VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family DVD 20123 Walking The Floor Over You - The Ernest Tubb Shows 1 ● DVD $31.98
First in a series of DVDs drawn from the weekly television show hosted by Ernest Tubb between 1965 and '69. Shot in Nashville in color on video and using minimal sets, the emphasis was on the music, rather than flashy production. In addition to featuring Ernest Tubb, still at the top of his form, the first year was a document of the 'Great Band' years of the Texas Troubadours - with the stellar line-up of Buddy Charleton, Jack Drake, Jack Greene, Leon Rhodes and Cal Smith all of whom get to do solo performances. Each show had one or two guest stars and the four shows on this first disc features Willie Nelson (six songs including One Day At A Time/ My Window Faces The South and You Made Me Live Love And Die/ There's No Room In My Heart For The Blues/ Thanks A Lot/ I Need Attention Bad/ Seaman's Blues and others. Each show also features a comedy spot from Bun Wilson. Each volume features a full-color 16 page booklet with a history of the show's production and biographies of all cast members.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family DVD 20124 Walking The Floor Over You - The Ernest Tubb Shows 2 ● DVD $31.98
Another four shows. E.T. does 10 songs including Lonesome Valley/ Jealous Loving Heart/ In The Jailhouse Now/ Have You Ever Been Lonely and more. Willie Nelson appears on two of the shows with a total of four songs including San Antonio Rose and Lonely Little Mansions. There are also performances from band members Buddy Charleton, Leon Rhodes, Jack Greene and Cal Smith and other artists featured include Wade Ray, Lois Johnson & Johnson Sisters and comedian Bun Wilson.



BROOK BENTON El Toro 1051 A Rockin' Good Way, Vol. 2 - The Songwriter ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, highly recommended
The second half of a 2CD retrospective on the late, great R&B singer (the first half is El Toro 1050), this collection focuses on Benton's considerable songwriting skills (sometimes in collaboration with Clyde Otis, sometimes not) by letting us hear how other artists handled his tunes. Of course, the set kicks off with possibly Benton's greatest composition for someone else, Clyde McPhatter's A Lover's Question (and later on the disc, we get Ernestine Anderson's more sultry version, which provides a nice contrast with McPhatter's take), and from there the set runs the gamut from Priscilla Bowman (A Rockin' Good Way), Ruth Brown (I Don't Know), and LaVern Baker (Hurtin' Inside) to Elvis Presley (Doncha Think it's Time), The Diamonds (Happy Years), and The Del Vikings (Flat Tire), with The Five Keys (You're For Me), Louis Jordan (Fire), and Bobby Blue Bland (I'll Take Care of You) sandwiched in between. If you're looking for a complete picture of Benton's artistry, then this set is a necessary piece to the puzzle. (GMC)
ERNESTINE ANDERSON: A Lover's Question/ Come On, Baby, Let's Go/ LAVERN BAKER: Hurtin' Inside/ My Time Will Come/ BILLY BARNES: I'm Coming To See You/ BOBBY BLUE BLAND: I'll Take Care Of You/ PRISCILLA BOWMAN: A Rockin' Good Way/ DONNIE BOYD: Doggone Baby Doggone/ RUTH BROWN: I Don't Know/ What I Wouldn't Give/ THE DEL VIKINGS: Flat Tire/ THE DIAMONDS: Happy Years/ Tell The Truth/ THE FIVE KEYS: You're For Me/ WADE FLEMMONS: It's So Much Fun/ IVORY JOE HUNTER: I Just Want To Love You/ LOUIS JORDAN: Fire/ JAY B. LOYD: Cross My Heart/ CLYDE MCPHATTER: A Lover's Question/ That's Enough For Me/ You Went Back On Your Word/ JOHNNY OLIVER: What A Kiss Won't Do/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Doncha Think It's Time/ TEDDY RANDAZZO: Kiddio/ SONNY WILSON: Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'

THE BROWNS Eric 11533 Soft As The Voice Of An Angel ● CD $15.98
21 tracks, 52 min., highly recommended
The Browns were a brother and sisters act with harmonies so close they're almost incestuous. And though they began life as a country act, after RCA and Chet Atkins got hold of them, they spent their time strolling along the pop charts. Their biggest hit (country/pop/R&B) was The Three Bells from 1959, which, in retrospect, is not among their more interesting outings. On the plus side, these tracks (recorded between 1959-66) are in "true stereo," having been newly remastered from the original stereo master tapes, and the collection includes the rare Teen-Ex, as well as several charted songs and pleasing non-hits, including Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair), the traditional Poor Wayfaring Stranger, and the more countryfied Four Strong Winds and You Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree. The vocals are smooth as milk, and if occasionally as bland there is still plenty here to admire. The Browns' version of Buttons And Bows, while about as country as Bob Hope, is nonetheless a good time. And it's amusing in a middle school sort of way that The Old Master Painter lends itself to laughter by virtue of the letter "P" sounding a bit like the letter "B." If you missed the now-out-of-print Collector's Choice CD, which is a nice companion to this, don't make the same mistake here. (JC)

HANK DAVIS Bear Family BCD 17319 One Way Track ● CD $21.98
38 tracks, 88 mins, very good
A collection of 38 tracks recorded between 1958 and 2008 by Canadian vocalist Hank Davis whose name is probably familiar to people who buy Bear Family releases as he has compiled and annotated many fine releases on that label. He is also a prolific performer, recording over 300 songs in the period covered here. The material is a mix of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, country, blues and gospel! Hank is a fine singer and his performances are enjoyable, if not particularly compelling - he also wrote several of the songs here. (FS)

BOB DYLAN Rock Melon RMBOX 5 A Long Time A Growin' - 1961 The Year It Really Began ● CD $36.98
Six CDs, 105 tracks, highly recommended - but not for everybody
After several years of performing in Minnesota, Bob Dylan arrived in New York in January, 1961 and immediately started performing in clubs around town and by the middle of the year had landed a contract to record for Columbia which was to launch one of the most important careers in popular music. This wonderful set features all the known recordings that exist of Dylan from that seminal year 1961 with the exception of his commercial recordings for Columbia. Recordings were made in people's houses, in folk clubs and on the radio. It has all appeared on LP or CD before but it's nice to have it all gathered together in one place, in chronological order and with best possible sound - though in some cases that isn't particularly good since the original recordings were so rough. Like his first official album there are only a handful of original songs (Man On The Street/ Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues/ Song To Woody/ Talkin' New York, etc.). The rest is a mix of blues (San Francisco Bay Blues/ James Alley Blues/ Backwater Blues/ Fixin' To Die, etc.), traditional songs (Man Of Constant Sorrow/ A Long Time A-Growin'/ Omie Wise/ Pretty Peggy-O, etc.) and, of course, a slew of songs from his hero Woody Guthrie (Pastures Of Plenty/ Talking Columbia/ Don't Push Me Down/ Talking Merchant Marine/ This Land Is Your Land, etc.). Although a number of songs are repeated several times it's a tribute to Dylan's repertoire as to how many songs are not. The growth of him as performer over the course of a year is clearly evident - the songs recorded in February or March in Orange, New Jersey sound tentative with occasional flubs but by July when he appears on a radio performance recorded at the Riverside Church his performances of Handsome Molly/ Omie Wise and Poor Lazarus are confident, assured and beautiful. If you are a Dylan fan or interested in the history of American popular music this collection is indispensible - if you are a casual Dylan fan you might find the performances and sound a little too rough. (FS)

