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DALE WATSON Hightone HCD 8061 Cheatin' Heart Attack ● CD $15.98

DALE WATSON Hightone HCD 8070 Blessed Or Damned ● CD $15.98
14 tracks, 43 mins, recommended. This is the second Hightone release for this fine Austin based artist. While perhaps not quite as strong as his first, it ably continues his no holds barred approach to the country and honky tonk music he loves. Watson's debt to Merle Haggard is obvious, down to that characteristic roll to his voice. However he's a fine performer and songwriter in his own right and wrote or cowrote every tune on this album. Truckin' Man gets things rolling with a bang, followed by Honkiest Tonkiest Beer Joint in Texas, Sweet Jessie Brown, and other uptempo numbers. Heartfelt country ballads aren't neglected, and to my ear this is where Watson really shines, delivering gripping performances on It's Over Again and Everyone Knew But Me. Johnny Bush joins Dale to extol the virtues of the Lone Star State on That's What I Like About Texas. The band is hot throughout, especially Dave Diller on guitar and Scott Walls on pedal steel. This is another fine effort from one of today's most promising guardians of the honky tonk tradition. (DP)

DALE WATSON Hightone 8082 I Hate These Songs ● CD $15.98
14 tracks, 43 minutes, recommended Dale Watson's third album offers another helping of his uncompromising approach to country music. Watson is a strong expressive singer and his band the Lone Stars sound great, especially their new steel player Ricky Davis. All the songs were written by the leader and, unfortunately the quality of the material is less consistent than it might be. The opener, "Jacks Truck Shop & Caf‚" is a affectionate tribute to a favorite roadside eatery and the title song hits just the right tone of loss and yearning for a country weeper. "Leave Me Alone" is another good one, a fine uptempo Western Swing style blues number. "Hair of the Dog", on the other hand, is a less than convincing ode to the morning after and "That's Pride" brings to mind the worse self righteous excesses of Watson's hero, Merle Haggard. All in all though, I'm sure glad that Dale Watson is around to strike a blow against modern Nashville mediocrity and keep the honky tonk tradition alive. (DP)

DALE WATSON & HIS LONE STARS Koch 8018 The Truckin' Sessions ● CD $14.98
Fourth album from this fine uncompromising country singer from Texas is a collection of 14 original songs about a trucker's life.

DOC WATSON Smithsonian Folkways 40012 The Doc Watson Family ● CD $14.98
Originally available on the now out of print Folkways LP 2366 and Rounder 0129. The material was recorded in the early 60's and presents one of the most amazing traditional musicians discovered during the folk revival, along with members of his family. Doc's relatives were gifted amateurs who sprang from the musical traditions of the North Carolina hills, and were no more or less remarkable than scores of others captured by field recordings over the years. Doc Watson was a different matter altogether. Although he had mastered most of the folk instruments around him (banjo, harmonica, mandolin and autoharp on here), Doc was by then playing electric guitar in a country band and had to be coaxed to record acoustically in an old time setting. His beautifully controlled baritone singing stands out here because it is so different; it owes little to the scratchy, stylized shape note singing of his relatives. He was among the first traditional guitarists to pick out fiddle tunes note for note on his guitar, a technique that was all but unheard of then. Although Doc's father-in-law Carlton Gaither was a delightful old time fiddle and mandolin player (his Bonaparte's Retreat is a real treat), none of the other musicians here approach Doc's skill, range or virtuousity, with the exception of his son Merle. With Doc he performs his original Southbound, a classic song which has since been much recorded. The fifteen cuts from the original Folkways album are here, plus eleven more (eight only on the LP), and good new liner notes. Includes Ground Hog/ The House Carpenter/ The Train That Carried My Girl From Town/ Down The Road/ Shady Grove/ Rambling Hobo/ Darling Corey and many others. CD and cassette versions include Look Down That Lonesome Road/ Frosty Morn and The Cuckoo Bird, which Doc learned from Tom Ashley, who originally recorded it in 1929. (RP)

DOC WATSON Sugar Hill 3752 Riding The Midnight Train ● CD $15.98

DOC WATSON Sugar Hill 3759 Portrait ● CD $15.98

DOC WATSON Sugar Hill 3779 On Praying Ground ● CD $15.98
Pleasant collection of traditional gospel songs performed by Doc accompanied by Jack Lawrenec/ gtr. Sturad Duncan/ fiddle, mandolin & harmony vocal, Jerry Douglas/ dobro, Sam Bush/ mandolin and others. Songs include You Must Come In At The Door/ On Praying Ground/ Gathering Buds/ We'' Work 'Til Jesus Comes/ Farther Along/ Did Christ O'er Sinners Weep, etc.

