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Count Basie


COUNT BASIE Circle 60 1944 ● CD $15.98
And his orchestra. Includes Thelma Carpenter, Lester Young, Jimmy Powell and more

COUNT BASIE Circle 130 1944 & 1945 ● CD $15.98
This is the companion LP to Circle 60, the first volume of the 1944 Lang-Worth Transcriptions ( a third volume will be released at a future date.) Basie was under contract to Columbia at the time but hadn't recorded since 1942 due to the Petrillo ban. The legendary lineup, which can be seen in action in the cover photo includes Lester Young (back from a brief stint on his own) as well as Harry Edison (t), Buddy Tate (ts), Freddie Green (g), Dickie Wells (d), etc. Tush/ 9:20 Special/ Rockin' The Blues/ Wiggle Woogie , etc. (AE)

COUNT BASIE Decca Jazz GRD 611 The Complete Decca Recordings, 1937-1939 ● CD $39.98
This is it, folks - the window-rattling Basie band captured in their heyday, and reissued the right way; complete, in chronological order, with thorough notes and good photos. No one needs convincing that this was one of the greatest bands ever, right up there with Ellington and Henderson, distinguished by their swinging supremecy and blues-based riffing style. This band played almost every night, and even the earliest solos by Basie, tenor saxophonists Lester Young and Herschel Evans, and trumpeters Harry "Sweets" Edison and Buck Clayton are road-tested pleasers. The charismatic vocals by blues legend Jimmy Rushing are uniformly great, even on the occasional sappy lyric. His singing on Good Morning Blues/ Blues in The Dark/ Do You Wanna Jump, Children/ Evil Blues made these classic sides. Helen Humes joined in late 1938, and graces 5 songs, including Blame It On My Last Affair/ My Heart Belongs To Daddy. If you want hits, you can't beat One O'Clock Jump/ Jumpin' At The Woodside/ Sent For You Yesterday, but this set is a motherlode of jitterbugging jewels like Roseland Shuffle/ Topsy/ Every Tub/ Swingin' The Blues/ Lady Be Good/ Shorty George/ Panassie Stomp and more. 63 tracks on 3 CD's, with a handful of alternate takes, and clear remastered sound. A must for any swing fanatic. (MB)

COUNT BASIE Neatwork 2062 The Alternative Takes, Vol. 5: 1945-46 ● CD $15.98
26 tracks, 74 min, essential
There's 26 tracks, but only 11 tunes as this shows the Basie band working on their tracks, done for Columbia with a 10/45 session & four sessions from '46. Band at this time had the mighty trumpet section of Emmett Berry, Snooky Young & Sweets Edison, an even mightier sax section with such future R&B greats as Preston Love, Buddy Tate, & Illinois Jacquet, a four piece trombone section able to include both Dicky Wells (in the '45 session only) & JJ Johnson, & of course the All American Rhythm Section of Basie, Green, Page & Jones, though on the earlier sessions there's Rodney Richardson on bass & Shadow Wilson on drums. Jimmy Rushing on vocals & arrangements by Buster Harding. Not Basie's biggest hits here, but with this team, anything they play is great! There's multiple (2 to 3) versions of everything here, including Queer Street/ The Mad Boogie/ Rambo & Mutton Leg. (GM)

COUNT BASIE Original Jazz Classics 600 Kansas City 3 - For The Second Time ● CD $12.98

COUNT BASIE Original Jazz Classics 631 Basie Jam 2 ● CD $12.98

COUNT BASIE Original Jazz Classics 687 Basie Jam 3 ● CD $12.98

COUNT BASIE Original Jazz Classics 690 Kansas City Vol. 7 ● CD $12.98

COUNT BASIE Original Jazz Classics 732 Farmers Market Barbecue ● CD $12.98

COUNT BASIE Original Jazz Classics 808 88 Basie Street ● CD $12.98

COUNT BASIE Verve 833 776-2 At Newport ● CD $10.98
The swing era had peaked 10 years ago, and Basie had dissolved his big band shortly afterwards. Now in 1957 he was back, headlining the Newport Jazz Festival with a reunited big band and guest appearances by former employees Lester Young, Jimmy Rushing, Illinois Jacquet, Joe Williams, Roy Eldridge and Jo Jones. The set is not without its faults - the most noticeable being the sadly diminished abilities of Lester Young, and the grainy quality of the recording in general (even though all the instruments are well balanced). But there are several standout cuts - the all star jam on One O'Clock Jump, the bluesy instrumentals Swingin' At Newport and Blee Blop Blues and four previously unreleased numbers with Joe Williams. The band had lost a little of the snap it had in the late 30's but, as this historic recording demonstrates, there was still plenty of life in the incomparably swingin' Basie sound. (MB)

COUNT BASIE Verve 833 805-2 Count Basie In London ● CD $10.98

COUNT BASIE & BIG JOE TURNER Original Jazz Classics 821 Bosses ● CD $12.98

COUNT BASIE & OSCAR PETERSON Original Jazz Class 688 Night Rider ● CD $12.98

COUNT BASIE & OSCAR PETERSON Original Jazz Classics 790 Timekeepers ● CD $12.98

COUNT BASIE & ZOOT SIMS Original Jazz Classics 822 Basie & Zoot ● CD $12.98


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