PICTURES OF SOUND Dust-To-Digital 25 by Patrick Feaster ● BOOK $43.98
Hardcover; 144 pages w/ CD (28 tracks, 77 min.) Recommended
Something a little out of Roots & RhYthm's usual remit but since it's from Dust-To-Digital worth checking out. What if it were possible to hear music played 1000 years ago, or speeches from the distant past by men and women who lived and died before sound recording had been invented? Well, forget that, 'cause it ain't happening. But this book (and CD) offers the closest alternative likely to rear its head anytime soon. The books' subtitle, One Thousand Years Of Educed Audio: 980-1980, hints at the story. Sound magicians have discovered a technique by which images and other visual information can, with the help of computers, is turned into sound. Chapter 4 (and track 4) takes "phonophotography," one of many attempts at representing sound graphically (or otherwise visually), and turns the information back into the sound they were meant to capture, as it were. For anyone interested in sound notation and the history of recording, the book is pretty damn fascinating. And the CD that accompanies it provides the results of each experiment. As music, much of it doesn't pass muster, but as an audio explanation of the text in the book, it's quite interesting, if not actually pleasurable to listen to. Thise interested in electronic music may also find meaningful tangents here. (JC)



THE BALFA BROTHERS Ace CDCHD 1320 Play Traditional Cajun Music ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 73 mins, essential
Some of the greatest Cajun music you are ever likely to hear. This release features two LPS recorded by The Balfa Brothers for the Swallow label in 1964 and 1974. Ace originally issued these about a dozen years ago but the set has been revamped with four bonus tracks from 45s, newly remastered and with extensive new documentation from Cajun musician/ historian Ann Savoy. When the first album was recorded Cajun music was dominated by the accordion led "dancehall" style with heavily amplified steel guitar. Dewey Balfa was able to persuade Swallow label owner Floyd Soileau to record he and his brothers in an older style featuring the twin fiddles of himself and his brother Will and the result was an instant success and coupled with the brothers triumphant appearance at the Newport Folk Festival the same year brought the irresistible sound of traditional Cajun music to a worldwide audience. The sound of the twin fiddles is spine chilling and together with strong rhythmic guitar of brother Rodney, the triangle of Burke or Tony Balfa and the occasional accordion of Hadley Fontenot or Marc Savoy this is music that will get you up aNd dancing to the lively Two Step A Hadley and Lacassine Special or crying in your beer to the The Drunkards Sorrow Waltz or J'Ai Passe Devant Ta Porte (one of my all time favorite Cajun songs). Most of the vocals are taken by Dewey with occasional contributions from the other brothers. On two of the bonus songs they are joined by their good friend Nathan Abshire - one of the greatest of all Cajun accordion players. Even if you bought the previous Ace issue you'll want this for the bonus tracks, improved sound and detailed notes. The booklet also includes lyric transcripts in French and English. If you're not already a Cajun fan I can guarantee that this wondrous collection will make you an instant convert! (FS)

BOOKER T. & THE MGS Stax (Europe) 34118 Time Is Tight ● CD $57.98
3 CDs, 65 tracks, essential
European reissue of out of print 1998 U.S. release. As the Funk Brothers were to Motown, so Booker T. & the MGs were to Stax: the in-house band that accompanied all of their singers. The difference was that the Funk Brothers weren't allowed to record their own albums like Booker's gang. As early as 1962-when the group racked up their first hit Green Onions - the MGs were cutting sides and helping to shape Southern Soul music as we know it today. This three CD set pays tribute to this tight unit by including not only all of the band's big hits - Green Onions/ Hang 'em High/ Time is Tight/ Melting Pot - but also classic album tracks, rare B-sides, and a selection of the reunited group's work during the 90s. Housed in a beautiful box with a gorgeous booklet containing photos, liner notes, and full track annotation, this music-with its' taut precision and righteous funkiness-is more than given its due. In the 60s, no band was tighter or more in sync than this one, and a listen to any track here - whether the sprightly Soul Limbo, the slow burn of Hang 'em High, the unexpectedly poignant Willow Weep For Me, or the sympathetic reading of the Beatles' "Sun King" Medley - will prove the point far better than any words could. No guitarist played with more economy than Steve Cropper, no bass player was more funky yet functional than Donald "Duck" Dunn, no drummer more solid than Al Jackson, Jr., and no organist was more inventive than Booker T. Jones, and this excellent set makes the best case yet for their legacy in the rock 'n' soul pantheon. (GMC)
BOOKER T. & THE MGS: (Sittin' On) The Dock Of Bay/ (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay/ Alberts Rap/ Be My Lady/ Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy/ Behave Yourself/ Blue On Green/ Booker's Notion/ Booker's Theme/ Boot-Leg/ Born Under A Bad Sign/ Burnt Biscuits/ Can't Be Still/ Chicken Pox/ Chinese/ Expressway/ Fannie Mae/ Gotta Serve Somebody/ Green Onions/ Green Onions/ Groovin'/ Hang 'Em High/ Hang 'Em High/ Heads Or Tails/ Hip Hug-Her/ Hole In The Wall/ Home Grown/ I Can Dig It/ I've Been Loving you Too Long (To Stop Now)/ I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)/ It's Your Thing/ Jellybread/ Jonny, I Love/ Lady Madonna/ Lay Lady Lay/ MG Party/ McLemore Avenue/ Mediation/ Medley: I'm With You/I Don't Mind/Oh, Baby Don't You Weep/ Medley: Sun King-Mean Mr. Mustard, etc./ Melting Pot/ Mo' Onions/ Mrs. Robinson/ My Sweet Potato/ Never My Love/ Ode To Billie Joe/ Outrage/ Over Easy/ Pigmy/ Sarasota Sunset/ Slim Jenkins' Place/ Something/ Soul Clap '69/ Soul Dressing/ Soul Limbo/ Soul Sanctions/ Summertime/ Sunday Sermon/ Terrible Thing/ Tic-Tac-Toe/ Time Is Tight/ Time Is tight/ Willow Weep For Me/ You Don't Love Me/ You're All I Need To Get By

WILF CARTER JSP JSPCD 77162 Also Known As Montana Slim ● CD $28.98
Four CDs, 104 tracks, highly recommended
A delightful collection featuring a selection of the early recordings (1933 to 1941) of this fine and immensely popular Canadian country singer. Carter had a remarkably lengthy and prolific career - he started performing in the early 1920 and made his first recordings in 1932 and his last recordings in 1988 and did his final tour in 1991 at the age of 87! His early Canadian releases were issued under his real name of Wilf Carter though many of the U.S. issues featured him under the name of Montana Slim. Slim was an engaging singer with a clear vocal style and was a superb yodeler, having been inspired by hearing a Swiss yodeler. Most of his early material feature him accompanied by his own basic guitar with a number having added instrumentation - usually steel guitar and occasional harmonica. Carter's material was mostly original - cowboy songs, sentimental songs, topical songs and more. There isn't a whole lot of variety in his performances but, in small doses, his music is very appealing. This set includes some of his most popular early songs like Swiss Moonlight Lullaby/ There's A Love Knot In My Lariat/ Life And DEath Of John Dillinger/ You Are My Sunshine/ I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes/ Old Shep and others. Sound quality is excellent and there are informative notes by compiler Pat Harrison. (FS)
WILF CARTER: Answer To Swiss Moonlight Lullaby/ Answer to It Makes No Difference Now/ Awaiting the Chair/ Beautiful Girl of the Prairie/ By The Silv'ry Moonlight Trail/ By the Grave of Nobody's Darling/ Calgary Round Up/ Call of the Range/ Capture of Albert Johnson/ Cowboy Lullaby/ Cowboy's Airplane Ride/ Cowboy's High-Toned Dance/ Cowboy's Mother/ Don't Be Mean, I Wasn't Mean to You/ Down the Yodelling Trail at Twilight/ Dreaming Of My Blue Eyes/ Dreamy Prairie Moon/ Dusty Trails/ Dying Mother's Prayer/ Echoing Hills Yodel Back to Me/ Everybody's Been Some Mother's Darling/ Fate of Old Strawberry Roan/ First Love Of Mine/ Golden Lariat/ Golden Memories of Mother and Dad/ He Left the One Who Loved Him For Another/ He Rode the Strawberry Roan/ Hillbilly Valley/ Hindenburg Disaster/ I Ain't Gonna Be A Hobo No More/ I Bought a Rock For a Rocky Mountain Gal/ I Miss My Swiss/ I'm Gonna Ride To Heaven On A Streamline Train/ I'm Gonna Ride to Heaven on a Streamlined Train/ I'm Hittin' the Trail/ I'm Only A Dude In Cowboy's Clothes/ I'm Still Waiting For You/ I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes/ If You Don't Really Care/ It Makes No Difference Now/ It's All Over Now (I Won't Worry)/ It's Great to Be Back in the Saddle Again/ It's a Cowboy's Night to Howl/ Just One More Ride/ Keep Smiling Old Pal/ Last Letter/ Let's Go Back to the Bible/ Life And Death John Dillinger/ Little Log Shack I Can Always Call My Home/ Little Red Patch on the Seat of My Trousers/ Lonesome For My Baby Tonight/ Memories That Never Die/ My Blue Skies/ My Blues Have Turned to Sunshine/ My Dream's Come True/ My Honeymoon Bridge Broke Down/ My Little Grey Haired Mother in the West/ My Little Yoho Lady/ My Old Canadian Home/ My Old Lasso Is Headed Straight for You/ My Queen Of The Prairies/ My Texas Sweetheart/ My True and Earnest Prayer/ No Letter Today/ Old Chuck Wagon Days/ Old Shep/ Pete Knight King Of The Cowboy/ Put Me in Your Pocket/ Rattlin' Cannonball/ Red River Valley Blues/ Rescue From Moose River Gold Mine/ Roll Along Kentucky Moon/ Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy/ Round-Up Time In Heaven/ Sinner's Prayer/ Smoke Went Up the Chimney Just the Same/ Streamlined Yodel Song/ Sundown Blues/ Sway Back Pinto Pete/ Swiss Moonlight Lullaby/ Take Me Back to Old Montana/ There'll Be No Blues up Yonder/ There's A Love Knot In My Lariat/ Two Gun Cowboy/ Two Gun Cowboy/ Under the Light of the Texas Moon/ Waiting For a Train/ We'll Meet Again in Peaceful Valley/ We'll Meet Again in Peaceful Valley/ What a Friend We Have in Mother/ What a Wonderful Mother of Mine/ When I Say Hello to the Rockies/ When That Some Body Else Was You/ When the Sun Says Goodnight to the Prairie/ Where Is My Boy Tonight/ Why Did We Ever Part-1/ Why Did We Ever Part-2/ Why Should I Be Sorry For You Now/ Yodelling Hillbilly/ Yodelling Love Call/ Yodelling My Babies to Sleep/ You Are My Sunshine/ You Were With Me in the Waltz of My Dreams/ You'll Get Used to It

