JOHNNY ADAMS Fuel 2000 61615 An Introduction To Johnny Adams ● CD $13.98 $8.98
16 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
New Orleans singer Adams wraps his soulful, soaring pipes around 16 searing ballads and up tempo R&B items on these recordings produced by Senator Jones for a number of different labels in the late 70s and early 80s. Recorded at the Sea-Saint Studio with top New Orleans musicians like Walter Washington, Alan Toussaint, Leo Nocentelli and others he does a selection of new compositions as well as a diverse selection of covers ranging from Bobby Bland's Share Your Love With Me to Tom Jones's Ill never Fall In Love Again. Also includes After All The Good Is Gone/ Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You/ Your Love Is All I Need/ Who Will The Next Fool Be/ I Only Want To Be With You/ Struttin' On Sunday/ Love Letters/ Love Me Now and the terrific A Shoulder To Cry On featuring stellar guitar work. (FS)

DARRELL BANKS Kent CDKEND 402 I'm The One Who Loves You - The Volt Recordings ● CD $18.98
19 tracks, highly recommended
R&B singer Darrell Banks' biggest claim to fame was his 1966 hit, Open the Door to Your Heart, cut for Revilot a Detroit imprint run by producer Don Davis and DJ Lebaron Taylor. Banks' recording career was short - less than four years - and along with a debut album and a couple of singles cut for Atlantic subsidiaries Atco and Cotillion, these recordings for Stax subsidiary Volt represent Banks' entire output. Unfortunately for Banks, his album for Volt, 1969's "Here to Stay" - included here in its entirety - and a blistering single, I'm the One Who Loves You, were lost in the shuffle during Stax's catalog rebuilding campaign following the label's split from Atlantic. Which is too bad because Here to Stay is a strong album that could have went places had proper attention been paid. From the sublime opener Just Because Your Love is Gone through the pleading Forgive Me, and on to We'll Get Over and I Could Never Hate Her, these songs are brilliantly sung and played by Banks and the Stax house band. Even the covers of Jerry Butler's Only the Strong Survive and Percy Sledge's When a Man Loves a Woman show Banks putting his own stamp on these iconic songs. Among the bonus tracks we find I'm the One Who Loves You, its follow up single remixed versions of Beautiful Feeling and No One Blinder (Than a Man Who Won't See), and a handful of unreleased demos, of which Love is Not an Easy Thing is the standout followed closely by Love Why Have You Forsaken Me. Darrell Banks' 1970 murder cut short a career that still had a lot of mileage left and we have these recordings to remind us of what could have been. (GMC)

ROSCO GORDON Varese Vintage 63852 I'm Gonna Shake It! The Sun Recordings ● CD $16.98 $4.98
22 tracks, 58 mins, highly recommended
Deleted. Rosco Gordon's Sun recordings remain classic and timeless regardless of how much time passes. Jumping blues, boogie, and ballads are generously sprinkled throughout the set as Gordon's piano fronts small, yet powerful bands with plenty of bootin' sax and potent drums. From the stomping grooves of Decorate The Counter and Just Love Me Baby to the hilarious and painfully slow Weeping Blues or Tired Of Living, Rosco was in great form when recording for Sam Phillips. Bill Dahl hands in strong liner notes and offers insight into Rosco's drunken rooster, Butch, but session details are sadly absent. Incredible music. (CR)
ROSCO GORDON: Bop With Me Baby/ Cheese And Crackers/ Decorate The Counter/ I Don‘t Like It/ I Found A New Love/ I Wade Through Muddy Water/ If You Don‘t Love Me Baby/ I‘m Gonna Shake It/ Just Love Me Baby/ Let‘s Get High/ Love For You Baby/ Love With Me Baby/ New Orleans, La/ Nineteen Years/ Real Pretty Mama/ Sally Jo/ Shoobie Oobie/ T-model Boogie/ That‘s What You Do To/ The Chicken (dance With You)/ Tired Of Living/ Weeping Blues

FIDDLIN' SID HARKREADER B.A.C.M. 424 Early Star Of The Grand Ole Opry ● CD $14.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
Excellent collection of old time singing and playing from Tennessee fiddler Sid Harkreader recorded between 1925 and 1928. The two earliest sides here from 1925 find Sid accompanying himself on guitar but the remaining sides recorded in 1927 and 28 for Paramount find him on fiddle accompanied by Grady Moore or Blythe Poteet - the latter playing steel on some cuts. Material is mostly old time favorites and gospel songs like The Bully Of The Town/ It Looks Like A Big Time Tonight/ It Won't Be Long / Will There Be Any Stars In Crown/ Red River Valley/ Mocking Bird Breakdown/ Kitty Wells and others. Harkreader was a fine singer and fiddler and many of the songs feature duet vocals with the guitarist. Sound quality is, for the most part, satisfactory though some tracks have some heavy handed digital noise reduction. Booklet has brief biographical notes by Brian Golbey. (FS)
FIDDLIN' SID HARKREADER: A Picture From Life's Other Side/ Bits Of Blues/ Chin Music/ Don't Reckon It'll Happen Again/ Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/ He'll Find No Girl Like Me/ I Love The Hills Of Tennessee/ It Looks To Me Like A Big Time Tonight/ It Won't Be Long Now/ John Henry/ Kitty Wells/ Many Times With You I've Wandered/ Mocking Bird Breakdown/ My Little Home In Tennessee/ New River Train/ Old Joe/ Red River Valley/ Sweet Bird/ Take Me Back To My Old Carolina Home/ The Bully Of The Town/ The Land Where We Never Grow Old/ Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown

MASAKI HIRAO & HIS ALL STARS WAGON Big Beat CDWIKD 313 Nippon Rock 'n' Roll: The Birth Of Japanese Rockabirri ● CD $18.98
23 tracks, 67 mins, highly recommended
Masaki Hirao, billed as Japan's answer to Elvis Presley, was damn cool--not sure is he is quite in that league, but he definitely was great at what he did. Some of that is the same territory that the big E covered, with good covers here of Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Jailhouse Rock, etc, but a lot of what he did best was a step or two away from Elvis' influence, with some of the best tracks on this being Japanese penned, like the excellent hopped-up version of a Japanese traditional tune Itsuki No Komoriuta Rock. Then there's Yuuyake Koyahe, and Hoshi Wa Nandemo Shitteiru Parts 1 & 2, cool, atmospheric tunes that could stand next to Mystery Train, or some of Gene Vincent's more haunted numbers. In fact it almost sounds like The Blue Caps playing behind Hirao up on some of these tracks; he definitely benefitted from some serious cats backing him up. I especially dug the guitarist who, at times, sounds like a cross between Santo & Johnny and Cliff Gallup. This isn't some imitation Rock & Roll though, for Masaki Hirao was/is the real deal and there are good Japanese originals on here that are as great as the covers. All of the tracks featured are from the boom years of Rokabirii 1958 & 1959, with about a third of them rare live tracks. Extensive liner notes tell the story of the sensation that Hirao and his contemporaries were in 1950s Japan, and provide some fantastic pictures as well as many record cover and label reproductions. (JM)

