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JSP Box Sets
Country, Bluegrass & Old Timey

Various Artists

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7731 Bluegrass - Classic Recordings Remastered ● CD $28.98
Four CD set with 96 tracks. Two-thirds of of the tracks feature bluegrass recordings from the 1940s and early 50s and the rest features old time country music from the 30s and early 40s that forms the roots of country music. Includes Jerry & Sky, John Reedy & His Stone Mountain Boys, Whitey & Hogan, Rebe & Rabe, Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper, The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Frank Wakefield & Buster Turner, The Bailey Brothers, Connie & Babe, The Hamm Brothers, J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers, Jim Eanes & His Shenandoah Valley Boys, The Morris Brothers and others.
HOBO JACK ADKINS: Going Back To Old Kentucky/ You Have Left Me Memories/ THE BAILEY BROTHERS & THE HAPPY VLLEY BOYS: Rattlesnake Daddy/ RED BELCHER & THE KENTUCKY RIDGERUNNERS: Kentucky Is Only A Dream/ RED BELCHER & THE KENTUCKY RIDGERUNNRS: The Old Grey Goose/ BUSTER CARTER & PRESTON YOUNG: I'll Roll In My Baby's Arms/ MARVIN COBB, FRANK WAKEFIELD & THE CHAIN MOUNTA: New Campdown Races/ THE COLWELL BROTHERS: Blue Bonnet Lane/ CONNIE & BABE: How Will The Flowers Bloom/ Roll On Blues/ The Last Love Letter/ The Lonely Waltz/ STONEY COOPER & WILMA LEE: This World Can't Stand Long/ Wicked Path Of Sin/ JIM EANES & HIS SHENANDOAH VALLEY BOYS: Blue Yodel #1/ Curtains Of Sorrow/ Down Among The Budded Roses/ Florida Blues/ Little Brown Hand/ Missing In Action/ Tomorrow May Be Different/ ROY HALL & HIS BLUE RIDGE ENTERTAINERS: Can You Forgive/ Come Back Little Pal/ Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die/ I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/ Little Sweetheart Come And Kiss Me/ Lonesome Dove/ Loving You Too Well/ Natural Bridge Blues/ Polecat Blues/ The Best Of Friends Must Part Sometime/ Wabash Cannonball/ Where The Roses Never Fade/ ’neath The Bridge At The Foot Of The Hill/ THE HALL BROTHERS: Little Mohee/ The Wrong Road/ THE HAMM BROTHERS: He Saved My Soul/ FRANK HUNTER & HIS BLACK MOUNTAIN BOYS: Long Time ,no See/ JERRY & SKY: Orange Blossom Secial/ HACK JOHNSON & HIS TENNESSEANS: Home Sweet Home/ RONNIE KNITTEL & HOLSTON VALLEY RAMBLERS: Holston Valley Breakdown/ PEE WEE LAMBERT & CURLEY PARKER: Just A Memory/ Weary Hobo/ THE LILLY BROTHERS: They Sleep Together Now At Rest/ What Are They Doing In Heaven Today/ THE LONESOME PINE FIDDLERS: Don't Forget Me/ I'm Left Alone/ Lonesome Pine Breakdown/ Lonesome, Sad And Blue/ Nobody Cares (not Even You)/ Pain In My Heart/ Twenty One Years/ Will I Meet Mother In Heaven?/ You Broke Your Promise/ TED LUNDY: I've Never Been So Lonesome/ WADE MAINER & THE SONS OF THE MOUNTAINEERS: Don't Leave Me Alone/ I Won't Be Worried/ Lonely Tombs/ Old Reuben/ Poor Drunkard's Dream/ Rambling Boy/ Ramshackle Shack/ Short Life And It's Trouble/ Wild Bill Jones/ You May Forsake Me/ J.E. MAINER'S MOUNTAINEERS: Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/ Concord Rag/ Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind/ Drunkard's Hiccoughs/ Johnson's Old Grey Mule/ Maple On The Hill/ Seven And A Half/ THE MORRIS BROTHERS: Salty Dog Blues/ SONNY OSBORNE: I'm On My Way To The Old Home/ BUSTER PACK & HIS LONESOME PINE BOYS: Better Late Than Never/ BYRON PARKER & HIS MOUNTAINEERS: C & N.w. Railroad Blues/ Carroll County Blues/ Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar/ Married Life Blues/ Up Jumped The Devil/ We Shall Rise/ REBE & RABE: Helen/ Mother, Sweet Mother/ JOHN REEDY & HIS STONE MOUNTAIN BOYS: Somebody Touched Me/ THE ROUSE BROTHERS: Orange Blossom Special/ THE SAUCEMAN BROTHERS: Hallelujah, We Shall Rise/ THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY TRIO: Let Me Rest (at The End Of My Journey)/ L.C. SMITH, RALPH MAYO & THE SOUTHERN MOUNTAI: Radio Boogie/ TOBY STROUD & THE BLUE MOUNTAIN BOYS: Jesse James/ Tragic Romance/ CECIL SURRATT & HIS WEST VIRGINIA RAMBLERS: The Bright Crystal Sea/ Where Will You Spend Eternity/ FRANK WAKEFIELD & BUSTER TURNER: Leave Well Enough Alone/ You're The One (i See In My Dreams)/ WHITEY & HOGAN: Jesse James/ PHEBEL WRIGHT: Lint Head Stomp

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7751 Sounds Like Jimmie Rodgers - Stars That Followed The Master ● CD $28.98
This four CD set with 100 tracks shows the influence of the great Jimmie Rodgers featuring some of the many artists whose music was influenced to a greater or lesser degree by Rodgers. Includes one whole CD devoted to Gene Autry plus sides by W. Lee O'Daniel & His Hillbilly Boys, Fleming & Townsend, Bill Carlisle, Riley Puckett, Buddy Jones, The Texas Drifter (Goebel Reeves), Stuart Hamblen, Ramblin' Red Lowery, Ernest Tubb and others.
