JAMES BOOKER Rounder 9175 Classified - Remixed And Expanded ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, 76 mins, recommended
Newly remixed and remastered version of the New Orleans keyboard master's last recordings made for Rounder in 1982 including six bonus, previously unissued, cuts. Booker was a brilliant and versatile performer and it's that versatility that results in this album not being as good as it might be. Booker's greatest strengths were as a blues and R&B performer but less than half the tracks fall into that vein - instead we get a lot of pop songs, semi classical pieces, movie themes and even a version of King Of The Road. All are performed impeccably but at times it sounds like cocktail lounge music. (FS)

THE COASTERS History Of RnB 001 The Definitive Coasters - A Sides & B Sides ● CD $22.98
Two CDs, 61 tracks, 154 mins, essential
If you missed out on the limited edition four CD set issued by Rhino Handmade in 2007 the History Of RnB label comes to the rescue with two double sets featuring everything that this fabulous group recorded for Spark and Atco between 1954 and 1962 including a couple of items that were not on the Rhino set but omitting the post 1962 recordings which were generally not as good as the earlier sides. The Coasters are my favorite 50s group and bought most of their records when they first came out and after more than 50 years I never tire of listening to their wonderful blending of rhythm & blues and humor. Their songs originally reflected life in the African-American community and later, after hitting it big, reflecting the problems of teens and adults of all races. Originating as The Four Bluebirds in Los Angeles in 1947 the group subsequently became The Robins and recorded for a number of labels before teaming up with the brilliantly talented Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller to record for their recently formed Spark label. This was the beginning of a long and incredible productive partnership with Leiber & Stoller who wrote and produced most of the groups best recordings. This volume includes the A & B singles of all their singles along with a selection of album cuts and tracks not originally issued. It includes all 12 tracks by The Robins recorded for Spark in 1954 and 1955 including two humorous classics Riot & Cell Block #9 (with Richard Berry guesting on lead vocals) and Framed, the risque Hatchet Man and the song that crossed over into the pop charts Smokey Joe's Cafe. Following this success, Leiber & Stoller were hired by Atco and brought with them two members of the Robins - bass singer Bobby Nunn and lead Carl Gardner and added to the line up Leon Hughes and the amazing Billy Guy and called them The Coasters. They had hit after hit for Atco - most of them in both the pop and R&B charts and all of them are here including Down In Mexico/ Searchin'/ Young Blood/ Idol With The Golden Head/ Yakety Yak/ Along Came Jones/ I'm A Hog For You/ Run Red Run/ Little Egypt and many more. The set also includes more obscure sides like Brazil/ What Is The Secret Of Your Success/ Sorry, But I'm Gonna Have To Pass/ Stewball/ Wake Me Shake Me and others. Bonus cuts include the originally unissued Hey Sexy which was later recorded by The Clovers as Hey Lovey and an alternate stereo version of, possibly my favorite Coasters song, I'm A Hog For You. The group's wonderful vocals are accompanied by top West Coast or New York musicians like guitarists Chuck Norris, Adolph Jacobs, Barney Kessell or Mickey Baker, sax players Gil Bernal or King Curtis and, often, Mike Stoller on piano. Set comes with 24 page booklet with informative notes, rare photos, label shots and posters. A simply fabulous collection! (FS)
THE COASTERS: (Ain't That) Just Like Me/ Along Came Jones/ Bad Blood/ Besame Mucho (Part I)/ Besame Mucho (Part II)/ Brazil/ Bull Tick Waltz/ Charlie Brown/ Crocodile/ Dance!/ Down In Mexico/ Framed/ Gee, Golly/ Girls Girls Girls (Part I) [mono]/ Girls Girls Girls (Part II)/ Hey Sexy/ Hongry/ I Love Paris/ I Must Be Dreamin/ I'm A Hog For You/ I'm A Hog for You/ Idol With The Golden Head/ If Teardrops Were Kisses/ Just Like A Fool/ Keep On Rolling/ Lady Like/ Little Egypt (Ying Yang)/ Lola/ Loop De Loop Mambo/ My Babe/ My Baby Comes To Me/ One Kiss/ One Kiss Led To Another/ Poison Ivy/ Ridin' Hood/ Riot In Cell Block #9/ Run Red Run/ Searchin'/ Shoppin' For Clothes/ Smokey Joe's Cafe/ Sorry But I'm Gonna Have to Pass/ Stewball [mono]/ Sweet Georgia Brown/ Teach Me How To Shimmy/ That Is Rock & Roll/ The Climb/ The Hatchet Man/ The Shadow Knows/ The Snake And The Book Worm/ Three Cool Cats/ Thumbin' A Ride/ Turtle Dovin'/ Wait A Minute/ Wake Me, Shake Me/ Whadaya Want?/ What About Us/ What Is The Secret Of Your Success/ Wrap It Up/ Yakety Yak/ Young Blood/ Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart

XAVIER CUGAT Acrobat ADDCD 3094 The Xavier Cugat Collection ● CD $16.98
52 tracks, 151 mins, recommended
They sure don't make them like Xavier Cugat anymore. Nowadays they call the music that he and his orchestra made Lounge, Exotica, World Music, or Easy Listening, but back when he was making it they just called it popular. Cugat's prolific and versatile (did you know that he painted the famous cover for F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby"?) career lasted for over 40 years, starting in the 1920s and really coming into prominence in the 1940s. This collection covers 25 years of that and features much of his best and most famous recordings. Plus many lesser known recordings, that help paint the overall picture of Cugat's work. Highlights include Chica Chica Boom Chick with Lena Romay, Miserlou with Dinah Shore, Brazil/ Rumba Rhapsody, and Bahia with Bing Crosby, and that's just on the first CD! (JM)

REV.C. L. FRANKLIN Fuel 61842 The Best Of Rev. C. L. Franklin ● CD $16.98 $9.98
2 CD's, 11 tracks, 1 hour 50 min., highly recommended
It's tough to say that these sermons are the best of Rev. Franklin when his catalog of recorded sermons is great and his abilities vast, but these are right up there. The first CD offers a more-or-less complete church experience, beginning with opening remarks, and the naming of texts. Franklin, apparently responding to a woman walking out of church, says ,"Baby, you not gonna leave before we started are you?" Then the sermon proper begins and builds to a crescendo. Music follows. Unsurprisingly, the father of Aretha, Carolyn, and Erma knows his way around a gospel song. His sermon, "I Saw A New Heaven & A New Earth," starts with the book of Revelation and presents a metaphoric reading of the four horsemen that concludes with the idea that the times require a new heaven, one that does not separate whites and blacks. The second CD offers more stirring sermons and songs from the master of the form at the height of his powers, a preacher of great sophistication and intelligence who never lost the common touch. No booklet or notes with this one. (JC)

WOODY GUTHRIE Rounder 9138 American Radical Patriot ● CD $139.98
Just arrived. Amazing 6 CD set with DVD and vinyl 78. The six CD features all the recordings made "in service" of the U.S. governement including his Library Of Congress interviews and music presented complete for the first time; his songs written while employed by the Bonneville Power Adminstration; a set ofunissued homes demos about VD; three radio skits and other musical performances previously. The DVD features the documentary "Woody Guthrie & The Bonneville Power Adminitration." It also includes a 78 rpm vinyl pressing with a song by Bob Dylan on one side and Woody on the others. It comes with a 60 page book with extensive notes by Bill Nowlin with rare and unpublished photos and drawings. There is also a pdf on one of the CDs featruing transcriptions of allthe songs and spoken material.

LENA HUGHES Tompkins Square 2813 Queen Of The Flat Top Guitar ● CD $15.98
11 track, 30 mins, highly recommended
A lovely collection of guitar instrumentals from Missouri born Hughes. Although she performed regularly at fiddle conventions and folk festivals in the 1950s and 60s she made only one recording an LP cut in the early 60s that has become impossibly rare and is now being reissued for the first time. Lena's repertoire is a mix of finger picked renditions of fiddle tunes along with tunes from the parlor guitar tradition. Parlor guitar started off in the 1850 as short, light pieces written for small "genteel" guitars played by young ladies in their parlors. The style eventually spread out to rural areas where it became absorbed into the music traditions of rural black ad white communities and became the basis for for more familiar later styles. Among the tunes here are Pearly Dew/ Letter Edged In Black/ Galloway Bay/ Spanish Fan-Dango (probably the most popular tune from the parlor tradition)/ Silver Threads Among The Gold/ Cedar Brook Waltz and others. Lena's playing is artless, in the best sense of the word, just simple and pretty tunes beautifully played. Includes detailed notes by John Renbourn who knows a thing or two about guitar playing. (FS)

THE ISLEY BROTHERS Hoodoo Records 263440 Twist & Shout ● CD $14.98
27 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
Is there any more underrated act out there than the Isley Brothers? Everyone from the Beatles to Salt 'N' Pepa had hits covering the Isleys. Lulu had one of her biggest hits covering Shout, and Public Enemy's signature song Fight The Power is largely based on The Isley's mid 1970s hit; but, how many Isley Brothers albums do you own? If you need a starting point, then this is a great one. This CD re-issues in its entirety the groups superlative 1962 album plus 15 bonus tracks from the same era. Of course, their giant hit Twist & Shout kicks everything off, and due to the nature of the music business of the time, there are a few Twist & Shout rip offs including Let's Twist Again and Surf And Twist, but both the original album tracks and bonus cuts are full of fantastic material. Some highlights include my favorite track I Say Love a frantic track that must have driven them crazy on the dance floor, Rubber Leg Twist/ The Snake/ Twistin' With Linda/ I'm Laughing To Keep From Crying, and many more. Major credit should also be given to the backing band on these tracks, they are smokin' hot and feature some of the craziest sax playing of the era from the great King Curtis. (JM)
THE ISLEY BROTHERS: Dont Be Jealous/ Dont You Feel/ Everybodys Gonna Rock and Roll/ Hold on Baby/ I Say Love/ Im Gonna Knock on Your Door/ Im Laughing to Keep From Crying/ Lets Twist Again/ Never Leave Me Baby/ Open Up Your Heart/ Respectable/ Right Now/ Ring-a-Ling-a-Ling (Let the Wedding Bells Ring)/ Rockin McDonald/ Rubber Leg Twist/ Spanish Twist/ Surf and Shout/ Tell Me Who/ The Drag/ The Snake/ The Wah Watusi/ Time After Time/ Twist and Shout/ Twistin with Linda/ Whatcha Gonna Do?/ Yes, Indeed/ You Better Come Home

KING FLOYD Kent CDKEND 404 I Feel Like Dynamite - The Early Chimneyville Singles ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, recommended
Remembered primarily for the infectious 1970 hit Groove Me, King Floyd was a New Orleans soul man who was recorded and mentored by the Soul production team of Elijah Walker and Wardell Quezergue. The sides were all cut in the Jackson, Mississippi based Malaco studio that was owned and run by Mitchell Malouf and Tommy Couch; Chimneyville was the in-house label set up by the former and the latter to issue masters cut with Floyd and others, with distribution by Atlantic. The King Floyd story is an interesting one-and well covered in the CD liner notes-but it's the music that tells the tale. Quezergue's skills as an arranger/producer are amply demonstrated on What Our Love Needs/ Baby Let Me Kiss You/ Here It Is/ My Girl, and I Feel Like Dynamite. Although Floyd's voice is nothing to write home about-good, not great-Quezergue's funky tracks carry the day on the uptempo cuts, while the understated sweetening techniques buoy the ballads. All told, this CD is another fine collection of early 70's soul from a forgotten artist. (GMC)

THE JOHN KIRKPATRICK BAND Fledgling 3091 The Complete John Kirkpatrick Band ● CD $18.98
Two CDs, 26 tracks, highly recommended John Kirkpatrick has been one of the leading lights on the British folk scene for many years - a superb vocalist he is probably the finest performer on concertina and accordion in England. In addition to his solo work he has collaborated just about everybody on the English folk scene. For a short time in the 1990s he formed his own electric band which toured and recorded two superb albums which are now combined on this splendid double set. The recordings reminds one of the halcyon days of the Albion Band. Joing John are a top notch group of musicians including familiar names like Graeme Taylor (guitar, mandolin & banjo), Michael Gregory (drums & percussion) plus Paul Burgess on fiddle, recorder and keyboards and Dave Berry on bass & tuba. The first album ("Force Of Habit") was recorded live in October 1995 and the second feature studio recordings from the same year. The material is a mixture of traditional and Kirkpatrick originals - the transition from one to the other is almost seamless - perhaps John is really a few hundred years old! A good deal of the material he has recorded before - some solo and some in a band context but they are given a different twist here. On the second album, in addition to the trad and Kirkpatrick songs, they turn in a fine version of Sting's Fields Of Gold. Occasionally the band is a little too laid back but, for the most part, it's an exciting and entertaining collection. Includes 16 page booklet with new notes by John and information on all the tunes and songs. (FS)

