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GREECE VASSILIS TSITSANIS JSP JSPCD 77111 Rembetika 3 : 1936-1940 All The Pre-War Recordings $31.98
Five CDs, 101 tracks, essential
A third collection of classic Greek rembetika music from the collection of Charles Howard as his associates courtesy of JSP. This one is devoted to the work of the great Vassilis Tsitsanis who was perhaps was one of the greatest performers to emerge from the classic rembetiko period before WW II, a modern Greek hero whose funeral procession drew two hundred thousand mourners. Tsitsanis was the master of the bouzouki, a long necked mandolin like instrument, which he plays on all tracks here as well as being composer of most of the songs and providing accompanying vocals. Unlike many of his fellow rembetes Tsitsanis had a formal education and brought elements of Western Music to his music. Lead vocals are provided by great singers like Yeoriia Mittaki, Sophia Abadzi (sister of the great Rita Abadzi), Apostolos Hadzichristos, Rita Abadzi, Efstratios Payioumidzis (better known as "Stratos"), Stylianos Perpiniadhis (better known as "Stellakis"), Daizy Stavropoulou and others. Considering the rarity of some these recordings the sound quality is outstanding and the booklets have brief biographical notes, outlines of the songs and discographical details. Dusky and smoky as the taverns where it was played, this is timeless music suffused with a profound sense of the joyfulness and the strivings of life. Tsitsanis' musicianship is nothing short of astounding and he plays with both great virtuosity and effortless ease. The whole gamut of human emotion and experience is evoked, playful and flirtatious one minute, yearning and melancholy the next. These magnificent recordings are absolutely essential to fans of Greek music and highly recommended to everyone else! Previous volumes (JSP 7776 and 77105 are equally indispensible. (FS/ DP)

GREECE VASSILIS TSITSANIS JSP JSPCD 77123 Rembetika 4 : The Postwar Years $28.98
Four CD set, 92 tracks, very highly recommended
The fourth volume from JSP and compiler Charles Howard devoted to that wonderful Greek musical style known as rembetika and the second volume devoted to the great composer and bouzouki player Vassilis Tsitsanis. In spite of his formal education the music of Tsitsanis infused with sensitivity and soul. He composed almost all the songs on the set and provides bouzouki accompaniment and second vocals to such great singers as Efstratios Payioumidzis (better known as "Stratos"), Stellakis Perpiniadhis, Stella Haskil, Sotiria Bellou, Yiorgos Mitsakis and others. In addition to Tsitsanis's stellar bouzouki playing we also hear tracks with guitar, accordion and clarinet. The sound quality is outstanding and the booklets have brief biographical notes, outlines of the songs, a glossary of terms and discographical details. Dusky and smoky as the taverns where it was played, this is timeless music suffused with a profound sense of the joyfulness and the strivings of life. Tsitsanis' musicianship is nothing short of astounding and he plays with both great virtuosity and effortless ease. The whole gamut of human emotion and experience is evoked, playful and flirtatious one minute, yearning and melancholy the next. Though these post war recordings are perhaps not quite as compelling as the pre-war recordings they are consistently superb and this set is indispensible for lovers of Greek music and anyone who wants to explore some truly great music from foreign lands. Previous volumes (JSP 7776, 77105 and 77111 are equally indispensible. (FS/ DP)

JEWISH/ YIDDISH/ KLEZMER VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 5201 Cantors, Klezmorim And Crooners, 1905-1953 $28.98
Just arrived. Three CD set with 67 tracks and 72 page illustrated booklet. A varied selection of Yiddish music drawing on the record collection of Sherry Mayrent - the world's largest private collection of Yiddish music. Compiled and annotated by Henry Sapoznik and remastered by Christopher King it features klezmer music, cantorial music, popular singers and more including Naftule Brandwein, Oscar Julius Quartet, MIchael Rosenberg, Cantor David Roitman, Molly Picon, Sam Finkle, Ambrose & His Orchestra, The Feder Sisters, Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt, Kandel's Orchestra, Sholem Aleichem, Art Shryers Yiddish Orchestra, Cantor Isiah Meisels, Sophie Tucker, Moishe Oysher And Florence Weiss, Aaron Lebedeff and many more. 42 tracks have never been reissued before.