GENE AUTRY: Any Old Time/ Bear Cat Papa Blues/ Blue Yodel #4 (California Blues)/ Blue Yodel #5/ Dallas County Jail Blues/ Frankie And Johnny/ Gangster's Warning/ He's In The Jailhouse Now No .2/ High Powered Mama/ High Steppin' Mama Blues/ Hobo Bill's Last Ride/ I'll Always Be A Rambler/ I'm Atlanta Bound/ Jailhouse Blues/ Jimmie The Kid/ Life Of Jimmie Rodgers/ Methodist Pie/ No One To Call Me Darling/ Pistol Packin' Papa/ T.b. Blues/ That's How I Got My Start/ The Yodeling Hobo/ Travellin' Blues/ Waiting For A Train/ Whisper Your Mother's Name/ BILL BOYD & HIS COWBOY RAMBLERS: Wind Swept Desert (desert Blues)/ BILL CARLISLE: Rattlin' Daddy/ CLIFF CARLISLE: The Cowboy's Dying Dream/ WILF CARTER (MONTANA SLIM): It's A Cowboy's Night To Howl/ Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy/ The Old Barn Dance/ Yodeling Hillbilly/ LEON CHAPPELEAR: Trifling Mama Blues/ BILL COX: A High Silk Hat And A Gold Top Walking Cane/ Jackson County/ Lay My Head Beneath The Rose/ My Rough And Rowdy Ways/ When We Meet On The Beautiful Shore/ Where The Red, Red Roses Grow/ FLEMING & TOWNSEND: Gonna Quit Drinkin' When I Die/ STUART HAMBLEN: Wrong Keyhole/ BUDDY JONES: Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea/ Mean Old Lonesome Blues/ Shreveport County Jail Blues/ The Women ('bout To Make A Wreck Out Of Me)/ W. LEE O’DANIEL & HIS HILLBILLY BOYS: Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues/ Yodeling Ranger/ DADDY JOHN LOVE: Cotton Mill Blues/ My Little Red Ford/ RAMBLIN’ RED LOWERY: Bum On The Bum/ Ramblin' Red's Memphis Yodel – No. 1/ FRANKIE MARVIN: I'm Gonna Yodel My Way To Heaven/ I'm In The Jailhouse Now/ RILEY PUCKETT: 'way Out There/ Away Out On The Mountain/ Back On The Texas Plains/ Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia/ Sleep Baby Sleep/ The Moonshiner's Dream/ THE RHYTHM WRECKERS: Blue Yodel # 2 (my Lovin' Gal Lucille)/ Never No Mo' Blues/ JIMMIE RODGERS: Jimmie Rodgers Medley – Part 1/ Jimmie Rodgers Medley – Part 2/ In The Jailhouse Now No. 2/ Peach Pickin' Time Down In Georgia/ BILL SIMMONS: Rocky Mountain Blues/ Rocky Mountain Sweetheart/ HANK SNOW: Polka Dot Blues/ The Hobo's Last Ride/ Wandering On/ THE TEXAS DRIFTER: At The End Of The Hobo's Trail/ Cowboy's Lullabye/ Fortunes Galore/ I Learned About Women From Her/ John Law And The Hobo/ Little Joe The Wrangler/ Miss Jackson Tennessee/ Mother-in-law Blues/ Railroad Boomer/ Reckless Tex/ Station H.o.b.o./ The Drifter – Part 1/ The Drifter – Part 2/ The Hobo's Last Letter/ The Oklahoma Kid/ The Prisoner's Song/ The Tramp's Mother/ The Wayward Son/ The Yodelin' Teacher/ ERNEST TUBB: Married Man Blues/ Mean Old Bed Bug Blues/ My Mother Is Lonely/ Since That Black Cat Crossed My Path/ The Last Thoughts Of Jimmie Rodgers/ The Passing Of Jimmie Rodgers/ The Right Train To Heaven/ The T.b. Is Whipping Me/ VAL & PETE: Yodel Blues – Part 1/ Yodel Blues – Part 2/ BOB WILLS & HIS TEXAS PLAYBOYS: Never No More Hard Times Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7755 Mountain Gospel ● CD $28.98
Four CDS, 100 tracks, essential
Fabulous collection of old time gospel music featuring 100 tracks recorded between 1926 and 1941 - the first in depth look at this genre. It includes the complete recordings of the fantastic singer/ guitarist Alfred G. Karnes and the great and terrifically exciting Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Quartet previously available on the now out of print Document CD "Kentucky Gospel." It includes many sides not previously on CDs and the music is tremendously varied including unaccompanied quartets, string bands, brother duets, sacred harp groups and even some novelty gospel numbers. Apart from the aforementioned Karnes and Phipps, highlights include 12 gorgeous sides by Ernest V. Stoneman with harmony vocals accompanied by guitar, fiddle and organ; three tracks by The Bush Family/ Brothers; a lovely duet by The Anglin Twins featuring Jack Anglin who later became half of Johnnie & Jack, the delightful Virginia Dandies featuring vocal by Walter Smith who also appears as Kid Williams on two songs with fine steel guitar, groups led by J.E. Mainer and his brother Wade, the terrific Bill Carlisle and much more. Sound quality varies but generally excellent and there brief notes on many of the artists and discographical information. This is one of those sets you'll return to again and again because of the variety and everywhere you look you'll find an obscure gem. (FS)
