection of sides by this fine singer - mostly accompanied by his group The Georgia Clodhoppers which includes a young Chet Atkins on lead guitar. Most of the songs are Fowler originals including such sides as Unlock The Door/ You're My Darling, You're My Sunshine/ Now I'm Happy/ The Wall Around Your Heart/ Worried 'Bout My Gal, etc. The last three tracks are gospel songs featured Wally accompanied by the vocal harmonies of the Oak Ridge Quartet. Shortly after these recordings Fowler devoted all his attention to gospel music and became a leading figure in countr gospel. (FS)
WALLY FOWLER: Dear Daddy, I'm Longing For You/ Dream Castles Shared With You/ Here Today & Gone Tomorrow/ It's Been So Long Darling/ Kentucky Waltz/ Land Where Living Waters Flow/ Missouri/ Mommy, Please Stay Home With Me/ Now I'm Happy/ Old Fashioned Christmas/ On The Jericho Road/ Perfect Joy/ Pride Is Never Worth A Broken Heart/ Take A Look At My Poor Heart/ Texas Home/ The Wall Around Your Heart/ There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas/ To Be Or Not To Be/ Unlock The Door/ What Is A Mother's Love/ When The Roses Bloom In Tennessee/ When You Cry, You Cry Alone/ Worried ĎBout My Gal/ You're My Darling, You're My Sunshine/ sWanted Someone To Love Me

BILL GAITHER (LEROY'S BUDDY) Document DOCD 5253 Complete Record Works In Chronological Order, Vol 3 ● CD $15.98 $10.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
More fine sides by this underrated bluesman. Gaither was a fine vocalist and an exceptional songwriter, often with a witty edge to his lyrics. He accompanied himself with some tasty guitar and, on his best recordings, was accompanied by pianist Honey Hill. Although many of recordings were credited as Leroy's Buddy, he was anything but a Lery Carr imitator. The first 11 tracks here from a June 1938 session with Hill are particularly fine ranging from the mournful Old Coals Will Kindle, the wonderfully witty That's Grieving Me with it's brief spoken interlude and a great tribute to The Brown Bomber Champ Joe Louis. These are followed by two solo sides by Hill including an outstanding version of Pinetop Smith's Boogie Woogie. The final nine tracks from a June 1939 session find Gaither in the company of pianist Lil Armstrong and Teddy Bunn on guitar and is fine though somewhat less inspired than the earlier sides. (FS)
BILL GAITHER: Babyfied Ways Girl/ Big Time Town Woman/ Boogie Woogie (Honey Hill)/ Champ Joe Louis/ I Got Your Water On/ If I Was The Devil/ It's Coming Back Home To You/ It's Grieving Me/ New Pains In My Heart/ New Rocky Mountain Blues/ Noah's Dove/ Old Coals Will Kindle/ Old Fashioned Woman/ Old Model 'A' Blues/ Racket Blues/ Right Hand Friend/ Set 'Em (Honey Hill)/ So Much Trouble/ Sweet Mama/ Too Late Too Late/ When My Woman's Lovin' Someone Else/ You Done Lost Your Swing No. 2

THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET Acrobat 173 Rock My Soul ● CD $10.98 $6.98
20 tracks, 53 mins, recommended
Excellent inexpensive introduction to the music of this brilliant and influential group from Alabama. Includes many of their most popular sides recorded between 1937 and 1943 including Golden gate Gospel Train/ Go Where I Send Thee/ Massas In The Cold Cold Ground/ Noah/ Job/ Stlin Wasn't Stallin'/ Dip Your Fingers In the waters/ Didn't It Rain/ Blind Barnabas/ Comin' In On A Wing And A Prayer, etc. (FS)

WOODY GUTHRIE Rounder 9138 American Radical Patriot ● CD $139.98
6 CDs, DVD, 78rpm single, 155 tracks, 450+ mins, very highly recommended
This is a beautiful and unique collection. I currently have 3 turntables, but none play 78s, so I can't speak to that, but it's Bob Dylan doing VD Blues, so I'm thinking it's pretty good. Everything else is fantastic. Each CD is a special experience, not just collections of songs, but historic recordings as well featuring interviews; radio programs, etc., done for the Library of Congress; and the BPA administration. This marks the first time ever that the complete and unedited Library of Congress recordings have been released. CD1 features Woody with Alan Lomax moderating. You get Woody playing songs like Lost Train Blues/ Old Joe Clark, and The Midnight Special, while he talks about his childhood, early days on the road, and shares some short jokes and tall tales. CD2 Woody talks about the dust bowl, migration to California, bankers, outlaws etc., and plays songs to accompany each theme like So Long, Its Been Good To Know You/ Do Re Mi/ Pretty Boy Floyd, and The Jolly Banker. CDs 3 & 4 follow the same line with more great results. CD5 features The BPA recordings and War Effort songs, including great tracks like Pastures Of Plenty/ Roll Columbia Roll, and Sinking Of The Reuben James. This disc features some of the most fascinating material, but unfortunately at times it also has the worst sound quality. Still, it's a great addition to the set. CD6 features the "Labor For Victory" recordings With Woody playing songs and accompanying short radio plays (that he co-wrote) that promoted social unity among Americans and a rallying around the flag against Hitler and our Axis enemies. You also get the "VD Song Demos," as well as "The Lonesome Traveler Recordings." CD6 is easily the most entertaining of the bunch and you get a lot of rare recordings that you won't soon forget. On the DVD you get the "Roll On Columbia: Woody Guthrie And The Bonneville Power Administration documentary." This is a fascinating film that covers a lot of Woody's history, but focuses on when he worked writing songs for the BPA. All of this comes bundled up in a beautiful package, with a 60-page booklet that among other things features previously unpublished photographs, and cartoons drawn by Woody. (JM)

HOMER & JETHRO Jasmine 3638/9 Slaughter The Standards ● CD $18.98
The most comprehensive collection of this popular duo who specialized in song parodies. Two CDs with 52 tracks. The material here ranges from the mid 40s when they were doing tongue in cheek versions of straight ahead country to their full blown parodies of pop, country and rock 'n' roll songs. It also includes the complete 1959 live album "Homer & Jethro At The Country Club." Though a lot of the humor seems dated now there is some fine music being made especially by Jethro Burns on mandolin and Chet Atkins on guitar. Songs include Cigareetes, Whusky And Wild Wild Women/ I'll Go Chasin' Women/ Keep Them Icy Fingers Off Me/ Dig Me A Grave In Missouri/ Baby, It's Cold Outside (with June Carter)/ The Billboard Song/ Hart Brake Motel/ You Belong To Me No. 2/ Too Young/ Oh My Pappy/ Battle Of Kookamonga/ Come Here Little Wifey and more.
HOMER & JETHRO - STUDIO: (How Much Is) That Hound Dog In The Window/ Among My Souvenirs/ Baby, It's Cold Outside With June Carter/ Boll Weevil No. 2/ Cigareetes, Whusky And Wild, Wild Women/ Come Here Little Wifey!/ Dig Me A Grave In Missouri/ Does The Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor (On The Bed - Post Overnight)/ Don't Jump Off The Roof Dad/ Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyeballs/ Down Where The Watermelons Grow/ Groundhog/ Hart Brake Hotel/ Hey There/ High Geared Daddy/ How Come There's No Dog Day?/ I'll Go Chasin' Women/ I'm Movin' On No. 2/ I Love Your Pizza/ I Really Don't Want To Know/ In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/ Jam - Bowl Liar (Jambalaya)/ Keep Them Icy Fingers Off Me/ Li'l Ole Kiss Of Fire/ Love And Marriage/ Oh My Pappy/ Pal - Yat - Chee With Spike Jones/ Please Help Me, I'm Falling/ She Was Bitten On The Udder By An Adder/ Sound Off No. 2 (The Duckworth Chant)/ Sweet Fern/ Sweet Violets/ Tennessee, Tennessee/ The Billboard Song/ The Frozen Logger/ The Huckle Buck With June Carter/ The Tattooed Lady/ The West Virginny Hills/ Too Young/ Unhappy Day/ Will You Love Me When/ You Belong To Me No. 2 HOMER & JETHRO - LIVE: Introduction/ (How Much Is) That Hound Dog In The Window/ Battle Of Kookamonga/ C-Jam Blues/ Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyeballs/ Fascination/ Hart Brake Hotel/ Let Me Go Blubber/ Lullaby Of Bird Dog/ San Antonio Rose/ Sixteen Tons/ Skater's Waltz/ The Billboard Song/ Yaller Rose Of Texas, You-All