CAJUN VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7726 Cajun Early Recordings - Important Swamp Hits Remastere $28.98
Four CDs, 102 tracks, highly recommended
Four CD box set featuring a wonderful cross section of 102 recordings of Cajun music recorded between 1928 and 1938 by some of the music's great pioneers. The first disc features 16 tracks by Cajun accordion pioneer Joe Flacon including his first recording from 1928 of Lafayette. It also includes tracks by fiddler Leo Soileau with singer and accordion player Mayuse LaFleur from 1928, 1929 recordings of Dennis McGhee and Sady Courville on twin fiddles and two sides by African-American Creole musician Amede Ardoin. The second volume is devoted to the Breaux family featuring 11 tracks featuring the vocals of the wonderful Cleoma Breaux accompanied by her hsuband Joe Flacon plu 14 tracks by Cleoma's brother Amedee Breaux with brother Orphy Breaux on fiddle and Cleoma on second fiddle or Clifford Breaux on guitar. 20 of the tracks on the third volume are devoted to the great Cajun fiddler Leo Soileau in a variety of settings including duos with accordion player Moise Robin or fiddler Allus Soileau as well as various small groups with guitars and occasional piano. This volume feature all six of the early recordings from 1929 and 1935 of the fine and influential singer, accordion and fiddle player Lawrence Walker. The fourth disc features 25 tracks recorded between 1935 and 1938 by the brilliant and versatile Hackberry Ramblers. (FS)
AMEDEE & CLEOMA BREAUX: Les Tracas Du Hobo/ Ma Blonde Est Partie/ Vas Y Carrement/ CLIFFORD & AMEDEE BREAUX: Fais Do Do Negre/ Home Sweet Home/ La Valse Du Vieux Temps/ Le One Step A Martin/ Le Valse D'Utah/ Mazurka De La Louisiane/ One Step A Marie/ T'As Vole Mon Chapeau/ Tiger Rag Blues/ Valse D'Auguste Breaux/ JOE FALCON & CLEOMA BREAUX: Acadian One Step/ C'Est Si Triste Sans Lui/ En Route Chez Moi/ Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/ Ils La Volet Mon Tracas/ It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/ La Fille Oncle Elair/ La Valse Crowley/ La Valse De Madam Sosten/ La Valse De Marie Bulle/ La Valse J'Aime/ La Vieux Soullard Et Sa Femme/ Lafayette/ Lulu's Back In Town/ Ma Valse Prefere/ Mon Coeur T'Appele/ Mon Vieux D'Autrefois/ Ossen One Step/ Pauvre Garcon/ Poche Town/ Prenez Courage/ Raise My Window High/ Raise Your Window/ She Has Forgotten Me/ The Waltz That Carried Me To My Grave/ To Love And To Lose/ When I Left Home For Texas/ THE HACKBERRY RAMBLERS: Cajun Crawl/ Crowley Waltz/ Dans Le Grand Bois/ Darbone's Breakdown/ Dissatisfied/ Eh La Bas/ Faux Pas Tu Bray Cherie/ French Two Step/ Hackberry Trot/ J'Ai Passe Devonde Ta Porte/ Jolie Blonde/ Jolie Petit Fille/ La Valse De La Prison/ Louisiana Breakdown/ Ma Chere Belle/ Mermentau Stomp/ Oh Josephine, My Josephine/ One Sweet Letter/ Pas Allez Vite/ Quitter La Maison/ Tickle Her/ Une Pias Ici Une Pias La Bas/ Vinton High Society/ Wondering/ You've Got To Hi-De-Hi/ DENNIS MCGEE & SADY COURVILLE: Madame Young Donnez Moi Votre Jolie/ Mon Chere Bebe Creole/ Myself/ Vous Avez Donne Votre Parole/ ALIUS & LEO SOILEAU: Allons Boire Un Coup/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS FOUR ACES: Atrape Moi Je Tombe/ LEO SOILEAU & MAYEUS LAFLEUR: Basile/ LEO SOILEAU & MOISE ROBIN: Demain C'Est Pas Dimanche/ Easy Rider Blues/ Je Veux Marier/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS FOUR ACES: Le Blues De La Louisiane/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS THREE ACES: Le Gran Mamou/ LEO SOILEAU & MAYEUS LAFLEUR: Les Valse Criminale/ LEO SOILEAU & MOISE ROBIN: Ma Cherie 'Tite Fille/ LEO SOILEAU & MAYEUS LAFLEUR: Mama Where You At/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS THREE ACES: Petit Ou Gros/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS FOUR ACES: Quand Je Suis Bleu/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS THREE ACES: Si Vous Voudrais Ame/ LEO SOILEAU & MAYEUS LAFLEUR: Ton Pere A Mit D'Eor/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS THREE ACES: Trois Jours Apres Ma Mort/ LEO SOILEAU'S RHYTHM BOYS: Embrace Moi Encore/ In Your Heart You Love Another/ La Bonne Valse/ Le Blues De Port Arthur/ Ma Jolie Petite Fille/ Personne N'Aime Pas/ Promets Moi/ Valse D'Amour/ LAWRENCE WALKER: La Breakdown La Louisiane/ La Vie Malheureuse/ Alberta/ What's The Matter Now/ La Femme Qui Jouvait Les Cartes/ Mon Dernier Bonsoir

HAWAII VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7738 It's Hotter In Hawaii - Early Hits From A Unique Musical Form $28.98
Four CD set featuring 105 tracks of vintage Hawaiian music with emphasis on hot steel guitar work. It features artists from Hawaii as well performers from the American mainland and since the music became popular worldwide we also hear some performers from Europe, Argentina, Mexico and elsewhere. It includes some of the greatest and most influential exponents of the genre including performers like Sol Ho'opii, Frank Ferera, Tau Moe with Wife & Family, Roy Smeck, Master's Hawaiians, Kanui & Lula, King Bennie Nawahi, The Hawaiian Quintette, Jim & Bob, Kalama's Quartet along with lots of lesser known artists. If you already have all the albums of Hawaiian music on Rounder, Yazoo, Arhoolie, T.O.M., Harlequin, etc. then you probably have most of the recordings here though I think there are a few tracks making their first CD appearance here. If you don't have all the other reissues this is an excellent and inexpensive way to get a great cross section of recordings. Sound quality is excxellent. It's too bad that the notes are so cursory.
