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New Releases: March -> November 2011
Rhythm & Blues, Soul & Doo-Wop
The T.S.U. Toronados
-> Pearl Woods



THE T.S.U TORONADOS Funky Delicacies 0016 One Flight Too Many ● CD $13.98
25 tracks, 73 min., essential
Available again. Named after Texas State University and a 1960s Oldsmobile muscle car, the TSU Toronados delivered some of the tightest and funkiest instrumental and vocal tracks going. This album collects all of their released singles and throws in 10 previously unreleased tracks. The Toronados made a name for themselves (or should have) when they backed Archie Bell and the Drells on the massive hit Tighten Up. As it turned out, they received no credit and just $27.50 each for their troubles. They recorded for Ovide records from 1967-71, pumping out incredible horn-driven funk such as The Blautche, A Thousand Wonders, Back After The News, The Goose,and the JB-ish Work On It. But despite charting on the R&B and Pop charts with the remarkable Getting The Corners, our heroes saw little financial gain for all their artistic success. A well-deserved collection from a group whose live shows were legendary. When they played a cover of a Supremes song, they apparently took the stage donning wigs and dresses. Now that's commitment. (JC)

TED TAYLOR Kent CDKEND 348 Keep What You Got - The Rare & Unissued Ronn Recordings ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 79 mins, recommended
After tasting chart success with dual identity vocal quartet the Cadets/Jacks in the 50's and label hopping as a solo artist during the early 60's (including a noteworthy stint on Okeh), Ted Taylor landed at Stan Lewis' Ronn Records in 1967. While at Ronn, Taylor cut some memorable singles including Miss You So/ Without a Woman/ Long Ago/ Strangest Feeling, and a cover of Chuck Willis' It's Too Late at FAME studios in Muscle Shoals. However, the tracks on this CD were cut later (probably in the early 70's) in Los Angeles, his home turf, in a style that's a mixture of funk and blues/soul-a far cry from the deep southern soul from his FAME sides. Many of the songs here have remained in the vault until now, and there are quite a few gems-notably, Why Do I Have to Suffer and Got to Have a Woman. Taylor has a slightly unusual voice-a cross between Z.Z. Hill and Curtis Mayfield-which can be a bit of an acquired taste, but if you're so inclined this collection of buried treasures, including four duets with Little Johnny Taylor, is worth checking out. (GMC)
TED TAYLOR: (Long As I Got You) I Got Love/ A Lick And A Promise/ Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere/ Call The House Doctor/ Cry It Out Baby/ Cummins Prison Farm (Take 1)/ Don't Be Slappin' My Hand/ Fair Warning/ Farewell/ Funky Ghetto/ Got To Have A Woman/ How's Your Love Life Baby/ I'll Be Here/ Keep What You Get And Like It/ Let Me Fix Up Your Feelings/ Make Up For Lost Time/ Papa's Gonna Make Love/ Pretending Love/ She's Got A Munchy Tunchy/ Sweet Lovin' Pair/ Walking The Floor/ What A Fool/ Who's Doing It To Who/ Why Do I Have To Suffer

NINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENS Tartare 8003 Hey Baby! ● CD $13.98
12 tracks, recommended
Brother and sister duo Nino Tempo and April Stevens are best known for their 1963 hit Deep Purple for Atco, but they also cut sides for White Whale, MGM, and Bell during the 60's. This straight re-issue of an LP the duo cut in 1966 for Atco is typical of their output from the period: a mix of well-known pop/R&B tunes (Hey Baby/ Land of 1000 Dances/ I Love How You Love Me), and snappy originals (Swing Me/ Poison of Your Kiss/ Ooh La La). This is garden variety mid-60's pop-well sung and played-but probably more suited to a Vegas lounge than the Whiskey A Go-Go. This CD doesn't include any of Nino and April's hits, but it's a solid recording and a must for fans and/or completists. (GMC)