THE CATS & THE FIDDLE Fabulous 191 We Cats Will Swing For You, Vol. 1 : 1939-1940 ● CD $8.98 $6.98
16 tracks, 45 mins, highly recommended
First of two budget priced volumes presenting an introduction to the recordings of this fine and important group who specialized in the jive vocal style with the occasional close harmony ballad and featured the distinctive instrumental sound of tenor guitar, two tipples and string bass. This volume, covering 1939 and '40 has 16 songs and includes their most famous one I Miss You So which has been covered by dozens of groups and solo vocalists as well as Nuts To You/ Gang Busters/ We Cats Will Swing For You/ Chant Of the Rain/ Public Jitterbug No 1/ Left With The Thought Of You, etc. Sound is excellent and there are brief notes. Once you become converted you might want to check out the three volumes on Dee Jay Jamboree (55101, 55102 & 55105 - $18.98 each) which features all thri studio recordings plus radio transcriptions. (FS)

THE CATS & THE FIDDLE Fabulous 196 We Cats Will Swing For You, Vol. 2 : 1941-1942 ● CD $8.98 $6.98
16 tracks, highly recommended
Another 16 fine examples of jiving harmonies and blues ballads - includes one session with Tiny Grimes on guitar or piano. Includes Hep Cats Holiday/ You're So Fine/ Swing The Scales/ One Is Never Too Old To Swing/ I'm Gonna Pull My Hair (let My Wig Come Down)/ Until I Met You/ Blue Skies/ Another Day, etc. (FS)

ARTHUR "BIG BOY" CRUDUP Delmark 827 Sunny Road ● CD $14.98
10 tracks, very good
Previously unreleased session from 1969 by the great and influential Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup. He is accompanied by bassist Mark Thompson and drummer Willie "Big Eyes' Smith and guitarists Jimmy "Fast Fingers" Dawkins or Mike Thompson on four tracks. Crudup's singing is superb on a selection of songs based on traditional elements including some remakes of some of his old classics. Arthur's guitar is run through a rotating Leslie speaker which is interesting for a few tracks but after a while is rather stultifying and the fact that just about every track is in the same key and same tempo doesn't help. It's nice to have some previously unissued Crudup but this release doesn't add a whole lot to his magnificent legacy. (FS)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Bear Family BCD 17321 Rock ● CD $24.98
30 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
The latest volume in Bear Family's series devoted to the more rocking titles of the top rock 'n' roll artists of the 1950s is devoted to the glorious harmonies and infectious songs of Don and Phil Everly. Don and Phil took the traditional sound of country music brother harmony and gave it a rock 'n' roll boost and this collection gives us 16 classic sides recorded for Cadence between 1957 and 1960 and 14 from Warner Brothers recorded between 1960 and '62. It includes almost all their uptempo hits from this period with the exception of Walk Right Back which is curious omission since it's one of their better Warner Brothers rockers and is certainly preferable to the originally unissued and decidedly inferior Burma Shave! Lots of classic sides are here like Bye Bye Love/ Wake Up Little Suzie/ Claudetta/ Problems/ 'Till I Kissed You/ Cathy's Clown/ Temptation and others, including possibly my all time Everly favorite When Will I Be Loved. There are also some choice LP tracks including some great covers of R&B songs like Leave My Woman Alone/ Rip It Up and Step It Up And Go. Being Bear Family the sound quality is as good as it gets and the 36 page booklet includes informative notes from Andrew Sandoval who compiled the the three career box sets of the Everlys for Bear Family plus rare photos and full discographical info. (FS)

FREDDY FENDER Raven 352 Before The Next Teardrop Falls/ Are You Ready For Freddy ● CD $21.98
27 tracks, highly recommended
Baldemar Huerta, a.k.a. Freddy Fender was one of few Chicano jukebox singers to achieve pop music status. Comfortable with C&W, R&B, rock, swamp pop, doo-wop, and Ranchero standards, Freddie did it all well, with sweet, vocals that appealed to English and Spanish-speaking kids. His career started in the late 50s when he started singing rock 'n' roll songs in Spanish but it wasn't until 1975, under the guidance of the infamous Huey Meaux, that he hit the big time with the country ballad Before The Next Teardrop Falls and the swamp pop Wasted Days And Wasted Nights (which he had first recorded in 1959) which both topped the country charts and were also pop hits. This great collection features two mid 70s Dot LPs plus five bonus cuts and in addition to the aforementioned hits includes other chart successes like Secret Love/ Vaya Con Dios/ You'll Lose A Good Thing/ The Rain Came and Since I Met You Baby. In spite of the countrypolitan trappings these were recorded in Texas at the Sugar Hill studios and are so much funkier than a lot of the Nashville product. And, of course, Freddy was such a fabulous singer that he even turns a song like How Much Is That Doggie In The Window into country soul partly sung in Spanish. A number of the songs feature Freddy singing in both English and Spanish and his Mexican roots show through on songs like I Love My Rancho Grande and Cielito Linda Is My Lady complete with norteno accordion and his rock 'n' roll and R&B credentials are evident on his rendition of What'd I Say. A fabulous collection. Freddy is overdue for a career spanning box set but until then this will bring lots of joy. (FS)

CONNIE HALL B.A.C.M. 403 Heartbreak Avenue ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, highly recommended
What a pleasant surprise. From the cover picture which shows Connie looking like a New York socialite I was expecting pop country but instead we have a splendid collection of pure honky tonk country. Connie was a terrific singer with a style a little like that of Kitty Wells and the accompaniments are fiddles, steel guitar, piano, etc. Connie was discovered by Jimmie Skinner who wrote a number of her early recordings and the set starts with I'm The Girl In The USA her answer song to Jimmie's I Met My Girl In The Good Old U.S.A.. The recordings here are from the period 1958 through 1962 and Connie had a number of modest hits during this period and they are included here - The Bottle Or Me/ Poison In Your Hand/ It's Not Wrong (an answer song to Webb Pierce's Is It Wrong For Loving You)/ Sleep Baby Sleep and the particularly fine What A Pleasure. There are several excellent cover songs including Slowly/ Pick Me Up On Your Way Down and others which get very fine treatments by Connie and there are also a couple of fine original songs. A real treat with excellent sound and brief notes by Bryan Chalker. (FS)
CONNIE HALL: A Hundred Hearts Or More/ After Date Rendezvous/ Bottle Or Me/ Don't Tempt Me/ Foolin' Around/ Fools Like Me/ Half The Time/ Heartache Avenue/ I Miss You Every Way/ I'm As Lonely As Anyone Can Be/ I'm The Girl In The USA/ It's Not Revenge I Want/ It's Not Wrong/ Key To Your World/ Love's Been Good To Me/ Many Tears Ago/ Pick Me Up On Your Way Down/ Poison In Your Hand/ Sitting Out The Last Dance/ Sleep Baby Sleep/ Slowly/ Third Party At The Table/ We Don't Have Much In Common Anymore/ What Pleasure/ Yellow Roses/ Yes There's A Reason/ You Deserve Your Invitation To The Blues/ You're The Only Good Thing That's Happened to Me

ETTA JAMES Kent CDKEND 388 Etta Is Betta Than Evvah! With Bonus Tracks ● CD $18.98
20 tracks, highly recommended
Etta's final album for Chess Records, released in 1976, gets the deluxe treatment in the manner of her other Chess reissues released by Kent. Unlike some of her earlier LPs, this one was a patchwork affair-some of the tracks, notably Only A Fool and Leave Your Hat On, had been previously released, and the rest were recorded in New Jersey with backing from the Rimshots, the All Platinum label's house band (All Platinum having previously purchased Chess Records). Naturally, given the time frame, there's disco undertones to the music here, but nothing off-putting to drive away the disco haters; mostly, the material has a funky vibe that's actually quite appealing. Etta's still in strong voice and belts it out on well chosen covers: King Floyd's Groove Me, Allen Toussaint's Blinded By Love, Mann & Weil's You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling, and W.C. Handy's St. Louis Blues. Elsewhere, she handles original material with equal aplomb, especially Come A Little Closer and Feeling Uneasy. And extra props to the genius who suggested the three Randy Newman songs: Etta's knocks all three - but most especially Let's Burn Down the Cornfield - out of the park. All told, Etta James' swan song to Chess Records might be a bit of a mish mash, but there's not a wasted track anywhere on this disc. (GMC)

BILL JENNINGS El Segundo 1006 Wailin', Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
The second volume devoted to to the talents of the brilliant guitarist Bill Jennings, who go his start working with Louis Jordan in the 1940s, features 23 tracks drawn from four sessions recorded between 1954 and '57. The first volume (El Segundo 1005 - $16.98) was a mix of R&B and jazz but this one is almost exclusively jazz though a number of tracks have an R&B flavor particularly those from a 1957 session with Willis Jackson on tenor sax. The earliest session is from 1954 with Bill Doggett on organ and features the rocking R&B tune Big Boy. The last 11 tracks are from a December 1955 session with Jenning joined only by Albert Jennings on vibes for a session of "chamber jazz" where they mostly perform renditions of standards like You Go To My Head/ Nature Boy/ What Is This Thing Called Love/ One For My Baby and others.