SAM ALAMA: Ama Ama/ H.M. BARNES & HIS BLUE RIDGE RAMBLERS: Honolulu Stomp/ BEZOZ HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA: Pame Sti Honolulu/ BILTMORE HOTEL TRIO: Clownin' The Frets/ BILTMORE ORCHESTRA: Kaui Kahio/ GINO BORDIN HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA: Caresses Venitiennes/ SOL K. BRIGHT: Tomi Tomi/ CORAL ISLANDERS: Na Lei/ S. CORTES Y SUS HAWAIINOS: Caperucita/ Lirios/ EMERY COURNAND: Why My Craf Vex With Me/ EDDY'S HAWAIIAN SERENADERS: Down In Waikiki/ FRANK FERERA: Honolulu March/ In The Heart Of Hawaii/ Maui/ Melani Anu Ka Makani/ St. Louis Blues/ Cielito Lindo/ Iko Okamuko/ FERERA, FRANCHINI & LUFSKY: One-Two-Three/ FRANCHINI & DETTBORN: Palakiko Blues/ HANAPI TRIO: Indiana March/ HAUULEA ENTERTAINERS: 12th Street Rag/ Ellis March/ Railroad Blues/ HAWAIIAN QUINTETTE: Akahi Hoi/ Pua I Mohala/ HAWAIIAN SONGBIRDS: Happy Hawaiian Blues/ HAWAIIAN SILVER QUARTET: Honolulu March/ HAWAIIAN SERENADERS: Honolulu Stomp/ HAWAIIAN SILVER QUARTET: Kawahau/ HAWAIIAN TRIO: La Paloma/ My Hawaii (You're Calling Me)/ O Sole Mio/ Valse Bleu/ HILO HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA: Hula Love Medley March/ HONOLULU PLAYERS: Mindinao March/ SOL HOOPII: Hawaiian March/ Lady Be Good/ Lehua/ Lepe Ula Ula/ Pidgin English Hula/ Uheuhene/ JIM & BOB: By The Waters Of Minnietonka/ Chimes/ Hula Blues/ Song Of The Range/ KALAMA'S QUARTET: Pehea Hoi Au/ KAMSKU & KAWAIHAE: King Kalakaua March/ KAMSKU & KAWALHAE: Pua Lima Waltz/ KANE'S HAWAIIANS: Hilo/ KANUI & LULA: My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua/ KEAUMOKA LOUIS: Garden Of Paradise/ Penei No/ JOE KEAWE & HIS HARMONY HAWAIIANS: Hookipa Paka/ My Little Grass Shack/ GEORGE KEOKI DAVIS: Slack Key Hula/ KING, QUEEN, JACK: Stack-O-Lee/ RAY KINNEY & HIS ROYAL HAWAIIANS: Coral Isle/ Kauna Kea/ WALTER KOLOMOKU: Medley Of Old Time Waltzes/ GEORGE KU TRIO: Kuu Lei/ Na Ali'l/ Na Pua O Hawaii/ SAM KU WEST: Hawaiian Hula/ WangWang Blues/ LAWSON'S HAWAIIANS: Drifting And Dreaming/ LES LOUPS: La Portena Es Una Papa/ HELEN LOUISE & FRANK FERERA: K'alu Luliluli/ Kai Maia O Ka Madi/ LUA & KAILI (IRENE WEST'S ROYAL HAWAIIAN: Drowsy Waters/ Kohala March/ MASTER'S HAWAIIANS: Blue Sparks/ Hawaiian Stormy Weather/ MOANA SERENADERS: E Mama Ea/ He Mea Nui/ TAU MOE'S HAWAIIAN JAZZITES: U Like, Noa Like/ M.K. MOKE: Moana Chimes/ JAMES MOLKEHA: Maui Girl/ KING BENNIE NAWAHI: Waikiki Waltz/ PAT PATTERSON & HIS CHAMPION REP RIDERS: The Cat's Whiskers/ ROLAND PEACHY & HIS ROYAL HAWAIIANS: China Boy/ Goodby Blues/ MM. RIVIERES HAWAIIANS: E Mama Ee/ Ellis March/ La Lupe Ua Sola/ Mai Kai No Kauai/ Paahana/ RODNEY ROGER'S RED PEPPERS: Milenburg Joys/ ANDY SANELLA: Blues Of The Guitar/ Sliding On The Frets/ ROY SMECK: 12th Street Rag/ Bugle Call Rag/ Hilo March/ Kalima Walk/ Limehouse Blues/ Twilight Echoes/ TOMMY SOLOMON: Old Timer's Hula/ SOUTH SEA ISLANDERS: Liliu E/ DANNY STEWART: Les Femmes d'Amerique/ TAMARI TAHITI: Parari'i Pararara'i/ TRUETT & GEORGE: Ghost Dance/ UNKNOWN GERMAN ORCH: The Road To Paradise/ CHARLIE WILSON: Palolo/ JIMMY YATES' BOLL WEEVILS: Smiles

CAJUN VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7749 Cajun Country Volume 2: More Hits From The Swamp $28.98
Complementing JSP 7726 this is another great compilation of early Cajun music featuring 100 tracks recorded between the birt of Cajun music recording in 1928 and 1939 and includes a lot of titles not currently available on CD as well as titles that have not available since the original 78s were issued. Includes legendary performers like Joe & Cleoma Falcon, Amede Ardoin, The Hackberry Ramblers, Nathan Abshire and Happy Fats along with obscure but fine performers like Dudley & James Fawvor, Delma Lachney, Delint. Guillory & Lewis LaFleur, Bartmon Montet & Joswell Dupuis, Slim Doucet and others. Sound quality is generally excellent and there are informative notes by Pat Harrison and discographical details.