MAGIC SAM Rockbeat 3110 Raw Blues Live - Magic Sam, Live 1969 ● CD $14.98 $11.98
17 tracks, 70 mins, essential
Probably the most exciting and most important blues release of 2012. The first new album of previously unissued material in over 10 years by Magic Sam whose premature death in 1969 robbed the world of one of the truly great blues talents - Sam was a magnificently soulful singer and a staggeringly creative guitar player. This CD features 17 tracks recorded live at Mandrakes in Berkeley in July, 1969 with Sam accompanied by bassist Bruce Brown and drummer Sam Lay. He performs a selection of songs recorded previously along with some not recorded elsewhere including a spine chilling version of B.B. King's You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now. He does original songs along with songs from the repertoire of Freddie King, B.B. King, Junior Parker and others and every performances bears his unique stamp. His playing is truly mind boggling with a richness to his styling that makes you think there are two guitar players but it's all Sam - in spite of the richness and intensity of his sound Sam never indulges in guitar histrionics - there's not a wasted or superfluous note. Songs/ tunes include San-Ho-Zay/ You Don't Love Me/ Mama, Talk To Your Daughter/ I Feel So Good/ Tremble/ I Don't Want No Woman/ Looking Good/ Just Pickin'/ Sweet Home Chicago, etc. This recordings was made live without professional equipment so the sound is not perfect but is superior to some of the live Sam I've heard and the music is utterly magnificent from start to finish. If you love electric blues you must have this! (FS)

THE MARVELETTES Jasmine 242 Detroit's Darlings, 1961-1962 ● CD $14.98
31 tracks, highly recommended
According to the "Rolling Stone History of Rock & Roll" (80's edition), the Marvelettes were "Motown's only true girl group". Whether one subscribes to that theory or not (I don't-what were the Supremes or Martha and the Vandellas if not "girl groups") there's no doubting that the group and their production gurus provided some of the best examples of the genre: Playboy/ Beechwood 4-5789, and Please Mr. Postman. As part of Jasmine's series of early Motown re-issues, the Marvelettes' first three LP are presented on CD for the first time - "Please Mr. Postman" (1961), "The Marvelettes: Smash Hits of 1962" (1962), and "Playboy" (1962). The fact that the girls had three album released in such a short span of time speaks volumes of Motown boss Berry Gordy's commitment to the LP format, which many in the biz at the time thought couldn't be sold to teenagers or the "ethnic" market. While albums one and three are chock full of originals - Way Over There and I Want a Guy on the former, Mix it Up/ I'm Hooked/ I Think I Can Change You, and Forever on the latter - the second album is a typical collection of a hit single (in this case, Twistin' Postman) surrounded by filler consisting of covers of then current material (e.g. The One Who Really Loves You/ Twistin' the Night Away/ Good Luck Charm, etc.). In other words, not bad but not up to the girls' full potential. So I guess what I'm saying is, in regards to this CD, come for the latter third-consisting of the excellent Playboy LP-and stay for the great bits scattered amongst the first two-thirds. Just remember, without the Marvelettes getting to the wire first, there would have been no Supremes or Vandellas scorching up the charts in '64-'65. (GMC)

RUSTY MCDONALD B.A.C.M. 423 Postage Due ● CD $14.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
Fine collection of western swing from Oklahoma born vocalist McDonald who is best known for being the vocalist on Bob Wills' classic 1950 recording Faded Love. Based on this he was signed to Aladdin's country subsidiary Intro in 1950 and recorded several sessions for them between 1950 and '52. Many of the songs are fine mid or up- tempo originals by McDonald and on many of the tracks he is given sterling western swing backup from the Eddie Kirk band. After being dropped by Intro he recorded two fine rock 'n' roll sides for Chesterfield in 1954 accompanied by a band led by the great R&B bandleader Maxwell Davis who provides some dynamite tenor sax soloing. His final commercial recording in the 50s was made for the Coast label in 1956 and find him back with a couple of fine western swing sides. This disc includes four tracks recorded live at a club in his home town of Lawton, Oklahoma. He is accompanied by an excellent band on a version of Faded LOve and three performances. Nice performances with decent sound. The set ends up with a solo home demo of Streets Of Laredo - pleasant but inconsequential.
RUSTY MCDONALD: A Cottage For Sale/ Baby Sittin' Boogie/ Black Angel Heart/ Call Operator 210/ Dirty Pool/ Don't Say I'm Sorry Anymore/ Easy Big Mama/ Faded Love/ Goodnight Broken Heart/ I Was Just Walking Out The Door/ I've Tired To Forget/ Just As You Are/ Long Lost Love/ Name Address And Phone Number/ Postage Due/ Raindrop Blues/ Remember To Say Goodbye/ Silver And Gold/ Streets Of Laredo/ Tater Pie/ This Cold War With You/ You Got The Right Number

SANDY NELSON Jasmine 711 Teen Beat ● CD $18.98
2 CDs, 47 tracks, 114 mins, highly recommended
There was nobody quite like Sandy Nelson. Well, there's the Piltdown Men, but besides them, nobody had such a cool instrumental approach with the drums right up front as the lead instrument; plus, he had many more great tunes than the Piltdown Men ever did. This extensive collection features a bunch of Nelson's big hits, a bunch of his small hits, plus a whole bunch of other great tracks. You get the single versions of Teen Beat/ Drum Party/ Big Noise From Winnetka/ Party Time/ Big Noise From The Jungle/ Let There Be Drums, and many more, plus the LP versions of most of those, and many, many more cool instrumentals. Amazingly, this could just be the first installment for old Sandy Nelson; there are a ton of songs, including some hits that didn't make it on here. I miss instrumentals! I think the world would be a lot better place if we had a track like Big Noise From Winnetka in the Top 40 today. (JM)
SANDY NELSON: CD 1 - Alexes/ Big Jump/ Big Noise From The Jungle (Single Version)/ Big Noise From Winnetka (Single Version)/ Boom Chicka Boom/ Bouncy (Single Version)/ Cool Operator (Single Version)/ Drum Party (LP Version)/ Drum Party (Single Version)/ Funny Face/ Get With It (Single Version)/ I'm Walkin'/ In The Mood/ Jive Talk (Single Version)/ Jivin' Around (Parts 1 & 2)/ Let There Be Drums (Single Version)/ Lost Dreams (LP Version)/ Lost Dreams (Single Version)/ Party Time (LP Version)/ Party Time (Single Version)/ Quite A Beat (Single Version)/ Rainy Day/ Teen Beat (LP Version)/ Teen Beat (Single Version)/ The Wiggle (LP Version)/ The Wiggle (Single Version)/
CD2 - Big Noise From The Jungle (LP Version)/ Big Noise From Winnetka (LP Version)/ Bouncy (LP Version)/ Bullfrog/ Cool Operator (LP Version)/
Feet Beat/ Get With It (LP Version)/ Jive Talk (LP Version)/ Jumpin' Jungles/ Let There Be Drums (LP Version)/ Linda Lou/ My Girl Josephine/ Quite A Beat (LP Version)/ Raunchy/ Slippin' And Slidin'/ Tequila/ The Birth Of The Beat/ The Flip/ Tim Tam/ Tough Beat/ Walkin' To Hartford

EDDIE NOACK Bear Family BCD 17204 Psycho: The K-Ak And Allstar REcordings, 1962-1969 ● CD $21.98
24 tracks, 58 mins, essential
Bear Family records have already released one excellent collection covering the earlier honky-tonk years by the great, under appreciated singer / songwriter Eddie Noack (Bear Family BCD 17142 - "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - 3 CD set - $74.98). This collection compiling his best 1960s tracks will probably have a broader appeal with its legendary / infamous psychotronic Country cuts like Psycho, Beer Drinkin' Blues, and Delores. Beer Drinkin' Blues indeed as, unfortunately, Noack died of cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 48. Although Eddie Noack was a great songwriter, with many well-known songs that were done by George Jones, Lefty Frizzell and others, Psycho, was actually a Leon Payne composition. Noack's version was the first released and probably the best loved Country version of this great, disturbing song, that would go on to be covered by the likes of Elvis Costello, and The Cramps. Noack wasn't always so hardcore, though, and there are many fine tracks here without the same extreme outlook on life, like House On A Mountain, the great Johnny Cash-ish Cotton Mill, Barbara Joy, and Sleeping Like A Baby (With A Bottle In My Mouth), yet another fine drunkard's tune. Features excellent liner notes and discography by Andrew Brown, and even better artwork by Retrograph; all in all, this is the best Country re-issue collection of the year so far. (JM)