MICKEY MURRAY Secret Stash 290 People Are Together ● CD $17.98
12 tracks, 33 min., highly recommended
Murray was apparently being groomed by King Records to become the next James Brown, even as James Brown was still busy at King being James Brown. Murray cut an album for King's Federal imprint, only to have the project shelved after the LP's first single, the titular People Are Together created a dust up when black disc jockeys refused to play the record because of its lyric which speaks of equality among the races. (What was he thinking?) The DJ's, the booklet notes speculate, probably feared for their jobs, since their bosses were white. Whatever the case, Secret Stash has released the album on CD for the first time. (It is unclear if the LP ever made it to store shelves back in 1970, so this may be the only way to own it.) On a few tracks, Murray does poke around JB territory (e.g., Money (That's What I Want)), and tracks such as I Don't Know Why, show real promise. But great fame and wealth were not to be for Mr. Murray. And although this lost album may be of keen interest to soul fans, a lost classic it is not. (JC)

BOBBY PATTERSON Harmless BACK 06 Texas Soulman Extraordinaire ● CD $11.98
17 tracks, 51 min., very highly recommended
The Backbeats series from Demon Music offers one-disc compilations from soul artists, placing an emphasis on performers who may not have achieved the level of fame that the quality of their music suggests they deserve (e.g. Laura Lee, Lee Dorsey, Syl Johnson). And though the single disc collection may not satisfy the true soul aficionado, this Bobby Patterson should prove indispensable in that it offers the complete released recordings while Patterson was at Paula Records, from 1971-1973. Thus this release reissues his "It's Just A Matter Of Time" LP and adds five singles. It even reproduces the LP cover. Perfect companion to the 2-disc Sundazed release of Patterson's earlier Jet Star material. (JC)
BOBBY PATTERSON: (Donít Have To Be Good For You)/ (To See Through You)/ Everything Good To You/ How Do You Spell Love/ I Get My Groove From You/ I Just Loved You Because I Wanted To/ If Love Canít Do It (It Canít Be Done)/ If You Took a Survey/ It Takes Two to Do Wrong/ Iím In the Wrong/ Make Sure You Can Handle It/ One Ounce Of Prevention/ Quiet! Do Not Disturb/ Recipe for Peace/ Right On Jody/ She Donít Have to See You/ Take Time To Know The Truth/ This Whole Funky World Is A Ghetto/ What Goes Around Comes Around

DON RICH Omnivore 50 Sings George Jones ● CD $16.98
14 tracks, highly recommended
After more than 40 years we finally have a chance to hear the only solo album recorded by the superb Don Rich. Rich is best known as a the multi-instrumentalist and harmony singer who backed Buck Owens for a number years until his premature death in a motorcycle accident in 1972. This album, recorded in Buck Owens' home studios was to be Don's first solo album but inexplicably was never released and was unearthed in Buck's vaults a few years ago. Nobody sings George Jones better than George himself but Don comes pretty close with superb renditions of The Race Is On/ The Window Up Above/ She Thinks I Still Care/ Your Heart Turned Left/ Too Much Water and others. Don was a terrific singer with a voice a little like that of Buck and plays rhythm guitar, electric lead, fiddle and is joined by other members of The Buckaroos. There are four bonus cuts here from Don's boss Buck also doing great, previously unissued, versions of George Jones songs. A superb collection with informative booklet notes. (FS)

THE SWAN SILVERTONES Acrobat ADDCD 3004 1946-1951 ● CD $18.98 $12.98
Two CDs, 45 tracks, essential
This features all the pre-Specialty recordings of one of the greatest of all post war gospel groups. Originally formed as the Four Harmony Kings by the superb high tenor Claude Jeter in 1938 the group had changed it's name The Swan Silvertone Singers by the time they recorded their first session in July 1946 where Jeter was joined by baritones Solomon Womack (uncle of Bobby Womack) and John Myles with bass singer William Johnson. This first session of eight songs is in the traditional jubilee style pioneered by The Golden Gate Quartet but by the second session they adopted a looser and ahrder gospel style with Jeter and Womack trading off leads and by their June, 1950 session they ascend into the stratosphere with the addition of the ferocious baritone Rev. Percell Perkins (formerly with the Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi) whose declmatory preaching style puts him in the same league as the great Silas Steele. This is post war gospel at its very finest with execellent sound and informed notes by Opal Louis Nations in the 12 page booklet as wella s full discographical info. A must! (FS)
THE SWAN SILVERTONES: All Aboard/ All Alone/ All Night All Day/ Backslider's Plea/ Careless Soul/ Depending On Jesus/ Down On My Knees/ Every Day Seems Like Sunday/ Father Alone/ Go Ahead/ Grant It Lord/ He's My All/ I Believe/ I Cried Holy/ I Done Made It Up In My Mind/ I Got A Mother Done Gone/ I Got A Witness/ I Must Tell Jesus/ I Want My Crown/ I Want To Dig A Little Deeper/ I Want To Rest/ I'll Search Heaven/ I'm Gonna Wait/ I'm Tired/ I've Tried/ In That Upper Room/ Jesus Is God's Atomic Bomb/ Jesus Met The Woman At The Well/ Jesus Never Fails/ Live So God Can Use You/ Long Ago/ Mother's Cry/ My God's Getting Us Ready/ My Lord Done What He Said/ My Time Done Come/ No Not A One/ Over Yonder/ Standing In The Safety Zone/ These Bones Gwine Rise Again/ Toll The Bell/ Use Me Lord/ What Could I Do/ Will The Circle Be Unbroken/ Working On A Building

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1355 Boppin' By The Bayou Again ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, highly recommended
Complementing Ace 1345 this is another great collection of rare and previously unissued Louisiana rockabilly and rock and roll. Ace have gained access to the vaults of the late Jay Miller that were first explored in the 1980s by Bruce Bastin for Flyright Records and this collection includes newly remastered versions of some of the recordings Bruce discovered along with previously unissued sides and alternate takes from those vaults along with issued sides from Miller's Zynn and Rocko labels along with incredibly rare and incredibly good sides from labels like Hilton, Speedy, Goldband, Pel, Bradley and others. The Cd starts off with Rocket Morgan's fabulous Jimmy Reed flavored You're Humbuggin' Me and among the other highlights is Perry La Pointe's storming B.O. Rock, Vince Anthony's incredibly catchy Too Hot To Handle with some great distinctive guitar work, the hot instrumental Big Cloud, Part 2 by Jay Chevallier & The Long Shots and the mysterious Cajun Joe's delightful reworking of Cowboy Copas's Alabam as Going Back To Cocodrille. But it's all good and other artists includes Pee Wee Trahan, Glen Owens, Rusty Kershaw, Rod Bernard (an alternate take of his great Pardon Mr. Gordon), Johnny Jano and others. Sound quality is superb and booklet has notes on all the artists and songs along with rare photos and label shots. (FS)
MILTON ALLEN: Loving Huggin Kissing My Baby/ VINCE ANTHONY: Too Hot To Handle/ ROD BERNARD: Pardon Mr Gordon/ BERT BRADLEY & HIS LOUISIANA CAJUNS: The Girl In The Tight Blue Jeans/ CAJUN JOE: Going Back To Cocodrille/ JAY CHEVALIER: Billy Cannon/ Castro Rock/ Big Cloud (Pt 2)/ AL FERRIER: Honey Baby (Slow Version)/ Send Her Back/ MICKEY GILLEY: I Ain't Goin' Home (Alt)/ JOHNNY JANO: Rock And Roll Baby/ Rock-A-Me Lulu/ WILEY JEFFERS: She's Coming Back Again/ RUSTY KERSHAW: Carry On/ PERRY LA POINTE & THE ORANGE PLAYBOYS: B.O. Rock/ ROCKET MORGAN: You're Humbuggin' Me/ JIM OERTLING: Back Forty/ Old Moss Back/ GLEN OWENS: Got A Right To Cry/ ROBERT OWENS: Whose Baby Are You/ TONY PERREAU: Kissin' Kin/ J.C. POLITZ WITH THE KINGS OF SWING: Crazy Feeling/ WARREN STORM: Oh Nell/ THE TEEN HEARTS: Arelia/ GENE TERRY: Fine Fine Fine (Alt)/ PEE WEE TRAHAN: Bop And Rock Tonight/ I'm Gonna Learn

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat ACMCD 4003 Texas Blues, Vol. 1 - Houston Hotshots ● CD $13.98 $9.98
20 tracks, 56 mins, highly recommended
First of three CDs featuring urban Texas blues recordings from the late 40s and early 50s. This volume is devoted to some of the early recordings made for Don Robey's Peacock label between 1949 and 1951. It includes two tracks by Memphis Slim and his band that isn't Texas blues but is a fine pair of sides and was recorded in Houston. This set features Clarence "Gatemouth" first two Peacock sides - the superb Didn't Reach My Goal and My Time Is Expensive. There are two cuts from the splendid singer/ piano player Lavada Durst (aka Dr. Hepcat) including the wonderful Hattie Green. Four cuts feature the down home group the Gondoliers which included guitarist Edgar Blanchard, Tommy Ridgely on piano, harmonica player Papa Lightfoot and drummer Silver Cooks - two have vocals by Cooks and two by Blanchard. Singer/ pianist Elmore Nixon is featured on two tracks and the set also features tracks by R.B. Thibadeaux, Paul Monday, Joe "Papoose" Fritz and the outstanding Bettye Jean Washington. I believe that most of these tracks are making their first apearance on CD. Sound quality is excellent, there are brief notes and full discographical information. (FS)
EDGAR BLANCHARD AND THE GONDOLIERS: Creole Gal Blues/ She'll Be Mine After A While/ CLARENCE "GATEMOUTH" BROWN: Didn't Reach My Goal/ My Time Is Expensive/ SILVER COOKS AND THE GONDOLIERS: Coming Back Home/ Mr.ticket Agent/ LAVARDA DURST: Hattie Green/ I Cried/ JOE "PAPOOSE" FRITZ AND HIS ORCHESTRA: I'm Not Suspicious,but/ Summer's Coming On/ MEMPHIS SLIM AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Mean Little Woman/ The Girl I Love/ PAUL MONDAY: Irene's Boogie/ Tired Of This Life I'm Living/ ELMORE NIXON: A Hepcats Advice/ Alabama Blues/ R.B. THIBADEAUX: New Kind Of Loving/ R.b.boogie/ BETTYE JEAN WASHINGTON: Bettye Jean Blues/ Why Oh Why Did You Let Me Go