ALABAMA SACRED HARP SINGERS: Cuba/ I Belong To This Band/ Old Ship Of Zion/ THE ALCOA QUARTET: I'm Redeemed/ THE ANGLIN TWINS: Just Inside The Pearly Gates/ THE AVONDALE MILLS QUARTET: Rejoicing All The Way/ BIRD'S KENTUCKY CORN CRACKERS: Crossed Old Jordan's Stream/ THE BLUE RIDGE SINGERS: Glory Is Rising In My Soul/ I Want To Go There Don't You/ THE BUSH BROTHERS: On The Glory Road/ When The Gates Of Glory Open/ THE BUSH FAMILY: Music In My Soul/ BILL CARLISLE: He Will Be Your Savior Too/ The Heavenly Train/ THE CAROLINA GOSPEL SINGERS: My Prayer/ THE CAROLINA RAMBLERS: I Got A Home In The Beulah Land/ That Lonesome Valley/ THE CHUMBLER FAMILY: Jacob's Ladder/ EDITH & SHERMAN COLLINS: I Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore/ THE COON CREEK GIRLS: Sowing On The Mountain/ PHIL & FRANK CROW: Abraham/ PHIL CROW TRIO: I'm A Gittin' Ready To Go/ THE CROWDER BROTHERS: The Sailing Ship/ DANIELS-DEASON SACRED HARP: Coronation/ THE DEAL FAMILY: Everybody Will Be Happy Over There/ He Is Coming After Me/ Joy Among The Angels/ ‘Twill Be All Glory Over There/ THE DIXIE REELERS: I Shall Not Be Moved/ Lonesome Valley (Part 2)/ THE EVA QUARTETTE: Bringing In The Sheaves/ THE GARLAND BROTHERS & GRINSTEAD: Beautiful/ Just Over The River/ THE GIDDENS SISTERS: I'm Going Home To Die No More/ MR & MRS R .N. GRISHAM: We'll Be At Home Again/ ELDER G. P. HARRIS: My God The Spring Of All My Joys/ GOLDEN. P. HARRIS: I'll Lead A Christian Life/ THE HILL BROTHERS WITH WILLIE SIMMONS: I Am On My Way To Heaven/ REV. CALBERT HOLSTEIN & SISTER BILLIE HOLSTEIN: Ring The Bells Of Freedom/ ALFRED G. KARNES: Called To The Foreign Field/ Do Not Wait ‘Till I'm Laid Beneath The Clay/ I Am Bound For The Promised Land/ The Days Of My Childhood Plays/ To The Work/ We Shall All Be Reunited/ When They Ring The Golden Bells/ Where We'll Never Grow Old/ THE LAUREL (MISSISSIPPI) FIREMAN'S QUARTET: What A Change/ THE LUBBOCK TEXAS QUARTET: Turn Away/ WADE MAINER & THE SONS OF THE MOUNTAINEERS: Home In The Sky/ Life's Ev'nin' Sun/ Mansions In The Sky/ The Precious Jewel/ THE MCCRAVY BROTHERS: Dip Me In The Golden Sea/ No Hidin' Place Down There/ Sometimes/ Sunrise/ MCVAY & JOHNSON: Ain't Gonna Lay My Armor Down/ I'll Be Ready When The Bridegroom Comes/ THE MORRIS BROTHERS & EUNICE: Gabriel's Trumpet/ J.E. MAINER’S MOUNTAINEERS: In A Little Village Churchyard/ Just Over In The Gloryland/ Lights In The Valley/ This World Is Not My Home/ BYRON PARKER & HIS MOUNTAINEERS: He Is My Friend And Guide/ I Love My Saviour/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – A LITTLE: A Little Talk With Jesus/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – BRIGHT T: Bright Tomorrow/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS QUARTET: Do, Lord Remember Me/ Don't Grieve After Me/ Happy In Prison/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – I KNOW T: I Know That Jesus Set Me Free/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS QUARTET: I Want To Go Where Jesus Is/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – IF THE L: If The Light Has Gone Out In Your Soul/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS QUARTET: Jesus Getting Us Ready For That Great Day/ Old Ship Of Zion/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – SHINE ON: Shine On Me/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – WENT UP: Went Up In The Clouds Of Heaven/ WILLIAM REXROAT'S CEDAR CREST SINGERS: What Kind Of Shoes You Going To Wear/ RIDGEL'S FOUNTAIN CITIANS: Hallelujah To The Lamb/ ROSWELL SACRED HARP: Odem/ THE SOUTHERN MELODY BOYS: Tribulation Days/ ERNEST STONEMAN: Down To Jordan And Be Saved/ Going Down The Valley/ Hallelujah Side/ I Am Resolved/ I Remember Calvary/ Know My Name Is There/ No More Goodbyes/ Sweeping Through The Gates/ Tell Mother I Will Meet Her/ The Sinless Summerland/ There's A Light Lit Up In Galilee/ THE VAUGHAN QUARTET: In Steps Of Light/ THE VIRGINIA DANDIES: God's Getting Worried/ There's A Beautiful City Called Heaven/ KID WILLIAMS: I'm Glad I Counted The Cost/ When He Died He Got A Home In Hell/ WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS: Though Your Sins Be Scarlet/ IRA & EUGENE YATES: You'll Never Go To Heaven With Your Powder And Paint

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7757 Early Country Radio ● CD $28.98
Four CDS, 79 tracks, essential
This is a fabulous collection of country music recorded between 1936 and 1951 for playing on the radio via the medium of transcription discs. There is no discography of these unique recordings and a great many of them were destroyed over the years under the terms of use of the transcription companies so we should be grateful for what has survived. The track count above is a little misleading since some of the tracks are complete shows with several songs, commercial spiels, etc. The first two discs are devoted to the great Carter Family who were one of the most prolific, popular and influential country groups of the 20s and 30s and whose influence can be heard today in many recordings. In the 30s a number of radio stations opened in Mexico on the border with Texas and free of restrictions on power output enforced by the FCC they proved a haven for commercial sponsors who often used music to entertain the listeners in preparation for the commercial pitch. In 1938, The Carter Family relocated to Del Rio, Texas and over the next three years produced a vast number of radio transcriptions that were broadcast over border stations XERA, XERF and XET. The first disc and part of the second features recordings made between 1938 and 1941 for XERF and the rest of the second disc features sides recorded in 1936 for Associated Programn Services (I beleive the latter on the Bear family 12 CD box set). Most of the songs are those they had recorded commercially for Victor, Columbia and Decca along with a few not recorded