DOC WATSON Sugar Hill 3795 My Dear Old Southern Home ● CD $15.98

DOC WATSON Sugar Hill 3836 Docabilly ● CD $15.98

DOC WATSON Sugar Hill 3934 Doc Watson At Gerdes Folk City ● CD $15.98
15 tracks, highly recommended
Previously unissued live recordings made in 1962 and 1963 at the famed Gerdes Folk City in New York - Doc's first live solo perfomances outside his home town of deep Gap. North Carolina. His performances are terrific with beautiful soulful vocals and lots of the spectacular finger picking guitar work that influenced generations of acoustic guitarists. The material is a wide ranging selection of old songs and tunes - Little Sadie/ St. Louis Blues/ Sing Song Kitty (joined by John Herald on this)/ Liberty (Doc plays mandolin on this and is joined by The Greenriar Boys)/ Milk Cow Blues/ Dream Of A Miner's Child/ Cannonball Rag/ The Roving Gambler and others. Sound quality is superb and set includes 24 page booklet with informative notes and photos. (FS)

DOC WATSON Vanguard VCD 9/10 On Stage ● CD $15.98

DOC WATSON Vanguard VCD 45/46 Essential ● CD $15.98
26 classics from the 60s in a variety of settings

DOC WATSON Vanguard 107/08 Old Timey Concert ● CD $15.98
2 LP set - 1967 live recording with Doc, Clint Howard and Fred Price.

DOC WATSON Vanguard 155/158 The Vanguard Years ● CD $39.98
4 CDs, 64 tracks, 2 hrs 55 min, essential From the time of his introduction into the wide world of folk music by Ralph Rinzler, Doc Watson, a blind musician from the the Blue Ridge Mountain community of Deep Gap, North Carolina, has bestrode the folk music world like the multi-talented colossus he is, leaving his mark on acoustic vernacular music as few people have. The bulk of this collection is drawn from the seven albums Doc made for Vanguard between the years of 1964 and 1971, along with live performances from The Newport Folk Festivals of 1963 and 64. Doc has played a wide variety of music in his career, from the Elizabethan ballads and their Appalachian variants and spirituals of his youth to early country music learned from records by such artists as the Monroes, Delmores and The Carter Family to the guitar blues and rags of the great black guitar players from the southeast to square dance fiddle tunes he picked out on his guitar to the honkytonk and even rockabilly that was popular just prior to his "discovery" by folk revivalists. Doc was and is an incredible guitarist; a fine fingerpicker and one of the best and most influential flatpickers in traditional music. In addition, he is a fine old time banjo player, a good traditional country mandolin player, an autoharpist (check out Grandfather's Clock on Disc One), a wonderful a cappella singer in the shape note tradition, an excellent country harmonica player, and a singer of great taste and sensitivity who possesses a warm full baritone voice. This collection showcases much of the the breadth of Doc's skill and versatility, featuring him in any number of musical settings, from three live guitar duets with young disciple Clarence White, several duets with son Merle, three selections with a wonderful old time country band that includes Frank Price and Clint Howard, a duet with Don Stover, another with his father in law, the magnificent old time fiddler Gaither Carlton, a solo fingerpicked version of Mississippi John Hurt's Spike Driver Blues, and many more. The fourth disc in the collection consists of 17 previously unreleased live performances of duets with Doc, the first six featuring his idol, Merle Travis, recorded at Winfield, Kansas, the final 11 featuring Doc's son and Merle Travis' namesake, Merle Watson, a prodigiously talented picker in his own right, in a series of guitar duets with his dad. Doc can and does play just about every kind of music he hears, including Tom Paxton and Townes Van Zandt compositions, and his latest Sugar Hill album returns him to the country boogie and rockabilly he was playing before his "discovery", This collection, however, is invaluable for its' representation of a time when Doc's talent and versatility were at their zenith. Informative notes by reissue producer Mary Katherine Aldin. (RP)
DOC WATSON: A-roving On A Winter's Night/ Alabama Bound/ Arrangement Blues/ Banks Of The Ohio/ Beaumont Rag/ Black Mountain Rag/ Blow Your Whistle Freight Train/ Blue Railroad Train/ Brown's Ferry Blues/ Bye Bye Bluebells/ Cannonball Rag/ Childhood Play/ Corrina, Corrina/ Country Blues/ Deep River Blues/ Dill Pickle Rag/ Doc's Guitar/ Down In The Valley To Pray/ Dream Of The Miner's Child/ Farewell Blues/ Footprints In The Snow/ Grandfather's Clock/ Hick's Farewell/ I Am A Pilgrim/ I Got A Pig At Home In The Pen/ I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes/ Intoxicated Rat/ Kinfolks In Carolina/ Little Sadie/ Memphis Blues/ Muskrat/ My Rough And Rowdy Ways/ New River Train/ Old Camp Meeting Time/ Omie Wise/ Otto Wood The Bandit/ Rambling Hobo/ Rank Stranger/ Reuben's Train/ Rising Sun Blues/ Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms/ Roll On Buddy/ Salt Creek/bill Cheatham/ San Antonio Rose/ Southbound/ Spike Driver Blues/ Streamline Cannonball/ Talk About Suffering/ Tennessee Stud/ The Coo Coo/ The Cuckoo/ The F.f.v./ The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band/ The Lawson Family Murder/ There's More Pretty Girls Than One/ Train That Carried My Girl From Town/ Wabash Cannonball/ Way Downtown/ What Does The Deep Sea Say/ Windy And Warm

