JACK BRADSHAW Bear Family BCD 17272 Saturday Night Special ● CD $21.98
22 tracks, 45 mins, very highly recommended
Superb collection featuring all the early recordings of this obscure but outstanding artist from Kentucky recorded between 1954 and 1960 including three originally unissued songs and three demos. Bradshaw was a terrific singer with a high mountain voice that would have been perfectly suited for bluegrass though his recordings are pure honky tonk. Bradshaw was also an exceptional songwriter and all the songs here are his own compositions - some published under the name of his wife Shirley Hough. Most of his recordings were cut for Harry Glenn's Mar-Vel and Glenn labels and he did one session for Decca in 1955. Bradshaw really had an ear for a great melody and his songs have a very appealing quality. His uptempo numbers like Don't Tease Me/ My Heart, My Heart and Jo-Jo are borderline rockabilly and some have been reissued on rockabilly collections. After his last session for Glenn he essentially quit the music business though continued to write songs and in 1974 had a religious conversion and his subsequent compositions were all religious songs and he recorded a religious single on his own label in 1977. Jack is still around and occasionally plays music and was interviewed for the extensive notes included with this CD and the 40 page booklet also includes vintage photos and discographical information. A real winner! (FS)

JOHNNY COPELAND Fuel 61594 An Introduction To Johnny Copeland ● CD $13.98 $8.98
16 tracks, recommended
Before he became an international blues star in the 1980s, gravel voiced Texas singer and guitarist had recorded a slew of singles for many labels - often for small Texas labels starting in 1958. This fine collection presents a small selection of those sides recorded for various small Houston labels in the 1960s. Material is varied and ranges from some superb and powerful blues to Down On Bending Knee/ Mama Told Me and Working Man Blues with ferocious vocals and tough guitar to the soul sound of Please Let Me Know/ I Need You Now/ May The Best Man Win and an excellent two part rendition of Ray Charles' Night Time Is The Right Time. Johnny gets to show his guitar chops on the fine guitar/ sax instrumental Late Hours. There are several forgettable songs but on the whole this is a worthwhile introduction to an exceiting bluesman. Includes informative notes by Bill Dahl. (FS)

CLIFFORD CURRY Collectables 5540 She Shot A Hole In My Soul ● CD $13.98 $9.98
20 tracks, 57 min., highly recommended
Curry had been banging around the fringes of the soul scene since 1956, backing such talents as Joe Tex and The Impressions as a member of The Bubba Suggs Band, when in 1967 he scored his biggest hit, She Shot A Hole In My Soul. This release collects some of Curry's best material recorded between 1967-73 for various labels, including several singles on the Elf label. His version of Delta Dawn on Caprice Records is among the tracks, as is The Natives Are Restless Tonight cut for Abbott in 1972. Collectables should be commended for collecting these Clifford Curry sides, but he deserves a full blown retrospective on Kent/Ace, with all the trimmings. This will have to do till then. (JC)

JIMMIE DAVIS Acrobat ACMCD 4220 Midnight Blues, 1929-1933 ● CD $13.98 $8.98
26 tracks, 76 mins, highly recommended
Old-timey country singer, steeped in the blues. You could say that he is part Jimmie Rodgers and part Jimmy Rogers, with comparisons to the "Singing Brakeman" being closer to the mark. Acrobat rounds up a few years worth of old Jimmie Davis in his prime when he was one of the most beloved and respected pre-WW2 Hillbilly singers. A religious man who would later run for--and win--local public office; nonetheless, his early tracks are bawdy and wild, full of double entendre. Davis would cement his name in music annuls with his 1940 composition You Are My Sunshine, certainly a great song, but not near as fun as much of the material herein. Shes a Hum Dum Dinger/ Bear Cat Mama From Horners Corner/ Midnight Blues/ Pea Pickin Papa/ Red Nightgown Blues/ Tom Cat and Pussy Blues and many, many more fine tracks to enjoy! (JM)

SANDY DENNY Island (UK) 371 246-9 The Notes & The Words - A Collection Of Demos & Rarities ● CD $76.98
Four CDs, 75 tracks, essential with reservations
Around two years ago Island issued an amazing limited edition 19 CD box set featuring every recordings by Sandy Denny they could find and it included many rare songs and unissued recordings. This set sold out within a couple of months and copies now fetch over $1500! For the many people who missed out on the set or couldn't afford it when it first came out Island have now issued this four CD set featuring some highlights from that set. The only problem is that about two thirds of the set consists of outtakes, demos and alternative takes from Sandy's four solo albums which have all been reissued in the past couple of years as part of double CD deluxe editions of those albums along with additional rare material. If you have those albums then what you get here are 17 of Sandy's earliest demos from 1966/67 which are pleasant but her style was pretty immature at this stage though it does include the first demo of her most famous song Who Knows Where The Time. There are also some great demos from '68 when she first recorded for Island and five more solo demos from 1974 when she rejoined Fairport Convention. There are also outtakes from several Fairport and Fotheringay sessions - some of which have appeared on previous releases but are nice to have here. If you don't have all the deluxe album releases then this is an essential purchase for Sandy Denny fans - if you do you need to weigh up whether you need this for the tracks not available elsewhere. Like the box this is also a limited edition. It's packaged in a handsome book format with 42 pages discussing the recordings here and loads of great and rare photos. (FS)
EARLY HOME DEMOS: Soho/ It Ain't Me Babe/ East Virginia/ Geordie/ In Memory (The Tender Years)/ I Love My True Love/ Ethusel/ Carnival/ They Don't Seem To Know You/ Gerrard Street/ Seven Virgins/ A Little Bit Of Rain/ Go Your Own Way My Love/ Cradle Song/ Who Knows Where The Time Goes (First Demo)/ Motherless Children/ ALEX CAMPBELL & HIS FRIENDS: You Never Wanted Me/ IT'S SANDY DENNY: Milk And Honey/ ISLAND SOLO SIDES: She Moves Through The Fair/ Fotheringay/ Now And Then/ Autopsy/ FILM SOUNDTRACK - SWEDISH FLY GIRLS: Are The Judges Sane/ FAIRPORT CONVENTION: Mr. Lacey (Sandy Lead Vocal Version)/ The Ballad Of Easy Rider/ A Sailors Life (First Version No Swarb)/ Come All Ye (Take 1)/ Matty Groves (Take 1)/ FOTHERINGAY: The Way I Feel (Original Version)/ The Sea (Studio Demo)/ Winter Winds (Studio Demo)/ The Pond And The Stream (Studio Demo)/ FOTHERINGAY 2: John The Gun/ THE NORTH STAR GRASSMAN AND THE RAVENS: Late November (Joe Boyd remix)/ Next Time Around (Demo)/ Lord Bateman (Demo)/ The Optimist (Demo)/ Wretched Wilbur (Demo)/ Crazy Lady Blues (Demo)/ Northstar Grassman And The Ravens (BBC Session One In Ten)/ Blackwaterside (Alternate Take)/ SANDY: It'll Take A Long Time (Demo)/ For Nobody To Hear (Original Version)/ Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Demo)/ The Lady (Demo)/ Bushes And Briars (Demo)/ The Music Weaver (Demo)/ No End (Piano Version)/ LIKE AN OLD FASHIONED WALTZ: Solo (Alternate Take)/ Whispering Grass (Demo)/ Friends (Alternate Take)/ Dark The Night (Alternate Take)/ Until The Real Thing Comes Along (Demo)/ HOME DEMOS 1974: The King And Queen Of England/ After Halloween/ Sandy's Song (Take Away The Load)/ Stranger To Himself/ By The Time It Gets Dark/ FAIRPORT CONVENTION LIVE AT TROUBADOUR 1974: Down In The Flood/ Knocking On Heaven's Door/ Like An Old Fashioned Waltz/ FAIRPORT CONVENTION - RISING FOR THE MOON: Dawn (Alternate Take)/ One More Chance (Alternate Take)/ What Is True? (Studio Demo)/ RENDEZVOUS: No More Sad Refrains (Live TV 1975)/ I Wish I Was A Fool For You (Original Gold Dust LP Version)/ Gold Dust (Original Gold Dust LP Version)/ Candle In The Wind (Piano Version)/ One Way Donkey Ride (Acoustic Version)/ I'm A Dreamer (Alternate Take without strings)/ Still Waters Run Deep (Acoustic Version)/ Full Moon (Featuring Swarb Solo)/ Moments (Acoustic Version)/ Makes Me Think Of You (Demo)

CORNELL DUPREE Amazing 1034 Child's Play ● CD $15.98 $8.98
9 tracks, recommended
Texan Cornell Dupree was a legendary session guitarist who reputedly played on over 2,500 sessions. This 1993 release is one of the few recordings issued under his own name and is a splendid selection of instrumental R&B focussing on Cornell's stellar guitar paying. He is accompanied by a solid band with Randy Brecker on flegelhorn, Scott Keritzer on tenor sax, Barry Danielseon on trumpet an dothers. It's mostly a selection of new compsoition including several written by Cornell himself along with an instrumental version of Jerry Jeff Walker's Mr. Bojangles (FS)

JOE EVANS & ARTHUR MCCLAIN Document DOCD 5044 The Two Poor Boys, 1927-31 ● CD $15.98
20 tracks, highly recommended
Back in print as a CD-R. A delightful collection of 20 songs by this fascinating and mysterious duo who both sing and between them play guitar, mandolin, kazoo and piano. They are thought to be from Eastern Tennessee and they perform a varied selection of music including minstrel flavored items (Little Son Of A Gun), spirituals (a particularly fine version of Two White Horses In A Line), white country songs (New Huntsville Jail which is variant of Birmingham Jail), hokum (Take A Look At That Baby), straight blues (Mill Man Blues) and even a sentimental ballad (Georgia Rose). All of it is performed with great vitality and panache. In addition to guitar the songs feature other instrumentation (fiddle, mandolin, kazoo, piano, etc) but it's not known who plays these instruments. These recordings are from very rare and often worn 78s so sound is not always that exceptional but the music is consistently fine. (FS)
JOE EVANS & ARTHUR MCCLAIN: Cream And Sugar Blues/ Down In Black Bottom (take 1)/ Down In Black Bottom (take 2)/ Early Some Morning Blues/ Georgia Rose/ John Henry Blues (take 1)/ John Henry Blues (take 3)/ Little Son Of A Gun (look What You Done Done)/ Mill Man Blues/ My Baby Got A Yo-yo/ New Huntsville Jail (take 1)/ New Huntsville Jail (take 2)/ Oh You Son Of A Gun/ Old Hen Cackle/ Shook It This Morning Blues/ Sitting On Top Of The World/ So Sorry Dear/ Sourwood Mountain/ Take A Look At That Baby/ Two White Horses In A Line

LUKE GORDON B.A.C.M. 393 Dark Hollow & Other Classic Numbers ● CD $14.98
27 tracks, 67 mins, very highly recommended
Kentucky born Luke Gordon was an excellent and prolific performer who has been almost totally ignored on reissues so this fine set is particularly welcome. Luke was an excellent singer with a rich and expressive voice - sort of a cross between Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. He had one hit in 1958 with his great bluegrass version of Bill Browning's Dark Hollow with superb accompaniment from The Stoneman Family. The songs here were recorded between 1954 and '59 - about 2/3 of them originals many of them with a bluegrass flavor with sessionmen including Buzz Busby, John Duffy and Scotty Stoneman who turn in some stellar instrumental work. The influence of Hank Williams can be heard on several cuts and he does a fine version of Hank's On The Banks Of The Old Pontchartrain and his Married Life is a spoken word piece very much in the spirit of Luke The Drifter. His Moustache On A Cabbage Head is a lively update of the traditional song Three Nights DrunkLUKE GORDON: Big New Dance/ Changing Company/ Christmas In Tennessee/ Dark Hollow/ Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me/ Eight Years In Atlanta/ Fool That I Am/ Goin' Crazy/ Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad/ I Believe I'm Entitled To You/ Is It Wrong/ Just Doin' What's Right/ Let The Kiss Bid Goodbye/ Lonely Heartache/ Married Life/ Moustache On The Cabbage Head/ On The Banks Of The Old Ponchartrain/ Pastures Green/ Racetrack Blues/ Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love/ The Dark Years Ahead/ Thirteen Steps Away/ What Can You Do/ When It's Time (For The Whippoorwills To Sing)/ When You Cross Your Heart/ Why Do You Treat Me This Way/ You May Be Someone (Where You Come From)

MERLE HAGGARD EMI Gold (UK) 500771 The Very Best Of Merle Haggard ● CD $15.98
Two CDs, 48 tracks, essential
Merle Haggard was the greatest country singer to emerge in the 1960s with a great voice, a tremendous songwriter who drew on his own experiences and accompaniment by, probably, the finest band in the business, The Strangers. After several recordings for the small Tally label he was signed by Capitol and over the next ten years recorded 35 top ten country hits - 24 of them reaching #1 and this fabulous collection has every one of them along with tracks that didn't make the top ten and some that didn't chart at all but every one a classic - I'm A Lonesome Fugitive/ The Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde/ Workin' Man Blues/ Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)/ Everybody's Had The Blues/ Things Aren't Funny Anymore/ Always Wanting You/ The Roots Of My Raising/ Swinging Door/ The Bottle Let Me Down/ Street Singer/ The Sidewalks Of Chicago/ The Emptiest Arms In The World/ Just Between The Two Of Us/ A Working Man Can't Get Nowhere Today/ High On A Hilltop and all the rest. If you don't have many of the early recordings of this great artist this makes a perfect starting place. (FS)

THE HARMONIZING FOUR Acrobat ADDCD 3005 1943-1954 ● CD $18.98 $12.98
Acrobat brings another great two CD set devoted to the recordings of one of the great gospel quartets of the post war era - this time The Harmonizing Four of Richmond, Virginia. The group was originally founded in 1927 but didn't make their first recordings until 1943 and this set covers almost all their recordings from that first session until 1954. Their earliest sides are all acapella but by 1947 second tenor Lonnie Smith (father of Lonnie Listin Smith) picked up the guitar and provides discreet but beautifully effective and imaginative guitar licks. 54 tracks in all - many making their first appearance on CD. Compiled and annotated by Opal Louis Nations.