commercially like a splendid rendition of I'm Sitting On Top Of the World and there are often subtle differences in the arrangements but the family's simple, direct vocals and lovely instrumental accompaniments with Maybelle's superb guitar work and Sarah's guitar or autoharp accompaniment are always a delight. The third and fourth discs feature extensive contributions from Bill Monroe's younger brother Charlie and his splendid group The Kentucky Partners. Drawn from 1944 transcriptions, his band at the time included brother Birch on fiddle, Lester Flatt on guitar and vocal, Tex Isley on electric guitar and others including Helen Osborne (aka Katy Hill) playing banjo on several cuts. Charlie's music has been overshadowed by his brother Bill but his music is wonderful and compelling with great vocals and instrumental work on a wide selection of old time material. You also get to hear some commercials for Man-O-Ree laxative. Also featured on the box are fine contributions from Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers, J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers, Cowboy Slim Rinehart and the set ends with a rare 1951 March Of Dimes show featuring the greatest of them all Hank Williams with his Drifting Cowboys helping to raise money for children with infantile paralysis. Hank and the group do three songs and Hank does some moving pitches for the cause. One of songs features the horribly flat lead vocals of Audrey but the rest is wonderful. Sound is generally fine and there are informative notes by Pat Harrison. Some truly indispensable music. (FS)
THE CARTER FAMILY: A Distant Land To Roam/ Alabama Girls/ Are You Lonesome Tonight/ Bonnie Blue Eyes/ Broken Down Tramp/ Broken Engagement/ Broken Hearted Lover/ Cannonball Blues/ Chinese Breakdown/ Cyclone Of Rye Cove/ Darling Daises/ Del Rio/ Diamonds In The Rough/ Diamonds In The Rough/ East Virgina Blues No.2/ Engine 143/ Goin' Back To Texas/ Grave On The Green Hillside/ Happy Or Lonesome/ Homestead On The Farm/ Honey Babe/ I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart/ I Never Loved But One/ I Wouldn't Mind Dying/ I'm Sitting On Top Of The World/ I'm Working On A Building/ Jealous Hearted Me/ Just A Few More Days/ Just Another Broken Heart/ Keep On The Sunny Side/ Keep On The Sunny Side/ Keep On The Sunny Side/ Kissing Is A Crime/ Leaning On The Everlasting Arms/ Lily Of The Valley/ Little Darling Pal Of Mine/ Little Joe/ Little Log Cabin By The Sea/ Little Moses/ Lonesome Valley/ Lover's Farewell/ May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister/ My Dixie Darling/ My Heart's Tonight In Texas/ My Heavenly Home Is Bright And Fair/ My Native Home/ My Old Pal Of Yesterday/ No Depression In Heaven/ Old Ladies Home/ One Little Word/ Room In Heaven For Me/ Shall We Gather At The River/ Single Girl, Married Girl/ Soldier's Sweetheart/ The Dying Soldier/ The Last Letter/ The Last Letter/ The Storms Are On The Ocean/ There'll Be Joy, Joy, Joy/ What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul/ When Our Lord Shall Come Again/ Where Shall I Be?/ Who's That Knocking?/ Why There's A Tear In My Eye/ Your Mother Still Prays For You Jack/ ROY HALL & HIS BLUE RIDGE ENTERTAINERS: Don't Cause Mother's Hair To Turn Grey/ Fisher's Hornpipe/ Remember Me/ South Of The Border/ Take Me Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains/ J.E. MAINER'S MOUNTAINEERS: Arkansas Traveler/ Blue Railroad Train/ Goodbye Maggie/ Indian River Hoedown/ Letter Edged In Black/ My Old Pal Of Yesterday/ Shortenin' Bread/ CHARLIE MONROE & THE KENTUCKY PARTNERS: An Empty Mansion/ Bile Them Cabbage Down/ Casey Jones/ Chicken Reel/ Closing Theme/ Daisy Mae/ Don't Let My Ramblin' Bother Your Mind/ Down In Caroline/ Dying A Sinner's Death/ Every Time I Feel The Spirit/ Going Around The World/ Gone And Left Me Blues/ Happy Day/ Heading For Gloryland/ I Got A Gal Waitin' For Me/ I Know You'll Understand/ I Walk Alone/ I've Made A Covenant With My Lord/ It's A Grand And Glorious Feeling/ Little Liza Jane/ Man-o-ree Commercial/ Seven More Days/ Sourwood Mountain/ That's The Love I Have For You/ Two Little Sweethearts/ Under The Old Hickory Tree/ Valley Of Peace/ Walk That Long Lonesome Road/ Watermelon On The Vine/ We'll Meet Again Sweetheart/ When It's Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing/ White House Blues/ Who's Calling You Sweetheart Tonight/ You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone/ COWBOY SLIM RINEHART: Alone And Lonesome/ Blue Yodel No. 10/ I Want A Good Woman/ Left All Alone/ Lonesome Valley/ Memories Of My Silver Haired Daddy/ Missouri Moon/ My Buddy/ Nobody's Darling/ On The Mississippi Shore/ Ridin' Down That Old Texas Trail/ Trail Of The Great Divide/ HANK WILLIAMS & HIS DRIFTING COWBOYS: Help Me Understand/ Moanin' The Blues/ When God Dips His Love In My Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7774 Paramount Old Time Recordings ● CD $28.98
Four CDS, 100 tracks, highly recommended