NATHAN ABSHIRE & THE RAYNE-BO RAMBLERS: La Valse De Riceville/ One Step De Laccissine/ One Step De Morse/ THE ALLEY BOYS OF ABBEVILLE: Abbeville Breakdown/ Apres Jengler A Toi/ Jolie Petite Blonde/ Quel Espoire (What's The Use)/ Tu Ma Quite Seul (The Prisoner's Song)/ Tu Peus Pa Me Faire Ca (You Can't Put That Monkey On My Back)/ AMEDE ARDOIN: La Valse Ah Abe (Abe's Waltz)/ Madam Atchen (Mrs. Atchen)/ Two Step De Eunice/ Two Step De La Prairie Soileau (Prairie Soileau Two Step/ La Valse De Amities (Love Waltz)/ Les Blues De Crowley (Crowley Blues)/ Les Blues De Voyage (Travel Blues)/ Oberlin/ THE BREAUX BROTHERS: La Valse Du Bayou Plaquemine (Plaquemine Bayou Waltz)/ GUIDRY BROTHERS: La Valse Du Mariage/ SOILEAU COUZENS: Sur Le Chemin Chez Moi (On My Way Home)/ JOE CREDUER & ALBERT BABINEAUX: La Fille Que J'Aime (The Girl I Love)/ Ma Cherie (My Cherie)/ THE DIXIE RAMBLERS: Barroom Blues/ SLIM DOUCET: Chere Yeux Noir/ OSCAR DOUCET & ALIUS SOILEAU: Oh Baby!/ When I Met You At The Gate/ JOE & CLEOMA FALCON: Mes Yeux Bleu/ DUDLEY & JAMES FAWVOR: T'est Petite A Ete T'Est Meon (You Are Little And You Are Cute)/ FOUR ACES: Aces Breakdown/ Lake Charles Waltz/ COLUMBUS FRUGE: Bayou Teche/ The Toad (Saud Crapaud)/ J.B. FUSELIER & HIS MERRYMAKERS: Ma Chere Bouclett (My Curly Headed Girl)/ Mon Chere Vieux Maison Dan Swet/ Redell Breakdown/ Two Step De La Tell/ Vien Don Ma Reguin (Come And Meet Me)/ BIXY GUIDRY & PERCY BABINEAUX: J'Vai Jouer Celea Pour Toi (I'll Play This For You)/ DELINT. GUILLORY & LEWIS LAFLEUR: Alone At Home/ Quelqun Est Jalous (Somebody Is Jealous)/ Stop That/ HACKBERRY RAMBLERS: 'Neath The Weeping Willow Tree/ Darbone's Creole Stomp/ J'Ai Pres Parley/ Louisiana Breakdown/ Rice City Stomp/ HAPPY FATS & HIS RAYNE-BO RAMBLERS: Aux Bal Se Te Maurice/ Gran Prairie/ La Place Mon Coeur Desire/ La Veuve De La Coulee/ Le Reponse De Blues De Bosco/ Les Blues De Bosco/ Les Ecrivis Dan Platin/ Nouveau Grand Gueydan/ Oublies Moi Jamais Petite/ Rayne Breakdown/ Ta Oblis De Vernier/ Vain Ton Don A Ma Mort/ Valse De Maria Bueller/ DIDIER HERBERT: I Woke Up One Morning In May/ JOE'S ACADIANS: Il Ya Pas La Claire De Lune (No Moonlight)/ Si Tu Voudroit Marriez Avec Moi (Marry Me)/ JOLLY BOYS OF LAFAYETTE: Jolly Boys Breakdown/ DELMA LACHNEY: Baoille/ Riviere Rouge/ ANGELAS LE JEUNNE: Bayou Pom Pom One Step/ Valse De Pointe Noire/ MCGHEE & ARDOIN: Amadie Two Step/ Blues De Basille/ La Valse A Austin Ardoin/ La Valse A Thomas Ardoin/ La Valse De Gueydan/ One Step D'Oberlin/ One Step des Chameaux/ Two Step D'Elton/ Valse A Alcee Poulard/ Valse Des Opelusas/ MILLER'S MERRYMAKERS: Cajun Breakdown/ Elton Two Step/ Lake Arthur Stomp/ Pine Island/ Round Up Hop/ ARTELUS MISTRIC: Belle Of Point Clair/ You Belong To Me/ BARTMON MONTET & JOSWELL DUPUIS: Je M'En Suis (I'm Going Away)/ L'Abandoner (The Abandoned Waltz)/ DEWEY SEGURA: Far Away From Home Blues/ Rosalia/ Your (sic) Small And Sweet/ THE SEGURA BROTHERS: A Mosquito Ate Up My Sweetheart/ New Iberia Polka/ FLOYD SHREVE & THE THREE ACES: Lonesome Blues/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS RHYTHM BOYS: Chere Liza/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS THREE ACES: Hackberry Hop/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS RHYTHM BOYS: La Valse De La Rosa/ THE THIBODEAUX BOYS: La Two Step A Erby/ La Vieux Vals An' Onc Mack/ Tu Pen Pas Ma Retter De Revere/ JOE WERNER & THE RAMBLERS: Crap Shooter's Hop/ She's My Flapper And My Baby

GREECE VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP 7776 Rembetika $28.98
Four CDs, 89 tracks, approx five hours, essential