JOHNNY HEARTSMAN Inak 9025 Made In Germany ● CD $17.98 $10.98
8 tracks, highly recommended
Brilliant West Coast singer, guitarist, flute and organ player recorded live in Germany in 1993. Johnny was a powerful deep voiced singer and one of the greatest of all contemporary blues guitarists with a fleet fingered but not fussy style accentuated by imaginative chording and effective tremolo effects using the volume control on his Stratocaster. On this set he performs some blues and R&B standards along with a couple of originals and proves again what a remarkable talent he was and what a shame it is that he recorded so little under his own name during his lifetime. (FS)
JOHNNY HEARTSMAN: Ain't No Sunshine/ Cold Cold Feeling/ Flip, Flop & Fly/ Flute Juice/ I Don't Want No Woman/ Intro/ Let Me Love You/ Sweet Frisco Blues/ That's Allright

THE HIGHWAY Q.C'S Charly SNAPCD 189 Where He Leads Me ● CD $13.98 $8.98
27 tracks, 72 mins, essential
Indispensable collection of songs recorded by this superb Chicago quartet for Vee Jay between 1955 and 1964. It includes six tracks from the group's first two session which featured Johnny Taylor. His great Sam Cooke inspired lead vocals are featured to great effect on the sublime Somewhere To Lay My Head and I Dreamed Heaven Was Like This. Most of the subsequent leads are by the very fine Spencer Taylor (no relation) who is at his peak on songs like Something On My Mind/ Working On The Building/ The Way Up The Hill and the fabulous I Heard. With the Collectables series of Vee-Jay gospel reissues now deleted this is the best available collection of this wonderful group. (FS)
THE HIGHWAY QCS: Amazing Grace/ Child Of God/ Do You Love Him/ Every Man,womn And Child/ Golden Bells/ Great Trumpet/ He Lifted My Burdens/ He Said/ Heavenly Father's Children/ I Dreamed Heaven Was Like This/ I Heard/ I Used To Wonder/ I Used To Wonder/ I'll Be Satisfied/ I'll See Jesus Too/ I'll Trust His Word/ Jesus, I'm Waiting/ Lord I'll Go/ Nobody Knows/ Oh What A Beautiful Day/ Pray/ Sad How They Done My Lord/ Something On My Mind/ Somewhere To Lay My Head/ The Milky White Way/ The Way Up The Hill/ Where He Leads Me/ Working On The Building

LOUISIANA RED JSP JSPCD 8842 Always Played The Blues ● CD $17.98
13 tracks, 78 mins, recommended
Previously issued as JSP 240. Louisiana Red, who died earlier this year, was one of the most prolific of the second string bluesmen and the sheer volume of his recorded work makes it sometimes hard to judge his talents. He was certainly very capable as a singer, guitarist and harmonica player and a better than average songwriter but his music, though fine in small doses, often seems to lack focus. This is brought out here most cogently on this set where Red is accompanied by a band of mostly British musicians who provide solid, and tasteful accompaniment. Over half the songs are more than 6 minutes long and there is just not enough substance or variety to warrant the length. This is by no means a bad disc but with a bit of judicious editing or restraint it could have been one of Red's better recordings. (FS)

MAGIC SLIM Blind Pig 5147 Bad Boy ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, highly recommended Forty years after he first started recording Magic Slim hasn't changed his style but he doesn't need to - the one he has is so damn good. Straight ahead, no nonsense, down home Chicago blues with powerful vocals and tough and distinctive guitar. Most of what he does is covers of other artists songs but that doesn't matter since Slim makes them distinctively his own whether it's Eddie Taylor's down home classic Bad Boy or the contemporary soul blues of Denise Lasalle's Somone Else Is Stepping In. Other songs include I Got Money/ Girl What You Want Me To Do/ Gambling Blues/ How Much More Long/ Older Woman  and others. As alsway he is given rock solid accompaniment by his band The Teardrops whose personnel has changed over the years but are always totally empathetic. Another winner. (FS)

JACK MCVEA JSP JSPCD 77159 With Alton Redd & George Vann ● CD $28.98
Four CDs, 102 tracks, highly recommended
If you missed out on the series of CDs that came out on the Blue Moon label some years ago, here's your chance to get all the early recordings of fine West Coast jazz saxist and R&B pioneer Jack McVea. Jack was a member of the great Lionel Hampton Orch, on baritone and alto sax, & later went on to JATP. He made the first recordings under his own name for the San Francisco based Rhythm label in 1945 with a group that included Cappy Oliver on trumpet, Buster Bailey on clarinet, Rabon Tarrant on drums and vocals and others. Over the next few years he recorded for Melodisc, Apollo, Black & White exclusive with varying personnel though Tarrant was present on most session and was real asset to the group as he was not only a great drummer but also a superb blues shouter. A few of the earliest sides have some pedestrian vocals from Betty Roche and Arthur Duncan but all subsequent vocals were by Tarrant. The first three discs on this set features all of McVea's recordings - a fine mix of jump blues, R&B instrumentals and some jazz flavored titles and, of course, his big novelty hit Open The Door, Richard. Among the many fine musicians who passed through his band in this period included trumpeter Teddy Buckner, guitarist Gene Phillips, alto saxist Jewell Grant, tenor saxist Lucky Thompson, bassist Charles Mingus, trumpeter Russell Jacquet, pianist Lloyd Glenn, guitarist Irving Ashby and others. The last sessions here by McVea are from December, 1947 and he didn't record under his own name until 1954 and those recordings for the Combo label have been reissued on Ace 1246 ($18.98). The fourth disc is mostly devoted to the recordings of singer/ drummer George "The Blues Man" Vann (also previously reissued by Blue Man) recording between 1944 and 1947 with various groups. Vann was a fine vocalist with a style a little like that of Big Joe Turner. The final four tracks are by another singing drummer - Alton Redd, recorded in 1945 and '46. Redd was another fine and powerful blues shouter accompanied by small groups. Sound quality is excellent and there are informative notes by Neil Slaven. (FS)
JACK MCVEA: Baby Make Up Your Mind/ Barrel House Boogie/ Bartender Boogie/ Basses Boogie/ Blackout Boogie/ Blues All Night/ Blues This Morning/ Blues with a Feeling/ Blugin' Eyes/ Boilermakers Boogie/ Butch/ Butch/ Carlos/ Crow's Being Evicted/ Darlin' It's Just Like a Dream/ Dirty Money Blues/ Don't Blame Me/ Don't Blame Me [alternate Take]/ Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying/ Evening/ F Minor Boogie/ Fightin' Mama Blues/ Fightin' Mama Blues/ Fish for Supper/ Flying (All the Way) Home/ Frantic Boogie/ Frisco Blues/ Groove Juice (I Need It Bad)/ Groovin' Boogie/ Hey Hey Hey Baby/ Hey, Hey Baby/ House Party Boogie/ I Live True to You/ I'Ll Be True/ I'Ll Be True/ Inflation Blues/ It Should Never Have Been This Way/ Jack Frost/ Jack's Boogie/ Jam Boogie/ Jump Jack/ Listen Baby Blues/ Lonesome Blues/ Love Will Get You Down/ Mumblin' Blues/ My Business Is C.O.D./ Naggin' Woman Blues/ New Deal/ New Worried Life Blues/ No, No, You Can't Do Dot Mon/ O-Kay for Baby/ O-Kay for Baby [alternate Take]/ Ooh Mop/ Open the Door, Richard/ Opus Boogie/ Play It Over/ Rainy Day Blues/ Rainy Day Blues/ Reetie Vootie Boogie/ Richard Gets Hitched/ Scrub, Sweep and Mop/ Silver Symphony/ Slowly Goin' Crazy Blues/ Swing Man/ Tarrant Blues/ Tatoe Pie/ The Crow's Boogie/ The Key's in the Mailbox/ The Walls Come Tumblin' Down/ Then I'Ve Got to Go/ Two Timin' Baby/ Two Timin' Baby Boogie/ Walkin' and Talkin' Boogie/ We'Re Together Again/ What's Happening/ Wine-O/ ALTON REDD: Jimmie's Blues/ Let's Get Together/ When the Sun Goes Down/ You'Re a No Good Woman/ GEORGE "THE BLUES MAN" VANN: Caldonia/ Careless Love/ Darkness Blues/ Feeling Low Down/ Going Down Slow/ Going Home Blues/ Graveyard Blues/ Inflation Blues (Can't Stretch It No More)/ Jail House Blues/ Jam Boogie/ Jump the Boogie/ Kansas City Boogie/ Last Call Blues/ Learn to Boogie Woogie/ My Baby's Blues/ She Ain't No Saint/ Shufflin' Boogie/ Suspicious Blues/ The Howling Blues/ Time of Day Blues/ Worryin' Anyhow Blues/ You'Re a Glorious Sight

MEMPHIS SLIM Fantastic Voyage 151 Rockin' The House - The Best Of The R&B Years ● CD $19.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, highly recommended
Renowned blues pianist and vocalist Memphis Slim moved to Paris, France in the early 1960s. Aside from occasional touring he would remain there, leading an incredibly productive life until his death in 1988 made numerous recordings in Europe. But prior to that he was an R&B star with the African-American audience recording for a slew of different labels and racking up seven R&B hits. This superb collection features a well chosen cross section of those recordings made between 1946 and 1961 including Messin' Around/ Blue And Lonesome/ Angel Child/ The Come Back and others. Most of the recordings here were made in Chicago featuring Slim accompanied by top sidemen like Ernest Cotton, Willie Dixon, Ernest "Big" Crawford, Alex Atkins, Ransom Knowling, Ike Perkins and others. In the early 50s he was joined by the magnificent Memphis guitarist Matt Murphy who is featured on most of his subsequent and contributes terrific guitar work on many of the later cuts. Slim was also a prolific and creative songwriter and his song Harlem Bound was reworked several years later by Jimmy Rogers as Chicago Bound and his Nody Loves Me was subsequently reworked by Lowell Fulson as Every Day I Have The Blues. Sound quality is excellent and the booklet has authoritative notes by Neil Slaven. (FS)
MEMPHIS SLIM: Angel Child/ Big Bertha/ Blue And Lonesome [1949]/ Blue And Lonesome [1956]/ Boogie Woogie Memphis/ Cheatiní Around/ Cold Blooded Woman/ Four Walls/ Four Years Of Torment/ Frisco Bay/ Gonna Need My Help Some Day/ Got To Find My Baby/ Grinder Man Blues/ Harlem Bound/ Help Me Some/ How Long/ I Guess Iím A Fool/ If You Live That Life/ Iíll Keep On Singing The Blues/ Lend Me Your Love/ Little Peace Of Mind/ Living Like A King/ Living The Life I Love/ Lonesome (Blue Blues)/ Memphis Slim USA/ Messiní Around/ Mistake In Life/ Mother Earth/ My Gal Keeps Me Crying/ No Mail Blues/ Nobody Loves Me (Every Day I Have The Blues)/ Only A Fool Has Fun/ Really Got The Blues/ Rockiní The House/ Rolliní And Tumbliní/ Sassy Mae/ Sittiní And Thinkiní/ Slimís Blues/ Slimís Boogie/ Steppiní Out/ Stroll On Little Girl/ The Come Back [1953]/ The Comeback [1960]/ The Girl I Love/ This Time Iím Through/ Throw This Poor Dog A Bone/ Train Is Cominí/ Treat Me Like I Treat You/ Wish Me Well/ Worried Life Blues