THE MARCELS Jasmine 267 Blue Moons, Heartaches & Melancholy Babes ● CD $14.98
32 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended
The Marcels came in towards the end of the Doo Wop era and ended up producing one of its all-time greats--possibly the last really great Doo Wop song--the amazing, dynamic rendition of Blue Moon - featuring the amazing vocal pyrotechnics of bass singer Fred Johnson. Some Doo-wop purist don't care so much for their acrobatic approach, but we have always loved it. Since their first hit right out of the gate was a cover of a standard, the Marcels and their handlers tended to mine the classics for possible further gold; consequently, you get their personal stamp on Tin Pan Alley favorites like Summertime/ Over the Rainbow/ That Old Black Magic, and their fabulous, dynamic, Heartaches, which features an even more over the top approach. But The Marcels were more than a one trick pony - they were an excellent all round doo-wop group featuring the expressive lead of Cornelius Harp. In addition to standards they also did fine covers of doo wop classics like Sweet Was The Wine/ Peace Of Mind and Sunday Kind Of Love as well as excellent songs written for them. Although there have been a number of Marcels reissues this is the best featuring all their recordings for Colpix through 1962. Excellent sound and informative notes by the improbably named Groper Odson. (FS)
THE MARCELS: A Fallen Tear/ A Sunday Kind Of Love/ Alright, Ok, You Win/ Blue Heartaches/ Blue Moon/ Crazy Bells/ Don't Cry For Me This Christmas/ Don't Turn Your Back On Me/ Find Another Fool/ Flowerpot/ Footprints In The Sand/ Friendly Loans/ Goodbye To Love/ Heartaches/ Hold On/ I'll Be Forever Loving You/ Lollipop Baby/ Loved Her The Whole Week Through/ Merry Twist-Mas/ Most Of All/ My Love For You/ My Melancholy Baby/ Over The Rainbow/ Peace Of Mind/ Really Need Your Love/ Summertime/ Sweet Was The Wine/ Teeter Totter Love/ That Old Black Magic/ Twistin' Fever/ Two People In The World/ You Are My Sunshine

CARL PERKINS Fuel 61978 SWeeter THan Candy - The Rarities Collection ● CD $11.98
18 tracks, 52 ins, good
The first 15 tracks here are from sessions held in Muscle Shoals in 1976 with Carl accompanied by a bunch of unidentified and pedestrian musicians. Most of the songs are originals including a version of the song Daddy Sang Bass which Carl wrote for Johnny Cash and which Cash turned into a hit. The other songs are an unexceptional mix of rockers (Born To Boogie/ We Did It In'54), gospel songs (Disciple In Blue Suede Shoes/ Rise And Shine, etc.) and some tepid country songs (Sweeter Than Candy/ I Want You Back Again). The best of the songs from these sessions are a cover of What Am I Living For (marred by a wretched synthesizer solo) and the old gospel standard This Ole House. The best thngs about these sides is Carl's superb voice. The last three tracks are from an unidentified live performance with Carl doing energetic performances of his old favorites - Blue Suede Shoes/ Boppin' The Blues and Honey Don't that are the best things on this CD. (FS)

LITTLE ESTHER PHILLIPS Jasmine 3006 Am I That Easy To Forget, 1950-1962 ● CD $14.98
28 tracks 79 mins, very highly recommended
Esther Phillips was one of the greatest female R&B singers who had a life full of ups and downs - both commercially and emotionally and she died at the early age of 48. She joined the Johnny Otis group in 1949 at the age of 14 and made many recordings with them for Savoy. The Savoy recordings have been well represented on reissue so the bulk of the recordings here were the ones made for Federal in 1951 and '52. The CD starts with two of her biggest Savoy hits from 1950 - Double Crossing Blues and Mistrustin' Blues - both of these topping the R&B charts. Her Federal sides, curiously, failed to repeat her success at Savoy even though her sessions were produced by Johnny Otis and usually with members of the Otis Orchestra including Lorenzo Holden/ ts, Devonia Williams/ piano, Pete Lewis/ guitar and others and were consistently fine. This set includes 20 of the 30 recordings she made for Federal including such great sides as The Deacon Moves In recorded with Clyde McPhatter & The Dominoes, Ring A Ding Doo - a duet with Mel Walker which made it to #8 in the R&B charts, the fabulous mid-tempo Ramblin' Blues with its choice Ben Webster tenor break and the atmospheric Storm (blues) with thunder and rain sound effects. She duets with singer/ piano player Little Willie Littlefield on two tracks including the superb Turn Your Lamp Down Low. After leaving Federal she recorded for Decca and Savoy again (not included here) before signing for Warwick in 1960 where she did one session of four tracks - three of which are included here - and fine they are too. In 1962 she signed with Lennox where, no doubt inspired by the success of Ray Charles, she started recording country songs and doing a fabulous job on them including having big hits with her gorgeous renditions of Release Me and Am I That Easy To Forget which are the only Lennox sides here. It's a shame that Jasmine didn't make this a double and include more of her 50s recording and her early 60s country sides. Esther was so good that she really deserves a Bear Family style box. As the notes point out Easther has never made it to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame which only proves to me how silly the concept of musical Halls Of Fame is! (FS)

RED PRYSOCK Jasmine 274 Handclappin' Footstompin' Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $14.98
30 tracks, 79 mins, almost highly recommended
Considering Red Prysock's stature as one of the great tenor sax honkers of the 50s it's surprising that so little of his work has made it to CD and what has is now out of print - until now with this jam packed collection of recordings from the 1954 to 1961. Prysock started working with the Tiny Grimes band in the late 40s and then moved on to the Tiny Bradshaw Orch. where he stayed until he formed his own band in 1954 and made an extensive series of recordings. His 1955 single, the wild Hand Clappin was a minor hit and was used a theme song by Alan Freed for a while and Freed hired him to lead his Orchestra on his nation wide tour. Prysock is backed on these recordings by solid group with "Zeke" Wright on baritone sax, Oliver Blair on piano and others. Tunes here include Happy Feet/ Rock 'n' Roll/ Jumbo/ Paquino Walk/ 2 Point 8/ Charleston Twist/ Fruit Boots/ The Shakers/ Tea Bird/ Foot Stompin' and more dance floor fillers. Lots of fine hot rockin' music with the only real down side being a lack of variety in tempo - it's all mid or up tempo but other than that, a splendid collection. Excellent sound and informative notes from Bob Fisher. (FS)
RED PRYSOCK: 2 Point 8/ Blow Your Horn/ Charleston Twist/ Earth Rock/ Foot Stompin'/ Fruit Boots/ Hand Clappin'/ Happy Feet/ He's A Real Gone Guy/ Headsnappin'/ Jumbo/ Jump, Red, Jump/ Lions Den/ Little Jamie/ Paquino Walk/ Plaid Laces/ Red's Blues/ Riffin' With Red/ Rock And Roll Party/ Rock N' Roll/ Rolling And Rocking/ Rooster Walk/ Shoe String/ Tea Bird/ That's The Groovy Thing/ The Fox/ The Shakers/ What's The Word, Thunderbird/ Zip/ Zonked

ROOSEVELT SYKES Blind Pig 5155 The Original Honey Dripper ● CD $16.98
14 tracks, highly recommended
Singer/ piano player Roosevelt Sykes had an almost 50 year recording career and recorded prolifically but I don't think I've heard a bad recording by him and this live recording from 1977 ( his last) is no exception. 71 years old he sings and plays with the enthusiasm and energy of a man half his age. The material is all familiar from his vast repertoire (Cow Cow Blues/ Honeysuckle Rose/ I Like What You Did/ Running The Boogie/ Don't Talke Me To Death/ Dirty Mother For You) but Sykesdoesn't sound in the least bit bored shouting out numerous interjections throughout each song and graciously thanking the audience at the end of the show and telling them how much he enjoyed entertaining them. The original LP tapes have been remxied and remastered to significantly improve the sound quality and reduce some of the distracting audience noise. The result is a pure delight. (FS)

LOBI TRAORE Kanaga System Krush 010 Bwati Kono - Raw Electric Blues From Bamako ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, 64 mins, recommended
Quite a few musicians from Mali have been influenced by African-American blues but singer/ guitarist Lobi Traore takes it to the next step by adding rock elements including lengthy distorted electric guitar solos with occasional use of wah-wah. But African music is not far away with distinctly African phrasing and rhythms and the inclusion of traditional Malian instruments. The result is an exciting brew of Western and African elements though the lack of variety in approach can sometimes be a little wearing. (FS)

BIG JOE TURNER Rockbeat 3198 Live 1983 ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, very good
The last recordings of the greatest of the blues shouters performing live at the Music Machine club in Santa Monica, CA accompanied by a band including Lee Allen on tenor and Steve Berlin on baritone sax. Although Joe was sick with diabetes and had to sing sitting down he still sounds powerful and energetic on selection of old favorites like Corrina, Corrina/ HOney Hush/ Roll 'Em Pete/ Around The Clock Blues and others. For the encore he is joined by Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson and the two duet on Cherry Red and Somebody's Got To Go and Lee Allen and the band do two excellent instrumentals. In spite of the quality of the music the set is let down by poor quality live sound and there are better studio and live performances of the songs. The disc is not a bootleg and was obviously compiled with love by James Austin who pens some touching notes but will mainly appeal to truly dedicated Turner fans. (FS)

DAVE VAN RONK Smithsonian Folkways 40213 Down In Washington Square ● CD $29.98
Just arrived. Three CD set of recordings by American folk legend Dave Van Ronk. 54 tracks including 16 previously unreleased. The material ranges from a 1958 live performance - a year before his first solo album for Folkways to a 2001 studio session, just a few months before his death. Dave's early years in Greenwich Village provide the inspiration for the forthcoming movie "Inside Llweyn Davis" by America's finest filmmakers - the Coen Brothers. If this is as succesful as their 2000 masterpiece "O Brother Where Art Though" we may see anothr revival of interest in American traditional music.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDTOP 1364 Finders Keepers - Motown Girls, 1961-1967 ● CD $21.98
24 tracks, 65 mins, recommended
Here's a collection of rarities from all of those Motown women that you know and love, like the Marvelettes, Supremes, Mary Wells, Martha And The Vandella, Kim Weston, etc. This could easily be a tribute to Maxine Powell who died recently at the age of 98; she was Motown's etiquette instructor and talent agent in the 1960s. Her influence is all over this one. This collection features deep notes and fantastic sound throughout. Fans of classic Soul and girl groups will surely love this one. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1371 Greatest Hits From Outer Space ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 68 mins, highly recommended
Space, the place that Les Baxter, Lightnin' Hopkins, Gene Vincent, Leonard Nimoy, and The Byrds all can meet and make music together. Are we still in the space Age? I sure hope so. Here's a wonderful compilation, maybe a little heavy on the easy listening, but still a lot of fun. You get everything from The Berlin Philharmonic doing Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op 30 (you know, the theme to 2001,) to I Roy and his Space Flight, and all points in between. Extra points for including Doctor Who by BBC Radiophonic Workshop. (JM)
THE AMES BROTHERS: Destination Moon/ LES BAXTER ORCHESTRA W. SAMUEL J. HOFFMAN (T: Lunar Rhapsody/ BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP: Doctor Who/ BERLIN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: CONDUCTOR: Also Sprach Zarathustra Op.30,Prelude (Sonnenaufgang)/ DAVID BOWIE: Space Oddity/ THE BYRDS: Mr. Spaceman/ ELLA FITZGERALD: Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer/ VERNON GREEN & THE MEDALLIONS: Rocket Ship/ JOHNNY HARRIS AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Footprints On The Moon/ JIMMIE HASKELL & HIS ORCHESTRA: Rockin' In The Orbit (Space Satellite)/ LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS: Happy Blues For John Glenn/ THELMA HOUSTON: Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon/ DICK HYMAN & MARY MAYO: Maid Of The Moon/ I ROY (WITH LEE PERRY): Space Flight/ MOON MULLICAN: Rocket To The Moon/ LEONARD NIMOY: Theme From 'Star Trek'/ JEAN-JACQUES PERREY AND GERSHON KINGSLEY: Visa To The Stars/ BILLY LEE RILEY & HIS LITTLE GREEN MEN: Flying Saucers Rock'n'roll/ DAVID ROSE AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Forbidden Planet/ JOHN STEWART: Armstrong/ THE TORNADOS: Telstar/ THE VENTURES: The Twilight Zone/ GENE VINCENT: Space Ship To Mars (From The Film "It's Trad Dad")/ BOBBY WOMACK: Everyone's Gone To The Moon