TOMMY EDWARDS Shout 079 It's All In The Game - The MGM REcordings, 1958-1960 ● CD $29.98
2CD, 57 tracks, highly recommended
Tommy Edwards was an R&B singer cast in the Nat "King" Cole mold who is best known for his biggest hit It's All in the Game from 1958. This set contains four of Edwards' LPs - "It's All in the Game" (1958), "For Young Lovers" (1959), "You Started Me Dreaming" (1960), "Step Out Singing" (1960) - in their entirety from his M-G-M period along with 12 tracks that were only available on singles. Unlike contemporaries like Brook Benton and Jerry Butler who also had a knack for ballad singing, M-G-M pitched Edwards as a middle-of-the road artist rather than a straight R&B singer. This worked for a while, but for all intents and purposes Edwards was washed up long before his ignoble death in 1969 (he was buried without a headstone, which was later corrected). While most of Edwards' recordings were re-makes of standards, he was actually a capable songwriter in his own right, as I'll Always Be With You/ I Looked At Heaven, and Honestly and Truly demonstrate. In his day, Tommy Edwards was called a poor man's Nat "King" Cole, but based on the evidence here, his career deserves a second look by fans of stylish pop music with R&B overtones. (GMC)
TOMMY EDWARDS: (New In) The Ways Of Love/ (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I/ A Teardrop On A Rose/ All Over Again/ Always/ As You Desire Me/ Blue Heartaches/ Don't Fence Me In/ Honestly And Truly/ I Looked At Heaven/ I Really Don't Want To Know/ I'll Always Be With You/ I'm Building Castles Again/ I've Been There/ Indian Summer/ Isle Of Capri/ It All Belongs To You/ It's All In The Game/ It's Not The End Of Everything/ It's Only The Good Times/ Lost In The Desert Of Love/ Love Is A Sacred Thing/ Love Is All We Need/ Mr. Music Man/ Music, Maestro, Please/ My Love Is A Sparrow/ My Lucky Star/ My Melancholy Baby/ My Sugar My Sweet/ Navajo/ Once There Lived A Fool/ Over The Rainbow/ Paradise/ Please Love Me Forever/ Please Mr. Sun/ Sentimental Journey/ She Sends Her Regards/ Should I/ Stars Fell On Alabama/ Stormy Weather/ Suzie Wong/ Symphony/ Take These Chains From My Heart/ Tangerine/ That Old Feeling/ That's All/ The Composer/ The Lamp Is Low/ The Morning Side Of The Mountain/ Unloved/ Until The Real Thing Comes Along/ Up In A Cloud/ Welcome Me/ You Started Me Dreaming/ You Win Again/ You're A Heavenly Thing/ You're A Sweetheart

THE FLEETWOODS Jasmine 722 Come Softly To Me - All Their Biggest Hits & 4 Albums ● CD $18.98
2 CD's, 48 tracks, 1 hour 55 min., recommended
This release combines the group's first four LP's: "Mr. Blue" (Dolton BST 8001) from 1959; "Gretchen, Gary And Barbara" (Dolton BST 8002) from 1960; "Softly" (Dolton BST 8005) from 1961; and "Deep In Dreams" (Dolton BST 8007) from 1961. Released initially in stereo only in small numbers, all four are in stereo here; all four offer a combination of original material and popular covers (e.g., Unchained Melody, Daddy's Home, Happy Happy Birthday Baby). The Fleetwoods get mellower as time goes, and they were pretty mellow to start. Jasmine does a good job here of giving fans what they want, which is less common than it should be. This set is especially welcome now that the 65-track Liberty release is long out of print. (JC)

MERLE HAGGARD Bear Family BCD 17250 Troubadour ● CD $119.98
This 4 CD box set gathers every existing master that Haggard recorded for MCA between 1976 and 1981. His overlooked and underappreciated MCA recordings capture the great country singer/ songwriter reemerging from his mid career crossroads. 111 tracks in all including four previously unissued songs, including the recently discovered original recording of Troubadour. Includes a lavish 68 page hard-cover book with rare photos and an extensive essay covering Merle's MCA years.

BUDDY HOLLY Roller Coaster 3060 That Makes It Sound So Much Better ● CD $23.98
16 tracks, 27 min., highly recommended
After Buddy Holly's untimely death, his record label scrambled to release something the public could buy and hit upon the six song demos he recorded in his home shortly after his marriage. Overdubs from session pros (billed as the Jack Hansen Combo) filled in the spare nature of the original tapes, but since the demos were just that, and not exactly metronomically informed, the variable timing problem could not be fully addressed. That's where this release comes in. Thanks to computers and human ingenuity, the timing issue has been resolved, as has the occasional distortion and dropout from the original tapes. The results are that all six songs (That's What They Say./ What To Do/ Peggy Sue Got Married/ That Makes It Tough/ Crying, Waiting, Hoping/ Learning The Game) appear in mono and computer-derived stereo. So, on the one hand, the songs probably sound closer to they way they might have had Holly lived to complete them. But on the other hand, they are farther away than they have ever been from the pure Holly demos, with Holly's imprecise timing and incomplete guitar work. For many (perhaps most), the improved sound of these recordings, which have been restored to the way they never were, will be a pleasure to hear. The booklet, with notes by John Beecher and sound restoring remasterer Chris Hopkins, is nearly worth it alone, sporting, as it does, cool photos and cover art. Besides, Buddy Holly was so good that's it's a pleasure to have another way to hear some of his work. (JC)

CHRIS KENNER Shout 80 I Like It Like That - The Definitive Chris Kenner Collection ● CD $21.98
31 tracks, very highly recommended
Fabulous collection of sides from this superb and underrated New Orleans performer. Most of the recordings cover the 1961 through 1968 period when he was recording for Joe Banashak's Instant label but this collection also includes several of his earlier sides for Baton, Imperial and Ron. Chris was a superb singer who started singing in gospel groups and that gospel background comes through in a number of his songs. Chris was a brilliant writer (more than half the songs were written or co-written by Chris) though some of his best songs are known from cover versions by other artists, including Land Of 1000 Dances/ Something You Got/ Sick And Tired and Shoo-Rah. Land is heard here with a great gospelish call-and-response intro that was chopped off the final release. It also includes his big hit I Like It Like That plus Come And See About Me/ How Far/ What's Wrong With Life/ Time/ Anybody Here Seen My Baby/ She Can Dance/ Fumigate Funky Broadway and others including the fine originally unissued My Wife. Most of the Instant tracks were produced by Allen Toussaint who also plays piano along with top New Orleans sidemen like Roy Montrell, Alvin "Red" Tyler and John Boudreux in attendance. His earlier sides are less polished but equally good and his first sides for Baton feature some dynamite piano work - probably Huey "Piano" Smith and an, atypical for New Orleans, harmonica. The 12 page booklet features detailed notes by Clive Richardson plus rare photos, label shots and other memorabilia. (FS)

JUNIOR KIMBROUGH Big Legal Mess 275 First Recordings ● CD $12.98
6 tracks, 15 mins, highly recommended
Although the superb Mississippi singer & guitarist Junior Kimbrough didn't come to prominence until the 1990s he had been performing since a child and in 1966 felt confident enough to make his first recordings for Quinton Claunch of Goldwax Records. Claunch felt these recordings were too downhome and declined to release them and although Junior recorded sporadically over the next 25 years it wasn't until he recorded his irst album for Fat Possum in 1992 that he came to the attention of a worldwide blues audience who realized what a major talent he was and became a highly acclaimed performer until his tragically early death in 1998 of a heart attak at the age of 67. These are those first recordings and although there are only 15 minutes of music they are more potent than many albums with an hour or more. Junior's style was fully formed on these recordings with his powerful vocals, hypnotic guitar and drums accompaniment and songs that were original but based firmly in the Mississippi blues tradition. Most of these songs were reworked for his first Fat Possum album but these are the first time he recorded them. (FS)

