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MISSISSIPPI FRED MCDOWELL Devil Down 1 Come And Found You Gone ● CD $16.98
18 tracks, 58 mins, very highly recommended
A great set of previously unissued recordings from one of the greatest country blues artists of the 60s and 70s and "founding father" of the Mississippi "hill country" sound. These recordings were made by folklorist William Ferris in 1967 at an informal gathering. Fred was in great form with his powerful vocals, insistent syncopated guitar rhythms and spine chilling slide guitar licks. Along with some of his best known pieces like Big Fat Mama and Shake 'Em On Down there are less frequently recorded and previously unrecorded pieces like Find My Suitcase/ Left From Hot Springs and Come And Found You Gone. There are several spirituals sung with Fred's wife Annie Mae and he accompanies an unknown singer on versions of Louisiana Red's Red's Dream and Lightnin' Slim's Rooster Blues and Napoleon Strickland plays solo harp on the instrumental Boogie. In spite of informal recording conditions the sound quality is excellent. The disc ends with a five minute interview with Ferris. Comes with 16 page page illustrated booklet with three short essays in English and French. Even if you have shelf full of Fred McDowell CDs this is well worth adding to your collection - his music never gets stale. (FS)

Two CD set, 46 tracks, essential
When Alan Lomax conducted his field recordings in the South in 1959 with the assistance of English folk singer he discovered and rediscovered many great musicians but none greater than Mississippi Delta bluesman, Fred McDowell. In my humble hopinion Fred was every bit the equal of the legendary Mississippi blues artists who recordings in the 20s and 30s and we can be truly grateful that he left a substantial musical legacy behind him when he died in 1972. Although all his 1959 have been reissued before by Rounder over several album this is the first time that all 23 sides he recorded are featured together in chronological order. Although Fred recorded many of these songs again these are particularly fine performances with impassioned singing and devastating slide guitar from Fred and a number of songs don't appear elsewhere. On several cuts he is assisted by Mile Pratcher on guitar and Fanny Davis on comb and paper producing an eerie but very effective sound. Here we have the first recordings of such trademark McDowell pieces as Write Me A Few Lines/ Shake 'Em On Down/ Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and 61 Highway. The rest of the this set features other artists recorded in Mississippi and nearby Arkansas on the same trip most notable of whom is the incredible John Dudley - an inmate of the infamous Parchman Farm Penitentiary. He does three songs including a magnificent version of Poor Boy Blues with incredible lyrical slide guitar and an intense version of Tommy Johnson's Cool Water Blues. There are three superb and archaic sounding tracks from Miles and Bob Pratcher accompanying themselves on guitar and fiddle. Lonnie Young's great fife and drum band is featured on five cuts and the set is rounded out with some juke joint blues by small groups featuring singer and harmonica player Forest City Joe, singer and harmonica player Boy Blue and singer & guitarist Willie Jones. A superb collection with excellent sound and informative notes. (FS)

PINETOP PERKINS & WILLIE "BIG EYES" SMITH Telarc 31850 Joined At The Hip ● CD $18.98
13 tracks, recommended
96 year old Pinetop Perkins and his young (only 74 years old) frequent collaborator Willie "Big Eyes" Smith on an entertaining collection of Chicago blues. Pinetop can still do some fine singing and piano pounding and Willie also does excellent vocals and plays some solid harp with a band including John Primer and "Little Frank" Krakowski on guitars, Bob Stroger/ bass and Willie's son Kenny on drums. About half the tracks are originals by Willie plus one from Pinetop - the rest are covers of songs from both Sonny Boys, Big Bill Broonzy and others.

PIANO RED Landslide 1039 The Lost Atlanta Tapes ● CD $15.98
18 tracks, recommended
The legendary Piano Red aka Doctor Feelgood recorded live at the Excelsior Mill Club in Atlanta, GA in 1984. About half the tracks were previously available on an obscure LP on the Carebiso and the rest are previously unissued. It was only a year before Red's death and his performances don't have the exuberance of his earlier recordings but he still is a charismatic performer with fine vocals and piano. Accompanied by a competent rhythm section he performs versions of some of his most popular songs like C.C. Rider/ Right String (But The Wrong Yo Yo/ Rockin' With Red and Doctor Feelegood along with more obscure songs from his repertoire, blues standards and an energetic rendition of the standard That's My Desire.