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat ACMCD 4004 Texas Blues, Vol. 2 - Rock Awhile ● CD $13.98 $9.98
20 tracks, 56 mins, highly recommended
Another winner this features 20 more examples of small band Texas blues recorded for various labels in 1949 and 1950. There are five cuts by brilliant singer and guitarist Goree Carter whose complete recordings can be found on Blue Moon 6027 and 6036 ($18.98 each). Carter also is featured as accompanist on half a dozen other sides include three by the little known but superb singer/ piano player Lonnie Lyons - Lonnie's piano playing is strongly reminiscent of the great Amos Milburn and his excellent Sneaky Joe is a reworking of Milburn's Chicken Shack Boogie. Lyons excellent piano work appears on Carter's sides as well as those of Carl Campbell (a hot boogie solo on OO Wee Baby)) and L.C. Williams. Also featured are Joe Houston (from his first recording session), Fatman Smith, Memphis Slim (again!), Peppermint Harris, Smilin' Smokey Lynn and Elmore Nixon. (FS)
CARL CAMPBELL: Getting' High/ Oo Wee Baby/ GOREE CARTER: Come On Let's Boogie/ Tell Me Is There Still A Chance/ Hoy Hoy/ My Love Coming Down/ Rock Awhile/ JOE "PAPOOSE" FRITZ: Make Her See Things My Way/ PEPPERMINT HARRIS: Blues Pick On Me/ JOE HOUSTON: Jumpin' The Blues/ SMILIN "SMOKEY" LYNN: Leave My Girl Alone/ LONNIE LYONS: Down In The Groovy/ Sneaky Joe/ Flychick Bounce/ MEMPHIS SLIM AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Sittin' And Thinkin'/ ELMORE NIXON: I Went To See A Gypsy/ CLARENCE SAMUELS: I'm Gonna Leave You Baby/ FATMAN SMITH & CALADONIA'S BOYS ORCHESTRA: I Wonder Why/ JESSIE THOMAS: Let's Have Some Fun/ L.C. WILLIAMS with J.C.CONNEY'S COMBO: Louisiana Boogie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat ACMCD 4005 Texas Blues, Vol. 3 - Gonna Play The Honky Tonks ● CD $13.98 $9.98
20 tracks, 53 mins, recommended
Another fine collection if not quite as strong as the first two volumes. This volume includes three non Texas artists who Memphis Slim, Walter Brown and Jimmy McCracklin - all fine performances but a little out of place, particularly considering the relatively low number of tracks on each disc. Returning from previous volumes are Carl Campbell. Peppermint Harris, Goree Carter (including a great instrumental issued under the name Rocky Thompson), Joe "Papoose" Fritz, Elmore Nixon, Fatman Smith and Lonnie Lyons - all with fine performances. New to this disc are fine piano player/ vocalist Willie Johnson, Henry Hayes, Marie Adams (hew great 1952 hit I'm Gonna Play The Honky Tonks) and Sonny Parker with a terrific rendition of Worried Life Blues).
MARIE ADAMS: I'm Gonna Play The Honky Tonks/ WALTER BROWN: Abc Blues/ The Search/ CARL CAMPBELL: Goin Down To Nashville/ GOREE CARTER: I've Got News For You/ I'll Send You/ JOE "PAPOOSE" FRITZ: Better Wake Up Baby/ Real Fine Girl/ PEPPERMINT HARRIS: Fat Girl Boogie/ HENRY HAYES: I'm Just Another Fool/ WILLIE JOHNSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Sampson St. Boogie/ LONNIE LYONS: Betrayed/ Helpless/ JIMMY McCRACKLIN: She's Gone/ ELMORE NIXON: You See Me Smiling/ SONNY PARKER: Worried Life Blues/ FATMAN SMITH: Giddy Up,giddy Up/ ROBERT SMITH: Freeway Boogie/ ROCKY THOMPSON: Bullcorn Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16099 Washboards .. Kazoos .. Banjos - The History Of Skiffle ● CD $174.98
Just arrived. There have been lots of skiffle collections in recent years but leave it to Bear Family to bring us the definitive collection with this six CD LP sized box with 174 tracks totaling almost eight hours of music accompanied by an 88 page hardcover book. It opens up with a few tracks from the African American forebears of the 1920s and '30s like The Memphis Jug Band and Lead Belly and leads to the fountainhead of Skiffle in the UK, Ken Colyer, this collection includes anthems like Down By The Riverside and Midnight Special. And then came Lonnie Donegan! The undisputed King of Skiffle is given a whole 27 track CD to himself and is represented by hits like Cumberland Gap/ Rock Island Line/ Puttin' On The Style, and Gamblin' Man as well as lesser known songs like Light From The Lighthouse and The Goldrush Is Over. The popularity of Skiffle exploded with classics such as Johnny Duncan's Last Train To San Fernando, Chas McDevitt's worldwide hit Freight Train and The Vipers Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O. This set also includes rarely heard Continental groups like Roban's Skiffle Group and the Mozam Skiffle Group and a complete, previously unissued LP by The Echo Street Skiffle Group and lots of rarely heard titles. Skiffle wasn't rock 'n' roll, but it influenced a generation of '60s British beat artists. The Beatles, the Who, the Kinks, Jimmy Page, and many more began in Skiffle groups. The set was compiled by skiffle expert Ulf Kruger and includes extensive notes and lots of rare photos. The box with its book weight 4 pounds so counts as 20 regular CDs for shipping purposes.
THE 2:19 SKIFFLE GROUP: Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/ Trouble in Mind/ THE ALABAMA WASHBOARD STOMPERS: Pigmeat Stomp/ THE CHRIS BARBER SKIFFLE GROUP: Can't You Line Em/ Cumberland Gap/ Dickie Bishop & His Sidekic/ Doin' My Time/ Gypsy Davy/ Johnny Duncan: Last Train T/ Rock-a-billy Baby/ Where Could I Go/ THE BARNSTORMERS SPASM BAND: 2:19 Blues/ City Ramblers Skiffle Group: 900 M/ I Shall Not Be Moved/ I Want a Girl/ Keep Your Pistol Good and Loaded/ Mama Don't Allow/ Picket Line Ò Midnight Special/ Whistling Rufus/ Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey/ when the Saints/ THE BLUE JEANS SKIFFLE GROUP: Lonesome Traveller/ BERYL BRYDEN'S BACKROOM SKIFFLE GROUP: Casey Jones/ Kansas City Blues/ RAY BUSH & THE AVON CITIES' SKIFFLE GROUP: Day Blues/ Fisherman's Blues/ Green Corn/ Hey Hey Daddy Blues/ How Long/ I Don't Know/ Julian Johnson/ Lonesome/ This Little Light of M/ JOHNNY CHRISTMAS & THE SUNSPOTS: (I'm Gonna) Sing, Sing, SiNG/ Mister and Mississippi/ THE COFFEE BAR SKIFFLERS: Ella Speed/ Steamboat Bill/ KEN COLYER: Casey Jones/ Down Bound Train/ Down by the Riverside/ Down by the Riverside/ Ella Speed/ Go Down Old Hannah/ Go Down Sunshine/ Ham'n Eggs/ Hard Time Blues/ House Rent Stomp/ I Can't Sleep/ K.c. Moan/ Midnight Hour Blues/ Midnight Special/ Midnight Special/ Muleskinner Blues/ My Mind/ Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen/ Nobody's Child/ Old Riley/ Sporting Life/ Stack-o-lee Blues/ Streamline Train/ Take This Hammer/ This Train/ You Don't Know/ the Grey Goose/ THE BOB CORT SKIFFLE GROUP: Ain't That a Shame/ Don't/ Hey, Hey, Daddy Blues/ Les Hobeaux: Mama Don't Allow/ Maggie May/ Oh, Mary Don't You Weep/ Six-five-special/ Toll the Bell Easy/ You Rock Me Daddy-o/ THE DELTA SKIFFLE GROUP: John Brown's Body/ Skip to My Lou/ LONNIE DONEGAN: Brother Moses Smote the Water/ Cumberland Gap/ Dead or Alive/ Diggin' My Potatoes/ Ella Speed/ Gamblin' Man/ Glory/ Jack O'diamonds/ Jimmy Brown, the Newsboy/ John Henry/ Light from the Lighthouse/ Lonesome Traveller/ Midnight Special/ My Dixie Darling/ New Buryin' Ground/ Puttin' on the Style/ Railroad Bill/ Rock Island Line/ Stewball/ Wabash Cannonball/ Worried Man Blues/ Wreck of the Old 97/ on Amonday/ the Ballad of Jesse James/ the Goldrush is over/ the Grand Coulee Dam/ when the Sun Goes Down/ THE EDEN STREET SKIFFLE GROUP: 10,000 Years Ago/ Ain't That a Shame/ Black Girl/ Do Lord Remember Me/ Don't You Rock Me Daddy-o/ Easy Rider/ Get Along Home Cindy/ Gloryland/ Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/ Heaven/ Hey Liley Liley Lo/ I Wanna Go Home/ Judy Drowned/ Liza Jane/ Maggie May/ Man Taking Names/ Mary, Don't You Weep/ Old Smokey/ Pay Me My Money Down/ Puttin' on the Style/ Raise the Ruckus Tonight/ This Land is Your Land/ THE HAVEL CITY RAMBLERS: Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Fraulein Helene/ Swing Low/ Yes Sir That's My Baby/ JIMMY JACKSON: Good Morning Blues/ I Shall Not Be Moved/ ALEXIS KORNER SKIFFLE GROUP: Death Letter/ I Ain't Gonna Worry No More/ Sail on/ THE LEA VALLEY SKIFFLE GROUP: I'm Gonna Walk and Talk/ Streamline Train/ LEAD BELLY: There's a Man Going Round Taking Names/ THE LIGHTTOWN SKIFFLE GROUP: Doe Je Ruimtepakkie Aan/ He Marie Druk Toch Niet Op Die Bel/ Komm Doch Zuruck (Sloop John B.)/ Trula, O!, Trula/ ALAN LOMAX AND THE RAMBLERS: Hard Case/ Oh Lula/ Railroad Man/ THE MEMPHIS JUG BAND: It Won't Act Right/ MOZAM SKIFFLE GROUP: Jim Crawl/ Midnite Special/ ROBAN'S SKIFFLE GROUP: John B./ Railroad Bill/ Sometimes/ Worried Man Blues/ THE SOHO SKIFFLE GROUP: Frankie & Johnny/ Give Me a Big Fat Woman/ I Shall Not Be Moved/ Streamline Train/ THE STATION SKIFFLE GROUP: Steamboat Bill/ Titanic/ THE VIPERS SKIFFLE GROUP: 10 000 Years Ago/ Ain't You Glad/ Don't You Rock Me Daddy-o/ Greenback Dollar/ Hey Liley, Liley Lo/ I'm Satisfied/ It Takes a Worried Man/ It Takes a Worried Man to Sing a/ Jim Dandy/ Maggie May/ Pick a Bale of Cotton/ Streamline Train/ the Chas Mcdevitt Skiffle Group:/ the Cumberland Gap/ BOB WALLIS' WASHBOARD BEATERS: Julia Johnson/ K.c. Moan/ Meeting at the Building/ Tight Like That/ HORST WENDE & DIE SKIFFLE BOYS: You Are My Sunshine/ THE WORRIED MEN SKIFFLE GROUP: This Little Light of Mine

