Since our Second Time Around listings are so popular this list includes some great releases which have been out for a while but you may have missed them the first time we listed them.To avoid you getting possible duplicates we have added  asterisks (**) after these particular titles. We have also included some choice sale items this time.


DO NOT SELL AT ANY PRICE The Wild Obsessive Hunt For The World's Rarest 78rpm Records by Amanda Petrusich ● BOOK $24.98
Hardcover 249 pages, very highly recommended I approached this book with some trepidation: Is this going to be another case of cultural tourism like I have seen so many times over the years? Dipping a literary toe into the sacred waters of record collecting, (and written by a girl no less, didn't she see the "He Man Woman Haters Club" sign on the door to the record room?) I was pretty quickly won over. Petrusich was talking to the right people (at least the right people on the eastern side of the Mississippi), asking good questions, and collecting great stories. Then when she started taking diving instructions in order to scuba dive the river outside what used to be the Paramount record pressing plant, I knew that something special was happening here. A work Plimptonion in scope, (instead of a "Paper Lion" perhaps we have a Shellac Scenester,) a writer fully immersed in the experience and whose life will be noticeably changed by it. Petrusich takes us from rural flea markets to sold-out New York happenings, from casual listening get-togethers in Brooklyn apartments to a (anything but casual) session in Joe Bussard's legendary Maryland basement record room, all along the way digging the folklore behind so many great Blues, Country, Cajun, etc. recordings. This is a pretty quick read, but it's full of great stuff that our Roots & Rhythm faithful should really enjoy. (JM)



BILL BOYD'S COWBOY RAMBLERS Acrobat ACRCD 132 Volume 1 : Saturday Night Rag, 1934-1936 (16 tracks) ● CD $10.98 $7.98
16 early sides by this superb Western SWing band featuring the vocals of Bill or his brother Jim with excellent instrumental work from the likes of Art Davis, Jesse Ashlock or Cecil Brower/ fiddle, Walter Kirkes/ banjo, "Lefty" Perkins/ steel and others. Excellent sound and booklet has brief notes and full discographical info. About half a dozen tracks duplicate BACM 49.
BILL BOYD & HIS COWBOY RAMBLERS: Barn Dance Rag/ Draggin' It Around/ Going Back To My Texas Home/ Goofus/ I Can't Tame Wild Women/ I'm Gonna Hop Off That Train/ Mama Don't Like No Music/ Ramblers Rag/ River Blues/ Saturday Night Rag/ The Windswept Desert/ Under The Double Eagle/ Wah Hoo/ Way Out There/ You Shall Be Free Monah/ he Strawberry Roan

THE CADETS/ THE JACKS Ace CDCHD 534 The Cadets Meet The Jacks - Stranded In The Jungle** ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 65 min., highly recommended
The Cadets didn't have to go far to meet The Jacks since they were the same talented fellows. As The Cadets the group cut jump sides and the occasional novelty song for Modern with Dub Jones or Aaron Collins on lead. As The Jacks they recorded mostly ballads for RPM with tenor Willie Davis (and sometimes Ted Taylor) on lead. This collection concentrates on The Cadets offering 21 of their sides, including unreleased outtakes of Annie Met Henry/ Dancin' Dan, and the original and undubbed version of their hit Stranded In The Jungle. The few Jacks tracks were chosen primarily because they sound like Cadets stuff, i.e., Collins or Jones on lead. An unreleased outtake of The Jacks Why Did I Fall In Love is included. A companion disc, The Jacks Meet The Cadets, is in the works. Original album cover art, great music. (JC)
THE CADETS: Annie Met Henry/ Baby Ya Know/ Car Crash/ Church Bells May Ring/ Dancin' Dan/ Don't/ Don't Be Angry/ Fools Rush In/ Hands Across The Table/ Heartbreak Hotel/ I Got Loaded/ I'll Be Spinning/ Let's Rock'n'roll/ Love Bandit/ Love Can Do Most Everything/ Ring Chimes/ Rollin' Stone/ Stranded In The Jungle/ AARON COLLINS & THE CADETS: Pretty Evey/ Rum, Jamaica Rum/ THE JACKS: My Clumsy Heart/ Smack Dab In The Middle/ Sugar Baby/ Why Did I Fall In Love

IDAHO CALL & BOOTS FAYE B.A.C.M. 462 Heartaches ● CD $14.98
22 tracks, very good
22 tracks recorded by West Coast duo Idaho Call (Roscoe Krawl) and Boots Faye (Grace Eloise Tartsch) - both solo and as duets. The earliest tracks feature Call as a member of Ted Daffan's Texans - the rest of them features a group of unknown musicians including accordion, electric guitar, steel guitar, fiddle, etc. The music is typical West Coast fare of the era with low key and somewhat bland vocals and a western feel to the music. A few tracks have a western swing flavor with some swinging instrumental work. (FS)
CURT & FAYE BARTMESS: Calvary's Hill/ My Daddy's In Heaven I Know/ No Blackmarks In Heaven/ Walking In The Light Of The Lord/ THE CAROLINA GOSPEL SINGERS: Reach For The BibleC/ BILL & OPAL CARTER & THE COUNTRY GENTS: Singing, Shouting, Praying/ CLAUDE ELDRIDGE: Matthew-Twenty Four/ The Blood That Stained The Old Rugged Cross/ G. M. FARLEY & THE FOGGY RIVER BOYS: After While/ There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down/ THE GOSDIN FAMILY: Going Up/ CHARLIE MOORE & THE DIXIE PARTNERS: No Grave (Is Gonna Keep This Soul)/ Over In The Gloryland/ HOYT SCOGGINS & THE TUNE TWISTERS: Rise Up And Shine/ Walking In The Light/ ROY SHEPARD & THE TRI-STATE SINGERS: Home Of The Soul/ In My Saviour I Believe/ Streets Are Gold/ Swing Wide Those Pearly Gates/ Walk The Streets In Glory/ When Jesus Comes Calling/ THE SPIRES FAMILY: How Many Times/ What A Day That Will Be/ THE STARLIGHT SISTERS-TEENIE & MARY WINSTON: I've Been With Jesus/ THE SULLIVAN FAMILY: Happy On My Way/ I Can See God's Moving Hand/ THE SUNSHINE BOYS: This Little Light Of Mine/ THE TEXAS VILLAGE BOYS: Let Jesus In

HENRY CLEMENT Flyright FLYCD 52 Big Chief Takawaka ● CD $16.98 $13.98
18 tracks, 68 min., recommended
Clement first recorded for J.D. Miller's Feature label back in 1954, but these recordings from '86 and '91 show he's still making some great music. Whether he's into his swamp doctor thing on Hey La Ba/ Big Chief Takawaka and gets the Wild Magnolias just-got-to-Mardi Gras rhythm going, or doing a James Brown thing on What's Up, Clement plays it with style and grace. Good time music from a good time musician. Great informative liner notes from Opal Nations. (JC)

ARNETT COBB Proper Intro 2070 A Proper Introduction To Arnett Cobb - The Wild Man Fro ● CD $9.98 $6.98
24 tracks, 76 min, highly recommended
Legendary big Texas tenor is heard here on his wild small combo sides. Cobb led the sax section in Milt Larkin's band in the late 30s, where Illinois Jacquet played alto. Cobb was asked by Lionel Hampton to join his band - Cobb turned him down, but Jacquet switched to tenor & joined instead, having a huge hit with Hamp on Flying Home. After Jacquet left, Cobb joined up & had a huge hit with the remake Flying Home #2. In '47 Cobb went solo - here are his '48 Apollo sides with a quintet that included Booty Wood on trombone & were sometimes joined by Larkin on vocals. After that, Cobb was out following spinal surgery, but was back on Columbia in '50 with a 7 piece that included for awhile another Texas legend Johnny Griffin. Includes still another wild re-make of the hit, called Still Flying, along with Walkin' Home/ Smooth Sailing/ Chick She Ain't Nowhere. As an extra treat, there's 2 cuts from a live radio broadcast from '52. Full liner notes & discographical info. (GM)

TYRONE DAVIS Brunswick 33013 The Ultimate Tyrone Davis** ● CD $23.98
2 CDs, 40 tracks, essential
This release coves the early work of Chicago-based singer Tyrone Davis on Dakar (a Brunswick imprint) between 1968-76. Over half the tracks made the R&B Top 40 (three went to #1). His many mid-tempo hits (classics of the form), and the non-charters offered here showing off his bluesier side, prove Tyrone Davis to be one of the finest soul singers/performers of the 1970s. His live shows were legendary, thanks in no small part to a band so tight few could touch them for sheer power. No one had a better horn section or better arrangements. And the ladies reportedly loved Davis. While others sang of getting it on or slipping around, Davis was always the self-deprecating, loving guy, deserving of another romantic chance. What other soul singer could manage to sing "I thought I was a real big man, / but she thought not" without ever jeopardizing his coolness? Davis sings Happiness Is Being With You, A Woman Needs To Be Loved, I Had It All The Time, It's Good (To Be Home With You), You Keep Me Holding On, and other sensitive songs. Among his many hits are Turn Back The Hands Of Time, Turning Point, Without You In My Life, Ever Lovin' Girl, Is It Something You've Got, Let Me Back In, There It Is and many others. Until now reissues of Davis' Dakar period have been few and unsatisfying. If only Brunswick had included session information and a discography. (JC)

PAUL EVANS Ace CDCHD 1367 Folk Songs Of Many Lands/ 21 Years In A Tennessee Jail ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 73 mins, recommended
Paul Evans was definitely on the Pop end of the Folk spectrum, but he had some good tracks. This collection re-issues two of Evans's 1960s albums in their entirety, plus a bonus track of his excellent 1960 version of Leadbelly's Midnight Special. Features extensive liner notes written by Paul Evans himself.
PAUL EVANS: Allentown Jail/ Another Town, Another Jail/ Betty And Dupree's Blues/ British Grenadiers/ Buckeye Jim/ Colorado Trail/ Columbus Stockade Blues/ Crucified My Lord/ Golden Vanity/ I Got Stripes/ In The Jail House Now/ John Hardy/ Kevin Barry/ Los Quatro Generales/ Marie, Marie/ Midnite Special/ Mister Hangman/ Ninety Nine Years/ Passing Through/ Pig And The Inebriate/ Poor Boy/ Prisoner's Song/ Samuel Hall/ Shackles And Chains/ The Bomb/ Twenty One Years/ Tzena Tzena/ Wayfarin' Stranger/ Wearing Of The Green/ Wee Cooper O'Fife

THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF MISSISSIPPI Shout 34 Something To Shout About ... From The Golden Age Of Gos ● CD $18.98 $13.98
23 tracks, 66 mins, essential
We've turned up few more of copies of this great set at a sale price. Two classic albums ("Precious Memories" - Peacock 102 and "Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee" - Peacock 113) by one of the greatest of all gospel groups combined on this CD. "Precious Memories" was issued in 1959 as tribute to the group's recently deceased lead singer Archie Brownlee. Brownlee was one of the greatest if not THE greatest hard gospel quartet singer - an utterly superb vocalist with a high, emotion drenched style who could wail to bring the church down but whose versatile pipes could articulate the whole range of human emotions. The four tracks from the January 1959 sessions, Brownlee's last for Peacock, have such an intensity that it's likely to leave you drained by the time you finish listened. After Brownlee's death the group underwent some personal changes and lead roles were handled by Henry Johnson, a superb tenor singer - not in Brownlee's league but certainly the equal of many of the other quartet leaders out there. Their 1964 session here featured 11 fine performances with the standouts being Time Is Winding Up/ Oh Why and, particularly, Father I Stretch My hands To Thee with Johnson switching between preaching and singing with an intensity that rivals Brownlee. Includes 12 page booklet. (FS)