JAMES MONROE Gusto 2249 His First Solo Album ● CD $7.98
10 tracks, 27 mins, good
Reissue of first solo album from Bill Monroe's son originally issued on the Atteiram label in 1974. James is a good singer with elements of his father's style in his singing and has some fine musicians accompanying him including Vic Jordan, Buck White, Buddy Spicher, Kenny Baker and others. Unfortunately the set is marred by being too pop oriented - in spite of the stellar backing musicians there is very little opportunity for any exciting solos, the fiddles play together and sound like a string section and, worst of all, most tracks feature a girl chorus. Songs are a mix of originals (Girl Of My Dreams/ Sweet Lucy/ Tennessee Sunday, etc) and old favorites (House Of The Rising Sun/ I washed My Hands In Muddy Water, etc.) (FS)

ANN PEEBLES Music Club Deluxe 163 The Original Soul Sister ● CD $13.98
Two CDs, 44 tracks, 122 mins, very highly recommended
Ann Peebles was one of the truly great soul singers of the 70s with a great gospel iunflected vocal style. Recording for Memphis based Hi Records she was teamed with the label's great rhythm and horn section under the guiding genius of Willie Mitchell. Between 1969 and '79 she had 18 R&B hits for the label and all these are included here featuring such all time soul classics as the spellbnding I Can't Stand The Rain, the wonderful deep soul ballad Walk Away (her first hit from 1969), her updating of the Little Johnny Taylor hit Part Time Love, the take no prisoners Breaking Up Somebody's Home plus Slipped, Tripped, And Fell In Love/ I'm Gonna Take Your Playhouse Down/ You Keep Me Hanging On/ Come To Mama and more. The rest of this set features superb non hit singles like her great cover of the Isley Brothers It's Your Thing, the beautiful soul ballad Troubles, Heartaches And Sadness, the hard driving self descriptive 99 Lbs ("99 pounds of natural born goodness, 99 pounds of Soul"), the wonderful flavored ballad I Needed Somebody and more. Some of the later tracks feature overly slick pop or disco arrangements but are saved by Ann's great vocals and are in the minority. Many of the songs were written by Ann, often in collaboration with Don Bryant who became Ann's husband not long after they started working together and duets with Ann on two songs. There have been a number of U.K. reissues of Ann's HI recordings but if you don't have much by her this is the perfect budget priced retrospective with informative notes by British soul expert David Nathan. (FS)
ANN PEEBLES: (You Keep Me) Hangin On/ 99 Lbs/ A Good Day For Lovin/ A Love Vibration/ Be For Me/ Beware/ Breaking Up Somebody s Home/ Come To Mama/ Do I Need You/ Doctor Love Power/ Fill This World With Love/ Generation Gap Between Us/ Give Me Some Credit/ Heartaches/ Heartaches, Heartaches/ I Can't Let You Go/ I Can't Stand The Rain/ I Don t Lend My Man/ I Needed Somebody/ I Pity The Fool/ I d Rather Leave While I m In Love/ I ll Get Along/ I m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/ I m Leaving You/ I ve Been There Before/ If This Is Heaven/ If You Got The Time (I ve Got The Love)/ It Was Jealousy/ It s Your Thing/ Let Your Lovelight Shine/ Mon Belle, Amour (feat Donald Bryant)/ Old Man With Young Ideas/ Part Time Love/ Put Yourself In My Place/ Run Run Run/ Slipped Tripped And Fell In Love/ Solid Foundation/ Somebody s On Your Case/ Troubles, Heartaches And Sadness/ Until You Came Into My Life/ Waiting (feat. Donald Bryant)/ Walk Away/ When I m In Your Arms/ You've Got The Papers (I've Got The Man)

ELVIS PRESLEY RCA (Europe) 473202 The King Of Rock 'n' Roll: The Complete 50s Masters ● CD $32.98
5 CD Box set, 140 tracks, essential
If you missed the original 1992 release, this great set is now available again as a much lower priced European import. Instead of being in a long box it is issued in a more compact book format. Each disc in this set contains over an hour's worth of music, with 24 to 31 tracks. The first four discs contain the studio versions of every song that was cut in the 50's, even the relatively obscure cuts that some of us didn't buy originally because they were issued only on LP's with titles like "A Date with Elvis." Is It So Strange, a great number, fits into that category. On the other hand, the track order on the first four discs is determined by recording date, which occasionally produces some mildly jarring juxtapositions. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do), for example, is followed in short order by Blueberry Hill, and the Christmas and soundtrack cuts at first pop up unexpectedly in a sea of studio-cut rock 'n' roll. For completists and hard core fans, there are various outtakes, and previously unreleased versions to peak interest. The 1953 demos of My Happiness and That's When Your Heartaches Begin are here, as is Elvis's Presto acetate of The Clovers' Fool, Fool, Fool. And the entire fifth disc, subtitled "Rare and Rockin'" is composed of alternate takes, live performances, and soundtrack material. Worthy of comment here are Elvis's clear discomfort during his 1956 performances at Las Vegas's New Frontier Hotel, and the arguably superior versions of Shake Rattle And Roll and Ain't That Loving You Baby that surface on this last disc. All in all, a quality job. No mindless repeating of the same song over and over again. The sound quality is excellent and there is a lengthy booklet with solid notes by Pete Guralnick and loads of photos though by reducing the dimensions of the book the resulting text is very small. (DH)
DISC 1: My Happiness/ That's All Right/ I Love You Because/ Harbor Lights/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Blue Moon/ Tomorrow Night/ I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')/ I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/ Just Because/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ Milkcow Blues Boogie/ You're A Heartbreaker/ Baby Let's Play House/ I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone/ Mystery Train/ I Forgot To Remember To Forget/ Trying To Get To You/ When It Rains, It Really Pours/ I Got A Woman/ Heartbreak Hotel/ Money Honey/ I'm Counting On You/ I Was The One/ Blue Suede Shoes/ My Baby Left Me/ One-Sided Love Affair/ So Glad You're Mine/ I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)/ Tutti Frutti DISC 2: Lawdy, Miss Clawdy/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/ Hound Dog/ Don't Be Cruel/ Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)/ We're Gonna Move/ Love Me Tender/ Poor Boy/ Let Me/ Playing For Keeps/ Love Me/ Paralyzed/ How Do You Think I Feel/ How's The World Treating You/ When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/ Long Tall Sally/ Old Shep/ Too Much/ Anyplace Is Paradise/ Ready Teddy/ First In Line/ Rip It Up/ I Believe/ Tell Me Why/ Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!/ All Shook Up/ Mean Woman Blues/ (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) DISC 3: That's When Your Heartaches Begin/ Take My Hand, Precious Lord/ It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)/ Blueberry Hill/ Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/ Is It So Strange/ Party/ Lonesome Cowboy/ Hot Dog/ One Night Of Sin/ (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear/ Don't Leave Me Now/ I Beg Of You/ One Night/ True Love/ I Need You So/ Loving You/ When It Rains, It Really Pours/ Jailhouse Rock/ Young And Beautiful/ I Want To Be Free/ (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care/ Don't Leave Me Now/ Blue Christmas/ White Christmas/ Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus.../ Silent Night/ O Little Town Of Bethlehem/ Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)/ Santa Claus Is Back In Town/ I'll Be Home For Christmas DISC 4: Treat Me Nice/ My Wish Came True/ Don't/ Danny/ Hard Headed Woman/ Trouble/ New Orleans/ Crawfish/ Dixieland Rock/ Lover Doll/ Don't Ask Me Why/ As Long As I Have You/ King Creole/ Young Dreams/ Steadfast, Loyal And True/ Doncha' Think It's Time/ Your Cheatin' Heart/ Wear My Ring Around Your Neck/ I Need Your Love Tonight/ A Big Hunk O' Love/ Ain't That Loving You Baby/ (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I/ I Got Stung/ Interview With Elvis DISC 5: That's When Your Heartaches Begin/ Fool, Fool, Fool/ Tweedle Dee/ Maybellene/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Blue Moon/ I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone/ Reconsider Baby/ Lawdy, Miss Clawdy/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/ Heartbreak Hotel/ Long Tall Sally/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Money Honey/ We're Gonna Move/ Old Shep/ I Beg Of You/ Loving You (Slow Version)/ Loving You (Uptempo Version)/ Young And Beautiful/ I Want To Be Free/ King Creole/ As Long As I Have You/ Ain't That Loving You Baby (Fast Version)

SNOOKY PRYOR Fuel 61605 An Introduction To Snooky Pryor ● CD $16.98
18 tracks, 50 mins, essential
We've turned up TWO copies of this out of print set - so first come, first served. Snooky's playing was transitional between the 40s style of John Lee Sonny Boy Williamson and the more urgent intense style of Little Walter. The first 2 tracks on this disc are from rare recordings made in 1947 for the obscure Planet label featuring Snooky accompanied by singer/ guitarist Moody Jones including the wonderful instrumental Boogie which was, in some respects, a precursor to Little Walter's later instrumental efforts. The remaining tracks were recorded for JOB - mostly from the early/ mid 50s along with a couple from the late 50s or early 60s. Accompanying Snooky are outstanding musicians like Moody Jones, Alfred Elkins, Eddie Taylor, Sunnyland Slim, Alfred Wallace and others. Except for the chaotic last session this is post war Chicago blues at its finest with eight tracks not originally issued on singles. Sound quality is excellent and Bill Dahl provides detailed background information. This music should be in the collection of every lover of Chicago blues. (FS)

HARRY RESER Take Two 427 Harry Reser's Novelty Groups ● CD $14.98
20 tracks, highly recommended
Delightful collection of hot dance music and novelty songs recorded between 1925 and 1929 featuring groups led by or featuring the great banjo player Harry Reser. Lots of fine toe tapping music from the Clicquot Club Eskimos, The Roving Romeos, The Seven Wild Men, The Jazz Pilots, The Six Jumping Jacks and others. Selections include several 20's favorites like At Sundown/ My One and Only and Crazy Rhythm plus some nonsense songs like If My Baby Cooks As Good As She Looks. Each selection in this CD sparkles with the amazing banjo playing by Reser and most of the vocals are taken by the excellent Tom Stocks, Remastering is superb and there is a booklet with informative notes by William McKenna. (FS)

MIKE SEEGER Vanguard (UK) 79150 Mike Seeger ● CD $18.98
15 tracks, 42 mins, highly recommended
The great folklorist and champion of Roots music, Mike Seeger is captured here in his prime, doing wonderful acoustic versions of vintage Folk, Country and Blues. Great takes on Hello Stranger/ We Live a Long, Long Time/ Fishing Blues/ Fair and Tender Ladies, etc. all in beautiful mono! Sure, Seeger wasn't necessarily as good as many of the artists that he covered, but he played a mean dulcimer (or dulcimore as it is spelled on the packaging) and you have to give him an A for effort on all of these performances. This CD re-issues Seeger's 1964 Vanguard album in its entirety, including reproductions of original art and notes, plus great new liner notes as well. This is a fine collection and a fitting tribute to the man that was far more than Pete's kid brother and who did so much for this Roots music that we all love so much. (JM)

DEL SHANNON Music Club Deluxe 176 The Essential Collection, 1961-1991 ● CD $13.98
2 CD, 52 tracks, very highly recommended
Del Shannon was one of those performers who defied categorization; like Gene Pitney, he had a distinctive voice, was an exceptional songwriter, and was more popular in Europe than in his home country. Shannon made a splash with his debut 45, the irresistible RunawayHey! Little Girl/ So Long Baby/ He Doesn't Care/ Cry Myself to Sleep/ I Go To Pieces/ Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun), and Little Town Flirt; meanwhile, he was just as capable of singing other people's material, as demonstrated on his version of Pomus/ Shuman's His Latest Flame, Lennon/ McCartney's From Me to You, and Bono/Nitzche's Needles & Pins. This collection does an excellent job compiling Shannon's key 60's work, and also features some of his later work including two tracks from the solo album he was recording with producer Jeff Lynne before Shannon's 1990 death. Del Shannon wasn't just influential (Elton John, Lynne, Tom Petty, and Mark Knopfler are just a few of those who sing Shannon's praises) he also created some memorable music-he was equally at home with pop, country, and psychedelia-and this set does his legacy proud. (GMC)

