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REX ALLEN Cowgirlboy 5056 Yodelin' Crazy ● LP $13.98
Arizona singer Rex Allen has been called the "last of the singing cowboys" and was certainly one of the best. The 16 tracks here are from mid 40s radio transcriptions prior to his commercial recording career. Although some of his later recordings were very pop oriented this is staright western music with expressive vocals (and occasional yodelling) by Rex and accompaniments on guitar, fiddle, accordion & steel guitar plus vocal harmonies. Songs include My Old Adobe Shack/ Strawberry Roan/ Timber Winds/ Cowpunchers Blues, etc. Nice! (FS)
REX ALLEN: A Cowboy's Story/ Cowpuncher's Blues/ Dreaming of the Western Plains/ Happy Yodelin' Man/ Home on the Range/ I'll Go Ridin' down That Texas Trail./ Mellow Mountain Moon/ My Old Adobe Shack/ Queen of the Rodeo/ Ridin' the Range on My Pinto/ Strawberry Roan/ The Girl I Left Behind Me/ Timber Winds/ What'cha Gonna Do/ When the Tumbling Weeds Come Tumbling down Again/ Yodelin' Crazy

EDDIE ARNOLD Cowgirlboy 5072 Strictly Hillbilly Style ● LP $13.98
All tracks were recorded from 1944 to 1953. Little Roy Wiggins provides the steel guitar accompaniment on many tracks, plus there is fiddle audible on several tracks, too. The version of Cattle Call is Eddy's very first.
EDDIE ARNOLD: A Full Time Job/ Be Sure There's No Mistake/ Bring Your Roses to Her Now/ Cattle Call (# 1)/ Each Minute Seems a Million Years./ Free Home Demonstration/ Heart Strings/ I Wish I Had a Girl like You, Mother/ M-o-t-h-e-r (a Word That Means the World to Me)/ Older and Bolder/ Shepherd of My Heart/ Somebody's Been Beatin' My Time/ The Lily of the Valley/ What Is Life Without Love/ What a Fool I Was/ You must Walk the Line

BOB ATCHER Cowgirlboy 5062 Star Of The WLS National Barn Dance ● LP $13.98
16 tracks from the 40s (I think) including duets with Bonnie Blue Eyes and Randy Atcher. 
BOB ATCHER: Don't Give Your Heart (to Someone Else) (& Randy Atcher)/ Down with the Feminine Gender/ Guilty Conscience/ High and Dry/ I Found My Cowgirl Sweetheart/ In My Heart/ Long Gone Baby/ Never Trust a Woman (& Randy Atcher)/ Oh Darling (& Bonnie Blue Eyes)/ On Account of You/ Time Will Tell (& Bonnie Blue Eyes)/ Two Can Play Your Game/ Walk Chicken Walk/ Wasted Tears (& Randy Atcher)/ When the Locust Is in Bloom (& Bonnie Blue Eyes)./ You Love Me or You Don't (Make up Your Mind)

BOBBY ATKINS Cattle 52 Back in the Good Ole Days ● LP $13.98
BOBBY ATKINS: Afraid/ Banks of the Ohio/ Big Mon (Inst.)/ Careless Love/ Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet/ Katie Dear/ Low and Lonely/ Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town (Inst.)/ Stoney Point (Inst.)/ Temperance Reel (Inst.)/ The Good Ole Days/ Uncloudy Day

KIDD BAKER Cattle 90 The Country Music Legend Of new Brunswick ● LP $13.98
Enjoyable collection fo recordings from the early/ mid 50s by this popular Canadian artist. Baker was a good singer and also wrote most of the songs here - his band The Pine Ridge Mountain Boys (guitar, fiddle, bass and accordion) features some particularly nice fiddle work from Fiddlin' Cy.
KIDD BAKER: Big Rock Candy Mountain/ Country Girl/ Did I Hurt You Darlin '/ Go Away and Let Me Sleep/ Gypsy Love/ I Found the End of My Rainbow/ Open the Doorway to Your Heart/ The Mission Bells of San Antoine/ The One Rose I Loved, Dear, Was You/ Thoughtless Love./ When They Mention My Name/ Why Can't We Renew Our Old Romance/ Why Did You Go Away/ Why Don't You Come on Back Home