DICK GAUGHAN Appleseed APR 1018 A Different Kind Of Love Song** ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, almost essential
CD issue of Dick's fine 1983 album originally recorded for the German Folk Freak label. Unlike previous recordings which extensively featured traditional material 9 of the 10 songs are contemporary and the 10th is a labor poem from the 19th century set to music. These are all songs of social concern - three songs written by Dick, the rest by other fine writers. As always Dick's singing is superb though his lovely Scottish brogue seems to be softened. The best performances are those that feature Dick on his own or with his guitar like Prisoner 562 , Peggy Seeger's Song Of Choice or Jim Brown's moving song about nuclear proliferation As I Walked Out (this stunning performance is alone worth the price of admission) and the moving and passionate Ewan MacColl song Father's Song. Some of the other songs are over-arranged with superfluous percussion, saxophone and second voices. This set also includes two bonus songs from hard to find German albums - a version of Leon Rosselson's World Turned Upside Down and the gorgeous traditional song Lassie Lie Near Me. A vital and important album by one of the world's great folk artists with some performances as good as it gets but an album that has some inconsistency - hence the "almost essential" rating. (FS)

WILBERT HARRISON Jamie/ Guyden 4025 Let's Work Together** ● CD $15.98
14 tracks, highly recommended
What a delight! This is Wilbert's great 1969 Sue album newly remixed and remastered from original 3-track master tapes by legendary engineer Tom Moulton under the supervision of original producer Juggy Murray shortly before his death in 2005. Wilbert Harrison was one of a kind with his distinctive vocal style and approach to songs which seemed to change from session to session. For this album Wilbert played guitar, harmonica, piano and drums with "Thunder Thumb" on bass. The wonderfully catchy title song which was a reworking of his 1961 recording Let's Stick Together became something of a hippy anthem after being covered by Canned Heat. There's a remake of his biggest hit Kansas City, some excellent R&B covers like Louie Louie/ Blue Monday and a great version of Jimmy Reed's Baby What You Want Me To Do (here called Peepin' & Hidin') where he duets with the superb soul singer Tina Britt. It also includes some typical Harrison oddities like Tropical Shakedown and Soul Rattler. There are three bonus alternate takes which don't add a whole lot but are nice to have. The new remix is a revelation with a clarity and presence that blows away all previous reissues. Includes four page booklet with notes which are mostly about Murray, but definitely of interest. (FS)

LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS Ace CDCHM 546 California Mudslide (And Earthquake)** ● CD $14.98
11 tracks, very highly recommended
Excellent set recorded in 1969 and originally issued on Vault 129 - produced by outstanding blues producer Bruce Bromberg. Lightnin' was in great form singing and playing electric guitar, piano and, on one cut, organ. The opening song is one of those wonderful topical songs Sam was able to come up with at a moments notice. There are revamped versions of some of the songs he had recorded in the 40s & 50s Rosie Mae (a version of his classic Katie Mae), New Santa Fe/ No Education. Easy On Your Heels is one of those wonderfully infectious boogies and his electric organ playing on the almost wordless spiritual Jesus, Would You Come By Here is wonderfully moving and effective. Excellent! (FS)

THE JACKS Ace CDCHD 535 Why Don't You Write Me** ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 69 min., highly recommended
The companion disc to The Cadets Meet the Jacks is a winner from start to finish. The Cadets/Jacks were one of the premier groups of the 50's. With a lineup that included Aaron Collins, chief songwriter and brother to the Teen Queens (see below), future soul star Ted Taylor, and bass singer extraordinaire Dub Jones, they certainly had more talent than most of their competition. And the mostly ballad material here attests to that. Highlights include the title cut, plus Away, So Wrong, Let's Make Up, Why Did I Fall in Love, and This Empty Heart. Not only do the two discs include all of their 45 rpm and lp cuts recorded under either the Jacks' or the Cadets' name, this one also includes both sides of the very rare MJC 45 on which Jacks lead Willie Davis moonlighted-My Reckless Heart and They Turned the Party Out Down at Bessie's House. A great program put together with Ace's usual good taste, featuring a particularly nice cover design, fine sound quality, and informed liner notes by Jim Dawson. A must buy. (DH)

WILSON PICKETT Rhino 70287 A Man And A Half ● CD $18.98 $11.98
Two CDs, 44 tracks, essential
Right from the start, as shown by his sweat-inducing lead on The Falcon's I Found A Love (the first cut here), Wilson Pickett pushed soul music to its most intense extremes. His gospel schooling with The Violinaires stamped that explosive voice for all time; listen to the pure revival spirit of It's Too Late/ I'm Not Tired/ That's A Man's Way/ I Found A True Love and even the non-LP Mini-Skirt Minnie. He even rivaled James Brown on Three Time Loser/ Ninety-Nine And A Half/ She's Looking Good. But Wilson was more than just a gospel-bred screamer. When a song demanded subtlety, he was right on the money, especially on Let Me Be Your Boy/ Jealous Love/ I've Come A Long Way/ You Keep Me Hangin' On; even the vapid I'm In Love is rescued by his marvelous delivery. Teaming with Stax/ Atlantic talent in 1965, a string of hits (In The Midnight Hour/ Don't Fight It/ 634-5789/ Land Of 1000 Dances/ Mustang Sally/ Funky Broadway and more) put him in the soul pantheon. The second CD of this double set contains post-1967 successes like She Said Yes/ Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You/ Funk Factory/ Don't Knock My Love/ Call My Name, I'll Be There, and the psychedelic funk of Get Me Back On Time, Engine #9. These years also spawned some regrettable cover versions, along with formularized but gritty southern soul, often driven by a ragged, road-weary voice. Occasional cuts do sound unusually harsh, but most of these 44 tracks are clear and punchy. Shortcomings aside, this is still an incredible collection that, like Pickett's best songs, rarely loses touch with the gospel roots. One of the best soul sets ever. (MB)

GIL SCOTT-HERON BGP CDBGPM 281 Free Will ● CD $13.98
23 tracks, 69 mins, very highly recommended
I think that Gil Scott-Heron had the best run of albums of any artist of the 1970s. His first 8 albums are all very good to great and all of them still hold up today. This CD re-issues his third album "Free Will," recorded at the peak of his powers in 1972. "Free Will" is the second album to feature Scott-Heron's collaborator keyboardist Brian Jackson, with the first five tracks written by the two of them (the rest are written solely by Scott-Heron.) Among it's many great tracks, this features three of his most loved songs: the slow blues of The Get out of the Ghetto Blues, the melancholy Soul-Jazz of Did You Hear What They Said?, and the fierce Proto-Rap of No Knock. With this fantastic re-issue you get the full original album, plus alternate versions of all but one of the original tracks. Package includes not only deep new liner notes, but also a reprinting of original album notes and artwork. (JM)

JOHNNY SHINES Rockbeat 3270 Live 1970 - Acoustic & Electric ● CD $11.98
Due mid/late October.
In the interests of full disclosure I must tell you that I programmed this CD, did the notes and provided the photographs.
That being said I do think that these performances from this superb bluesman are particularly fine. They are from the Court Coffee House in Takoma Washington in November 1970 and are previously unissued. . It's the earliest known live recording of Johnny and finds him in peak form shouting the blues as only he could and playing stellar guitar - he is featured on both acoustic and electric guitar often featuring his powerful and melodic bottleneck playing. All told he does 23 songs for almost 80 minutes of music. He does half a dozen Robert Johnson songs but these are totally original interpretations by Johnny and clearly showed he was the best interpreter of Johnson's music. He also brings his individualistic approach to traditional Mississippi favorites like Rollin' & Tumblin and Pony Blues and blues standards like Vicksburg Blues and You Don't Have To Go. There are also a number of Johnny's original songs including the superb My Rat and the risque Hoo-Doo Snake Doctor Blues. Don't miss it - trust me on this! (FS)
JOHNNY SHINES: Crossroads Blues/ Dust My Broom/ Hello Central/ High Road/ Hoo-Doo Snake Doctor Blues/ I Love The World/ Little Girl/ Milk Cow Blues/ My Rat/ No Name Blues/ Pony Blues/ Rollin' And Tumblin'/ Shake Em On Down/ Shelby County Blues/ Steady Rollin' Man/ Sweet Home Chicago/ Tell Me Baby/ Terraplane Blues/ Too Lazy/ Vicksburg Blues/ What's The Matter Now/ Worried Blues/ You Don't Have To Go

PHIL SPECTOR & THE TEDDY BEARS Jasmine 582 Building The Wall Of Sound ● CD $13.98 $10.98
23 tracks, 52 mins, highly recommended
CD featuring the earliest recordings of one of the greatest producers in pop music - Phil Spector. It includes all 17 tracks by Phil's first group The Teddy Bears from 1958 and 1959. The Teddy Bears have always been a guilty pleasure for me with Annette Kleinbard's haunting plaintive lead vocals, Spector's mournful lyrics and tunes and the gentle background harmonies of Phil and Marshall Lieb. This disc features all the group's singles as well as all the tracks from their only LP that were not on singles - the latter mostly pop standards. In addition to their big hit To Know Him Is To Love Him it includes their minor hits Oh Why and I Don't Need You Anymore - both Spector compositions plus Don't You Worry My Little Pet/ Til You're Mine/ Unchained Melody/ True Love/ Tammy and others. 12 of these tracks are in stereo. It also features Phil's 1959 recordings and earliest production efforts as by Phil Harvey and The Spectors Three. Phil Harvey was a fine rock 'n' roll instrumental group and The Spector's Group were a studio group with Phil, Ricki Page and Russ Titleman and their style was similar to that of The Teddy Bears though not as compelling. This was Phil's last appearance on record as a vocalist. These were produced for the Trey label under the supervision of Lester Sill who would soon join up with Phil to form the Philles label and produce some of the greatest pop records of the 60s. Includes informative notes by Bob Fisher describing how much of a perfectionist (or control freak, if you prefer) Phil was right from the very beginning of his career, horrifying Imperial head Lew Chudd by taking two weeks to record six songs by The Teddy Bears. (FS)
PHIL HARVEY: Bumbershoot/ Willy Boy/ THE SPECTOR'S THREE: I Know Why/ I Really Do/ Mr. Robin/ My Heart Stood Still/ THE TEDDY BEARS: Don't Go Away/ Don't You Worry My Little Pet/ I Don't Need You Anymore/ If I Give My Heart To You/ If Only You Knew (The Love I Have For You)/ Little Things Mean A Lot/ Long Ago And Far Away/ My Foolish Heart/ Oh Why/ Seven Lonely Days/ Tammy/ Til Your Mine/ To Know Him Is To Love Him/ True Love/ Unchained Melody/ Wonderful Lovable You/ You Said Goodbye

JIMMY STAYTON & MORT MARKER Knock Out 003 Hot Hot Mama ● CD $15.98
20 tracks, 48 mins, recommended
Collection of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and country from two pioneers of the Delaware rock 'n' roll scene - Jimmy Stayton and frequent guitar playing associate Morton Marker. The first four tracks by Stayton were recorded for the local Blue Hen label with their band The Country Cats - two tracks (Hot Hot Mama and You're Gonna Treat Me Right are hot rockabilly with fine guitar by Marker amd the other two are honky tonk country. The remaining eight by Stayton (four previously unissued) were recorded in the early 60s after Stayton came out of the army and are mainstream pop country. Marker released one single on Don Robey's Backbeat label in 1958 - the hot rocker Tear Down The House and the rock 'n' roll ballad Tell Me You Love Me - the other four tracks by him would appear to be demos including both sides of the Backbeat single and a couple others. The set is rounded out by two fine rockers from Lanie Walker with solid guitar by Marker. (FS)

