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VARIOUS ARTISTS Binge 1007 The Songs Of Lynn Russwurm ● LP $13.98
A collection of previously unissued songs recorded in the 60s by various Canadian country performers performing the songs of popular Canadian singer/songwriter Lynn Russwurm who plays bass or rhythm guitar on most of the tracks here and does lead vocal on the bluesy rocker Staying At Home With The Blues. The performances by obscure names like Tom Gibbons, Bruce West, Carl Kuhn and others are quite good though the sound quality on these recordings leaves something to be desired.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle 8001 Country Oldies On The Air ● LP $13.98
CHUCK BOWERS: Milk'Em in the Mornin' Blues/ ARLIE DUFF: Y'all Come/ HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: Rebound/ GOLDIE HILL: Make Love to Me/ PEE WEE KING: Between You and the Birds (and the Bees and Cupid)/ GRADY MARTIN & RED FOLEY: My Window Faces the South/ SKEETS MCDONALD: Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes/ RAY PRICE: If You Don't, Somebody Else Will/ JEAN SHEPARD: Two Whoops and a Holler/ TOMMY SOSEBEE: That's What I Call Love/ PETE STAMPER: The Ring That I Gave Her/ T TEXAS TYLER: Courtin' in the Rain/ PORTER WAGONER: Trademark/ BILLY WALKER: I'm a Fool to Care/ Thank You for Calling./ SLIM WILSON: I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle 8002 Country Oldies On The Air, Vol 2 ● LP $13.98
Live radio recordings from the 50s.
SMILEY BURNETTE: It's My Lazy Day./ PATSY ELSHIRE: You Sent Her an Orchid/ HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: Why Didn't I Hear it from You/ GOLDIE HILL: Recklessly/ PEE WEE KING: Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon/ HANK LOCKLIN: Let Me Be the One/ BOBBY LORD: Ain't' Cha Ever Gonna/ RAY PRICE: Much Too Young to Die/ JEAN SHEPARD & FERLIN HUSKY: A Dear John Letter/ TOMMY SOSEBEE: Till I Waltz Again with You/ PETE STAMPER: Dream, Dream, Dream/ REDD STEWART: Down Stream/ THE TALL TIMBER TRIO: Love Song of the Waterfall/ PORTER WAGONER: Company's Comin'/ BILLY WALKER: Anything Your Heart Desires/ SLIM WILSON: (You're Drivin') on the Wrong Side of the Road

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle 8003 Country Oldies On The Air, Vol 3 ● LP $13.98
SIMON CRUM: Always Late/ I Really Don't Want to Know/ Long Time Gone/ The Divorce Has Been Granted/ ARLIE DUFF: She's a Housewife, That's All/ HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: Why Don't You Leave this Town/ GOLDIE HILL: Treat Me Kind/ HANK LOCKLIN: Whispering Scandal/ BOBBY LORD: I'm the Devil Who Made Her That Way/ SKEETS MCDONALD: But I Do/ PENNY NICHOLS: Mountain Maw/ JEAN SHEPARD & FERLIN HUSKY: Let's Kiss and Try Again/ PETE STAMPER: Nature Girl/ REDD STEWART: I Did/ TALL TIMBER TRIO: Montana Moon/ PORTER WAGONER: Tricks of the Trade./ BILLY WALKER: You're the Only Good Thing/ SLIM WILSON: Sugar Moon

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle 8004 Country Oldies On The Air, Vol 4 ● LP $13.98
CHUCK BOWERS: Tokyo Boogie/ ARLIE DUFF: It'll Be Allright/ PATSY ELSHIRE: Someday, I Know He Will/ HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: I'll Take the Chance with You./ FERLIN HUSKY: I Wouldn't Treat a Dog like You're Treatin' Me/ HANK LOCKLIN: Baby You Can Count Me In/ RAY PRICE: Talk to Your Heart/ JEAN SHEPARD: Why Did You Wait/ TOMMY SOSEBEE: Even Tho/ REDD STEWART: Silver and Gold/ PORTER WAGONER: Be Glad That You Ain't Me/ BILLY WALKER: I'd Be Kissing You/ KITTY WELLS: You're Not Easy to Forget/ One by One/ SLIM WILSON: How Long Can I Wait