BUDDY JOHNSON Acrobat 4028 Featuring Ella Johnson - Jukebox Hits, 1940-1951 ● CD $13.98 $9.98
21 tracks, 56 min, highly recommended
20 tunes that graced the 40s R&B charts (1 tune is 2 tracks - Because Pts 1 & 2) by this wonderful boogie pianist/orch leader, done for Decca & many featuring the fine vocals of his kid sister Ella Johnson. Many of the songs here will be familiar from later cover versions, but these are the 1st versions of such classics as Since I Fell For You/ Please Mr. Johnson/ Fine Brown Frame/ Baby Don't You Cry, all done for Decca, as was That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch/ When My Man Comes Home & Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball which crossed into the pop charts. Booklet contains full liner notes, info on each song & even a few label pics. (GM)
BUDDY JOHNSON: Baby Don't You Cry/ Because - Part 1/ Because - Part 2/ Boogie Woogie's Mother-in-law/ Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?/ Far Cry/ Fine Brown Frame/ I Ain't Mad With You/ I Don't Care Who Knows/ I Still Love You/ I Wonder Who's Boogieing My Woogie Now/ I'm Gonna Jump In The River/ Let's Beat Out Some Love/ Please Mr Johnson/ Since I Fell For You/ That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch/ They All Say I'm The Biggest Fool/ Walk 'em/ When My Man Comes Home/ You Won't Let Me Go/ You'll Get Them Blues

SPIKE JONES & HIS CITY SLICKERS Proper BOX 5 Strictly For Music Lovers ● CD $26.98 $17.98
Four CDs with 95 tracks of horn-tooting pot-clanging gurgling and hiccuping musical mayhem. It ranges from the relatively sedate Barstool Cowboy From Old Barstow from 1941 to the totally demented None But The Lonely Heart (A Soaperetta) from 1947. Along the way are all your guilty favorites like the unforgettable (unforgiveable?) Never Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel, the patriotic You're A Sap Mister Jap and Der Fuehrer's Face plus St-St-St-Stella/ The Sound Effects Man/ There's A Fly On My Music/ Cocktails For TwoSerenade To A Jerk/ Chloe/ Libestraume/ I Dream Of Brownie With The Light Blue Jeans and so much more. It's not all lunacy though and there is a fair amount of straight ahead dance band music from Spike and his talented gang. Includes 24 page booklet with notes and wacky photos. If you've got a jones for Spike invest now, drive your neighbors batty and attain true inner peace.

KARL & HARTY B.A.C.M. 430 Old Time Harmony Singing, Vol. 2 ● CD $14.98
31 tracks, 70 mins, recommended
The second BACM CD devoted to the popular and influential duo Karl Davis and Connecticutt "Harty" Taylor. The first (BACM 168) featured some of the commercial recordings they made in th 1930s and early 40s. This one is mostly drawn from radio transcriptions - dates aren't given but I believe they are from the mid/ late 40s. Karl & Harty's duet singing lacks the intensity of some of their contemporaries but their harmonies are sweet and true and they accompany themselves well on guitar and mandolin. The songs are a mix of originals (Look At What Those Blue Eyes Do To Me/ Watching The Girls Go By/ He's A Ring Tail Tornado/ That Pretty Little Face, etc) and country favorites (Wreck On The Highway/ Mother And Dad/ Gold Watch And Chain/ Put My Little Shoes Away, etc.) On five tracks they provide accompaniment to Davis's niece Shelby Jean Davis including a version of Babes In The Wood based on a 17th century children's tale. (FS)
KARL & HARTY: A Bible Lesson/ Babes In The Wood/ Blue Railroad Train/ Cause I Don't Mean To Cry When You're Gone/ Dust On The Bible/ Gathering Buds/ Gold Watch And Chain/ He's A Ring Tail Tornado/ I Can't Keep From Crying/ I Get The Same Old Story/ I See A Bright Light Shining/ I'm Tired Of Living Alone/ I've Waited Too Long To Prepare/ If It's Wrong To Love You/ Leaf Of Love/ Look At What Those Blue Eyes Did To Me/ Mother And Dad/ My Father's Whiskers/ Old Spanish Tune/ Put My Little Shoes Away/ Renfro Valley March (Instr.)/ Shake Hands With Mother Again/ Smiles Are Made Out Of The Sunshine/ Sometimes/ Take Me Back Again/ That Pretty Little Face/ The B.I.B.L.E/ The History Song/ There's A Blue Heart Tonight In The Mountains/ Watching The Girls Go By/ Way Beyond The Blue/ Wreck On The Highway

GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS Acrobat 3050 Letter Full Of Tears ● CD $18.98 $11.98
2 CDs, 47 tracks, 124 mins, highly recommended
This CD rounds up all of the possible tracks that Gladys Knight & The Pips released in their Pre-Motown career and super stardom, represents work done for labels Fury, Vee-Jay, Everlast, Springboard, Maxx, and more, and documents the evolution of their classic sound. Gladys Knight & The Pips were certainly fantastic long before they hit Motown and although they weren't smashes, this collection has all of their first songs to start making the charts and making the group a name. Giving Up/ Who Knows/ Lovers Always Forgive/ Either Way I Love You/ Stop And Get A hold Of Myself/ Baby It's You/ Queen Of Tears/ Every Beat Of My Heart, and a lot more greats that Soul fans will eat up. This also has the interesting side note of representing some of the early successes Van McCoy would have as a writer, with six of his compositions represented here, alongside the works of Johnny Otis, Jesse Belvin, Bob Elgin, Richard Gottehrer, and of course Knight & co themselves. (JM)

WILLIE MABON Jasmine 3040 Willie's Blues - The Greatest Hits, 1952-1957 ● CD $14.98
25 tracks highly recommended
Fine collection of sides recorded by this talented singer, songwriter and piano player. It provides a perfect companion to the recently issued Fuel CD of Willie's early 60s USA recordings - Fuel 61982 - $12.98). This set features his earlier sides recorded for Chess and Federal between 1952 and '57. Most of the songs are Mabon originals often featuring his playful and jivey humor. It includes his big R&B hits I Don't Know (a reworking of a 1939 Cripple Clarence Lofton song), the semi-spoken I'm Mad and the much covered Posion Ivy. It also includes a terrific version of Willie Dixon's Seventh Son - one of the few songs here not written by Mabon. The Chess sides feature him with small combos with one or two saxes while the Federal sides feature guitar, bass and drums only. But all are fine and other songs include Worry Blues/ Beggar Or Bandit/ Life Could Be Miserable/ Say Man ( not the Bo Diddley songs)/Wow I Feel So GoodLucinda/ Rosetta, Rosetta, etc. Excellent sound and informative notes from Bob Fisher. (FS) Lots of other fine songs featuring Willies smooth sly vocals and fine piano with solid accompaniments by small bands. (FS)
WILLIE MABON: Beggar Or Bandit/ Got To Find My Baby/ Got To Have It/ He Lied/ I Don't Know/ I Got To Go/ I'm Mad/ I'm Tired/ It's Gonna Hurt You/ Knock On Wood/ Late Again/ Life Could Be Miserable/ Light Up Your Lamp/ Lonely Blues/ Lucinda/ Monday Woman/ Poison Ivy/ Rosetta Rosetta/ Say Man/ Someday You Will Have To Pay/ The Seventh Son/ Willie's Blues/ Worry Blues/ Wow I Feel So Good/ You're A Fool