This is one of the reissues of the year. Rembetika is often thought of as the Greek equivalent of the blues - a creation of the underclass and dealing with the realities of their life - smoking hash, thieving, jail, addiction, desire and betrayal sung with incredible soul and feeling. The music is thought to have originated with Greeks who had to leave Asia Minor at the beginning of the 20th Century. The earliest form is the Smyrnaic style (after Smyrna in Turkey) where the musicians first played the style and had a strong Turkish flavor to it. The usual accompaniment included violin, santouri/ cimbalom (hammered dulcimer), guitar and oud. The first volume is mostly devoted to recordings in this style and includes such legendary performers as Marika Papagika (who recorded in the USA), Achilleas Poulus (who sang in Turkish), the prolific and popular Andonios Dhiamandidhis (aka "Dalgas"), the sublime female singers Roza Eskenazi and Rita Abadzi. In the early 30s a new style of rembetica began to appear in the port city of Piraeus with a less ornamented style of singing and the extensive use of the bouzouki and its smaller cousin the baglama. The second disc is devoted to this style featuring sides by the gruff voiced Markos Vamvakaris - another extremely popular performer who recorded hundreds of songs as well as Stratos Payioumidzis, Yiorgis Batis and others. The third volume is strongly dominated by the guitar though the bouzouki and other instruments are also featured. It includes five gorgeous instrumental sides - two of them featuring bouzouki master Jack Halikias, one a rare example of a lute instrumental in rembetika and a dazzling guitar instrumental from the mysterious K. Kostis. This disc also features a track by the amazing George Katsoras whose modal singing and guitarist almost has the feel of a Mississippi hill country blues. In April, 1936 a right-wing government took power in Greece and censorship was introduced resulting in the banning of lyrics with an "undesirable" content as well as "Eastern style" music. The fourth disc features recordings from this period of censorship and while the lyrics are more concerned with romance than with dope or crime the performances are still powerful and moving featuring artists like Rirta Abadzi, Stellakis, Vassilis TsitsanisYiorgos Kavouras and others. The sound quality is superb and the only drawback to this set is that only 12 pages were allocated to the notes and compiler and annotator Charles Howard has done his best to give an overview of the music, brief biographies of the performers, a glossary and very brief excerpts or descriptions of the songs. (FS)
RITA ABADZI Markopouliotissa/ I Margarita/ O Vlamis Tou Psyri/ Pane Yia To Prasso/ To Flidzani Tou Yianni/ YIORGOS BATIS: I Fylakes Tou Oropou/ Taxim Athineiko Ke Zeimbekiko/ Varka Mou Boyiatismeni/ Thermastis/ AND. DALGAS: Sousta Politiki/ Zeimbekiko Melemenio/ ANDONIOS DALGAS: Echo Meraki Echo Dalga/ ANESTIS DHELIAS: Soura Ke Mastoura/ A. DHIAMADIDHIS ‘DALGAS’: Huseini Manes/ GUS DUSSAS: I Efmorfi Attaleia/ O Paraponiaris/ ROZA ESKENAZI: Dzerkeza/ Gazeli Sabach, Sti Mavri Yi Chrosto Kormi/ Ime Prezakias/ Mas Kynigoun Ton Argile/ Mes’ To Vathi Skotadhi/ LEOPOLD GAD: Piran Ta Frygana Fotia/ D. GONGOS ‘BAYIANDERAS’: Htan Anixi/ Panta Me Glyko Hasisi/ JACK GRIGORIOU & S.MICHELIDHIS: To Minore Tou Deke/ HADZICHRISTOS & I.STAMOULIS: Nea Vaggelitsa/ A. HADZICHRISTOS: Paliopedho/ Tha Se Klepso Tha Se Paro/ JACK HALIKIAS: Trikouverto/ JOHN (JACK) HALIKIAS: Raste Tou Deke/ YIANNIS IOANNIDHIS & MANOLIS KARAPIPERIS: Tout’ I Batsoi Pou’Rthan