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle 8005 Country Oldies On The Air, Vol 5 ● LP $13.98
ARLIE DUFF: Do You Really Do/ PATSY ELSHIRE: Watch Dog./ HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: the Long Way/ GOLDIE HILL: Please Don't Betray Me/ FERLIN HUSKY: Homesick/ SKEETS MCDONALD: Your Love Is like a Faucet/ RAY PRICE: I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)/ JEAN SHEPARD: I'd Rather Die Young/ TOMMY SOSEBEE: You're Always Brand New/ PETE STAMPER: Dim Eyes/ REDD STEWART: Slow Poke/ PORTER WAGONER: Love at First Sight/ BILLY WALKER: I Can't Keep the Girls Away/ Somebody's Talkin'/ SLIM WILSON: Muscrat Ramble

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle 8006 Country Oldies On The Air ● LP $13.98
CHUCK BOWERS: Beehive Boogie/ ARLIE DUFF: Courtin' in the Rain/ HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: a Heap of Lovin'/ GOLDIE HILL: Another Woman's Man/ FERLIN HUSKY: Walkin' and Hummin'/ PEE WEE KING: Bonaparte's Retreat/ BOBBY LORD: No More, No More, No More/ SKEETS MCDONALD: Scoot, Git and Begone./ PENNY NICHOLS: I Really Don't Want to Know/ RAY PRICE: Release Me/ JEAN SHEPARD & FERLIN HUSKY: Forgive Me John/ PETE STAMPER: Beautiful Dreamer/ REDD STEWART: Tennessee Waltz/ PORTER WAGONER: Settin' the Woods on Fire/ BILLY WALKER: Pretend You Just Don't Know Me/ SLIM WILSON: I Gotta Be Gettin' Home

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle 8019 Canadian Country Classics ● LP $13.98
Includes Jimmy Morris, Eddie Mehler, Slim Gordon, Eric Gorz and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle 8020 Canadian Country Classics, Vol 2 ● LP $13.98
Songs by Smilin' Ivan Dorey, Hal Willis, Kidd Baker.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle 8104 The Jimmy Dean Country Show ● LP $13.98
Includes tracks by Jimmy Dean, Buck Ryan & Roy Clark, Slim Morrison and others from their days working around Washington DC.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cattle 23 Tribute To R.L. "Buck" Shook ● LP $13.98
JERRY CLEMONS: Lost Indian/ Old Joe Clark/ GEORGE "FROG" FOWLER: Fiddler's Polka/ Listen to the Mocking Bird/ AL LESTER: Durang's Hornpipe/ Wednesday Night Waltz/ LARRY MCWILLIAMS: Maiden's Prayer & Orange Blossom Special (Medley)/ Three Fiddle Salute to Buck Shook/ JESSIE NICHOLS: Forty Years Ago Waltz/ Whistling Rufus/ R.L. "BUCK SHOOK: Done Gone/ Paddy on the Turnpike

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cattle 42 True Blue Collectors' Items Of The 40s, 50s & Early 60s ● LP $13.98
ZEKE CLEMENTS: I'll Face the World with a Smile/ Oklahoma Blues/ BUDDY JACK: Railroad Man/ Walkin' the Lonesome Streets/ JACK & HIS DRIFTERS: Old Hawaii/ Sweet Talk and Lies/ SMILEY MAXEDON: Sunshine in the Rain/ RUSTY RAMEY: Counting My Tear Drops over You/ You've Placed These Bitter Tears upon My Heart./ LARRY SMITH: Keep on the Sunny Side/ CHIEF WAH-NEE-OTA: Old Alabam/ the Last Letter