A terrific collection of old time music made for the Paramount record company between 1925 and 1931 including a few Cajun items. Although best known for its blues recordings, Paramount also recorded some superb old time music and thanks to JSP's collaboration with legendary collector Joe Bussard much of this is being made available for the first time since the 78s were first issued. The first disc is devoted to string bands including the fabulous Wilmer watts & The Lonely eagles, The McClung Brothers and Cleve Chaffin, Red Brush Rowdies, Arthur Tanner (brother of Gid Tanner with the great Earl Johnsonon fiddle) and others. The second disc features ballads and blues from Welling & McGhee (including two very powerful labor songs) , Emry Arthur, The Gentry Brothers, Brock Sisters, Rufus K. Stanley and others including slide guitarist Jack Pennewell whose material was not included in the country discography but who does a couple of fine instrumental blues. The third disc is devoted to religious music with contributions from Welling & McGhee, Kentucky Thorobreds, Joe Reed Family, Sid Hardreaker, etc. The final disc is a miscellany including The Kentucky Ramblers, Soileau & Robin, Bertrand & Gonzales, The Blue Ridge Highballers, etc. Considering the technical quality of Paramount 78s the sound quality here is generally remarkably good though a few tracks can be pretty rough going. (FS)
EMRY ARTHUR: George Collins/ Got Drunk And Got Married/ I Tickled Her Under The Chin/ The Bluefield Murder/ The Married Man/ There’s A Treasure Up In Heaven/ BERTRAND & PITRE: Cousinne Lilly/ BERTRAND & GONZALES: La Delaisser/ Le Pond De Nante/ BERTRAND & PITRE: Miserable/ Upstairs/ Valse De Gueydan/ THE BLUE RIDGE HIGHBALLERS: Are You Angry With Me Darling/ Julie Girl/ Red Wing/ THE BROCK SISTERS: Broadway Blues/ CHEZZ CHASE: Log Cabin Blues/ DAVIS & NELSON: Death Is No More Than A Dream/ I Shall Not Be Moved/ THE DIXIE CRACKERS: Bile Them Cabbage Down/ The Old Bell Cow/ FAY & THE JAY WALKERS: Longing For Home/ Those Dark Eyes I Love So Well/ THE FRUIT JAR GUZZLERS: C & O Whistle/ Cackling Hen/ Fox In The Mountains/ Kentucky Bootleggers/ Old Joe Clark/ THE GENTRY BROTHERS: I Was Born 4000 Years Ago/ Sara Jane/ GIBB’S STRING BAND: Chicken Reel/ Double Eagle March/ In The Good Old Summertime/ I’m Going Crazy/ My Little Girl/ Swinging In The Lane/ ROY GONZALES: Anuiant Et Bleu/ Choctaw Beer Blues/ SID HARKREADER: In The Sweet Bye And Bye/ The Land Where We Never Grow Old/ The Old Rugged Cross/ Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown/ THE JOE REED FAMILY: I Will Tell A Wondrous Story/ Jesus Is Getting Us Ready/ Little David Play On Your Harp/ Two Little Children/ REX KELLY: Down By The Railroad Track/ THE KENTUCKY RAMBLERS: A Pretty White Rose/ Give Me That Old Time Religion/ Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory To The Lamb/ Good Cocaine (Mama Don’t Allow It)/ Little Mamie/ Some Mother’s Boy/ The Prisoners Sweetheart/ The Unfortunate Breakman/ THE KENTUCKY THOROBREDS: He Cometh/ Room For Jesus/ This World Is Not My Home/ ‘Til We Meet Again/ THE MCCLUNG BROTHERS & CLEVE CHAFFIN: Alabama Jubilee/ Trail Blazer’s Favourite/ OWEN MILLS (DAVID MILLER): It’s Hard To Be Shut Up In Prison/ JACK PENEWELL: Hen House Blues/ Memphis Blues/ THE RED BRUSH ROWDIES: Harbour Of Home Sweet Home/ Hatfield McCoy Feud/ Midnight Serenade/ Tuck Me In/ SOILEAU & ROBIN: La Valse De La Ru Canal/ Ma Mauvais Fille/ RUFUS K. STANLEY: Down In Arkansas/ Only A Tramp/ Six Feet Of Earth/ When The Whipoorwill Is Whispering Goodnight/ ARTHUR TANNER: Chickens Don’t Roost Too High For Me/ Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane/ Show Me The Way To Go Home/ Soldier’s Joy/ The Knoxville Girl/ When I Was Single My Pockets Did Jingle/ Whoa Mule Whoa/ WILMER WATTS & THE LONELY EAGLES: Banjo Sam/ Been On The Job Too Long/ Cotton Mill Blues/ Knocking Down Casey Jones/ Say Darling Won’t You Love Me/ WELLING & MC GHEE: Are You Washed In The Blood/ WELLING & SHANNON: Brighten The Corner Where You Are/ WELLING & MCGHEE: Busted Bank Blues/ WELLING & SHANNON: I’m A Child Of The King/ WELLING & MC GHEE: My Mother’s Bible/ WELLING & MCGHEE: Picture On The Wall/ The Marion Massacre/ The North CarolinaTextile Strike/ WELLING & MC GHEE: What A Friend We Have In Jesus/ When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder/ GEORGE WASHINGTON WHITE: Gambler’s Blues/ Idaho Joe

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7780 Serenade In The Mountains - Early Old Time Music ● CD $28.98
Four CDs, 94 tracks, highly recommended
