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HANK MACDONALD Cattle 97 The Bachelor's Train ● LP $13.98
16 sides recorded in 1957 and 1960 by popular Canadian country singer. MacDonald is a pretty good singer who was obviously influenced by fellow Canadian Hank Snow and the album title tune is sung to the tunes of Hank's Golden Rocket which he also featured here. There are several other Snow songs here as well as several originals plus songs from Carson Robison, Bob Noland and others. Accompaniments are basic featuring guitars, fiddle, steel guitar and bass.
HANK MACDONALD: (Now and Then There's) a Fool Such as I/ Brand on My Heart/ Honeymoon on a Rocket Ship/ I Don't Hurt Anymore./ I'll Remember You Darling/ Marriage Vow/ Mother/ One More Ride/ Tangled Mind/ The Bachelor's Train/ The Golden Rocket/ The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan's Gin/ The Wreck of the Number Nine/ The Wreck of the Old 97/ Your Memory Haunts Me/ on That Old Hawaiian Shore with You

ALONZO "DITTO" MARSH Cowgirlboy 5124 Canada's "Radio Ranger" ● LP $13.98
The late Alonzo has one golden Canadian throat. Although signed to a major label he never made it for one reason or another. It must also be noted that his Records are that rare these days that collectors had mainly only tapes of this material which were provided for this LP. Alonzo sings to his guitar, but steel guitar is occasionally heard as well. Early 50s material!
ALONZO "DITTO" MARSH: A Million Miles from Your Heart/ An Old Castle in Scotland/ At Our Training Camp One Morning/ Chained to a Memory/ I Know What it Means to Be Lonesome/ I Want a Pardon for Daddy./ Keep it Wrapped in Your Heart/ Little Darlin' I'm Here in Korea/ Molly Bond/ My Old Brown Coat and Me/ Seven Years I Loved a Sailor/ for this Lock There Is No Key

BENNY MARTIN Cowgirlboy 5137 Star Of The Grand Ole Opry ● LP $13.98
Benny Martin is not only the master of the 8-string fiddle, he is also one great country singer, which he testifies on these 16 tracks from the early to late 1950's. Two tracks were recorded with Hank Williams' Drifting Cowboys and one can also note Little Roy Wiggins (steel) on several tracks. For people who like powerful country songs from the heart and great steel guitar and fiddle work this colorful LP is a must!
BENNY MARTIN: (Little Darlin') Give Me One More Chance/ Border Baby./ I'm Right and You're Wrong/ Ice Cold Love (# 1)/ If I Didn't Have a Conscience/ Take My Word/ That's What I'll Do to You/ The Lover of the Town/ The Thirteenth of May/ True Christmas/ Tryin' to Chase These Blues Away/ Whippoorwill/ Who Put Those Tears in My Eyes/ Yes, It's True/ You Know That I Know/ You're Guilty Darling

DUDE MARTIN & HIS ROUNDUP GANG Cowgirlboy 5148 Dude Martin & His Roundup gang ● LP $13.98
All of these songs were recorded around 1950. Dude's music is exactly in the style of Tex Williams and his voice is just that great, so it remains a mystery, why he didn't make it. It's a top LP for all Western swing and boogie fans.
DUDE MARTIN: Atom Bomb Baby/ Boogie Woogie Cowboy/ Don't Come Cryin' to Me/ Gin Rummy Boogie/ I Always Had a Way with Women/ I Was Sorta Wonderin'./ I'd Love a Home (out in the Mountain)/ It's Lonesome out Tonight/ It's the Latest Style/ Love Ticket/ Mosey On/ Murder on the Radio/ Nevada Waltz/ Smootch/ Tuck Me to Sleep in My Old'Tucky Home/ Wishy-washy Woman