PORTER WAGONER Arts Country 30006 A Good Time Was Had By All ● LP $13.98
PORTER WAGONER: A Beggar for Your Love/ A Good Time Was Had by All/ Good Mornin' Neighbor/ How Can You Refuse Him Now/ How Quick/ I Thought I Heard You Call My Name/ I'm Gonna Sing/ I've Known You from Somewhere/ The Flame of Love/ Turn it over in Your Mind/ What Would You Do (If Jesus Came to Your House)./ Who Will He Be

BILLY WALKER Cowgirlboy 5077 The Hillbilly Side Of Billy Walker ● LP $13.98
Like it was with Eddy Arnold not much was re-issued of Billy's Hillbilly recordings although both artists won't have to be ashamed of their Hillbilly era. Billy's recordings sound as good as those of Lefty Frizzell, Carl Smith or Marty Robbins of the early 50's as basically the same studio musicians were used at the time when the recordings for this album were made. All recordings were cut after Billy Walker left Leon McAuliffe's band to start a career on his own. To those who don't know Billy's Hillbilly side this LP will certainly be a pleasant surprise.
BILLY WALKER: Back Street Affair/ Don't Let Your Pride Break You Heart/ Don't Tell a Soul I Love You/ Fool That I Am (I Still Love You)/ Hey!/ I Didn't Have the Nerve it Took to Go/ I Had a Dream/ I'm Looking for Love/ If I Should Live That Long./ Let Me Hear from You/ Mexican Joe/ Millie My Darling/ The One You Hurt/ The Record/ Time Will Tell All/ You're the Only Good Thing (That's Happened to Me)

CHARLIE WALKER Cowgirlboy 5106 Greatest Early Country Hits ● LP $13.98
The tracks on this LP were recorded from about 1950 to the early 1960's with plenty of fiddle and steel guitar backing. Tommy Jackson is one of the musicians who could be identified. It includes his big 1958 hit Pick Me Up On Your Way Down. It seems that Charlie's first or one of his first singles is included, although Charlie is certainly audible on several Records with Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers of 1943. Honky Tonk Country at its best!!
CHARLIE WALKER: A Way to Free Myself./ Dancing Mexican Boy/ Facing the Wall/ Gentle Love/ I Don't Mind Saying/ I Go Anywhere/ I Walked out of Heaven (When I Walked out on You)/ I'll Catch You When You Fall/ I'm Not Mixed up Anymore/ No Sorrow Tonight/ Only You, Only You/ Pick Me up on Your Way down (# 1)/ Right Back at Your Door/ Two Empty Arms/ by Rights You Belong to Me/ out of My Arms

REM WALL Binge 1005 16 Early Country Favorites ● LP $13.98
16 sides recorded between the late 50s and mid 60s by this Michigan based country singer. Wall is a pleasant enough though unexceptional singer who has written most of the songs her. Most of the cuts feature his band the Green Valley Boys which includes some nice steel by Howie Quibell.
REM WALL: Carried Away/ Good Bye/ Good Morning Heartache/Teardrops Keep Falling/ Hope She's Hurtin'/ I Don't Know/ I'll Always Be Blue/ I'm Losing My Tears over You./ One of These Days/ Tears in My Eyes/ That's All She Left Me/ Time Alone/Lonely Nights and Teardrops/ Trying/ Under the Old Oak Tree/ Why Did Our Love End this Way

BILLY WALLACE Cattle 8 Billy Wallace Sings His Hits ● LP $13.98
The late Billy Wallace has mainly been known as a top hit writer. He wrote Back Street Affair and other famous songs for Webb Pierce and Kitty Wells. 10 of the songs on this album (from 1962/63) have steel guitar accompaniment and were exclusively issued on this Cattle LP!
BILLY WALLACE: Back Street Affair/ Cheatin 's a Sin/ Ghost of a Honky Tonk Slave/ Honky Tonk Row/ I'm Going out of Your Arms/ If All Other Girls Were like You/ Judge of Hearts/ My Heart Needs an Overhaul Job/ Slaves of a Hopeless Love Affair/ The Sycamore Tree./ Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On/ Your Kisses and Lies