DOC WATSON & CLARENCE ASHLEY Smithsonian Folkways 40029/30 The Original Folkways Recordings: 1960-1962 ● CD $26.98
48 tracks, 2 CDs, 128 min, essential These recordings are among the most important of the 60s folk revival, introducing many fine tunes & ballads from the Southern Appalachians, re-discovering the wonderful banjo-picker and veteran string band/medicine show performer, Clarence "Tom" Ashley, and showcasing the amazing talents of guitarist-singer extraordinaire, Doc Watson. Their release, with 20 unreleased tunes & songs, is cause for general celebration! In 1960, Ralph Rinzler travelled to North Carolina to record Ashley, ex- of the Carolina Tar Heels and other bands famed for their fine recordings in the 20s. Fortuously, he stumbled on a goldmine of songs & musicians, as Ashley brought in Clint Howard, Jack Burchett, Fred Price, Gaither Carlton, and Gaither's son-in-law, Doc Watson. Recorded originally at Ashley's home and issued on Folkways, the musicians were taken to various folk festivals & the Ash Grove in Los Angeles, where the balance was set down for us to enjoy. From old ballads like Handsome Molly/Short Life Of Trouble/Coo-Coo Bird & Banks Of The Ohio to lively tunes like Shout Lulu/Peg & Awl/Little Sadie/Shady Grove/Sittin' On Top Of The World & Sally Ann, they unveiled a staggering repertoire. Tom's laconic, sharp-witted delivery and vigorous banjo was complemented and, as the recordings progressed, overshadowed by the prowess of Doc on guitar & banjo, and Doc's amazing command of the traditions of his community. Together, their impact on our understanding of American tradtional music was immense, and continues today, as these CDs make clear. JM

DOC WATSON & FAMILY Sugar Hill 3829 Songs From The Southern Mountains ● CD $15.98

DOC WATSON & FAMILY Vanguard VCD 77001 Treasures Untold ● CD $15.98
These remarkable live recordings, made at the 1964 Newport Folk Festival, feature the great Doc Watson in various family groupings playing an astonishing array of instruments. Doc sings a moving I Heard My Mother Weeping with his wife Rosa Lee, plays guitar duets with son Merle on Beaumont Rag/ Billy In The Lowground, sings Omie Wise solo, plays Reuben's Train on banjo, and sings Hicks' Farewell accompanied by his father-in-law Gaither Carlton on fiddle. Following that is a series of banjo duets, and two tunes on the autoharp (Grandfather's Clock/ Chinese Breakdown). Also of note are the Watson family renditions of old time gospel songs done in the shape note style of the southeastern U.S. Ending this breathtaking display are four selections with Clarence White - these also appear on the Kentucky Colonels CD in this newsletter. Kudos to Vanguard for bringing this stuff out for the first time. RP)

DOC WATSON Vanguard VMD 79152 Doc Watson ● CD $13.98
1964 reissue of 13 solo performances including Nashville Blues/Sitting On Top Of The World/Intoxicated Rat/Black Mountain Rag/Tom Dooley.

DOC WATSON Vanguard VMD 79213 Southbound ● CD $13.98

DOC WATSON Vanguard VMD 79239 Home Again! ● CD $13.98
14 tracks, 39 min;recommended Reissue of lp from 1966, original notes included. Another reminder of the protean dimensions of Doc Watson's talent in a mostly traditional repertoire, also featuring son Merle and bassist Russ Savakus on many cuts. Songs and tunes include the great a cappella hymn Down To The Valley To Pray, along with Georgie/ The Old Man Below/ Latie Morey/ F. F. V./ Winter's Night/ DillPickle Rag/ Sing Song Kitty/ Froggie Went A Courtin' Pretty Saro/ Childhood Play/ Rain Crow Bill/ Matty Groves and Victory Rag (RP)

DOC & MERLE WATSON BGO BGOCD 416 Lonesome Road ● CD $17.98
Reissue of 1977 UA album. With occasional piano, bass & drums accompaniment Doc & merle work their way through a fine selection of older and newer country songs and blues - , etc.