MAGIC SAM Delmark 833 Live At The Avant Garde, June 22, 1968 ● CD $14.98
16 tracks 67 mins, essential
This is the second album of previously unissued live recordings by the late great Magic Sam in a year and like, just about everything Sam did, is a killer. This one was recorded at the Avant Garde club in Milwaukee. Sam was a spectacular singer and guitarist and even if you've heard many of these songs before you won't be able to resist this one. It's one of the best recorded of all the live Sam reissues - the voice is a little distorted but his guitar comes through with studio like clarity. Sam performs songs from his first Delmark album "West Side Soul" (All Of Your Love/ I Need You So Bad/ Lookin' Good, etc.) along with some great covers including Muddy's Still A Fool and Jimmy Rogers' That's All Right which I don't believe he recorded elsewhere. Other songs and instrumentals include San-Ho-Zay/ Feelin' Good/ Bad Luck Blues/ Everynight Everyday, etc. - wonderful stuff! (FS)

JIMMY MCCRACKLIN & HIS BLUES BLASTERS P-Vine 26051/3 Rockin' All Day - The Complete Modern/ RPM Recordings ● CD $47.98
Three CDs, 63 tracks, essential
Jimmy McCracklin was one of the most important and prolific artists in the development of West Coast blues - a superb and distinctive vocalist, excellent piano player and creative songwriter and led some of the best blues bands in the business. He started performing in the mid 1940s and continued performing for 60 years until ill health prevented him from performing. He died in 2012 - a much loved legend. He recorded for many labels over his long career and this fabulous set features all his recordings made for the Bihari's Modern and RPM label between 1948 and 1950 and in 1954/ 1955. Between 1950 and '54 he recorded for half a dozen labels before returning to Modern. Although much of this material has been issued by Ace, this release include additional alternate takes and, unlike the Ace sets presents the recordings in chronological order. This arrangement can sometimes be a recipe for boredom but in the case of many of these songs the different alternates are very different, particularly in the instrumental breaks where one take will focus on the guitar and another will focus on the sax. This set also points out what an important figure guitarist Robert Kelton was - his playing is dazzling with crashing chords and imaginative picking. On some cuts they are joined by Lafayette Thomas on second guitar and the interplay between the two is spellbinding. After Kelton left he was replaced by another fine guitarist - Pee Wee Kingsley. After leaving Modern in 1950 McCracklin took on Lafayette Thomas as guitarist and Thomas was to provide the spectacular guitar accompaniments for McCracklin for the following eight years. McCracklin was a superb and expressive singer and a fine piano player whose slow blues (Deceivin' Blues/ Love When It Rains/ I Think My Time Is Here/ Bad Condition/ Oh! I'm Love, etc) harken back to the mournful style of Walter Davis but in a modern setting. In contrast, his up tempo rockers (Reelin' & Rockin'/ Josephine/ Blues Blasters Shuffle/ Gotta Cut Out, etc) rock like crazy. Many of the other musicians on the early sesions are unknown though the drummer is known to be Little Red and the fine tenor sax player is referred to as "Brownie Boy" by Jimmy. There are two gorgeous solo demos by McCracklin from a worn but listenable acetate. The third disc completes the reissue of Jimmy's recordings for Modern and rounds out the disc with two vocal sides from guitarist Lafayette Thomas and two from his tenor saxist Johnny Parker. There are also two cuts from guitarist Baby "Pee Wee" Parham with McCracklin and Parker accompanying him. From 1961 we have three B.B. King cuts with McCracklin on piano and from '65 three cuts by Esther Williams with McCracklin on piano. All in all a fabulous collection with excellent sound and the booklet includes full discographical information, lyric transcriptions and notes (the latter in Japanese). (FS)

BUCK OWENS Omnivore 75 Buck 'Em! The Music Of Buck Owens, 1955-1967 ● CD $29.98
2 CDs, 50 tracks, 117 mins, highly recommended
I think that Buck Owens was one of the top 5 Country artists of all time, and if he would have stopped making music in the early 1970s, most music fans would regard him much higher. The advertising blurb on the front of this says that this is "not your father's Buck Owens collection," which I think is meant to mean, hey disregard that guy that you saw on Hee-Haw every week; this here is the real Buck Owens. Although I do think Hee-Haw did more harm than good to Buck's standing, I think the tragic young death of his right hand man Don Rich in 1974 did far more harm to him as an artist. Rich's death broke Buck Owens' heart and seemed to derail him creatively. Years later, Buck himself said, "I think my music life ended when he died. Oh yeah, I carried on and I existed, but the real joy and love, the real lightning and thunder is gone forever." This collection is about 95% with Don Rich, and it is 100% great, 18 of these tracks are the mono single versions, and a number of tracks are alternate, live, or early version. One track, Under The Influence Of Love is stated to be previously unissued, but it looks to me like it came out on a single in 1961. Highlights are many, some of my favorites would have to be the alternate version of Above And Beyond, early versions of Close Up The Honky Tonks and My Heart Skips A Beat, a live version of Buckaroo, the mono version of Tiger By The Tail, plus Truck Drivin' Man/ Sam's Place, etc. (JM)

LINDA THOMPSON Petifer 1001 Won't Be Long Now ● CD $16.98
11 tracks, very highly recommended
Break out the champagne! A new album from England's finest folk folk-rock singer, Linda Thompson after a six year absence and it's a real beauty. Her voice has aged a bit but still has that crystalline vulnerable quality that shivers down my spine. Many of the tracks are originals, some written with her son Teddy who also plays guitar on many of the tracks. The set opens with the beautiful Love's For Babies And Fools where she is only accompanied by former husband Richard Thompson on guitar and the result is pure magic - Richard knows how to cradle and counterpoint Linda's vocals like no other musician. Other standouts include the moving If I Were A Bluebird cowritten with Ron Sexsmith, the sad Father Son Ballad with delicate fiddle from Dave Swarbrick, the equally sad and gorgeous Never The Bride and a stellar acapella rendition of the traditional Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk. In addition to Richard and Teddy, other familiy members are present including daughters Kami and Muna and grandson Zak Hobbs and she also calls on the services of old friends like Martn & Eliza Carthy and John Kirkpatrick to make contributions. This one's a real gem. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat ACMCD 4038 Bob Geddins' Irma Records Story ● CD $13.98 $10.98
27 tracks, highly recommended
Another great collection of mostly West Coast blues produced by the indefatigable Bob Geddins for his Irma label in 1956/57. It opens with two sides from Texas bluesman Juke Boy Bonner who was living in the Bay Area for a short time in the mid 50s before moving back down South. These two sides, issued as by Juke Boy Barner, find himn accompanied by a fine small group with Lafayette Thomas on guitar on a couple of Jimmy Reed flavored number. In the 60s and 70s he recorded for several labels, most notably Arhoolie, in a much more individualistic and creative style often with a topical flavor. There are eight sides by Jimmy McCracklin with his great band The Blues Blasters which at that time featured the superb tenor sax work of Raymon Boyd and the spectacular guitar of Lafayette Thomas who also appears on the two superb sides by Jimmy Wilson which includes a variation on his most popular song Tin Pan Alley - here it becomes Blues In The Alley. Another familiar Geddins artist is Johnny Fuller whop appears on four sides including First Stage Of The Blues where he sounds like he's impersonating Elvis. Geneva Vallier is a relatively undistinguished vocalist but her He's A Friend (Vote For Adlai Stevenson) is a fascinating topical song and she is accompanied by the fine Candyman McGuirt Band. There is some fine doo-wop from The INtervals, Starlighters and Al Smith & The Angels and the set is rounded out by two fabulous gospel sides The Golden Keys including the church-wrecking Somebody Touched Me. Excellent sound and Opal Louis Nations provides excellent notes butting these recordings into perspective. (FS)
JUKE BOY BARNER (AKA JUKE BOY BONNER): Rock With Me Baby/ Well Baby/ JOHNNY FULLER: Strange Land/ Weeping And Mourning/ First Stage Of The Blues/ No More - No More/ THE GOLDEN KEYS: One Step (Don't Wonder 'Bout Him)/ Somebody Touched Me/ THE INTERVALS WITH CHICK MORRIS' BAND: Love Me Sweet/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN & HIS BLUES BLASTERS: (My) Love For You/ Beer Tavern Girl/ Fare-well/ I Wanna Make Love To You/ I'm The One/ Savoy's Jump/ Take A Chance/ You're The One/ AL SMITH & THE ANGELS: Leavin' You Baby/ Sha-Wa-Wa/ THE STARLIGHTERS: Last Night/ Love Cry/ BIG MAMA THORNTON & THE HI-TONES: Big Mama's Coming Home/ Don't Talk Back/ GENEVA VALLIER WITH CANDYMAN MCGUIRT & HIS BAND: He's A Friend (Vote For Adlai Stevenson)/ Sunny Day/ JIMMY WILSON & HIS BLUES BLASTERS: Blues In The Alley/ Oh Red