JANET MCBRIDE Binge 1003 Yodelin' Jan ● LP $13.98
The second collection on the Binge label from California country singer McBride. This one features 14 songs recorded between 1965 and 1968 for the Texas Longhorn label and for Nashvilles Metromedia label. Straight ahead 60s country with generally straight ahead backings. Janet is a pleasant though not exceptional singer and is featured on a couple of duets with Vern Stovall who also wrote quite a few of the songs here. Back liner features autobiographical notes by janet. Songs include the title song where Janet gets to exhibit some of her yodelin' prowess plus The Guy Here With Me/ I'm Wild Bill Tonite (with Stovall)/ My Johnny Lies/ Mass Confusion (one of the better honky tonk songs here), etc (FS)
JANET MCBRIDE: A Woman's Point of View/ Common Law Wife/ Home Away from Home/ I'm Wild Bill Tonite (Duet with Vern Stovall )/ It's the Truth That's Killin' Me./ Love Me/ Mass Confusion/ My Johnny Lies (over and Over)/ Outside of That/ Playlike You/ Tell Me Again (Duet with Vern Stovall )/ That's Not like Me/ The Guy Here with Me/ Where Did the Other Dollar Go (Duet with Vern Stovall )/ Yodelin' Jan

JANET MCBRIDE Cattle 93 Yodeling At The Grand Ole Opry ● LP $13.98
Some enjoyable recordings from 1985 by this veteran country singer and yodeler. Janet is accompanied by Dexter Johnson (bass) and the Tennessee Mountain Boys which includes some fine steel by Keevel Hendon and fiddle by Kenny Lovelace. The music has ver much the feel of a 50s recordings and Janet is in good voice on a selection of new original songs and old favorites like I Wanna Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart and Just A Yodel For Me and just about every track features some of Janet's excellent yodeling. (FS)
JANET MCBRIDE: Best Dern Yodeler/ Chime Bells/ Hallelujah Yodel Lady./ I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart/ I'm Gonna Dream My Way (to a Swiss Chalet)/ Just a Yodel for Me/ Montana Cowboy/ There's a Silver Moon on the Golden Gate/ Toy Yodeler (Duet with Dexter Johnson)/ Yodel Sweet Molly (with John Ingram and Mark Mcbride)/ Yodelin ' Jan (No.2)/ Yodeling Tribute/ Yodeling at the Grand Ole Opry/ this One's for Daddy

JANET MCBRIDE Cattle 118 The Texas Yodel Lady ● LP $13.98
Pleasant collection of mostly original songs by Texas singer and yodeller Janet McBride accompanied on electric guitar, steel guitar, bass, rhythm guitar and fiddle by Dexter Johnson and The Tennessee Valley Boys. In addition to the originals there are also versions of Columbus Stockade Blues and the Jean Shephard hit Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar.
JANET MCBRIDE: A Yodeler's Lament./ Columbus Stockade Blues/ Guilty/ I Betcha My Heart I Love You/ Second Fiddle to an Old Guitar/ Smoky Mountain Yodeler/ Texas Yodel Lady/ The Alpine Yodel Polka/ The Ballad of North Whitefield, Maine/ The Grand Ole Opry/ The Happy Yodeler/ The Yodelers' Hall of Fame

BUD MESSNER Cattle 49 Slipping Around With Jole Blon ● LP $13.98
12 sides from the early 50s by fine and popular band The Skyliners led by guitarist Messner. Title song was a small hit in 1950 - vocalists include Messner, Bill Franklin, Molly Darr and others.
BUD MESSNER: Big Blue Eyes./ Father, Put the Cow Away/ I Died All over You/ I Don't Care What You Used to Be/ Leaping Heart/ Mommy, Can I Take My Doll to Heaven/ Slipping Around with Jole Blon/ Tell Her You Love Her Today/ The Sweetest Gift a Mother's Smile/ Too Soon to Tell/ Trailing Arbutus/ We Were Married