JEAN SHEPARD Jasmine 3630/1 The First Lady Of Country ● CD $15.98
2 CD's, 48 tracks, 1 hour 59 min., essential
The name Jean Shepard may be uttered in the same breath with Kitty Wells and Patsy Cline. She began releasing country LPs in 1956 before anyone had created charts for country music albums. That album, "Songs Of A Love Affair," is also regarded by many as the first country music concept album. This excellent release gathers that album and the three after that (all on Capitol) for a collection as important as it is engaging. Required listening for anyone interested in country music or the human heart. Get it if you ain't got it. (JC)
JEAN SHEPARD: A Passing Love Affair/ A Satisfied Mind/ A Thief In The Night/ Act Like A Married Man/ Another (Just Like Me)/ Beautiful Lies/ Big Midnight Special/ Blues Stay Away From Me/ Color Song (I Lost My Love)/ Crying Steel Guitar/ Did I Turn Down A Better Deal/ Girls In Disgrace/ Got You On My Mind/ Hello Old Broken Heart/ I Don't Apologize For Loving You/ I Hate Myself/ I Learned It All From You/ I Love You Because/ I Married You For Love/ I'd Rather Die Young/ If You Haven't, You Can't Feel The Way I Do/ Itís Hard To Tell The Married From The Free/ Iíll Hold You In My Heart/ Iíll Never Be Free/ Iíll Thank You All My Life/ Memory/ Mockin' Bird Hill/ My Wedding Ring/ One White Rose/ Over And Over/ Sad Singiní And Slow Ridiní/ Shadows On The Wall/ Sweet Temptation/ Tell Me What I Want To Hear/ The Mysteries Of Life/ The Other Woman/ The Weak And The Strong/ Two Whoops And A Holler/ Under Suspicion/ Under Your Spell Again/ Waltz Of The Angels/ Why Did You Wait?/ You Canít Break The Chains Of Love/ You Win Again/ You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again/ You're The Only Good Thing (Thatís Happened To Me)/ Youíd Better Go/ Youíre Telling Me Sweet Lies Again

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat 4365 Open The Door, Richard! The Story Of A Showbiz Phenomen ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, recommended
Entertaining and fascinating compilation devoted to the popular novelty song Open The Door Richard. Originating in African-American vaudeville in the early years of the 20th century it devloped into a skit that was made famous by Dusty Fletcher. In 1946 saxophonist Jack McVea added a musical riff to it and recorded it. The success of his recording led to Dusty Fletcher recordings his musical version in 1947 which was also succesful leading to a slew of other versions over the next few years and this set features no less than 16 versions of the songs - in addition to McVea and Fletcher there are versions by Count Basie, Louis Jordan, Hot Lips Page, The Charioteers, Walter Brown, pop vocal group The Pied Pipers and others. I must confess that hearing 16 versions in a row of the same song can be pretty wearing though each performer lends his own distinctive approach with, often significant changes in the comic dialogue. The remaining eight tracks on this CD features sequels and variations on "Open" including Richard Ain't Gonna Open The Door by The Four Aces, The Keys In The Mailbox by Jack McVea and others. Some tracks are taken from pretty worn 78s and on those there is overuse of digital noise reduction. The booklet goes into depth into the history of the song and phenomenen surrounding it as well as questions of authorship. Not for everybody but definitely of interest to popular music researchers. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 387 Following In The Footsteps Of Jimmie Rodgers ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, 69 mins, recommended
Enjoyable collection of songs from the 1940s and 50s featuring performances of songs originally recorded by country music pioneer Jimmie Rodgers or in the style of Rodgers. Most of the performances are solo vocal and guitar and the most interesting artist here is Alan Moore who has some very fine performances - he was an excellent singer and guitar player and doesn't slavishly imitate Rodgers' approach. The same can not be said of Al Runyon whose approach is closely based on the original Rodgers. He is featured on 11 songs and is a pretty limited performer - both vocally and instrumentally. Riley Crabtree also adheres closely to Rodgers style but is a much better singer and guitar player. There are also tracks by Pete McWilliam and Dannie Maness - both recorded with a band and do songs in the Rodgers style - McWilliam's The Rambling Blues is particularly nice. (FS)
RILEY CRABTREE: Blue Yodel/ Blue Yodel No 5/ Blue Yodel No 8 (Muleskinner Blues)/ In The Jailhouse Now/ T.B. Blues/ DANNIE MANESS: Hobo Bill/ Travelling Blues/ PETE MCWILLIAM: The Rambling Blues/ ALAN MOORE: 'T' For Texas/ Blue Yodeling Blues/ Daddy And Home/ Rough And Rowdy Ways/ Waiting For A Train/ AL RUNYON: Away Out On The Mountain/ Blue Yodel No 2 (My Lovin' Gal)/ Blue Yodel No 3 (Evening Sun Yodel)/ Blue Yodel No 6/ Blue Yodel No. 4 (California Blues)/ Frankie And Johnny/ I'm Sorry We Met/ Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues/ My Old Pal/ Never No More Blues/ The Brake Man's Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 392 A "Fine" Hillbilly Song - Country Music On The Fine Lab ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, recommended
Fine, based out of Biloxi, Mississippi was one of the many thousands of independent labels that emerged in the 1950s to record local talent with the hope of achieving a hit. The label was formed in 1954 by steel guitarist Pee Wee Maddux, bandleader Marion Carpenter and Yankie Bahanovich. The label issued around 15 singles between 1954 and '57 before calling it quits. The most well known artist here is Ernie Chaffin who had previously recorded for Hickory and subsequently recorded for Sun. His two sides for Fine are fine (sorry) but not as impressive as his Sun sides. Most of the other artists are unknowns but recorded some excellent honky tonk country including Dan Seal (one of the best artists here with four excellent sides), Jim Owen, Johnny Bozeman, Hanna Faye, Ann Raye, B.F. Johnson (two bluegrass flavoredd titles) and others. Nothing really outstanding but some enjoyable music. (FS)
LITTLE BETTY ASHLEY & J.W. THOMSPON: The Christmas Dolly/ MARLE BARR: A Life Of Regret/ Take My Heart/ JOHNNY BOZEMAN: She's My Bayou Babe/ Whatta Ya Gonna Be Going/ ERNIE CHAFFIN: The Heart Of Me/ The Stop Look & Listen Song/ HANNA FAYE: Easy To Remember (Hard To Forget)/ It Pays To Be True/ O' Why/ Searching For Someone Like You/ B.F. JOHNSON: I Wish I Could Believe You/ Play Me A Blue Tune/ PEEWEE MADDUX: New Maple On The Hill (instro)/ New Red River Valley (instro)/ JIM OWEN: I'm Thinking Of You All The Time/ Sie Simon Shuffle/ ANN RAYE: I Don't Wany To Kissed (If I Can't Be Loved)/ Reckless/ Stranger/ Our Wedding Band/ DAN SEAL: Don't Ever Break My Heart/ I Wake At Dawn (With You On My Mind)/ Tear Drop Waltz/ You Gotta Walk That Line/ J.W. THOMPSON: It's Your Turn/ Too Young To Know/ Your Heart Of Stone

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 394 Classic Country Music On The Federal 10000 Series ● CD $14.98
Though best known for its R&B recordings the King subsidiary Federal also had a country series that lasted for eighteen months and this CD presents a selection of recordings from that series recorded in 1950 and '51. Artists featured include Jimmie Dale, Cowboy Jack Derrick, Fiddlin Red Herron, The Cope Brothers, Bill Carlisle, Tommy Magness & His Tennessee Buddies and The Eddie Martin Serenaders.
BILL CARLISLE: A Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore/ A Rainbow Follows Rain/ Lost On A Sea Of Sorrow/ My Weary Heart Cries/ Where There's A Will There's A Way/ THE COPE BROTHERS: Don't You Cry Over Me/ Gathering Buds/ I'll Have A New Life/ The Old Country Church/ JIMMIE DALE: I'm Going Away For Good/ If I Could Change My Heart/ Moaning The Blues/ Nobody's Lonesome For Me/ COWBOY JACK DARRICK: Blue Memory/ Can't It Be You/ JACK DARRICK: Daddy's Little Blue Eyed Boy/ You've Had Your Way/ FIDDLIN' RED HERRON: Back Up And Push (instro)/ Cindy/ Cripple Creek (insto)/ Devil's Dream (instro)/ Fifty Years Ago (instro)/ TOMMY MAGNESS & HIS TENNESSEE BUDDIES: Jesus Will Save Your Soul/ Little Country Preacher/ When I Safely Reach That Other Shore/ Wings Of Faith/ EDDIE MARTIN SERENADERS: In An Old Hawaiian Garden/ Moonrise Over Pali

VARIOUS ARTISTS Chrome Dreams 5083 Cheesy Moments - Obscure Love Songs From The Era Of Dre ● CD $18.98
2 CDs, 69 tracks, recommended
In the era between Elvis Presley's 1958 induction into the Army and the arrival of the Beatles on American shores in February 1964, the pop charts were overrun with fluff produced for love sick females. And this collection brings us two discs worth of candy coated confections from both sides of the Atlantic; running the gamut from Buddy Holly-a likes (Gary and Billy's Working After School) to would-be teen idols (Danny Rivers, Scotty McKay, and Scott Engel to name a few), the music here gives a fair approximation of the pop charts during that mostly toothless (musically speaking) era. However, it must be said that there are some worthy performers included here: Phil Sloan (If You Believe in Me), Jimmy Gilmer (Good Good Lovin'), Bob Luman (You've Got Everything), and Wade Phillips (Please Don't Lie). Overall, though, these throw-backs to pre-rock 'n' roll are for fans of, exactly what the title says, "cheesy moments". (GMC)
THE ARENA TWINS: Notify The F.B.I./ Oh What A Shame/ ART AUGUST: Lonely (Without Love)/ DEAN BEARD: Little Lover/ JOE BELLOMO: Gift Of The Gods/ BIG DADDY: Walking Her Home/ BILLY BORLYNN: I Want A Girl/ JIMMY BOYD: I Love You So/ FRANKIE BRENT: More Of Everything/ DONNIE BROOKS: Round Robin/ GENE BUA: Once Upon A Time/ JIM CAVA: Humpty Dumpty Heart/ MARC CAVELL: Lucky Star/ KIMBALL COBURN: Kam And Pam/ JAMIE COE: I'll Go On Loving You/ TERRY CORIN: My Ding Dong Heart/ JEFF DANA: A Boy Can Dream/ DARRELL AND THE OXFORDS: Your Mother Said No/ THE DEL RAYS: Young And Innocent/ LEE DENSON: Devil Doll/ MALCOLM DODDS: All For The Love Of A Woman/ SCOTT ENGEL: Till You Return/ RUSTY EVANS: Talkin' From Your Heart/ MEL GADSON: Comin' Down With Love/ GARY AND BILLY: Working After School/ JIMMY GILMER: Good Good Lovin'/ GERRY GRANAHAN: Put Me Anywhere/ MARLIN GREENE: Never Been Kissed/ THE HARPTONES: Answer Me, My Love/ HATHAWAY: Will You Stay In Love/ JAMIE HORTON: Missin'/ SHY JONES: Just For You/ LANI KAI: I'm Gonna Leave My Heart At Home/ STEVE KARMEN: Watchin' And Waitin'/ BUDDY KNOX: Lovey Dovey/ RORY LANDALL: Summer Time Love/ STEVE LAWRENCE: Hansel And Gretel/ MIKE LEEDS: Lover Baby/ LINDA LEIGH: Please Please (Let Me Go Steady)/ ROBIN LUKE: Well Oh, Well Oh/ BOB LUMAN: You've Got Everything/ KENNY LYNCH: You Make Love So Well/ DONNIE MARCHAND: I Confess/ SCOTT MCKAY: Cry Me A River/ THE MELLO-KINGS: Kid Stuff/ BERNIE NEE: The State Of Happiness/ GARY NICHOLS: Tingle/ EDDIE PACE: Faithful To You/ THE PARAMOUNTS: Girlfriend/ STEVE PERRY: Step By Step/ WADE PHILLIPS: Please Don't Lie/ THE PLAYMATES: First Love/ LINDA POWERS: Turn-Ba-Lov/ THE PREMIERS: I Think I love You/ DENNY REED: A Teenager Feels It Too/ DANNY RIVERS: Can't You Hear My Heart/ ROCKY ROBIN & THE RIFF RAFFS: What Did You Do Last Night?/ THE ROVER BOYS: Is It Me?/ BILLY SCOTT: Carole/ THE SCOTT BROTHERS: Lost Love/ BUDDY SHEPHERD: I'm Hypnotized/ FRED SIMMONDS: You're The One I Love/ PHIL SLOAN: If You Believe In Me/ CONNIE STEVENS: Apollo/ JOHNNY STEVENS: Hm-mm-baby-hm-mm/ AUSTIN TAYLOR: Push, Push/ CHUCK TAYLOR: Little Lover/ NICK TODD: Your Love's Got A Grip On Me/ RANDY WARREN: Dream Girl