JODY STECHER Appleseed 1030 Oh The Wind And Rain** ● CD $16.98
11 tracks, 73 mins, highly recommended
This 1999 release was the first solo album in a long time from one of America's finest interpreters of traditional song and is a superb collection of 11 traditional ballads. Jody's singing is stunning and he beautifully accompanies himself on guitar, mandolin, oud and banjo. Some tracks feature his wife Kate Brislin on banjo, Hank Bradley on fiddle or Larry Hanks on bass vocal. Some of the songs may be familiar but Jody injects. them with new life and meaning - John Detroy/ Gyspy Davey/ Little Johnny Sailed From London/ Young Rapoleon/ Rhinordine/ Barbary Ellen, etc. The 22 page booklet has an extensive introduction by Jody's good friend Martin Carthy, notes on the songs by Jody and some wonderful paintings by Martha Lewis illustrating the songs. (FS)

WILBUR SWEATMAN Jazz Oracle 8046 Recorded In New York, 1926-1935** ● CD $27.98
2 discs, 58 tracks, highly recommend
From Jazz Oracle's series on "gaspipe" type clarinet players comes this groundbreaking set on the pioneering Sweatman. If you have heard of him, it's because the young Duke Ellington & pals 1st connected with him after Duke left DC in'23. In fact, Battleship Kate from '24 may be a very early Duke appearance. This vaudevillian was one of the 1st Black artists to headline in vaudeville, and to record & play with a racially mixed group. His first (unfortunately lost) recordings were from '03, & by '17 had the word "Jass" in his band name. There is a lot of theatrical slurring in both the clarinet & trombone, & at times more hot music than jazz, but the music is consistently likable & by the 2nd disc really swings! Usual exhaustive booklet with complete bio, history, discography & pics. Note : This set includes everything that was on the previously issued Archeophone CD. (GM)

ROOSEVELT SYKES Fat Possum 11552 Music Is My Business ● CD $13.98
16 tracks, 46 mins, highly recommended
These recordings of this this brilliant singer and piano player were recorded in 1975 and issued at that time as an LP on the Blue Labor label. It's been reissued on CD on a couple of labels but hasn't been around for a number of years so it's good to have it available again, The ten tracks of Sykes alone find him in top form on songs like the title song plus New York Boogie/ Look Out For Yourself/ Some Right, Some Wrong/ Leavin' Chicago and others. On five tracks he is joined by Johnny Shines and/or Louisiana Red on guitar with Sugar Blue contributing harmonica on three of them including one song each by Red and Shines. One track doesn't feature Sykes at all but is superb version of the standard How Long by Shines with Red & Blue. A varied and entertaining collection. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1387 Bowie Heard Them Here First ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 76 mins, highly recommended
There's a long list of compilations that cover the songs that influenced one artist or another, from Elvis to Dylan, to James Brown, etc. Great artists usually had/have some pretty great taste. David Bowie is a great artist with great and eclectic taste, so a comp like this is a no brainer. Back in the '70s Bowie put out his all covers album "Pin Ups" which was a huge success, so many of the original tracks that he covered are here: Rosalynn by The Pretty Things, Sorrow by The Merseys, etc. Bowie also did a full E.P. of Jacques Brel covers, so here's Brel's Amsterdam. Then there are less famous songs that Bowie made all his own like Ron Davies' It Ain't Easy, and especially Fill Your Heart by Biff Rose, a song that was just awful when done by Biff, but Bowie found the magic in it. You get a wide range of great stuff here from Lotte Lenya to The Velvet Underground, Johnny Mathis to The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Bobby Bland to Iggy Pop. Great stuff indeed! (JM)
CHUCK BERRY: Around And Around/ BOBBY BLAND: I Pity The Fool/ JACQUES BREL: Amsterdam/ RON DAVIES: It Ain't Easy/ THE EASYBEATS: Friday On My Mind/ EDDIE FLOYD: Knock On Wood/ IGGY POP: Don't Look Down/ THE KINKS: Where Have All The Good Times Gone/ THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY: I Took A Trip (On A Gemini Spaceship)/ LOTTE LENYA & THE THREE ADMIRALS: Alabama Song/ MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS: Dancing In The Street/ JOHNNY MATHIS: Wild Is The Wind/ THE MERSEYS: Sorrow/ METRO: Criminal World/ THE MODERN LOVERS: Pablo Picasso/ THE MOJOS: Everything's Alright/ THE PIXIES: Cactus/ THE PRETTY THINGS: Rosalyn/ PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS: Louie Go Home/ BIFF ROSE: Fill Your Heart/ ROXY MUSIC: If There Is Something/ THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: White Light-White Heat/ TOM VERLAINE: Kingdom Come/ THE WALKER BROTHERS: Nite Flights

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1415 Boppin' By The Bayou - Made In The Shade ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, highly recommended
Ace are back in the Louisiana swamps hunting down the finest and rarest rockabilly recordings and come up with another winning collection. It's astonishing to realize that such gems as the bluesy rocker Can't Stand This Living Alone wasn't deemed worthy of issue - hell they couldn't even be bothered to get the artist's name. At least the other artists here have names but hot tracks like Don't Move Too Slow by Johnny Bass, My Baby's Cheatin' On Me by Mickey Gilley and Keeping All My Loving by Pee Wee Trahan would have remained in the vaults forver had not researcher Bruce Bastin been allowed to excavate the hundreds of unissued tapes held by producer Jay D. Miller. Of course, not everything here was originally unissued but even the issued tracks are often hard to find include the great Made In The Shade by Gene Dunlap & The Jokers, This Kind Of Livin' by Shelby Martin and Black Lake Boogie by Norman Wood. Other artists (mostly unissued) include Guitar Jeff & The Creoles, Bobby Wheeler & His B-Bops, Gene Rodrigue, Arnold Broussard, Warren Storm, Rick Johnson, Paul Marvin and more. Perhaps not quite as compelling as the first three volumes it's still a must for rockabilly fans. (FS)
ERWIN BABIN: Big Boy Blue/ JOHNNY BASS: Boppin It/ Don't Move Too Slow/ ARNOLD BROUSSARD: Has Anyone Seen Spider?/ Somebody Knocked At My Door/ JOE CARL: Too Hot To Handle/ JIMMY DART AND GENE DUNLAP & THE JOKERS: Please Don't Doubt My Love/ GENE DUNLAP & THE JOKERS: Because I Love Her/ Made In The Shade/ MICKEY GILLEY: My Baby's Cheatin On Me/ GUITAR JEFF & THE CREOLES: Jump And Shout/ LARRY HART: Freight Train/ RICK JOHNSON: Me And My Baby/ GENE KING & HIS MECATON BAND: T.V. Show/ VORRIS SHORTY LEBLANC: Kaw-Liga/ FRANKIE LOWERY: Hey Little Girl/ PETO MARLOW & THE RHYTHM KINGS: Girls Girls Girls (Lucy Lucille)/ SHELBY MARTIN: This Kind Of Livin/ PAUL MARVIN: Cinderella/ GENE RODRIGUE: Little Cajun Girl/ WARREN STORM: Crowley Stomp/ Hey Ma Ma/ PEE WEE TRAHAN: Baby Hurry Home/ Keeping All My Loving/ UNKNOWN: Can't Stand This Living Alone/ John (Don't Love Me No More)/ BOBBY WHEELER & COASTALEERS: My Rock And Roll Baby/ NORMAN WOOD: Black Lake Boogie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1416 Ain't It The Truth - The Ric & Ron Story, Volume 2 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 61 mins, highly recommended
Following on from Ace 1390 this is a second collection of superb New Orleans R&B recorded for Joe Ruffino's Ric and Ron labels. This volume features recordings cut between 1960 and 1963 when the label folded due to the unexpected death of Ruffino from a heart attack. The first volume featured some of the label's most succesful recordings but the recordings here show no diminution in quality and includes the label's only other nationwide hit with Eddie Bo's great dance number Check Mr Popeye. Bo is also featured on two other songs including an update of his 1956 Apollo recording I'm Wise which Little Richard reworked as Slippin' And Slidin. Other fine artists here include Bobby Mitchell, Johnny Adams (some superb proto soul), Martha Nelson (an answer song to Joe Jones big hit on the label You Talk Too Much), Tommy Ridgley, Joe "Guitar" Morris, Warren Lee (the humorous Unemployed), Joe Louis and others. Musicians on these recordings include such legendary NOLA musicians as Melvin Lastie, Harold Battiste, Alvin "Red" Tyler, Mac Rebennack, Roy Montrell, Lee Allen, Justin Adams and others. The last four tracks are demos that first appeared on a limited edition vinyl set a few years back including two gorgeous tracks by Barbara Lynn, who never had anything released on the labels, accompanied only by acoustic guitar and a demo of Al Johnson's classic Carnival Time. Another winner from Ace. (FS)
JOHNNY ADAMS: A Losing Battle/ How Come And Why (Demo)/ Life Is Just A Struggle/ Showdown/ The Bells Are Ringing (Alternate Take)/ EDDIE BO: Ain't It The Truth Now/ Baby I'm Wise/ Check Mr. Popeye/ LENNY CAPELLO AND THE DOTS: Genevieve/ MARTHA CARTER: I Don't Talk Too Much/ Then I'll Believe/ You Can If You Think You Can/ JIMMY EASTERLING: I Guess I Always Will/ AL JOHNSON: Carnival Time (Demo)/ WARREN LEE: Unemployed/ JOE LOUIS: Country Boy/ BARBARA LYNN: I Found My Good Thing (Demo)/ Question Of Love (Demo)/ BOBBY MITCHELL: Mama Don't Allow/ Send Me Your Picture/ JOE GUITAR MORRIS: The Git Back Part 1/ TOMMY RIDGLEY: Honest I Do/ Should I Ever Love Again/ The Same Old Way