DONN REYNOLDS B.A.C.M. 422 Portrait Of A Yodeler ● CD $14.98
27 tracks, good
A collection of songs from Australian country singer and yodeler Donn Reynolds recorded between 1947 and 1960. Reynolds is a pleasant, if not particularly compelling, singer and performs a selection of Australian "bush ballads," original songs and covers of American country songs. Accompaniment is straight ahead country with steel guitar and fiddle on many tracks and accordion on some. One of Renolds' claims to fame is that he is in the Guiness Book of World Records for yodeling non stop for 7 hours 29 minutes!! Mercifully, on the performances here, he uses the yodel only as needed. (FS)
DONN REYNOLDS: All Alone/ Bella Belinda/ Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain/ Blue Mountain Waltz/ Blue Yodel/ Cattle Call/ Chime Bells/ Don't Tell Me/ Fickle Heart/ Hasta Luego/ Let Me Die With My Boots On/ Loreli/ Now Is The Hour/ Old Bush Shanty Of Mine/ Out Of Step/ Ramona/ Rose Of Old Pawnee/ Salt Bush Sue/ Stockman's Lullaby/ T8 Blues/ Texas Yodel/ The Fate Of The Flying Enterprise/ The Nightingale Song/ The Parting/ The Ring My Mother Wore/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Waiting For A Train

THE STATE STREET RAMBLERS RST Records JPCD 1512 The State Street Ramblers, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98 $11.98
23 tracks, highly recommended
Superb collection of bluesy swinging Chicago jazz recorded between 1927 and 1931. Although personnel varied over the years the one constant was the presence of the superb blues and jazz piano player Jimmy Blythe and the imaginative use of percussion with a number of tracks featuring exuberant washoboard work. The first session (August 1927) features Blythe joined by cornetist Natty Dominque and the great clarinetist Johnny Dodds. For the second session (April 1928) Dodds is replaced by alto sax player Joe Walker. The third and fourth sessions (July 1928) features a front line of Angelo Fernandez on clarinet and "Baldy" McDonald on alto sax. W.E. Burton provides occasional kazoo and vocal and three tracks feature the fine blues vocalist Marie Grinter. The final session here from March 1931 finds a different line up with Roy Palmer on trombone and Darnell Howard on clarinet and alto sax with the trombone giving the group a very different feel than on the earlier sides but all of the music here is superb, infectious and swinging. A few tracks are from worn 78s but sound quality is generally excellent and there are informative notes by John Wilby. (FS)
THE STATE STREET RAMBLERS: Barrel House Stomp/ Brown-Skin Mama/ Cootie Stomp/ Do Right Blues/ Endurance Stomp/ Georgia Grind/ How Would You Like To Be Me?/ My Baby/ Oriental Man/ Pleasure Mad/ Road House Blues/ Shanghai Honeymoon/ Some Do And Som Don't/ Someday You'll Know/ St. Louis Man/ St. Louis Nightmare/ Tack It Down/ Tell Me, Cutie/ The Weary Way Blues/ There'll Come A Day/ Tiger Moan/ Tuxedo Stomp/ Yearning And Blue

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 425 Down The Transcription Trail ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, 63 mins, highly recommended
Excellent collection of sides all drawn from previously unissued radio transcriptions. Most of the tracks have a western or western swing flavor and there are some fine performances here. Dates aren't give but I assume that most of these are from the 1940s. Artists include some familiar names and some real obscurities and includes Rusty Gill, Jack Rivers & The River Boys, Slim Rodgers (a Tex Ritter imitator!), The Okies (a nice western swing flavored version of LIttle Brown Jug), Judy Marin (the ill fated wife of Red Foley), The Gopher Hole Diggers (a zany group in the style of The Hoosier Hotshots), Fiddlin' Dave (nice old time fiddle medley), The Johnson Sisters, Tex Owens (a particularly fine solo vocal and guitar version of Rustler's Warning), The Trail Blazers, The Texas Trailers, Texas Ruby & Curly Fox and others. Sound quality is excellent and there are brief notes (where known) on all the artists. (FS)
THE BENNETT SISTERS: Celito Lindo/ RUSS BROWN & THE CADETS: Dear Old Western Skies/ HOYT "SLIM" BRYANT: Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia/ RUSTY COLE: Cowboy Joe/ JIMMIE DEAN & THE TRAIL RIDERS: Song Of The Steamboat/ THE DOWN HOMERS: Guns And Guitars/ FIDDLIN' DAVE: Old Joe Clark-Light Foot Bill (inst.)/ THE GOPHER HOLE DIGGERS: Barnyard Rag/ Hillbilly Wedding In June/ I'd Like To Swap My Old Jalop/ THE JOHNSON SISTERS: Wreck Of The Old Number 9/ OKIES MACGREGOR: Little Brown Jug/ WESTENERS MACGREGOR: Oh Johnny Oh (inst.)/ JUDY MARTIN: Give Me A Home In Montana/ CHUCK MUKEM: Old Missouri Moon/ JIMMY NEWILL: Sleepy Hollow/ TEX OWENS: Rustler's Warning/ PINTO PETE: Little Sweetheart Of The Praire/ JACK RIVERS & THE RIVER BOYS: Liza Jane/ SLIM RODGERS: Ridin' Home/ THE SUNSHINE GIRLS: Dusty Skies/ TEXAS RUBY & CURLY FOX: Falling Leaf/ Raining Teardrops In My Heart/ THE TEXAS TRAILERS: I'm Ridin' Home/ THE TRAIL BLAZERS: When The Bloom Is On The Sage/ THE TRAIL DUSTERS: Tombstone Arizona/ WESLEY TUTTLE & THE COONHUNTERS: Fox Chase (inst.)/ FOY WILLING & THE RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE: Will O' The Wisp