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 233313 Rock-A-Billy - Rock And Roll & Hillbilly ● CD $26.98
10 CDs, 200 tracks, 7 hours 25 mins, highly recommended
Available again at a slightly higher price. Here's a chance to build up a rockabilly collection for very little money. Another one of those low priced sets from the German Documents label, this one features 200 tracks recorded between 1955 and 1960 - mostly rockabilly along with a smattering of straight rock 'n' roll and rockin' country. All the best known artists are here like Elvis, Sonny Burgess, Dale Hawkins, Charlie Feathers, Johnny Burnette & His Rock & Roll Trio, Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and others along with cult favorites like Joe Clay, Benny Joy, Gene Summers, Hank Mizell, Ronnie Dawson and loads of tracks by excellent but obscure performers like Guido D'Amico, Ray St. Germain, Joey Castle, Gene Maltais, Joe Kozak, Benny Cliff, Hal Willis, Don Wade, Larry Dowd, Danny Dell, Darrell Rhodes, Billy Eldridge, Billy Harlan and the like. Like most sets in the series each disc comes in it's own cardboard sleeve with list of artists, titles and year of release and they are packed into a compact 5"x5"X1" box and so set counts as three CDs foir shipping. Long time rockabilly fans will probably have most of these cuts but if you don't have much this is a perfect collection to keep you rockin' all night! (FS)
ART ADAMS: Rock Crazy Baby/ HASIL ADKINS: Chicken Walk/ BARBARA ALLEN: Sweet Willie/ REX ALLEN: Knock Knock Rattle/ RONNIE ALLEN: Juvenile Delinquent/ JACK BAILEY: Oh What Love Is/ BENNY BANTA: Cry Little Girlie/ GLENN BARBER: Ice Water/ BILLY BARNETT: Romp And Stomp/ TOMMY BELL: Swamp Gal/ BOYD BENNETT: Move/ CHUCK BERRY: Beautiful Delilah/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ Oh Baby Doll/ THE BLUE TONES: Shake Shake/ BOBBY BOSTON: Lazy Daisy/ BOBBY BRANT: Piano Nellie/ BILLY BROWN: Flip Out/ Meet Me In The Alley, Sally/ SONNY BURGESS: Red Headed Woman/ We Wanna Boogie/ BUDDY BURKE: That Big Old Moon/ JOHNNY BURNETTE ROCK & ROLL TRIO: Eager Beaver Baby/ JO ANN CAMPBELL: You're Driving Me Mad/ BOBBY & TERRY CARAWAY: Ballin' Keen/ JOHNNY CARROLL: Wild Wild Women/ MARTHA CARSON: Now Stop/ RIC CARTEY: Bor n To Love One Woman/ AL CASEY: If I Told You/ JOEY CASTLE: That Ain't Nothing But Right/ THE CHAPARRALS: Leapin' Guitar/ JOE CLAY: Sixteen Chicks/ BENNY CLIFF: Shake Um Up Rock/ LOY CLINGMAN: Rockin' Down Mexico Way/ KIMBALL COBURN: Please Please/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie/ Nervous Breakdown/ Somethin' Else/ Sweety Pie/ Teenage Heaven/ JACKIE LEE COCHRAN: I Want You/ LLOYD COPAS: Circle Rock/ BILLY "CRASHď CRADDOCK: Boom Boom Baby/ GUIDO D'AMICO: Jimmy Boy/ TED DAIGLE: Mary Lou/ Red Hen Hop/ DICKIE DAMRON: Gonna Have A Party/ JEFF DANIELS: Switch Blade Sam/ RONNIE DAWSON: Rockin' Bones/ FRANKIE DEE: Shake It Up Baby/ DANNY DELL: Froggy Went A Courting/ JIMMY DELL: I've Got A Dollar/ Teeny Weeny/ ELROY DIETZEL: Rock-N-Bones/ LARRY DOWD: Pink Cadillac/ BERNIE EARLY: Rock Doll/ BILLY ELDRIDGE: Let's Go Baby/ JERRY ENGLER: Sputnik/ JUDY FAYE: Rocky-Rolly-Lover-Boy/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: Bottle To The Baby/ Tongue Tied Jill/ NARVEL FELTS: Honey Love/ JIM FLAHERTY'S CARAVAN: Real Gone Daddy/ RED FOLEY: Crazy Little Guitar Man/ BOBBY FREEMAN: Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes/ Big Fat Woman/ Shame On You Miss Johnson/ LEFTY FRIZZELL: You're Humbuggin' Me/ MICKEY GILLEY: Call Me Shorty/ CURTIS GORDON: Draggin'/ JACKIE GOTROE: Lobo Jones/ JIMMY GRAY: Chicksville USA/ JOYCE GREEN: Black Cadillac/ BILLY GUITAR: Here Comes The Night/ ROY HALL: Diggin' The Boogie/ See You Later Alligator/ Three Alley Cats/ GEORGE HAMILTON IV: Everybody's Body/ BILLY HARLAN: I Wanna Bop/ RAY HARRIS: Come On Little Mama/ DALE HAWKINS: Susie Q/ MICKEY HAWKS: Bip Bop Boom/ Cotton Pickin' Instrumental/ Rock And Roll Rhythm/ Screamin' Mimi Jeanie/ AL HENDRIX: Rhonda Lee/ ERSEL HICKEY: Goin' Down That Road/ JAY CEE HILL: She's Gone/ BUDDY HOLLY: Love Me/ Rock Me My Baby/ TingĖAĖLing/ I'm Looking For Someone To Love/ Not Fade Away/ FAT DADDY HOLMES: Chicken Rock/ MAYLON HUMPHRIES: Woried 'Bout You Baby/ JIMMY ISLE: Goin' Wild/ IVAN: Oh You Beautiful Doll/ WANDA JACKSON: Rock Your Baby/ JESSE JAMES: Red Hot Rockin' Blues/ JOE D. JOHNSON: Rattlesnake Daddy/ BENNY JOY: Spin The Bottle/ JERRY KENNEDY: Teenage Love Is Misery/ BOB KING: Rockin' Jukebox/ JOE KOZAK: Hillbilly Rock/ BILLY LAMONT: Country Boy/ JACK LANE: King Fool/ JAY B. LLOYD: I'm So Lonely/ You're Just My Kind/ JIMMY LLOYD: I Got A Rocket In My Pocket/ JOHN D. LOUDERMILK: Susie's House/ BOB LUMAN: Try Me/ VINCE MALOY: Hubba Hubba Ding Ding/ GENE MALTAIS: The Bug/ JANIS MARTIN: Bang Bang/ SCOTTY MCKAY: Evenin' Time/ CARL MCVOY: Little John's Gone/ Tootsie/ HANK MIZELL: Jungle Rock/ JACKIE MORNINGSTAR: Rockin' In The Graveyard/ GENE MORRIS: Lovin' Honey/ JIM MORRISON: Ready To Rock/ JIMMY MURPHY: Sixteen Tons Rock `N' Roll/ RICKY NELSON: Boppin' The Blues/ If You Can't Rock Me/ It's Late/ Just a Little Too Much/ My Babe/ One Of These Mor nings/ Stood Up/ There's Good Rockin' Tonight/ Your True Love/ ROY ORBISON: Almost Eighteen/ Chicken Hearted/ Go Go Go (Down The Line)/ CARL PERKINS: Glad All Over/ Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ THE PHAETONS: I Love My Baby/ CARL PHILIPPS: Salty Dog Blues/ CARL PHILLIPS: Wigwam Willie/ ELVIS PRESLEY: (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care/ Dirty Dirty Feeling/ I Forgot To Remember To Forget/ I Got A Woman/ I Got Stung/ I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Money Honey/ My Baby Left Me/ Ready Teddy/ DWIGHT PULLEN: Teenage Bug/ EDDIE QUINTEROS: Come Dance With Me/ Lindy Lou/ Slow Down Sandy/ WAYNE RANEY: Shake Baby Shake/ IVAN REAL: Wild Child/ TEDDY REDELL: Pipeliner/ BILL REEDER: Till I Waltz Again With You/ DARRELL RHODES: Lou Lou/ THE RHYTHM JESTERS: Rock To The Music/ MARTY ROBBINS: Long Tall Sally/ Maybelline/ Pretty Mama/ DICK ROBINSON: The Boppin' Martian/ THE ROCK-A-TEENS: Janis Will Rock/ THE ROCK-A-TUNES: You're Some Kind Of Nice/ THE ROCKIN' R'S: Crazy Baby/ TOMMY SANDS: The Worryin' Kind/ TOMMY SCOTT & HIS RAMBLERS: Cat Music/ RONNIE SELF: Ain't I'm A Dog/ Date Bait/ RAY SHARPE: Monkey's Uncle/ Oh My Baby's Gone/ JIMMY SPELLMAN: Doggonit/ RAY ST. GERMAIN: She's A Square/ ANDY STARR: Round And Round/ DEBBIE STEVENS: If You Can't Rock Me/ LITTLE BILLY STOLTZ & THE STOLTZ BROS.: Rock And Roll Riot/ NIKI SULLIVAN: It's All Over/ GENE SUMMERS: School Of Rock 'N' Roll/ Straight Skirt/ Twixteen/ TOM TALL: Stack-A-Records/ MAD MAN TAYLOR: Rock 'N' Roll Espanole/ R. DEAN TAYLOR: At The High School Dance/ LARRY TERRY: Hep Cat/ T. TEXAS TYLER: Shake 'Em Up Rock/ MAC VICKERY: High School Blues/ GENE VINCENT: Be Bop A Lula/ Be-Bop Boogie Boy/ Bi-Bickey-Bi-Bo-Bo-Go/ Jump Back Honey Jump Back/ Jumps, Giggles and Shouts/ Race With The Devil/ Say Mama/ DON WADE: Oh Love/ SONNY WEST: Sweet Rockin' Baby/ HAL WILLIS: Bop-A-Dee-Bop-A-Doo/ My Pink Cadillac/ PEANUTS WILSON: Cast Iron Ar m/ JIMMY WOLFORD: My Name Is Jimmy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Enjoy 1001 Bobby's Soul Cellar, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, highly recommended
The "Bobby" of the title was Bobby Robinson who, as a producer, between 1959 and 1962 racked up hits by Wilbert Harrison, Bobby Marchan, King Curtis, Lee Dorsey, and Gladys Knight & the Pips for the Fire/Fury labels. But by 1963, the national hits dried up, so Robinson concentrated on releasing his productions on labels owned and operated by himself and his brother Danny. They never managed any more hits, but they did give exposure to artists that otherwise would have never been heard. Through the Enjoy and Everlast imprints, the Robinson brothers issued sides by Joe Heywood (who cut the original version of Warm and Tender Love, included here, which later became a hit for Percy Sledge on Atlantic), Harrison Brothers (featuring Bobby Harris), Jimmy Armstrong, Kip Anderson (the fantastic I Will Cry), Johnny Jones, the Heatwaves, Sammy Taylor, Bobby Porter, and the Jay Cee's. There's a lot of material here that has not apeared on previous Bobby Robinson compilations - many making their first appearance on CD. There's quite a bit to enjoy in these tracks, which appear to have been recorded from '63 through 1968, and I can admit that I eagerly await volume two. (GMC)
KIP ANDERSON: I Feel Good/ I Will Cry/ JIMMY ARMSTRONG: Count The Tears/ I'm Going To Lock My Heart/ MARY B: Ain't Nobody's Business/ JAY DEE BRYANT: Get It (Come On And Get It)/ THE HARRISON BROTHERS: Standing On The Corner/ JOE HAYWOOD: Ghost Of Love/ Let's Walk Together/ Talk To Me Baby (Put Some Sugar In My Ear)/ Warm And Tender Love/ When You Look In The Mirror (You're Looking At The One I Love)/ THE HEATWAVES: (Write It On The Blackboard) 99 Times/ Holding Out/ THE JAY CEE'S: Just Say The Word/ The Waddle/ JOHNNY JONES: I Find No Fault (In My Baby's Love)/ RICKY LEWIS: Cupid/ BOBBY PORTER: Searching For Love/ THE RINKYDINKS: Hot Potato, Part 1/ Hot Potato, Part 2/ RONNIE & THE MANHATTANS: Long Time No See/ SAMMY TAYLOR: Next In Line/ THE VICTONES: My Baby Changes