TINY POWELL Withasongtoo ----- Heaven In My View - The Tiny Powell Gospel Collection ● CD $15.98
28 tracks, 76 mins, essential
Back in stock. Fantastic collection of gospel quartet singing featuring the intense, soulful lead vocals of Vance "Tiny" Powell. He is featured with three of the groups he performed with - The Golden Harp Singers and The Paramount Singers from Tiny's home turf in the San Francisco Bay area and three tracks with the nationally renowned Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi where he shares lead vocal honors with the great Archie Brownlee. There's also a beautiful solo performance of Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine from a 1947 test pressing. There are also three more 1947 acapella test pressings by Tiny's first group The Golden Harp singers including the stunning I Love The Lord with its great "lining out" feel. Tiny spent most of his gospel career with the Paramount Singers who he worked with on and off between 1948 and 1960 who are featured on the bulk of the recordings here cut between 1948 and '55 - the earliest sides are acapella but subsequently added piano, guitar and, on the last session, organ. Among the highlights are the previously unissued Breathe On Me, a lyrical version of Peace In The Valley and the wonderful two part In That Awful Hour which just builds and builds to church wrecking fervor. Finally there are three tracks from 1950 from Tiny's brief tenure with the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi where he holds his own in the company of Archie Brownlee. Sound quality is generally excellent and there fine notes by Opal Nations who compiled with this collection with the co-operation of Tiny's daughter Victoria. (FS)

JOHN PRIMER Wolf 120.823 Call Me John Primer ● CD $16.98
15 tracks, highly recommended
Solid collection of hard driving Chicago blues from singer/ guitarist John Primer. The tracks here were recorded between 1987 and 2009 - nine of them drawn from previous Wolf albums by Primer or by other artists with Primer in the lead. The remaining tracks are live recordings cut in Austria with Austrian groups. Primer is a fine journeyman musician, a powerful and expressive vocalist and an excellent guitarist whose playing is energetic but never flashy. The Chicago recordings feature backing musicians like Billy Branch, Jr. Pettis, Magic Slim, Detroit Jr. and others and are generally more rewarding than the Austrian recordings though all are worthwhile. About half the tracks are originals and the rest are covers of songs from the repertoire of Howlin' Wolf, Elmore James, Muddy Waters and others. His version of Wolf's I've Been Abused is particularly fine. (FS)

YANK RACHELL Blind Pig 8012 Blues Mandolin Man ● CD $9.98
9 tracks, recommended
Reissue of 1986 Blind Pig album which was available for a while on CD on the Random Chance label. Yank is one of the great pioneers of blues mandolin playing who worked on and off with Sleepy John Estes from 1929 to 1969. Recorded when Yank was 76 years old this was his first session with a band and the result is very enjoyable. Yank sings and plays electric mandolin and is accompanied by a small electric band, including his grandadughter Sheena on electric bass. They do a good job accompanying him on a set of Chicago blues style performances. Mostly versions of older songs like My Baby's Gone/ She Changed The Lock/ Dreamy Eyed Woman/ Black Snake and others plus the more recent and topical Cigarette Blues. (FS)

RHYTHM WILLIE Deltacat 1002 The Greatest Harmonica Player You Never Heard Of ● CD $16.98
16 tracks, highly recommended Back in stock. Willie Hood aka Rhythm Willie is a little known blues harmonica player who is very highly regarded by blues aficionados for his original style with one foot in the older styles of the 20s and the other showing the influence of jazz. He only recorded six sides under his own name in 1940 and 1950 which are included here. The rest of the tracks feature Willie as an accompanying musician. There are five tracks from 1939 by Peetie Wheatstraw with Willie and four by Lee Brown from the same year. The set is rounded out by a cut by the Earl Bostic Orchestra from 1947 with extended harmonica work by Willie. According to rumor Willie was the only harmonica player that Little Walter "feared" though their styles are very different. If you love blues harmonica then this disc is indispensible. (FS)

WALTER ROLAND Document DOCD 5145 Complete Chronological Recordings, Vol. 2 (1934-35) ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 64 mins, essential
Volume 1 is still unavailable but this one appears to be available again. The second volume featuring 22 tracks recorded between July 1934 and March 1935 is not quite as varied as the first with Roland playing piano on all tracks and most of the tracks being slow to medium tempo but is still exceptional. On half the tracks he is joined by Josh White on guitar. There are some wonderful songs here including the topical Collector Man Blues and C.W.A. (actually about the "P.W.A." - Public Works Administration), the powerful Dices Blues, the raunchy Screw Worm and the graphic I'm Gonna Shave You Dry (recorded at the same session as Lucille Bogan's legendary Shave 'Em Dry) and more. It also includes the mysterious (to me anyway) O.B.D. Blues - what is singing about? V.D., B&D or a dance called the "O.B.D"? Any suggestions? Another magnificent release. (FS)