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1376 Where The Girls Are 8 ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, highly recommended
The eighth (!) volume in Ace Records' series of rare 60's girl group (and solo singers working in the style) recordings kicks off with the mighty Darlene Love fronting The Blossoms on Cry Like a Baby, the second of two 45s released on Lou Adler's Ode label in 1967. From that glorious beginning, we find treats just as tasty from The Orlons (I Ain't Coming Back), Dee Dee Sharp (Comin' Home Baby), Diane Christian (Why Don't the Boy Leave Me Alone), The Bonnets (Ya Gotta Take a Chance), Nikki Blu (I Love Him So), and the Sapphires (Gotta Have Your Love). As usual with Ace, many of these cuts are new to CD and few are previously unreleased - like the Del-Phis' My Heart Tells Me So - and all are exquisitely annotated in the liner notes in the 24 page, copiously illustrated, booklet. Any girl group lovers in the audience (you know who you are) should pick this CD up immediately. (GMC)
KRISS ANDERSON: The Sloopy/ THE BLOSSOMS: Cry Like A Baby/ NIKKI BLU: (Whoa Whoa) I Love Him So/ THE BONNETS: Ya Gotta Take A Chance/ SANDY BORDEN: Deeper/ JAN BRADLEY: Pack My Things (And Go)/ THE BUNNIES: You Don't Have A Heart/ DIANE CHRISTIAN: Why Don't The Boy Leave Me Alone/ THE CINNAMON ANGELS: Let's Be Sweethearts/ CAROL CONNORS: My Baby Looks, But He Don't Touch/ THE DARLENES: I Still Like Rock And Roll/ THE DEL-PHIS: My Heart Tells Me So/ THE FOUR HAVENS: Gee But He's Fine/ THE FRAN-CETTES: Heart For Sale/ KELLY GARRETT: Baby It Hurts/ LITTLE EVA: Stand By Me/ RAVITA MARCELL: That's My Man/ CHARLOTTE O'HARA: What About You/ THE ORLONS: I Ain't Coming Back/ THE PUSSYCATS: Come On And Ska/ THE SAPPHIRES: Gotta Have Your Love/ DEE DEE SHARP: Comin' Home Baby/ THE SHERRYS: No No No Baby/ CAROL SLADE: I Wanna Know Right Now/ KENDRA SPOTSWOOD: Stickin' With My Baby/ THE WITCHES: My Little Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 428 Sleepy Hollow Ranch - Cowboys & Cowgirls ● CD $14.98
26 tracks, recommended
Fine collection of sides recorded in the mid 40s by members of the Sleepy Hollow Ranch Gang - a group from Minnesota featuring Elmer and Pete Newman and their wives The Murray Sisters. The name comes from an amusement park that the group opened in 1940 that was to feature many top country stars in the ensuing years. The group also had a regular radio show for which they recorded transcriptions - many of which are featured here. The group had a midwest sound with nice accordion playing from Monty Rosci. Most of the vocals are by one of the brothers or the sisters as a duo. Material is mostly versions of country favorites along with a few originals. Nothing really earthshaking here but some very pleasing, well performed, music. (FS)
THE SLEEPY HOLLOW GANG: All Around For Sleepy Hollow/ Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain/ Cowboy Dad/ Dilly Dally Polka (instro)/ Do You Think It's Fair/ Don't You Cry Over Me/ Down Tumbleweed Trail/ Hobo Bill's Last Ride/ I Hang My Head And Cry/ I Was Never Nearer Heaven In My Life/ I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/ I'm Lonesome Now/ It's Hard To Say Goodbye/ Just Say So Long And Not Goodbye/ Keep On The Sunny Side/ Little Green Valley/ My Blue Ridge Mountain Home/ No Vacancy/ Peach Picking Time In Georgia/ Prairie Lullaby/ Saddle You Blues To A Wild Mustang/ Sioux City Sue/ Sleepy Hollow Polka (insto)/ Wabash Cannonball/ Westward Bound/ You Never Love Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16083 The Johnson City Sessions, 1928-1929 ● CD $135.98
Due next week.
4 -CD boxed set (LP-size) with 136-page hardcover book, 100 tracks. Playing time approx. 5 hours The famous 1927 Bristol Sessions, produced by Victor Records in Bristol, Tennessee are known as 'The Big Bang Of Country Music.' But don't overlook the recordings made in nearby Johnson City by Columbia Records in October 1928 and October 1929. Collectively, the Johnson City recordings are regarded by scholars, collectors, and lovers of old-time music as a distinctive cross-section of Appalachian music, captured on the cusp of the Great Depression. Indeed, the final recordings of the 1929 session took place on October 24 - the infamous 'Black Thursday' when Wall Street crashed. Bear Family Records has gathered the entire issued output of the 1928-29 Johnson City sessions. This is the first time all 100 songs have been issued together...and the first time many have been heard since the Depression. The accompanying 136-page, LP-size hardcover book contains newly researched essays on the background to the sessions and the artists, with many rare and unpublished photographs. Also included are complete song lyrics and a detailed discography. Three of these performances were chosen by the pioneering scholar Harry Smith for his 1952 compilation 'Anthology Of American Folk Music' - a seminal source for the urban folk revival of the 1950s and '60s: The Coo-Coo Bird by Clarence (Tom) Ashley, Old Lady And The Devil by Bill and Belle Reed, and Down On Penny's Farm by The Bentley Boys. Other gems include a topical best-seller of the Prohibition era, When the Roses Bloom Again For The Bootlegger by Earl Sharkey & Roy Harvey, Tell It Me by The Grant Brothers and many more. This set is packed with stringband tunes, ancient ballads, sacred songs, hillbilly blues and blue yodels - the entrancing musical world of old Appalachia.
CD 1: SHELL CREEK QUARTET: My Boyhood Days  Back Where The Old Home Stands  GRANT BROTHERS & THEIR MUSIC: When A Man Is Married  Goodbye My Honey - I'm Gone  Tell It To Me  Johnson Boy  ROANE COUNTY RAMBLERS: Home Town Blues  Southern No. 111  Step High Waltz  Tennessee Waltz  RENUS RICH & CARL BRADSHAW: Goodbye Sweetheart  Sleep Baby Sleep  CLARENCE GREEN & THE WISE BROTHERS: Pride Of The Ball  Kitty Waltz  CLARENCE GREEN: Johnson City Blues  Ninety-Nine Years In Jail  PROXIMITY STRING QUARTET: Lindy  Louise  GREENSBORO BOYS QUARTET: Sing Me A Song Of The Sunny South  Sweet Little Girl Of Mine  RICHARD HAROLD: The Battleship Maine  The Fisher's Maid  Sweet Bird  Mary Dear CD 2: BOWMAN SISTERS: My Old Kentucky Home  Swanee River  CHARLIE BOWMAN & HIS BROTHERS: Roll On Buddy  Gonna Raise The Ruckus Tonight  BILL & BELLE REED: You Shall Be Free  Old Lady And The Devil  THE REED CHILDREN: I'll Be All Smiles Tonight  I Once Did Have A Sweetheart  MCVAY & JOHNSON: Ain't Going To Lay My Armor Down  I'll Be Ready When The Bridegroom Comes  EARL SHIRKEY & ROY HARPER: Steamboat Man  When The Roses Bloom For The Bootlegger  Poor Little Joe  We Parted At The Gate  GEORGE ROARK: I Ain't A Bit Drunk  My Old Coon Dog  ED HELTON SINGERS: A Storm On The Sea (The Sinking Of The Steamship Vestris)  My Old Cottage Home  GARLAND BROTHERS & GRINSTEAD: Just Over The River  Beautiful  MCCARTT BROTHERS & PATTERSON: Green Valley Waltz  Over The Sea Waltz  BLALOCK & YATES: Morning Star Waltz  Pride Of The Ball  JACK JACKSON: Flat Tire Blues  My Alabama Home CD 3: GEORGE WADE & FRANCUM BRASWELL: Think A Little  When We Go A Courtin'  JACK JACKSON: In Our Little Home Sweet Home  I'm Just A Black Sheep  ROANE COUNTY RAMBLERS: Free A Little Bird - 1930 Model  Johnson City Rag  Callahan Rag  Alabama Trot  WYATT & BRANDON: Evalina  Lover's Farewell  ROY HARVEY & LEONARD COPELAND: Just Pickin'  Beckley Rag  Underneath The Sugar Moon  Lonesome Weary Blues  THE SPINDALE QUARTET: Sweet Peace The Gift Of God's Love  God Will Take Care Of You  Face To Face  Lift Him Up  EARL SHIRKEY & ROY HARPER: The Virginian Strike Of '23  The Policeman's Little Child  My Yodeling Sweetheart  I'm Longing To Belong To Someone  We Have Moonshine In The West Virginia Hills  A Hobo's Pal  MOATSVILLE STRING TICKLERS: The West Virginia Hills  Moatsville Blues CD 4: WEAVER BROTHERS: You Came Back To Me  Prison Sorrows  BYRD MOORE & HIS HOT SHOTS: Frankie Silvers  The Hills Of Tennessee  Careless Love  Three Men Went A Hunting  BATEMAN SACRED QUARTET: Nothing Like Old Time Religion  Some Day  FRED RICHARDS: My Katie  Danville Blues  CLARENCE ASHLEY: Dark Holler Blues  The Coo-Coo Bird  Little Sadie  Naomi Wise  THE BENTLEY BOYS: Down On Penny's Farm  Henhouse Blues  BOWMAN SISTERS: Railroad Take Me Back  Old Lonesome Blues  EPHRAIM WOODIE & THE HENPECKED HUSBANDS: Last Gold Dollar  The Fatal Courtship  IRA & EUGENE YATES: Powder And Paint  Sarah Jane  ELLIS WILLIAMS: Buttermilk Blues  Smokey Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 1608 The Big "D" Jamboree ● CD $209.98
Due next week.
8-CD box (LP-size) with 168-page hardcover book, 285 tracks. Total playing time approx. 686 mns. The dawn of rock 'n' roll, like you've never heard it before - live from Texas 1950-1958! Hear stars like Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Wanda Jackson and many more performing live at the dawn of their careers, sometimes singing songs they never recorded! State-of-the-art live recording for the day. Incredible atmosphere. Unseen photos and newly researched biographies fill out this incredible time capsule! We all know that the Grand Ole Opry wanted nothing to do with rock 'n' roll, while the Louisiana Hayride gave national exposure to Elvis Presley, Johnny Horton, and others. Well, the Hayride wasn't alone. The Big 'D' Jamboree in Dallas started with Texas country music but embraced the new music, giving an all-important break to Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, and many, many more. In a nearly two-decade run that began in the aftermath of World War II, the Saturday night extravaganza packed the Sportatorium, a metal wrestling arena in a seedy neighborhood south of downtown. Broadcast locally on KRLD and nationally on CBS radio, the Jamboree was an exuberant cross-section of the most vibrant country and rock 'n' roll music of the time, showcasing everyone from talented but largely forgotten singers such as Riley Crabtree, Orville Couch and Helen Hall to national figures, including Johnny Cash, Sonny James, Hank Locklin, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson and Gene Vincent. Rockabilly stalwart Ronnie Dawson got his start on the Jamboree, years before overseas fans revived his career. Charline Arthur, "a Janis Joplin before her time," leaped from amplifiers and belted out soulful, hard-core country from the arena's wrestling-ring stage before vanishing into a tragic obscurity. This incredible collection had its inception in the mid-1990s when Dallas's David Dennard, inspired by Dawson's re-emergence, set out in search of recordings from the historic show. Everyone he spoke to said no such recordings were made, but Dennard found discs made for broadcast to American service personnel. He issued some on his Dragon Street label, but a more comprehensive collection was needed, and this is it: eight CDs, almost 300 tracks, most live from the show, along with bonus studio recordings. Writers Kevin Coffey, Stanley Oberst, Jay Brakefield and Alan Govenar, in collaboration with Dennard, produced the accompanying 168-page book rich with information on the times, the artists and the songs.
CD 1: OCTOBER 21, 1950: Falstaff Beer Advert  THE BIG D GANG: Opening Theme  BILLY JACK SAUCIER: Devil's Dream  JIMMY FAUTHEREE: I'm Moving On  JIMMIE HEAP: Carbon Copy  RAMONA REED: If I Could Only Learn To Yodel/ SEPTEMBER 25 (?), 1954: SID ERWIN: This Ole House (fragment)  That's All Right  There's A Big Rock In The Road/ APRIL 28, 1956: SHOW #2: Introduction  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: The Poor People Of Paris  ORVILLE COUCH: So Doggone Lonesome  EDDIE SHELTON: Flint Hill Special  THE COMMODORES: Two Loves  Have I  Didn't It Rain  Shake, Rattle & Roll  NANCY CASTLEBERRY: Ivory Tower  JOE POOVEY: Honolulu Rock-A Roll-A  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Red Wing Stomp/ MAY 5, 1956: SHOW #6: Introduction  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Ain't She Sweet  ORVILLE COUCH: Folsom Prison Blues  SID KING: Booger Red  Ooby Dooby  EDDIE SHELTON: Salty Dog Blues  CARL PERKINS: Slippin' And Slidin'  Blue Suede Shoes/ BONUS TRACKS: HELEN HALL: Nothing Can Change My Love For You  I Need You All The Time  How Long  One Brown, One Black  BETTY LOU LOBB: Chime Bells  Wide Rolling Plains CD 2: MAY 19, 1956: SHOW #9: Introduction  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Double Eagle Stomp  COWBOY COPAS: Tragic Romance  FERLIN HUSKY: Aladdin's Lamp  SIMON CRUM: Muki-Ruki  HANK LOCKLIN: A Good Woman's Love  CARL PERKINS: I Got A Woman  Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby/ MAY 26, 1956: SHOW #41: Introduction  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: River Road Two-Step  ORVILLE & EDDIE: Uncle Pen  SHERRY DAVIS: Chime Bells  LEON PAYNE: Doorstep To Heaven  I Love You Because  HANK LOCKLIN: Seven Or Eleven  BILLY EDWARDS: When It's Night Time In Nevada/ JULY 14, 1956: SHOW #12: Introduction  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Snow Deer Stomp  HANK LOCKLIN: You Can't Never Tell  CHARLINE ARTHUR: Welcome To The Club  BILLY BRIGGS: Should I?  JERRY REED: Mr. Whiz  SID KING: Ooby Dooby  THE BELEW TWINS: Hot Dog Buddy Buddy  A Tear Fell BONUS TRACKS: THE BELEW TWINS: If You're Mine  Dontcha Wanna Be Happy  Don't Wantcha  JOHNNY HICKS: Baby Baby Baby  Action  Fancy Dan  Keep On A-Keepin' On  BILLY EDWARDS: I Forgot To Remember To Forget  Singing The Blues  PAUL BLUNT: Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride CD 3: AUGUST 11, 1956: SHOW #19: Introduction  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Bonaparte's Retreat  KEITH BOYLE: Cannonball Yodel  HANK LOCKLIN: You Can't Never Tell  THE BELEW TWINS: Crazy Arms  CHARLINE ARTHUR: What About Tomorrow  JOHNNY CASH: So Doggone Lonesome  I Walk The Line  Get Rhythm/ SEPTEMBER 1, 1956: SHOW #34: Introduction  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Alexander's Ragtime Band  SID KING: Ooby Dooby  When My Baby Left Me  NANCY CASTLEBERRY: The Wayward Wind  WARREN SMITH: Black Jack David  Hound Dog  Rock 'n' Roll Ruby  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: River Road Two-Step/ AUGUST 31, 1957: SHOW #54: Introduction  TOMMY MITCHELL: Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep  THE RANGERS QUARTET: Ain't That Love  MAX & ALVIS: Honey Don't  LEON PAYNE: One By One  Teddy Bear  PAT SMITH: Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me  MARKSMEN QUARTET: You Hurt Me So  TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: Announcement/ BONUS TRACKS: BILLY JACK HALE: Honey Bee Love  Strange Desires  Me And Fred And Joe And Bill  If You Can't Live Down Live It Up  He Don't Love You Like I Do  The Chain Of Love  HELEN HALL: They  Wee Bitty Baby CD 4: OCTOBER 5, 1957: SHOW #58: Introduction  GENE RAMBO: Jailhouse Rock  THE RANGERS QUARTET: Why Baby Why  This Ole House  TOMMY MITCHELL: Lotta Lovin'  PAT SMITH: Rainbow  BELEW TWINS: A Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Double Eagle Stomp  WERLEY FAIRBURN: All By Myself  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Cindy/ DECEMBER 14, 1957: SHOW #68: Introduction  CHARLES GOODE: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine  Somebody Loves Me  THE BELEW TWINS: Black Slacks  Maybe Tomorrow  GENE VINCENT: Bluejean Bop  Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On  Dance To The Bop  Lotta Lovin'/ JANUARY 25, 1958: SHOW #73: Introduction  JOHNNY CARROLL: Suzy Q  THE BELEW TWINS: Should We Tell Him  TOMMY MITCHELL: I Beg Of You  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Liechtensteiner Polka  JOHNNY DOLLAR: Great Balls Of Fire  Jailhouse Rock  DEE & PATTY: Parking  DARRELL GLENN: Candy And Cake/ BONUS TRACKS: GEORGE MCCOY: The Wandering Kind  GENE RAMBO: Baby Doll  PAT SMITH: Right Now  JOHNNY HICKS: Draggin' The Drive-Ins  Gossip Of The Town  RONNIE DAWSON: Why Did You Cry?  JOHNNY HICKS: The Guy That Looks Like Me  Holy Mack-Rel CD 5: MARCH 1, 1958: SHOW #78: Introduction  LONNIE SMITHSON: Me And The Blues  JOHNNY DOLLAR: Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie  Great Balls Of Fire  ORVILLE COUCH: King For A Day  Ballad Of A Teenage Queen  TOMMY MITCHELL: Too Much  I Beg Of You  WANDA JACKSON: No Wedding Bells For Joe  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Bonaparte's Retreat/ MAY 10, 1958: SHOW #83: Introduction  ORVILLE COUCH: King For A Day  JOE POOVEY: Move Around  DARRELL GLENN: Congratula tions To Me  BILLY JACK HALE: Your Eyes  TOMMY MITCHELL: Glad All Over  LONNIE SMITHSON: Quarter In The Jukebox  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: River Road Two-Step  BELEW TWINS: Should We Tell Him  PAUL BLUNT: Everywhere You Go/ JUNE 14 (?), 1958: Show #88: Introduction  CAROLYN, BENNY & BOBBY BELEW: Oh Lonesome Me  JOHNNY CARROLL: I'll Wait  ORVILLE COUCH: Overnight  DARRELL GLENN: Hang Up That Telephone  THE FERRELL BROTHERS: What Makes A Man Wander  She's No Angel  LONNIE SMITHSON: Quarter In The Jukebox  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Silver Bells/ BONUS TRACKS: EDDIE MCDUFF: A Thousand To One  ORVILLE COUCH & EDDIE MCDUFF: Misery  JOHNNY DOLLAR: My Gal Friday  DARRELL GLENN: Lovely Loretta  My Guiding Light  BOB KELLY: When We Get Together  EDDIE MCDUFF: Easier Said Than Done  THE BELEW TWINS: Cindy Lou  When The Party's Over CD 6: JULY 19,1958: SHOW #93: Introduction  LONNIE SMITHSON: Quarter In The Jukebox  LEON PAYNE: Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy  THE BELEW TWINS: Rockin' Bones  LAWTON WILLIAMS: Casino On The Hill  THE FERRELL BROTHERS: Go Away With Me  Ocean Of Diamonds  MITCHELL TOROK: Love Me Like You Mean It  BILLY JACK HALE: Your Eyes  RONNIE DEE: Thirty Days  Johnny B. Goode/ SUMMER 1958: SHOW #98: Introduction  LONNIE SMITHSON: Guess Things Happen That Way  THE BELEW TWINS: This Little Girl Of Mine  THE FERRELL BROTHERS: Ashes Of Love - Down South...  ORVILLE COUCH: Easy Does It  THE BELEW TWINS: Oh Lonesome Me  BILLY JACK HALE: Stairway Of Love  Your Eyes  TOMMY MITCHELL: Don't/ AUGUST 30, 1958: SHOW #102: Introduction  LONNIE SMITHSON: Quarter In The Jukebox  THE BELEW TWINS: I Can't Stop Loving You  BILLY JACK HALE: Your Eyes  MITCHELL TOROK: Crazy Arms  CAROLYN BELEW: Blue Doll  CARL PERKINS: That's All Right Mama  Blue Suede Shoes  THE TEXAS STOMPERS: Silver Bells/ BONUS TRACKS: EDDIE MCDUFF: A New Love Was Born  Fire, Fire, Fire  ORVILLE COUCH: Convince Me  My Gal Specs  I'm In Love  THE BEAVERS: Barbara Allen  JOY KING: How Should I Your True Love Know?  ORVILLE COUCH: The Record  Bad Dream  CHUCK JENNINGS: His And Hers  Home Away From Home CD 7: BILL CALLAHAN: Milk Cow Blues  THE SHELTON BROTHERS: Deep Elm Boogie Woogie Blues  BUSTER & STONEY: I'm Tired Of You  ROY WILEY: Drivin' Nails In My Coffin  BUDDY WALKER: No Use To Be Apart  RILEY CRABTREE: Lonely World  JOHNNY HICKS: Mended One Broken Heart  GENE O'QUIN: Blues Come Around  JOHNNY MATHIS: Tell Me Why  BILLY WALKER: You Didn't Try And Didn't Care  DEWEY GROOM: Butane Blues  HOMER ZEKE CLEMONS: Operation Blues #2  OKIE JONES: Love Fever  JIMMY LEE: Bluest Feeling  If You Don't, Somebody Else Will  RILEY CRABTREE: Always Together Never Apart  PAUL BLUNT: Domino Gal  JOHNNY HICKS: Pick Up Blues  BOBBY WILLIAMSON: My Gal Comes From Heaven  BIG BILL LISTER: Blowing The Suds Off My Beer  RILEY CRABTREE: I'll Make You Want Me  NORMAN PERRY: After Your Wedding  JOE ANDREWS: Brain Cloudy Blues  SUNSHINE RUBY: Too Young To Tango  Datin'  SKEETER WEBB: Was It A Bad Dream  RALPH SANFORD: Oo-Ee-Baby  HELEN HALL: Unwanted Love - Unwanted Heart  DOUG BRAGG: The Texas Special  JOE BILL: Do You Love Me Anymore?  JIMMY PATTON: Teen Age Heart  JIMMY COLLIE: Conscience (Set Me Free) CD 8: JIMMIE COLLIE: Cry Like A Baby  BUCK GRIFFIN: Let's Elope Baby  SONNY JAMES: For Rent  LAFAWN PAUL: You've Turned Off The Music  Can't Get You Out Of My Mind  TOMMY MITCHELL: Do Baby Do  MAC CURTIS: What You Want  JOHNNY CARROLL: Band Stand Doll  EDDIE MCDUFF: Bad Boy  LONNIE SMITHSON: No Surrender, No Retreat  Paul Revere  RONNIE DAWSON: Summer's Comin'  LAWTON WILLIAMS: Satan's Bell  FRANKIE MILLER: Give A Purpose To My Love  TONY DOUGLAS: Shrimpin'  GEORGE KENT: How Can I Write On Paper What I Feel In My Heart  Out Of My Arms And Into My Dreams  Packed And Ready  You're Just Not The Type  RILEY CRABTREE: Poison Mind  MITCHELL TOROK: Rio Grande  Heartbreaker Of The Year  I Wish That It Was Me  GEORGE KENT: Gossip Of A Friend  A Better Way To Die  The Shadow On The Wall  JOE PAUL NICHOLS: Operator 10  Shy Young Sue  EDDIE MCDUFF: The Street Of Loneliness  JIM & LOUISE: Be Careful  SANDRA SALLING: What Do The Losers Do?  There's No One Loving Me Now  CHUCK JENNINGS: I'd Rather Be Hurt By You  You Are A Little Heartache  JANET MCBRIDE: Yodelin' Jan