SMOKEY WARREN Cattle 50 The Eastern King of Western Swing ● LP $13.98
12 sides recorded between 1953 and 1961. In spite of the title less than half the recordings here have a western swing flavor! The rest is straight ahead country, often with an old time flavor. Nice stuff though not exceptional
SMOKEY WARREN: Back in '52/ Ball of Fire/ Golden Gate Express/ I Wasn't Free/ I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/ Let Me down Again/ Prisoner's Dream/ Smokey's Polka (Inst.)./ The Letter Edged in Black/ Truck Driver's Ride (Inst.)/ When You and I Were Young Maggie (Inst.)/ Where Was My Mind?

TABBY WEST Cowgirlboy 5039 The Hillbilly Sweetheart ● LP $13.98
16 tracks from the 50s by this obscure singer. Tabby had a nice voice though it was a bit one dimensional. Accompaniments are solid honky tonk with good fiddle, electric and steel guitar.
TABBY WEST: A Cold One Way Street/ Crew Cut and Baby Blue Eyes/ Forbidden Fruit/ Here's to Love/ Hillbilly Blues/ I Love Everybody./ I Love You Too Much to Leave You/ I Was the Bridesmaid/ Inchin' Up/ My Daddy Left My Mommy Again/ Oh! Mama (If Only I Had Listened to You)/ Pretty Little Dedon/ Sea of Sorrow/ Send Me Somebody like Joe/ Texas Millionaire/ You Gave Me a Hard Way to Go

BILLY WHELAN Cattle 62 Canadian Country Souveniers of the 1950s ● LP $13.98
Excellent singer from Nova Scotia who has a touch of Marty Robbins in his approach - accompanied by a small honky tonk flavored group with fine fiddle and steel guitar he works his way through 12 songs recorded in 1956 - mostly versions of popular U .S. country songs - At the End of a Long Lonely Day/ Letter Edged in Black/ Anytime/ Your Cheatin' Heart, etc
BILLY WHELAN: Anytime/ At the End of a Long Lonely Day/ Bouquet of Roses/ Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/ I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair/ Just a Closer Walk with Thee/ Let the Lower Lights Be Burning/ Many Tears Ago/ Near the Cross/ Rockin ' Alone in an Old Rockin ' Chair./ The Letter Edged in Black/ Your Cheatin ' Heart

SLIM WILLET Castle 8213 Don't Let The Stars get In Your Eyes, Vol. 1 ● LP $13.98
SLIM WILLET: Don't Laugh at Me Now/ Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes (Vocal Version)/ If Winter Comes./ Let Me Know/ Love Me Baby/ Mata Hari/ My Love to You/ Starlight Waltz/ Tell Me Now/ The Lonely Tide/ The Red Rose/ When Lovers Go By

SLIM WILLET Castle 8214 Don't Let The Stars get In Your Eyes, Vol. 2 ● LP $13.98
These two LPs have been reissued by popular demand. Vol. 1 is a complete re-issue of his rare Audio Lab LP, the other items were recorded about the same time, but they were taken from singles. You can expect a great honky tonk voice, steel guitar, fiddle and piano accompaniment. Slim wrote Skeets McDonald's biggest hit Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes but had recorded two remarkable versions himself. He was star of "The Big D Jamboree", "The Louisiana Hayride" & "The Grand Ole Opry".
SLIM WILLET: Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes (Inst. Version)/ Don't Waste Your Heart/ Hadacol Corners./ Hungry Slim (Inst.)/ It's Hard to Love Just One/ Leave Me Alone Now/ Little Bluebird Keeps Singing/ Live While You're Young (Dream When You're Old)/ Live as If You Knew/ Shibuya/ Villa Cuna (Inst.)/ Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown

BILLY WILLIAMS Cattle 14 Memories Of The Great Western Music Era-Vol. 1 ● LP $13.98
Western songs recorded around 1950 - in the style of Rex Allen, Roy Rogers or Jimmy Wakely with good small western styled group
BILLY WILLIAMS: Got a Dolly down in Dallas/ Heartbreak Trail/ I'll Ride Across the Purple Sage/ I've Got a Gal in Laramie/ I've Just Got to Be a Cowboy/ I've Lived a Lifetime for You./ If You Ever Had a Broken Heart/ Roundup Time for Love/ That Tumbled down Shack (in the Valley)/ Two Silhouettes on the Prairie/ Yesterday's Kisses (Are Teardrops Today)

BILLY WILLIAMS Cattle 15 Memories Of The Great Western Music Era-Vol. 2 ● LP $13.98
More Western songs recorded around 1950
BILLY WILLIAMS: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/ If You Knew What it Means to Be Lonesome/ Just a Few Little Miles from Home/ Mary, Marry Me/ Please Think it Over/ Teardrops and Heartaches/ There's an Echo in the Canyon Tonight/ Who Shot the Hole in My Sombrero/ You Are My Sunshine./ You Can Bet Your Boots and Saddle/ Your Picture Is Framed in My Memory/ out Where the West Says Goodnight/ till the End of the World

TEX WILLIAMS Cowgirlboy 5061 Reno, Town Of Broken Hearts ● LP $13.98
12 sides from the early 50s by this popular western singer including the title song plus
TEX WILLIAMS: Artichokes/ Be Sure You're Right (and Then Go Ahead)/ If You'd Believe in Me/ Money/ Old Betsy/ Pauline/ Reno, Town of Broken Hearts/ Roses and Revolvers/ That's the Good Lord Sayin' "Good Mornin'"/ They Were Doing the Mambo/ When I Call the Roll./ You're Cold, So Cold

VAN WILLIAMS Cattle 47 Salutes Jimmie Rodgers ● LP $13.98
15 songs made famous by "The Singing Brakeman" performed in an uncanny recreation of Rodgers's style by Williams
VAN WILLIAMS: Barefoot Blues (Blue Yodel No.12)/ Brakeman's Blues/ Frankie and Johnny/ Gamblin' Polka Dot Blues/ In the Jailhouse Now No.2/ Muleskinner Blues (Blue Yodel No.8)/ My Little Lady (Sadie Brown)/ Prairie Lullaby./ Prohibition Has Done Me Wrong/ Sweet Mama Hurry Home or I'll Be Gone/ T for Texas (Blue Yodel No.1)/ The One Rose (That's Left in My Heart)/ The Yodeling Ranger/ Whisper Your Mother's Name/ Yesterday

FOY WILLING & HIS RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE Cowgirlboy 5138 Foy Willing's Western Classics ● CD $13.98
Foy Willing & His Riders Of The Purple Sage recorded these 16 commercial sides from the mid to late 1940s for different labels. This western trio reminds you of the Sons Of The Pioneers, but their instrumentation is somewhat different. They used a steel guitar and an accordion often and sometimes a clarinet. They weren't that successful as the pioneers, however, successful enough for getting some major label stuff released in Europe at their peak. People who have a weakness for western trio singing should have this great lp.
FOY WILLING: Cool Water (# 1)/ Darling, What More Can I Do/ Detour/ Goodbye and Good Luck/ I Care No More/ I Had My Heart Set on You/ I'll Have Somebody Else/ Just a Little Lovin' (Will Go a Long Way)./ Someone Won Your Heart Little Darlin'/ Someone in Tennessee/ Sometime/ Stampede/ Texas Blues/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Twilight on the Trail/ You Told a Lie

THE WILLIS BROTHERS (OKLAHOMA RAMBLERS) Masterpiece MLP 204 Willis Brothers (Oklahoma Ramblers) ● CD $13.98