JOE TEX Shout 67 Singles, A's & B's - Volume 2, 1967-68 ● CD $19.98
22 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
Second volume collecting Soul shouter Joe Tex's singles for the Dial label (first volume: "Singles A's & B's 1964-1966", Shout 64 - $19.98) picks up with a biggie: Show Me burned up the charts and the clubs during the spring of 1967. Although even bigger hits came after- the comedy of Skinny Legs and All and Men Are Gettin' Scarce - Show Me has stood the test of time and gets consistent play in the modern era. Joe shows his sentimental side on I'll Make Everyday Christmas (For My Woman), while his blues chops get an airing on Don't Give Up/ A Woman's Hands, and A Woman Sees a Hard Time (When Her Man is Gone) and prove that he wasn't all fun and games. For those so inclined, the singles are presented in chronological order and the liner notes are detailed. (GMC)

JOE TEX Shout 76 Singles A's And B's: Vol. 4, 1972-1976 ● CD $21.98
18 tracks, 60 mins, recommended
The fourth volume of singles from the Dial label takes us through the early 70's into Joe's "disco" period, culminating in his monster 1977 hit Ain't Gonna Bump No More. As always, the tracks are chronologically sequenced and thoroughly annotated in the liner notes. Highlights include Woman Stealer/ I've Seen Enough/ Trying to Win Your Love (way too good to be a 'B' side), Have You Ever, and Baby, It's Rainin'. And the completely mad Mama Red is worth the price alone. For fans, this is R&B gold; for newcomers, there's better places to start. (GMC)

IRMA THOMAS Charly SNAXCD 635 Soul Queen Of New Orleans ● CD $18.98
2CDs, 30 tracks, highly recommended
Another set from Charly tracing the highlights of New Orleans R&B (see recent releases from Allen Toussaint, Aaron Neville, Lee Dorsey, The Meters et. al), Irma Thomas' sides for the Ron, Minit, and Bandy labels cut between 1960 and 1963 are focus of the first disc; two singles for Ron, six (A and B sides) for Minit, and one for Bandy. These early songs cemented Irma's reputation before she went on to score with Los Angeles-based Imperial Records during the mid-60's; just listen to Don't Mess With My Man/ A Good Man/ Cry On/ It's Too Soon to Know/ It's Raining, and Ruler of My Heart. With Toussaint producing, playing, and sometimes writing these songs, there's no way the quality would be less than stellar. For scholars, demo versions of Your Love is True and It's Too Soon to Know (with just Toussaint on piano) are also included. The second disc contains an April 1976 live performance at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with Irma backed by the Tommy Ridgley Band on a fine selection of 10 songs including You Can Have My Husband/ Ruler Of My Heart/ Shame Shame Shame/ Wish Someone Would Care and more. Includes nice 12 page booklet with informative notes by Bob Fisher. In sum, this is a useful release for an important and enduring artist though you might want to check your collections as this has been out before on various labels. (FS)

O.C. TOLBERT Kent CDKEND 352 Black Diamond - Dave Hamilton's Detroit Masters ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, 79 mins, recommended
This CD is more little-known Detroit R&B from the vaults of scrappy small time record mogul Dave Hamilton-this time featuring unsung vocalist O.C. Tolbert. Hamilton's archives have been catalogued by Kent before (notably on the Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers CD series), but the label has taken it a step further. Tolbert was a singer in the Southern soul style (he hailed from Alabama) who had paid his gospel dues, and found himself paired with Hamilton's bargain-basement approach to recording. This is truly obscure stuff: most of these tracks weren't even released during their late 60's/early 70's heyday, let alone hits. And the near-demo quality recordings don't exactly scream "Listen to this!"; but, there's a grittiness and sincerity in these songs that make up for the short comings. O.C. had a stand out voice and knew how to sell a song, whether he was singing messages of black empowerment - I'm Shooting High (I Reach For the Sky)/ A Message to the Black Woman - or preaching the gospel on Rough Side of the Mountain or Give it to Glory. And he still had it as late as 1988, as proven on Ride the Gospel Train. O.C. Tolbert may not be a household name, but that's no reason not to give this collection a listen and read his fascinating story in the liner notes. (GMC)