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 17261 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music, 1966 ● CD $24.98
The fifth and final set of releases in this great series from Bear Family featuring some of country music's greatest recordings on a year by year basis starting with 1945 and ending in 1970. All the previous volumes are still available. Each volume has between 28 and 31 tracks - mostly chart hits but in a few cases the compilers have chosen the original version of a country favorite which may have become a hit for someone else or had a big influence. Being Bear Family the sound quality is as good as it gets - remastered from original tapes or masters wherever possible. Each CD is presented in a small hardbound book with a 72 page booklet with biographical and discographical info, rare photos and label shots.
Two years after his death Jim Reeves was still topping the charts and this disc features Distant Drums along with an undubbed version of the song. This year Jeanie Seely had her first hit with Don't Touch Me and Loretta Lynn stands for no nonsense with You Ain't Woman Enough and Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Her MInd) . Merle Haggard has three songs here including his first #1 hit The Fugitive. Johnny Paycheck is featured on the outrageously titled (Pardon Me) I've Got Someone To Kill - it wasn't a hit but who could resist including a songs with a title like that! Other artists featured include Marty Robbins, David Houston, Roger Miller, Buck Owens, Dallas Frazier (the original version of Elvira which became a #1 hit for The Oak Ridge Boys in 1981), Wilma Burgess, Johnny Cash, The Browns, Tammy Wynette and more.
BILL ANDERSON: I Get The Fever/ EDDY ARNOLD: I Want To Go With You/ BOBBY BARE: The Streets Of Baltimore/ THE BROWNS: I'd Just Be Fool Enough/ WILMA BURGESS: Misty Blue/ JOHNNY CASH: The One On The Right Is On The Left/ DALLAS FRAZIER: Elvira/ DON GIBSON: Funny, Familiar Forgotten Feelings/ JACK GREENE: There Goes My Everything/ MERLE HAGGARD: Swinging Doors/ The Bottle Let Me Down/ The Fugitive (aka I'm A Lonesome Fugitive)/ DAVID HOUSTON: Almost Persuaded/ WAYLON JENNINGS: Anita You're Dreaming/ LORETTA LYNN: Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)/ You Ain't Woman Enough/ ROGER MILLER: Husbands And Wives/ I've Been A Long Time Leavin' (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone)/ BUCK OWENS: Open Up Your Heart/ Waitin' In Your Welfare Line/ JOHNNY PAYCHECK: (Pardon Me) I've Got Someone To Kill/ RAY PRICE: Touch My Heart/ JIM REEVES: Distant Drums/ Distant Drums (Undubbed)/ MARTY ROBBINS: The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight/ JEANNIE SEELY: Don't Touch Me/ NAT STUCKEY: Sweet Thang/ MEL TILLIS: Stateside/ PORTER WAGONER: Skid Row Joe/ TAMMY WYNETTE: Apartment #9/ FARON YOUNG: Unmitigated Gall

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 17262 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music, 1967 ● CD $24.98
In 1967 Bobby Gentry had a hit in the country and pop charts with the enigmatic Ballad Of Billie Joe which had a lot of folks scratching their heads. Merle Haggard was now becoming a frequent visitor to the #1 spot in the charts and Branded Man and Sing Me Back Home both achieved that coveted spot. Fellow Bakersfield legend Buck Owens was another regular chart topper and is here featured on Where Does The Good Times Go and Sam's Place. Johnny Darrell is here with his #9 country hit Ruby (Don't Take Your Love To Town) which two years later was a #6 pop hit for Kenny Rogers & The First Edition. The most successful African-American country singer was Charley Pride who reached #4 on the charts with Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger. His first few recordings listed him as Country Charley Pride but he dropped the "Country" part after this and a couple of years later was regular visitor to #1 Also featured here is Jim Reeves (still topping the chart with I Won't Come In While He's In There), Loretta Lynn, Robert Mitchum (yes, that Robert Mitchum with Little Old Wine Drinker Me - a song he could definitely identify with!), Marty Robbins, Skeeter Davis, Wanda Jackson, George Jones, Tammy Wynette and more.
LEON ASHLEY: Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)/ JIM ED BROWN: Pop A Top/ GLEN CAMPBELL: By The Time I Get To Phoenix/ JOHNNY CASH & JUNE CARTER: Jackson/ JOHNNY DARRELL: Ruby (Don't Take Your Love To Town)/ SKEETER DAVIS: What Does It Take (To Keep A Man Like You Satisfied)/ BOBBIE GENTRY: Ode To Billie Joe/ MERLE HAGGARD: Branded Man/ Sing Me Back Home/ GEORGE HAMILTON IV: Break My Mind/ JOHN HARTFORD: Gentle On My Mind/ DAVID HOUSTON & TAMMY WYNETTE: My Elusive Dreams/ WANDA JACKSON: Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine/ NORMA JEAN: Jackson Ain't A Very Big Town/ WAYLON JENNINGS: Mental Revenge/ The Chokin' Kind/ GEORGE JONES: Walk Through This World With Me/ THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL: Nashville Cats/ LORETTA LYNN: What Kind Of Girl (Do You Think I Am)?/ ROBERT MITCHUM: Little Ole Wine Drinker Me/ BUCK OWENS: Sam's Place/ Where Does The Good Times Go/ RAY PRICE: Danny Boy/ COUNTRY CHARLIE PRIDE: Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger?/ JERRY REED: Guitar Man/ JIM REEVES: I Won't Come In While He's There/ MARTY ROBBINS: Tonight Carmen/ WYNN STEWART: It's Such A Pretty World Today/ MEL TILLIS: Life Turned Her That Way/ PORTER WAGONER: Cold Hard Facts Of Life/ TAMMY WYNETTE: I Don't Wanna Play House

