Ugly Things #37







Ugly Things #37 ● CD $9.98
184 pages, Highly Recommended Here's the latest from one of the greatest music magazines ever. More of that Garage, Psych, Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Punk, and Rock & Roll music from the 1950s - 1970s that we all love so much. Big features on The Pretty Things, and The Small faces, including interviews with Phil May of the Pretties, Ian McLagan of The Small Faces and even a rare old interview with the late great Steve Marriott. Other big features on '60s pop-psych songsmiths Carter & Gilbert and The Rainy Daze, Texas garage heroes Thursday's Children, California cult pop sensations The Hitmakers, Cyril Jordan (of the Flaming Groovies) memories of 1967, and an exclusive interview with the elusive Julian Covey a.k.a. Philamore Lincoln, plus much, much more. Counts as five CDs for shipping. (JM)



Since our Second Time Around selections seem to be very popular this list includes some great releases which have been out for a while but you may have missed them the first time we listed them in addition to new releases. To avoid you getting possible duplicates we have added an asterisk (*) after these particular titles.

SPADE COOLEY B.A.C.M. 449 Vol. 2 : Live 1944-1946 ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, strongly recommended
Continuing on from B.A.C.M. 411 this is the second volume in a series of live recordings drawn from radio transcriptions by Western SWing giant Spade Cooley before his music became too pop oriented. These live performances capture him and his band in top form with hot instrumental work. Personnel varied from show to show but included steel guitarists Joaquin Murphey & Tommy Sargent, guitarists Johnny Weiss, Jimmy Widener and others, fiddlers include Tiny Hunt, Rex Call and Spade himself, accordionists George Bamby, DePaul and others. Vocalist include Tex Williams, Smokey Rogers and Jimmie Widener and others including female group The Sunshine Trio featuring Colleen Summers who would later become known as Mary Ford. Sound quality is variable but generally very good. Western swing expert Kevin Coffey provides illuminating notes. (FS)
SPADE COOLEY: Address Unknown/ Along The Navajo Trail/ Am I Blue/ Avalon/ Blue Eyes/ By The Waters Of The Minnetonka/ Do Ya Or Dont Ya/ Fireball Mail/ I Found A New Baby/ Lies/ Liza/ Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quiet/ My Chickashay Gal/ One Sweet Letter From You/ Pins And Needles/ Ragtime Accordion Joe/ Rancho Pillow/ Rochester Schottische/ Shame On You/ Sioux City Sue/ Stompin' At The Riverside/ Strumbling/ Swingin' The Devil's Dream/ Take Me Back To Tulsa/ The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along/ Time Changes Everything/ Walkin' The Floor Over You/ Wondering

BLIND BOY FULLER JSP JSPCD 7735 1935-1938 Remastered* ● CD $28.98 $22.98
4 CDs, 100 tracks, highly recommended
It is amazing how fresh Blind Boy Fuller's work sounds after nearly seventy years. His strong voice and cleanly picked National guitar greet you like a firm handshake, and his combination of blues and faster pieces - rags and hokum like What's That Smells Like Fish (blindness must have sharpened his other senses!) provides plenty of variety. His guitar style was influenced by Gary Davis and Blind Blake, and although more workmanlike was still highly effective. He could also play excellent slide, as he shows on Homesick And Lonesome Blues (inspired by his first recording trip to New York). Fuller gathered much of his material from records, so that each of these discs is also a quiz for blues fans to spot the sources, but really the music is too enjoyable and Fuller's reworkings so complete as to make such considerations irrelevant. Among many highlights are the sessions for Decca that produced the lovely Weeping Willow, and the final session here which ends with Blacksnakin' Jiver, unfortunately damaged but which might almost be a Blind Blake recording. Fuller is supported by some great washboard playing from Bull City Red while the later sessions see the start of Sonny Terry's long recording career (on Fuller's recommendation). The 38 remaining tracks which will complete this chronological reissue are scheduled for release as part of an East Coast box in 2005. JSP have done another very thorough remastering job here, and apart from a handful of noticeably worn or damaged sides sound quality is very good throughout. There is very little to choose between the sound here and corresponding tracks on the best sounding single disc compilation (Columbia CK46777) except there is slightly less background hiss on some of the JSP transfers. Elsewhere sound is generally significantly better than on other reissues including the complete works on Document. It is particularly pleasing to hear previously noisy but important tracks like the autobiographical Big House Bound in reasonable quality. Neal Slaven, as is now customary with this series, provides detailed notes on Fuller's life and career, noting that, although Fuller was the much more popular in the 30s, his reputation "sheds a pale light compared with the mega-wattage [Robert] Johnson has had thrust upon him". No matter, Fulton Allen was an outstanding artist. Keep on truckin'. (DPR)

STEVE GIBSON & THE REDCAPS Jasmine 222 Boogie Woogie Roll, 1943-1955 ● CD $18.98 $13.98
2 CD's, 57 tracks, 2 hours 34 min., very highly recommended
Gathering tracks recorded between 1943-1955, this excellent compilation shines a bright light on one of the best pre-doo wop black vocal groups. Steve Gibson and company occupy a similar musical realm as Cats and the Fiddle and the Ink Spots, bridging the sound of the 1940s and 1950s before the flood of rock and roll inundated America. Disc 1 collects their Beacon sides, includes 3 tracks as by The Toppers and is a complete pleasure all around. Disc 2 collects later, generally tamer sides for Mercury and RCA, including their 1949 recording of Blueberry Hill, a song Fats Domino would later turn into a monster hit. And though the second CD isn't quite up to its mate, it is a solid good time nonetheless. Better sound that on the earlier compilation on the Acrobat label, more tracks too. (JC)
STEVE GIBSON & THE REDCAPS: Always/ Am I To Blame/ Atlanta G.A./ Big Game Hunter/ Blueberry Hill/ Bobbin'/ Boogie Woogie Ball/ Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night/ Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night/ D'ya Eat Yet Joe/ Danny Boy/ Do I, Do I, I Do/ Feelin Kinda Happy/ Freehearted/ Gabriel's Band/ Get Off That Kick/ Grand Central Station/ How I Cry/ I May Hate Myself In The Morning/ I Want A Roof Over My Head/ I Went To Your Wedding/ I'm Living For You/ I'm So Crazy About You/ I'm To Blame/ I've Got A Hole In It/ I've Learned A Lesson I'll Never Forget/ If Money Grew On Trees/ It's So Good Good Good/ Jack Your Dead/ Just For You/ Lenox Avenue Jump/ Mama Put Your Britches On/ Mary Had A Little Jam/ Monkey And The Baboon/ My Tzatskele (My Little Darling)/ No Fish Today/ Nuff Of That Stuff/ Palace Of Stone/ Scratch And You'll Find It/ Shame/ Sidewalk Shuffle/ Somebody's Lyin'/ Strictly On The Safety Side/ Sugar Lips/ The Thing/ Three Dollars And Ninety Eight Cents/ Truthfully/ Tuscaloosa/ Two Little Kisses/ Wait/ Was It You/ Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine/ When You Come Back To Me/ Why Don't You Love Me/ Win Or Lose/ Would I Mind/ You Can't See The Sun When You're Crying

HOMESICK JAMES Superbird 002 Sweet Home Tennessee/ LIve In Europe ● CD $21.98 $14.98
Last few copies. Two CD set from this veteran Chicago singer & slide guitarist. One CD features his 1991 Appaloosa album with three bonus cuts and the other is a previously unissued live set recorded in Europe in 1998.

LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS Charly J 750 Free Form Patterns ● CD $23.98
Three CDS, 46 tracks, recommended
"Free Form Patterns" is one of Lightnin's least loved albums. Recorded in 1968 with the bassist & drummer from pioneering Texas psychedelic rock group 13th Floor Elevators and issued with a psyechedelic cover it tended to get lumped in with "Electric Mud" and Howlin' Wolf's "dogshit" album but the set is actually straight ahead Lightnin' with Duke Davis and Danny Thomas providing effective accompaniment on bass and drums and Billy Bizor providing harp on a number of cuts and taking the lead in "Fox Chase." Not among Lightnin's better efforts but certainly a decent set of performances. The first CD here reissues the original album along with Black GHost Blues which originally appeared on a compilation. The set was recorded in two sessions in January and February of 1968 and since all the tapes exist for the first session Charly decided to issue almost the entire session on the second two discs which repeats eight of the songs from the first disc as well as four, fine, previously unissued songs and fragments of several others. It also includes all the chat between the songs with the other musicians - nothing terribly profound but it gives a sense of what it was like working with Lightnin' in the studio. Lightnin' sounds in high spirits (in both senses of the phrase) and completes every song in one take and very few false starts! The third disc ends with a fascinating and delightful 35 minute conversation between Lightnin' and producer Lelan Rogers (brother of Kenny Rogers!) with Lightnin' reminiscing about his life, his first recordings, chatting about musicians and telling stories about his life which might or might not be true but are fun to listen to. Set comes packaged in a handsome little book with 24 page booklet with fascinating notes by Paul Drummond discussing the music scene in Houston at the time and the genesis and fate of the album and includes photos, tape logs, posters and more. (FS)

LOS JARDINEROS Yazoo 7018 The Best Of Los Jardineros* ● CD $16.98
23 tracks, 70 min., highly recommended
Although Los Jardineros (named after a series of record stars called "El Jardin del Arte" or The Garden of Art) recorded more than 100 songs between 1929 and 1932 (the period covered by this collection), their original 78s are harder to find than an honest man. This legendary Puerto Rican string band also recorded as Sexteto Okeh, Grupo Indiano, and Los Bohemios Puertorriquenos, but no matter what they were called their musicianship was as extraordinary as their music is delightful. Yazoo has included a 36 page 5' by 7" booklet with notes in English and Spanish (and lyrics in both languages too) and rare photos. Songs include Novio Esplendido (Splendid Boyfriend), Cafe Colao (Strained Coffee), Emma, Jala La Cadena (Pull The Toilet Chain), Endemoniao (Possessed By The Devil), Ecos del Bosque (Woodland Echoes), and many others. Wonderful. (JC)

NIC JONES Topic TSCD 411 Penguin Eggs* ● CD $14.98
9 tracks, essential
A year after recording this masterpiece in 1980 Nic Jones was involved in a near fatal car accident which effectively terminated the career of one Britain's most talented folk performers. Although he has recovered to a greater extent than was thought possible it is unlikely that he will ever be a professional performer again. Jones was superb - a warm distinctive singer, a brilliant and innovative guitarist and an excellent fiddle player. He also had an unerring knack for picking rarely heard songs (mostly traditional) that subsequently became folk club staples. The opening song Canadee-i-o features some of his most imaginative guitar playing (his arrangement of this song was borrowed by Bob Dylan on his "Good As I Been To You" album), the almost jaunty performance of the tragic The Drowned Lovers has fine instrumental accompaniments by Tony Hall/ melodeon and Bridget Danby /recorders who appear on several other songs. You won't be able to resist singing along with the chorus on the beautiful The Little Pot Stove and Farewell To The Gold. The intense The Humpback Whale is a dazzling evocation of the life of the whaler while the lovely instrumental Planxty Davis shows a quiter side to Nic's music. Transfer to CD is excellent but it's unfortunate that Topic refrained from adding notes. (FS)