KIDD BAKER Cattle 95 Wheeling Back To Wheeling, West Virginia ● LP $13.98
16 songs recorded in early/mid 50s by this popular Canadian performer. Baker was a pleasant singer and was accompanied by a small group featuring nice steel guitar on several tracks by Paul Surette. Title song of album is a Baker original that is best known for the Doc Hopkins version. 
KIDD BAKER: Baby He's a Wolf/ Blue eyed Sue/ Can't You See/ Glorious Mansion./ I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap/ Just a Little Too Small/ My Ma Was Born in Texas/ Silver Tears/ What's Happened to You/ Wheeling Back to Wheeling, West Virginia/ Whippoorwill's Refrain/ You Grew Careless/ down Beside the Lonely Waters/ with What I've Got I'll Manage

TEX BAYNES & THE HAYSEEDS Cattle 127 Australian Hillbilly Music ● LP $13.98
Late 40's to early 50's recordings with accordion, fiddle, steel guitar backing etc. Although heavily influenced by the US C&W scene, Australia had a lot of great C&W artists at that time already. One of them was Tex Banes with his Hayseeds, who was once very popular through his famous radio show. It seems he never cared signing up with a record company, so all what was available to use for this LP was a lot of acetates he made for his personal use. He was also popular for his hootenanny which is occasionally audible.
TEX BAYNES & THE HAYSEEDS: A Sprig of Golden Wattle/ Away Far down in the Hollow/ Cowboy's Home in Heaven/ Don't Make Me Go to Bed and I'll Be Good/ Hayseed Yodel/ Home Sweet Home in the Rockies/ I'm Goin' Back to Whur I Come From/ Let's Be Sweetheart's Again/ Riders in the Sky./ Rock Me to Sleep in My Saddle/ Rose of the Rio/ That's My Bushland Home/ There's a Ranch in the Rockies/ Time Changes Everything/ When It's Night Time in Nevada/ over the Santa Fe Trail

THE BLUE SEAL PALS Cattle 102 On Sun-Up Serenade ● LP $13.98
The Blue Seal Pals were an interesting 40s group from Alabama which included Bill Cantrell, Dexter Johnson, Edgar Clayton, Buddy Bain & Quinton Claunch. The group was named after Blue Seal Flour which sponsored the various radio shows the band was on. Most of the band members later went on to solo careers. This album presents two complete radio shows from 1947 and '48 broadcast over WSM in Nashville and includes a mixture of songs and tunes - mostly traditional or covers of hits of the day. The performances are quite good and considering the age and rarity of these transcriptions the sound is quite good. (FS)
THE BLUE SEAL PALS: Boll Weevil/ Darling Think of What You've Done/ Give Me the Roses While I Live/ I Tickled Her under the Chin/ Ida Red/ In My Adobe Hacienda/ In the Sweet Bye and Bye/ Johnson's Reel (Inst.)/ Memphis Blues (Inst.)/ My Confession/ Old Joe Clark (Inst.)/ Roadside Rag (Inst.)/ Salmon Cockade (Inst.)/ Take Me Back to Tulsa/ The Blue Seal Theme/ The Blue Seal Theme/ The Blue Seal Theme/ The Blue Seal Theme/ The Blue Seal Theme/ The Blue Seal Theme./ The Leaf of Love/ Tho I Tried (I Can't Forget You)/ Too Late to Worry (Too Blue to Cry)/ Tramp on the Street/ Turkey in the Straw (Inst.)/ Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon/ You Only Want Me When You're Lonely

THE BLUE SKY BOYS Provincia 0767 Collector's Items ● LP $13.98
Limited edition repressing of this long out of print album featuring 20 recordings of this fine and distinctive duo. The two brother have beautiful harmonies and accompany themselves on guitar and mandolin on traditional and old time songs. The recordings cover the period 1938 through 1949.
THE BLUE SKY BOYS: Angel Mother/ Come to the Saviour/ Don't Take the Light (from My Dark Cell)/ Garden in the Sky/ Give Me My Roses Now/ Hang out the Front Door Key/ Have You Seen My Daddy Here/ I Love Her More Now Mother's Old/ I'm Going to Write to Heaven/ Let's Not Sleep Again/ Little Mother of the Hills/ One Cold Winter's Eve/ Romans 623/ Shake Hands with Your Mother Today/ Speak to Me Little Darling/ Tears on Her Bridal Bouquet/ The House Where We Were Wed/ There Was a Time./ There's Been a Change/ You've Branded Your Name on My Heart