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90205 Chicken Rock - Rockin' Around The Mountain ● CD $17.98 $10.98
29 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
Excellent and intriguing collection of mostly unissued tracks (at least that's what it claims!) of rockabilly and rock' n' roll. Highlight is four cuts by Carl Perkins, supposedly from an acetate featuring him doing four Sun era songs - Movie Magg/ Turn Around/ Put Your Cat Clothes On/ Look At The Moon. Are these Sun outtakes? Lot's of other good cuts too particularly from The Kingbeats, Jimmy Evans, Red Hadley (a great version of Piano Red's She Knows How To Rock Me), John Kline & Eddie Bond (his Cotton Patch Hop is mistitled Patchuko Hop). There are a couple of excellent instrumentals from The Gentry Brothers. Some nice photos in booklet but no notes - I'd love to know the story behind these sides. (FS)
EDDIE BOND: Patchako Hop/ WAYNE BUSBY: Live Your Life With Care/ JIMMY EVANS: I Hate To Say Goodbye/ Pink Cadillac/ What Am I Gonna Do/ THE GENTRY BROTHERS: Swanky (alt) (inst)/ Swooney (alt) (inst)/ RED HADLEY: She Knows How To Rock Me (unissued)/ NEVILLE HAWKS: I Got A Baby (unissued)/ Make It Like Rock 'N' Roll (unissued)/ Morse Code (unissued)/ THE KINGBEATS: I'll Tell My Mama On You/ I've Been A Bad Bad Boy/ I've Been A Bad Bad Boy (alt)/ JOHN KLINE: Rock-A-Billy Baby (unissued)/ DICKEY LEE: She Wears My Goin' Steady Ring/ CURTIS LITTLE: She Won't Let Me Down (unissued)/ WAYNE MCGINNIS: Rock 'N' Roll Rhythm(alt)/ THOMAS MITCHELL: I'm A Wise Ole Cat/ THE MOUNTAIN RAMBLERS: Rockin' Round The Mountain/ CARL PERKINS: Look At That Moon (vers. 1)/ Movie Magg(alt)/ Put Your Cat Clothes On (vers. 3)/ Turn Around(alt)/ JOHNNY POWERS: Fallin' Star/ The Bigger They Are/ TOMMY TUCKER: Little More Lovin'/ Rock 'N' Roll Mama/ THE YELVINGTON: Malcolm, It's Me, Baby(alt)

VARIOUS ARTISTS History Of Soul 2 Where Southern Soul Began, 1954-1962 ● CD $18.98
2 CDs, 54 tracks, 140 mins, highly recommended
What this series does so well is that they tell the history, the roots of Soul music, without using all the obvious over-played tracks. So with this, you get a fantastic sampling of tracks by artists that you know that you rarely if ever hear; then on top of that, they fill it up with rare gems by artists that you may not know so well, or maybe even, in a couple cases, have never heard of before. The only exception to that is Please, Please, Please by James Brown, but who can blame them for that. Highlights on this volume include: I Cried by Joe Medwick, I Got To Know by The 5 Royals, If I Don't See You Again by Ted Taylor, Hurts Me To My Heart by Rudy Ray Moore, Shout Bamalama by Otis Redding, etc. Ted Taylor actually gets two songs here, as do Larry Birdsong, Joe Tex, Junior Parker, and Gene Allison, among others, -and Bobby "Blue" Bland gets a well deserved three cuts. Great stuff throughout and another fine installment for a fine series of CDs. (JM)
THE 5 ROYALES: I Got To Know/ ARTHUR K. ADAMS: Tend To Your Business/ ARTHUR ALEXANDER: Sally Sue Brown/ GENE ALLISON: Everything Will Be Alright/ Somebody Somewhere/ DONEL AUSTIN: The Thrill Of Yesterday/ FONTELLA BASS: I Don't Hurt Anymore/ WILLIAM BELL: You Don't Miss Your Water/ LARRY BIRDSONG: Somebody, Somewhere/ Sooner Or Later/ BOBBY "BLUE" BLAND: I Don't Want No Woman/ I Woke Up Screaming/ I've Been Wrong For So Long/ TONY BORDERS: Can't Stand To See You Cry/ JAMES BROWN: Please, Please, Please/ COOKIE AND THE CUPCAKES: Close Up The Back Door/ STEVE DICKINSON: Help Yourself/ EARL GAINES: Best Of Luck Baby/ GORGEOUS GEORGE: Teach Me/ BUD HARPER: I've Just Got To Forget You/ BOBBY HEBB: You Gotta Go/ LITTLE IKE: Am I Losing You/ DELORES JOHNSON: Give Me Your Love/ ROY LEE JOHNSON: Too Many Tears/ LOUIS JONES: That's Cuz I Love You/ ROOSEVELT JONES: I Say! That's All Right/ GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS: Room In Your Heart/ MISS LA-VELL: If (I Could Be With You)/ LITTLE BOB AND THE LOLLIPOPS: You Don't Have To Cry/ LITTLE CLARENCE: Come Into My Heart/ LITTLE MILTON: I Need Somebody/ FRED LOWERY: Wait And See/ GAY MEADOWS AND THE YOBYALPS: Frozen Love/ JOE MEDWICK: I Cried/ GROVER MITCHELL: That's A Good Idea/ RUDY RAY MOORE: Hurts Me To My Heart/ ELMORE MORRIS: What Can I Do For You/ LITTLE JUNIOR PARKER: Backtracking/ I'll Learn To Love Again/ JOE PERKINS: I'm Not Gonna Leave/ OSCAR PERRY: I Found True Love/ CHARLES PERRYWELL: Your Lonesome Now/ SHIRLEY RAYMOND: You're Gonna Miss Me/ OTIS REDDING: Shout Bamalama/ SAM AND DAVE: My Love Belongs To You/ CLYDE SHELBY: Phoney Lover/ ROSCOE SHELTON: Please Think It Over/ TED TAYLOR: I'm Leaving You/ If I Don't See You Again/ JOE TEX: Blessed Are These Tears/ I Wanna Be Free/ CHARLES WALKER AND THE DAFFODILS: Slave To Love/ RUTH WHITE: Give Us Your Blessings/ JOHNNY WRIGHT: The World Is Yours