VARIOUS ARTISTS Appleseed 1035 Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still** ● CD $16.98
58 tracks, 74 mins, highly recommended
Fabulous collection of traditional music drawn from field recordings made between 1940 and 1960 by Frank and Anne Warner. The majority of the recordings were made in North Carolina in 1940 and '51 along with a few others from New York and New Hampshire. Among the many great artists here are singer/banjo player Frank Proffitt whose version of Tom Dooley featured here was to help catalyze the folk boom of the late 50s and early 60s, the incredible unaccompanied ballad singer Lee Monroe Presnell, delightful West Indian singer Edith Perrin, Charles Tillett, Eleazar Tillett, and. Because of limited technical resources the Warner's were not always able to record complete performances and sound quality from the worn recording disks is iffy at times but the sheer power and beauty of the music overcomes all the drawbacks. 36 page booklet has extensive notes and great photos. A real treasure trove of great songs and singing. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 460 Custom Made Hillbilly, Vol. 7 ● CD $14.98
30 tracks, recommended
The seventh volume of custom pressings manufactured by Starday records features another 29 tracks of obscure artists recorded in the 1950s. Among the highlights are Tim Johnson with excellent honky tonker Yes Indeed sounding a bit like George Jones, two excellent rockabilly tracks from Canadian vocalist Dickie Damron, My Foolish Heart from excellent vocalist Bill Loop and the excellent swinging instrumental The Toddle from Chandos McRill & The Exellons. Other artists include Shorty Barnhill & His Country Mountaineers, Bob KInney & Sidekicks, Leon Kelly & The Rhythm Rockers, Al Parsley and more. Fine sound and good notes from Al Turner who tells us what little is know about these very obscure performers. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 461 Country Gospel, Vol. 2 ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, strongly recommended
Complementing B.A.C.M. 323 this is another excellent collection of rural country gospel singing - much of it with an old time or bluegrass flavor - no slick uptown sounds here. It opens with two cuts by the excellent Claude Eldridge featurng some nice twin guitar work; the Spiers Family feature intense vocals with fiddle and banjo accompaniment - one of their songs How Many Times is a gospel reworking of the country hit Satisfied MInd. Curt and Faye Bartmass are another excellent duo - their Calvary's Hill is a fine version of the Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper favorite Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill. Charlie Moore & The Dixie Moore are probably the most familiar name - a prolific bluegrass group featured here on No Grave Is Gonna Keep My Soul and Over In The Gloryland. Roy Shepard & The Tri-State Singers are featured on six excellent sides - a mixed male and female group accompanied by guitar and mandolin. Other artists including The Sullivan Family, Gosdin Family, The Starlight Sisters (the only really weak track here), G.M. Farley & The Foggy River Boys, etc. Excellent sound and informative notes by Phillip Tricker. (FS)
FLOYD ARTHURS: Waitress/ SHORTY BARNHILL & HIS COUNTRY MOUNTAINEERS: Beautiful Carolinas/ I'm A Sad Sack/ DON BURFORD: I Guess I'll Be Blue/ I'm Guilty/ DICKIE DAMRON: Gonna Have A Party Tonight/ Rockin' Baby/ HORACE GOODWIN & ETOWAH VALLEY BOYS: I Just Dropped By (To Say Hello)/ JOHNNY HARRIS: Tired Of Crawling Gonna Start To Run/ When A New Love's Born Does An Old Love Die/ RAY HUDSON & THE WESTERN RHYTHMAIRES: Mine For One Night/ The Blues Walked Away/ W. F. JAMES JR: My Teddy Bear/ Where There's A Will There's A Way/ TIM JOHNSON: Yes Indeed/ LEON KELLY & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Rockaway (Instr.)/ You Put My Heart In Orbit/ BOB KINNEY & HIS SIDEKICKS: The Girls I Left Behind/ BILL LOOP WITH HIS SENECA INDIAN BOYS: My Foolish Heart/ The Wrong Way To Love/ CHANDOS MCRILL & THE EXELLONS: Poor Me/ The Toddle (Instr.)/ HANK MORRISON & HIS RAMBLING COWBOYS: Just To Wink My Eyes At You/ To Share My Name/ TOMMY NELSON & BAND: Hobo Bop/ Honey Moon Blues/ AL PARSLEY: Country Courting/ I Wonder Why I Can't Forget/ WARREN ROBBE: Single Man/ VERN TERRY: Someone New

VARIOUS ARTISTS BGP CDBGP 280 DJ Snowboy Presents The Good Foot ● CD $18.98
23 tracks, 64 mins, highly recommended
This fantastic compilation is curated by the famous DJ and musician DJ Snowboy, who for the last few years has been hosting a weekly So-Ho club night called "The Good Foot," which focuses on playing "Funk, and everything one step removed from Funk." So you get "early-60's R&B Soul, 60's & '70s Funk, Soul, Boogaloo, Mambo, rare groove and the odd Ska record." Deep tracks expertly compiled to keep the dance floor moving. Little Eva's funky mash-up of The Four Tops Get Ready with Stevie Wonder's Uptight fires things up just right, great rare tracks follow from everybody from Little Willie John, and James Brown, to Little Johnny Taylor, and Z.Z. Hill, to Mongo Santamaria, and seemingly all points in-between. Some of my favorite deep cuts here include The Ikettes Don't Feel Sorry For Me, The Brownettes (James Brown's backing singers) Baby, Don't You Know, Jimmy Norman I Don't Love You No More, and Chester Randle's Soul Senders Soul Brothers Testify Pt. 2. Liner notes feature Snowboy telling his story, and then Dean Rudland breaks down the back story of all the tracks. (JM)
THE BARRINO BROTHERS: Just A Mistake/ DOROTHY BERRY: I Say You're Driving Me Crazy/ JAMES BROWN: Bring It Up/ THE BROWNETTES: Baby, Don't You Know/ JAMES CARR: Coming Back To Me Baby/ THE CONTOURS: Do The See Saw/ THE DYNAMICS: Misery/ ARETHA FRANKLIN: Rough Lover/ LITTLE EVA HARRIS: Get Ready-Uptight/ Z.Z. HILL: You Don't Love Me/ THE IKETTES: Don't Feel Sorry For Me/ LUTHER INGRAM: Oh Baby Don't You Weep/ WILLIS JACKSON: Nuther'n Like Thuther'n/ ETTA JAMES: Can't Shake It/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: Don't Play With Love/ SUE ANN JONES: I'll Give You My Love/ HANK MARR: The Watusi Roll/ MARK MURPHY: Why Don't You Do Right?/ JIMMY NORMAN: I Don't Love You No More (I Don't Care About You)/ CHESTER RANDLE'S SOUL SENDERS: Soul Brothers Testify Pt. 2/ MONGO SANTAMARIA: Sweet 'Tater Pie/ THE SHIRELLES: Boys/ LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR: Looking At The Future

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bloodshot BS 019 Straight Outta Boone County** ● CD $14.98
20 tracks, 61 mins, very highly recommended
A great collection of alternative country artists performing songs made famous by artists who appeared on the Boone County Jamboree & Midwestern Hayride radio shows popular in the Midwest from the late 30s to the early 60s. The performances are respectful but completely up to date. A few of the tracks have the "jokey" feel that I dislike about some contemporary acts but there are enough really good performances to elevate this disc out of the ordinary. Highlights for me are the ferociously intense version of Merle Travis's Dark As A Dungeon by Slobberbone, The Volebeats rockabilly treatment of The York Brothers bluesy Hamtramck Mama, Holler also do Merle Travis with No Vacancy featuring a terrific vocal by Mike Ireland plus other goodies from Hazeldine, Robbie Fulks, The Handsome Family (an early recordng from this duo who provided the theme songs for the recent great TV series "True Detective"), The Grievous Angels, Whiskeytown and others including an appearance by veteran Hardorck Gunter who sings Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon. (FS)
CAUTION HORSE: Hangman's Boogie/ THE COWSLINGERS: If I Lose/ FLATHEAD: Run Mountain/ ROBBIE FULKS: Wedding of the Bugs/ THE GRIEVOUS ANGELS: In the Jailhouse Now/ HARDROCK GUNTER W/THE DALHART IMPERIALS: Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon/ THE HANDSOME FAMILY: Barbara Allen/ HAZELDINE: I'm Lonesome Without You/ HOLLER: No Vacancy/ THE LUCKY STARS: No More Nuthin'/ ONE RIOT ONE RANGER: Southern Moon/ THE RIPTONES: Hucklebuck/ SCROAT BELLY: Why Don't You Haul off and Love Me/ THE SHOWOFFFS: Big Big City/ SLOBBERBONE: Dark as a Dungeon/ SALLY TIMMS: Tennessee Waltz/ THE VOLEBEATS: Hamtramck Mama/ WAYCROSS: I Want to be Hugged to Death By You/ WHISKEYTOWN: Bottom of the Glass

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buda 860225 Treasures Of Algiers: Chaabi ● CD $16.98
15 tracks, highly recommended
Lovely and very varied collection of Chaabi music from Algiers - the capital of Algeria. Like rembetika and fado this music emerged from the underprivileged class - in this case in the early years of the 20th century from residents of the walled enclave of the Kasbah. The music features mournful Arab styled vocals along with elements of Berber Andalusian music and the vocalists are accompanied by various sized groups ranging from a couple of musicians to a dozen or more and includes traditional and western instruments - violin, santur, mandole (an instrument resembling an elongated mandolin with eight, ten or twelve strings), piano, percussion and more. The Algerian Jewish community was very active in the dissemination of the music. In the 1950s and 60s the music spread beyond the walls of the Kasbah and the style was adopted throughout other regions of the middle east. The songs are usually based on poetry and frequently deal with the vicissitudes of daily life. The music here is exciting and haunting at the same time. Unfortunately the booklet, which gives a nice history of the music, tells us nothing about the artists or the recordings and an internet search was unproductive. I'm guessing they are from the 70 and 80s but they are all very fine and very accesible to western ears. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cactus HOGCD 10 High On The Hog, Vol. 10 ● CD $15.98
32 tracks, strongly recommended
A new volume in this excellent series of obscure honky tonk hillbilly recorded on small labels - mostly mid and uptempo. Among the fine artists featured are Jack Newman (the splendid Sirens In The Distance), Happy Wainwright (the rockabilly flavored Nothing But Love), Fred Mach Trio (the excellent North Carolina Hills - a song about making moonshine), Pete Peters, Phantom Rider Trio (the western swing flavored Peekin' Through Your Window), Eddie Adams, Don Teague and others. The set ends wih two fine country gospel songs from Ked Killen and Claude Eldridge. (FS)
EDDIE ADAMS: From Now On/ BETTY BARNES: What Would You Do/ BOBBY CHAMPION: Let Me Tell You/ ROY COUNTS: Darling I Could Never Live Without You/ EDDIE EDDINGS: Smoochin'/ CLAUDE ELDRIDGE: The Blood That Stained The Old Rugged Cross/ ROY FISHER: Troubles/ JOHNNIE FORRER: Foolish Paradise/ LUKE GORDON: Eight Years In Atlanta/ BUDDY GRIFFIN: Bartender's Girl/ JOHN JAY: Ballad Of The Hounds/ JOHNNY & DUANE: Dreaming/ KED KILLEN: You'd Better Take Time/ FRED MACH TRIO: North Carolina Hills/ DICK MARQUIS: Walking Around In Circles/ SHELBY MARTIN: This Kind Of Lovin'/ RONNIE MCBEE: My Lonely Heart Deeps Crying/ DICK MILLER: Heading Down The Road Of Love/ EDDIE MILLER: Just A Weary Traveller/ ADRIENNE NELSON: Eights And Aces/ JACK NEWMAN: Sirens In The Distance/ CUDDLES C. NEWSOME: So Long Baby/ BILLY PARKS: Four Leaf Clover/ PETE PETERS: I've Got That Blue And Rainy Day Feelin'/ THE PHANTOM RIDER TRIO: Peekin' Thru Your Window/ JOE PRICE: Keep The Wolves Away/ Pay Attention Please/ DON TEAGUE: Oh How Bad I Feel/ RUDY THACKER: White Lightnin'/ VIC THOMAS: Ramblin' Fool/ CAL VEALE: Standing On The Edge Of Nowhere/ HAPPY WAINWRIGHT: Nothing But Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 32-20-20 Blues, Blues, Hoodoo Halloween ● CD $16.98
Get ready for a bluesy Halloween this October 31st with this collection of blues, jazz and R&B songs with a supernatural or hoodoo theme. Material ranges from 1925 to 1961 and includes I Put A Spell On You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Got My Mojo Working by Muddy Waters, Magic Spell Blues by Charlie Burse, My Woman Has A Black Cat Bones by Hop Wilson, Ghost Creepin' Blues by St. Louis Bessie and more from Lonnie Johnson, The Mississippi Sheiks, King Oliver & His Orch., Charles Sheffield and others. Comes with 8 page booklet with notes by Dave Clarke and full discographical info.
THE 5 JONES BOYS: Mr. Ghost Goes To Town/ LOUIS ARMSTRONG WITH JIMMY DORSEY ORCHESTRA: Skeleton In The Closet/ LAVERN BAKER: Voodoo Vodoo/ CHARLIE BURSE: Magic Spell Blues/ JOHNNY FULLER: Haunted House/ SCREAMIN'JAY HAWKINS: I Put A Spell On You/ LONNIE JOHNSON: Blue Ghost Blues/ BROWNIE MCGHEE: Secret Mojo Blues/ MEMPHIS MINNIE: Hoodoo Lady/ THE MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS: I Am The Devil/ MUDDY WATERS: Got My Mojo Working/ KING OLIVER AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Call of The Freaks/ THE JOHNNY OTIS SHOW: Casting My Spell On You/ CHARLES SHEFFIELD: Its Your Voodoo Working/ ST. LOUIS BESSIE (BESSIE MAE SMITH): Ghost Creepin' Blues/ TAMPA RED: Witchin' Hour Blues/ SIPPIE WALLACE: Devil Dance Blues/ CASEY BILL WELDON: Jinx Blues/ SONNY BOY (JOHN LEE) WILLIAMSON: I Been Dealing With the Devil/ HOP WILSON: My Woman Has a Black Cat Bone (Take 2)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dust-To-Digital 36 Arkansas At 78 rpm: Corn Dodgers & Hoss Hair ● CD $13.98
Due early October. A collection of old time country music recorded in the 1930s and 40s by Arkansas based artists. Include sides by Ashley's Melody Men, George Edgin's Corn Dodgers, Luke Highnight & His Ozark Strutters, A.E. ard & His Plow Boys, Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers, Bonnie Dodd & Murray Lucas and more. Comes with booklet with notes by old time country expert Tony Russell and rare photos.
THE ARKANSAS BAREFOOT BOYS: Eighth of January/ ASHLEY’S MELODY MEN: Bath House Blues/ Searcy County Rag/ L. O. BIRKHEAD & R. M. LANE: Robinson County/ BONNIE DODD & MURRAY LUCAS: Ozark Mountain Rose/ GEORGE EDGIN’S CORN DODGERS WITH EARL WRIGHT &: Corn Dodger No. 1 Special/ My Ozark Mountain Home/ The Arkansas Hotel/ LONNIE GLOSSON: Arkansas Hard Luck Blues/ Lonnie’s Fox Chase/ LUKE HIGHNIGHT & HIS OZARK STRUTTERS: Fort Smith Breakdown/ BOB LARKAN & FAMILY: McLeods Reel/ Silver Nail/ FIDDLING BOB LARKIN & HIS MUSIC MAKERS: Paddy, Won’t You Drink Some Good Old Cider?/ The Higher up the Monkey Climbs/ THE MORRISON TWIN BROTHERS STRING BAND: Dry and Dusty/ Ozark Waltz/ POPE’S ARKANSAS MOUNTAINEERS: Get Along Home, Miss Cindy/ Jaw Bone/ REAVES WHITE COUNTRY RAMBLERS: Drunkard’s Hecups/ DR. SMITH’S CHAMPION HOSS HAIR PULLERS: Just Give Me the Leavings/ A. E. WARD & HIS PLOW BOYS: Going to Leave Old Arkansas/ The Old Dinner Pail/ THE WONDER STATE HARMONISTS: My Castle on the Nile/ Petit Jean Gallop/ Turnip Greens