JOHNNY BOND Cattle 34 At Home ● LP $13.98
18 sides from 40s & 50s West Coast radio transcriptions featuring western oriented singer Bond accompanied by his own guitar only.
JOHNNY BOND: Blues in My Dreams./ Call of the Canyon/ Cannonball Boogie/ Careless Heart/ Dear Old Dad/ Home Trails/ I Dreamed That You Belonged to Me/ I'll Get by Without You/ I'm a Poor Lonesome Cowboy Lookin' for a Cow/ It's the Desert in My Soul/ Leave My Foolish Heart Alone/ No One to Cry over Me/ Ride, Ride, Ride/ Thanks for Your Letter/ The Silly Cowboy Song/ The Trail Is Way Too Long/ Weep No More/ What Will I Tell Old Paint

JOHNNY BOND Cattle 35 The Rare Johnny Bond Transcriptions ● LP $13.98
Fine 1944/45 recordings, all previously unissued, with small West Coast group including some nice steel guitar.
JOHNNY BOND: At Mail Call Today/ Birmingham Jail/ Don't Live a Lie/ Gals Don't Mean a Thing (in My Young Life)/ Have I Stayed Away Too Long/ Heart and Soul/ Oklahoma Hills/ Red River Valley/ Sad and Blue/ Saddle Serenade/ So Long to the Red River Valley/ The First Rose

JOHNNY BOND Cowgirlboy 5139 The Classic Johnny Bond ● LP $13.98
16 tracks, 1947-1956. Sidemen include Noel Boggs, Jimmy Bryant, Joe Maphis, Jack Rivers, Speedy West and others.
JOHNNY BOND: Blind Alley/ I Can't Hide the Tears/ Jim, Johnny and Jonas (# 1)/ Keep Your Cotton Pickin' Hands off My Gal/ Laughing Back the Heartaches/ Lonesome Train (Voc. Plus Skeets Mcdonald)/ Louisiana Swing/ Love Song in 32 Bars (# 1)/ Put Me to Bed/ Rock My Cradle Once Again (Vocal plus Dick Reinhart)./ Sale of Broken Hearts/ Somebody's Pushin'/ Ten Trips to the Altar/ Tennessee Walking Horse/ Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabam/ That's Right

SKEETER BONN Cowgirlboy 5111 Star Of The Wheeling Jamboree ● LP $13.98
Sides from 1952-55.
SKEETER BONN: Chained/ Conscience (Set Me Free)./ Honey Baby/ I've Been down That Road Before/ Life Without You (Won't Be the Same)/ Love Call/ My Baby Doll/ My Son, My Son/ Number One in Your Heart/ Play a Waiting Game/ Rock-a-bye Baby/ Second Choice/ Somebody New/ The Yodeling Bird/ There's No Use Now/ Yodeling Man

VIN BRUCE Cowgirlboy 5032 Country Songs From Louisiana ● LP $13.98
Vin Bruce is one of the most successful artists from Cajun country in melding the Cajun sound with the honky tonk sound of the fifties into something recognizably Cajun. These recordings, however, retain little of the charm and flavor of his Cajun roots. They are fairly obvious attempts to make commercially mainstream country recordings, and judged as that are quite nice. The instrumentation is pure Hank Williams, and Vin's vocals owe a lot to Carl Smith, who was enormously successful at the time these recordings were presumably made. (RP)
VIN BRUCE: Are You Forgetting?/ Dans La Louisianne/ Fille De La Ville/ Goodbye to a Sweetheart (Hello to a Friend)/ Here Is the Bottle./ I Tried/ I Trusted You/ I'll Stay Single/ I'm Gonna Steal My Baby Back/ Knockin' On The Door/ My Mama Said/ Over an Ocean of Golden Dreams/ Sweet Love/ Too Many Girls

ED & JOLENE BULLARD Cattle 45 Coal County Country ● LP $13.98
Nice album of old time country by couple from Oklahoma who perform mostly original songs with acoustic guitars, Dobro, bass and, sometimes, fiddle
ED & JOLENE BULLARD: Coal County Country/ Hum/ I Can't Get You off My Mind (Inst.)/ I Know./ I Think I'll Write a Song/ If You Know What I Mean/ Losers Are Weepers/ My Baby's Coming Home/ Oklahoma Flower/ Play One More/ Three R's/ Waltz of the Times