Another fabulous collection of old time music from JSP. This is a varied selection with the first disc being mostly devoted to string bands like The Scottdale String Band, Uncle Eck Dunford, Narmour & Smith, The Fox Chasers and others including two two-sided comedy skits with music by Ernest Stoneman & The Blue Ridge Cornshuckers. The second disc has an emphasis on the banjo including solo vocal and banjo performers by the unique "Minstrel Of The Appalachains" Bascom Lamar LUnsford and Dock Walsh - the latter playing slide banjo on two cuts. There are several superb banjo instrumentals from Hendley, Small & Whitter, Marion Underwood (the magnificent Coal Creek March) and is rounded out with sides by the superb Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers (with a couple of skits) and Carolina Tar Heels (the latter group featuring Walsh on banjo). The third disc features artists from Georgia - many of them associated with The Skillet Lickers including Ted Hawkins & Riley Puckett, Clayton McMichen & Dan Hornsby, The Monroe County Bottle Tippers (doing the two part sktch The Fiddlin' Bootleggers), McMichen & Puckett, The Hometown Boys, Georgia Yellow Hammers and more. The final disc is mostly devoted to the more urbane sounds of artists Carson Robinson, Vernon Dalhart and Frank Luther performing solo and in various duet combinations. It opens with two tracks from 1929 by The New Arkansas Travelers featuring guitar and two harmonicas with vocals by an Englishmen performing what sounds like a couple of English music hall songs. Apart from the unexpected English working class accent these can certainly be considered old time country even though they were omitted from the Country Music discography and they were issued by Victor in the USA - intriguing! This disc ends with two tracks by the splendid Otto Gray & His Oklahoma Cowboys and two from the Texas Rangers - a western two part comedy sketch Dude Ranch Party. Lots of great music with excellent sound and brief, informative notes by Pat Harrison. A number of the tracks have been out on CD before but it's nice to have them gathered together here and quite a few are making their first appearance on CD. (FS)
BUD BILLINGS: How To Make Love/ BUD & JOE BILLINGS: Birmingham Jail/ Left My Gal In The Mountains/ BUD BILLINGS & CARSON ROBISON: Oklahoma Charlie/ BUD BILLINGS TRIO: Settin‘ By The Fire/ THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN SINGERS: Lorena/ THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN ENTERTAINERS: Over At Tom‘s House/ THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN SINGERS: The Engineer‘s Last Run/ THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN ENTERTAINERS: The Fiddler‘s Contest/ THE CAROLINA TAR HEELS: Her Name Was Hula Lou/ I‘m Going To Georgia/ My Mama Scolds Me For Flirting/ Shanghai In China/ Somebody‘s Tall And Handsome/ There Ain‘t No Use In Me Working So Hard/ Your Low Down Dirty Ways/ VERNON DALHART: Ain‘t Gonna Grieve My Mind/ Get Away Old Man Get Away/ DALHART & ROBISON: Little Green Valley/ Shine On Harvest Moon/ DALHART, ROBISON & HOOD: Oh Susannah/ UNCLE ECK DUNFORD: Barney Mccoy/ Skip To My Lou My Darling/ The Savingest Man On Earth/ What Will I Do When My Money Is All Gone/ THE FLOYD COUNTY RAMBLERS: Granny Will Your Dog Bite?/ THE FOX CHASERS: Eighth Of January/ THE GEORGIA ORGAN GRINDERS: Georgia Man/ THE GEORGIA YELLOW HAMMERS: Black Annie/ Come Over And See Me Sometime/ Kiss Me Quick/ Warhorse Game/ OTTO GRAY & HIS OKLAHOMA COWBOYS: Four Thousand Years Ago/ Who Stole The Lock From The Hen House Door/ TED HAWKINS & RILEY PUCKETT: Down In The Valley/ Hawkins Rag/ Rainbow Waltz/ Tokio Rag/ Zelma/ HENDLEY, SMALL & WHITTER: Shuffle Feet Shuffle/ THE HOMETOWN BOYS: Cindy/ Hometown Rag/ Raccoon On A Rail/ BASCOM LAMAR LUNSFORD: Dry Bones/ I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground/ Italy/ Kidder Cole/ Little Turtle Dove/ Lost John Dean/ Lulu Wall/ Mountain Dew/ "nol Pros” Nellie/ FRANK LUTHER TRIO: Swaller Tail Coat/ Ten Hours A Day - Six Days A Week/ CLAYTON MC MICHEN & DAN HORNSBY: The Original Arkansas Traveler - Pts 1 & 2/ MCMICHEN & PUCKETT: Slim Gal/ THE MONROE COUNTY BOTTLE TIPPERS: The Fiddlin‘ Bootleggers - Pts 1 & 2/ NARMOUR & SMITH: Avalon Quick Step/ Captain George Has Your Money Come/ Mississippi Breakdown/ THE NATIONS BROTHERS: Magnolia One-step/ Sales Tax Toddle/ THE NEW ARKANSAS TRAVELLERS: Handy Man/ I Tickled ’em/ PIPERS GAP RAMBLERS: I Ain‘t Nobody‘s Darling/ Yankee Doodle/ RILEY PUCKETT: Don‘t Let Your Deal Go Down/ Everybody Works But Father/ Short Life Of Trouble/ The Boston Burglar/ Ragged But Right/ CARSON ROBISON: Everybody‘s Goin‘ But Me/ Wolf At The Door/ An Evening On The C.r. Ranche - Pt 1/ An Evening On The C.r. Ranche - Pt 2/ The Back Porch - Pt 1/ The Back Porch - Pt 2/ THE SCOTTDALE STRING BAND: Carbolic Rag/ Japanese Breakdown/ Waitin‘ For The Robert E. Lee/ SMITH & ALLGOOD: American And Spanish Fandango/ THE SOUTH GEORGIA HIGHBALLERS: Mr. Johnson Turn Me Aloose/ THE SPOONEY FIVE: Chinese Rag/ My Little Girl/ ERNEST STONEMAN & THE BLUE RIDGE CORNSHUCKERS: A Serenade In The Mountains - Pts 1 & 2/ Possum Trot School Exhibition - Pts 1 & 2/ GID TANNER & RILEY PUCKETT: Three Nights Drunk/ THE TEXAS RANGERS: Dude Ranch Party - Pt 1/ Dude Ranch Party - Pt 2/ MARION UNDERWOOD: Coal Creek March/ DOCK WALSH: A Precious Sweetheart From Me Has Gone/ Bathe In That Beautiful Pool/ Goin‘ Back To Jericho/ In The Pines

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 77100 Mountain Frolic ● CD $28.98
Four CDs, 101 tracks, essential