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 794 Doo Wop - The Greatest Hits, 1961-1962 ● CD $18.98
Two CDs, 60 tracks, very highly recommended
The third and final volume featuring the most popular doo wop recordings from the mid 50s to early 60s. The first volume (Jasmine 507 - $18.98) covered the years 1954-1957 and the second (Jasmine 157 - $18.98) covered 1957-1960 while this one covers 1961 and '62. By this time doo-wop was losing it's popularity but would reinvent itself with a more gospel flavor as soul music and a number of the groups here would become soul groups. Almost all the tracks here managed to reach Billboard's top 100 charts, quite a few them in the top 20 but only one reached the #1 spot - The Marcels with their wild rendition of Tin Pan Alley favorite Blue Moon though their follow up - a gorgeous rendition of George Gershwin's Summertime only made it to #78 but their even more over the top Heartaches made it to #7. Other major hits from the period include The Jive Five with one of the greatest of all doowop recordings My True Story, The Dreamlovers with the lovely When WE Get Married, the irresistibly catchy Let Me In by The Sensations and the sublime What's Your Name by Don & Juan. Other artists here include Otis Williams & The Charms, The Edsels, The Cleftones (only a modest hit at the time but their Heart & Soul has become an all time doowop favorite), The Chanters, The Halos(their wonderful Nag), The Blue Jays, The G-Clefs, The Impressions (their cuts are proto soul), The Majors, The Quotations (their Marcels inspired rendition of the standard Imagination), The Belmonts and many more. If you want the very best doowop recordings you won;t go wrong with the three volumes in this series. (FS)
THE CORSAIRS: Smokey Places/ THE BELMONTS: Come On Little Angel/ Diddle Dee Dum (What Happens When Your Love Is Gone)/ Tell Me Why/ THE BLUE JAYS: Lovers Island/ THE CAPRIS: Where I Fell In Love/ THE CASTELLS: Sacred/ THE CHANTERS: No No No/ THE CLEFTONES: Heart And Soul/ Lover Come Back To Me/ DON & JUAN: What's Your Name/ DONNIE AND THE DREAMERS: My Memories Of You/ THE DREAMLOVERS: If I Should Lose You/ When We Get Married/ THE DRIFTERS: Stranger On The Shore/ Up On The Roof/ When My Little Girl Is Smiling/ THE DUPREES: My Own True Love/ You Belong To Me/ THE EARLS: Life Is But A Dream/ Remember Then/ THE EDSELS: Rama Lama Ding Dong/ THE EXCELLENTS: Coney Island Baby/ THE FALCONS: I Found A Love/ THE FIESTAS: Broken Heart/ I Feel Good All Over/ THE FLARES: Footstompin' Pt 1/ THE G-CLEFS: I Understand/ GABRIEL AND THE ANGELS: That's Life (That's Tough)/ THE HALOS: Nag/ THE IMPRESSIONS: Grow Closer Together/ Gypsy Woman/ Little Young Lover/ Minstrel And Queen/ THE JARMELS: A Little Bit Of Soap/ THE JIVE FIVE: Hully Gully Callin' Time/ My True Story/ What Time Is It/ LITTLE CAESAR AND THE ROMANS: Those Oldies But Goodies/ THE MAJORS: A Wonderful Dream/ THE MARCELS: Blue Moon/ Heartaches/ My Melancholy Baby/ Summertime/ NINO AND THE EBB TIDES: Juke Box Saturday Night/ THE ORLONS: Didn't Hang Up/ THE PENTAGONS: I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong To Me)/ To Be Loved (Forever)/ THE QUOTATIONS: Imagination/ THE RAYS: Magic Moon (Clair De Lune)/ THE RIVINGTONS: Papa Oo Mow Mow/ ROCHELLE AND THE CANDLES: Once Upon A Time/ THE SENSATIONS: Let Me In/ TEDDY AND THE TWILIGHTS: Woman Is A Man's Best Friend/ THE TOKENS: Tonight I Fell In Love/ THE VELVETS: Laugh/ Let The Good Times Roll/ Tonight (Could Be The Night)/ THE VOLUMES: I Love You/ OTIS WILLIAMS AND THE CHARMS: Little Turtle Dove

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 902 Chills & Fever - 30 One Hit Wonders - Rhythm & Blues ● CD $14.98
30 tracks, strongly recommended
The One Hit Wonder has long been a fact of life in the worlds of Pop, rock 'n' roll and R&B; this collection serves up thirty tracks from the late 50's/early 60's that stormed the Rhythm & Blues charts. Some of these songs will be familiar to regular customers/listeners - The Jarmels' Little Bit of Soap, The Silhouettes' Get a Job, Barbara George's I Know, The Bobbettes' Mr. Lee to name a few-and some might ring familiarity bell or two (The Sims Twins' Soothe Me was featured prominently in the first Blues Brothers movie, for example). Either way, these songs-be they Doo Wop or variations of Girl Group Pop-hit the pleasure center of this listener; especially, The Halos' Nag, The Spacemen's The Clouds, Wynona Carr's Should I Ever Love Again, and Ronnie Love's Chills and Fever. Whether or not one remembers The Major's A Wonderful Dream or The Impalas' Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home) or is just discovering them for the first time, what matters is this a first rate collection of vintage R&B. (GMC)
THE ACCENTS: Wiggle Wiggle/ ELTON ANDERSON: Secret Of Love/ THE AQUATONES: You/ BILLY & LILLIE: La Dee Dah/ BILLY BLAND: Let The Little Girl Dance/ THE BOBBETTES: Mr Lee/ BOOGALOO & HIS GALLANT CREW: Cops And Robbers/ BUNKER HILL: Hide And Go Seek (Part 1)/ WYNONA CARR: Should I Ever Love Again?/ CLAUDINE CLARK: Party Lights/ THE FLARES: Foot Stomping (Part 1)/ BARBARA GEORGE: I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)/ THE HALOS: Nag/ THE IMPALAS: Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)/ THE JARMELS: A Little Bit Of Soap/ JOE JONES: You Talk Too Much/ RONNIE LOVE: Chills And Fever/ THE MAJORS: A Wonderful Dream/ NATHANIEL MAYER & THE FABULOUS TWILIGHTS: Village Of Love/ THE MONOTONES: Book Of Love 2/ JOHNNIE MORISETTE: Meet Me At The Twistin' Place/ THE ORIGINAL CASUALS: So Tough/ PHIL PHILLIPS & THE TWILIGHTS: Sea Of Love/ PRINCE LA LA: She Put The Hurt On Me/ THE QUIN-TONES: Down The Aisle Of Love/ JAMES RAY: If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/ THE SILHOUETTES: Get A Job/ THE SIMS TWINS: Soothe Me/ THE SPACEMEN: The Clouds/ BENNY SPELLMAN: Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 903 You're The Reason - 30 One Hit Wonders - U.S. Country ● CD $14.98
30 tracks, strongly recommended
If you're gonna do a collection of R&B one hit wonders (Chills & Fever, Jasmine 902 - see above), then it seems only fair that a collection of country one hit wonders should follow. Although country one hit wonders were less common, the fact is they did occur (even if the artist in question did manage a less successful follow-up release) as this set illustrates. As with its R&B companion, this compilation has some very well known songs-The Fendermen's Mule Skinner Blues, Gene Vincent's Be Bop A-Lula (he only managed to hit the country charts once but six times on the pop charts), Vaughn Monroe's (Ghost) Riders in the Sky, The Rooftop Singers' Walk Right In, and The Springfields' Silver Threads and Golden Needles (featuring future R&B/Pop chanteuse Dusty Springfield)-rubbing shoulders with some half-remembered classics. The thing about one hit wonders is that there's no distinctions between the famous and not-so-much famous; where else can one see legendary actor Walter Brennan (represented by his monologue as song Old Rivers) and game show host Wink Martindale (Deck of Cards) rub shoulders with Allan Riddle (The Moon is Crying) and Jimmy Edwards (Love Bug Crawl)? Be it novelty discs (the aforementioned Brennan and Martindale cuts), answer songs (Jeanne Black's He'll Have to Stay, Jo Ann Campbell's [I'm the Girl on] Wolverton Mountain), rockabilly (Sanford Clark's The Fool), or good ol' fashioned country (Eddie Noack's Have Blues Will Travel) there's something here for everyone. (GMC)
JEANNE BLACK: He'll Have To Stay/ WALTER BRENNAN: Old Rivers/ JO ANN CAMPBELL: (I'm The Girl On) Wolverton Mountain/ SANFORD CLARK: The Fool/ BETTY CODY: I Found Out More Than You'll Ever Know/ ORVILLE COUCH: Hello Trouble/ THE DAVIS SISTERS: I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know/ BOBBY EDWARDS: You're The Reason/ JIMMY EDWARDS: Love Bug Crawl/ RALPH EMERY: Hello Fool/ THE FENDERMEN: Mule Skinner Blues/ BETTY FOLEY: Old Moon/ JOHNNY HARDY: In Memory Of Johnny Horton/ BILLIE JEAN HORTON: Ocean Of Tears/ JIMMY & JOHNNY: If You Don't Someone Else Will/ WINK MARTINDALE: Deck Of Cards/ VAUGHN MONROE: (Ghost) Riders In The Sky/ EDDIE NOACK: Have Blues Will Travel/ CHARLIE PHILLIPS: I Guess I'll Never Learn/ ALLAN RIDDLE: The Moon Is Crying/ THE ROOFTOP SINGERS: Walk Right In/ CHARLIE RYAN & THE TIMBERLINE RIDERS: Hot Rod Lincoln/ EARL SCOTT: Then A Tear Fell/ TED SELF: (Little Angel) Come Rock Me To Sleep/ THE SPRINGFIELDS: Silver Threads And Golden Needles/ VERNON STEWART: The Way It Feels To Die/ AL TERRY: Good Deal, Lucille/ GENE VINCENT: Be Bop A-Lula/ DON WINTERS: Too Many Time/ GENE WOODS: The Ballad Of Wild River