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 147 Cadillac Cuties And Hot Rod Heroes ● CD $18.98
Subtitled "50 Hi-Octane Cuts From The Golden Age Of The Automobile" this double set from Fantastic Voyage dips into rock 'n' roll's hotwired legacy of automobile anthems and highway love serenades. Since the birth of rock 'n' roll, the car has occupied a special place in teenage rampage and backseat romance, rock 'n' roll music essential as both soundtrack pumping out of the radio or celebration of heaven on wheels. Over two discs, revving up engines and screeching brakes introduce 50 road-worthy classics, including lesser-heard gems rarely encountered on CD (if at all) by names such as the Storey Sisters, Don Pearly, Burt Keyes, Eddie Ringo, Dave `Diddle' Day, Rocky Davis plus a fleet of over-the-limit roadrunners such as Slick Slavin's Speed Crazy, Chuck Higgins' Motor Head Baby and Mike Fern's Brake Jake (not forgetting Johnny Tyler's immortal Devil's Hot Rod). This tyre-shredding set also shows how automobile association also brought out the beast in well-known protagonists such as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins, Roy Brown, Eddie Cochran, Howlin' Wolf, Merrill Moore, the Del-Vikings, Vince Taylor (in his Brand New Cadillac), plus a brace of revved-up instrumentals like the Duals' Stick Shift.
THE AQUATONES: Wanted (A Solid Gold Cadillac)/ CHUCK BERRY: Jaguar And Thunderbird/ You Can't Catch Me/ JACKIE BRENSTON: Rocket '88'/ ROY BROWN: Cadillac Baby/ WILLIE BROWN: Cadillac Boogie/ RAY BURDEN: Hot-Rodder's Dream/ JIMMY CARROLL: Big Green Car/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Drive In Show/ THE COLLEGIANS: Let's Go For A Ride/ CONNY AND THE BELLHOPS: Shot Rod/ PAT DAVIS: Spinner Hub Caps/ ROCKY DAVIS: Hot Rod Baby/ DAVE "DIDDLE" DAY: Motorcycle Mike/ THE DEL-VIKINGS: Flat Tire/ THE DELICATES: Black And White Thunderbird/ RICHIE DERAN: Girl And A Hot Rod/ BO DIDDLEY: Road Runner/ PESO DOLLAR: Sixteen Miles/ THE DUALS: Stick Shift/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: Every Woman I Know (Crazy 'Bout Automobiles)/ MIKE FERN: Brake Jake/ JIM FLAHERTY'S CARAVAN: This Old Bomb Of Mine/ VERNON GREEN AND THE MEDALLIONS: 59 Volvo/ CHUCK HIGGINS: Motor Head Baby/ HOWLIN' WOLF: Mr Highway Man/ JAN AND ARNIE: Gas Money/ BURT KEYES: Stop Jivin' Start Drivin'/ BAKER KNIGHT: Bring My Cadillac Back/ BOB LUMAN: Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache/ SAMMY MASTERS: Pink Cadillac/ THE MEDALLIONS: Buick 59/ CHUCK MILLER: Bright Red Convertible/ MERRILL MOORE: Hard Top Race/ BILL PARSONS: Hot Rod Volkswagen/ DON PEARLY: Drag Race/ CARL PERKINS: Pop, Let Me Have The Car/ EDDIE RINGO: Full Racing Cam/ JOHNNY ROANE: Drag Strip Baby/ CHARLIE RYAN: Hot Rod Lincoln/ THE SAVOYS: Slappin' Rods And Leaky Oil/ BILL SHERRELL: Cadillac Baby/ SLICK SLAVIN: Speed Crazy/ LEON SMITH: Little Forty Ford/ THE STOREY SISTERS: Bad Motorcycle/ VINCE TAYLOR AND HIS PLAYBOYS: Brand New Cadillac/ JOHNNY TYLER: Devil's Hot Rod/ GENE VINCENT AND HIS BLUE CAPS: Pink Thunderbird/ Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive/ JERRY WOODARD: Speedway Rock

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fuel 61686 Cobra Record Co. - Treasures From The Vaults ● CD $13.98 $8.98
16 tracks, 40 mins, highly recommended
Great collection of blues and R&B drawn from Eli Toscano's Chicago based Cobra label and it's Artistic subsidiary featuring alternate takes and obscure performers. Many have been out before on CD (most notably on Westside) but few are currently available and several are making their first appearance on CD. It includes alternate takes of both sides of Buddy Guy's debut release for Artistic in 1958 which featured the great lead guitar of Otis Rush, a couple of fine alternates from Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhyth, two fine instrumentals by Duke Jenkins making their first appearance on CD plus sides by Betty Everett, Shakey Jake, Harold Burrage, Lee Jackson, Guitar Shorty, The Calvaes and superb down home singer and harmonica player Little Willie Foster. Sidemen on these sessions includes the like of Magic Sam, Little Brother Montgomery, Wayne Bennett, Jody Williams, Lafayette Leake and other stellar musicians including bassist Willie Dixon who produced most of these sessions. Usual quality notes from Bill Dahl. (FS)
HAROLD BURRAGE: Messed Up/ You Eat Too Much/ THE CALVANES: Fine Girl/ BETTY EVERETT: My Life Depends On You/ My Love/ LITTLE WILLIE FOSTER: Crying The Blues/ GUITAR SHORTY: Irma Lee/ BUDDY GUY: This Is The End/ You Sure Can't Do/ LEE JACKSON: I'll Just Keep Walkin'/ DUKE JENKINS: Something Else/ The Duke Walks/ CLARENCE JOLLY: Don't Leave Me/ SHAKEY JAKE: Roll Your Moneymaker/ IKE TURNER'S KINGS OF RHYTHM: I'm Gonna Forget About You/ You've Got To Lose

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fuel 61939 J.O.B. Records Blues Story ● CD $18.98
Two CDs, 36 tracks, essential, if you don't already have the material
The J.O.B. label was founded in Chicago in 1949 by Joe Brown and St. Louis Jimmy and between 1950 and '54 issued many masterpieces of Chicago blues that are prized by blues lovers and collectors. Subsequent research in the 1980s uncovered a treasure trove of unissued material and most of the issued and unissued material was then reissued. In the early years of the 21st century the label was acquired by E-Music and all this material was reissued on newly remastered CDs by Westside in the U.K. and P-Vine in Japan. Fuel Records in the U.S.A. has issued sporadic reissues of material from the label, usually in compilations with material from other labels and then deleted and reissued them in different compilations. This two CD set is their most in depth look yet at the label and is essentially a trimmed down version of the double CD with 54 tracks issued by Westside in 2001 "Rough Treatment - The J.O.B. Records Story" and now long deleted. If you don't already have any of the previous reissues then this is an indispensible collection of Chicago blues at its very best. There are three tracks by the magnificent vocalist Baby Face Leroy Foster that are alone worth the price of admission as are the two tracks by Johnny Shines including his spellbinding amplified update of Robert Johnson's Walking Blues as Rambling. And the rest is not too far behind including cuts by Snooky Pryor, Sunnyland Slim, Floyd Jones, Memphis Minnie (her tremendous version of Kissing In The Dark is from her last session in 1953), Robert Jr. Lockwood (his fabulous Aw Aw is a version of Johnson's Sweet Home Chicago), Eddie Boyd and others. One fabulous track the other. Superb sound and informative ntes by Bill Dahl. (FS)
EDDIE BOYD: Five Long Years/ It's Miserable To Be Alone/ GRACE BRIM: Man Around My Door/ JOHN BRIM: Drinking Woman/ Trouble In The Morning/ ERNEST COTTON: Going Back To Memphis/ ROBERT DUNBAR & THE EAGLE-AIRES: Number One Baby/ BABY FACE LEROY FOSTER: Blues Is Killin' Me/ My Head Can't Rest Anymore/ Pet Rabbit/ JOHN LEE HENLEY: Rhythm Rockin' Boogie/ FLOYD JONES: Dark Road/ On The Road Again/ MOODY JONES: Why Should I Worry/ EDDIE KING: Shakin' Inside/ J.B. LENOIR: How Much More/ Let's Roll/ Play A Little While/ The Mojo/ LITTLE HUDSON: Rough Treatment/ LITTLE SON JOE: Ethel Bea/ ROBERT JR. LOCKWOOD: Aw Aw/ Pearly B/ MEMPHIS MINNIE: Kissing In The Dark/ LITTLE BROTHER MONTGOMERY: Keep On Drinkin'/ SNOOKY PRYOR: Boogie Twist/ Boogy Fool/ Cryin' Shame/ I'm Getting Tired/ JOHNNY SHINES: Evening Sun/ Rambling/ SUNNYLAND SLIM: Down Home Child/ Leaving Your Town/ That Woman/ Woman Trouble/ ALFRED "THE FAT MAN" WALLACE: You've Gotta Stop This Mess

VARIOUS ARTISTS GVC 2034 Totally Cool! The Shag And How To Do It ● CD $18.98
Two CDs, 64 tracks, highly recommended
O.K. - everyone get on the floor and do the Shag, or the Huly Gully or the Bristol Stomp or ... Yes, this entertaining collection is a musical catalog of some of the many dance forms that emerged in the the 1950s and early 60s and includes Billy Graves telling us The Shag (Is Totally Cool), Jimmy McCracklin singing about The Walk, Dion telling us to get up and do The Majestic, The Dellwoods with Let's Do The Pretzel and more from Chubby Checker (of course), NOble "Thin Man" Watts, The Vibrations and many more. We have songs about the Pony, Watusi, Hully Gully, Mashed Potato, Stroll, Slop and many, many more. I wonder how many of these dances actually existed and how many were created purely for something to sing about but, whatever way you look at it, this is a most enjoyable collection full of great music. (FS)
LEE ALLEN & HIS BAND: Walkin' With Mr Lee/ SIL AUSTIN: Slow Walk/ HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS: The Coffee Grind/ The Twist/ THE BARKER BROTHERS: Hey Little Mama/ RICHARD BERRY & THE LOCKETTES: The Mess Around/ BILL BLACK'S COMBO: Twist-Her/ PAT BOONE: The Wang Dang Taffy Apple Tango/ LARRY BRIGHT: Mojo Workout/ AL BROWN'S TUNETOPPERS FT. COOKIE BROWN: The Madison/ THE RAY BRYANT COMBO: The Madison Time (Part 1)/ RUSSELL BYRD: Hitch Hike (part 1)/ CHUBBY CHECKER: Let's Twist Again/ The Hucklebuck/ The Slop/ DEE CLARK: The Kangaroo Hop/ THE COASTERS: Dance!/ ALVADEAN COKER & THE COKERS: We're Gonna Bop/ THE COMMANDOS: The Chicken Scratch/ SAM COOKE: Everybody Loves To Cha-Cha-Cha/ DON COVAY & THE GOODTIMERS: Pony Time/ KING CURTIS & THE NOBLE KNIGHTS: Soul Twist/ JERRY DALLMAN & THE KNIGHTCAPS: The Bug/ DANNY & THE JUNIORS: At The Hop/ Do The Bop/ JOEY DEE & THE STARLIGHTERS: The Peppermint Twist/ THE DELLWOODS (AKA THE SWEET SICK TEENS): Let's Do The Pretzel/ THE DIAMONDS: The Stroll/ Walkin' The Stroll/ DION: The Majestic/ THE DOVELLS: Bristol Stomp/ THE FLARES: Foot Stomping/ THE FLEE-REKKERS: Blue Tango/ BOBBY FREEMAN: (I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy/ The Mess Around/ GENE & WENDELL WITH THE SWEETHEARTS: The Roach/ ROSCO GORDON: The Chicken (Dance With You)/ BILLY GRAVES: The Shag (Is Totally Cool)/ GUITAR JR: The Crawl/ THE HAWKETTS: Mardi Gras Mambo/ THE JODIMARS: Dance The Bop/ NAT KENDRICK & THE SWANS: (Do The) Mashed Potatoes/ LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS: Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop/ KEN MACKINTOSH & HIS BAND: The Creep/ THE MARATHONS: Peanut Butter (Hully Gully)/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: The Walk/ The Wobble/ SPARKLE MOORE: Rock-A-Bop/ THE OLYMPICS: (Baby) Hully Gully/ Shimmy Like Kate/ ROY ORBISON: Ooby Dooby/ JOHNNY OTIS SHOW: Willie & The Hand Jive/ VERN PULLENS: Bop Crazy Baby/ THE ROBINS: Loop De Loop Mambo/ THE ROLLERS: The Continental Walk/ CHAN ROMERO: The Hippy Hippy Shake/ BOBBY RYDELL: The Fish/ THE SHADES FT. LEE COOK: Strollin' After Dark/ THE SHIRELLES: Doin' The Ronde/ THE STRANGERS: The Caterpillar Crawl/ TONY & JOE: The Freeze/ THE VIBRATIONS: The Watusi/ GENE VINCENT: Dance To The Bop/ NOBLE "THIN MAN" WATTS & HIS RHYTHM SPARKS: Hard Times (The Slop)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 381 King Northern Soul, Volume 3 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 58 min., very highly recommended
King (and its imprints) had so much talent signed to the label that three volumes into a various artists series that features obscure (and rare) soul tracks recorded between 1962-73, the music is still incredibly good. Charles Spurling's Popcorn Charlie is reason enough to pick this up. Ditto for the other Spurling cut. Other artists include Marva Whitney, Robert Moore, Dan Brantley, Willie Hatcher, James Duncan, William Patton, Mike Williams, and many others. This should send you looking for the first two volumes. (JC)
HANK BALLARD: I'm Just A Fool (And Everybody Knows)/ DAN BRANTLEY: You Got To Prove It/ THE BROWNETTES: Baby Don't You Know/ DAVE & VEE: Do You Love Me/ JAMES DUNCAN: Please Johnny Don't Take My Life/ MILL EVANS: Right Now/ ROYAL FLUSH: Mama's Baby/ HAL HARDY: House Of Broken Hearts/ WILLIE HATCHER: Who's Got A Woman Like Mine/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: Until Again My Love/ MARY JOHNSON: You Have My Blessings/ LH AND THE MEMPHIS SOUNDS: Out Of Control/ LORD THUNDER: Thunder/ ROBERT MOORE: Searching For Your Love/ WILLIAM PATTON: It Hurts Me/ THE PRESIDENTS BAND: Our Meeting/ CHARLES SPURLING: Popcorn Charlie/ That's My Zone (He's Picking On )/ OSCAR TONEY JR: Keep On Loving Me/ MARVA WHITNEY: Unwind Yourself/ FREDDIE WILLIAMS: Name In Lights/ MIKE WILLIAMS: Something You Didn't Done/ OTIS WILLIAMS: When We Get Together/ TONI WILLIAMS: Tearing Down My Mind