Another wonderful collection of old time country music from JSP featuring four CDs with 101 tracks recorded between 1924 and 1927. This set is based around several collections of old timey reissues issued on 78s in the 40s and early LPs from the 50s and early 60s. Star of the show here is the superb Buell Kazee who is featured on 40 tracks recorded between 1927 and 1929 - his entire issued output. Kazee, who was a trained singer, accompanied himself on banjo and recorded seminal versions of songs like Butchers Boy/ East Virginia/ Lady Gay/ Wagoner's Lad/ The Moonshiner and others. This set also features tracks with guitar and violin accompaniment, some duets with Carson Robison and some gospel songs with Frank & James McCravy as The Blue Ridge Gospel Singers. Most of these tracks have been reissued on B.A.C.M. but it is great to have all these together in chronological order. There are also 22 tracks recorded between 1927 and 1931 by the fabulous Carolina Tar Heels. The Carolina Tarheels were a truly wonderful old time group active from around 1927 to 1932. Though there was some change in personnell most of the tracks here feature the trio of Dock Walsh/ banjo & vocal, Clarence Ashley/ guitar & vocal and Garley Foster or Gwen Foster/ guitar, harmonica & vocal. They perform a selection of traditional ballads, mountain songs, blues, religious, ragtime songs and more. Their performances are incredibly melodic and infectious and you'll find youself singing along and tapping your toes and you're sure to recognize some of the songs which have since become country standards. Their tracks include Bring Me A Leaf From the Sea/ The Bulldog Down In Sunny Tennessee/ When The Good Lord Sets You Free/ There's A Man Goin' Around Takin' names/ Roll On Boys/ Peg And Awl, etc. Although a number of these were previously reissued on Old Homestead the sound quality here is vastly superior. There are also tracks by Tar Heels members Garley Foster & Dock Walsh (as The Pine Mountain Boys) and Dock Walsh. Other artists include Nelstone's Hawaiians (a fine duo from Alabama featuring great steel guitar), Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters (a wonderfully energetic string band who were one of the first string bands on record), the great pioneering ballad singer and collector Bascom Lamar Lunsford and others. Sound quality is generally superb and there are informative notes by Pat Harrison and full discographical data. If you love old time country music this is a must. (FS)
DR. HUMPHREY BATE AND THE POSSUM HUNTERS: Billy in the Low Ground/ Goin' Up Town/ Green Backed Dollar Bill/ THE CAROLINA NIGHT HAWKS: Governor Smith for President/ THE CAROLINA TAR HEELS: Back to Mexico/ Bring Me a Leaf from the Sea/ Bulldog Down in Sunny Tennessee/ Can't You Remember When Your Heart Was Mine?/ Good-Bye My Bonnie, Good-Bye/ Got the Farm Land Blues/ Hand in Hand We Have Walked Along Together/ Hen House Door Is Locked/ I Love My Mountain Home/ I'll Be Washed/ Lay Down Baby, Take Your Rest/ Oh, How I Hate It/ Old Grey Goose/ Peg and Awl/ Roll on, Boys/ Rude and Rambling Man/ There's a Man Goin' Around Takin' Names/ Train's Done Left Me/ Washing Mama's Dishes/ When the Good Lord Sets You Free/ Who's Gonna Kiss Your Lips, Dear Darling/ You Are a Little Too Small/ CHENOWETH'S CORNFIELD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: Hot Foot Step and Fetch It/ Last Shot Got Him/ WALTER COUCH & THE WILKS RAMBLERS: Chesapeake Bay/ DAD CROCKET: Sugar Hill/ THE CROCKETT FAMILY: Medley of Old Time Dance Tunes: Sourwood Mountain/Sally in the Garden, etc./ HUGH CROSS & RILEY PUCKETT: Gonna Raise Ruckus Tonight/ AL HOPKINS & HIS BUCKLEBUSTERS: Black Eyed Susie/ Boatin' Up Sandy/ Cluck Old Hen/ Johnson Boys/ BUELL KAZEE: Blind Man/ Butcher's Boy (The Railroad Boy)/ Cowboy Trail/ Cowboy's Farewell/ Darling Cora/ Don't Forget Me Little Darling/ Dying Soldier (Brother Green)/ East Virginia/ Election Day in Kentucky, Pt. 1/ Election Day in Kentucky, Pt. 2/ Faded Coat of Blue/ Gambling Blues/ Hobo's Last Ride/ I'm Rolling Along/ If You Love Your Mother (Meet Her in the Skies)/ In the Shadow of the Pines/ John Hardy/ Lady Gay/ Little Bessie/ Little Mohee/ Married Girl's Troubles/ Mountain Boy Makes His First Record, Pt. 1/ Mountain Boy Makes His First Record, Pt. 2/ My Mother/ Old Whisker Bill, The Moonshiner/ Orphan Girl/ Poor Boy Long Ways from Home/ Poor Little Orphan Boy/ Red Wing/ Rock Island/ Roll on John/ Roving Cowboy/ Ship That's Sailing High/ Snow Deer/ Sporting Bachelors/ Steel a Goin' Down/ Toll the Bells/ Wagoner's Lad (Loving Nancy)/ You Are False But I'll Forgive You/ You Taught Me How to Love You Now Teach Me to Forget/ BRADLEY KINCAID: Cindy/ Old Joe Clark/ BASCOM LAMAR LUNSFORD: Darby's Ram/ Fate of Santa Barbara/ Get Along Home Cindy/ Sherman Valley/ Speaking the Truth/ Stepstone/ Stump Speech in the 10th District/ NELSTONE'S HAWAIIANS: Adam and Eve/ Fatal Flower Garden/ Just Because/ Mobile County Blues/ North Bound Train/ Village School/ You'll Never Find a Daddy Like Me/ CHARLIE PARKER: Rabbit Chase/ RED PATTERSON'S PIEDMONT LOG ROLLERS: I'll Never Get Drunk Again/ THE PINE MOUNTAIN BOYS: Roll on, Daddy Roll On/ She Wouldn't Be Still/ GEORGE ROARK: I Ain't a Drunk/ THE SMOKY MOUNTAIN RAMBLERS: No Business of Mine/ ERNEST THOMPSON: When You're All in Down and Out/ Whistlin' Rufus/ DOCK WALSH: Bulldog Down in Sunny Tennessee

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 77110 Bluegrass - Independent Labels, 1951-1954 ● CD $28.98