27 tracks, highly recommended
Ann Jones was a superb and powerful vocalist from Kansas who holds the distinction of leading the first all female country group though most of the recordings here feature her accompanied by studio musicians like Smokey Rogers, Speedy West, Harold Hensley, Wesley Tuttle, Louie Innis and others. The recordings here were recorded for Capitol and KIng between 1951 and 1961 and are a solid set of performances - unlike most B.A.C.M. releases there are no composer credits but I suspect that quite a few were written by Ann herself as she was an accomplished songwriter. The emphasis tends to be on mid and uptempo numbers though Ann also does a fine job on the blues He May Be Your Man which was originally recorded by vaudeville blues singer Lucille Hegamin in 1922! On two tracks she duets with Smokey Rogers including a cover of the R&B hit Bloodshot Eyes - Rogers also plays some fine acoustic guitar solos on a number of cuts. Other songs include Another Woman Haunts My Life/ Goodbye and Good Luck/ Get Up And Go/ Give Me Liberty/ How Can I Win You/ Love That Man (a cross between rock 'n' roll and western swing!)/ I'd Like To Play Post Office/ Let Me Love You/ You Keep Loving Me (a solid rock 'n' roll number)/ A Big Fat Gal Like Me (another fine blues which sounds like something from the 1920s or 30s). A most worthwhile release. (FS)
ANN JONES & HER WESTERN SWEETHEARTS: A Big Fat Gal Like Me/ Another Woman Haunts My Life/ As Long As There's A Tomorrow/ Bloodshot Eyes/ Blue Jean Baby/ Doin' Fine/ Get Up And Go/ Give Me Liberty/ Goodbye And Good Luck/ He May Be Your Man/ Hit And Run/ How Can I Win You/ I Believe You Baby/ I Gotta Walk/ I Start Each Day Loving You/ I Wish We Would Try All Over Again/ I'd Like To Play Post Office/ If I Could Buy You/ Jack Rabbit/ Kind Of Love I'm Cravin'/ Let Me Love You/ Love Bird/ Love That Man/ My Heart Can't Say Goodbye/ Never Again/ You Gotta See Mama Every Night/ You Keep Leaving Me

B.B. KING Ace ABOXCD 8 The Vintage Years* ● CD $58.98
Four CDs, 106 tracks, essential
The long awaited B.B. King box set from Ace features a cross section of B.B.'s seminal recordings made for the Modern group of labels between 1950 and 1961 when he moved to ABC. These are the recordings that helped define post war electric blues by one of it's greatest exponents. 106 tracks on four CDs housed in handsome 12" x 6" box with a 74 page full color book featuring essays by compilers John Broven and Colin Escott based on new interviews with B.B., Joe Bihari of Modern and Sam Phillips, a detailed track analysis, discography and an essay on the research entailed in getting the best possible sound from tapes in the vault. The first CD is devoted to B.B.'s most popular songs from this era and the other three trace B.B. development over the years. 27 of the songs were in the R&B charts - four of them attaining the #1 spot. The set includes several previously unissued cuts and a number in stereo. (FS)
B.B. KING: 3 O'clock Blues/ A New Way Of Driving/ Ain't Nobody's Business/ B.b. Blues/ B.b. Boogie/ Baby Please Don't Go/ Baby, Look At You/ Bad Case Of Love/ Bad Luck/ Bad Luck Soul/ Be Careful With A Fool/ Beautician Blues/ Blind Love/ Blue Shadows/ Blues Stay Away From Me/ Boogie Rock (aka House Rocker)/ Boogie Woogie Woman/ Christmas Celebration/ Confessin' The Blues/ Crying Won't Help You/ Dark Is The Night (pt 1)/ Dark Is The Night (pt 2)/ Days Of Old/ Did You Ever Love A Woman/ Don't Get Around Much Anymore/ Don't Look Now, But I've Got The Blues/ Don't You Want A Man Like Me/ Down Now/ Downhearted (how Blue Can You Get?)/ Early In The Morning/ Every Day I Have The Blues/ Everything I Do Is Wrong/ Fine Lookin' Woman/ Fishin' After Me (aka Catfish Blues)/ Five Long Years/ Get Out Of Here/ Gonna Miss You Around Here/ Good Man Gone Bad/ Got 'em Bad/ Gotta Find My Baby/ Hard Workin' Woman/ Highway Bound/ Hold That Train/ I'll Survive/ I'm King/ I've Got A Right To Love My Baby/ I've Got Papers On You, Baby/ It's A Mean World/ Let Me Love You/ Let's Do The Boogie/ Long Gone Baby/ Love You Baby (aka Take A Swing With Me)/ Make Me Blue/ Mashed Potato Twist/ Mean Old Frisco/ Mistreated Woman/ My Baby's Gone/ My Own Fault Aka It's My Fault/ My Own Fault, Darlin' Aka It's My Fault/ Neighborhood Affair/ On My Word Of Honor/ Partin' Time/ Please Accept My Love/ Please Help Me/ Please Love Me/ Pray For You/ Praying To The Lord/ Precious Lord/ Questionnaire Blues/ Recession Blues/ Rock Me Baby/ Shake It Up And Go/ She Don't Move Me No More/ She's A Mean Woman/ She's Dynamite/ Sneakin' Around/ Some Day, Somewhere/ Story From My Heart And Soul/ Sweet Little Angel/ Sweet Little Angel/ Sweet Sixteen (pts 1 & 2)/ Sweet Thing/ Ten Long Years/ That Ain't The Way To Do It/ That Evil Child/ The Jungle/ The Other Night Blues/ The Woman I Love/ The Worst Thing In My Life/ Tomorrow Is Another Day/ Walkin' And Cryin'/ Walking Dr Bill/ When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer/ Whole Lotta' Love/ Why Did You Leave Me/ Why I Sing The Blues/ Why Not/ Woke Up This Morning/ Worry Worry/ You Didn't Want Me/ You Don't Know/ You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now/ You Know I Go For You/ You Know I Love You/ You Upset Me Baby/ You're Breaking My Heart

GEORGE LEWIS American Music AMCD 2 With Kid Shots* ● CD $14.98
15 tracks, very highly recommended
Wow! Fans of real primitive New Orleans jazz will be tripping over each other to get this disc, a superb reissue of 15 American Music masters from 1944 with Louis "Kid Shots" Madison on trumpet, Jim Robinson on trombone, Baby Dodds on drums, and more. Some of Lewis' earliest recordings, these versions of High Society/ Gloryland/ Burgundy Street Blues/ Ice Cream/ Shiek Of Araby and more are almost alarmingly earthy, with a rough-hewn folk quality that reminds me of some African field recordings I've heard. Jazz music just doesn't get any more traditional than this, friends - don't let it pass you by. (MB)

LITTLE EVA & HER GIRLFRIENDS Jasmine 299 Doin' The Locomotion ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, highly recommended
In their never-ending quest to reissue every piece of R&B from the early 60's that matters, Jasmine here has presented us with a collection of sides from the original rock 'n' soul babysitter, Little Eva, and some of her co-artists from the Dimension Records imprint. In case anyone needs reminding, Dimension was the label started by Don Kirshner and his business partner Al Nevins as a subsidiary to their publishing company Aldon Music. Along with Little Eva, this CD highlights tracks from the LP "Dimension Dolls Vol. 1," including early recordings by Carole King, and early singles by pre-Phil Spector Ronettes that they cut for Colpix Records. Girl group fans need this CD if only for definitive Little Eva songs like The Loco-Motion/ Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/ Some Kind of Wonderful, and He is the Boy. The Ronettes numbers - I Want a Boy/ I'm Gonna Quit While I'm Ahead/ I'm On the Wagon, and You Bet I Would - are just icing on the cake. (GMC)
THE COOKIES: Chains/ Stranger In My Arms/ CAROLE KING: I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance/ It Might As Well Rain Until September/ Nobody's Perfect/ School Bells Are Ringing/ LITTLE EVA: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/ Down Home/ He Is The Boy/ I Have A Love/ Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/ Run To Her/ Sharing You/ Some Kind Of Wonderful/ The Loco-Motion/ Up On The Roof/ Uptown/ Where Do I Go/ Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/ THE RONETTES: I Want A Boy/ I'm Gonna Quit While I'm Ahead/ I'm On The Wagon/ Silhouettes/ What's So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen/ You Bet I Would

GENE MCDANIELS Jasmine 297 The Point Of No Return ● CD $14.98
31 tracks, highly recommended
Continuing the story begun on the Jasmine release "Look To Your Heart - The Gene McDaniels Story 1959-1961" (Jasmine 188 - 2 CDs - $18.98), this CD focuses on McDaniels' pre-solo recordings with The Sultans and The Admirals, while also including B sides not on the earlier collection, and ten songs from his 1962 album, Tower of Strength. Recorded by Duke Records and produced by Johnny Otis, The Sultans didn't feature McDaniels on lead vocals, but they made some enchanting doo wop recordings, including Good Thing Baby/ I Cried My Heart Out, and Baby Don't Put Me Down. In 1955, the group changed names and labels - to The Admirals and King Records, respectively - and cut two more singles, the delightful Oh Yes and Close Your Eyes, before calling it a day. These early songs, along with Gene's later solo recordings, give us even more material to enjoy from an enduring R&B and Pop artist. (GMC)
THE ADMIRALS: Close Your Eyes/ Give Me Your Love/ Left With A Broken Heart/ Oh Yes/ GENE MCDANIELS: A Little Bit Of Soap/ Chapel Of Tears/ Come On Take A Chance (Take A Chance On Love)/ Don't Want To Cry/ Funny/ He's Got My Sympathy/ Once Before/ Point Of No Return/ Raindrops/ She's Come Back/ Somebody's Waiting/ Spanish Lace/ Tall Oak Tree/ The Secret/ Warmer Than A Whisper/ You Can Have Her/ Almost Lost My Mind/ He/ Merletti Spagnoli (Spanish Lace)/ THE SULTANS: Baby Don't Put Me Down/ Boppin' With The Mambo/ Good Thing Baby/ How Deep Is The Ocean/ I Cried My Heart Out/ If I Could Tell/ My Love Is So High/ What Makes Me Feel This Way

LYDIA MENDOZA Arhoolie Folklyric 7002 Mal Hombre* ● CD $13.98
24 tracks, essential
24 soulful, heartfelt songs from the queen of Norteno music, Lydia Mendoza, recorded in San Antonio from 1928 to 1937. There are 4 beautiful numbers from 1928 sung with her family, when she was not in her teens. In 1934, she recorded her first big hit and signature song Mal Hombre, and continued with great success touring and recording thoughout the 30s, retiring for some years to raise a family, but returning in the late 40s to great acclaim. Backed simply by her forceful 12 string guitar, her clear, resonant voice made her known as la alondra de la frontera (the lark of the frontier). 16 of these songs were on Folklyric LPs 9023 & 9024, with 8 new to disk, including such beauties as Jurame/ Celia/ Delgadina & No Quiero Ser Casado (I Don't Want To Be Married!). A fine reissue of a legend of Mexican-American music. (JMC)

