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JSP Box Set Complete Listing
Rhythm & Blues & Doo-Wop
Various Artists

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7775 Vocal Groups - Classic Doo-Wop Remastered ● CD $28.98
JSP enters the vocal group stakes with this four CD set with 104 tracks presented chronologically. The first disc features the roots of the doo-wop sound covering recordings from 1932 through 1950 by The Three Keys, Mills Brothers, Ink Spots, Three Barons, Four Tunes, Melody Masters, Whispers, Three Riffs and more. The second disc highlights the transition from the older jump and pop style to a more R&B influenced style in the period 1951 through 1953 with tracks by The Royales, Cardinals, Mel-O-Dots, Marylanders, Five Sharps (their priceless Stormy Weather), The Hornets, Checkers, Du Droppers, Moonglows, etc. The final discs present the fully fledged doo-wop style with recordings from 1953 through 1955 by The Lamplighters, Crickets, Cookies, Chords, Teardrops, Robins, Topps, Eagles, Orchids, Five Royales, Marigolds, Hollywood Flames, Thunderbirds, Grady Chapman & The Suedes, The Hearts, Nutmegs, Kansas City Tomcats and more. Booklets have recording dates, personnel and brief notes by Neil Slaven. Diehard doo-wop fans will have everything here but this set provides a great introduction to this import musical genre. It's too bad that around 25% of the tracks are duplicated on the better produced Proper BOX 44 ("Dawn Of Doo-Wop" - $24.98) and BOX 79 ("Doo-Wop Delights"- $24.98). Still, between the three sets you can get a lot of great music at a very reasonable price.
THE CABINEERS: What‘s The Matter With You/ THE CADILLACS: Gloria/ THE CARDINALS: Please Don‘t Leave Me/ The Door Is Still Open/ THE CATS AND THE FIDDLE: I‘d Rather Drink Muddy Water/ THE CHARIOTEERS: Don‘t Play No Mambo/ Ooh Looka There Ain‘t She Pretty/ THE CHARMS: Hearts Of Stone/ THE CHECKERS: I Wasn‘t Thinkin‘, I Was Drinkin‘/ THE CHORDS: Sh-boom/ THE CLICKS: Peace And Contentment/ THE CLOVERS: Ting-a-ling/ Your Cash Ain‘t Nothin‘ At Trash/ THE COOKIES: Don‘t Let Go/ THE CRICKETS: Fine As Wine/ THE CROWS: Gee/ THE DANDERLIERS: Chop Chop Boom/ THE DREAMERS: Bye Bye/ THE DU DROPPERS: I Found Out/ THE EAGLES: Trying To Get To You/ THE EL DORADOS: At My Front Door/ THE FIVE CíS: Tell Me/ THE FIVE KEYS: The Glory Of Love/ THE FIVE ROYALES: You Didn‘t Learn It At Home4/ THE FIVE SHARPS: Stormy Weather/ THE FIVE THRILLS: Feel So Good/ THE FLAIRS: Love Me Girl/ THE FLAMINGOS: Get With It/ THE FOUR BARS: Grief By Day, Grief By Night/ THE FOUR BLAZES: Mary Jo/ THE FOUR BLUES: The Blues Can Jump/ THE FOUR CLEFS: I Like Pie, I Like Cake/ THE FOUR TUNES: (i Wonder) Where Is My Love/ THE FOUR VAGABONDS: Hoe Cake, Hominy And Sassafras Tea/ SHIRLEY GUNTER & THE QUEENS: Oop Shoop/ THE HARPTONES: A Sunday Kind Of Love/ THE HAWKS: I-yi/ THE HEARTS: Lonely Nights/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: I‘m Leavin‘/ THE HORNETS: Lonesome Baby/ THE INK SPOTS: Hey, Doc!/ If I Didn‘t Care/ Knock-kneed Sal/ Whispering Grass/ THE KANSAS CITY TOMCATS: Nobody Knows/ THE LAMPLIGHTERS: Hug A Little, Kiss A Little/ THE LARKS: Eyesight To The Blind/ LITTLE RICHARD & THE TEMPO TOPPERS: Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens/ THE MAGIC TONES: Good Googa Mooga/ THE MARIGOLDS: Rollin‘ Stone/ THE MARYLANDERS: Make Me Thrill Again/ CLYDE MCPHATTER & THE DRIFTERS: Money Honey/ THE MEDALLIONS: Buick í59/ THE MEL-O-DOTS: One More Time/ THE MELLO-MOODS: How Could You/ THE MELODY MASTERS: Wig Blues/ THE MILLS BROTHERS: My Walking Stick/ Sweet And Slow/ Sweet Georgia Brown/ Swing Is The Thing/ THE MIRACLES: My Angel/ THE MOONGLOWS: Baby Please/ THE MOROCCOS: Red Hots And Chili Mac/ THE NUTMEGS: A Story Untold/ THE ORCHIDS: Newly Wed/ THE ORIOLES: It‘s Too Soon To Know/ THE PEACHEROOS: Be Bop Baby/ THE PENGUINS: Earth Angel/ THE PLATTERS: The Great Pretender/ THE PRISONAIRES: Just Walking In The Rain/ THE PYRAMIDS: And I Need You/ THE QUAILTONES: Tears Of Love/ THE RAINBOWS: Mary Lee/ THE RAVENS: Write Me A Letter/ THE RAY-O-VACS: My Baby‘s Gone/ THE RED CAPS: I‘ve Learned A Lesson I‘ll Never Forget/ THE RIVALS: Rival Blues/ THE ROBINS: Around About Midnite/ Riot In Cell Block No. 9/ Smokey Joe‘s Cafe/ THE ROCKETS: Big Leg Mama/ THE ROYALES: Too Much Of A Little Bit/ THE ROYALS: Work With Me Annie/ THE SPANIELS: Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite/ THE SPIDERS: Witchcraft/ THE STRIDERS: Five O‘clock Blues/ THE SUEDES: I Need You So/ THE SULTANS: Lemon Squeezing Daddy/ THE SWALLOWS: Will You Be Mine/ THE TEARDROPS: The Stars Are Out Tonight/ THE THREE BARONS: Milk Shake Stand/ THE THREE KEYS: Nagasaki/ THE THREE RIFFS: Jumping Jack/ THE THREE SHARPS AND A FLAT: That‘s The Rhythm/ THE THUNDERBIRDS: Baby Let‘s Play House/ THE TOPPERS: Baby Let Me Bang Your Box/ THE TOPPS: What Do You Do/ THE TURBANS: No No Cherry/ When You Dance/ THE VOCALEERS: Is It A Dream/ BILLY WARD & THE DOMINOES: Sixty Minute Man/ THE WHISPERS: Ever Lovin‘ Slick/ OTIS WILLIAMSí NEW GROUP: That‘s Your Mistake

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