FREDDIE ROULETTE Tradition & Moderne 038 Man Of Steel ● CD $17.98
Not a new release but not listed before. This 2006 release was recorded at the Fantasy studios and produced by Henry Kaiser who plays guitar on half the tracks. Freddie sings and plays his distinctive lap steel guitar on an eclectic selection of material encompassing blues, soul, funk, country, pop, jazz and Hawaiian. Includes Breaking Up Somebody's Home/ You Got To Funkifize/ Nightlife/ That's Allright Mama/ In The Heat Of The Night/ Endless Sumer Theme, etc.

T-MODEL FORD Alive 115 Taledragger ● CD $16.98
The latest from back-to-basics Mississippi bluesman T-Model Ford find him accompanied by young white band GravelRoad who add a heavy rock elemenent to Ford's music. Not really my cup of tea.

BIG JOE TURNER Bear Family BCD 17215 Big Joe Turner Rocks ● CD $24.98
Just arrived. 28 track retrospective collection of some of Big Joe's greatest up tempo performances. Contains Roll 'Em Pete from 1938 with Pete Johnson, a record that propelled bobby-soxers into a boogie-woogie frenzy. Shake, Rattle And Roll from 1954 helped jump-start the rock 'n' roll revolution. These are here along with a truck-load of R&B hits including Honey Hush/ 'Flip, Flop And Fly/ Hide And Seek/ Corrine Corrina/ Lipstick, Powder And Paint and many more. The material ranges from 1938 through 1958 with, not surprisingly, an emphasis on his 50s Atlantic recordings. These immortal rock-till-it-hurts classics inspired an uncountable number of rock 'n' roll covers from Elvis Presley to Jerry Lee Lewis to Shakin' Stevens.
BIG JOE TURNER: (We're Gonna) Jump For Joy/ Adam Bit The Apple/ Around The Clock Blues, Part 1/ Around The Clock Blues, Part 2/ Boogie Woogie Country Girl/ Bump Miss Susie/ Corrine, Corrina/ Crawdad Hole/ Feelin' Happy/ Flip, Flop And Fly/ Hide And Seek/ Honey Hush/ I Need A Girl/ Jumpin' Tonight (Midnight Rocking)/ Lipstick, Powder And Paint/ Love Roller Coaster/ Midnight Cannonball/ Morning, Noon And Night/ My Gal's A Jockey/ Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop/ Rebecca/ Rock-A-While/ Roll 'Em Pete/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ T. V. Mama/ Teen Age Letter/ The Chicken And The Hawk/ Well, All Right