ALBERT KING/ OTIS RUSH Chess (UK) 9322 Door To Door ● CD $10.98
14 tracks, 40 mins, highly recommended
Available again. Another classic Chess blues album that is now deleted in the U.S.A. but still available in Europe. This is a reissue of Chess LP 1538 - great album featuring two of the premier exponents of modern blues guitar. There are six superb sides by Rush from 1960 including the magnificent So Many Roads, So Many Trains which is one of his greatest ever performances with a mind-bending string-bending guitar solo and two tracks not originally released including a remake of his Cobra classic All Your Love. The 8 cuts by Albert were recorded for Parrot in 1953 and Bobbin in 1961 with only two of the Parrot sides being originally issued - all are superb and it's interesting to see the development in Albert's style between his early and later sessions. It includes reproduction of original LP liner notes plus new notes by Don Snowdemn and full discographical info. (FS)

JERRY LEE LEWIS Smith & Co. 2486 The Ferriday Fireball - Just About As Good As It Gets ● CD $16.98
2 CD's, 37 tracks, 2 hours 36 min., highly recommended
Original recordings made between 1952-62, Disc #1 offers 34 of the Killer's greatest Sun numbers, including High School Confidential/ Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On/ Breathless, and Great Balls Of Fire, a song that encapsulates everything that was great about early rock and roll music. These tracks find Lewis, who was just the right amount of out of control (verbally and musically) at his piano-stomping best. Disc #2 supplies rarities, including some of the Million Dollar Quartet material that clearly features Lewis; his earliest demos recorded in New Orleans in 1952; and audio tracks from some television work, including appearances on the Steve Allen Show in 1957 and the Dick Clark Show in 1958, among others. (JC)

EDDIE NOACK Bear Family 17142 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ● CD $74.98
Three CDs, 104 tracks, 3 hrs 51 mins, essential
Well it looks like you won't need those Cactus and B.A.C.M. reissues any more now that Bear Family have issued the first of two definitive collections of this superb and underrated Texas honky tonk singer. This 3 CD set features 104 tracks spans all his early recordings, 1948 to 1961. It includes all of his 1950s singles, plus 13 unissued masters and alternate takes, along with 27 acoustic demos, it gives the fullest overview yet of the most vital years of Noack's career. Today Noack is best known as a songwriter and for his 1968 novelty song Psycho but he was an exceptional performer. He was originally from Houston and had degrees in English and journalism. He made his first recording for Gold Star in 1949 at the age of 19 and the earliest cuts reveal his obvious immaturity as a singer but by the time he cut his fifth session for Gold Star in 1951 when he recorded the traditional songs Greenback Dollar and Tragic Love his voiced had matured and had a beautiful honky tonk twang and kept on improving. He subsequently recorded fine sides for Four Star and TNT and the first disc ends with a 10 track acoustic demo session sent as an audition tape to Don Pierce of Starday Records - almost all original songs - some of which he would record commercially. He was signed by Starday in 1954 and over the next six years recorded for Starday and its D subsidiary producing some of the finest honky tonk recordings of the period - some of his last recordings from this period were recorded by Starday but leased to Mercury. Most of his repertoire was originals and his superb honky tonk vocals were accompanied by an outstanding instrumental group with sawing fiddles and soaring steel guitar. Eddie was recording at the same time as George Jones and his songs have the same feel as George's so if you like early George Jones you'll love this. Among the many highlights here are his only hit, the wonderful Have Blues Will Travel with it's wonderful bass guitar riff, the rollicking Take It Away Lucky, the whimsical Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby, the aching For You I Weep and the clever A Thinking Man's Woman but it's all great. The 12 unissued songs and alternate takes are every bit as good as the issued songs and these last two discs include a couple more superb acoustic demo sessions. In spite of the quality of his music he achieved only a moderate degree of success and to make ends meet he recorded close cover versions of recent country hits like Marty Robbins' Story Of My Life (an early David-Bacharach composition), Don GIbson's Oh Lonesome Me, Hank Thompson's Squaws Along The Yukon and does as good a job as possible within the limitations of the concept. The package is accompanied by a revelatory, newly researched 73-page biography of Noack by country music historian Andrew Brown . The booklet also Includes a wealth of vintage photographs and clippings, newly researched biography, and complete discography. Eddie was so good that he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Hank Williams and George Jones - yes he was that good! If you love honky tonk music this is an absolute must. (FS)

CLIFF RICHARD Roller Coaster 3051 Let Me Tell You Baby .. It's Called Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $24.98
2CD, 86 tracks, essential
Cliff Richard is the best selling recording artist ever in the U.K., but he means next to nothing in the U.S. This two CD set contains previously unissued transcriptions from various broadcasts of the BBC's Saturday Club radio show, recorded between 1958 and 1960. These discs capture Richard and his backing band The Shadows (originally called The Drifters) at the top of their game; in those days, Richard could rock with the best of them, and proved it on Dynamite!/ I'm in Love Again/ Living Doll/ Don't Bug Me Baby, and Move It!. Meanwhile, the backup boys demonstrate on Apache/ Jet Black/ Driftin', and Guitar Boogie why they were the greatest guitar group in Britain pre-Beatles and why guitarist Hank Marvin influenced everyone from Jeff Beck and George Harrison to David Gilmour and Jimmy Page. The first disc contains just the music content only, while the second disc has the music along with the introductions and interviews just as they were heard in the original broadcasts. The chatting on disc two is interesting from a historical perspective (hearing what a British radio show from 50 years ago sounded like), but most people will probably only listen to it once and just stick with the meat and potatoes of disc one. These recordings are appearing on CD for the first time in a cool package with photos and excellent liner notes. That said, this set will mostly be appreciated by fans of Richard, the Drifters/Shadows or both rather than new listeners. But if you are a Cliff fan, this set is an essential purchase. (GMC)

MARTY ROBBINS Bear Family BCD 17245 Marty Robbins Rocks ● CD $24.98
30 track collection of rockabilly, teen pop and rockin' country tracks all from the original masters! Includes the only known recording by Robbins of his self-penned rockabilly classic, Sugaree recorded live in 1959. Features the entire contents of Robbins' first LP, the ultra-rare 1956 release, 'Rock 'n' Roll'n Robbins'! 32-page booklet with many rare photos and the full story of Robbins' rock'n'roll recordings, along with a detailed discography! Includes Jeannie And Johnnie/ It's Driving Me Crazy/ Maybelline/ You've Been So Busy Baby/ LOng Tall Sally/ Pain And Misery/ I'll Know You're Gone and more.
MARTY ROBBINS: Ain't Life A Cryin' Shame/ Baby , I Need You/ Baby's Gone/ Footprints In The Snow/ Grown-Up Tears/ I Can't Quit/ I'll Know You're Gone/ It's Driving Me Crazy/ Jeannie & Johnny/ Just Married/ Knee Deep In The Blues/ Long Gone Lonesome Blues/ Long Tall Sally/ Maybelline/ Mean Mama Blues/ Mister Teardrop/ Pain And Misery/ Pretty Mama/ Respectfully Miss Brooks/ Ruby Ann (chart version)/ She Was Only Seventeen (And He Was One Year More)/ Sometimes I'm Tempted/ Stairway Of Love/ Sugaree (live)/ Teen-Age Dream/ Teenager's Dad/ Tennessee Toddy/ That's All Right/ You Don't Owe Me Thing/ You've Been So Busy Baby

PETE SEEGER Appleseed 1131 Pete Remembers Woody ● CD $21.98
2 CD's, 48 tracks, 1 hour 52 min., highly recommended
If Ken Burns hasn't made a documentary about Pete Seeger, he may want to consider it. This album finds Seeger telling the Woody Guthrie story from his memories and anecdotes, and slips in music (by Guthrie, his contemporaries, and modern players), to illustrate (with sound) the mini biography. It all has the feel of an aural documentary, in the best sense of the word, as Seeger begins with meeting Guthrie in 1940 and takes listeners through the last time he saw Guthrie (in a hospital bed, unable to speak). Seeger touches on Guthrie's "Woody Sez" column in the Daily Worker newspaper, the Almanac Singers, World War II, Guthrie's developing illness, and more. One national treasure remembering another. (JC)

HANK SNOW Bear Family BCD 16980 Snow On Christmas ● CD $24.98
With a name like Snow, how can you not do a Christmas album? This CD reissues Hank's 1967 album "Christmas With Hank Snow" plus tracks drawn from singles, LPs and rare radio transcriptions In digipac with 32 page booklet. Includes White Christmas/ Little Stranger (In A Manger)/ C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S/ The Reindeer Boogie (two versions)/ Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer/ Christmas Roses/ Blue Christmas (2 versions), etc.