VARIOUS ARTISTS History Of Soul 5 Lonely Avenue - Soul From New York ● CD $18.98
2 CDs, 62 tracks, 156 mins, highly recommended
Here's a fantastic compilation covering the big city roots of Soul, Big Apple Rhythm & Blues recorded between 1954 - 1962. Every once in a while, I'll get a collection that I keep finding myself needing to share the tracks with somebody, hearing some gem for the first time and it being so good that I had to grab someone and play it for them I must have dragged my wife in a handful of times for this CD. Then there's a whole mess of great songs that I did know and love already. Put that all together and you get a pretty special set, and yet another great volume in a great series that is putting together The History Of Soul. Highlights include a couple of Vocal chord-shredding cuts from Ike & Tina, a couple of superb lesser known Ray Charles tracks, as well as a fine cover of Lonely Avenue by Pearl Woods, the great Solomon Burke, obscure acts like The Gainors, The Gay Poppers (that's a name that has a vastly different connotation now than it did 50 years ago,) The Kansas City Tomcats, great early Isley Brothers, and Joe Tex, a surprisingly good track from Della Reese, fantastic cuts from Bobby Long, Jackie Wilson, and Hank Ballard, plus a whole lot more. Then there's my favorite track on here, one I call the wife in for: Didn't We Fool Them by King Richard & The Poor Boys, a fabulous male/female duet backed by what sounds like the cats that backed up Screamin' Jay Hawkins on I Put A Spell On You, and it very well could be -- I'm looking into it. The only complaint that I do have about these collections is that despite a big heaping helping of liner notes that accompany each of these volumes, they are all (so far) pretty clumsily written and would greatly benefit from a good editor. Minor complaint, though-- otherwise these sets are fantastic. (JM)
JOHNNY ACEY: Please Don't Go/ KIP ANDERSON: I Will Cry/ LITTLE ANTHONY AND THE IMPERIALS: I'm Alright/ MARY B: Since I Fell For You/ HANK BALLARD: Rain Down Tears/ BIG MAYBELLE: Pitiful/ SHORTY BILLUPS: Bend A Little/ NAPPY BROWN: Well Well Well Baby-La/ HELEN BRYANT: I've Learned My Lesson/ SOLOMON BURKE: Go On Back To Him/ ELOISE CARTER: My Man Rockhead/ RAY CHARLES: It's All Right/ Yes Indeed/ THE CHECKERS: House With No Windows/ JUDY CLAY: Do You Think That's Right/ LES COOPER: Dig Yourself/ DON COVAY: Comin' Down With The Blues/ THE DRAPERS: Baby, One More Time/ BOBBY DUNN: Slow Drag/ MARY ANN FISHER: It's A Man's World/ Put On My Shoes/ THE FOUR RIVERS: Sooner Or Later/ THE GAINORS: She's Gone/ THE GAY POPPERS: You Got Me Uptight/ THE GREAT NATHANIEL: Soul/ BILLY HAMLIN: If You Ain't Got No Bread/ THELMA HARPER: My Man/ THE HARRISON BROTHERS: Please Don't Hurt Me/ TOMMY HODGE: That's All I Need/ LINDA HOPKINS: All In My Mind/ TEDDY HUMPHRIES: What Makes You So Tough/ TOMMY HUNT: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself/ THE ISLEY BROTHERS: St Louis Blues/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: If I Thought You Needed Me/ WILLIE JONES: Where's My Money/ THE KANSAS CITY TOMCATS: Nobody Knows/ MARIE KNIGHT AND REX GARVIN: I Can't Sit Down/ GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS: Stop Running Around/ BUDDY LAMP: I'm Coming Home/ HOAGY LANDS: My Tears Are Dry/ BILLY LEWIS: Heart Trouble/ LITTLE JUNIOR LEWIS: Tears On My Face/ LITTLE WILLIE: I'll Do It For You/ BOBBY LONG: Jersey City/ JOHNNY PAYNE: Can't Take Another Heartbreak/ DELLA REESE: Ninety Nine And A Half Won't Do/ WALTER RHODES: I Worship The Ground You Walk On/ KING RICHARD AND THE POOR BOYS: Didn't We Fool Them/ JOE TEX: I Had To Come Back To You/ THE TIBBS BROS: I'm Going Crazy/ THE TOP NOTES: Say Yes/ DORIS TROY: Foolish Decision/ IKE & TINA TURNER: Sleepless/ IKE AND TINA TURNER: I'm Jealous/ GLADYS TYLER: I Am Confused Over You/ PAUL WALTERS: I Know What Love Is All About/ BABY WASHINGTON: I've Got A Feeling/ ROGER WASHINGTON: You're Gonna Want Me/ BILLY WESTON: It Won't Be This Way Always/ JACKIE WILSON: I Just Can't Help It/ Please Tell Me Why/ PEARL WOODS: Lonely Avenue

VARIOUS ARTISTS Indigo 2503 Don't Worry 'Bout The Bear ● CD $22.98 $10.98
Excellent and long out of print two CD set with 32 tracks providing an introduction to Jim Simpson's Big Bear label which recorded some of the great blues artists Simpson brought on tour of England in the 70s. Drawn from albums issued on Big Bear at the time this set features Snooky Pryor, Homesick James, Big John Wrencher, Eddie Taylor, Erwin Helfer, Whispering Smith, Lightning Slim, G.P. Jackson, Johnny Mars, Eddie Burns, Boogie Woogie Red, Billy Boy Arnold, Willie Mabon, Mickey Baker, Billy "The Kid" Emerson, Tommy Tucker, Billy "The Kid" Emerson, Charles Brown, Gene "The Mighty Flea" Connors and Cousin Joe. Accompaniment is mostly provided by top U.K. musicians like Bob Hall, Sam Mitchell Bob Brunning and others along with solo sides and other combinations - Whispering Smith & Lightnin' Slim accompany each other and one of the Dr. Ross sides finds him accompanies by Louis & Dave Mayers, Lafayette Leake and Fred Below.