NEAL BURRIS Cowgirlboy 5112 Genuine Hillbilly Songs ● LP $13.98
Original commercial single re-issues from 1951 thru 1953. Neal has a great Hillbilly voice and uses basically fiddle, steel, bass and guitar accompaniment. He was for a time vocalist of Pee Wee King's Golden West Cowboys.
NEAL BURRIS: Don't Give Me Kisses/ For You Alone/ Georgia Rose/ Honey Baby Blues/ I Bet My Heart/ I Broke a Heart (and I'm Sorry)/ Life's Been So Beautiful/ Lonely Little Robin/ My Heart Needs Your Heart/ Please Excuse My Manners/ Poison Kisses/ Popcorn/ River of Love/ That's the Time for Love/ The Sissy Song/ There's No Reason/ What Does it Take (to Make You Care)/ You're Stepping out (to Be with Me)

THE CAMPBELL TRIO Cattle 27 Alabama Bluegrass ● LP $13.98
THE CAMPBELL TRIO: Crying Holy unto My Lord/ Going Up/ I'll Follow Jesus/ Keep on the Sunny Side/ Light at the River./ Lights Of Home/ One Day at a Time/ Remind Me Dear Lord/ Steal Away and Pray/ Sunday Christians/ Walking My Lord up Calvary Hill/ Walking My Lord up Calvary Hill (with James Kimbrough on Dobro)/ Where the Soul of Men Never Dies/ Will the Circle Be Unbroken

JENKS "TEX" CARMAN Cowgirlboy 5096 Sunny Tennessee ● LP $13.98
14 of the earliest sides from the 40s by this unique singer and guitarist.
JENKS "TEX" CARMAN: Chain Gang/ End of the World/ Fireball Mail/ Hillbilly Hula (No. 1)/ Hilo March (No. 1)/ I Don't Know Why but I Do/ Kahila March/ Mississippi Valley Blues./ Moonlight and Memories/ New Waikiki Beach/ Sunny Tennessee/ The Artillery Song/ Wreck of the Old 97 (No. 1)/ to Not Be Loved

JENKS "TEX" CARMAN Cowgirlboy 5113 The Redskin Cowboy ● LP $13.98
12 rare recordings from the 60s by this unique performer
JENKS "TEX" CARMAN: Aungalala (Inst.)/ Bamboo Love/ Custer's Massacre/ Fire in the Teepee (Inst.)/ Indian Love Song/ Krish-a-boom-ba/ Little Black Jack Davey/ Locust Hill Rag (No. 4)./ My Broken Heart Won't Let Me Sleep/ They Had to Say Goodbye/ Walking and Crying for You/ You'll Come Crawlin' Back

WILF CARTER Cowgirlboy 5030 The Legendary Yodeling Cowboy ● LP $13.98
Collection of sides from 1936-1950
WILF CARTER: Beautiful Girl of the Prairie/ Golden Lariat (#1)/ He Left the One Who Loved Him for Another/ I'm Only a Dude in Cowboy Clothes/ Just One More Ride/ My Honeymoon Bridge Broke Down/ My Old Canadian Home (#1)/ My Old Lasso Is Headed Straight for You (#1)/ Roll on Dreamy Texas Moon./ Shackles and Chains (#1)/ The Midnight Train/ The Tramp's Mother (#1)/ What Difference Does it Make?/ When That Love Bug Bites You (He'll Keep Gnawin', Gnawin', Gnawin')/ When the Ice Worm Nests Again (#1)/ Why Should I Feel Sorry for You Now?