Tora/ AND. KALYVOPOULOS: O Prezakis/ Paraponiounde I Manges Mas/ Pende Manges/ Yiovan Tsaous/ KOSTAS KARIPIS: Minore Manes, S’Afino Tin Kali Nychtia/ YIORGOS KARRAS: Strive Logia/ GEORGE KATSAROS: Stis Syras To Aniforo/ YIORGOS KAVOURAS: Dhen Tha’rtho Peia Stin Kokkinia/ O Tsiggounis O Babas Sou/ STELLIOS KEROMYTIS: I Moni Mou Parigoria/ Mes’Tou Vavoula Ti Gouva/ A. KOSTIS: Me Pianoune Zaladhes/ K. KOSTIS: Troumba/ PETROS KYRIAKOS: O Skylomangas/ EL. MELEMENLIS: Tsifte Telli/ MARIKA PAPAGIKA: Aidhinikos Xoros/ Mandalena/ YIANNIS PAPAIOANNOU: Pali Mou Kanoun Proxenia/ Vadhizo Me Parapono/ MIKE PATRINOS & YIANNIS DEYAITAS: Hadzimilousiko/ PAYIOUMIDZIS & TSITSANIS: I Meraklidhes/ EF. PAYIOUMIDZIS: Manges Piaste Ta Vouna/ Vaggelitsa/ EFSTRATIOS PAYIOUMIDZIS: Ouzak-To Tragoudhi Tis Xentias/ San Eyriz’ Ap’ Tin Pylo/ STRATOS PAYIOUMIDZIS: Opios Orfanepse Mikros/ Zeimbekano Spaniolo/ STELLAKIS PERPINIADHIS & ANNA PAGANA: Dhervisis Ke Anna/ STELLAKIS PERPINIADHIS: Ego Thelo Prigipessa/ D. PHILLIPOPOULOS & D. EFSTRATIOU: To Yellekaki/ MARIKA POLITISSA: Melachrinoula/ Rast Zergile/ THE POPULAR ORCHESTRA: Bournovalio/ ACHILLEAS POULOS: Chakiji Zeibek/ E. SOPHRONIOU ‘VAGGELAKIS’: Ballos Smyrneikos Me Mane/ STELLAKIS: I Mikri Ap'To Passalimani/ Mikroula Pireotissa/ Ola Ta ‘Cho Varethi/ STELLLAKIS: I Magdhalo/ STRATOS & ST.KEROMYTIS: I Baglamadhes/ STRATOS & STELLAKIS: O Serianis/ Se Fino Akroyiali/ Thelo Na Se Andamoso, Xaveriotissa/ STRATOS & ST. KEROMYTIS: Tis Mastouras O Skopos/ STRATOS & V.TSITSANIS: To Proi Me Tin Dhrossoula/ Varka Yialo/ VASSILIS TSITSANIS: Tatavliano/ MARKOS VAMVAKARIS: I Klostirou/ Kapote Imouna Ki’Ego/ Manavissa Me Gaidhouraki/ O Synachis/ Olli I Rembetes Tou Dounia/ Prepi Na Xeris Michani/ San Ise Mangas Ke Dais/ Taxim-Zeimbekiko/ To Portofoli/ NIKOS VRACHNAS: Ithela Na’ Moun Iraklis/ MICHAILIS YENITSARIS: Ego Mangas Fenomouna

Four CDs, 87 tracks, essential
Complementing JSP 7776 ("Rembetika" - $19.98) this is another fantastic collection of this incredibly powerful and moving music from Greece that has parallels with American blues in it's visceral impact. The recordings here cover the period 1908 through 1946 along with one track from 2000 showing that the music is still alive. Intensely emotional vocals with varied instrumental accompaniments including clarinet, oud, violin, cimbalom, guitar, bouzouki, lyra, mandolin, banjo and other instruments in varying combinations. Compiled by rembetika expert Charles Howard who provides notes, discography, brief biographies and excerpts from the songs. Sound quality is outstanding - even the four tracks recorded between 1908 and 1910 sound great. The first volume was one of the best releases of 2006 - this one is sure to be one of the best of 2008. (FS)
RITA ABADZI: Zoi Ine Afti Zoitsa Mou/ MARKO MELKON ALEMSHERIAN: Shed Araban Taksim/ ANONYMOUS: O Bochoris/ D. ARAPAKIS: Manes Sabach/ DHIMITRIS ATRAIDHIS: Rast Mahour/ YEORG. BATIS: O Boufedzis/ To Barberaki/ BAYIANDERAS: To Tragoudhi Tis Agapis/ CAVADHIAS POPULAR ORCHESTRA: Karsilamas Tekirdag/ DALGAS: Ap 'Tin Poli Enas Mortis/ A. DALGAS: Beoglou Manes/ AND. DALGAS: Karotsieris (The Coachman)/ Nei Hasiklidhes (The Young Hash Smokers)/ ANDONIOS DALGAS: To Baglamadhaki Spase/ ANDONIS D. DALGAS: Tsifte-Teli Yiala/ AN. DHELIAS: To Sakkaki (The Stolen Jacket)/ KONST. DOUSSAS: I Trata (The Trawler)/ HAIM EFFENDI: Tchakidji Turkessou/ ROZA ESKENAZI: Voliotissa (The Girl From Volos)/ ELLINIKI ESTOUDIANDINA: Tsifte-Telli, Tha Spaso Koupes/ ESTUDIANTINA GRECQUE LEOPOLD GAD: Ta Kounaga (I Shook the Dice)/ ROZA EZKENAZI: Binda Yiala/ Merakli Rast