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 426 Custom Made Hillbilly Vol. 5 ● CD $14.98
29 tracks, 69 mins, highly recommended
Although this series started off devoted to custom pressings from Starday it seems to have abandoned that theme and now just features small label releases by obscure artists. This is fine since the music is excellent. All tracks were recorded in 1958 by which time rock 'n' roll was dominating the music scene and about half the tracks are borderline rock 'n' roll or rockabilly. Among the many unfamiliar names here are Tony & Jackie Lamie (fine country boogie), Dappa Smith (the fine rockabilly songs China Doll), Jesse Stevens & The Big Sandy Boys (in spite of recording for the Bluegrass label, one songs is hot rock 'n roll and the other is a tough blues), Bill & Ben & The Arkansas Travelers, Johnny Brown & The Plainsmen, Dale Anderson & The Elliot Boys (her two tracks are real highlights - superb honky tonk with great vocals from Dale and fine backing harmonies), Leon Holmes, Don Wilmot & Babe Humphrey and others. Fine sound and brief notes on all the artists by Al Tricker. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS CD 2854 Capitol's R&B Queens ● CD $16.98
29 tracks, recommended
Among the major labels, Capitol Records is not one of the better known for recording R&B during the 50's and 60's. And yet here's a collection of female R&B artists who cut sides for the Los Angeles home of the Beach Boys and the Beatles. The singers were a varied bunch: there were those whose style was more jazzy (Dakota Staton), pop (Donna Hightower), and rock 'n' roll (Anita Tucker) and all cut decent sides that the powers-that-be thought would be snapped up by teenage record buyers. Staton's My Heart's Delight and A Little You have sass and class, while Anita Tucker belts out the suggestive Slow, Smooth and Easy and Let's Make Love (Welcome to My Heart) in cuts that were probably intended for the R&B market solely. Many of these songs are fun listening, but whether or not one would call them R&B is up for debate - certainly the Betty Jean Morris, Bernice Gooden, and Peggy Lee (yes, that Peggy Lee) tracks are only R&B in the loosest sense. But whether you agree or not the with package description, this is a pretty cool snapshot into what was considered "R&B" at Capitol Records during the 50's. (GMC)
BERNICE GOODEN: Just Wanna Be Near You/ What Did I Do To You/ Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter (On A Teenage Date)/ When I Go Away (The Uh Huh Song)/ THE HARRIS SISTERS: Kissin' Bug/ We've Been Walkin' All Night/ DONNA HIGHTOWER: Ain't That Love/ Forgive Them/ PEGGY LEE: Baby, Baby Wait For Me/ Every Night/ BETTY JEAN MORRIS: I Ain't Gonna Mambo/ Shack Daddy/ DAKOTA STATON: A Little You/ Abracadabra/ Don't Mean Maybe/ For The Rest Of My Life/ I Told You So/ My Friend/ My Heart's Delight/ No Mama - No Papa/ What Do You Know About Love/ ANITA TUCKER: Handcuffed Heart/ Hop, Skip And Jump/ If You Go/ Let's Make Love (Welcome To My Heart)/ One And Two/ Shiver My Timbers/ Slow, Smooth And Easy/ Trying To Get To You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5588 Carolina Blues & Gospel, 1945-1951 ● CD $15.98 $11.98
Features 10 fine country blues sides from 1945 by guitar/ piano duo Sonny Boy & Lonnie (with occasional drum) plus 16 cuts by Marylin Scott, 2 country blues, 2 urban blues and 12 gospel sides - the latter issued under the name Mary Deloatch.
MARYLIN SCOTT: Another woman's man/ Beer bottle boogie/ I got what my daddy likes/ I really believe/ I want to die easy/ I'll ride on a cloud with my Lord/ If you only knew/ Let's do the boogie woogie/ Life was a burden/ Mother dear/ Our Father loves his son/ Rumors of war/ Straighten him out/ The Lord's gospel train/ The new gospel street/ Uneasy blues/ SONNIE BOY AND LONNIE: Big moose blues/ Bigheaded woman/ I wonder who's holding you/ I'll water you every/ Mama blues/ My baby blues/ South West Pacific blues/ Talking boogie/ The wide boogie/ Wiggle round me baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 157 Just Wailing ● CD $19.98 $14.98
A two CD 50 track collection featuring some of the greatest post war harmonica blues. The performances range from the late 40s through the early 60s and includes sides by Little Walter, Junior Wells, Louis Myers, Slim Harpo, Snooky Pryor, Walter Horton, Papa Lightfoot, Joe Hill LOuis, Jerry McCain, Doctor Ross, Walter Mitchell and many more. Includes 16 page booklet with informative notes by compiler Neil Slaven.
BILLY BOY ARNOLD: I Ain't Got You/ I Wish You Would/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE WITH GEORGE SMITH: Sharp Harp/ FORREST CITY JOE: She Lived Her Life Too Fast/ SLIM HARPO: I Got Love If You Want It/ Moody Blues/ EARL HOOKER & JUNIOR WELLS: Calling All Blues/ WALTER HORTON: Little Walter's Boogie/ HOWLIN' WOLF: Highway My Friend/ Worried All the Time/ PEE WEE HUGHES: Country Boy Blues/ JIMMY & WALTER (HORTON: Easy/ WILLIE JOHNSON WITH SAMMY LEWIS: Baby Tell Me Your Name/ FLOYD JONES WITH SNOOKY PRYOR: Floyd's Blues/ MOODY JONES WITH SNOOKY PRYOR: Snooky and Moody's Boogie/ LAZY LESTER: Sugar Coated Love/ PETE "GUITAR" LEWIS: Going Crazy/ LITTLE WALTER: Blues With a Feeling/ Boogie/ I Got To Find My Baby/ Juke/ JOE HILL LOUIS: Jack Pot/ She May Be Yours/ HOT SHOT LOVE: Harmonica Jam/ JERRY MCCAIN: Steady/ That's What They Want/ WALTER MITCHELL: Pet Milk Blues/ LOUIS MYERS: Just Whaling/ SAMMY MYERS: My Love is Here To Stay/ Sleeping In the Ground/ WILLIE NIX WITH JAMES COTTON: Baker Shop Boogie/ PAPA LIGHTFOOT: Jumpin' With Jarvis/ Wine, Women, Whiskey/ SNOOKY PRYOR: Judgement Day/ JIMMY REED: Jimmy's Boogie/ She Don't Want Me No More/ ROBERT RICHARD: Wigwam Woman/ JIMMY ROGERS WITH WALTER HORTON: Walking By Myself/ DOCTOR ROSS: Come Back Baby/ Juke Box Boogie/ JOHNNY SHINES WITH WALTER HORTON: Evening Sun/ OTIS SPANN WITH WALTER HORTON: I'm Leaving You/ SUNNYLAND SLIM WITH SNOOKY PRYOR: Be My Baby/ SONNY TERRY: Ride and Roll/ BABY BOY WARREN WITH SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON II: Chicken/ JUNIOR WELLS: Come On In This House/ Junior's Wail/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON II: Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide/ Mighty Long Time/ Trust My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 169 Soul City New York ● CD $19.98
2 CD, 60 tracks, highly recommended
Coming on the heels of "Soul City Detroit" (Fantastic Voyage 162), is this similarly themed CD except that the emphasis is on the City That Never Sleeps and it's local labels churning out great R&B: Sue, Roulette, Fire/Fury/Enjoy, Scepter/Wand, Dimension and more. And just like the earlier CD, this one also illustrates how these labels and their stars - Ike & Tina Turner and Baby Washington on Sue, Dinah Washington and Sam & Dave on Roulette, Gladys Knight & the Pips and Buster Brown on Fire, the Isley Brothers and Chuck Jackson on Wand, and Dionne Warwick and Tommy Hunt on Scepter - producers, and songwriters contributed to the changing face of 60's R&B. To hard core R&B collectors, much of this stuff is easily found in other places but the stuff that's a bit more obscure - Sam & Dave's three Roulette 45s or cuts from Linda & the Del Rios and Elmore Morris on Crackerjack, King Curtis & the Noble Knights on Enjoy, and Big Dee Irwin on Dimension - is certainly tantalizing and worth the price of admission. Regardless of whether one is familiar with these songs from other sources or not, the music is uniformly first rate and this is another excellent, well compiled and annotated collection from the gang at Fantastic Voyage. (GMC)
BUSTER BROWN: I'm Going But I'll Be Back/ Sugar Babe/ KING CURTIS: Soul Twist/ DON GARDNER AND DEE DEE FORD: Don't You Worry/ Honey Sweet/ I Need Your Loving/ Tell Me/ SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS: I Hear Voices/ Just Don't Care/ TOMMY HUNT: And I Never Knew/ Didn't I Tell You/ I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself/ Poor Millionaire/ BIG DEE IRWIN: And Heaven Was Here/ Everybody's Got A Dance But Me/ THE ISLEY BROTHERS: Right Now/ The Snake/ Time After Time/ Twist And Shout/ CHUCK JACKSON: Angel Of Angels/ Any Day Now/ Everybody Needs Love/ I Keep Forgettin'/ In Between Tears/ Make The Night Just A Little Longer/ THE JOKERS: So Tight/ Whisper/ GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS: I'll Trust In You/ Operator/ LINDA AND THE DEL RIOS: Come On, Let Me Try/ ELMORE MORRIS: It Seemed Like Heaven To Me/ JAMES RAY: If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/ You Remember The Face/ SAM AND DAVE: I Need Love/ It Feels So Nice/ Keep A Walkin'/ My Love Belongs To You/ No More Pain/ She's Alright/ SHEP AND THE LIMELITES: Daddy's Home/ Oh What A Feeling/ Our Anniversary/ Three Steps From The Altar/ Who Told The Sandman/ THE SHIRELLES: Mama Here Comes The Bride/ IKE AND TINA TURNER: If/ Mind In A Whirl/ Sleepless/ Tra La La La La/ You Can't Blame Me/ TITUS TURNER: People Sure Act Funny/ DIONNE WARWICK: Don't Make Me Over/ I Smiled Yesterday/ BABY WASHINGTON: Careless Hands/ I've Got A Feeling/ DINAH WASHINGTON: It's A Mean Old Man's World/ You're A Sweetheart/ You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You/ JACKIE WILSON: Sing (And Tell The Blues So LOng)/ I Found Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS History Of Soul 007 Soul Chronology 2 - This Old Soul Of Mine ● CD $18.98
Two CDs, 57 tracks, highly recommended
Continuing this label's imaginative look at the birth of soul music, this volume is mostly devoted to one of the most important influences on soul - gospel music. Quite a number of soul greats got their start in gospel group and this set features some of them as well as describing, in the notes how particular, gospel songs and techniques could be heard in gospel songs and techniques. It also includes R&B singers in the pre soul era whose music showed strong elements of gospel music - most notably in Ray Charles whose approach was an important factor in the emergence of soul music. By itself, the music on here is fabulous - combined with the notes it becomes an immensely entertaining history lesson. Among the many artists featured are The Davis Sisters, The Soul Stirrers, Clara Ward, The Five Royales, Kitty Stevenson, Lloyd Price, The Five Keys, Swan's Silvertone Singers, Billy Ward & The Dominoes, The Christian Travelers, Re. Utah Smith, Rev. Anderson Johnson, Johnny Ace and many more. Sound quality is excellent. (FS)
JOHNNY ACE: Saving My Love for You/ LAVERN BAKER: Soul On Fire/ ALEX BRADFORD: Too Close to Heaven/ RUTH BROWN: Somebody Touched Me/ THE CARAVANS: Blessed and Brought Up By the Lord/ Since I Met Jesus/ Tell the Angels/ RAY CHARLES: Don't You Know/ Misery in My Heart/ Sinner's Prayer/ THE CHRISTIAN TRAVELERS: Only a Pilgrim/ THE CLOVERS: Fool, Fool, Fool/ DOROTHY LOVE COATES: No Hiding Place/ THE COLEMANAIRES: Be Ready When He Comes/ EDNA GALLMON COOKE: Build Me a Cabin/ Somebody Touched Me/ THE DAVIS SISTERS: Bye and Bye Pts 1 & 2/ I'm Tired/ Stand By Me/ Too Close to Heaven/ THE DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS: Trouble in My Way/ THE DOMINOES: Have Mercy Baby/ THE DRIFTERS: Money Honey/ THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF MISSISSIPPI: All Aboard/ THE FIVE KEYS: Too Late Baby/ THE FIVE ROYALES: Baby, Don't Do It/ GUITAR SLIM: Feelin' Sad/ The Things That I Used to Do/ EARL HINES: This Old Soul of Mine/ MAHALIA JACKSON: Walking to Jerusalem/ REV. ANDERSON JOHNSON: God Don't Like It/ MARIE KNIGHT: Jesus Walk With Me/ THE LARKS: Honey in the Rock/ LITTLE MILTON: Lookin' for My Baby/ LITTLE RICHARD: Ain't That Good News/ BIG MAYBELLE: Way Back Home/ PERCY MAYFIELD: The River's Invitation/ THE MEDITATION SINGERS: I'm Determined/ THE MIDNIGHTERS: Don't Say Your Last Goodbye/ THE ORIGINAL GOSPEL HARMONETTES: He's Right On Time/ I'm Sealed/ THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS: I've Got a New Home/ LLOYD PRICE: Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ LULA REED: I'll Drown in My Tears/ JESSE MAE RENFRO: I Must Tell Jesus/ THE SOUL STIRRERS: Any Day Now/ Just Another Day/ Peace in the Valley/ THE SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS QUARTET: Here Am I, Oh Lord Send Me/ THE STAPLE SINGERS: Since He Lightened My Heavy Load/ KITTY STEVENSON: I Shouldn't Cry But I Do/ THE SUNSET TRAVELERS: Yes, Yes, I've Done My Duty/ SWAN'S SILVERTONE SINGERS: He Won't Deny Me/ REV. UTAH SMITH: Two Wings/ CLARA WARD: Come in the Room/ Faith That Moves Mountains/ BILLY WARD & THE DOMINOES: Outskirts of Town