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 17263 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music, 1968 ● CD $24.98
31 tracks, 86 mins, very highly recommended
Listening to this CD left me with two thoughts: 1. A whole bunch of fantastic Country songs came out in 1968, and 2. Tammy Wynette's kids seem a little S-L-O-W. Highlights on this superb collection include Tammy Wynette's giant hits D-i-v-o-r-c-e and Stand By Your Man, Waylon Jennings - Only Daddy Who Will Walk The Line, Loretta Lynn - Fist City, Johnny Cash with Folsom Prison Blues, and Daddy Sang Bass, Merle Haggard with possibly his greatest song Mama Tried, Jerry Lee Lewis - What Made Milwaukee Famous and many more classic songs that are still widely loved to this day. Some great lesser known tracks that are featured here include Johnny Darrell - The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp, International Submarine Band - Luxury Liner, Doug Dillard & Gene Clark's beautiful Train Leaves Here This Morning, and Will You Visit Me On Sundays one of Charlie Louvin's best solo tracks. Then there's The Osborne Brothers' Rocky Top, it's still hard to stay sitting down while listening to that Bluegrass ball of fire. Henson Cargill, George Jones, Jennie C. Riley, Porter Wagoner solo and with Dolly, The Byrds, Buck Owens, all the best Country music releases from 1968 are here. (JM)
JIM ALLEY: Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line/ THE BYRDS: Hickory Wind/ GLEN CAMPBELL: I Wanna Live/ Wichita Lineman/ HENSON CARGILL: Skip A Rope/ JOHNNY CASH: Daddy Sang Bass/ Folsom Prison Blues/ JOHNNY DARRELL: The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp/ DILLARD & CLARK: Train Leaves Here This Morning/ MERLE HAGGARD: I Started Loving You Again/ I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am/ Mama Tried/ TOM T. HALL: Ballad Of Forty Dollars/ THE INTERNATIONAL SUBMARINE BAND: Luxury Liner/ WAYLON JENNINGS: Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line/ GEORGE JONES: Beneath Still Waters/ When The Grass Grows Over Me/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Another Place Another Time/ What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Made A Loser Out Of You)/ CHARLIE LOUVIN: Will You Visit Me On Sundays?/ LORETTA LYNN: Fist City/ ROGER MILLER: Little Green Apples/ THE OSBORNE BROTHERS: Rocky Top/ BUCK OWENS: How Long Will My Baby Be Gone?/ JEANNIE C. RILEY: Harper Valley P.t.a./ MARTY ROBBINS: I Walk Alone/ CONWAY TWITTY: Next In Line/ PORTER WAGONER: The Carroll County Accident/ Holding On To Nothin'/ TAMMY WYNETTE: D-I-V-O-R-C-E/ Stand By Your Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 17264 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music, 1969 ● CD $24.98
28 tracks, 87 mins, very highly recommended
American society was going through a lot of changes in 1969, and nowhere were they changing slower than in Nashville, Tennessee. There were a few hardy souls like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, and The Byrds that were trying to drag Nashville kicking and screaming into the future and they all have great tracks featured here. Buck Owens was keeping up with the times with his Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass, unfortunately the end of his years of relevance and the tragic death of his right-hand man Don Rich were both fast approaching. Great songwriters like Kris Kristofferson, Jimmy Webb and Tom T. Hall were all coming into their prime in 1969 and Me And Bobbie McGee by Roger Miller (he recorded it first and had a sizable hit,) Galveston by Glen Campbell, and (Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn by Bobby Bare are all here sounding great. Then there's Merle Haggard, and was any Country artist a bigger deal in 1969 than Merle? His Working Man Blues and Okie From Muskogee are both here and Hungry Eyes should be as well, all were #1 in 1969, and topping the charts were only half of the impact that they made. Not every song on here was a big chart hit. Sin City by the Flying Burrito Brother made a big impression on the future of Country music, but I don't think it even made the charts in '69. Then there's the fantastic production on this CD. Bear Family reminds us why we still buy CDs sometimes: we buy them when there are done beautifully like this. Featuring fantastic sound, great tracks selection, and a 70 plus page booklet telling us all about what we are listening to. I swear, if I had the money, I would buy everything this label puts out, but this series in particular is especially fantastic. (JM)
BOBBY BARE: (Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn/ God Bless America Again/ JOHNNY BUSH: You Gave Me A Mountain/ THE BYRDS: Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man/ GLEN CAMPBELL: Galveston/ Try A Little Kindness/ JOHNNY CASH: A Boy Named Sue/ THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Sin City/ JACK GREENE: Statue Of A Fool/ MERLE HAGGARD: Okie From Muskogee/ Workin' Man Blues/ TOM T. HALL: Homecoming/ GEORGE JONES: I'll Share My World With You/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye/ To Make Love Sweeter For You/ LORETTA LYNN: Woman Of The World (Leave My World Alone)/ ROGER MILLER: Me And Bobbie Mcgee/ WILLIE NELSON: Bloody Merry Morning/ BUCK OWENS: Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass?/ CHARLEY PRIDE: All I Have To Offer You (Is Me)/ CHARLIE RICH: Life's Little Ups And Downs/ BILLY LEE RILEY: Kay/ KENNY ROGERS & THE FIRST EDITION: Ruben James/ CONWAY TWITTY: To See My Angel Cry/ PORTER WAGONER & DOLLY PARTON: Just Someone I Used To Know/ JOHN WESLEY RYLES I: Kay/ DOTTIE WEST & DON GIBSON: Rings Of Gold/ FARON YOUNG: Wine Me Up

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 17265 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music, 1970 ● CD $24.98
The series comes to a close with 28 winners from Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard (the somewhat tongue in cheek Fightin' Side Of Me), Roy Clark, Dolly Parton (reaching back to country pioneer Jimmie Rodgers for Mule Skinner Blues), Guy Drake (with right wing favorite Welfare Cadillac), Tom T. Hall, Ray Price (at his schmaltziest on his crossover hit For The Good Times), Waylon Jennings, Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty (their first hit as duo After The Fire Is Gone which climbed to #1), Billy Joe Shaver (the first recording of this great and much covered singer/ songwriter Chicken On The Ground), Mickey Newbury (the original of How I Love Them Old Songs - a hit that year for Carl Smith) and more.
LYNN ANDERSON: Rose Garden/ BOBBY BARE: How I Got To Memphis/ JOHNNY CASH: Sunday Morning Coming Down/ What Is Truth/ ROY CLARK: Thank God And Greyhound/ GUY DRAKE: Welfare Cadilac/ THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Wild Horses/ MERLE HAGGARD: The Fightin' Side Of Me/ TOM T. HALL: A Week In A Country Jail/ WAYLON JENNINGS: The Taker/ GEORGE JONES: A Good Year For The Roses/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Once More With Feeling/ There Must Be More To Love Than THis/ LORETTA LYNN: Coal Miner's Daughter/ After The Fire Is/ MICKEY NEWBURY: How I Love Them Old Songs/ DOLLY PARTON: Joshua/ Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8)/ RAY PRICE: For The Good Times/ CHARLEY PRIDE: Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone/ JERRY REED: Amos Moses/ MARTY ROBBINS: My Woman My Woman, My Wife/ BILLY JOE SHAVER: Chicken On The Ground/ SAMMI SMITH: Help Me Make It Through The Night/ TOMPALL & THE GLASER BROTHERS: Gone Girl/ CONWAY TWITTY: Fifteen Years Ago/ Hello Darlin'/ TAMMY WYNETTE: Run, Woman, Run