BUDDY & JULIE MILLER Hightone HCD 8135 Buddy & Julie Miller* ● CD $14.98
11 tracks, 45 mins, essential
Buddy & Julie Miller are one of the most talented couples on the current American scene. They have put out several wonderful solo albums - each with the other making significant contributions but this is their first full duet album and it's a knockout. Both are fine and distinctive singers and superb songwriters, with a consummate feel for great melodies, and Buddy is a stunning guitar player. Their sound is an exciting blend of folk, country and rock. Eight of the songs are originals by Julie and range from the plaintive Louvin Brothers feel of Forever Has Come To An End (with Emmylou Harris adding harmony vocals), to the powerful bluesy Little Darlin' (possibly my favorite here) to the hard rocking You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast to the moving Rachel about one of the victims of the Columbine massacre. Buddy & Julie's music has always struck me as having a Richard Thompson influence and their version of Richard's Keep Your Distance has strong echoes of Richard & Linda's finest work. There are also outstanding covers of Utah Phillips' Rock Salt & Nails (truly stunning vocals on this) and Bob Dylan's Wallflower. A perfect album. (FS)

LEMON NASH Arhoolie 546 Papa Lemon - The 1959-62 Oster & Allen Recordings ● CD $13.98
27 tracks, 52 mins, highly recommended
Papa Lemon Nash born in Lakeland, Louisiana in 1898. In the early 20s he learned to play ukulele and shortly after he started playing with one of the last of the medicine and when these recordings were made between 1959 and 1961 he was performing as a street musician in New Orleans. Some of these recordings were made for jazz researcher Dick Allen as part of an interview project to document the musical history of New Orleans and some of the tracks are brief excerpts from the interviews giving us a fascinating picture of the medicine shows and musical life in the 1920s including delightful anecdotes about the wonderful New Orleans bluesman Richard "Rabbit" Brown. Nash was an excellent singer and manages to get a rich sound out of his ukulele and his repertoire is largely blues along with pop songs, country and gospel - Bourbon Street Parade/ Grave Digger's Blues/ Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/ Let The Good Times Roll/ I'm Blue Every Monday/ If You Can Fight Like You Love/ Big Rock Candy Mountain/ Brownskin, Come And Go With Me and others including a unique version of Stagolee. A delightful collection with informative notes by Adam Macahdo. (FS)

JOHNNY OTIS Ace CDCHD 325 Creepin' With The Cats - Legendary Dig Masters Vol. 1* ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, highy recommended
At the dawn of the rock'n'roll era (1955/56) Johnny Otis had a weekly TV program, his own radio show and a steady string of gigs in the L.A. area. As if that wasn't enough, he started the Ultra/ Dig labels at this time, recording sides in the morning and playing them on the air that afternoon! This CD presents Otis' own spinnings for the label; a 50-50 mix of instrumentals and jukebox-ready R&B. The instrumentals mostly fall into the desirable category, with greasy sax, the T-Bone Walkerish fretting of Jimmy Nolen and Pete "Guitar" Lewis, and cool nocturnal themes - Midnight Creeper/ Sleepy Shines Butt Shuffle/ The Creeper Returns. Songs range from "serious" blues - Someday and Driftin' Blues with an excellent J.O. vocal - to R&B crooners and even some nutty numbers like Ali Baba's Boogie/ Hey Hey Hey Hey/ Wa-Wa Pt. 1 that would be right at home on one of those kooky various artists compilations. 22 in all, including mucho unreleased vault stuffers. (MB)
JOHNNY OTIS SHOW: Ali Baba's Boogie/ Butterball/ Dog Face Boy (Part 1)/ Dog Face Boy (Part 2)/ Driftin' Blues/ Groove Juice/ Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!/ Let The Sun Shine/ My Eyes Are Full Of Tears/ Number 69/number 21/ Organ Grinder's Swing/ Sadie/ Show Me The Way To Go Home/ Sleepy Shines Butt Shuffle/ Someday/ Stop, Look And Love Me/ The Creeper Returns/ The Midnight Creeper (Part 1)/ The Night Is So Young And You Are So Fine/ Trouble On My Mind/ Turtledove/ Wa-wa (Part 1)

ARTHUR PRYSOCK Ace CDTOP 1401 Too Late Baby - The Old Town Singles, 1958-1966 ● CD $21.98
24 tracks, highly recommended
The name Arthur Prysock is well known to R&B and Jazz collectors, and Ace Records has brought us a collection of his sides for Old Town Records, most of which have been unavailable for more than 40 years. Prysock's sole hit was It's Too Late, Baby Too Late from 1965, but there's much more here to savor, whether the balladry of I Worry 'Bout You and The Greatest Gift or the uptown soul of I Just Want To Make Love To You and Good Rockin' Tonight. With a voice as expressive as Jerry Butler's, Prysock makes everything he sings all the more meaningful; just check out his original version of My Special Prayer for proof. For fans of 50's and 60's R&B, this CD is a must. (GMC)

THE SCOTTDALE STRING BAND Arhoolie 7054 Old Folks Better Go To Bed - Early Country Blues, Rags ● CD $13.98
19 tracks, strongly recommended
Delightful collection of instrumental string band music recorded between 1926 and 1930 by this immensely popular and influential group that featured a lineup of two guitars and a banjo-mandolin (an instrument with a banjo body and the neck and tuning of a mandolin giving it a distinctive sound halfway between the two). On a few cuts there are two banjo-mandolins. The group took its name from the cotton mill village of Scottdale in Georgia where the members of the group came from. They play an exuberant selection of rags, waltzes, breakdowns, blues and Tin Pan Alley songs. Includes Chinese Breakdown/ Stone Mountain Wobble/ My Own Iona, Silver Bell/ Scottdale Highballers and others. Sound quality is superb and the 12 page booklet has detailed notes by old time music expert Tony Russell. (FS)

SMOKY BABE Arhoolie 548 Way Back In The Country Blues - The Lost Dr. Hoster Rec ● CD $13.98
17 tracks, 53 mins, essential
The best blues release of 2014 so far. Previously unissued recordings of this superb Louisiana country bluesman recorded by Harry Oster in 1960 and '61 and only recently discovered. Smoky (real name Robert Brown) was recorded by Oster many times and up to now only two LPs worth of his recordings have been issued and the recordings are just as good as the previously issued ones. Babe was originally from Mississippi and was a superb singer with a rich dark voice and an exciting rhythmic guitar player and, evidentially, had an extensive repertoire. His songs often derive from familiar traditional songs but Babe takes them in very different directions adding verses, some drawn from the vast wealth of "floating" verses while others seem to be drawn from personal experience. Songs like Boss Man Blues and the tremendous On Mr. Walter's Farm seem to draw on personal experience. On What's Wrong With You we hear the only example of his playing slide guitar and excellent it is too. Coming as a bit of a surprise is his version of Robert Johnson's Terraplane Blues which has the same lyrics as Johnson's version. This was before Johnson was a household name so Babe must have heard the original 78 or heard Johnson himself - intriguing! A superb collection with excellent notes from Adam Machado. (FS)

LOWE STOKES Document 8045 In Chronological Order, Vol. 1 : 1927-1930* ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
First of two volumes featuring the recordings issued by this wonderful Georgia fiddler under his own name - he recorded more extensively as a sideman. Stokes was a versatile musician and played beautifully in a number of styles from the expected mountain breakdowns to Tin Pan Alley songs to jazz to blues. A number of tracks feature the dual fiddles of Stokes with Clayton McMichen or Bert Layne and on one session all three play togeher! Other musicians featured include guitarists like Hoke Rice, Perry Bechtel, Riley Puckett and Claude Davis and Arthur Tanner appears on some tracks playing banjo or banjo-mandolin. There are vocals from McMichen, Rice, Dan Hornsby and others. An exciting and varied collection with excellent sound and high quality notes from Tony Russell. Note: There never was a Volume 2. (FS)

THE SUPERBS Kent CDKEND 417 The Best Of The Superbs ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, highly recommended
The Superbs are a 60's Los Angeles Soul vocal group that continues in one form or another to this day. Their heyday was the mid to late 60's and their biggest hit was Baby, Baby All the Time in 1964, but the group remains beloved by obscure Soul aficionados and when one listens to songs like the aforementioned Baby, Baby All the Time, along with Sad Sad Day/ My Heart Isn't In It/ Baby's Gone Away/ It Hurts So Much, and I Wanna Do it With You Baby. The Soul was sweet, the songwriting and arrangements were of a high standard, and yet the Superbs couldn't get arrested. Perhaps Dore, their label, lacked the ability to break them nationally, or maybe they were too good for the masses. Whatever the reason, we have these recordings to remind us of what could have been. (GMC)
THE SUPERBS: Baby Baby All The Time/ Baby's Gone Away/ Better Get Your Own One Buddy/ Dear Abbey/ Get Ready For Love/ Go For What You Know/ Goddess Of Love/ He Broke A Young Girl's Heart/ Hold Back The Dawn/ I Wanna Do It With You Baby/ I Was Blind/ I Was Born When You Kissed Me/ It Hurts So Much/ My Heart Isn't In It/ On A Day When It's Raining/ One Bad Habit/ Only The Lonely/ Sad Sad Day/ The Big Hurt/ The Story Book Of Love/ The Wind Is Blowing/ Where Or When/ Wind In My Sails/ Your Eyes

HANK THOMPSON Omni 178 Songs For Rounders/ At The Golden Nugget ● CD $18.98
29 tracks, 78 mins, essential
This great release reissues two of the best LPs by this Western Swing giant plus five bonus tracks. "Songs For Rounders" may be Hank's best single album even though it contains none of His hits. Included are Hank's versions of classic honkytonkers of the 40's and 50's including Merle Travis's Three Times Seven and Dry Bread (Merle plays guitar on most songs), a ballsy Cocaine Blues and a pleasing arrangement of the old Jimmy Dean hit Bummin' Around. "At The Golden Nugget" was the first ever live album by single artist and it is without question still one of the best live country albums ever done. Not only are the Brazos Valley Boys (with Bobby Garrett on steel) at this 1961 show, so is Merle Travis, who often performed with Thompson in the 50s and 60s. This one burns from start to finish, particularly the Thompson hits like A Six Pack To Go and Honky Tonk Girl which, for my money, are better than the hit versions with an audience to play off. The five bonus tracks are drawn from early 60s LPs and singles and fit in perfectly with the rest of the songs here. Quintessential beer-drinking music newly remastered from the original mastertapes and with a 16 page illustrated booklet with great photos and informative notes. (RK/ FS)
HANK THOMPSON: A Six Pack To Go/ Bummin' Around/ Cocaine Blues/ Deep Elm/ Detour/ Drunkards' Blues/ Dry Bread/ Honky-Tonk Girl/ I Cast A Lonesome Shadow/ I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love/ I Don't Hurt Anymore/ I Guess I'm Getting Over You/ I'll Be A Bachelor Till I Die/ I'll Step Aside/ John Henry/ Just One Step Away/ Left My Gal In The Mountains/ Little Blossom/ Lost Highway/ May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister/ Nine Pound Hammer/ Orange Blossom Special/ Pick Me Up On Your Way Down/ Rovin' Gambler/ She's Just A Whole Lot Like You/ Steel Guitar Rag/ Teach 'em How To Swim/ Teach Me How To Lie/ Three Times Seven