PATSY MONTANA Cattle 53 Out in the Western Country ● LP $13.98
12 sides from the 30s including one with The Sons of the Pioneers.
PATSY MONTANA: A Cowboy's Honeymoon/ Big Moon/ Blanket Me with Western Skies/ Blazin ' the Trail/ Deep in the Heart of Texas/ Gold Coast Express/ Homesick for My Old Cabin/ I'm A- ridin ' up the Old Kentucky Mountain/ I'm Gonna Have a Cowboy Weddin '/ Leanin ' on the Old Top Rail./ Little Old Rag Doll/ Shine on Rocky Mountain Moonlight

LEE MOORE Cattle 44 Wheeling's Coffee Drinking Nighthawk ● LP $13.98
Old time singing and guitar playing by performer from Wheeling, West Virginia - 14 songs recorded between 1953 and 1967.
The Cat Came Back/Wildwood Flower/I'll Sail My Ship Alone/No Letter Today/Where The Water Lillies Grow/This Song Is Just For You/He Is Coming To Us Dead/Seven Days And Seven Nights/Just A Message To The One I Love/Don't Write To Mother Too Late/Give Me Your Love And I'll Give You Mine/An Old Log Cabin For Sale/My Savior First Of All/Legend Of The Dogwood Tree

ROD MORRIS & HIS MISSOURIANS Cowgirlboy 5075 The Original "Bimbo" ● LP $13.98
Rod Morris was one of the highly underrated early 50's hard country sound talents. He had a great Hillbilly voice, a great group and a fine backing with steel guitar and fiddle in the Hank Williams style. Bimbo has proven that he was an excellent songwriter, too. This collection features recordings cut between 1951 and 1954.
ROD MORRIS: Bimbo/ Bimbo No.2/ Cold, Cold Cornbread/ Cry Baby Blues/ Don't Put off until Tomorrow (What You Can Do Today)/ Everything to Lose, Nothing to Gain/ Free, Wise and 21/ Hey Mr. Mockingbird/ Honey, Honey, Honey/ I'm Not a Kid Anymore/ Is There Anymore at Home like You/ Nobody Home/ Nobody Knows Grandpa like Grandma./ That's Nature/ Three Empty Bottles/ When it Rains Banana Peelin's

RED MURRELL Castle 8113 Hard Country & Swingin' Western Music ● LP $13.98
RED MURRELL: Baby Girl/ Broomstick Buckaroo/ Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along/ Ernest Tubb's Talking Blues/ Good Old Country Moon/ Hide Your Face/ I Learned My Lesson Too Late/ It Can Happen to You/ Nobody but You/ Paper Hearts/ Sitting on Top of the World/ Steel Guitar Rag (Inst.)/ The Letter I Forgot to Mail/ The Way She Got Away/ Walking the Floor over You.

COWBOY SAM NICHOLS Cattle 110 Cowboy Sam Nichols With The Melody Range ● LP $13.98
Texas singer Sam Nichols enjoyed modest West Coast success in the late 40's, first with the tiny Memo label in 1946 then for MGM. His records had the breezy feel of Jack Guthrie's Capitol sides and little wonder. He and Guthrie used some of the same sidemen - Porky Freeman(elec.g), Red Murrell & Billy Hughes(g), Al Barker(b), Curly Cochran(stl.g) & Jesse Ashlock on hot swing fiddle. What the sketchy, ill-written notes don't mention is that four 1947 numbers, Red Hair And Green Eyes , Ain't That Too Bad , I'm Not The Triflin' Kind & Wild And Wicked Look In Your Eye #2 feature backing by Spade Cooley's band including Cooley, Tiny Hunt and Billy Hill(fiddle), Noel Boggs(stl.g) & Jimmy Wyble(g). (RK)
COWBOY SAM NICHOLS: Ain't That Too Bad/ Honky Tonk Baby/ I Wonder Why I Worry over You/ I'm Tellin' You/ I'm Not the Triflin' Kind/ It Never Rains but it Pours/ Keep Your Motor Hot/ Red Hair and Green Eyes/ Sows, Cows and Plows/ That Wild and Wicked Look in Your Eye (# 1)/ That Wild and Wicked Look in Your Eye (# 2)./ Who Puts the Cat out When Papa's out of Town/ You'll Live to Regret it (Wait and See)/ You're So Heartless (and I'm So Forgiving)