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 17310 Sun Blues Box, 1950-1958 ● CD $239.98
Due late March - order now and be the first on your block to get this amazing new box set from Bear Family! Finally, the last word on the Sun blues, R&B and gospel recordings including recordings made at Sam Phillips 'studios before he launched the Sun label. This 10 CD LP sized box set features 307 tracks with a playing time of almost 14 hours and is accompanied by a 184 page hard cover book with extensive notes, rare and unpublished photos and full discographical info. Nearly 30 years after the original Sun Blues Box was released on LP, it's back on CD with so much more than was on the original set (more than 100 additional tracks!). Recently discovered music from well-known artists . and incredible artifacts like Sam Phillips narrating a radio commercial for a West African herbalist who would soon be jailed for selling bogus patent medicine. Recordings produced by Phillips but issued on Chess, RPM, Trumpet and other labels were unavailable in 1983, but are now included. Researcher Steve LaVere finally allowed the world to hear the Sun audio and see the Sun-related photos he collected back in the late 1960s. In fact, the entire blues research community came together to make this a once-in-a lifetime blues experience! This set includes a priceless audio fragment by Walter Bradford that might be Sun #176. the only Sun record that has never been heard. Among the many artists heard on this amazing set are Los John Hunbter & His Blind Bats, Joe Hill Louis, Sleepy John Estes, Doctor Ross, Woodrow Adams, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Nix, Elven Parr & His In The Groove Boys Boys, Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats, Rosco Gordon, "Tiny" Kennedy, Handy Jackson, D.A. Hunt, The Prisonaires, Honeyboy Edwards, James Cotton, Raymond Hill, Little Milton, Earl Hooker, Billy "The Kid" Emerson, The Five Tinos, The Jones Brothers, Handy Jackson, Johnny O'Neal, Ike Turner with Tommy Hodge, J.C. Cole, Shy Guy Douglas and many, many more including several unidentified artists!
WOODROW ADAMS: If You Don't Want Me/ Last Time/ Pretty Baby Blues/ She's Done Come And Gone/ Train Is Comin'/ Train Time/ JAMES BANISTER: Ain't Gonna Tell You No Lie/ KENNETH BANKS: Blue Man/ High/ DENNIS BINDER: Love You, Love You Baby/ HOUSTON BOINES: Carry My Business On/ Standing In The Courthouse Crying/ CHARLIE BOOKER: Baby I'm Coming Home/ Baby I'm Coming Home -2/ Walked All Night/ Walked All Night -2/ WALTER BRADFORD: Love For My Baby/ Lucy Done Moved/ Reward For My Baby/ Too Blue To Cry/ Untitled Blues (Incomplete)/ JACKIE BRENSTON & HIS DELTA CATS: Independent Woman/ My Real Gone Rocket/ Rocket 88/ Tuckered Out/ THE BREWSTERAIRES: (The Lord Gave Me) Wings For My Soul/ Where Shall I Be (When That First Trumpet Sounds)/ CHARLIE BURSE: Shorty The Barber/ WILLIE CARR: Outside Friend/ BIG LUCKY CARTER: Gonna Break That Lock/ J.C. COLE: Ida Mae/ Move Me No More/ No Right Blues (Deep Blue Sea Blues)/ South Side Blues/ JAMES COTTON: Cotton Crop Blues/ Hold Me In Your Arms/ My Baby/ Straighten Up Baby/ JIMMY DEBERRY: Before Long/ Party Line Blues/ Take A Little Chance/ Time Has Made A Change/ Easy/ JOSEPH DOBBIN & THE FOUR CRUISERS: On Account Of You/ SHY GUY DOUGLAS: Detroit Arrow Blues/ Hip Shakin' Mama (Shy Guy's Back In Town)/ Work With Her Boy/ HONEYBOY EDWARDS: Sweet Home Chicago/ Sweet Home Chicago -2/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: Little Fine Healthy Thing/ Move Baby Move/ Red Hot/ Satisfied/ Shim Sham Shimmy/ Something For Nothing/ When It Rains It Pours/ SLEEPY JOHN ESTES: Policy Man/ Rats In My Kitchen/ Registration Day Blues/ Runnin' Around/ Runnin' Around -2/ EVANGELIST GOSPEL SINGERS OF ALABAMA: Leaning On The Lord/ Lord Stop The War/ Never Grow Old/ Walk In The Light/ THE FIVE TINOS: Don't Do That/ Gonna Have To Let You Be/ Sitting By My Window/ THE FOUR CRUISERS: Beale St. Shuffle/ BOYD GILMORE: Believe I'll Settle Down/ Believe I'll Settle Down -2/ ROSCO GORDON: Booted/ Decorate The Counter/ I Found A New Love/ I'm Gonna Shake It/ Let's Get High/ New Orleans/ Shoobie Oobie/ T Model Boogie/ That's What You Do To Me/ Wade Through Muddy Water/ GUITAR RED: Baby Please Don't Go/ Go Ahead On/ PAT HARE: Bonus Pay/ Cheating And Lying Blues (aka I'm Gonna Murder My Baby)/ Cheating And Lying Blues (aka I'm Gonna Murder My Baby) -2/ RAYMOND HILL: Bourbon Street Jump/ I'm Back Pretty Baby/ Long Gone/ My Baby Left Me/ Somebody's Been Carryin' Your Rollin' On/ The Snuggle/ HENRY HILL & DOCTOR ROSS: That Ain't Right/ That Ain't Right -2/ EARL HOOKER: Blue Guitar/ Move On Down The Line/ Steel Guitar Rag/ The Drive/ The Hucklebuck/ WALTER HORTON: In The Mood/ Little Walter's Boogie/ Little Walter's Boogie -2/ Little Walter's Instrumental/ Off The Wall/ We All Gotta Go Sometime/ West Winds Are Blowing/ HOWLIN' WOLF: Bluebird Blues/ Come Back Home/ Decoration Day Blues/ Everybody's In The Mood/ Getting Old And Grey/ How Many More Years/ Moanin' At Midnight/ Mr. Highway Man/ My Baby Walked Off/ My Troubles And Me/ Well That's Alright/ HUNKY DORY: A Lady Called Mother/ Baby Don't Leave Me/ I Want My Baby Back/ I Wonder Why/ This Misery/ Workin' On A Building/ D.A. HUNT: Greyhound Blues/ Lonesome Old Jail/ LOST JOHN HUNTER: Boogie For Me Baby/ Cool Down Mamma/ Play The Game Baby/ Schoolboy/ Y-M And V Blues Lost John/ JACKIE BOY & LITTLE WALTER: Selling My Whiskey (Incomplete)/ HANDY JACKSON: (Have You Ever Had) Trouble -2 J/ Got My Application Baby/ Trouble (Will Bring You Down)/ THE JERUSALEM SOUTHERN JUBILEES: Blessed Be The Name/ Forgive Me Lord/ He Never Left Me Alone/ There's A Man In/ SHERMAN JOHNSON & HIS CLOUDS OF JOYS: Hot Fish/ Pretty Baby Blues/ THE JONES BROTHERS: Amazing Grace/ Every Night/ Every Night/ Gospel Train/ Look To Jesus/ TINY KENNEDY: Blues Disease/ Don't Lay This Job On Me/ Early In The Morning, Baby/ Strange Kind Of Feeling/ B.B. KING: B. B. Blues/ She's Dynamite/ ED KIRBY: Blue Nights/ Mean Old Gin/ L.B. LAWSON & JAMES SCOTT: Can't Love Me And My Money Too/ Flypaper Boogie/ Got My Call Card/ Scott's Boogie/ SAMMY LEWIS & WILLIE JOHNSON: Gonna Leave You Baby/ I Feel So Worried -1/ I Feel So Worried -2/ I Feel So Worried -3/ So Long Baby Goodbye/ So Long Baby Goodbye -2/ LITTLE JUNIOR'S BLUE FLAMES: Feelin' Bad/ Feelin' Good/ Fussin' And Fightin' Blues/ Love My Baby/ Mystery Train/ Sittin' At The Bar/ Sittin' At The Window/ Sittin' Drinkin' And Thinkin'/ LITTLE MILTON: (Lookin' For My Baby) Rode That Train/ Alone And Blue/ Beggin' My Baby/ Homesick For My Baby/ I Love My Baby/ If You Love Me/ Lookin' For My Baby/ Re-Beep (Previously issued as Re-Beat)/ She's My Queen/ Somebody Told Me/ LITTLE WALKER: Off The Wall -2/ JOHNNY LONDON: Drivin' Slow/ Flat Tire/ JOE HILL LOUIS: Boogie In The Park/ Dorothy Mae/ Gotta Let You Go/ Hydramatic Woman/ I'm A Poor Boy/ Keep Your Arms Around Me/ She May Be Yours (But She Comes To See Me Some Time) -2/ She May Be Yours (But She Comes To See Me Sometime)/ She May Be Yours (Sweetest Gal In Town)/ Shine Boy/ Tiger Man/ We All Gotta Go Sometime/ When I Am Gone (She Treats Me Mean And Evil)/ BILLY LOVE: Drop Top/ Early In The Morning/ Gee I Wish/ Gee I Wish -2/ Hart's Bread Boogie/ Hey Now/ It Ain't No More/ Juiced/ The News Is All Around Town/ The News Is All Around Town -2/ Way After Midnight/ Way After Midnight -2/ You're Gonna Cry/ COY HOT SHOT LOVE: Harmonica Jam/ Harpin' On It/ Wolf Call Boogie/ HOT SHOT LOVE: Wolf Call Boogie -2/ LITTLE MILTON: Rode That Train-Lookin' For My Baby -3/ WILLIE NIX: Baker Shop Boogie/ Midnight Showers Of Rain/ Prison Bound Blues/ Ridin' In The Moonlight/ Seems Like A Million Years/ Take A Little Walk With Me/ JOHNNY O'NEAL: Dead Letter Blues/ Dead Letter Blues -2/ Johnny's Dream/ Johnny's Dream -2/ Ugly Woman (Peg Leg Baby)/ Ugly Woman -2/ ELVEN PARR & HIS IN THE GROOVE: Baby Child/ I'm A Good Man/ In The Groove Rumba/ Skin And Bones Woman/ ELVEN PARR'S IN THE GROOVE BOYS: Skin And Bones Woman -2/ PINETOP PERKINS: Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/ SAM PHILLIPS: Tree Of Life (Advertising Spot)/ THE PRISONAIRES: A Prisoner's Prayer/ Baby Please/ Don't Say Tomorrow/ Just Walkin' In The Rain/ Just Walking In The Rain/ My God Is Real/ Softly And Tenderly/ There Is Love In You/ BIG MEMPHIS MA RAINEY: Baby, No No!/ Call Me Anything (But Call Me)/ TOT RANDOLPH: Blues Train/ DOCTOR ROSS: Cat Squirrel/ Chicago Breakdown/ Come Back Baby/ Country Clown/ Deep Down In The Ground/ Doctor Ross Boogie/ Down South Blues/ Left Job Boogie/ Little Soldier Boy/ Shake 'Em On Down/ Texas Hop/ BROTHER RUSSELL: I'm Sealed/ LOU SARGENT: Ridin' The Boogie/ WALTER "TANG" SMITH: Every Monday Morning Blues/ Hi-Tone Mama/ EDDIE SNOW: Ain't That Right/ Bring Your Love Back Home/ Don't Dog Me Around/ Got To Put You Down/ Mean Mean Woman/ Sorry Little Baby/ Stay With Me Baby/ Who's Been Drinking My Wine/ THE SPIRITUAL STARS: Good Religion/ I'll Search Heaven/ WILLIAM STEWART: County Farm Blues/ Forty-Four Blues/ Rattlesnakin' Mama/ They Call Me/ HOUSTON STOKES: Baby's Gone And Left Me/ Blue And Lonesome/ We're All Gonna Do Some Wrong/ You'll Be Sorry Someday/ RUFUS THOMAS: Decorate The Counter/ Married Woman/ L.J. THOMAS & HIS LOUISIANA PLAYBOYS: Baby Take A Chance With Me/ Sam's Drag/ RUFUS THOMAS JR.: Bear Cat (The Answer To Hound Dog)/ Save That Money/ Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)/ Walkin' In The Rain/ BONNIE TURNER: Love Is A Gamble/ Old Brother Jack/ IKE TURNER & HIS KINGS OF RHYTHM: Heartbroken And Worried/ I'm Lonesome Baby/ IKE TURNER & TOMMY HODGE: (I Know) You Don't Love Me/ Down & Out (aka How Long Will It Last)/ Matchbox [aka I'm Gonna Forget About You]/ You Ain't The One/ UNKNOWN ARTIST: Got Me A Horse And Wagon/ Juicehead/ V O Baby/ UNKNOWN GOSPEL GROUP: I Am Bound For Canaan Land/ John The Revelator/ UNKNOWN VOCAL GROUP: Oh Baby/ MOSE VINSON: 44 Blues/ Come See Me (aka My Love Has Gone)/ Mistreatin' Boogie/ Reap What You Sow/ Worry You Off My Mind/ ALBERT WILLIAMS: Hoo Doo Man/ Rumble Chillen