IKE TURNER & HIS KINGS OF RHYTHM Fuel 61999 The Cobra Sessions ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, strongly recommended
This is essentially an expanded version of Fuel 61930. Like many other Blues and R&B artists during the 1950s, Ike Turner was in search of a hit record. He scored big with Rocket 88 in 1951, and in 1958, he rolled into Chicago and signed with Eli Toscano's Cobra imprint. Session wizard Willie Dixon was on hiatus from his position across town at Chess and managed to have Odie Payne join him and Ike Turner's outfit for what would be a creative, if hitless, get-together. Vocals are provided by Billy Gayles, Tommy Hodge, and Betty Everett and while twelve of the eighteen tracks are originally unissued takes of Matchbox/ You Keep On Worrying Me/ You've Got To Lose/ (I Know) You Don't Love Me, and others, none are duds. With powerful horns, biting guitar and bouncing piano from Ike throughout there are some fine performances here. In additions we get two takes each of two songs by a young Betty Everett with the Kings Of Rhythm and the set ends with six excellent cuts from1959 recorded for the St. Louis label Stevens Jack Rabbit/ Hey Hey (two takes)/Prancin', etc. A worthwhile collection if you don't have these on previous reissues with high quality notes from Bill Dahl. (CR/ FS)

CONWAY TWITTY RPM 246 Looking Back - The Best Of The MGM Recordings ● CD $18.98 $13.98
40 tracks, 92 mins, highly recommended
Very limited quantities at sale price. Recorded for MGM between 1958 and 1963, these songs came along before Twitty claimed the country singles chart as his personal property. Conway recorded in a number of styles and always sounded good and convincing. He was one of the best ever rock-ballad singers and his intense It's Only Make Believe was a deserved no #1 hit and there are other fine ballads like The Story Of My Love/ Heavenly and Lonely Blue Boy. There are some exciting rockers like the self composed I Viberate/ Pretty Eyed Baby and The Long Black Train and some great blues and R&B covers like Trouble In Mind/ What A Dream/ There Is Something On Your Mind and even Got My Mojo Working. He also rocked up some old pop, folk and country songs like Just Beacuse/ Mona Lisa/ Sentimental Journey and his update of the old Irish favorite Danny Boy which caused a furor in Britain at the time and so Conway had to re-record it as Rosaleena. It also includes one of my favorites - the hard driving waltz tempo It's Driving Me Wild which, apparently, Conway hated - I still like it! Credit must go whoever produced these recordings for a hard driving uncluttered sound - the frequent vocal chorus and occasional strings are used very effectively and are never intrusive. Includes fold out booklet with informative notes by Gordon Fleming. If you don't have any early Twitty this is a must. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1153 The Rockin' South* ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 68 mins, highly recommended
Great collection of rockabilly and rock 'n' roll recorded in Atlanta, Ga between 1955 and 1961 for various labels run by music publishing mogul Bill Lowry including NRC, Wonder, Judd, Fox, Scottie and Stars. Most of the artists are obscurities that recorded only a handful of sides but a few went on to greater fame. The biggest hit was, unsurprisingly, the least interesting track - the teen pop flavored Robbin' The Cradle by Tony Bellus. Tommy Roe had big hit in 1962 with his Sheila based on Buddy Holly's Peggy Sue but two years earlier he had recorded the song for Judd with a different arrangement and this is included here along with another fine early track. Joe South came to national prominence in the late 60s with his Games People Play by which time he had been writing, recording and producing for 10 years and three of his early rockers for NRC are featured here including his novelty The Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor which snuck into the top 50. Other artists here include Rod Willis, Paul Peek (who played guitar with Gene Vincent's Bluecaps for a while), Wayne Cochran (who wins the award for the greatest haircut of the 50s - Esquerita, eat your heart out!), The Shades (two fine instrumentals - Strollin' After Dark is particularly fine), Chuck Atha, Little Jimmy Dempsey (country guitarist with the hot vocal Bop Hop), The Night owls (rockin' doo-wop), The Four Mints, Ric Cartey (best known as co-writer of Young Love with a rockin' blues Scratchin' On My Screen based on the traditional Diggin My Potatoes and featuring Jerry Reed & Joe South on guitars), Ray Smith, Cleve Warnock, Jimmy Smith & The Ranch Hands, Walt Benton & The Diplomats, Robert Gill & The Gill-O-Teens and others. Superb sound and 16 page illustrated booklet with extensive notes by Johnny Carter and Rob Finnis (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDTOP2 1385 Music City Vocal Groups ● CD $24.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, highly recommended
A treasure trove of great doowop from the vaults of Berkeley's Music City label including no less than 34 previously unissued songs, demos or alternate takes. Music City released 150 singles between 1953 and 1975 but when he died he left behind 1,500 tapes so he only released a fraction of what he recorded. Ace bought the label some years ago and is working through the tapes to produce what promises to be an exciting series of releases. This is the third release and is devoted to vocal groups and includes issued and unissued tracks by such highly regarded groups as The Midnights, The Rovers (including their tribute to recently deceased R&B star Salute To Johny Ace), The Gaylarks, The Klixs, Wanda Burt & The Crescendos and others. This set includes some fine groups who never had any records released on the label including several groups that look familiar but are not the well known groups of the same name - The Marcels, The Chantels and The Treniers have no relation to the groups of that name we are familiar with. Other groups who had no recordings issued include The Corvettes, The Derbys, The Dialtones, The Creations and others including an unnamed group doing a fine version of the Charts hit Desirie. Great sound and detailed notes from Music City expert Jim Dawson. (FS) The Corvettes
THE 5 CAMPBELLS: Morrine/ THE 5 LYRICS: I'm Traveling Light/ THE 5 ROVERS: Down To The Sea/ Down To The Sea A Cappella/ JOE BLACKWELL & THE INDIVIDUALS: Sunday/ BOB & JESSIE: Church On The Hill Take 1/ Church On The Hill Take 2/ WANDA BURT & CRESCENDOS: Your True Love Is Standing By/ THE CHANTELS: All The Days Of My Life/ JIMMY CICERO WITH THE FIVE CRYSTELS: Sherry/ THE CORVETTES: Without Love (Second Version)/ THE CREATIONS: Peace Of Mind/ THE CRESCENDOS: Last Date/ Teenage Prayer/ THE DERBYS: Happy Birthday Baby (A Cappella)/ Lonely One/ THE DIALTONES: I'll Wait For You/ THE ECHOTONES: Your Eyes/ THE FIVE CRYSTELS: Heaven's Own Choir/ Path Of Broken Hearts/ Ten Commandments Of Love (A Cappella)/ THE GAYLARKS: Lil Dream Girl/ My Greatest Sin/ Church On The Hill/ THE GAYTEENS: Down By The River/ THE GIRLS: I'm Coming Over To You/ THE HOLIDAYS: Angel In My Heart/ Ps My Darling/ Station L-O-V-E/ THE IDOLS: Forever And A Day (A Cappella)/ THE ITALICS: I Feel So Blue/ There's A Girl/ THE KLIXS: Elaine/ Our Love Is Here To Stay/ This Is The End Of Love/ AL LEWIS & MODERNISTICS: What Will The Outcome Be/ THE MARCELS: So Hard To Please/ So Hard To Please (A Cappella)/ Wait For Me (A Cappella)/ THE MIDNIGHTS: Cheating On Me/ No Other Way Around/ Warm Love/ THE PAGANS: Lucille/ The Trial/ CURTIS PAYNE & GROUP: That's Why I Love You So (A Cappella)/ THE ROVERS: Salute To Johnny Ace/ Whole Lot Of Love/ Why-ohh/ THE TRENIERS: Sugar Plum/ UNKNOWN VOCAL GROUP: Desiree