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 77165 Have They Got Hashish In Hell? Rarest Recordings From ● CD $28.98
Four CDs, 89 tracks, essential
An answer to the title question might lead people to make a change in their lifestyle! The third track on disk one is entitled To Hasis (L'Opium) includes the lines "Mr Yianni when you die what will you do with your argile (hookah)/ I'll use it as my headstone ao that I can smoke in hell" which, no dount, led to the title. This is another of those magnificent collections of Greek rembetika music compiled by rembetika expert Charlie Howard and issued by JSP. The material here ranges from 1920 to 1957 with the majority from the 1920s and 30s when rembetika music was at its zenith. There are frequent reference to hashish in the songs here as well as well as alcohol, prostitution and death. The poetic honesty in the songs prior to 1936 is truly striking. After 1935 the repressive government of Ioannis Metaxas banned lyrics with "undesirable" content as well as "Eastern style music" which formed the basis of much early rembetika. This is, I think, the 10th set from JSP devoted to rembetika music and the standard of the music herein is just as good as on previous volumes. There are stunning performances from the like of Marika Papagika, G. Gretis & Sp. Stamos (stunning fiddle and cymbalom instrumentals), Achilles Poulos (fabulous vocals with oud and violin), A. Dalgas (one of the masters of traditional aman style with extensive vocal ornamentation), George Katsoros (the Charlie Patton of rembetika music?!), Kostas Karipis, Laiki Orchistra (a larger than usual group performing one of the most popular instrumental tunes), Gus Dussas (fabulous singer/ guitarist recorded in Chicago in 1932), Rosa Eskenazi (one of the greatest female rembetika singers) and many more. Instrumentation includes baglama, laterna (barrel organ), sandouri (hammered dulcimer), violin, clarinet, accordion and more, solo or in various combinations. Sound quality from these rare discs is stunning thanks to the remastering wizardry of Ted Kendall. As always on these JSP sets the documentation is totally inadequate which is not the fault of liner writer Charlie Howard but he is only given two CD sized pages for each CD and does the best he can. I'm hoping that at some point he can do a book with full lyric transcripts, biographies and discographical info. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 226 Book Of Love- The Argo Records Story, 1956-1962 ● CD $11.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, highly recommended
Argo was a subsidiary of Chess records founded in late 1955. Originally intended for jazz releases it quickly diversified to cover a wide spectrum of music and racked up quite a few hits, some of which are included here included the classic titles song by The Monotones. Other hits included Let Me In and Music, Music, Music by the wonderful Yvonne Baker & The Sensations and Etta James' powerfuul All I Could Do Is Cry. Clarence "Frogman" Henry who had two big hits on Argo is here on four lesser known but fine sides showing what an excellent New Orleans style R&B performer he was. Blues guitarist Jody Williams is featured on the great You May - one of a handful of sides he recorded in the 50s and his guitar solo shows why he is held in such awe by other guitarist. He also is featured backing Billy Stewart on Billy's Blues, Part 1 playing the licks "borrowed" by Mickley Baker for he & Sylvia's monster hit Love Is Strange. There is some fine doo-wop from groups like The Solitaires, Orbits, Ravens, Students and others and some excellent rock 'n roll from Mel Robbins (later to become Nashville session pianist "Pig" Robbins), The Silva-Tones, Lou Josie, Larry Diamond and others. Don & Bobs R&B rendition of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl is a real delight. Lots of great music here - some familiar, some not. (FS)
CLARENCE "FROGMAN" HENRY: Lonely Street/ YVONNE BAKER & THE SENSATIONS: Party Across The Hall/ That's My Desire/ ROD BERNARD: Pardon Mr. Gordon/ THE BROTHERS: Lazy Susan/ Sioux City Sue/ CLIFTON CHENIER: My Soul/ THE DELLS: Eternally/ LARRY DIAMOND: True Love Come My Way/ DICK & THE GEE'S: Baby Bye Bye/ DON & BOB: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/ THE FAIRLANES: Little Girl, Little Girl/ PAUL GAYTON: Driving Home, Pt. I/ DICK GLASSER: Make Believe Wedding Bells/ CLARENCE "FROGMAN" HENRY: A Little Too Much/ I Found A Home/ Troubles, Troubles/ EARL HOOKER: Frog Hop/ ETTA JAMES: A Sunday Kind Of Love/ All I Could Do Was Cry/ How Do You Speak To An Angel/ Tough Mary/ DAVEY JONES: The Love I Missed/ LOU JOSIE: Breezin' Out/ Why Did You Leave Me?/ THE KENDALL SISTERS: Yea Yea/ THE KENTS: I Found My Girl/ JOEY LONG: Lealla/ EDDIE MCDUFF: Car Trouble/ THE MONOTONES: Book Of Love/ Tom Foolery/ MYLES & DUPONT: Heaven Or Heartbreak/ THE ORBITS: Who Are You/ THE PASTELS: Been So Long/ So Far Away/ THE RAVENS: A Simple Prayer/ Dear One/ LULU REED: Give Me The Right/ Lovin'/ MEL ROBBINS: Save It/ DUKE SAVAGE & THE ARRIBINS: Hey Baby/ THE SENSATIONS: Let Me In/ Music Music Music/ THE SILVA-TONES: Roses Are Blooming/ THE SOLITAIRES: Walking Along/ RAY STANLEY: Over A Coke/ BILLY STEWART: Billy's Blues, Pt. 2/ THE STUDENTS: I'm So Young/ TINY TOPSY: How You Changed/ JODY WILLIAMS: You May