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 17311 The Sun Country Box, 1950-1959 ● CD $174.98
Six CD LP sized box set with 148 page hardcover book, 208 tracks, almost 9 hours, essential
Now in stock. At last, Bear Family records is reissuing on CD its legendary 10 LP box set of Sun country recordings originally issued on LP in 1986. Now issued on six newly remastered CDs with 15 additional tracks discovered since the LP release with a total playing time of almost nine hours and accompanied by a 148 page hardcover book. This is the first of three box sets to be issued by Bear Family to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of Sun Records with blues and rock boxes to follow shortly. Like Phillips's blues and rockabilly recordings he had an iconoclastic vision of recording and coupled with the freedom he gave his artists resulted in music that had a looser, rawer feel than many of the commercial country recordings coming out of Nashville at the time. This gives his recordings a unique sound and no doubt also was responsible for the comparitive lack of commercial success of his country recordings. Sun's most well known country artists Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis already have Bear Family boxes devoted to their Sun recordings so this set presents a selection of their recordings with the majority being given over to the other country artists who recorded for the label. There are 18 tracks by the excellent Slim Rhodes whose recordings are the closest to mainstream country - these are from two sets of sessiosn in 1950 and 1955 - the former showing the influence of western swing while the latter includes elements of rockabilly and honky tonk country. Demonstrating the uniqueness of Phillips's recordings are four beautiful sides by Howard Seratt of country gospel with simple guitar and harmonica accompaniment. Also featured on harmonica is the superb Harmonica Frank whose unique brand of blues and novelty songs harkens back to the 20s and 30s. The set even includes a rehearsal session featuring Elvis Presley and Scotty Moore working on How Do You Think I Feel . Unfortunately Elvis is so far off mike that his vocal is almost inaudible. There are 12 fine sides by Charlie Faethers who recorded mostly country for Sun before moving on to becoming a rockabilly legend. As the tracks here show Charlie was a superb honky tonk country singer - his Defrost Your Heart is an all time honky tonk classic. Also included is an early demo version of his rockabilly classic Bottle To Baby . There are 25 tracks by the brilliant Warren Smith showing him to equally at home with country or rockabilly. There are two rare tracks by Doug Poindexter & The Starlite Wranglers which was the group that Scotty Moore and Bill Black left to join Elvis. There are six tracks featuring the remarkable Smokey Joe Baugh - a fine and distinctive vocalist and boogie piano player. Included is his fabulous duet with Bill Taylor on the amazing Split Personality . There are many other treasures to be found on this set that would take to long to enumerate here. Mind you it's not all classics - there are some mediocre unissued songs and alternate takes scattered here and there and I'm not sure that the Miller Sisters were interesting enough to warrent having 14 tracks featured but these are minor quibbles. Sound quality is spectacular using as its basis the remastering for the original LP box by the late mastering genius Bob Jones. The book has extensive notes by Sun experts Hank Davis, Colin Escott & Martin Hawkins and is loaded with rare and previously unpublished photos, label shots and other memorabilia and include full discographical info. This box with its book weighs five pounds so counts as 25 regular CDs for shipping purposes.
WANDA BALLMAN: Honky Tonk Girl/ SMOKEY JOE BAUGH: Hula Bop/ Listen To Me/ She's A Woman/ The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere/ The Signifying Monkey/ JOHNNY BERNERO: Red Hair And Green Eyes/ TOMMY BLAKE: Ballad Of A Broken Heart/ JOHNNY CASH: Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/ Folsom Prison Blues/ Home of the Blues/ I Was There When It Happened/ If The Good Lord's Willing/ Story Of A Broken Heart/ Train of Love/ ERNIE CHAFFIN: (Nothing Can Change) My Love For You/ Be Faithful Tome/ Born To Lose/ Feelin' Low/ Got You On My Mind/ Heart Of Me/ I'll Walk Alone/ I'm Lonesome/ Laughin' And Jokin'/ Linda/ Lonesome For My Baby/ Miracle Of You/ Please Don't Ever Leave Me/ JACK CLEMENT: Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/ Quench My Thirst/ Ten Years/ The Black Haired Man/ Wrong/ Your Lover Boy/ THE DIXIELAND DRIFTERS: I'm Gonna Find Her/ Maybe Tomorrow/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: Bottle To The Baby/ Defrost Your Heart/ Frankie And Johnny/ Honky Tonk Kind/ I've Been Deceived (1)/ I've Been Deceived (2)/ Man In Love/ Peepin' Eyes/ Runnin' Around/ So Ashamed/ We're Getting Closer To Being Apart/ Wedding Gown Of White/ HARMONICA FRANK FLOYD: Goin' Away Walkin'/ HARMONICA FRANK1) FLOYD: Howlin' Tomcat (1)/ HARMONICA FRANK2) FLOYD: Howlin' Tomcat (2)/ HARMONICA FRANK FLOYD: Rockin' Chair Daddy/ She Done Moved/ Step It Up And Go/ Swamp Root/ The Great Medical Menagerist/ HARDROCK GUNTER: Fallen Angel/ Gonna Dance All Night/ RED HADLEY: Boogie Ramble/ If I Had As Much Money (As I Had Time)/ Tennessee Drag/ JIMMY HAGGETT: How Come You Do Me/ No More/ Rabbit Action/ Rhythm Called Rock And Roll/ Rock Me Baby/ They Call Our Love A Sin/ STAN KESLER: We're Getting Closer To Being Apart/ CAST KING: Baby Doll/ Destiny/ Like Aweed In A Garden/ Please Believe Me/ Round And Round/ Satisfied With Me/ When You Stop Loving Me/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Fools Like Me/ Goodnight Irene/ I'll Sail My Ship Alone/ I'm Feelin' Sorry (1)/ I'm Feelin' Sorry (2)/ I'm The Guilty One/ Ole Pal Of Yesterday/ Settin' The Woods On Fire/ JOE MANUEL: Alimony Blues/ Daisy Bread Boogies/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Chains Of Love/ Finders Keepers/ Got You On My Mind/ I Know I Can't Forget You/ It Only Hurts For A Little While/ Look What You've Done/ My Isle Of Golden Dreams/ Someday You Will Pay/ Ten Cats Down/ There's No Right Way/ Woody/ You Can Tell Me/ You Didn't Think I Would/ I Can't Find Time To Pray/ MISSISSIPPI SLIM: Try Doin' Right/ SCOTTY MOORE & ELVIS PRESLEY: How Do You Think I Feel/ CARL PERKINS: Dixie Bop/ Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby/ Forever Yours/ Gone Gone Gone/ Honky Tonk Babe/ Honky Tonk Gals/ Instrumental Medley/ Perkins Wiggle/ Sure To Fall/ Tennessee/ The Way You're Living (Is Breakin' My Heart)/ Try My Heart Out/ Y.O.U/ EARL PETERSON: Boogie Blues/ I'm Leaving My Heart Up To You/ In The Dark/ Nothing To Lose But My Heart/ DOUG POINDEXTER: My Kind Of Carryin' On/ Now She Cares No More For Me/ BOB PRICE: How Can It Be/ Sticks And Stones/ SLIM RHODES: Are You Ashamed Of Me/ Bad Girl/ Do What I Do/ Don't Believe/ Gonna Romp And Stomp/ Hotfoot Rag/ House Of Sin/ I've Never Been So Blue/ Memphis Bounce/ Ozark Boogie/ Red, White And Blue/ Save A Little Love For Me/ Sixty Days/ Skunk Hollow Boogie/ Take And Give/ The Slim Rhodes Show {WMC Radio Extracts}/ Time Marches On/ Uncertain Love/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Fiddle Bop/ Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby/ RIPLEY COTTON CHOPPERS: Blues Waltz/ Roses And Sunshine/ Silver Bell/ MACK SELF: Easy To Love/ Easy To Love (2)/ Everyday/ Goin' Crazy/ Little One/ Lovin' Memories/ Mad At You/ Vibrate/ Willie Brown/ HOWARD SERATT: I Must Be Saved/ Jesus Means All To Me/ Make Room In The Lifeboat For Me/ Troublesome Waters/ WARREN SMITH: Black Jack David/ Dear John/ Do I Love You/ Goodbye Mr. Love (1)/ Goodbye Mr. Love (2)/ Got Love If You Want It/ Hank Snow Medley/ I Couldn't Take The Chance/ I Fell In Love/ I Had A Dream/ I Like Your Kinda Love/ I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry/ Miss Froggie/ Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache/ Rock 'N' Roll Ruby/ So Long I'm Gone (1)/ So Long I'm Gone (2)/ So Long I'm Gone (3)/ Stop The World/ Sweet Sweet Girl/ Tell Me Who/ Tonight Will Be The Last Night/ Ubangi Stomp/ Uranium Rock/ Who Took My Baby/ BILL TAYLOR: Lonely Sweetheart/ Split Personality/ ONIE WHEELER: Bonaparte's Retreat/ Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox (1)/ Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox (2)/ Tell 'Em Off/ That's All/ Walkin' Shoes/ MAGGIE SUE WIMBERLY: Call Me Anything/ Daydreams Come True/ How Long/ Rock And Roll 'Simmon Tree/ They Who Condemn/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: Did I Ask You To Stay/ Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ First And Last Love/ Goodbye Marie/ It's Me Baby/ Just Rollin' Along/ Mr. Blues/ Ocean (Going To The Sea)/ Rockin' With My Baby/ Trumpet/ Way Down Blues/ Yakety Yak