VARIOUS ARTISTS Not Now NOT3CD 098 Joe Meek - Telstar: Anthology ● CD $11.98
3 CDs, 75 tracks, 184 mins, highly recommended
Wow, you aren't going to find a better deal on music anytime soon. Three CDs, jam-packed with great music, for practically peanuts. With this, you get about 75% of all of the best instrumental tracks to ever come out of the U.K., plus many other fine Pop tunes. Sure, some of the non-instrumental songs can get a little cheesy, but having Joe Meek at the helm of the recordings, you'll be hard pressed to find any that aren't at least entertaining. Joe Meek was a recording genius and there are a whole mess of genius recordings here. Whether its big hits like Telstar by The Tornados and John Leyton's Johnny Remember Me, or obscure gems like The Hermit Of Misty Mountain by Don Charles, Night Of The Vampire by The Moontrekkers, or Magnetic Field by The Blue Men, one thing you will not be is bored. Viva Joe Meek! (JM)
CLIFF BENNETT & THE REBEL ROUSERS: Hurtin' Inside (Twist)/ I'm In Love With You/ Poor Joe/ You've Got What I Like/ MIKE BERRY: Every Little Kiss/ It's Just A Matter Of Time/ Tribute To Buddy Holly/ How Many Times/ Loneliness/ My Baby Doll/ THE BLUE MEN: Entry Of The Globbotts/ Magnetic Field/ Orbit Around The Moon/ Valley Of The Saroos/ CARTER-LEWIS & THE SOUTHENERS: Two Timing Baby/ CARTER-LEWIS & THE SOUTHERNERS: Will It Happen To Me/ ANDY CAVELL: Always On Saturday/ Hey There Señorita/ THE CHAPS (THE OUTLAWS): Poppin' Part 1/ Poppin' Part 2/ DON CHARLES: Crazy Man Crazy/ Guess That's The Way It Goes/ The Hermit Of Misty Mountain/ CHRIS AND THE STUDENTS: Ducks Away From My Fishin'/ NEIL CHRISTIAN & THE CRUSADERS: Big Beat Drum/ The Road to Love/ MICHAEL COX: Angela Jones/ Don't Want To Know/ Honey 'Cause I Love You/ Stand Up/ RAY DEXTER: Lonely Week-End/ MARK DOUGLAS: It Matters Not/ Upside Down/ THE DOWLANDS & THE SOUNDTRACKS: Little Sue/ THE FABULOUS FLEE-RAKKERS: Green Jeans/ THE FLEE-REKKERS: Blue Tango/ Sunburst/ THE FLEEREKKERS: Black Buffalo/ Stage To Cimarron/ Twistin' the Chestnuts/ GEOFF GODDARD: Girl Bride/ My Little Girl's Come Home/ Try Once More/ IAIN GREGORY: Mr Lovebug/ KENNY HOLLYWOOD: Magic Star/ PETER JAY & THE BLUE MEN: Just Too Late/ PETER JAY & THE JAYWALKERS: Can Can 62/ ALAN KLEIN: Danger Ahead/ Striped Purple Shirt/ Three Coins In The Sewer/ You Gave Me The Blues/ JOHN LEYTON: Heart Of Stone/ Johnny Remember Me/ Lone Rider/ Tell Laura I Love Her/ THE MOONTREKKERS: Hatashiai/ Night Of The Vampire/ There's Something At The Bottom Of The Well/ THE OUTLAWS: Dream Of The West/ Fort Knox/ Ku-Pow/ Sioux Serenade/ Valley Of The Sioux/ PAT READER: Cha Cha On The Moon/ DANNY RIVERS: Can't You Hear My Heart/ THE STONEHENGE MEN: Big Feet/ SCREAMING LORD SUTCH: Good Golly Miss Molly/ THE TORNADOS: Dreaming On A Cloud/ Jungle Fever/ Love and Fury/ Telstar/ TONY VICTOR: Dear One/ There Was A Time/ HOUSTON WELLS: North Wind/ YOLANDA: Don't Tell Me Not To Love You