BOB WILLS Cattle 20 The Rare Presto Transcriptions ● LP $13.98
Fine and extremely rare sides recorded in early 1949 for the Crossley Automobile Corporation featuring what was probably Wills' last great band with Herb Remington/steel, Tiny Moore/mandolin, Eldon Shamblin/guitar, Jesse Ashlock/fiddle, Carl Luper /vocals and others - Luper was not the greatest vocalist Wills had but is good and the band is very hot indeed - a great album - limited edition!
BOB WILLS: Blue Flame (Inst.)./ Blues for Dixie/ Bob Wills Boogie (Inst.)/ C Schottische (Inst.)/ C-jam Blues (Inst.)/ Dragging the Bow (Inst.)/ Judy/ No Wonder/ Sally Johnson (Inst.)/ San Antonio Rose/ Sittin' on Top of the World/ Tennessee Saturday Night/ There'll Be Some Changes Made/ Tierney's Boogie (Inst.)/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Twin Guitar Special (Inst.)/ Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone

BOB WILLS Cattle 33 The Rare Presto Transcriptions, Vol. 3 ● LP $13.98
BOB WILLS: Arkansas Traveler/ Baby Won't You Please Come Home/ Bouquet of Roses/ Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes/ Cotton Eyed Joe/ Home in San Antone/ I'll Be True to the One I Love/ Ida Red/ Jessie Polka (Inst.)/ Mama Inez (Inst.)/ My Happiness/ On a Slow Boat to China/ Take the "A" Train (Inst.)/ Teardrops in My Heart/ Thorn in My Heart/ Till the Longest Day I Live/ You Can't Break the Chains of Love

SLIM PICKENS WILSON Cattle 121 The Idol Of The Ozarks ● LP $13.98
Slim Pickens Wilson is a legend in the Ozarks. He started his radio career in 1933 and was included in or leader of different singing combinations like, for instance, Slim and Shorty, Flash and Whistler, The Goodwill Family and The Tall Timber Trio. He did numerous transcriptions in the 1940's and 1950's but his commercial cuts have rather been rare. Four of the super rare cuts for Universal of 1948 are included. They are from the period he was associated Whistler with Flash (Goo-Goo Rutledge ) and The Buster Fellows-certainly his greatest combination of all. Great musicians can be heard on all tracks, for instance Tommy Jackson (fiddle), Bud Isaacs (steel) and Grady Martin (guitar).
SLIM PICKENS WILSON: (You're Drivin') On The Wrong Side of The Road/ Ashes of Love (Trio)/ Fireball Mail/ How Long Can I Wait/ I Gotta Be Gettin' Home/ I'll Be Back A-sunday/ I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)/ I'll Dance at Your Wedding (& Goo-goo Rutledge )/ I'm Movin' On/ Knothole (Trio)/ Let's Pretend (Trio)/ Love Song of the Waterfall (Trio)/ Muskrat Ramble./ She's the Lily of Hillbilly Valley/ Sugar Moon/ The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe (& SLIM PICKENS/ Wedding Dolls (from Your Wedding Cake)/ You Do (& Goo-goo Rutledge )/ to Each His Own (& Goo-goo Rutledge)

MAC WISEMAN Cowgirlboy 5067 The Rare Singles And Radio Transcriptions ● LP $13.98
3 rare early 50's single tracks plus 11 late 50's transcription cuts are represented here on this re-issue LP release.
MAC WISEMAN: Crazy Blues/ Driftwood on the River/ Each Ring of the Hammer/ Goin' like Wildfire/ Hold Fast to the Right/ I Saw Your Face in the Moon/ I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland/ Let Me Borrow Your Heart for Just Tonight/ Shackles and Chains/ Smilin' Through/ The Preacher and the Bear/ Wabash Cannonball/ Wildwood Flower./ You Can't Judge a Book (by its Cover)

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