AL OSTER Cattle 108 The Yukalaska Spell ● LP $13.98
From the frozen wastes of the Canadian Yukon comes singer/ songwriter Al Oster. Musically Oster patterns his style on that of Hank Snow and Johnny Cash. Although these recordings, mostly from the early 60s, are not terribly exciting musically they are an interesting view of life and times in the Yukon in songs like Buckets Of Steel/ Sourdough Rendezvous/ Laughing Mountain Goat/ Out In the Great Northwest/ Alaska Star 49,etc
AL OSTER: Alaska Star 49/ Arctic Eskimo/ Beautiful Alaska/ Blow Northwind Blow/ Buckets of Steel/ I Wonder What Your Eyes Will Say/ In My Book of Yukon Memories/ Irena Cheyenne/ Klondike Cattle Drive/ Laughing Mountain Goat/ My Yukalaska Girl/ Next Boat/ Northland/ Paddle-wheeler/ Phantom of the Arctic./ Sourdough Rendezvous/ The Unfortunate Miner/ Twilight in the Yukon/ Waltz of the Yukon (# 1)/ out in the Great Northwest

AL OSTER Cattle 109 The Yukon Balladeer ● LP $13.98
Complementing Cattle 108  this album features 20 more songs from the early 60s by Alaskan country singer Oster including many original ballads relating to life in Alaska
AL OSTER: 49 Days/ 918 Miles/ Ballad of Soapy Smith/ Big Iron Wheels/ Call of Alaska/ Cheechako's Beard/ Echo of the Yukon/ Fair Weather Friend/ Judgement in the Snow/ Kee Bird Song/ Midnight Sun Rock/ One of These Days/ The 98 Trail/ The Alaska Earthquake/ Waltz of the Yukon (# 2)/ Way up Alaska Way/ Words Will Never Tell./ Yukon Cheechako/ Yukon Gold/ for Such Is the Land

ELAYNE OTTERSON Lucky Lady 3004 Feelings Of A Country Girl ● LP $13.98
Elayne is not an unknown. She already released an LP album in Nashville in 1986. 2 of the best songs of the first LP are included in this LP but the remainder of 10 tracks were recorded in 1989 exclusively for Lucky Lady Records. All songs were written by Elayne and recorded in Nashville. With personnel names like Buddy Spicher (fiddle), Jim Baker (steel guitar and Dobro), Hargus "Pig" Robbins (piano) you can expect a perfect nowadays sound which is kept pretty much "country"...but what about the singer? She's got a warm, dark voice with a lot of good country feeling. She does not imitate anyone but if she had recorded back in the 1960's she could have been as successful as a Jean Shepard or a Norma Jean...perhaps even more than that since does an excellent job as a songwriter, too!
ELAYNE OTTERSON: Hillbilly Baby/ Homeless Angel/ I'd like to Ride this Train./ I'm Tryin' One More Time/ It's the Same Old Story/ Please Don't Ever Stop Loving Me/ Ridin' High/ Thank You Lord/ Thanks a Lot for Nothin'/ The Lonesome Streets of Town/ There'll Come the Time/ Tomorrow I'll Be Gone

HANK PENNY Cowgirlboy 5005 Country & Western Memory Lane, Vol 1 ● LP $13.98
16 tracks from early 50s radio transcriptions.
HANK PENNY: Alabama Jubilee/ Big-footed Sam/ Crazy Rhythm(inst.)/ Cross Your Heart/ Flamin' Mamie/ I Want My Rib/ I like the Wide Open Spaces/ I'm Not in Love, Just Involved/ Peroxide Blond/ Ship of Broken Dreams/ Things Are Gettin' Rough All Over/ Waiting Just for You/ We Met Too Late/ White Shotguns/ You're Bound to Look like a Monkey (When You Grow Old)/ You're So Different