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day DAY3CD 006 Stampede! The United Artists Story 1962 ● CD $13.98
Another of One Day's inexpensive label surveys - this one devoted to the United Artists label featuring 75 tracks on three CDs. The label was founded in 1957 as an offshoot of the long lived United Artists film studios with the intention of primarily releasing film soundtracks but soon spread its wings and started issuing singles in a wide variety of styles and by 1962 when all the recordings on this three CD set were made was a significant force in the record business. The label's pricipal forte was pop music though it also featured rock 'n' roll, R&B, doo-wop, country and folk and among the many artists here are Al Caiola, Shirley Bassey, Jeff Barry, Danny Lee, Freddy Jaye, Jay & The Americans, Nathaniel Mayer, Paul Dine, Ferris & The Wheels, Bobby Dunn, George Jones, Hoy Hudson, Joyce Davis, The Leiber-Stoller Orchestra, Marv Johnson, Rick Randell, Ted Taylor, The Highwaymen, Ferrante & Teicher, Sonny Burns and many more.
JEFF BARRY: Welcome Home/ SHIRLEY BASSEY: As Long As He Needs Me/ Climb Ev'ry Mountain/ I'll Get By/ What Kind Of Fool Am I/ What Now My Love?/ SONNY BURNS: Brick And Mortar/ AL CAIOLA: Experiment In Terror/ Stampede/ FRANKIE CALLEN: Little Cry Baby/ AL CASEY COMBO: Jivin' Around/ MAURICE CHEVALIER: Jessica/ MIKE CLIFFORD: Close To Cathy/ JOYCE DAVIS: Moments To Remember/ PAUL DINO: That's How I Miss You/ CHARLIE DRAKE: Tanglefoot/ SHELDON DUNAWAY: Mary Lou Doin'The Pop-Eye/ SHELTON DUNAWAY & THE CUP CAKES: Just One Kiss/ BOBBY DUNN: Diddle Dee Dee/ THE FALCONS: Goddess Of Angels/ You're So Fine/ FERRANTE & TEICHER: (Theme From) Lisa/ Smile/ FERRIS & THE WHEELS: He Was A Fortune Teller/ Moments Like This/ EVELYN FREEMAN: Didn't It Rain/ JACKIE FRISCO: When You Ask About Love/ EYDIE GORME: Granada/ DURWOOD HADDOCK: Big Night At My House/ THE HIGHWAYMEN: Cindy, Oh Cindy/ Whiskey In the Jar/ HOYT HUDSON: Individuality/ BURL IVES: Always/ JAY & THE AMERICANS: Dawning/ It's My Turn To Cry/ She Cried/ This Is It For Me/ Tomorrow/ Yes/ FREDDY JAYE: Thinking Of You/ BABY JEAN: If You Wanna/ MARV JOHNSON: Let Yourself Go/ Magic Mirror/ With All That's In Me/ GEORGE JONES: Beacon in the Night/ Big Fool Of The Year/ He Made Me Free/ I Saw Me/ Not What I Had in Mind/ She Thinks I Still Care/ DANNY JORDON: On The Outside Looking In/ Runaround Sue's/ STEVE LAWRENCE: Our Concerto/ DANNY LEE: Stop Calling Me Baby/ EDDY LEE: There'll Be An Angel/ THE LEIBER-STOLLER ORCHESTRA: Café Espresso/ GEOFF LOVE: The White Rose Of Athens/ JUDY LYNN: My Secret/ JOHNNY MAESTRO: Before I Loved Her/ Fifty Million Heartbeats/ RALPH MARTERIE: Lili Marlene/ NATHANIEL MAYER: Leave Me Alone/ Village Of Love/ LLOYD G. MAYERS: A Taste Of Honey/ RICK RANDELL: Dining, Dancing and Talking/ Stars/ Take My Name And Number/ TITO RODRIGUEZ: Slow Walk/ SUSIE & THE THE FOUR TRUMPETS: Starry Eyes/ TED TAYLOR: Pretending Love/ GENE THOMAS: It's Make Believe/ JUDY THOMAS: Never Say Devil Woman/ THE VERSATILE FOUR: Every Other Night/ DANNY WILLIAMS: Jeannie/ The Miracle Of You

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 206 Only Young Once - KIng Records Story, 1962 ● CD $11.98
2 CD, 50 tracks, highly recommended
Question: How does one document a label with a catalog as large as the one belonging to Cincinnati's King Records on just two CDs? The gang at One Day begins to answer that question with this collection that spotlights the year 1962. If year by year is their intention, then that's not a bad way to go, and 1962 was a great year for iconic songs like James Brown's Night Train and Little Willie John's Fever. Brown and John make more appearances over the two discs - (Can You) Feel it Pt. 1 and Shout and Shimmy for the former, Until Again My Love and She Thinks I Still Care for the latter - and their joined by the likes of Otis Williams (who contributes the title track), Hank Ballard (delivering more variations on his twist theme), up - and - comers Bruce Channel and Yvonne Fair, Johnny Otis, Johnny Guitar Watson, Earl Connelly King, King Curtis, and more. There's a lot to love here, from Eugene Church's I'm Your Taboo Man to Red Prysock's Hide Away, from Little Bobby Moore's Do the Ginger Snap to (Darling I'll See You) Tonight by the Ascots. If it was One Day's intention to properly document King in year by year collections - and let's hope that was the idea - then they are off to winning start. (GMC)
THE ASCOTS: (Darling I'll See You) Tonight/ I Don't Care One Bit/ HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS: Do You Know How To Twist/ HANK BALLARD AND THE MIDNIGHTERS: It's Twistin' Time/ BOB & LUCILLE: Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe/ THE BOBBETTES: I'm Stepping Out Tonight/ My Dearest/ JAMES BROWN: (Can You) Feel It (Part 1)/ Night Train/ Shout And Shimmy/ Three Hearts In A Tangle/ BRUCE CHANNEL: Now Or Never/ THE CHECKERS: Over The Rainbow/ EUGENE CHURCH: I'm your Taboo Man/ The Right Girl, The Right Time/ KING CURTIS: Steel Guitar Rag/ BILL DOGGETT: Eleven O'clock Twist/ THE DRIVERS: Dry Bones Twist/ Mr Astronaut/ YVONNE FAIR WITH THE JAMES BROWN BAND: I Found You/ If I Knew/ AL HENDERSON: All Star Boy/ The Lemon Twist/ THE INTERLUDES: Darling, I'll Be True/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: Every Beat Of My Heart/ Fever/ She Thinks I Still Care/ Until Again My Love/ EARL CONNELLY KING: Big Blue Diamonds/ Don't Take It So Hard/ LUCIA MARTIN: Big Jim/ LITTLE BOBBY MOORE: Do The Ginger Snap/ THE MYSTICS: The Hoppy Hop/ LLOYD NOLAN: I Don't Know About You/ LLOYD NOLEN: Fun Fun/ JOHNNY OTIS: Queen Of The Twist/ RED PRYSOCK: Harem Girl/ Hide Away/ FREDDY SCHAEFER: Zoom Zoom Zoom/ CLIFFORD SCOTT: Kangaroo/ Walk That Twist/ THE SHARMETTES: My Dream/ Tell Me/ THE SHONDELLS: I Gotta Tell It/ My Love/ EDDIE SMITH: The Preacher And The Bear/ JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON: Sweet Lovin' Mama/ What You Do To Me/ OTIS WILLIAMS: Only Young Once/ When We Get Together