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 83 Stompin' Singers & Western Swingers ● CD $25.98 $17.98
100 tracks, 4 hours 29 min., essential
Jazz, country, hill billy, blues, pop, even little bits of klezmer -- it's all in this box of western swing artists recorded between 1934-53. As a kind of sequel to Proper Records popular "Doughboys, Playboys And Cowboys" (Proper BOX 6) comes this equally delightful 4 CD set also boasting a low price, clean sound, and 100 songs. The intelligently-written 52 page booklet contains a wealth of rare photos, historical and biographical information on each artist, and recording session info, including dates, personnel, and record label numbers. And the catch is there is no catch. Artists include Bill Boyd, Bob Wills, Light Crust Doughboys, Sweet Violet Boys, Sons Of The West, Tune Wranglers, Hi-Flyers, Sunshine Boys, Dick Reinhart, Buddy Jones, Al Dexter, Ted Daffan's Texans, Charles Mitchell, Walt McCoy & Western Wonderers, Tommy Duncan, Hank Penny, Roy Newman, Wade Ray, Curley Williams, Leon Rusk, Jimmy Widener, Tex Russell, Johnny Tyler, Hoyle Nix, Billy Briggs XIT Boys, Boots Woodall, and many more. (JC)
SHELLY LEE ALLEY: Try It Once Again/ BAR X COWBOYS: Underneath The Sun/ BILL BOYD: Drink The Barrell Dry/ Mama Don't Like No Music/ She's Doggin' Me/ JIM BOYD: Mule Boogie/ BILLY BRIGGS: Amarillo Rose/ Dip Snuff Stomp/ Panhandle Shuffle/ CLIFF BRUNER & THE TEXAS WANDERERS: I Was A Gambler In Texas/ LEON CHAPPELEAR: I'm A Do Right Papa/ White River Stomp/ AL CLAUSER & HIS OKLAHOMANS: My Sweet Papa/ TED DAFFAN'S TEXANS: Because/ Deep Down Inside/ Worried Mind/ AL DEXTER: Darling It's All Over Now/ Hi-de-ho Boogie On A Saturday Night/ Hot Foot Shuffle/ There'll Come A Time/ Who's Gonna Love You When I'm Gone/ TOMMY DUNCAN: Nancy Jane/ Tomato Can/ THE HI-FLYERS: Reno Street Blues/ BUD HOBBS: Honey There Ain't No Pleasin' You/ ADOLPH HOFNER: It's Best To Behave/ JERRY IRBY & HIS TEXAS RANGERS: Great Long Pistol/ JESSE JAMES & ALL THE BOYS: Joaquin Special/ BUDDY JONES: Honey Don't Turn Me Down/ I'm Going Back To Sadie/ Red Wagon/ BENNY LEADERS: Clean Town Blues/ THE LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS: Alice Blue Gown/ Bear Creek Hop/ Little Hillbilly Heart Throb/ Oh Susannah/ LEON MCAULIFFE: Blue Guitar Stomp/ This Side Of Town/ DICKIE MCBRIDE & THE VILLAGE BOYS: Tulsa Twist/ WALT MCCOY & THE WESTERN WONDERS: I'm A Lover Not A Fighter/ RUSTY MCDONALD: You Got The Right Number/ CHARLES MITCHELL: Mean Mama Blues/ MODERN MOUNTAINEERS: Getting That Lowdown Swing/ NETTLES BROTHERS STRING BAND: Dan The Banana Man/ ROY NEWMAN: I Can't Dance (i've Got Ants In My Pants)/ Mary Lou/ HOYLE NIX: Comin' Down The Pecos/ Darling Why Are You So Mean To Me/ HANK PENNY: You Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes/ That's My Weakness Now/ PORT ARTHUR JUBILEERS: Jeep's Blues/ PRAIRIE RAMBLERS: The Lady In Red/ WADE RAY: It's All Your Fault/ DICK REINHART: Hey Toots/ Rooky Toody/ Wooly Booger/ JIMMIE REVARD: Crafton Blues/ Triflin' Gal/ SMOKEY ROGERS: Catch Me Cheatin'/ Drinkin' And A-thinkin'/ I Can't Help The Way You Feel/ LEON RUSK: Air Mail Special On The Fly/ TEX RUSSELL: What It Means To Be Blue/ SONS OF THE WEST: Oh Monah/ There's Evil In You Chillun/ OCIE STOCKARD: There'll Be Some Changes Made/ THE SUNSHINE BOYS: She's A Rounder/ THE SWEET VIOLET BOYS: Round And Round (yas Yas Yas)/ THE TEXAS WANDERERS: Rackin' It Back/ Sundown Blues/ JIMMY THOMASON: The Spider And The Fly/ THE TUNE WRANGLERS: Up Jumped The Devil/ JOHNNY TYLER: Behind The Eight Ball/ It Ain't Far To The Bar/ THE UNIVERSAL COWBOYS: Hot Mama Stomp/ THE WANDERERS: Tiger Rag/ JIMMIE WIDENER: That's My Linda Lou/ JIMMY WIDENER: I'm All Through Trusting You/ CURLEY WILLIAMS: Georgia Boogie/ Saturday Night Rag/ TEX WILLIAMS: Never Trust A Woman/ That's What I Like About The West/ Wild Card/ BILLY JACK WILLS: Roped And Tied/ BOB WILLS: B. Bowman Hop/ Bob Wills Boogie/ Hubbin' It/ Mean Mama Blues/ Mississippi Delta Blues/ Rosetta/ Silver Dew On The Bluegrass/ Snatchin' And Grabbin'/ The Devil Ain't Lazy/ JOHNNIE LEE WILLS: I Wonder What I'm Going To Do/ Milk Cow Blues/ What'cha Know Joe/ LUKE WILLS RHYTHM BUSTERS: High Voltage Gal/ Shut Up And Drink Your Beer/ SMOKEY WOOD & THE WOOD CHIPS: Woodchip Blue/ BOOTS WOODALL: Rattle Snakin' Daddy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Revelation 5003 Black Gospel Rarities, Vol. 3 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, 64 minutes, recommended
If I seems that I'm a little lukewarm to this series it's not that there is anything that is really wrong with the music but rather a matter of personal taste. I generally tend to prefer the sound of the 40s and 50s and in particular the sound of gospel quartets who use dynamics in their vocals rather than the continuous high energy of later recordings. The material here, mostly from the late 50s and early 60s tends to feature intense choral performances, sometimes with heavy use of organ along with high enregy quartets. That being said there is no question that there is a lot of fine music here from groups like Julia Peterson Singers Of Brooklyn, The Capitol Stars (an older style quartet recorded in 1962), The Spiritual Harmonisers (excellent quartet singing from 1952), The Silver Harps, Golden Wonders (a small choir somewhat like Clara Ward & The Ward Singers - one track features some nice steel guitar), The Singing Stars (fine male/ female quartet from 1954 - my favorite tracks here), Voices Of JOrdan Of Charlotte N.C., and others. Excellent sound and booklet has what little discographical is known about the recordings. (FS)
LITTLE BARBARA ANN WARD: By The Grace Of God/ BATES SINGERS: Is It Too Late To Enter (At The Golden Gate)?/ When He Comes/ RUTH BECK SINGERS OF INDIANAPOLIS, IND.: His Love Bubbles Over In My Soul/ I Want To Cross The River Of Jordan/ BELLS OF HARMONY FROM LITTLE WASHINGTON,: I Found You Down On Your Knees/ CAPITOL CITY STARS: Good News/ Some Day/ DYNAMIC GAYLARKS (LEAD: ELDER E. WHITE): He Rose/ GOSPEL WONDERS: Calvary/ I Tried The Man/ Just Tell Jesus All About It/ Let Your Will Be Done/ Only Jesus Can Save/ JULIA PETERSON SINGERS OF BKLYN., N.Y.: He'll Understand/ SILVER HARPS: I Found The Lord/ SINGING STARS: Angeles Angeles/ I'll Be Singing There/ SPIRITUAL HARMONIZERS: Do You Know Him/ God Leads His Children/ VOICES OF JORDAN OF CHARLOTTE, N.C.: Ain't It A Shame/ I Found The Lord/ LITTLE BARBARA ANN WARD: What Do You Think Of Jesus/ WILLIE WEBB SINGERS: God Is Good To Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompertime 32 Hot Rockin' Music From Arkansas ● CD $18.98
35 tracks, highly recommended
The independent Vaden label was founded in the tiny city of Trumann, Arkansas around 1958 by gospel singers Arlen and Jackie Vaden as an outgrowth of their gospel mail order company. Originally intended as a gospel label they soon realized that there was a wealth of young rockabilly talent in the area and began recording some of the local artists and the result was pure magic. Although their output wasn't extensive they issued some titles that are revered by rockabilly fans like Pipeliner and Judy by singer/ piano player Teddy Redell and That's What I Call A Ball and Honey Bun By Larry Donn - all included here. Reddell was their most prolific artist and this set includes 12 tracks by him, including two alternate takes and all are excellent. All the artists here are the real thing including Joyce Green (her excellent Black Cadillac is a variation on an old blues song), Johnny Moore, Bobby Lee Trammell, Bobby Brown & The Curios (the label's first signing with four fine cuts), Chuck Comer (former Roots & Rhythm customer who, sadly, passed away earlier this year), Ray Baker's Happy Travellers (excellent uptempo bluegrass gospel), Vena Townsend (an excellent country singer) and others. This is a class production with superb sound and a 20 page booklet with detailed notes, rare photos and full discographical details. (FS)
RAY BAKER'S HAPPY TRAVELERS: Everything's Going To Be Alright/ He'll Make The Way/ My Faith Is Built On The Rock/ You Gotta Go Down/ BOBBY BROWN & THE CURIOS: Bobby's Blues/ Down At Big Mary's House/ Please Please Baby/ BOBBY BROWN AND THE CURIOS: I Get The Blues/ CHUCK COMER: Little More Lovin'/ Shall We Dance/ BOBBY CRAFFORD AND THE PACERS: It's A Sin/ Wee Wee Hours/ LARRY DONN: Honey-Bun/ That's What I Call A Ball/ BILL DUNIVEN: Knocking On The Backside/ One Has My Name/ JOYCE GREEN: Black Cadillac/ Tomorrow/ JOHNNY MOORE: Country Girl/ TEDDY REDELL: Before It Began (Shame Shame)/ Before It Began (Shame Shame) (Alt Take)/ Can't You See/ Corinna Corinna/ Don't Grow Old Alone/ Gold Dust/ I Want To Hold You/ I'll Sail My Ship Alone/ Judy/ Knocking On The Backside/ Knocking On The Backside (Alt Take)/ Pipeliner/ VENA TOWNSEND: I Walk (The Soles Off My Shoes)/ Too-Lonesome/ BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL: Been-A-Walkin'/ Hi Ho Silver

VARIOUS ARTISTS Sunrise 011 Oh Carolina! The Jamaican Chart Hits Of 1961 ● CD $16.98
2 CDs, 56 tracks, 146 mins, highly recommended
Here's a collection of 1961 hit singles based on the RJR charts out of Kingston, Jamaica. Featuring all home grown Rhythm & Blues, Doo-Wop and proto-Ska. You get groundbreaking singles released by the Trojan, All Stars, Worldisc, Smith's, and other fledgling labels that would thrive throughout the 1960s. You get fantastic tracks from the likes of Laurel Aitken, Derrick Morgan, Theo Beckford, The Downbeats, The Blues Busters, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires, Chuck & Dobby, Don Drummond, and many, many more soon to be Jamaican legends. Deep notes and stellar sound throughout top off a great compilation dedicated to a great year in Jamaican music history. (JM)
LAUREL AITKEN: Judgement Day/ Mary Lee/ More Whiskey/ THEO BECKFORD: Little Lady/ THE BLUE BUSTERS: Your Love/ THE BLUES BUSTERS: Donna/ There's Always Sunshine/ TEDDY BROWN: Pretty Little Baby/ BUNNY & SKITTER: Chubby/ BUSTER'S ALL STARS: Buster's Shack/ CECIL BYRD & SIR DEE'S GROUP: Ba Ba Black Sheep/ CALYPSO LORD LARO: Referendum/ KES CHIN & THE SOUVENIRS: S-U-C-K-I-N'/ CHUCK & DOBBY: Cool School/ Lovey Dovey/ Sad Over You/ Sweeter Than Honey/ Till The End Of Time/ LLOYD CLARKE: Girls Rush/ CLUE J & THE BLUES BLASTERS: Little Willie/ DERRICK & PATSY: Feel So Fine/ Let The Good Times Roll/ THE DOWNBEATS: Thinkin' Of You/ DON DRUMMOND: Don Cosmic/ CLANCY ECCLES: Freedom/ River Jordan/ WILFRED EDWARDS: Heaven Just Knows/ I Love You No More/ Wherever There's Moonlight/ NEVILLE ESSON: Lover's Jive/ THE FOLKES BROTHERS: Oh Carolina/ OWEN GRAY: Sinners Weep/ HIGGS & WILSON: Come On Home/ How Can I Be Sure/ Sha Ba Da/ THE JIVING JUNIORS: Over The River/ Slop 'N' Mash/ KEITH & ENID: It's Only A Pity/ What Have I Done/ BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES: Last Night/ CECIL LLOYD & BUSTER'S ALL STARS: Bennison Joy Hop/ MARTIN & DERRICK: Times Are Going/ THE MELLOW CATS: Another Moses/ Rock A Man/ THE MELLOW LARKS: No More Wedding/ THE MELODY ENCHANTERS: Oh Ma, Oh Pa/ MONTY & ROY: In & Out The Window/ DERRICK MORGAN: Leave Earth/ Lover Boy/ Now We Know/ ERIC MORRIS: Humpty Dumpty/ Say That You Love Me/ Search The World/ THE RHYTHM ACES: A Thousand Teardrops/ Oh My Darling/ JIMMY SINCLAIR: Verona