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cactus HOGCD 9 High On The Hog, Vol. 9 ● CD $15.98
32 tracks, recommended
Another of Cactus's collection of honky tonk country from small labels. This is not quite as strong as previous issues as there is a fair number of pedestrian performances. But there are some great tracks here that make it worth like the opening track Let's Go by Chuck Manning - an irresistibly catchy, gently rocking number. Other winners include Sundown (Boogie) by Deral Clour & Charley Drake, I'm Branding My Darling With My Heart by Jess Willard, the fine honky tonker Lonesome & Lovesick by Hoot & Curley sounding very much like The Louvin Brothers and some others. Other artists include Ward Preston, Clyde Easley, Gene Parson, Jimmy Lee Durden, Charlie Huff, Larry Bryant, Jimmy Kay (the excellent Trouble In The Mountains), "Smilin" Jerry Jericho, Jimmy Merritt, Hank Weaver, Ramblin' Everett (the fine bluesy Cincinnati Woman) and more. (FS)
BILL & BEN: The Sun Shines Brighter/ LARRY BRYANT: Keep Right On Tryin'/ CARL & CLIFF: It Takes Money/ DERAL CLOUR AND CHARLEY DRAKE: Sundown (Boogie)/ JIMMY M. COSBY: Mighty Mean Daddy/ THE COUNTRY COUSINS: Don't Stay Out Late/ LYNN CRAYMER: Hey Mister/ Wild She Devil/ JIMMY DALLAS & CATHY JUSTICE: Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Mo/ LLOYD DALTON: Tired/ JIMMY LEE DURDEN: Time Heals Everything/ CLYDE EASLEY: Drive In Baby/ RAMBLIN' EVERETT: Cincinnati Woman/ KENNY HOLIDAY: Little Heart Don't Be Disgusted/ HOOT AND CURLEY: Country Lovin'/ Lonesome And Lovesick/ CHARLIE HUFF: Can't Tame Wild Women/ "SMILIN" JERRY JERICHO: Lovin' Up/ JIMMY KAY: Trouble In The Mountains/ BOB KINNEY: The Girls I Left Behind/ CHUCK MANNING: Let's Go/ JIMMY MERRITT: I've Lost The Blues/ DUSTY OWENS & DONNA DARLENE: It's Goodbye & So Long/ JIM PARKER: Did I Do Alright/ GENE PARSON: Wreck Of Ol' Number Nine/ WARD PRESTON: Billy Bayou/ HAROLD STONE: Loved And Lost/ BILLY TOMPSON: Before/ HANK WEAVER: That's The Way I Feel/ JIMMY WIDENER: Padlock On The Door/ JESS WILLARD: I'm Branding My Darling With My Heart/ PAUL WILSON: The Blues You Gave Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Delmark 917 Delmark - 60 Years Of Blues ● CD $14.98
16 tracks, recommended
Legendary blues and jazz label Delmark 60 years old this year - still run by original founder - the indefatigable Bob Koester who just celebrated his 81st birthday. This set includes a selection of tracks drawn from Delmark releases over the past 10 years along with previews of a couple of forthcoming releases and some previously unissued tracks from older recordings. As an old fogey I couldn't get too excited about the tracks from recent recordings from Studebaker John's Maxwell Street Kings, Linsey Alexander, Giles Corey's Stoned Soul, Toronzo Cannon - a bit too much in the rock/ blues vein for my taste but all power to Bob for keeping up with the times! On the other hand I love Magic Sam's previously unissued live recording of I Don't Want No Woman from the album due out next month of a previously unissued live concert and Sleepy John Estes with Stop That Thing recorded live in Japan in 1974 and due to be released in full next year. Other delights include Junior Wells doing a fine previously unissued version of Rock Me Baby from the "Southside Blues Jam Sessions," an unissued alternate take of Little Walter's Just Keep Loving Her from his 1950 Parkway session (the issued take is on Delmark 648 "The Blues World Of Little Walter"- $10.98) and a previously unissued rendition of 44 Blues by the great Big Joe Williams from a 1960 private tape. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5036 Backwoods Blues 1926 - 1935 ● CD $21.98
24 tracks, very highly recommended
We've turned up a handful of copies of this great out of print set which is being offered by some sellers for over $200! Some ferocious country blues by four obscure but fine country blues singer/ guitarists. There are 13 songs by Alabama street singer Sam Butler or, as he was listed on some discs Bo Weavil Jackson. He was a powerful, if somewhat inexpressive singer, who accompanied himself on strongly picked guitar - sometimes using a slide. Bobby Grant is a very different singer with a deep powerful voice and a more melodic slide guitar style - he only only recorded two songs - both gems. Mississippi singer/ guitarist King Solomon Hill has an intense guitar style and highish voice not unlike that of Jackson and, at one time, were thought to be the same person. The set ends with two gorgeous tracks by the wonderful Lane Hardin - a distinctive singer, rhythmic guitar player with some fascinating song lyrics. His California Desert Blues tell us that "Crossing the California Desert is just like breaking the Hindenberg Line" and Hard Time Blues is a topical song about the depression. Wonderful stuff, though probably not for casual listening. (FS)
BOBBY GRANT: Lonesome Atlanta Blues/ Nappy Head Blues/ LANE HARDIN: California Desert Blues/ Hard Time Blues/ KING SOLOMON HILL: Bended Knee (take 1)/ Down On My/ Down On My Bended Knee (take 2)/ Tell Me Baby/ The Gone Dead Train/ Whoopee Blues (take 2)/ Whoopee Blues (take L)/ BO WEAVIL JACKSON: Christians Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long/ Devil And My Brown Blues/ Heaven Is My View/ I'm On My Way To The Kingdom Land/ Jefferson County Blues/ Jefferson County Blues (alt. Take)/ Pistol Blues/ Poor Boy Blues/ Some Scream High Yellow/ When The Saints Come Marching Home/ Why Do You Moan?/ You Can't Keep No Brown (pm)/ You Can't Keep No Brown (vo)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5675 Field Recordings, Volume 16 - Boll Weevil Here ● CD $15.98 $12.98
24 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended
A most welcome entry in this series featuring performances collected by John and Alan Lomax in Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas between 1934 and 1940. A mix of unaccompanied and accompanied performances - the latter including a fine version of Boll Weevil Rag by singer/ guitarist Charles Griffin. There are several other songs about the boll weevil including Richard Amerson, Vera Hill, the remarkable Willie George Albertine King, Irvin "Gar Mouth" Lowry and Al (Chicken Dad) valentine. This also features the only performance recorded by country bluesman Ernest Rogers who was recorded at the Angola prison farm - a superb singer and guitarist - what a shame they didn't record more by him. There's also the excellent harmonica/ washboard duo Ellis Evans & Jimmy Lewis and a fascinating group Seven Boys with home made Instruments doing two fine blues with vocal, harmonica, kazoo, washboard and percussion. Wilson Jones (aka Stavin Chain) is a vocalist and guitarist accompanied by fiddler Octave Amos. Their instrumental work is very ragged but includes some fine songs including the long murder ballad Batson. Other performers include Annie Brewer, Oakdale Carriere and Finous (Flat Foot) Rockmore. Sound quality is as good as can be expected from the old,worn and sometimes damaged acetates and booklet includes informative notes by Bob Groom. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dust-To-Digital 029 Luk Thung: Classic & Obscure 78s From The Thai Countrys ● CD $14.98
14 tracks, 41 mins, highly recommended
Wonderful collection of Thai popular music performed by rural musicians. In the late 1930s and 40s the government of Thailand urged the population to adopt Western culture, including music but in the 1950s there was an encouragement to return to traditional culture. As a result Thai music drew upon both Western and traditional elements, particularly in the rural areas where most of these singers originate and the music they played was known as Luk Thung. At times we hear Latin flavored horn sections from the time when Thailand was swept by a Latin dance craze but we also hear the use of traditional instruments like hand drums and small cymbals. The recordings here were recorded in the 1950s and early 60s and were originally issued on 78s which were still being issued in Thailand in the 1960s. As is often the case the collision of Western and native music results in music that is truly captivating, as is the case here. A variety of male and female singers are featured including Suraphon Sombatcharoen who was the most popular artist in the style in the 1950s and 60s - his stature in Thailand was the equivalent of Elvis in the USA. Sound quality on these haunting recordings is excellent and the 16 page booklet has interesting notes by Peter Dooland discussing the history and development of popular music in Thailand as well as information on the performers and the performances. Lovely stuff. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS King 4404 King Blues & Gospel, Vol. 4 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
Another superb collection of jump blues and gospel recorded for the great King label between 1946 and 1952. It includes such superb blues singers and shouters as Walter Brown, Johnny Sellers (superb vocalist with tough band including fine guitar from Jimmy Shirley), Percy Mayfield (his classic Two Years Of Torture), Jimmie Rushing (with members of the Count Basie Orch.), Johnny O'Neal (with some superb guitar from Willie Gaddy) and others. There are some jumpin' R&B instrumentals from Joe Thomas & His Orch., Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis and Jimmy Cole & His Orch. and a fine slow blues instrumental from the obscure group The Three Clouds with Paul Renfro on tenor and Lonnie Johnson playing some superb guitar. The set is rounded out by three excellent gospel tracks including the fabulous How Far Am I From Canaan by The Spirit Of Memphis plus cuts from Paul Breckenridge & The Four Heavenly Knights and Elder Beck (who started his recording career in 1930). One of the best in this series. (FS)
ELDER BECK: Shouting With Elder Beck/ PAUL BRECKENRIDGE & THE FOUR HEAVENLY KNIGHTS: Staff In My Hand/ WALTER BROWN: My Baby's Boogie Woogie/ Stop Light/ JIMMY COLE & HIS ORCH.: Cole Tater/ EDDIE 'LOCKJAW' DAVIS: Huckle Boogie/ DETROIT COUNT: My Last Call/ BILL JOHNSON & HIS MUSICAL NOTES (VCL. GUS GO: How Would You Know/ I Love You More Each Day/ PERCY MAYFIELD WITH MONROE TUCKER'S ORCH.: Half Awoke/ Two Years Of Torture/ WILD BILL MOORE: Hey Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ JOHNNY O'NEAL: Blues About Baby/ JIMMIE RUSHING: She's Mine, She's Yours/ Somebody's Spoiling These Women/ JOHNNY SELLERS: Don't Knock At My Door/ Heavyweight Mama/ Turn The Lights Down Low/ THE SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS QUARTET: How Far Am I From Canaan/ JOE THOMAS, HIS SAX & ORCH.: Jumpin' Joe/ Wham-A-Lam/ THE THREE CLOUDS (PAUL RENFRO/TENOR SAX): Matinee Hour In New Orleans/ HAROLD TINSLEY: Bad News Blues/ CARL VAN MOON: Do Something For Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lake 320 Dealing With The Devil's Music ● CD $22.98 $18.98
26 tracks, highly recommended
Thanks to the efforts of British trad jazz band leader Chris Barber, Britain got to see a number of blues artists in the 50s and early 60s - well before the "blues boom" and some of those got to record in the U.K. Three of the artists here are piano players - Little Brother Montgomery, Memphis Slim and Speckled Red and have been well represented on record - suffice to say they are in fine form on the recordings here - some of which appeared on the British Columbia label while others are previously unissued. But what makes this set significant is the eight tracks by singer/ harmonica player Jimmy Cotton recorded in 1961 - his first solo recordings since his Sun sides in 1954. At the time Jimmy was holding down the harmonica chair with Muddy Waters so it's not too surprising that his playing is exceptional and well worth the price of admission. On most cuts he is accompanied by guitarist Alexis Korner and on some a piano and bass player join in and all do a decent job. I'm not too sure about Chris Barber's trombone of three of the cuts, but the main focus is on Jimmy's singing and playing - he does a couple of original instrumentals, songs from the repertoire of Sonny Boy Williamson #1, Big Bill Broonzy and St. Louis Jimmy and Muddy's Standing Around Crying. and does a superb job on all of them. Originally issued on two Columbia E.P.s this marks their first appearance on CD and they are a pleasure to have. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day DAY3CD 020 Poison Ivy - Gems From The Atco Vaults, 1959-1962 ● CD $13.98
3 CDs, 60 tracks, 147 mins, highly recommended
if you love Pop music When I think about Atco records, the first act I think of is certainly The Coasters, and they are here in full force with Poison Ivy/ Besame Mucho/ Along Came Jones, and several more. After them, I guess that I would think Ben E King (six tracks here,) King Curtis (three tracks, including my favorite ((and possibly Stephan King's as well)) Castle Rock), and then maybe pop acts like Bobby Darin, and Bent Fabric, who both have multiple tracks featured. You know; all the artists that weren't heavy enough to be on the regular Atlantic label. Other great tacks here like The Ikettes I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song), Tell Him No by The Jackson Brothers, Sh-Boom by The Sh-Booms, Tired Of Trying by Jean Du Shon, Jorgen Ingmann's big hit version of Apache, a cool version of Daddy Rollin' Stone by Jimmy Ricks & The Ravens, and many more great tunes that are sure to make you long for the days of classic Pop radio. On top of all that you get Come With Me To The Casbah by Ganimian & His Orientals, and The Fish Man by Ian Menzies - they sure don't make 'em like that anymore. (JM)
ACKER BILK: Stranger On The Shore/ CARLA & RUFUS: 'Cause I Love You/ THE COASTERS: Along Came Jones/ Besame Mucho, Pt. 1/ Charlie Brown/ Poison Ivy/ Three Cool Cats/ KING CURTIS: Castle Rock/ Heavenly Blues/ The Honey Dripper, Pt. 1/ BOBBY DARIN: Clementine/ Dream Lover/ La Mer Beyond The Sea/ Multiplication/ Things/ Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey/ JEAN DU SHON: Talk To Me, Talk To Me/ Tired Of Trying/ PAUL EVANS: Beat Generation/ BENT FABRIC: Alley Cat/ Chicken Feed/ SONNY FORREST: Diddy Bop/ GANIMIAN & HIS ORIENTALS: Come With Me To The Casbah/ MAX HARRIS: Gurney Slade/ JIMMY HARRISON: Hiccups/ MARTY HILL: Don't Pretend/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Devil Or Angel/ Every Day Every Way/ THE IKETTES: I Do Love You/ I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)/ JORGEN INGMANN: Anna/ Apache/ CHET 'POISON' IVEY: The Slop/ CHUCK JACKSON: Never Let Me Go/ THE JACKSON BROTHERS: Tell Him No/ BEN E. KING: Amor, Amor/ Don't Play That Song (You Lied)/ I'm Standing By/ Show Me The Way/ Spanish Harlem/ Stand By Me/ TOMMY KNIGHT: Say You Do/ ADA LEE: Moanin'/ IAN MENZIES: Fish Man/ HELEN MERRILL: You Don't Know What Love Is/ GERALD NELSON: The Big Chance/ NINA & FREDERIK: Listen To The Ocean/ Nine Hundred Miles/ PAT & THE SATELLITES: Jupiter-C/ RAY & LINDY: Big Betty/ TEDDY REDELL: Judy/ JIMMY RICKS: Hi-Lilli, Hi-Lo/ Daddy Rollin' Stone/ RUFUS & FRIEND: I Didn't Believe/ THE SH-BOOMS: Sh-Boom/ SANDY STEWART: Playmates/ NINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENS: Sweet and Lovely/ TEE TUCKER: Rock & Roll Machine/ THE VIBRAHARPS: It Must Be Magic/ GINNY ZEE: Bobby Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day DAY3CD 042 Come And Get It - THe Herald Records Story ● CD $13.98
Three CDs, 75 tracks, highly recommended
A terrific triple set from Al Silver's small but mighty Herald label recorded between 1953 and 1962. The label issued around 200 singles between 1953 and 1964 and had some major R&B hits including four all time doo-wop classics - Tonite Tonite by The Mello-Kings, Story Untold by The Nutmegs, Stay by Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs and When You Dance by The Turbans - songs that have been covered by many doo-wop groups since. There are also some great gospel flavored R&B songs from Faye Adams that were big hits - I'll Be True and Shake A Hand. In addition to the hits we get more doo-wop from groups like The Loungers, Sonnets, Tune Tones, The Five Willows, Vocalaires, Sunbeams, Thrillers and others. We also get some great blues songs from Lightnin' Hopkins (some of his most exciting recordings), the fabulous Cousin Leroy, Little Walter and others. Although a majority of the recordings feature African-American music the label also dabbled in rockabilly and rock & roll and the cuts by Ronnie Pearson are particularly fine rockabilly tracks with hot guitar. Excellent sound and brief notes round out the set. (FS)
FAYE ADAMS: Hurts Me To My Heart/ I’ll Be True/ Shake A Hand/ EDDIE BOYD: Lonesome For My Baby/ CHARLIE & RAY: Dearest One/ Mad With You, Baby/ Sweet Thing/ THE CONCORDS: Marlene/ COUSIN LEROY: Crossroads/ Waiting At The Station/ THE DEBONAIRES: Darlin’/ THE DESIRES: Cold Lonely Heart/ THE DYNAMICS: Forever Love/ THE FIVE WILLOWS: Baby Come A Little Closer/ Lay Your Head On My Shoulder/ So Help Me/ BUDDY GRECO: Ooh Baby/ THE HERALDS: Eternal Love/ LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS: Boogie Woogie Dance/ Evil Hearted Woman/ Flash Lightnin’/ Hear Me Talkin’/ Let’s Move/ My Little Kewpie Doll/ RICKY JONES: You Know It’s True/ JIMMY KING: Knockin’ On Your Door/ LITTLE WALTER: I Just Keep Lovin’ Her/ Take A Walk With Me/ THE LOUNGERS: Remember The Night/ CINDY MANN: You Can’t Fool Me Baby/ STICKS MCGHEE: Sleep In Job/ THE MELLO-KINGS: Baby Tell Me/ Chip Chip/ Tonite-Tonite/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Until You’re Mine/ THE MINT JULEPS: Bells Of Love/ Vip A Dip/ FATS NOEL: You Belong To Me/ THE NUTMEGS: Comin’ Home/ My Sweet Dreams/ Story Untold/ RONNIE PEARSON: Flippin’ Over You/ Hot Shot/ I Dig That Girl The Most/ She Bops A Lot/ PORK CHOPS: I Wanna See My Lovin’ Baby/ TOMMY RIDGLEY: Baby Do Little/ When I Meet My Girl/ Woncha Gone/ THE ROCKETEERS: Foolish One/ THE ROSETTES: You Broke My Heart/ GENE ROSS: The Only One/ THE ROYAL HOLIDAYS: Down In Cuba/ Rockin’ At The Bandstand/ LITTLE BUTCHIE SAUNDERS: I Wanna Holler/ Great Big Heart/ Lindy Lou/ AL SAVAGE: A Fool Was I/ THE SMART TONES: Bob O Link/ Ginny/ THE SONNETS: Why Should We Break Up/ THE SUNBEAMS: Come Back Baby/ Tell Me Why/ THE THRILLERS: Lizabeth/ Please Talk To Me/ THE TRIANGLES: Savin’ My Love/ THE TUNE TONES: Lonesome Soul/ She’s Right For Me/ THE TURBANS: It Was A Night Like This/ Sister Sookey/ When You Dance/ THE VOCALAIRES: Dance Dance/ MAURICE WILLIAMS & THE ZODIACS: Come And Get It/ I Remember/ Stay