RALPH STANLEY Freeland 639 Christmas Time With Ralph Stanley ● CD $14.98
11 tracks, 31 mins, recommended
Some lovely Christmas bluegrass music from Ralph and the gang (Ernie Thacker, Junior Blankenship, Jack Cooke, Curly Ray Cline, Art Stamper & Shelton Faezell) recorded in 1993. New and old favorites like I'm Going Home, It's Christmas Time/ Christmas Praise/ Christmas Time's A Comin'/ The Christmas Spirit and others. Included is a spine chilling acapella version of the exquisite Bright Morning Star which is, alone, worth the price of the album. (FS)

TAMPA RED & GEORGIA TOM JSP JSPCD 77160 Music Making In Chicago, 1928-1935 ● CD $28.98
Just arrived. Four CD set with 100 tracks devoted to the great and influential singer & guitarist Tampa Red - often in the company of his musical partner - pianist Georgia Tom Dorsey. The duo were pioneers in the creation of the urban Chicago blues sound and although this set covers the first part of Tampa's career, Tom renounced the blues and became one the leading gospel song composers though on these early recordings he can be heard in some delightfully risque performances. Tampa was master of the single string slide guitar technique that was to influence many subsequent musicians. Includes sides by Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band featuring the outrageous vocals of Frankie "Half Pint" Jaxon.
TAMPA RED & GEORGIA TOM: Bear Cat's Kitten/ Beedle Um Bum/ Billie the Grinder/ Black Angel Blues/ Black Hearted Blues/ Blue Moanin' Blues/ Boogie Woogie Dance/ Boot It Boy/ Bumble Bee Blues/ But They Got It Fixed Right on/ Chicago Moan Blues/ Chicago Moan Blues/ Come on Mama, Do That Dance/ Corrine Corrina, Pt. 2/ Cotton Seed Blues/ Cryin' Shame Blues/ Dead Cats on the Line/ Denver Blues/ Doggin' Me Around Blues/ Don't Leave Me Here/ Down in Spirit Blues/ Down the Alley/ Dying Mercy Blues/ Friendless Blues/ Georgia Hound Blues/ Givin' It Away/ Good Gordon Gin/ Grievin' Me Blues/ Hear Me Beefin' at You/ How Long How Long Blues/ How Long, How Long Blues/ I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone/ I'Ll Find My Way/ I'Ll Kill Your Soul (and Dare Your Spirit to Move)/ I.C. Moan Blues/ If I Let You Get Away with It (You'Ll Do It All the Time)/ It's Red Hot/ It's So Nice/ It's Tight Like That/ It's Tight Like That/ It's Tight Like That/ It's Tight Like That, Pt. 2/ Jealous Hearted Mama Blues/ Jelly Whippin' Blues/ Jinx Doctor Blues/ Juicy Lemon Blues/ Kingfish Blues/ Kunjine Baby/ Lonesome Man Blues/ Long Ago Blues/ Mama Don't Allow No Easy Riders Here/ Mama Don't Allow No Easy Riders Here/ Mama Don't Leave Me Here/ Mess, Katie, Mess/ Moanin' Heart Blues/ My Daddy Rocks Me/ New Strangers Blues/ No Matter How She Done It/ Pat That Bread/ Pig Meat Papa/ Please Mister Blues/ Prison Bound Blues [guitar Solo] [version]/ Reckless Man Blues/ Saturday Night Scrontch/ Selling That Stuff/ She Can Love So Good/ Sho' Is Hot/ Station Time Blues/ Stop and Listen Blues/ Strange Woman Blues/ Strewin' Your Mess/ That Stuff Is Here/ That Stuff You Sell/ The Dirty Dozen, Pt. 2/ The Duck's Yas-Yas-Yas/ They Call It Boogie Woogie/ Things 'Bout Coming My Way/ Things 'Bout Coming My Way/ Things 'Bout Coming My Way, Pt. 2/ Through Train Blues/ Tomorrow Blues/ Too Black Bad/ Toogaloo Blues/ Train Time Blues/ Turpentine Blues/ Uncle Bud (Dog-Gone Him)/ Unhappy Blues/ Voice of the Blues/ Western Bound Blues/ What Is That Tastes Like Gravy/ What You Gonna Do/ Whiskey Drinkin' Blues/ Worried Man Blues/ You Better Tighten Up on It/ You Can't Come in/ You Can't Get That Stuff No More/ You Got to Reap What You Sow [guitar Solo] [version]/ You Rascal You/ You Rascal You, Pt. 1/ You'Ve Got to Do Better

IKE & TINA TURNER BGO BGOCD 1062 What You Hear Is What You Get ● CD $18.98
16 tracks, highly recommended
From the mid 60s through the mid 70s the Ike & Tina Turner Revue was one of the most exciting acts in the country and this great set recorded live on April Fool's Days in 1971 at Carnegie Hall gives a sense of what it was like to see them live. Ike was leading a magnificent band with three saxes, a trombone & two trumpets and fronted by the leather lungs of Tina turn in a unique take on recent R&B and rock 'n' roll hits. The show opens with a couple of forgettable songs from The Ikettes and then Tina hits the stage and there is no let up from there on with songs like Sweet Soul Music/ Honky Tonk Women (a mind bending version of the Rolling Stones song)/ I Want To Take You Higher/ Respect and others and show their blues credentials on a tough rendition of the old Bobby Blue Bland favorite I Smell Trouble with nice stinging guitar work from Ike which leads into a instrumental workout from Ike Ike's Tune. It includes their 12 minute "nice and rough" version of Credence Clearwater's Proud Mary with a stellar arrangement which was edited down for a single and became a big R&B and pop hit. You'll probably feel exhausted by the time this CD finishes! (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHM 1128 Rhythm & Blues Christmas ● CD $13.98
Celebrate Christmas the Ace way with their first seasonal collection featuring 20 great rhythm & blues sides including nine new to CD and three previously unissued - B.B. King, Riff Ruffin, Bobby Nunn, The Deboniares, Jesse Belvin, Lowell Fulson, The Nic Nacs, Smokey Hogg, Sylvester Cotton, Oscar McLollie and more.
JESSE BELVIN: I Want You With Me At Christmas/ HADDA BROOKS: White Christmas/ SYLVESTER COTTON: Christmas Blues/ THE DEBONAIRES: Christmas Time/ Crazy Santa Claus/ LOWELL FULSON: I Wanna Spend Christmas With You Part 1/ I Wanna Spend Christmas With You Part 2/ SMOKEY HOGG: My Christmas Baby/ MARI JONES & JOHNNY MOORE ORCH: Merry Christmas Baby/ B.B. KING: Christmas Celebration/ LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD: Merry Christmas/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE: Dig That Crazy Santa Claus/ God Gave Us Xmas/ THE NIC NACS: Gonna Have A Merry Christmas/ BOBBY NUNN: Christmas Bells/ RIFF RUFFIN: Xmas Baby/ UNKNOWN: White-Hot Christmas/ THE VOICES: Santa Claus Baby/ Santa Claus Boogie/ SMOKEY WILSON: Christmas