WILF CARTER Cowgirlboy 5044 Brown-Eyed Paririe Rose ● LP $13.98
The fifth collection on Cowgirlboy by this popular Canadian western singer and yodeler. These 16 tracks were recorded between 1936 and 1947. Most of these are solo performances though there a few with small groups and a couple featuring the steel guitar of Carl DeVries. 
WILF CARTER: Cowboy's Airplane Ride (# 1)/ I Long for Old Wyoming/ I'll Meet You at the Round-up in the Spring/ I'm a Fool for Foolin' Around/ My Brown-eyed Prairie Rose (# 1)/ My Little Swiss and Me/ My Old Montana Blues/ My Only Romance Is Memories of You (# 1)/ One Golden Curl (# 1)/ Pete Knight's Last Ride (# 1)/ Singing on Borrowed Time (# 1)./ Too Many Blues (# 1)/ What a Wonderful Mother of Mine/ When I Bid the Prairie Goodbye/ When I Say Hello to the Rockies (# 1)/ When the Sun Says, "Goodnight", to the Prairie

WILF CARTER Cowgirlboy 5045 Dawn On the Prairie ● LP $13.98
Yes, it's another collection of Wilf Carter! This one features 16 songs recorded between 1938 and 1950. Side one is mostly Wilf solo with guitar while side two is mostly songs with small group.
WILF CARTER: 'Neath a Blanket of Stars/ Apple, Cherry, Mince and Choc'late Cream (# 1)/ Dawn on the Prairie/ I'm Gonna Tear down the Mailbox (# 1)/ If You Don't Really Care/ It Is Later than You Think/ It's All over Now (I Won't Worry) (# 1)/ Memories of My Little Grey Haired Mother in the West (# 1)/ My Lulu (# 1)/ Put My Little Shoes Away (# 1)/ Sick, Sober and Sorry (# 1)/ Take it Easy Blues/ That First Love of Mine/ The Cowboy's Heavenly Dream/ When It's Twilight over Texas

STEW CLAYTON Cattle 74 The Canadian Country Balladeer ● LP $13.98
Pleasant album of recordings from 1970 by this Canadian singer and songwriter - Clayton's vocal is accompanied by guitar, mandolin and a rather over-prominent bass on a selection of mostly original songs about the wide open plains, outlaws, etc - a little bit of the flavor of Wilf Carter is present in the style - considering how recent the recordings are the sound quality is not too good (FS)
STEW CLAYTON: Down In The Little Green Valley/ Glory Trail./ Hillbilly Romance/ Memories of My Old Prairie Home/ My Married Life on the Plains/ Round-up Blues/ Strawberry Roan/ The Fate of Old Brimstone the Outlaw/ The Threshermen 's Reunion/ The Wheat Farmer's Lament/ The Zebra Dun/ the Barn Dance in the Fall

BRONCO BUCK CODY Binge 1011 And His Brazos Valley Ranch Hands ● LP $13.98
12 songs recorded in 1959 and issued on the obscure Wizard label in 1959 by Texas musical enterepeneur Col. Buster Doss. Doss was a singer, songwriter, artists manager and producer. These recordings feature his band and friends including Johnny Gimble/ guitar & mandolin, Buddy King/ lead guitar, Glen Paul/ steel guitar and others. Dos sings 3 of the songs under his alter ego of Bronco Buck Cody and the remaining vocals are by Kay Arnold, Larry Butler, Smilin' Jerry Jericho, Jimmy Jay and The Pickard Brothers. The instrumental work is nice with a western swing feel - unfortunately the vocals are uniformly awful! (FS)
BRONCO BUCK CODY: Do You Remember? (Voc. Smilin' Jerry Jericho)/ Fiddling Around (Voc. Johnny Gimble)/ Heads You Win (Tails I Lose) (Voc. Bronco Buck Cody)/ I Sleep No More (Voc. Smilin' Jerry Jericho)/ I'm Not Wanted Anymore (Voc. Larry Butler)/ Telling Lies (Voc. Kay Arnold)/ There Goes My Heartache (Voc. Jimmy Jay)/ Volkswagen with a Tail Wind (Inst.)./ We're Gonna Fight Again (Voc. Bronco Buck Cody)/ White Mark on My Finger (Voc. Kay Arnold)/ You Done it (Voc. Bronco Buck Cody)/ You've Got a Little Bit (Voc. Pickard Brothers)

SPADE COOLEY Cowgirlboy 5008 Country & Western Memory Lane ● LP $13.98
16 tracks from late 40s transcriptions with his Dance Gang - features vocals by Ginny Jackson, Freddy "Careless" Lov & Red Egner.
SPADE COOLEY: 10,000 Miles/ Bile That Cabbage down (Inst.)/ Crazy'Cause I Love You/ First of January (Inst.)/ Give Me a Hundred Reasons/ Heartless Fool/ Hillbilly Bill/ Homely Hootowl/ I'm Going Back to the Middle of the Middle West/ Lover (Steel Inst.)/ Lowdown Hoedown/ Mule Kick (Inst.)/ Slowpoke/ Tattle-tale Polka (Inst.)/ Wake up Susan (Inst.)/ Whippoorwill Waltz