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eric 11524 Hard To Find 45s On CD - Sweet Soul Sounds ● CD $16.98
20 tracks, 60 min., highly recommended Not a new release but not reviewed before. It could be argued that just about all 45s are pretty hard to find right about now. And certainly as rare 45s go, those represented here are generally not on the short list. How could they be when almost all were pronounced successes on the Pop and R&B charts? But there's plenty to like here. The album collects 20 soul hits recorded between 1963-71, 14 in stereo (some for the first time), transferred from the original master tapes. And while many of these songs have been and still are available on CD, it's not easy to find them all without buying 18 or 20 albums. Along side well known soul chestnuts such as Arthur Conley's Sweet Soul Music and Brenda & The Tabulations' Dry Your Eyes are less frequently compiled cuts such as I'm The Lover Man by Little Jerry Williams (a.k.a. Swamp Dogg) and She's Looking Good by Oakland's own Rodger Collins. Other selections include Denise LaSalle's Trapped By A Thing Called Love, The Parliaments' (I Wanna) Testify, Darrell Banks' Open The Door To Your Heart, Doris Troy's Just One Look, and more. Good sound, informative booklet notes too. (JC)
JOHNNY ADAMS: Reconsider Me/ DARRELL BANKS: Open The Door To Your Heart (Rare)/ CHRIS BARTLEY: The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven (Rare)/ ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS: There's Gonna Be A Showdown/ BRENDA & THE TABULATIONS: Dry Your Eyes (New Stereo Mix)/ CLARENCE CARTER: Slip Away/ RODGER COLLINS: She's Looking Good (First-Time Stereo!)/ ARTHUR CONLEY: Funky Street/ Sweet Soul Music/ BETTY HARRIS: Cry To Me/ DENISE LASALLE: Trapped By A Thing Called Love (U.S. CD Debut)/ LITTLE SISTER: Somebody's Watching You (Rare)/ You're The One Parts 1 & 2 (CD Debut)/ THE PARLIAMENTS: (I Wanna) Testify (Rare)/ THE SOUL SURVIVORS: Expressway To Your Heart (New Stereo Mix)/ CANDI STATON: Stand By Your Man/ LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR: Part Time Love (Rare)/ DORIS TROY: Just One Look/ LITTLE JERRY WILLIAMS: I'm The Lover Man/ CHARLES WRIGHT & THE WATTS 103RD ST. RHYTHM BAND: Love Land

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 155 Get Your Soul Right ● CD $23.98
Three CDs, 90 tracks, highly recommended
Ostensibly a collection to show the influence of gospel music on soul music this is essentially an introduction to some of the greatest gospel quartet singing from the late 40s through the early 60s with some Mahalia Jackson thrown in for good measure. If you don't have much black gospel this is a great way to find out with six tracks each by The Swan Silvertones, Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi, Five Blind Boys Of Alabama, Dixie Hummingbirds, The Sensational Nightingales, The Gospelaires, Spirit Of Memphis Quartet, Highway QCs, The Clefs Of Calvary, The Pilgrim Travelers, The Davis Sisters, The Staple Singers, Ward Singers and Mahalia Jackson. A number of these groups did, if course provide the launching pad for some great soul singers and these connections are pointed out in Clive Richardson's informative notes. Sound quality is excellent. (FS)
THE CLEFS OF CALVARY: Baptized/ Father Forgive Them/ God's Love/ Going Down To The River/ Oh Lord Remember Me/ Wait A Little Longer/ THE DAVIS SISTERS: I Want To Be More Like Jesus/ Jonah/ Rain In Jerusalem/ Sinner Man Where You Gonna Run/ Twelve Gates To The City/ When I Get Inside/ THE DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS: Devil Can't Harm A Praying Man/ Eternal Life/ Get Right Church/ It Must Have Been The Lord/ Wading Through Blood And Water/ What Are They Doing In Heaven/ THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA: Hills Of Calvary/ Mother's On The Train/ Revival Time/ Satisfied With Jesus/ Sit Down And Rest Awhile/ Working On The Building/ THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF MISSISSIPPI: I'm A Soldier/ I've Been Weeping A Mighty Long Time/ Jesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land/ One Talk With Jesus/ There's No Need To Cry/ Where There's A Will/ THE GOSPELAIRES: God Said He Would/ I'll Be So Glad/ It's A Pity/ Joy Joy Joy/ One More Chance/ Sit Down Children/ THE HIGHWAY QCíS: Child Of God/ I Dreamed Heaven Was Like This/ I'll Be Satisfied/ I'll Trust His Word/ Pray/ Somewhere To Lay My Head/ MAHALIA JACKSON: Didn't It Rain/ How I Got Over/ Jesus Is With Me/ Said He Would/ Walk With Me/ Walking To Jerusalem/ THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS: Come Home/ Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb/ Jesus I'm Thankful/ Satisfied With Jesus/ Straight Street/ Talk About Jesus/ THE SENSATIONAL NIGHTINGALES: A Closer Walk With Thee/ Another Year/ Burying Ground/ Does Jesus Care/ I Gave My Heart/ Standing At The Judgement/ THE SOUL STIRRERS: How Long?/ Jesus Gave Me Water/ Just Another Day/ Let Me Go Home/ Until Then/ When The Gates Swing Open/ THE SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS QUARTET: Every Time I Feel The Spirit/ He'll Never Let Me Fall/ Jesus Jesus/ Since Jesus Came Into My Heart/ The Atomic Telephone/ Toll The Bell Easy/ THE STAPLE SINGERS: Ain't That Good News/ Don't Drive Me Away/ Don't Knock/ Downward Road/ Stand By Me/ This May Be The Last Time/ THE SWAN SILVERTONES: Brighter Day Ahead/ Get Your Soul Right/ Move Somewhere/ Singing In My Soul/ Stand Up And Testify/ What About You/ THE WARD SINGERS: Anywhere In Glory/ Farther On Up The Road/ Hold Back The Tears/ Jesus/ The Old Landmark/ We Shall Be Changed

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 383 Here Come The Hurt - Soul Ballads From King, Federal & DeLuxe ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, highly recommended We all know that pain is one of the central conceits of soul music and there have been other compilations in the past dedicated to this singular truth. The songs herein come from Cincinnati's King Records (as well as a couple of its' affiliate labels, Federal and DeLuxe) and that's the only linking criteria; although many of the tracks were cut in the South, some come from New York, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati itself. There's the usual number of obscurities present, from the 60's and early 70's: Charles Spurling's Don't Let Him Hurt You Baby, June Sims' Tell the Whole World, Tony & Carol's Let's Not Wait (they were aiming for a Marvin & Tammi feel with this one; didn't quite make it but it's still great), and Billy Soul's incredible "She's Gone Pt. 2". That's just for openers, but you get the idea; so, in short, what we have is another worthy collection of prime R&B from the King Records vaults. (GMC)
THOMAS BAILEY: Fran/ HANK BALLARD: Here Comes The Hurt/ THE BOBBETTES: Are You Satisfied (With Your Love)/ LYNN DAVIS: My New Love/ JAMES DUNCAN: Why/ My Pillow Stays Wet/ EARL GAINES: The Door Is Still Open/ LEE HOLLAND: Give Me Back My Heart/ DEE DEE JOSEPH & DAVID: City Called Loneliville/ THE KING PINS: How Long Will It Last/ CHRISTINE KITTRELL: Ain't Never Seen So Much Rain Before/ T.C. LEE & THE BRICKLAYERS: Get Away From Here/ PAT LUNDY: Another Lovin' Kind Of Feeling/ RICKY LYONS: Have No Fear/ JUNE SIMS: Tell The Whole World/ THE SNAPSHOTS: I Need You/ BILLY SOUL: She's Gone Part 2/ JOHNNY SOUL: Fall In These Arms Of Mine/ CHARLES SPURLING: Buddy Boy/ Don't Let Him Hurt You Baby/ TONY & CAROL: Let's Not Wait/ BOBBY WADE: Blind Over You/ MARVA WHITNEY: Your Love Was Good For Me/ TONI WILLIAMS: Precious Minutes