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat ACMCD 4263 The Jaxyson Records Story ● CD $13.98 $8.98
Incredible collection of blues and gospel recorded for the tiny Jaxyson label in Oakland, California in the late 40s. Not only have most of these 25 tracks not appeared on CD, 13 have never been issued in any form and were turned up a few years ago on acetates being sold at a swap meet - 7 of them by unknown artists. The rest includes tracks by Black Diamond (superb country blues with guitar), Goldrush (soulful piano blues), Johnny Fuller, Charles White (down home gospel with guitar), The Rainbow Gospel Singers, etc.
SUSAN BENNETT: Singing In My Soul/ BLACK DIAMOND: Lonesome Blues/ JOSEPH BUTLER: Texas Blues (T.P. Railer)/ BROTHER JOHNNY FULLER: I Must Tell Jesus/ JOHNNY FULLER: From Bad To Worse (incomplete)/ GOLDRUSH: All My Money Is Gone/ Hold That Train, Conductor/ THE GOSPEL TRUMPETS: Constantly Abiding/ Good Morning To Heaven/ REV. L.H. NARCISSE: I'm Going To Tell God/ What Could I Do/ THE RAINBOW GOSPEL SINGERS: On The Battlefield/ Today/ SISTER RITA: Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet, Gabriel/ UNKNOWN ARTIST: Goin' Back Down In Old Mobile/ Iíll Meet You in the Morning/ Jaxyson Scratch/ Say A Word/ Stand By Me/ Standing On Jordan/ Weep Below, Children, (Weep No More)/ CHARLES WHITE: Didn't It Rain/ Stand By Me/ How Long/ Well Done

VARIOUS ARTISTS Alligator 9201 The Alligator Christmas Collection ● CD $11.98
Have a bluesy Christmas with the 'gators including Merry, Merry Christmas by Koko Taylor, I'm Your Santa by Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, Please Let Me Be Your Santa Claus by William Clarke, Boogie Woogie Santa Claus by Charles Brown, Christmas On The Bayou by Lonnie Brooks, Deck The Halls With Boogie Woogie by Katie Webster and more by Elvin Bishop, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Kenny Neal, Tinsley Ellis, Son Seals and others. 14 tracks in all.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Archeophone 9017 1917 - Yankees To The Ranks ● CD $14.98
25 track, 77 mins, highly recommended
There's oldies, and then there's oldies, the tracks on this are soooo old that even Frank Scott wasn't born yet when they were recorded. 1917 was certainly a momentous year in America's history. Probably nothing was more momentous than our American men (and some women) going "Over There" into the First World War, and there are three different rousing versions of Over There to get the troops going. The war wasn't the only thing on people's minds and you get catchy tunes covering a host of topics like: They're Wearing Them Higher In Hawaii by Collins and Harlan, Livery Stable Blues by Original Dixieland "Jass" Band, and even Joan Of Arc by Henry Burr. Probably most enjoyable of all are the great takes on soon-to-be standards like For Me And My Gal/ Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag, and of course The Star Spangled Banner (catchy tune!). As with all of these fantastic Archeophone collections, you get deep notes, the best possible sound, and the requisite apology for the occasional racism inherent in recordings of the day. Fascinating as always and a must for history buffs like me. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 395 Custom Made Hillbilly Vol. 3 ● CD $14.98
31 tracks, 71 mins, highly recommended
Another splendid collection of country from Starday custom pressings - mostly by very obscure but fine artists. It starts off with the lively bluegrass number Little Bit Too Bashful by Chandos McRill & The Perryville Melody Boys and includes the western swing flavored All Because Of You by Rocking Martin, a couple of fine honky tonk songs from Luke McDaniel - probably the best known artists here, some hot rockabilly from Leon Holmes and Al Sims & The Alpine Two and more from Dave Brockman, Billie & Gordon Hamrick, Gene Ray, May Hawks, Bob & Cindy Dean (two songs including the soulful Long Time Gone) and more. Good sound and brief notes on the artists (where information is known) by Phillip Tricker. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dipper 213 The Ultimate Group Harmony Christmas Collection ● CD $17.98
25 track collection of sides - mostly from the 50s with a few earlier and a few later. Includes Silent Night by The Ravens, Let Christmas Ring by The Coolbreezers, Yuletide Love by The Chanaclairs, Christmas Prayer by The Valentines, Can This Be Christmas by The Falcons plus tracks from The Five Keys, Larks, Hepsters, Jackie Wilson & The Dominoes and more.
THE CADILLACS: Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer/ THE CAMEOS: Merry Christmas/ THE CHANACLAIRS: Yuletide Love/ THE COOLBREEZERS: Let Christmas Ring/ THE FALCONS: Can This Be Christmas/ THE FIVE KEYS: Every Heart Is Home At Christmas/ It's Christmas Time/ THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET: White Christmas/ THE HEPSTERS: Rockin N Rollin With Santa Claus/ SKIP JACKSON & THE SHANTONS: The Christmas Song/ JOEL & THE DYMENSIONS: All I Want For Christmas Is You/ THE LARKS: All I Want For Christmas/ MARVIN & THE CHIRPS: I'll Miss You This Christmas/ THE MOONGLOWS: Hey Santa Claus/ THE ORIOLES: O Holy Night/ THE PENGUINS: A Christmas Prayer/ THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS: I'll Be Home For Christmas/ THE POETS: Merry Christmas Baby/ THE RAVENS: Silent Night/ SIR JABLONSKI: Merry Christmas Day/ THE VALENTINES: Christmas Prayer/ THE VOICES: Santa Claus Baby/ KENNY WILLIAMS & GROUP: Old Fashion Christmas/ JACKIE WILSON & THE DOMINOES: Christmas In Heaven/ THE YOUNGSTERS: Christmas In Jail