Entertaining collection of 30s country music by this Virginia based group featuring Norman Phelps on drums, his brothers Willie (guitar) and Earl (fiddle) plusKen Card/ banjo and Lloyd Stubbs/ bass. Material is a diverse selection of breakdowns, blues, mountain songs and pop/jazz standards. Most entertaining. (FS)
NORMAN PHELPS' VIRGINIA ROUNDERS: Black Eyed Susan Brown/ Earl's Breakdown (Bear's Gap) ./ Honey Suckle Rose/ I like Bananas Because They Have No Bones/ I like Mountain Music/ It Ain't Nobody's Dirty Business How My Baby Treats Me/ It's Tight like That/ Margie/ My Baby's Hot/ My Mother/ My Mother and Dad/ Skunk in the Collard Patch / Sweet Violets/ Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/ Talking'Bout You/ When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby

WILLIE PHELPS & THE PHELPS BROTHERS Cattle 117 Country Music Made In 1955 ● LP $13.98
Pleasant collection of 16 previously unissued tracks featuring singer/ guitarist/ songwriter Willie Phelps with his brothers Earl & Norman on bass and fiddle plus Kenny Rowe/ piano, Gene Hudgins/ steel & Doug Wray/ drums. The brothers had a recording career dating baack to th 30s. Phelps is a smooth singer in the Jim Reeves vein and wrote all the songs here. The group provide sympathetic accompaniment and on a couple of tracks brother Earl helps out on duet vocals. (FS)
THE PHELPS BROTHERS: A Transfer out of Heaven./ Big Black Engine/ Experience/ Goodbye Blues/ How Many Heartaches?/ I Can't Do Right for Doing Wrong/ I Think You're Lying/ I'm Gonna Cry over You/ I'm Gonna Make You Smile/ I'm Moving Out/ Living in the Past/ My Heart's No Play Thing/ Set Me Free/ The Moon Song/ You're Elected/ next Sunday Night

HAL LONE PINE & HIS MOUNTAINEERS Castle 8215 Hal Lone Pine & His Mountaineers ● LP $13.98
HAL LONE PINE & HIS MOUNTAINEERS: A Woman Can Make You or Break You/ Add a Name/ Don't Stop-I like it!/ From Paree to Tennessee/ Gonna Build a Fence Around You/ Honey, Honey Me/ I Should Have Subtracted (Instead of Adding)./ I'm Talkin', Start Walkin'/ Jealous Love/ Keep Your Shirt on John/ Lipstick on Your Collar/ No Heart at All/ What's the Name of the Girl/ from One O'clock to Midnight

THE POE SISTERS Cattle 122 Early Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry ● LP $13.98
The Poe Sisters were discovered by George D. Hay in the 1940's. All songs on this album were done on the Grand Ole Opry in Ernest Tubb's segment of the show. Justin Tubb already spread the news around on his Nashville "Midnight Jamboree" that this album gets its release. It's the first time that this Sister duo is on a record, and the original lacquer discs were cut for a personal memory only from 1944 to 1946. Ruth plays mandolin and Nelle guitar. They perform exactly in the style of the "Blue Sky Boys". If they hadn't disbanded because of marriage in the 1940's I guess they could have been the "female" Blue Sky Boys. Top oldtime pickin' and singin'-a real gem!
THE POE SISTERS: As Long as I Live/ Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die/ False Hearted Girl/ Flower Blooming in the Wildwood/ Green Valley Waltz/ Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?/ In a Little Village Church Yard/ The Best of Friends must Part/ The Farmer's Girl./ The Farmer's Son