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 448 Custom Made Hillbilly, Vol. 6 ● CD $14.98
29 tracks, recommended
The sixth volume of custom pressings manufactured by Starday records features another 29 tracks of obscure artists recorded in the 1950s. This one is not as strong as the previous albums with quite a few tracks that are fairly dull. It includes sides by Carl Trantham & The Rhythm All Stars (fine rockabilly - one of the best tracks here), Dave Brockman & The Twilight Ramblers, Bill Goodwin (another fine rockabilly track), Enos Jim Austin (interesting talking blues), Virgie Fossell (female singer slightly more in tune than Audrey Williams), Ray Strong, Harry Hanson, Henry McPeake (two excellent bluegrass tracks) and others. Decent sound and informative notes on the artists by Phillip Tricker (FS).
ENOS JIM AUSTIN: Salt Creek Blues/ THE BLANKENSHIP BROTHERS: Mary/ Tears I Cried For You/ DAVE BROCKMAN & THE TWILIGHT RAMBLERS: Foolish Pride/ JOHN & MARGIE COOK & WHITE RIVER VALLEY BOYS: Do I Have To Stay Alone/ The Love I Have, For You/ DEAN EVANS: Swingsters, One Boy, One Girl/ POLLY FEAZEL: I Love Everything About You/ VIRGIE FOSSETT: City Sidewalk Sale/ BILL GOODWIN: Teenage Blues/ HARRY HANSON: Golden Anniversary/ Just Remember/ MARVIN JACKSON: My Crying Heart/ LYLE KEEFER: Come Back To Me/ HENRY MCPEAKE: I Feel Like Yelling/ Too Much Pride/ JOHNNY NELSON: I'd Rather Lose You/ ERNIE NOWLIN AND BLUE SHADOW BOYS: Tally Ho/ Tell Me Why/ BETTY PARKER: Couldn't See/ HARRY PEPPEL & SHENANDOAH VALLEY RANGERS: No Baby No/ BILL PERRY & PAGE ROSS & THE BLUE MELODY BOYS: Come Away, Forever/ Unchanging Love/ TAYLOR PORTER: It's Over Now/ RAY STRONG: Love Shadows/ You're Gonna Reap What You Sow/ TONY & JACKIE LAMIE & THE SWING KINGS: Wore To A Frazzel/ CARL TRANTHAM & THE RHYTHM ALL STARS: Where There's A Will (There's A Way)/ JIMMY WERT & THE FOUR SQUIRTS: Bingo Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Charly SNAJ 743 Sun Rockabilly Meltdown* ● CD $24.98
Three CDs, 107 tracks, approx 4 hours, essential
At first glance this is just another collection of rockabilly from THE rockabilly label - Sun, but it's more than that. Apart from the tracks by Elvis almost all the tracks on this wonderful collection were not originally issued by Sun - many not coming to light until the 70s and 80s including originally unissued songs and alternate takes and, from what I can tell, quite a few of the tracks here are making their first appearance on CD and a number appear to have never been reissued before in any format - some don't appear in any Sun discographies! It just never ceases to amaze me as to how good most of the unissued Sun recordings were and so if you love rockabilly you have to have this collection. In addition to Elvis and other familiar name like Jerry Lee Lewis, Warren Smith, Sonny Burgess, Carl perkins, Charlie Rich, Carl Mann, Johnny Cash, Ray Smith (all featured on originally unissued songs or alternate takes) we have great sides from lesser known artists like Dick Penner, Jimmy Williams, Alton & Jimmy, Tommy Blake, Ken Cook, Glenn Honeycutt, Jerry Arnold, Howard Chandler and others. Sound quality is splendid and 28 page booklet has informative notes by compiler Clive Anderson. The only negative is the lack of any discographical info and maybe another couple of CDs worth of material but you can't have everything! (FS)
ALTON & JIMMY: I Just Don't Know/ JERRY ARNOLD: Little Boy Blue/ ERNIE BARTON: She's Gone Away/ Whirlpool/ SMOKEY JOE BAUGH: Hula Bop/ TOMMY BLAKE: I Dig You, Baby (Alternate)/ You Better Believe It (Alternate)/ EDDIE BOND: This Old Heart Of Mine/ EDWIN BRUCE: Rock Boppin' Baby (Alternate)/ SONNY BURGESS: Little Town Baby/ Truckin' Down The Avenue/ We Wanna Boogie (Alternate)/ JOHNNY CASH: Folsom Prison Blues (Alternate)/ Two Timin' Woman (Alternate)/ HOWARD CHANDLER: Wampus Cat/ JEAN CHAPEL: Welcome To The Club/ KEN COOK: Problem Child/ Crazy Baby (Take 2)/ HAROLD DORMAN: To Be With You/ JACK EARLS: Crawdad Hole (Take 3)/ Slow Down/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: Corrine, Corrina/ MICKEY GILLEY: Thinkin' Of Me/ CLIFF GLEAVES: Your Cheatin' Heart/ ROY HALL: I Lost My Baby/ RAY HARRIS: Come On Little Mama/ Love Dumb Baby/ CURTIS HOBACK: Apron Strings/ GLENN HONEYCUTT: If It Wasn't For Love/ On Mobile Bay/ DICKEY LEE: Good Lovin'/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Cool, Cool Ways (Sexy Ways)/ Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ Friday Night/ I Don't Love Nobody/ Lewis Boogie/ Mean Woman Blues/ Milkshake Mademoiselle/ Ooby Dooby/ Rockin' With Red (She Knows How To Rock Me)/ Whole Lotta Twistin' Goin' On/ Wild One (Real Wild Child)/ CARL MANN: Baby, I Don't Care/ I Love You, I Adore You/ Pretend/ LUKE MCDANIEL: Go Ahead, Baby/ CARL MCVOY: A Woman's Love (The Thrill Of Your Love)/ Little Girl/ MISSISSIPPI SLIM: Try Doin' Right/ ROY ORBISON: Domino (Undubbed)/ It's Too Late/ KENNETH PARCHMAN: Treat Me Right (Alternate)/ TRACY PENDARVIS: Bop A Cha-Cha Baby/ Hypnotized/ Is It Me?/ Please Be Mine (Come To Me)/ Southbound Line/ DICK PENNER: Cindy Lou/ Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby (Alternate)/ Move, Baby, Move/ CARL PERKINS: Blue Suede Shoes (Alternate Take 3)/ Caldonia/ Dixie Fried/ Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby (Alternate)/ Glad All Over/ Her Love Rubbed Off/ I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry/ Pink Pedal Pushers (Alternate)/ Put Your Cat Clothes On (Take 3)/ BARBARA PITTMAN: Voice Of A Fool/ JOHNNY POWERS: Waitin' For You/ ELVIS PRESLEY: I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/ Milkcow Blues Boogie/ Mystery Train/ Trying To Get To You/ JIMMY PRITCHETT: That's The Way I Feel/ SLIM RHODES: Gonna Romp And Stomp/ CHARLIE RICH: Blue Suede Shoes/ Lonely Weekends (Alternate)/ Yes, Ma'am/ BILLY LEE RILEY: (Come Back Baby) One More Time/ Flying Saucer Rock'n'Roll/ I Want You Baby/ Pearly Lee (Undubbed)/ GENE SIMMONS: I Done Told You/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ RAY SMITH: Break Up/ I Want To Be Free/ Why, Why, Why (Alternate)/ Willing And Ready/ WARREN SMITH: Dear John/ Who Took My Baby?/ HAYDEN THOMPSON: Blues, Blues, Blues (Alternate Take 2)/ Fairlane Rock/ Mama, Mama, Mama/ One Broken Heart/ JESSE LEE TURNER: Put Me Down/ MACK VICKERY: Drive-In/ JIMMY WAGES: Miss Pearl/ SID WATSON: Don't You Worry/ ONIE WHEELER: That's All/ Walkin' Shoes (Alternate)/ JIMMY WILLIAMS: Fire Engine Red/ Sonny Boy/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ Have Myself A Ball/ Rockin' With My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 1111 Hawaiian Rainbow - Hawaiian Music On Edison Records* ● CD $16.98
18 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
Here is an absolutely fantastic collection of early Hawaiian music recorded for Edison from 1916 - 1929. Features Hawaiian guitar legend Frank Ferrara both with John Paaluhi, and earlier under the stage name Palakiko Ferreira with his wife Helen Louise, Ford's Hawaiian Orchestra (named for Henry Ford after he fell in love with their music and hired them to play in Detroit at Ford company events), The Four Aristocrats, Roy Smeck, and many more fine artists that hailed from our fabulous 50th state. Sound quality is excellent throughout, with only a couple exceptions due to being taken from cylinders or other very old source material. (JM)
ALOHA LAND SERENADERS: Honolulu Home Sweet Home/ Lonely Nights in Hawaii/ FRANK FERERA & JOHN PAALUHI: Southern Blues/ St. Louis Blues/ FORD'S HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA: Aloha Oe/ Kahola March/ THE FOUR ARISTOCRATS: Don't Sing Aloha When I Go/ HILO SERENADERS: After Every Party (Vocal: V. Dalhart)/ HELEN LOUISE & PALAKIKO FERREIRA: Moana Lua-Hawaiian Hula Medley/ THE MID PACIFIC HAWAIIANS: Hanohano Hawaii/ Maile Lau Liilii/ SHAW'S HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA: Hawaiian Bluebird/ The Hula Blues/ SAMUEL SIEGEL & MARIE CAVENY: Kuu Ipo I Ka Hee Pue/ ROY SMECK: Twighlight Echoes/ WAIKIKI HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA: Aloha (Means I Love You)/ Hawaiian Rainbow/ Honolulu Moon

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 197 Breezy Sugar - The Pure Essence Of Chicago Rock & Roll ● CD $21.98
3CD, 75 tracks, highly recommended
Two years after the last installment, Fantastic Voyage is back with another entry into the "Sugar" series of CDs ("Heavy Sugar," "Snazzy Sugar," "Savvy Sugar," etc. $21.98 each), with this one shining the spotlight on Chicago rock & roll and R&B. Compiler Stuart Colman, includes gems from the famous and not-so-famous movers and shakers from the 50's and early 60's to create an accurate picture of music from the Windy City. Naturally, Chess-the dominant force in Chicago R&B at the time-is prominently represented, but there's also room for other players-both major and minor-such as Vee-Jay, Mercury, Dot, Falcon, Cobra, Oriole, and Chief to name a few. As always, the discs are given outlandish sub-titles that may or may not describe the artists and music included therein: South Side Symphonies, Chi-Town Champs, and Urban Untouchables. But it doesn't matter, because the music speaks for itself, whether it come from old pros Chuck Berry, Dale Hawkins, Bo Diddley, or Ike Turner or from who-are-they's The Brothers, The Mark IV, Louis Hobbs, and Jerry Jaye. Make no mistake, this is another superb entry into the series, and the two-year break between releases has done nothing to dull Colman's impeccable taste in picking tracks for compiling. (GMC)
CHUCK BERRY: Carol/ Go-Go-Go/ Sweet Little Sixteen/ THE BIG ROCKER: Rock-N-Roll Romance/ STEVE BLEDSOE AND THE BLUE JAYS: Cool Steppin' Baby/ THE BLUE ECHOES: Cool Guitar/ PRISCILLA BOWMAN: A Rockin' Good Way/ Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'/ Yes, I'M Glad/ THE BROTHERS: Lazy Susan/ HAROLD BURRAGE: Betty Jean/ You Eat Too Much/ BILLY CARROLL: Big Green Car/ BOBBY CHARLES: Don't You Know I Love You/ Watch It, Sprocket/ CLIFTON CHENIER: My Soul/ DEE CLARK: Seven Nights/ THE COASTERS: Idol With The Golden Head/ What Is The Secret Of Your Success?/ SONNY DAY: Speedillac/ BOBBY DEAN: It's A Fad, Ma!/ THE DEL VIKINGS: Jitterbug Mary/ THE DELEGATES: The Convention/ THE DELLS: Q-Bop She-Bop/ THE DELTONES: Early Morning Rock/ BO DIDDLEY: Bo Diddley/ Dancing Girl/ Little Girl/ RUSTY DRAPER: Good Golly, Pretty Molly/ Seven Come Eleven/ THE DREAM KINGS: Oh What A Baby/ THE EL DORADOS: At My Front Door/ Boom Diddie Boom/ BILLY EMERSON: Holy Mackerel, Baby/ THE EQUALOS: Patty-Patty/ BETTY EVERETT: Killer Diller/ NARVEL FELTS: Cry, Baby, Cry/ THE FLAMINGOS: Jump Children/ SONNY FREEZE: Welcome To My World/ WILD CHILD GIPSON: Uncle John/ ROSCO GORDON: Just A Little Bit/ GUITAR RED: Just You And I/ HARVEY: Da Da Goo Goo/ Mama Loocie/ DALE HAWKINS: Linda/ My Babe/ LOUIS HOBBS: Mama, Mama, Mama/ EARL HOOKER AND JUNIOR WELLS: Universal Rock/ JERRY JAYE: Sugar Dumplin'/ BETTE LAINE: Rock A Bye Rock/ JIM LOWE: Talkin' To The Blues/ The Bright Light/ WILLIE MABON: Just Got Some/ BOBBY MACK: She's My Little Baby/ THE MARK IV: 45Rpm/ TOBIN MATTHEWS: Slippin' And Slidin'/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: Everybody Rock/ I'm To Blame/ The Walk/ CHUCK MILLER: Cool It Baby!/ STANLEY MITCHELL: Would You, Could You/ BILLY PEEK: Rock To The Top/ BILLY PRAGER AND HIS CARAVANS: Do It Bop/ THE RIP-CHORDS: Let's Do The Razzle Dazzle/ THE ROCKIN' RS: Heat/ DUKE SAVAGE AND THE ARRIBINS: Hey Baby!/ SHAKEY JAKE: Roll Your Money Maker/ SHERIFF AND THE RAVELS: Shombalor/ CHUCK SIMS: Knowing The Part/ AL SMITH: Get Up And Go/ THE SPANIELS: Baby Sweets/ IKE TURNER'S KINGS OF RHYTHM: You Don't Love Me/ JUNIOR WELLS: Little By Little/ WAYNE WORLEY: Red Headed Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fuel 61997 The Fire/ Fury Records Story - Rarities Collection ● CD $18.98
Two CDs, 36 tracks, recommended
An excellent collection featuring some of the lesser known releases for Bobby Robinson's Fire and Fury labels in the early 60s - mostly solid R&B along with some blues and doo-wop featuring artists like Johnny Chef (who also recorded as Johnny Acey), Mary Anne Fisher, The Gay Poppers, Little Joe Cook, Jimmy Ricks, Willie Bradford, June Bateman, Little Junior Lewis, Chuck Bradford and more. No problem with the music but all these tracks were issued a while back n a series of four 25 track CDs called "N.Y. On Fire" along with loads more ($16.98 each) though this has somewhat better sound and Bill Dahl's notes here provides useful profiles on the artists and the songs. (FS)
BUDDY BARNES: I Cried/ JUNE BATEMAN: Believe Me Darling/ BOBBY AND BUDDY: What's the Word, Thunderbird/ CHUCK BRADFORD: Say It Was a Dream/ WILLIE BRADFORD: So Long/ Wanna Be Loved/ HELEN BRYANT: I'Ve Learned My Lesson/ That's a Promise/ CURTIS CARRINGTON: I'M Gonna Catch You (Cuttin' Out on Me)/ JOHNNY CHEF: Can't Stop Moving/ LITTLE JOE COOK: This I Know/ DELMAR: Depending on You/ LEE DORSEY: You Are My Sunshine/ MARY ANN FISHER: Put Your Shoes on/ Wild as You Can Be/ THE GAY POPPERS: I Want to Know/ I'Ve Got It/ You Got Me Up Tight/ GIL HAMILTON: Pretty Baby (Come Back to Me)/ WILBERT HARRISON: Happy in Love/ CLARENCE (JUNIOR) LEWIS: Cupid's Little Helper/ Half a Heart/ LITTLE JUNIOR LEWIS: And That's All I Need/ Can She Give Me Fever/ Your Heart Must Be Made of Stone/ LINDA MARTELL & THE ANGLOS: A Little Tear (Was Falling From My Eyes)/ The Things I Do for You/ PAUL PERRYMAN: Look at My Baby/ JIMMY RICKS: I Wonder/ Let Me Down Easy/ ROCKIN' BRADLEY: I Have News for You/ RIFF RUFFIN: Dig That Rock and Roll/ Hucklebuck Scratch/ BUDDY SKIPPER: Don't Be a Shame (to Call My Name)/ TARHEEL SLIM & LITTLE ANN: Can't Stay Away From You/ THE UPSETTERS: Steppin' Out