VARIOUS ARTISTS Electro-Fi 3376 Santa's Got A Mojo ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 55 minutes, excellent
An arresting selection of Yuletide blues from a bevy of talent. Instead of the usual fare of overcooked traditional holiday material, most of these are newly written and superb. Mel Brown's Don't Plan No Party This Christmas features gritty guitar and great vocals, Snooky Pryor's Check It Out, Santa smolders with rich harp blasts, and Mark Hummel's Thank You, Santa Claus is in the alley, as is Willie "Big Eyes" Smith for One Day Till Christmas, sounding incredibly good on vocals for a change. Jack de Keyzer's The Twelve Blue Days of Christmas features smoldering guitar even if his vocals are a little weak and over-the-edge. (CR)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 214 Phil Spector - Designing The Wall Of Sound ● CD $15.98
2 CD's, 48 tracks, 1 hour 57 min., highly recommended
Jasmine's second Phil Spector release picks up where volume one ("Phil Spector & The Teddy Bears" - JASCD 582) leaves off. This installment finds Spector getting his feet wet in the studio in New York and Los Angeles, releasing songs with the Paris Sisters, the Ducanes, the Creations, and more importantly, The Crystals (There's No Other Like My Baby and Oh Yeah Maybe Baby). Other cuts of interest include The Topnotes' Twist And Shout, if only because it pre-dates the Isley Brothers' recording; the classic Ben E. King recording Spanish Harlem; Lavern Baker's Hey Memphis, which is Little Sister with new lyrics; and much more. The results of Spector's early producing are not uniformly excellent, but when he's on, he's really on. Most of these cuts may not qualify as "Wall of Sound" recordings, but the raw material for the future Spector sound can be heard coalescing. (JC)
LAVERN BAKER: Hey Memphis/ THE BLACKWELLS: I/ You Took Advantage Of Me/ RUTH BROWN: Anyone But You/ THE CASTLE KINGS: Loch Lomond/ You Can Get Him Frankenstein/ THE CREATIONS: Shang Shang/ The Bells/ THE CRYSTALS: Oh Yeah Maybe Baby/ Thereís No Other Like My Baby/ JEAN DU SHON: Talk To Me, Talk To Me/ Tired Of Trying/ THE DUCANES: Iím So Happy/ Little Did I Know/ BEN E. KING: First Taste Of Love/ Spanish Harlem/ Young Boy Blues/ KAREN LAKE: Air Mail Special Delivery/ Iíd Like To Miss My Graduation/ CURTIS LEE: Beverley Jean/ Gee How I Wish You Were Here/ Pretty Little Angel Eyes/ Under The Moon Of Love/ JOHNNY NASH: A World Of Tears/ Some Of Your Loviní/ KELL OSBORNE: Thatís Alright Baby/ The Bells Of St. Maryís/ THE PARIS SISTERS: All Through The Night/ Be My Boy/ I Love How You Love Me/ Iíll Be Crying Tomorrow/ RAY PETERSON: Be My Girl/ Corinne Corinna/ I Could Have Loved You So Well/ Why Donít You Write Me/ GENE PITNEY: Every Breath I Take/ ARLENE SMITH: He Knows I Love Him Too Much/ Love Love Love/ BILLY STORM: A Kiss From Your Lips/ Dear One/ Honey Love/ When You Dance/ THE TOP NOTES: Hearts Of Stone/ The Basic Things/ THE TOPNOTES: Always Late/ Twist And Shout/ SAMMY TURNER: Falling/ Raincoat In The River

VARIOUS ARTISTS Nascente BOX 074 Beginner's Guide To Celtic Music ● CD $15.98
3 CD's, 43 tracks, 2 hours 53 min., highly recommended
Compiled and liner noted by BBC Radio Scotland's Global Gathering presenter Many Ann Kennedy, this compilation divides itself into three distinct sections, with some occasional and perhaps unavoidable blurring of somewhat artificial boundaries. Disc 1 is for the"Sparks" of Celtic, by which Kennedy apparently means traditional style Celtic performers. The emphasis is on style of performance rather than on historic performances, and it's difficult to quibble with that choice given the sheer beauty and power of performances such as Christine Primrose's a cappella Mo Cheist Am Fear Ban or Altan's Dun Do Shuil. Disc 2 focusses on contemporary Celtic, and is the strongest of the three discs song for song. The extraordinary Orenau I Florida by Cerys Matthews may be the finest cut here, despite the heavy competition. Also count Maeve MacKinnon's A Mhic Iain 'is Sheumais and the instrumental Rosbeg by Flook among the discoveries that make this set a wonder. Disc 3 takes for its bailiwick Celtic-influenced music that pushes against its traditions in one way or another, with varying degrees of success. So examples of Celtic Salsa and Celtic House music make an appearance, sounding more organic that one might imagine. A vastly entertaining way to explore Celtic music's many forms, this set provides enough depth that even fans of the form are likely to be introduced to something unknown and wonderful. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Omni 167 Freedom Is A Hammer - Conservative Folk Revolutionaries ● CD $18.98
When you think of 60s folk music you'll probably think of singers who sang songs about changing the political system - people like Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Joan Baez and others. But there was also a smaller and little known group of singers who sang songs of hyper-patriotism and conservative values and this is the first reissue devoted to these singers featuring three artists - Janet Greene, Tony Doland and Vera Vanderloon who sings songs like Fascist Threat/ Commie Lies/ Comrades Lament/ Cuba Will Be Free/ Remember Bloody Budapest/ Freedom Is A Hammer and others. This set is remastered with scholarly liner notes, interviews and rare photos and ephemera.

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 178 Rip It Up - The Specialty Story ● CD $11.98
2 CDs, 50 tracks, highly recommended
A handy complement to "Oh Boy! The Brunswick Story" (One Day 160 - $11.98), this collection gives us a tour through Los Angeles-based Specialty's roster of mostly R&B and Blues acts, featuring the obvious (Little Richard's Rip it Up; Larry Williams' Bonie Maronie; Lloyd Price's Lawdy Miss Clawdy) and not-so-obvious (rock 'n' roller Roddy Jackson; zydeco king Clifton Chenier). While there's much to savor on this compilation-Williams' original version of Slow Down (which was covered later by the Beatles), the rockabilly of Sonny Lowery, the rock 'n' roll of Wynona Carr and Jerry Byrne, the blues of Guitar Slim and John Lee Hooker (the great I'm Mad) -the real gold is found in three early solo recordings from Sam Cooke (recorded while he was still with the Soul Stirrers), and early Clydie King (Our Romance), Ernest Kador (aka Ernie K. Doe), and Art Neville. This collection does an excellent job of illustrating the label's musical diversity, while giving us a clutch of songs that still hold up more than 50 years later. Docked a notch for skimpy liner notes and no proper annotation of the tracks. (GMC)
TONY ALLEN & THE CHIMES: Night Owl/ JESSE BELVIN: Where's My Girl/ JERRY BYRNE: Carry On/ Lights Out/ WYNONA CARR: Nursery Rhyme Rock/ Touch And Go/ CLIFTON CHENIER: Squeeze Box Boogie/ THE CHIMES: Chop Chop/ Zindy Lou/ EUGENE CHURCH & GROUP: Open Up Your Heart/ DALE COOK: Loveable/ SAM COOKE: I Don't Want To Cry/ I'll Come Running Back To You/ THE CRYSTALS: Love You So/ DADDY CLEANHEAD: Somethings Going On In My Room/ DON & DEWEY: I'm Leaving It All Up to You/ Justine/ THE DUKES: Ooh Bop She Bop/ THE ECHOES: Over The Rainbow/ THE FOUR FLAMES: Wheel Of Fortune/ JOHNNY FULLER: Haunted House/ GUITAR SLIM & HIS BAND: The Things That I Used to Do/ RENE HALL ORCHESTRA: Twitchy/ HONEYBOY: Bloodstains On the Wall/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: I'm Mad/ BEN HUGHES: Sack/ RODDY JACKSON: Hiccups/ JESSE & MARVIN: Dream Girl/ ERNEST KADOR: Do Baby Do/ CLYDIE KING: Our Romance/ EARL KING: Eating and Sleeping/ Funny Face/ BOB LANDERS & WILLIE JOE AND HIS UNITAR: Cherokee Dance/ LI'L MILLET & HIS CREOLES: Rich Woman/ JIMMY LIGGINS & HIS 3-D MUSIC: Drunk/ LITTLE RICHARD: Rip It Up/ The Girl Can't Help It/ SONNY LOWERY: Goodbye Baby Goodbye/ MARVIN & JOHNNY: Baby Doll/ ARTHUR LEE MAYE & THE CROWNS: Oh-Rooba-Lee/ THE MONITORS: Mama Linda/ ROY MONTRELL: That Mellow Saxophone/ BIG BOY MYLES: Just To Hold my Hand/ ART NEVILLE: Cha Dooky-Doo/ LLOYD PRICE: Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Rock 'n' Roll Dance/ THE TITANS: Arlene/ Free And Easy/ LARRY WILLIAMS: Bonie Maronie/ Slow Down