THE PRAIRIE RAMBLERS Cattle 32 Tex's Dance ● LP $13.98
Early string band recordings from 1933 - 1938, including their 4 very first. They were also known as "The Sweet Violet Boys", "The Blue Ridge Ramblers" and "The Kentucky Ramblers" and backed up Patsy Montana on many of her recording sessions.
THE PRAIRIE RAMBLERS: (Take Me Back to My) Boots and Saddle/ Blue River (Inst.)/ Deep Elm Blues/ Hop Pickin' Time in Happy Valley/ I'll Be Hanged/ I'm Looking for the Bully of the Town/ I'm Rolling On/ If the Stork Comes to Our House/ Jim's Windy Mule/ Next Year/ On Treasure Island/ Tex's Dance (Inst.)/ There's a Man That Comes to Our House/ Truckin'/ What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Mother-in-law./ Yip, Yip, Yowie I'm an Eagle

THE PRAIRIE RAMBLERS Cowgirlboy 5017 Sing It Fast & Hot ● LP $13.98
Reissue of tracks from the 30s and early 40s by this fine string band. A mixture of swinging tunes, sentimental tunes, risqué songs and novelty pieces with some hot instrumental work. (FS)
THE PRAIRIE RAMBLERS: Backyard Stomp/ Darling, Do You Love Another?/ Down on the Farm/ Hinky Dinky Parley Voo No.2./ Hurry, Johnny, Hurry/ I Won't Mind/ I'll Love You till I Die/ I've Got a Gal in Ev'ry State/ Isle of Capri/ Lonesome for You Annabelle/ Nellie's Not the Same Nell Now (Voc. Alan Crockett)/ Put on an Old Pair of Shoes/ Sing it Fast and Hot/ Sweet Violets No.3/ You Oughta See My Fanny Dance/ You Were Right and I Was Wrong (Voc. Rusty Gill)

ORVAL PROPHET Cowgirlboy 5141 The Traveling Snowman ● LP $13.98
16 tracks from the 50s and 60s by this fine Canadian performer who also recorded under the names Rex Prophet and Johnny Six. 10 tracks were cut in 1951 and 2 in 1953 with such great musicians as Don Helms, Tommy Jackson, Hank Garland and Grady Martin. Some later items of the early 60s are also included.
ORVAL PROPHET: Acres of Heartaches/ Another Day/ Crown of Thorns/ Don't Trade Your Love for Gold/ Forget Me Not/ Goodbye, Katie, Bar the Door/ I'm Goin' Back to Birmingham/ I'm Gonna Sink Your Boat/ Judgement Day Express/ Molly Darling/ My Lois and Me/ Run Run Run./ Tears on Her Bridal Bouquet/ The Travelin' Kind/ The Traveling Snowman/ Wildfire

CACTUS PRYOR Cattle 54 Hillbilly Humor ● LP $13.98
16 humorous and straight honky tonk, western and western swing songs of around 1950. The Texas Tapper is a hot boogie number.
CACTUS PRYOR: (In Again, Out Again) Packing up My Barracks Bag Blues/ Burpin ' the Baby/ Can't Yodel Blues/ Cool Water/ Cry of the Dying Duck in a Thunderstorm/ Don't Let the Stars (Get in Your Eyes) No.2/ Double Trouble/ Excuses/ Hog Calling Champ of Arkansas/ I'll Ride Alone/ If I Know'd Youse A- comin ' I'd Cut My Throat/ Jackass Caravan/ My Heart Bawls Fer You/ Red River Valley/ Sixteen Hours./ Texas Tapper

PETE PYLE Cattle 106 Pete Pyle & The Mississippi Valley Boys ● LP $13.98
A nice collection of old time country sounds by this excellent singer and songwriter recorded between 1940 and 1950 with various musicians including electric guitarists Chet Atkins, Zeb Turner and Zeke Turner. The earliest sides feature just guitar and mandolin accompaniment, the mid 40s tracks usually include harmonica, bass and fidle while the later recordings have electric and steel guitars. There is a lot of variety here including the jumping Mark Me Off Your List with great Travis style guitar from Chet Atkins, a fine version of Wayne Raney's Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me, the bluesy Talking The Blues with some fine duet guitar from the Turners. Wewll worth a listen. (FS)
PETE PYLE: Are You Making a Fool of Me/ Don't You Worry'Bout Me When I'm Gone/ Home Sweet Home in the Rockies/ I Guess You'll Soon Forget/ I Made a Mistake/ I'll Be Gone for Awhile/ It's So Hard to Be Just a Pal to You/ Little Blue-eyed Blonde Goodbye (# 2)/ Little Blue-eyed Blonde Goodbye (# 2)./ Living in Sorrow/ Love's a Game That Two Can Play/ Mark Me off Your List/ Talking the Blues/ Think Twice/ Why Don't You Haul off and Love Me