VARIOUS ARTISTS History Of Soul 11 Soul Chronology 5 - Singing From My Soul ● CD $18.98
2 CD, 55 tracks, very highly recommended
The History of Soul label has brought us an incredible series of CDs spotlighting 50's and 60's blues, R&B and gospel music that led to the emergence of soul; the latest in the series highlights the gospel influence on Soul music from roughly 1960 onwards. The assortment of artists over the two discs-everyone from The Isley Brothers, James Brown, and Ray Charles to The Soul Stirrers, The 5 Blind Boys of Mississippi, and The Highway QCs-demonstrates the extent to which the gospel style influenced secular performers, while some secular elements managed to creep into recordings from the more traditional gospel groups. For anyone who wants to hear the cross pollination of R&B and Gospel at its' most potent and tuneful, this collection is a must have. (GMC)
THE 5 ROYALES: Don't Let It Be In Vain/ I'm With You/ THE ANTIOCH TEMPLE CHOIR: Search My Heart/ HANK BALLARD: I Could Love You/ J.J. BARNES: My Love Came Tumbling Down/ BOBBY "BLUE" BLAND: I Pity The Fool/ Someday/ GARY U.S. BONDS: New Orleans/ AL "TNT" BRAGGS: I Don't Think I Can Make It/ JAMES BROWN: Good Good Lovin'/ I'll Go Crazy/ HAROLD BURRAGE: Crying For My Baby/ RAY CHARLES: I Believe To My Soul/ What'd I Say (Pts 1 & 2)/ EUGENE CHURCH: Miami/ SAM COOKE: Tenderness/ SUGAR PIE DESANTO: I Want To Know/ DONOMAN & THE LAKETTES: Here Comes The Fool/ THE DRAPERS: Baby, One More Time/ DONNIE ELBERT: I Beg Of You/ THE FALCONS: You're So Fine/ THE FAMOUS WARD SINGERS: Got On My Traveling Shoes/ THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF MISSISSIPPI: Where There's A Will/ EARL GAINES: Three Times Seven/ THE HIGHWAY QC'S: Working On The Building/ JESSIE HILL: Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Pt 1)/ THE ISLEY BROTHERS: Shout/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: I'm Shakin'/ MABLE JOHN: Who Wouldn't Love A Man/ THE KELLY BROTHERS: He's The Same Today/ EARL KING: Come On (Pts 1 & 2)/ MAJOR LANCE: I've Got A Girl/ LITTLE ESTHER: Wild Child/ BOBBY MARCHAN: Something On Your Mind/ BIG JAY MCNEELY: Something On Your Mind/ THE MEDITATION SINGERS: My Soul Looks Back/ THE MIRACLES: (You Can) Depend On Me/ Shop Around/ RUFUS & CARLA: Cause I Love You/ THE SENSATIONAL WONDERS: Walk Around Me Lord/ NINA SIMONE: Work Song/ THE SOUL SEEKERS: Something's Got A Hold/ THE SOUL STIRRERS: Stand By Me Father/ THE STAPLE SINGERS: Good NewS/ Will The Circle Be Unbroken/ BARRETT STRONG: Money/ THE SUNSET TRAVELERS: Lazerus/ SWAN SILVERTONE SINGERS: Singin' In My Soul/ THE TOP NOTES: Say Yes/ IKE & TINA TURNER: A Fool In Love/ SINGIN' SAMMY WARD: Who's The Fool/ MARY WELLS: Bye Bye Baby/ JACKIE WILSON: I'll Be Satisfied/ You Better Know It/ WILLIE WRIGHT: Got a Feelin'

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 242 Tuxedo Junction - The Harmony Records Story, 1957-1962 ● CD $11.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, recommended
A bit of an oddity in this series since rather than being a singles label like most in the series, Harmony was a budget LP label run by Columbia to reissue older recordings so that the records here are originally from the Columbia, Epic and OKeh labels. Although the title of this set includes 1957-1962, the majority of the recordings here are from the 1940s with a few earlier and a few later. That being said, this is an entertaining collection with an emphasis on pop and jazz releases along with some R&B, rock & roll and country. Artists include Gene Krupa, Carl Perkins, The Harmony Blazers (intriguing black group that were only on LP - their covers of Johnny B. Goode and Book Of Love here are excellent), "Little" Jimmy Dickens, Dinah Shore, Les Brown & His Orchestra, Hak Garland, Toni Arden, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and others. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 243 No More, No Less - Gems From Guyden Records Vaults ● CD $11.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, recommended
Bob Cordell founded the Guyden label in 1952 but didn't release it's first record until 1954. In the late 1950s it merged with Jamie Records but continued issuing titles on the Guyden label until 1967. Although the label didn't have too many hits it did launch the careers of several future hit artists including Johnny Rivers (doing his best Elvis impersonation) and Neil Sedaka as well as recording Robert Luke Harshman who later change his name to Bobby Hart and joined up with Tommy Boyce to become a very successful songwriting duo. It also includes a post hit Danny & The Juniors with Oo-La-La_Limbo. The label issued material in a variety of styles including R&B, doo-wop, rock 'n' roll, girl group, country, teen pop and even some blues. Artists include Carmen Taylor (tough R&B singer), Donnie Owens (one of the label's few hits with the teen pop Need You), The Esquire Boys (rock 'n' roll group led by guitarist Danny Cedrone who worked with Bill Haley & The Comets for a while), Mitchell Torok, Frankie Ervin (Fats Domno influenced R&B singer), The Clickettes (outstanding girl group with great lead by Barbara Jean English), Pee Wee Crayton, The Four Larks, The Charts (instrumental group), The Dandervilles (novelty R&B in The Coasters style), The Three Swingers (horrible novelty song), EDdie Carroll and others. (FS)
EDDIE CARROLL: Gone From Me/ NICK CHARLES: For You/ THE CHARTS: For The Birds/ Ooba-Gooba/ THE CHEROKEES: Harlem Nocturne/ THE CLICKETTES: Where Is He/ DON COLE: Born To Be With You/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: I'm Still In Love With You/ THE CRUISERS: Cryin' Over You/ THE DANDEVILLES: Nasty Breaks/ DANNY & THE JUNIORS: Oo-La-La-Limbo/ MAXINE DAVIS: Another Man/ NICKY DEMATTEO: Suddenly/ FRANKIE ERVIN: Why Don't You Go/ THE ESQUIRE BOYS: Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie/ THE FAMOUS HEARTS: Aisle Of Love/ THE FANTASYS: No One But You/ Why? Oh Why?/ BILL FORBES: Too Young/ THE FOUR LARKS: Go, Baby, Go/ THE G-NOTES: Johnny Johnny Johnny/ MAUREEN GRAY: Slop Time/ ROBERT LUKE HARSHMAN: Girl Of My Dreams/ THE HEARTBEATS: One Million Years/ JIMMY HUGHES: I'm Qualified/ LITTLE STEVIE: I See A Star/ THE NEWPORTS: If I Could Tonight/ DONNIE OWENS: Between Midnight And Dawn/ If I'm Wrong/ Need You/ THE PACERS: How Sweet/ THE PALS: My Baby Likes To Rock/ JOHNNY RIVERS: A Hole In The Ground/ You're The One/ NEIL SEDAKA: Fly, Don't Fly On Me/ Ring A Rockin'/ THE SHERRYS: Pop Pop Pop-Pie/ THE SUNDIALS: Chapel Of Love/ THE SWALLOWS: You Must Try/ CARMEN TAYLOR: No More, No Less/ THE THREE SWINGERS: Kookie Little Paradise/ MITCHELL TOROK: Caribbean/ Hootchy Kootchy Henry From Hawaii/ Mexican Joe/ ANITA TUCKER: A Million Thanks/ Ring-A-Ling-A-Ling (Let The Wedding Bells Ring)/ THE TWO DONS: Funny Honey/ Out In The Cold Again/ THE WHIRLWINDS: Angel Love/ MARION WORTH: That's My Kind Of Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 251 Quicksand - The Groove Records Story, 1954-1956 ● CD $11.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, very highly recommended
The groove label was started in 1954 as an outlet for the label's blues, R&B and doowop releases and folded in 1956 though was reactivated a number of times over the next decade but this set concentrates on its early years when it issued a slew of hot recordings. Most of the recordings were cut in New York and many of the sessions featured the fabulous talents of guitarist Mickey Baker and saxophonist Sam "The Man" Taylor and their talents are evident on recordings here by Big John Greer, Mr. Bear, "Tiny" Kennedy, Otis Blackwell and others. Mickey is also present on the two great tracks by Mickey & Sylvia including their chart topper Love Is Strange. Another great New York guitarist, Larry Dale is featured on his own You Better Heed My Warning and accompanies Champion Jack Dupree on his novelty Lonely Road Blues. More great guitar can be heard from Roy Gaines on his rocking Worried About You Baby and 11 year old future jazz guitar giant George Benson is heard on his first recordings - one a reworking of Ray Charles' It Should Have Been Me. Other blues and R&B artists include Maymie Watts (who gives us the title song), Emmett Hobson, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Sonny Terry, Clayton Love and others. There is also some great, mostly rocking, doo-wop from The Nitecaps, Avalons, Du-Droppers, Twilighters, Coronets and others. A superb collection with excellent sound and brief notes. About one third of the tracks are duplicated on the "Rare Grooves" series. (FS)
THE AVALONS: Chains Around My Heart/ Sugar, Sugar/ "LITTLE" GEORGE BENSON: It Should Have Been Me No. 2/ She Makes Me Mad/ BIG CONNIE: Mumbles Blues/ OTIS BLACKWELL: Oh! What A Babe/ SAM BUTERA: I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/ THE CORONETS: I Love You More/ COUSIN LEROY: Goin' Back Home/ ARTHUR "BIG BOY" CRUDUP: I Love My Baby/ She's Got No Hair/ KING CURTIS: Movin' On/ Rockabye Baby/ LARRY DALE: You Better Heed My Warning/ THE DAPPERS: Unwanted Love/ BONNIE DAVIS: How Could You/ VARETTA DILLARD: Darling Listen To The Words Of This Song/ One More Time/ THE DU DROPPERS: Boot 'Em Up/ Speed King/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE: Lonely Road Blues/ THE EL VENOS: Now We're Together/ THE FIVE KEYS: I'll Follow You/ Lawdy Miss Mary/ THE FOUR STUDENTS: So Near And Yet So Far/ ROY GAINES: Right Now Baby/ Worried 'Bout You Baby/ BIG JOHN GREER: Bottle It Up And Go/ Soon, Soon, Soon/ SAM "HIGHPOCKETS" HENDERSON: Too Bad Sweet Mama/ EMMET HOBSON: Mattie Bee/ TINY KENNEDY: Country Boy/ Strange Kind Of Feeling/ REBECCA LEA: The Devil Hates You/ CLAYTON LOVE: Mary Lou/ MICKEY & SYLVIA: Love Is Strange/ No Good Lover/ MR. BEAR AND HIS BEARCATS: Radar/ MR. BEAR AND THE BEARCATS: I'm Gonna Keep My Good Eye On You/ THE NITECAPS: A Kiss And A Vow/ Bamboo Rock And Roll/ PIANO RED: Big Rock Joe From Kokomo/ Jump, Man, Jump/ BIG AL SEARS: Rock And Roll Ball/ THE SYCAMORES: I'll Be Waiting/ SONNY TERRY: Louise/ Ride And Roll/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Sittin' On A Corner/ ERNESTINE WASHINGTON & THE MILLERAIRES: Holding On, Part 2/ MAYMIE WATTS: Quicksand