ALLEN TOUSSAINT Charly SNAX 624 Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky ● CD $18.98
2 CDs, 50 tracks, very highly recommended
At last, a fairly comprehensive and well put together compilation of Allen Toussaint's work during his most fruitful period. Disc one focuses on his session work with the likes of Fat Domino and Lee Allen, and on his solo recordings under various aliases (Al Tousan, Allen and Allen, The Stokes, The Rubyiats, Willie and Allen). These sides are interesting because they show his talents as a pianist and give us glimpse into his early work as a young performer. The Stokes tracks include the original recording of Whipped Cream which was later a big hit for The Tiajuana Brass. The duets with Allen Orange are cute, and the ones with Willie Harper are more down 'n' dirty soulful. Most of these tracks were cut in the late 50's/early 60's and are great deal more sophisticated than much of what was coming out of New York at the same time. Disc two spotlights the hits Toussaint wrote and/or produced and all the biggies are here: Jesse Hill's Ooh Poo Pah Doo; Ernie K Doe's Mother In Law and A Certain Girl; Chris Kenner's I Like it Like That" Parts 1 & 2; Lee Dorsey's Working in a Coal Mine/ Holy Cow, and the original version of Yes We Can (later made more famous by the Pointer Sisters, again with Toussaint at the board); and best of all The Showmen's immortal It Will Stand. There are also tasty helpings of Toussaint's work with Irma Thomas, Aaron and Art Neville, Benny Spellman, and The Meters. The set is not quite as definitive as it could be (that would probably need four or five discs), but as a window into the career of a giant of New Orleans R&B it will do nicely. (GMC)
LEE ALLEN: Tic Toc/ Walkin' With Mr. Lee/ ALLEN AND ALLEN: Beverly Baby/ Heavenly Baby/ Tiddle Winks/ ERNIE K DOE: A Certain Girl/ Mother In Law/ FATS DOMINO: I Want You To Know/ I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/ Young Schoolgirl/ LEE DORSEY: Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky (From Now On)/ Holy Cow/ Night People/ Working In A Coal Mine/ Yes We Can/ BETTY HARRIS: I'm Evil Tonight/ Nearer To You/ JESSIE HILL: Oogsey Moo/ Ooh Poo Pah Doo Pts 1 & 2/ CHRIS KENNER: I Like It Like That Pt 1/ I Like It Like That Pt 2/ THE METERS: Look A Py Py/ Sophisticated Cissy/ AARON NEVILLE: Over You/ Wrong Number/ ART NEVILLE: All These Things/ THE PRIMEMATES: Hot Tamales Pt 1/ Hot Tamales Pt 2/ THE RUBYIATS: Omar Khayyam/ Tomorrow/ THE SHOWMEN: It Will Stand/ BENNY SPELLMAN: Fortune Teller/ Lipstick Traces/ THE STOKES: Banana Split/ Fat Cat/ Pie Crust/ Whipped Cream/ Young Man Old Man/ IRMA THOMAS: Its Raining/ Ruler Of My Heart/ AL TOUSAN: Happy Times/ Java/ Moo Moo/ Naomi/ Wham Tousan/ Whirlaway/ ALLEN TOUSSAINT & THE STOKES: Go Back Home/ Poor Boy Got To Move/ WILLIE AND ALLEN: Baby Do Liddle/ I Don't Need One

TROMBONE SHORTY Verve 14194-02 Backatown ● CD $12.98
14 tracks, 43 min., essential
A wild ride based in New Orleans funk, jazz, R&B, soul, rock, and occasional musical fragments of klezmer and other influences blended with intelligent song songwriting and superbly talented instrumentalists. How many albums keep listeners in a constant state of movement and toss in smart lyrics on top? On Right To Complain, Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews observes that "everybody wants change" but "if you don't change yourself, you have no right to complain." Not many musicians bother to challenge themselves or their audience, but then Andrews isn't just any musician. Don't expect a traditional trombone album, if such a thing exists, but do expect to be impressed. (JC)