RED RIVER DAVE & THE TEXAS TOPHANDS Cowgirlboy 5010 More Days Of The Yodeling Cowboys ● LP $13.98
16 tracks from mid 40s transcriptions and commercial recordings. Not a lot of yodeling here but a collection of cowboy standards (Take Me Back To My Boots & Saddle/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Empty Saddles, etc), sentimental songs (The Letter Edged In Black/ Daddy & Home/ My Old Pal, etc), novelty songs (the delightful When Davy Crockett Met The San Antonio Rose/ Dude Cowboy, etc) and other items. Includes a couple of duets with Rosalie Allen. Sound on some of these tracks is pretty rough. (FS)

RED RIVER DAVE Cowgirlboy 5040 Yodelin' Cowboy Memories ● LP $13.98
12 sides from the late 40s and early 50s by this popular performer.
RED RIVER DAVE: Budded Roses/ Change Partners/ First Love/ I'll Be Lovin' You Then/ Jack O'hearts ./ Prairie/ Searching for You Buddy/ Stars over Laredo/ There's a Blue Sky Way out Yonder/ Things That Might Have Been/ Wrong Number/ You Didn't Want Me

JACK RENO Lucky Lady 3003 Hitchin' A Ride To The Country ● LP $13.98
16 of Jack's fantastic early 70's recordings done in Nashville for Target Records. He's in fine form and the backup musicians play virtually everything in the old honky tonk style. There's a touch of femme chorus and some strings but they don't get in the way too much. Highly recommended. (AE)
JACK RENO: Airline Girl/ Arizona Clay/ Do You Want to Dance/ Free to Be (Voc. With Sheila)./ Heartaches by the Number/ Hitchin' a Ride/ I Can Still See Him in Your Eyes/ I Get So Lonely/ Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)/ Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town/ Something Happened/ Take My Hand/ What's the World A-coming To/ You Are My Destiny/ You Can't Buy Love (Voc. With Daughter Sheila)/ You Have Him, He's Got the Best

JACK RIVERS Cattle 84 Just Plain Old Ordinary Me ● LP $13.98
16 songs recorded in the 40s by this popular performer who was the brother of Texas Jim Lewis. He is a superb guitarist and sings in a style popularized by Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart.
JACK RIVERS: Bonaparte's Retreat/ Bugle Call Baby/ Hannah from Louisiana/ If I Hadn't Met You/ If I Hadn't Stopped to Say Hello/ If You Would Only Be Mine/ Just Plain Old Ordinary Me/ Lonesome Darlin'/ M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i ./ Razor Strap Boogie/ Sleepy-eyed John/ Texas Tornado/ There's a New Star in Heaven/ Who Knows/ Your Sweetheart Isn't Brokenhearted Now/ out of a Clear Blue Sky