VARIOUS ARTISTS One Day 252 Constant Sorrow: Gems From The Elektra Vaults, 1956-196 ● CD $11.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, recommended
Although Elektra was to become a rock powerhouse in the mid 60s it started in 1951 issuing folk and traditional music. This compilation covers the years 1955 through 1962 and provides a snapshot of the American folk scene prior to the arrival of groups like The New Lost City Ramblers and solo artists like Bob Dylan. It mostly features city folk performing traditional songs in a generally rather polite manner though Paul Clayton distinguishes himself by singing Nine Inch Will Please A Lady from a collection of the banned songs of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns and also includes tracks by old traditional singer and banjo player George Pegram and Scottish singer Jean Redpath. There are several early songs from Judy Collins who became Elektra's best selling folk artist and also includes sides by Lee Charles, Oscar Brand, The Limeliters, Jean Ritchie, Ed McCurdy, Bob Gibson & Bob Camp, The Travelers 3 and more. We also have several folky blues tracks from bluesman Josh White. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Pet 010 Mystic Males, Vol. 2 ● CD $14.98
13 tracks, highly recommended
The first volume of "Mystic Males" was easily the most popular of all of the "Soft Sounds For Gentle People" collections and has been sold out for many years. So this volume has been eagerly awaited and has proved to be well worth the wait. 13 groovy tracks from "tripped out troubadours from 1966-1973." Highlights include: Tyree Forrest - Four Robins Singing, Shalynn - Flower Song, doesn't get more gentle than ole' Shalynn, and Art Gee with Tea Gardens. This volume also comes in a fabulous vinyl edition (Pet Records 010R - $16.98), Both the CD and LP are limited, one time pressings of only 500 copies each. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Pontiac 503 Rare R'n'B Honkers, Vol. 3 ● CD $16.98
It's been almost four years since the last volume but here finally is another fine collection of hot instrumental R&B featuring and honking and screeching sax work - almost all of it appearing on CD for the first time. Includes sides by Butter Elis, Choker Campbell & His Bachelors Of Rhythm, Charlie "Little Jazz" Ferguson, Teddy Jackson & His Orch., Candy JOhnson & His Peppermint Sticks, Jake Porter, Dooky Daniels Orch. and more - 24 tracks in all. Booklet has brief notes on many of the performers.
MANUEL ARMENTA ORCH.: Fatso/ CHOKER CAMPBELL & HIS BACHELORS OF RHYTHM: Spinnin' A Disc/ DOOKY DANIEL'S ORCH.: Beeswax/ BUTTER ELLIS: Lights On Lights Off/ V.C./ CHARLIE "LITTLE JAZZ" FERGUSON: Bean Head/ Big 'G'/ SAMMY FRANKLIN'S ORCH.: Bouncin/ Cry/ JOHN GREER & HIS QUINTET: Rockin' With Big John/ LORENZO HOLDEN & HIS TENOR SAX: Cry Of The Wounded Juke Box/ GOO GOO HUTCHINSON ORCH.: Blues And Shuffle/ TEDDY JACKSON & HIS ORCH.: Ravin' With Ramon (Dedicated To Disc Jockey Ramon Bruce)/ C. JOHNSON & BAND: Daybreak Blues/ Robins Horn/ South Side Saturday Night/ Sunset Jump/ CANDY JOHNSON & HIS PEPPERMINT STICKS: Candy's Mood/ LITTLE DAVID & ORCH.: Macayo/ JAKE PORTER: Chicano Hop/ Cloud Burst/ MAD MEL SEBASTION: One Salty Dog/ PINKY WILLIAMS & ORCH.: Baritone Bounce/ Boston Bob

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 146 Rare Rock 'n' Roll Rampage ● CD $26.98 $18.98
Four CDs, 100 tracks, highly recommended
Although there are quite a few collections out there that look at early rock 'n' roll from the perspective of rockabilly - that Southern blend of supercharged down home blues and honky tonk hillbilly this is the first in-depth look at the early days of urban rock 'n' roll. Apart from Boyd Bennet and the Rockets most of the artists here show very little hillbilly influence and the roots are the jump blues of artists like Louis Jordan and Jimmy Preston along with elements of pop and jazz thrown into the mix. The set opens with two tracks from 1951 by the remarkable Jimmy Cavello & His Rockers - Cavello, who was still active some years back in the 1980s. He was a fine singer and dynamite sax player and was one of the earliest white artists to perform jump R&B and these early sides include covers of tunes by Joe Morris and Jimmy Preston along with his own meaningful Leave Married Women Alone. The rest of the set draws from the period 1953 to 1957 and features several more fine sides by Cavallo though some are more geared towards a teen audience. The set features a fair proportion of sides recorded by the superb Boyd Bennett & His Rockets who were one of the best bands working in the pop rock genre in the 50's. They started off in a Bill Haley vein but rock a lot harder on their best stuff, probably due to their rubbing shoulders with all of those R&B greats at King records. Their repertoire includes a mix of originals and R&B and rock 'n' roll covers. Freddie Bell were a pioneering rock 'n' roll group in Philadelphia starting with the obscure Teen label before moving to Mercury. Although having no U.S. hits they made some fine music though occasionally strayed into teen pap. They were among the first white artists to cover Hound Dog and seeing them live led to Elvis recording the songs. This set includes their original 1955 Teen recording of Hound Dog along with their 1956 remake for Mercury. Some of their later sides feature the stellar guitar playing of Mickey Baker. There are 11 tracks by Jimmy Daley and The Ding-A-Lings but don't go looking for any biographica information on Daley as he was a fictional character from the movie "Rock Pretty Baby" buty Decca went ahead and issued an album from the movie as by Jimmy Daley & The Ding-A-Lings - the Ding-A-Lings were actually the Henry Macini Orchestra! Other artists include The Treniers, Dave Appel & The Applejacks (a pretty bland group), Rusty Draper, Eddie Fontaine, Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones (a fine, more rockabilly flavored group), Paul Hampton and others. Sound quality is superb and the 44 page booklet has extensive notes by Adam Komorowski and full discographical info. (FS)
DAVE APPELL & THE APPLEJACKS: Applejack/ Country Dance/ Ooh, Baby, Ooh/ Ring Around My Baby/ Sweet Patootie Pie/ Teenage Meeting (Gonna Rock It Up Right)/ The Love Express/ The Rock And Roll Story/ FREDDIE BELL & THE BELL BOYS: All Right, Okay, You Win/ Big Bad Wolf/ Five-Ten-Fifteen Hours/ Giddy Up A Ding Dong/ Hey There You/ Hound Dog/ Hound Dog/ I Said It And I'm Glad/ Move Me Baby/ Rockin' Is My Business/ Rockin' The Polonaise/ Rompin' And Stompin'/ Stay Loose, Mother Goose/ Take The First Train Out Of Town/ Teach You To Rock/ The Hucklebuck/ Voo Doo/ BOYD BENNETT: Blue Suede Shoes/ Cool Disc Jockey/ Dig Like You've Never Dug/ Hit That Jive Jack/ The Most/ Right Around The Corner/ Seventeen/ Tenessee Rock 'N' Roll/ Banjo Rock 'N' Roll/ Boogie At Midnight/ High School Hop/ Little Ole You/ My Boy Flat Top/ Oo-Oo-Oo/ Partners For Life/ Poison Ivy/ Rockin' Up A Storm/ You Upset Me Baby/ JOE BENNETT & THE SPARKTONES: Black Slacks/ Boppin Rock Boogie/ Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks/ Rocket/ FRANKIE BRENT: Be My Girl/ Rockin' Shoes/ JIMMY CAVALLO: Cherry Pie/ Foot Stompin'/ Ha Ha Ha Blues/ I'm With You/ Leave Married Women Alone/ Let 'M Roll/ Ooh-Wee (You Sure Look To Me)/ Rock The Joint/ Rock, Rock, Rock/ Soda Shoppe Rock/ That's The Groovy Thing/ The Big Beat/ THE CUES: Crackerjack/ Crazy Crazy Party/ JIMMY DALEY: Big Band Rock 'N' Roll/ Can I Steal A Little Love/ Dark Blue/ Hot Rod/ Juke Box Rock/ Rock Pretty Baby/ Rockabye Lullabye Blues/ Rockin' The Boogie/ Teen Age Bop/ The Most/ The Saint's Rock 'N' Roll/ DANNY & THE JUNIORS: At The Hop/ Sometimes/ RUSTY DRAPER: Buzz Buzz Buzz/ No Huhu/ Pink Cadillac/ Tiger Lilly/ EDDIE FONTAINE: Cool It Baby/ Hey Marie! Dance With Me/ Honky Tonk Man/ One And Only/ Rock Love/ PAUL HAMPTON: Classy Babe/ Play It Cool/ Rockin' Doll/ BOB JAXON: Beach Party/ Come On Down/ I'm Hangin' Around/ THE TRENIERS: Bald Head/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ Rock 'N' Roll Call/ Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie/ Say Hey/ BIG T. TYLER: King Kong/ KIP TYLER: Bongo Rock/ How's About A Little Kiss/ Red Lips And Green Eyes