DORIS TROY Kent CDKEND 344 I'll Do Anything - The Doris Troy Anthology ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 72 mins, highly recommended
To one generation, the name Doris Troy conjures memories of a glorious 1963 pop hit called Just One Look; to another, she was one of the back-up singers on Pink Floyd's landmark 1973 album "Dark Side of the Moon." Whichever way one chooses to remember her, Troy's career as a singer of the first rank cannot be disputed, and this collection has come along as irrefutable proof to support that assumption. This career-spanning compilation features singles and LP cuts from the Calla, Atlantic, Capitol, Shirley, Arliss, Everest, Cameo-Parkway, Wand, and Apple labels. Just to show how comprehensive this collection is, Doris' session work is also represented; for example, the Wand cuts are Doris backing up Chuck Jackson. And we get generous doses of Doris' songwriting, something she did quite successfully for herself (she co-wrote Just One Look) and others. All of her classics are here: Just One Look/ What'cha Gonna Do About It/ Heartaches, two tracks from her first Apple LP, the George Harrison co-written and produced Ain't That Cute and You Tore Me Up Inside, and I'll Do Anything. From gospel singer to R&B singer to pop singer, to world-class session/back-up singer, and back to gospel singer, Doris Troy has done it all, and "I'll Do Anything" is a towering testament to her immense talent. (GMC)

THE TUNE WEAVERS Official 7015 The Greatest Hits! ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, recommended
Fine collection of vocal group harmonies from this fine family quartet from Boston who had a monster hit in 1957 with the mournful Happy Happy Birthday, Baby - their only chart hit. This 25 tracks collection features all 16 of their issued sides along with unissued songs and seven demos - some acapella, some with only piano accompaniment. Other songs ionclude I Remember Dear/ This Can't Be Love/ My Congratulations Baby (a song with the same tune as thier hit)/ I'm Glad For Your Sake/ There Stands My Love/ I Hear The Mission Bells/ Don't Tell Pa and others. (FS)

IKE TURNER Funky Delicacies 0045 His Woman, Her Man - The Ike Turner Diaries ● CD $13.98
17 tracks, 52 mins, highly recommended
Back in stock. Unlike a lot of other similar CDs, this one is actually chock full of rare and previously unreleased tracks. This features songs that have been tucked away in the vaults for decades, songs that showcase the genius of Ike Turner as a musician and studio wizard. Pulled from a time when Ike was on the cutting edge of technology and his Bolic Sound studio was one of the hottest in the country. On this you get a slowed down monster version of Proud Mary, a stunning take on Alice Cooper's Only Woman Bleed and plenty of funky, funky originals. A lot of these cuts could have easily smashed up the R&B charts of the day, but were shuffled away, not fitting the rock ideal that they were going for at the time. Tina is of course in majestic voice throughout. I'm assuming it is just billed as Ike for legal reasons. Excellent liner notes by Kevin L. Gains. (JM)
IKE & TINA TURNER: Baby Get It On/ Baby Makes Me Feel Good/ Brain Game/ Can't Find My Mind/ Don't Believe Nothing/ He Makes Me Holler/ He's Mine/ I'll Be Anyway You Want Me To Be/ I've Got My Mojo Working/ It's Groovier Across the Line/ Money/ Only We Women Bleed/ Proud Mary (The Funky Version))/ Sit and Hold Your Hand/ Woke Up This Morning/ Ya Ya/ You Ain't Enough For Two

IKE & TINA TURNER BGO BGOCD 996 Workin' Together/ Let Me Touch Your Mind ● CD $19.98
21 tracks, 67 mins, highly recommended
BGO records are doing a great job re-issuing Ike & Tina's later records, even doing them two at a time for maximum bang for your buck. Personally, I think that Tina Turner in her prime could sing the phone book and it would be worth listening to, especially if you have Ike and his smokin' hot band accompanying her. Sure, I like their earlier work better than this period, but they were never any more popular than they were during these years. They knew to strike when you were hot too, no less than 15 Ike & Tina studio albums were released between 1968 - 72. Don't worry though; these are easily two of the best. This was during a time that Ike & Tina were having hits covering the big rock bands and huge successes touring with the Rolling Stones and other of their ilk. As you can expect, there are a few of those covers here: Proud Mary (their biggest hit,)/ Get Back/ Let It Be, etc. Thankfully there are a lot of great Ike originals here as well, whether credited to Turner or too his many aliases (Renrut.,) Workin' Together/ The Way You Love Me/ Game Of Love/ Popcorn/ Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter and so on. Plus their smokin' rendition of older R&B songs like Ooh Poo Pah Doo, and Annie Had A Baby. All of these Ike & Tina re-issues come with extensive liner notes, to put some icing on the cake. (JM)