DOC & MERLE WATSON Flying Fish 252 Red Rocking Chair ● CD $15.98
With T. Michael Coleman/ bass and guest appearances by Al Perkins, Charlie Musselwhite & Byron Berline

DOC & MERLE WATSON Flying Fish 301 Doc & Merle Watson's Guitar Album ● CD $15.98

DOC & MERLE WATSON Flying Fish 352 Pickin' The Blues ● CD $15.98

DOC & MERLE WATSON Flying Fish 651 Watson Country ● CD $15.98
18 tracks from their years on Flying Fish (1980-84) includig two previously unissued. Smoke Smoke Smoke/ Sheeps In The Meadow/ Stoney Fork/ California Blues/ Any Old Time/ Leaving London/ Black Pine Waltz/ Hobo Bill's Last Ride/ Sadie/ Sittin' here Pickin' The Blues, etc.

DOC & MERLE WATSON Sugar Hill 3889 Home Sweet Home ● CD $15.98
1967 recordings with recent overdubs frm Sam Bush, Marty Stuart, T.Michael Coleman and Alan O'Bryant.

DOC & MERLE WATSON Sugar Hill 3742 Down South ● CD $15.98

DOC & MERLE WATSON Sugar Hill 3800 Remembering Merle ● CD $15.98

DOC & MERLE WATSON Sugar Hill 3889 Home Sweet Home ● CD $15.98
1967 recordings with recent overdubs by Sam Bush, Marty Stuart, T. Michael Coleman and Alan O'Bryant.

DOC & MERLE WATSON Vanguard 6576 Ballads From Deep Gap ● CD $13.98

DOC & MERLE WATSON Vestapol 13030 In Concert ● CD $23.98
DVD Now on DVD with bonus material. Doc & merle filmed live in 1980 doing a varied selection of country ballads, bluegrass, gospel, blues and more. It also includes a visit with Doc & Merle at their North Carolina home and th bonus is a 1999 interview with Doc.

DOC WATSON & DAVID HOLT High Windy 1258 Legacy ● CD $23.98
Three CD set, highly recommended This three CD set is a terrific tribute to this great and influential American traditional musician. The first two CDs feature a lengthy interview with Doc by his long time friend and musical associate David Holt. Doc talks about his life and music copiously illustrated with musical examples - he talks about his early years growing up blind in the mountains of North Carolina, his early musical influences, the impact of his family getting a Victrola, how he came to the attention an audience oustide of his immediate family and friends and his ascendency to becoming a multi Grammy-Award winner - all without compromising his music. The warmth and love so evident in his music comes over in his conversation which is sprinkled with charming and humorous anecdotes. The third CD features a live concert by Doc & David in Asheville, N.C. with both in fine form. The set comes with a 72 page booklet with lots of historic photos as well as interviews and commentary from Doc's family, friends and fellow musicians. (FS)

GENE WATSON Curb 77393 Greatest Hits ● CD $9.98
This disc is a great introduction to an under-rated country singer. It features his well known songs Love In The Hot Afternoon/ Where Love Begins/ Pick The Wildwood Flower and 9 others on this 39 minute issue. His smooth, romantic voice shines through on ballads like I Don't Need A Thing At All/ One Sided Conversation, making it the kind of music you want to hear on a lazy Sunday with your loved one. (PG)

GENE WATSON Hip-O 112730 Ultimate Collection ● CD $17.98
Fine 23 track collection of recordings cut between 1979 and 1989 featuring one the finest singers of the 80s. Almost all these tracks were top ten country hits including Love In The Hot Afternoon/ Pick The Wildwood Flower/ Maybe I Should Have Been Listening/ This Dream's On Me/ Sometimes I Get Lucky And Forget/ Got No Reason Fopr Goin' Home/ Everything I Used To Do/ Don't Waste It On The Blues, etc.

GENE WATSON MCA 31128 Greatest Hits ● CD $9.98

DALLAS WAYNE Hightone 8137 Here I Am In Dallas ● CD $15.98
Fine new album from this powerful Texas honky tonk singer. Mostly original songs like Bouncin' Beer Cans Off The Jukebox/ The Stuff Inside/ She Lit The Torch/ Not A Dry Eye In The House/ I Hit The Road (And The Road Hit Back) and more.


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