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 77180 Louisiana Swamp Blues ● CD $28.98
Due early October. Four CD set of Louisiana down home blues along with some zydeco and swamp pop recorded in the 1950s and early 60s. Much of the material seems to be drawn from the Goldband label along with some from Excello and other labels. Among the many great artists featured are Cookie & The Cupcakes, Guitar Jr., Blue Charlie, Guitar Gable, Juke Boy Bonner, Lonesome Sundown, Classie Ballou, Jimmy Dotson, Silas Hogan, Charles Sheffield, Leroy Washington, Hop Wilson and many more.
ELTON ANDERSON: Catch That Train/ If I Don't See You/ JIMMY ANDERSON: Naggin'/ Nothin' In This World/ CLASSIE BALLOU: Confusion/ Crazy Mambo/ BIG CHENIER: Please Try To Realise/ BLUE CHARLIE: Don't Bring No Friend/ I'm Gonna Kill That Hen/ Miss My Lagnion/ JUKE BOY BONNER: Call Me Juke Boy/ Can't Hardly Keep From Cryin'/ BOOGIE JAKE: Bad Luck And Trouble/ Early Morning Blues/ I Don't Know Why/ If I Only Had A Chance/ Loaded Down/ BOOGIE RAMBLERS: Bayou Shuffle/ I'm Goin'/ BOOZOO CHAVIS: Forty One Days/ BOOZOO CHAVIS: Boozoo Stomp/ Bye Bye Catin/ Calcasieu Zydeco Blues/ Gonna Boogie/ Long Black Curly Hair/ Oh! Babe/ Paper In My Shoe/ BIG CHENIER: Let Me Hold Your Hand/ COOKIE & THE CUPCAKES: Close Up The Back Door/ I'm Twisted/ Married Life/ CLEVELAND CROCHET: Sugar Bee/ JIMMY DOTSON: I Need Your Love/ Looking For My Baby/ My Poor Heart In Pain/ Oh Baby/ SHELTON DUNAWAY: I Had The Blues/ Keep Livin'/ Who Would Have Thought It/ CLARENCE GARLOW: Bon Ton Roule/ Carry On/ Pretty Little Dollie/ Sound The Bell/ Train Came Down The Track/ GOOD ROCKIN' BOB: Make Up My Mind/ Say You Remember/ GUITAR GABLE: Congo Mombo/ Guitar Rhumbo/ Cool, Calm And Collected/ Irene/ Walking In The Park (With Sally)/ GUITAR JR: Family Rules/ I Got It Made/ Roll, Roll, Roll/ The Crawl/ SILAS HOGAN: Trouble At Home Blues/ You're Too Late Baby/ JOE HUDSON: Hoo-wee Pretty Baby/ IVORY LEE JACKSON: Got The News This Morning/ KING CHARLES: Bop Cat Stomp/ But You Thrill Me/ Won't Be Me/ KING KARL WITH GUITAR GABLE: This Should Go On Forever/ LEFT HAND CHARLIE: Honey Bee/ Whole Lotta Drinkin' On The Block/ LONESOME SUNDOWN: Don't Say A Word/ Gonna Stick To You Baby/ I Stood By/ Learn To Treat Me Better/ Leave My Money Alone/ Lost Without Love/ No Use To Worry/ TAL MILLER: Life's Journey/ Mean Old Kokamoo/ Scorched (By The Torch Of Love)/ MR. CALHOUN: Hello Friends, Hello Pals/ I'm Ragged And Dirty/ They Call Me Mr. Calhoun/ JAY NELSON & THE JUMPERS: Don't You Want A Man Like Me/ BIG WALTER PRICE: Oh Ramona/ San Antonio/ ASHTON SAVOY: Juke Joint/ IVORY LEE SEMIEN: Fuss Too Much/ CHARLES SHEFFIELD: Cool Cat/ I Would Be A Sinner/ Isabella/ It's Your Voodoo Working/ Nights Of Misery/ Ooh! Wee Baby! Ooh! Wee/ Rock 'n' Roll Train/ You Move Me/ LEROY WASHINGTON: Be Kind/ My Chinatown Gal/ My True Life/ Wild Cherry/ HOP WILSON: Always Be In Love With You/ Be Careful With The Blues/ Broke And Hungry/ Chicken Stuff/ Merry Christmas Darling/ That Wouldn't Satisfy/ Rockin' In The Coconut Top

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 422 Cold Cold Heart, Where Country Meets Soul Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 78 mins, highly recommended
his third installment in the series is easily as strong as the first two; something about great Soul artists getting to the root of a good Country song that definitely works more often than not. With the huge success of Ray Charles' "Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music" it certainly made for a commercially viable idea as well. Stand out tracks include Margie Joseph doing Dolly Parton's somewhat scandalous Touch Your Woman; Solomon Burke (no surprise there) doing a beautiful take on Beautiful Brown Eyes, a song written by Arthur Smith, but really popularized by Roy Acuff; Ralph "Soul" Jackson laying down a funky as hell version of Jambalaya; and my favorite: Clarence "Frogman" Henry doing the Curly Putman composition Hummin' A Heartache. Of course, I would happily listen to Frogman Henry singing the telephone book. Other artists of note include The Supremes, Temptations, Little Milton, Arthur Alexander, Bobby Bland, Johnny Adams, and many more. Most of the tracks are from the 1960s to early 1970s, but a couple of tracks go all the way up to the 2000s, just to show how much these two musics can still inspire each other. Great stuff. (JM)
JOHNNY ADAMS: Cold Cold Heart/ ARTHUR ALEXANDER: I Hang My Head And Cry/ GEORGE BENSON: My Woman's Good To Me/ BROOK BENTON: Tender Years/ BOBBY BLAND: Who Will The Next Fool Be?/ SOLOMON BURKE: Beautiful Brown Eyes/ WILLIE CLAYTON: When I Think About Cheating/ CORNELL GUNTER & THE CORNELLS: Wishful Thinking/ CLARENCE "FROGMAN" HENRY: Hummin' A Heartache/ THE ISLEY BROTHERS: The Most Beautiful Girl/ RALPH "SOUL" JACKSON: Jambalaya/ MARGIE JOSEPH: Touch Your Woman/ BO KIRKLAND AND RUTH DAVIS: Easy Loving/ LAURA LEE: Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man/ LITTLE MILTON: Whenever You Come Around/ THE MIRETTES: Stand By Your Man/ ESTHER PHILLIPS: Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry/ PERCY SLEDGE: True Love Travels On A Gravel Road/ O.C. SMITH: Long Black Limousine/ THE SUPREMES: It Makes No Difference Now/ BETTYE SWANN: Till I Get It Right/ LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR: Big Blue Diamonds/ THE TEMPTATIONS: Little Green Apples/ ONA WATSON: Take This Job And Shove It

VARIOUS ARTISTS Not Now 168 The Greenwich Village Folk Scene ● CD $13.98
Just arrived. Three CD set with 60 tracks presenting a profile of some the artists who performed in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village in the early 1960s and helped set the American folk music revival into motion - includes Bob Dylan (mostly non commercial recordings), Joan Baez, Peter Paul & Mary, Judy Collins, The Limelighters, Oscar Brand, Bob Gibson and many more.
JOAN BAEZ: House Of The Rising Sun/ Silver Dagger/ Wildwood Flower/ Careless Love/ OSCAR BRAND: Cotton-Eyed Joe/ THE BROTHERS FOUR: Greenfields/ Nine Pound Hammer/ Nobody Knows/ The Green Leaves For Summer/ THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO: Dona Dona Dona (Live)/ JUDY COLLINS: Fannerio/ Golden Apples Of The Sun/ Little Brown Dog/ BOB DYLAN: Baby, Let Me Follow You Down/ Freight Train Blues/ Highway 51/ Pretty Peggy-O/ Talkin' New York/ RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT: Death Of John Henry/ I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore/ Jack O'Diamonds/ BOB GIBSON: Daddy Roll 'Em/ Springhill Mine Disaster/ Yes I See/ THE GREENBRIAR BOYS (FEAT. JOHN HERALD): Amelia Earhart's Last Flight/ Down The Road/ WOODY GUTHRIE: Mean Talking Blues/ New York Town/ This Land Is Your Land/ CAROLYN HESTER: The Water Is Wide/ THE HIGHWAYMEN: Johnny With The Bandy Legs/ Whiskey In The Jar/ THE KINGSTON TRIO: A Worried Man/ Tom Dooley/ Where Have All The Flowers Gone?/ THE LIMELITERS: A Wayfaring Stranger/ Everywhere I Look This Mornin'/ Sweet Water Rolling/ Those Were The Days/ THE NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS: Nine Hundred Miles/ TOM PAXTON: My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog (Live)/ Willie Seton (Live)/ PETER, PAUL & MARY: Early In The Morning/ If I Had A Hammer/ Lemon Tree/ This Train/ MIKE SEEGER: Don't Let Your Deal Go Down/ John Hardy/ Sad And Lonesome Day/ Worried Blues/ PETE SEEGER: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/ Turn! Turn! Turn!/ We Shall Overcome (Live)/ THE SWAGMEN: Jessie James/ THE TARRIERS: Lonesome Traveler/ Take This Hammer/ DOC WATSON: Little Sadie/ Stream Of Whiskey/ Tough Luck/ Ped And Awl