VARIOUS ARTISTS Retrieval 79071 Jazz & Hot Dance Music, 1927-1931 : Unissued On 78s ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 74 mins, highly recommended
A delightful selection of recordings that were never originally issued on 78rpm though as the notes point out some of these have turned up on LP and CD reissues but they probably didn't sound this good. The set opens with two sides by John Hyman's Bayou Stompers featuring some reedy harmonica playing by Alvin Gautreaux - an instrument not too often heard on early jazz recordings. Next up is a superb version of Alexander's Ragtime Orchestra by The All Star Orchestra - a large group which included Miff Mole on trombone, Fud Livingston on clarinet, Joe Venuti on violin and Carl Kress on guitar. Slim Lamar and His Southerners are a particularly energetic group and are featured on three very fine sides. Other groups include Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra, The Big Aces (a group including Jimmy & Tommy Dorsey, Jack Teagarden and Don Redman), Fred Elizalde & His Music, The New Orleans Black Birds (with Phil Napoleon, Miff Mole, Jimmy Dorsey, Dick McDonough and others), Jack Pettis & His Pets (tracks from two sessions - one featuring an early appearance of Glenn Miller on trombone), Miff Mole's Molers, Bix Beiderbecke & His Orchestra and others. Sound quality is superb and the set includes notes by Chris Ellis and full discographical info. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Spoonful 65 Do The Shing-A-Ling: Gritty Buttshakin' Rhythm 'n Soul ● CD $18.98
33 tracks, 80 mins, recommended
Excellent collection of mostly up-tempo R&B, soul, funk, boogaloo and some R&B oriented garage punk from the 1960s. Many of the tracks are not currently available on other compilations. Among the artists featured are Marie Knight, Little Ann, Banny Price (his terrific You Love Me Pretty Baby sounds inspired by Otis Rush's All Your Love), Carlo (actually Carlo Mastrangelo of Dion & The Belmonts with and intense soulful rendition of Little Willie John's Fever), Sammy Lee (a version of Hey Joe best known from Jimi Hendrix version), Sugar & SWeet, Nathaniel Mayer (a soulful doo-wop tribute to Mr. Santa Claus), Wiley Terry (funky down home dance tune from 1965 recorded for Chicago's USA label), Adrian Lloyd (1965 garage punk), Lee Moses (part 1 of the great soul ballad Bad Girl), Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds, Reggie Powell, Johnny Neal & The Starliners and many more. A number of the tracks sound like they come from worn pressings but considering the rarity of some of these sides it's not too surprising. (FS)
LEON AUSTIN: Turn Me Loose/ SAM BAKER: The Bump/ JAMES BROWN'S FUNKY DIVAS: Say Yeah Yeah/ CANNIBAL: Land Of 1000 Dances (Unedited Version)/ CARLO: Fever/ WES DAKUS' REBELS: Shotgun/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: A Dancin' Whippersnapper/ THE ENCHANTMENTS: I'm In Love With Your Daughter/ THE INVITATIONS: Watch Out Little Girl/ THE ISLEY BROTHERS: I Say Love/ DEAN JONES: Women/ MARIE KNIGHT: Come On Baby (Hold My Hand)/ THE KNIGHT BROTHERS: Love (Can't You Hear Me)/ SAMANTHA LEE: I'm Minnie/ SAMMY LEE & THE SUMMITS: Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go)/ LITTLE ANN: Sweep It Out In The Shed/ LITTLE CAESAR: Everybody Dance/ ADRIAN LLOYD: Lorna/ JAMIE LYONS: Soul Struttin'/ NATHANIEL MAYER: Mr. Santa Claus/ LEE MOSES: Bad Girl, Pt. 1/ MR. DYNAMITE: Sh'Mon/ JOHNNY NEAL & THE STARLINERS: Walk Baby Walk/ REGGIE POWELL: Do The Ape/ THE PREACHERS: Who Do You Love/ BANNY PRICE: You Love Me Pretty Baby/ BOBBY RUSH: Gotta Have Money/ HARVEY SCALES & THE 7 SOUNDS: Get Down/ SUGAR & SWEET: Do The Dive/ TED TAYLOR: Somebody's Always Trying/ WILEY TERRY: Follow The Leader/ BIG MAMA THORNTON: Wade In The Water/ GINO WASHINGTON: Come Monkey With Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompertime 31 Rockin' Rhthm 'n' Blues From Memphis ● CD $18.98
32 tracks, 79 mins, very highly recommended
Fabulous collection of blues, R&B and a bit of bluesy rock n' roll recorded for Ruben Cherry's Home Of The Blues and subsidiaries between 1960 and 1962. Cherry had opened his Home Of The Blues record shop on Beale Street in Memphis in 1946 and became a valued establishment for both local African-American and white clientele. Elvis and Johnny Burnette frequently did their shopping there. When he decided to get into record production he had some of the best artists in the South to draw on. He brought on up and coming bandleader Willie Mitchell as producer and house band and much of Mitchell's solo work for the label and other local labels has been reissues has been reissued on the highly recommended Stompertime 26 ($18.98). Mitchell's band includes such stellar musicians as Al Jackson and Lewis Steinberg who would go on to become members of the Stax house band and a young guitarist named Sammy Lawhorn who a few years later would stelle in Chicago and lead the Muddy Waters Band. Early signings to the label features two artists who had previously recorded for KIng - the great blues shouter Roy Brown and one of the greatest of the doo-wop vocal groups The Five Royales both of whom have several fine sides here (the Five Royales complete HOB recordings along with other sides is available on Ace 1055 - $18.98). Other fine urban blues/ R&B artists here include Dave Dixon, Larry Birdsong, The Aristocrats, Gene "Bowlegs" Miller and others. Although most of the sides are citified urban blues there are some more down home sides from Mississippi singer/ guitarist Woodrow Adams and Willie Cobbs - the later featured on the first recording of his much covered You Don't Love Me. This and the flip You're So Hard To Please feature some spectacular guitar wok from Lawhorn. Sun rockabilly giant Billy Lee Riley shows up with two R&B flavored titles including an excellent cover of Big Joe Turner's Flip, Flop & Fly. Sound quality is superb and together with an informative 16 page booklet and full discographical data makes this an indispensible release. (FS)
BILLY ADAMS: Big M/ Had The Blues (Twist)/ WOODROW ADAMS: Don't You Know I Love You/ Something On My Mind/ THE ARISTOCRATS: Don't Go/ LARRY BIRDSONG: Continental Time/ I'll Let Nothing Separate Me From Your Love/ Little Schoolgirl/ ROY BROWN: Rock'n'roll Jamboree/ Rocking All The Time/ Oh So Wonderful/ CLEANHEAD COOTSIE: Big Legs/ Freddy The Freeloader/ WILLIE COBBS: You Don't Love Me/ You're So Hard To Please/ DAVE DIXON: Hey Hey Pretty Baby/ You Satisfy/ JIMMY DOTSON: Feel Alright/ THE FIVE ROYALES: I Got To Know/ Not Going To Cry/ She Did Me Wrong/ Talk About My Woman/ They Don't Know/ CHARLES JAMES: One Mint Julep/ Thief In The Night/ SAMMY LAWHORN: The Home Of The Blues/ GENE "BOWLEGS" MILLER: One More Time Part 1/ WILLIE MITCHELL: Hokin'/ One Mint Julep/ Stroll/ BILLY LEE RILEY: Flip Flop And Fly/ Teenage Letter

VARIOUS ARTISTS Titanic 5501 Deep Soul Dynamite, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, 63 mins, highly recommended
First in a new series devoted to rare and mostly unreissued deep soul sides from the 1960s and 70s. The gospel influenced sounds of "deep soul" are the most powerful and intense of all soul recordings and there are lots of gems here. It opens with James Dudley's What A Man Will Do (When He Loves A Woman) is a reworking of Percy Sledge's When A Man Loves Woman with the song's protagonist about to go off to Vietnam. Sam & Bill's I Feel LIke Cryin' has a powerful call and response feel and there are other gems from George Freeman, Bobby Angelles (superb Louisiana soul man accompanied by Mac Rebenneac and his Band), Kip Anderson (the gorgeous ballad Here I Am - one of the best by this great and underrrated artist), Jimmy & Eddie, Bobby Moore & The Formosts, Charles Drain (one of the few uptempo numbers here), Reuben Williams, The Crume Brothers (the fine DOn't Leave Me from two former members of the great gospel group The Soul Stirrers), Clyde Shelby (the great minor key bluesy Phony Lover) and more. Sound is excellent and the four page booklet has notes on the first nine artists here and will be continued in future volumes. (FS)
KIP ANDERSON: Here I Am, Try Me/ BOBBY ANGELLE: No Other Love Could Be/ THE CRUME BROTHERS: Don't Leave Me/ CHARLES DRAIN: Here I Am/ JAMES DUDLEY & THE DEE JAY'S: What A Man Will Do (When He Loves A Woman)/ ROBERT EARL: Love Will Find A Way/ CHINO FEASTER: You're So Much Woman/ KENNETH FICKENS: Everything's All Wrong/ GEORGE FREEMAN: You Lied, I Cried, Love Died/ BOBBY HARRIS: That's When I'll Stop Lovin' You/ SAM HUTCHINS: I'm Tired Of Pretending/ JIMMY & EDDIE: Needle In The Haystack/ LUVENIA LEWIS: Tender Loving Pain/ BOBBY MOORE & THE FORMOSTS: It Was A Lie/ JOE ODOM: It's In Your Power/ JOE PERKINS & RAY FRANKLIN: Thing Of The Past/ CHARLES PERRY: Move On Love/ RAY (THE REV.) PETTIS: I Don't Care/ JOHNNY ROBINSON: When A Man Cries/ SAM & BILL: I Feel Like Cryin'/ CLYDE SHELBY: Phoney Lover/ TYRONNE & JEROME (AUBRY TWINS): I Can't See Nobody/ JUDY WHITE: I'll Cry/ REUBEN WILLIAMS: Half A Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS Trailer-Park 11 Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands, Vol. 11 ● CD $15.98
31 tracks, 79 mins, very highly recommended
They're back! After threatening to end this series with volume 10 the folks at Trailer Park have turned up another 31 weird and twisted country songs just as good as the ones on the first ten volumes. It starts off with Graveyard Dance by Bobby Barnette about what he sees when he takes a shortcut through a graveyard and meets up with skeletons of some of his old friends and loved ones - "I don't like to be around them bones/ And them bones ain't wearing pants." That one''s hard to top but Johnny Howard's commentary on the space program Moon Man is another winner. J.R. Reynolds claims The Devil Got My Deanna and Ken Richards warns us of the Chicken Eatin' Preacher. Marbone Swamp by Bill Browning is a murder ballad with the charming line "I quietly and gently took her life" but it gets truly disturbing when you learn whose life he took! And what on earth is Consolated Egotated Love by Hank Riley about? Lots more madness from Arnold Smith, Johnny Robinette, Stinson Barth, Ron Sutherland (Wayne LaPierre will love his Psycho Gunner), Don & Tony, Jackson Starkwater, Les Waldroop (the great Watergate Bugs - "there's bugs on my Democrat donkey too!"), Johnny White and others. One of the best in the series! (FS)
WALKIN' CHARLIE ALDRIDGE: Cowtown Undertaker/ CHARLES ALEXANDER: Petty Blue/ REX ALLEN: You Put Me Here/ BOBBY BARNETTE: Graveyard Dance/ STINSON BARTH: The Story Of My Wife/ EARL BROGAN: Don't Let 'Em Wear The Midi/ BILL BROWNING: Marbone Swamp/ CHRISTY BURROUGHS: Swamp Guinea Legend/ ERIC CHAMBERS: Meigs County Welfare Blues/ Strip Mining Man/ DON & TONY: Prisoners Tears/ DOODLE DUNCAN: Death Row/ TOMMY DURDEN: Politicians/ LARRY HEABERLIN: Hinda/ JOHNNIE HOWARD: Moon Man/ GEORGE KENT: The Baltimore Incident/ LITTLE AMOS: Ridin' On/ ED. O'MELIA: Truck Driver's Twist/ GLEN PINE: Looking For My Teeth/ Robbed Of Life By A Drunken Wife/ J.R. REYNOLDS: The Devil Got My Deanna/ KEN RICHARDS: Chicken Eaten' Preacher/ HANK RILEY: Consolated Egotated Love/ JOHNNY ROBINETTE: Truck Driver's Dream/ ARNOLD SMITH: Go, Petty Go/ JACKSON STARKWATER: Long Lazy Woman/ RON SUTHERLAND: Psycho Gunner/ LES VEGAS & BILLY WOODS: Rock Roll And Yodel/ LES WALDROOP: Watergate Bugs/ THE WESTERNAIRES: Truck Drive'n Man/ JOHNNY WHITE: My Tattooed Wife

FRANK WESTPHAL & HIS ORCHESTRA Rivermont 1158 Oh! Sister, Ain't That Hot ● CD $15.98
25 tracks, recommended
Fine collection of hot dance band music featuring this Chicago based group led by pianist Frank Westphal (husband of Sophie Tucker). Westphal and his orchestra played regularly at the luxurious Rainbo Gardens, drawing attention for their crisp, clever arrangements and superb musicianship. This disc compiles some of the band's hottest numbers including She's A Mean Job/ Don't Bring Me Posies/ That Barkin' Dog (Woof Woof)/ Stop Your Kidding/ Bugle Call Rag/ Two Time Dan/ Oh! Sister, Ain't That Hot/ Stack O'Lee Blues, etc. In addition to all the cuts by the band there are four fine piano solos by Westphal. Sound quality is excellent and the 28 page booklet has extensive notes by compiler Mark Berresford along with full discographical information. (FS)


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