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 114 Squeeze Me - The Jazz And Swing Accordion Story ● CD $26.98 $18.98
4 CDs, 101 tracks, 4 hours, 53 min., highly recommended
Documenting the accordion in jazz between 1929-1955, this engaging collection moves in chronological order through its 101 songs and includes recordings by Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, The Jungle Band (featuring Cootie Williams & Johnny Hodges), Guerino Et Son Orchestre Musette De La Boite A Matelots (featuring Django Reinhardt)--and that's just the start of Disc 1! For the accordianphobic, the instrument in question is often not the center of musical attention, especially on the first two CDs. Many heavily represented performers are less than household names these days, including Le Quartette Swing Emile Carrara (6 tracks), Gus Viseur (8 tracks), Joe Mooney Quartet (10 tracks), Quintet Johnny Meyer (8 tracks), Tito Burns And His Sextet (6 tracks), Art Van Damme (9 tracks), Mat Mathews (10 tracks). As usual Proper has done a first-rate job, right down to the generous 44-page booklet full of notes and great pics. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Rhythm & Blues 029 The History Of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 3 ● CD $16.98
Two CDs, 59 tracks, very highly recommended
Another fabulous chapter in the story of the development of rhythm & blues in one of the world's greatest musical cities, New Orleans - this one covers the period 1953 to 1955. Although many of the tracks may be familiar to long time collectors, the presentation and illuminating notes make this a superior production in every way. In addition to the many local artists recorded at the famed Cosimo studios it also features out of town artists availing themselves of the local talent as well as New Orleans artists who recorded elsewhere. Disc one covers 1953 and '54 and opens with the obscure Ellis "Slow" Walsh and the appropriately titled New Orleans Is My Home - a solid slab of typical New Orleans R&B that was recorded in Los Angeles! Other artists on this disc include THe Spiders, Clarence Garlow, Rose Mitchell (a New Orleans version of Baby Please Don't Go), Ray Charles, Guitar Slim (three songs including the magnificent Story Of My Life with a truly ferocious electric guitar solo - so hot it might melt your speakers!), Tommy Ridgley, Pee Wee Crayton (the great L.A. bluesman recorded in N.O. with the Dave Bartholomew Band resulting in one of his best sides - Do Unto Others), Leonard Lee (before he became half of Shirley & Lee, Clarence Samuels and others. The second disc covers 1954 & 1955 and opens with Fats Domino's Ain't It A Shame - his first recording to cross over into the pop charts and the beginning of a string of massive hits in the R&B and pop charts. It also includes Little Richard's first hit Tutti Frutti recorded in New Orleans in September 1955. Other artists featured on this disc include James Booker, Ernest Kador (an early unreleased recordings by the artists later to be known as Ernie K-Doe), The Hawketts doing their classic Mardi Gras Mambo which is played every year in N.O. at Mardi Gras time, Champion Jack Dupree, Huey "Piano" Smith (one of his first recordings), Lloyd Lambert, Bobby Charles and lots more. Excellent sound and genuinely informative notes that not only gives us potted bios of the artists but discusses the music and describes what makes New Orleans R&B so unique. (FS)
NATHAN ABSHIRE: Crying Pinegrove Blues/ JESSE ALLEN: What A Party/ DAVE BARTHOLOMEW: Cat Music/ JAMES BOOKER: Doing The Hambone/ BOBBY CHARLES: See You Later, Alligator/ RAY CHARLES: Don't You Know/ BOOZOO CHAVIS: Forty One Days/ CLIFTON CHENIER: Ay Tete Fee/ AL COLLINS: I Got The Blues For You/ DAVE COLLINS: Bluesy Me/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: Do Unto Others/ FATS DOMINO: Ain't It A Shame/ Hey Little School Girl/ Please Don't Leave Me/ Poor Me/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE: Ain't No Meat On The Bone/ Somebody Changed The Lock/ Stumbling Block/ Walking The Blues/ CLARENCE GARLOW: Crawfishin'/ Route 90/ GUITAR SLIM: Feelin' Sad/ I Got Sumpin' For You/ Later For You Baby/ The Story Of My Life/ THE HAWKETTS: Mardi Gras Mambo/ THE HAWKS: It's Too Late Now/ MAHALIA JACKSON: Walking To Jerusalem/ THE JACKSON GOSPEL SINGERS: Heaven Bound Train/ ELMORE JAMES: Goodbye Baby/ RAY JOHNSON: I/ WILLIE JOHNSON: Say Baby/ ERNEST KADOR: So Glad You're Mine/ THE KIDDS: Drunk, Drunk, Drunk/ EARL KING: Beggin' At Your Mercy/ Little Girl/ Those Lonely, Lonely Nights/ 'Til I Say Well Done/ LLOYD LAMBERT: Heavy Sugar/ LEONARD LEE: When The Sun Goes Down/ SMILEY LEWIS: Blue Monday/ I Hear You Knocking/ LI'L MILLET & HIS CREOLES: Rich Woman/ LITTLE RICHARD: I'm Just A Lonely Guy/ Tutti Frutti/ FATS MATTHEWS: Goin/ BOBBY MITCHELL: 4 X 11= 44/ ROSE MITCHELL: Baby Please Don't Go/ BIG BOY MYLES: Who's Been Fooling You?/ THE PELICANS: Ain't Gonna Do It/ LLOYD PRICE: Tell Me Pretty Baby/ TOMMY RIDGLEY: Jam Up/ CLARENCE SAMUELS: Crazy With The Heat/ HUEY PIANO SMITH: We Like Mambo/ THE SPIDERS: I Didn't Want To Do It/ Witchcraft/ BLANCHE THOMAS: You Ain't So Such A Much/ ELLIS 'SLOW' WALSH: New Orleans Is My Home/ WEE WILLIE WAYNE: Travelin' Mood