VARIOUS ARTISTS Rockbeat 3253 Halloween Nuggets - Monster Sixties A Go-Go ● CD $28.98
3 CDs, 98 tracks, 212 mins, very highly recommended
The only thing that I liked about the old cartoon version of "Charlotte's Web" (spiders aren't cute and friendly, and whiny pigs make good bacon,) was when Templeton the rat sings a wicked little song about the joys of feasting on all the garbage left over after the fair. Listening to this set, I feel like old Templeton, a fat sarcastic rat gorging myself on delicious trash. Sure, around this time every year some Halloween themed collections come out, but it is a rare treat indeed to get one with this sheer volume and depth of material. This is "Monster Sixties A Go-Go," which of course means (in classic low-brow Rock & Roll terms) that there are a number of songs that go as far back as 1958, but the vast majority are from the screaming sixties. Nobody's doing the "Monster Mash," the "Witch Doctor" isn't here, neither is Zacherley or the Munsters, those are all great, but compiled to death already, this set goes far deeper into the primordial ooze. Psychotic Reaction is here, but it's a vicious version from by Positively 13 O'Clock (Texas garage legends Mouse and the Traps under an alternate name.) There's also a cool garage version of Johnny Otis' Castin' My Spell by The Spellbinders, other than that there aren't any other covers that I recognized. This set is chock full of original gems, most of which that are rarely compiled, many of which I have never heard before, which is saying something because I obsessively collect Halloween/novelty music from the 1950s and 60s. You get a ton of Garage Rock, some Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Rockabilly, and a pinch of Pop. Some of my favorites include Witch Queen Of New Orleans by Ervina & The Stylers, Devil's Gotten Into My Baby by The Devotions, Marble Orchard by the Graveyard Five, Grim Reaper by The Twelfth Night, and many, many more. This set would be downright essential if it had better liner notes; the ones here are paltry, and I would love to know the story behind some of these fantastic tracks. (JM)
THE 7TH COURT: One Eyed Witch/ THE ABSTRACTS: Nightmare/ JOHNNY ALDERSON: Zoola Zooky/ BOBBY BARE: Vampira/ M.R. BASEMAN & THE SYMBOLS: Do the Zombie/ BILLY & THE DUKES: Roland/ THE BLUE KNIGHTS: Madness/ CARL BONAFEDE: The Werewolf/ JIM BURGETT: Jekyll and Hyde/ EVANS CARROLL & THE TEMPOS: The Monster/ THE CIRCUS: Burn Witch Burn/ THE CONNOISSURS: Count Macabre/ THE CONTRAILS: The Mummy Walk (Walking Death)/ BARON DAEMON & THE VAMPIRES: Ghost Guitars/ JAN DAVIS: Watusi Zombi/ THE DEVOTIONS: Devil's Gotten Into My Baby/ MANN DRAKE: Vampire's Ball/ JAMES DUHON: Grave Yard Creep/ TEDDY DURANT: The Beast of Sunset Strip/ The Night Stalker/ JOHNNY EAGER: Howl/ THE EBB TIDES: Seance/ THE ELITES: Jack the Ripper/ ERVINNA & THE STYLERS: Witch Queen of New Orleans/ THE EXECUTIONERS: The Guillotine/ THE FRANTICS: Werewolf/ JOHNNY FRASER AND THE REGULAIRES: It/ TERRY GALE: The Voodoo/ BROTHER DAVE GARDNER: Mad Witch/ BILLY GHOULSTON: Zombie Stomp/ GLENDA & GLEN: Voodoo Doll/ GLENN & CHRISTY: Wombat Twist/ THE GRAVEYARD FIVE: Marble Orchard/ GRIZ GREEN: Jam At the Mortuary/ THE GRIM REAPERS: Two Souls/ CHANCE HALLIDAY: Bury Me Deep/ Deep Sleep/ LOS HOLY'S: Campo De Vampiros/ INVASION: The Invasion is Coming/ JERICHO JONES: Black Magic/ KENNY & THE FIENDS: The House On Haunted Hill/ The Raven/ CHRIS KEVIN: Haunted House/ THE KEYTONES: I Was a Teenage Monster/ KIRIAE CRUCIBLE: The Salem Witch Trial/ BELA LA GOLDENSTEIN: Old Boris/ Why Do I Love You/ LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES: Night of the Phantom/ BETTYE LAVETTE: Witchcraft In the Air/ MISS L. L. LOUISE LEWIS: Monster's Bride/ LORD LUTHER: (I Was a) Teenage Creature/ THE MADMEN: Haunted/ SKIP MANNING: Devil Blues/ JACKIE MORNINGSTAR: Rockin' In the Graveyard/ THE MYSTRYS: Witch Girl/ RALPH NIELSEN & THE CHANCELLORS: Scream/ PETER & THE WOLVES: Mr. Frankenstein/ THE PHANTOM FIVE: Graveyard/ VIC PLATI QUINTET: The Chiller/ POSITIVELY 13 O'CLOCK: Psychotic Reaction/ THE QUESTS: Shadows In the Night/ THE TONY RAY COMBO WITH SONNY DAY: Creature From Outer Space/ LEE ROSS: The Mummy's Bracelet/ ROUND ROBIN: I'm the Wolfman/ GLENN RYLE: Wolf Call/ THE SABRES: Spider Walk/ AL SAXON: Evil Eye/ MURRAY SCHAFE & THE ARISTOCRATS: Tombstone No. 9/ RONNIE SELF: Go Go Cannibal/ THE SHADES: Strolling After Dark/ THE SHANDELLS: Go Go Gorilla/ THE SPELLBINDERS: Castin' My Spell/ FRANKIE STEIN: Dr. Spook Twist/ Knives and Lovers/ BILLY TAYLOR AND THE TEARDROPS: Wombie Zombie/ TERRY TEENE: Here Comes the Hearse/ THE TWELFTH NIGHT: Grim Reaper/ THE UPPERCLASSMEN: Cha Cha With the Zombies/ THE VETTES: Devil's Driver Theme/ BOOTS WALKER: They're Here/ GARY WARREN: Midnight Rain/ Werewolf/ THE WEIRDOS: E.S.P. Theme For Shock Theatre/ MOVIE TRAILERS: Halloween Convention of Spooks/ Atom Age Vampire/ Frankenstein & Dracula/ The Wolfman/ Plan 9 From Outer Space/ The Blob/ Robot Monster/ The Mummy/ The Werewolf/ I Was a Teenage Frankenstein/ The Astro Zombies/ Night of the Blood Beast/ Creature From the Black Lagoon/ The House On Haunted Hill/ Godzilla King of the Monsters [Original Trailer 1954]

VARIOUS ARTISTS Rockbeat 3273 So-Cal Speed Shop's Hot Rod Classics ● CD $59.98
Due early October. At first glance I thought this was a collection of 60s era hot rod music and there is some of that but it's much more than that - it's the ultimate collection of songs about cars with 123 tracks featuring blues and R&B (Motorhead Baby by Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Riding In The MoonlightHydromatic Woman by Joe Hill Louis, I Want A Lavender Cadillac by Bea Baker, etc.), country (Hot Rod Baby by Dick Reinhart & His Lone Star Boys, Hot Rod Jalopy by Johnny Bond, Hot Rod Hades by Charlie Lincoln, etc.), 50s rock 'n' roll & rockabilly (Peroxide Blond & A Hopped Up Model Ford by Gene Simmons, Race With The Devil by Gene Vincent, The Last Drag by The Voxpoppers, Fire Engine Baby by The Jiv-A-Tones, etc), even some doo-wop (Service With A Smile by The Kuf-Linx and Little Side Car by The Larks, novelty tunes and more. It also includes automobile radio ads and movie trailers.
THE ALBERT COMBO: The Green Monster Carro Verde/ ANDY & THE MANHATTANS: Double Mirror Wrap Around Shades/ JERRY ARNOLD: Race For Time/ BEA BAKER & MAURICE KING & HIS WOLVERINES: I Want A Lavendar Cadillac/ BEEP BEEP & THE ROADRUNNERS: Shiftin' Gears/ LOU BERRY AND THE BEL RAVES: Hot Rod/ RED BERRY AND THE BEL RAVES: What A Dolly/ JOHNNY BOND: Hot Rod Jalopy/ HOWARD W. BRADY: Hot Rod Boogie/ JACKIE BRENSTON & HIS DELTA CATS: Rocket 88/ CHUCK BROOKS: Spinning My Wheels/ LYNN BRYSON: Big Mean Machine/ RAY BURDEN: A Hot Rodder's Dream/ JIMMY CARROLL: Big Green Car/ DON CARSON & THE WHIRLAWAYS: Three Carburetors/ ROGER CHRISTIAN: Last Drag/ EDDIE “THE CHIEF™ CLEARWATER: I Was Gone/ THE CRAZY CRICKETS: Expressway/ SCATMAN CROTHERS: Transfusion/ DICK DALE & HIS DEL-TONES: Firing Up/ JOE DARENSBOURG AND HIS “FLAT OUT FIVE™ VOCA: Hot Rod Harry (The Coolest Cat In Town)/ BO DAVIS: Let's Coast Awhile/ ROCKY DAVIS AND THE SKYROCKETS: Hot Rod Baby/ JOHNNY DOLLAR: Action Packed/ “PESO™ DOLLAR & THE COUNTERFEIT BILLS: Sixteen Miles/ DWIGHT DOUGLAS AND THE JAYHAWKERS: Interstate 45/ LARRY DOWD: Pink Cadillac/ THE DUALS: Cruising/ BILLY “THE KID™ EMERSON: Every Woman I Know/ THE ESQUIRES: Flashin' Red/ THE FENDER BENDERS: Drag Strip/ JIM FLAHERTY’S CARAVAN WITH HOWIE STANGE: Real Gone Daddy/ JOHNNY FORTUNE: Dragster/ JIM FOSTER WITH THE KOUNTRY KUT-UPS: Rag Roof Roadster/ THE FOUR TEENS: Spark Plug/ BOB GADDY: Slow Down Baby/ JAMES GALLAGHER: Ford And Shaker/ MICKEY GILLEY: Drive-In Movie/ JOYCE GREEN: Black Cadillac/ GEORGE HAMILTON IV: If You Don't Know/ DOUG HARDEN WITH THE DESERT SUNS: Dig That Ford/ BEN HARPER MUSIC BY THE CINCOS: Driveway Blues/ BILL HAYES: Message From James Dean/ THE HOT RODS: Chester Riley/ CHUCK HOWARD: Out Of Gas/ HOWLIN’ WOLF: Mr. Highway Man/ Riding In The Moonlight/ “BLUE FLY™ ROBERT IRVINE AND THE KENTUCKY COLONELS: Fastest Short In Town/ HAROLD JACKSON & THE JACKSON BROTHERS: Travelin'/ TOM JAMES: Track Down Baby/ THE JESTERS: Cadillac Man/ THE JIV-A-TONES: Fire Engine Baby/ BURT KEYES: Stop Jivin' Start Drivin'/ JIMMIE KNIGHT: Crankshaft Sid/ THE KUF-LINX FEATURING JOHN JENNINGS: Service With A Smile/ TOMMY LABEEF: Ride On Josephine/ THE LANCERS: When Johnny Comes Draggin' Home/ THE LARKS WITH BOBBY SMITH’S ORCHESTRA: Little Side Car/ THE LIVELY SET: Pomona Drags/ LONESOME LEE: Lonely Travelin'/ JOE HILL LOUIS: Hydromatic Woman/ JERRY MADISON: Von Hutch The Mad Pinstriper/ MANUEL & THE RENEGADES: Rev U/ JERRY MCCAIN: Stay Out Of Automobiles/ RUDY MOORE: Buggy Ride/ THE NEW DIMENSIONS: Chicky Run/ SONNY PATTERSON: She Was A Big Wheel/ THE PAYMENTS: Brand New Automobile/ DON PEARLY WITH SCOTT JOHNSON ORCH.: Drag Race/ CARL PERKINS: Pop, Let Me Have The Car/ THE PILTDOWN FIVE: '32' Ford/ POPPY AND THE SAVOYS: Slappin' Rods And Leaky Oil/ JOHNNY REDD: Take A Ride With Me/ DICK REINHARDT AND HIS LONE STAR BOYS: Hot Rod Baby/ THE RHYTHMATICS: Drag/ SIR MACK RICE: Mustang Sally/ CAROLE RILEY: Cadillac Lover/ THE ROAD RUNNERS: Road Runnah/ JOHNNY ROANE: Dragstrip Baby/ COOKIE ROBERTS: Draggin' The Drive-Inns/ THE ROMANCERS: She Took My Oldsmobile/ CHARLIE RYAN & THE TIMBERLINE RIDERS: Hot Rod Hades/ THE SABRES VOCAL BY JIMMY STRINGER: Hot Rod Kelly/ ARLEN SANDERS MUSIC BY THE PACIFICS: Hopped Up Mustang/ GENE SAVAGE: Big Machine/ DON SERGEANT & HIS BUDDIES: Leadfoot/ THE SHUT DOWNS: Body By Fisher/ ‘36 3 Window Coupe/ THE SHUTDOWNS: Oil On The Track/ Starter's Nightmare/ Straightaway/ GENE SIMMONS: Peroxide Blonde And A Hopped Up Model Ford/ LEON SMITH: Little 40 Ford/ SONNY AND THE DEMONS: Dusters/ JIMMY STEVENS WITH DELA MCCARTHY: Scramble/ THE TEMPO TONES: Ride Along Baby/ THE THUNDERBIRDS & BAND: In My Thunderbird/ BOBBY VERNE: Red Hot Car/ THE VETTES: Devil's Driver Theme/ GENE VINCENT & THE BLUE CAPS: Race With The Devil/ THE VOXPOPPERS: The Last Drag/ SONNY WALLACE: Black Cadillac/ ALBERT WASHINGTON & THE KINGS: Ramble/ JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON: Motorhead Baby/ DANNY WELCH: Riding Shotgun/ GEORGE WESTON: Hey Little Car Hop/ ROBERT WILLIAMS: Loud Mufflers/ J.FRANK WILSON: Black Car X/ JERRY WOODWARD AND THE GLEN LAYNE COMBO: Speedway Rock/ COMMERCIALS-TRAILERS, ETC.: Rocket 88 Commercial/ Mattel's Hot Rodder Engine-Commercial/ Golden Hubcaps-Documentary Excerpt 1956/ Champion Sparkplugs-Commercial/ Hot Car Girl-Trailer/ Hot Rod Teenager-Soundbite/ Oklahoma Service Station-Commercial/ Lions Drag Strip-Interview/ Hydromatic Commercial 1952/ Hot Rods To Hell-Trailer/ My Old Car-Cola Commercial-Lee Dorsey/ Carl Perkins Concert-Promotion/ It's A Ford!-Commercial/ Hot Rod Racing 1950/ Please Return Your Speaker-Drive-In Movie Announcement