IKE & TINA TURNER Hip-O Select 15367-02 River Deep ~ Mountain High ● CD $18.98
12 tracks, 36 mins, recommended
Straight re-issue (available for the first time in years as a domestic CD) of this recorded in 1966/released in 1969 LP. As most people know, the title track was Phil Spector's last major Wall-of-Sound production before he went into spiteful temporary retirement, after the single flopped in the U.S. Apparently, there was supposed to be an entire album, produced by Spector, to be released on his Philles label in 1967; as it turned out, what we got was this hodgepodge of half helmed by Spector - A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Every Day)/ I'll Never Need More Than This/ Save the Last Dance For Me/ Hold On Baby/ Every Day I Have to Cry, and the title track-and the rest helmed by Ike. The juxtaposition of Spector's everything-but-the-kitchen sink, atmospheric tracks with Ike's gritty, no-non sense R&B isn't as jarring as one might think, and the album holds together surprisingly well. The remakes of early Ike & Tina hits, A Fool in Love/ It's Gonna Work Out Fine, and I Idolize You, are ok, while Such a Fool For You is a typical Ike & Tina barn burner. River Deep Mountain High remains the classic it's been for 45 years, while the other Spector tracks do apt justice to Tina's soaring vocals. All 'n' all, a welcome re-issue indeed, although docked a notch for no bonus tracks or truly informative liner notes. (GMC)

BARRENCE WHITFIELD & THE SAVAGES Ace CDCHD 1288 Plus 10 More From The Pot ● CD $18.98
23 tracks, 53 mins, highly recommended
What bands like The Blasters and Los Lobos were to L.A. in the 1980's, Barrence Whitfield and The Savages were to the Boston area of the time, except that they were a lot more Rhythm & Blues, and had a lot less commercial success. Their shows at the time were legendary and their long-out-of-print records were fantastic. Barrence Whitfield was/ is a powerhouse of a blues shouter and the Savages were/ are savage players. This release compiles their fantastic debut album (their only full length release), plus almost a dozen more LP out-takes, "Basement Tapes" demo recordings, and some smokin' live tracks recorded in the mid 1980s. Great covers of classics like Don Covay's Bip Bop Bip, the slightly altered cover of Frankie Lee Sims' Walking With Barrence, Big Al Downing's Georgia Slop, Dave Bartholomew's Playgirl, etc. On top of that, the Savages had plenty of rockin' originals like Savage Sax/ Walk Out/ Whiskey Wagon, and more. Ace records gives this the comprehensive treatment, with thorough liner notes, recording info, plus rare photos, concert flyers and other ephemera. Easily one of the greatest bands that you probably never heard of, you should definitely pick this one up, you won't be disappointed. (JM)

ANDRE WILLIAMS Hoodoo Records 263394 Mr. Rhythm Is Movin' ● CD $14.98
27 tracks, 80 mins, most highly recommended
Not only is Andre Williams the king of food-based Rhythm & Blues songs, he could also work out great songs of hard times and even occasionally a love song or two. Thankfully, Mr. Williams is still with us and going strong, and plenty of his more recent work is well worth checking out; this CD, however, only collects his classic recordings on the Fortune record label from 1955 - 1960. So you get such killer cuts as Goin' Down To Tijuana/ Bacon Fat/ Mozelle/ Is It True?/ Hey Country Girl/ Pass The Biscuits Please, a fine rendition of Lloyd Price's Just Because,, Jail Bait/ The Greasy Chicken, and many more. Lots of cool liner notes, rare pictures etc. Certainly, a good time will be had by all who give this a listen! (JM)

ANDRE WILLIAMS Vampi Soul 73 Movin' On With Andre Williams - Greasy & Explicit Soul ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, 79 mins, highly recommended
There certainly is a whole lot o' greasy soul for one little old CD. This collection of all of Andre Williams' great tracks from his early years originally came out in 2005. This new edition seems to be essentially the same as before, Vampi Soul have just released a vinyl edition of this collection, so the new pressing of the CD is probably to go along with that. Either format that you pick up will be well worth it. You get such underground Soul classics like Bacon Fat/ The Greasy Chicken/ Jail Bait/ (M M M M Andre Williams Is) M-M-Movin' etc. There is some duplication with the set on Hoodoo that came out a while back but this one includes a whole bunch of tracks from the 60s that are not on the Hoodoo collection. (JM)