COWBOY COPAS Cowgirlboy 5114 A Heartbreak Ago ● LP $13.98
14 cuts from late 40s & early 50s from commercial recordings and radio transcriptions.
COWBOY COPAS: A Heartbreak Ago/ A Wreath on the Door of My Heart/ An Old Man's Story/ Blues in the Moonlight/ I Can't Go On/ I'm So Blue, I Could Cry, Feeling Low/ If Wishes Were Horses/ Look What I Got/ Opportunity Is Knocking at Your Door/ Sold the Farm/ Steppin' Out/ Where You Goin'/ Will You Forget/ You'll Never Ever See Me Cry (& Vocal with Cathy Copas).

RILEY CRABTREE Cowgirlboy 5116 Love Songs Of The Hills ● LP $13.98
The recordings on this LP go back until the late 1940s and were basically recorded at Jim Beck's Studio in Dallas, probably with similar personnel as used for the Lefty Frizzell sessions back then. It's genuine country music with plenty of fiddle and steel guitar accompaniment. Riley's voice sounds like a blend of T Texas Tyler and Lefty Frizzell.
RILEY CRABTREE: A Handful of Nickels/ Always Together (Never Apart)/ Gun Fightin' Marshal./ I Always Play a Losing Hand/ I Live with Memories (That Bless and Burn)/ I Stood and Watched Your Love Grow Cold/ If I Had Someone to Call My Very Own/ Let Me Walk Through the Valley/ Love Song of the Hills/ Maybe It's You or Maybe It's Me/ Shackles and Chains/ When this World Changes Hands/ Why, Darling, Why/ You Had to Stray/ You're Breaking My Heart Dear/ You're Wastin' Your Time

TED DAFFAN & HIS TEXANS Cowgirlboy 5051 Born To Lose ● LP $13.98
Ted Daffan and his Texans are widely viewed as a Western swing band as they worked extensively in both Texas and on the West Coast during World War II. However, musically, they couldn't hold a candle to Bob Wills, Spade Cooley or anyone else. None of the band's soloists were strong instrumentalists or great singers. The band served mainly as a vehicle for Daffan's songs, among the definitive Texas honky-tonk compositions. This 16-selection LP assembles some of his classic 1940's recordings including "Born to Lose," a country standard recorded by numerous pop singers. The original version, included Here, featured a vocal by fiddler Leon Seago. Most of the other numbers were ballads as well. Among them were "Baby, You Can't Get Me Down," "Shut That Gate," "Poor Little Bar Fly," "Time Won't Heal My Broken Heart," "Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt" and "You Better Change Your Ways," all sung by Daffan. Ted also performs the odd recitation "Bluest Blues," with a vocal that comes off like a cross between Phil Harris and Boris Karloff!  (RK)
TED DAFFAN: Baby You Can't Get Me Down/ Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt/ Bluest Blues/ Born to Lose/ Broken Vows/ Go On-go On/ Just Born That Way/ Look Who's Talkin'/ No Letter Today/ Poor Little Bar Fly/ Shut That Gate/ Time Won't Heal My Broken Heart/ Trouble Keeps Hangin''Round My Door/ Two of a Kind/ You Better Change Your Ways/ You're Breaking My Heart.

JIMMIE DALE Cattle 66 Eastern Country & Western of Days Gone By ● LP $13.98
Enjoyable selection of songs, mostly from mid to late 50s by this singer from New Jersey - some excellent instrumental work by various musicians.
JIMMIE DALE: Brimstone and Fire/ Goodbye Maria (I'm off to Korea)/ Got to Get to Nashville/ Guitar Boogie Woogie (Inst.)/ I Just Tore up Your Picture/ I'm Going Away for Good/ If I Could Change My Heart/ Just Lost That Baby of Mine/ No Money Down/ Rosalita/ Teasin' Heart/ Tennessee Ghost Train/ The Pal That I Loved (Stole the Gal That I Loved)/ Three Little Chickens/ When the Work's All Done this Fall/ You Should Live So Long.