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 198 High Voltage - The Big Top Records Story ● CD $11.98
2 CDs, 50 tracks, recommended
The Big Top story is a relatively short one: the label only lasted for eight years, from 1958 to 1966. But during that time, Big Top managed to release records in an assortment of styles, from rock and roll to comedy, and this compilation is culled from sides cut during the labels' most successful era. Originally set up as a subsidiary of music publishing house Hill and Range-which had made a fortune publishing Nashville country music-you'd think the label would have had a stronger country presence, but based on this collection, you'd be wrong. The majority of the songs here lean heavily toward soft pop (by the likes of Jamie Coe, Don & Juan, Gerri Granger, and Jeri Lynn), rousing instrumentals (by Maximilian, Johnny Gibson, The Lincoln Trio), soft R&B (by Sammy Turner and Lou Johnson), and quasi-girl group pop (The Honeytones, Bobbie Smith & the Dream Girls). The class recordings come from the Big Top's biggest hit makers, Del Shannon (Runaway/ Little Town Flirt/ The Swiss Maid) and Johnny & the Hurricanes (High Voltage/ Traffic Jam/ Down Yonder), while Sammy Turner (Always), Lou Johnson (You Better Let Him Go/ If I Never Love You, the latter written by Bacharach and David), and Bobby Pedrick, Jr. (White Bucks and Saddle Shoes and Betty Blue Eyes, both written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman) are not far behind, qualitywise. The fact that the label was run as a sideline to a successful publishing house, might account for the scattershot nature of the company's releases and the lack of artistic vision that similar labels of the time had in spades. Whatever your point of view, there's no denying-for a major talent like Del Shannon alone-Big Top's place in rock and roll history. (GMC)
DOTTY CLARKE: That's a Step in the Right Direction/ JAMIE COE: But Yesterday/ Cleopatra/ MICKEY DENTON: Steady Kind/ DON & JUAN: What I Really Meant To Say/ What's Your Name/ THE DOVES: Lets make up/ THE DREAM GIRLS: Don't Break My Heart/ MIKE DRUMMOND: Little Lover/ THE FIVE TEENBEATS: Time to Rock/ MEL GADSON: Comin' Down With Love/ JOHNNY GIBSON: Midnight/ GERRI GRANGER: Castle In The Sky/ Don't Want Your Letters/ ROCKY HART & THE PASSIONS: Baby You've Got It Made/ Crying/ THE HONEYTONES: Don't Look Now, But.../ JOEY & THE AMBERS: The Treasure in My Heart/ JOHNNY & THE HURRICANES: Down Yonder/ High Voltage/ Rockin' Goose/ Traffic Jam/ LOU JOHNSON: If I Never Get To Love You/ You Better Let Him Go/ WILLIE JONES: Somewhere/ THE LINCOLN TRIO: Garden Of Eden/ JERI LYNN: If/ KENNY MARTIN: Fever/ MAXIMILIAN: The Twistin' Ghost/ MAXIMILLIAN: The Snake/ TONY MIDDLETON: Unchained Melody/ THE PARAKEETS: I Love You Like I Do/ BOBBY PEDRICK JR.: Betty Blue Eyes/ White Bucks And Saddle Shoes/ JOHN PRICE: I'll Never Let Her Go/ THE ROYAL JOKERS: Red Hot/ THE SHADES: Sun Glasses/ DEL SHANNON: Hats Off To Larry/ Hey! Little Girl/ Little Town Flirt/ Runaway/ So Long Baby/ The Swiss Maid/ LIZA SMITH: I Wanna Love You/ BOBBIE SMITH & THE DREAM GIRLS: Your Lovey Dovey Ways/ SPENCER STIRLING: Jilted/ SAMMY TURNER: Always/ Lavender Blue/ THE VISIONS: All Through the Night/ Tell Me You're Mine

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 216 I'll Go Crazy - The Federal Records Story ● CD $11.98
2 CDs, 50 tracks, 137 mins, very highly recommended
Here's a fantastic collection of Rhythm & Blues, Blues, and a little bit O Soul, all from the mighty Federal record label. You get four great early tracks from James Brown & The Famous Flames including Think and Please, Please, Please, a couple of excellent songs from the highly underrated Tiny Topsy, fantastic big city blues from the likes of John Lee Hooker, Lonnie Johnson, and Little Esther, Ike Turner & His Rhythm Kings are here doing their thing on a few tracks, Billy Ward & His Dominos, The Midnighters, Freddie King, Little Willie Littlefield, and many more are all here laying down superb tracks. You even get a couple sublime tracks from the Platters. Then there's The Puddle Jumpers, I've never heard of them, you've probably never heard of them, but they are here as well with two really good tracks. There's not a bum track on this whole collection; you should pick this one up, or be dangerously in jeopardy of being considered a total square. (JM)
LUTHER BOND & THE EMERALDS: Old Mother Nature/ JACKIE BRENSTON & IKE TURNER'S KINGS OF RHYTHM: What Can It Be/ JAMES BROWN & THE FAMOUS FLAMES: Good Good Lovin'/ I'll Go Crazy/ Please, Please, Please/ Think/ THE CHARMETTES: Johnny, Johnny/ THE CHECKERS: The White Cliffs Of Dover/ THE EL-DEENS: My Love For You/ LITTLE ESTHER: Heart To Heart/ I Paid My dues/ BILLY GALES & IKE TURNER'S KINGS OF RHYTHM: Let's Call It A Day/ CAL GREEN: The Big Push/ The Search Is Over/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: Don't You Remember Me/ Late Last Night/ LINDA HOPKINS: My loving baby/ LONNIE JOHNSON: Friendless Blues/ What A Real Woman/ SYL JOHNSON: I've Got Love/ FREDDIE KING: You've Got To Love Her With feeling/ BOOKER LEE JR: Rockin' Blues/ LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD: Kansas City/ TOMMY LOVE: Ice Cream, Soda Pop/ KENNY MARTIN: Darling, Please Be Mine/ I'm The Jivin' Mr Lee/ THE MIDNIGHTERS: Daddy's Little Baby/ Let 'Em Roll/ Rock, Granny, Roll/ RUDY MOORE: Step It Up And Go/ JIMMY NOLEN: The Way You Do/ JOE PENNY: Bip A Little, Bop A Lot/ Mercy, Mercy, Percy/ THE PLATTERS: Only You/ Tell The World/ THE PUDDLE JUMPERS: Quiet Dad/ Snake Charmer/ THE ROCKERS: Down In The Bottom/ What Am I To Do/ THE SWALLOWS: Angel Baby/ Itchy Twitchy Feeling/ FAITH TAYLOR & THE SWEET TEENS: Your Candy Kisses/ TINY TOPSY: Just A Little Bit/ Miss You So/ THE TURBO JETS: Far East Cha Cha Cha/ IKE TURNER: Do You Mean It/ Rock A Bucket/ BILLY WARD & HIS DOMINOES: Bobby Sox Baby/ Have Mercy Baby/ St. Louis Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 220 The OKeh Blues Story ● CD $11.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, highly recommended
 OKeh Records has a special place in blues history. It was the first label to record an African-American artist singing blues with their 1921 recording of Crazy Blues by Mamie Smith. This record became so popular that OKeh made more recordings in this style and were quickly joined by many of the other active record labels and, thus, blues recording began. Over the next 20 years the label was a major force in blues recording releasing almost 1,000 78s during this period including recordings by some the greatest blues artists including Lonnie Johnson, Roosevlt Sykes, Victoria Spivey, Blind Willie McTell, The Mississippi Sheiks, Brownie McGhee, Mississippi John Hurt, Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Boy Fuller and Memphis Minnie - all of whom are featured here. There are also fine sides by lesser known artists like Sylvester Weaver (bottleneck guitar pioneer), Mary Copeland (the delightfully named Penetrating Blues), Little Hat Jones, Papa Freddie, Mississippi Bracey, Dora Carr, Blues Birdhead (soulful harmonica instrumental), Sloppy Henry and many more including a rare appearance on record by "father of the blues" W.C. Handy who, with his band do an instrumental version of his most famous composition St. Louis Blues. They even poached the great Texas country blues artist Blind Lemon Jefferson from Paramount for one session but they quickly had to return him as he was Paramount's biggest country blues artist. Sound quality is excellent and there are brief notes. (FS)
TEXAS ALEXANDER: Levee Camp Moan/ GLADYS BENTLEY: Worried Blues/ ESTHER BIGEOU: Panama Limited Blues/ THE BIRMINGHAM JUG BAND: Giving It Away/ BLUES BIRDHEAD: Mean Low Blues/ MISSISSIPPI BRACEY: You Scolded Me And Drove Me From Your Door/ BIG BILL BROONZY: When I Been Drinking Big Bill/ ADA BROWN: Evil Mama Blues/ DORA CARR: Cow Cow Blues/ BO CARTER: Ants In My Pants/ PETER CHATMAN & HIS WASHBOARD BAND: Miss Ora Lee Blues/ PETER CLEIGHTON: Something Going On Wrong/ MARTHA COPELAND: Penetrating Blues/ ROSETTA CRAWFORD: Lonesome Woman Blues/ LITTLE BUDDY DOYLE & BIG WALTER HORTON: Hard Scufflin' Blues/ BLIND WILLIE DUNN'S GIN BOTTLE FOUR: Blue Blood Blues/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE: Warehouse Man Blues/ CARRIE EDWARDS: Fattenning Frogs For Snakes/ BLIND BOY FULLER: When You Are Gone/ GEORGIA BILL (BLIND WILLIE MCTELL): Scarey Day Blues/ W. C. HANDY: St. Louis Blues/ ROSA HENDERSON: Everywomans Blues/ BERTHA "CHIPPIE" HILL: Pratt City Blues/ ALBERTA HUNTER: Your Jelly Roll Is Good/ MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT: Stack O Lee Blues/ BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON: Black Snake Moan/ LONNIE JOHNSON: Wrong Woman Blues/ MARGARET JOHNSON: If I Let You Get Away With It Once You'll Do It All The Time/ LITTLE HAT JONES: Rolled From Side To Side Blues/ ED MACON & TAMPA JOE: Tickle Britches/ SARA MARTIN: Achin' Hearted Blues/ CHARLIE MCCOY W/ BO CARTER: That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away/ BROWNIE MCGHEE: Double Trouble/ MEMPHIS MINNIE: Me & My Chauffer/ THE MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS: Sitting On Top Of The World/ HAMBONE WILLIE NEWBERN: Roll & Tumble Blues/ PAPA FREDDIE: Muddy Water Blues/ SNITCHER ROBERTS: Low Moaning Blues/ IRENE SCRUGGS: Sorrow Valley Blues/ SLOPPY HENRY: Canned Heat Blues/ MAMIE SMITH & HER JAZZ HOUNDS: Crazy Blues/ VICTORIA SPIVEY: T.B. Blues/ STOVEPIPE & DAVID CROCKETT: A Woman Get's Tired Of One Man All The Time/ ROOSEVLET SYKES: 44. Blues/ EVA TAYLOR: Irresistible Blues/ SONNY TERRY: Blowin' The Blues/ UNCLE BUD WALKER: Stand Up Suitcase Blues/ SIPPIE WALLACE: Walkin' Talkin' Blues/ SYLVESTER WEAVER: Guitar Rag/ BUKKA WHITE: Parchman Farm Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 223 The Best Of Halloween ● CD $11.98
50 tracks, 121 mins, highly recommended
If you already have a lot of these kind of Halloween compilations (like I do), than you will probably have most of these tracks. If you aren't already well stocked, then this is a great set to pick up, with an excellent assortment and a fantastic sound quality throughout. There are a handful over overly compiled classics: Monster Mash/ Love Potion #9/ Purple People Eater/ I Put A Spell On You, etc, but they are far out-weighed by great songs that are lesser known (outside of comps like this) like Screamin' Ball (At Dracula's Hall) by The Duponts, Jekyll And Hyde by Jim Burgett, You Can Get Him Frankenstein By The Castle Kings, and She's My Witch by Kip Tyler. There's Dinner With Drac By Zacherley, which is comped a lot, but then there are 4 more Zacherley tracks that don't get heard often. Some other great tracks here that I haven't seen much or at all on CD: Igor's Party by Tony's Monstrosities, The Martian Band by The Wild Tones, and Leopard Man by Joe Wallace, and a few others. All in all, this is a great comp full of all vintage Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues that provides a whole lot of muck for your buck. (JM)
BOBBY 'BORIS' PICKETT & THE CRYPT-KICKERS: Rabian The Fiendage Idol/ THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK ORCHESTRA: Music To Be Murdered By/ JAN AMBER: The Little Martian/ THE ASTRO-NOTES: Rocket To The Moon/ THE BIG BOPPER: The Purple People Eater Meets The Witchdoctor/ BOB & JERRY: Ghost Satellite/ JIM BURGETT: Jekyll And Hyde/ PHIL CARTER: Amazon/ CARLOS CASAL & JR.: Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein/ THE CASTLE KINGS: You Can Get Him Frankenstein/ THE CLOVERS: Love Potion No. 9/ THE COASTERS: The Shadow Knows/ BERT CONVY: The Monster Hop/ THE DAYLIGHTERS: Mad House Jump/ THE DUPONTS: Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall)/ CASEY GRAMS: Count Down/ SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS: Frenzy/ I Put A Spell On You/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Frankenstein's Den/ JACK & JIM: Midnight Monsters Hop/ JOE JOHNSON: The Gila Monster/ ARCHIE KING: The Vampires/ BIG BOB KORNEGAY: At The House Of Frankenstein/ LORD LUTHER: Teenage Creature/ THE MOONTREKKERS: Night Of The Vampire/ JACKIE MORNINGSTAR: Rockin' In the Graveyard/ NERVOUS NORVOUS: The Fang/ BOBBY 'BORIS' PICKETT & THE CRYPT-KICKERS: Graveyard Shift/ Monster Mash/ Monster Mash Party/ DWIGHT PULLEN: Sunglasses After Dark/ SONNY RICHARD'S PANICS: The Voo Doo Walk (Feat. Cindy & Misty)/ LEE ROSS: The Mummy's Bracelet/ SMILEY SMITH: Voodoo Woman/ SCREAMING LORD SUTCH: 'Til The Following Night/ TARANTULA GOUL: Graveyard Rock/ TONY'S MONSTROSITIES: Igor's Party/ KIP TYLER: Jungle Hop/ She's My Witch/ JOE WALLACE: Leopard Man/ GARRY WARREN: Werewolf/ COYE WILCOX: Zippy, Hippy, Dippy/ THE WILD TONES: The Martian Band/ ROD WILLIS: The Cat/ SHEB WOOLEY: The Purple People Eater/ JOHN ZACHERLE: Dinner With Drac 1/ Gravy (With Some Cyanide)/ Let's Twist Again (Mummy Time Is Here)/ Popeye (The Gravedigger)/ The Bat