VARIOUS ARTISTS Tompkins Square 2981 I Heard The Angels Singing - Electrifying Black Gospel ● CD $37.98
Four CDs, 80 tracks, highly recommended
A most welcome reissue featuring a selection of recordings made for the Nashboro label 1951 and 1981. During this period of time the label was one of the leading purveyors of black gospel music but since Universal acquired the label in the late 1990s there has been very little released on CD from the label's vast catlog of recordings. This superb set gives us a sampler of what we've been denied presenting 80 tracks in chronological showing how gospel styles changed over the years from he almost acapella stylings with minimal accompaniment of the early 50 to the more heavily arranged, more frenetic stylings of the early 80s. The emphasis is mostly on quartets but we also have solo male and female performers and a preacher. Among the superb artists here are The Silvertone Jubilee Singers, Sons Of The South, Skylarks, Radio Four (a particularly fine group featuring the sublime lead vocals of Morgan Babb - who also has a solo cut here), The Consolers (an incredible underrated duo featuring Iola & Sullivan accompanied by Sullivan's gritty guitar), The Chosen Gospel Singers (featuring Lou Rawls), The Supreme aNgels, The CBS Trumeteers, The Jewel Gospel Trio (featuring a young Candi Staton), Professor Harold Boggs & Boggettes, Sister Lucille Barbee, Gospel Song Birds, Rev. M.L. Franklin and many more. I generally prefer the earlier, simpler sides buts it's all good and carefully compiled and annotated by gospel expert Opal Louis Nations. (FS)
THE ANGELIC GOSPEL SINGERS: Iím Getting Nearer, Pt. 1/ REVEREND MORGAN BABB: Wonder How Long/ SISTER LUCILLE BARBEE: Let the Church Roll On/ THE BEVINS SPECIALS: Everybody Ought to Pray/ THE BLAIR GOSPEL SINGERS: Iíve Got Heaven on My Mind/ PROFESSOR HAROLD BOGGS AND THE BOGGETTES: I Prayed and He Healed Me/ THE BRIGHT STARS: Itís Time to Serve the Lord/ THE BROOKLYN ALLSTARS: I Stood on the Banks of Jordan/ THE CANAANITES: Lord You Can Depend On Me/ BONITA CANTRELL: Wait On the Lord/ BROTHER GEORGE CARTER: I Do, Donít You/ THE CBS TRUMPETEERS: I Want To Know/ Milky White Way/ THE CHOSEN GOSPEL SINGERS: Let Your Life Speak Out/ Lord Shine on Me/ Trouble of This Worldís Condition/ THE CHRISTLAND SINGERS: You Got To Be Born Again/ DOROTHY LOVE COATES AND THE GOSPEL HARMONETTES: Heaven, Iíve Heard So Much About It/ THE CONSOLERS: Children Keep On Marching/ This May Be the Last Time/ EDNA GALLMON COOKE: At the Gate/ I Canít See Them Now/ THE CROSS-ROAD SINGERS: Sing till the Power of the Lord Comes Down/ ETHEL DAVENPORT: Free At Last/ TOMMY ELLISON AND THE FIVE SINGING STARS: Come On Home/ THE FAIRFIELD FOUR: Donít Drive Your Children Away/ THE FIRESIDE GOSPEL SINGERS: Get Your Soul Right/ THE FLYING CLOUD QUINTET: Jezebel/ REV M.L. FRANKLIN: Sweet Hour of Prayer/ THE GOLDEN TRUMPETS: Working Below/ THE GOSPEL CLOUDS OF JOY: Thinking of His Goodness/ THE GOSPEL FIVE SINGERS: Love Deep Down in Your Heart/ THE GOSPEL KEYNOTES: Keynoteís Prayer/ THE GOSPEL SOLOTONES: Ride In the Chariot/ THE GOSPEL SONG BIRDS: When They Ring Them Golden Bells/ THE GOSPEL SONGBIRDS: Wonít It Be Grand/ JONATHAN GREER: Gospel Train/ THE HARMONIZING FIVE: You Need the Lord Every Day/ THE HIGHTOWER BROTHERS: Itís Glory Glory/ Seat in the Kingdom/ THE HOLMES: Sisters Son of Man/ MAGGIE INGRAM AND THE INGRAMETTES: Time Is Winding Up/ THE JEWEL GOSPEL TRIO: Too Late/ WILLIE NEAL JOHNSON AND THE GOSPEL & THE GOSPEL KEYN: Bless Me/ THE KINDLY SHEPHERDS: Take the Lord with You/ BROTHER JOE MAY: Silent Night/ THE MORNING ECHOES: Iíve Got Jesus/ THE MORNING STARS OF SAVANNAH: Jesus is My Keeper/ THE PILGRIM JUBILEE SINGERS: He Brought Joy to My Soul/ SULLIVAN PUGH: Give Me My Flowers/ THE RADIO FOUR: How Much I Owe You/ TROY RAMEY AND THE SOUL SEARCHERS: Itís Jesus, YíAll/ REV. CLEOPHUS ROBINSON: Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up/ THE ROCK ISLAND SINGERS: Lord Iíll Be Satisfied/ THE SALEM TRAVELERS: Moving On/ THE SENSATIONAL PROPHETEERS: Iím Battling/ THE SILVER BELLS: My Love for Jesus/ THE SILVERTONE JUBILEE SINGERS: Since Jesus Came into My Heart/ THE SINGING CRUSADERS: Good Morning/ THE SINGING SONS: If You Ever Needed the Lord/ THE SIX TRUMPETS: Nobody But You, Lord/ THE SKYLARKS: Baptism of Jesus/ My Life is in His Hand/ There Must Be a City/ SLIM AND THE SUPREME ANGEL SINGERS: I Want To Be Just Like Him/ THE SONS OF FAITH: Since Iíve Been Born/ THE SONS OF THE SOUTH: In My Saviorís Care/ THE SOUTHERN ECHOES: Be Ready When He Comes/ THE SPIRITUAL FIVE: Iíve Been Born Again/ Satisfied with Him/ THE SPIRITUAL KEYNOTES: Ashamed of Jesus/ THE SUPREME ANGELS: Run to the Rock/ THE SWANEE QUINTET: Itís Hard to Get Along/ THE TAYLOR BROTHERS: Motherís Advice/ THE TRAVELING KINGS: Farther Down the Road/ THE TRAVELINí ECHOES: Looking For A Better Place to Live/ THE TRUMPETS OF JOY: I Need the Lord to Guide Me/ SISTER EMMA TUCKER: You Should Have Been There/ THE WILLIAMS SINGERS: Troubled Mind/ REV. WILLINGHAM AND THE SWANEE QUINTET: Thatís the Spirit


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