Manes (Let Me Burn)/ MARIKA FRANDZESKOPOULOU: Ap' Tou Memeti To Nero/ HADZICHRISTOS: Echo Vathia Ton Pono/ AP. HADZICHRISTOS: Kala Mou Topane Mario/ A. HADZICHROSTOS: Ftochia (Poverty)/ JOHN (JACK) HALIKIAS: Mourmouriko Zeimbekiko/ SERVET HANIM: Yeni Turk Zeybegi/ Y. IOANNIDHIS: Apo Kato Ap 'Tis Dhomates/ ANDONIS KALIVOPOULOS: I Eleni I Zondochira (Eleni the Divorcee)/ Y. KAMVISIS: Yiannis Hasiklis (Synchronich) (Yiannis the Hash Smoker)/ ZACH. KASIMATIS: To Koutsavaki (The Dude)/ GEORGE KATSAROS: M'Ena Karedzi Blegmeni/ Pote Mavra Pote Aspra/ Y. KAVOURAS: Dhen Vrethike Yiatros/ STELLIOS KEROMYTIS: M'Ekapses Skyla/ ST. KEROMYTIS-TASSIA VRYONI: Ean Dhen Isoun Ftisikia (If You Weren't Tubercular)/ A. KOSTIS: Kaike Ena Scholio/ K. KOSTIS: Ap' Tin Porta Sou Perno (I Pass By Your Door)/ ATHANASIOS MAKEDHONAS: Tsifte-Telli/ HAR. MAVRIDHIS: Pio Pera Ap' To Zannio/ ZOUNARAS ME ARMONIKA: Smyneiko Minore/ EL. MENEMENLIS: Dhen Mou Lete To Hasisi Pou Pouliete (Tell Me Where They Sell the Dope)/ YEORYIA MITTAKI: S'Ena Deke Skarosame/ THEODHOROS MYTILINEOS: To Salepi/ OGDHONDAKIS: Aptaliko Zeimbekiko/ MARIKA PAPAGIKA: Mes 'Tou Sygrou Tin Fylaki (In Sygrou Jail)/ YIANNIS PAPAIOANNOU: Levendikos Horos/ AGGELITSA PAPAZOGLOU: Galata Manes/ EFSTRATIOS PAYIOMIDZIS: Manges Karavotsakismeni (Manges In Distress)/ E. PAYIOUMIDZIS: Ta Tsaggarakia/ EF. PAYIOUMIDZIS: Manes Rast Neva/ Sfouggaradhes (The Sponge Divers)/ STRATOS PAYIOUMIDZIS: Koritsi Apono (Heartless Girl)/ STELLAKIS PERPINIADHIS: Argiles (E. Papazoglou) (The Hash Pipe)/ Elleni Mikropandremeni/ Manges Mou Symoforthite (Dudes, Behave Yourselves)/ Varvara/ MARIKA POLITISSA: Manes Mahour/ POPULAR ORCHESTRA: Mytilinio Zeimbekiko/ YIANGOS PSOMATHIANOS: Smyrneikos Manes/ STAVROS REMOUNDHOS: Manes Hitzaskiar-Pireotikos/ K. ROUKNOUNAS: Pou Ine Ta Chronia Ta Palia (S. Gavalas)/ K. ROUKOUNAS: Mi Mou Les Pos Dhen Me Thelis (Don't Say That You Don't Want Me)/ KOSTAS ROUKOUNAS: To Marikaki/ DHIM. ROUMELIOTIS: Parigoria Ta Matia Sou (Your Eyes Are My Consolation)/ MARIO SALONIKIA: Bachrie Tsifte-Telli/ SAVARIS & MILIARIS: To Hasisi/ E. SOPHRONIOUS: Ballos Tis Avyis/ Kato Sto Yialo/ DAIZY STAVROPOULOU: Sklirokardhi/ Tha Pao Na Ziso Sta Vouna/ STELLAKIS: Tora Yirnas Stis Yeitonies/ STRATOS: Dhespo/ Ston Lofo Tou Skouze (On the Hill Of Skouze)/ V. TSITSANIS: Dhen Se Thelo Pia/ Dhodheka I Ora (At Midnight)/ Hadzi Baxes/ O Tsitsanis Sti Zoungla (Tsisanis In the Jungle)/ Stis Salonikis Ta Stena/ PANAYIOTIS TSOROS: Dou Dou/ STAVROS TSOURAS: O Stavrakas Mes' Ston Teke (Stavros At the Hash Den)/ M. VAMVAKARIS: Dhen Pavi Pia To Stoma Sou/ M' Eblexes Vre Poniri/ MARKOS VAMVAKARIS: Kaftone Stavro, Kaftone/ Ores Me Threfi O Loulas/ NIKOS VRACHNAS: Randevous San Perimeno (When I'm Waiting For You)/ ALEXIS ZOUMBAS: Pergamia (Dance From Bergama)

CAJUN VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 77115 Cajun - Rare & Authentic $28.98
Complementing JSP 7726 and 7749 this is JSP's third foray into the world of vintage Cajun music with 100 superb tracks recorded between 1928 and 1939. It includes legendary names like Joe Falcon, Amede Ardoin, The Hackberry Ramblers (very little duplication with Arhoolie 7050 - $12.98) and Breaux Freres along with great but lesser known performers like Adam Trehan, Anatole Credure, Connor & Grader, Delin T. Guillory & Lewis LaFleur, Miller's Merrymakers, Louisiana Rounders (featuring "Papa Cairo"), The Alley Boys Of Abbeville, etc. Considering the rarity of many of these recordings the sound quality is excellent and there are brief informative notes by Pat Harrison and full discographical data.