IKE TURNER Secret Records 025 That Kat Sure Can Play ● CD $26.98
Four CD set with 118 tracks featuring every single released between 1951 and 1957 featuring Ike Turner as vocalist, guitarist or pianist but not including uissued sides - that's probably another whole box worth! In addition to Ike's own vocals we have tunes by vocalists like Jackie Brenston, B.B. King, Drifting Slim, Charley Booker, Johnny Ace, The Prisonaires, Eugene Fox, Johnny Wright, The Flairs, Billy Gales, The Gardenias and many others.
JOHNNY ACE & EARL FORREST: Midnight Hour Journey/ Trouble and Me/ HOUSTON BAINES: Going Home/ Relation Blues/ BROTHER BELL: If You Feel Froggish/ Whole Heep Of Mama/ DENNIS BINDER & HIS ORCH.: Early Times/ I Miss You So/ SUNNY BLAIR: Step Back Baby/ ROBERT "BOBBY" BLAND: Crying All Night Long/ Dry Up Baby/ BOBBY BLUE BLAND WITH IKE TURNER ORCH.: Drifting From Town To Town/ Good Lovin/ CHARLEY BOOKER: Charley's Boogie Woogie/ No Ridin Blues/ Rabbit Blues/ JACKIE BRENSTON & HIS DELTA CATS: Come Back Where You Belong/ Independent Woman/ My Real Gone Rocket/ Rocket 88/ JACKIE BRENSTON WITH IKE TURNERS KINGS OF RHYT: Gonna Wait For My Chance/ Much Later/ The Mistreater/ What Can It Be/ MATT COCKRELL: Baby Please/ Gypsy Blues/ DRIFTING SLIM: Good Morning Baby/ My Sweet Baby/ BILLY THE KID EMERSON: I'm Not Going Home/ If Lovin' Is Believing/ No Teasing Around/ The Woodchuck/ THE FLAIRS: Baby Wants/ You Where Untrue/ EUGENE FOX: Sinners Dream/ Stay At Home/ THE FOX: The Dream (Parts 1 and 2.)/ BILLY GALE & HIS ORCH.: My Heart Is In Your Hands/ Night Howler/ BILLY GALES WITH IKE TURNERS KINGS OF RHYTHM: Do Right Baby/ BILLY GALES WITH IKE TURNERS RHYTHM ROCKERS: I'm Tore Up/ If I Had Never Known You/ BILLY GALES WITH IKE TURNERS KINGS OF RHYTHM: Just One More Time/ Lets Call It A Day/ No Coming Back/ Sad As A Man Can Be/ Take Your Fine Frame Home/ THE GARDENIAS: Flaming Love/ My Baby's Tops/ BOYD GILMORE: All In My Dreams/ Ramblin On My Mind/ Take A Little Walk With Me/ ROSCOE GORDON: Maria/ No More Doggin/ RAYMOND HILL: Bourbon St. Jump/ The Snuggle/ HOWLIN WOLF: How Many More Years/ Riding In The Moonlight/ ELMORE JAMES: Hand In Hand/ Please Find My Baby/ 1839 Blues/ Rock My Baby Right/ Sho Nuff I Do/ B.B. KING: Boogie Woogie Woman/ Three O'Clock Blues/ You Didn't Want Me/ You Know I Love You/ WILLIE KING WITH IKE TURNER ORCH: Mistreating Me/ Peg Leg Woman/ JESSE KNIGHT & HIS COMBO: Nothing But Money/ LITTLE MILTON: Alone And Blue/ Beggin' My Baby/ Homesick For My Baby/ If You Love Me Baby/ Looking For My Baby/ Somebody Told Me/ LONNIE THE CAT: The Road I Travel/ I Ain't Drunk/ CLAYTON LOVE: Why Don't You Believe In Me/ Wicked Little Baby/ Bye Bye Baby/ Mary Lou/ LOVER BOY (IKE TURNER): Love Is Scarce/ The Way You Used To Treat Me/ LITTLE JUNIOR PARKER: Bad Woman, Bad Whiskey/ You're My Angel/ THE PRISONAIRES: A Prisoner's Prayer/ Softly & Tenderly/ THE ROCKERS: Down In The Bottom/ What Am I To Do/ Why Don't You Believe/ THE SLY FOX: Hoo-Doo Say/ I'm Tired Of Beggin'/ My Four Woman/ THE STARRS: Ain't Got No Home/ Crying Over You/ MARY SUE: Everybody's Talking/ Love Is A Gamble/ THE TROJANS: As Long As I Have You/ I Wanna Make Love To You/ BABY FACE TURNER: Blue Serenade/ Gonna Let You Go/ BONNIE AND IKE TURNER: Looking For My Baby/ My Heart Belongs To You/ IKE TURNER & HIS KINGS OF RHYTHM: Heartbroken & Worried/ I'm Lonesome Baby/ IKE TURNER & HIS ORCH.: Cuban Get Away (Bayou Rock)/ Cubano Jump/ Go To It/ Loosely (The Wild One)/ IKE TURNER AND HIS ORCH.: Do You Mean It/ She Made My Blood Run Cold/ The Big Question/ Trail Blazer/ IKE TURNER WITH BEN BURTON AND HIS ORCH.: Trouble And Heartaches/ You're Driving Me Insane/ JOHNNY WRIGHT: Suffocate/ The World Is Yours