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 10 Bebop Spoken Here ● CD $26.98 $18.98
4 discs, 97 tracks, essential
We've turned up a few more copies of this great collection. This is the ideal introduction to bebop - just about anything & anyone you can think of is here, from Coleman Hawkins' groundbreaking recording of Woody'n You from 2/44, considered the 1st real bebop recording, through Serge Chaloff's 12/49 reading of Move. Yes, they are all here, the great leaders & sidemen alike - Bird & Diz, Miles, Bud Powell, Monk, Fats Navarro, Don Byas, Dexter Gordon, Claude Thornhill, Ella, JJ, Ella, James Moody, etc, with such tunes as Lover Man/ Dizzy Atmosphere/ A Night In Tunisia/ Al-Leu-Cha/ Blue Lou/ Yardbird Suite/ In Walked Bud/ Tin Tin Deo, heard in radio broadcasts & transcriptions as well as the original studio recordings. With 56 page booklet. (GM)
GENE AMMONS: Jam For Boppers/ GEORGIE AULD: In The Middle/ BAB'S THREE BIPS & A BOP: Oop-Pop-A-Da/ CHARLIE BARNET: Bebop Spoken Here/ Moose/ THE BE-BOP BOYS: Webb City/ SONNY BERMAN: Woodchopper's Holiday/ ART BLAKEY: Bop Alley/ Thin Man/ KENNY CLARKE: Jumpin' There/ TADD DAMERON: Casbah/ Focus/ Squirrel/ MILES DAVIS: Israel/ Milestones/ Move/ Move/ ALLEN EAGER: All Night, All Frantic/ BILLY ECKSTINE: Opus X/ Second Balcony Jump/ ELLA FITZGERALD: How High The Moon/ How High The Moon/ Ool-ya-koo/ TONY FRUSCELLA: Foo's/ STAN GETZ: Crazy Chords/ Opus De Bop/ DIZZY GILLESPIE: Cool Breeze/ Dizzy Atmosphere/ Good Bait/ Groovin' High/ Hot House/ Manteca/ Our Delight/ Ow/ Things To Come/ BABS GONZALES: Professor Bop/ BENNY GOODMAN: Blue Lou/ Stealin' Apples/ Undercurrent Blues/ DEXTER GORDON: Chase/ Dexter's Mood/ Dexter's Riff/ Duel/ WARDELL GRAY: Man I Love/ Twisted/ TINY GRIMES: Tiny's Tempo/ COLEMAN HAWKINS: Disorder At The Border/ Woody'n You/ WOODY HERMAN: Four Brothers/ That's Right/ J.J. JOHNSON: Bone-o-logy/ Jay Bird/ GENE KRUPA: Disc Jockey Jump/ DODO MARMAROSA: Dodo's Bounce/ Smooth Sailing/ HOWARD MCGHEE: Talk Of The Town/ THE METRONOME ALL STARS: Victory Ball/ THELONIOUS MONK: Epistrophy/ In Walked Bud/ Ruby My Dear/ JAMES MOODY: Cu-ba/ Tin Tin Deo/ BREW MOORE: Blue Brew/ FATS NAVARRO: Double Talk/ Nostalgia/ Skunk/ RED NORVO: Hallelujah/ ANITA O'DAY: What Is This Thing Called Love/ CHARLIE PARKER: Ah Leu Cha/ Bluebird/ Confirmation/ Confirmation/ Embraceable You/ Koko/ Ornithology/ Parker's Mood/ Scrapple From The Apple/ LEO PARKER: Wee Dot/ OSCAR PETTIFORD: Something For You/ BUD POWELL: I'll Keep Loving You/ Indiana/ Tempus Fugit/ Wail/ BOYD RAEBURN: Night In Tunisia/ Night In Tunisia/ RED RODNEY: All God's Children Got Rhythm/ FRANK SOCOLOW: Reverse The Charges/ SONNY STITT: Bebop In Pastel/ SIR CHARLES THOMPSON: Mad Lad/ CLAUDE THORNHILL: Donna Lee/ Thrivin' On A Riff/ Yardbird Suite/ SARAH VAUGHAN: If You Could See Me Now/ Loverman/ CHARLIE VENTURA: Euphoria/ KAI WINDING: Crossing The Channel/ Wallington's Godchild

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 140 With My Little Ukulele In My Hand ● CD $26.98 $17.98
Four CDs, 104 tracks, highly recommended
Delightful set featuring the humble but popular ukulele - a four string instrument developed in Hawaii in the late19th century based on the Portuguese braguinha and the name ukulele means "dancing flea" in Hawaiian and became used extensively in Hawaiian music primarily in the capacity of a rhythm instrument. The first disc features a selection of Hawaiian songs and tunes with ukulele ranging from 1916 through 1947 by artists like HElene Louise & Frank Ferera's Hawaiians, King Nawahi's Hawaiians, Sol Hoopii and others. The instrument came to the U.S. mainland around 1915 where it was adopted by a wide range of musicians. The second disc features two novelty/ jazz artists - Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards and Johnny Marvin (the latter also recording as Honey Duke & His Uke and The Knickerbockers) performing a range of popular and jazz songs - Edwards was a versatile performer who is deserving of a box set of his own. The third disc is devoted exclusively to British music hall star George Formby "The Cheeky Chappy From Lancashire" - one of the most popular performers of the 30s with his amiable vocals, fine ukulele playing and novelty songs - sometimes with a risquť flavor. The final disc features a varied selection of material including 13 tracks by the great Jimmie Rodgers whose recordings usually featured the ukulele in tandem with the steel guitar. There are four tracks from the brilliant string instrument master Roy Smeck including a couple of dazzling ukulele instrumentals showing just how versatile the instrument could be. Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby give us a couple of Hawaiian flavored numbers each and the set ends with a couple of jazz ukulele instrumentals by Lyle Ritz accompanied by flute, bass & drums. Superb sound, detailed notes by Adam Komorowski in 48 page booklet and full discographical info. (FS)
DISC ONE - HAWAIIAN HULA: HELEN LOUISE & FRANK FERERA HAWAIIANS - Kai Maia Oka Maoli/ KALAMA'S QUARTET - Medley Of Hulas/ SAM KU WEST HARMONY BOYS - Wang Wang Blues/ KANE'S HAWAIIANS - Palolo/ SOL HOOPII & HIS NOVELTY TRIO - Lepe Ula Ula/ SOL HOOPII - Farewell Blues/ KING NAWAHI'S HAWAIIANS - Tickling The Strings/ SOL HOOPII - Uheuhene/ MM RIVIERES HAWAIIANS - Ellis March/ E Mama Ea/ He Aloha No O Honolulu/ HAWAIIAN BEACH COMBERS - My Girl From The South Sea Isles /KING NAWAHI'S HAWAIIANS - Mauna Kea/ GEORGIA JUMPERS - Ukulele Bennie/ Guitar Rhythm/ JOHNNY NOBLE & HIS HAWAIIAN MUSIC - Hilo E/ Lei Ohu/ SOL HOOPII - I Like You/ ANDY IONA & HIS ISLANDERS - Minehaha (Hawaiian Stomp)/ Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wa-I/ SOL HOOPII & HIS NOVELTY QUARTETTE - Hula Blues/ LANI MCINTIRE & HIS HAWAIIANS - Kaneohe/ LANI MCINTIRE & HIS ORCHESTRA - Hame Pila/ HAWAIIAN ISLANDERS - Tiger Shark/ DICK MCINTIRE & HIS HARMONY HAWAIIANS - Hilo March/ ANDY CUMMINS & HIS HAWAIIAN SERENADERS - Kawika DISC TWO - OH HOW (S)HE COULD PLAY THE UKULELE: CLIFF "UKULELE IKE" EDWARDS - Hard Hearted Hannah/ Somebody Loves Me/ Fascinatin' Rhythm/ Oh Lady Me Good/ Who Takes Care Of The Caretakers Daughter/ CLIFF "UKULELE IKE" EDWARDS & HIS HOT COMBINATION - Dinah/ Sunday/ I'm Tellin' The Birds I'm Tellin' The Bees/ CLIFF "UKULELE IKE" EDWARDS -(I'm Crying Cause I Know) I'm Losing You/ Halfway To Heaven/ UKULELE IKE - That's My Weakness Now/ CLIFF "UKULELE IKE" EDWARDS - I Can't Make Her Happy (That Old Girl Of Mine)/ Good Little Bad Little You/ Singin' In The Rain/ Hush My Mouth (If I Ain't Goin' South)/ CLIFF "UKULELE IKE" EDWARDS WITH THE ETON BOYS - Love Is Just Around The Corner/ One Little Kiss/ CLIFF "UKULELE IKE" EDWARDS WITH ANDY IONA & THE ISLANDERS - Somebody Loves Me/ JOHNNY MARVIN - Breezin' Along With The Breeze/ HONEY DUKE & HIS UKE - So Is Your Old Lady/ THE KNICKERBOCKERS - Half A Moon/ JOHNNY MARVIN - Deed I Do/ Oh How She Could Play The Ukulele/ Crazy Words Crazy Tune/ Me And My Shadow/ Magnolia DISC THREE - I'M THE UKULELE MAN: GEORGE FORMBY - Chinese Laundry Blues/ I Told My Baby With My Ukulele/ Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink/ With My Little Ukelele In My Hand/ Swimmin' With Wimmin'/ The Wedding Of Mr Wu/ Fanlight Fanny/ Riding In The TT Races/ Share And Share Alike/ When I'm Cleaning Windows/ Leaning On A Lampost/ With My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock/ The Lancashire Torreador/ Oh Dear Mother/ Hindoo Man/ Hi-Tiddly-Hi-Ti- Island/ Our Sergeant Major/ Springtime's Here Again/ I Wonder Who's Under Her Balcony Now/ I Blew A Little Blast On My Whistle/ Grandad's Flanelette Shirt/ It's A Grand And Healthy Life/ It's Turned Out Nice Again/ The Wu's A Window Cleaner Now/ I'm The Ukulele Man/ We've Been A Long Time Gone DISC FOUR - FROM COUNTRY TO JAZZ UKULELE BOUNCE: VAUGHN DE LEATH -Ukulele Lady/ ROY SMECK - 12th Street Rag/ Tiger Rag/ Nifty Pickin'/ JIMMIE RODGERS - Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea/ Everybody Does It In Hawaii/ For The Sake Of Days Gone By/ I'm Lonesome Too/ Looking For A New Mama/ Moonlight And Skies/ Take Me Back Again/ The One Rose/ Train Whistle Blues/ Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues/ Whisper Your Mother's Name/ Why Should I Be Lonely/ My Time Ain't Long/ ROY SMECK - Ukulele Bounce/ LOUIS ARMSTRONG - To You Sweetheart Aloha/ On Cocoanut Island/ JIMMIE DAVIS - Nobody's Darling But Mine/ The Greatest Mistake Of My Life/ BING CROSBY - Blue Hawaii/ Sweet Leilani/ LYLE RITZ - Ritz Cracker/ Playmates