THE ALLEY BOYS OF ABBEVILLE: Ja Vas Jamais Lessair Pleurer (I'll Never Let You Cry)/ Pourquois Te En Pen/ AMEDIE ARDOIN: Aimez Moi Ce Soir (Love Me Tonight)/ La Turtape De Saroied (The Turtape of Saroied)/ La Valse Des Chantiers Peteroliferes (Waltz of the Oil Field)/ La Valse Du Ballard/ Le Midland Two-Step/ Les Blues De La Prison (The Jail House Blues)/ Si Dur D'etre Seul (So Hard To Be Alone)/ Tortope D'osrun/ Tostape De Jennings (Tostape of Jennings)/ Valse Brunette/ Valse De La Pointe D'eglise (Church Point Walt)/ Valse De Mon Vieux Village (My Old Home Town Waltz)/ PERCY BABINEAUX & BIXY GUIDRY: Elle a Plurer Pour Revenir (She Cried To Come Back But She Couldn't)/ I Am Happy Now/ Waltz of the Long Wood/ BREAUX FRERES: Egan One Step/ La Valse D'auguste (August Waltz)/ La Valse Des Pins (Pinewood Waltz)/ CONNOR & GRADER: Lake Arthur Two Step/ Valse De Boscoville/ ANATOLE CREDURE: Black Bayou One Step/ Gasport One Step/ Lacassine Waltz/ Lake Charles Waltz/ THE DIXIE RAMBLERS: I've Got a Gal/ La Musique Encore, Encore/ JOE FALCON: A Cowboy Rider/ Fe Fe Ponchaux/ La Marche De La Noce/ Rayne Special/ Vieux Airs/ DUDLEY & JAMES FAWVOR: La Valse De Creole/ BLIND UNCLE GASPARD: Mercredi Soir Passe/ THE GUIDRY BROTHERS: Homme Abandonne/ Le Garcon Chez Son Pere/ Le Garcon Negligent/ Le Mes Beaux Yieux/ Le Recommendation Du Soulard/ DELIN T. GUILLORY & LEWIS LAFLEUR: Ma Petite Blonde (My Little Blonde)/ THE HACKBERRY RAMBLERS: Blue Eyes/ Bonnie Blue Eyes/ Bring It Down To the Jailhouse Honey/ Dobie Shack/ Don't Ever Trust a Friend/ Green Valley Waltz/ High Mountain Blues/ Just Because/ Louisiana Moon/ Mama Don't Allow No Hanging Around/ My Little Girl/ On Top of the World/ Sonny Boy/ Su Charin/ Te Ma Pris De La Maison/ Wandering Man, The/ HARRINGTON, LANDRY & STEWARD: La Stomp Clreole (Sic)/ Ta Aura Regret/ THE JOLLY BOYS OF LAFAYETTE: Abbeville/ Cata Houla Breakdown/ High Society/ Jolie (Brunette)/ La Valse De La Lafayette/ Old Man Crip/ Tant Que Tu Est Avec Moi (As Long As You're With Me)/ There'll Come a Time/ SYDNEY LANDRY: Confession D'amour/ La Vlouse Francaise/ LE JEUNNE & FRUGE: La Valse De La Veuve/ Le Petit One Step/ THE LOUISIANA ROUNDERS: Alons Kooche Kooche/ Ayou, Ayou, Mon Petite Chien Pour Edete (Where,Oh Where Has My Little Dog G/ Bon Whiskey/ Je Vue Ta Figure Dans La Lune (I Saw Your Face In the Moon)/ La Valse a Karo/ Quatre Ou Cinq Fois (Four or Five Times)/ DENUS MCGHEE & AMEDE ARDOIN: Sunset (Sunset)/ Tout Que Rest C'est Mon Linge/ MCGHEE & COURVILLE: Allon a Tassone/ Disez Goodbye a Votre Mere/ MILLER'S MERRYMAKERS: It's the Top of Everything/ Lake Arthur Waltz/ Merrymaker's Hop/ Over the Waves/ THE RIVERSIDE RAMBLERS: Let's Go Fishing/ She's One of Those/ THE SEGURA BROTHERS: Bury Me In a Corner of the Yard/ My Sweetheart Run Away/ FLOYD SHREVE: Darling of Yesterday/ THE THIBODEAUX BOYS: La Manvais Femme/ La Vieux Valse a Ma Belle/ Ma Petite Chere Ami/ Par De Su Les Lames/ ADAM TREHAN: Arcadian Waltz/ Do You Think Work is Hard?/ The Pretty Girls Don't Want Me/ The Waltz of Our Little Town/ JOE WERNER & THE RAMBLERS: The Answer To "Weeping Willow"/ The Lonesome Wanderer


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