IKE & TINA TURNER Blues Boulevard 250201 We've Always Had The Blues ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 67 min, highly recommended
Back in stock. Wonderful CD reissuing Ike & Tina's 2 Blue Thumb LPs, "Outta Season" (Blue Thumb 5) & "The Hunter" (Blue Thumb 11), both from '69. Over an hour of superb blues and the occasional soul number with great singing by Tina, but also especially incredible guitar from Ike and Albert Collins who guests on two tracks. Hearing Tina as a down-home blues singer is spine-chilling, especially on such tracks as their great cover of Albert King's The HUnter, Eddie Boyd's 5 Long Years, T-Bone Walker's Mean Old World, & Lowell Fulson's Reconsider Baby. She even tackles such warhorses as Rock Me Baby & Dust My Broom & breathes new life in them, with much help from Ike's guitar & band! And there's even a taste of things to come with I've Been Loving You Too Long which would play a big part in their 70s crossover. This material has been out several times before so you might want to check your collection before ordering. (GM/FS)

TROY TURNER Evidence 26138 Whole Lotta Blues ● CD $15.98
14 tracks, 52 mins, very highly recommended
Terrific new album from Louisiana singer/ guitarist who hasn't been around for a while thanks to that old devil - dope! He's back with a killer album featuring powerful and expressive vocals and consistently creative guitar work. The album was produced by the multi-talented Jon Tiven who also plays a range of instruments here and co-wrote most of the songs - his co-writers include Tuner himself, Hubert Sumlin, Steve Cropper and Al Franken - yes, that Al Franken. The songs are excellent comments on contemporary life and some sound destined to be covered by other artists. There are a number of guest musicians and vocalists featured (Steve Cropper, Felix Cavalier, Howard Tate, Bobby Whitlock, etc.) but Turner's singing and playing are front and center. Being a sucker for minor key songs my favorite track here is the gorgeous Don't Push Your Luck with a couple of great guitar solos that have echoes of Otis Rush and are truly affecting. A real treat and among the best modern blues albums I've heard in a while. (FS)

PHILLIP WALKER & OTIS GRAND JSP 8833 Big Blues From Texas ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, 54 min, recommended
Solid set of electric blues featuring superb West Coast singer/ guitarist Phillips Walker accompanied by British blues guitarist Otis Grand with his band and a fine horn section recorded in 1992. Nine of the 12 songs are written or co-written by Phillips and except for the forgettable Play Me Some Blues and Insomnia are mostly very good, particularly the intense slow blues She Torture Me with superb vocals and guitar. This has been out a couple of times before on CD but for this new digipack release the recordings have been remixed and remastered. (FS)

MUDDY WATERS BGO BGOCD 949 They Call Me Muddy Waters/ Live At Mister Kelly's ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
Two 1971 LPs by Muddy combined for this excellent CD. "They Call Me" was the first Muddy LP issued after his infamous "Electric Mud/ After The Rain" recordings and consisted of mostly previously unissued tracks from the Chess. Nine of the twelve track are from 1966/67 with Sammy Lawhorn, Otis Spann and Pee Wee Madison with Little Walter sitting in to provide the harmonica work. Excellent latter day Muddy with a more urgent contemporary sound than his earlier sides but Muddy sounds perfectly comfortable and his Kinfolk's Blues and Blind Man are particularly nice. The remaining tracks are from much earlier include two magnificent sparsely accompanied tracks from 1951 & '52 - the gorgeous title song and the stellar Howling Wolf with just Little Walter & Big Crawford accompanying. "Live" was recorded during a three week stint in June 1971 at the elegant "Mister Kelly's" club with his regular band at the time (Lawhorn, Madison, Pinetop Perkins, Paul Oscher, etc.) with James Cotton guesting on three tracks under the pseudonym Joe Levis (he was under contract with Capitol at the time). Muddy and the band are in fine form on a selection of songs which included only two songs from the old days Country Boy and Blow Wind Blow along with three new songs and some surprising but effective covers of songs by his contemporaries including Jimmy Reed's You Don't Have To Go and Sonny Boy Williamsion's Nine Below Zero. Certainly not as compelling as his earlier recordings but a fine set of performances. Booklet includes original liner note to "They Call Me" from Pete Welding and new notes for the package by Tony Russell. (FS)

MUDDY WATERS Blues Boulevard 250266 Blow Blues Blow ● CD $15.98
16 tracks, 79 mins, recommended
Muddy recorded live in Warsaw, Poland in 1976 at the International Folk Music Festival and Jazz Jamboree with his band which included Luther Johnson and Bob Margolin/ guitars, Jerry Portnoy/ harmonica, Pinetop Perkins/ piano, Calvin Jones/ bass and Willie Smith/ drums. Muddy and the group sound good on this generally well recorded set with songs like Baby Please Don't Go/ Corrine Corrina/ Howlin' Wolf/ Blow Wind Blow/ Screamin' & Cryin'/ Garbage Man and others. Nothing earth shaking but an enjoyable set from one of the all time greats. This has been reissued before on Acrobat and Hallmark but those releases are no longer available. (FS)