Four CDs, 100 tracks, very highly recommended
Another terrific collection from JSP - this time focusing on some of the small independent labels that emerged in the early 50s to record the burgeoning bluegrass style that had been popularized by artists like Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs & others. The selections here are drawn from local labels like Blue Ridge, Kentucky, Mutual, Henlee, Security and others and most of these tracks are appearing on CD for the first time. Included are the earliest recordings of performers who were to become bluegrass stars like Red Allen, Bill Clifton, Jim & Jesse, Sonny Osborne and banjo wizard Allen Shelton but the majority of performers are obscure local artists who only recorded a handful of sides. There are very few duds and most of the artists are excellent. I particularly like the performances by Larry Richardson & Happy Smith, The Church Brothers & Their Blue Ridge Ramblers, The Renfro Family, Glenn Neaves & the Grayson County Boys, John Reedy & His Stone Mountain Hillbillys, Dave Woolum (four superb sides including a great version of The Carter Family's Single Girl, Married Girl) and Ernest Martin but it's all worth a listen. There's lots of great bluegrass gospel and only one version of Orange Blossom Special. Sound quality is superb and there are informative notes by Pat Harrison and discographical info where known. (FS)
RED ALLEN: Boat Of Love/ Bouquet In Heaven/ Down In The Willow Garden/ Ho, Honey, Ho/ Mansions For Me/ Paul & Silas/ Preaching & Praying/ White Dove/ RAY ANDERSON: What Would The Profit Be?/ When The Saints Go Marching In/ THE BOWES BROTHERS: Mother Won't Grow Old So Soon/ Stop Knocking On My Door/ THE BRAMMER BROTHERS & THE VIRGINIA PARTNERS: Tell Me Truly Little Darling/ Virginia Waltz/ ALEX CAMPBELL: You Were Only Teasing Me/ THE CHURCH BROTHERS & THEIR BLUE RIDGE RAMBL: Angel With Blue Eyes, An/ Way Down In Ole' Caroline/ When Jesus Calls You Home/ You're Still The Rose Of My Heart/ BILL CLIFTON & HIS DIXIE MOUNTAIN BOYS: A Flower Blooming In The Wildwood/ All The Good Times Are Past And Gone/ Burglar Man, The/ Wake Up Susan/ WILBURN CURTIS: Thirty Pieces Of Silver/ JIM EANES & HIS SHENANDOAH VALLEY BOYS: A Sweeter Love Than Yours I'll Never Know/ Drunkard's Highway/ Long Journey Home/ Returned From Missing In Action/ JOE FRANKLIN & HIS MIMOSA BOYS: There'll Be No Wedding Bells For Me/ JOHN & BILL GARAY: Come Back Little Pal/ Little Girl Go Tell Your Mama/ BETTY HARPER & THE BLACK MOUNTAIN BOYS: Don't That Moon Look Lonesome/ I'm Lonesome Tonight/ HENRY HUDSON & JIGGS HIBLER: 8Th Of January/ Cripple Creek/ HUGHIE & JUNE: Come Along To Glory/ Reunion Day In Heaven/ I.W. & HAROLD & THE CAROLINA NEIGHBORS: I Won't Write Another Letter To You Darlin/ JIMMY JANNEY & THE STONEY MOUNTAIN BOYS: So Lonely For Moather And Dad/ JOHNNY & JACK: Too Many Blues/ HACK JOHNSON & HIS TENNESSEANS: Crazy Banjoy Medley/ Gone Home/ Home Sweet Home/ How About You Friend/ Swanee River/ ENOS JOHNSON & SONNY OSBORNE: I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning/ I'm On The Way To The Old Home/ River Of Death/ Sugar Coated Love/ RONNIE KNITTEL & HOLSTON VALLEY RAMBLERS: Holston Valley Breakdwon/ I Can Thank My Lucky Stars/ WADE MAINER & THE MOUNTAINEERS: Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/ Three Nights In A Bar Room/ ERNEST MARTIN: Revelation 1:18/ Sugar Coated Love/ THE MASSEY FAMILY: Piney Woods/ JIM & JESSE MCREYNOLDS: Are You Missing Me/ I'll Wash Your Love From My Heart/ FRED MURPHY & THE BLUE RIVER BOYS: I Want to Be Ready/ You'll Always Be My Blue-Eyed Darling/ GLENN NEAVES & THE GRAYSON COUNTY BOYS: Black Mountain Rag/ Old Swinging Bridge/ THE NORTH CAROLINA RIDGE RUNNERS: Orange Blossom Special/ SONNY OSBORNE: I'll Stay Around/ Letter From My Darling/ THE RAINBOW VALLEY BOYS: Broken Hearts Mean Nothing To You/ Culloeka/ JOHN REEDY & HIS STONE MOUNTAIN HILLBILLYS: Somebody Touched Me/ BILL & MARY REID: Bloom Has Left The Rose, The/ THE RENFRO FAMILY: Power in The Blood/ Where The Soul Never Dies/ LARRY RICHARDSON & HAPPY SMITH: Just Let Me Fall/ THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS: Church Of God, The/ CARL SAUCEMAN & HIS GREEN VALLEY BOYS: A White Cross Marks The Grave/ I'll Be An Angel Too/ SCOTTY & TAR HEEL RUBY: When We Say Goodbye/ ALLEN SHELTON: Allen's Dream/ Old Kenturcky Home/ HAPPY SMITH: I'm Lonesome/ DEE STONE & HIS VIRGINIA MOUNTAIN BOYS: Countin' The Days/ Highway 220/ No Room In Your Life For My Now/ Pilot Mountain Rag/ DEE STONE & TED PRILLAMAN'S VIRGINIA RAMBLER: Fiddler's Dream/ Is There Any Harm To Dream/ DEE STONE & THE MELODY HILL-BILLYS: Heads You Win Tails I Lose/ I'm Lost Without You/ DEE STONE WITH TED PRILLAMAN'S VIRGINIA RAMB: Answer To Little Pal/ Mountain Swing/ Square Dance Rag/ BILLY THOMAS: Black Mountain Rag/ THE TURNER BROTHERS: All Night Long/ THE VIRGINIA TRIO (JIM & JESSE MCREYNOLDS): God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud/ I'll Fly Away/ Let Me Travel Alone/ Sing, Sing, Sing/ DAVE WOOLUM: Maple On The Hill/ Rolling Stone/ I Ain't Gonna Let Her Do It Anymore/ Single Girl, Married Girl

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