VARIOUS ARTISTS Tompkins Square 2776 Work Hard - Play Hard - Pray Hard, 1923-1936 ● CD $32.98
Just arrived. Three CD set featuring 42 tracks of old time country music recorded between 1923 and 1936 - about 50% new to CD and many others newly remastered with superior sound. The first CD features 13 songs about work including performances by David McCarn, Fiddlin' John Carson, Pierre La Dieu and others. The second disc is devoted to play with dance tunes and novelty songs from The North Carolina Hawaiians, Warren Caplinger's Cumberland Mountain Enterrianers, Whit Gaydon ad other and the third disc is devoted to sacred songs with performances by Gid Tanner, The Corley Family, Elder G.P. Harris and others. Includes 60 page booklet with extensive notes, loads of rare photos and illustrations and full discographical info.
AIKEN COUNTY STRING BAND: Charleston Rag/ THE ALLEN BROTHERS: Cheat Em/ I ve Got the Chain Store Blues/ HERSCHEL BROWN AND HIS BOYS: Corn-Shucking Party In Georgia/ WARREN CAPLINGER'S CUMBERLAND MOUNTAIN ENTERTAI: McDonald s Farm/ THE CAROLINA RAMBLERS STRING BAND: Barnyard Frolic/ FIDDLIN' JOHN CARSON: The Farmer Is the Man Who Feeds Them All/ THE CHEROKEE RAMBLERS: Home Brew Rag/ BILL CHITWOOD AND HIS GEORGIA MOUNTAINEERS: Fourth of July at the Country Fair/ THE CORLEY FAMILY: Way to Gloryland/ DARBY & TARLTON: All Bound Down in Texas/ THE DIXON BROTHERS: Easter Day/ OSCAR FORD: Hide Away/ The Farmer s Dream/ RED GAY & JACK WELLMAN: Flat Wheel Train Blues, part 1/ Flat Wheel Train Blues, part 2/ WHIT GAYDON: Tennessee Coon Hunt/ THE GEORGIA CRACKERS: Diamond Joe/ THE GEORGIA YELLOW HAMMERS: I'm S-A-V-E-D/ THE HACK STRING BAND: Too Tight Rag/ THE HAPPY FOUR: Climbing the Golden Stairs/ SID HARKREADER & GRADY MOORE: The Gambler's Dying Words/ ELDER G. P. HARRIS: My Christian Friends In Bonds of Love/ EARL JOHNSON: When the Roses Bloom Again for the Bootlegger/ ALFRED G. KARNES: Where We ll Never Grow Old/ BUELL KAZEE: Poor Boy Long Ways from Home/ THE KENTUCKY HOLINESS SINGERS: I'm On My Way/ PIERRE LA DIEU: Driving Saw Logs on the Plover/ DAVID MCCARN: Poor Man, Rich Man (Cotton Mill Colic #2)/ HARRY MAC MCCLINTOCK: Jerry, Go Ile that Car/ EARL MCCOY, ALFRED MENG, AND CLEM GARNER: John Henry the Steel Drivin' Man/ THE MCDONALD QUARTETTE: Oh Declare His Glory/ THE NORTH CAROLINA HAWAIIANS: Soldier s Joy/ ERNEST PHIPPS AND HIS HOLINESS SINGERS: If the Light Has Gone Out of Your Soul/ THE RED BRUSH SINGERS: Beyond the Starry Plane/ SNOWBALL & SUNSHINE: Leave It There/ GID TANNER: You've Got to Stop Drinking Shine/ Work Don't Bother Me/ TAYLOR-GRIGGS LOUISIANA MELODY MAKERS: When the Moon Drips Away Into the Blood/ THE TENNESSEE RAMBLERS: The Preacher Got Drunk and Laid Down His Bible/ FIELDS WARD AND THE GRAYSON COUNTY RAILSPLITTER: You Must Be A Lover of the Lord/ CHARLIE WILSON & HIS HAYLOFT GANG: The Beer Party

VARIOUS ARTISTS Tri-Phi 1002 The Complete Tri-Phi/ Harvey Records, Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, very highly recommended
Ask and ye shall receive: here's the second volume of early 60's R&B from Harvey Faqua's stable of labels. On this set, we have the Spinners recording with Harvey himself (Whistling About You/ She Loves Me So) and Bobby Smith (Too Young, Too Much, Too Soon/ She Don't Love Me), and more Jr. Walker and the All Stars (including an early version of Cleo's Mood), Shorty Long (Going Away/ What's the Matter), Harvey solo (Memories of You), and Johnny & Jackey (aka Johnny Bristol and Robert Beavers) including their original version of Someday We'll Be Together, better known as the last Supremes track with Diana Ross on lead vocals. In addition there's more great doo wop from the Quails (I Thought) and hard soul from Eddie Burns (The Thing To Do). In sum, this is another winner and a must for collectors of 60's R&B and soul. (GMC)
EDDIE BURNS: (Don't Be) Messing With My Bread/ Orange Driver/ The Thing To Do/ THE CHALLENGERS: Honey Honey Honey/ Every Day/ I Hear An Echo/ THE DAVENPORT SISTERS: You've Got Me Crying Again/ THE ERVIN SISTERS: Changing Baby/ Do It Right/ Why I Love Him/ HARVEY: Come On And Answer Me/ Memories Of You/ What Can You Do Now/ Will I Do/ She Loves Me So/ Whistling About You/ JOHNNY & JACKEY: Do You See My Love For You Growing/ Sho Don't Play/ So Disappointing/ Someday We'll Be Together/ Stop What You're Saying/ THE JORDAN HARMONIZERS: I Won't Mind/ LOE & JOE WITH THE SPINNERS: That's How I Am Without You/ SHORTY LONG: Going Away/ I'll Be Here/ What's The Matter/ THE MERCED BLUE NOTES: Fragile/ Midnite Session (Part 2)/ THE QUAILS: I Thought/ My Love/ Never Felt Like This Before/ Over The Hump/ LORRI RUDOLPH: Grieving About A Love/ BOBBY SMITH & THE SPINNERS: She Don't Love Me/ Too Young, Too Much, Too Soon/ THE SPINNERS: I Got Your Water Boiling, Baby (I'm Gonna Cook Your Goose)/ I've Been Hurt/ Itchin' For My Baby (But I Don't Know What To Scratch)/ Sudbuster/ JR. WALKER ALL STARS: Brainwasher Pt. 2/ Cleo's Mood/ Good Rockin'/ Twist Lackawanna/ Willie's Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Tri-Phi 1003 The Complete Tri-Phi/ Harvey Records, Vol. 3 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
Are you ready for more? Welcome to the third collection of early 60's R&B gold from Harvey Faqua's family of labels. If you've been following along, you know what to expect: more goodies from the Spinners, Shorty Long, Johnny & Jackey, Eddie Burns, Jr. Walker and the All Stars, the Challengers, the Quails, and the Ervin Sisters. Highlights: Lorri Rudolph (Grieving About a Love), Harvey & Ann (Bogan) (What Can You Do Now/ Will I Do), Shorty Long (a rare ballad, I'll Be Here), Eddie Burns (Don't Be Messing With My Bread), and of course the Spinners (I've Been Hurt). And as a bonus, the compilers have included Tri-Phi and Harvey Records discographies. Basically, if you have first two volumes then the third is mandatory. (GMC)

ROBERT PETE WILLIAMS Fuel 61627 An Introduction To Robert Pete Williams ● CD $13.98 $9.98
15 tracks, 70 mins, highly recommended
Previously available as Fuel 61391. Fabulous collection of previously unissued recordings cut live at the University Of Chicago in 1965. Robert Pete is in great form performing his stream of consciousness lyrics and playing his beautifully idiosyncratic guitar style. Even when he performs traditional blues or songs he has recorded before - they come out completely different every time so it's impossible to get bored. Perhaps not quite as intense as some of his recordings for Harry Oster which were recorded when he was in jail on a murder charge or just after his initial release they are nevertheless powerful and exciting performances by one of true giants of country blues. Recording quality is excellent and there are informative notes by Bill Dahl. (FS)

FARON YOUNG Jasmine 3620/1 Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young ● CD $18.98
2 CD's, 2 hours, 48 tracks, highly recommended
One hears lots of interesting stories about Mr. Young, many of them unflattering, but they have no effect on the quality of his music. This release collects four Capital albums recorded between 1957-59, and finds our golden throated chart topper in a variety of musical setting, not all of them flattering. Young could sound a good deal like Hank WIlliams, and did so on many of his stronger cuts. But, the 1950s being what they were, Young also sang in front of arrangements that featured insipid background vocals and neutered pop arrangements. Then he sounds more like Pat Boone than he does Hank WIlliams. To his credit, though, whatever Faron Young sings, he sings well. That doesn't make Thank You For A Lovely Evening and similar fare any more likable. Still, the title track and many more like it make this release more than worth picking up, and the folks at Jasmine make the acquisition economic. (JC)
FARON YOUNG: Almost/ Better Things Than These/ Bimbo/ Bouquet Of Roses/ Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy/ Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes/ Don't Take Your Love From Me/ Everything I Have Is Yours/ For The Love Of A Woman Like You/ Goin' Steady/ Have I Waited Too Long/ Hey Good Lookin'/ I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/ I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/ I Can't Tell My Heart/ I Don't Hurt Anymore/ I'll Be Yours/ I'll Go On Alone/ I'm A Poor Boy/ I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night/ If I Had You/ If That's The Fashion/ If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')/ It All Depends On You/ It's A Great Life (If You Don't Weaken)/ Just Married/ Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young/ Making Believe/ Mom And Dad's Waltz/ My Darling, My Darling/ Shame On You/ Slowly/ Stay As Sweet As You Are/ Sweet And Lovely/ Sweet Dreams/ Sweethearts Or Strangers/ Tattletale Tears/ Tennessee Waltz/ Thank You For A Lovely Evening/ That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome/ That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome/ The Nearness Of You/ The Object Of My Affection/ Who Wouldn't Love You/ Worried Mind/ You Are My Sunshine/ You Call Everybody Darlin°¶/ Your Cheatin' Heart

TOMMIE YOUNG Harmless BACKB 003 Shreveport Soulstress ● CD $11.98
16 tracks, highly recommended
Another installment in Backbeats' New Artist Series focuses on a woman who recorded for Shreveport Louisiana Soul label Soul Power. Soul Power was yet one more of Jewel/Paula Records mastermind Stan Lewis additions to his collection of labels, except that this one was helmed by singer/producer Bobby Patterson and his production partner Jerry Strickland. It was Patterson who discovered Young singing in a Dallas nightclub and signed her to his label, where, in the early 70's, she cut a handful of singles and one LP before disappearing into the world of gospel music. Obviously influenced by Aretha Franklin, Young has a sassy delivery that serves her well on songs like Everybody's Got a Little Devil in Their Soul/ You Can Only Do Wrong So Long, and Hit and Run Lover, while she proves she can handle a ballad on She Don't Have to See You (To See Through You) (which, by the way, was her only R&B chart hit). And Tommie doesn't embarrass herself coving That's How Strong My Love Is and Take Time to Know Him (Her); heck, she even manages to hit the proto-disco "Get Out of My Life" out of the park. All of Tommie Young's recorded legacy is compiled here, and although she's no Etta James or Aretha, listening to these songs does make me wish that she had recorded more secular music. Oh, well, I guess this will have to do! (GMC)


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