JUNIOR WELLS Great American Music Co 216 Messin' The Kid - Original Masters ● CD $15.98
20 tracks, 51 mins, highly recommended
This is essentially an abbreviated version of Fuel 61087/ Westside 866 (now out of print) featuring most of Junior's recordings between 1957 and 1963 for Chief, Profile and USA as well as cuts accompanying Earl Hooker. Although Junior's superb harmonica work is present on only a few cuts there is stunning instrumental work from his accompanying musicians which includes such great guitarists as Hooker, Syl Johnson, Dave Myers and Lacey Gibson, pianists Lafayette Leake, Big Moose Walker and Otis Spann ,bassist Willie Dixon, drummer Fred Below and other stalwarts. There are some great songs here including the great minor key blues I Could Cry, the wonderful Prison Bars All Around Me - a reworking of So All Alone which he originally recorded for States and features some stunning piano from Spann and guitar by Hooker, his only R&B chart hit Little By Little and his most famous song Messin' With The Kid which has been covered by numerous artists. There's also the superb Little Walter inspired instrumental Calling All Blues originally issued under Earl Hooker's name. Weakest tracks are the last three recorded for USA in 1963 but the rest is all top notch Chicago blues. Sound quality is superb and there are informative notes by Bill Dahl. If you missed out on the previous reissues now's your chance to pick up these fine sides. (FS)

JUNIOR WELLS & THE ACES Delmark 809 Live In Boston, 1966 ● CD $14.98
12 music tracks + seven spoken, highly recommended
Superb live set recorded in Boston in September 1966 featuring the great singer and harmonica player reunited with his first band The Aces (Louis Myers/ guitar, Dave Myers/ bass, Fred Below/ drums) - the consummate Chicago blues band. They do a selection of mostly Chicago blues favorites including Junior's own blues hit Messin' With The Kid and several songs that sound like they were improvised on the spot including the mostly instrumental Junior's Whoop featuring stellar harmonica from Junior and dynamic guitar by Louis. Other songs include Feelin' Good/ Worried Life Blues/ That's All Right/ I Don't Know and more. Junior is obviously having a great time as the patter between the songs clearly shows. The sound quality is not the greatest but is quite listenable and the quality of the music more than compensates for any deficiencies in the sound quality. (FS)

REVEREND JOHN WILKINS Big Legal Mess 259 You Can't Hurry God ● CD $13.98
9 tracks, 45 min., very highly recommended
His father, Robert Wilkins, recorded blues and gospel in the 1930s, including the original version of Prodigal Son, later covered by some blokes called the Rolling Stones. As if it were in his DNA, the younger Wilkins sings the lord's music as if it were the blues on this, his debut album. His earlier life included an existence on the fringes of the music business. That's him playing guitar on O.V. Wright's classic You're Gonna Make Me Cry, for example. Wilkins writes his own material and enlists his daughters to sing back up. Songs such as You've Got To Move recall Howlin' Wolf more than they do and contemporary gospel singer one might care to name. And though Wilkins singing may fall short of technical perfection from time to time, it's perfectly suited to his songs. And if I Want You To Help Me doesn't lift its listeners spirits, they may be past all redemption. If church sounded like this, even the sinners couldn't stay away. (JC)

JOHNNY WINTER Great American Music 226 Beginnings, 1960-1967 ● CD $18.98
Previously issued on the Fuel label this two CD set features 40s of Winter's earliest recordings from his scuffling days before he recorded "Progressive Blues Experiment" in 1967 and was subsequently signed to Columbia. Recorded for small Texas labels like Dart, KCRO, Frolic, Todd and others Winter and his boys tackle blues, R&B, rock 'n' roll and even some psychedelic rock. Includes Ice Cube/ Geisha Rock/ One Night Of Love/ Shed So Many Tears/ By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/ Five After Four A.M./ Crying In My Heart/ Can't Believe You Wanna Leave/ You'll Be The Death Of Me/ Hello My Lover/ Gone For Bad, etc.


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