JACKIE WILSON Jasmine 589 Talk That Talk - The First Five Albums On Two CDs ● CD $15.98
2CD, 60 tracks, very highly recommended
Just to prove that there can never be enough Jackie Wilson to be had, here's a compilation of the R&B greats' first five albums spread out over two discs. Depending upon how one feels about an era when R&B albums were little more than collections of singles with added filler, this material is either gold or fools gold. Except that even the fools gold is pretty darn good: who would have thought that Wilson could have breathed life into a corny chestnut like By the Light of the Silvery Moon? Oh, it's still kinda corny, but it sure puts a smile on the face. Wilson's operatic vocal style is well suited to Tin Pan Alley-esque songs like Singing a Song and Love is All. And don't worry: the early hits are here in their proper context: To Be Loved/ Lonely Teardrops/ Reet Petite/ That's Why (I Love You So)/ Doggin' Around/ Talk That Talk and the rest. Wilson was a versatile performer and had no problem showing it, and that realization become very clear when listening to this CD. But however you look at it, "He's So Fine" (1958), "Lonely Teardrops" (1959), "So Much" (1959), "Jackie Sings the Blues" (1960), and "A Woman, A Lover, A Friend" (1960) all issued on Brunswick, capture Wilson in his prime as a recording artist and as such, document a man who tested the limits of the R&B genre. (GMC)
JACKIE WILSON: (So Many) Cute Little Girls/ (You Were Made For) All My Love/ A Woman A Lover A Friend/ Am I The Man/ As Long As I Live/ Ask/ Behind The Smile Is A Tear/ By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/ Come Back To Me/ Come On And Love Me Baby/ Comin' To Your House/ Danny Boy/ Doggin' Around/ Each Time (I Love You More)/ Etcetera/ Excuse Me For Lovin'/ Happiness/ Hush-A-Bye/ I Know I'll Always Be In Love With You/ I'll Be Satisfied/ I'm Wanderin'/ If I Can't Have You/ In The Blue Of Evening/ It's All A Part Of Love/ It's Been A Long Time/ It's So Fine/ It's Too Bad We Had To Say Goodbye/ Lonely Teardrops/ Love Is All/ Never Go Away/ New Girl In Town/ Night/ Nothin' But The Blues/ One Kiss/ Only You Only Me/ Passin' Through/ Please Stick Around/ Please Tell Me Why/ Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)/ Right Now!/ Sazzle Dazzle/ She Done Me Wrong/ Singing A Song/ So Much/ Someone To Need Me (As I Need You)/ Talk That Talk/ That's Why (I Love You So)/ The Joke (It's Not On Me)/ The Magic Of Love/ The River/ Thrill Of Love/ To Be Loved/ We Have Love/ We Kissed/ When You Add Religion To Love/ Why Can't You Be Mine/ Wishing Well/ You Better Know It/ You Cried/ Your One And Only Love

PEARL WOODS Night Train 7147 Sippin' Sorrow (With A Spoon) ● CD $13.98
19 tracks, 47 min., highly recommended
Back in stock. Woods spent much of her early musical career as an in-demand demo singer for other artists to copy, and her handful of solo releases demonstrates why. Blessed with a gifted voice and an ear for phrasing, Woods never gained the success her talent called for, even though she did appear in the popular 1950s film Rockin' The Blues. Also a fine songwriter, Woods has had her words recorded by such musical heavy hitters as Ray Charles, Etta James, Dinah Washington, and Bobby "Blue" Bland, to name but a (famous) few. This release includes four songs with the Wanderers (for vocal group fans), a pair with The Upsetters (Little Richard's Band), and wonderful originals such as the up-tempo Fool Like Me and the sweet and slow I'm Gonna Stick With You . That Let Him Go never climbed the Billboard charts throws the very concept of a justice into question. Woods, seemingly the only soul singer not raised singing in the church, gave up secular music in 1970 in favor of gospel, so there won't be any more like these. A soul discovery worth making. (JC)


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