VARIOUS ARTISTS Roller Coaster 6031 King Of Clovis - The Legacy Of Norman Petty ● CD $23.98
33 tracks, 74 mins, strongly recommended
A collection of tracks either recorded in Norman Petty's famed studio in Clovis, New Mexico or, in a few cases, songs for which Petty owned the publishing. This is a companion to the recently published mammoth book on Petty with the same title. The book is an in depth look at Petty and the artists he recorded in his studio and also, apparently, makes a good case that much of the common wisdom about Petty's relationship with his artists is wrong. Petty's most famous artist Buddy Holly & The Crickets are represented by five songs and it also features the first recording by The Crickets made after Buddy's death Love's Made A Fool Of You. There are two tracks from Petty's own group The Norman Petty Trio which was originally issued on his own Nor-Va-Jak label and eventually appeared on RCA. Other artists here include Sonny West, Buddy Knox, Roger Williams, Jack Huddle (his Starlight is a pretty tame song enlivened by a sensational guitar solo from Buddy Holly), Terry Noland, Peanuts Wilson (his previously unissued Silly Lily is described in the notes as one of the hottest rockers recorded at Petty's studio - it isn't - not by a long shot but is pretty good), Jimmy Self, Don & His Roses, The Nighawks (the original version of When Sin Stops which was subsequently recorded by Waylon Jennings as his first single and which was produced by Buddy Holly), The Fireballs, Carolyn Hester (three songs from this folk songstress including a charming previously unissued version of Buddy's Lonesome Tears), Rick Tucker and others. Excellent sound and 32 page illustrated booklet by Holly/ Petty expert John Ingman. (FS)
JIMMY BOWEN & RHYTHM ORCHIDS: I'm Stickin' With You/ THE CRICKETS: Love's Made A Fool Of You/ Maybe Baby/ That'll Be The Day/ DON & HIS ROSES: Since You Went Away To School/ JOHNNY DUNCAN: Hello Mary Lou/ THE FIREBALLS: Bulldog/ Quite A Party/ CAROLYN HESTER: Lonesome Tears/ Take Your Time/ Thats My Song/ BUDDY HOLLY: Everyday/ Peggy Sue/ Rave On/ True Love Ways/ JACK HUDDLE: Starlight/ BUDDY KNOX: All For You/ Party Doll/ THE MCGUIRE SISTERS: Sugartime/ THE NIGHTHAWKS: When Sin Stops/ TERRY NOLAND: Patty Baby/ THE NORMAN PETTY TRIO: Mood Indigo/ The First Kiss/ RAY RUFF: Lonely Hours/ JIMMY SELF: Oh Babe/ THE SHADOWS: Find Me A Golden Street/ THE STRING-A-LONGS: Wheels/ THE TEEN KINGS: Domino/ Ooby Dooby/ RICK TUCKER: Everyday/ SONNY WEST: Rock-Ola Ruby/ ROGER WILLIAMS: Almost Paradise/ PEANUTS WILSON: Silly Lily

WASHBOARD SAM Acrobat 9038 The Washboard Sam ● CD $19.98
Three CDs, 75 tracks, highly recommended
This is a significantly expanded version of the long out of print Acrobat 3049. A particularly nice introduction to the recordings of big voiced Robert Brown aka Washboard Sam accompanying himself on washboard and joined by some of Chicago's finest. Sam was not only a fine and expressive singer but also an excellent songwriter who not only wrote for himself but contributed to the repertoire of Big Bill Broonzy, Jazz Gillum and other Chicago bluesmen - quite a few of which have become blues standards. The tracks here are drawn from many different sessions starting with some of his first recordings for Vocalion in 1935 which were issued as by Ham Gravy through his last session for Chess in 1951 with the majority of the tracks recorded for RCA/ Bluebird between 1936 and 1950. It gives a good cross section of his repertoire. He is accompanied on all tracks by guitarist Big Bill Broonzy who plays electric guitar on some of the later sessions. Other great sidemen show up including pianists Black Bob, Joshua Altheimer and Roosevelt Sykes and others, clarinetist Arnett Nelson, alto saxist Buster Bennett, bassist Ransom Knowling and others with Sam (real name Robert Brown) providing a driving rhythm on the washboard. This set includes some of his most popular songs including You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down/ (Mama) Don't 'Low/ Razor Cuttin' Man/ My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (I think this might be the first version) Easy Ridin' Mama/ Flying Crow Blues/ She Belongs To The Devil/ River Hip Mama and others including some delightfully risque songs like Who Pumped The Wind In My Doughnut (now there's a metaphor with some posibilities)/ I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted In The Middle and his most famous song Diggin' My Potatoes. Although there is a certain saminess in the performances the music is consistently vibrant and swinging with excellent lyrics (many by Sam himself). Sound quality is generally excellent though a few tracks are from rough pressings and the 12 page booklet has informative notes and full discographical data. (FS)
WASHBOARD SAM: (Mama) Don't 'Low/ Ain't That A Shame/ Ain't You Comin' Out Tonight/ Back Door Blues/ Barbeque/ Beer Garden Blues/ Big Woman/ Booker T Blues/ Bright Eyes/ Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ By Myself/ Diggin' My Potatoes/ Disc 2:/ Disc 3:/ Dissatisfied Blues/ Do That Shake Dance/ Don't Fool With Me/ Don't Have To Sing The Blues/ Don't Tear My Clothes/ Down South Woman Blues/ Easy Ridin' Mama/ Evil Blues/ Flying Crow Blues/ Get Down Brother/ Gonna Hit The Highway/ Good Luck Blues/ Good Old Cabbage Greens/ Good Old Easy Street/ How Can You Love Me/ I Believe I'll Make Change/ I Get The Blues At Bedtime/ I Just Can't Help It/ I Love All My Women/ I Love My Baby/ I'm A Prowlin' Groudhog/ I'm Feeling Low Down/ I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted In The Middle/ I'm On My Way Blues/ I've Been Treated Wrong/ Jersey Cow Blues/ Jesse James Blues (as Ham Gravy)/ Jumpin' Rooster/ Ladies' Man/ Let Me Play Your Vendor/ Levee Camp Blues/ Little City Woman/ Lover's Lane Blues/ Maybe You'll Love Me/ Mixed-up Blues/ Morning Dove Blues/ Motherless Child Blues/ Mountain Blues/ My Feet Jumped Salty/ Phantom Black Snake/ Razor Cuttin' Man/ Red River Dam Blues/ River Hip Mama/ Rockin' My Blues Away/ Save it For Me/ She Belongs To The Devil/ Shirt Tail/ So Early In The Morning/ Soap And Water Blues/ That Will Get it/ The Big Boat/ Tow Boat Blues/ Walkin' In My Sleep/ Washboard Swing/ Wasn't He Bad/ We Gonna Move/ Who Pumped The Wind In My Doughnut/ Why You Do That To Me/ Yellow, Black And Brown/ You Can't Have None Of That/ You Can't Make The Grade/ You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down

DINAH WASHINGTON Baldwin Street 310 Queen Of The Juke Box "Live", 1949-1955* ● CD $16.98
28 tracks, 73 mins, highly recommended
Amazing collection of previously unissued live recordings of Dinah in her prime at the Royal Roost (1948 with Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra), Birdland (1951 & '52 with various trios led by Wynton Kelly), the "Harlem Variety Review" (filmed in Newark, NJ in 1954 with Paul Williams' Hucklebuckers) and Basin Street (1955 with a trio led by Wynton Kelly). Most of these were recorded off the air by legendary jazz fan, archivist & entrepreneur Boris Rose and in spite of the conditions the sound quality is stunning. Dinah does terrific versions of I Want To Cry/ I'll Never Be Free/ Harbor Lights/ I Wanna Be Loved/ Time Out For Tears/ N.Y. Chicago & L.A./ Please Send Me Someone To Love/ Cold Cold Heart/ Mixed Emotions/ Such A Night/ Come Rain Or Come Shine and more. (FS)

ANDRE WILLIAMS Night Train 2011 Fortune Of Hits ● CD $18.98
Two CD set with 33 tracks featuring all the recordings made by this great Detroit R&B performer for Jack Brown's Fortune label between 1955 and 1960. In addition to recordings under his own name it includes his sides as a member of The Five Dollars (later The Don Juans) and with the Gino Parks Quartet. Includes classic sides like Bacon Fat (picked up for national distribution by Epic where it became a #9 R&B hit) , the controversial Jail Bait and the great sequel to Bacon Fat - The Greasy Chicken. Also includes Doctor Baby/ Going Down To Tijuana/ Mozelle/ Bobby Jean/ Weekend Man/ Just Because/ My Tears and more. Includes 20 page booklet with detailed notes by George Paulus based on an interview with Andre. The discography on the last two pages is a mess.
ANDRE WILLIAMS: (Mmm - Andre Williams Is) Movin'/ Bacon Fat/ Bobby Jean/ Come On Baby/ Doctor Baby/ Don't Touch/ Georgia Mae Is Movin'/ Going Down To Tiajuana/ Going Down To Tiajuana (Alt)/ Harmony Of Love/ Hey Country Girl/ I Still Love You/ I Wanna Know Why/ I'm All For You/ I'm Movin On/ Is It True?/ It's All Over/ Jail Bait/ Jailhouse Blues/ Just Because/ Just Because Of A Kiss/ Just Want A Little Lovin/ Mean Jean/ Mozelle/ My Last Dance With You/ My Tears/ Pass The Biscuits Please/ Pulling Time/ Put A Chain On It/ So Strange/ The Greasy Chicken/ Tossin' & Turnin' & Burnin' All Up Inside/ Weekend Man/ You Are My Sunshine/ You Know I Can't Refuse

THE YOUNG TRADITION + Fledg'ling 3006 The Holly Bears The Crown* ● CD $17.98
14 tracks, 33 mins, essential
At long last, the final Young Tradition record, a brilliant collaboration of the late lamented trio and Shirley and Dolly Collins, released 26 years after its 1969 recording. This is a collection of rare and splendid carols, most centuries old, the arrangements delicately done by Dolly Collins using medieval instruments and performed by her and Adam and Roderick Skeaping, and the lovely voice of Shirley Collins. It was a particular gift of the Young Tradition that they brought both vigor and genuine wit to their material, and these performances still gleam with their individual brilliances. Their tempestuous tenor, Peter Bellamy, had lost patience with medieval music by the time these recordings were made, but it is his cheeky spirit that still, like Pan, visits the music with his blessed naughtiness. Essential. (NSN)
YOUNG TRADITION +: Prologue from "Hamlet" (spoken)/ The Boar's Head Carol/ Is It Far To Bethlehem?/ Lullay My Liking/ The Cherry Tree Carol/ Shepherds Arise/ I Sing of a Maiden That Is Makeless/ Interlude: The Great Frost" (spoken)/ Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day/ A Virgin Most Pure/ The Coventry Carol/ The Holly Bears the Crown/ March The Morning Sun/ Bring Us In Good Ale

ALEXIS ZOUMBAS Angry Mom 04 A Lament For Epirus, 1926-1928 ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, very highly recommended Angry Mom's first CD ("Five Days Married And Other Laments" - $15.98) was masterpiece and this one is not far behind. It is devoted to the music of violinist Alexis Zoumbas who was born in Epirus, Greece in 1883 and emigrated to America in 1910 where he made these magnificent recordings steeped in the music of the region he came from. This is an all instrumental selection with Zoumbas's violin accompanied by cymbalon and on some there is also a bowed contrabass which adds a powerful drone like effect which particularly effective on the opening cut Epirotika Mirologl. The music has a sad, haunting quality which is truly moving and is probably the sort of music that would reduce the Greek emigrants that Zoumbas played for to tears and may very well have the same effect on you, whatever your nationality. Sound quality on these rare recordings is generally superb though on the stunning opening cut there must have been a crack resulting in a series of clicks that detract somewhat from the beauty of the music and I think are relatively simple to remove with modern restoration technology. That aside, this is a stupendous release with informative notes in a 20 page booklet with a cover painting and pen & ink drawings by R. Crumb. (FS)



VARIOUS ARTISTS Pet 010R Mystic Males, Vol. 2 ● LP $16.98
See compact disc review above.


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