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 75 Swinging Hollywood Hillbilly Cowboys ● CD $26.98 $18.98
4 CD box set, 114 tracks, essential
This well-conceived 4-CD set anthologizes the country-and-western style that dominated juke-joint Wurlitzers between 1945 and 1950. Spawned in southern California dance halls, it took full advantage of newly available p.a. systems, placing vocalists front and center over a band's airtight, guitar-driven backbeat. Filled with instrumental breaks of dazzling virtuosity, this music was really more uptown than hoedown. Heavy on novelties, uptempo blues and boogies, it hastened the end of the classic Western swing era and inspired a future generation of honky-tonkers. Though Columbia, RCA Victor and Decca had a strong Los Angeles presence, much of this music was captured by feisty independent labels, few of which survived into the microgroove era. Disc One focuses on music from these labels, including classic tracks by Arkie Shibley (Hot Rod Race), Jimmy Walker (Detour/ High Geared Daddy), Merl Lindsay (Shimmy Shakin' Daddy), Luke Wills (Four or Five Times), Merle Travis (Hominy Grits/ I Used to Work in Chicago), Jimmy Dolan (Tennessee Baby), Maddox Brothers & Rose (Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down), Porky Freeman Trio (Boogie Woogie Boy) and many others. Betsy Gay's 1953 cut of Leiber & Stoller's Hound Dog is a fascinating curio. Disc Two covers tracks released by Capitol, the era's only West Coast indie to reach major-label status. Artists surveyed here include Cliffie Stone, Eddie Kirk, Wesley Tuttle, Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, Jack Guthrie, Tex Williams, Merrill Moore, Gene O'Quinn, Roy Hogsed, Leon Chappel, Skeets McDonald, Red Murrell and others - few national hits here, but lots of great music. Disc Three is "Cowboy & Western," a catch-all category for sides by Bob Wills, Hank Penny, the Sons of the Pioneers, Smokey Rogers, Spade Cooley, Tex Ritter, Foy Willing and Tex Williams, among others. Disc Four is "The Hits" - shellac that coin-ops bought by the crateload. Many are familiar (Jack Guthrie's Oklahoma Hills; Hank Thompson's The Wild Side of Life and Whoa, Sailor; Jimmy Wakely's One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart; Skeets McDonald's Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes), but others are not. Some might quibble that this disc uses Johnny Bond's Divorce Me C.O.D. and So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed instead of Merle Travis's originals. But hey, Columbia sold tons of these covers and how often does Bond's music get reissued, anyway? The box includes a 64-page booklet with a discography and grammatically awkward but informative notes by Adam Komorowski. The sound quality varies from track to track but is generally superior to most Proper reissues. All in all, this is a great budget-priced sampler of a significant, transitional period in country music history. (DS)
LES ANDERSON: And I Shook/ GENE AUTRY: I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine/ Over And Over Again/ JOHNNY BOND: Divorce Me C.O.D./ So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed/ Tennessee Saturday Night/ The Daughter Of Jole Blon/ JIMMY BRYANT: Jelly Beans Daddy/ JENKS (TEX) CARMAN: Hillbilly Hula/ LEON CHAPPEL: Streamlined Gal/ True Blue Papa/ ZEKE CLEMENTS: Oklahoma Blues/ SPADE COOLEY: Yodelling Polka/ TED DAFFAN'S TEXANS: Too Far Gone/ AL DEXTER: Honey Do You Think It's Wrong/ Triflin' Gal/ Wine Women And Song/ JIMMIE DOLAN: Tennessee Baby/ RAMBLIN' JIMMIE DOLAN: Hot Rod Race/ Juke Box Boogie/ TRUMAN DUFF: Rougue River Boogie/ TOMMY DUNCAN: Who Drank The Beer (While I Was In The Rear)/ PORKY FREEMAN: Boogie Woogie Boy/ BETSY GAY: Hound Dog/ HOMINY GRITS: Tem Martin/ JACK GUTHRIE: No Need To Knock On My Door/ Oklahoma Hills/ JOHNNY HICKS: Hamburger Hop/ BUDD HOBBS: Lazy Mary/ ROY HOGSED: Cocaine Blues/ Put Some Sugar In Your Shoes/ She's A Mean Mean Woman/ BILLY HUGHES BUCKAROOS: Take Your Hands Off It/ LEODIE JACKSON: Steelin' The Blues/ ANN JONES: Baby Sitter's Blues/ OAKIE JONES: Love Fever/ BRAD KING: You Ain't Got My Number Anymore/ EDDIE KIRK: Saturday Night Time Blues/ Sugar Baby/ The Gods Were Angry With Me/ MERL LINDSAY: Shimmy Shakin' Daddy/ THE MADDOX BROS & ROSE: I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again/ Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down/ KEN MARVIN: Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/ LEON MCAULIFFE: Take It Away Leon/ SKEETS MCDONALD: Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes/ Scoot Git And Begone/ MERRILL E. MOORE: House Of Blue Lights/ ELLA MAE MORSE & TENESSEE ERNIE FORD: I'm Hog Tied Over You/ RED MURRELL: Ernest Tubb's Talking Blues/ Get That Chip Off Your Shoulder/ Git Fiddle Boogie/ Paper Heart/ GENE O'QUINN: Boogie Woogie Fever/ Keep A Talkin' Baby/ HANK PENNY: Merle's Buck Dance/ Fan It/ OLE RAMUSSEN: Sleepy Eyed John/ DICK REINHART: Hot Rod Baby/ TEX RITTER: Cattle Call/ ROY ROGERS: I'm Gonna Gallop Gallop To Gallup New Mexico/ My Chickasay Gal/ SMOKEY ROGERS: Catch Me Cheatin'/ I Can't Help The Way I Feel/ ARKIE SHIBLEY: Hot Rod Race/ CASEY SIMMONS: Juke Box Boogie/ THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Cigareets And Whuskey And Wild Wild Women/ Cool Water/ Red River Valley/ RUDY SOOTER: Easy Payment Blues/ DEUCE SPRIGGINS: Who Broke The Lock On The Henhouse Door/ GEORGE STOGNER: Hard Top Race/ CLIFFIE STONE: He's A Real Gone Okie/ Jump Rope Boogie/ Knock On Wood/ Peepin' Through The Keyhole/ Silver Stars, Purple Sage, Eyes Of Blue/ When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/ TIN EAR TANNER: I Used To Work In Chicago/ DUSTY TAYLOR: Ranger Boogie/ HANK THOMPSON: Rub-A-Dub Dub/ The Wild Side Of Life/ Whoa Sailor/ MERLE TRAVIS: What A Shame/ WES TUTTLE: Mail Order Mama/ Out On The Open Range/ Rainin' On The Mountain/ With Tears In My Eyes/ JOHNNY TYLER: That Wild And Wicked Look In Your Eye/ T. TEXAS TYLER: Divorce Me C.O.D./ JIMMY WAKELY: I Love You So Much It Hurts Me/ One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart/ Til The End Of The World/ JIMMY WALKER: Detour/ High Geared Daddy/ SPEEDY WEST: Speedin' West/ Bryant's Bounce/ JIMMIE WIDENER: I'm All Through Trusting You/ JESS WILLARD: Slippin' Around With Jole Blon/ Truck Driver's Boogie/ CURLEY WILLIAMS: Just A Pickin' And A Singin'/ TEX WILLIAMS: Artistry In Western Swing/ Never Trust A Woman/ Suspicion/ Talkin' Boogie/ Wild Card/ FOY WILLING: Detour/ BOB WILLS: Bottle Baby Boogie/ Smoke Across The Water/ Stars And Stripes On Iwo Jima/ JOHNNIE LEE WILLS: Lazy John/ LUKE WILLS: Four Or Five Times/ A Nickel In The Jukebox/ SHEB WOOLEY: Hoot Owl Boogie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 172 Drunk - 100 Smashed Hits ● CD $26.98