JIMMIE DALE Cattle 86 Country Songs Never Grow Old ● LP $13.98
Nice album of late 40s/ early 50s material by New Jersey based singer accompanied by various bands - all of whom are first rate.
JIMMIE DALE: Devil's Broom/ Don't Keep it a Secret/ Foggy River/ Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee/ Hello Maria/ Hey Good Lookin'/ Howlin ' at the Moon/ I Should Have Known/ I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine/ I Wish I Had a Nickel/ If Teardrops Were Pennies/ Sentimental Me and Heartless You/ Take an Old Cold 'Tater and Wait/ Tennessee Moon/ The Guitar Polka (Inst.)/ Too Fat Polka./ Two Cents, Three Eggs and a Postcard/ You Two-timed Me One Time Too Often

VERNON DALHART Cowgirlboy 5140 The Many Faces Of Vernon Dalhart ● LP $13.98
16 tracks by this very prolific 20s & 30s performer
VERNON DALHART: A Just a Melody (with Carson Robison)/ Doin' the Best I Can/ Don't Feel Sorry for Me/ Down in Maryland/ Go'Long Mule/ How Do You Do/ Lindbergh, the Eagle of U.S.A./ Lucky Lindy/ My Old Ramshackle Shack/ No One Love's You Any Better than Your M-a-double-m-y/ The Grass Is Always Greener (in the Other Fellow's Yard)/ The Prisoner's Song (Domino Version)./ Way out West in Kansas/ What Do You Mean by Love/ When You're Far Away (with Carson Robison)/ Why Should I Cry over You

DENVER DARLING Cowgirlboy 5079 The Illinois Cowboy ● LP $13.98
The tracks on this LP were recorded from 1942 to 1947. They are all for the first time on LP.
DENVER DARLING: Care of Uncle Sam/ Conversion (Look God I Have Never Spoken to You)/ Easter Sunday on the Prairie/ Hitler's Reply to Mussolini/ I Was Dreaming Someone Else's Dream/ Make up Your Mind to Make up with Me/ Modern Cannon Ball/ Mussolini's Letter to Hitler/ My Little Buckeroo/ No, Thanks/ Rosalita/ Send this Purple Heart to My Sweetheart/ She Never Said a Word/ The Honey Song (Honey I'm in Love with You)./ When I Gets to Where I'm Goin'/ When Mussolini Laid His Pistol Down

JIMMIE DAVIS Cowgirlboy 5147 Fifteen Miles From Dallas ● LP $13.98
16 tracks from late 30s through early 50s before Jimmie switched to exclusively recording gospel music. Includes several cuts with backup by The Sunshine Boys including Moon Mullican.
JIMMIE DAVIS: As Long as You Believe in Me (Little Darlin')/ Bang Bang/ Bayou Pon Pon/ Colinda/ Fifteen Miles from Dallas/ Grievin' My Heart out for You./ I'm Sorry If That's the Way You Feel/ I've Got News for You/ In the West Where Life Is Free/ One, Two, Three, Four/ That's Why I'm Nobody's Darling/ The Greatest Mistake of My Life/ There's a Smile on the Face of the Moon Tonight/ When the Train Comes Rollin' in (# 2)/ When the Trains Comes Rollin' in (# 1)/ White Petals from a Rose

STU DAVIS Cattle 112 Let's Go Back To The Country ● LP $13.98
18 tracks recorded between 1946 and 1952 by popular Canadian performer. Davis has a warm smooth voice and is accompanied by various musicians including Vaughn Horton/ steel, Bertram Hirsch/ fiddle, Tony Mottola/ guitar and others. Includes his original recordings of In Daddy's Footsteps and What A Fool I Was which were subsequently hits for Eddy Arnold. (FS)
STU DAVIS: Canadian Waltz/ Child of Divorce/ Crossroads/ Crying for You/ Darlin', Now I Know the Reason Why./ Deserted/ Fate of the the Flying Enterprise/ I Looked for Love/ I Went to Your Wedding/ In Daddy's Footsteps/ Land, Sky and Water/ Sweetheart of Yesterday/ The Dude in the Ten Gallon Hat/ Too Far Apart/ Welcome Back to My Heart/ What a Fool I Was (# 1)/ When the Snowbirds Cross the Rockies/ Why Should I Send You Flowers