VARIOUS ARTISTS RST Records JPCD 1521 Porter Grainger, 1923-1929 ● CD $15.98 $11.98
24 tracks, recommended
Porter Grainger was an important figure in the history of African-American music - dancer, actor, songwriter (his most famous composition is Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do), pianist and arranger (he arranged and played on many of Bessie Smith's mid 20s recordings). This collection finds him at the piano accompanying a range of singers and vocal groups. Among the vocalists there are four very fine performances from Ethel Finnie and and two from Dollie Ross. Gladys Bryant and Ada Brown are less impressive but still worthwhile. Clint Jones is a rather mediocre pop singer. Three of the vocal groups are secular and turn in some fine jazzy performances - the fourth group Porter Grainger's Jubilee Singers are rather unexceptional sacred singers. In general an enjoyable set with one word of caution - the first 17 tracks are from acoustic recordings, some of them quite worn and so may be rough going for some. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smithsonian Folkways 40209 Classic Banjo From Smithsonian Folkways ● CD $11.98
30 tracks, highly recommended
Another terrific selection of recordings drawn from the archives of Smithsonian Folkways - this one focusing on music featuring the banjo. The recordings here range from 1943 to 2007 - some drawn from previously available Folkways albums along with a nice selection of previously unissued material. It opens with a medley of old time tunes from Pete Seeger from 1943. Pete is not often thought of as a dazzling instrumentalist but the four tunes here show that he had some impressive instrumental chops in his youth. There is lots more old time music from Hobart Smith, Mike Seeger, Pete Steele (a version of his classic Coal Creek March - a tribute to the miners of the 1891 Coal Creek Rebellion), Rufus Crisp, Lee Sexton, Roscoe Holcomb and others. We also hear the banjo in a bluegrass setting from Roger Sprung and a group including Doc Watson on guitar as well as a 1964 recording of Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys with Bill Keith's stellar banjo playing. There are also examples of African-American banjo playing from Josh Thomas, Dink Roberts, Elizabeth Cotton and others. We also hear the banjo in a jazz band context with a 1990s recording of Louis Armstrong's Gut Bucket Blues by a group featuring Don Vappie on banjo with clarinet, trumpet, piano, bass and drums. Mick Moloney shows us the importance of the banjo in Irish traditional music and legendary bluegrass banjo player Tony Trischka turns back the clock to 1919 with the lovely Banjoland - a parlor music piece with Bill Evans on second banjo. All told a terrific and varied selection with superb sound and a 44 page booklet with detailed information on every track. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Styletone 391 It's A Southern Blues Thing, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, 69 mins, recommended
A fine collection of down home blues recorded in the 1960s and early 70s by mostly very obscure artists recordings equally obscure labels. In spite of the album title many of the tracks come from places like Los Angeles, Chicago and Cleveland which can hardly be called Southern though I suspect that many of the artists originated in the South. The music is all fine and well played but there is very little that really stands out as particularly exciting or innovative either vocaly or instrumentally. Among the highlights are the two tracks by singer/ harmonica player Model "T" Slim (Elmon Mickle) who had previously recorded in the 1950s for the Modern label as Drifting Slim - his two sides feature fine vocals and harmonica from Slimm and good guitar from Jack Wall but has a lackluster rhythm section. TV Slim recorded fairly prolifically from the 50s through the 70s - mostly for his own label Speed and the two tracks by hime are typically idiosyncratic. Chicago bluesman and piano player Big Moose (Walker) is featured on the excellent Rambling Woman with great steel guitar from Freddie Roulette. Other artists include The Mighty Men/ EKing Edward with Sam Myers, Clyde Hopkins, Johnny Little John, Eddie Clay, Harmonica Joe, Bill Rice and more. Sound quality is excellent and booklet has what discographical info is known but no other notes. (FS)
BIG MOOSE: Rambling Woman/ JESSIE "GUITAR" BOX WITH HARRY DALLAS BAND: Heart Trouble/ LITTLE WILLIE BROWN & CAMEOS: Do It Like That/ EDDIE CLAY: Lorain, Lorain/ WILLIE COBBS: Worst Feeling (I Ever Had)/ KING EDWARD WITH SAMMY MYERS, HCA.: The Things I Used To Do/ HARMONICA JOE: Look Here Mama/ CLYDE HOPKINS: Fatten Pin/ Santa Fe/ IRONING BOARD SAM: I've Been Used/ Non Support (That's What The Judge Say)/ CALVIN JOHNSON: Lein On Your Body/ Unsatisfied Mind/ JOLLY GEORGE: Married Too Soon/ LIGHTNIN' LEON: Dark, Muddy Bottom/ LITTLE BOYD (KING OF HARMONICA): Ron-De-View 36/ JOHNNY LITTLE JOHN: She's Nineteen Years Old/ THE MIGHTY MEN: No Way Out/ MODEL 'T' SLIM FEAT. JACK WALL LEAD GTR.: 'T' Model Ford/ MODEL 'T' SLIM WITH JACK WALL GTR.: Burnt Out/ BILL RICE: It's All Your Fault/ SLIM SANDERS: Bye Bye Baby/ T-V SLIM & HIS BLUESMEN: Love Bounce/ TV SLIM & HIS BLUESMEN: You Won't Treat Me Right

VARIOUS ARTISTS Styletone 398 It's A Southern R&B THing, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, recommended
A fine collection of uptempo blues and R&B recorded by obscure artists for small labels in the 50s and early 60s. Some fine performances though perhaps a few too many novelty songs. Artists featured include Clarence Samuels, Tommy Cherry & His Niteriders, Texas-Ray, Lorin Dean with the Alex Sampie Band, Doodle Woo, Robert T. Smith with Toby Pride's Orch., Leo Davison & The Collinaires (band led by Albert Collins), Katie Webster and others. Good sound and full discographical info. (FS)
CLIFF BUTLER: No Faith In You/ You Name It/ TOMMY CHERRY & HIS NITERIDERS: Kingdom Of Moo/ Mama Loochie/ LEO DAVISON & THE COLLINAIRS: Hello Mae/ LORIN DEAN WITH ALEX SAMPLE BAND: Lonely Avenue/ JOHNNY DUHON & THE YELLO-JAKETS: Fatty Hattie/ FRANKIE EDWARDS & THE HOUSE WRECKERS: Sally Lou Little/ DAVEY JONES: Love Your Way/ MILLIARD LEE & HIS ORCH.: Wasted/ Waughely's Boogie/ WALLY MERCER: Hey, Miss Lula/ LENNY MICKELS WITH KERRY & THE TEMPOS: You Treat Me Good/ SAM THE SHAM: Haunted House/ CLARENCE SAMUELS: Chicken Hearted Woman/ Got No Place To Call My Own/ ROBERT T. SMITH WITH TOBY PRIDE'S ORCH.: Workin' Again/ PAUL TATE: How Can I Love You/ TEXAS-RAY: Mary Ann/ What's Come Over You?/ KATIE WEBSTER: Hoo Wee, Sweet Daddy/ EDDIE WILLIAMS: It's Too Late Baby/ Walking Alone/ DOODIE WOO: Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Varese 66382 The Sun Songbook ● CD $16.98 $4.98
18 tracks, 38 min, recommended
When you have a label that was indeed a powerhouse in the 50s into the early 60s, as great as it is, there comes a time where everything's been put out. What you need is a marketing gimmick. What we have here is a disc full of tunes written by Sun artists but recorded by other Sun artists. There are a few that were actually released at the time by Sun - there's a great version of Charlie Rich's Break Up done by Ray Smith, & of course there's Billy Lee Riley's classic take on Billy "The Kid" Emmerson's Red Hot, along with Jerry Lee Lewis' version of Roy Orbison's Rock House. But most of these tunes were unreleased at the time & include a few lesser tracks as Jeb Stuart's Just Walkin' In The Rain. But what may be most interesting is some demos done by the songwriters, my fave being Johnny Cash with Little Wooly Booger (You're My Baby), along with Harold Jenkins (later known as Conway Twitty) doing Rock House, a song he wrote with Roy Orbison, & a couple by Charlie Rich. (GM)
SONNY BURGESS: Feelin' Good/ JOHNNY CASH: I Forgot to Remember to Forget/ Little Woolly Booger (You're My Baby)/ KEN COOK: Problem Child/ HAROLD JENKINS: Rock House/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Down the Line/ Ooby Dooby/ Rock & Roll Ruby/ CARL MANN: Baby I Don't Care/ Ubangi Stomp/ ROY ORBISON: You Tell Me/ CHARLIE RICH: Right Behind You Baby/ Thanks a Lot/ BILLY LEE RILEY: Red Hot/ RAY SMITH: Break Up/ JEB STUART: Just Walkin' in the Rain/ VERNON TAYLOR: Mystery Train/ HAYDEN THOMPSON: Love My Baby


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