CARSON J. ROBISON Cattle 107 The Kansas Jayhawk ● LP $13.98
Carson Robison was a country music pioneer with career stretching from the 30s through the 50s. He specialized in Western flavored items often in the story-song vein. The recordings covered here are from the period 1930 through 1950 with an emphasis on material from the mid 40s where he is accompanied by his Pleasant Valley Boys. It includes one of his most famous recordings - the humorous recitation Life Gets tee-Jus Don't It. It also includes the follow up More & More Tee-Jus Ain't It and the similar Settin' By The Fire
CARSON J. ROBISON: 1942 Turkey in the Straw/ 1945 Mother Goose Rhymes/ In the Cumberland Mountains/ Life Gits Tee-jus, Don't It/ Life Is a Beautiful (?) Thing/ More and More Tee-jus, Don't It/ Naw, I Don't Wanta Be Rich/ Ramblin' Cowboy/ Settin' by the Fire/ That Horse Named Pete/ The Old Hollow Tree (Vocal Carson Robison Jr.)./ Too Big for His Britches/ Trail Drive/ Twenty-one Years/ Wind in the Mountains/ Yodelin' Tex (Vocal Tex Roy)

RAMBLIN' TOMMY SCOTT Cattle 38 Original Country Oldies ● LP $13.98
15 sides recorded between 1952 & 1954 - a wide variety of material is performed - hard country, country boogie, western flavored items and old time string band sounds - sidemen include Jerry Byrd, Tommy Jackson, Joe Maphis & Johnny Bond
RAMBLIN' TOMMY SCOTT: Cherokee Rose/ Come on Gimme Some Lovin'/ Everything Reminds Me of You/ Freckle-faced Girl/ Free Again/ Gonna Paint the Town Red/ Just A-diggin ' and A-diggin'/ Kiss and Run/ Lonely as a Georgia Pine/ Rosebuds and You/ Santa Claus Shuffle/ Tennessee/ Uncle Sammy/ Waiting/ You Done Me Wrong

RAMBLIN' TOMMY SCOTT Cattle 64 Original Old Hillbilly Music ● LP $13.98
16 fine and very rare cuts recorded in the late 40s and early 50s - a fine complement to Cattle 38 - in addition to Tommy's excellent singing there is fine instrumental work by the various band members
RAMBLIN' TOMMY SCOTT: Ain't What She Used to Be Be/ Alley Cat Blues/ Been a Long Time Gone/ Down in the Graveyard/ I Love You (Previously Unissued)./ I Would Never Grow Tired of Lovin ' You/ Little Baby Girl (Previously Unissued)/ Longing for You/ Lovely Blue Eyes/ Mountain Ma and Pa/ My Little Moonbeam/ Ruby Lips/ Smoky Mountain Sunset/ Sweet Woman Blues/ When a Man Gets the Blues/ You Caused it All

RAMBLIN' TOMMY SCOTT Cattle 126 Hillbilly & Rockabilly Rarities ● LP $13.98
Available again. An entertaining and diverse selection by this popular and prolific performer. The material here is very varied and includes rockabilly (Nobody But You and the bizarre Cats & Dogs), country boogie (Rockin' And Rollin/ It's You), blues (the excellent When A Man Gets The Blues with bluesy accordion), old time country (Tennessee/ Paper Of Pins) and mainstream country (Here Today And Gone Tomorrow), etc. A couple of tracks are from previously unissued acetates and musically and sound wise are fairly expendable. Still, an interesting set. (FS)
RAMBLIN' TOMMY SCOTT: Ain't Love Grand/ Broken Hearted ./ Carmella / Cats and Dogs / Come Back My Darlin' / Take Me Back Little Darlin' / Tennessee / What Do You Know I Love Her/ When a Man Gets the Blues/ Katona

THE SHELTON BROTHERS Cowgirlboy 5149 Those Dusty Roads ● LP $13.98
THE SHELTON BROTHERS: (Aye Aye) on Mexico's Beautiful Shore/ Aura Lee/ Doggone Crazy Blues/ Hallelujah! I'm Gonna Be Free Again/ I'll Be Seein' You in Dallas, Alice/ I'm a Handy Man to Have Around/ If I Ever Cry Again/ Macdonald's Streamlined Farm/ My Girl Friend Doesn't like Me Anymore/ Oh Monah/ On the Hoot-owl Trail/ She Gave it All Away/ Someday Baby/ Those Dusty Roads/ When They Baptized Sister Lucy Lee./ With Another's Arms Around


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