BOB & CINDY DEAN Cattle 87 The Sweethearts Of The Air ● LP $13.98
Intresting album of old time country singing and playing featuring Virginia singer Bob Dean on his own or in the company of his wife Cindy. The early tracks from '46 and '47 feature Bob by himself or duetting with Hank Dean (who also played fiddle on some cuts) accompanied by fine electric guitarist Leon Baxter. The other tracks from the 50s and early 60s feature Cindy who, unfortunately, is a rather terrible singer and tends to ruin what would otherwise be rather nice duets. The instrumental work on these tracks is generally very good - some have a bit of a bluegrass flavor. (FS)
BOB & CINDY DEAN: Back to Old Smoky Mountain/ Destination Moon/ Fox Chase./ Gone for Another/ I'll Take Her from the Valley/ I'm Knocking at the Door (of Your Heart)/ I'm Shedding Tears over You/ Long Time Gone/ Love Makes Me Hurt So Bad/ Lovin ' Ducky Daddy/ One Life to Live/ The Maple on the Hill/ Walk, Walk, Walkin' Blues/ When You Cross Your Heart

EDDIE DEAN Castle 8106 I Dreamed Of Hillbilly Heaven ● LP $13.98
EDDIE DEAN: All That I'm Asking Is Sympathy/ Careless Darlin'/ Cold Yellow Gold/ Gravedigger's Lament./ I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven/ I'm Not in Love, Just Involved/ If I Should Come Back/ Just Awhile/ Orphan's Prayer/ Poor Little Swallow/ Roses Remind Me of You/ Sign on the Door/ Stealing/ this Lonely World

LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS Cowgirlboy 5092 Star Of The Grand Ole Opry ● LP $13.98
Early/ mid 50s tracks.
LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS: Blackeyed Joe's/ Closing Time/ Conscience (Set Me Free)/ F-o-o-l-i-s-h M-e Me/ I'm Fadin' Fast with the Time/ Love Song of the Bayou/ Poor Little Darlin'/ Stinky Pass the Hat Around/ Take Me as I Am (or Let Me Go)/ The Sign on the Highway/ Then I Had to Turn Around and Get Married/ They Don't Know Nothing at All/ When That Love Bug Bites You (He'll Keep Gnawin', Gnawin', Gnawin')./ When They Get Too Rough (They're Just Right for Me)/ You Better Not Do That/ You Don't Have Love at All

LOU DINNING Cattle 123 Favorite Songs From The Tennessee Ernie Show ● LP $13.98
16 tracks from 1954 Tennessee Ernie Ford radio shows by Lou Dinning of The Dinning Sisters. Accompanied by stellar musicians like Speedy West, Billy Strange, Harold Hensley and others she performs a selection of country and pop songs including Condemned Without Trial/ Can't Help Lovin' That Man Of Mine/ I'm Getting Sentimantal Over You/ I Went To Your Wedding/ I Cried For You/ I Really Don't Want To Know/ Am I In Love?/Keep It A Secret, etc. Pleasant enough material though Lou is obviously more of a pop singer than a country singer. (FS)
LOU DINNING: Am I in Love?/ Anniversary Song./ Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine/ Condemned Without Trial/ I Cried for You/ I Don't Hurt Anymore/ I Really Don't Want to Know/ I Went to Your Wedding/ I'd Rather Die Young/ I'm Gettin' Sentimental over You/ In the Pines/ It Might as Well Be Spring/ Keep it a Secret/ Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me/ The Very Thought of You/ What'll I Do

MARK DINNING Binge 1012 I'm Just A Country Boy ● LP $13.98
Most of you who remember Mark Dinning might only remember his smash hit of "Teen Angel" which only entered the pop and not the country charts. Mark in the late 50's was as much "country" as Sheb Wooley or Marty Robbins when they all recorded in the Nashville sound of that time. If you love that style with the excellent voice of the late Mark Dinning then you won't be disappointed with this release. Not the Anita Kerr Singers but the magnificent voices of Dolores Dinning & Millie Kirkham were hired for an attractive backing.
MARK DINNING: A Life of Love/ I Lost/ I'm Just a Country Boy/ Little Angel/ Lost Highway/ Ramblin' Man/ Teen Angel./ The 12th of Never/ The Black-eyed Gypsy/ The Roving Gambler/ The Streets of Laredo/ Too Young to Die/ You Thrill Me


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