VARIOUS ARTISTS Rockbeat ROC CD 3170 Pulp & Pop Culture Box ● CD $39.98
4 CDs, 115 tracks, 239 mins, very highly recommended
This little box set is an embarrassment of outr‚ riches! If you are familiar with the compilations that the Buffalo Bop label has put out over the years, this is like four of the best Buffalo Bop comps all put into one box set (and released on a different label.) Each CD is chock full of wild music, plus the box and each CD slipcase feature fantastic, lurid, pulp inspired artwork. You get four CDs, each with a different theme; 1. "Rock & Roll Invasion" (outer space and alien songs,) 2. "Voodoo Dolls," (voodoo) 3. "Teenage Rebels," (teens and delinquency) and 4. "Wild Guitar instrumentals." Any one of these CDs on their own would be well worth picking up, all four together are just down right ridiculous. This is a smorgasbord of Surf, a shock of Rock, and a rampage of Rhythm & Blues. All tracks recorded in the fabulous, frenzied fifties, or the sultry, swinging sixties. (JM)
CD 1: BUTCH PAULSON: Man From Mars/ THE RAN-DELLS: The Martian Hop/ INVASION: The Invasion Is Coming/ TRAILER: Plan 9 From Outer Space/ JOE BENNETT AND SPARKLETONES: Rocket/ JOHNNY BOND: X-15/ THE STARFIRES: Space Needle/ THE REBELAIRES: Satellite Rock/ WESLEY REYNOLDS: Trip to the Moon/ TRAILER: Invaders From Mars/ JACK FAUTHEREE: First Man On Mars/ DUANE DIAMOND : Rocket Trip/ BILL THOMAS: The Sputnik Story/ SONNY SHEATHER: Orbit With Me/ NELSON YOUNG: Rock Old Sputnik/ JOE NORRIS: Rock Out of This World/ BLACKIE JENKINS: Spaceship Life/ ROYCE SIMPSON: Space Dance/ TRAILER: It Came From Outer Space/ SONNY DAY: Creature From Outer Space/ LONNIE MILEY: Satellite Fever/ JOE MONTGOMERY: Planetary Run/ TRAILER: Robot Monster/ DICK ROBINSON: The Boppin Martian/ TRAILER: Blood Beast From Outer Space/ THE BOSS TONES: Mope Itty Mope/ ROLLETTES ORCHESTRA: Venus Rock/ DEACON AND ROCK: Rockin On the Moon/ TRAILER: Astro Zombies/ THE THUNDERBIRDS: Flying Saucer/ PREACHER: Flying Saucer Sermon CD 2:THE INVICTAS: Voodoo Dolly/ GLENDA AND GLEN: Voodoo Doll/ BILL JAMES: Voodoo Queen/ SMILEY SMITH: Voodoo Woman/ ART VAN DAMME QUINTET: Voodoo Doll/ DIXIE DEE: Voodoo Mama/ TRAILER: Voodoo Island/ JERICHO JONES: Black Magic/ RED CALLENDAR SEXTETTE: Voodoo/ CURTIS KNIGHT: Voodoo Woman/ JAN DAVID: Watusi Zombie/ VOODOO DRUMS: The Islanders/ JOHNNY PERRYP: The Voodoo Man/ TRAILER: Voodoo Woman/ MERCY BABY: Loves Voodoo/ AKIM: Voodoo Drums/ TRAILER: Voodoo Village/ DON SARGENT: Voodoo Kiss/ MIGHTY JOE YOUNG: Voo Doo dust/ TRAILER: White Zombie/ BILLY TAYLOR: Wombie Zombie/ C.SHEFIELD: Its Your Voodoo Working/ JOE GAINES: Voo Doo Lou/ VOLCANOS: Oh Oh Oh Mojo/ CYRIL DIAZ AND ORCHESTRA: Voodoo CD 3: RICKY AND STAMPERS: The Wild One/ PETER AND JIMMY: So Wild/ RONNIE ALLEN: Juvenile Delinquent/ KIP TYLER: Rumble Rock/ GENE MALTAIS: Gang War/ ALAN BARNICOAT: Savage/ ROCKY HOLMAN: Wild Boy/ JOHNNY STARK: Rockin Billy/ TRAILER: Girls Town/ STEVE WRIGHT: Wild Wild Woman/ JOHNNY GAMBLE: Wicked Woman/ TALK: Sex Education in the 50s/ JOHN AND JACKIE: Little Girl/ CREEP: Betty Lou Got A New Tattoo/ TERRY ANN: Motorcycle Jack/ MARCEL ST. JEAN: Big Black Jacket/ RON AND JOE: Riot In Cell Block 9/ JOYCE GREEN: Black Cadillac/ D. PULLEN: Sunglasses After Dark/ ALVIE SELF: Lets Go Wild/ TRAILER: Damaged Goods/ JOY RUSSELL: Woman/ JOHN FAIRE: Till the Law Says Stop/ JOHNNY KNIGHT: Rock and Roll Guitar/ THREE ACES AND A JOKER: Booze Party/ JERRY IRBY: Forty Nine Women/ TOMMY BELL: Swamp Gal/ TRAILER: Reform School Girl/ DON FRENCH: Little Blonde Girl/ WAYNE WILLIAMS: Red Hot Mama/ MYRON LEE: Homicide/ TRAILER: Jail Bait/ JOHNNY CARLTON: Shes A Moonlighter CD 4: THE RANGERS: Mogul Monster/ ROCKY AND FRIENDS: Riot City/ RONNY ISLE: Wicked/ THE ENCHANTERS 4: Like Tuff/ ALFREDO MENDIETA: Chicken Run/ THE MARLINS: Let Down/ THE ABOOTAYS: Pig Bone/ PAT AND WILDCATS: Green Tomatoes/ THE VETTES: Devils Driver Theme/ THE MUSTANGS: Jack the Ripper/ THE TREASURES: Minor Chaos/ BUD SPUDD AND SPROUTS: Slow Jam/ THE CHANCELLORS: Scream/ RONNY KAE: Drums Fell Off A Cliff/ BILLY MURE: Supersonic/ THE CORVAIRS: Something Wild/ THE HOLIDAYS: Concussion/ ANGIE AND CITATIONS: Headache/ JACK AND RIPPER: Heart Attack/ THE ROYAL PLAYBOYS: Goodbye Bo/ THE DEMONS: Little Betty Twist/ THE RUN-A-BOUTS: Wild Fire/ DON LOVE: Panic in the Powerplant/ THE CORVETTES: Shaften/ THE GESTICS: Invasion

VARIOUS ARTISTS Tompkins Square 2899 Turn Me Loose - Outsiders Of Old Time Music ● CD $14.98
14 tracks, 42 mins, highly recommended
Here's a fantastic collection of obscure and unique Old-time music. Lots of entertaining and downright fascinating tracks like Don't Get One Woman On Your Mind by the enigmatic Willard Hodgin, Bacon And Cabbage by Blind Joe Magrum and Fred Shriver, and my personal favorite, the odd and somewhat haunting, Mythological Blues by Ernest Rogers. All recordings are taken off of old 78s, some of which are pushing 100 years or older, so there is a little surface noise on occasion, but overall excellent sound throughout. Dig that saw player on Mister Johnson Turn Me Loose by the South Georgia Highballers! (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2203 The Return Of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of ● CD $27.98 $21.98
Two CDs, 46 tracks, highly recommended with reservations
The saying "The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of" is an iconic saying from the classic 1941 film "The Maltese Falcon." The movie, based on a story by Dashiell Hamett and directed by John Huston stars Humphrey Bogart and a magnificent supporting cast. It concerns the quest for a one of a kind priceless art object - the eponymous Maltese Falcon. Towards the end of the movie, Bogart's character Sam Spade refers to the elusive (and possibly illusory) object as "the stuff that dreams are made" - a paraphrase of a quote from Shakespeare's "The Tempest." Why am I telling you this? Well in 2006 Yazoo issued a two CD set (Yazoo 2202 - $27.98) featuring 46 incredibly rare and many one of a kind blues and country recordings from the 20s and 30s- many never reissued on CD before and others in vastly improved sound with a fabulous cover by R. Crumb. This set was called "The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of" and certainly the title seemed to fit considering the rarity and quality of the performances therein and is an essential purchase. This two CD set is a sequel to that set and like most sequels does not live up to the original but, most significantly, the title of the set is, in the immortal words of Joe Biden, "a bunch of malarky." The producers of this set have the audacity to change the meaning of the phrase to refer to a great iconic performance - some of which are not particularly rare and almost every track having been previously reissued on CD - and, most egregiously, at least half of them on previous Yazoo reissues. Last Kind Words by Geeshie Wiley is a magnificent performance but this marks the fourth time Yazoo have reissued it! What were they thinking? I haven't had a chance to do a comparison myself but I have it on good authority that the remastering of the tracks here that were on previous Yazoo issues is no better than on those previous reissues which was perfectly fine to begin with. Having said all that, if you don't have an extensive collection of Yazoo, County or JSP reissues then this is a fabulous and very worthwhile collection of great and rare (though not always very rare) blues, country and some ethnic music from the 1920s and early 30s in superb sound. Artists featured include Alex Hood & His Railroad Boys, Washington (Bukka) White), The Carter Brothers & Son, Isman Bracey, Dennis McGee & Sady Courville, Robert Wilkins, The Fruit Jar Guzzlers, George Edgin's Corn Dodgers, Joe Evans & Arthur McClain, The Carver Boys, Tommy Johnson, E. Mullaney & P. Stack, Blind Blake, Allison's Sacred Harp Singers and many more. Set is attractively packaged and includes a 54 page booklet devoted to the art of collecting rare records including interviews with noted collectors and other related materials. I have no problem with the music here - just the deceptive way it is presented. William Shakespeare and John Huston must be turning in their graves (at 78 rpm no doubt). (FS)
ALLISON’S SACRED HARP SINGERS: I’m A Long Time Traveling Away From Home/ APPALACHIA VAGABOND (HAYES SHEPHERD): Hard For To Love/ ASHLEY’S MELODY MEN: Bath House Blues/ L.O. BIRKHEAD & A.E. WARD: Robinson County/ BLIND BLAKE: Sun To Sun Blues/ THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN SINGERS: The Letter That Never Came/ ISHMAN BRACEY: Woman Woman Blues/ THE CARTER BROTHERS & SON: Old Jaw Bone/ THE CARTWRIGHT BROTHERS: Texas Ranger/ THE CARVER BOYS: Tim Brook/ PACKIE DOLAN & HIS BOYS: Irish Girl-Blue Breeches/ GEORGE EDGIN’S CORN DODGERS: My Ozark Mountain Home/ JOE EVANS & ARTHUR MCCLAIN: Two White Horses/ THE FRUIT JAR GUZZLERS: Stack-O-Lee/ ELDER GOLDEN P. HARRIS: I’ll Lead A Christian Life/ LUKE HIGNIGHT & HIS OZARK STRUTTERS: Fort Smith Breakdown/ ALEX HOOD & HIS RAILROAD BOYS: L And N Rag/ LULU JACKSON: Little Rosewood Casket/ BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON: Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed/ TOMMY JOHNSON: Lonesome Home Blues/ EARL JOHNSON & HIS DIXIE ENTERTAINERS: John Henry Blues/ LOTTIE KIMBROUGH: Rolling Log Blues/ FURRY LEWIS: Billy Lyons And Stack O’Lee/ THE LEWIS BROTHERS: Bull At The Wagon/ FIDDLING SAM LONG: Seneca Square Dance/ UNCLE DAVE MACON & HIS FRUIT JAR DRINKERS: Sail Away Ladies/ DENNIS MCGEE & SADY COURVILLE: Mon Chere Bebe Creole/ THE MISSISSIPPI POSSUM HUNTERS: The Last Shot Got Him/ E. MULLANEY & P. STACK: Maid In A Cherry Tree/ J.P. NESTER & NORMAN EDMONDS: Train On The Island/ HAMBONE WILLIE NEWBURN: Roll And Tumble Blues/ ORKIESTRA MAJKUTA: Wsciekla Polka/ CHARLEY PATTON: High Water Everywhere – Part 1/ Some These Days I’ll Be Gone/ CHARLIE POOLE & THE NORTH CAROLINA RAMBLERS: Milwaukee Blues/ FIDDLING POWERS & FAMILY: Old Molly Hair/ ECK ROBERTSON & FAMILY: Texas Wagoner/ B.F. SHELTON: Oh Molly Dear/ LEO SOILEAU & MAYUSE LAFLEUR: Basile Waltz/ KAROLA STOCHA & S. BACHLEDA: Koscieliska/ ERNEST STONEMAN & KAHLE BREWER: Lonesome Road Blues/ HENRY THOMAS: Charmin Betsey/ WILLIE WALKER: Dupree Blues/ WASHINGTON (BUKKA) WHITE: The Panama Limited/ GEESHIE WILEY: Last Kind Words Blues/ ROBERT WILKINS: That’s No Way To Get Along

WILEY WALKER & GENE SULLIVAN B.A.C.M. 427 Live And Let Live ● CD $14.98
22 tracks, 77 mins, recommended
Pleasing collection of sides recorded between 1939 and 1958 by this duo featuring duet vocals with Walker on guitar and Sullivan on guitar. The duo are best known for having written and first recorded country classics When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (not here) and Live and Let Live (included here). Their earlier sides feature just the duo on a selection on novelty songs, western songs and blues and Sullivan shows his prowess as a fiddler. Later sides include steel guitar and other instruments. The last two tracks are two 12 minute radio shows which includes a fair amount of country "humor" which is, for the most part, anything but humorous. The duo are pleasant, but not particularly compelling vocalists. Sound quality on quite a few tracks is pretty muffled. (FS)


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