VARIOUS ARTISTS Spectrum (UK) 531 229-9 Chess Chartbusters, Vol. 1** ● CD $11.98
20 tracks, 60 mins, strongly recommended First of six CDs presenting a selection of blues, R&B, doo-wop, soul, jazz and rock 'n' roll drawn from one of the most important independent record labels - Chess and its Checker, Argo and Cadet subsidiaries. Recordings range from the early 50s through 70s and are not sequenced in any obvious manner. In spite of the title not all the tracks on these collections were chart hits and the series includes some rarely reissued sides. The compiler is obviously a soul fan since the selections tend to be weighted in the favor of soul releases though all the other genres are well represented. The first volume opens with Jackie Brenston's classic Rocket 88 - often referred to as the "first rock 'n' roll record" and includes other classics like I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James from 1967 (amazingly not a chart hit), Moanin' At Midnight by Howlin' Wolf, The In Crowd by Ramsey Lewis Trio, Sincerely by The Moonglows, etc. Among the less familiar titles are Marlena Shaw's great and much sampled Woman Of The Ghetto from 1965, Sweeter Than The Day Before by The Valentinos and Cheater Man by Irma Thomas. Other artists include Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Walter, Jan Bradley, Billy Stewart, Sonny Boy Williamson, Sugar Pie Desanto, Fontella Bass, The Vibrations, The Radiants and The Knight Brothers. Sound quality is superb and each set comes with a 20 page booklet with notes on each song and photos (many in color). (FS)
FONTELLA BASS: You'll Never Know/ CHUCK BERRY: Rock & Roll Music/ JAN BRADLEY: Mama Didn't Lie/ JACKIE BRENSTON & HIS DELTA CATS: Rocket 88/ SUGAR PIE DESANTO: Soulful Dress/ BO DIDDLEY: Who Do You Love/ HOWLIN' WOLF: Moanin' At Midnight/ ETTA JAMES: I'd Rather Go Blind/ In The Basement Part One/ THE KNIGHT BROTHERS: Temptation 'bout To Get Me/ RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO: The "in" Crowd/ LITTLE WALTER: My Babe/ THE MOONGLOWS: Sincerely/ THE RADIANTS: Hold On/ MARLENA SHAW: Woman Of The Ghetto/ BILLY STEWART: Sitting In The Park/ IRMA THOMAS: Cheater Man/ THE VALENTINOS: Sweeter Than The Day Before/ THE VIBRATIONS: The Watusi/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: Nine Below Zero

VARIOUS ARTISTS Spectrum (UK) 531 376-4 Chess Chartbusters, Vol. 2** ● CD $11.98
20 tracks, strongly recommended The second volume includes such big hits as Rescue Me by Fontella Bass, Tell Mama by Etta James, The Walk by Jimmy McCracklin and the original version of See You Later Alligator by Bobby Charles. Among the more obscure tracks are Ordinary Joe by Terry Caillier (a jazz-soul singer with a big following in England), Landslide by Tony Clarke and another track from the excellent Marlena Shaw (scat singing soul on Liberation Conversation). There are also sides by The Ramsey Lewis Trio, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters (the original single release of Got My Mojo Working), John Lee Hooker, Jackie Ross, Koko Taylor, Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces, T.V. Slim, Sugar Pie Desanto, The Dells, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, The Monotones and Howlin' Wolf. (FS)
FONTELLA BASS: Rescue Me/ CHUCK BERRY: You Never Can Tell (1986 Stereo Remix)/ TERRY CALLIER: Ordinary Joe/ BOBBY CHARLES: See You Later Alligator/ TONY CLARKE: Landslide/ THE DELLS: Oh, What A Night/ SUGAR PIE DESANTO: I Want To Know/ CLARENCE "FROGMAN" HENRY: You Always Hurt The One You Love/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: Sugar Mama/ HOWLIN' WOLF: Spoonful/ ETTA JAMES: Tell Mama/ RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO: Wade In The Water/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: The Walk/ THE MONOTONES: Book Of Love/ BOBBY MOORE & THE RHYTHM ACES: Searching For My Love/ JACKIE ROSS: Selfish One/ MARLENA SHAW: Liberation Conversation/ T.V. SLIM: Flat Foot Sam/ KOKO TAYLOR: Don't Mess With The Messer/ MUDDY WATERS: Got My Mojo Working (1956 Single Version)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Spectrum (UK) 531 167-8 Chess Chartbusters, Vol. 3** ● CD $11.98
20 tracks, strongly recommended
Another fine selection from Chess and its subsidiaries including one of my all time favorite Southern Soul songs - the great Dirty Man by Laura Lee from 1967. In contrast we have Clarence "Frogman" Henry's romp Ain't Got No Home, Muddy Waters first recording of Hoochie Coochie Man which was to become his theme song and Detroit legend Andre Williams with his half spoken 1968 hit Cadillac Jack. And then there's I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun by Rotary Connection (nuff said) and Come On by Chuck Berry from 1961. The latter was not a hit but was a covered by a group named The Rolling Stones for their first single. We also have Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure, Billy Stewart, Marlena Shaw, Maurice & Mac, Otis Rush, Denise La Salle, The Radiants, The Dells, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Harvey & The Moonglows, Sonny Boy Williamson, Eddie Boyd & Sugar Boy Crawford. (FS)
FONTELLA BASS & BOBBY MCCLURE: Don't Mess Up A Good Thing/ CHUCK BERRY: Come On/ EDDIE BOYD: Twenty-four Hours/ SUGAR BOY CRAWFORD: Jock-a-mo/ THE DELLS: Stay In My Corner/ HARVEY & THE MOONGLOWS: Ten Commandments Of Love/ CLARENCE "FROGMAN" HENRY: Ain't Got No Home/ HOWLIN' WOLF: The Red Rooster/ DENISE LA SALLE: A Love Reputation/ LAURA LEE: Dirty Man/ LITTLE WALTER: Juke/ MAURICE & MAC: You Left The Water Running/ THE RADIANTS: Voice Your Choice/ ROTARY CONNECTION WITH MINNIE RIPERTON: I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun/ OTIS RUSH: All Your Love/ MARLENA SHAW: California Soul/ BILLY STEWART: Summertime/ MUDDY WATERS: (i'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man/ ANDRE WILLIAMS: Cadillac Jack/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: Fattening Frogs For Snakes

VARIOUS ARTISTS Westside 530 Ace Blues Masters, Vol. 1 - Sing My Blues Tonight ● CD $13.98 $9.98
25 tracks from the Vaults of Ace Records of Mississippi recorded in New Orleans in 1959 and '60 - 20 of them previously unissued! Urban blues from Floyd Dixon, Charles Brown, Amos Milburn and H-Bomb Feguson. Some tracks are even in stereo!
CHARLES BROWN: Black Night/ Don't Cry/ Driftin' Blues/ Educated Fool/ I Wanna Go Home/ Let's Just Be Friends/ Lost In A Dream/ Love's Like A River/ Merry Christmas,baby/ Sing My Blues Tonight/ So Much To Remember You By/ Too Late To Cry Anymore/ Trouble Blues/ FLOYD DIXON: Baby Please Write Me/ Floyd's After Hours/ Me Quieres/ Never Know About A Woman/ That Moves Me (things I Don't Like)/ Wake Up And Live/ Way Down In Louisiana/ What Would You Be/ H-BOMB FERGUSON: Baby Don't Go/ Josephine/ Nobody Knows I'm In Love With You/ AMOS MILBURN: Darlin' How Long

VARIOUS ARTISTS Westside 531 Blues Complete ● CD $14.98 $9.98
This fine disc features all 10 sides recorded by North Carolina bluesman Ralph Willis for Jubilee in 1950 and '51 including two recently discovered unissued sides. It is worth mentioning that 8 of the 10 sides were issued by Sequel only a few years ago and are probably still available! The set also includes all 8 sides Lonnie Johnson recorded for Rama in 1956 - his last sessions for a commercial label. The disc winds up with 6 tracks from a previously unissued 1960 Chicago session for End featuring Jump Jackson's Combo featuring the fine vocals and piano or Johnny "Big Moose" Walker.
JUMP JACKSON'S COMBO: Blue Love/ Footrace To A Resting Place/ One Eyed Woman/ Wrong Doin' Woman/ LONNIE JOHNSON: Baby, Don't Make Me Cry/ Baby, Stick With It/ I Found A Dream/ It's Been So Long/ My Woman Is Gone/ This Love Of Mine/ Vaya Con Dios/ Will You Remember? [the Answer To Tommorow Night]/ RALPH WILLIS: Bed Tick/ Black And Tan/ Blues, Blues, Blues/ Cold Chills/ Every Day I Weep And Moan/ Hoodoo Man/ I Got A Letter/ Income Tax Blues/ Somebody's Got To Go/ Too Late To Scream And Shout

ZORA YOUNG Delmark 784 Tore Up From The Floor Up** ● CD $14.98
13 tracks, 66 min., highly recommended
Young grew up in Chicago, sang a lot of gospel, and claims Howlin' Wolf as a relative of some sort. But those credentials would mean nothing if she couldn't deliver the goods when she stood in front of a microphone. She wrote five songs here, and some good ones at that, especially Til The Fat Lady Sings and the title track. The well-chosen covers include the slightly adjusted O.V. Wright hit Ace Of Spades, and B.B. King's I'm Gonna Do The Same Thing They Did To Me. Young sings the blues as if she knows too much about them. Her band gives off sparks, especially Pete Allen, whose guitar sings duets with Young to wonderful effect, and the horn section could punch holes in concrete. Extra points to Young for singing "All you bring to the table is your appetite." (JC)


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