4 CDs, 100 tracks, 281 mins, highly recommended
Here's a giant collection country, blues and R&B dedicated to a subject near and dear to my heart (though not necessarily my liver.): getting drunk! One hundred odes to over-doing it, ballads to the bottle, epodes to inebriation, sonnets to the sauce; you know what I mean.good time music! Thankfully, there are not a too many oft- or over-compiled tracks; while many famous tracks are here, this has a whole mess of more obscure tracks to tip your pint to as well. Even some of the big artists are that are featured have songs here that don't pop up often, like Hank Williams's Too Many Parties, Too Many Pals, and Johnny Guitar Watson's Half Pint Whiskey. Sure there are many very famous tracks here like White Lightnin by George Jones, There Stands The Glass by Webb Pierce, WPLJ by The Four Deuces, One Mint Julep by The Clovers, I Got Loaded by Peppermint Harris, etc. All of those songs are great and need to be represented. There are also plenty of fantastic lesser known tracks like Looped by the appropriately named Calvin Boze, Let's Get Drunk Again by Bo Carter, Juiced by Billy "Red" love, and so on. So fill up your multi-disk player, raise a glass and let the good times roll. (JM)
ALBERT AMMONS & PETE JOHNSON: Barrelhouse Boogie/ THE BAILES BROTHERS: Whiskey Is The Devil (In Liquid Form)/ DAVE BARTHOLOMEW: Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear/ THE BIG THREE TRIO: If The Sea Was Whiskey/ EARL BOSTIC: Bar Fly Baby/ BILL BOYD: Drink The Barrell Dry/ CALVIN BOZE: Looped/ Waiting & Drinking/ BO CARTER: Let's Get Drunk Again/ THE CHAMPS: Tequila/ THE CLOVERS: One Mint Julep/ NAT KING COLE: Scotchin' With The Soda/ WALTER DAVIS: Sloppy Drunk Again/ AL DEXTER: Wine Women And Song/ THE DIXIE RAMBLERS: Barroom Blues/ FLOYD DIXON: Hey Bartender/ WILLIE DIXON & MEMPHIS SLIM: Beer Drinking Woman/ THE FOUR DEUCES: W-P-L-J/ SLIM GAILLARD: The Bartender's Just Like A Mother/ Groove Juice Special/ ROSCO GORDON: We're All Loaded (Whiskey Made Me Drunk)/ PEPPERMINT HARRIS: I Got Loaded/ WYNONIE HARRIS: Bloodshot Eyes/ Drinkin' By Myself/ My Baby's Barrel House/ Whiskey And Jelly-Roll Blues/ Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well/ SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS: Alligator Wine/ LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS: Drinkin' Woman/ HOWLIN' WOLF: Drinkin' C.V. Wine/ BULL MOOSE JACKSON: I Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well/ ROBERT JOHNSON: Drunken Hearted Man/ Malted Milk/ GEORGE JONES: White Lightning/ SPIKE JONES: Clink, Clink, Another Drink/ LOUIS JORDAN: What's The Use Of Getting Sober/ Whiskey Do Your Stuff/ THE KIDDS: Drunk Drunk Drunk/ CHRISTINE KITTRELL: Sittin' Here Drinkin'/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: It All Depends (Who Will Buy The Wine)/ JIMMY LIGGINS: I Ain't Drunk/ No More Alcohol/ JOE LIGGINS: Pink Champagne/ Whiskey, Gin & Wine/ JIMMY LIGGINS & HIS DROPS OF JOY: Drunk/ PAPA LIGHTFOOT: Wine, Women, Whiskey/ LITTLE ESTHER: Aged & Mellow Blues/ Cherry Wine/ THE LOUVIN BROTHERS: The Drunkard's Doom/ The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea/ BILLY "RED" LOVE: Juiced/ THE MADDOX BROTHERS & ROSE: Hangover Blues/ DEAN MARTIN: Hey, Brother, Pour The Wine/ STICK MCGHEE: Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ BIG JACK MCNEELY: All That Wine Is Gone/ JAY MCSHANN: Bar Fly Blues/ When Iíve Been Drinking/ AMOS MILBURN: Bad, Bad, Whiskey/ Just One More Drink/ One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer/ GLENN MILLER: Little Brown Jug/ JACK "THE BEAR" PARKER: Cheap Old Wine & Whiskey/ MARVIN PHILLIPS: Wine Woogie/ WEBB PIERCE: There Stands The Glass/ PROFESSOR LONGHAIR: Hadacol Bounce/ JOHNNIE RAY: Whiskey And Gin/ JIM REEVES: Drinking Tequila/ ANDY REYNOLDS & HIS 101 RANCH BOYS: Beer Bottle Mama/ TEX RITTER: Rye Whiskey/ SMOKEY ROGERS: Drinkin' And A-Thinkin'/ NINA SIMONE: Gin House Blues/ FRANK SINATRA: One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)/ STUFF SMITH: Old Joe's Hittin' The Jug/ THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Cigareetes, Whusky And Wild, Wild Women/ THE STANLEY BROTHERS: The Drunkard's Hell/ The Little Glass Of Wine/ SONNY TERRY AND BROWNIE MCGHEE: Beer Garden Blues/ Gin Headed Woman/ HANK THOMPSON: A Broken Heart And A Glass Of Beer/ A Six Pack To Go/ ERNEST TUBB: Warm Red Wine/ BIG JOE TURNER: Wine-O-Baby Boogie/ JOHNNY TYLER: It Ain't Far To The Bar/ EDDIE "CLEANHEAD" VINSON: Juice Head Baby/ When A Woman Loves Her Juice/ When I Get Drunk/ DINAH WASHINGTON: Joy Juice/ Juice Head Man Of Mine/ MUDDY WATERS: Sittin' Here And Drinkin' (Whiskey Blues)/ JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON: Getting Drunk/ Half Pint-A-Whiskey/ KITTY WELLS: Death At The Bar/ HANK WILLIAMS: Thereís A Tear In My Beer/ Too Many Parties Too Many Pals/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: Whiskey Headed Blues/ BOB WILLS & HIS TEXAS PLAYBOYS: Bubbles In My Beer/ LUKE WILLS RHYTHM BUSTERS: Shut Up And Drink Your Beer/ JIMMY WITHERSPOON: Drinkin' Beer ( Havin' A Ball)/ Drunk, Broke And Hungry/ Lush Head Woman

WASHBOARD SAM Document DOCD 5177 Complete Chronological Recordings, Vol. 7 (1942-49) ● CD $15.98 $10.98
24 tracks, 72 min., recommended
The last volume in the series devoted to this important bluesman. This disc closes out Sam's days with Bluebird/RCA, from the last few tracks in his mid-1942 session, through a four and half year recording hiatus, to his three 1947 and two 1949 sessions. Accompanists here include Bill Broonzy, Memphis Slim, Roosevelt Sykes, Willie Dixon, J. T. Brown, "Sax" Mallard, Bob Call, Ransom Knowling, and Eddie "Sugarman" Penigar. The return of horns to the back up group moves most of these numbers back into the city blues category. Highlights include Down South Woman Blues/ You Can't Make the Grade/ Soap and Water Blues/ No Special Rider/ Dollar Is Your Best Friend, and No. 1 Drunkard. Sam would next record for Chess in 1953. Fine notes and sound quality, with a cover photo of Sam, Big Bill, Roosevelt Sykes, and Victor talent scout Lester Melrose. (DH)


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